21-24 November 2016

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Introduction to MEC

and PMV Live

Exhibition Director of PMV Live and MEC, James A. Meltz, talks us through

what to expect at the largest shows of their kind in the region.

James A. Meltz

Exhibition Director of PMV Live and MEC

This year, the Middle East

Concrete (MEC) and PMV

Live shows take place in a

specially designated area of The Big

5 and occupy approximately 25%

more space than last year, including

outdoor space.

The cranes, the lifts, the booms

and other machinery can be seen

from the outside, not only

signposting the new location for all

to see, but also creating even more

buzz around these shows.

The advantage of the new floor

layout for 2016 is that it helps you to

use your time wisely, especially if

you do not have enough time to

spend the full four days to find all

the manufacturers of one particular

product category.

Now, you can go to designated

product sections of the show and

find all the manufacturers that are

relevant for you. The exhibitors

benefit from this because they will

be welcoming more targeted and

focused visitors, who know exactly

what they want. Most of the

European shows also operate in this

way, so it is a comfortable, familiar

and highly time-efficient layout for

you to have the best experience.

An additional benefit of the new

“Visitors can now be

more strategic than

ever before and are

receiving a huge ROI

on their time.”

floor layout and features was

explained by Exhibition Director of

PMV Live and MEC, James A.

Meltz, who said: “Thousands of

visitors have traveled many miles

and have only a certain amount of

time at the show – so they are very

astute about maximising the value

from it. A massive advantage for

visitors is that they can visit the

section they need over a few hours

and then use their time to attend

the CPD-certified workshops,

seminars and conferences to get up

to speed with the latest in industry

developments, technologies,

methodologies, materials and


Meltz went on to explain that

this year sees the strongest MEC/

PMV professional development

programme ever staged in the

region, with many of the speakers

at the conferences and workshops

coming from around the world

specifically to provide the best

global-perspective education. “So

overall, visitors can now be more

strategic than ever before and

receive a huge ROI on their time.”



Asked about the special features at

this year’s show, Meltz said: “When

we include special features at the

show, we don’t just repeat what has

been done before – we are very

much in tune with the industry, so

upgrade it in line with the most

current of ingenuity out there.”

Al Mahroos is providing front end

loaders and there will be different

fun challenges for visitors. One is to

use the front end loaders to knock

down dominoes and the other is to

move a huge container of water

without spilling it. Put yourself to

the test!”

Meltz added: “UAE-based

DigiRobotics is conducting

compelling demonstrations using a

robot to engrave concrete; we have

‘Selfies at Height’ staged by Rapid

Access, with a lift that takes you 27

metres into the air - you can take a

selfie with the machinery and

exhibition below you. We’re also

going to dedicate an entire zone to

deco concrete – there’ll be a

demonstration outside of how the

newest technologies come into play

to stain concrete. There are a lot of

new activities here and it is an

exciting environment for visitors, as

exhibitors are really putting their

best foot forward.” •


Reaching new heights

with Rapid Access

Adding a fun element to The Big 5 once again this year will be the

Selfies at Height feature by Rapid Access, a leading provider of

powered access equipment and services in the region.

The Selfies at Height has

been a success ever since

we launched it two years

ago. Every year we have more

and more visitors coming to our

stand to be taken 27 metres into

the air on one of our boom lifts,

to take a selfie at height. This is

an interesting and fun way to let

customers experience our aerial

work platforms,” says Sales and

Marketing Director, Alexis

Potter. “Selfies at Height

provides an opportunity to give

people an experience of our

equipment and a memento of the


With this feature, the company

aims to highlight the ease and safety

of using aerial work platforms in

daily operations. “Working-at-height

is a high risk activity and

unfortunately falls are still the most

common form of workplace

accidents around the world. By

using aerial work platforms with the

appropriate training, you can reduce

risk for your operatives and

substantially improve efficiency of

operations,” said Potter. “Our

biggest priority is our customer’s

safety, which has helped us become

the leading provider of powered

access solutions in the region.”

At the exhibition, the firm will

showcase its core fleet of boom lifts,

scissors and low level access will be

on display. Rapid Access hopes to

educate visitors on the significance

of powered access equipment which,

Potter believes is increasingly being

recognised as the safest and most

efficient method of working-atheight

across a range of industries,

including construction, facilities

management, media and events.

The company will also conduct

demonstrations of its latest safety

innovations including the BlueSky

Solutions – a range of accessories

and material handling attachments

that are designed to aid productivity

and reduce risk for people workingat-height.

These will be conducted

throughout the event at the live

demonstrations area, giving visitors

a chance to try and experience these

tools first-hand.

In addition, Mike Palmer,

Regional Safety and Training

Manager of Rapid Access, will speak

at two free-to-attend seminars

during the event, helping people from

a range of industries to understand

how to deliver improved safety and

results whilst working-at-height.

Rapid Access plans to network

with new people, attract new clients,

seek new business partnerships and

catch up with existing clients at the

show. “The Big 5 is the largest event

in the region and stands up in

comparison to some of the largest

construction related events from

around the globe. We are present in

every GCC country, as well as across

Western Europe. The range of

international visitors at The Big 5

provides us with a unique

opportunity to network with people

across the region, take the time to

thank our clients and also to meet

new and interesting people from

other areas of the world.”

The powered access industry

across the region is a growing

industry, Potter feels, and the firm’s

primary focus will remain on

maximising opportunities to work

with GCC clients to deliver safe and

efficient working-at-height

solutions. “We are constantly

assessing opportunities to expand

Rapid’s footprint into new territories

- so watch this space for future

developments. In our 20 years of

operating in the region, we have

never compromised in the quality of

our machines or service.”

Established in 1996, Rapid Access

is the Middle East leader in powered

access equipment rental and sales. It

offers equipment for sale and long

lease, as well as providing powered

access training across the region

with a suite of courses including

IPAF, Health & Safety and PASMA

for use with access towers. •



Ford Trucks reveals 2017

fleet at PMV Live

Ford’s Middle East Manager talks about heavy commercial vehicles,

market conditions and sustainability ahead of the show.

Ford trucks will be displaying

its latest range of 2017 Model

Year heavy commercial

vehicles at this year’s PMV Live,

including a 1843T tractor, a 3543M

6x4 chassis mixer, as well as a

4143M 8x4 chassis mixer.

“We currently have a widespread

dealer network in the Middle East

with powerful partners including Al

Jazirah Vehicles Agencies Co Ltd in

Saudi Arabia, Al Tayer Motors/

Premier Motors in the United Arab

Emirates, Mohsin Haider Darwish

LLC in Oman, Almana Motors

Company W.L.L in Qatar,

Almoayyed Motors in Bahrain, Al

Kasid Commercial Agencies Ltd in

Iraq and the Commercial &

Industrial Company in Jordan,”

said Mustafa Caner Sinanoğlu,

Middle East Countries Manager,

Ford Trucks.

Sinanoğlu revealed plans for its

Middle East division, which he said

will soon expand facilities into

Kuwait and Yemen.

He said: “With regard to the

Ford Trucks organisation, we are

planning to empower our regional

team with local and experienced

sales, after sales and marketing

team members very soon.

“The robust components and

technology of Ford Trucks are

already perfectly suited to our

region, but all of our series can

also be further customised

solutions for the region's

toughest conditions such as heat,

humidity and dust.

“To ensure this, our 'Hot Climate

Package' provides comfort in hot

and dusty environments with

improved A/C and radiator

performance, improved cabin

isolation and filtration. The package

was developed over a two-year

period of vehicle durability tests in

simulated laboratory conditions and

tailored to specific customer

expectations through a series of road

tests in the region.”

Ford Trucks will be showcasing its

latest heavy commercial vehicles

with product variants, including

tractors, road trucks and

construction series with tipper and

mixer superstructures, customised

with transmissions and cabin types

for on- and off-road conditions,

offered specifically to customers in

the Middle East market.

Tractors and construction

vehicles are also offered with

10mm, 500Mpa chassis frames

that further improve the durability

of the vehicle. The construction

trucks are offered in 6x4 and 8x4

versions with the powerful 12.7

litre Ford Ecotorq engine.

But for newly launched vehicles,

product awareness is the main

challenge, especially in a region like

the Middle East where the

competition is at the highest level.

Ford has been trying to overcome

this issue by finalising deliveries to

reference companies operating in

various segments.

Additionally, Ford distributors

keep test trucks in their fleets for

customers who want to try out

vehicles for a certain period of time.

“We believe this is one of the best

ways to assess the performance of

any vehicle,” Sinanoğlu said.

As for sustainability, the company

says it is motivated to develop

greener technologies as regulations

in the GCC for transportation give

signals to increase emission levels to

Euro 4, enabling vehicle

manufacturers to offer

environmentally friendly trucks to

the markets.

He said: “At the same time,

improvements regarding fuel

quality and stricter older vehicle

regulations are expected. Some

governmental departments have

started to request green vehicles in

their requirements as well.”

However, the heavy vehicle

market, in the Middle East is the

most affected segment by the

economical downsizing in GCC

markets and as a result the HCV

market is expected to shrink

compared to 2015, Sinanoğlu


Regardless, the company is still

expecting positive growth as it

carries on despite economic


“We anticipate that Middle East

heavy trucks (16+ tons) market will

grow by approximately 7% annually

and reach 22,000 vehicles by 2020.

International research seems to be

supporting our anticipation,” he said.

“Our target is to increase our

market share, especially in the

Middle East, and become one of the

top three heavy commercial vehicle

brands in the region.” •


Visit the Beorol Tools Demo days between 21-24th November

Beorol are one of the market

leaders in the supply of tools

to construction professionals.

The company will be taking part

in the tools demo on each of the

show days. Our product demo

schedule is as follows:

DAY 1: Using the best European

rollers and brushes for painting

This demo showcases the correct

way to use our German-made

professional rollers. Our team will

talk you through the application of

different paints, using Royal, Black,

Gold and Mohair rollers.

DAY 2: Cutting light concrete

blocks with the right saw and

gypsum carton boards. Our pliers

demonstration follows

immediately after.

This demonstration shows the

cutting of light concrete blocks and

bricks with a high quality saw, with

15mm teeth. You will get useful tips

on how to mark your cutting line, how

to begin cutting, which angle to use

and how to keep your shoulders and

thumbs in proper position, in order to

get the best results.

You will also see the quality and

shape of the gypsum double-sided

saw, which is a unique offering to

the market. Another part of

demonstration will be dedicated to

combined, cutting or pointed

curved pliers. You will see the

applications for this tool on small

metal parts or sheets.

DAY 3: Presentation on tile fixing

and silicon gun use.

The tiling bucket for the rinsing of

tile cleaning sponges is a professional

tool that speeds up a time consuming

job. The experts will show you how

the three angled rollers ensure that

the sponge is rinsed super-quickly.

The Beorol team will use all types of

European sponge trowels.

DAY 4: Fixing stands with Beorol

materials and tool boxes.

At the Beorol stand, visitors can also

learn how to safely and securely

organise the wide range of Beorol

tools, tool boxes, rollers and other

materials, onto plastic shelves and

grids. These storage units can be

customised and fixed on stand-perstand

specification that can stack

more than 50 different items. The

stand size can go up to a width of

45cm and a height of 2.20 metres.

More than 100 different

combinations can be tried. m




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Monday - 21st November 2016 - Theatre A

12:00-13:00 Fabric Reinforced Cementitious Matrix (FRCM) Composites for

Infrastructure Strengthening

• FRCM Constituent Materials and System Qualifications

• Installation, Inspection, Evaluation and Acceptance of FRCM

• General Design Considerations for Concrete Strengthened with FRCM

Dr. Antonio Nanni, Professor and Chair, University of Miami, Department of Civil,

Architectural and Environmental Engineering

15:00-16:00 How to Continue to Rebuild and Prevent Against Natural Disaster?

• Natural Disasters Affecting Structures

• Structures' Responses to Natural Disasters

• Preventive vs Corrective Measures

Prof. Abdul-Rahim Sabouni, CEO, Span M Consulting

16:30-17:30 How to Buy and Sell Construction Equipment Like a Pro?

• Mindset

• Tools

• Examples

Franz Freiherr von Redwitz, Managing Director, MAN Truck & Bus Middle East &

Africa FZE

Monday - 21st November 2016 - Theatre B

12:00-13:00 Challenges and Opportunities in the Concrete Industry

• Sustainability in Residences

• Circular Economy

Sarfraz Husain Dairkee, General Manager, M.A.H.Y Khoury

13:30-14:30 Recycled Concrete in Road Projects

• What is Recycled Concrete Aggregate?

• Why Should we Recycle Concrete Aggregate?

• Examples of its Use

Glenn Platt, Managing Director - Infrastructure, KEO International Consultants

15:00-16:00 Concrete Sustainability – The Masdar Experience

• The Masdar City Objectives.

• Steps Towards Sustainability.

• Carbon Footprint Study in Concrete Mixes Developed for Masdar - 3 Different

Specimens in Different Exposures.

Sam Rifki, Regional Manager, Al Falah Readymix UAE

12:00-13:00 Understanding the Application and Dynamics of Green Concrete in

Dubai (Panel)

• Sustainability and Greening of Concrete

• Greening Alternatives and Priorities

• Regulating Green Concrete in the UAE

• Future Outlook

Prof. Abdul-Rahim Sabouni, CEO, Span M Consulting

Abdullah Al Shamsi, Vice Chancellor, The British University in Dubai

John Young, Managing Director, Young Engineering Consultancy Services

Tuesday - 22nd November 2016 - Theatre A

12:00-13:00 Durability of Concrete Structures in Aggressive Conditions with FRC

• Factors Affecting Durability of Concrete in Aggressive Conditions

• Role of Fibres in Durability Enhancement in Climatic Conditions and Disasters

• Proper Dosages and Usage for Targeted Objectives.

Rajiv Gauri, Assistant Vice President, Reliance Industries Limited

13:30-14:30 A Practical Approach Towards Behavior Based Safety Through OHS

Culture Maturity Development Tools

• Introduction to Integrated Management System (IMS) Requirements

• The Rationale for ISO 31000:2009 Risk Management as QHSE Driver

• QHSE and Risk Management Framework Elements

• Implementation of a QHSE Risk Management System Through OHS Culture

Maturity Development Tools

• Case Study: Al Jaber Shipping and Marine Works LLC

Marcéll Greeff, Deputy Senior Manager: Occupational Health & Safety, DEWA

15:00-16:00 Advanced Materials and Techniques for Reinforced Concrete

Structures - Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) (PANEL)

• Material Characteristics and Durability of FRP

• Design and Detailing of FRP

• Recent Applications in Bridge Structures

Dr. Antonio Nanni, Professor and Chair, University of Miami, Department of Civil,

Architectural and Environmental Engineering

Rajiv Gauri, Assistant Vice President, Reliance Industries Limited

16:30-17:30 Evolution of the Tipper Body Weight for the Construction Market


• Road Regulations in the GCC

• Having a Smart Intelligent Solution for the Tipper Markets

Tomás Colaҫo Marketing Manager, HYVA MEA FZE

Tuesday - 22nd November 2016 (DECO CONCRETE DAY) - Theatre B

12:00-13:00 Innovative Design Methods of Concrete - (Intro to Decorative


• Showcasing Decorative Concrete Variety of Methods and Practices

• Turning Concrete into Decorative and Useful Shapes and Textures

• Transforming Boring, Plain and Ugly Concrete to Beautiful

• Options for Function and Form – Countertops, Industrial Floors Stamps

Jaime Villagomez, President & CEO NewLook International Inc.

13:30-14:30 Coloring Options for Decorative Concrete - From Boring to beautiful -

Adding Color to New or Existing Concrete

• Showcase – What is Possible – Before and After

• Overview of Existing Technologies – Integral Color, Types of Stains

• Acid Stains, Dyes, Water-Based Stains – Solid, Semi-Transparent and Translucent

• Cooling Technology for Concrete and Wood

• Application of Various Stains

• Pros and Cons

• Basic Installation Techniques

Peter Villagomez, Sales Director NewLook International Inc.

15:00-16:00 Troubleshooting Coating & Sealer Failures - Coating Preparation

• Reasons for Failures and How to Identify Root Cause and Fix

• Best Practices in Coating Prep for Floors and Wall Coatings

• Common Coating Failures and How to Fix

Alex Armitage - Technical Director NewLook International Inc.

16:30-17:30 Trends in Polished Concrete

• Showcase - What is Possible -

• Equipment Selection

• Densifiers, Colour and Guards

• Polished Overlay

• Burnishing Techniques

Hicham Abdul Samad, Cantec Concrete Solutions, Dubai, UAE

Wednesday - 23rd November 2016 - Theatre A

13:30-14:30 Concrete Repair

• What Design-Basis Code to Apply

• Evaluation, Assessment and Design of Structural Repair

• Construction, Inspection and Quality Assurance of Repair Work

Dr. Antonio Nanni, Professor and Chair, University of Miami, Department of Civil,

Architectural and Environmental Engineering

16:30-17:30 Tips to Finance Machinery

• From banks. (a) Specific to equipment financing via term loan, project financing,


asset backed financing, or (b) Murhaba / Ijara (Islamic financing products). (c)

General banking products would include general purpose loans against lien on

any machinery or assigning receivables or in name lending cases against personal


• Advance from customer and internal accruals.

• Other than banks, there are other financiers like Orix, Mubadla, special purpose

finance companies and brokers.

• Lease from the supplier, who could structure a lease (finance /operating) or rental

or hire / purchase scheme to suit the users requirement with a TCO (total cost of

operation) price.

Joe Thomas, Group Internal Auditor, Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba Group

Wednesday - 23rd November 2016 - Theatre B


• Challenges and Opportunities in the Concrete Industry

• Sustainability in Residences

• Circular Economy

Sarfraz Husain Dairkee, General Manager, M.A.H.Y Khoury

13:30-14:30 Precast Innovations for Sustainability and Competitiveness

• What makes Pre-cast Concrete Sustainable?

• Pre-cast Concrete for Sustainable Buildings

• Competitiveness of Pre-cast Concrete

Mr. Jyri Nieminen, CSO and Leading Advisor, Sweco Finland Ltd.

16:30-17:30 Efforts Towards low Emission Targets: Clean Construction Industry

• New economic conditions in GCC, new technology development in the heavy

machinery industry and competitive strategies of key players

• Emerging trends in GCC and its impact on the heavy machinery industry in the

next 4-5 years (upto 2020)

• Key growth drivers and restraints and its impact on the heavy machinery industry

substantiated with quantitative analysis

Mane Prasad Bajirao, Consultant, Frost & Sullivan

Thursday – 24th November 2016 – Theatre A

12:00-13:00 Integrated Reliability and Durability Based Structural Health

Monitoring in Concrete Structures: Case Study Bridges

• Structural Health Monitoring

• Durability in Concrete Structures

• Reliability in Bridges

Dr. Saeed Kia, PhD in Civil Engineering - Engineering Consultant, Tehran

Polytechnic (Amirkabir University of Technology) - SAIPA Corp

13:30-14:30 Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) - Health and Safety

• Past, Present and Future of Personal Protection Equipment

• Why is Personal Protection Equipment Important?

• Limitations of Personal Protection Equipment

Alin O Epure, Senior Mechanical Engineer | BK Gulf

15:00-16:00 Demystifying the ‘Fit for Purpose’ Obligations in EPC and Design &

Build Contracts

• Contractors must assume ‘fit for purpose’ obligation in EPC and Design Build form

of Contracts (for example FIDIC Silver book and Yellow book)

• Professional Indemnity insurance does NOT cover ‘Fit for Purpose’ obligation

• Watch out for the scope gap when a contractor hires a design consultant.

Contractor is liable for fit for purpose obligation while the consultant will be liable

only for ‘reasonable care and skill’

R Venkat, Partner/Director, C Cubed Consultants Limited, Masdar City

Thursday – 24th November 2016 – Theatre B

12:00-13:00 Performance-Based Specifications: Case Studies in the UAE

• Understand the differences between Prescriptive and Performance Specifications

• Explore Performance-Based Specifications written for a major UAE project

• Understand challenges in applying Performance-Based Specifications for High

Performance Concrete

Fouad H. Yazbeck, Chief Technical Officer, Readymix Abu Dhabi Ltd.

13:30-14:30 Advances in Hot Weather Concreting

• Innovative in concrete technology for hot weather construction

• Durability of building in hot weather construction

• Greening hot weather concreting

Dr. Samer Al-Martini, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering at Abu Dhabi

University, UAE.

15:00-16:00 Carbon Dioxide Utilisation in Ready-mix Concrete Production

• Concept of carbonation curing and its application to different concrete materials

and products

• Quantification and Characterisation of reaction products

• Social, economic and environmental impact of carbonation curing

Hilal El-Hassan, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, UAE University

16:30-17:30 Development of Cement Free Polymer Concrete for Use in the UAE

• Introduction to alkali activated polymer concrete

• Parameters affecting the performance of polymer concrete and mix design


• Preliminary results of workability and mechanical testing undertaken at UAE


Najif Ismail, Assistant Professor for Structural Engineering, UAE University




For the latest:









16:30-17:00 Polyurea, A Miracle in Coating Industry

• Introduction of Polyurea as new era coating system

• Polyurea advantages and applications

• Presentations of some structure that coated by Polyurea

Mohamed M Khodaparast, CEO, Sustainable Green Concrete (SGC)




The changing face of concrete

Greener alternatives continue to shift the composition of both concrete

mixtures and the industry as a whole.

The components of concrete

are changing as demand for

sustainable alternatives

continues to climb, according to a

report commissioned for the Middle

East Concrete exhibition in Dubai.

Over the decades, scientific

advancements have allowed for

significant steps in the improvement

of concrete mixtures, as, for

example, with the development of

corrosion inhibitors that can be

added to concrete either during

construction or afterwards,

according to the Concrete Report.

“I’d say the industry has learned a

lot since the first reinforced concrete

structures were built in the Gulf,

basically using European technology

and design standards based on a

temperate climate,” said John

Young, Managing Director of John

Young Consultancy Services.

“Whereas the environment and

climate out here are so harsh, maybe

a structure that is designed to last a

hundred years in the UK would

perhaps last 30 or 40 years in the

Gulf because of the higher

temperature, the salinity and the

lack of rainfall that can cleanse a


Globally, cement production is

thought to account for some 5% of

greenhouse gas emissions, a figure

likely to rise as more developing

nations prepare themselves for

waves of urbanisation.

In fact, the issue of global

warming and high carbon emissions

has reached such a critical point that

both local and international


organisations, along with

governments, have started to take

action to reduce the environmental

risk factors caused by concrete.

According to the report, the World

Bank Group’s private sector arm,

International Finance Corporation

(IFC), is getting behind a

programme to encourage the use of

waste heat recovery technology in

cement factories, which it claims can

reduce emissions and help the

factories supply up to 30% of their

own energy requirements.

There are financial benefits too,

with the Institute for Industrial

Productivity estimating that the

bottom line improvement could be

as much as 10-15%.

In the UAE, Dubai Municipality

mandated the use of green concrete

in 2015, issuing a directive for the

industry to explore the use of

alternative ingredients to

supplement the use of cement in

concrete production.

“We are keen to provide what is

best for the city. We are looking at

every element of buildings,” said

Dubai Municipality Director General

Hussain Nasser Lootah, speaking at

the time of the announcement.

As of early last year, all new

buildings have started using ‘green’

concrete, or the eco-friendly

Supplementary Cementing Materials,

(SCMs,) alternative for Ordinary

Portland Cement, (OPC) in Dubai.

Each tonne of (OPC) that is

produced emits more than one

tonne of carbon dioxide and other

toxic gases. Because of this, Dubai

Municipality has made it mandatory

for consultants and contractors to

use greener and safer alternatives,

officials have explained.

As the most commonly used

material in the world in terms of

volume, concrete is used twice as

much in construction than all

other building materials, including

reinforcement or timber.

Experts in the industry are now

therefore looking at other ways to

reduce the environmental risk

factors of this material. Using less

concrete may be one option,

particularly when it comes to

laying the foundations for a

building or structure, says the

report. However, part of the

problem with this is that often

projects are over specified.

“Clients build in extra factors of

safety,” says Jason Redgers, Regional

Business Development Manager GCC

for Menard Vibro.

“That is fine when you can afford to

pay for it, but in the real world where

we’re looking to save on the materials,

save on build costs and trying to make

things more sustainable, trying to

protect the planet for the future,

things have to be designed better and

constructed better.”

Redgers suggests that with strong

soil investigations and appropriate

ground treatments, the strength of

the ground being built upon could

be improved without the need for

excessive concrete and all the

ancillary equipment and work that

go along with it.

The report also notes that the

additional environmental impact

can be reduced when such soil

treatment techniques use crushed

concrete from demolished structures

as the aggregate, rather than fresh

quarried stone.

As an ever evolving material,

concrete will continue to play a

crucial role in the development of

greener buildings and essentially the

build-up of greener cities across the

region. •


MEILLER Tippers to bring German

brilliance in engineering to the GCC

One of Germany’s foremost tipper companies is set to make its debut at this year’s Middle East Concrete &

PMV Live. Munich’s award-winning MEILLER Tippers aims to present the best of engineering and practicality,

hoping to create a new era in the tipper market in the region. We spoke to Abhilash Isaac, Business

Development Manager for the company, who also heads the sales, marketing and service operations at K H F

Automotive, the authorised sales and service partner for MEILLER Tipper Trucks in Dubai.

What products are you

bringing to the show? Can we

expect any new launches?

We will be exhibiting the rear

tipper at PMV Live. It is our flagship

product, developed for the harsh

conditions encountered in

construction and waste management

– from the transportation of bulk

materials to heavy demolition

works. We plan to introduce our full

range of products covering

construction, logistics and waste

management in due course.

What are your main reasons

for participating in the show?

We consider this show to be the

most effective gathering of our

target customers - construction

contractors and logistic partners -

where we will be able to showcase

our product offering and further

strengthen our commitment and

trust, as evident by our repeatedly

being awarded “Best Brand” in the

“Tipper” category in Germany, 12

times in a row.

What makes your products

attractive to buyers in the


Our tippers are distinguished by

optimised exterior dimensions,

which maximise transportation

volume, a large tipping angle and a

long service life. In addition to

lighter tipper bodies, lower

superstructures, enhanced degree of

stability, strong hydraulics and

increased operational reliability,

raising the payload and improving

turnaround speed, our customers

can enjoy an excellent level of value

retention. Moreover, the modular

system concept facilitates easier

assembly and quicker supply to our

customers. Our unique proposition

is that we guarantee quality and

reliability as a system integrator –

steel construction, hydraulics and

control engineering from a single

source – as opposed to our

competitors, who source these from

various manufacturers and assemble

them. Our quality bears a single

name – Made by MEILLER.

What are some prominent

features of your product that

make them resilient for the ME


The ME market is lenient to load

restrictions; thanks to our high

pressure hydraulics at 280 bar,

against the industry standard 150

bar, our product is able to deliver

higher lifting force for the same

cylinder diameter. Also the

MEILLER scissor tipping stabiliser

with optimised trapeze cross section

gives 30% higher torsional strength,

enhancing safety when tipping. The

tipper bodies are made of fine grain

steel that are crack resistant, have

low wear for the harshest conditions

and are suitable for heavy duty daily

use, thus making our product the

most adaptive to ME conditions.

What are some key features of

the rear tipper?

They come in two variants – the

distinguishable half pipe design and

the classic box design. They can be

customised with the ability to

remotely control all operations using

the MEILLER I.S.A.R radio control

unit; a Manual or Electric Sliding

Tarpaulin with or without tarpaulin

protective roof; a choice of tail gates

to choose from – inboard / outboard

and swing from the top, or opened

hydraulically; lateral fender plate to

protect the chassis attachment

against falling bulk material; folding

under ride guard / bumper bar and

quarter shell / half shell or

continuous mud guards.

We are committed to quality,

solidity, efficiency and safety. Our

customers stand to benefit from the

expertise and competence of our

professional team by becoming

proud owners or users of our tippers

that set high the standards for

others to follow.

What are you hoping to achieve

from the Middle East Concrete

& PMV Live?

Our main objective is to present

the best of engineering and

practicality and hope to create a new

era in the tipper market in the

region. MEILLER works closely with

truck manufacturers worldwide and

foresees establishing a good client

base in the UAE, together with

cementing our cooperation with the

local offices and partners of major

truck manufacturers by working

hand-in-hand with them.

What is your business outlook

going into 2017?

The rapid pace of medium to

long-term infrastructure projects in

the region provide plenty of

potential and we are here to become

a name to reckon with in vehicle

construction, especially tippers. m


Safety in numbers

(of products and systems)

Doka has invested in developing a wide range of products and systems

that have been designed to specifically address the most vulnerable

areas on a construction site, and ensure they are made as safe as

possible for site personnel.

Take for example our Edge

Protection System, a

universal safety solution that

provides total edge protection, while

remaining fully compatible with

Doka floor formwork. Equipped with

an all-in-one guardrail, the system is

‘hot-dip’ galvanised, making it

extremely sturdy. It is also EN

13374-compliant and can be used

on any shell structure, as well as

on our floor formwork systems. As

part of our commitment to keep

our products user and time

friendly, the Edge Protection

System can be installed following a

logical set-up sequence and is

twice as fast as a conventional

wooden-rail solution. As an

additional safety element, the

integrated steel toeboard ensures

no small items can fall off.

Developed as our ultimate

fall-arrest system, Doka’s pre

assembled Safety Net Fan’s can be

used on any structure and adapted

to any shape. Designed with triple

layer nets, this product is also EN

1263 compliant, UV treated to

resist sun damage and can extend

to a width of 4.8 metres, providing

significant cover against any falling

objects and debris to personnel


Other systems which have been

successfully implemented in the

Middle East include our Protection

Screen Xclimb 60, a hydraulic

system that offers a fully enclosed

and safe working environment for

labourers over two working slabs

and one re-propping slab.

Our access systems have also been

developed to offer the highest

functional safety for construction

personnel. Take for example our

Stair tower 250, a sturdy, stable

access system that can be put

together very quickly from loadbearing

tower frames and preassembled

aluminium stairway

elements. With a height capacity of

up to 100 metres, the system also

enables intermediate exits meaning

safe access to all work-deck levels.

When it comes to moving up and

down the formwork itself, our

Ladder system XS is not only

mountable while the formwork is

flat on the ground, but furthermore

comes equipped with a ladder cage,

for added protection.

One of our more versatile systems

is DokaScaff, a modular scaffold

used for access, forming and

reinforcing works. Thanks to its

pre-defined connection points,

DokaScaff is not only safety certified


and SP but also comes with tried

and tested anchorage points for

personal fall-arrest systems. With

the added benefits of being quick

and easy to assemble, DokaScaff

uses a wedge lock system meaning

a strong and rigid connection is

possible with just one blow the

hammer. The system itself is also

extremely durable thanks to all its

components being galvanized.

DokaScaff is much quicker than

traditional systems available in the

market. Outside of the obvious

ethical priority of ensuring the

wellbeing of site staff, there are in

fact proven financial benefits of

applying diligent health and safety

standards. According to the

International Social Security

Association (ISSA), an

international study with 300

participants across 16 countries

showed that investments in safety

at work pay back with a cost/

benefit ratio of 1:2.2, clearly

illustrating that increasing

standards in safety really is a

win-win for the construction

industry. m


Bringing decorative concrete

industry under the spotlight

Premium coating providers, NewLook International, are set to generate a visually-stunning impact at MEC with

their deco concrete staining demonstrations and workshops. As they generate awareness for their products and

services, and seek local distribution partners in the region, we learn more about the company, its services and

plans for the brand in this region.

NewLook International is

the leading manufacturer

of premium, innovative

coatings and building material

solutions. Their revolutionary

and proven concrete coatings

have been used since 1989 by

industry professionals and

property owners alike, to

dramatically enhance the image

of concrete, cement and other

decorative surfaces.

What are your main products

and services?

NewLook manufactures concrete

stains, concrete sealers, concrete

preparation products and specialty

decorative concrete products. We

sell them internationally for

decorative concrete jobs, both big

and small.

Who are your customers?

NewLook has distributors

worldwide that sell products to

contractors, manufacturers and

property owners. Our products are

specified for architects, who have

used them on surfaces for big

projects like the Pentagon, rides at

Universal Studios Hollywood and

Hollywood Park in Southern

California, to name a few. Our

products are also used by

contractors and homeowners for

smaller jobs like a driveway or a

patio for private residences.

What are the benefits of

incorporating deco concrete

products and techniques into a


Consistency in Concrete: The

colour of concrete can vary during a


pour due to the amount of water in

the concrete, dry time, variations in

the mix and the way it is poured.

Concrete stains fix the issues that

come up by creating a consistent

design or colour across the concrete


Flexible Design: Decorative

concrete allows a contractor to

create textural patterns, custom

designs, natural stone, stamped

overlays and many more designs to

enhance the concrete. Instead of

replacing poor existing concrete, it can

just be stained to match the existing

concrete and increase its life.

Low Maintenance: Set it and

forget it! Well, almost. Decorative

concrete coatings require less

maintenance. Once it is sealed,

then typically a sealer is sufficient

which can be maintained every

2–4 years, depending on the traffic

on the surface.

Longevity & Strength: Decorative

concrete is not just for aesthetics.

Using NewLook’s decorative

products can protect the surface to

increase the life of the concrete used.

For example, NewLook’s SharkSeal

is a penetrating sealer that prevents

water and oil from soaking into the

concrete, which keeps it looking

clean and new. There are also

hardeners and strengtheners in

decorative concrete products that will

help expand the life of the surface.

How can staining/deco

products withstand hot

weather conditions, such as

those in the GCC?

Staining concrete outdoors can be

a struggle in extreme heat.

Temperatures need to be above 10°C

and rising, or 90°C and falling. Once

applied and sealed, stained concrete

holds up well to the heat. Endura

Cool Stain by NewLook can reduce

the temperature of concrete to up to

10°C. This helps reduce the heatisland

(built up areas that are hotter

than nearby rural areas) effect.

Can you sum up the benefits for

GCC buyers attending your

educational workshop?

Decorative concrete is a growing

market in the GCC, especially with

the large amount of construction

going on throughout this region. The

application of the products is key to

improving the longevity of concrete,

as well as the life of stains and

sealers. By providing adequate

training on our services and

products within this region,

businesses can provide or utilise

our solutions and services to

improve their surfaces. The

popularity of decorative concrete

has also brought new jobs into the

GCC economy.

What kind of reaction have you

been receiving from this region?

We have seen an increase in

business from this region over the last

few years. It is exciting to see such

growth in the decorative concrete


What is your outlook for 2017,

with regards to business from

the GCC?

We look forward to further

educateting our customers and

partners on our products and also on

setting up distributors that can service

the GCC with products that they need

quickly and efficiently. We foresee a

significant growth in architects

specifying our products in this region,

as well as contractors using our

decorative concrete solutions.

What do you hope to achieve

from The Big 5/MEC this year?

We hope to increase awareness

about the decorative concrete

industry and help people learn to

use NewLook products for their

decorative concrete needs. m












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