Slipstream - July 2016

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America


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http://mav.pca.org<br />

<strong>July</strong> <strong>2016</strong><br />

Published by the Maverick Region, Porsche Club of America<br />

Upcoming Events<br />

• Father’s Day Picnic<br />

• Sunday Drive<br />

• Rally School<br />

Past Events<br />

• Wild Wildflowers<br />

• May at Mayo’s<br />

• Results<br />

June 2007 - Published by the Maverick Region<br />

Porsche Club of America

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While certainly deserving of a special place in your heart, all things being equal, it'd rather be whipping down<br />

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touts a remarkable 500 horsepower. And it does all this while using less fuel. Add in lightning-fast shifts with<br />

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Porsche. There is no substitute.<br />

The new 911 Turbo<br />

Discover how efficiency demands performance.<br />

Porsche Plano<br />

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http://mav.pca.org<br />

Volume 54, Issue 7, <strong>July</strong> <strong>2016</strong><br />

Find event updates at http://mav.pca.org, follow our Twitter feed at https://twitter.com/MaverickPCA<br />

and join our Facebook Group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/mavpca/<br />

Departments<br />

Zone 5 Presidents..........................................1<br />

Shifting Gears (President’s Column).............2<br />

Maverick of the Month.................................2<br />

List of Officers and Board Chairs.................4<br />

Maverick Minutes.........................................6<br />

New Mavericks and Anniversaries................9<br />

Unclassifieds...............................................34<br />

Advertiser Index..........................................34<br />

Around the Bend (Editor’s Column)...........36<br />

Features<br />

Trivia.............................................................7<br />

Five Speed Chatter....................................... 10<br />

Mary Coney: Remembering a Good Friend.11<br />

Hope Shelter Update...................................12<br />

Autocrossing: Your Porsche Is Prepared.....13<br />

First Porsches: Two That Got Away.............16<br />

Maverick Region Logo: Potential Update...18<br />

Tub Club Adventures..................................22<br />

Maverick Photos of the Month....................31<br />

Upcoming Events<br />

No <strong>July</strong> Board Meeting.................................7<br />

Maverick Lunch Series...............................10<br />

Autocross Schedule.....................................20<br />

<strong>July</strong> Monthly Social....................................27<br />

Past Event Recaps<br />

Saturday Drive: Revolver Brewing.............14<br />

Autocross 4.................................................23<br />

May Social: Shuck N Jive...........................26<br />

<strong>July</strong><br />

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat<br />

1 2<br />

3 4 5 6 7 8 9<br />

10 11 12 13 14 15 16<br />

17 18 19 20 21 22 23<br />

24 25 26 27 28 29 30<br />

31<br />

Day <strong>July</strong><br />


12 Lewisville Lunch<br />

21 Mav Social: Hard Eight BBQ<br />

24 Autocross 5: LSP<br />

28 Richardson/Southlake Lunches<br />

Day September<br />

4 Autocross 7: LSP<br />

7 Board Meeting<br />

13 Lewisville Lunch<br />

15 Mav Social: Arthur’s, Addison<br />

18 Time Trial 2: MSR<br />

22 Richardson/Southlake Lunches<br />

24 Saturday Drive: MSR<br />

24-25 DE: MSR<br />

Driving Event Venues<br />

BHS Burleson High School, Burleson<br />

COTA Circuit of the Americas, Austin<br />

ECR Eagles Canyon Raceway, Slidell<br />

LSP Lone Star Park, Grand Prairie<br />

MSR MotorSport Ranch, Cresson<br />

MW Mineral Wells Airport, Mineral Wells<br />

August<br />

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat<br />

1 2 3 4 5 6<br />

7 8 9 10 11 12 13<br />

14 15 16 17 18 19 20<br />

21 22 23 24 25 26 27<br />

28 29 30 31<br />

Day August<br />

3 Board Meeting<br />

9 Lewisville Lunch<br />

14 Autocross 6: LSP<br />

18 Mav Social: Embassy Suites, Frisco<br />

25 Richardson/Southlake Lunches<br />

Day October<br />

2 Autocross 8: LSP<br />

5 Board Meeting<br />

11 Lewisville Lunch<br />

15 Saturday Drive: Rancho Sereno<br />

20 Mav Social: Love&War in Texas<br />

22-23 DE: MSR<br />

27 Richardson/Southlake Lunches<br />

29 Halloween Rally: TBD<br />

30 Autocross 9: BHS<br />

On the Cover: The most recent<br />

“wrap” design on the front<br />

trunk lid of the GT3 owned by<br />

Chris and Gabe Sorrells.<br />

Photo by Victor Verissimo<br />

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POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Hiram Saunders, <strong>Slipstream</strong>, 155 Jellico, Southlake, TX 76092.<br />

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ARK-LA-TEX<br />

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Bryan Kerrick<br />

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<strong>2016</strong> PCA Zone 5 Presidents and Zone Representative<br />


Michael Globe<br />

president@lsrpca.com<br />


Scott Spradley<br />

OZARK<br />

Jim Woolly<br />

jim.carol_NOSPAM@<br />

sbcglobal.net<br />


Mike Hamza<br />

mikehamza944@<br />

gmail.com<br />


Rod Nordstrom<br />

rnordstr50@gmail.com<br />


Tracey Gross<br />

president@hcrpca.org<br />


Charles Bush<br />

president@longhornpca.org<br />


Jim Falgout<br />

president@mavpca.org<br />


Randal Goodman<br />


Leonard Zechiedrich<br />

whiteriverregionpca@<br />

gmail.com<br />

ZONE 5 REP<br />

Lynn Friedman<br />

zone5rep@pca.org<br />

www.zone5.pca.org<br />


Shifting Gears: Maverick Region Summer Activities<br />

By Jim Falgout, Region President<br />

irst gear: June was an active month with<br />

F<br />

Autos in the Park, PCA Porsche Parade and<br />

various social activities. Now <strong>July</strong> comes<br />

and the activities are reduced, due to the<br />

anticipated summer heat and various vacations. We will<br />

not have a board meeting this month.<br />

Second gear: Speaking of board meetings, the June<br />

board meeting included a presentation by member Bill<br />

Orr on some very interesting concepts for promoting<br />

the Maverick Region at dealerships, as well as ideas<br />

for a new logo. We will be soliciting your opinion on<br />

a few alternatives for our logo. My point really is how<br />

fortunate our club is to have a variety of talents to<br />

contribute to the success of the Maverick Region.<br />

Third gear: As I mentioned above, PCA Porsche<br />

Parade was in June. The Maverick Region had a large<br />

contingent attending and representing Zone 5. If you<br />

did not go this year, try planning on going to one in the<br />

future. You will be definitely enjoy it.<br />

Fourth gear: This is a good time to reflect and<br />

reevaluate. What club activities have you enjoyed? What<br />

club activities would you like to participate in but have<br />

not so far? Your club has a lot to offer.<br />

Of course, I will always encourage you to ask yourself<br />

what can you do to help your club provide these kinds<br />

of experiences for others.<br />


volunteer! You will be glad you did. Just<br />

contact Jim Gallegos at volunteers@<br />

mavpca.org.<br />

Fifth gear: In a previous issue I requested suggestions<br />

for changes to our event in November known as<br />

Founders’ Day (name subject to change). We really<br />

want your input because we want it to be an event that<br />

you would like to participate in and enjoy. So please<br />

send any thoughts, no matter how minor, to either<br />

social@mavpca.org or president@mavpca.org.<br />

SAUL FRAIRE, Chef-Proprietor<br />

1235 William D. Tate Ave<br />

Grapevine, TX 76051<br />

817-329-6995<br />

Sixth gear: MAV OF THE MONTH<br />

It is great to have members who will help out where<br />

ever they can. One of the most time consuming jobs is<br />

editor of <strong>Slipstream</strong>. We have been fortunate to have a<br />

series of excellent editors which has resulted in our<br />

monthly newsletter receiving several awards. We have a<br />

member who was editor of <strong>Slipstream</strong>, and after handing<br />

over the reins to another volunteer, continues to assist<br />

in the production of the magazine. As was said recently,<br />

he just does not know how to say “no.” Your Mav of the<br />

Month this month is Carey Spreen. Thanks Carey for<br />

all that you do.<br />

What can you do to help<br />

your club provide these kinds<br />

of experiences for others?<br />

Mav of the Month Carey Spreen<br />

with his daughter Geneva<br />

2 <strong>July</strong>

Like a Personal Trainer for your Porsche!<br />

• Expert maintenance and repair services • Track day preparation<br />

• Performance and appearance upgrades from GMG, Manthey, FVD and more<br />

• Superior customer service and free loaner cars • PCA discounts<br />

• Show quality detailing services • Comprehensive service from air-cooled to 991<br />

We Also Buy, Sell and Consign Quality Pre-owned Porsches<br />

3236 Skylane Drive, Dallas, Texas 75006<br />

214-269-1570 • www.racperformance.com<br />

PCA Special - Oil Change $199 00<br />

Plus Sales Tax<br />

Oil change with Mobil 1 for 996/986/997/987/991/981. Offer includes complimentary car wash and vacuum.<br />


<strong>2016</strong> Maverick Region Board - Officers and Chairs<br />

President<br />

Jim Falgout<br />

president@mavpca.org<br />

Jim joined Maverick Region in August,<br />

2008. He drives a 2003 996, which is<br />

the third Porsche he has owned. Jim<br />

enjoys attending Maverick Region<br />

social and driving events.<br />

Autocross Chair<br />

Mark Schnoerr<br />

ax@mavpca.org<br />

Club Race Co-Chair<br />

Pat Heptig<br />

214-649-7907<br />

cr@mavpca.org<br />

DE Chair<br />

ChrisTabor<br />

817-371-4888<br />

de@mavpca.org<br />

Vice President<br />

David Robertson<br />

C 617-797-0516<br />

vp@mavpca.org<br />

David fell in love with the Porsche<br />

911 when, as a child, he would have<br />

his parents stop by the old Forest Lane<br />

Porsche in Dallas so he could dream of<br />

someday owning one. He bought his<br />

first Porsche 911 in 2011. He and his<br />

wife Tracy enjoy being active members<br />

in the Maverick Region.<br />

Time Trial Chair,<br />

(AX/TT Rules)<br />

Travis Howard<br />

214-616-6152<br />

tt@mavpca.org<br />

Club Race Co-Chair<br />

Joel Nannis<br />

cr@mavpca.org<br />

DE Chief Driving Instr.<br />

John Sandusky<br />

817-777-0421<br />

cdi@mavpca.org<br />

Secretary<br />

Wendy Shoffit<br />

C 972-977-9821<br />

secretary@mavpca.org<br />

Wendy and husband James joined<br />

Maverick Region in 1997, when<br />

their daughter was only 9 months<br />

old. Jasmine is now 18. They own 3<br />

Porsches including a 1978 911SC as<br />

a dedicated racecar, which she enjoys<br />

autocrossing. Her daily driver is a <strong>2016</strong><br />

Cayman GT4.<br />

TT Registrar, AX/TT<br />

Schools, Swap Meets<br />

Robyn Howard<br />

214-991-0873<br />

drivingschools@mavpca.org<br />

Club Race/DE Registrar<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Event Ads<br />

Wendy Shoffit<br />

crreg@mavpca.org<br />

deregistrar@mavpca.org<br />

DE Equipment Mgr.<br />

Hunter Allen<br />

deequip@mavpca.org<br />

Treasurer<br />

Richard Solomon<br />

C 903-530-8281<br />

treasurer@mavpca.org<br />

Richard joined Maverick Region in<br />

2012 when he fulfilled a 30+ year<br />

dream to own his first (of many) 911,<br />

a 2009 Silver Carrera! Although fairly<br />

new to the club, he is excited about<br />

being more involved and meeting more<br />

Porsche fanatics!<br />

Charity Chair<br />

Chris Hamilton<br />

hope@mavpca.org<br />

Concours Chair<br />

Andy Kay<br />

817-948-8538<br />

concours@mavpca.org<br />

DE Sponsorship<br />

Daren Kirbo<br />

254-396-2973<br />

desponsorship@mavpca.org<br />

Email List Moderator<br />

James Shoffit<br />

972-786-6246<br />

mrpca-owner@<br />

yahoogroups.com<br />

Email List Moderator<br />

Brian Scudder<br />

mrpca-owner@<br />

yahoogroups.com<br />

Email List Moderator<br />

Matt Platts<br />

mrpca-owner@<br />

yahoogroups.com<br />

Goodie Store<br />

Chris Flaugh<br />

214-288-5300<br />

goodiestore@mavpca.org<br />

Histographer, Tenured<br />

Charlie Davis<br />

historian@mavpca.org<br />

Membership Chair,<br />

Past President<br />

John Hamilton<br />

817-907-7823<br />

membership@mavpca.org<br />

Monthly Social Chair<br />

Stephanie Ho<br />

hh@mavpca.org<br />

Online Calendar<br />

Brendan Eagan<br />

calendar@mavpca.org<br />

Rally Co-Chair<br />

Don Sebert<br />

214-613-6900<br />

rally@mavpca.org<br />

Rally Co-Chair<br />

George Luxbacher<br />

rally@mavpca.org<br />

Safety Chair<br />

Joe McGlohen<br />

safety@mavpca.org<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Advertising<br />

Cindy Bliss<br />

469-307-2856<br />

ads@mavpca.org<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Editor<br />

Jim Hirsch<br />

972-740-7377<br />

editor@mavpca.org<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Article Ed.<br />

Carey Spreen<br />

817-422-3480<br />

editor@mavpca.org<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Wrangler,<br />

Public Relations<br />

Brenda Dranow<br />

pr@mavpca.org<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Mailing<br />

Andy Mears<br />

214-394-5857<br />

mailing@mavpca.org<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Printing<br />

Fran Ussery<br />

972--438-8344 (W)<br />

817-481-8342 (H)<br />

printing@mavpca.org<br />

Social Co-Chair<br />

Tracy Robertson<br />

817-944-5490<br />

social@mavpca.org<br />

Social Co-Chair<br />

Phyllis Gallegos<br />

214-695-3376<br />

social@mavpca.org<br />

Sunday Drive Chair<br />

Tom Martin<br />

tours@mavpca.org<br />

Tech Sessions Chair<br />

Ed Mullenix<br />

972-417-0997<br />

techcorner@mavpca.org<br />

Trivia Chair<br />

Jerry DeFeo<br />

972-240-5800<br />

trivia@mavpca.org<br />

Volunteers Chair<br />

Jim Gallegos<br />

214-697-0792<br />

volunteers@mavpca.org<br />

Web Site Chair<br />

Denny Payne<br />

webmaster@<br />

mavpca.org<br />

Please contact any of these club event chairs with your questions!<br />

4 <strong>July</strong>

WE TOOK<br />

YOUR<br />


AND GAVE<br />

IT A HOME.<br />

Introducing Garages of Texas, a community of first-class, affordable, completely customizable garage suites.<br />

Here, you don’t rent space. You buy it. Giving you complete financial control and the power to make it your own<br />

with unlimited customization options. So, stop fighting for space in your family garage. Upgrade to a garage suite<br />

and move your motorhome, boat or show cars to the showroom they deserve.<br />

Contact our sales team at 214.435.4898 or jgriffin@GaragesOfTexas.com for more information.<br />

www.GaragesofTexas.com • Facebook.com/GaragesofTexas<br />

Located at W. Plano Pkwy. & W. Park Blvd., in Plano, Texas<br />


Last “Minute” Substitution: June Board Meeting<br />

By Carey Spreen, MRPCA Secretarial Pool June 1, <strong>2016</strong><br />

egion President Jim Falgout<br />

started the meet-<br />

R<br />

ing at 7:00 pm. His first<br />

order of business was to<br />

announce this year’s Nominating<br />

Committee: past Presidents John<br />

Hamilton, James Shoffit, and Mike<br />

Brodigan. Jim also reminded us that<br />

the club is looking for ways to revitalize<br />

Founders’ Day, the Region’s<br />

anniversary celebration. Mark<br />

Schnoerr suggested renaming it the<br />

Holiday Party.<br />

Concours d’Elegance Chair Andy<br />

Kay gave us information about the<br />

Autos in the Park Concours, which<br />

will use four teams of three judges<br />

for scoring, a first for this event.<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Content Editor Carey<br />

Spreen said that the number of June<br />

issues printed was very close to the<br />

mailing list total, and we’ll need to<br />

increase the print count. Carey and<br />

Jim Falgout discussed a proposal<br />

from Region member Dreanna<br />

Belden, Assistant Dean for External<br />

Relations at UNT. She offered<br />

to digitize our entire <strong>Slipstream</strong><br />

archive, making it searchable to the<br />

word level. The cost to us would<br />

be no more than $6,645.60. After<br />

discussion, a motion was made and<br />

seconded to accept the proposal,<br />

pending a test run to assess quality<br />

and file size. The vote passed.<br />

Social Co-Chair Phyllis Gallegos<br />

announced that this year’s Founders’<br />

Day celebration will be held<br />

Saturday, Nov 5, at the NYLO hotel<br />

in Las Colinas. Bent Tree CC was<br />

unavailable, and NYLO gave us similar<br />

pricing. The Social Committee<br />

has also set a few 2017 dates: the<br />

All Member Party, Jan 28; May at<br />

Mayo’s, May 6; and Founders’ Day,<br />

Nov 4.<br />

Volunteer Chair Jim “Jimmyg”<br />

Gallegos is looking for volunteers<br />

who are interested in helping put<br />

on various club activities. Contact<br />

him at volunteers@mavpca.org for<br />

more information.<br />

Sunday Drive (aka PCA Tours)<br />

Chair Tom Martin recapped the<br />

May drive to Revolver Brewing in<br />

6 <strong>July</strong><br />

Granbury, where 81 cars and 130<br />

people participated, including the<br />

President of the Granbury Chamber<br />

of Commerce, who had recently<br />

purchased a Porsche. Tom noted<br />

that a new member, Mark Pitarresi,<br />

who was present at the meeting, had<br />

expressed interest in volunteering.<br />

Welcome Mark!<br />

Social Co-Chair Tracy Robertson<br />

noted that the Silent Auction, which<br />

is a significant part of Founders’ Day<br />

each year, is organized by the Social<br />

Committee, which also organizes<br />

the banquet itself. The Silent Auction<br />

has become so big that it needs<br />

to be managed by its own group.<br />

Vice President David Robertson<br />

reminded us that official Waiver and<br />

Release forms with black and red<br />

lettering must be used for all events<br />

that involve moving cars. David has<br />

several pads of these forms available<br />

for use at these events.<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Managing Editor Jim<br />

Hirsch thanked Carey for finishing<br />

up the June issue. He also thanked<br />

all of our content contributors for<br />

continuing to get articles and photos<br />

in before the 10th-of-the-month<br />

deadline.<br />

Tech Session Chair Ed Mullenix<br />

is working with Hans Hoffman at<br />

RAC Performance to put together<br />

a tech session there in September.<br />

More information to come in the<br />

August issue.<br />

Time Trial Chair Travis Howard<br />

recapped the PCA Club Race and<br />

Drivers’ Education event at Circuit<br />

of the Americas in May. There was<br />

a lighter turnout than in past years,<br />

which made grid management<br />

easier, but reduced revenue for<br />

the event. The Time Trial at Mineral<br />

Wells had 30 drivers attend, half<br />

Porsches, half others, which is typical.<br />

The Truxster had ignition problems<br />

but was repaired and put back<br />

into service. Most of our equipment<br />

is getting old (purchased for the<br />

2004 Parade) and may be due for<br />

replacement. Lastly, he may have a<br />

location in Weatherford to store the<br />

Truxster.<br />

Monthly Social Chair Stephanie<br />

Ho said that we had over 60 attendees<br />

at the Wildwood Grill social.<br />

Turnout at Shuck-n-Jive was low<br />

due to the weather. After discussion<br />

it was determined that each venue<br />

has its own cancellation policy, but<br />

if there is no financial commitment,<br />

canceling due to weather is acceptable.<br />

She has locations booked<br />

through the end of this year.<br />

Calendar Boy Brendan Eagan<br />

confirmed that the on-line and <strong>Slipstream</strong><br />

calendars remain in sync.<br />

Remember to send any event date<br />

changes to calendar@mavpca.org.<br />

Rally Co-Chair Don Sebert told us<br />

that the Easter Egg Hunt rally drew<br />

28 cars and was a lot of fun. He and<br />

Co-Chair George Luxbacher are<br />

discussing a rally this summer, and<br />

will definitely be putting on another<br />

Halloween rally in October.<br />

Membership Chair John Hamilton<br />

passed along a note from Drivers’<br />

Education Chair Chris Tabor<br />

that Chris is looking into an “intro<br />

to DE” weekday evening event at<br />

MotorSport Ranch.<br />

Autocross Chair Mark Schoerr<br />

described the Equipe Rapide<br />

Mirror-Cross event held at Mineral<br />

Wells, which was similar to an SCCA<br />

Pro-Solo event. He reminded us that<br />

Equipe Rapide gives cash awards;<br />

Mark, his wife Sigrid, and Fred<br />

Stubbs all received cash payouts.<br />

The next event is at Lone Star Park<br />

on Sunday, <strong>July</strong> 24.<br />

Goodie Store Chair Chris Flaugh<br />

was able to purchase 1000 Maverick<br />

Region window stickers for $65.<br />

These stickers will be given out at<br />

various region events.<br />

Webmaster Denny Payne is in<br />

discussion with James Shoffit and<br />

Bill Orr about updating the Region<br />

website to make it easier to search,<br />

more mobile-friendly, and to add<br />

the ability for members to post their<br />

own classified ads. Bill noted that<br />

the intent is to make it fit in more<br />

closely with the PCA National website.

Safety Chair Joe McGlohen noted the loss of longtime<br />

race controller Mary Coney on May 13, and told<br />

us that there would be a celebration of her life on June<br />

18. Joe noted that his Safety Chair apprentices are<br />

working out well.<br />

Bill Orr had three proposals for the board. First<br />

was the use of internet-enabled digital photo frames to<br />

promote Maverick Region at various locations. These<br />

devices, which cost about $200 each, can show images<br />

of region activities and include a QR code that allows<br />

prospective members to join PCA on the spot. A motion<br />

was made and seconded, and the board voted to<br />

purchase one unit for placement at Autobahn Porsche<br />

on a trial basis.<br />

Bill’s second proposal was for a portable flagpole<br />

which can support two 3-ft by 5-ft flags to identify Region<br />

gatherings. The poles extend to about 20 feet and<br />

collapse to 44 inches for transportation, with a cost of<br />

$200 for the stand, pole, and flags. A motion was made<br />

and seconded, and the board voted to purchase it.<br />

The third proposal was to update the Maverick Region<br />

logo. The current logo seems dated, too busy, and<br />

has fine details that do not always reproduce well. He<br />

presented several ideas to the group. The board agreed<br />

that we are ready for a logo change, but need time to<br />

finalize a design. A motion was made and seconded to<br />

update the region logo, and the vote passed.<br />

Jim Falgout announced Carey Spreen as Maverick of<br />

the Month. Meeting adjourned slightly after 9:00 pm.<br />


It’s Easy to Play!<br />

Play here for fun and find the answers below<br />

OR<br />

Play for prizes on the web at http://mav.pca.org, with<br />

the answers and winners to be posted here after each<br />

month’s contest has closed. Thanks to Jerry DeFeo for<br />

putting this and the Web Trivia together.<br />

The Winner for this month is,<br />


getting 5 of 5 correct, plus the Tie Breaker.<br />

Cyril, please contact Kirk at Zim’s<br />

to claim your $25 Gift Certificate.<br />

Thanks to all for playing!<br />

1. A recent ADVERTISEMENT said that _____________ was for<br />

Fast Cars; and Autocross is for Fast Drivers.<br />

a. Bonneville Salt Flats b. Texas Mile c. Drag Racing d. Indy 500<br />

Source: <strong>Slipstream</strong>, May <strong>2016</strong>, p 20<br />

2. A very special project came about in 1974 with _________<br />

Identical 3.0 Carrera RSs built for the “International Race of<br />

Champions” (IROC) racing series; all of them were exactly<br />

identical in performance and handling, but all a different color.<br />

How many were built?<br />

a. 10 b. 12 c. 15 d. 20<br />

Source: Porsche Museum Book, p 62<br />

3. The IROC Series was the brainchild of _______________?<br />

a. Peter Gregg b. Roger Penske c. Mario Andretti d. John<br />

DeLorean<br />

Source: Porsche Museum Book, p 62<br />

4. At the 2010 Paris Motor Show, Porsche introduced its fourth<br />

version of the legendary Speedster in the 997 Series to be made in<br />

a very limited quantity. How many were made?<br />

a. 356 b. 500 c. 911 d. 997<br />

Source: Porsche Museum Book, p 212<br />

5. While all of the Speedsters had virtually all of Porsche’s 911 Series<br />

Options, a very special color was developed exclusively for the<br />

Speedster. What color was it?<br />

a. Pearl Black b. Carrera White c. Ferry Red d. Pure Blue<br />

Source: Porsche Museum Book, p 218<br />

6. Tie Breaker: What color brake calipers did the Speedster have?<br />

a. Red b. Silver c. Green d. Yellow<br />

Source: Porsche Museum Book, photo on pp 213-214<br />

Answers: 1) c 2) c 3) b 4) a 5) d 6) d<br />


We Buy, Sell & Trade the World’s Finest Timepieces<br />

Authorized Dealer for major brands including:<br />

Patek Philippe • Rolex • Bell & Ross • Blancpain • Corum<br />

F.P. Journe • Girard Perregaux • Jaeger LeCoultre • Tudor<br />

Visit deBoulle.com to view our extensive collection of pre-owned timepieces.<br />


8 <strong>July</strong><br />

6821 Preston Rd., Dallas, Texas 75205 214.522.2400 deBoulle.com

Welcome Our New Mavericks!<br />

By John Hamilton, Region Membership Chair<br />

Matthew Alexander<br />

Dallas<br />

<strong>2016</strong> Cayman GT4<br />

Armando Almeida<br />

Colleyville<br />

2003 911 Turbo<br />

Brandon Baker<br />

Southlake<br />

1999 911 Carrera Cabriolet<br />

Lisa Boyd<br />

Dallas<br />

2008 911 Carrera 4S<br />

Bradley Caldwell<br />

Dallas<br />

<strong>2016</strong> 911 GT3<br />

Justin Chambers<br />

Dallas<br />

1966 912<br />

Mike Childers<br />

Forney<br />

2007 Cayman S<br />

Cliff Dycus<br />

Plano<br />

2014 911 Carrera<br />

Michael Gallo<br />

Dallas<br />

1995 911 Carrera Cabriolet<br />

Thomas Goolsby<br />

Allen<br />

2005 911 Carrera S<br />

Paul Griffith<br />

Dallas<br />

2015 911 Turbo Cabriolet<br />

Craig Hale<br />

Bedford<br />

2012 911 Carrera S<br />

Brent Howell<br />

Dallas<br />

2012 911 Carrera S<br />

Jonathan Lindsey<br />

Greenville<br />

2001 Boxster S<br />

Jay Lynch<br />

Fort Worth<br />

2013 911 CS Cabriolet<br />

William Perry<br />

Dallas<br />

1988 911 Carrera Targa<br />

Greg Pitoniak<br />

Dallas<br />

2005 Boxster S<br />

Thomas Proell<br />

Southlake<br />

2015 Macan S<br />

Mike Scott<br />

Granbury<br />

<strong>2016</strong> Macan S<br />

Chris Smith<br />

Plano<br />

2017 Macan S<br />

Tom Stelter<br />

Frisco<br />

2007 911 Turbo<br />

If you have any changes that<br />

you would like to make to the<br />

MRPCA membership guide,<br />

contact John Hamilton at<br />

membership@mavpca.org<br />

Maverick Membership Totals<br />

Members ~ 1,676<br />

Affiliate Members ~ 876<br />

Total Membership ~ 2,552<br />

James Stewart<br />

Corinth<br />

2002 911 Carrera 4S<br />

Larry Thompson (Kim)<br />

Princeton<br />

2017 911 Carrera 4S<br />

Chris Walker<br />

McKinney<br />

2007 911 Turbo<br />

Frank Waugh<br />

Forney<br />

1984 928S<br />

Stanley Whitney (Su Brude)<br />

Frisco<br />

2008 911 Turbo<br />

Transfers In<br />

None this month<br />

John Christian<br />

Dallas<br />

2010 Cayman S<br />

Clint Locklin<br />

Plano<br />

1999 911 Carrera<br />

Say hello to your fellow<br />

Porsche drivers!<br />

Flashing your high beams at fellow Porsche<br />

drivers is a time-honored tradition . . .<br />

Keep the flash alive!<br />

Anniversaries: <strong>July</strong><br />

** 40 Years **<br />

William Dawson (Sharron) Cedar Hill<br />

20 Years<br />

Bryan Henderson (Patricia) Bedford<br />

Phil Migicovsky (Myra)<br />

Dallas<br />

15 Years<br />

Shane Altman (Dana)<br />

Richardson<br />

David Podeschi (Susan)<br />

Prosper<br />

Daniel Veltkamp<br />

Dallas<br />

10 Years<br />

Randy Evans<br />

Plano<br />

Gerald Halyard (Julia)<br />

Fort Worth<br />

Matt Selner<br />

Plano<br />

Brien Smith (Anne)<br />

Dallas<br />

5 Years<br />

Bruce Blount (Kerry)<br />

Kenneth Caldwell (Evelyn)<br />

Ian Donnelly<br />

Jon Drake<br />

David Emmons<br />

Harry Filbey (Sue)<br />

Roger Gates<br />

Tom Golden (Conner)<br />

Bryan Greenup (Lisa)<br />

Mark Jones (Cathy)<br />

Michael Longanecker (Debbie)<br />

Wendell Martens<br />

Jason Taylor (Christie)<br />

Fort Worth<br />

Dallas<br />

Dallas<br />

Carrollton<br />

Dallas<br />

Whitesboro<br />

Fort Worth<br />

Dallas<br />

McKinney<br />

Colleyville<br />

Dallas<br />

Kennedale<br />

Southlake<br />


Five Speed Chatter: Spoiled Rotten<br />

By Ash Seidl-Staley<br />

Photos Courtesy of the Author<br />

ne of the greatest moments of my life happened<br />

on February 4, 2015. On that day,<br />

O<br />

my wife and I were graciously permitted<br />

to bring our son, Christian Hans, into this<br />

world! From the moment that his eyes first opened, I<br />

knew that he would be spoiled rotten. Man was I right!<br />

In his defense, Christian is luckier than most kids. He<br />

currently has five grandparents and four great grandparents,<br />

all living, and all eager to buy him toys and<br />

clothes. As any parent knows, grandparents are notorious<br />

for spoiling grandchildren. So far, Christian’s<br />

grandparents are no different.<br />

One of Christian’s “big ticket” Christmas gifts this<br />

past year was a 2015 Porsche 911 GT3 Power Wheel. As<br />

most Mavericks know, my first car was a walker buggy<br />

with a Porsche decal slapped on the front of it. Christian<br />

seems to have had an upgrade. And I would be<br />

lying if I said that I wasn’t jealous -- I mean, come on,<br />

look at it! This ginormous power wheel, which we have<br />

yet to name, looks phenomenal, has tons of standard<br />

features, and even comes with its own working FM radio!<br />

This beautiful, but not so little, plastic sports car<br />

lights up and makes racing noises when the steering<br />

wheel is turned. It comes with paddle shifters that<br />

also make noises that mimic the sounds our cars make<br />

upshifting and downshifting. The Porsche also comes<br />

with three modes of driving: Forward Drive, Reverse,<br />

and Sport Mode. Sport Mode is achieved after removing<br />

the governing pin on the gear shift, and placing<br />

the shifter into the “S” position. This change, though<br />

slight, increases the top speed of the Power Wheel to<br />

just over 5 mph! This is exactly double of what the regular<br />

Forward Drive mode will achieve.<br />

Although Christian is too small<br />

for this particular toy right now, it<br />

seems as though many of his other<br />

toys will carry the Porsche brand<br />

as well. When I was a young boy<br />

my Porsche collection was limited<br />

to die cast models, plastic models,<br />

posters, books, and maybe a<br />

remote controlled vehicle. For<br />

Christian and his generation,<br />

there are multiple ways for him to<br />

get his Porsche fix. On top of everything that was available<br />

when I was a kid, Porsche has currently partnered<br />

with numerous video game franchises, cell phone app<br />

developers, the Playmobile Company, Fisher Price toys,<br />

VTECH Go Go vehicle design, and even the all-powerful<br />

Lego! With the very successful racing careers of<br />

the 919 and the Flying Lizards, Porsche has expanded<br />

its market directly into kids’ toy boxes, hopefully, with<br />

more designs and partnerships to come.<br />

I can’t honestly say who is more excited about<br />

Porsche toys, me or my son. Considering he is only<br />

16 months old, it is most likely myself. But, come on I<br />

can’t be the only one, right?<br />

Play on Mavs!<br />

Christian’s Autos...I wonder if he likes air cooled engines<br />

10 <strong>July</strong>

Mary Coney: Remembering a Good Friend<br />

By Joe McGlohen, Region Safety Chair<br />

Photo Courtesy of the Author<br />

s a person, Mary Coney had warmth and a<br />

A<br />

sense of humor. She was down to earth and<br />

loved motorsports, as well as the friends she<br />

shared that love with, including Maverick<br />

Region. She was a delight to be around and to work<br />

with. She loved music, especially “oldie” car music. She<br />

once brought a bunch of CDs filled with her “Favorite<br />

Car Music” to an event and shared her favorites with<br />

all the workers (and me). She was also crazy about her<br />

grandkids.<br />

Mary was active as an SCCA corner worker for many<br />

years preceding our Drivers’ Education program, and<br />

as our DE program took shape, she started as a corner<br />

worker for us but soon became our “Control.”<br />

Many of you may not even recognize her name, but<br />

if you participated in any of our DEs or Club Racing<br />

events from 2002 forward, you would remember her<br />

calm golden voice from the tower on the PA system<br />

keeping things moving, thanking sponsors, and making<br />

sure folks knew where and when they needed to<br />

be. She did all of that, and all the while she was “Control,”<br />

the nerve center of the event, coordinating the<br />

corner workers, rescue, EMTs, and car recovery folks.<br />

This included juggling the schedule when weather, car<br />

breakdown recoveries, or other incidents that played<br />

havoc with our usual timetable. And in the midst of all<br />

of that chaos, she kept the DE staff informed and got<br />

their input when appropriate. After all the dust settled,<br />

she never hesitated to tell us what she needed to make<br />

things better, or to offer a differing opinion about procedures<br />

and policy that might improve our process.<br />

From my perspective as the Safety Chair during several<br />

of those years, I always felt at ease when Mary was<br />

(in) CONTROL at our events. Several times I received<br />

similar feedback from the Club Race National Steward<br />

at our Club Races.<br />

She will be truly missed and long remembered.<br />


Hope Shelter Update: Hope’s Helpers<br />

By Bill Middleton<br />

Photo Courtesy of the Author<br />

ne of the issues that the<br />

O<br />

Hope Shelter, MRPCA’s<br />

continuing charity,<br />

deals with regularly is<br />

maintenance and upkeep issues<br />

of the building and its equipment.<br />

While the building itself has done<br />

very well over the years, typical<br />

“wear and tear” items are a constant<br />

issue – and financial drain –<br />

for Hope.<br />

One of the unfortunate issues<br />

that Hope deals with somewhat<br />

frequently is theft by their clients.<br />

While at first one may wonder why<br />

this issue even occurs, when Hope<br />

has provided their clients with a safe<br />

haven from a difficult situation, the<br />

reality is that, in many cases, Hope<br />

is a significantly better physical environment<br />

than the one they have<br />

come from – and as a result, some<br />

clients, out of significant need, will<br />

take things they need with them<br />

when they leave. Items like bedding,<br />

towels, silverware, dishes, and<br />

Bill Middleton installing a hair dryer<br />

so forth have all been subject to<br />

removal. Some items and issues can<br />

be easily resolved; Hope no longer<br />

uses regular dishes and silverware,<br />

it’s all disposable paper plates,<br />

plastic cups, and plastic silverware.<br />

Cooking utensils (clients cook for<br />

themselves) are as inexpensive<br />

as possible, as are pots, pans, and<br />

other cookware. Other items have<br />

been replaced either with a type of<br />

item that isn’t likely to be removed,<br />

or is inexpensive enough that it’s<br />

not a great burden to replace.<br />

One of the more difficult issues<br />

has been hair dryers – they seem to<br />

fly out the door on wings of their<br />

own, according to one of the volunteers!<br />

So, after some investigations<br />

and research, it was decided that<br />

the hair dryer issue would be resolved<br />

by installing hotel-type permanent<br />

wall-mounted units. Several<br />

units were reviewed, discussed<br />

with Hope director Lisa Huffaker,<br />

and a Sunbeam model was selected.<br />

On the last weekend of April, Bill<br />

Middleton and Ron Colbert went<br />

out to Hope Shelter and installed<br />

the new dryers. They were received<br />

with much appreciation by both<br />

the Hope staff and the residents,<br />

as now they were not only theft<br />

proof, but high enough on the wall<br />

that they were out of the reach of<br />

smaller kids.<br />

Also, while there, some other<br />

maintenance items were taken<br />

care of, including replacing a dead<br />

ceiling fan in one of the larger<br />

bedrooms, some fence repairs,<br />

some basic door hardware screw<br />

tightening and aligning on some<br />

doors, and checking the side yard<br />

for drainage.<br />

All in all, a very enjoyable and<br />

successful Saturday!<br />

If you are interested in working<br />

with our continuing charity, or<br />

would like to volunteer to help out,<br />

please contact Chris Hamilton, our<br />

Charitable Activities Chair, at<br />

hope@mavpca.org. She would love<br />

to hear from you!<br />

Ten Years of Hope:<br />

Huffaker-Hughes Hope<br />

House 10th Anniversary<br />

This December, the Hope Shelter<br />

celebrates ten years since the<br />

dedication and opening of their new<br />

home, the Huffaker-Hughes Hope<br />

House.<br />

The Hope House is the end<br />

result of years of planning, dedication,<br />

fund raising, and just plain<br />

hard work by a dedicated group<br />

of Porschephiles in response to the<br />

deteriorating and difficult conditions<br />

that, until that time, had been the<br />

original Hope Shelter.<br />

While the history of its conception,<br />

construction, and completion<br />

is long, the conclusion of the story<br />

is short and sweet. Thanks to the efforts,<br />

contributions, and hard work<br />

of the Maverick Region, what could<br />

have been a tragic ending instead<br />

became a beautiful beginning: a<br />

brand new shelter, built to serve<br />

the needs of those most vulnerable<br />

– battered and abused women and<br />

children – for decades to come.<br />

As we prepare to celebrate this<br />

milestone, it is most important to<br />

acknowledge and remember that<br />

this wonderful place would not have<br />

gone from just a dream on paper to<br />

bricks and mortar without its most<br />

essential component – YOU – all our<br />

fellow Mavericks – who, through<br />

your continuing generosity over the<br />

years at everything from charity laps<br />

at DEs to donations of gift cards at<br />

Christmas, made the building of<br />

Hope House a reality.<br />

Please join all of us this year as<br />

we celebrate this milestone achievement,<br />

and keep your eyes open during<br />

this year for special events and<br />

opportunities to help Hope continue<br />

its mission. If you are new to the<br />

Maverick Region, and would like<br />

to learn more about Hope Shelter,<br />

we welcome your interest with open<br />

arms, and encourage you to contact<br />

any Board member for further information.<br />

12 <strong>July</strong>

Autocrossing: Your Porsche is already prepared!<br />

By Mark Schnoerr, Region Autocross Chair<br />

Photos Courtesy of the Author<br />

odern Porsches take virtually no preparation<br />

for autocross. Locally, the Equipe<br />

M<br />

Rapide/PCA classes P1 to P3 are the same<br />

as the PCA National Small Region Showroom<br />

Stock Classes S1 to S3 (all ten classes are listed<br />

here: http://mav.pca.org/Events/Autocross/ERClassification.asp).<br />

If your car is not listed for some reason,<br />

we can sort that out at the event.) If you own a<br />

normally-maintained Porsche, you are ready to arrive,<br />

empty loose contents, sign up, put on temporary masking<br />

tape numbers and class on the doors, go through a<br />

short tech line, and attend the drivers’ meeting. If you<br />

are a novice or unsure of activities, there is always a novice<br />

course walk before the driving starts, where much<br />

knowledge and experience will be shared. Be sure to<br />

arrive by 8 am. If you like “cars and coffee” events, autocross<br />

is like that, but the cars get driven too. You don’t<br />

need any special pre-tech, brake pads, or tires. As a<br />

matter of fact, most cars just run on high performance<br />

street tires, like the ones that came on your Porsche.<br />

About 100 cars will be entered in each event. You<br />

must work part of the event in order for your timed<br />

runs to be counted, but this generally means watching<br />

other competitors drive the course and occasionally<br />

picking up cones that they knock down. Depending on<br />

how many drivers are entered, there are either three or<br />

four run sessions, called “heats.” In a three-heat event,<br />

you take your timed runs in one heat, work another<br />

heat, and rest in the third, not necessarily in that order.<br />

In a four-heat event, you drive one heat and work one<br />

heat in the morning, then repeat that in the afternoon.<br />

You will get six to eight timed runs, and can request<br />

a coach to help you find the course or take you for a<br />

few rides to show you what it is all about. Many novices<br />

like those rides, because the whole idea of autocross becomes<br />

very clear very<br />

quickly. Times are very<br />

similar to the lap time<br />

at a time trial event.<br />

The biggest difference<br />

is that you will likely<br />

run the entire course<br />

in second gear, rarely<br />

exceeding 65 mph,<br />

but aggressively accelerating,<br />

braking and<br />

steering through the<br />

pylon-marked course<br />

as fast as you can.<br />

Many people are so<br />

focused they have difficulty remembering to breathe,<br />

but almost everyone crosses the finish line with a smile<br />

on their face, ready to go again. So you go back to grid<br />

and have a 10 to 15 minute wait before you’re up again.<br />

The event is typically over by about 3:30 pm, the<br />

course is picked up, and the trophy / awards presentation<br />

ends the day. This is when the cash award payouts<br />

also happen.<br />

Review the schedule<br />

on page 20 and pick an<br />

autocross for a low-risk<br />

way to enjoy your Porsche<br />

and some very interesting<br />

people. You will learn excellent<br />

car control skills<br />

that will benefit you in<br />

day-to-day driving, as well<br />

as skills you can count on<br />

if you decide to try Time<br />

Erik Holt’s White 993 C4S<br />

Julia Underwood sits low in<br />

Ed Mayo’s long hood 911S<br />

Trials or High Speed<br />

Driver Education events.<br />

Many of the club’s top<br />

racers and coaches started out in autocross.<br />

See you at an event soon. Next event: <strong>July</strong> 24 at the<br />

beautiful and shady Lone Star Park Grand Prairie site.<br />

Look for the ER/PCA autocross schedule at mav.pca.<br />

org or autocross.com.<br />

Fred Stubbs’ Spyder and Mike Syler’s 997S, both with PDKs<br />


Saturday Drive Recap: B-Double-E-Double-R-U-N<br />

By Mark Pitarresi<br />

Photos by Bill Orr and the Author*<br />

*<br />

t was a beautiful<br />

I<br />

morning on May 14 with<br />

temperatures in the<br />

70s and partly cloudy.<br />

The drive started at the Walmart<br />

Supercenter in Lake Worth. There<br />

were 81 Porsches and 130 people<br />

at the event. It was hard not to<br />

notice the spectators in awe of this<br />

Porsche mass. Our drive would take<br />

us 105 miles through the towns of<br />

Lake Worth, Weatherford, Hudson<br />

Oaks, Rainbow, completing the<br />

drive in Granbury at Revolver<br />

Brewing. As usual there was a good<br />

mix of Porsches, from a 944 to a<br />

Martini-themed 918 supercar! The<br />

excitement could be easily seen on<br />

all our faces.<br />

1974 Ice Green Metallic 911<br />

Tom started the drivers meeting<br />

and stressed the importance of the<br />

rules as well as his safety concerns<br />

on the route. I was pleased to get in<br />

the third group, because it meant<br />

I had some more time to look at a<br />

1974 Ice Green Metallic 911. This<br />

car was AWESOME! The driver<br />

was quick to tell me that it was not<br />

a show car and its purpose was to<br />

be driven often! He had upgraded<br />

the engine to a 3.2 liter. His wife<br />

then told me about their other<br />

911, a 1971, which has a 2.7 liter<br />

engine. She then explained that it<br />

requires a little more fiddling. She<br />

had a smile from ear to ear as she<br />

talked about their other 911. They<br />

were both true Porsche enthusiasts<br />

for sure. The only thing on my<br />

mind was that I wanted to hear that<br />

engine, but it was time to line up.<br />

14 <strong>July</strong><br />

While on the drive, there were<br />

a few areas where people gathered<br />

on the side of the road watching all<br />

the Porsches go by. These are not<br />

just drives; they are like rolling car<br />

shows, with spirited driving as the<br />

theme!<br />

Starting at the Lake Worth Walmart<br />

While at the rest stop I heard<br />

an air cooled engine. The sound<br />

ended up being the Ice Green<br />

911 that I wanted to hear earlier.<br />

It pulled out onto the road solo.<br />

The driver growled through the<br />

gears as he reached cruising speed.<br />

Everyone at the rest stop seemed to<br />

pause to take in the sound of the<br />

lone air cooled flat six in perfect<br />

tune. Another 997 S caught my<br />

eye and I decided to take a closer<br />

look. The owners were very excited<br />

about their car and noted that it was<br />

their first Porsche. When leaving<br />

the rest stop I got to open it up a<br />

little (while obeying the traffic laws<br />

of course). The sun was mostly out<br />

The requisite rear view image<br />

Members enjoyed great driving roads<br />

by this time and it made for some<br />

good scenic country driving for the<br />

last part of the drive.<br />

The brewery had live music<br />

(The Jenna Clark Band) and it was<br />

a great atmosphere! I was not<br />

familiar with Revolver and did<br />

enjoy all four of their brews. I ran<br />

The group arrives safely for some<br />

good times at Revolver Brewing<br />

into Tom and told him what a good<br />

time I was having. Tom and I then<br />

talked about how great all the<br />

members are in the PCA club,<br />

volunteering for PCA, his old<br />

Porsches, and some of the drives<br />

that take place in the Hill Country.<br />

Upon departure, I had to take one<br />

last stroll through the parking lot.<br />

It’s always a sight to see this many<br />

Porsches in one place!


First Porsches: Two That Got Away<br />

By Bill Bradley<br />

Photos Courtesy of Creative Commons<br />

16 <strong>July</strong><br />

356B Coupe<br />

n 1962 I purchased my first Porsche. It<br />

I<br />

would not be the last. This first one was a<br />

356B coupe, blue with red interior. I purchased<br />

the car from a Chevrolet dealer in<br />

Morristown, New Jersey. Morristown is home to the<br />

Seeing Eye, a group that trains guide dogs for the blind.<br />

Almost any time of day you could see people walking<br />

their German Shepherds around the town square.<br />

At the time I was<br />

in between years of<br />

college. Two friends<br />

of mine also bought<br />

Porsches, both late<br />

1950s models. The<br />

three of us searched<br />

out unfinished housing<br />

developments<br />

and raced our cars<br />

around the roads.<br />

We were fortunate<br />

that none of us ever got caught.<br />

Around this same time we discovered Lime Rock<br />

and Watkins Glen. We drove to as many of the racing<br />

events we could. We saw many of the racing luminaries.<br />

The names that stick my memory were Mark Donohue<br />

and Peter Revson. But most of all I remember the übersportsman<br />

Briggs Cunningham orbiting Watkins Glen<br />

in his helicopter, watching his entrant in the race below.<br />

As the year wore on and school time approached,<br />

the three of us went our separate ways. I was working<br />

for a civil engineer and land surveyor. His son Curt and<br />

I had palled around some, and Curt convinced me to<br />

join him in attending college in East Tennessee. That<br />

September we packed our things into the Porsche and<br />

headed south.<br />

Culture shock awaited me. The state was dry. Television<br />

consisted of three channels: wrestling, country<br />

music, and religious programming. I would first see<br />

Dolly Parton on the Porter Wagoner television show.<br />

Porter sported this . . . let’s call it . . . Technicolor suit.<br />

I saw Teddy and Doyle, the Wilburn Brothers, who had<br />

their own show. Porter and Dolly were in the major<br />

leagues; Teddy and Doyle were in the minors.<br />

Wrestling, pronounced “wrastlin’,” was obviously<br />

highly fake but also highly entertaining. I remember<br />

a guy name Antonio Rocco who bounced around the<br />

ring like a big rubber ball. Most of the other wrastlers<br />

were glandular case hillbilly types in bib overalls.<br />

I pledged a fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon. One of my<br />

duties was to procure liquor for our weekend house<br />

parties. This meant driving the 52 miles to Abingdon,<br />

Virginia, to the package stores that the dotted the state<br />

line. Every Friday, after classes, I would head north with<br />

a list of requirements from the full-fledged fraternity<br />

brothers. Most favored pint bottles. A few had flasks<br />

so it was fifths or quarts for them. Never mind if I was<br />

stopped by the cops or the alcoholic beverage control<br />

boys. They could confiscate my car. But I was a lowly<br />

pledge. Do it and like it.<br />

I was never chased. But I still fancied myself as a<br />

Thunder Road bootlegger personified. I had even<br />

been to Ashville, North Carolina to be shown the coal<br />

yard where movie actor Robert Mitchum jumped out of<br />

a window to evade the revenuers.<br />

House parties were always fun. The dance craze was<br />

the Alligator, which involved drunkenly sprawling on<br />

the floor and flailing one’s arms in a swimming motion.<br />

The preferred song for the Alligator was Double<br />

Shot of My Baby’s Love by the Swinging Medallions,<br />

a not-ready-for-Carnegie-Hall group. For the record, I<br />

became the vice-president of the Gamma Chapter of<br />

Sigma Phi Epsilon and could tell others to go on booze<br />

runs to Virginia.<br />

School progressed. I still had the Porsche. I was entering<br />

my senior year in the Reserve Officers’ Training<br />

Corps, or ROTC. I come from a military family so my<br />

goal was to be become a Regular Army officer. This<br />

entailed becoming a Distinguished Military Graduate.<br />

This came true, and after graduation I sold the Porsche<br />

and was off to Viet Nam.<br />

Nobody wants to<br />

hear war stories, so I’ll<br />

fast-forward to the end<br />

of my second tour. I<br />

ultimately returned to<br />

Fort Sill, Oklahoma,<br />

and there came another<br />

Porsche. This time it<br />

was a 1971 914-6. (This,<br />

of course, is the second<br />

1971 914-6<br />

car I should have held onto.) I enjoyed the 914. But<br />

this was Oklahoma, hellishly hot, and the Porsche was<br />

un-air-conditioned.<br />

(Flash forward: today<br />

I drive a 2006 911 Cabriolet,<br />

sedate by Porsche<br />

standards, but we are<br />

talking many years and a<br />

waterfall of Stella Artois<br />

over the spillway.)<br />

(Flash back to Oklahoma.) I’m still in the army. I<br />

purchased a Triumph Bonneville motorcycle to com-

mute from my apartment to Officer Career Courses at<br />

Fort Sill. Helmets were mandatory, so early each morning<br />

several us arrived dressed in Class A uniforms and<br />

dutifully wearing our helmets.<br />

The Bonneville led me to a group of locals and<br />

Army types who spent their weekends tearing around<br />

Lake Ellsworth on dirt bikes. I went through several before<br />

settling on a 360cc Husqvarna. Its 46 horsepower<br />

proved to be my undoing. I crashed the bike, broke my<br />

left collarbone, and spent the rest of the hot Oklahoma<br />

summer in a body cast.<br />

About the time I got out of the body cast, I met Judy,<br />

who has been my wife for nearly 40 years. I needed<br />

something less dangerous to drive, so I purchased a<br />

new 1972 Corvette. It had the 454 cu. In. engine, but by<br />

this time Chevy had fallen prey to emission standards<br />

so the car only managed a puny 270 horsepower.<br />

Army life was quickly losing its charms, so I resigned<br />

my Captain’s commission. Judy and I were off to graduate<br />

school at the University of Oklahoma. We both took<br />

jobs to work our way through school.<br />

Eventually the company I worked for transferred us<br />

to Texas. The years passed. We moved from Keller to<br />

Lewisville to Flower Mound. Last year another Porsche<br />

arrived. We became Mavericks and we continue to enjoy<br />

the friends we’ve met and roads we’ve traveled.<br />

Authors and Photographers<br />

Wanted for <strong>Slipstream</strong><br />

We welcome submissions<br />

for articles and photographs<br />

from all Mav members. If you<br />

enjoyed the stories and images<br />

of travel, adventure, events,<br />

and collections of Porsche<br />

memorabilia in this and past<br />

issues of <strong>Slipstream</strong>, please<br />

consider sharing your story<br />

with us. Send your text and<br />

photos to editor@mavpca.org.<br />

Parts or Service, We Deliver Excellence.<br />

Over 300,000 parts in stock.<br />

Expert service and repair.<br />

Parts and Service for: Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Mini, and Smart Car.<br />

817-267-4451<br />

Visit us online at:<br />

1-800-356-2964<br />

www.allzim.com<br />

zimips@allzim.com<br />

1804 Reliance Pkwy. Bedford, TX 76021 M-F 8am to 5:30pm<br />

Zims Autotechnik is not affiliated with Porsche AG or PCNA Registered Trademark of Dr. Ing h.c.F. Porsche A.G.<br />


Maverick Region Logo: Time For An Update?<br />

By Bill Orr<br />

Images by Bill Orr<br />

he Maverick Region was born in November<br />

T<br />

1962 at the Fiesta Best Western Motel in<br />

Arlington, Texas. The official charter from<br />

the national officers of PCA was issued on<br />

December 24th, 1962. On<br />

April 5th, 1963 Geoffery<br />

Hamilton Horsfall submitted<br />

a design for the first<br />

Maverick Region logo, a<br />

design that has now been<br />

in use for over 50 years.<br />

Logos are intended<br />

to be the “face” of a company:<br />

They are graphical<br />

displays of a company’s<br />

unique identity, and through colors, fonts and images<br />

they provide essential information about a company<br />

that allows customers to identify with the company’s<br />

brand.<br />

Unfortunately, the most unique element of the original<br />

design is overlooked by most because of a change<br />

made years ago. The replica of a Porsche steering<br />

wheel in black and nickel finish was changed by removing<br />

the Porsche crest and replacing it with a gold star.<br />

The problem is that the white star was supposed to represent<br />

the Lone Star State and now there are two stars.<br />

In addition, the original logo was designed before the<br />

newsletter, before the website, and before the Goodie<br />

Store. As a result it is technically problematic. With its<br />

layered elements and fine lines, it does not scale well.<br />

The two places you see this most is in the newsletter<br />

and on Goodie Store items. In the newsletter it does<br />

not scale down very well at all. On embroidered items<br />

from the Goodie Store, the logo has to be sewn unusually<br />

large in order to see all of the detail and fine<br />

lines. Another issue is that the word “Texas” is written<br />

in white, and because it is superimposed over the white<br />

star, the “x” tends to get lost.<br />

Being over 50 years old, the original logo is very dated.<br />

The font used is very plain and lacks style. There is<br />

nothing that visually connects the emblem to Porsche<br />

or to the national Porsche Club. Fifty years ago, Porsche<br />

only sold sports cars. Today they sell sports cars, SUVs,<br />

sedans, and even bicycles. In that time, both Porsche<br />

and the Porsche Club have updated their logos. It’s<br />

time for the Maverick Region do so as well, because the<br />

original logo just does not meet the needs of the region<br />

today or in the future. So at the June 1, <strong>2016</strong> Board<br />

meeting, the Maverick Region Board voted to change<br />

the logo upon the approval of a new design.<br />

In designing a new logo our mission was to design<br />

something that reflected the region we serve. With<br />

144 different regions in PCA, having a logo that communicates<br />

where you are from is important at national<br />

events. We also set out with a specific set of objectives:<br />

• It needs to be something the members of the<br />

organization can proudly stand behind.<br />

• It needs to look good at all sizes and on all forms<br />

of media.<br />

• It needs to appeal to people of all ages.<br />

• It needs to appeal to potential members, donators,<br />

and sponsors.<br />

• It needs to be modern, but not rely too heavily<br />

on trends.<br />

• It needs to have a visual connection to both the<br />

national Porsche Club and Porsche logos.<br />

• It needs to be strong enough to stand next to the<br />

national Porsche Club and Porsche logo and not<br />

look out of place.<br />

So we came up with a new PROPOSED design that<br />

kept the original concept of the Texas Flag and the<br />

Lone Star State. It uses a wheel and tire instead of a<br />

steering wheel, but we added the Porsche Horse to tie<br />

it to the Porsche Crest and to the PCA National logo.<br />

The single STAR over a red,<br />

white, and blue background represents<br />

the State of Texas Flag.<br />

Adding the Horse from the<br />

Porsche crest, and the word Texas<br />

ties the logo back to Porsche<br />

as well as the Maverick Region.<br />

When most people think of Maverick<br />

and Texas they think of the<br />

NBA basketball team, the Dallas<br />

Mavericks, whose mascot is a<br />

horse.<br />

The black ring with white text<br />

represents a tire. The star inside<br />

a circle represents a wheel. The<br />

red and blue are like brake calipers<br />

showing through the wheel.<br />

Wheel and tire dimensions have<br />

changed over time, but unlike steering wheels, they are<br />

basically the same as in years past.<br />

18 <strong>July</strong>

The end result is something that not only meets all of our objectives but it is also an evolution of the original<br />

concept.<br />

If you now look at the new PROPOSED Maverick region logo and compare it to the Porsche Crest and the PCA<br />

logo, I think you will agree that the new logo not only stands on its own, but it complements the Porsche Crest and<br />

the PCA logo much better than the old one.<br />

The Maverick Region Board is looking for feedback on the new PROPOSED logo and is accepting any and all<br />

other design ideas. Please submit those to Bill Orr via email at bill@billorr.com.<br />


20 <strong>July</strong>

The Art of Paint Protection<br />

After Installation<br />

A virtually invisible urethane film<br />

professionally applied to high-impact areas<br />

of your vehicle to protect your paint job from<br />

stone chips, sand, road debris and bug acids.<br />

During Installation<br />

Owner Installed<br />

Highest Quality Guaranteed<br />

2530 Tarpley Road, Suite 100<br />

Carrollton, TX 75006<br />


Tub Club Adventures: The Tub Club Goes Green<br />

By Barbara Madsen<br />

Photos Courtesy of the Author<br />

en Tub Club members<br />

T<br />

enjoyed an inspiring<br />

and informational tour<br />

of the Native Texas Park<br />

at the Bush Presidential Center in<br />

Dallas in April. Hertha Hughes, a<br />

Tub Club (and Maverick) member<br />

who is a docent at the Bush Library,<br />

initiated and organized the event.<br />

She not only provided the club<br />

with a wealth of information on the<br />

environmentally conscious theme<br />

of the park, but, since Tub Club<br />

members don’t have much of a<br />

desire to be pelted by rain and hail<br />

while looking at wildflowers, had to<br />

reschedule the tour repeatedly due<br />

to threatening weather forecasts.<br />

Hertha identifies various wildflowers<br />

for Tub Club members<br />

The 15-acre park is divided up<br />

into three ecosystems: Blackland<br />

Prairie, Post Oak Savannah, and<br />

Cross Timbers Forest. It is unique<br />

among presidential libraries, and<br />

the park’s native Texas landscape<br />

played a key role in qualifying the<br />

presidential center as a platinum<br />

Hertha discusses the purpose<br />

of bioswales in the park’s water<br />

management system<br />

level LEED (Leadership in Energy<br />

and Environmental Design), the<br />

first presidential library to achieve<br />

this distinction. To reduce the<br />

need for irrigation, the topography<br />

of the site was changed from a flat<br />

area to one that gradually sloped<br />

downward 27 feet. A 252-gallon<br />

cistern is located at the lowest level<br />

of the park, and all water percolating<br />

through the park is eventually<br />

captured there and pumped out to<br />

take care of the needs of the landscape.<br />

The cistern, however, is only part<br />

of the water conservation system<br />

used in the park. You will also find a<br />

stone sweep, which slowly expresses<br />

rainwater, and bioswales, which use<br />

plants to filter storm water runoff.<br />

This water management system was<br />

designed to provide 40% of the water<br />

needed for the landscape, but<br />

in actuality, it has far exceeded the<br />

original goals of the plan.<br />

We strolled on wandering trails,<br />

which snaked their way through<br />

hillsides covered with a kaleidoscope<br />

of color. Many varieties of<br />

wildflowers, grasses, bushes, and<br />

trees were blooming with all the<br />

enthusiasm spring entails. There<br />

are 53 different wildflower species<br />

represented in the park along with<br />

37 types of grasses, 34 shrub species,<br />

and 31 species of native trees.<br />

Although it looked as though we<br />

were walking through pristine areas<br />

untouched by human hands, an<br />

award-winning landscape architect,<br />

Michael Van Valkenburgh, carefully<br />

designed the park, and the result<br />

of his work was breathtaking! The<br />

self-sustaining and environmentally<br />

conscious aspect of his design is a<br />

guide for all of us to follow. It was<br />

an enjoyable and educational day.<br />

Thanks, Hertha!<br />

Linda, Lee, and Bill need a rest<br />

after walking a mile<br />

Tub Club members walking on one of the park’s trails<br />

with the Bush library in the background<br />

22 <strong>July</strong>

Autocross 4: Mineral Wells Mirror-Cross<br />

By Mark Schnoerr, Region Autocross Chair<br />

he fourth event of the Equipe Rapide/PCA<br />

T<br />

Autocross season was held at the expansive<br />

Mineral Ring site west of the Metroplex on<br />

Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. This site<br />

is so large it makes it possible to run two courses sideby-side,<br />

in what is known as a Mirror-Cross format. Drivers<br />

lined up for a drag-race style start (complete with<br />

Christmas Tree lights) on the left and right courses<br />

and departed simultaneously on parallel straightaways,<br />

where many cars ran hard in<br />

third gear before they turned<br />

away from each other to run<br />

alone on their own course. After<br />

the finish, the cars traded<br />

sides and lined up again to<br />

run the opposite course. Each<br />

car got six timed runs in the<br />

morning and six more timed<br />

runs in the afternoon. Best<br />

time on each course was all<br />

that mattered.<br />

Mirror-Cross pre-grid<br />

dual driver cars line up<br />

Seventy-four drivers ran<br />

for times, and the side-by-side<br />

competition created some<br />

Photos Courtesy of the Author<br />

fierce contests in classes and for overall honors, including<br />

Performance Index (PAX) cash payouts.<br />

Fred Stubbs and Mike Syler pitted Boxster Spyder<br />

and 997S respectively against each other in class P3.<br />

Fred was also first in the Porsche PAX cash payouts at<br />

this event on one of the courses. Mark Schnoerr won<br />

PAX on the other side. So far there have been four different<br />

winners of the top payout this season.<br />

Class P4 saw the Ed Mayo blue and orange 911S<br />

and the Sigrid Schnoerr Lime Green 914 2.0, both<br />

two-driver cars, and Marissa Moore in her 911T, hard<br />

at work. Mark Schnoerr was quickest in class on both<br />

courses, while Ed and Sigrid split second quickest on<br />

both courses. Overall combined for the day, the order<br />

was Mark, Ed, Sigrid, Julie and Marissa.<br />

Erik Holt and Doug Edney ran uncontested in their<br />

own classes but were also competing for the PAX payouts.<br />

Sue Crimm shared her 924S with Carey Spreen in<br />

class P9. Sue likes the power steering on this car better<br />

than the unassisted steering on Carey’s 911SC in the<br />

fast slalom sections.<br />

Next event: Sunday, <strong>July</strong> 24, at beautiful Lone Star<br />

Park in Grand Prairie.<br />

PCA 3 Course Best Time Total<br />

1T Stubbs, Fred Porsche Boxster Spyder White Right 51.074 102.464<br />

Left 51.390 [-]3.528<br />

2 Syler, Mike Porsche 911 Carrera S Red Right 53.567 105.992<br />

Left 52.425 3.528<br />

PCA 4<br />

1T Schnoerr, Mark Porsche 914 Green Right 49.571 97.719<br />

Left 48.148 [-]2.783<br />

2T Mayo, Edward Porsche 911S Blue/Orange Right 50.242 100.502<br />

Left 50.260 2.783<br />

3 schnoerr, sigrid Porsche 914 Green Right 50.689 100.867<br />

Left 50.178 0.365<br />

4 Underwood, Julia Porsche 911S Blue/Orange Right 58.915 116.839<br />

Left 57.924 15.972<br />

5 Moore, Marissa Porsche 911T Green Right 61.542 121.589<br />

Left 60.047 4.750<br />

PCA 6<br />

1 Holt, Erik Porsche 911 Carrera 4S White Right 51.377 101.503<br />

Left 50.126 -<br />

PCA 7<br />

1T Edney, Douglas Porsche 996 Black Right 52.681 104.758<br />

Left 52.077 -<br />

PCA 9<br />

1T Spreen, Carey Porsche 924S Red Right 52.449 104.694<br />

Left 52.245 [-]9.334<br />

2 Crimm, Sue Porsche 924S Red Right 57.485 114.028<br />

Left 56.543 9.334<br />


24 <strong>July</strong>


Brake fluid flush $125<br />

includes one liter of Motul RBF600<br />

"Get the most out of your braking system with this essential regular maintenance"<br />

We are the automotive experts who service your car<br />

with personal attentiveness and care.<br />

2520 Tarpley Rd, Suite 100<br />

Carrollton, Texas 75006<br />

972-418-1996<br />

innovativeautosportstx@gmail.com<br />


Maverick Monthly Social: Shuck N Jive in Richardson<br />

Photos by Stephanie Ho, Region Monthly Social Chair<br />

Great food, lots of prizes, and most importantly enjoying<br />

the excellent company of fellow Porsche friends!<br />

Maverick Monthly Social Chair Stephanie<br />

Ho congratulating Deanne Belden, the<br />

biggest prize winner of the night - a $50<br />

restaurant gift certificate!<br />

Plan to join<br />

us in <strong>July</strong>!<br />

John Savickas (r) welcoming our new member<br />

Chonarop Jamroendararasame<br />

Ben Connell, one of our lucky<br />

winners of this evening!<br />

Table full of happy winners!<br />

26 <strong>July</strong>

Congrats to Ed Mullenix (r). Look! Mark (l) is posing as a<br />

winner already, not knowing he is about to win!<br />

We always have a blast at our<br />

Maverick Region monthly happy hour!<br />


esults<br />


When all HAIL breaks loose...<br />

Roofing Solutions<br />

By Darren Houk<br />

A+ Rated<br />

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MICHAEL PICOLO | 972-365-7370<br />

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www.RoofingSolutionsHOUK.com<br />

www.roofingsolutionshouk.com<br />

817.692.8496<br />

Showroom by Appointment<br />

5500 Meandering Rd<br />

Ft. Worth, 76114<br />

Since 1971<br />

Providing personalized service<br />

on all Porsche automobiles.<br />

• Complete servicing and repairs<br />

on all air or water cooled models<br />

• In-house machine shop<br />

• M96/M97 reconditioning<br />

• Performance and track mods<br />

2530 Tarpley Road • Suite 700<br />

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28 <strong>July</strong>



So Your Part is NLA!<br />

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817 540 4939<br />

www.mayoperformance.com<br />

email: mike@mayoperformance.com<br />

30 <strong>July</strong>

Maverick Photos of the Month: Dramatic Backgrounds<br />

Photos by Members as Noted<br />

5 6<br />

3<br />

7<br />

2<br />

4<br />

1<br />

1. John Harvey - B.J. and I have had “miles of<br />

smiles” in Roxanne. Here she is at Boxstoberfest.<br />

2. Jack Griffin - ’89 911 Speedster<br />

3. Jack Griffin - with Jerry Seinfeld<br />

4. Jack Griffin - (ex) ‘55 Speedster in the Rockies<br />

5. Bill Bradley - 2006 Carrera - oldie but goodie<br />

6. Richard Whitman - 1992 968 Cabriolet<br />

7. Jim Hirsch - 2014 Boxster S - May at Mayo’s<br />

The August issue of <strong>Slipstream</strong> will feature Porsche cars participating in PCA and Maverick events.<br />

Send your photo submissions to editor@mavpca.org<br />


32 <strong>July</strong>


Unclassifieds<br />

Unclassifieds are available free to Maverick Region members and are $5 for all others (contact editor@mavpca for payment details). Please limit size to no more than 6 lines. Ads will run for 3<br />

issues, after which they will be removed unless you request that they be run for an additional 3 issues. E-mail your ad to classifieds@mavpca.org by the 10th of the month to have your ad run in the<br />

following month’s <strong>Slipstream</strong>. Be sure to include year, make, model, color, mileage, and asking price, as well as a contact name, phone number and/or email address. All parts will be advertised<br />

on our website. Check your ad for accuracy the first time it runs. Contact the editor to have your ad pulled sooner. Due to space constraints, photos may or may not be included. No dealers please!<br />

For Sale: 2011 Porsche 997.2S. White with black<br />

leather interior. Naturally aspirated with direct<br />

injection! 21500 miles, manual transmission,<br />

ventilated seats. 4000 miles since purchase at<br />

Autobahn. Remainder of warranty until 04/17. All<br />

maintenance completed, like new. Stunning car!<br />

Includes window sticker and Porsche COA. Asking<br />

$62,000. Contact Jack Krielen at krielenj@gmail.com<br />

or 817-307-9447. (07)<br />

For Sale: Mercedes-Benz 2013 C250 Coupe.<br />

Palladium silver with ash grey leather interior. 1.8liter<br />

Turbocharged direct injection. 7 speed automatic<br />

transmission. Aluminum trim, sport suspension, AMG<br />

6 Twin spoke wheels. Loaded with options. MSRP<br />

$46,200 when purchased at Park Place, Grapevine<br />

on 10/13. Like new condition. Only used during<br />

vacations. All MB service up to date. Remaining MB<br />

full warranty until 05/17. Asking $23,000. Contact<br />

Jack Krielen at krielenj@gmail.com or 817-307-9447.<br />

(07)<br />

For Sale: 2007 Cayman S. Black/black. Streetable<br />

track car, 6 speed, 36K, 20K on engine, new paint and<br />

clear bra, great interior, all the performance mods,<br />

faster than stock Cayman R. See link for full details...<br />

http://panjo.com/l/286240. Asking $43,000. Wheels<br />

and trailer also available. Contact Leif at leifp@<br />

yahoo.com or 817-681-3038. (07)<br />

For Sale: 1973 Porsche 914 2.0. White with black<br />

interior. Purchased new at Forest Lane Porsche Audi<br />

with extra 2.0 engine and working air-conditioning. I<br />

have the original window sticker and owners manual.<br />

Owned vehicle since 2004. Engine in the vehicle was<br />

built by Dan Cashman of DC racing and the 914 was<br />

serviced regularly at 911 enterprises by Dusty and<br />

Randy. Receipts from 2004 available. Optioned with<br />

factory front and rear sway bars. $12,000. Contact<br />

James at jarclay@swbell.net or 214-538-5407. (07)<br />

For Sale: 2001 Porsche Carrera. Black on Black,<br />

89K miles. New engine with less than 5K miles,<br />

IPD Plenum, new clutch, new front rotors, Cayman<br />

R Brake Pads, GT3 Control Arms, H&R Springs and<br />

Sway Bars, Turbo Twist and OZ Allegeritta Rims, GT3<br />

Seats and Heated Leather Seats. Always serviced at<br />

Porsche of Plano by lead tech only. Always garaged.<br />

Flawless car. $27,500. Contact Kevin Kim at<br />

kevinkim89@me.com or 214-693-5699. (07)<br />

For Sale: 2014 Cayman S. Guards red, black interior,<br />

red belts. 9000 miles, PDK. Never seen rain or snow,<br />

always garaged. Never tracked. Bose Surround, Sports<br />

Seats Plus, Sport Exhaust, 20” Carrera S wheels,<br />

Sirius XM, Bi-Xenon headlights with PDLS, PASM,<br />

Sport Design steering wheel with paddles, and power<br />

folding mirrors. Selling only because I obtained a<br />

GT4 build allocation slot. One of the nicer ones you<br />

will find. Full service history available, still under<br />

factory warranty. $62,000 Contact Tim Orton at 817-<br />

437-6148 or timorton@att.net. (07)<br />

For Sale: 2015 911 Carrera S. Black exterior, Black<br />

interior, 5,700 miles, one owner car. Original MSRP<br />

$114,875, PDK, 20” Carrera S Wheels, Steering wheel<br />

heating, Smoking Package, Bi-Xenon Headlights<br />

including Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS),<br />

Sport Chrono Package, Slide/Tilt Sunroof, Power<br />

Sport Seats (14-way), Premium Package Plus, Bose<br />

Audio, Tint, Non-Smoker, Clean Carfax, $89,990.<br />

Love the car, but have a 2017 Targa 4S en route. Email<br />

is the best way to reach me: taylor@insmg.com. Live<br />

in Fort Worth by TCU. (06)<br />

For Sale: Open trailer. 18’ steel bed, F & R tie<br />

downs, locking tire rack and fuel jug rack, swing<br />

away fender for driver’s door, tool box and ramps.<br />

Dual axle, electric brakes. $1950, with winch $2300.<br />

Contact Lee Wilkins at lwilkins44@yahoo.com or<br />

972-503-8825. (06)<br />

For Sale: 1999 Porsche 996. 153,xxx miles. Freshly<br />

professionally rebuilt engine, 50k on new dealer<br />

installed transmission. Car is very clean despite<br />

mileage, everything works and ac blows very cold.<br />

New Michelin Pilot Super sport tires all around, new<br />

Sachs clutch, LN IMS bearing, new oil separator,<br />

water pump, brake pads, window regulators. Current<br />

Texas state inspection. Factory Aero kit. Please call,<br />

text or email for more info or pictures. Car is located<br />

in Southlake. Contact Chris Amond at amondc@<br />

verizon.net or 817-896-5825. (06)<br />

For Sale: 1989 Porsche 944 Turbo S. SP3/stock F<br />

with log book. Approx. 20 hrs on motor and 10 hrs on<br />

transmission. Looks good and handles great! Exhaust,<br />

brakes, suspension, and multiple performance<br />

upgrades. $9500 OBO. Contact Mike Brodigan at<br />

mikebrodigan@hotmail.com or 817-233-0068. (05)<br />

If you see an item in the PCA<br />

store online that is not in our<br />

Mav store, we can request it.<br />

Send an email with the specifics<br />

to goodiestore@mavpca.org.<br />

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German Car<br />

Service & Maintenance<br />

by Appointment<br />

Specializing in:<br />

817-366-1678<br />

DasZauberwerk@ix.netcom.com<br />


Around the Bend...<br />

By Jim Hirsch, Managing Editor<br />

ith all of the rainy days in May through early<br />

W<br />

June, I was reminded to re-read one of my<br />

favorite driving stories, The Art of Racing in<br />

the Rain by Garth Stein. If you’ve not read<br />

this one, or even if this is also a re-read for you, reliving<br />

the story of Enzo and Denny is always uplifting, especially<br />

since Denny hones his driving skills in a Porsche.<br />

This is a heart-wrenching but deeply funny and ultimately<br />

uplifting story of family, love, loyalty, and hope.<br />

The Art of Racing in the Rain is a captivating look at the<br />

wonders and absurdities of human life…as only a dog<br />

could tell it. Now that the weather has dried out a bit,<br />

you may have to wait for the sprinklers to come on to<br />

get you in the right mood!<br />

We recently completed a 17 day road trip in our<br />

Boxster S through the Southwest and up the West<br />

coast. The 2014 Boxster S is now 25 months old and<br />

has 20,000 miles on it. There is no question we feel<br />

we’re getting full enjoyment out of our Porsche ownership<br />

investment with each ensuing road trip!<br />

Of course that got me to thinking about what is<br />

commonly referred to as “The Porsche Principle”. Attributed<br />

more than 65 years ago to Ferry Porsche, the<br />

quoted principle is “In the beginning, I looked around<br />

and could not find the car I’d been dreaming of: a<br />

small, lightweight sports car that uses energy efficiently.<br />

So I decided to build it myself.”<br />

In our visit to the recently renovated Petersen Car<br />

Museum in Los Angeles, that Porsche Principle was<br />

highly visible in their engineering history display area.<br />

Ferry’s dream of the perfect sports car has always<br />

driven Porsche – throughout their history<br />

– with every concept, every development and every<br />

model. The underlying principle is to always<br />

get the most out of everything. At Porsche, form<br />

always follows function.<br />

So, as Maverick Region members, we enjoy the<br />

Porsche Principle in many different ways. We have<br />

members who simply enjoy the pure form, design, even<br />

art, of the Porsche that sits most often in their garage.<br />

As collectors of art, viewing their Porsche satisfies an<br />

important need.<br />

Other members like to display their Porsche in<br />

Concours events, putting minimal miles on it to lessen<br />

the odds of the occasional road blemish occurring. Detailing<br />

and paying close attention to the cleanliness of<br />

every surface, inside and out, provides a close connection<br />

with the form and function of their Porsche.<br />

Still others view the ultimate enjoyment of both form<br />

and function of their Porsche in the regular exercise of<br />

it. These members subscribe to the Porsche credo of “A<br />

Porsche is no ordinary sports car, but a sports car for<br />

everyday driving, whatever the weather”. Chips, abrasions,<br />

and faded paint begin to form the patina of the<br />

Porsche from the first day of ownership. I imagine that<br />

quite a few of our members are members of this club,<br />

mostly by using their Porsche as a daily driver, but also<br />

perhaps by taking regular road trips like we enjoy in<br />

that Porsche investment.<br />

Wherever you fall in The Porsche Principle continuum,<br />

rest assured that you have many Maverick members<br />

right beside you. That alone is a great reason to be<br />

active in our many club events each month. I hope to<br />

see you soon at one of our upcoming events listed in<br />

our club calendar on page 1.<br />

For the August issue of <strong>Slipstream</strong>, our Photo of the<br />

Month focus will be Porsche cars participating in<br />

PCA and Maverick events. Send your photo<br />

submissions to editor@mavpca.org, or post them<br />

on our Maverick Region Porsche Club of<br />

America Facebook group page by <strong>July</strong> 10.<br />

36 <strong>July</strong>

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• Racing background at Daytona, Sebring, and Riverside<br />

• Master Certified Technicians<br />

• Bosch Authorized Service Center<br />

• Air conditioned shop for technician efficiency and comfort<br />

• We do not sell cars, thus we must survive on our 35+ year service reputation<br />

See what our customers are saying about us at:<br />

LoudenMotorCars.com<br />

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