This magazine is created by students of skills 3 in Tocancipa. Also our magazines are about many things, for example science, fashion and things like that, in special interest of each student.



In the world people with physical or intellectual

disabilities are more likely to be victims of

bullying. The most frequent place to observe

these attacks is the school; to correct these

conflicts it is necessary to create or implement

special programs. When a child has a stressful

environment may develop aggressive behavior or

become introverted. It is important that parents

and teachers pay attention and enforce their

rights. In Colombia there is a guide proposed by

the ICBF, which have five important steps:

communicating the problem, evaluate impact,

dialogue, promise and monitoring. They need to

feel a great support. It depends on parents and

teachers makes a positive change for these


It is difficult for people to socialize with

individuals who have different characteristics.

Most students do not like coexist with children

that can not do similar activities, this difference

cause stress or annoyance in the school

environment; it is possible that the attackers are

victims of abuse in their home. Other reason is

the popularity that want some children, and the

form to attract attention is do bullying, for this

reason it is necessary that teachers and need to

correct these attitudes with patience and

understanding to prevent further damage.

Everybody needs to prevent the possible cases of

bullying .If the school receives children with

disabilities it has the duty and commitment to

give attention and necessary protection. Also

parents should find the possible risks that their

child can have and consider the possibility of

looking a school with resources. The government

it is necessary to implement campaigns that

speak of respect and tolerance for diversity. It’s

important that we as a society with respect

correct the aggressive attitudes like before it is

more serious.

It’s important to help create a best environment.

When we know that children are victim of

bullying we can use the ICBF’s guide.

“Communicating”, parents need to talk with the

school and parents of the aggressor. “Evaluate

impact”, it’s necessary that a psychologist

reviews the problem of the victim and aggressor.

“Dialogue”, depend of the results psychological

both parents have the obligation to talk.

“Promise”, the aggressor and parents have to

remedy the problem and do a compromise of

change, finally “Monitoring”, the ICBF verify the

process and changes in the case. These steps are

the most efficient to resolve the majority of

bullying problems.

Bullying special people is a problem that we need

to resolve. This conflict has a lot of time in the

society, but in this moment it’s more

frequently to see for the new technologies and

social networks, it`s possible to change with

different guide or tips. We can create conscience

to change their world, it’s important that schools

take the initiative of adapt the structure, also it’s

prudent that after star to study, parents educate

with respect their child, and when they start to

study teachers and society have the same

responsibility to create a good moral base. We

need to pay attention to our people of the future

to prevent aggressions and more war.



This topic is about teen

pregnancy. In Tocancipa there

are many public health

problems but the principal

one is the increase of teen

pregnancy in last years. This

situation is caused by

differents factors (age, limited

sexual education, early sexual

relation, low education level)

also, it has negatively impacts

on personal development and

population of low

socioeconomic level. In my

opinion the municipal health

secretary will should

strengthen the programs of

health promotion and disease

prevention with a focus on

sexual and reproductive

health in adolescent

population mainly.

Teens pregnancy has

negatively impacts on

personal and population

development. There are

serious health risk for teens

who have babies, for example

this mothers are less likely to

gain adequate weight during

their pregnancy leading to

low birthweight is associated

with several infarct and

childhood disorders and

higher rate of infant mortality) Also, babies more frequently have

organs that are not fully develop which can result in complication

such as bleeding in the brain respiratory distress syndrome and

intestinal problems. Teens also are more likely to smoke cigarettes

drink alcohol, or take drugs during the pregnancy cause health

problems for the baby. According to the American of Child and

Adolescent Psychiatry often teens do not seek adequate medical care

during the pregnancy include anemia, toxemia , high blood pressure

placenta Previa and premature birth of the baby


On the other hand, according to Pregnant Teen Help, teenagepregnancy

has a lot of social complications ,an estimated 70 percent

of pregnant teens drop out of school and only half of those young

women have jobs. Mother. She may also have fears about how

having a baby will impact her own life and dreams for the future,

education may be put on hold when a teen becomes pregnant, some

pregnant teens may decide to leave high school,. Depression may

arise when a teenager is pregnant, the consequences of teenpregnancy

are not only physical problems also includes social and

emotional problems.

Different studies showed that the majority of teens pregnancy are

both cause and consequence of the poverty. In last years’ time the

adolescents know the contraceptive method but sometimes they

have their owns decisions, in Tocancipa teen-pregnancy is a serious

problem of public health, the authority manager have to promise

opportune access to contraceptive methods also more education in

this topic and orient children and adolescent for identify early theirs

abilities on sports, music, art and stuff like that.



The music is the best remedy to feel good and

nice. Music is a combination between sounds and

silences. Additionally the music is an art that

expressed feelings, emotions and minds. For

example if you sing, dance or listen that, you can

speak your mind. Music professionals say singing

is the most used instrument because you just

need to breathe properly. Other people say to

sing is expressed what you feel but singing, and I

think that the music is feel in yourself.

Additionally, when you are singing or dancing you

feel many emotions for a song transmitted. It

depends the type of music that you choose or the

type of music that you really like. Also music is

really good for your health. The music and in

special the songs are important for your

relaxation and for living a moment with yourself.

Singing is good and relaxing for your health.

When you sing, you receive many benefits

because you feel happy in all moments, and it is a

moment that you use for yourself. Also, you can

express your feelings, emotions and mind

through this. Additionally, you feel free, quiet and

it helps you breathe better, because you have a

relaxing time with you, your body and your

senses. Do not forget to try when you are angry,

bad-temper or stress.

Dancing is a really good experience to help your

health. If you dance, you feel good and healthy,

because it is like when you do exercise, it is the

same moment but when you dance you move

more your legs and you burn calories, and when

you do exercise, you fortify your body.

Additionally while you are dancing you feel free

and it depends on the music that you dance, you

feel all songs. You should dance more to feel

relaxing for you and for your body.

Listening is the best experience to be happy or

without stress. When you listen on songs, these

take you to another world because your ears

make the music travel through your body.

Additionally, you can feel relaxed, happy and

funny when you listen to music. Also, it depends

on the type of music that you choose to listen

because those songs will make you feel and

convey what they say. I recommend that you

listen soft music, it is better for you and four your


Music is a good way to improve your health when

you sing, dance or listen to it, you help your body

because music eliminate toxins that your body do

not need. Additionally music always emit

messages that help clear and condition the mind

of a person. Also the music is really good and

fascinating to help in bad moments when you are

stressed or mood, it makes that you feel good

and happy. Finally I recommend to do this

because it is easy and it is really fascinating.



Books are knowledge, they are fantasy , are a space where you open

your mind and get knowledge page after page, today the habit of

reading has been declining significantly for the many meaningless

distractions like television.

Books are the best hobbies, it helps you to relax your body and your

mind, in my opinion is important that people open their mental

abilities more open o the great world of reading.

For a lot of years, books had to transmit culture and news

knowledge. It is the easiest way to learn about all. If you can reading

and understand the information that you read. You will have a critical

perception of the world around you. Also read books are important

for learn vocabulary, punctuation, orthography and it is something

that people forget in this, days and regrettably the language that we

use it is worse every day , reading helps the concentration and it is

the best exercise for the brain. It is helps us to think more, relaxes

the body and the mind, also increase the creativity, improves the

memory and it keeps the mind active.

Reading comprehension is the ability to understand what is read and

it is the basic thing of learning. If we understand what we read we

will save a lot of time when we study and will be easier to retain

what we have read. With a few simple exercises and a little

perseverance, our reading comprehension improves rapidly.

In the first instance it is important to know that read fast does not

mean read well , read fit your pace, which reads as understand the

ideas of phrases. Read phrases and complete sentences, not omit

punctuation marks, they are the ones that separate the ideas and

make more understandable the subject. Have a dictionary

nearby; clarify the words you do not understand in the moment that

you are reading, this will give more meaning to the text.

Prepared questions on the subject: ¿The text is of your interest?

¿Who thinks about it? ¿what is the problem of the character? ¿what

made them get there? .This help you to remember specific

information and retain more details. Be critical and active; get

involved with the topic it is easier to read if you like the theme, look

for your own interest issues, topics that help you grow as a person.

To be more interested in reading you have to stop seeing it as an

obligation and begin to see it as a pleasure. To enjoy the experience

of reading have to know that issue would like to read that kind of

book called attention and identify the genre that you really

passionate about it. The

reason why people do not like

to read it because they think

that reading is boring, and

that is because they have not

found the right book that

inspires them and took them

to live another life, to imagine

other world, to dive into the

imagination where everything

is possibly.

Also thanks to technology, it

is possible to find thousands

of books and different way to

enjoy this. There are different

blogs and e-readers that have

many options from

independent books, audio

books, animated books, with

background sound and more

things that make reading

more interesting. In these

days there are different

options to enjoy, take

advantage of reading and love


Reading is one of the most

important, besides that is one

of the most entertaining

pastimes that contribute to

your emotional and

intellectual training

intellectual processes. We

should see beyond the taboo

of reading and see the great

beneficial that we provide the


"A reader lives a thousand

lives before he dies, who does

not read only lives a"



Video games are currently the favorite things of

young people and children around the world,

since 1950 everyday people have been create

new and innovative video games. Nowadays

video games are more and more interesting,

because 50 years ago the people only had a small

console for fun, also the machines were bigger,

instead. Today with so only have a cellphone

already these connecting you with million and

millions of people which are interested in the

same game that you, the consoles like play, Xbox

etc. Do can cost large amounts of money, but

people buy them only to spend a lot of time of

fun but, perhaps our fun has a cost? In my

opinion the majority of video games make us

spend great time with our friends and it's a way

to relax our minds, but unfortunately not all

people have the way to do it.

There are unlimited amounts of games around

the world and this article is about precisely that,

video games most played in the world. League of

Legends is an online game which you can

compete with people around the world; I won't

say specifically that it is, but that yes, it is very

interesting with 1.292.502.456 hours of

gameplay. In the next place this mine craft is one

of the games world mind known to children and

teens that is basically to make your own buildings

based on cubes, sounds a bit silly but when you

play it is very fun with 371.635.651 hours of play

between players. Finally there is a wide variety of

consoles Xbox and play station games such as call

of duty, FIFA, GTA 5, FAR CRAY and TOM RIDER

etc... Most times the video games prove to be

fun, and that is the truth but there are few cases

in the world that people don't know.

One of the officers, mentions that a desperate

mother decided to call them because his son

didn't stop play video games to go sleep, was

2:30 in the morning when received the call from a

lady asking for help because his 14 year old boy

does not taking off from the TV. They arrived

and indeed the young man was still playing Grand

Theft Auto 5. This and many cases more have

been reported by people that are addicted

video games and this isn't good. The people

should be aware of that the fun is limited, and

can't take things to the extreme simply by playing


Around the world many people love the video

games, and for this in the United States and other

countries make Championships between players;

This event is called E3. in this place, people can go

to socialize about all existing in the world games,

make conferences, there are art galleries, you can

try the most recent games and mostly you can

play the game that is with people that they are.

This event is every year and always remains full

of people who love the video games. Since 2000

this topic has been taking more and more

strength, Japan is who lead electronic sports.

Video games can be considered a powerful

educational resource used by parents and even

teachers to encourage active participation of

children and young people in all kinds of areas.

Like everything else, these have advantages and

disadvantages, so we bring you a summary of

advantages and disadvantages of video games

that must be taken into account, like for example,

video games promotes visual and manual

coordination and stimulates memory in people as

well as helps young people become more active

and participatory promoting interactivity, but one

disadvantage is that it can generate addiction and

this is very bad for our lives and for our health as

well, plus that addiction turns out to be

somewhat expensive. Finally I'd like to say that

we can be happy in many ways, but must not

take things to the end or something could go




Fashion has existed for many years and is evolving through them, it is important that people know their

evolution and why fashion trends are marked in society for example, fashion can affect people's choices as

this can be a form of social pressure. It is also related to the lifestyle of each person because one way or

another people are influenced by stereotypes and this is how it affects social relationships because the

appearance is the first impression before the behavior. In my opinion it is good for people learn about this

and dare to change the style and not only focus with what feel comfortable but look for clothes that are in

fashion and are also comfortable.

We know that fashion is always changing and some women marked trend through the years, as Coco Chanel

liked the menswear and thanks to that he dared to design women's pants and shirts with buttons. Marlene

Dietrich was a fan of androgynous look and was also one of the first women to wear pants. Marilyn Monroe

was the perfect model of the 5th woman in the changing stereotypes. Grace Kelly frame the trend of pearls,

waist skirts and shirts were always elegant and very sophisticated. Audrey Hepburn used black Capri Pants,

the ballet flats, the trench coats and the turtleneck, are just some of the pieces that represented, being

always full of glamor and elegance.

On the other hand, we have "The worlds of fashion". In which there are nine universes known as: Formal,

Casual, Jeans Wear, Kaki Wear, Sport Wear, Active Wear, Leis Wear, Sleep Wear and Under Wear. The

formal style was born in England and Paris by the appearance of haute couture and is used in business

meetings or gala meetings. We continue with the casual style, which is used for work or some less formal

celebrations. Another style is Jeans Wear as we all know, is a garment that never go out of fashion, because

it is comfortable to wear every day. The Kaki Wear is all garments of this color combined with white or black

tone, used for leisure time or any activity in the day. The fifth universe is known as Sport Wear as its name

says is a sporty style, used to go for a walk or just to feel comfortable. Another is the Active Wear is used by

people who are active, as people go to the gym or exercise constantly. Leis Wear is a comfortable style

which uses a day to be home. The following is the Sleep Wear in which we find all kind of pajamas. And

finally is Under Wear which is the set of underwear or bathing suits.

Then, we talk of the 5 forms of the most common body, in which we find the inverted triangle, this body

type is different because the shoulders are wider than the hips, then there is the column, is told because it is

the body that commonly have the models as they are skinny and straight with shoulders and narrow hips,

also the rectangular shape which differs because this type of body tends to have a person with medium and

coarse stature, follows is the oval which are those with slumped shoulders and wide hips, we also find the

pear shape or normal triangle this body type has wide hips and narrow shoulders, unlike the last thing is the

hourglass, which has a small waist and shoulders and hips in the same proportion.

As we already know how it is different every body shape now let's sees how to dress. We started with the

inverted triangle; this body type is seen well baggy pants, chest necklines and bodices with turtlenecks.

People that your body type is the column have no problem because they can use any style and all will be

well. People with the body of rectangular they are better tight clothing. And finally empire cut blouses are

perfect for women who have their oval shaped body since being fallen this kind of blouses help hide


In conclusion fashion is a reflection of the lifestyle over the years, as this is in a constant change through we

change our demands, also the difference between one style or another by classifying them and it is

interesting how people knowing the shape of your body and considering that clothing make them look good

and which are not so that dare to change his style and show a better version of them.



Today Islam, which is still relatively unknown in most

Western countries, because insistence is put to public

attention for the acts and threats of "Islamic

terrorists". As a result, the question repeatedly is:

"What kind of religion is this?". The aim of this paper is

to argue that there is no reason to be afraid of Islam

because today, despite appearances, and all kinds of

errors, including materialism, and terrorism, can have a

clear and truthful perspective about Islam. And so to

generate a true notion and point of view of Islam, and

thus change the fact that every religion revolves

around terrorism. What this article is intended to show

its people Islam, religion and culture, in a right way, not

as shown by all the media as terrorists and dangerous


Muslims are warm people who take seriously the value

of friendship, as well as give the best service to their

guests, they are very strict with the times of prayer

that must be done daily. the greeting is very important

to known and unknown as denoting kindness, many

tend to greet putting his hand on his chest where the

heart this is defined as a sign of affection and sincerity

in greeting. Family is very important for Muslims as it is

the basis of society, Islam recognizes that women and

men differ depending on their strengths and

weaknesses. Traditionally, the man is responsible for

providing goods to their families, and women are

responsible for caring for the home and children.

Women are not only the partners of men, have

interests, identities and independent rights. Chastity

and modesty are required for both sexes

Islam is a monotheistic religion that God revealed to

Mohammed, their holy book is the Qur'an, which was

revealed to the Prophet Muhammad by the archangel

Gabriel, in Islam there are no priests, because the

relationship with God is personal, without

intermediaries , Muslims do not drink alcohol, do not

eat pork because the above is prohibited. Whole

religion is based on the Koran, the five pillars of Islam

constitute fundamental precepts mandatory for

Muslims according to the Sunni majority view. These


• Prayer or Salat, which requires every believer to pray

five times a day toward Mecca.

• The alms or zakat, with which once a year the

wealthy Muslims must give the poorest of the

community people with a cuarenteava part of its assets

if it exceeds a certain minimum.

• Fasting or SAWM, which is to refrain from sunrise to

sunset eating, drinking, smoking and sex during the

month of Ramadan.

• The pilgrimage to Mecca, or hajj, to be performed at

least once in life for those who have the physical and

material capacity to do so. It is between the 8th and

13th of the lunar month of Dhu al-Hijja when carried

into effect the great pilgrimage to Mecca.

It is the ninth month of the lunar calendar, which is

used by Muslims, and it is of great importance because

in this month the angel Gabriel revealed the Koran to

the prophet Mohammed. Each year, after the end of

the eighth month of the lunar calendar, it proceeds to

observe the moon. Depending on how the moon (the

first crescent after new moon) is set to display the day

of the start of Ramadan. During Ramadan, Muslims

around the world perform a daily fast from before

dawn until sunset, can not eat, drink water, sex, or

smoke, while the corresponding prayers are

performed. You can take food when it is night. The

purpose of fasting is a time of introspection, which

helps not only to purify the body through this fasting, it

is also a time which must be connected to your God,

your religion, your mind, your soul, to meditate on

what it has been prosperous and remember to help

underprivileged people. Ramadan is highly significant

because it is one of the five pillars of Islam.

According to all the above, one can show that Islam is

not just a religion or a way of life for some, the idea of

this article is to change the perspective we have of

Muslims as people who only point to the war, and to

present the other side as normal people with a way of

life and preserved from their ancestors values and

religion which they profess that meets precepts

governed by their holy book the Koran, where respect

is evidenced by life, family, customs and society in

general. He could also delve and understand the great

significance of the celebration of Ramadan for the

whole Muslim community around the world, regardless

of status or social position, as this celebration allows a

real connection with God and a time of reflection and

worship. it should be noted that we can not only meet

someone for their looks, but we can also learn a little

more through their culture, religion and social aspects,

which have forged an important part of his personality,

this is how Islam is identified their customs and

precepts which generate in the person a unique

identity that distinguishes the rest, and which leaves an

invaluable stamp on each person.



Fashion is a set of clothes, ornaments and accessories that are based

on likes and customs; and are used for a period of time. It's more

common to find in women than in men the need to look well daily.

Nowadays the personal presentation is a requirement in the society

to have a good relationship with everybody. Some people say:

"Everything comes through the eyes". In my opinion, the appearance

is very important because it is a way to meet different and

interesting people or to feel better with themselves

At night people have to be careful with the use of the make-up and

the clothes. The wardrobe has to be a little bit dark but without

dulling your body or face because people can not look like a

clown. The night is to show your best attributes, but with sobriety.

Some tips are: use a black dress knee-length, discreet and elegant,

accessories like a necklace or a silver bracelet. For makeup use black

and gold eye shadow, blush, glitter, black mascara; and red or fuchsia

lipstick. As a conclusion at night a good option is not exaggerate the

make-up application or the clothes excess.

Nowadays, women are very interested in look good. The day is an

option to have a good but not excessive make up; and they need to

look relaxed and nice, but not like a homeless. Some tips are: use

jeans, shoes like Converse and Vans or beige boots, one color

blouses; and all these clothes with neutral colors. For makeup: use

brown or beige eye shadow, natural powder, light lipstick; and the

hair can be in a ponytail or down. In conclusion, people need to be

natural but without lose the style.

In a interview the topic of the

makeup and the clothes is

difficult because each

company has a guideline for

these things. People have to

look comfortable, sober and

nice; and a good option is

wear a shirt, skirt kneelength,

high heels, or a suit;

and all these clothes with

neutral colors like blue, gray

or black. For makeup: use

natural powder, eye shadow

brown or beige, blush rose,

for the lipstick a good option

is only a glitter. In my opinion,

people need to have a good

personal presentation; and

with this inspire confidence

and serenity.

A good option to look well all

the time is know how to

combine makeup and clothes

for different occasions. The

correct use of the fashion is

essential to create a very

good first impression. Follow

advice from the experts and

make your own style.



All living things have in the nucleus of cells,

chromosomes, specific conformations, called

genes, which encode a particular characteristic of

that individual. For example, genetic

characteristics are the color of a corncob, eyes

and skin of a person, or stains on the fur of an

animal, the size of a fruit, the shape of the ears

among others. But with GMO's this physical and

genetic characteristics of an animal or vegetable

can be changed. Actually, the most common

modifications are in the food and crops, with this

the farmer and companies get a better product in

less time and cheaper than a normal crop without

transgenic seeds.

In the other hand, the genetic engineering made

it possible to transfer specific genes from one

organism to another, even if there is no form of

compatibility organisms with each other, and

make these outsiders genes are expressed in the

host organism. For instance, they have been

inserted fish genes in potatoes and strawberries,

to convey feature cold resistance, genes encoding

bacterial toxins to plant, to convey toxicity to

insects, genes of human growth to alter hormone

production in livestock, increasing milk


But genetic engineering is not only to insert the

gene with the desired feature, you also need to

ensure that the new gene is expressed in the host

organism, for it a "promoter" gene is used.

Currently 99% of the transgenic promoter of

cauliflower mosaic virus (CaMV) is used. Globally,

soybean resistant to glyphosate herbicide or

soybean RR by trade name), is very remote, the

majority transgenic crop acreage, followed by

corn with insect resistance (Bt corn) and / or

herbicides and canola rapeseed-Bt and / or

herbicide resistance.

GM grown in the world until 19982 were divided

into two groups: 71% were crops with herbicide

tolerance property of the company selling the

seed, 28% following was insect tolerance, based

on the use of the toxin of Bacillus, and only the

remaining 1% had other features, such as virus

resistance, or a combination of the two. Both

features are for the benefit of multinational

companies like Monsanto, which own the patents

of these crops and agrochemicals

Among the beneficiaries of that at your table and

you do not have transgenic are aware there is a

biggest winner: Monsanto is one of the most

popular agrochemical and agricultural

biotechnology corporation that have a lot of

transgenic crops around the world and about 90

percent of the global market for genetically

modified seeds. Monsanto was "one of four

groups to introduce genes into plants and was

among the first to conduct field trials of

genetically modified crops." (Monsanto).



Marijuana is in our time one

of the substances most

commonly used by teenagers,

as in the case of "Tecnico

Industrial Tocancipá", that

place has this type of

problem, especially this

occurs in adolescents, for

example, young people

between 12 and 18 years who

have this type of problem

always tend to decrease their

academic level, and not only

that, marijuana has serious

consequences in our body.

According to the newspaper

in the country, at least 13.3%

of teenagers try marijuana

once. It is important to

monitor teens to prevent

possible addictions.

There is considerable

scientific evidence based on

animal research and studies

indicate that people are

exposed to marijuana during

development can cause

potentially harmful

permanent or long-term

changes in the brain. The

effects of prolonged regular

use of marijuana and brain depend on two factors: age both time

consumption and this consumption are prolonged. The

consequences in the brain are equally alarming; connectivity of the

brain seems to degrade with prolonged use of this drug.

Teens also may think they need marijuana and other drugs to escape

problems at home, school or with friends, According to information

from the National Institute on Drugs;,

abuse. Children and teens start using marijuana for many

reasons, among the most common, curiosity and desire to be part of

a social group, It is fact that young people who already smoke

cigarettes or drink alcohol, are at increased risk of prove it.

The solution to marijuana problems can be found in a roundabout

way in the parents work with their teens, to avoid drug addiction,

Parents Should Be Informed About the damage caused by different

drugs. We can not treat it as a taboo or just settle for saying 'this is

not done Because it is bad or you can die', but it is Necessary to know

the real Risks and That it is not only a clear prohibition. This requires

developing strategies to educational level, family strategies but Also

That Indicate the advantages of not Getting Involved with Drugs.

Marijuana has consequences in the brain, lungs, heart rate and blood

pressure; also it has consequences in social behavior, learning and

pregnancy. Marijuana is highly addictive as it seeks an uncontrollable

desire for consumption, despite the impact on society and health.

Marijuana can cause physical dependence and symptoms associated

with withdrawal or removal.



Stimulating people feel their creativity and makes

it very interesting. This is the search for a solution

to a problem, gathering ideas; sometimes with

inspiration we can start a project or something

big. This sensation feels an artist or a musician, if

they feel inspiration. It is easier and faster to do

something great. This is a force that comes from

motivation. This makes you have a good and

positive thinking of several things. No need to be

the best at everything to have an initiative to

improve or make projects. Just you need to be

disciplined and see the future with eyes of hope.

This feeling adds a magical secret. The person

who is inspired enjoys a wonderful and amazing

talent. If you want to have a good inspiration, you

need to have confidence in yourself, have a lot of

safety and positive attitude. Inspiration comes

from the heart, the soul. Inspiration does not

have any resemblance to the mind or physical

force, although, it is a shortcut that do easier the

goal, avoiding the barriers of the mind.

Inspiration usually generates an imaginary

thought and ideas out there.

How to do it?

First if you want to have inspiration you can

change ideas with open minded people or maybe

with people that have the same thought of you. I

give you these tips: Find inspiration with nature:

A lot of people find inspiration because this gives

you peace of mind and makes you thinks more

things to do. Other is looking different historical

events to follow in his footsteps: If you see

different things the other people, you have more

and more ideas to do.

Spiritual inspiration. What is that?

This spirituality does not mean pray. This is more

interior because it mixes the soul with nature. If

you want to have this spiritual inspiration you

need to find an inside connection, you can follow

some options: Meditation It is very relaxing and

avoid stress, also you find your inside voice.

Forgive: You feel satisfaction and inner peace,

because the feel of hate or revenge is a dark way

to contaminate your soul. Watch the stars: You

have thoughts and reflect on what you do, if it is

right or wrong. It is good exercise to breathe and

you get calm.

Why inspiration is lost?

Often we do not value our things, but life is not

easy and in some moments everything is

complicated, if you want, you can solve all the

problems that you have, although you need to

have confidence and a lot of inspiration. Our

families, our true friends, people we love, help

you and support you, they are your inspiration.


During the life of a person, usually you have bad

and good times, but always our mind creates

moments to boost happiness and projects to do.

If you breathe or walk, nature helps you find your

own way, the inspiration comes to you, the inner

voice guides you to become a better person.

Often the universe helps us but we found the

true path, we get carried away so easily, things

that give us, we have no word to defend what we

want but those are the mistakes of the people.

The inspiration helps us, enlightens us, guides us

on the right track, this is good for our life and

makes us better people every day.

There is not only metal inspiration, there is also

spiritual. This kind of inspiration is around you.



There are a lot of activities that people can do to spend the free time.

Playing a musical instrument is a good option about that. Practicing a

musical instrument people can improve their memory and increase

their intelligence. Also it's a better habit to acquire discipline and

responsibility. Another benefit is to have better coordination. Finally

it's the best therapy to stress control. For this reasons it's an

excellent option to spend the free time to learning a musical


Choosing a musical instrument to play can be a difficult decision.

Before making a decision it’s better to listen the different instrument

sounds. The instruments are classified by the way that they produce

their sound. The five groups are: chordophones, aerophones,

percussion, electrophones and membranophones. Is a good idea to

visit a school of music or search on internet for listening and know

the different instruments sounds. Other option is to read about

instruments features. This activities help to make a decision.

Is a good idea to present the flute. Is a good option to choose. It is a

beautiful instrument with a sweet sound. It’s an aerophone or wind

instrument. It means that the flute sound is produced by air. Also,

the flute belongs to wood instruments family, even it mades of

metal. The flute is a very versatile instrument. It is used in a lot of

formats, for example: shymponic bands or orchestras, jazz

ensembles, Latin music ensembles, camara ensembles, Colombian

music groups; etc. Moreover the flute has other special features, for

example: it is portable, cheap, fun, easy to assemble and clean; etc.

Concluding, there are a lot of reasons to play this wonderful


People need to have some attitudes and skills to play flute. About

attitudes, it is important to be patient and disciplined. Also, it is

important to be responsible and dedicated with the flute practice.

Moreover, having personal skills making it easier to play this

instrument. For example: to

have good rhythm, tuning,

hearing, and good

coordination. Practicing flute

helps developments this

skills too. But experience

shows that the most

important attitudes or skills

to play flute are time and


It's very important to spend

the free time in a good

activity. One interesting

option is playing a musical

instrumet. Practicing an


developments some parts

on the brain that help to be

more creative and intelligent.

There are a lot of kinds of

instruments and they are

used in different musical

formats. The flute is a great

instrument to play. It has

beautiful sound and it’s a

popular instrument. For

playing flute only is necessary

to have time and disposition.

"Animated playing flute."


People want to look more radiant and beautiful

through the alimentation and exercises.

However, we want to have a healthy old-age and

happier life , but it is important to keep many

healthy recommendations and habits .Apart from

you prevent illnesses with it , you will have a nice

body, more radiant skin and spiritual ,you will feel

with more energy. In my opinion, it is good to

take care of yourself to be healthier and feel

happier during the years.

There are many healthy food and drinks to have

an active life and a good development in our

body. Fruits, vegetables and fiber. It helps to

develop each part of the body. These have many

vitamins for maintain and feel much energy.

Water is recommended to drink eight glasses

because the body is compound 70 % of it. It

maintains to hydrate and it is good for the skin. It

helps to metabolize fats and prevent illnesses as

constipation. Protein as meat, fish, eggs and nuts

help to have more energy anywhere and help for

muscles too. It prevents the lost hair, weakness

and anemia. Don't forget to consume calcium as

milk, cheese and yogurt. It is good for the bones.

The food is very necessary. You can eat of all but

healthy, rich in vitamins and minerals

complementing with exercises.

The exercise is necessary for have a healthy life.

Also, It helps to liberate substances not

necessaries for the body. The different exercises

are: Walk or trot. You can do around twenty

minutes three or four times a week. However, if

you go to the gym, you can do different exercises

for each part of the body as weights…but it is

important not to exceed exercise a lot, because

you can have problems of the heart as a attack.

Also, Aerobics and Sumba is a good exercise too.

It is a funny form to do exercise the body .It helps

to eliminate corporal fat and liberate stress. So,

you have an active life easily, only we need to

follow those advices but complementing with

healthy habits.

It is important to have healthy habits for a good

physical and emotional stability. The principal

are: Do not smoke. It is very bad for the lungs,

weaken the hair and grow old the body faster.

Sleep approximately eight hours and free the

cellphone, TV and electronics things. These rob

energy to the body. Drink less alcohol. It is good

but you can drink occasionally. Zero Stress When

you feel stress, is good to read or write, do yoga,

walk with someone or alone or do something that

you like. It combats the stress. These are very

good advices for have a long life.

In conclusion, the alimentation is very necessary

for maintains strong and active every time. If we

do not eat, we will develop illness as gastritis,

osteoporosis, bulimia, anorexia and many more.

Other benefic is that you do exercise, you will

improve the flexibility, reduce the sensation of

fatigue and increase the self-esteem. And finally,

if you have good habits, you will reduce the level

of tension and depression and improve the selfimage


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