Slipstream - April 2016


The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

My First Four Porsche Cars

By Chris Flaugh, Region Goodie Store Chair

Although I am fairly

new to PCA, having joined in August

2015, I am not new to Porsche.

I am currently on my fourth

Porsche; I have enjoyed them all

and continue to look forward to

the next ones.

My first Porsche was a 1969 911

E Targa Sportomatic, silver exterior

with black interior, houndstooth inserts

in the seats (much like those

in Maverick Ricardo Miranda’s

beautiful orange 912), and Fuchs

wheels -- a European delivery car.

I bought this car from a neighbor

when I lived in Austin in the mid-

1990’s, back when these were just

considered inexpensive used cars

which could be bought for around

$10,000. I was a bit unsure about

the Sportomatic transmission, because

I appreciate a true manual

(and was concerned about future

repair costs when I saw a $5,000+

receipt for rebuilding the transmission

a few years prior), but I bought

it because it was truly a beautiful

car with a paper trail back to day

one, including the original shipping

receipt for the car. And it was

an awesome 30th birthday present

to myself!

Apparently the original owner

was an attorney from Mexico City

who picked up the car at the factory

in Germany and had the car

shipped to Mexico. The car ended

up in Austin with a long-term

owner who eventually lost it in a

divorce settlement; the ex-wife kept

the car for many years and spent a

lot of money on it, including the

$5k transmission rebuild. This was

the story from my neighbor who

bought the car from the ex-wife

and subsequently sold to me. It was

all consistent with the box containing

25 years of receipts and other


16 April

Chris’ 1969 911E Targa

I thoroughly enjoyed that car

for about a year. Although it was

not my daily driver, I would drive it

to work a couple of times per week,

and often on weekends. One of

my favorite drives near my house

was Spicewood Springs Road, west

of Loop 360. Driving those curves

through the trees and over the

creek with the Targa top off and the

sound of the engine in back . . . it

still brings back positive memories

today. I used to refer to the 911 as

therapy: no matter how bad a day

I was having, taking the 911 for a

brisk drive made everything better.

I think that car had a radio, but I

never used it.

I really didn’t want to sell, but

I had happened to mention to a

friend in Michigan that I was thinking

of buying a boat and the 911

might have to go. He expressed

interest, so I mailed him a photo of

the car (this was prior to the popularity

of digital photography) along

with a note that I was going to be

out of town the next week, but to

call me when I got back. Well, when

I returned from my trip and was

waiting for my luggage at the airport,

there was my friend Jim, who

had booked a flight from Detroit to

Austin as soon as he saw the photo

of the car. We went from the airport

directly back to my house, took the

911 for a drive. He wired the full

Photos Courtesy of the Author

asking price to me the next

day and drove the car back

to Michigan. Ironically, the

previous owner had sold

the car to me because he

was buying a boat. I never

ended up buying the boat I

was considering, but I definitely

regret selling this

car. Damn boats!

My second Porsche

was a 2000 Boxster, Forest

Green Metallic exterior

with Savannah tan full

leather interior, black top, 5-speed

manual, sport package. A low mileage,

one-owner car, I bought it used

from Park Place Porsche in 2003. I

enjoyed this car for about two years,

then sold it to a local attorney who

used to do a lot of billboard advertising

here in the Dallas area.

In December 2006, I was missing

my old Boxster and went to look at

a nice 1998 Boxster at Park Place

Lexus (back when they were at

Preston and Park in Plano). I made

an offer on the car, but we were

unable to reach an agreement. On

my way home, I stopped at Boardwalk

Porsche to see what they had

on hand. None of their pre-owned

inventory caught my eye, but I did

end up bringing home my third

Porsche, a new 2006 Cayenne S

titanium edition, black exterior,

two-tone tan/black interior, sport


2006 Cayenne S Titanium Edition