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Slipstream - September 2016

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region: Porsche Club Of America

Note to Photographers:

Note to Photographers: New Photo Submission Process By Bill Orr Images Courtesy of the Author tarting next month we are going to introduce the Porsche of the Month contest. S Each month we will highlight a Maverick Region member’s Porsche in Slipstream and on our social media sites. All photos submitted will be included in online albums on our various sites so you will still be able to share your photos with your fellow members even if you do not win. The best way to submit your photos is through the Maverick Region Flickr Group. You can access it here: It does require a Flickr account, but that is free and only takes a few minutes to set up. We chose Flickr because it allows us to streamline the production process and to download the highest quality version for printing and online use. It also has a phone app for both iOS and Android phones that allows you to take new photos or upload existing ones. In order to use the phone apps with the group you must first have a Flickr account and join the Maverick Region Flickr group. Flickr Phone Steps: 1. Sign up. 2. Log in. 3. Select the Groups Tab. 4. Select the Maverick Region Group. 5. Join if you have not already done so. 6. Click the Photo icon at the bottom in the middle. Take a photo and click submit. Or click Library and select a photo to upload. 7. Once the photo has been uploaded you have to “share it” with the group. From your Flickr app library select the photo you wish to share. Then click on the Info icon. Scroll down until you see the Groups section, then click “Add Group” and select the Maverick Region Flickr group. 28 September

You can also edit or add tags or a description here. The photo is now shared with the Maverick Region Flickr group. Flickr Website Steps: The process for uploading and sharing photos through the website is much easier as it combines several steps in one page. 1. Sign up. 2. Log in. 3. Join the Maverick Region Flickr Group. 4. Share or Upload new photos by clicking the Add Photo button to share existing photos in your account or click the upload icon to upload new photos. 5. Bulk Upload makes it easy to share photos as you can select multiple photos and add tags, descriptions and assign them to the Maverick Group all at once. If you bulk edited your photos prior to uploading you are done. Otherwise you will have to go back and do them one at a time. For more specific instructions and help, go to Flickr’s online help here: Please upload the highest quality images you have. Don’t forget to write a brief description including your name and a caption for your Porsche. Also please use the tag #POTM to help us locate your photo. If you must email them, send them to Photo by Andrew Barber 29

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