Slipstream - April 2016

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America


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http://mav.pca.org<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>2016</strong><br />

Published by the Maverick Region, Porsche Club of America<br />

Upcoming Events<br />

• Father’s Day Picnic<br />

• Sunday Drive<br />

• Rally School<br />

Past Events<br />

• Wild Wildflowers<br />

• May at Mayo’s<br />

• Results<br />

June 2007 - Published by the Maverick Region<br />

Porsche Club of America

©<strong>2016</strong> Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of all traffic laws at all times.<br />

It’s clear at first glance -<br />

in this car beats the heart of a pure-bred sprinter.<br />

Muscular, athletic, powerful and challenging. The Cayenne GTS makes a clear statement.<br />

On every straight and in every bend. The car is powered by an all-new 3.6-liter twin-turbo V6<br />

engine with direct fuel injection (DFI). It produces a 0-62mph time of 5.2 thrilling seconds.<br />

An all-rounder that enjoys the short sprint as much as the long distance. For exhilaration and<br />

relaxation. And with a range of standard equipment that is far from ordinary.<br />

The new Cayenne GTS.<br />

Porsche Plano<br />

5924 W. Plano Parkway<br />

Plano TX 75093<br />

(972) 249-0910<br />


http://mav.pca.org<br />

Volume 54, Issue 4, <strong>April</strong> <strong>2016</strong><br />

Find event updates at http://mav.pca.org, follow our Twitter feed at https://twitter.com/MaverickPCA<br />

and join our Facebook Group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/mavpca/<br />

Departments<br />

Zone 5 Presidents..........................................1<br />

Shifting Gears (President’s Column).............2<br />

Maverick of the Month.................................2<br />

List of Officers and Board Chairs.................4<br />

Maverick Minutes.........................................6<br />

New Mavericks and Anniversaries................9<br />

Unclassifieds...............................................34<br />

Advertiser Index..........................................34<br />

Around the Bend (Editor’s Column)...........36<br />

Features<br />

Trivia.............................................................7<br />

Destination Restoration............................... 10<br />

Third Coast Rally 2015...............................12<br />

My First Four Porsche Cars........................16<br />

The E-Type, Lime Rock, & Le Chanteclair.18<br />

Maverick Photos of the Month....................31<br />

Upcoming Events<br />

May at Mayo’s...............................................7<br />

March Board Meeting...................................7<br />

COTA Club Race and Advanced Solo DE..11<br />

Maverick Lunch Series...............................11<br />

Easter Egg Hunt Road Rally.......................19<br />

Autocross Schedule.....................................20<br />

Time Trial #1: MW.....................................20<br />

Porsches 2 Prescott......................................22<br />

All British & European Car Day.................22<br />

<strong>April</strong> Sunday Drive: Back to Ben Wheeler.23<br />

<strong>April</strong> Monthly Social..................................26<br />

Past Event Recaps<br />

Maverick Region Autocross Series.............14<br />

February Monthly Social: Lavendou...........26<br />

<strong>April</strong><br />

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat<br />

1 2<br />

3 4 5 6 7 8 9<br />

10 11 12 13 14 15 16<br />

17 18 19 20 21 22 23<br />

24 25 26 27 28 29 30<br />

Day <strong>April</strong><br />

2-3 Driver’s Education 2: MSR<br />

3 Autocross 3: LSP<br />

6 Board Meeting<br />

12 Lewisville Lunch<br />

16 <strong>April</strong> Rally<br />

21 Mav Social: Wildwood Grill<br />

24 Sunday Drive: East Texas Tour<br />

28 Richardson/Southlake Lunches<br />

30 May at Mayo’s Dinner & Concours<br />

Day June<br />

1 Board Meeting<br />

5 Autos in the Park<br />

14 Lewisville Lunch<br />

16 Mav Social: TBD<br />

19-26 Porsche Parade <strong>2016</strong><br />

23 Richardson/Southlake Lunches<br />

Driving Event Venues<br />

BHS Burleson High School, Burleson<br />

COTA Circuit of the Americas, Austin<br />

ECR Eagles Canyon Raceway, Slidell<br />

LSP Lone Star Park, Grand Prairie<br />

MSR MotorSport Ranch, Cresson<br />

MW Mineral Wells Airport, Mineral Wells<br />

May<br />

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat<br />

1 2 3 4 5 6 7<br />

8 9 10 11 12 13 14<br />

15 16 17 18 19 20 21<br />

22 23 24 25 26 27 28<br />

29 30 31<br />

Day May<br />

1 All British and European Car Day<br />

4 Board Meeting<br />

6-8 COTA Club Race & Adv. DE<br />

10 Lewisville Lunch<br />

14 Saturday Drive: Revolver Brewing<br />

19 Mav Social: Shuck N Jive<br />

26 Richardson/Southlake Lunches<br />

28 Time Trial #1: MW<br />

29 Autocross 4: MW<br />

Day July<br />

12 Lewisville Lunch<br />

21 Mav Social: TBD<br />

24 Autocross 5: LSP<br />

28 Richardson/Southlake Lunches<br />

On the Cover: The first club<br />

DE of the season with a GT4<br />

following a GT3 into MSR in<br />

the early morning light.<br />

Photo by Andrew Barber<br />

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ARK-LA-TEX<br />

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bad968@bellsouth.net,<br />


Bryan Kerrick<br />

bksailspadre@<br />

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<strong>2016</strong> PCA Zone 5 Presidents and Zone Representative<br />


Michael Globe<br />

president@lsrpca.com<br />


Scott Spradley<br />

OZARK<br />

Jim Woolly<br />

jim.carol_NOSPAM@<br />

sbcglobal.net<br />


Mike Hamza<br />

mikehamza944@<br />

gmail.com<br />


Rod Nordstrom<br />

rnordstr50@gmail.com<br />


Tracey Gross<br />

president@hcrpca.org<br />


Charles Bush<br />

president@longhornpca.org<br />


Jim Falgout<br />

president@mavpca.org<br />


Randal Goodman<br />


Leonard Zechiedrich<br />

whiteriverregionpca@<br />

gmail.com<br />

ZONE 5 REP<br />

Lynn Friedman<br />

zone5rep@pca.org<br />

www.zone5.pca.org<br />


Shifting Gears: Of National and Regional Interest<br />

By Jim Falgout, Region President<br />

First gear: Your President recently<br />

attended the Zone 5 Presidents’ Meeting. I thought I<br />

would pass on some basic information that probably<br />

many of our newer members, and perhaps some of<br />

the members who joined some time ago, may not be<br />

familiar with. The national organization, Porsche<br />

Club of America, which is the largest club for a single<br />

marque in the world, is composed of an Executive<br />

Committee and a Board. The Executive Committee, as<br />

in your Region, consists of a President, Vice President,<br />

Secretary, and Treasurer. The Board is composed of<br />

the Region Presidents, which includes me, from all<br />

144 Regions. The Regions are grouped into 13 Zones;<br />

Maverick Region is in Zone 5. Each Zone is headed by a<br />

Zone Representative, who keeps the Region Presidents<br />

informed of issues at the national level, among other<br />

responsibilities,<br />

Second gear: Now to the fun stuff. We had a successful<br />

Drivers’ Education event in February. We have some<br />

good events coming up in <strong>April</strong>. There is another<br />

DE <strong>April</strong> 2-3. If you are reading this after those dates,<br />

hope you attended and enjoyed. Our tour master has<br />

been busy setting up several tours for your enjoyment.<br />

Saturday, <strong>April</strong> 16 is an Easter Egg Hunt Road Rally,<br />

put on by our Rally team. That really sounds like fun.<br />

Hope you can participate.<br />

We also have some fun non-track events planned<br />

for your enjoyment. May at Mayo’s is a dinner and<br />

Concours d’Elegance, scheduled for Saturday, <strong>April</strong><br />

30. You may wonder why it is called May at Mayo’s when<br />

it is in <strong>April</strong>. Well, it has always been held in May, but<br />

due to some scheduling conflicts we have to move it to<br />

<strong>April</strong> this year. Besides, “<strong>April</strong> at Mayo’s” just does not<br />

have the same ring to it.<br />

Third gear: In addition, there are two events<br />

organized by other groups that we are invited to<br />

participate in. One is All British & European Car Day<br />

on Sunday, May 1 at White Rock Lake, which will have<br />

a special section for Porsche. The other is Autos in<br />

the Park at the Cooper Aerobics Center on Preston<br />

Road, south of LBJ, where we will have a Concours<br />

within a Concours on Sunday, June 5. The events at<br />

May at Mayo’s and Autos in the Park are not the really<br />

competitive style of Concours, though, so shine up<br />

your baby and bring it out.<br />

Fourth gear: On May 6, 7 and 8, your club, along with<br />

the Houston and Austin regional clubs, is sponsoring a<br />

Club Race and Solo DE at Circuit of the Americas in<br />

Austin. If you are qualified, that is a must-do event. If<br />

you are not qualified, you can always be a spectator at no<br />

SAUL FRAIRE, Chef-Proprietor<br />

1235 William D. Tate Ave<br />

Grapevine, TX 76051<br />

817-329-6995<br />

cost, or even better, you can volunteer. If you want to<br />

volunteer for this event, please contact Chris Alvarado<br />

at calvarado@clubregistration.net<br />

Fifth gear: There was that word again: volunteer.<br />

If you are interested in finding out what kinds of<br />

opportunities are available for you to help make this<br />

a great club, and actually get more enjoyment out of<br />

your membership, contact our Volunteer Chairperson<br />

Jim Gallegos at volunteers@mavpc.org.<br />


Mav of the Month<br />

Your club has had some excellent social events recently,<br />

such as Founders’ Day and the All Member Party.<br />

The current Co-Chair<br />

(but previously the<br />

Chair) has continued<br />

to do a fantastic job,<br />

even though she experienced<br />

increasing<br />

demands for her time<br />

from a new career position.<br />

Tracy Robertson<br />

is your Mav of the<br />

Month for <strong>April</strong>.<br />

Thank you, Tracy, for<br />

a job well done.<br />

2 <strong>April</strong>

Like a Personal Trainer for your Porsche!<br />

• Expert maintenance and repair services • Track day preparation<br />

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• Show quality detailing services • Spec 996 and Spec Boxster Race Cars<br />

We Also Buy, Sell and Consign Quality Pre-owned Porsches<br />

3236 Skylane Drive, Dallas, Texas 75006<br />

214-269-1570 • www.racperformance.com<br />

PCA Special - $50 Off Any Service<br />

Minimum $200 service. Present coupon for discount. One discount per customer. Expires May 31, <strong>2016</strong>.<br />

Offer includes complimentary car wash and vacuum.<br />


<strong>2016</strong> Maverick Region Board - Officers and Chairs<br />

President<br />

Jim Falgout<br />

president@mavpca.org<br />

Jim joined Maverick Region in August,<br />

2008. He drives a 2003 996, which is<br />

the third Porsche he has owned. Jim<br />

enjoys attending Maverick Region<br />

social and driving events.<br />

Autocross Chair<br />

Mark Schnoerr<br />

ax@mavpca.org<br />

Club Race Co-Chair<br />

Pat Heptig<br />

214-649-7907<br />

cr@mavpca.org<br />

DE Chair<br />

ChrisTabor<br />

817-371-4888<br />

de@mavpca.org<br />

Vice President<br />

David Robertson<br />

C 617-797-0516<br />

vp@mavpca.org<br />

David fell in love with the Porsche<br />

911 when, as a child, he would have<br />

his parents stop by the old Forest Lane<br />

Porsche in Dallas so he could dream of<br />

someday owning one. He bought his<br />

first Porsche 911 in 2011. He and his<br />

wife Tracy enjoy being active members<br />

in the Maverick Region.<br />

Time Trial Chair,<br />

(AX/TT Rules)<br />

Travis Howard<br />

214-616-6152<br />

tt@mavpca.org<br />

Club Race Co-Chair<br />

Joel Nannis<br />

cr@mavpca.org<br />

DE Chief Driving Instr.<br />

John Sandusky<br />

817-777-0421<br />

cdi@mavpca.org<br />

Secretary<br />

Wendy Shoffit<br />

C 972-977-9821<br />

secretary@mavpca.org<br />

Wendy and husband James joined<br />

Maverick Region in 1997, when<br />

their daughter was only 9 months<br />

old. Jasmine is now 18. They own 3<br />

Porsches including a 1978 911SC as<br />

a dedicated racecar, which she enjoys<br />

autocrossing. Her daily driver is a <strong>2016</strong><br />

Cayman GT4.<br />

TT Registrar, AX/TT<br />

Schools, Swap Meets<br />

Robyn Howard<br />

214-991-0873<br />

drivingschools@mavpca.org<br />

Club Race/DE Registrar<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Event Ads<br />

Wendy Shoffit<br />

crreg@mavpca.org<br />

deregistrar@mavpca.org<br />

DE Equipment Mgr.<br />

Hunter Allen<br />

deequip@mavpca.org<br />

Treasurer<br />

Richard Solomon<br />

C 903-530-8281<br />

treasurer@mavpca.org<br />

Richard joined Maverick Region in<br />

2012 when he fulfilled a 30+ year<br />

dream to own his first (of many) 911,<br />

a 2009 Silver Carrera! Although fairly<br />

new to the club, he is excited about<br />

being more involved and meeting more<br />

Porsche fanatics!<br />

Charity Chair<br />

Chris Hamilton<br />

hope@mavpca.org<br />

Concours Chair<br />

Andy Kay<br />

817-948-8538<br />

concours@mavpca.org<br />

DE Sponsorship<br />

Daren Kirbo<br />

254-396-2973<br />

desponsorship@mavpca.org<br />

Email List Moderator<br />

James Shoffit<br />

972-786-6246<br />

mrpca-owner@<br />

yahoogroups.com<br />

Email List Moderator<br />

Brian Scudder<br />

mrpca-owner@<br />

yahoogroups.com<br />

Email List Moderator<br />

Matt Platts<br />

mrpca-owner@<br />

yahoogroups.com<br />

Goodie Store<br />

Chris Flaugh<br />

214-288-5300<br />

goodiestore@mavpca.org<br />

Histographer, Tenured<br />

Charlie Davis<br />

historian@mavpca.org<br />

Membership Chair,<br />

Past President<br />

John Hamilton<br />

817-907-7823<br />

membership@mavpca.org<br />

Monthly Social Chair<br />

Stephanie Ho<br />

hh@mavpca.org<br />

Online Calendar<br />

Brendan Eagan<br />

calendar@mavpca.org<br />

Rally Co-Chair<br />

Don Sebert<br />

214-613-6900<br />

rally@mavpca.org<br />

Rally Co-Chair<br />

George Luxbacher<br />

rally@mavpca.org<br />

Safety Chair<br />

Joe McGlohen<br />

safety@mavpca.org<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Advertising<br />

Cindy Bliss<br />

469-307-2856<br />

ads@mavpca.org<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Editor<br />

Jim Hirsch<br />

972-740-7377<br />

editor@mavpca.org<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Article Ed.<br />

Carey Spreen<br />

817-422-3480<br />

editor@mavpca.org<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Wrangler,<br />

Public Relations<br />

Brenda Dranow<br />

pr@mavpca.org<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Mailing<br />

Andy Mears<br />

214-394-5857<br />

mailing@mavpca.org<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Printing<br />

Fran Ussery<br />

972--438-8344 (W)<br />

817-481-8342 (H)<br />

printing@mavpca.org<br />

Social Co-Chair<br />

Tracy Robertson<br />

817-944-5490<br />

social@mavpca.org<br />

Social Co-Chair<br />

Phyllis Gallegos<br />

214-695-3376<br />

social@mavpca.org<br />

Sunday Drive Chair<br />

Tom Martin<br />

tours@mavpca.org<br />

Tech Sessions Chair<br />

Ed Mullenix<br />

972-417-0997<br />

techcorner@mavpca.org<br />

Trivia Chair<br />

Jerry DeFeo<br />

972-240-5800<br />

trivia@mavpca.org<br />

Volunteers Chair<br />

Jim Gallegos<br />

214-697-0792<br />

volunteers@mavpca.org<br />

Web Site Chair<br />

Denny Payne<br />

webmaster@<br />

mavpca.org<br />

Please contact any of these club event chairs with your questions!<br />

4 <strong>April</strong>

WE TOOK<br />

YOUR<br />


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IT A HOME.<br />

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Contact our sales team at 214.435.4898 or jgriffin@GaragesOfTexas.com for more information.<br />

www.GaragesofTexas.com • Facebook.com/GaragesofTexas<br />

Located at W. Plano Pkwy. & W. Park Blvd., in Plano, Texas<br />


Gimme a Minute: March Board Meeting<br />

By Wendy Shoffit, Region Secretary March 2, <strong>2016</strong><br />

President Jim Falgout<br />

began the meeting at 7:01 pm. He<br />

mentioned he attended the Zone<br />

5 meeting in Austin and came<br />

back with some new national tour<br />

guidelines. He also mentioned PCA<br />

Escape is now being called Treffen<br />

North America and there will be<br />

two per year starting in 2017. Spring<br />

2017 will be going to the Hill Country!<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Editor Jim Hirsch said<br />

the mailings were a little late this<br />

month, probably because it was a<br />

short month. Maverick Region is in<br />

the Panorama “From the Regions”<br />

section and may be again soon. He<br />

submitted his national newsletter<br />

contest entry in plenty of time. He<br />

continues to be able to fill 40 pages<br />

each month and now includes Photos<br />

of the Month with his suggested<br />

topics (interiors, wheels, etc.). He<br />

has about 15 calendars left and we<br />

discussed ideas on how to sell the<br />

remaining ones.<br />

VP David Robertson said he obtained<br />

insurance for every event<br />

coming up. He encouraged event<br />

chairs to keep him informed for future<br />

events.<br />

Volunteer Chair Jimmy Gallegos<br />

wants to approach people to volunteer.<br />

He passed out a Volunteer form<br />

for board members to use. They<br />

would describe how many people<br />

they need and what they’re required<br />

to do. He will submit electronically<br />

to board members to help make the<br />

matches.<br />

Co-Editor Carey Spreen went to<br />

the most recent Equip Rapide autocross<br />

and had a great time. The<br />

event was run well with everyone<br />

getting eight runs and they finished<br />

early in the day.<br />

6 <strong>April</strong><br />

Rally Chair Don Sebert is planning<br />

an <strong>April</strong> Easter Egg Hunt rally,<br />

which will be a puzzle sort of gimmick<br />

rally, which should be fun.<br />

Calendar Chair Brendan Eagan<br />

says the calendar is up to date.<br />

Unfortunately, the person who volunteered<br />

to help him do calendar<br />

entries online has moved.<br />

Monthly Dinner Social Chair<br />

Stephanie Ho reported that the<br />

February event at Lavendou was a<br />

huge success. She wants to thank the<br />

owner in a significant way. We will<br />

prepare a plaque to give him. The<br />

March event is at Love and War in<br />

Texas in Grapevine. She is looking<br />

at other locations for future events,<br />

maybe including Arthur’s again.<br />

Goodie Store Chair Chris Flaugh<br />

is working to get additional items<br />

available online. He will keep us<br />

posted.<br />

Concours Chair Andy Kay is getting<br />

ready for the May at Mayo’s<br />

event on <strong>April</strong> 30 and Autos in the<br />

Park on June 5. He wants them<br />

added to the calendar and ads for<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> created.<br />

Advertising Chair Cindy Bliss is<br />

looking forward to training to learn<br />

how to do her new job.<br />

Secretary Wendy Shoffit reported<br />

for several others absent from the<br />

meeting. Autocross Chair Mark<br />

Schnoerr also reported that the first<br />

Autocross was a good one. There<br />

were 13 Porsche entries out of 81 total.<br />

There are new Parade classifications<br />

grouping Porsches into more<br />

relevant classes, making for great<br />

competition. Carey Spreen was first<br />

in his class and fastest Porsche. PCA<br />

ladies swept the ladies overall PAX<br />

payouts and seven Mavericks overall<br />

got cash awards. The next event will<br />

be a double event weekend at Mineral<br />

Wells. Richard Diller is helping<br />

out by getting the sweeper back in<br />

action to clean up the course out<br />

there. Also reporting was Sunday<br />

Drive Chair Tom Martin, who said<br />

that everything was on schedule.<br />

Time Trial Chair Travis Howard said<br />

he has scheduled TT#1 for Mineral<br />

Wells for May 28 and TT #2 for<br />

MotorSport Ranch on September<br />

18. JC at MSR has agreed to let us<br />

park the Truxster out there for free.<br />

Membership Chair John Hamilton<br />

reported that we are down seven primary<br />

and seven affiliate members<br />

from last month. Membership is<br />

now at 1634 primary and 883 affiliates<br />

for a total of 2517. Lastly, as DE<br />

registrar, Wendy reported we had<br />

a very full, successful DE with the<br />

lower run groups being nearly full<br />

and a healthy showing in the upper<br />

run groups. We trained three new<br />

driving coaches, as well.<br />

Safety Chair Joe McGlohen emphasized<br />

that it was a great DE event.<br />

He has several volunteers helping<br />

him out now and he spent the weekend<br />

training them. He hopes to<br />

have an article writer for the event<br />

and will keep pursuing.<br />

Treasurer Richard Solomon<br />

reported we have about $142K in<br />

the bank now. The DE event had a<br />

decent surplus, but track expenses<br />

keep going up. We will look for ways<br />

to spend the money wisely.<br />

Lastly, Jim Falgout announced<br />

that Tracy Robertson is this month’s<br />

Maverick of the Month for her tremendous<br />

job at the All Member<br />

Party and other social events.<br />

Meeting adjourned at 7:59 pm.<br />

Interested in learning more about how your club operates? Board meetings are<br />

scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month and members are welcome to attend.


It’s Easy to Play!<br />

Play here for fun and find the answers below<br />

OR<br />

Play for prizes on the web at http://mav.pca.org, with<br />

the answers and winners to be posted here after each<br />

month’s contest has closed. Thanks to Jerry DeFeo for<br />

putting this and the Web Trivia together.<br />

The Winner this month is a new player,<br />


getting all 5 of 5 correct and winning the tie drawing.<br />

Also getting 5 of 5 correct and Honorable Mentions are<br />

Cyril Reif, Jim Hirsch, and Tom Martin.<br />

Daphany, please contact Kirk at Zim’s<br />

to claim your $25 Gift Certificate.<br />

Thanks to all for playing!<br />

1. Porsche’s newest SUV is the Macan, considered by many to be<br />

an absolute phenomenon! It was announced in the Spring of<br />

2011, but it was first shown at the ______________ Auto Show.<br />

a. 2013 Detroit b. 2013 Paris c. 2013 Beijing d. 2013 Los Angeles<br />

Source: e-Brake News, Feb 9, <strong>2016</strong><br />

2. The Macan has become so popular that it actually outperformed<br />

the Cayenne sales figure of 1,395 for January <strong>2016</strong>. How many<br />

Macans were sold in January?<br />

a. 1,469 b. 1,478 c. 1,535 d. 1,562<br />

Source: e-Brake News, Feb 9, <strong>2016</strong><br />

3. The Macan shares the same platform with the __________, but<br />

the similarities end there. What is its sister platform?<br />

a. VW Tiguan b. Audi Q3 c. Skoda Yeti d. Audi Q5<br />

Source: e-Brake News, Feb 9, <strong>2016</strong><br />

4. There are three different models of Macan: the S, GTS, and<br />

Turbo. What is the MSRP difference from the bottom to the top<br />

of the line for the car with NO options?<br />

a. $21,600 b. $21,950 c. $22,200 d. $22,850<br />

Source: Porsche Macan Website, Feb <strong>2016</strong><br />

5. Which of the three Macan models have the Auto Start-Stop<br />

feature?<br />

a. Turbo b. GTS & Turbo c. All of them d. None of them<br />

Source: Porsche Macan Website, Feb <strong>2016</strong><br />

Answers: 1) d 2) a 3) d 4) a 5) c<br />


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8 <strong>April</strong><br />

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Welcome Our New Mavericks!<br />

By John Hamilton, Region Membership Chair<br />

Travis Allen<br />

Southlake<br />

2015 Cayman S<br />

Stephen Anderson<br />

Grapevine<br />

2011 911 Turbo<br />

Naira Babaian<br />

Plano<br />

2015 Boxster<br />

Kevin Bagwell<br />

Lewisville<br />

1984 944<br />

Dan Bastian<br />

Dallas<br />

2011 Cayman S<br />

John Cook<br />

Plano<br />

<strong>2016</strong> Boxster Spyder<br />

Ron Cox<br />

Fort Worth<br />

2002 911 Carrera<br />

Jeff Dandurand<br />

Carrollton<br />

2014 Cayenne S<br />

Sherri Fair<br />

Dallas<br />

2015 Cayman S<br />

Keith Fredrickson<br />

Wylie<br />

2002 911 Carrera 4S<br />

Phu Huynh<br />

Plano<br />

2013 911 Carrera S<br />

James Langford<br />

Fort Worth<br />

2011 911 Carrera<br />

Jesse Morgan<br />

Ft. Worth<br />

<strong>2016</strong> 911 Carrera<br />

James Orton<br />

N Richland Hills<br />

2006 Cayman S<br />

John Price<br />

Highland Village<br />

2000 911 Carrera<br />

If you have any changes that<br />

you would like to make to the<br />

MRPCA membership guide,<br />

contact John Hamilton at<br />

membership@mavpca.org<br />

Maverick Membership Totals<br />

Members ~ 1,634<br />

Affiliate Members ~ 883<br />

Total Membership ~ 2,517<br />

Michelle Salazar<br />

Dallas<br />

2001 Boxster<br />

Patrick Talty<br />

Plano<br />

2007 Boxster S<br />

Sean Watts<br />

Parker<br />

2012 911 Carrera S Cabriolet<br />

Craig Bilodeau<br />

Plano<br />

2015 Cayman S<br />

Douglas Cardozo<br />

Allen<br />

1970 914-6<br />

Charles Gaboriau<br />

Coppell<br />

2015 911 Carrera GTS<br />

Tom Hipschman<br />

Dallas<br />

2007 911 Carrera 4S<br />

Robert Quattrochi<br />

Fort Worth<br />

2013 911 Carrera<br />

Jody Roach<br />

Flower Mound<br />

2006 Cayman S<br />

Say hello to your fellow<br />

Porsche drivers!<br />

Flashing your high beams at fellow Porsche<br />

drivers is a time-honored tradition . . .<br />

Keep the flash alive!<br />

Anniversaries: <strong>April</strong><br />

** 40 Years **<br />

Jeffrey Hammill (Joyce)<br />

30 Years<br />

Floyd Cox<br />

Robert Marich (Marco)<br />

25 Years<br />

Brian Scudder (Beth)<br />

20 Years<br />

Paul Saunier<br />

John Terminella (Beth)<br />

Colleyville<br />

Fort Worth<br />

Apo, AE<br />

McKinney<br />

Dallas<br />

Waxahachie<br />

15 Years<br />

Jack Labovitz<br />

Douglas Smith<br />

10 Years<br />

James Johnson (Jan)<br />

Kyle Metcalf (Nicole)<br />

R Rea (Cindy)<br />

5 Years<br />

Ravi Badrachalam (Sajani Ravi)<br />

Jonathon Gray<br />

James Lanter (Allison)<br />

Steve Locke (Carol)<br />

Mike Malone (Sharon)<br />

Benjamin Wiseman<br />

Ft Worth<br />

Dallas<br />

Fort Worth<br />

Allen<br />

Dallas<br />

Colleyville<br />

Bedford<br />

Mansfield<br />

Dallas<br />

Van Alstyne<br />

Waco<br />


Destination Restoration: Waking from Hibernation<br />

By Ash Seidl-Staley<br />

Photo Courtesy of the Author<br />

10 <strong>April</strong><br />

Spring is a beautiful<br />

time of year. When referring to<br />

how spring makes me feel, I speak<br />

less of mild temperatures, singing<br />

birds, or blossoming flowers,<br />

but rather about the thousands<br />

of Porsches awaking from their<br />

long winter hibernations. I mean<br />

buzzing bees and chirping birds<br />

are great and all, but what really<br />

excites me about this time of year<br />

is the roaring of a Porsche engine<br />

as its lucky owner speeds through<br />

the streets of North Texas. Winter<br />

is just depressing. Even in Texas the<br />

numbers of roadfaring Porsches<br />

drastically decline in these colder<br />

months, and for good reason! Who<br />

wants to risk icy driving, salty road<br />

conditions, or crazy southern drivers?<br />

Not this guy! Thankfully winter,<br />

which was rather mild this year,<br />

has relinquished its grip on the<br />

weather and we can all go out and<br />

play with our cars.<br />

Due to an intense work load<br />

in Graduate classes last fall, I was<br />

unable to write up two separate<br />

articles describing the methods I<br />

used to stow away both my 914 and<br />

my 944 for the winter. But there is<br />

always this year right? My school<br />

work has not let up at all this spring<br />

semester, but I still managed to<br />

draft the procedures I took to wake<br />

up my 944, not only to get her running<br />

for the <strong>2016</strong> year, but also to<br />

get her inspected and registered by<br />

the end of February.<br />

Since, due to regular maintenance<br />

on my wife’s vehicle, I had<br />

planned on using the 944 a couple<br />

times during December and January,<br />

the procedures to get the car<br />

ready for another year were fairly<br />

simple. Unlike the 914, I had not<br />

completely drained the car of gasoline<br />

or of brake fluid. Because of<br />

this my list of tasks was amazingly<br />

short. First, I reconnected the recently<br />

charged battery, pulled my<br />

spark plug wires, and turned over<br />

the engine a few times without a<br />

spark. After I felt like all the pertinent<br />

mechanicals were coated<br />

in some much needed oil, I reattached<br />

my spark plug cables and<br />

fired her up. I could not believe<br />

how quickly the car started or how<br />

gracefully it sat idling. Was this the<br />

same Guards Red 944?<br />

With the remaining hours left<br />

in the day, I hopped in the car<br />

and drove straight to a gas station.<br />

There I topped off the fuel tank<br />

and filled the droopy tires with<br />

compressed air. As the car drove<br />

I took special care to notice if my<br />

dashboard components illuminated<br />

when I initiated the turn signals,<br />

hazards, and headlights, including<br />

the high beams. Similarly, I monitored<br />

my engine’s fluctuating temperature,<br />

watching it steadily rise to<br />

the 3/4 mark, waiting for the fans<br />

to kick on, and watching it travel<br />

back down to the appropriate level.<br />

When I had finally made it back to<br />

my apartment I continued to let<br />

the car run for a good twenty minutes<br />

more. I was delighted to find<br />

that my cooling fans did indeed<br />

work, and all my fluid levels were<br />

right within Porsche specifications.<br />

A quick oil change, oil and air filter<br />

replacement, as wells a brake pad<br />

check rounded out my necessary<br />

obligations.<br />

The first hurdle was past me; I<br />

had my 944 back on the road. Now<br />

all that was left was the dreaded state<br />

inspection. For those Mavericks<br />

who have followed my inspection<br />

escapades over the years I am grateful<br />

to report that the 944 passed on<br />

its first try! Most of the credit is due<br />

to my intense pre-inspection procedures,<br />

but some of it is definitely<br />

attributed to luck. While out on my<br />

test drive I had confirmed that the<br />

interior and exterior turn indicators<br />

all worked perfectly fine. With<br />

the assistance of a helper I checked<br />

to make sure that all the brake<br />

lights, tail lights, reverse lights, and<br />

rear signals illuminated when supposed<br />

to. The only hiccup found<br />

was my right rear tail light. For<br />

some reason<br />

the light<br />

would work<br />

at some<br />

moments<br />

and then go<br />

dark for others.<br />

Quirky right tail light<br />

After opening the light housing<br />

and fidgeting with the bulb I came<br />

to the realization that I had mistakenly<br />

misplaced the tail light and<br />

brake light bulbs. Once I made the<br />

switch with new bulbs I again tested<br />

the vehicle, which, as you might<br />

have guessed, passed. A quick jolt<br />

down the road to my neighborhood<br />

inspection station took literally two<br />

minutes, and the inspection itself<br />

was a world record breaking seven<br />

minutes. The humble attendant at<br />

the station took great care with my<br />

precious classic, even asking “are<br />

there any quirks with it I should<br />

know about?” When I answered that<br />

there weren’t any to my knowledge,<br />

minus the finicky tail light, he sped<br />

off around the corner with a smile<br />

on his face. By the time I checked<br />

my email the car inspection was<br />

done and paid for. Miraculously,<br />

my time spent in line at the DMV<br />

was even shorter!<br />

Driving home with my new registration<br />

sticker, I felt as though I had<br />

wandered into an alternate universe.<br />

I have never had such a<br />

smooth inspection/registration experience<br />

ever! Let’s just hope that<br />

the good luck will continue on into<br />

May when I have to get the 914’s<br />

credentials updated. Until that<br />

time and the next article: Wrench<br />

on Mavs!


Third Coast Rally 2015: 928 Owners Club on the Other Coast<br />

By The Patman<br />

Photos courtesy of the Author<br />

When it comes to sunny locations<br />

to display and admire beautiful<br />

cars, it’s often the beaches that<br />

come to mind. On the east coast,<br />

there’s Ft. Lauderdale. You’ve got<br />

Monterey on the west coast, and believe<br />

it or not, there’s an often overlooked<br />

third coast down in Texas.<br />

It’s here that, once a year, the town<br />

of Marble Falls witnesses an influx<br />

of nearly a hundred of Porsche’s<br />

classic V8, the 928. Drivers come<br />

from as far away as Canada to be a<br />

part of this event. The name of the<br />

event? The 928 Owners Club just<br />

calls it “Third Coast.”<br />

Typically the rally takes place<br />

over a three-day weekend. It “officially”<br />

starts at the Friday night<br />

Meet & Greet in the Hampton Inn<br />

parking lot. This is followed by a<br />

day of “relaxed” country driving on<br />

Saturday, and a “Shine and Show”<br />

event on Sunday. The last day also<br />

includes an outdoor grilled lunch<br />

and the distribution of many highly<br />

desirable prizes offered by the<br />

event sponsors.<br />

This year, I played a tiny part in<br />

the event by sponsoring some prizes<br />

and (foolishly) offering to design<br />

the event logo for the trophy<br />

plaques, shirts, and so on. And in<br />

so doing, soon realized that there’s<br />

quite a bit involved in preparing<br />

for, and planning an event like this!<br />

So I say right now: my hat’s off to all<br />

the organizers!<br />

Anyway, on Thursday, Carole<br />

and I decided to load up and drive<br />

Before the group arrives on Friday<br />

12 <strong>April</strong><br />

down a day early in an effort to beat<br />

the storms due to roll into Dallas<br />

over the weekend. We expected<br />

a nice and easy four-hour drive to<br />

Marble Falls, and would have had<br />

it, were it not for the early arrival of<br />

very storms we had hoped to avoid.<br />

It was the first time the Guards<br />

Red 928 had seen the rain since I<br />

bought it. But, as the weekend progressed,<br />

it wouldn’t be the last.<br />

Apparently, the shark drives<br />

well in the water, making the drive<br />

south fairly uneventful. And as we<br />

were a day ahead of the 928 horde,<br />

we needed only check in to the<br />

Hampton, and the following day<br />

would be free for us to cruise the<br />

Texas countryside and enjoy what<br />

would be our last moment of serene<br />

peace!<br />

Friday night Meet & Greet<br />

There were occasional rain showers<br />

most of the weekend, but I must<br />

admit that the Friday night Meet &<br />

Greet in the parking lot can still be<br />

quite entertaining! I think the atmosphere<br />

could be best described<br />

as kinda like those “red plastic cup”<br />

parties you had in high school. At<br />

any rate, by nine that evening the<br />

hotel parking lot was certainly filled<br />

with lots of happy people and 928s<br />

of various models, colors, and states<br />

of tune. One member trailered his<br />

car down from Indiana, which we<br />

were pleased about, as the trailer<br />

was enclosed and provided shelter<br />

from the light showers during the<br />

night. Either way, most folks passed<br />

the hours drinking, ogling each<br />

other’s cars, and misrepresenting<br />

The “prefoolishness” dinner group<br />

the power and beauty of their own.<br />

Of course, ya can’t have a crowd<br />

like this without the usual mischief<br />

and practical joking that goes with<br />

the red cups.<br />

Now in the past, on Saturday<br />

morning, if you could pull yourself<br />

outta bed after the Friday night<br />

soiree, there would be a breakfast<br />

in the lobby, a drivers meeting, and<br />

a two-group drive: an experienced<br />

group and a more-experienced<br />

group. But this time, Saturday<br />

morning brought with it more rain,<br />

and it became evident that there<br />

would be little room for “spirited”<br />

driving today. Still, breakfast and<br />

the meeting awaited.<br />

The comparative seriousness of<br />

the Driver’s meeting really demonstrates<br />

the organizers’ commitment<br />

to safety, especially considering the<br />

tomfoolery that goes with the Third<br />

Coast Rally. We ensure that all the<br />

cars have a functional two-way radio,<br />

and the resultant 20 minutes<br />

of “radio checks” can be hilarious.<br />

The ensuing drive, though soggy<br />

and overcast, was pleasant enough,<br />

and seeing the faces of the mortals<br />

Ready to leave on Saturday morning

Leaving the Flat Creek Winery<br />

as dozens of 928s drive by was more pleasant still. I really<br />

like being part of this group. Plus, ya gotta admit,<br />

the cars are cool.<br />

The drive took us first to the Flat Creek Winery in<br />

Marble Falls, the proprietors of which demonstrated<br />

great hospitality, and probably restraint, when 100<br />

Porsche fanatics invaded the area at 9:30 am for a wine<br />

tasting (no red cups.) They had a beautiful property,<br />

and Carole and I could’ve stayed the day, but there<br />

was a schedule to keep. So we all regrouped after some<br />

browsing, and headed out for some more moist weather<br />

driving.<br />

The rain was replaced<br />

with overcast<br />

skies as we left the<br />

vineyards, and so the<br />

next part of the drive<br />

over to the Oasis restaurant<br />

was actually<br />

slightly exhilarating.<br />

No, it wasn’t high<br />

speed, but the wet<br />

roads, in kind of a<br />

sick way, afforded a<br />

modicum of excitement<br />

through the<br />

tight curves and<br />

steep hills on the way to our lunch rendezvous. The<br />

Oasis restaurant, truly one of the wonders of the Austin<br />

area, was magnificent. We had a cliff-side private dining<br />

area overlooking Lake Travis that was decorated for<br />

Christmas making it all the nicer.<br />

After some Mexican food, and lies about what great<br />

drivers we all were, we set off once again, this time, towards<br />

the Deep Eddy Vodka distillery in southwest Austin.<br />

Truth is, I had heard of Deep Eddy Vodka, but had<br />

no idea just how many flavors of vodka there could be.<br />

I think Carole tried them all. She’s pretty light though,<br />

so I had no problem carrying her to the car.<br />

Later that afternoon, as we arrived back in the hotel<br />

parking lot, the scene was something like a high school<br />

car wash, without the cheerleaders though. I took my<br />

turn at getting my 928 looking pristine again, and was<br />

just drying off the last drop of rinse water when I noticed<br />

another convoy forming up.<br />

“Hey, where ya going this late in the day?” I yelled<br />

(not wanting to be left out of anything of course).<br />

Dash, the leader, told me that he was taking a few<br />

cars out to see a castle.<br />

And sure enough, 45 minutes later, the dozen or so<br />

of us were pulling through the gates of the Falkenstein<br />

castle. The owners of the property, whom Dash had met<br />

earlier in the day, allowed us to file in through the gate<br />

and park the cars for a sunset photoshoot. One of the<br />

The group of 928s at Falkenstein castle<br />

best parts of the trip, to be sure, was strolling through<br />

the castle and surrounding lands.<br />

I could tell ya about the Saturday night festivities,<br />

but it’d be largely the same as Friday: a nice dinner at<br />

a local barbecue joint, then more partying in the hotel<br />

parking lot. And of course, more red plastic cups.<br />

Sunday, the final day of the Third Coast event, was a<br />

beautiful sunny and cool day. A nearby park area was to<br />

be the site of the final event of the weekend, the Shine<br />

and Show, lunch, and prize giveaway. The event sponsors<br />

this year provided a huge amount of prizes to give<br />

away, from car parts to tools. Of course, there were also<br />

event-branded shirts and commemorative wine glasses<br />

for everyone attending.<br />

Andy Kay and The Patman getting their 928s<br />

ready for the Shine and Show<br />

Roger Tyson, from 928sRus, was put on grill duty<br />

cooking burgers and hot dogs for the group, while a<br />

couple of the club elders were out judging the 928s in<br />

their various classes. There were awards given for Sponsor’s<br />

Choice, People’s Choice, Best Non-928, Best Daily<br />

Driver, and just about anything that could be done to<br />

recognize everyone. Believe me, it was just about impossible<br />

to attend the Third Coast Rally and not have a<br />

good time on some level. If ya couldn’t make it, there’s<br />

always next year, and the Spring Fling is coming up<br />

soon!<br />


Maverick Region AX Series: Event 1, Burleson High School<br />

By Mark Schnoerr, Region Autocross Chair<br />

Photos Courtesy of the Author<br />

PCA / Equipe Rapide<br />

Autocross 1 was at the new Burleson<br />

High School lot on Sunday,<br />

February 28. This lot is much like<br />

Pennington Field, where we used<br />

to run events, and also has a terrific<br />

concrete surface. For the first<br />

event at this site, a shorter course<br />

was used but as a result, everyone<br />

got 8 timed runs. See the results accompanying<br />

this article.<br />

There were 13 Porsche entries<br />

out of the 81 total who ran for<br />

times, which is 16% of the entries.<br />

The new Parade “small region”<br />

classifications worked well and put<br />

the Porsches into just three classes.<br />

It was highly competitive in classes<br />

P2 and P4. Fred Stubbs brought<br />

out his Boxster Spyder, and with<br />

support from wife Jean, took his assault<br />

on Class P3 also.<br />

Carey Spreen was first in class<br />

P4 and first quick Porsche. Carey<br />

(911SC), Mark Schnoerr (914 2.0)<br />

14 <strong>April</strong><br />

Fred and Jean Stubbs<br />

Carey Spreen had the first quick<br />

Porsche time with co-driver Sue Crimm<br />

and new driver Matt Bugener (Boxster<br />

GTS), qualified for cash awards<br />

(unfortunately Matt did not stay for<br />

awards). The Porsche Ladies swept<br />

the ladies<br />

overall<br />

PAX payouts<br />

with<br />

cash going<br />

to Sigrid<br />

Schnoerr<br />

(914 2.0),<br />

Julia Underwood<br />

(911S), Marissa<br />

Moore<br />

The Schnoerr’s 914<br />

(911S), and Sue Crimm (911SC).<br />

Julia Underwood with<br />

Ed Mayo’s 1972 911S<br />

Chris Alkier and Greg Dranow<br />

brought their beautiful late-model<br />

911s out to keep the Caymans honest<br />

in class P2. Matthew Cords and<br />

Brian Ogle have also competed<br />

with each other in this <strong>2016</strong> class.<br />

Greg Dranow staging for a run<br />

The next event, which will already<br />

have taken place by the time<br />

you read this (March 19 and 20),<br />

was a double event weekend at<br />

Mineral Wells: an autocross school<br />

on Saturday followed by Autocross<br />

2 on Sunday, a “mirrorcross” with a<br />

full-on Christmas Tree start, where<br />

your best times on each side of the<br />

“mirror” are added together -- lots<br />

of fun. Richard Diller is working on<br />

getting the Zamboni-style sweeper<br />

back in action to make course set<br />

up go quicker at Mineral Wells.<br />

Maybe we can get him to bring out<br />

one of his 911s again. After that,<br />

back to Lone Star Park on Sunday,<br />

<strong>April</strong> 3.<br />

Come on out -- we have a lot of<br />

fun. There are quite a few interesting<br />

cars and people autocrossing in<br />

North Texas.<br />

Final Results<br />

p2 - 'PCA 2' - Total Entries: 5 Trophies: 2<br />

Car Color Total Diff.<br />

1T p2 33 Matthew Burgener Porsche Boxster GTS Silver 27.159 [-]0.085<br />

2T p2 42 Matthew Cords Porsche Cayman S Black 27.244 0.085<br />

3 p2 178 Chris Alkier Porsche 911 Grey 27.998 0.754<br />

4 p2 77 Brian Ogle Cayman S White 28.114 0.116<br />

5 p2 17 Greg Dranow Porsche 911 Yellow 29.041 0.927<br />

p3 - 'PCA 3' - Total Entries: 1<br />

Car Color Total Diff.<br />

1 p3 23 Fred Stubbs Boxster Spyder White 28.627 -<br />

p4 - 'PCA 4' - Total Entries: 7 Trophies: 3<br />

Car Color Total Diff.<br />

1T p4 590 Carey Spreen Porsche 911sc Red 25.996 [-]0.101<br />

2T p4 954 Mark Schnoerr Porsche 914 Green 26.097 0.101<br />

3T p4 914 Sigrid Schnoerr Porsche 914 Green 26.571 0.474<br />

4 p4 5 Edward Mayo Porsche 911S silver 27.108 0.537<br />

5 p4 6 Marissa Moore Porsche 911 Green 29.234 2.126<br />

6 p4 59 Sue Crimm Porsche 911 SC Guards Red 29.663 0.429<br />

7 p4 9 Julia Underwood Porsche 911S silver 33.558 3.895

©<strong>2016</strong> Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of all traffic laws at all times.<br />

Joseph Weaver<br />

Master-Certified Technician<br />

12 years<br />

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the Porsche-certified technicians you trust.<br />

Park Place now provides an even wider range of in-house services and options to make your<br />

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park-place.porschedealer.com<br />


My First Four Porsche Cars<br />

By Chris Flaugh, Region Goodie Store Chair<br />

Although I am fairly<br />

new to PCA, having joined in August<br />

2015, I am not new to Porsche.<br />

I am currently on my fourth<br />

Porsche; I have enjoyed them all<br />

and continue to look forward to<br />

the next ones.<br />

My first Porsche was a 1969 911<br />

E Targa Sportomatic, silver exterior<br />

with black interior, houndstooth inserts<br />

in the seats (much like those<br />

in Maverick Ricardo Miranda’s<br />

beautiful orange 912), and Fuchs<br />

wheels -- a European delivery car.<br />

I bought this car from a neighbor<br />

when I lived in Austin in the mid-<br />

1990’s, back when these were just<br />

considered inexpensive used cars<br />

which could be bought for around<br />

$10,000. I was a bit unsure about<br />

the Sportomatic transmission, because<br />

I appreciate a true manual<br />

(and was concerned about future<br />

repair costs when I saw a $5,000+<br />

receipt for rebuilding the transmission<br />

a few years prior), but I bought<br />

it because it was truly a beautiful<br />

car with a paper trail back to day<br />

one, including the original shipping<br />

receipt for the car. And it was<br />

an awesome 30th birthday present<br />

to myself!<br />

Apparently the original owner<br />

was an attorney from Mexico City<br />

who picked up the car at the factory<br />

in Germany and had the car<br />

shipped to Mexico. The car ended<br />

up in Austin with a long-term<br />

owner who eventually lost it in a<br />

divorce settlement; the ex-wife kept<br />

the car for many years and spent a<br />

lot of money on it, including the<br />

$5k transmission rebuild. This was<br />

the story from my neighbor who<br />

bought the car from the ex-wife<br />

and subsequently sold to me. It was<br />

all consistent with the box containing<br />

25 years of receipts and other<br />

documentation.<br />

16 <strong>April</strong><br />

Chris’ 1969 911E Targa<br />

I thoroughly enjoyed that car<br />

for about a year. Although it was<br />

not my daily driver, I would drive it<br />

to work a couple of times per week,<br />

and often on weekends. One of<br />

my favorite drives near my house<br />

was Spicewood Springs Road, west<br />

of Loop 360. Driving those curves<br />

through the trees and over the<br />

creek with the Targa top off and the<br />

sound of the engine in back . . . it<br />

still brings back positive memories<br />

today. I used to refer to the 911 as<br />

therapy: no matter how bad a day<br />

I was having, taking the 911 for a<br />

brisk drive made everything better.<br />

I think that car had a radio, but I<br />

never used it.<br />

I really didn’t want to sell, but<br />

I had happened to mention to a<br />

friend in Michigan that I was thinking<br />

of buying a boat and the 911<br />

might have to go. He expressed<br />

interest, so I mailed him a photo of<br />

the car (this was prior to the popularity<br />

of digital photography) along<br />

with a note that I was going to be<br />

out of town the next week, but to<br />

call me when I got back. Well, when<br />

I returned from my trip and was<br />

waiting for my luggage at the airport,<br />

there was my friend Jim, who<br />

had booked a flight from Detroit to<br />

Austin as soon as he saw the photo<br />

of the car. We went from the airport<br />

directly back to my house, took the<br />

911 for a drive. He wired the full<br />

Photos Courtesy of the Author<br />

asking price to me the next<br />

day and drove the car back<br />

to Michigan. Ironically, the<br />

previous owner had sold<br />

the car to me because he<br />

was buying a boat. I never<br />

ended up buying the boat I<br />

was considering, but I definitely<br />

regret selling this<br />

car. Damn boats!<br />

My second Porsche<br />

was a 2000 Boxster, Forest<br />

Green Metallic exterior<br />

with Savannah tan full<br />

leather interior, black top, 5-speed<br />

manual, sport package. A low mileage,<br />

one-owner car, I bought it used<br />

from Park Place Porsche in 2003. I<br />

enjoyed this car for about two years,<br />

then sold it to a local attorney who<br />

used to do a lot of billboard advertising<br />

here in the Dallas area.<br />

In December 2006, I was missing<br />

my old Boxster and went to look at<br />

a nice 1998 Boxster at Park Place<br />

Lexus (back when they were at<br />

Preston and Park in Plano). I made<br />

an offer on the car, but we were<br />

unable to reach an agreement. On<br />

my way home, I stopped at Boardwalk<br />

Porsche to see what they had<br />

on hand. None of their pre-owned<br />

inventory caught my eye, but I did<br />

end up bringing home my third<br />

Porsche, a new 2006 Cayenne S<br />

titanium edition, black exterior,<br />

two-tone tan/black interior, sport<br />

exhaust.<br />

2006 Cayenne S Titanium Edition

My fourth and current Porsche<br />

is a 1987 924S, Guards Red, with<br />

black Porsche script cloth interior,<br />

5-speed manual, base model<br />

with no options. I bought this car<br />

from the original owner last year,<br />

as it was a low mileage, very original,<br />

fully documented car with a<br />

complete paper trail back to the<br />

window sticker and initial purchase<br />

order. The original owner bought<br />

the car in 1986 as a college graduation<br />

present to himself in Little<br />

Rock, Arkansas, He moved to Texas<br />

shortly thereafter, and the car has<br />

lived here in the Dallas/Fort Worth<br />

area ever since. I drove this car<br />

down to Austin back in September<br />

for the Lone Star LeMans and had<br />

the opportunity to drive it on the<br />

COTA track for the parade laps.<br />

I like the 924S a lot, as I think it<br />

offers an unbeatable combination<br />

of fun and practicality for the money.<br />

While parked in the Porsche<br />

Corral at COTA, more than one<br />

Chris’ current Porsche is a one-owner 1987 924S<br />

911 owner commented on the<br />

amazing amount of luggage space<br />

in the 924 compared to the 911.<br />

Some people may view the 924 as<br />

strictly a first Porsche, a stepping<br />

stone along the way to moving up<br />

to a 911, and there’s nothing wrong<br />

with that. I have taken the opposite<br />

path, starting out with a 911 and<br />

eventually moving to a 924. However,<br />

I’m not finished yet, and I<br />

plan to experience many other flavors<br />

of Porsche in the years to<br />

come. What’s next on the menu for<br />

me -- perhaps a 928, or a 968, or a<br />

930? So many choices . . .<br />

Parts or Service, We Deliver Excellence.<br />

Over 300,000 parts in stock.<br />

Expert service and repair.<br />

Parts and Service for: Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Mini, and Smart Car.<br />

817-267-4451<br />

Visit us online at:<br />

1-800-356-2964<br />

www.allzim.com<br />

zimips@allzim.com<br />

1804 Reliance Pkwy. Bedford, TX 76021 M-F 8am to 5:30pm<br />

Zims Autotechnik is not affiliated with Porsche AG or PCNA Registered Trademark of Dr. Ing h.c.F. Porsche A.G.<br />


The E-Type, Lime Rock, and Le Chanteclair<br />

By Tom Martin<br />

Photos Courtesy of the Author<br />

The day is over, everyone<br />

is already in bed for the night. For<br />

a few brief moments you are alone.<br />

You are one within yourself. You<br />

step inside your garage and find<br />

yourself staring at the Porsche sitting<br />

before you. You close your<br />

eyes and think back to a time long<br />

ago, when you first saw, or felt, or<br />

experienced whatever it was that attracted<br />

you to the Porsche, or any<br />

sports car, for that matter.<br />

So what was it exactly that<br />

sparked your interest in sports cars?<br />

Could it have been that first glance<br />

of the classic “Komenda” shape, either<br />

in person or in a magazine article?<br />

Perhaps it was the sound of a<br />

screamin’ flat-six at redline. Could<br />

it have been the rumbling roar of<br />

brute American horsepower pumping<br />

through a high displacement<br />

V8? Or maybe it was the “voompah”<br />

sound emanating from a British<br />

inline-four on overrun. And let<br />

us not deny that there’s nothing<br />

quite like viewing for the first time<br />

the sensual beauty of an Italian<br />

exotic at rest. Or hearing its V12 at<br />

redline.<br />

Jaguar XKE aka Gina Lollobrigida<br />

18 <strong>April</strong><br />

Whatever it was, it’s safe to assume<br />

that something appealed to<br />

all our visceral selves. And there is<br />

a lot to be said for something that<br />

can reach way down within oneself<br />

and endear it for a lifetime.<br />

For me, it may have been the<br />

time when a friend of my uncle let<br />

me ride shotgun in his new Series<br />

1 Jaguar XKE. I was just a skinny,<br />

gangly pre-teen at the time. Getting<br />

into the passenger seat was<br />

akin to slinking into a submarine,<br />

or so I thought. The shape of the<br />

E-Type was pure, unadulterated<br />

voluptuousness. I felt like I was taking<br />

Gina Lollobrigida on a country<br />

run. The sound of the Jag’s straight<br />

6, coupled with the rush of acceleration,<br />

was indeed exhilarating.<br />

Soon, motor racing became a<br />

passion of mine. I subscribed to<br />

both the American weekly newspaper<br />

Competition Press & Autoweek<br />

and the British newspaper Motoring<br />

News, also a weekly publication. I<br />

read every word of each issue, classifieds<br />

ads and all, striving to gain as<br />

much racing knowledge as a country<br />

schoolboy could at the time.<br />

I received my driver’s license<br />

the year after I turned 16 years old.<br />

One of my first ventures into the<br />

world of unfettered freedom was to<br />

journey out to Lime Rock Park in<br />

northwest Connecticut to experience<br />

a motor race first hand -- to actually<br />

see the cars and drivers I had<br />

been reading about all this time.<br />

After I paid my admission at the<br />

gate, I inched my Dad’s Mustang<br />

over the dirt road approaching the<br />

bridge over the course. As I crested<br />

the bridge, a Formula B car, driven<br />

at racing speeds, passed underneath<br />

on entrance to the flat-out<br />

last corner. The sound, and the ensuing<br />

feeling, was intoxicating. The<br />

bridge vibrated like a tuning fork.<br />

The hairs at the back of my neck<br />

stood at attention. My ears resonated<br />

from the staccato shriek of<br />

the engine. I was hooked, big time.<br />

From 1968 to 1972, I ventured<br />

out to Lime Rock for all the major<br />

races. That essentially meant the<br />

Trans-Am Series races and the Continental<br />

Championship (Formula<br />

5000) races. I remember the furious<br />

battles in the Trans-Am Series,<br />

with premier drivers such as Dan<br />

Gurney, Parnelli Jones, Mark Donohue,<br />

Peter Revson, George Follmer,<br />

and Swede Savage duking it out on<br />

the tight Lime Rock circuit.<br />

The F5000 Championship was<br />

contested by David Hobbs, Sam<br />

Posey, Tony Adamowicz, John Cannon,<br />

and Dickie Smothers (of the<br />

Smothers Brothers), among other<br />

drivers. Both series had a 5.0-liter<br />

engine displacement limit, and it<br />

was thrilling to hear and see these<br />

beasts being manhandled around<br />

the circuit by the top drivers of the<br />

day.<br />

The golden years of Trans-Am<br />

Around that time, a new racer<br />

could be seen around the paddock.<br />

A local Connecticut resident, he<br />

was a bit older than most of the other<br />

racers; in his late 40s, he already<br />

had another established profession.<br />

His name was Paul Newman,<br />

and word<br />

around the<br />

pits was that<br />

he was very<br />

serious about<br />

racing, and<br />

didn’t want to<br />

be distracted<br />

by star-struck<br />

fans. Everyone<br />

respected this.<br />

Paul Newman at<br />

Lime Rock<br />

I spotted Paul twice at Lime<br />

Rock, once while walking through<br />

the paddock with my buddy. I gave<br />

Paul a simple “Hi, Paul” as we<br />

crossed paths, and he shot back<br />

“Hello, fellas.” The second time was<br />

when I was utilizing Lime Rock’s<br />

primitive lavatory system (basically

aiming at a wall), when Paul came in and stood right<br />

next to me. He started “aiming” also. And as a gentleman<br />

in training . . . I didn’t look. Neither did Paul.<br />

When I was a senior in high school, our French<br />

language teacher organized a trip to New York City to<br />

visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art to view a display<br />

of French Impressionist paintings. Artists such as Van<br />

Gogh, Monet, Renoir, Cézanne, Gauguin, and Manet<br />

were featured. While the tour lasted only a few hours,<br />

we students were also offered several hours of “free<br />

time” in the big city. Yes, you read that right. A large<br />

class of New England high school students was allowed<br />

to explore the streets and neighborhoods of New York<br />

City unchaperoned. What could possibly go wrong?<br />

Fortunately, nothing did go<br />

wrong, and I had a plan. Three<br />

of my mates and I trotted<br />

downtown, over to Le Chanteclair<br />

restaurant at 18 East 49th<br />

Street in mid-town Manhattan.<br />

Le Chanteclair was owned by<br />

René and Maurice Dreyfus.<br />

René was the Grand Prix driver<br />

won the prestigious Monaco<br />

Grand Prix in 1930, piloting<br />

a privateer Bugatti to victory<br />

around the claustrophobic circuit of the Principality,<br />

beating the factory Bugatti team in the process.<br />

We were all French language students, so we had a<br />

rudimentary knowledge of the language; enough to<br />

read, and maybe converse, some basic French. Trust<br />

me, it only came in handy when we read the menu and<br />

managed NOT to order the proprietor as an entrée.<br />

I distinctly remember that we all ordered boeuf<br />

bourguignon, a classic French peasant dish that has<br />

slowly refined into haute cuisine. Of course, we had a<br />

bottle of wine with our meal; a suitable claret, as I recall,<br />

and the maître d’ indulged us by letting me check<br />

the label, smell the expelled cork, and conduct the<br />

required approval tasting. Suffice to say, I thoroughly<br />

enjoyed the experience.<br />

Shortly thereafter, we were all ensconced in the<br />

bus that took us home to our idyllic, safe lives in our<br />

quaint New England towns. This all happened during<br />

the formative years of my adult life, and the “thing that<br />

appealed to my visceral self” has remained ever since.<br />

To this day, I still appreciate the most excellent E-Type,<br />

French impressionist art, fine dining, and especially<br />

motorsport, as competed by gentlemen racers.<br />

So what was the spark that ignited your passion for<br />

sports cars, especially Porsches? And to what journeys<br />

in your life did it lead?<br />


20 <strong>April</strong>

The Art of Paint Protection<br />

After Installation<br />

A virtually invisible urethane film<br />

professionally applied to high-impact areas<br />

of your vehicle to protect your paint job from<br />

stone chips, sand, road debris and bug acids.<br />

During Installation<br />

Owner Installed<br />

Highest Quality Guaranteed<br />

2530 Tarpley Road, Suite 100<br />

Carrollton, TX 75006<br />


22 <strong>April</strong>

Back to Ben Wheeler: <strong>April</strong> Sunday Drive Preview<br />

By Tom Martin, Sunday Drive Chair<br />

This month the Sunday Drive Program<br />

ventures to a quaint village in East Texas. “Back to Ben<br />

Wheeler” – The East Texas Tour brings Mavericks back<br />

to the little town that could.<br />

Ben Wheeler was once on the verge of becoming a<br />

ghost town until Brooks Gremmels resurrected it into<br />

an eclectic hamlet. Craftsmen, artisans, and musicians<br />

have since settled here. Bikers, classic car and sports<br />

car owners now congregate in the center of town. Ben<br />

Wheeler is also the Wild Hog Capital of Texas. And you<br />

know what that means, right? Yessir, every autumn Ben<br />

Wheeler hosts “Hog Fest”, a celebration of . . . well,<br />

nothing really. But it’s a darn good time to celebrate.<br />

And if that isn’t eclectic enough, Ben Wheeler just<br />

hosted the “<strong>2016</strong> Motorized Barstool Races” last month.<br />

I reckon us Porsche owners will fit in just fine.<br />

The Drive will be held on Sunday, <strong>April</strong> 24. Start and<br />

end point is the parking lot of Moore’s Store, located at<br />

1535 FM 279 in Ben Wheeler. Start time is 1:00 pm, so<br />

plan to get there a little early to sign up and attend the<br />

Drivers’ Briefing.<br />

Kurt Reuland has put together another stimulating<br />

drive, a 73.1-mile excursion through the rolling backroads<br />

of East Texas. If we’re lucky, we’ll get some bluebonnet<br />

spotting time in, as the Drive occurs at the peak<br />

of the bluebonnet season. Then we’ll head on back to<br />

Moore’s Store for some comfort food, and some of the<br />

best cobbler around. Ben Wheeler and neighboring<br />

village Edom are known for their homemade pies and<br />

cobbler.<br />

As always, attendees are not required to dine at the<br />

destination; one can always take their cobbler and eat<br />

it at home. Go ahead, be like that.<br />

If you plan to attend, please drop us a RSVP before<br />

the Drive. Just shoot an e-mail to tours@mavpca.org<br />

with a simple “I will be attending (by myself, with my<br />

wife, with a friend, etc.)” and you’re in. When you RSVP,<br />

it gives us an accurate count to supply to the proprietor<br />

of the destination, plus three days before the Drive, you<br />

will receive an e-mail with the following attachments:<br />

a Garmin .gdb file of the<br />

route, a route overview, and<br />

turn-by-turn instructions.<br />

Hope to see you and your<br />

Porsche at the Sunday<br />

Drive!<br />


24 <strong>April</strong>


Brake fluid flush $125<br />

includes one liter of Motul RBF600<br />

"Get the most out of your braking system with this essential regular maintenance"<br />

We are the automotive experts who service your car<br />

with personal attentiveness and care.<br />

2520 Tarpley Rd, Suite 100<br />

Carrollton, Texas 75006<br />

972-418-1996<br />

innovativeautosportstx@gmail.com<br />


Maverick Monthly Social: A Porsche Valentine<br />

By Stephanie Ho, Monthly Social Chair<br />

Photos by George Luxbacher<br />

Our first Porsche Valentine Event<br />

brought about 130 Mavericks back to Lavendou French<br />

Bistro. The owner, Pascal Cayet, and his staff did a phenomenal<br />

job of taking care of all. The evening started<br />

with complimentary hors d’oeuvres and was followed<br />

by an exceptional meal. Pascal went to great trouble in<br />

providing an open menu for dinner selections, and<br />

ensured that his staff was able to handle all the orders<br />

coming in at the same time. He also graciously extended<br />

a 25% discount on food to all Mavericks. It was a<br />

perfectly wonderful evening, full of fun-loving great<br />

friends, outstanding fine dining, and an array of stunning<br />

Porsche Valentines in the reserved parking lot!<br />

Sincere thanks to Pascal Cayet from the Porsche Club<br />

for his hospitality, generosity, and strong support of the<br />

Mavericks!!<br />

26 <strong>April</strong>


For hassle free information on<br />

any property in the DFW area,<br />

call 972.365.7370<br />

When all HAIL breaks loose...<br />

Roofing Solutions<br />

By Darren Houk<br />

A+ Rated<br />

(817) 692-8496<br />

Michael Picolo<br />

www.realestatecarguy.com<br />

michaelpicolo@ebby.com<br />

www.RoofingSolutionsHOUK.com<br />

www.roofingsolutionshouk.com<br />

817.692.8496<br />

Showroom by Appointment<br />

5500 Meandering Rd<br />

Ft. Worth, 76114<br />

Since 1971<br />

Providing personalized service<br />

on all Porsche automobiles.<br />

• Complete servicing and repairs<br />

on all air or water cooled models<br />

• In-house machine shop<br />

• M96/M97 reconditioning<br />

• Performance and track mods<br />

2530 Tarpley Road • Suite 700<br />

Carrollton, Texas 75006<br />

(972) 417-0997<br />

28 <strong>April</strong>

©<strong>2016</strong> Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of all traffic laws at all times.<br />

Some artists paint canvases.<br />

Others sculpt marble.<br />

Ours service Porsches.<br />

At Park Place Porsche, we elevate automotive service to an art form. Our Master-Certified<br />

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as one of the only Porsche-Certified body shops in the Dallas–Fort Worth area—Park Place<br />

BodyWerks—providing you with comprehensive service, all in one place. And you’ll enjoy<br />

exceptional Park Place amenities, like complimentary Porsche loaner cars and hand car<br />

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Park Place Porsche<br />

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1521 Baccarac Ct, Euless, TX 76040<br />

817 540 4939<br />

www.mayoperformance.com<br />

email: mike@mayoperformance.com<br />

30 <strong>April</strong>

Maverick Photos of the Month: Interiors and Upholstery<br />

Photos by Members as Noted<br />

Jack Griffin 1955<br />

356 Pre-A “old<br />

school simplicity”<br />

Chris Flaugh<br />

1987 924S<br />

Umesh Oza<br />

1970 911T<br />

Karmann Coupe<br />

Rick Miranda<br />

1969 912 classic<br />

houndstooth<br />

Jim Lantner<br />

“No Lollygagging”<br />

race interior<br />

Peter Frankl<br />

911-50<br />

houndstooth<br />

Jim Hirsch<br />

2014 Boxster S<br />

Agate/Amber<br />

The May issue of <strong>Slipstream</strong> will feature engine photographs - send your submissions to editor@mavpca.org<br />


32 <strong>April</strong>


Unclassifieds<br />

Unclassifieds are available free to Maverick Region members and are $5 for all others (contact editor@mavpca for payment details). Please limit size to no more than 6 lines. Ads will run for 3<br />

issues, after which they will be removed unless you request that they be run for an additional 3 issues. E-mail your ad to classifieds@mavpca.org by the 10th of the month to have your ad run in the<br />

following month’s <strong>Slipstream</strong>. Be sure to include year, make, model, color, mileage, and asking price, as well as a contact name, phone number and/or email address. All parts will be advertised<br />

on our website. Check your ad for accuracy the first time it runs. Contact the editor to have your ad pulled sooner. Due to space constraints, photos may or may not be included. No dealers please!<br />

For Sale: 2000 Porsche Boxster. Rare Arena<br />

red, black top, grey leather interior. Five-speed,<br />

windstop, crest wheel centers, 17” turbo wheels, great<br />

Michelins, radio upgrade w/CDR 220. Sport touring<br />

package, L&N IMS upgrade by Moorespeed, RMS,<br />

pilot bearing, throwout bearing, Sachs HD clutch,<br />

new motor mount, coolant reservoir, horn contactor<br />

ring, top safety switch, new battery. New spark plug<br />

tubes, seals & water pump @ 44k. Body, interior, &<br />

top excellent. 52,000 miles Always garaged, no DE’s,<br />

senior owner. Asking $12,900. Contact Harry Filbey<br />

at 972-768-6839 or hfilbey@aol.com. (04)<br />

For Sale: 1999 911 Carrera. Black/black, 6-speed<br />

manual, 78K miles, excellent mechanical condition<br />

with new belts, hoses, fresh oil and more. Service by<br />

RAC Performance. New rear tires, good front tires,<br />

new battery, mega amp sound system. $21,450 OBO.<br />

Contact Jimmyg at jim.gallegos01@yahoo.com or<br />

214-697-0692 (04)<br />

For Sale: 1981 Euro SC race car. Black. Located at<br />

MSR. $30,000 (serious inquires only). Contact Myron<br />

Krupp at 682-888-3804 or krupp981@icloud.com.<br />

(04)<br />

For Sale: Aluminum Open Tommy Trailer. 6 years<br />

old. Used as a Porsche transporter. $6500. Contact<br />

Myron Krupp at 682-888-3804 or krupp981@icloud.<br />

com. (04)<br />

For Sale: 1995 911 Carerra Cabriolet (993 Model).<br />

Unique Guards red, tan top, champagne interior, 6<br />

speed manual. Garaged TX car since new. Second<br />

owner. VIN WP0CA299XSS341792. Original<br />

window sticker, records, car cover, Porsche battery<br />

tender and wind deflector included. Original paint in<br />

excellent condition. Driver and passenger power seats<br />

and windows. Well maintained, 28,000 true miles.<br />

Never tracked, wrecked, or smoked in. All tools,<br />

spare, compressor, and manuals. Leather, 17” wheels<br />

with crests, premium sound, remote CD changer. Has<br />

shown competitively in full Parade Concours. $58,500.<br />

Contact Hiram Saunders, at hiram1@verizon.net. (03)<br />

For Sale: 2005 Porsche 997S. Rare Yellow Exterior<br />

with Black Interior. One owner, 36k miles, no accident<br />

history, well maintained with no track history. Sport<br />

chrono, 6-speed, sunroof. All items work except Bose<br />

Amp. Need garage space for new 991. Asking 35k.<br />

Contact Steve Nguyen at huyccpm@yahoo.com or<br />

972-740-4380. (02)<br />

For Sale: 1981 911 Euro SC race car. Has track<br />

records at Hallett and Eagles Canyon. 2 sets of 15”<br />

Buckley Wheels, Buckley race headers. Recent<br />

transmission overhaul/major tune up. No wrecks or<br />

rust. Lives at MSR Cresson. $30,500 or best offer.<br />

Contact Myron Krupp 682-888-3804 or gt3krupp@<br />

att.net (02)<br />

For Sale: 2015 Porsche GT3. White, black Alcantara<br />

leather, red stitching. Porsche warranty. Garaged,<br />

excellent condition. NEVER TRACKED. Shield<br />

on hood, front and rear fenders. Bumper mounted<br />

Escort laser radar. Mileage 3255. $162,490.<br />

Transaction processed through local Porsche dealer<br />

“in and out” for sales tax, no additional cost to TX<br />

buyer. Contact Reginald Stewart at 972-733-3304 or<br />

rbstewarthouse@gmail.com (02)<br />

For Sale: 1986 944. White/burgundy all original,<br />

unrestored, telephone dial wheels. Updated clutch,<br />

belts, water pump, radiator and brakes. Second owner<br />

and have all documents. Needs some work. 114,000<br />

miles. $5000 OBO. Contact Taylor Rice at 817-688-<br />

7161 or trice366@aol.com (02)<br />

For Sale: 1973T Porsche 911 Race Car. Green, built<br />

to RS Specs. 2.7 liter aluminum case, 233 hp and 199 ft<br />

/lbs at rear wheels. 8 hours on engine by Jim Buckley.<br />

40 IDA Webers, 915 gearbox. Buckley suspension.<br />

930 Brakes. FuelSafe fuel cell. Full welded roll cage.<br />

Fire system. Removable passengers seat for DE’s.<br />

Two sets Fuchs wheels. PCA and Vintage Logbooks.<br />

$38,000. Contact Lee Wilkins (972) 503-8825 or<br />

lwilkins44@yahoo.com (01)<br />

Name tags are available for $10.<br />

Please email us at nametags@<br />

mavpca.org to obtain them.<br />

Include your name, city, and vehicle<br />

(up to 2) as shown below.<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Advertiser Index<br />

34 <strong>April</strong><br />

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Advertising rates - 1/4 page: $425; 1/2 page: $850; Full page: $1700<br />

For more information contact Cindy Bliss at ads@mavpca.org<br />

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The Phoenix Insurance (214) 253-0570 Page 22<br />

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RAC Performance (214) 269-1571 Page 3<br />

RetroAir (972) 960-6899 Page 30<br />

RKT Techniques (817) 624-1322 Page 30<br />

Roofing Solutions by Darren Houk (817) 692-8496 Page 28<br />

Silver Fox (817) 329-6995 Page 2<br />

Stuart’s Paint and Body (214) 221-6999 Page 33<br />

The UPS Store (972) 420-1250 Page 35<br />

Ussery Printing (972) 438-8344 Page 35<br />

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Zims Autotechnik (817) 267-4451 Page 17


2700 B West Pioneer PkWy<br />

(125 feet s. of Pioneer, on the W. side of Corzine st.)<br />

Arlington, texAs 76013<br />

817-366-1678<br />


Around the Bend...<br />

By Jim Hirsch, Managing Editor<br />

“Live in the moment, capture the moment,<br />

share the moment.”<br />

Individuals who practice some form of meditation<br />

or mindfulness in their daily lives have likely held to<br />

the beginning of that idea regularly.<br />

As a Porsche owner and member of the Maverick<br />

Region, I encourage you to practice the entire thought<br />

to the benefit of all of our members.<br />

Driving your Porsche, or even looking at it in your<br />

garage while it is at rest, provides opportunities for a<br />

unique type of mindfulness shared only with fellow<br />

Porschephiles.<br />

As the editor of <strong>Slipstream</strong>, I look forward to you<br />

sharing those many moments that you experience with<br />

your Porsche for the enjoyment of all of your fellow<br />

Mavericks. This issue is full of those types of moments.<br />

Whether it’s a particularly involved drive, an interesting<br />

photo opportunity, or even the sound of your<br />

Porsche starting up, capture that moment in words<br />

and pictures and send it to editor@mavpca.org so I can<br />

“share your moment” with our members.<br />

One of our signature events - May at Mayo’s - is actually<br />

in <strong>April</strong> this year, <strong>April</strong> 30 to be exact. This<br />

is your chance to shine up and show off your<br />

Porsche, or simply come to enjoy the sights and<br />

vote for your favorites.<br />

Activities include a Peoples Choice Concours<br />

(free entry) along with dinner at $25/person<br />

(kids 12 and under are free). Please get more information,<br />

and make certain to RSVP, and pay in advance on<br />

our web site at mav.pca.org.<br />

This spring has provided great weather for our initial<br />

driving events. One of our recent Drivers’ Education<br />

events at MotorSports Ranch in Cresson provided<br />

the dynamic cover photo for this issue.<br />

Chris Tabor, our Region DE Chair, provided this<br />

quote from Mark Schwobel: “I participated in my first DE<br />

event with my son last weekend and I need to share our total<br />

appreciation for the phenomenal opportunity these events afford<br />

members. Every part of the event surpassed my expectations.<br />

The organization, instruction, facility and hospitality<br />

were first-rate. We are so fortunate to be members of the Maverick<br />

Region and have the opportunity to spend such contentrich<br />

time with so many generous, quality people”.<br />

If one of your resolutions for this year was to get<br />

your Porsche on a road course, our DE program is the<br />

place for you!<br />

Finally, in our continuing <strong>Slipstream</strong> initiative - Mav<br />

Photos of the Month - the focus for this month was interiors.<br />

Thanks to our members for submitting these<br />

great photos shown on page 31.<br />

For the <strong>April</strong> issue, our focus is engines, so<br />

send your photo submissions to editor@mavpca.<br />

org or post them on our Maverick Region<br />

Porsche Club of America Facebook group page<br />

by <strong>April</strong> 10. Newer model owners may have to<br />

get below those plastic covers!<br />

36 <strong>April</strong>

SLIPSTREAM Advertiser Since 1978<br />



• Award winning service for 35+ years<br />

• Rated “Best in Dallas” a record 3 times<br />

• Rated “Best in Texas”<br />

• Rated “Top 10 Shops in U.S.”<br />

• Rated “Best in the West” by the Robert Bosch Corporation<br />

• A Better Business Bureau accredited business for 3 decades with an A+ rating<br />

• The first ASE “Blue Seal of Excellence” business in Dallas<br />

• Racing background at Daytona, Sebring, and Riverside<br />

• Master Certified Technicians<br />

• Bosch Authorized Service Center<br />

• Air conditioned shop for technician efficiency and comfort<br />

• We do not sell cars, thus we must survive on our 35+ year service reputation<br />

See what our customers are saying about us at:<br />

LoudenMotorCars.com<br />

Theresa@LoudenMotorcars.com<br />

11454 Reeder Road<br />

Dallas, Texas 75229<br />

(972) 241-6326

Hiram Saunders, <strong>Slipstream</strong><br />

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