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Millennials hold the key

• Abu Sayeed Asiful Islam

Millennials are about to decide

America’s future. Who are they and

why is winning them over such a

challenging task for both Donald Trump

and Hilary Clinton?

The Millennial generation refers to

the age cohort born between 1979 and

1997, pollster John Zogby explained to

the Dhaka Tribune in Washington, DC.

Millennials constitute 31% of

the electorate and are the largest

independent voting bloc. Translation:

they represent a vast slice of the

electoral pie and aren’t affiliated with

the major parties in America’s twoparty


In April this year, Millennials

surpassed Baby Boomers (those born

between 1946 and 1964) as America’s

largest generation, according to the

Pew Research Centre.

In battleground states like

Coloroado that have recently come

back into play, millennials matter.

But as a vote pool they aren’t just

big and desirable, they’re complicated.

Millennials are, for instance,

financially conservative but socially

progressive, making the traditional

Democratic (financially and socially

liberal) and Republican (financially and

socially conservative) positions equally


Their peculiar mix of sensibilities

make both Trump and Clinton equally

unpalatable, the Millennial Action

Project’s Steven Olikara explained.

Having grown up in the shadow of

the Iraq and Afghan Wars, Millennials

are wary of foreign intervention,

making Trump’s tough talk a turn off.

But they also have a robust distrust of

government, so Clinton’s emailgate

Voters cast their ballots during early voting in Chicago, Illinois, US, October 14

fiasco could prove to be disastrous.

Indeed, 80% of Millennials want

the political class to go – which is

what Trump claims to offer – meaning

Clinton’s decades of public service

don’t serve her cause with them.

On the other hand, Trump’s

blustering put downs of women and

minorities are offensive to a generation

that has taken the demographic lead

largely due to immigration and that

boasts the largest number of studyabroads

in US history.

Forty-one percent of Millennials

do identify as Democrat. But their

candidate of choice was Socialist Bernie

Sanders. His loss to Hilary Clinton in

the Democratic primaries left already

disaffected Millennials disillusioned and

increasingly disinterested.

Far fewer identify as Republican but

a large number remain unaffiliated to

either major party. That is where, as in

all recent US presidential contests, the

action will be.

If enough undecided Millennials

vote for third party candidates such as

Libertarian Gary Johnson, the Green

Party’s Jill Stein or Utah anti-Trump

Republican-backed independent Evan

McMullin, it could tip the polls.

Indeed, McMullin’s gamble is to

block both major party candidates from

winning the necessary 270 electoral

college votes needed to bag the White

House by winning Utah’s six votes.

That would send the tiebreaker poll to

the House of Representatives. But that

has not happened in 192 years.

Moreover, netting Utah’s electoral


votes offers no guarantee of blocking

Clinton or Trump from winning 270

votes. McMullin’s own chances are

slim: a third-party candidate hasn’t

won electoral votes since 1968.

The problem for Clinton and Trump,

aside from being generally unattractive

candidates because of the issues

described above, is that this generation of

digital natives can be hard to reach out to.

Hilary Clinton’s now infamous

Tweet calling on Millennials to describe

their feelings about student debt in

three emojis or less came across to

Millennials as pandering and backfired,

according to Olikara.

For a generation that “comes to civics

via issues and causes,” to use Olikara’s

description, disingenuous overtures

about key issues of concern – student

debt, climate change, jobs, campaign

finance reform and immigration reform –

simply don’t work.

After all, debt burdens in the

hundreds of thousands of dollars

will mean that home and even

car ownership will be delayed for

Millennials by years and even decades

compared to their parents.

Issue-based campaign ads don’t

cut it either. Millennials’ distrust of

traditional media – most do not watch

television – and of the political system

has meant that advertising and the

ratings game are particularly disliked.

The fact that inflammatory rhetoric

has had traditional media outlets

cashing in on the Trump Bump – record

viewership translating into record

profits – is just the kind of thing that

convinces Millennials that the system is

irreparably broken, according to Olikara.

Neither big party candidate has

much chance of looking desirable,

apart from coming across as the lesser

of two evils. As things stand, Caucasian

millennials are evenly split between

Clinton and Trump; non-Caucasians

favour Clinton.

Both Clinton and Trump must

convince infamously short attentionspanned

Millennials that they are ready

to steer the 21st century economy –

which for that generation has meant

a debt-ridden gig economy – towards

something approaching opportunity.

They must convince them to

actually cast their votes – because only

45% of Millennials compared with

60% generally turn out.

They must convey this in the

politician’s equivalent of 140 characters

or less – without offending anyone.

And they must do this in the next

48 hours. •

Does vote rigging take place in America?

• Abu Sayeed Asiful Islam

Attempts at vote rigging in the

United States can be as brazen as in

any Third World despotism worth

its salt.

If you have doubts, ask Donald

Trump. He’ll tell you the elections

are rigged (especially if he loses),

but his Republican party has more

often implicated in voter suppression

than its rival.

Campus political engagement

specialists who spoke to the Dhaka

Tribune in Washington DC said voter

suppression was a major problem

that tended to disadvantage

Democrat voters.

“The right to vote is under attack

each and every day,” the Dhaka Tribune

was told in a presentation given

by Catherine Fish of ALL IN Campus

Democracy Challenge, Emily Wirzba

of the Friends Committee on National

Legislation, political consultant

Gabi Porter, and a representative

of the New Leaders Council.

One example of voter manipulation

they cited was the use of flyers

circulated in the Latino community

to falsely claim the date of the

elections had been changed.

They said high conviction rate s

of black men, when taken together

with the fact that convicted felons

lose their right to vote, meant the

disenfranchisement of a significant

community of voters.

Technical tactics included voter

caging, in which a partisan organisation

sends registered mail to addresses

of registered voters identified

as unfriendly to their candidate.

Returned mail is used to challenge

the right to vote of the intended recipients

on the grounds that if the

voters were unreachable at the address

listed on their voter registration,

their registration is fraudulent.

Roll purging, often carried out

in a secretive manner, can be manipulated

to affect the voter list

in such a way that even when it

is challenged, the remedy comes

after the elections – and therefore

too late.

In North Carolina, the purging

of black Democrats from voter rolls

is causing the Clinton campaign

concern. President Obama recently

drew attention to a list of 138

purged voters; 92 were black and

registered Democrats.

A New York Times article published

on November 4 opened with

the line: “American elections have

always been at least a little dirty.”

As proof of this, the article offered

a litany of misdeeds from

around the country aimed at manipulating

the 2016 presidential


Miami witnessed mailings appearing

to support Democrats, but

containing recommendations for

Republican candidates and ballot


The digital age’s answer to fake

flyers – fake campaign ads on the

internet claiming it was possible to

Tweet votes in – drew enthusiastic

responses from gullible voters who

thought they’d been spared the

hassle of standing in queue.

More seriously, a California Republican

campaign office and a

Mississippi black church were firebombed

this election season. The

words “Vote Trump” were painted

on the wall of the gutted church.

The campus engagement specialists

explained that subtle limits,

like a Texas law that doesn’t allow

college identification cards but

does allow gun licenses as proof of

identification, causes student voters

to be turned away at the booth.

Other impediments to mobile

younger people casting their votes

include the requirement for people

moving across state lines to re-register

as voters.

These tactics may not affect

a majority of the electorate, but

could the tip the results of an election

fought at the margins.

Some 540,000 elected officials

serve the American people in various

capacities at various levels of

government. The average citizen

is represented by no less than 40

elected officials, Brigade Media’s

Jessica Dahl, a civic technology app

maker, explained.

Systematic attempts to rig votes

in some constituencies, while they

do not discredit the entire process,

nevertheless tarnish the image of

the United States as a beacon of democracy

to the world. •

News 3


Polls might be crazy, but numbers aren’t

• Chris Jackson and

Alanna Spurlock


It looks like this absurd and lurid

presidential election will remain

unpredictable until the end. Between

the FBI’s on-again, off-again

investigations of Democratic candidate

Hillary Clinton’s private email

server, the “you can do anything”

comments about women from Republican

rival Donald Trump — not

to mention the unexpected injection

of Anthony Weiner’s sexting

habits — it’s hardly surprising that

the polls seem to show wild swings

in voters’ views.

Our experience as pollsters,

though, shows this isn’t so. It’s true

that daily tracking surveys reflect

dizzying twists and turns in the

support for Trump and Clinton. If

you compare the single daily tracking

poll from Reuters/Ipsos with

the Huffington Post/Pollster poll

aggregator, you’ll see both show

what looks like lots of movement

in support for both candidates.

Over five-day averages measured

from July to October, the number

of Trump backers rises from a little

over 30 percent to around 40 percent;

Clinton’s support fluctuates

between 40 percent to almost 50.

However, these momentary

swings disappear when we instead

look at monthly averages. The larger

slices of time show that the rapid

swings in voters’ views always return

to a rough equilibrium. In fact,

there has not been any real change

in Trump’s and Clinton’s relative

position over the past three months.

In July, Clinton had a 4 percentage

point lead over Trump; in October,

she still had a 4 percentage point

lead. The most recent polls show

that her lead may have narrowed

since FBI director James Comey

announced last Friday that the FBI

is investigating more emails as part

of a probe into Clinton’s use of a private

server, but our experience suggests

that this gap may widen again.

Why has support for the candidates

been so stable? The reason

is that most Americans already

know – and have known for a

while — who they support. Despite

this election’s characterization as

one shaped by “swing-ier voters,”

As scandals pop up, people with strong party

affiliation are less likely to respond to a poll

the race has pretty much been on

cruise control for most Americans.

At the start of the year, an overwhelming

99 percent of Americans

had heard of Clinton, and 98 percent

of Trump. Only 24 percent of

Americans expressed neutral opinions

on the Democratic candidate,

and 23 percent on the Republican.

Voters have been exposed to Clinton

and Trump, in one form or another,

for more than 30 years; they

knew what they thought of them.

However, these momentary

swings disappear when we instead

look at monthly averages. The larger

slices of time show that the rapid

swings in voters’ views always return

to a rough equilibrium. In fact,

there has not been any real change

in Trump’s and Clinton’s relative





Aug 1


position over the past three months.

In July, Clinton had a 4 percentage

point lead over Trump; in October,

she still had a 4 percentage point

lead. The most recent polls show

that her lead may have narrowed

since FBI director James Comey

announced last Friday that the FBI

is investigating more emails as part

of a probe into Clinton’s use of a private

server, but our experience suggests

that this gap may widen again.

What the daily polls actually

show is the waxing and waning of

enthusiasm among supporters of

the rival presidential candidates.

They’re doing this in two ways.

First, through use of “likely voter”

filters. Most likely-voter filters,

including our Reuters/Ipsos one,

include a measure of voter enthusiasm

(along with things like registration

and past behavior) as a

factor in determining whether the

respondent will turn out to vote on

November 8. As their enthusiasm

increases or decreases, respondents

are more or less likely to be classified

as a likely voter and therefore

reported in our “horserace” polling.

When events excite or depress the

base, they show in our polling. Our

five-day rolling average of enthusiasm

to vote among Clinton and

Trump supporters since July shows

that shifts in likely turnout tend to

correlate with shifts in the polls.

The second way polls show

shifts in enthusiasm is (potentially)

through “non-response bias.”

Non-response bias is the idea

that groups of people may be so

discouraged by the events of the

campaign that they do not answer

when contacted by pollsters. We

say potentially because this is hard

to measure directly -- we cannot

survey the people unwilling to be

Sep 1 Oct 1 Nov 1

surveyed. But research has shown

that this could have a significant

impact on temporary poll shifts.

However, we can tease out some

of this impact by observing the stated

party preferences of our poll respondents

over time.The Reuters/

Ipsos poll does not normally sample,

quota or weight the partisan identification

of its respondents. Because

party identification is subjective

-- a personal stated allegiance rather

than an objective demographic

-- there are no commonly accepted

benchmarks for the “right” party

composition of the electorate. That

means we ask people how they identify,

and they answer as they answer.

However, the partisan composition

of our poll -- and most other polls

-- can fluctuate substantially over

time. Since July, the Reuters/Ipsos

polls show that as scandals pop up,

people with strong party affiliation

are less likely to respond to a poll.

This is far from a “flat” line, and

it underlines the extent to which

these identities are variable, based

on political dynamics and events.

We need to keep all this in perspective

in the final week of the

campaign. Observers need to distinguish

between whether voters

are switching candidates or simply

becoming more excited about their

candidate of choice. For the candidates

themselves, it means the

sprint to the finish is about keeping

their supporters fired up while demoralizing

the other side’s base. •

Chris Jackson is a vice president at Ipsos

and runs the Reuters/Ipsos poll. Alanna

Spurlock is a research analyst at Ipsos.






Technical meetings


High level segment meetings


Bab Ighli, Marrakech, Morocco

Major agenda




Technology transfer


Capacity building and

Loss and damage

CO 2


Sources: UN, climate analytics




Principal gas responsible

for global warming

Carbon dioxide (concentration in

the atmosphere, parts per million)




1984 90 95 00 05

The Paris climate pact enters into force November 4

November 1


400 ppm

10 2015

92 parties

have ratified the accord






Global temperature

Variation in temperature compared

to the 20th century average


197 parties


65.82% of emissions





Key points



Sea ice in the northern hemisphere

Surface in September,

in millions of km2


1979 87 95 03 11 16

*compared to the average, 1981-2010

Keep warming “well below

2 degrees Celsius.”

Continue all efforts to limit

the rise in temperatures

to 1.5 degrees Celsius

Aim for greenhouse gas

emissions to peak “as soon

as possible.” No binding

objective set out by country





Review mechanism

Global sea levels

Variation in mm

compared to 1993

-27.8*% 84.8 mm




2016 (July)

Rich countries must provide

100 billion dollars from 2020,

as a “floor.” Amount to

be updated by 2025

First world report in 2023

Reviews every 5 years,

the first in 2025

BNP not allowed

to hold Nov 7 rally

fearing anarchy

• Mohammad Abu Bakar


Awami League Publicity Secretary

Hasan Mahmood claimed that BNP

was not given the permission to

hold a rally on Novemner 7 fearing

possible anarchy.

“The law enforcers and intelligence

agencies scrutinised the

possible threats ahead of any programme,”

said the AL leader in a

press conference at party’s Dhanmondi

office yesterday afternoon.

He said: “BNP can create unrest

with hired goons in the name of observing

November 7. Perhaps that’s

why they were not allowed to hold

the programme.”

The AL senior leader claimed

that the government is not afraid

of BNP but people fear BNP as

they burn people alive with petrol


“No revolution took place on

November 7 in 1975,” he added. •

BNP to hold rally Nov 8 ‘at any cost’

• Manik Miazee

BNP is taking all necessary preparations

to hold its rally on November

8 to mark ‘National Revolution and

Solidarity Day’ of November 7 in

front of the party’s Central Office at

Naya Paltan. The Dhaka Metropolitan

Police (DMP) is, however, yet to

give permission for this rally.

“Our party and all its associate

bodies are taking full preparation

for a peaceful rally in front of our

Central Office,” BNP Senior Joint

Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi

said at a press briefing in Naya

Paltan office yesterday.

“The government has been unfair

regarding our party’s scheduled rally

on November 8”, Rizvi claimed.

‘Cyber cafes must have CCTV cams’

• Ishtiaq Husain

All cyber cafes must install CCTV

cameras so that the government

can closely monitor their activities,

said State Minister of Posts and

Telecommunication Tarana Halim


Speaking at an event in the

GPO Headquarters in Dhaka, she

said the government was going to

make a decision over the matter

to stop “offensive” content

which are being published from cyber


The event was arranged to mark

World Posts Day.

The state minister said they

would sit with Bangladesh Telecommunication


Commission (BTRC) to make

a decision about setting CCTV


She said if any cyber cafe was

found uploading any offensive

content, law enforcing agencies

would immediately seize the


She also said the government

would inform the necessities

to the regulator as well as the

BTRC, and they would inform all

the cyber cafes.

Different kinds of people go

to cyber cafes to use internet

and they upload various content,

which requires supervision,

Tarana said.

With CCTV cameras, law enforcing

agencies will be able to

identify the individuals who are

involved with uploading offensive

content, she added.

The state minister said after installing

CCTV cameras, cyber cafe

owners throughout the nation

would be more conscious.

“While a certain group has failed

to create anarchy by using militants,

now they are again trying to

provoke unlawful activities using

social media. We will not allow

them to continue such activities as

the government and law enforcing

agencies are very much alert,” said


Zulfiquer Haider, president of

Cyber Cafe Owners Association of

Bangladesh, said a total 250 cyber

cafes were currently operating

their business with licence, while

over 200 cyber cafes do not have

any licence. •

“We sought permission for this

rally in Suhrawardy Udyan ground,

but the government did not permit

it. We don’t know why the permission

was not given to us. We then

sought permission to hold the rally

in front of our Central Office at

Naya Paltan, but we are yet to receive

permission,” he said.

Police is giving wrong information

about the issue, he then added.

The party has been observing

National Revolution and Solidarity

Day through a rally for the past 40

years, but this is the first time the

government has not given permission

out of vengeance, said Rizvi.

Yesterday, showing a copy of the

letter for permission he said: “Yesterday

we submitted our request to

hold the rally in front of our party

office. But the police claimed they

did not receive the letter.”

“It is very irresponsible the police,

and also proves their biases by refusing

to give us permission,” he said.

Rizvi also claimed the government

is using the police force to arrest

the party members in masses

without any reason to create panic

amongst the general public and

supporters and to knock down the

party’s efforts regarding the event.

On Saturday afternoon, police

arrested five BNP leaders including

Taiful Islam Tipu, Assistant office

Secretary of BNP Central Office.

Earlier Rizvi had said that BNP is

committed to hold its planned rally

on November 8 “at any cost”. •


Charge sheet submitted

• Dulal Abdullah

Police yesterday submitted the

charge sheet in Rajshahi University

English department teacher Rezaul

murder accusing eight people, six

months after the murder.

Investigative officer of the case

Rezaus Sadik submitted the charge

sheet, said Rajshahi Metropolitan

Police spokesperson and Senior Assistant

Commissioner Iftekhar Alam.

He said a number of eight people

have been accused in the case; three

of them are dead. They are Khairul

Islam Badal, Nazrul Islam and Usman.

Number one accused Shariful

Islam is still a fugitive. Rest of the

accused– Ripon, Abdus Sattar, Rahmatullah

and Maskawath alias Abdullah

– are in jail now. All of them

have given deposition under Section


“The charge sheet has been submitted

to Rajshahi Metropolitan

Magistrate’s Court. They will select

which court the case would be referred

to,” he also said.

Contacted, Rajshahi DB Police

Inspector and IO of the case Rezaus

Sadik said, “The case is a very complex

one. That’s why the investigation

took so much time.”

Rezaul was brutally hacked to

death on April 23, near his own residence

at Shalbagan area in Rajshahi

city. His son Riasat filed a murder

case with Boalia police station. •

Bangladesh’s focus

adaptation financing

Environment and Forest Secretary Kamal Uddin Ahmed, who is the

alternative lead of the Bangladesh delegation at the conference of parties

(COP22) in Marrakech, Morocco, speaks to DhakaTribune’s Abu

Siddique on the country’s expectations on implementing Paris Agreement

What will Bangladesh’s proposals

be in this year’s COP to implement

the Paris Agreement?

There are two major issues in the

discussion - mitigation and adaptation.

But our interest is in adaptation

as we are the one of most

vulnerable nations, and also emit a

negligible amount of carbon-di-oxide

to the atmosphere. We will try

to address the loss and damage of

our country as well as the people

due to the adverse impacts of climate

change. Our target will be to

set a mechanism so that we can reduce

our risk.

But Article 52 of the decision

chapter under the Paris

Agreement says that the

developed countries will not take

any responsibility and liability

of already affected people. Then

how you will talk about the loss

and damage issue? Are there any

options to discuss the issue, to get

the compensation?

Yes, still there is some space to talk

on the issue. Loss and damage issue

is now being discussed under

the Warsaw International Mechanism.

Under that mechanism, an

executive committee is working to

prepare a 2-year and a 5-year interim

plan on how to set up the compensation


There is no clear road map on

climate financing in the Paris

Agreement. Do you have any


I do not think that there are no directions.

There are some. For example,

the Paris Agreement says

that the finance will go towards

mitigation and adaptation with a

50-50 balance.

But, according to article 9 (4) of

the Paris Agreement, the balance

of financing is not obligatory

rather voluntary.

Actually, this sort of agreement is

always based on mutual understanding.

You may call this a gentlemen’s

agreement, which does not

need to be legally binding. When

a country ratifies an international

agreement, it makes an obligation

to itself to maintain that agreement.

If you look at the Kyoto protocol,

the countries adopted that but finally

some of them refrained from

signing and ratifying the protocol

which ultimately led to a failure.

In case of the Paris Agreement,

this has not happened. It already

came into force on October 5.

Regarding loss and damage, we are

hearing of insurance mechanisms.

What is Bangladesh thinking about


If the insurance mechanism ultimately

helps us, we will take it. The

issue is still in preparation stage

and we are discussing it and trying

to learning about it.

Bangladesh is yet to have direct

access to the Green Climate Fund.

Yes. Not only Bangladesh, none of

the countries which are trying to

get funds has direct access into the

GCF. However, we have a project

worth US$80 million through a German

Bank KFW. If we want to get

resources from GCF, we need a national

implementing agency which

we do not have. But we are trying

News 5




to get direct access. That is why we

have already designated six organisations

to make them able to get

direct access from the fund.

To get direct access to GCF,

the fund authority introduces

a comprehensive mechanism

including physical capacity and

fiduciary management policies.

What Bangladesh is doing to meet

the conditions of the GCF?

We are trying to enhance our capacity

and management skills to meet

their conditions so that we can get

direct access from the fund through

our own implementing agency.

At the same time, Bangladesh

is trying to get loans to take

adaptation measures. The recent

declaration of US$2 billion loan as

climate financing in Bangladesh

by the World Bank’s visiting

boss creates a confusion. Is the

government backtracking from

demanding climate compensation?

No, the loan from World Bank was

not part of our plan. It was somehow

placed to them or they have

given that in their own interest. We

(the Environment Ministry) did not

approach them.

Can you give me a summary of

your proposal which you are going

to place in this year’s COP?

Firstly, we will emphasise on the financing

so that we can get resources

as early as possible to implement

our projects to reduce the risk of

global warming.

As we are not liable to carbon-emission,

we will not focus

on mitigation. And in the case of

adaptation, our financing has to be

on grant basis. We will not take any


In addition, we will try to

strengthen the Warsaw International

Mechanism to get output for

loss and damage. •

Paris deal execution

planning starts

• Saleemul Huq from Marrakech

The Paris Agreement to tackle climate

change which was achieved

at the 21st Conference of Parties in

Paris, France last December has

been ratified by well over fifty-five

countries accounting for over 55%

of global emissions (the two thresholds

that need to be achieved for

the agreement to go into force as

international law). It thus went into

force on 4th November less than a

year after it was agreed in Paris. This

is record speed for an international

agreement (in contrast the previous

Kyoto Protocol took five years to

come into force). This shows the political

momentum from Paris is still

very much alive and hopefully will

galvanise action to implement Paris

Agreement at COP22 starting in Marrakech,

Morocco on 7th November.

Unlike the previous Kyoto Protocol,

the Paris Agreement is a

universal agreement in which all

countries, both rich as well as poor,

have promised to take actions to

both reduce emissions by mitigation

as well as adapt to the adverse

impacts of climate change which

are already happening . This means

that reaching the long-term temperature

goal of 1.5 Degrees which

was the major achievement of the

vulnerable countries in Paris, is

now the responsibility of each and

every country to set itself the most

ambitious greenhouse gas emission

reduction targets.

Unfortunately, the current level

of country commitments when

added all up will take us to well

above 2 Degrees so everyone will

have to do more if we want to go

down to 1.5 Degrees.

Thus COP22 will be successful if


all countries agree to revisit their

own emission reduction targets by

2018 when next review will take


Another important decision to

be taken in Marrakech will be on

Loss and Damage which is also an

issue of concern to the vulnerable

developing countries such as Bangladesh.

At COP19 in 2013 in Warsaw,

Poland an agreement was reached

to set up the Warsaw International

Mechanism on Loss and Damage

with an Executive Committee of

twenty members. Bangladesh was

selected to be one of the ten from

developing countries. The committee

has been meeting since then

and will present their report and

recommendations to COP22. This

topic is a highly politically sensitive

one and it is expected that there

will be heated debate around it, but

it is to be hoped that a final decision

will be reached that everyone can

agree on by the end of the COP.

Finally, the issue of finance is a

perennial sticking point at every

COP and this one is no exception.

For the vulnerable countries, like

Bangladesh, the issue is about

delivering the promised funding

from the developed countries to

the most vulnerable developing

countries to help them adapt to the

adverse impacts of climate change

which they are already facing. This

issue does not require a new decision

in COP22 but rather the developed

Countries need to agree

on ensuring that money that has

been promised in previous COPs is

actually delivered and also that it

reaches the most vulnerable. At the

moment the funds are flowing at a

trickle and this needs to be speeded

up considerably. •





Dhaka 28 23 Chittagong 29 25 Rajshahi 30 19 Rangpur 29 19 Khulna 29 18 Barisal 28 22 Sylhet 29 21









Cox’s Bazar


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Erosion renders 4,000 people homeless

• Tribune Desk

Thousands of people in Gopalganj

and Kurigram districts have become

homeless due to erosion.

In Gopalganj

Erosion by Madhumati has taken

serious turn at different points of

Gopalganj Sadar causing immense

sufferings to the people living beside

the river due lack of maintenance,

reports Manoj Kumar Saha,

our correspondent.

The erosion caused by the river

has been continuing for 25 years in

Dubsi, Charghaga, Ichhakhali and

Dhalaikhali areas.

People of the areas alleged that

thousands acres of land, homesteads,

schools, colleges, madrasas,

mosques and temples went

under the bed of the river and

3,000 people already have become

landless due to the erosion.

They also alleged that they oraganised

several programmes demanding

to save the areas from the

clutches of the erosion but the authorities

did not give any heed.

Power poles, croplands and a lot

of homesteads are now facing newly

threat of erosion.

Locals demanded to the authority

to take steps immediately.

Gazi Rafiqul of Dubsi area said:

Erosion of the Madhumati River threatens different parts of Gopalganj Sadar upazila with destruction. The photo was taken in Dubsi area yesterday

“We had lost already ten villages

in the river bed. If the situation is

going on, the total area will be lost

in future.”

He urged the Prime Minister to

take steps for saving the area.

The people of Charghaga, Ichhakhali

and Dhalaikhali echoed the

words of Rafiqul.

M Suparul Alam, chairman of

Jalalabad uion council in Sadar

upazila said the people of Dubsi

had been most sufferer due to the

erosion of 25 years.

He said he had informed the

matter to local MP Sheikh Fazlul

Karim Selim and the authorities of

the Water Development Board.

Meanwhile, Executive Engineer

Moinuddin of the WDB said he had

visited the areas recently and sent a

report to the ministry of the WDB.

In Kurigam

At least 200 families at Mogholpasa

union in Sadar upazila have

become homeless due to erosion

caused by the Dharla River over the

last week, reports Ariful Islam, our


Locals said erosion by the river

had continued to devour homesteads,

business establishments

and crop lands.

Besides, the only one road connecting

the union with the district

headquarters is at risk and may go

into the gorge of the river.

Abul Kabiraj, a victim, said, “I

have lost everything as the river

had devoured everything in the

sudden erosion. I just managed to


save the tin-roof of my house and

took refuge at the road side”.

Dudu Mia, another victim, said,

“I have managed to remove my

houses but I have been starving

with my family for the last four

days. The local administration did

not provide us with any money or


Mokhlesur Rahman, deputy-divisional

engineer of Water Development

Board said initiative had

been taken to stop the river erosion.

Sand lifting from Hurasagor goes unabated

• Aminul Islam Rana, Sirajganj

A section of influential people and relatives of

ruling party Awami League leaders, have been

lifting sand illegally from the Hurasagor River in

Sirajganj district under the nose of local administration

causing risk to the river bank, nearby

cultivable lands and establishments.

Locals wishing anonymity said Belkuchi

Upazila Chairman Mohammad Ali Akand and

Bablu Biswas, a relative of ex-minister Abdul

Latif Biswas, are lifting sand from Hurasagor

River illegally and selling them to locals under

the nose of local administration. District Fisheries

department and upazila river preservation

committee could not take any actions against

them as they are so powerful. Locals

alleged that the gang lifting

sand from the river by bribing the

upazila nirbahi officer.

Due to illegal sand lifting hundreds

of houses, schools, mosques

and markets are at risk in several

upazilas in the district, said several


Mohammad Saiful Islam, uno

of Belkuchi upazila, said: “There

is no legal sand quarry in Belkuchi.

We finished dredging in Hurasagor

River on June 2014 but local influential

still continuing sand lifting

illegally from the river.”

Saiful also the president of river

preservation committee, said:

“Due to sand lifting flow of water

in the river is changing courses,

and locals are becoming subject to

multifarious losses.”

He alleged that Belkuchi upazila

chairman Mohammad Ali Akand

and Bablu Biswas, a relative of

an ex-minister along with others

influential controlling the illegal

sand lifting so administration failing

to take actions against them.

“But recently being informed by locals we

seized a ‘bangla dredger’, pipes and other materials,”

said the uno.

When contacted, Sadar upazila UNO Brainjon

Chambugong, said: “We conduct drives against

the sand lifters frequently and we will take actions

against this illegal sand lifter gang.”

Apart lifting sand from Hurasagor, this gang

also lifting sand from Meghulla point of Jamuna

River, which triggering erosion.

During his visit our Sirajganj correspondent

has found that several people were lifting sand

from Maijhail, Someshpur, Khidromatia, Jognala,

Baniagati and other areas of Hurasagor River

by using bangla dredgers.

In this time, few workers told this reporter

that they are working for Akand chairman and


Bablu Biswas, who posing himself as a relative

of ex-minister Abdul Latif Biswas, said: “I

am lifting sand from my own land not from the


However, Mohammad Ali Akand said: “We

are lifting sand from Hurasagor River as we won

a tender about sand lifting from the river.”

He also blames Bablu Biswas for illegal sand

lifting by saying: “Bablu is lifting sand from

Hurasagor River illegally by bribing local administration

and upazila nirbahi officer.”

He urged the authorities concerned to take

action against Bablu gang to save the River Harusagor

from the sand lifters.

When contacted, Sirajganj Deputy Commissioner

Kamrun Nahar Siddiqi said: “We will take

proper actions against illegal sand lifters after

discussing with district fisheries official.”

Natore sugar

mill lays off

• M Kamal Mridha, Natore

Sugar production had to be

stopped in Natore North Bengal

Sugar Mill yesterday, as farmers are

not supplying sugar-canes to the


The mill authorities said they

had inaugurated the sugar production

of the mill on October 28 aiming

to produce 20 thousand metric

tons sugar from 2 lakh 50 thousand

sugarcanes for this fiscal. But, they

have to declare the lay off on Saturday

noon for want of sufficient


The farmers did it in protest

of introducing E-gazatte and mobile

banking system by the government,

which will be effective

from this fiscal, and closing of sugarcane

gur (molasses) producing


The farmers demanded restoration

of previous system of giving

the farmers slips locally known as

Purzi, mentioning their names and

amount of sugarcanes they can


Ibrahim Khalil, president of Natore

North Bengal Sugar Mill sugarcane

farmers’ association, said the

production costs of sugarcane were

higher than the current prices of it

at the mill gate. •

News 7


Toxic vessel imported, beached in Chittagong


• FM Mizanur Rahaman,


The North Sea Producer, a

highly contaminated vessel has

been imported by Janata Steel

Corporation and docked at the

shipbreaking yard in Sitakunda,

violating national and international


First commissioned in 1984,

it is a floating production storage

and offloading (FPSO) vessel

used by the offshore oil and

gas industry to produce and

process hydrocarbons for the

storage of oil.

Formerly owned by Maersk,

the vessel was stationed at

the North Sea working the

MacCulloch oil field for ConocoPhillips.

When the MacCulloch field

was closed, the FPSO was

brought to Teesport in Middleborough,

England where it was

laid up in 2015.

The vessel allowed

into Bangladesh

on a fake

certificate saying

it did not contain

any hazardous


Having operated in the North

Sea as an FPSO, the vessel contains

large amounts of slops and

residues that are contaminated

by NORM (natural occurring radioactive

material) and sulphur.

Bangladeshi law dictates

the taking of No Objection Certificate

(NOC) from the Department

of Environment (DoE),

Mercantile Marine Department

(MMD) and other concerned

bodies. The importer, Janata

Steel Corporation, did not take

any NOC from DoE and MMD

according to DoE sources.

Rather it has been anchored

as a “producer” in the document,

said DoE sources.

DoE Chittagong Region’s

Director Md Masud Karim told

the Dhaka Tribune that the importer

did not obtain any NOC

from them and they have already

issued a show-cause notice

to the importer taking the

issue into cognizance.

Expressing grave concern

over the environment and

health hazards of Bangladeshi

Ship breaking workers, an organization

named NGO Shipbreaking

Platform and a several

news media ran reports earlier

this month.

The NGO sent an official letter

to UK Minister for Environment,

Food and Rural Affairs secretary

Rt Hon Andrea Leadsom MP on

October 25 citing the illegal manner

in which the ship was imported

to Bangladesh via third

party cash only company violating

EU rules and regulations for

hazardous waste disposal management

of such vessels.

The organisation has also

sent a copy of the letter to the

European Commission.

According to UK based newspaper

the Gazettelive, Maersk’s

Head of Sustainability, Annettee

Stube has said: “The company

has not been good enough

to ensure that the ship was

sent to scrap to a secure yard.

Maersk is really, really sorry

that this has happened.”

The NGO and local news reports

also mentioned that the

vessel allowed into Bangladesh

on a fake certificate saying it

did not contain any hazardous


According to a report by a

Dutch research centre, Danwatch,

the shipbreaking yards

in Bangladesh are not equipped

with any infrastructure that

could safely remove and dispose

toxic waste.

The Danwatch report, in

collaboration with local daily

newspaper Politiken and

Broadcaster TV2, also showed

footage from Sitakunda from

September showing that four

workers climbing a rope ladder

on the side of vessel without

any safety gear.

According to the NGO report,

the ship was sold to cash

buyers, Global Marketing Systems

(GMS), one of the world’s

largest companies that specialises

in selling end-of-life tonnage

via Conquistador Shipping

Corporation, a post box

company, in St Kitts and Nevis.

Aman Uddin, managing director

of Janata Steel Corporation

said over phone: “There is

no hazardous toxic in the vessel

and the ship was beached in

compliance with the law.”

“We received permission

from DoE, Explosive Department,

Ministry of Industry for

beaching the ship,” he added.

Contacted, Chief Engineer

and Principal Officer of DoE

Sofiqul Islam told the Dhaka

Tribune: “No permission was

taken for the North Sea Producer

to be beached and cut.”

According to the High Court

verdict on March 17 in 2009,

to export a scrap ship, the

ship-breaking yard must obtain

NOC from DoE while waste

should be removed or dumped

before beaching at shore. The

court also directed to ensure

the occupational safety of the

ship-breaking workers. •

Janata Steel Corporation docks North Sea Producer, a highly contaminated vessel at a ship breaking yard violating national and

international laws. The photo was taken at Sitakunda, Chittagong yesterday







Panama Papers: Pak PM’s

son-in-law files ToR in SC

Retired Capt Mohammad Safdar,

son-in-law of Prime Minister Nawaz

Sharif, submitted to the Supreme

Court on Friday a one-page terms of

reference (ToR) suggesting that the

proposed commission on the Panama

Papers leaks be allowed to examine

information relating to transfer

from Pakistan of funds originating

from corruption, commission and

kickbacks and identify the individuals

involved in such crimes. DAWN


Two soldiers killed in


The Indian army said two of its soldiers

were killed Sunday in the latest

exchange of cross border firing with

Pakistan along the de facto border in

Kashmir. One soldier was killed in

a firefight as Indian troops pushed

back against Pakistani infiltrators

while another died in a separate incident,

according to Army spokesman

Colonel N N Joshi. AFP


Hong Kong police use

pepper spray at anti-

China protest

Hong Kong police used pepper spray

Sunday to drive back hundreds of

protesters angry at China’s decision

to intervene in a row over whether

two pro-independence lawmakers

should be barred from the city’s

legislature. In chaotic scenes

reminiscent of mass pro-democracy

protests in 2014, demonstrators

charged metal fences set up by police

outside China’s liaison office in

the semi-autonomous city. AFP


S Korea scandal widens as

presidential aides arrested

South Korean prosecutors arrested

two former top presidential aides

Sunday in a snowballing influence-peddling

scandal which has

seen tens of thousands of people take

to the streets to demand President

Park Geun-Hye resign. Park’s approval

ratings have hit a historic low

of five percent – a record for a sitting

president – over the scandal involving

her close friend Choi Soon-Sil. AFP


10 Iranian pilgrims killed

in a suicide attack

Ten Iranian pilgrims were killed in

a suicide attack in Iraq’s holy city

of Samarra, about 125km north of

Baghdad on Sunday. Pilgrimage official

Mohammad Javad Daneshyar

said the Iranians were getting off a

bus when an ambulance carrying

the suicide bomber approached

them and blew up. REUTERS

Last-minute attempts by candidates

to shore up votes


• Tribune International Desk

Clinton ahead but battleground states up for grabs

• AFP, Washington, DC

Donald Trump barnstorms five

states Sunday while Hillary Clinton

implores her most fervent

supporters to get to the polls, in a

frenetic final 48-hour dash to the

US presidential election.

Last-minute campaign events –

including a midnight rally Monday

night by Clinton – pepper the landscape

in the nation’s most contested

states that will ultimately

decide whether the United States

maintains President Barack Obama’s

legacy or steers a more conservative


The bruising and unpredictable

race that concludes on November

8 has gripped the world and roiled

international markets, as Americans

decide whether to elect their first

female commander in chief or a billionaire

real estate tycoon whose political

inexperience is seen by some

as an asset and others a liability.

National polls gave the edge to

Hillary Clinton, with results too

close to call in some key battleground

states where the race will

be won or lost.

A final NBC/WSJ poll showed

the Democratic White House


Collated opinion polls as of November 6

In percent

Hillary Clinton


Donald Trump


Source: RealClearPolitics







Donald Trump is promising to take

his campaign into traditional Democratic

territory as a sign that he’s

not giving up on appealing to people

outside the Republican Party.

Hillary Clinton is focusing her efforts

in the campaign’s final days

on energizing voters who usually

support the Democratic nominee,

but may need an extra boost, reports

The Associated Press.

To do that, Clinton is pressing

her case with music and sports

celebrities, a strategy Trump dismissed.

A brief scare Saturday night disrupted

Trump’s rally in Reno, Nevada,

when Secret Service agents

suddenly hustled the Republican

nominee off the stage. The agency

later said that someone near the

stage had shouted “Gun!” but that

a subsequent apprehension of a

man and search revealed no weapon.

Trump returned a few minutes

later to resume his remarks and declared

“We will never be stopped.”

As if to prove that point, Trump

scheduled rallies Sunday in Minnesota,

which hasn’t supported a

Republican nominee since 1972.

Clinton faced dark skies, intense

rain and strong wind in Florida

on Saturday before appearing in

Pennsylvania with pop singer Katy


Trump has courted working-class

white voters on the

strength of his own celebrity, having

scared off many would-be Republican

allies during a campaign

July 28


July 20


Donald Trump shakes hands with Hillary Clinton

Sept 2

FBI releases files

on Clinton’s use

of private

email server

Sept 11

Taken ill

in public

hopeful with a four-point lead

ahead of her Republican counterpart

Donald Trump, at 44 to 40%

in a four-way national survey out


“If you only have 44% of the

vote that means you’re vulnerable

if most of the undecideds break in

a certain way,” pollster Nate Silver

of the news website FiveThirtyEight.com

told ABC’s “This Week.”

“In that sense both candidates

still need a good turnout on election

day and still have their work

cut out for them,” Silver said.

That was nowhere more apparent

than in Ohio and Florida polling

results out Sunday, where CBS

News Battleground Tracker polls

showed Clinton’s lead evaporating.

CBS gave Trump a one point

lead in Ohio (46 to 45%) and

showed a tied race in Florida (45


email probe

Election debates

Sept 26

Oct 9 Oct 19

Oct 1


on Trump’s

tax records

Oct 7

Video of lewd

remarks about


Nov 8




July Aug Sept Oct Nov




marred by extraordinary gaffes

and self-created crises. Just four

weeks ago, a video emerged in

which a married Trump admitted

to kissing women and grabbing

their genitalia without their permission.

Clinton also faced extraordinary

challenges of her own in recent

days after the FBI confirmed

plans to renew its focus on the former

secretary of state’s email practices.

The development is seen as

particularly threatening for Clinton

in states like Michigan, Pennsylvania

and New Hampshire that

don’t offer early voting.

At least 41 million Americans

across 48 states have already cast

ballots, according to an Associated

Press analysis. That’s significantly

more votes four days before Election

Day than voted early in the

2012. •

to 45%).

Florida is the mother of all

swing states, with 29 electoral

votes in the electoral college,

where a victor must reach 270

votes to win the presidency.

The Tuesday election could

hinge on roughly a dozen so-called

battleground states where the contest

is particularly tight.

Trump and Clinton have packed

their last-minute schedules with

campaign events, particularly in

swing states, hoping to woo voters

in the final 48 hours of a race that

is too close to call.

“The electoral college map is

less solid for Clinton than it was

for (President Barack) Obama four

years ago,” Silver said.

“You’d rather be in her shoes

than Donald Trump’s but it’s not

a terribly safe position,” he added.

As of Sunday his website gave

Clinton a 64.2% chance of winning

the race.

Meanwhile polling aggregates

by tracker RealClearPolitics

showed Clinton in the lead with

46.6%to Trump’s 44.8%. •

Find more stories on US presidential election at www.dhakatribune.com


Iraq forces gain ground in Mosul

despite fierce resistance

• AFP, Mosul, Iraq

Iraqi forces battled jihadists inside

Mosul for the third day running

Sunday while civilians risked their

lives dodging bombs and snipers

to slip out of the city.

The Islamic State group put up

fierce resistance to defend the city

it seized more than two years ago

and also claimed responsibility

for deadly suicide attacks further


The elite Counter-Terrorism

Service has been spearheading

the attack on the eastern front of

the three-week-old offensive on

Mosul, Iraq’s largest military operation

in years.

The jihadists have given up

some of its bastions in Iraq and

Syria with barely a fight in recent

months but its men began the defence

of their last Iraqi hub with


They first entered the streets

of Mosul on Friday and were met

with what one officer described

as stiffer than expected resistance

from IS jihadists.

Perilous escape

The assault allowed some civilians

to flee the city, most of whose

million-plus residents remained

trapped inside, sheltering both

from their jihadist rulers and incoming

fire from government forces

and US-led coalition aircraft.

Some of the first civilians to

manage to escape the city proper

arrived at a camp near Khazir in

Kurdish-controlled territory on


Abu Sara dodged gunfire,

bombs, mortar rounds and coalition

strikes to flee his neighbourhood

of Al-Samah, such was his

desperation to leave what many

civilians who escaped IS rule describe

as an open-air prison.

While the corridors called for

by aid groups to allow the safe

passage of civilians have yet to

materialise, arrivals in the displacement

camps dotting the area

have increased markedly.

The government said it had

taken in 9,000 displaced people in

the past two days.

The International Organisation

for Migration said a total of about

34,000 people had been displaced

since the start of the offensive on

October 17.

Relief organisations were fighting

the clock to build up their shelter

capacity ahead of the feared

mass exodus from Mosul.

Despite IS leader Abu Bakr

al-Baghdadi giving his fighters a

pep talk on Thursday, urging them

not to retreat from Mosul in a rare

audio message, the outcome of

the battle was in little doubt.

Suicide bombings

The jihadists, with an estimated

3,000 to 5,000 fighters in Mosul,

could hold out for weeks and inflict

heavy casualties on government

forces but they are outnumbered

about 10 to one.

The group’s ability to hit back

with ground offensives elsewhere

appears to be gone and IS has responded

with a string of diversionary

attacks, including spectacular

operations in Kirkuk and


On Sunday, it claimed responsibility

for three suicide attacks in

Tikrit and Samarra, the two main

cities in Salaheddin province

north of Baghdad.

Iraqi officials spoke of only two

bombers, one who detonated an

explosives-rigged vehicle at the

southern entrance to Tikrit, and

another who blew up an ambulance

in Samarra.

Jassem al-Jbara, the head of Salaheddin

province’s security committee,

said that the Tikrit attack

killed 12 people and wounded 20,

while six died and 12 more were

injured in Samarra. •

UK PM: Parliament must accept Brexit vote

• Reuters, London

British Prime Minister Theresa

May said on Sunday she would deliver

a full exit from the European

Union, hitting back at critics of her

Brexit strategy who have threatened

to try to block the process in


The government’s plans to

launch a two-year divorce process

by the end of March next year

were thrown into disarray last

week when a court ruled that parliament

must be consulted on the

decision. May has said she is confident

of overturning the ruling.

Nevertheless, the prospect of

a parliamentary vote has enraged

eurosceptic lawmakers who fear

the ‘hard Brexit’ they want will be

watered down, and emboldened

political opponents who want a

less radical split from the bloc.

Writing in the Sunday Telegraph

newspaper, May signalled

she would resist any attempt to

force her to change her approach

Displaced people who had fled from Hammam al-Alil, south of Mosul, head to safer territory on Sunday

to leaving the EU, a historic break

that was approved by 52% of Britons

in a referendum in June.

“The people made their choice,

and did so decisively. It is the responsibility

of the government to

get on with the job and to carry

out their instruction in full,” May



Arch-eurosceptic Nigel Farage,

who led the influential UK Independence

Party’s Brexit campaign,

said there was a growing

movement to keep Britain within

the EU’s tariff-free single market

- a scenario he called a “half-Brexit”

that went against the referendum


“If the people in this country

think that they’re going to be

cheated, they’re going to be betrayed,

then we will see political

anger the likes of which none of

us in our lifetimes have ever witnessed

in this country,” he said.

Parliament could in theory

Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May

block Brexit because most members

supported staying in the EU in

June’s referendum. But many lawmakers

have signalled they would

be willing to reverse their position

to reflect the referendum result.

“I think it is highly unlikely that

parliament would not, in the end,

back a decision to trigger Article

50,” health minister Jeremy Hunt



said, referring to the EU treaty

mechanism for launching divorce


Last week’s court ruling could

allow lawmakers to temper the

government’s approach, however,

making a “hard Brexit” - where

tight controls on immigration are

prioritised over remaining in the

single market - less likely. •





Trump rushed off stage in

false gun scare

Republican presidential nominee

Donald Trump was hustled off

the stage by security agents at a

campaign event in Reno on Saturday

after a perceived threat in the

crowd. Two security agents grabbed

Trump by the shoulders and rushed

him back stage. The threat was

unclear, but a man near the front of

the crowd was pounced on by other

security agents. REUTERS


Nicaragua vote set to

cement Ortega rule

Former Marxist guerilla leader Daniel

Ortega is expected to easily clinch

a third consecutive term as president

of Nicaragua on Sunday. Ortega and

his running mate, his wife Rosario

Murillo, have nearly 70% support,

according to a recent poll, tapping

into strong voter approval for a drop

in poverty in one of the poorest

countries in the Americas since he

took office in 2007. REUTERS


Scotland expected to join

Brexit legal challenge

Scotland’s devolved government is

expected to join a legal challenge

against the British government’s

plans to trigger an exit from the

European Union, the lead claimant

in the court case said on Sunday.

The government said it would appeal

against the High Court ruling

and Britain’s Supreme Court is

expected to consider the case early

next month. AFP


Clinton distantly related to

French president

US presidential candidate Hillary

Clinton is distantly related to

French President Francois Hollande,

according to a new book

that claims they share royal blood

from doomed kings of the 14th

century. Clinton, whose maiden

name is Rodham, descends on

her mother’s side from families

from Canada’s French-speaking

province of Quebec, according to

French genealogist Jean-Louis

Beaucarnot. AFP


Boko Haram razes village,

kill 2 soldiers

Boko Haram jihadists killed

two soldiers and razed a village

adjoining the northeast Nigerian

town of Chibok. The Nigerian army

meanwhile said it had retaken

some villages from the Islamist

group in the Lake Chad region in

operations on Friday and Saturday

and rescued 85 people, including

women and children. It also

claimed nearly 40 Islamists were

killed in other operations. AFP





Elections 2016


Five states that will decide the election


• Tribune International Desk

There are 200 million registered

voters in the United States, and

it’s a good bet that more than 120

million of them will cast votes in

the presidential race on Tuesday.

While every vote counts, not all of

them have the same value – in an

election that has come down to

less than a dozen contested swing

states, some places matter a lot

more than others.

Here are 5 states that will decide

the election:

Colorado: Colorado is one of

the most widely swinging battleground

states. It cast its vote for

Republican George W Bush in 2004

by a higher percentage than the

nation as a whole. Four years later,

it did the same thing — except for

Democrat Barack Obama.

Only termed a swing state in the

past few elections, Colorado has

been shifting to the left rapidly. This

year, for the first time in decades,

Democratic and unaffiliated voters

outnumber Republicans. The state’s

growing Latino population, more

than 20% as well as the Denver area’s

explosion of younger voters are

among the reasons for the shift.

Florida: The Sunshine State is

once again the centre of the presidential

campaign and has been

a frequent stop for Clinton and

Trump. Florida is essential to

Trump’s chances. Barring big upsets

elsewhere, failure to win here

blocks the Republican’s path to

the 270 electoral votes he needs to

capture the White House. Across

Florida, more Latinos had voted by

Wednesday than during the entire

early voting period in 2012, according

to the Clinton campaign.

Iowa: Donald Trump’s strength

among white, non-college-educated

voters could help swing Iowa to

the GOP this cycle, after it voted for

President Obama in 2008 and 2012.

Iowa is more than 90% white.

Trump has a five-point lead,

according to a polling average of

recent surveys calculated by The

Washington Post. Iowa has just six

electoral college votes. Still, it is a

must-win for Trump, given his limited

path to the 270 electoral votes

needed to win the White House.

Michigan: This industrial, Midwestern

state, which dealt a surprise

blow to Clinton in the Democratic

primary when it backed

Senator Bernie Sanders, could be

poised for another upset in the

general election.

Michigan voters have not supported

a Republican for president

since 1988. With an electorate that

is 72% white, Michigan is one of

the least diverse states, meaning

Clinton’s demographic advantages

— she is strong among minorities —

could be limited.

New Hampshire: Tiny and independent-minded,

New Hampshire

figures most prominently in the

presidential election as the site of

the nation’s first primary vote, typically

a few days after the kickoff

caucuses in Iowa. With four electoral

votes, it’s not a big prize in the

general election, but is considered a

battleground because of significant

Republican strength amid solidly

Democratic northeastern states. •


For American women, Clinton could end a very long wait

• AFP, Washington, DC

Estelle Liebow Schultz, who is 98,

was born before her fellow countrywomen

had the right to vote.

Now she has proudly cast a ballot

for the candidate she hopes will

make history as the first American

woman elected president.

Hillary Clinton hopes to become

that woman on Tuesday, breaking

the ultimate glass ceiling after

having become, at the Democratic

nominating convention in July, the

first female candidate for a major


Having cast an early vote – as several

states permit – she hopes to see

the inauguration in January of the

first woman president, following

the succession of 44 men that began

with George Washington in 1789.

It has been a long road, starting

with the presidential campaign in

1872 of Victoria Woodhull – who at

34 was technically a year too young

to become president – as candidate

of the Equal Rights Party. History

books list the vote totals won by

her male rivals, but not hers.

Britain, Germany, Croatia, Norway,

Chili and South Korea have

women leaders; Israel, Brazil, Argentina

and Pakistan have been led

by women.

Only two women have made it

onto major party presidential tickets:

the Republican Sarah Palin, who

was John McCain’s running mate in

2008, and Geraldine Ferraro, who

joined Walter Mondale on the Democratic

ticket in 1984. Both lost.

Some women failed to survive

the brutal primary election process,

chewed up by the big parties’

political machines. Others became

historical footnotes in the quixotic

campaigns of splinter parties.

Parliamentary or multi-party

systems are more favorable to

women, pushing parties to establish

diverse lists of candidates,

which helps women climb within

a party to top leadership positions,

said Robert Shapiro, a political scientist

with Columbia University in New

York. •

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India, Japan to ink controversial nuclear deal




• AFP, Tokyo

India and Japan are set to sign a

controversial civil nuclear deal this

week, reports said Sunday, as the

two Asian allies look to boost economic

and security ties to counter

an assertive China.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra

Modi and his Japanese counterpart

Shinzo Abe are set to sign a deal

Friday that would allow Japan to

export nuclear technology to the

subcontinent, the Yomiuri Shimbun

paper reported.

India would become the first

non-signatory to the Treaty on the

Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons

(NPT) to agree such a nuclear

deal with Japan – which was the

victim of US atomic bombings in

the final days of World War II.

The two countries are also set to

agree that if India conducts a nuclear

test, Japan will stop cooperation,

the Yomiuri reported.

The expected deal comes against

a backdrop of growing security concerns

in the region over China’s military


Beijing is expanding its deep-water

naval presence and asserts sovereignty

over disputed areas of the

East and South China Sea and Indian

Ocean region, parts of which

Japan also claims.

India has a longstanding territorial

dispute with China, and troops from

the two countries engaged in a major

stand-off at the border in 2014. •

Turkey’s pro-Kurdish

opposition party

boycotts parliament

• AFP, Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey’s main pro-Kurdish

party on Sunday said it was

pulling out of parliament after

nine of its MPs including the

two co-leaders were arrested

in an unprecedented crackdown.

The Peoples’ Democratic

Party (HDP), the third-largest

party in this legislature, said it

would no longer be taking part

in general sessions of parliament

or commission work.

The arrest on Friday of the

MPs, including charismatic

party leaders Selahattin

Demirtas and Figen Yuksekdag,

added to tensions as Turkey

wages a relentless battle

against Kurdish militants and

deals with the aftermath of the

July 15 failed coup.

The move also compounded

concerns among Turkey’s

Western allies that the state

of emergency imposed after

the coup bid is being used for

a general crackdown against

critics of President Recep

Tayyip Erdogan and not just

the suspected plotters.

On Saturday, an Istanbul

court ordered the jailing pending

trial of nine executives and

editorial staff from the opposition

Cumhuriyet newspaper.

Some 35,000 people have

been arrested after the coup

bid, which Ankara blames on

the US-based preacher Fethullah

Gulen, while tens of thousands

more have been fired

from their jobs.

The latest arrests of the

HDP MPs prompted the Turkish

authorities to restrict access

to social media and VPN

applications and also led to

more heavy losses for the embattled

Turkish lira.

‘Turning point’

The HDP said instead of sitting

in parliament, its remaining

MPs who are not under arrest

will go from “house to house,

village to village and district to

district” to meet people.

It said that at the end of

these consultations, proposals

will be made over how to go


The HDP has 59 seats in

parliament and their absence

could enable Erdogan to push

through his vision of a presidential

system which the HDP

has always vehemently opposed.

The HDP has always vehemently

denied being a front

for the PKK, which has waged

an over three-decade insurgency

against the Turkish

state in search of greater rights

and autonomy for the Kurdish


Integrating the Kurdish

movement into mainstream

politics was a key plank of the

peace process once spearheaded

by Erdogan which collapsed

when a truce ruptured in 2015.

Turkey calls in EU envoys

Washington and the European

Union reacted angrily to the

arrests, with EU foreign affairs

chief Federica Mogherini

and EU Enlargement Commissioner

Johannes Hahn saying

Yuksekdag and Demirtas were

“our trusted and valued interlocutors.”

Following the criticism, EU

Affairs Minister Omer Celik invited

EU envoys to a meeting

Monday where he will give an

address “on the latest developments

in our country”, the

ministry said in a statement.

Turkey’s bid to join the EU

dates back to the 1960s with

formal talks starting in 2005.

But the process has been

mired in problems and set

back further by recent threats

by Erdogan to bring back the

death penalty.

Turkish police used tear gas

and plastic bullets Saturday to

disperse a demonstration in Istanbul

against the arrests, and

a similar march was expected

Sunday in the southeastern

city of Diyarbakir. •






BTRC switches

on Citycell

Bangladesh Telecommunication

Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has

opened up the spectrum of Citycell

Sunday evening. BTRC Secretary

Sarwar Alam confirmed the matter

to the Dhaka Tribune. The process

to open the spectrum was initiated

at around 6pm and was opened a

few minutes after that, the BTRC

spokesperson said. PAGE 13

UK seeks to boost

trade ties with India

before Brexit

British Prime Minister Theresa May

will use her first bilateral trade trip

since taking office to try to boost

ties with India before leaving the

European Union. PAGE 14

Capital market snapshot:



Broad Index 4,672.4 -0.0% ▼

Index 1,119.0 0.1% ▲

30 Index 1,756.8 -0.1% ▼

Turnover in Mn Tk 4,686.9 -7.0% ▼

Turnover in Mn Vol 134.4 -13.9% ▼


All Share Index 14,361.4 0.1% ▲

30 Index 12,884.5 0.1% ▲

Selected Index 8,732.1 0.1% ▲

Turnover in Mn Tk 272.2 -11.4% ▼

Turnover in Mn Vol 9.9 -12.6% ▼

Exports miss target in

July-October period

• Ibrahim Hossain Ovi

Bangladesh export earnings in

October have increased 14.39% to

$2.71bn from a year earlier, Export

Promotion Bureau data showed.

The figure is 2.84% higher than

the target of $2.63bn.

Exports during the July-October

period of the current fiscal

year posted a 6.53% rise to

$10.80bn compared to $10.13bn a

year ago. The figure is 6.84% less

than the target of $11.58bn set for

the period.

Readymade garment sector

rose over 7% to $8.82bn during

the first four months of the fiscal,

which was $8.23bn a year ago.

Knitwear products earned

$4.53bn with an 8.75% growth,

while woven products posted

5.37% rise to $4.28bn.

“There was slow growth in first

quarter of the current fiscal year

due to holidays of Eid-ul-Azha.

But this time there is better performance

by RMG sector, which

pushed the earnings up,” Abdus

Salam Murshedy, president of Exporters

Association of Bangladesh

(EAB), told the Dhaka Tribune.

He said the upcoming US election

and Brexit caused fall in demands

in the markets of these two


“But I’m hopeful to see double-digit

growth at the end of the

fiscal year as manufacturers are

planing to increase production

Most of Bangladesh’s exports are channelled through the Chittagong port

‘The upcoming

US election and

Brexit caused fall

in demands in the

markets of these

two countries’

while more manufacturing plants

are also being set up as they are at

the end of remediation process,”

Salam added.

Bangladesh has set a target to

reach $60bn annual export by 2021,

of which, $50bn would come from

the RMG sector. To achieve the target,

Bangladesh needs about 13%

growth in annual export figures.

“The export performance is

positive. But lagging behind the

target is not a good sign,” Khondaker

Golam Moazzem, additional

research director of Centre for Policy

Dialogue (CPD), said.

He said to achieve the targeted

growth, the government as well as

the manufacturers platform have

to analyse the single-market performance

to explore potentials.

He said more importance


should be given on non-traditional

market to enlarge volume.

Golam Moazzem said in the

coming months, the export will

see better growth as the demands

in the US market may go up after

the election.

Among the major sectors, leather

and leather products earned

$429m with 19.45% growth, frozen

foods earned $196.62m posting

nearly 10% growth, jute and

jute goods fetched $296m, furniture

posted over 15% growth to

$12m. Plastic sector has seen 76%

rise to $49m. •

Business 13

BTRC switches Citycell on

• Ishtiaq Husain and

Ashif Islam Shaon

Bangladesh Telecommunication

Regulatory Commission


has opened up

the spectrum of

Citycell Sunday


BTRC Secretary Sarwar Alam

confirmed the matter to the Dhaka


The process to open the spectrum

was initiated at around 6pm

and was opened a few minutes after

that, the BTRC spokesperson said.

Earlier in yesterday morning,

the Supreme Court asked the BTRC

to explain why it did not comply

with the court order of opening

spectrum for Citycell.

A four-member bench of the

Appellate Division headed by Chief

Justice SK Sinha sought the explanation

from the telecom regulator

Tax fair ends


• SM Najmus Sakib

The national income tax fair has

got a huge response from taxpayers

with a record revenue collection.

The National Board of Revenue

has received Tk1727,72,07,457 till

the sixth day yesterday as income

tax, compared to Tk1640,60,49,686

last year. The National Board of

Revenue (NBR) organised the fair

for the seventh consecutive year

with the aim to expand tax net and

increase revenue collection.

A record number of people received

service and submitted income

tax returns, e-filing process

at the fair and across the country.

Meanwhile till yesterday, some

1,49,994 submitted tax returns,

31,781 taxpayers got user identification

number and password to file

their online tax returns. A total of

7,77,194 people were provided with

different services from the tax fair.

State-owned Sonali Bank and

Janata Bank set up booths to help

taxpayers make financial transactions

at the fair.

NBR Chairman Nojibur Rahman

said the tax fair had received huge

support and attention from taxpayers

which was beyond their expectation.

This was to raise awareness

among people about the significance

and benefits of paying taxes,

he added.

With the view to creating awareness,

the fair organiser was arranging

a special event for students

named “tax education forum”

which was also held yesterday like

every other day throughout the period

of the fair. •

Sunday afternoon.

Earlier in the day, Citycell’s

lawyer brought the matter to the

court’s notice.

Meanwhile, Tarana Halim, state

minister for Posts and Telecommunication

Division, yesterday said

Bangladesh Telecommunication

Regulatory Commission (BTRC)

started the process to open the

Citycell spectrum.

“As the process is related with

technical system, it takes time.

Now, we are waiting for the certified

copy of Supreme Court needed

to open the spectrum,” said Tarana

in the afternoon.

“The court informed us verbally

and we have to respect the court

verdict as we are respectful to the


On Sunday the court wanted

an explanation from BTRC as to

why the regulator did not open the

Citycell spectrum despite its order.

On November 3, mobile operator

Citycell got the Apex Court’s

25 projects placed for Chinese

fund during Xi’s visit

• Asif Showkat Kallol

Bangladesh placed 25 development

projects worth $20bn for Chinese

funds during the visit of President

Xi Jinping, according to official

sources concerned.

Economic Relations Division

(ERD) officials said both governments,

however, signed a dozen of

joint-venture projects of $13.6bn

while negotiation continued for

other 13 projects.

Chinese President Xi Jinping

visited Dhaka last month.

The projects proposed for Chinese

funds include Padma bridge

rail link project (phase I and II),

Dhaka-Sylhet four-lane highway

project, Info-Sarkar project and

Dhaka-Ashulia elevated expressway,

marine drive expressway and

coastal protection in Sitakunda,

Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar.

Finance Minister AMA Muhith

described Xi Jinping’s visit as a

“huge progress” in trade relation

between Bangladesh and the economic

powerhouse, China.

A number of 10 Chinese-funded

projects have already been approved

by the cabinet committee

on public purchase and economic

affairs committee.

The projects include construction

of tunnel under the River Karnaphuli,

Dhaka-Sylhet four lane

highway project and two phases of

the Padma Bridge rail link project

and installation of double pipeline

at the Single-Point Mooring (SPM).

The projects under ICT Division

include Development of National

ICT Infra-Network for Bangladesh

Government Phase III (Info-Sarkar).

Power Division projects include

the system loss reduction by replacing

5m electro-mechanical

nod to continue its operation till

November 19.

Within the date, it will have to

pay Tk100 crore to Bangladesh Telecommunication

Regulatory Commission

(BTRC) to continue its operations

and if it fails, the telecom

regulator may cancel its spectrum


The court also ordered formation

of a special dispute resolution

committee to deal with the outstanding

bill that the CDMA network

operator owes to the BTRC.

A four-member bench of the

Appellate Division headed by Chief

Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha on

Thursday asked the government

to immediately reinstate the spectrum

allocation and fix a fresh


BTRC cancelled the spectrum of

Citycell on October 20 and shut its

offices after the operator failed repeatedly

to pay various fees.

Thereafter, the cellphone company

went to the apex court, seeking

its spectrum allocation back on

October 24.

BTRC had been saying that the

company owed it Tk477.69 crore

in spectrum renewal fee, annual licence

and spectrum fees, plus VAT.

But Citycell disagreed over the

amount, saying it should be much

less since the regulator’s method

of determining the amount was


During Thursday’s hearing,

Citycell’s counsel told the court

that in their view, the due amount

is Tk216 crore, of which they have

already paid Tk144 crore in installments

as per a previous court directive.

Of the money, Tk14 crore was

paid to the National Board of Revenue.

Citycell is the only CDMA network

operating in the country. It

is currently owned by Singtel with

45% stake and the remaining 55%

by Pacific Group and Far East Telecom.

energy meters with electronic energy

meters and expansion and

strengthening of power system

network in the Dhaka Power Distribution

Company Ltd (DPDC) area.

The projects also include construction

of the broad gauge rail

track parallel to the existing metre

gauge line in Joydebpur-Mymensing

section. Officials said China was yet

to respond on funding four development

projects of Tk860.59 crore.

The projects are construction of

new inland container depot near

Dhirasram Railway station and replacement

of overloaded distribution

transformers, among others.

Other projects include Gazaria

350-megawatt coal-fired thermal

power plant, establishing digital

connectivity and construction of

the metre gauge railway track into

the broad gauge railway track in

Akhaura and Sylhet. •



Govt to offload

more 10% stake

in Desco

• Kayes Sohel

The government is set to offload

additional 10% stake in Dhaka Electric

Supply Company Ltd. (Desco)

to mobilise funds.

According to a statement issued

by Bangladesh Power Development

Board (Bpdb) yesterday, the

government would offload 10% of

its stake in Desco.

Once the proposed stake is listed,

the total offloading shares will

stand at 35%, including existing

25% offloaded in 2006. Currently,

the government owns 75%, according

to the Desco website.

“As per the government instruction,

Bpdb is to sell 10% shares of

Desco out of its total holding of

293,104,259 shares of the company,”

said the statement.

The additional revenue gained

from the IPOs will help the government

increase capital infusion in

the public sector entity.

On Dhaka Stock Exchange yesterday,

Desco share gained over 2%

to Tk53.4 a share.

Presently, another state-owned

power company Power Grid Company

of Bangladesh (Pgcb) is listed

on the stock market. Along with

Desco, the government offloaded

23.75% of its shares in Pgcb through

direct listing in the same year.

Recently, the government decided

to divest 25% shares of Liquefied

Petroleum Gas Corporation

Limited through stock market by

December next.

Titas Gas Transmission and Distribution

Company was the last

state-owned company that was

listed on the stock market in 2008.

After that, the government in

January 2010 selected 26 state

companies and instructed them

to offload shares in the next six

months. But since then, no companies

offloaded shares, despite repeated

deadlines and instructions

from the finance ministry.

Some other non-listed stateowned

power companies include

Dhaka Power Distribution Company

and West Zone Power Distribution

Company. •

Caab to remove all grounded aircraft of United Airways

• Ishtiaq Husain

Civil Aviation Authority, Bangladesh

(Caab) has taken a decision to remove

all grounded aircraft of United

Airways (BD) Ltd immediately.

“We are facing accommodation

problem as the currently functional

several airlines are bringing new

aircraft one after another. That is

why we have take the decision,”

said Air Vice-Marshal Ehsanul Gani


If the United Airways management

doesn’t take immediate step

to remove its aircraft, Caab will go

for action according to the rules,

added Ehsanul.

The country’s largest private

carrier, United Airways, suspended

its operation in January this year

due to insufficient aircraft and financial


The airline, which has achieved

a number of awards since its inception

in 2007, had to suspend operations

in September 2014 due to

fund crunch.

According to its website, the

private carrier with 11 aircraft in

its fleet operated flights to eight

domestic and seven international

destinations. All the aircraft of the

airline are grounded now due to

technical glitches.

The last flight the airline operated

was an MD 83 aircraft that flew

to Kuala Lumpur in mid-January

which finally returned to Dhaka

after one of its engines was shut

down at mid-air.

Earlier, Mizanur Rahman, member

(finance) of the Civil Aviation

Authority, told the Dhaka Tribune

that the United Airways had not

paid its dues of aeronautical and

non-aeronautical charges worth

over Tk125 crore.

“Its management did not pay

heed to the repeated notices we

have issued. At one stage, they took

the issue to the court,” he said. •






UK seeks to boost trade ties with India before Brexit

• Reuters

British Prime Minister Theresa May

will use her first bilateral trade trip

since taking office to try to boost

ties with India before leaving the

European Union.

May’s office said the visit starting

yesterday night would focus

on breaking down barriers to trade

and investment and paving the

way for a free trade deal as soon as

possible after Brexit, which is not

expected to happen before 2019.

Explaining the choice of India, a

government official said: “It matters

now more than ever. India is the

fastest-growing major economy.”

May said the trip was about

seizing the opportunities of Brexit

and “expanding our horizons and

forging stronger partnerships with

Foreign investors in Asian shares

turn net sellers in October

• Reuters

Foreign investors net sold Asian

stocks, except in South Korea,

in October as uncertainty over

the Nov 8 US presidential election

and prospects of an interest

rate hike as early as next

month dampened sentiment.

South Korean markets saw

$258m of net inflows while

Thailand, India, Indonesia

and Taiwan saw outflows of

$516m, $644m, $174m and

$68m, respectively.

MSCI’s broadest index of

Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan

fell by 1.7% in October - its

first monthly fall in five months.

South Korea has the second

lowest forward P/E ratio of

10.1 in the Asia-Pacific region,

according to Thomson Reuters

StarMine. •

countries around the world”.

“This is a partnership about our

shared security and shared prosperity.

It is a partnership of potential.

And on this visit I intend to

harness that potential, rebooting

an age-old relationship,” she said

in a statement ahead of the visit.

While Britain cannot sign trade

deals with third countries until it is

outside the EU, the government is

keen to hold preparatory discussions.

May, accompanied by trade ministers

Liam Fox and Greg Hands

and around 40 business representatives

mainly from small- and medium-sized

technology and healthcare

firms, will address a technology

summit, have a working lunch with

Indian Prime Minister Narendra

Modi and meet businesses.

Among representatives of larger

firms joining her on the trip are

David McMillan, CEO of insurer

Aviva, Ivan Menezes, the CEO of

drinks firm Diageo and the chairman

of Asia-focused bank Standard

Chartered, John Peace.

May will visit New Delhi and

outsourcing hub Bengaluru before

leaving on Tuesday. Her office said

commercial deals to be signed during

the trip were expected to create

a total of 1,370 jobs in the UK.

One potential area of difficulty

is her plan to curb the annual level

of net migration to under 100,000

from its rate of more than three

times that. India is keen for Britain

to welcome more of its students

and skilled workers.

“We want to attract the brightest

and the best while also doing more

to control migration,” the official

said. “When we get to ... looking

at these bilateral deals we are confident

that we will be able to do

strong and ambitious deals.”

May and Modi will also launch

a partnership on smart cities and

urban development which could

generate business worth up to 2bn

pounds for British firms over the

next five years, her office said.

Britain will press India to allow

its law firms to operate there, and

will also offer its government expertise

in areas such as deregulation

and tax to help make India a more

attractive business environment.

The official declined to say

whether May would specifically

raise with Modi the issue of Tata

Steel Ltd, which put its British steel

operations up for sale earlier this

year but suspended it in July due

to uncertainty over the Brexit vote.

The government has not given

away much detail about its Brexit

plans, with May only saying it wants

the best deal to “trade with and operate

within” the EU’s single market.

Some have suggested that if the

UK stays in the EU’s customs union

it will not be able to strike trade

deals with third countries such as

India, but the British official disputed


“Turkey is in the customs union

but has trade agreements with

third countries,” the official said.

Turkey has free trade agreements

with 18 countries including in Asia,

north Africa and South America,

while another 12 including Japan

and Mexico are actively under discussion,

according to the Turkish

economy ministry website. •

SHS Abu Zafor

Md Motiur Rahman

SHS Abu Zafor and Md Motiur Rahman have recently been promoted as

general managers of Sonali Bank Limited, said a press release. Abu Zafor

was previously serving as the bank’s DGM of vigilance division while Md

Motiur Rahman was DGM of the bank’s general advance division

BKash Limited has recently signed an agreement with Apex Footwear

Ltd on facilitating the customers to pay through bKash while purchasing

footwear and leather goods from Apex stores, said a press release.

Chief commercial officer of bKash, Rezaul Hossain and Syed Gias Uddin

Hossain, additional managing director of Apex Footwear have signed

the agreement

Kuwait launches foreign

bond sale to finance deficit

• AFP, Kuwait City

Kuwait will issue billions of dollars worth of

bonds in international markets to finance a

budget deficit resulting from low oil prices,

a report said .

Finance Minister Anas al-Saleh said Kuwait

will issue US dollar-denominated sovereign

bonds of up to $9.6bn during the

2016/2017 fiscal year which ends March 31,

Al-Qabas newspaper reported.

This comes on top of a $6.6bn domestic

debt programme which is already underway.

Kuwait, like other energy-rich Gulf Cooperation

Council (GCC) states, has already

taken on tens of billions of dollars in foreign

debt to finance budget shortfalls.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and United

Arab Emirates have sold bonds or took syndicated

loans to plug their deficits.

The minister’s decree did not specify the

share of Islamic sukuk bonds in the planned


It will be the country’s first foreign debt in

around two decades.

Kuwait recorded a budget deficit of $15bn

last fiscal year, breaking a 16-year run of surpluses.

Oil income contributed around 95% of public

revenues in those years. During the past

two years, oil has lost around 60% of its value.

The emirate, home to 1.3 million Kuwaitis

and 3 million foreigners, is also projecting a

budget shortfall of $29bn this fiscal year.

During surplus years, Kuwait piled up

around $600bn in its sovereign wealth fund

in holdings mostly in the United States, Europe

and Asia. •

Business 15







Fitness routines to

do at home

• Reaz Fiem

As we labour away with

our everyday jobs and

envelope ourselves in

all the responsibilities

that come with being independent

adults, we may sometimes

overlook the importance of leading

a healthy lifestyle. One of the

major problems behind this, is that

most of us have jobs that involve

us being stuck to the office desk all

day, with very little opportunity to

move around. As a solution to this,

many decide joining a gym is the

only viable option. Unfortunately

for most, joining is one thing, and

going there regularly, is another

thing entirely. Due to so many

other things that demand our

attention everyday, going to the

gym slides lower and lower on the

list of priorities.

Fortunately, visiting the gym

isn’t the only option to staying fit.

Here are a few things we can do on

our own at home:

The mindset

It all starts with a mindset. If you

believe that only the gym can

make you fit then you already have

a predetermined mindset. What

can help you build a fit physique

is the determination to workout

regularly, it does not matter where

and with what equipment. So, the

first thing to do is set a regular

time to exercise. There is no set

timing for when to exercise –

whether you do a bit of workout

early in the morning, or in the

evening after you’re back from

work – this should solely be based

on a time that is convenient for

you. So set a fixed time to do it for

at least four days in a week.


Yes, it is true you do need some

equipment to stay fit, therefore

start off by investing in a few. But

it need not be full-on expensive

gear. To start off, just buy a pair

of dumbbells and a mat and

with this, you can follow a high

intensive burn-out routine.

The routine

The key to building a great

physique is of course an affective

routine. In my opinion, home

workouts should be of high

intensity – that is, keeping your

muscles under constant tension

as you perform moves with less

resting time. Also, a great home

routine will see you targeting all

the body parts with just a pair

of dumbbells. So let see what

workouts can be performed with

free hands and the addition of just

a pair of dumbells.

Standing shoulder press: This

workout is needed to improve the

shoulders. This is a multi-joint

pressing movement with the

dumbbells for extra resistance.

If you can master the form then

this can definitely help you build

a great pair of shoulders. A note of

caution is that you should always

perform it with the correct form to

keep the tension on the shoulders,

rather than on joints, to avoid


Lateral raises: Another shoulder

workout to incorporate with

dumbbells. This should be done

along with the shoulder press.

This helps to shape up the

shoulder muscles. Once again the

form and tempo should be key.

Squats with dumbbells: Squatting

while holding dumbbells on

both sides is another multi-joint

exercise that works on the entire

lower body. Think of building

a house, a base is built first. In

case of your fitness journey, the

philosophy is the same. You need

to build a strong pair of legs to

support your upper body.

Lunges with dumbbells: If you

are bored of squatting then try

lunging while holding dumbbells.

Lunges are performed by

alternating leg movements and

can help build strong legs. So it

should also be added to the entire


Dumbbell rows: You can perform

row exercise with dumbbells to

build your back muscles. Two

types of rows can be performed

with dumbbells – one is bent over

rows and the other is a one-arm

dumbbell row.

Pushups: This is a free hand

exercise for the chest. You can

bring in two variations. Flat pushups

and the other is incline pushups.

This is the staple of any chest

routine and is a good addition to

your daily workout session.

Bicep exercises with dumbbells:

Regular dumbbell curls and

hammer curls are two variations

on exercises for your biceps that

can easily be sone at home.

Triceps extension with

dumbbells: This is an effective

exercise to incorporate for a full

arm workout.

The above workouts with

10 repetitions for five sets can

actually provide a proper burnout

workout routine. By performing

them at least four times a week,

along with a proper diet, you will

see changes in your physique

within no time.•

Reaz Mahmud Fiem is a

nutrition and fitness advisor

who makes it his business to

help you stay fit





Home remedies to heal ulcer

• Sabiha Akond Rupa

Ulcers are caused by

corrosive gastric acids

in our stomach. It can

also occur in the mucous

membranes of the stomach or the

upper portion of the intestine.

One of the most common

symptoms of a stomach ulcer is

a burning sensation or pain in

the area between your chest and

belly button. The pain can last for

a few minutes to several hours.

The symptoms vary from person

to person – most people feel after

meals while others feel worse

during eating. The pain may be

severe enough to cause insomnia

and can be triggered by stress.

Fortunately, there are many

home remedies that help fight

against stomach acid. But it is

advisable to consult with a doctor

before you start employing home


bacteria. Making a habit of taking

two tablespoons of raw honey

early in the morning will help

cleanse the bowel, strengthen the

stomach lining and prevent ulcers.


Both ripe and unripe bananas are

very effective for stomach ulcer

treatment as they have certain

antibacterial compounds that

inhibit the growth of ulcers. It

protects the system by negating

the acidity of gastric juices,

reducing inflammation and

strengthening the stomach lining.

If you dislike eating bananas,

you may try drinking banana



Raw honey has potent properties

that help a lot in the treatment

of stomach ulcers. It has glucose

oxidase which produces hydrogen

peroxide and kills harmful

bacteria that can contribute to the

development of ulcers. There is

other antibacterial substances in

honey that help eliminate harmful


An effective stomach ulcer

treatment is drinking unsweetened

cold milk because it helps reduce

acid formation. It will give you

relief from the burning sensation.

Also, raw goat milk has been

proven to be an effective drink for

treating ulcers.


Among all other effective

methods, cabbage juice is the best

way to treat stomach ulcers. It is a

reliable source of vitamin C, which

has been found to be lower in the

gastric juice in ulcer patients. This

during the day ease inflammation

in the stomach. •

Do’s & don’ts :

• Follow a diet rich in

fiber and low in fats. Eat

steamed green vegetables


• Avoid coffee, alcohol, citrus

juices, sugar, hot and spicy


• Drink aloe vera juice

diluted with water.

• Amla is very good for

treating stomach ulcers.

• Drink cold water.

• Eat raw cucumber or

drinking cucumber juice is

known to help.

inexpensive and safe remedy grow

close to the soil and it is rich in

beneficial lactic acid bacteria. It

produces an amino acid which

helps boost blood flow to the

stomach lining.


Yes, garlic can help treating

stomach ulcers. According to one

research at the Fred Hutchinson

Cancer Research Center in Seattle,

garlic has antibacterial and

antimicrobial properties that keep

the level of H. pylori bacteria in

check which ultimately contribute

to the development of stomach

ulcers. Two or there crushed

cloves followed by a glass of water





Safe guarding our minds

• Abdullah Omar Saif

Psychiatric patients among adult

people are on the rise in the

country, according to a new study

of National Institute of Mental

Health (NIMH) Bangladesh. The

preliminary report further says

that about 31 percent of adultsjust

under 1 in 3 - suffer from some

form of mental illness, which

is almost double the previous

survey’s result conducted in

2005 (Source: Daily Prothom Alo,

October 10, 2016). Recently, the

World Health Organization (WHO)

announced that one in four people

in the world will be affected by

mental or neurological disorders

at some point in their lives. It

placed mental disorders among

the leading causes of worldwide

ill-health and disability.

Though connected

globally with all our advanced

communication technology, many

of us, nonetheless, feel lonely,

desolate and hopeless. Experts

think that depression is one of

the most common mental health

problems. A big portion of our

world population feels alienated

deep inside.

Cultural identity of a person

plays one of the most crucial

roles for the development of a

healthy mind. We believe that

regular participation in cultural

practices and celebrations helps

young individuals to form their

own identities. A mind without

identity is often confused,

restless and prone to chronic

subversion. Depression can be

observed among individuals

who fail to respond socially. It

has been widely observed that

depressed and alienated people

usually show low moral standards.

Many prominent psychologists

have been trying to understand

the connection between

degradation of moral standards

and the advent of globalization.

Some skeptics even consider

globalization as a disguised form

of cultural domination. Among

some of the urban people who

are experiencing the influence of

globalisation directly, a backlash

against globalization has begun,

with Western influences blamed

for a decline in moral standards

(Esposito, 1997).

Research done by Dasen (2000)

and Schlegel (2001) shows that

adolescents play a pivotal role

in the process of globalisation.

Adolescents have enough

maturity and liberty to seek for

information and experiences

outside the territory of their

parental authority. They tend to

have more interest than either

children or adults in global media,

which act as the leading purveyor

of globalisation (Schlegel, 2001). It

is also true that they are mentally

susceptible and unlike adults, they

have curiosity towards what is

new and strange.

In some of the sub Saharan

countries, the rates of premarital

sex and pregnancy are increasing

as traditional systems of sexual

control through rituals and

folklore lose their relevance in the

eyes of the young people. This

problem is sometimes blamed

on the introduction of Western

media with their relentless sexual

stimulation (Songue, 1998).

Adolescents get utterly confused

when they get alienated from their

native culture. Their fight with

growing frustration may result

in an inability to differentiate

between good and evil. This

phenomenon can be observed

everywhere in the world. For

the last few years, some Middle

Eastern terrorist groups have been

targeting confused and vulnerable

youths as their overseas recruits.

These youngsters are mentally

stressed about their identities and

lack proper defense mechanism to

cope with social challenges. Their

depressed minds start seeking

solace in violence.

Excessive engagement in online

social media and a reluctance to

participate in communal activities

is one of the major contributor to

this break in communication. We

need to accept

and embrace

our own culture and avoid creating

the field for identity crisis. We

must work to build an inclusive

society where all voices are heard.

We need to make a combined

effort to eliminate depression in

the young generation.

WHO is now urging to

integrate mental health care into

community health care system

more efficiently. In some societies,

mental illness is perceived as a

matter of embarrassment. We

need to work together to change

this view. By setting up integrated

community health systems, we

can start to properly address

mentally isolated youth and

provide proper medical care. •

The writer is manager, Biz

development at Mango

Teleservices Limited. He

can be contacted through



| event |

Biz Info

Canadian University and Edbase jointly

arranged “High Achiever’s Award Ceremony”

| health |



Successful knee replacement

operation done on

Bangladeshi patient


Canadian University of

Bangladesh (CUB) hosted a “High

Achiever’s Award Ceremony”

on November 5 to recognise the

success of students in their O’

and A’ level exams. The event was

held to commemorate the launch

of CUB’s Spring Admissions-2017.

Chowdhury Nafeez Sarafat,

Founder and Chairman, Board of

Trustees, Canadian University of

Bangladesh was the Chief Guest

at the event. 79 students from

Edbase (English Medium Tuition

Provider) participated in this

event along with their parents

and siblings.

During the event, Dr James

Gomez, Pro-Vice Chancellor,

Canadian University of

Bangladesh highlighted key

developments in higher

education. He said that students

have to combine practical

experiences through internships

as well as acquiring classroom

knowledge at the university. He

welcomed the top achievers to

enroll at Canadian University of

Bangladesh to pursue their higher


The High Achiever Award

Ceremony was an opportunity

for both students and parents

to visit the campus and consult

with university counsellors

about opportunities in higher

education. The event was cohosted

with Edbase. •

Osteoarthritis is the most common

reason behind knee replacement

treatment. Patients with severe

damage in the knee joint, which

is accompanied by progressive

pain and impaired function,

may be candidates for full knee


Recently a successful knee

replacement procedure was

carried out on


patient ADV

Anima Abbas

by Dr Lee Woo

Guan at Kuching



Malaysia. After

the operation

in September

this year, Abbas

made full

recovery and

| business |


has nearly complete relief from

pain. Abbas was a patient at Sheikh

Fazilatunnessa Mujib Memorial

KPJ Specialization Hospital.

Dr Guan hopes to provide the

same treatment in Bangladesh

for other Osteoarthritis patients

suffering from this condition.

The hospital can be contacted

at: 02 4407 7030 31 •

| welfare |

Free eye treatment camp for CEPZ


An eye camp was organised

on November 5, to provide eye

treatment services to employees

of Chittagong Export Processing

Zone (CEPZ). This camp was

organised in association with

Lions Club of Chittagong Voice,

at the Chittagong EPZ Hospital.

About three hundred CEPZ

employees availed eye treatment

and medicine, free of cost.

Among them, 28 were selected

for free surgery, at Chittagong

Lions Eye Hospital.

The general manager of CEPZ,

Md Khorshid Alam inaugurated

the eye treatment camp. He

appreciated the noble initiative

taken by Lions Club, and thanked

them for organising the free eye

camp in CEPZ. He said CEPZ is

the biggest EPZ of the country,

and around two lac workers are

working there.

District Governor of Lions

Club International, District

315-B4 Ln Shah Alam Babul said

that, Lions Club International is

a service-oriented institution.

It has been working to help

distressed humanity. He urged

the workers who suffer from

ophthalmic problems to avail the

free treatment, and advised those

with more critical problems to

contact the Chittagong Lions Eye

Hospital for higher treatment and


Among others, Chief Medical

Officer of CEPZ Hospital Dr Abu

Taslim, Ln Osman Gani, Ln

Showkatul Islam, Ln Iftekhar

Saimul Chowdhury, President

of Linons Club of Chittagong

Voice Ln Tapan M Chowdhury,

including officials of Lions Club

International & BEPZA, were

present at the event. •

Sometimes just the presence of a

beautiful flower can brighten your

mood, relieve tension, and even

change the course of your day.

Everybody loves flowers, but

when it comes to world class floral

designs, we don’t have many

options in Bangladesh. To serve

this need, one of the very first online

floral websites named Florista.

Delivery has come forward with

a one stop solution for all flowerloving


Florista.Delivery has

established itself as the premier

floral delivery and gifting service

in Bangladesh. Sending flowers is

a delightful way to express your

love, affection, gratitude and

so many other sentiments that


Having flowers delivered to

your loved ones is always a good

way to brighten their day. It’s also

a great way to decorate your home,

when you don’t have the time to

stop by the local florist.

However, people who have

never ordered flowers online

before may be hesitant because

they’re unfamiliar with the

process. The process is very simple

at Florista.Delivery - you can chose

the bouquet from their website -

www.florista.delivery and order it

by calling on the hot number given

on the site. You can pay for your

order on the site through your

Visa, or Mastercard. You can also

use Bkash or pay cash on delivery.

Florista.Delivery ensures the best

delivery service at your door step

free of cost.

You may also download the app

from Google play store and Apple

I-store. For more information,

visit www.facebook.com/florista.


Express your feelings through

Florista.Delivery! •






Up in the air

Anyone who deliberately attempted

to sway the election though

misinformation will go down in history

as a villain as vile as the Revolutionary

war traitor Benedict Arnold


The Sri Lankan


There is much happening in our South

Asia. I came back from Sri Lanka feeling

that they have discarded many of the

habits that add unnecessary stress to

modern day living



A little more action,


The parties should take forward what

was raised at the Bonn Climate Change

Conference this May to the upcoming

22nd session of the COP in Marrakesh


Be heard

Write to Dhaka Tribune

FR Tower, 8/C Panthapath,

Shukrabad, Dhaka-1207

Send us your Op-Ed articles:



Join our Facebook community:



The views expressed in Opinion

articles are those of the authors

alone. They do not purport to

be the official view of Dhaka

Tribune or its publisher.

Now is the time to act

With Bangladesh being one of the countries most susceptible to climate

change, the upcoming Conference of the Parties (COP22) is a good

opportunity for the world to come up with long-term solutions to its

adverse effects.

Bangladesh is rapidly losing significant amounts of arable land to rising sea levels

and increasing water salinity. This could have disastrous results, not the least of

which is the loss of livelihoods for millions and a possible famine.

Last year, the conference in Paris, despite pledging to keep global temperature

rise between 1.5 to 2 degrees Celsius, short-changed many developing nations such

as ours.

Developed nations need to do more.

It is grossly unjust that industrial countries have produced most of the pollution

which is causing climate change, but the greatest suffering will be inflicted upon lowlying

poor countries like Bangladesh which have hardly produced any pollution.

As a result, the presence of climate-vulnerable countries such as Bangladesh

should be felt at the upcoming conference in Marrakech, Morocco. Pushing for

taxation on fossil fuels and investing in renewable energy should be higher on the


Additionally, it should be made clear to the rest of the world that more well-off

nations need to participate in improving the climate that they have created.

Financial and political contributions to countries such as ours would go a long

way in battling the effects of climate change.

Otherwise, we are slated to have a disaster in our hands.

The world needs a clean energy revolution that will allow for continuous

economic growth while simultaneously ensuring that pollution isn’t a factor.

The COP22 at Marrakech is where this needs to be done. And there’s no better

time than now.

The world needs a clean

energy revolution that

will allow for continuous

economic growth while

simultaneously ensuring

that pollution isn’t a factor

Opinion 21



Up in the air

With Hillary, Obama’s legacy lives, and with Trump, it dies




• Fakhruddin Ahmed

It is hard to tell whether we are

experiencing the calm before

the storm, or the storm before

the calm.

With only a day to go before

the election, the presidential

candidates and their surrogates

are crisscrossing the battleground

states at breakneck pace, and

bombarding the air waves and TV

screens with relentless negative


A race Hillary Clinton led by a

comfortable 6 points pre-Comey

letter,has morphed into a tossup

post-Comey. Clinton’s current

2-point lead has dispatched her

chances into the margin-of-error


People are wondering if destiny

is on Trump’s side. On August

22, Time magazine put Trump

on its cover with the caption:

“Meltdown.” On October 24, Time

did it again, this time with a more

definitive: “Total Meltdown.”

Didn’t quite happen that way,

did it? It is not only the world’s

premier weekly that got the Trump

phenomenon wrong, just about

everyone else did.

Since we cannot interview

“destiny” to ascertain her

intentions, let us try and divine

ourselves what has happened, and

is likely to happen.

Providence did come to

Trump’s aid anytime he was in

danger of being blown away. The

first rescue was after the two

party’s national conventions in


The Republican convention was

erratic, and Trump’s acceptance

speech dark. Democratic

convention was flawless, and

Hillary’s speech inspiring. Hillary

raced to a 89% chance of victory

according to Nate Silver by August

14. Hence, Time’s first cover.

Then the Russians hacked

into the Democratic Party’s and

Clinton’s campaign manager’s

websites, and WikiLeaks began

releasing unsavory information.

By September 26, the contest

was even. The presidential debates

(September 26, October 9, October

19) which Clinton won handily,

and the release of the Access

Hollywood recording on October

7, sent Trump’s campaign into

another tailspin. Clinton’s chances

soared to 88% by October 17,

resulting in Time’s second cover

predicting Trump’s imminent


With the Access Hollywood tape

and Trump’s poor performances

in the debates receding in the rear

view mirror, the race settled into

a comfortable 6 to 7 point national

lead for Clinton. It appeared

that Clinton would coast to a

comfortable 350-Electoral College

vote victory.

On October 26, Trump

surrogate, former New York City

Mayor Rudy Giuliani, boasted on

Fox News that an imminent event

was going to shake up the election

campaign and turn the election in

Trump’s favour, adding that even

“liberal polls” will show its impact.

Two days later, on October 28,

came the bombshell in the form

of a letter from FBI Director James

Comey to Congress, informing

them that new emails have been

found that could be “pertinent”

to the Clinton email investigation

that the FBI had concluded in July.

The director’s cryptic, Clintonincriminating

letter omitted

several exculpatory facts:

1. The emails were not found on

Hillary Clinton’s computer, but on

the laptop her aide, Huma Abedin

shared with her former husband,

Anthony Weiner.

2. The director had not read any

of the emails, and therefore, did

not know if they were pertinent to

the email investigation.

3. Since the FBI had no idea

about the content of the emails,

no voter, or Trump campaign

official, should assume that there

is anything incriminatory about

Clinton in the emails.

Republicans and Democrats

beseeched Mr Comey to explain

his letter. Harvard law Professor

Alan Dershowitz even composed

a short letter that Comey could

use that would be fair. He and

Republican Professor David

Gergen of Harvard’s Kennedy

School, among thousands of

others, warned Mr Comey that

his silence was unacceptable --

because it would harm Clinton,

and help Trump.

As Comey remained silent, the

Trump campaign seized upon his

Which way will America swing on November 8?

Anyone who deliberately attempted to sway the election though

misinformation will go down in history as a villain as vile as the

Revolutionary war traitor Benedict Arnold

letter to paint Hillary as a criminalin-waiting.

They are running ads

saying that America must not

elect someone president who will

be indicted for crimes after the


When Rudy Giuliani was

a federal prosecutor in New

York, James Comey was his

subordinate. In a radio interview,

Giuliani bragged that he had

received information about the

“bombshell” from retired and

active FBI agents.

Democrats are pointing out

that the FBI is dominated by white

males, the only segment of the

population Clinton is not winning.

No one is accusing Mr Comey of

personally leaking the information

about the “bombshell” to Mr


But, as its director, he is

responsible for any leak emanating

from the FBI that could swing the


Currently, the Democrats are

focused on winning the election.

Win or lose, after the election,

Democrats will focus on the FBI

leaks that attempted to tamper

with the will of the American

people. They will get to the bottom

of this. Anyone who deliberately

attempted to sway the election

through misinformation will go

down in history as a villain as vile

as the Revolutionary war traitor

Benedict Arnold, and Aaron Burr,

the man who shot Alexander


Trump supporters have

demonstrated that his perjury,

racism, bigotry, misogyny,

debauchery, and xenophobia do

not matter to them whatsoever.

The Comey letter is their latest

excuse to come home and vote

for the Republican candidate,

regardless of how obnoxious he is.

Thanks to them, America will elect

the president it deserves.

America’s is not a national

election; it is a state by state


Post-Comey, state races have

tightened considerably. Polling is

unreliable at this stage because

early voting has been taking place

for the last few weeks in many


Thirty four states allow noexcuse

early voting. Three states

allow voting by mail. In only five

states, voting takes place only

on election day. It is in three of

these states -- New Hampshire,

Michigan, and Pennsylvania -- the

polls are tightening the most, and

Trump is spending most of his


Pennsylvania is so critical to

Clinton’s chances that she and

President Obama will make a joint

appearance at her campaign finale

in Philadelphia on election eve.

One major concern for the

Clinton campaign is the lack of

African-American enthusiasm

for early voting, which is down

8% from 2012. Young African

Americans have not forgiven

President Bill (and Hillary) Clinton

for enacting the 1994 Crime

Bill that has resulted in mass

incarceration of blacks for petty

crimes and minor drug offences.

The Clintons have since

apologised for the bill.

President Obama is

campaigning his heart out for

Hillary, and attempting to energise

African-Americans by reminding

them that his legacy is on the line:

With Hillary, his legacy lives; with

Trump, it dies.

According to Nate Silver, as

of writing, Clinton has a 65.8%

chance of victory, with 293

Electoral College votes. The

chances of Democrats regaining

Senate control is 50.2%.

Prediction of turmoil in the

election’s aftermath is overblown.

America loves a winner. The

loser is quickly forgotten. Electoral

College is predicated on the

winner taking all.

George W Bush won only 537

more votes than Al Gore in Florida

in 2000, but won 100% of the

Electoral College votes.

If Donald Trump loses, he will

huff and puff, but, nobody will listen

to the loser Trump anymore. •

Dr Fakhruddin Ahmed is a Rhodes







The Sri Lankan paradigm

South Asian countries like Sri Lanka have a lot to offer the tourist

There is much happening in our South Asia. I came back from Sri

Lanka feeling that they have discarded many of the habits that add

unnecessary stress to modern day living



• Towheed Feroze


Cathartic Colombo?

firmly believe that unless

you have visited a country,

refrain from making any

comments on that nation’s

socio-economic situation. Yes,

we can form an idea about a state

based on what news we get on

the media, but, honestly, a few

news items can never give the real


Just before I left for Sri Lanka

for an official visit, asked a

neighbor if he wanted something,

to which he just responded, with

a slight hint of denigration: What

can you get in Sri Lanka?

I was hurt.

This is not the first time such

a derogatory comment was made

by someone about a South Asian

country. Some time back, when

the Maldives was still not officially

stamped as a high-end tourism

spot, one of my acquaintances

called it a third world country.

The belittling tone in her voice

was too pronounced to miss.

Once someone asked me: “How

is Bhutan?” I told him that if there

is one place where peace prevails

with immaculate mountainous

beauty, then Bhutan is it.

A Switzerland in South Asia,

I added, to give more potency to

what I had just said.

Of course, that person would

rather visit Switzerland because

it’s in Europe and once you are in

Europe, the region of wealth, the

impact of the photos on Facebook

is bigger. Sri Lanka, I found, to

be a country where politeness is

inextricably mixed with discipline

and cleanliness.

And yes, since many will want to

compare, the country is just as

attractive as any first world state.

As part of the official tour, we

were taken to the sea side city of

Hambantota; “Ambalantota” in

their language.

Long time ago, read about this

place in the Masud Rana book:

Bisshoron, which was later adapted

for the big screen in 1975, starring

Sohel Rana in the eponymous role.

With foreign filming unheard of

in the early days after liberation,

Hambantota was recreated on the

Cox’s Bazar beach.

So, naturally, I had a special

interest in seeing the actual place.

Windy, cool, filled with coconut

trees and tranquility -- these are

the words that come to mind in

describing this city kissing the sea.

On the way from Hambantota to

Colombo, the first things to admire

were the perfect highways and

noiseless traffic.


Hardly anyone honked, and,

when needed, our bus used a very

mellow form of horn, which did

not startle others on the road.

During our four-hour plus bus

journey to the capital, passed

several small towns and noticed

how immaculate they appeared.

Everywhere there was a sign of

order. No, not the clinical sort, but

the type associated with pristine

living, or something which we call

“chhimchham” in Bengali.

The churches, mosques,

temples looked as if they are

cleaned regularly, the CNGs,

in a variety of colours, added

exuberance to the towns with

the suburbs blessed with an air of


They say, if you want to find

out about a nation, go and take a

look at their toilets. We stopped

at a large highway shopping

area and there were two types of

washrooms: One, which charged

a fee, and the others, which were

free for all.

In the latter section, one could

sleep near the toilet.

The same has to be said for

washrooms at malls in Colombo.

Colombo is a mixture of old

colonial period architecture and

the new, which means that the

city retains much of its historic


Once more, I was struck by the

small things that make a city first

class -- neat steel scaffolding for

construction sites, adequate public

warning through fluorescent

signboards, placards, horn-free

traffic, and general cleanliness.

Modern amenities that make a

cosmopolitan city are there along

with plenty of religious spots for

all faiths.

Near the port, large

construction was underway.

Again, in such orderly fashion,

that even looking for faults in

storing building materials, I failed

to find any.

It’s amazing that nowhere could

I find anyone lamenting the ill

impact of the long-drawn civil war.

Either they have decided to forget

a turbulent past or are too busy

making a better future.

As for a future, from the capital

city, it becomes clear that this

country is moving forward fast.

Many top range hotels are found in

Colombo with more coming up -- a

sure sign that there is demand for

luxurious accommodation.

Gastronomically, this city is

adventurous, with an array of

fresh sea food available from the

high to the affordable end.

Colonial impact is visible with

many fast food stores selling

devilled kidneys and liver.

As I said earlier, there is a

common (bizarre) trend to look

at South Asian successes with

disdain and, in some cases,

without even seeing these


For shoppers, this country

offers gems and spices. Those who

are impressed by large shopping

malls with brand names won’t be

disappointed either.

There is much happening in

our South Asia. I came back from

Sri Lanka feeling that they have

discarded many of the habits that

add unnecessary stress to modern

day living.

By the way, there are foot and

head massage centres everywhere

with glass windows, so rest

assured, the happy ending is

purely spiritual.

No wonder, these people seem

so relaxed.

Incidentally, their lager

is terrific; far better than the

imported European ones. So, as an

impressed visitor, I would suggest:

For once, leave the common

preferences and drop over at

Colombo by the sea. Or, should I

say, cathartic Colombo? •

Towheed Feroze is a journalist currently

working in the development sector.

Opinion 23

A little less conversation,

a little more action, please



Unsuprisingly, corporate lobbyists are still a major problem in the fight against climate change

• Shaila Mahmud

With Paris Agreement

coming into full

effect, just before the

next meeting of the

Conference of Parties’ (COP) is all

set to kick off, it has opened the

floor for implementation talk in

this year’s UN Climate Conference

in Marrakech at its 22nd session.

All the same, parties shall not

overlook addressing concerns

regarding the inclusion and

influence of big polluters in UN


The inclusion of corporate

organisations in the UN system has

an extended account.

In the United Nations

Framework Convention for

Climate Change (UNFCCC),

the inclusion of non-state

organisations is well established

under Articles 6 and 7 which allow

non-governmental bodies to be

approved as observers.

It is mentioned in an interview

on European Commission’s social

sciences and innovation column

that UNFCCC admission process

requires applicants to provide a

certificate of non-profit and/or tax

exempt status, de facto excluding

individual companies to be

involved in the process.

Thus, business companies

are represented through their

respective business associations

under the broad category of civil

society and non-governmental

organisations (NGOs), allowing the

business groups with conflict of

interest to participate in UNFCCC

conference every year.

Even the landmark Paris

Agreement has welcomed

participation of business-interest

groups and corporations --

irrespective of conflict of interest

between big polluting industries’

action with the global goal of

limiting temperature rise.

A peer-reviewed research,

published in the science journal

Climatic Change, points out that

90 companies are responsible for

two-thirds of total global carbon

pollution, and five companies

-- Chevron, Exxon, BP, Shell, and

Conoco Phillips -- have emitted

12.5% of total global emissions.

These companies have been

making profits over many decades

while constantly denying climate


However, their active

presence at global climate change

negotiations every year shows how

tactfully they have entered into a

regime which supports substantial

reduction in global warming --

that is, to limit greenhouse gas

emissions from burning fossil fuels

such as natural gas, oil, and coal.

According to a report by Jesse

Bragg this May, during the first

treaty negotiations since the Paris

Agreement’s adoption, parties

sought to rectify this problem

by calling for the study of other

multilateral and UN bodies’

conflicts-of-interest policies and


This call was made with a

single objective to introduce an

internal policy to the UNFCCC for

assessing, and directing, conflict

of interest among business interest

non-governmental organisations.

A policy as such is not new to

the UN system.

Realising conflict of interest

due to involvement of tobacco

industry in UN health conferences,

WHO undertook the legally

binding treaty, known as the

WHO Framework Convention on

Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC)

to “call for a limitation in the

interactions between lawmakers

and the tobacco industry” under

Article 5.3.

In the last few years, corporate

lobbyists have been more active

at the sessions of COP than ever

before. One of the most debated

events of corporate infiltration at

global climate change negotiations

was witnessed in Warsaw at COP19

in 2013.

The Polish government not only

allowed some of the giant climate

change skeptic corporations like

General Motors and BMW, but

also, co-sponsored a coal industry

summit during the talks.

Last year, in Paris at COP21,

a large number of fossil fuel

company sponsors among other

corporate groups were actively

Must we appease the offenders at climate change negotiations?

The parties should take forward what was raised at the Bonn Climate

Change Conference this May to the upcoming 22nd session of the

COP in Marrakesh -- introducing effective policy to screen and assess

corporations with conflicting interests


The corporate groups organised

several off-site events, business

summits during COP21 such as

Sustainable Innovation Forum

2015, Caring for Climate Business

Forum, World Climate Summit

2015, to name a few.

Corporate groups like Exxon

Mobil, BP, Shell, Chevron, Anglo

American, and others have been

held legally responsible for human

rights violations in countries like

the USA and the Philippines.

Yet, they have been allowed

access to the climate negotiations

because of their close ties with

business and industry NGOs

(BINGOs) such as National Center

for Public Policy Research (Exxon

Mobil), Business Roundtable

(Chevron and Conoco Philips),

and European Chemical Industry

council (Exxon Mobil and

Chevron), and other BINGOs.

Most business corporations and

associations now have adopted a

progressive stance toward climate


negotiation and have also been

actively pursuing the world to

introduce new technologies to

work in line with the global goal

of limiting global temperature rise

below 2°C.

Nevertheless, no matter how

innovative and efficient the

technology would be, power

generation from fossil fuel like

coal, gas, and oil will produce

emission -- since, they are limited

in nature, they will become extinct

in the near future.

Thus, the parties should take

forward what was raised at the

Bonn Climate Change Conference

this May to the upcoming 22nd

session of the COP in Marrakesh

-- introducing effective policy to

screen and assess corporations

with conflicting interests

and effectively exclude their

presence from all sorts of climate

safeguarding decisions. •

Shaila Mahmud is working in the field of

climate change and development.






All BPL franchises

agree to rematches

All the seven BPL franchises have

agreed for rematches during

an emergency meeting of the

governing council on Saturday.

The GC also decided to restart the

tournament from tomorrow owing

to rain in the last few days. PAGE 25

Ancelotti plays down

Robben spat

Bayern Munich boss Carlo

Ancelotti dismissed Arjen

Robben’s sideline spat as just

something “from the media” after

the Dutchman was substituted in

the Bundesliga leaders’ 1-1 draw

with Hoffenheim. PAGE 26

Magnificent Murray

on top of the world

When Novak Djokovic ruthlessly

swept aside Andy Murray to

lift the French Open title and

complete a career Grand Slam in

June, it seemingly reinforced the

yawning chasm between the Serb

and his long-time rival. PAGE 27

Conte: Chelsea can

get better

Antonio Conte claimed Chelsea

can still improve, despite

recording his best win as manager

of the club so far, describing his

side’s 5-0 thrashing of Everton as

“fantastico”. The Italian had been

pressed to offer a word from his

own language. PAGE 28

Bangladesh fast bowler Mustafizur Rahman is on the road to recovery

Walsh hopeful of quick

Mustafiz recovery

• Mazhar Uddin

Bangladesh fast bowler Mustafizur

Rahman is recovering well

after his shoulder operation,

informed Tigers bowling coach

Courtney Walsh.

Walsh added that they will get

to know further details of his recovery

process any time between

this Friday and Sunday. The West

Indies great said this after assessing

the left-arm paceman in Mirpur’s

Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium


Walsh also said Mustafiz is expected

to start bowling in short

run-ups from today for the first

time since undergoing a surgery

on his left shoulder in August this

year at Bupa Cromwell Hospital in


“So far he is progressing okay.

Slight stiffness still in his shoulder,

nothing major. Everyday he

is going to be assessed. I will come

and have a look again [today]. But

I think he is coming along nicely,”

Walsh told the media.

“At the moment we are just

trying to get him back into action,

working with him, try 40 percent,

50 percent. The highest level he

has gone so far is 60. So [today]

I think will be a good day to see

where he is at. This will be the

first time if he bowls [today] that

he will bowl two days straight.

But there isn’t going to be a lot of

bowling [today].

“And then I am looking at the

ninth (of November), or the 11th,

to have a good test to know exactly

where he is at. But he is coming

along nicely, he has done his rehab,

he has done his work,” he said.

Walsh stated that they are not

willing to take any risks by rushing

Mustafiz to the national side.

“We will come to know by the

11th or the 13th, we will have a

better idea as to how fit he is and

how ready he is. You don’t want

to rush him back to competitive

cricket if he is not going to be

fully fit. I mean he is too good an

asset to take any chance or risk,”

he said.

“I am hoping that on the 11th or

13th we will have a proper assessment

but he is coming on pretty

good. He is going to feel a bit of

discomfort or shock from time

to time until the shoulder gets

accustomed to what it used to do

before. We have to make sure that

he is looked after well,” he added.

The 54-year old also said their

upcoming New Zealand tour will

be a big test for the fast bowlers.

“Well we didn’t use much fast

bowlers in the England series, the

test will come when we go to New

Zealand, and the guys did well I

thought. When we go to New Zealand,

we will get a good test. We

will have the full quartet to look

at and to work with. I am excited.

I am planning for that department

and I am excited to work with

them,” he added. •



Shahadat, his

wife acquitted

• Md Sanaul Islam Tipu

A Dhaka court has acquitted cricketer

Shahadat Hossain and his wife

Jesmine Jahan in a case filed over

torturing their 11-year-old domestic


Dhaka Women and Child Repression

Prevention Tribunal 5 Justice

Tanzila Islam announced the

verdict yesterday.

The court said the decision came

as the prosecution failed to prove

the allegations raised against Shahadat

and Jesmine in the lawsuit.

Mirpur police station OC (investigation)

Mohammad Shafiqur

Rahman, who is also the investigation

officer of the case, submitted

the charge sheet against the couple

on December 29 last year.

According to the case, a journalist

named Khandkar Mozammel Haque

found the 11-year-old child, who

used to work as a house help at Shahadat’s

residence, lying injured on

the street in a Pallabi neighbourhood

in the capital on September 6.•

Sport 25



All BPL sides

agree to


• Tribune Report

All the seven BPL franchises have

agreed for rematches during an

emergency meeting of the BPL governing

council on Saturday.

Among other developments, the

GC also decided to restart the tournament

from tomorrow owing to

persistent rain in the last few days.

The four matches which were

washed out will be played again and

points table will be wiped clean.

Comilla Victorians and Rajshahi

Kings, who were scheduled to take

on each other in the tournament

opener last Friday, will now play

their match on November 30.

Friday’s second match between

Rangpur Riders and Khulna Titans

will be played this Thursday while

Saturday’s games - Chittagong Vikings

v Barisal Bulls and Comilla

v Dhaka Dynamites - will now be

held next Monday.

The Barisal v Khulna and Rangpur

v Rajshahi matches, originally

scheduled for yesterday, will now

be held on Nov 20 in Chittagong

and Nov 28 in Dhaka, respectively.•

Comilla Victorians captain Mashrafe bin Mortaza and his team mates prepare for training in Mirpur’s Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium yesterday


Tamim: Mushfiq is a perfect example of a good leader

Tamim Iqbal has come of age ever

since making his international

debut nine years back as he is

currently the highest Bangladesh

run-getter in all three formats.

He was instrumental behind the

Tigers’ rise as the next big thing

in world cricket. The vice captain

of the Bangladesh Test side

was candid during an exclusive

interview with Mazhar Uddin of

Dhaka Tribune where he talked

about the recent historic Test

win against England, Mushfiqur

Rahim’s captaincy, his personal

goal and the challenges he faced

before featuring for the national

team, among other things.

Here are the excerpts:

How much does the historic Test

win against England means to

Bangladesh cricket?

Massive. We have been going

through a very bad phase in Test

cricket and at times, we got frustrated

and thought about the mistakes

we were committing. All of

a sudden, we started to believe in

our strengths and registered our

biggest win in Test cricket. I think

the belief is important and I hope

we can take this forward and improve

as a team in Test cricket.

How do you rate Mushfiqur Rahim

as the captain of the Test side?

I think Mushfiq is a perfect example

of a good leader. He is the most

hard-working player in the team who

gives his hundred percent as a cricketer

and also as a captain. A captain

should be someone whom everyone

would like to follow and Mushfiq has

all the qualities. Yes, at times we all

make mistakes as we were playing

Test cricket after over 14 months.

Being a batsman, I have made some

mistakes, same goes for Mushfiq. I

still believe he has all the qualities of

a perfect leader for the team.

Do you have any competitions

with Shakib al Hasan in terms of

performance and reaching new


I always want to beat him when it

comes to batting and same goes for

Shakib when he goes out to bat. But

unfortunately I can’t bowl and undoubtedly

he is the best with the

ball. Yes, there is a very healthy

and positive competition among us


as we always want to improve our

game. There is a friendly competition

between us to see who gets to

score the most number of hundreds

as we were almost neck to neck in

that aspect. Even if I get dismissed

after scoring 30 or 40 runs, he

pinches me that I missed a fifty or

a hundred. But we all take these

things very positively and whenever

he scores runs or I play a good

knock, we congratulate each other.

How does it feels to witness the

improvement of the Bangladesh

team over the years? You were also

a part of the team when the going

got tough so how do you describe

the Tigers’ rise?

If you ask me about the limited-over

formats then I would say

yes, we have come a long way and

Bangladesh are now a dangerous

side in the limited-overs. But in

Test cricket, I will say we still need

to improve a lot and we have a long

way to go to become a consistent

Test team.

Maybe we have registered a

good win against England, but I

still believe we have a lot to learn

and improve in Test cricket.

Going back to the past, how

difficult or easy was your journey

to the Bangladesh team? There

were high expectations on you as

you were a member of a cricketing

family where your uncle Akram

Khan was the former captain and

elder brother Nafees Iqbal was the

opening Test batsman. Was there

pressure on you right from the

very early age?

Yes, there was immense pressure on

me, right from the age-level period.

Everyone sees me differently as my

uncle Akram chacha is a legend of

Bangladesh cricket and my elder

brother Nafees also played for Bangladesh.

Everyone thinks that I will

be selected only because of that but

very few have noticed my hard work

and dedication towards the game.

Ultimately, I have to score runs and

prove my ability on the field.

You are the highest Bangladesh

run-scorer in all three formats and

people now recognise your uncle

and brother by your name. How

does it feel?

Definitely it feels great to create

records for my country but still,

I never think like that as Akram

Khan is a big name in the history

of Bangladesh cricket. They played

the game even without taking

money at some point of their career.

It goes on to show their dedication

and love towards the game.

I don’t want to compare myself in

that way as my goal is different.

So what is your goal?

To be frank, I don’t think about

centuries or set any target but as

I previously said, I want to score

10,000 runs in any format.

How much hard work and sacrifice

does it take to improve Tamim as

a player?

Honestly, it’s really tough when you

have all the attention on you right

from the very early age. Everyone

is watching you, how you play, how

you behave and many more things.

So yes, it was very tough and it was

never possible without the support

from my colleagues and coaches

and along with my hard work. You

know you will never achieve anything

without hard work.

Where do you want to see the

Bangladesh team when you retire?

I would like to see Bangladesh at

the top five or top three will be

great, especially in ODIs and T20s

and in Test cricket, I would be happy

if we stay at the top five when I

finish my career. •




Bale double helps

Real see off Leganes

• Reuters, Barcelona

A first-half double from Gareth

Bale helped Real Madrid cement

their position at the top of La Liga

with a 3-0 win at home to Leganes


Reeling from a chaotic midweek

3-3 draw at Legia Warsaw in the

Champions League, Real got off to

a slow start against neighbours Leganes,

but Bale put them in charge

in the 37th minute.

The Wales international, who

netted a sensational half volley

against Legia, raced onto a through

ball from Isco that split the visiting

defence and rounded goalkeeper

Jon Serantes to tuck the ball inside

the near post from a tight angle.

Bale then cashed in on poor defending

from a free kick to hit the

second on the stroke of halftime,

just beating Serantes to the loose ball

from close range. Real’s Spain striker

Alvaro Morata, standing in for the

injured Karim Benzema, rounded off

the win in the 76th minute.

Real talisman Cristiano Ronaldo

had a quiet game and frequently

strayed offside, but nearly set up a

third for Bale, who was denied by

Serantes, who leapt to his left to

claw away the Welshman’s header.


Falcao shines again as Monaco

hammer Nancy

• Reuters, Paris

Radamel Falcao scored twice as

Monaco halved Nice’s Ligue 1 lead

with a 6-0 demolition of strugglers

Nancy on Saturday.

The Colombian striker, who also

scored twice in a 3-0 win against

CSKA Moscow in the Champions

Midfield maestro Luka Modric

received a rapturous reception

from the Bernabeu crowd when he

came on in the second half to mark

his return from injury after more

than a month out.

Morata further delighted supporters

by latching onto a Toni Kroos

pass to score the third, moving

ahead of Bale and Ronaldo as Real’s

top scorer this season on eight

goals in all competitions.


Real Madrid 3-0 Leganes

Bale 38, 45, Morata 76

“We keep picking up points and

today we did it while playing well,

even if at the start we gave the ball

away a lot. When we found the first

goal the game changed,” said Zidane.

“We bossed the second half and

I’m happy with our performance

and to have kept a clean sheet.

We’re not going to win the title

with 100 points, because it’s becoming

much harder to win games

in this league.”

Real top the standings on 27

points, five clear of champions Barcelona,

who visit fourth-placed Sevilla

later yesterday.•

League in midweek, again demonstrated

he was back to his worldclass

best as second-placed Monaco

moved within three points of Nice.

Falcao opened the scoring for Monaco

in the 25th minute when he headed

home from point-blank range

after Thomas Lemar’s strike had

bounced off the bar into his path.

Monaco’s Colombian forward Radamel Falcao (2R) heads to score during their

French L1 match against Nancy at ‘Louis II Stadium’ in Monaco on Saturday AFP

Real Madrid’s Welsh forward Gareth Bale vies with Leganes defender Diego Rico

during the Spanish league match at the Santiago Bernabeu yesterday


He doubled the tally five minutes

later. Kylian Mbappe made it

3-0 after the break from close range

but the drubbing was far from over

for a sorry Nancy side.

Second-half substitute Guido

Carrillo found the back of the net

twice in the dying minutes with

Fabinho also scoring a late penalty.•


Monaco 6-0 Nancy

Falcao 25, 30-P,

Mbappe Lottin 65,

Carrillo 87, 90+2,

Fabinho 90-P

Angers 1-0 Lille

Diedhiou 54

Bordeaux 2-1 Lorient

Kamano 28,

Prior 62-og

Rolan 73

Dijon 3-3 Guingamp

Varrault 6, Coco 32,

Diony 26, Mendy 79,

Tavares 44 De Pauw 90+1

Lyon 2-1 Bastia

Lacazette 37-P, Crivelli 90

Bengtsson 86-og

Nantes 1-1 Toulouse

Stepinski 90 Braithwaite 36-P

Bayern draw, Dortmund’s

Aubameyang scores four

• Reuters, Berlin

Bundesliga leaders Bayern Munich

stumbled to a 1-1 home draw

against Hoffenheim on Saturday

but stayed three points clear at

the top as Borussia Dortmund’s

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang fired

four goals past Hamburg SV following

his midweek ban.

Bayern fell a goal behind when

Kerem Demirbay’s thundering shot

in the 16th minute left keeper Manuel

Neuer rooted on the spot.

Hoffenheim were doing well

to contain the Bavarians’ attacks

but could do nothing when Steven

Zuber slid into the box to clear a

cutback from Douglas Costa but instead

sent the ball into his own net.

Aubameyang, surprisingly

banned from their midweek Champions

League win over Sporting

following an unauthorised trip

to Italy, redeemed himself with a

four-goal performance in their 5-2

victory at Hamburg.

It took only four minutes for the

Gabon international to open his account

before recording a first-half

hat-trick in just 27 minutes and

scoring again early in the second

half to put Dortmund 4-0 up, while


plays down

Robben spat

• AFP, Berlin

Bayern Munich boss Carlo Ancelotti

dismissed Arjen Robben’s sideline

spat as just something “from

the media” after the Dutchman

was substituted in the Bundesliga

leaders’ 1-1 draw with Hoffenheim.

Robben was replaced by French

winger Kingsley Coman on 78 minutes

and the Dutch winger stormed

past Ancelotti when he was taken

off, without making eye contact.

The 32-year-old is renowned for

sulking when substituted and Ancelotti

said there was nothing to be

read from Robben’s body language.

“He played really well for 70

minutes and then I used a fresh

player,” explained Ancelotti.

“Every time that I substitute Arjen

Robben, a lot of people seem to

think that there is a problem, but

there isn’t one - at most, it’s from

the media.”

Hoffenheim have so far claimed

the scalps of Bayer Leverkusen,

Schalke and Hertha Berlin in Germany’s

top flight and Ancelotti admitted

his side were given a firsthalf


“We knew before the game that

Hoffenheim are a good team, but

we were still given a surprise in the

first-half,” said the Italian.•

taking his season’s tally of league

goals to 11. •


P W D L GD Pts

Bayern 10 7 3 0 18 24

RB Leipzig 9 6 3 0 11 21

Hoffenheim 10 5 5 0 7 20

Hertha Berlin 10 6 2 2 10 20

Dortmund 10 5 3 2 13 18


Bayern Munich 1-1 Hoffenheim

Zuber 34-og Demirbay 16

Leverkusen 3-2 Darmstadt

Calhanoglu 32, Colak 47,

Brandt 56, Vrancic 85

Aranguiz 69

Hamburg 2-5 Dortmund

N Mueller 55, 81 Aubameyang 4, 23, 27, 48,

Dembele 76

Ingolstadt 0-2 Augsburg

Bobadilla 86,

Altintop 90

Freiburg 0-3 Wolfsburg

Gomez 41, 53,

Rodriguez 86

Frankfurt 1-0 Cologne

Gacinovic 5

Sport 27




Walton Junior Tennis

begins today

The Walton 30th Bangladesh

International Tennis Federation

Junior Championship 2016 gets

underway at National Tennis

Complex, Ramna today. A total of 96

participants, including 59 boys and

37 girls from 12 countries, will take

part in the event. The participating

nations are – India, China, Japan,

Korea, Malaysia, Philippines,

Singapore, Thailand, Chinese Taipei,

USA, Vietnam and hosts Bangladesh.

The six-day tournament was

inaugurated yesterday.


Farashganj win big

in 1st Div Hockey

Farashganj Sporting Club handed

Shishu Kishor Sangha an 8-0

thrashing in the Green Delta

Insurance First Division Hockey

League at Maulana Bhasani National

Hockey Stadium yesterday. Bandhan

scored three field goals while Suman

netted twice. Uttara Hockey Club

defeated Bachelors Sporting Club

6-0 in the day’s other match at the

same venue. Arafat Hossain Piyal

bagged a brace for the winning side.


Ansar’s Juthi bags

gold in Nat’l Women’s


Juthi bagged the first gold medal

in the sixth edition of the Women’s

National Wrestling Championship

2016 in the inaugural day at M

Mansur Ali National Handball

Stadium yesterday. Juthi of

Bangladesh Ansar won the 60-kg

weight category, Sharmin Akter

of Bangladesh Army took home

the silver while Shirin Akter of

Rajshahi District Sports Association

claimed bronze. The 32nd edition

of the Men’s National Wrestling

Championship also got underway

at the same time. A total of 150

wrestlers in both the men’s and

women’s categories are taking part

in the tournament, split into eight

categories in each section.






South Africa Tour of Australia

1st Test, Day 5



Sri Lanka Tour of Zimbabwe

2nd Test, Day 2


1:30 AM

The Emirates FA Cup 2016/17

Southport v Fleetwood Town

Australia’s Shaun Marsh looks back as South Africa’s Faf du Plessis catches him out

on the fourth day of their Test match in Perth yesterday






Q. de Kock c Voges b M Marsh 64 100

V. Philander b Smith 73 143

K. Maharaj not out 41 34

Extras (b10, lb13, w17, nb1) 41

Total (8 wkts dec, 160.1 overs) 540

Fall of wickets

1-35 (Cook), 2-45 (Amla), 3-295 (Duminy),

4-324 (Elgar), 5-346 (Bavuma), 6-352

(du Plessis), 7-468 (de Kock), 8-540



Starc 31-8-114-1 (5w), Hazlewood 37-11-

107-2 (1nb), Siddle 26-9-62-2, Marsh

26-4-77-2 (12w), Lyon 34-3-146-0, Voges

5-1-8-0, Smith 1.1-0-3-1


S. Marsh c du Plessis b Rabada 15 45

D. Warner run out 35 33

U. Khawaja not out 58 120

S. Smith c de Kock b Rabada 34 91

A. Voges c de Kock b Rabada 1 12

M. Marsh not out 15 19

Extras (b8, lb2, w1) 11

Total (4 wkts, 55 overs) 169

Fall of wickets

1-52 (Warner), 2-52 (Marsh), 3-144 (Smith),

4-146 (Voges)


Rabada 16-2-49-3 (1w), Philander 12-3-36-

0, Duminy 8-1-18-0, Maharaj 17-6-40-0,

Cook 2-0-16-0

Highest fourth-innings

414 score at the WACA in Tests

for any team, by South Africa in 2008-

09. Australia’s highest here is only 381

which came against New Zealand in


Highest fourth-innings

406 total by Australia in Tests -

against England at Lord’s in 2009. They

lost that Test chasing 522.

Last time Australia batted

1971 more than 140 overs

in the fourth innings of a Test - versus

England in Adelaide.

Margin of defeat for

309 Australia at WACA in their

last Test against South Africa, after being

set 632 to win. They were all out in 82.5

overs in that innings.

Run rate of South Africa’s

4.39 innings on this fourth

day. They added 150 runs in 34.1 overs

losing two wickets. They had ended day

three at run rate of 3.09 but escalated it

to 3.37 at the end of the innings on.

Instances of David Warner getting

2 run out in Tests, in 102 innings. His

first run out dismissal was against Sri

Lanka in Hobart in 2012-13. •

Rabada fires as South Africa close on WACA win

• Reuters, Perth

Kagiso Rabada took three wickets

and Temba Bavuma produced a

stunning piece of fielding as South

Africa closed in on a first Test victory

by reducing Australia to 169

for four, still 369 runs behind, at

the end of the fourth day yesterday.

Magnificent Murray

on top of the world

• AFP, Paris

The hosts had started their pursuit

of their unlikely victory target

soon after lunch when South Africa

skipper Faf du Plessis declared at

540-8, a lead of 538, having all but

batted Australia out of the conTest.

Bavuma’s brilliant run out ended

David Warner’s bright start before

21-year-old Rabada removed

When Novak Djokovic ruthlessly swept aside Andy Murray

to lift the French Open title and complete a career

Grand Slam in June, it seemingly reinforced the yawning

chasm between the Serb and his long-time rival.

But a return to the friendly confines of Queen’s, and

then Wimbledon, triggered the start of a remarkable run

that on Saturday catapulted Murray to the top of the

world. The Scot washed away bitter Roland Garros memories

of a fifth Grand Slam final defeat to Djokovic - his

eighth overall - by capturing a second Wimbledon crown

over Milos Raonic.

He then became the first player to win two Olympic

singles gold medals when he successfully defended his

title in Rio, defeating Juan Martin del Potro in “one of the

hardest matches” of his career. And while he ran out of

steam at the US Open, exiting in the quarter-finals, his

dominance in Asia ramped up the pressure on a Djokovic

shockingly short of his typically stratospheric standards.

A career-best seventh title of the season followed in

Vienna as Murray arrived in Paris with Djokovic, top of

the rankings since July 2014, now firmly in his crosshairs.

Having first ascended to the number two spot in August

2009, Murray edged ever closer to the summit with contrasting

wins over Fernando Verdasco and Lucas Pouille. •

Shaun Marsh, Steve Smith and

Adam Voges to finish the day with

figures of 3-49 off 16 overs.

Khawaja survived an early scare

when a DRS review saved him from

a duck and will resume unbeaten on

58 with all-rounder Mitchell Marsh,

as the Australians look to bat out the

final day at the WACA.


Warner appeared ready to chase

down the full 539 target himself

when he opened the innings at a

fair lick with 35 runs from 33 balls.

South Africa’s pace attack, reduced

to Philander and Rabada

after the loss for the series of an injured

Steyn, were struggling until

the intervention of Bavuma. •





Tottenham’s Harry Kane scores their first goal from the penalty spot against Arsenal during their Premier League match at Emirates Stadium yesterday

Dominant Liverpool top EPL summit

• AFP, London



Liverpool swept to the top of the

Premier League as Sadio Mane’s

double inspired a 6-1 rout of Watford,

while Tottenham rescued a

1-1 draw at north London rivals Arsenal


While Liverpool dazzled, their old

rivals Manchester United ended a

four-match winless run in the league

as goals from Paul Pogba and Zlatan

Ibrahimovic secured a much-needed

3-1 victory at Swansea.

Liverpool have emerged as genuine

title contenders and Jurgen

Klopp’s side moved one point clear

of second placed Chelsea thanks to

a scintillating goal spree at Anfield.

The Reds took the lead in the 27th

minute when Senegal winger Mane

met Philippe Coutinho’s corner with

a header that looped past Watford

goalkeeper Heurelho Gomes.

Just three minutes later, Roberto

Firmino picked out Coutinho

on the edge of the penalty area and

the Liverpool forward fired home

with a fine low strike.

Klopp’s team were three up two

minutes before half-time as Emre

Can arrived unmarked at the far post

to head in Adam Lallana’s cross.

The goals kept coming and

Chelsea’s Diego Costa celebrates scoring their third goal against Everton during

their Premier League match at Stamford Bridge on Saturday


Arsenal 1-1 Tottenham

Wimmer 42-og Kane 51-P

Hull 2-1 Southampton

Snodgrass 61, Dawson 63 Austin 6-P

Liverpool 6-1 Watford

Mane 27, 60, Coutinho 30, Janmaat 75

Can 43, Firmino 57, Wijnaldum 90

Swansea 1-3 Man United

Hoorn 69 Pogba 15,

Ibrahimovic 21, 33

Firmino added the fourth in the

57th minute, the Brazilian finishing

off Lallana’s cross, before Mane got

Conte: Chelsea can get better

• AFP, London

M W D L GD Pts

Liverpool 11 8 2 1 16 26

Chelsea 11 8 1 2 17 25

Man City 11 7 3 1 15 24

Arsenal 11 7 3 1 13 24

Tottenham 11 5 6 0 9 21

Man Utd 11 5 3 3 3 18

Antonio Conte claimed Chelsea can

still improve, despite recording his

best win as manager of the club so

far, describing his side’s 5-0 thrashing

of Everton as “fantastico”.

The Italian had been pressed to

offer a word from his own language

for the display and, having chuckled

about the one he picked, then

spoke seriously about how the true

value of this victory is how it instils

confidence in the system and his

ongoing work with the squad.

“You have to show that you can

win with the idea of playing good

football. It’s important to put these

players in the best situation to exploit

their talent,” said Conte as Chelsea

moved to the top of the table.

“I’m very pleased because today

there was a fantastic atmosphere

with our supporters. We must continue

to work together with the

players, the club, the supporters

and then to improve step by step.

We can improve. We can improve.”

It is difficult to see how Eden

Hazard can improve, having put in

one of his finest displays for Chelsea.

He scored twice, opening the

scoring after 18 minutes, before

driving home the best strike of the

game on 54 minutes after a brilliant

exchange of flicks with Pedro.

That makes it seven goals in 11,

his finest start to a season since

moving to Stamford Bridge.

“He’s playing fantastic football,”


his second in the 60th minute with

a clinical close-range effort from

Firmino’s pass.

Daryl Janmaat notched his first

goal for Watford in the 75th minute,

but there was still time for

Liverpool to complete the demolition

in the 90th minute through

Georginio Wijnaldum’s tap-in.

At the Emirates Stadium, Harry

Kane marked his return from injury

with the equaliser as Tottenham

kept their hated neighbours from

the Premier League summit.

Arsenal took the lead in the

42nd minute when Tottenham defender

Kevin Wimmer headed a

free-kick into his own net.

After a difficult period for Pogba

and Ibrahimovic, United’s star duo

were back on song at the Liberty

Stadium. •

Conte enthused. “He’s showing his

talent with all the Chelsea players.

But the most important thing is

that I’m seeing that Eden is fantastic

with the ball and he is fantastic

without the ball.”

Everton didn’t have a chance and,

having switched from his own attempt

to play a three-man defence as

early as the 36th minute, coach Ronald

Koeman praised how the Italian

ha made that formation work.

“I never saw a team playing

so well this system,” the Everton

manager said.

“Chelsea showed us today a

very high level of football - in every

aspect of football. I did not expect

that big a difference on the pitch,

but it happened.” •








1 Dried plums (6)

5 Boring tool (3)

7 Slender stick (3)

8 Consider carefully (6)

11 Bricks-carrying

trough (3)

12 Combine (5)

14 Restore to

soundness (4)

16 Unite (5)

18 Having weapons (5)

20 Nigh (4)

21 Consumers (5)

23 Close friend (3)

24 Whinnies (6)

27 Beer (3)

28 Decay (3)

29 Tendencies (6)


1 Mild explosion (3)

2 Container for ashes (3)

3 Small rounded

lumps (7)

4 Paradise (4)

5 Stick (6)

6 Book of accounts (6)

9 Cricket term (4)

10 Edge (3)

13 Capable of being

stretched (7)

14 Picnic basket (6)

15 Talisman (6)

17 Long deep cut (4)

19 Lair (3)

22 Bring up (4)

25 Necessary

information (3)

26 Distress call (3)

How to solve: Each number in our

CODE-CRACKER grid represents a

different letter of the alphabet. For

example, today 10 represents A so fill A

every time the figure 10 appears.

You have two letters in the control

grid to start you off. Enter them in the

appropriate squares in the main grid, then

use your knowledge of words to work out

which letters go in the missing squares.

Some letters of the alphabet may not be


As you get the letters, fill in the other

squares with the same number in the

main grid, and the control grid. Check

off the list of alphabetical letters as you

identify them.




How to solve: Fill in the blank spaces with the

numbers 1 – 9. Every row, column and 3 x 3 box must

contain all nine digits with no number repeating.











Beauty lies in the eyes of Bollywood


• Showtime desk

The eyes are the most expressive

features of the face. And when it

comes to Bollywood celebrities,

it doesn’t matter what roles

they are playing, they always

tend to focus on the eyes of the

celebrities. Let’s take a look at

Bollywood’s favourite celebrities,

who not only have amazing

active skills, but unique sparkles

to boot.

Raj Kapoor

‘The showman as he was

fondly called, Raj Kapoor was

the original blue eyed boy of

Bollywood. He started off young,

at the tender age of 11, and at

the raw age of 24, he established

his own studio, R K Films,

and became the youngest film

director of his time.

The Kapoors are referred to as

‘the first family of Bollywood,’ for

their tremendous contribution to

the Indian cinema.

Sasha Agha

The Pakistani British actress, who

recently made her appearance

in Hindi film - Aurangzeb (2010),

might not have created a lasting

impact through her acting

skills, but yes, she did manage

to impress everyone with her

greyish-blue eyes and serene

beauty, which she was inherited

from her mother, Salma Agha.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Known as one of the most

beautiful women in the world,

Aishwarya’s graceful blue green

eyes attracts instant attention,

be it in a room containing five

individuals or a stadium swarmed

by thousands.

Very few people know that,

as per the statistics supplied by

Google, approximately 6,000

global Internet users per month

hit the phrase ‘Aishwarya Rai

eyes’ into their browsers each


Hrithik Roshan

The ‘Greek God of Bollywood’

was not only blessed with

dancing skills and a great

physique, but also has unique

hazel green eyes. Special

mention must be given to his

Bollywood movie, Krrish (2006),

where the beauty of his eyes

was accentuated each time the

character donned his mask.

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Commonly known as Bebo,

Kareena’s beauty means

perfection. Ditto for her hazel

brown eyes that radiate a world

of grace and vulnerability. It

makes her stand out in the crowd

as well.

Karishma Kapoor

Karishma also inherited her

grandfather’s eye colour along

with the rich, artistic Kapoor

legacy. Karishma’s baby blues

are wide and calm like an


While her fair looks are

ravenously talked about, the

actress has surely been affluent

with those sparkling light blue

eyes. Very few know that she

wore brown contact lenses for the

huge success of her career, Raja

Hindustani (1996).

Rani Mukerji

Rani Mukerji is hailed as the

original hazel eyed beauty of

Bollywood. With her natural,

beautiful eyes, she manages to

steal the limelight, whatever the


Shiney Ahuja

The star who received huge

popularity with his debut in the

hindi movie - Gangster (2006), is

currently facing a lot of issues in

his personal life.

But not a single person can

deny the fact that Shiney Ahuja

holds some ruggedly handsome

good looks to which his hazel

coloured eyes play a big role. •

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of


HBO, 11:21pm

Sherlock Holmes is

investigating terrorist

attacks in London alone

since his old partner Dr John

Watson will get married a

few days later with Mary.

His investigations point to

Professor James Moriarty

as the person responsible

for the explosions. When

Dr Watson and Mary

are attacked in the train

while traveling for their

honeymoon in Brighton,

Holmes delivers Mary

to the protection of his

brother Mycroft. Soon

Holmes and Dr Watson

disclose that Professor

Moriarty has bought arms

and ammunition factories

and is trying to start a war

in Europe killing political

leaders and politicians.

Cast: Robert Downey Jr, Jude

Law, Jared Harris, Noomi

Rapace, Rachel McAdams

The Hobbit: The Desolation

of Smaug

Movies Now, 4:25pm

The film too follows the

character Bilbo Baggins

as he accompanies

ThorinOakenshield and

his fellow Dwarves, on a

quest to reclaim the Lonely

Mountain and to steal

the Arkenstonefrom the

dragon Smaug. During the

dangerous journey, they

fight against giant spiders,

Orcsand Elves. Meanwhile,

Smaug is not easily deceived

and flies to Lake-town to

destroy the town and its


Cast: Ian McKellen, Martin

Freeman, Richard Armitage,

Benedict Cumberbatch,

Evangeline Lilly •







honoured by

Citibank NA

• Showtime Desk

The living legend of Bangla

music, Runa Laila’s birthday

is yet to come, which is on

November 17. However, it seems,

the internationally famed singer

received her birthday present a

week before the celebration. At

least Runa Laila expressed her

feelings this way, after receiving

the “Gaaney Gaaney Gunijon

Sambordhana,” an honourary

musical award conferred by

Citibank NA.

On November 5, Dr Salehuddin

Ahmed, ex-Governor of the

Bangladesh Bank, conferred a

crest and a portrait of Runa Laila,

illustrated by Golam Kader Babu,

to the artist through an event,

held at the Radisson Blue Water

Garden. Rashed Maksud, country

officer and MD of Citibank NA,

handed over a cheque worth Tk


Recently, Runa Laila marked

the 50 years anniversary of her

musical journey. The authorities

at Citibank NA informed that

the award is a tribute the artist’s

exemplary success in music.

Including Runa Laila, the bank

has honoured 13 talented artists

of the country so far.

Ferdousi Rahman and Emon

Saha, shared their experiences

with Runa Laila, while Alamgir,

Subir Nandi, and Rizia Parvin

among others were present at the


Somnur Monir Konal

performed several famous

songs of Runa Laila at the

programme. •

Sumon Yusuf’s solo photo exhibition

commenced at AFD

• Showtime Desk

The second solo photography

exhibition titled Novembre à

Paris, by photographer Sumon

Yusuf has begun. The inaugural

ceremony of this exhibition was

held on Friday, November 4, at

La Galerie, Alliance Française de

Dhaka (AFD).

Sophie Aubert, Ambassador

of France to Bangladesh, Matiur

Rahman, editor of Prothom

Alo, and Abir Abdullah,

photojournalist, European

Pressphoto Agency, were among

the distinguished guests present

during the opening ceremony.

Every artistic heart around the

world yearns for Paris to imbibe

the inspiration it exudes, to taste

the taste that has been moulded

by the doyens for thousands

of years. In an artist residency

programme, photographer

Sumon Yusuf was in Paris

in November 2015. He was

mesmerised by the city of love

and started photographing the

poetic humaneness of Paris.

But on Friday, November 13, a

series of heinous terrorist attacks

left 130 innocents dead and over

368 injured. For Yusuf, a city

brimming with love and warmth

all of a sudden transformed

into a place of blood, tears, and


In the face of such inhuman

and extreme cruelty, Yusuf’s

photographs became the context

he could hold onto, so he decided

to capture life.

Sumon Yusuf graduated in

English literature, and studied

Visual Literacy at Asian Centre for

Journalism at Ateneo de Manila

University from Philippines. He

also attended a one year diploma

program on photojournalism

at South Asian Media Institute,

Pathshala. His works have been

exhibited in USA, Australia,

Japan, Bangladesh, and 9th

Angkor Photo Festival in Siem

Reap, Cambodia, and France.

He received the first prize

in an International Photo

Contest titled Climate: State of

Emergency, organised by Alliance

Françiase Foundation in Paris,

under the patronage of Yann-

Arthus Bertrand, a renowned

climate change photographer.

He is the recipient of numerous

awards for his work including

Top Prize of IREX Photo Contest

in Washington DC, USA, winner

of the 1st Prize in the ‘Creation’

category of the 1st JP’s Prize

for Contemporary Photography

Competition in Bangladesh,

3rd place winner of Anti

Corruption Youth Photo Contest

of Transparency International,

Berlin, Germany, winner of the

73rd International Photographic

Salon of Japan, Asahi Simbun,

winner of CGAP Microfinance

Photo Contest in USA, and

winner of People & Planet Photo

Contest in Australia.

The exhibition will be open to

all until Tuesday, November 15,

2016. •

Jaya Bachchan

endorsed Aditi Rao for

new Bhansali film

• Showtime Desk

Finally, the sizzling Aditi Rao

Hydari has landed a role in

Bollywood’s big one. After

having worked in Wazir, and

Mani Ratnam’s Tamil venture,

Katru Veliyidai, the 30-yearsold

actress is now set to work

in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s

upcoming film, Padmavati.

In the film, she will portray

the role of Ranveer Singh’s


It’s interesting to note

that Aditi landed the role of

Allaudin Khilji’s wife, courtesy

of Jaya Bachchan.

A source close to the

production revealed that for a

long time, Jaya Bachchan felt

that Aditi had huge potential.

“Her eyes are very deep,

sad, and expressive. There’s a

sparkle in her face,” Jaya even

told a friend, she then went

further on to recommended

her to Sanjay Bhansali, for


Sanjay, who has tremendous

regards for the veteran actress’

opinion, called Aditi for the

role of Ranveer’s wife on her

recommendation. •






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Nasirnagar UNO withdrawn

• Kamrul Hasan and

Adil Sakhawat

Nasirnagar Upazila Nirbahi Officer

(UNO) Chowdhury Moazzem Hossain

has been withdrawn following

the recent attacks on Hindus in Nasirnagar.

Brahmanbaria Additional Deputy

Commissioner Bashirul Haque

confirmed the matter to the Dhaka


Several organisations representing

minority groups demanded the

removal of UNO Moazzem Hossain,

accusing him of negligence to prevent

the attacks.

A mob vandalised at least 17

temples and ransacked hundreds

of houses of Hindus on October 30

over an alleged defamatory Facebook

post by a Hindu youth, according

to the UNO report.

More than 100 people were injured

in the attack which the victims

blamed on influential locals.

Amid the tension, unidentified

criminals set ablaze six more Hindu

houses in the upazila on Friday.

On Saturday morning, residents

of Rishipara, a predominantly Hindu

locality in Nasirnagar, foiled an

attempt to attack their homes.

A total of 53 people have so far

been arrested in connection with

the attacks.

Two more cases were filed by two

victims yesterday over the attack on

Friday against 100-150 unknown

miscreants, confirmed Abu Zafar,

OC of Nasirnagar police station.

Awami League has suspended

three leaders of its Nasirnagar unit

for their involvement.

People from the Hindu community of Nasirnagar, Brahmanbaria form a human chain yesterday protesting the recent

communal attacks on them


Nasirnagar Hindus rally for

security, judicial probe

The affected Hindus in Nasirnagar

have demanded judicial probe into

the attacks as well as effective security

measures to prevent fresh


They made the call at a human

chain formed in front of the local

upazila office yesterday afternoon.

Their demands also included

arranging rehabilitation and compensation

for the affected Hindus.

About 1,000 vicitms joined the

one-hour event.

Nasirnagar upazila Vice-Chairman

Anjan Kumar Dev, who

attended the programme, announced

that they would hold such

event tomorrow as well if any fresh

attack took place within 48 hours.

“We want an unbiased investigation

to dig out the facts and to

bring the attackers to book soon,”

he added. •

Sayedul: I will resign if allegation

against me can be proven

• Kamrul Hasan and Adil


Fisheries and Livestock Minister

Sayedul Haque has denied the allegations

brought against him following

the Nasirnagar violence.

“I will resign if anyone can

prove that I made derogatory remarks

about the Hindus after the

Nasirnagar attack,” he said while

briefing the media at Brahmanbaria


Sayedul met the press to clarify

his roles during the incidents of

Hindu temples, houses vandalizing

in Nasirnagar in the last few days.

He claimed that a group of people

had been trying to tarnish his

political career by spreading false

Dhaka airport stabbing leaves 1 dead

• Arifur Rahman Rabbi and

Mohammad Jamil Khan

An Ansar member was killed

and three other security personnel

at Hazrat Shahjalal International

Airport were injured when a person

in a cleaner’s uniform attacked

them with a knife yesterday.

The injured were rushed to Kurmitola

General Hospital, where Sohagh

Ali, 32, succumbed to his injuries,

according to Ansar outpost

in-charge Kanchan Banerjee.

The incident took place around

7:10pm at gate 4 on the second floor

of the international departure terminal,”

said Maj Gen Mizanur Rahman

Khan, director general of Ansar.

The attacker, who identified

himself as Shihab, is in police custody,

confirmed Ruhul Amin Sagar,

assistant commissioner of Uttara

Division, DMP (Airport Zone).

“We are sceptical about his

identity,” he said, adding: “We are

questioning him to figure out what

prompted the incident.”

Sources said that during interrogation,

Shihab appeared to be


Armed Police Battalion (APBn)

Additional Superintendent of Police

Tanjina Akhter said they suspect

the attacker might either be a

drug addict or mentally ill.

Md Zia, an Ansar member injured

in the attack, told the Dhaka

Tribune that Sohag was stabbed

trying to foil Shihab’s attack.

Zia added: “As soon as Shohagh

was stabbed, I moved to take him

down but was stabbed as well.

Other APBn and Ansars members

moved in to intercept him, firing a

few rounds to neutralise him.”

The two other injured are Ishtiaq,

a member of the APBn and

Ashiq, a police constable.

RAB 1 Commanding Officer Lt

Col Tuhin Md Masud told the Dhaka

Tribune they would conduct a

shadow investigation into the attack.

Counter Terrorism and Transitional

Crime Unit sources said they

were also probing the incident. •

allegation against him.

On October 30, a section of religious

zealots carried out attacks on

the Hindus in Nasirnagar upazila of

Brahmanbaria over a Facebook post.

The photoshopped hurting religious

sentiment of the Muslims. The attack

left around 58 Hindu households

and 17 temples vandalised.

Earlier, the minister had also

said that Rasraj, the person whose

Facebook account had made the inciting

post, was too uneducated to

have made it himself.

In a fresh attack on Friday, miscreants

also set fire to at least six

houses of Hindus in the upazila

while law enforcement agencies

and local administration were stationed

in the area. •

Online registration starts

• Nure Alam Durjoy

The online registration for the Dhaka

Lit Fest, the winter festival that draws

readers and writers alike, has started.

The registration started yesterday


There will also be on-spot registration

at the venue, Bangla



concern over

safety of Hindus

• Tribune Report

Expressing “grave concern” over

the recent spree of attacks on Hindu

minorities and their religious establishments,

Indian External Affairs

Minister Sushma Swaraj on Sunday

tweeted she has instructed the Indian

high commissioner in Dhaka to

call on the Bangladesh prime minister

convey her message.

“I have asked Indian High Commissioner

in Dhaka to call on the

Prime Minister and express our

grave concern about the safety and

wellbeing of the Hindus in Bangladesh.,”

she twitted.

Confirming the news, Ranjan

Mondal, press secretary of the Indian

High Commission in Dhaka, told

the Dhaka Tribune that the high

commissioner had already conveyed

Sushama’s message to the Bangladeshi

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Earlier on November 2, a delegation

of the Indian High Commission,

led by its First Secretary Rajesh

Uike, visited the affected sites in

Brahmanbaria’s Nasirnagar upazila.

However, Monwar Hossain, director

general of South Asia wing of

Bangladesh Foreign Ministry, told

the Dhaka Tribune that he is not officially

informed about the visit of

the Indian delegation.

Bangladesh National Human

Rights Commission said the same

day the attacks on several Hindu temples

in Bangladesh were carried out

under a well orchestrated plan aimed

at grabbing lands of the Hindus. •

Academy premises, from November


Over 200 literary figures – mostly

writers, poets, novelists, researchers,

analysts, journalists from home and

abroad – will take part in this year’s

congregation which will feature Nobel

Laureate VS Naipaul.

Over the course of the three-day

festival, guests will discuss in over 45


Moreover, attendees will enjoy

vibrant cultural performances, documentaries

and book unveilings at the


Highlights of the event can be

found in the event website www.

dhakalitfest.com. •

Editor: Zafar Sobhan, Published and Printed by Kazi Anis Ahmed on behalf of 2A Media Limited at Dainik Shakaler Khabar Publications Limited, 153/7, Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208. Editorial, News & Commercial Office: FR Tower,

8/C Panthapath, Shukrabad, Dhaka 1207. Phone: 9132093-94, Advertising: 9132155, Circulation: 9132282, Fax: News-9132192, e-mail: news@dhakatribune.com, info@dhakatribune.com, Website: www.dhakatribune.com

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