Peninsula People Nov 2016

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Volume XXI, Issue 4 <strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong>

<strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 3


Volume XXI, Issue 4<br />

<strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong><br />

P A L O S V E R D E S P E N I N S U L A M O N T H L Y<br />


Jonathan Bisignano<br />

Photo courtesy of the Bisignano family<br />


36 Love and loss by Mark McDermott<br />

The Bisignano family lost their 22 year old son Jonathan in<br />

April. In the six months since, his life, their faith, and the<br />

community's embrace have given the family lessons in the<br />

persistence of love.<br />

50 Young and fast by David Mendez<br />

Henry Morse began racing trikes, then bikes, then go karts.<br />

Now, at 15, he’s racing cars on the professional Pirelli World<br />

Challenge Series.<br />

54 Graceful Gale by Bondo Wyszpolski<br />

Graceful Gale was an alluring, first-class passenger who<br />

boarded the Queen Mary in May of 1939 and disappeared.<br />

Her ghost reappears each year about this time in Dark<br />

Harbor.<br />

60 Zen Modern by Stephanie Cartozian<br />

Architect Luis de Moraes designs a Visa Del Mar home to<br />

parallel the natural terrain, with an ocean view from every<br />

room.<br />

70 Il canto Italiani by Richard Foss<br />

Chef Michaelangelo Aliaga’s pastas and sausages and coowner<br />

Lou Giovanetti’s voice make Primo Italia worthy of its<br />

name.<br />


12 Portuguese Bend Horse Show<br />

16 Honda Evening Under the Stars<br />

44 Encore Circle<br />

64 Lundquist named Champion of Business<br />

72 Chamber bids farewell to Supervisor Knabe<br />


22 <strong>Peninsula</strong> calendar<br />

68 Around & About<br />

73 <strong>Peninsula</strong> Dining Guide<br />

80 Senior Care Guide<br />

82 <strong>Peninsula</strong> Attorney Guide<br />

85 Home services<br />

STAFF<br />

EDITOR<br />

Mark McDermott<br />


Stephanie Cartozian<br />


Mary Jane Schoenheider<br />


Richard Budman<br />


Adrienne Slaughter,<br />

Tamar Gillotti, Amy Berg,<br />

Shelley Crawford<br />


Teri Marin<br />



Richard Budman<br />



Teri Marin<br />


Tim Teebken<br />


Judy Rae<br />



Daniel Sofer (Hermosawave.net)<br />


P.O. Box 745<br />

Hermosa Beach, CA<br />

90254<br />

PHONE<br />

(310) 372-4611<br />

FAX<br />

(424) 212-6780<br />


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Pen<strong>People</strong>@<br />

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6 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong>

<strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 7

S P O T L I G H T O N T H E H I L L<br />

Portuguese Bend Charity<br />

Providing Hope for Childhood Cancers<br />

The Portuguese Bend National Horse Show held at<br />

Ernie Howlett Park in Rolling Hills Estates, has been<br />

providing hometown fun and friendly competition for 59<br />

years. The show is a benefit for Children’s Hospital Los<br />

Angeles (CHLA), and this year’s proceeds benefited the<br />

CHLA Associates Sarcoma Program Chair. The Sarcoma<br />

Program within the Children’s Center for Cancer and<br />

Blood Diseases is working to improve the outcome for<br />

children battling this aggressive form of childhood cancer.<br />

This year’s show theme “Taking the Reins of Hope,” honored<br />

the incredible staff of CHLA who give hope every<br />

day. The doctors, nurses, and support staff work tirelessly<br />

to help and heal all who come to them and give the gift<br />

of hope of a better life for their patients and families.<br />

<strong>Peninsula</strong> Committee Children’s Hospital members are<br />

honored to support the amazing accomplishments of the<br />

hospital through their donations. In addition to the three<br />

day horse show, there was a colorful children’s carnival,<br />

food booths, haybale boutique, a Saturday Night BBQ dinner<br />

and special events including a visit from miniature<br />

therapy horses, Parade of Trophies, and the Long Beach<br />

Mounted Police.<br />

1<br />

2<br />



3 4<br />

1. Marine Langer accepting<br />

the Julie Martin Memorial Trophy.<br />

Presenters Ed Kelly, Jeff<br />

Earle, Antonio Camacho Jr.<br />

and Sr.<br />

2. A child carnival-goer.<br />

3. Katie Brown.<br />

4. Gemma and Celine<br />

Claessens (second and third<br />

from left), Clea Caddell (on her<br />

horse), Quaya Plaisir.<br />

5. The Long Beach Mounted<br />

Police performed a 9/11 tribute.<br />

6. Karl Graeber, Ken and Marilyn<br />

Prindle, Michele Romer,<br />

Toni Graeber and Carey<br />

Romer.<br />

7. Patty and Steve Lantz.<br />

8. Jim Beck, Mary DiMatteo,<br />

Angela and Frank Conterno,<br />

Flora Fairchild.<br />

9. Steve Lopes, Christine and<br />

Joe Rich, Suzanne and John<br />

Durnell, Helen Hitzel, Helaine<br />

Lopes.<br />

10. Steve and Alyson McFerson,<br />

Mike O’Brien.<br />

11. Cindy Choate, JoAnn Giuliano,<br />

Bonnie Upp, Barbara<br />

Fountain.<br />

12. Kelly Walsh, Susan Gray,<br />

Cathy Villicich, Jacquie Leimbach.<br />

13. Dave Farrell, Jim Cook,<br />

Chris Consani, Kirk Johnson,<br />

Doug Van Riper.<br />

14. Anthony Xepolis, Margaret<br />

Gibbs, Tom Light, Mark<br />

Costa, Ken Ochi, Vall Light,<br />

Kathy Costa.<br />

15. <strong>Peninsula</strong> Committee<br />

Children’s Hospital members<br />

celebrate a successful event.<br />

16. Dawn Knickerbocker,<br />

Karen Miller, Pat Lucy, Jody<br />

Murdoch.<br />

17. Jeff Renzi, Patty Ochi<br />

with grandson/PCCH Featured<br />

Child, Jackson Renzi, Val Kelly,<br />

Danielle Renzi, Kate Cocke.<br />

5<br />

6<br />

7<br />

8<br />

12 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong>

9 10<br />

11 12 13<br />

14 15<br />

16 17<br />

<strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 13

Brides and Grooms<br />

Newly Engaged Couples<br />

Provide your photos and we will<br />

write your love story<br />

To be shared in the<br />

<strong>Peninsula</strong> magazine<br />

Great gift idea from parents<br />

and in-laws to share your family’s<br />

news announcement<br />

Also available for wedding venues<br />

photo by Amy Theilig Photography<br />

Call 310-372-4611 for rates and sizes<br />

<strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 15

S P O T L I G H T O N T H E H I L L<br />

Kenny G performs at<br />

Honda Evening Under the Stars<br />

Saxophonist and Grammy Awardwinning<br />

star Kenny G performed<br />

for guests at the 30th Annual<br />

“Honda Evening Under the Stars Children’s<br />

Healthcare Gourmet Food and<br />

Wine Tasting Festival.” The August 27<br />

event was sold out soon after its announcement<br />

and many of the South<br />

Bay’s finest eateries were present supporting<br />

the cause.<br />

Event proceeds will benefit Torrance<br />

Memorial Pediatrics, Providence TrinityKids<br />

Care, a program of Providence<br />

TrinityCare, and Vistas for Children.<br />

1<br />



2 3<br />

1. Jim Sala, Craig<br />

Leach, Sharon Martinez,<br />

Kenny G., Steve<br />

Morikawa, Karin<br />

Baker and Kacey<br />

Takashima.<br />

2. Terri Warren,<br />

Sharon Martinez,<br />

Linda Perry, (Back)<br />

Jim Sala, Craig Leach<br />

and Steve Morikawa.<br />

3. Dr. John Stecker,<br />

Bob Tarnofsky, Ros<br />

Stecker, Ian Kramer<br />

M.D. and Sherry<br />

Kramer.<br />

4. Ann and David<br />

Buxton.<br />

5. Steve Morikawa,<br />

Jacqueline Glass, Tara<br />

Gregerson and Glen<br />

Komatsu M.D.<br />

6. David and Barbara<br />

Bentley, Sally and<br />

Mike Eberhard.<br />

7. Barbara Demming<br />

Lurie, Mark Lurie,<br />

M.D., Terry and Joe<br />

Hohm.<br />

8. Jeff Krebs,<br />

Priscilla Hunt, Cynthia<br />

Soma, Fritz Friedman,<br />

Susan and Ralph<br />

Moore.<br />

9. (Front) Sara<br />

Moore, Trip and<br />

Aarika Simmons,<br />

Brenda Nowotka,<br />

(back) Wes Kauble,<br />

Sean Simmons.<br />

10. Rev. Jonathan<br />

Chute and Thyra Endicott<br />

M.D.<br />

11. Marc Schenasi,<br />

Harv and Ruth<br />

Daniels, Song and<br />

Dave Klein.<br />

12. Khrystyna<br />

Pavlova and Riad<br />

Adoumi M.D.<br />

13. Mark Kroeger,<br />

Colleen Farrell and<br />

Ann O’Brien.<br />

14. Sara and Dale<br />

Balough.<br />

15. Debbi Gelbart,<br />

Moe Gelbart Ph.D.,<br />

Kathleen Krauthamer,<br />

Richard Krauthamer,<br />

M.D., Jackelyn Lee<br />

M.D. and George So<br />

M.D.<br />

4 5<br />

6<br />

7<br />

8<br />

9<br />

16 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong>

10<br />

11 12<br />

13<br />

14 15<br />

<strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> <strong>People</strong> 17

Fine Homes and Luxury Properties<br />

NEW<br />


LUXURY<br />

CUSTOM<br />




5 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, 2,595 sq ft Home, 8,823 sq ft Lot<br />

Brand New Remodel Home with Ocean View, 2-Story Ceiling<br />

Trendy Features, Cul-De-Sac, Close to Park, Schools & Shopping<br />

OFFERED AT $1,695,000<br />

www.6462Parklynn.com<br />



6 Bedrooms Suites, 10 Bathrooms, 12,841 sq ft Home, 65,413 sq ft Lot<br />

Gated Luxury Mansion with Ocean, Catalina & Trump Golf Course Views<br />

2-Story Master Suite, Indoor Pool & Spa, Many Exquisite Features<br />

OFFERED AT $4,950,000<br />

www.3303PaloVista.com<br />

GREAT<br />

VALUE<br />





4 Bedrooms + Office, 4.25 Bathrooms, 4,578 sq ft Home, 11,866 sq ft Lot<br />

Beautifully Updated Home on Quite Cul De Sac. Great Floorplan<br />

New Wood Flooring, Bedroom Suites, Gourmet Kitchen<br />

OFFERED AT $1,950,000<br />

www.RodYoon.com<br />

paseo la cresta<br />

PALOS VERDES estates<br />

7 Bedrooms, 11 Bathrooms, 10,400 sq ft Home, 42,412 sq ft Lot<br />

Magnificent Gated Estate offering a Unique Combination of Luxury and Comfort<br />

Sweeping Ocean, Bay and Treetop views. Exquisite Finishes and Fine Appointments Throughout<br />

$8,995,000<br />

www.1414PaseoLaCresta.com<br />

#1 Real Estate Team 2010 - 2015, RE/MAX Estate Properties<br />

Stephen Haw/Team Leader<br />

何 精 益<br />

310.503.9886<br />

skh8828@gmail.com<br />

Kim Hall<br />

Serving the South Bay<br />

310.721.7526<br />

KimHallHomes@gmail.com<br />

Cristina Go<br />

AREAA SB Founding President<br />

310.971.0404<br />

gocristinago@gmail.com<br />

Lauren Yoon<br />

로렌 윤<br />

310.619.4989<br />


Fine Homes and Luxury Properties<br />


1-STORY<br />

HOME<br />

GREAT<br />


VIEW<br />

cedarbluff<br />


4 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 2,192 sq ft Home, 9,968 sq ft Lot<br />

Nicely Remodeled in 2013, Open Floor Plan, High Ceilings<br />

Large Master Suite, Central Location<br />

OFFERED AT $1,250,000 $1,235,000<br />

www.28716Cedarbluff.com<br />

via somonte<br />

PALOS VERDES estates<br />

Spectacular Coastline and Queen’s Necklace View in Malaga Cove<br />

Bring your Architect/Contractor. Need Major Remodeling or Rebuild<br />

Currently 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 2,365 sq ft Home on 8,102 sq ft Lot<br />

OFFERED AT $1,795,000<br />

www.797ViaSomonte.com<br />



TIP TOP<br />



BIG FLAT<br />

LOT<br />



5 Bedrooms, 6.5 Bathrooms, 8,533 sq ft Home, Guest House<br />

PANORAMIC VIEW of Queen’s Necklace & Downtown LA<br />

Architectural Masterpiece, Luxury Features, Beautiful Landscape<br />

OFFERED AT $3,995,000<br />

www.LuxuryPVhome.com<br />



4 Bedrooms, 3.5 Bathrooms, 3,643 sq ft Home, 16,487 sq ft Lot<br />

1-Story Updated Mansion with New Wood Floor & Paint.<br />

Large Master Suite, Gourmet Kitchen, Garden Backyard<br />

OFFERED AT $2,188,000<br />

www.56SeaBreeze.com<br />



1.21 Acre Gated Vacant Lot has Large, Flat Building Pad<br />

Panoramic Catalina, Ocean & Endless Sunset Views!<br />

Private & Secluded Location in Lunada Pointe. Rare Find Opportunity<br />

OFFERED AT $3,500,000<br />

Local Experts with International Connections to get YOUR Properties SOLD<br />

Natsuko Fujii<br />

藤 井 奈 都 子<br />

310.941.2468<br />

nfujii10@gmail.com<br />

Alicia Enrique<br />

Real Estate Specialist<br />

310.720.4852<br />

aliciahomes1@gmail.com<br />

Dede Hsu<br />

郝 蒂 蒂<br />

310.722.9222<br />

dedehsu@gmail.com<br />

Rod Yoon<br />

롸드 윤<br />

213.663.8888<br />




M E D I C A L C E N T E R<br />

Say Goodbye to Stubborn Fat....<br />

Buy One, Get One<br />

FREE<br />

William J. Wickwire, M.D.<br />

Certified, American<br />

Board of Dermatology<br />

Neal M. Ammar, M.D.<br />

Certified, American<br />

Board of Dermatology<br />

Two Coolscuplting Devices to Treat Two Areas at Once!<br />

Specialists in Skin Cancer Detection<br />

• Skin Cancer • Mole Removal & Mohs Surgery<br />

• Reconstructive Facial Surgery and Scar Revision<br />

• Acne & Accutane Treatment<br />

• Warts, Rashes and Cysts • Leg Vein Sclerotherapy<br />

• Hair Loss & Propecia • Restylane, Radiesse, Perlane,<br />

Juvederm & Sculptra • Botox and Dysport Injections<br />

• Age Spots & Sun Damage • Laser Surgery<br />

• Microdermabrasion • Glycolic and Chemical Peels<br />

• Ultraviolet B & PUVA • Pediatric Dermatology<br />

310-798-1515<br />

www.beachcitiesderm.com<br />

South Bay’s<br />

best equipped<br />

Dermatology<br />

Center!<br />

Redondo Beach —<br />

520 N. Prospect Ave., Suite 302<br />

Palos Verdes —<br />

827 Deep Valley Drive, Suite 101<br />

All PPOs Accepted<br />

Evening & Sat.<br />

Appts. Available<br />

20 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong>

<strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 21

Simply Tiles Design Center<br />

eventcalendar<br />


Compiled by Mary Jane Schoenheider<br />

You can email your event to our address: penpeople@easyreadernews.com<br />

All submissions must be sent by the 10th of each month prior to event taking place.<br />

Fine Ceramics, Natural Stone, Hardwoods, Cabinetry, Faucetry.<br />

Kitchen & Bathrooms Specialist.<br />

3968 Pacific Coast Hwy., Torrance • (310) 373-7781 • www.simplytiles.com<br />

License #904876<br />

<strong>Peninsula</strong> magazine<br />

wishes<br />

readers young<br />

and old a safe<br />

and fun Halloween.<br />

Local<br />

merchants offer<br />

free and safe<br />

trick-or-treating<br />

for children and<br />

their families.<br />

See listings<br />

below<br />

Saturday, October 29<br />

Halloween Happenings<br />

<strong>Peninsula</strong> Center hosts a family-friendly Halloween Spooktacular, featuring<br />

face painting, games, costume contests and trick or treating. Next to The Habit<br />

and Chipotle. Free. noon to 3 p.m. <strong>Peninsula</strong>ShoppingCenter.com.<br />

Monday, October 31<br />

Halloween haps<br />

Riviera Village in Redondo Beach closes the streets for its annual Halloween<br />

Stroll, from 4 to 6 p.m. Enjoy safe trick-or-treating through the shops in the Village,<br />

Catalina from Avenue I to Palos Verdes Boulevard. Jim Gamble and his<br />

puppets will perform. If you plan on staying for dinner afterwards, reservations<br />

are recommended. For more information, visit rivieravillageredondo.org.<br />

Sunday, <strong>Nov</strong>ember 13<br />

Dinner with David<br />

The Asia America Symphony hosts an intimate dinner concert with conductor<br />

and pianist David Benoit, a <strong>Peninsula</strong> resident, at the Palos Verdes Country<br />

SOLD<br />



Located in the "Red Tile Roof District" of Rancho Palos Verdes!<br />

Fabulous Spanish Style 3 bedroom, 2 bath,<br />

2100+ SQ FT, home is an entertainer's dream!<br />

Gourmet Chef's kitchen with premium<br />

appliances, hardwood floors, spectacular<br />

views, multiple fireplaces, vaulted ceilings,<br />

just to name a few! Must See!!<br />

Offered at $ 1,400,000<br />

(310) 339-5301 | Keller Williams Realty | Email: lizsnyder@kw.com | CalBRE#01800973<br />

22 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong>

eventcalendar<br />

Club. Cocktails 5 p.m. Dinner and performance 6 p.m. $125. For tickets<br />

and more about the Asia America Symphony visit AAAsymphony.org or call<br />

(310) 377-8977.<br />

Concert with Robert<br />

<strong>Peninsula</strong> pianist Robert Thies and mezzo soprano Iris Malkin perform for<br />

the Second Sundays at Two series at Rolling Hills United Methodist. Free.<br />

26438 Crenshaw Blvd., Rolling Hills Estates. For more information call (310)<br />

377-6771 or visit rhumc.org.<br />

Tuesday, <strong>Nov</strong>ember 15<br />

Holiday Boutique<br />

The Assistance League of San Pedro-South Bay’s annual Holiday Boutique<br />

features food, stocking stuffers, children’s gifts, holiday decorations and<br />

many more wonderful gift selections. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (weekdays), and<br />

11a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturdays through January 4. Proceeds benefit local charities.<br />

At the Assistance League of San Pedro-South Bay Chapter House,1441<br />

W. 8th Street. 310- 832-8355 ext. 221.<br />

Friday, <strong>Nov</strong>ember 18<br />

A boutique to remember<br />

The Special Children’s League hosts “An Affair to Remember,” featuring a<br />

luncheon and holiday boutique at the Palos Verdes Country Club. 1 to 4<br />

p.m. For tickets call (310) 378-1888 or email tickets<br />

paula.boothe5@gmail.com.<br />

A More Youthful Appearance | Affordable Cosmetic Surgery<br />

Upper & Lower<br />

Eyelift Lift<br />

$3550<br />

Rhinoplasty<br />

$4500<br />

Face Lift<br />

$5150<br />

Juvederm $585/syringe<br />

Get 1 FREE area of Botox<br />

Radiesse $685/syringe<br />

Get ½ syringe FREE<br />

Vitamin Shots • Botox $9/unit<br />

Pre & Post Op appointments, O.R. Fee & Anesthesia All Included.<br />

Consultation must be scheduled by 11/30/16. Surgery scheduled by 12/31/16.<br />

Call for a FREE consultation<br />

Dr. David A. Bray<br />

310.375.8400 | www.DrBray.com<br />

Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon<br />

Bray Plastic Surgery Medical Center | 3711 Lomita Blvd., Suite #150 | Torrance<br />

<strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 23

eventcalendar<br />


3 Bedrooms | 2.5 Baths | 3,024 Sq. Ft. (approx.)<br />

2 Car Attached Garage | Gated Villa Verde Complex<br />

Charming, traditional 3 bed, 2 1/2 bath 3000 plus square foot home in the secluded,<br />

private gated community of Villa Verde. Abundant light, open floor plan with soaring<br />

ceilings and skylights; split level design with Living Room, Dining Room, (both with<br />

fireplaces) Kitchen and Family Room on the main floor; French doors from Family Room<br />

to Patio Garden; kitchen with cooktop island and double oven; split level design perfect<br />

for entertaining, Master Suite with luxurious Victorian footed tub. Two bedrooms and a<br />

bath on the second story and a bonus room and laundry down a few steps from main<br />

floor near entry to attached two car garage. Gorgeous patio with secret garden feel,<br />

fountain and lush landscaping. Complex includes two tennis<br />

courts and a pool and well maintained greenbelts; HOA $450/mo;<br />

within the highly coveted Palos Verdes Unified.<br />

Priced at $1,100,000<br />

JANET EARL, MBA 310.344.9230<br />

janetearl@cox.net | www.janetearl.net<br />

CAL BRE# 01056351<br />

The Norris Theater’s 28th Annual performance “The Nutcracker,” will<br />

be performed by the <strong>Peninsula</strong> School of Performing Arts at 2 and 7<br />

p.m on Saturday, <strong>Nov</strong>ember 19 and 2 p.m. on Sunday, <strong>Nov</strong>ember<br />

20. Tickets are available at the Norris box office or by phone at (310)<br />

544-0403. Photo by Chelsea Schreiber<br />

Saturday, <strong>Nov</strong>ember 19<br />

A run to remember<br />

The LaceUp Palos Verdes Half Marathon (and 5K and 10K) starts at Terranea<br />

(Pelican Park) and winds south to Abalone Cove and north to Torrance Beach<br />

before returning to Terranea. Views<br />

of spectacular homes and the even<br />

more spectacular Pacific Ocean and<br />

Catalina Island make this one of the<br />

most scenic and memorable runs in<br />

the country. Limited to 1,000 registrants.<br />

For more information visit<br />

LaceUpRunningSeries.com.<br />

“Planet Moon”<br />

The Palos Verdes Library District<br />

hosts a presentation, “Planet Moon,”<br />

by Madhu Thangavelu, an instructor<br />

at the USC Department of Astronautical<br />

Engineering. 2 to 4 p.m. at the<br />

<strong>Peninsula</strong> Center Library.<br />

Thangavelu will discuss extraterrestrial<br />

bases, space tourism and colonization.<br />

A fun and educational<br />

experience for all ages. For more information<br />

call (310) 377-9584<br />

x601 or visit www.pvld.org.<br />

Native plants workshop<br />

The White Point Nature Education<br />

Center presents Craig Torres, discussing<br />

how local plants are used in<br />

traditional and modern cultures. 10<br />

a.m. to noon. $20 per person.<br />

Space is limited. 1600 W Paseo Del<br />

Mar, San Pedro, RSVP required:<br />

pvplc.org/_events/WhitePoint.<br />

“Unbranded” Horses<br />

Part of the PV Land Conservancy’s<br />

Beauty in Nature series, “Un-<br />

24 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong>

eventcalendar<br />

branded” is a film about 16 mustangs and four men riding border to border,<br />

Mexico to Canada. The documentary tracks the fresh-out-of-college buddies<br />

as they set out on the adventure of a lifetime. 4 p.m. $10. 18 and under free.<br />

Tickets at pvplc.org or (310) 541-7613. Warner Grand Theatre, 478 W 6th<br />

St, San Pedro.<br />

Saturday, <strong>Nov</strong>ember 19<br />

Sunday, <strong>Nov</strong>ember 20<br />

Nutcracker at the Norris Theatre<br />

The <strong>Peninsula</strong> School of Performing Arts presents the Norris Theatre’s 28th<br />

annual holiday season “The Nutcracker” at 2 and 7 p.m on Saturday, and 2<br />

p.m. on Sunday. Professionals and pre-professionals, adults and young<br />

dancers, perform. Music by Tchaikovsky and choreography by Tita Boulger,<br />

Vera Ninkovic, Marina Kalinina and Alexander Kalinin. $32 for adults, $22<br />

for children. Tickets are available at the Norris box office or by phone at<br />

(310) 544-0403.<br />

Saturday, <strong>Nov</strong>ember 26<br />

Microplants on the <strong>Peninsula</strong><br />

Naturalist Neil Uelman will discuss his recent research on biological soil crust<br />

and how it applies to the <strong>Peninsula</strong>’s smallest plants. 11 a.m. ‘til noon. White<br />

Point Nature Preserve. RSVP: pvplc.org. 1600 W Paseo Del Mar, San Pedro,<br />

Tuesday, <strong>Nov</strong>ember 29<br />

ACT II Back to Broadway auditions<br />

Act II, a support group for Palos Verdes Performing Arts, is looking for talented<br />

performers to sing and dance to favorites from Broadway musicals at its 31st<br />

annual variety show. Auditions for “Back To Broadway” will be held at the<br />

Harlyne J. Norris Pavilion. Appointments for both solos and groups are being<br />

taken for times between 5:30 to 10 p.m. Participants should choose music<br />

from a popular Broadway musical to tie in with this year’s theme, and come<br />

prepared with a three minute act of dancing, singing or a combination of a<br />

special talent. An accompanist will be available. This season’s show is set for<br />

March 3-5, 2017 at the Norris Theatre. This year’s production will be in a<br />

different format, with audience members invited to participate in some of the<br />

numbers. For more information call<br />

co-producer Maureen Brugh at<br />

(310) 375-3328. 501 Indian Peak<br />

Road in Rolling Hills.<br />

Torrance Memorial’s<br />

Annual Holiday Festival<br />

TMMC begins its 33rd annual Holiday<br />

Festival fundraiser today. The<br />

festival features more than 36<br />

themed, decorated trees, live entertainment,<br />

the South Bay’s largest holiday<br />

boutique, an opportunity<br />

drawing, children's activities and a<br />

food court. Tree themes include “The<br />

Wizarding World of Harry Potter,”<br />

“The Magic of Oz,” and “Floating<br />

Through the Decades,” featuring<br />

award-winning floats by the Torrance<br />

Rose Float Association. $5.<br />

Hours: Tuesday, <strong>Nov</strong>. 29, 1:30 to<br />

3:30 p.m.; Wednesday, <strong>Nov</strong>. 30,<br />

10 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Thursday, Dec. 1,<br />

Saturday, Dec. 3, Sunday, Dec. 4,<br />

10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Senior Days: (free<br />

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eventcalendar<br />

bility) Wednesday, <strong>Nov</strong>. 30 and Thursday, Dec. 1, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Community<br />

Service Group Night: ($2 admission for nonprofit and community service<br />

group members) Thursday, Dec. 1, 4 to 9 p.m. Torrance Memorial<br />

Medical Center, 3330 Lomita Blvd., Torrance. For more information, call<br />

(310) 517-4606 or visit TorranceMemorial.org/holidayfestival.<br />

Torrance Memorial’s Festival Fashion Show<br />

Cocktail and evening dresses by Kevan Hall Designs, as well as rare and<br />

original fur fashions and designs by Edwards-Lowell Furs Beverly Hills will be<br />

shown. 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., $125 per person. For tickets call 310- 517-<br />

4606 or visit TorranceMemorial.org/holidayfestival.<br />

Friday, December 2<br />

Torrance Memorial Festival Night Dinner Gala<br />

The Festival Night Dinner Gala, will include silent and live auctions. 5:30 to<br />

10 p.m. $300 per person/$550 per couple. Bid online from <strong>Nov</strong>ember 9<br />

through 22 by visiting biddingforgood.com/holidayfestival. To make reservations<br />

to attend any of the events or for Opportunity Drawing tickets, call the<br />

Torrance Memorial Foundation at (310) 517-4703. For recorded general<br />

event information, call (310) 517-4606 or visit TorranceMemorial.org/holidayfestival.<br />

Saturday, December 3<br />

Sunday, December 4<br />

Annual Victorian Christmas Celebration<br />

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Dia De Los Muertos, Sun. Oct. 30<br />

Marina Amenities<br />

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• Ample FREE Parking<br />

eventcalendar<br />

A highlight of Torrance<br />

Memorial’s Holiday Festival<br />

is the elaborately decorated<br />

trees. This year’s tree themes<br />

include “The Wizarding<br />

World of Harry Potter,” “The<br />

Magic of Oz,” and “Floating<br />

Through the Decades,”<br />

commemorating award-winning<br />

floats by the Torrance<br />

Rose Float Association. This<br />

year’s festival is <strong>Nov</strong>. 29,<br />

1:30 to 3:30 p.m.;<br />

<strong>Nov</strong>. 30, Dec. 1 & Dec. 3,<br />

10 a.m. to 9 p.m.;<br />

Sunday, Dec. 4,<br />

10 a.m. to 4 p.m. $5. Torrance<br />

Memorial Medical<br />

Center, 3330 Lomita Blvd.,<br />

Torrance. For more information,<br />

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2293 Miner St., San Pedro, CA 90731<br />

NOW<br />

OPEN!<br />

freshments, children's crafts, and a visit from jolly St. Nick. One of the highlights<br />

of the festivities is a horse-drawn trolley ride between the Banning Museum<br />

and Drum Barracks Civil War Museum. Visitors will enjoy blacksmith<br />

demonstrations, a wreath making lecture, a visit from Queen Victoria and<br />

30 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong>


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eventcalendar<br />

local food and craft vendors. 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Free. 401 East “M” Street,<br />

Wilmington. For more information call (310) 548-7777 or visit Thebanningmuseum.org.<br />

Sundays, December 4, 11<br />

Lunch with Santa<br />

Torrance Memorial’s Lunch with Santa will include face painting, crafts, clowns<br />

and photos with Santa (bring your camera). Price includes a ticket to Torrance<br />

Memorial’s 33rd annual Holiday Festival, which features 36 custom-decorated<br />

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Marketplace or Senior’s Marketplace for one-of-a-kind stocking stuffer<br />

items under $5. Sunday, Dec. 4, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. $15 per person (minors<br />

must be supervised by a paid adult). Torrance Memorial Medical Center,<br />

Richard B. Hoffman, M.D., Health Conference Center, 3330 Lomita Blvd.,<br />

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34 <strong>Peninsula</strong> <strong>People</strong> • <strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong>

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CSLB License # B985034 | BRE License # 01928630

JJonathan Bisignano during his days at Palos Verdes High School. Photo courtesy the Bisignano family<br />

onathan Bisignano was two years old and ready to see the world.<br />

His family was living in South Redondo at the time, and<br />

Jonathan was playing by himself in the backyard. Then he wasn’t.<br />

His mother Angela Bisignano looked outside and her son was<br />

nowhere to be found. Panic set in. He’d found a way to climb the<br />

backyard fence.<br />

“He decided he was going to go someplace, exploring,” Angela<br />

recalled. “I could not find that boy.”<br />

He figured out how to climb through a neighbor’s gate, as well.<br />

Nearly an hour later, his mother found Jonathan calmly playing<br />

on a backyard swingset a half block away.<br />

In coming years, Gerard and Angela Bisignano would come to<br />

admire, occasionally fear, and generally expect the unending surprises<br />

that came with their first child’s blithely bold disposition.<br />

“My wife was concerned he had a bone problem because he<br />

kept breaking bones,” Gerard said. “It was skateboarding, soccer,<br />

snowboarding...jumping off a slide when he was three. When he<br />

was four he broke a collarbone.”<br />

“By the time he was 16, he’d broken seven or eight bones. Because<br />

he was charging.”<br />

Even as a fourth grade Boy Scout, or Webelo, he managed to<br />

push to the very edge.<br />

“We were in the Santa Monica Mountains, and there was this<br />

How faith and community helped the Bisignano family survive the loss of their son Jonathan,<br />

and the lessons in love his life imparted<br />

one huge mountain,” Angela said. “He ran to the top of it, and<br />

there was a 500-foot drop. He runs to it; he's the first one up there.<br />

I'm shaking down below. ‘What are you doing? Stop!’ That is what<br />

he would do.”<br />

Jonathan charged through his childhood, an electric presence<br />

wherever he went. Hunter Riley, who would become one of his<br />

closest friends, remembers when Jonathan arrived at Palos Verdes<br />

Intermediate School. They were both in eighth grade. The Bisignanos<br />

had just moved from Redondo to Palos Verdes and nobody<br />

at school knew the new kid. But few failed to notice him. He was<br />

almost impossible to miss, with his long black skater boy hair,<br />

wolf-like, piercing blue eyes and buoyant, mischievous presence.<br />

“The first thing me and my buddies, we didn’t like this good<br />

looking guy getting all the attention from the girls,” Riley said,<br />

laughing. “Our first reaction was to punk him a little bit. We tried<br />

to hate him, but we couldn’t. He became a part of our friends circle.”<br />

Another member of that circle, Arian Savar, recalled how the<br />

girls were curious about Jonathan while the guys kept a cool distance.<br />

“I’ve always been a direct, straightforward person, so I just<br />

walked right over to him and introduced myself,” Savar said. “I<br />

wanted to know, ‘Is he one of us?’ To be honest, it turned out he<br />

36 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong>

The Bisignano family, from left, Jonathan, Angela, Gerard, and David.<br />

Photo courtesy the Bisignano family<br />

was something quite more. He looked me in the<br />

eye and shook my hand.”<br />

Thus began a friendship that would have all the<br />

usual “shenanigans,” as Savar said, that teenage<br />

boys get up to together — the sports, misadventures,<br />

girl chasing, and epic hangouts of the<br />

bumpy, exuberant years of high school.<br />

But comradery with Jonathan had another<br />

level. He was somebody who found deeper ways<br />

to connect, both with friends and family and the<br />

world at large.<br />

“We would talk about God, family, our community,<br />

our country, what it all means, and what our<br />

place is in it,” Savar said.<br />

“We’d have conversations about metaphysics<br />

and the newest information on consciousness research<br />

all the way, basically, to what happens<br />

after you die,” Riley said. “That was something<br />

he researched, especially after high school. He<br />

was always exploring.”<br />

He played some football early in high school,<br />

but then grabbed hold of the idea that the school<br />

needed a rugby team. So he put one together with<br />

his friends.<br />

“He didn't just play football, he had to play<br />

rugby, with no pads,” his mother, Angela, said.<br />

“He couldn't just run and do hurdles, no, he had<br />

to be the pole vaulter — like he would always be<br />

going for the thing that would make me be on my<br />

knees praying, ‘Oh Lord what is he doing now?’”<br />

Jonathan also had an ability to learn on the fly,<br />

and to do so with an almost maddening ease.<br />

“He picked up rugby really quickly,” Riley said.<br />

“He was a smaller guy, but he was tough. He really<br />

got into rugby. He was 5’7’’, a buck thirty,<br />

maybe forty. But he was an animal.”<br />

“He was very hands on,” Riley said. “Back<br />

when we met, it was skateboarding, then he got<br />

into the surfing thing, playing piano, playing guitar.<br />

He didn’t even let a lot of people know he<br />

played piano, I think he was a little embarrassed...And<br />

he was weirdly good at everything<br />

he tried.”<br />

Jonathan was an exceptional student. He<br />

dreamt of going to USC, and lived that dream. In<br />

college, he met the girl of his dreams, a beautiful<br />

doe-eyed journalism student named Casey<br />

Tamkin, with whom he began to plan a life beyond<br />

college. Last spring, he was preparing to<br />

graduate with a degree in international relations<br />

and economics and pursue a career in investment<br />

banking. With typical, methodical avidness, he’d<br />

applied with 100 firms, and was advancing in the<br />

multilevel hiring process that the highest level financial<br />

firms require. Instead of doing the usual<br />

fraternity brother spring break to Cabo, he flew<br />

with a friend to Japan simply to better know how<br />

that corner of the world worked.<br />

His parents noticed that after his return he was<br />

experiencing unusual weariness, beyond normal<br />

jet lag. But he kept charging: a weekend in Vegas<br />

with his fraternity brothers, then a weekend in<br />

the desert with his girlfriend at the Coachella<br />

music festival. The couple drove back together<br />

Monday morning, April 18, and made plans to<br />

meet for dinner that night.<br />

He then went to his apartment and took a nap<br />

from which he never woke up.<br />

At the time of his passing, at the age of 22, the<br />

circumstances — a college kid who’d been at a<br />

music festival — led to a widespread assumption<br />

he’d experienced an overdose. The USC Daily<br />

Trojan reported “accidental overdose” as the likely<br />

cause of death. Initially, due to the news report,<br />

his father accepted the assumption, despite the<br />

fact it seemed entirely out of character for<br />

Jonathan and no drugs were found near his son.<br />

“He went to Coachella, it ended on Sunday and<br />

he partied all night long like kids do, into the next<br />

days, probably took something somewhere along<br />

the way he shouldn't have, he wasn't sure how<br />

powerful it was, whatever, and then finally made<br />

it home after maybe 48 hours up and just faded,”<br />

Gerard said. “That was the assumption.”<br />

But the truth was he'd done nothing of the<br />

kind. He and Casey left the festival’s final show<br />

and grabbed some food. Far from partying, he’d<br />

dutifully waited an hour-and-a-half in line with<br />

her just so she could have the noodles she<br />

wanted. Afterwards, they went back to their<br />

condo rental for a good night's sleep.<br />

The next night, his heart simply gave out.<br />

“There is just a moment,” his father said later,<br />

“where the number of beats that God has allowed<br />

to you comes to an end.”<br />

His family had a history of congenital heart failure.<br />

Angela’s father experienced four heart attacks<br />

and died of the final one, at the age of 54.<br />

But those who knew Jonathan best saw something<br />

beyond a genetic condition. They saw a<br />

young man who lived as if each day could be his<br />

last, a friend, son, and brother gone far too soon,<br />

but one who left behind lessons in love and living<br />

for those left in the wake of the startlingly beautiful<br />

and bold swath he cut on his way through<br />

this life.<br />

“Jon, you were taken from us far too soon,” his<br />

girlfriend, Casey, said at his memorial, standing<br />

near his casket. “But you taught me that life isn’t<br />

measured by the the breaths we take. It is measured<br />

by what we do with the moments we are<br />

given. In just 22 years, you lived a fuller life than<br />

someone who could have lived to be 100.”<br />

Life love<br />

Jonathan Chase Bisignano was born May 24,<br />

1993.<br />

“Twenty-five hours of labor,” Angela said.<br />

“Jonathan took his sweet time coming out the<br />

birth canal. In hindsight, it was probably a prelude<br />

for coming attractions. Jonathan was deter-<br />

Jon cont. on page 38<br />

<strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 37

“There are literally no photos of<br />

my brother where he doesn’t have<br />

his arm around me,” said David. “I<br />

look at those photos and I realize<br />

how much he loved me. So that’s<br />

pretty cool.”<br />

“I don’t recall Jonathan ever saying<br />

anything mean spirited about<br />

his brother, he loved him so much,”<br />

Angela said. “I was really proud<br />

that I raised a son who cared so<br />

much about his brother; that really<br />

warmed my heart.”<br />

Growing up, David said, his<br />

brother was larger than life. Everyone<br />

seemed to know him.<br />

“It was strange for me,” David<br />

said. “I don’t know why, but it’s like<br />

my brother was famous. I felt like I<br />

was the brother of a celebrity. He<br />

just had a huge impact.”<br />

“I was always the kid who had<br />

the coolest big bro,” he said. “Everything<br />

my brother did was the<br />

coolest, that’s just how it was, and<br />

school, David got a call from<br />

Jonathan. He was coming to pick<br />

him up from school.<br />

“Man,” David said. “It’s 10:30.”<br />

“He said, ‘I’m coming to pick you<br />

up.’ I just left class, and that was it.”<br />

Jonathan had a gift for brotherhood<br />

beyond his family. Throughout<br />

his life, other boys congregated<br />

around him.<br />

“He was a gatherer,” Gerard said.<br />

“We would wake up on Saturday<br />

mornings and there would be five<br />

or six kids here sleeping on the<br />

floor.”<br />

Savar was one of those kids. He<br />

recalled “a rough patch” when he<br />

stayed for a while at the Bisignano<br />

house.<br />

“Jon provided a safe haven in so<br />

many ways, not just words, wisdom,<br />

camaraderie, and hugs, but he<br />

sheltered me at times when I<br />

needed it,” he said. “The family was<br />

amazing. They’d see me on the<br />

Jonathan and his girlfriend, Casey Tamkins, whom he met at USC in 2014.<br />

His family believe he’d found the love of his life. Photo courtesy Casey<br />

Tamkins<br />

Jon cont. from page 37<br />

mined to do things his way.”<br />

“The first time I saw him I fell in<br />

love, deep, deep love,” she said. “He<br />

became in that moment my beautiful<br />

boy. Honestly, the most beautiful<br />

baby I had ever seen. It wasn’t<br />

for another four years that I would<br />

know my second beautiful boy.”<br />

Angela, a clinical psychologist,<br />

put her career on hold to give as<br />

much attention as possible to her<br />

two boys. This was indicative of the<br />

approach the Bisignanos took with<br />

their family. They lived deliberately.<br />

Gerard, a successful real estate<br />

agent, was elected to the Redondo<br />

Beach City Council when Jonathan<br />

was four.<br />

“I thought, I want to show my<br />

family that being involved, getting<br />

out there, is an important part of<br />

life,” he said. “If we didn’t have children<br />

at the time, I never would<br />

have run.”<br />

Pastor Dan Bradford of Kings<br />

Harbor Church, who baptized<br />

Jonathan at Seaside Lagoon and officiated<br />

at his funeral at Green Hills<br />

Memorial Park, said he admired the<br />

intentionality with which the Bisignanos<br />

conducted their lives.<br />

“I can tell you, both are movers<br />

and shakers, but not for sake of<br />

being movers and shakers,” Bradford<br />

said. “They are genuinely invested<br />

in everything they put their<br />

hands and hearts to.”<br />

The fact the boys were given Old<br />

Testament names, the youngest as<br />

the man who would be king and<br />

the oldest as his deepest friend and<br />

protector, was likewise a considered<br />

decision.<br />

“Jonathan's name means gift<br />

from God,” Angela said. “When we<br />

were trying to figure out a second<br />

name for our youngest, there is a<br />

story in the Bible that talks about<br />

how the souls of Jonathan and<br />

David were knit together. We loved<br />

the idea that the souls of our boys<br />

would be knit together. And they<br />

were so close. It was precious.”<br />

As the family looked through<br />

photographs after Jonathan’s passing,<br />

they noticed something striking<br />

about the photos that contained<br />

both brothers.<br />

Jonathan and David Bisignano. Photo courtesy the Bisignano family<br />

every story I told was about my<br />

brother. ‘Well, my brother…’ Now<br />

it’s awkward. I can’t use those stories.”<br />

Early on, their age difference<br />

meant that Jonathan rarely hung<br />

out with David. But David, who is<br />

now 18, remembers the exact moment<br />

that changed. He was 11 or<br />

12. He and his brother were supposed<br />

to be going to church.<br />

Jonathan drove.<br />

“You know what? Let’s go do<br />

something fun,” he told his little<br />

brother.<br />

They went and got burritos at<br />

Phanny’s in Redondo Beach.<br />

“In my mind, I’m 11, doing something<br />

against the rules — it’s not really<br />

what I did yet,” David recalled.<br />

“That was kind of the breaking of<br />

the barrier.”<br />

After Jonathan went away to college,<br />

he didn’t come home often.<br />

But once, when he was in high<br />

couch, ‘Okay, good morning.’ Three<br />

days go by, the weekend passes, I<br />

wake up on the couch and they<br />

never gave me a hard time. They<br />

just made sure my head was in the<br />

right place, that I knew hard times<br />

come and go.”<br />

Once when he was staying with<br />

the Bisignanos, the family had plans<br />

to go to Palm Springs to celebrate<br />

Jonathan’s and his grandfather<br />

Flavio’s birthdays. Jonathan asked<br />

Savar to come along; Savar declined,<br />

telling his friend he didn’t<br />

want his heavy mood to dampen<br />

the occasion.<br />

“No,” Jonathan said. “You are<br />

going with me.”<br />

The Bisignanos, realizing their<br />

son needed a vehicle large enough<br />

to haul his constant crew, had purchased<br />

a GMC Denali. It would become<br />

an iconic car among his high<br />

school friends. Jonathan and Savar<br />

drove to Palm Springs in the Denali.<br />

38 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong>

“Jon was one of those people you<br />

could be in a car with for hours and<br />

you are constantly entertained,<br />

never a moment of boredom,” Savar<br />

said. “If there is a quiet point, it’s<br />

because you are contemplating<br />

something you just talked about.<br />

Car rides always went fast.”<br />

Savar didn’t want to talk about<br />

what was bothering him.<br />

“After we get back, dude,” he<br />

said. “Not now.”<br />

“We are not going anywhere with<br />

something weighing on your mind,”<br />

Jonathan replied. “Dude, you know<br />

me. You better tell me.”<br />

And so they talked. And laughed.<br />

And sat and thought, staring out at<br />

the stark landscape, Savar’s troubles<br />

dissipating with each passing<br />

mile.<br />

“We pull into Palm Springs, get<br />

out of the car smiling and laughing,”<br />

Savar said. “All worries were<br />

completely wiped out, gone — not<br />

dormant, but resolved.”<br />

They arrived to Flavio Bisignano<br />

holding court over drinks at the<br />

pool patio, regaling the boys with<br />

tales from his 90 years of living.<br />

Hours later, as they made their way<br />

to their hotel room, Savar paused<br />

and nearly broke down.<br />

“There’s so much suffering and<br />

conflict in my life,” he told<br />

Jonathan. “I just can’t see going on<br />

90 years, another 70 years of life.<br />

It’s just too much.”<br />

Jonathan looked his friend in the<br />

eye. “You have to, man,” he said. “If<br />

we are old men, telling stories to<br />

our kids and grandkids, we are<br />

going to look back and be grateful<br />

we got to live this long life. You<br />

aren’t going anywhere without me.”<br />

Riley said there was a dark time<br />

during his high school years that<br />

he’s not sure he would have made<br />

it through had it not been for<br />

Jonathan’s relentlessly caring presence.<br />

Unlike most of his other<br />

friends, Riley wasn’t a partier.<br />

Jonathan, with his ebullient conviviality,<br />

was extremely social. Yet<br />

he would make sure he and Riley<br />

also had quiet time together.<br />

“He was the only person I could<br />

talk to about some things,” Riley<br />

said. “At that age, most people, even<br />

friends, are very surface level. We’d<br />

have these strong, deep, meaningful<br />

conversations….No matter what his<br />

situation was, he was always able to<br />

be positive, always able to give you<br />

his full attention.”<br />

As Jonathan once told Riley, if<br />

one of his buddies was going<br />

through a hard time, then he was,<br />

too. He also had an extremely unusual<br />

characteristic for a teenager:<br />

he didn’t particularly care what<br />

anyone thought of him.<br />

“It’s hard to explain, but there<br />

was no problem with him,” Savar<br />

said. “He never let anything stick to<br />

him, or define him, or ruin his day.<br />

That was something that left a mark<br />

on me, in so many ways. He was<br />

like a pillar. If somebody was angry,<br />

he’d be like, ‘Screw it. Let that guy<br />

be angry. You can be better than<br />

that. Let’s skate, go bomb the hill,<br />

go get a milkshake.’ Always that<br />

positive influence.”<br />

“He was just such a good guy, no<br />

bullshit, so straightforward. If you<br />

didn’t like Jon, there was probably<br />

something wrong with you.”<br />

He had a perpetual smile on his<br />

face, a distinctive high-pitched<br />

laugh that his friends loved to<br />

mimic, and an ability to never take<br />

himself too seriously.<br />

“That was one of the things I took<br />

away from Jon the most: his ability<br />

to not care about other people’s<br />

judgement,” Riley said. “That was<br />

the biggest thing. He was goofy,<br />

such a dork, he could be so embarrassing,<br />

but he just wouldn’t care.”<br />

His penchant for helping those<br />

around him rings a bell for friends<br />

of Angela.<br />

“She’s always lived with purpose<br />

and intention, and she’s a great help<br />

to other women, helping them discover<br />

their gifts and live life to the<br />

fullest,” said friend Carol Anderson<br />

Junara. “She’s a great communicator<br />

of love.”<br />

On Mother’s Day this year, three<br />

weeks after Jonathan’s passing, another<br />

of his friends left a note for<br />

Angela. Handwritten, on pink stationery,<br />

the writer shared with Angela<br />

that his relationship with his<br />

own mother had gotten better “just<br />

by hearing Jon talk about your relationship<br />

with him.”<br />

“It’s so rare for a mother to be so<br />

close to their children, and the example<br />

Jon’s shown has made me<br />

strive to be a better son,” he wrote.<br />

“You’ve raised him to be someone<br />

I’ve trusted more than anyone else<br />

in my life….Although you are not<br />

my own mother, I appreciate you as<br />

if you were because of the impact<br />

you’ve had on my life through Jon.”<br />

Love life<br />

It was Tuesday night, March 12,<br />

2014, in the dormitories at USC.<br />

Freshman Casey Tamkin was<br />

bored. She called her friend at the<br />

Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity to see<br />

if there was anything going on.<br />

Jon cont. on page 40<br />

<strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 39

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Jonathan Bisignano abroad in the Greek Isles. An avid traveler, he traversed<br />

Europe, much of Central America, and spent his last spring break in Japan.<br />

Photo courtesy the Bisignano family<br />

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Jon cont. from page 39<br />

They were playing beer pong, he<br />

said. Come on over.<br />

She and another girl walked to<br />

the fraternity. When she arrived<br />

and found her friend, she saw a<br />

blue-eyed boy sitting watchfully on<br />

the steps of the house’s atrium.<br />

“Eyes so blue they just stop you,”<br />

Tamkin later recalled. “They are the<br />

first thing you see when you walk<br />

into a room.”<br />

She asked her friend who the boy<br />

was, and he told her Jonathan was<br />

his big brother at the fraternity.<br />

“You didn’t tell me you had a really<br />

cute big brother,” she told him.<br />

“Thanks.”<br />

She and Jonathan ended up talking,<br />

and then taking a walk together<br />

to a campus bar to have a drink. He<br />

told her she had the most beautiful<br />

eyes. Though flattered, she scoffed<br />

at him.<br />

“Are you okay? My eyes are<br />

brown,” she said.<br />

He gave her his phone number<br />

but she later realized it was missing<br />

a digit. She assumed it was on purpose<br />

and she’d never talk to him<br />

again. But weeks later, in Cabo for<br />

spring break, she ran into him on<br />

the beach. They ended up hanging<br />

out for the next four days. When<br />

she got back to USC, she thought,<br />

“You know what, I’m just going to<br />

text him.” He came over that night<br />

to do homework with her, and they<br />

worked and talked, the beginning of<br />

a conversation that would be ongoing<br />

until the day he died a little<br />

more than two years later. They fell<br />

seamlessly and deeply into love.<br />

Her first impression had been<br />

that Jonathan, with his good looks<br />

and cool swagger, puffed out chest<br />

and perfect posture, was “such a<br />

frat boy.” He turned out to be anything<br />

but. He was broadly curious,<br />

unconventional in how he thought<br />

and the intensity with which he<br />

lived. He was absolutely full of love,<br />

both for the world and for the people<br />

he shared his life with, and<br />

completely unafraid to show it.<br />

“Being in college, the guys are all,<br />

‘Yeah, hook up with a hot girl,’”<br />

Tamkin said. “Jon was so different,<br />

so kind, so unlike anyone I ever<br />

met. He just wanted to hang out<br />

and talk and get to know you. We<br />

just hit it off the moment we met.”<br />

“What was so special is he really<br />

lived every day like it was his last,”<br />

she said. “That is something I take<br />

away as a lesson from him. He was<br />

so full of life. The last weekend we<br />

spent together, he was dancing in<br />

the desert, having the time of his<br />

life, nonstop, go, go, go.”<br />

Next month: love, loss, lessons, and<br />

the embrace of community. PEN<br />

40 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong>

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Palos Verdes Performing Arts<br />

Encore Circle Season Opening Dinner<br />

The Palos Verdes Performing Arts Center’s Encore Circle support<br />

group celebrated the opening of the 34th season on September 23<br />

with a production of Mel Brooks’ Broadway hit, “Young Frankenstein”<br />

at the Norris Theatre. Before the show, members enjoyed an elegant dinner<br />

at the Harlyne J. Norris Pavilion and a surprise visit from Frankenstein’s<br />

monster during the cocktail hour. Maude Landon, who organized<br />

the annual dinner, and also serves as the chairperson of Encore Circle,<br />

welcomed the supporters, and acknowledged their vital role in keeping<br />

professional theatre alive in Palos Verdes. Encore Circle, which was<br />

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1. Frankenstein’s Monster and Anita<br />

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4. Allen Alpay, The Monster and Ruth<br />

Pearce.<br />

5. Producer/director of Young<br />

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Timeless<br />

CONCRETE - For the Drought-Conscious<br />

Centuries ago when the world’s finest clockmakers were<br />

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Your clock reminds you of its presence every time you wind<br />

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Michel Medawar has been extending the lives of timepieces<br />

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R a j u C h h a b r i a<br />

E m a i l : R a j u @ C h h a b r i a R E . c o m<br />

B R E L i c . # 0 0 8 7 4 0 7 2

Henry Morse holds the lead through a turn at the<br />

Canadian Tire Motor Park in Ontario, Canada<br />

during the Pirelli World Challenge Series.<br />

Redondo Beach high schooler<br />

Henry Morse, 15, races to the<br />

podium in the professional Pirelli<br />

World Challenge<br />

fast 15<br />

Morse demonstrated his driving skills<br />

early on in go kart racing at the<br />

Cal Speed Karting Center at the<br />

Auto Club Speedway in Fontana.<br />

50 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong>

y David Mendez<br />

It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that Henry Morse, a contender for<br />

a series championship in the Pirelli World Challenge and multipletime<br />

racing champion, is only 15 years old. Even he forgets, sometimes.<br />

He was dissecting his comfort in front of crowds, how it’s so easy<br />

for him to speak clearly and confidently despite being much younger<br />

than most of his audience. “I took public speaking in middle school,”<br />

he said, before pausing for a moment. “That was last year, I guess.”<br />

Morse has been racing for nearly 90 percent of his life. He was “a<br />

year and eight months,” said his father Ben Morse, when he participated<br />

in his first sanctioned race, a bike race at the Chevron Manhattan<br />

Beach Grand Prix. He’s been moving up the ranks ever since, from<br />

bikes to motorcycles to go karts, where he won nine championships.<br />

This year is the Redondo Beach resident’s first year racing in a professional<br />

series. After ten races, he’s in second place in PWC’s Touring<br />

Car B division, 13 points off of the leader, 38 year old PJ Groenke. It’s<br />

not outside the realm of possibility for Henry to win the series, becoming<br />

both the first to win a PWC series in their first year, and the<br />

youngest person to do so.<br />

“He absolutely has the talent to be a successful race car driver, but<br />

he doesn’t have $7 million to $8 million dollars a year,” said his father.<br />

Racing isn’t cheap. It’s said that if a driver wants to make $10 million<br />

a year, they need to spend $50 million. Everything about owning and<br />

operating a race car is expensive, from cars to parts to transporting vehicles<br />

from track to track.<br />

“There’s another 15-year-old on a few series, and conservatively, he’s<br />

spending $8 to $12 million a year,” Morse said. “The only people who<br />

can make it like Henry are the incredibly lucky.”<br />

Both his father and grandfather raced cars, passing down a need for<br />

speed and deep-seated confidence.<br />

“There’s a certain mindset that someone needs to live in, in order to<br />

maximize their opportunities…I have an incredible opportunity to<br />

achieve greatness with the position I’m in,” Henry said. “There really<br />

isn’t any choice other than to devote myself entirely — it wouldn’t<br />

make sense not to.”<br />

He learned early on, he said, from watching his parents “making<br />

something out of nothing, or very little,” that trying his hardest can<br />

lead to success.<br />

“I’m really putting that to the test,” Henry said. “I think there are<br />

more people who have visited the International Space Station than have<br />

been pro race car drivers.”<br />

Much of his time is spent either on the track or in a racing simulator.<br />

But fundraising and finding partnerships are also a huge part of the<br />

work.<br />

Henry Morse earned motorsport media attention after his youthful<br />

success in the Pirelli World Challenge Series.<br />

“Ninety-nine percent of the time, we’re looking for partners who<br />

want to participate in this exceptional journey we’re on — people<br />

who have money, passion, and an interest in racing,” Ben Morse<br />

said. “The trick is hearing ‘no’ 10,000 times and still getting up in<br />

the morning with the understanding that the next person you talk<br />

to may be the one who makes your career possible.”<br />

Henry has the interview patter down. He rattles off his list of<br />

sponsors and partners — Pirelli, Freem, MorseGPS, among others<br />

— and tells how each has contributed to his career. He also gives<br />

credit to the teachers and staff at Rolling Hills Prep.<br />

He recognizes that his status as a 15-year-old racing with pros is<br />

a marketer’s dream. “They understand that I’m getting a lot of attention,”<br />

he said. He was given seven minutes of uninterrupted<br />

airtime on CBS Sports following a race this season. “It’s a good<br />

marketing move to partner with me.”<br />

He’s not concerned about burning out.<br />

“We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs…so much time and<br />

focus and energy has been devoted to this that, if burning out was<br />

possible, it would have happened already,” he said. “But if I end<br />

up not making it as a pro racer, I’ll still be racing something.”<br />

“I think it’s absolutely absurd,” his dad said. “I give him every<br />

opportunity to gracefully back away from it,” he said. “But you’re<br />

doing this because you enjoy it, not necessarily because you have<br />

to — it’s not a required career path, we just love it.”<br />

The two are constantly working together at the track. Ben races<br />

in many of the same series as Henry, and coaches him, discussing<br />

tracks and working out potential problems.<br />

Ben believes Henry’s biggest limitation is financial, not age.<br />

At the 2014 Grand Nationals a field of 100 drivers was pared<br />

down to six over the course of three days. Henry was among the<br />

finalists. All of the drivers took one lap, driving identical race cars.<br />

“The car is the same, the track, the time of day, tires, gas…all<br />

the same. There weren’t any excuses, just the person who was unquestionably<br />

the fastest driver.”<br />

That day, Henry came out on top — the fastest by seven thousandths<br />

of a second.<br />

“What happened in that moment is it defined him. It wasn’t any<br />

more about his dad telling him how good he was,” Ben said. PEN<br />

Ben Morse with son Henry at five months.<br />

<strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 51

Still<br />


y Bondo Wyszpolski<br />

Jennifer Hills is Graceful Gale at Queen Mary's "Dark Harbor." All photos by Bondo Wyszpolski<br />

Queen Mary’s Graceful Gale is enchanting… and deadly<br />

If you push your way through the brambles on a moonlit night and climb<br />

towards the summit of Palos Verdes, which faces the Port of Los Angeles,<br />

there’s a magnificent view of the “Queen Mary.” But how to explain that<br />

eerie glow that lately has enveloped it? Easy. From late September through<br />

Halloween, parts of the ship and its surroundings (including the dome that<br />

formerly housed the Spruce Goose) are transformed into the mazes that<br />

comprise “Dark Harbor.”<br />

The six mazes and assorted, or sordid, attractions employ over 200 zombies,<br />

ghouls, ghosts, and other apparitions. If one of them doesn’t jump out<br />

and scare the bejeezus out of you then rest assured that a dozen others will.<br />

Either way, people, mostly the fearless among us, keep returning for more,<br />

year after year.<br />

Night of the living dead<br />

Among the nameless hordes are several prominent characters, from<br />

Samuel the Savage to Scary Mary and Half-Hatch Henry. But the one who<br />

caught my attention was Graceful Gale. These characters have backstories.<br />

Henry was bisected and Mary drowned. Gale was an alluring, first-class<br />

passenger who boarded the Queen Mary in May of 1939. When the ship<br />

docked at its final destination she had vanished, never to be seen again.<br />

The story may have some basis in fact. And besides, the ship is rumored<br />

to be the home of numerous ghosts. One of them, the so-called “woman in<br />

white,” is a partial inspiration for Graceful Gale.<br />

Now, the majority of the monsters, or talent, as talent director David<br />

Wally refers to them, pretty much resemble your average 20-something<br />

who’s landed a cool job for a few weeks. They grovel and slither and leap<br />

about, the normal thing that scary creatures do. But Graceful Gale, and I’m<br />

referring to the principal Graceful Gale (there are others), bears herself elegantly,<br />

with dignity, moves slowly, languidly (like Paul Delvaux’s nocturnal<br />

women, if you know the painter), and envelops herself in an aura or shroud<br />

of absolute stillness.<br />

The effect is enhanced by her silence. Graceful Gale doesn’t utter a<br />

sound, or rather she speaks volumes by not speaking at all. She is aloof,<br />

but she is sad. Mascara runs down her face, and her eyes are dark, fathomless<br />

pools of sorrow. Her lips are bright red, yet her pallor is a deathly white.<br />

The bottom of her ballgown is blood-soaked. Did she murder someone, or<br />

was she herself the victim of a violent crime?<br />

I am, of course, reading too much into this. Or am I? Under the makeup<br />

and the blonde wig one detects an attractive woman. The eyes, as dark as<br />

the eyes of a seal on account of the special contacts she’s wearing, are<br />

spooky, but what I’m reminded of is the story of Pygmalion and Galatea,<br />

in which the sculptor falls in love with his ivory creation, and Aphrodite<br />

turns her into a living woman. In Ovid’s version, a daughter is born, and<br />

her name is Paphos. Although she’s just a footnote in classical mythology,<br />

I’d recently written about her, and Graceful Gale brought all this to mind.<br />

As fanciful and farfetched as these perceptions and projections are, that’s<br />

how I saw the character of Graceful Gale. But how does the real woman<br />

behind the makeup see her? I was given the opportunity to find out.<br />

Emerging from the shadows<br />

Her name is Jennifer Hills and behind the scenes she’s as alluring as her<br />

character but more expressive. One interesting thing, amusing in its own<br />

way, is that despite Graceful Gale’s reticience Jennifer talks a mile a minute.<br />

I’ll call her Jennifer instead of Hills, and instead of Graceful Gale, too,<br />

which frankly sounds more like a nickname, not unlike Hammerin’ Hank<br />

or Joltin’ Joe. Sure, she enters like a gentle gust of wind, so the moniker applies,<br />

but I picture her with a far classier name, and we’ll bandy about some<br />

possibilities in a few moments.<br />

This is Jennifer’s fifth year as Graceful Gale, and her seventh year at<br />

“Dark Harbor.” Before that she did dance shows at Universal Studios, parade<br />

shows at Disneyland, and made some appearances on TV. She’s still<br />

taking dance classes, but she’s actually gone back to school to earn a degree<br />

in earth science.<br />

After her first two years at “Dark Harbor,” the characters received a<br />

makeover and Jennifer was given a certain amount of leeway to mold the<br />

character of Graceful Gale. She knew the supposed history of the vanished<br />

passenger, but “obviously she has to be a bit more on the scary side; we’re<br />

here to haunt you, and you need to be able to (convey) a villainous feeling<br />

almost.”<br />

Gale cont. on page 56<br />

<strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 55

Gale cont. from page 55<br />

“She’s from the ‘20s, ‘30s, she’s a first-class passenger,”<br />

Jennifer continues, “so my first thought<br />

was that she was a former entertainer, dancer,<br />

that kind of thing. She has an air about herself,<br />

she conducts herself well, she stands up straight.<br />

In those days things were segregated, so a lot of<br />

times I’ll pass by monsters, when they’re in character,<br />

and just not take notice because back then<br />

people didn’t do that. So I make sure I carry myself<br />

with a certain air.”<br />

The creators now promote the idea that Graceful<br />

Gale is gliding about the ship, searching for<br />

her soulmate. “If you are lucky enough to see her,<br />

she may extend her hand for a dance,” according<br />

to the PR, “but dance with caution [because] in<br />

death she tears apart the living and reassembles<br />

her victims to create the perfect dance partner.”<br />

Well, maybe. My guess is that ghosts or spirits<br />

often hang around because they may not know<br />

or accept that they’re dead, or because on this<br />

plane they have unfinished business. Looking for<br />

a soulmate may play well, but I think that our<br />

young lady would be confused or in denial. And<br />

it would be a sadness that’s closer to profound<br />

grief and melancholy.<br />

While Graceful Gale’s sadness is a given, Jennifer<br />

also sees her as villainous, and possibly deranged.<br />

“<strong>People</strong> will always comment, ‘Oh, she looks<br />

sad!’ And I’m like, Good! I am, but there’s a<br />

twistedness and it’s like if I turn and look at you,<br />

and I have the black contacts and the makeup<br />

and the cracked face, and I smile at you, it could<br />

be unnerving.”<br />

On my previous visit to “Dark Harbor” I never<br />

saw Graceful Gale open her mouth, let alone<br />

smile. Even a mannikin shows more life. But because<br />

Jennifer’s character cannot indulge in the<br />

usual jump-and-scare tactics of her confrère<br />

beasties, largely because she’s in heels and clad<br />

in a long, form-fitting dress, she has to be more<br />

subtle. And thus the (evil) smile.<br />

“It’s rare,” she says. “That means I’ve got a victim.<br />

It’s the smile that creeps people out. It’s like<br />

people are afraid of clowns because of that<br />

creepy smile they have painted on their face.”<br />

In other words, the smile only comes out when<br />

she knows it will be effective. One really doesn’t<br />

need to leap up and down and shout. The power<br />

of suggestion can yield the same result. For example,<br />

one of Jennifer’s inspirations for her appearance<br />

came from “Halloween,” with Michael<br />

Myers (the white, full-face mask). “I took a page<br />

out of his book,” she says. “Sometimes silence can<br />

still be the creepiest thing.”<br />

Originally, however, there was less subtlety, as<br />

when Graceful Gale carried around a large dagger.<br />

I’m regaled with one anecdote of how she<br />

caught someone by utter surprise, slowly bringing<br />

out the weapon from behind her back. In the<br />

dark, who can tell if a dagger is razor-sharp or<br />

dull, right? And who wants to find out the hard<br />

way?<br />

In which one Gale meets another<br />

Jennifer appreciates the “Dark Harbor” guests<br />

who know her name and backstory. It shows that<br />

they’re fans or else have done their homework.<br />

But it’s here that I ask her, Would your character<br />

really be named Gale? And if not, what might it<br />

be?<br />

“That’s actually a really good question,” she<br />

replies. “You’d have to think of what names were<br />

popular during that time period. I mean, Graceful<br />

Gale actually flows very well [but] Gale (or rather<br />

Gail) is not a usual name you hear nowadays; it<br />

seems like it would be an older name.”<br />

I point out that the name should not be out of<br />

place in 1930s (as the name Jennifer probably<br />

would), and it should still have a resonance today.<br />

Eventually Jennifer says, “All night I’ll be standing<br />

there, all silent: What would my name be?”<br />

She laughs. “What is she thinking about? I’m<br />

thinking about my name!” And then, in a theatrical<br />

tone of voice: “You’ve stumped me, Sir; how<br />

dare you.” More laughter.<br />

Looking at the photographs, what name would<br />

Jennifer Hills, before her ghoulish transformation.<br />

you give her? Margaret? Flora? Emmeline? And<br />

for a last name, maybe something suggesting<br />

wealth or breeding such as Windsor, Dupont, or<br />

Waldorf?<br />

Perhaps the most unsettling aspect of Graceful<br />

Gale is the tragedy in her eyes and the running<br />

mascara.<br />

“She was crying, she’s lonely, and the blackness<br />

under her eyes adds an element of scariness to<br />

it,” Jennifer says. She notes that she’s the only<br />

Graceful Gale wearing full blackout contact<br />

lenses. “It just looks like my eyeballs have melted<br />

into these sockets, and the black coming down is<br />

also part of that.<br />

“She’s also going crazy, too,” hell-bent on finding<br />

her soulmate. “So she’s murdering people,<br />

she’s cutting them up, she’s sewing them back<br />

together and taking parts. And so when you go<br />

through ‘Soulmate’ (the maze at the rear of the<br />

ship that tells her story) you see the madness start<br />

to unfold, and she starts to get crazier and crazier<br />

as she goes.”<br />

If there are spirits or unextinguished life forms,<br />

and we mess with them, could there be repercussions?<br />

“I do want to add that I feel the first year I<br />

played Graceful Gale, she was looking for me, the<br />

real ghost,” Jennifer says. She describes in some<br />

detail an encounter that lacks a sensible explanation,<br />

where “the woman in white,” usually<br />

glimpsed on the former first-class levels of the<br />

ship, came below to see what was going on.<br />

“The fact that she was roaming around the<br />

bowels of the ship where we were scared me to<br />

no end, and I had to say, Ma’am, whoever you<br />

are, I’m not here to make fun of you. I’m merely<br />

here to portray you; I’m so sorry. Ever since then<br />

nothing ever happened, but it was really, really<br />

weird and to this day I don’t know… I felt that<br />

first year that she was checking things out.<br />

Maybe she was making sure that she was represented<br />

well, so I’ve got to make sure I’m doing a<br />

good job.”<br />

I think this answers the question as to whether<br />

or not Jennifer believes the “Queen Mary” could<br />

be haunted. And why not? Launched in 1936, retired<br />

in 1967. It carried statesmen, starlets, socialites<br />

and all manner of the well-to-do. Its<br />

colorful and diverse history includes the war<br />

years when it was painted grey (“the grey ghost”)<br />

and served as a troop transport. On deck and<br />

below, a lot happened on this floating palace, and<br />

who’s to say a lot isn’t happening still?<br />

Becoming Graceful Gale<br />

After our conversation I found myself in the<br />

makeup room where 200 young people were<br />

being transformed into 200 scary beings by up to<br />

22 makeup artists, and I don’t use the term<br />

makeup artists lightly. These people know what<br />

they’re doing and the effects are largely impressive.<br />

Jennifer Hills applies an undercoating of white<br />

cream that will later give her face an effect resembling<br />

cracked porcelain. Then she sits down<br />

and for the next 30 or 40 minutes goes from being<br />

a student of earth science to a femme fatale and<br />

a wandering lost soul. At first she’s reminiscent<br />

of the mime Marceau Marceau or the harlequin<br />

played by Jean-Louis Barrault in “Children of<br />

Paradise,” but later one is more likely to think of<br />

“Carrie” after her drenching by a bucket of blood.<br />

Having met the live woman behind the dead<br />

woman, was I now disillusioned? I think, subconsciously,<br />

I’d hoped she’d be a little more like her<br />

character, wistful and soft-spoken (but not menacing),<br />

just as one might hope, interviewing Sean<br />

Connery or Daniel Craig, that some of the Bond<br />

persona would emerge. But as soon as Jennifer<br />

was in full makeup and had again become Graceful<br />

Gale I was once more in awe, enthralled, and<br />

slightly terrified.<br />

It wasn’t hard to recall what Jennifer Hills had<br />

said to me a little earlier:<br />

“Graceful Gale, she’s a silent being. Just don’t<br />

get her mad, though.”<br />

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor continues<br />

through Halloween night. For complete details<br />

(including zombie protection, I hope), go to queenmary.com/events/dark-harbor.<br />

PEN<br />

56 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong>

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ModernZen<br />

Architect Luis de Moraes sought harmony through design at the western tip of Rancho Palos Verdes<br />

The house at night is well lit with energy efficient lighting and is perched high up on the hill, boasting extensive travertine stone bricks and blocks throughout<br />

its exterior reminiscent of the newer Getty museum.<br />

Massive retractable glass doors provide an indoor/outdoor experience<br />

for the kitchen and family room areas and the pool is<br />

set up high so swimmers can take in the vast ocean view.<br />

by Stephanie Cartozian<br />

Photos by Walkthrough Productions<br />

Architecture is often said to be an old man’s profession. The skills required<br />

take decades to hone. Luis de Moraes, AIA architect and principal<br />

founder of Envirotechno, is not an old man, and he has defied time with<br />

his design of the “Modern Zen” residence situated at the tip of Vista Del Mar.<br />

“I designed the home to be part of the natural terrain and the orientation of<br />

the house is parallel to its topography,” de Moraes said. “Every room in the<br />

house has an ocean view.”<br />

The kitchen illustrates this design concept. It’s elevated, overlooking the family<br />

room seating area, and faces a massive glass retractable door that opens out<br />

to the ocean.<br />

“You feel like here you are on top of the world,” de Moraes said. “Each room<br />

offers an opportunity and invitation for you to stay and linger.”<br />

The architect’s intention was to create warmth through the use of natural<br />

materials yet maintain a sense of spaciousness. One of the dual kitchen islands<br />

is made of industrial steel and the other is made from granite. Both sit parallel<br />

to each other at bar top height, thus the home’s residents and guests sit high at<br />

the counter when preparing food or eating and enjoy unobstructed scenery. An<br />

infinity pool and outdoor kitchen are within view and are accessible through<br />

yet another massive retractable glass door that rushes in cool breezes and accentuates<br />

the indoor/outdoor experience. When the glass doors are opened, one<br />

is virtually in a comfortable family room setting outdoors. The travertine floor-<br />

60 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong>

The house is designed to take in the sunsets, the outdoors and the ocean breezes by offering an<br />

indoor/outdoor experience and by incorporating natural elements throughout.<br />

Envirotechno’s architect<br />

Luis de Moraes.<br />

The commercial-style kitchen offers numerous drawers for storage and dual large parallel islands for<br />

food preparation and dining, all situated on an elevated level to take full advantage of views.<br />

ing is carried through seamlessly from<br />

the inside kitchen and family room<br />

areas to the pool and outdoor kitchen<br />

areas, giving the impression of it being<br />

one capacious open-air space.<br />

When designing this home, de<br />

Moraes envisioned the structure melding<br />

with the surrounding environment,<br />

raising from the ground like a<br />

natural monolith. This massive structure<br />

of towering glass, wrapped in<br />

travertine and topped with painted<br />

metal, is an architectural feat reminiscent<br />

of Ayn Rand’s 1943 novel, “The<br />

Fountainhead” in which the protagonist,<br />

Howard Roark, follows his practice<br />

of modern architecture despite the<br />

pervasive traditionalist views of the establishment.<br />

In Palos Verdes, tradition<br />

is reflected by the pervasiveness of<br />

Spanish and ranch style architecture.<br />

Modern Zen is a clear departure.<br />

Upon entrance into this 6,838 sq. ft.<br />

home, one is met with high expansive<br />

ceilings with an entrancing two-story<br />

foyer and a tongue-and-groove exposed<br />

wood beam ceiling. Floating blocks of<br />

limestone in the main entry staircase<br />

were specially engineered by a steel<br />

stair fabricator. According to de<br />

Moraes, these blocks of stone were exceedingly<br />

heavy; the steel components<br />

that house each step were custom<br />

made and structurally masterminded<br />

by skilled artisans.<br />

The lighting scheme was a likewise<br />

methodical and purposeful exercise in<br />

conserving energy. Skylights are positioned<br />

strategically so that no electricity<br />

is required to illuminate the home<br />

during the day. At night, low profile<br />

lighting is peppered throughout; trimless<br />

LED cans provide ambient lighting,<br />

rather than the spotlight effect<br />

recessed lighting normally imparts.<br />

The Neocon award-winning “Ameba”<br />

entry lighting fixture is aptly named.<br />

Its shape can change, adding or subtracting<br />

appendages, a statement piece<br />

that levitates graciously upon entrance<br />

into the foyer. To the immediate right<br />

is an office designed with grasscloth<br />

walls and a wood-coffered ceiling interspersed<br />

with the same grasscloth<br />

fabric. A fireplace is in the center of<br />

the room, emanating warmth and a<br />

sense of invitation to sit down and stay<br />

a while. De Moraes said he wanted to<br />

create a space for entertaining that<br />

combined “the serene warmth of<br />

woods with other natural elements<br />

from the outdoors.”<br />

A standing seam metal roof and<br />

weight-bearing beams make possible<br />

the home’s expansive ceilings and feel<br />

of loftiness. This type of roofing is parde<br />

Moraes cont. on page 62

The larger purpose of each design element, de<br />

Moraes said emphatically, was to create a home harmonious<br />

with its environment. A bamboo log garden in<br />

the back, enclosed with glass, is visible from inside the<br />

house; aquariums built into walls unobtrusively meld<br />

the home’s surroundings with its adjoining interior.<br />

The original family who envisioned this contemporary<br />

residence with de Moraes in 2007 sold their plans<br />

and dreams to a developer, who eventually financed the<br />

building of the project. De Moraes continued to guide<br />

the project to its eventual completion in 2010. The<br />

home’s exterior is reminiscent of the newer Getty Museum<br />

with its flamed and stacked finished travertine.<br />

These stones are weaved among larger honed travertine<br />

blocks, imparting a contrasting design of contemporarycommercial<br />

similar to the renowned museum’s style.<br />

“Flamed” is a process where the stone is actually heated<br />

The office area is intimate and cozy and is situated off the entry offering clients and<br />

business associates a refuge for discussion.<br />

de Moraes cont. from page 61<br />

ticularly durable and oftentimes used in the past for commercial projects,<br />

but due to its sturdy composition it has become a more common choice<br />

for homeowners as it is also fire retardant. The material’s relative thinness,<br />

compared to wood or shingles, allowed de Moraes to design a higher ceiling<br />

while still conforming with Rancho Palos Verdes’ height restrictions. This<br />

creative roof solution literally took the interior of this home to a new level.<br />

This 5 bedroom and 6.25 bathroom home is replete with a wine room,<br />

tasting room and temperature controlled cellar adjoined by an elegant Prohibition<br />

era speakeasy. Vertical wood panel grooves disguise openings, such<br />

as that of the elevator door, and touch latches make the doors and hardware<br />

flush with the wall and invisible to the eye. A secret password for<br />

entry would be fitting with the feel of the spaces. The wine cellar also possesses<br />

Hollywood glamour, with an artful colored glass backdrop, a classy<br />

white couch, and backlit doors. A nice way to wrap up an evening would<br />

be to enjoy a movie in the theatre room after a sunset wine tasting. At the<br />

command of a touch, automatic blackout roll up shades come down instantly,<br />

and a state-of-the-art projector looms, preparing itself to cast the<br />

first scene.<br />

The dining room area has indirect lighting built into the coffered ceiling and an<br />

aquarium built into the wall as a backdrop melding outdoor and indoor elements.<br />

The master bathroom and suite offers all amenities, including a<br />

laundry chute to dispose of dirty laundry directly to the utility room.<br />

under the highest of temperatures using a controlled<br />

finishing process. As a result, the individual grains in<br />

the stone burst and change color, leading to a rougher<br />

texture and a more muted appearance. These “finishes”<br />

and design concepts are particularly geared towards de<br />

Moraes’s environmentally conscious aim — he is credentialed<br />

as a sustainable designer with the United<br />

States Green Building Council and has also been a design<br />

instructor for the last 25 years at UCLA’s Extension<br />

Design Certificate Program. He possesses the rare combination<br />

of an interior design education (he’s a member<br />

of American Society of Interior Designers) along with<br />

his formal architectural education from Cal Poly<br />

Pomona. He was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and has<br />

been a resident of the Palos Verdes community for the<br />

last 15 years. Having started out young in his profession,<br />

what “old age” holds for de Moraes has yet to be<br />

seen. PEN


This is truly “One of a Kind” in the gated city of Rolling Hills. There is loads of space for the family and friends in this 5 Bedroom 6 Bath home<br />

surrounded by lush greenery and uniquely designed pool & spa with view. The entrance off Chuckwagon has a custom designed driveway with plenty<br />

of space for additional cars and a 3-car garage with direct access to the home. Other special features of the home include skylights, cam lighting, parquet<br />

wood flooring, inside laundry room with sink and storage galore.<br />

• 5571 sq ft (per assessor)<br />

• 108,225 sq ft lot (per assessor)<br />

• Built in 1987<br />

• 5 Bedrooms<br />

• 6 Baths (Each bedroom has a private full bath plus Powder Room)<br />

• Exquisite wood paneled library with custom bookcases & cabinetry<br />

• Formal Living Room with soaring cathedral ceilings & dramatic fireplace<br />

• Formal Dining Room with French door access to private outdoor patio<br />

• French doors throughout the home leading to professionally<br />

landscaped yard with pool & BBQ area<br />

• Gourmet Kitchen including 3 ovens, 2 dishwashers, warming drawer,<br />

microwave, subzero refrigerator and loads of cabinets & pantry<br />

• Family Room is located adjacent to kitchen featuring fireplace,<br />

professional wet bar and soaring wood cathedral ceiling<br />

• Spacious Master Bedroom features a dramatic fireplace and adjacent<br />

office and Tatami Room. Master Bath includes double vanities, spa<br />

tub, double stall shower and 3 closets.<br />

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S P O T L I G H T O N T H E H I L L<br />

Lundquist receives<br />

Champion of Business award<br />

Richard Lundquist was presented with the<br />

City of El Segundo Champion of Business<br />

award at a dinner this month at Vistamar<br />

School. Over the past four decades,<br />

Lundquist’s Continental Development has<br />

built over five million square feet of office<br />

and retail space, much of it within El Segundo’s<br />

5.4 square miles. Lundquist’s contributions<br />

to El Segundo have been<br />

philanthropic as well. For the past 12 years<br />

he has chaired the El Segundo Education<br />

Foundation. Lundquist recently contributed<br />

$1 million toward the construction of a $14<br />

million aquatic center to be used by the El Segundo<br />

and Wiseburn high schools and the<br />

community.<br />


1<br />

2 3<br />

1. Council member Michael Dugan, Mayor Pro<br />

Tem Drew Boyles, council member Don Brann,<br />

Mayor Suzanne Fuentes, LA Rams’ Kevin Demoff,<br />

council member Carol Pirsztuk, Barbara Voss,<br />

economic development manager; Al Keahi, EDAC<br />

chair, Richard Lundquist honoree and President of<br />

Continental Development, Supervisor Don Knabe<br />

and Scott Houston, West Basin.<br />

2. Jeff Wilson, Bill Fisher, Jill Brunkhardt, Steve<br />

Napolitano and Ron Swanson.<br />

4 5<br />

6<br />

3. Christina O’Brien, Bob Tarnofsky and Don<br />

Knabe.<br />

4. Jim and Andrea Sala and Ann O’Brien.<br />

5. Jeff Wilson and Bob Healey.<br />

6. Jeff and Vickie Cutler.<br />

7. Supervisor Don Knabe, Vistamar student Jaxon<br />

Williams-Bellamy and Vistamar Head of School Dr.<br />

Karen Eshoo.<br />

8. Economic Development Advisory Council chair<br />

Al Keahi.<br />

9. Los Angeles Rams COO Kevin Demoff.<br />

7<br />

8<br />

9<br />

10. Tim Sirichoke, Kite Pharma vice president of<br />

manufacturing, accepts the Big Ideas Award from<br />

Don Knabe.<br />

11. Richard Lundquist.<br />

12. El Segundo councilman Drew Boyles.<br />

10<br />

11 12<br />

64 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong>

PUBLIC<br />


2-4PM<br />


In Monte Malaga<br />

around&about<br />

Good from year one<br />


Refreshed, remodeled and ready for the 21st century! This charming, ocean view 5 bedroom, 4 bath +<br />

family room + den home has been tastefully re-imagined and appointed to fulfill the needs of a growing<br />

family or anyone desiring a “move-in-ready” home. The house has an open, highly functional floor plan of<br />

3,570 sq. ft. and the lot has 103 ft. of frontage and a total of 16,579 sq. ft., with room for a pool. Situated<br />

on a wide, quiet street in the heart of Monte Malaga, this beautiful home is close to shops and restaurants<br />

and award winning schools.<br />

Offered at $1,995,000<br />


(310)266-3300<br />

www.BarbiPappas.com<br />

n Good Stuff’s Chase Bennett welcomes<br />

guest to the first anniversary of<br />

his <strong>Peninsula</strong> Promenade restaurant.<br />

The family-owned restaurant group<br />

began on The Strand in Hermosa<br />

Beach, specializing in healthy food<br />

long before the farm to table trend.<br />

Good Stuff has kept up with the times.<br />

It now offers six craft beers on tap.<br />

Photo by Stephanie Cartozian<br />

66 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong>


2 BEDROOMS | 2 BATHROOMS | 2147 SQFT | LOT SIZE: 65307<br />

Absolutely fabulous opportunity to own your slice of heaven! This adorable home is all ready to go. Situated in a<br />

very private setting, you can sit on your very private patio and watch the beautiful sunsets and the horses graze. It<br />

has high beamed ceilings, gorgeous crown moldings, hardwood floors, remodeled center island kitchen with breakfast<br />

bar, Viking appliances, wine fridge and bar sink, large laundry room/pantry, remodeled baths, dual paned windows<br />

and sliders, recessed lighting, living room with fireplace and dining room with fireplace, and charm, charm!<br />

ASKING: $2,275,000<br />


Re/Max Estate Properties<br />

310-977-9711<br />

CalBRE# 01137236<br />


Re/Max Estate Properties<br />

310-466-4656<br />

CalBRE# 0104808


Custom Concrete & Masonry<br />

around&about<br />

Special Children’s League plans annual benefit<br />

• Pools, Spas, Fountains<br />

and Waterfeatures<br />

• Firepits and Fireplaces<br />

• Outdoor Cook Centers<br />

• Stone and Tile Patios<br />

Skin Atelier<br />

First Wax on Me !!!<br />

Jennifer Jackson<br />

Walk with Confidence !!<br />

Take advantage of my complimentary wax for<br />

first time clients*. Book your appointment today!<br />

I look forward to pampering you.<br />

Women:<br />

Free Basic Bikini line, Eyebrow, Lip,<br />

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(First time clients only)<br />

Men:<br />

Free eyebrow, Ear or Nose<br />

*First-Time clients only. Must be a<br />

Southern CA Resident.<br />

(310) 200-1606<br />

JennMJackson@yahoo.com<br />

• Interlocking Pavers<br />

• Retaining Walls<br />

• Driveways<br />

(310) 325-6790<br />

www.quinnpools.com<br />

License B, C-8, C-53 #775677<br />

Blow Outs<br />

L u x u r y of Beaut y<br />

in your home…<br />

I ’ l l c o me to you!<br />

$45<br />

Jenn Jackson<br />

Book your apt. Today<br />

JennMJackson@yahoo.com<br />

(310) 200-1606<br />

Incoming Special Children’s League South Bay board members (first row)<br />

Maria Ballinger, Jacqueline Dunton, Joyce Komatsu and Michele Dahlerbruch<br />

and (second row) Paula Boothe, Monique Caine and Lori Delgado.<br />

n The Special Children League’s annual benefit will be held <strong>Nov</strong>ember 18 at<br />

the Palos Verdes Golf Club. SCL recently held its installation of officers and<br />

awarded over $86,000 to charities and nonprofits. Recipients included United<br />

Cerebral Palsy of Los Angeles, PVPUSD Special Education Services, Pediatric Therapy<br />

Network, Ride to Fly, LA Dodgers Foundation - The Miracle League, Golden<br />

Heart Ranch, Camp Paivika and US Adaptive Recreation Center. The SCL South<br />

Bay Committee was founded in 1957 by a group of Palos Verdes women who<br />

rallied around a friend whose child was born with cerebral palsy. They soon<br />

formed an alliance with UCPLA. Some members have been with SCL for over 20<br />

years. Those who have children with disabilities help create a better understanding<br />

and appreciation of the needs of affected individuals and their families.<br />

For more information visit SCLSouthBay.org. PEN<br />

Vinyl Windows<br />

Replacement and New Construction<br />


AND SAVE BIG $$$<br />



Lowest Prices Up Front • No Games<br />

Show Room 562-494-9069<br />

CONTRACTOR REFERRAL • Fax 562-494-2069<br />

68 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong>

Experience a new level of excellence in luxury real estate.<br />

• 700 Local Agents • Luxury Residential • Commercial Investment Division<br />

Palos Verdes Estates | Rolling Hills Estates | Rancho Palos Verdes | Torrance<br />

Redondo Beach | Manhattan Beach | Hermosa Beach | El Segundo | San Pedro<br />

Marina Del Rey | Venice | Santa Monica | Beverly Hills | West LA/Westwood<br />

310.378.9494 • RealEstateLosAngeles.com

Il<br />

canto<br />

Italiani<br />

by Richard Foss<br />

Primo Italia chef Michaelangelo Aliaga. Photo by Brad Jacobson<br />

Chef Aliaga’s in-house pastas and sausages and co-owner Lou Giovanetti’s voice make for magical meals<br />

Somewhere you might go on a whim when nothing in the refrigerator<br />

calls to you. Not all can manage this, of course. Some have too high a<br />

price point or too formal an atmosphere, and others feature a cuisine<br />

so arcane or confrontational that you may appreciate it only occasionally.<br />

The cuisine that is right there at the top when it comes to impulse dining<br />

is Italian. Think of how much money you’d have if you had one penny for<br />

every time anyone in the world said, “I don’t feel like cooking, let’s go out<br />

for pizza.” It’s comfort food even if you didn’t grow up with it, but restaurants<br />

still make a statement about whether they’re special occasion only<br />

with their decisions about ambiance and price point.<br />

The new Primo Italia made an interesting decision in this regard. It looks<br />

like a high-ticket restaurant, complete with a bar full of exotic bottles and<br />

a grand piano in the corner. But just about every entree is below twenty<br />

bucks. We had a large party to celebrate a birthday, so had a chance to order<br />

an array of starters and entrees from across the spectrum.<br />

The cooking by chef Michaelangelo Aliaga is authentic, rustic Italian with<br />

pastas and sausages made in-house. So among our starters, we selected<br />

grilled sausage with roasted bell peppers. I don’t usually order this because<br />

I can make it at home, but that fresh sausage makes a heap of difference.<br />

The texture is lighter, the garlic flavor fresher because it hasn’t oxidized<br />

over time, and it is in every way superior. The sausage had been grilled and<br />

sliced into eight thick coins rather than being sautéed with the peppers, so<br />

there were different flavors to savor.<br />

Our other starters were mussels in broth, grilled octopus, bruschetta, and<br />

an arcane pasta called testaroli with pesto sauce. Testaroli is rarely seen in<br />

restaurants because it is time-consuming to make. A thin batter is poured<br />

into a very hot pan, then another pan is put on top of it very briefly. The<br />

resulting pancake of pasta is then slashed into pieces and briefly boiled and<br />

the result has a slightly rubbery exterior and spongy crepe-like interior. If<br />

you expect standard pasta you may find this texture weird, but give it a<br />

chance -– it’s like nothing else and it grows on you. The pesto sauce was on<br />

the light side rather than a basil and garlic bomb, so you still taste the good<br />

olive oil and wheat flavor.<br />

The octopus was tasty but very misleadingly described. If you expect just<br />

70 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong>

the usual tentacles on a plate with a little garnish, you will think the wrong<br />

item was delivered. The octopus here is one element of a dish that includes<br />

potatoes, olives, and vegetables, served atop thick slices of red and green<br />

heirloom tomatoes. It’s a well composed salad of hot and cold vegetables<br />

with a fine balance of robust flavors, but people who would like it might<br />

not order it and some people who order it won’t like it. I could have enjoyed<br />

it as an entrée, because there were enough flavors that I could have<br />

just kept eating.<br />

There was nothing conceptually unusual about the bruschetta, though<br />

the fact that they used housemade fresh bread elevated it a few notches.<br />

One slice was topped with tomato slices and herbs, the others with musky<br />

wild mushrooms and a garlicky artichoke heart mix. The mussels were<br />

also exactly what they were supposed to be, a healthy amount of shellfish<br />

in a broth that had some bell pepper and spice, with some more of that<br />

good grilled bread.<br />

We ordered two salads as an intermezzo, a fennel and orange with greens<br />

and red onion and a peach and burrata with balsamic vinegar and olive<br />

oil. Crisp raw fennel is delightful in salads and the orange brought out the<br />

gentle anise-like sharpness. My only quibble is that I would have liked the<br />

fennel pieces a little thinner or smaller so it would be easier to get a mix<br />

of flavors. The peach and burrata salad was polarizing, with some people<br />

at our table liking it as it was and others wishing the balsamic had been<br />

on the side so they could have the exquisitely fresh, creamy cheese and<br />

fruit by themselves. While I was in the former camp I understand the sentiment.<br />

During the brief wait between courses, we enjoyed music by the very<br />

good pianist, who was joined on Broadway standards by crooning co-owner<br />

Lou Giovanetti. Lou is a constant presence and table-hops to say hello to<br />

friends and be sure the service is working, and though his singing is superb<br />

not all staff members have their act together, yet. At both our table and a<br />

neighboring booth silverware was cleared with one course and not brought<br />

with the next one, and the timing on refilling waters and other details was<br />

not well synchronized. It’s a new operation so things will probably smooth<br />

out soon, but for now there is room for improvement.<br />

For entrees, we ordered lasagna, spaghetti carbonara, pappardelle with<br />

wild boar, and veal saltimbocca with sage. Saltimbocca is Italian for “jump<br />

in your mouth,” one of the most poetic food names ever, and this dish delivered.<br />

It’s simple, thinly sliced meat rolled around sage leaves, wrapped<br />

with prosciutto, fried and topped with white wine sauce, but when done<br />

right the salty meats, lemon, and herb is superb. It was served with mashed<br />

potatoes and broccolini, and despite my early fears about petite entrees it<br />

was a fine full meal.<br />

The three pastas all hit the spot, too.The lasagna was a particularly big<br />

hit with everyone who tried it. It’s not the usual heavy, starchy brick of<br />

carbs drenched in sauce. The noodles are thin and the delicate béchamel<br />

sauce and cheese are used moderately. Let your expectations go and enjoy<br />

this, because it’s a winner.<br />

This brings me to the only place where Primo Italia is out of balance:<br />

the wine list. All the pastas we ordered were under $20, and the saltimbocca<br />

is one of the most expensive items at $28, which makes it odd that<br />

the wine list has no bottles under $38 and escalates steadily from there.<br />

Those bottles are superb quality, but there are some very good Italian, Argentine,<br />

and Californian wines that would go well with this food and could<br />

be sold for less. If Primo Italia aspires to be an everyday joy, they might<br />

want to add a few more modest bottles to the list.<br />

We had filled up on our appetizers and mains but had to try some<br />

desserts around the table in honor of the birthday. So tried the tiramisu,<br />

cannoli, bread pudding, and cheesecake. All were good but the cheesecake<br />

was the standout, made with a rich and flavorful cheese rather than the<br />

usual bland stuff. The topping of sliced, toasted almonds and strawberry<br />

sauce with fresh berries made this a must-try item, and whetted my appetite<br />

to sample more.<br />

So is Primo Italia the restaurant that you can stop into on a whim? It’s<br />

still a work in progress, but the outline is clear. They deliver high end food<br />

at medium prices in a classy environment. You wouldn’t feel right there<br />

in shorts and a T-shirt (though I presume they’d serve you), but if you want<br />

to treat yourself just a bit, it’s worth the drive to Hillside Village.<br />

Primo Italia is at 24590 Hawthorne Boulevard in Torrance. Open daily 5<br />

p.m., close 10 p.m. Mon-Thu, midnight Fr-Su. Full bar, parking in lot, some<br />

vegetarian items. Food menu at eatprimo.com, phone 310-378-4288. PEN<br />

<strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 71

S P O T L I G H T O N T H E H I L L<br />


Knabe thanks <strong>Peninsula</strong><br />

Wishes he could do more<br />

There are times I wish I could stay on and be more<br />

helpful,” 4th District Supervisor Don Knabe said<br />

at the Palos Verdes Chamber of Commerce dinner<br />

at Terranea two weeks ago. But the law says otherwise.<br />

After 20 years as a county supervisor, Knabe<br />

terms out in <strong>Nov</strong>ember. Julie, his wife of 48 years, also<br />

said otherwise. She and her husband have enjoyed an<br />

estimated 12,000 “rubber chicken” dinners during his<br />

36 years of elected service, and that’s enough, she said<br />

at the dinner. (For the record, Terranea served barbequed<br />

ribs with risotto).<br />

One of his proudest accomplishments, Knabe said, is<br />

the Safe Surrender program established in 2001.<br />

“It’s a no name, no shame, no blame. All the<br />

mother or father has to do is bring the child<br />

across the threshold of a hospital or a police or<br />

fire station. They can’t leave the child in the<br />

parking lot. Parents have 14 days to reclaim their<br />

child. I’m so proud of the 142 mothers who have<br />

had the guts to do the right thing,” Knabe said<br />

of mothers who surrendered their children.<br />

He said he is establishing a college scholarship<br />

fund for the surrendered children.<br />

Knabe was presented with the Palos Verdes<br />

Citizen of the Year award, one of dozens of tributes<br />

he has received as his final term winds<br />

down.<br />

1. <strong>Peninsula</strong> magazine<br />

co-founder Mary<br />

Jane Schoenheider<br />

and Don Knabe.<br />

2. Don Knabe and<br />

Jackie Crowley.<br />

3. Don Knabe and<br />

Don Gould.<br />

4. Terranea Managing<br />

Director Terri A.<br />

Haack and Don<br />

Knabe<br />

5. Steve Napolitano<br />

and Sherie Schier.<br />

6. Don and Julie<br />

Knabe (center) with<br />

Kei and David Benoit.<br />

7. Julie and Don<br />

Knabe.<br />

8. Don Knabe with<br />

Chamber CEO Eileen<br />

Hupp and Virginia<br />

Butler.<br />

9. Julie and Don<br />

Knabe with chamber<br />

board members John<br />

Polan, Teri Haack, Lili<br />

Amino and Allen<br />

Bond.<br />

1<br />

2 3<br />

4 5<br />

6<br />

7<br />

8<br />

9<br />

72 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong>

P E N I N S U L A<br />


1<br />

1<br />


Continental Gourmet Market<br />

12921 S. Prairie Ave.<br />

(310) 676-5444<br />

continentalgourmetmarket.com<br />


With the great goodness of Mama<br />

in Rolling Hills Estates, we now offer<br />

our Cafe’ - a smaller version in Malaga Cove Plaza!<br />

2<br />

2<br />


Hennessey’s<br />

8 Pier Avenue<br />

(310) 372-5759<br />

hennesseystavern.com<br />

Specializing in Mama’s Spaghetti & Meatballs with<br />

our newly inspired flatbreads, salads and more!<br />

Join us for Lunch & Dinner Mon-Sat.<br />

• Outdoor Patio Seating • Lots of Free Parking<br />

Pho Hana Restaurant<br />

For a wide variety of Vietnamese and Korean tastes, diners should visit Pho Hana in the<br />

<strong>Peninsula</strong> Center! Owned and operated by Ruben and his wife, Chef Lisa, this venue offers<br />

delicious noodle soups of ALL types, chicken, pork, seafood and vegetarian dishes. With<br />

indoor and outdoor patio seating, Pho Hana is open 7 days a week. Call now to reserve<br />

space for your holiday get-together! Enjoy their new lounge area!<br />

55B <strong>Peninsula</strong> Center • Rolling Hills Estates • (310) 541-1227<br />

36 Malaga Cove Plaza<br />

Palos Verdes Estates<br />

(310) 375-6767<br />

815 Deep Valley Drive<br />

Rolling Hills Estates<br />

(310) 377-5757<br />

www.mamaterano.com<br />

<strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 73

74 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong>

See you soon in the Lunada Bay Plaza!<br />

P.V.E.’s own “Hidden Gem”<br />

Upscale Dining in a Casual Setting<br />

New Happy Hour & Early Bird Menus<br />

Huge Selection of Fresh Fish, Handmade Pastas &<br />

Prime Cut Steaks<br />

Private Room for Holiday & Corporate Parties!<br />

Open Tues-Sun at 4pm<br />

Live Music on Weekends & Craft Beer on Tap<br />

(310) 750-6877 www.facebook.com/pvgrill<br />

Salsa Verdes<br />

Authentic Fine Mexican Cuisine<br />

Ask About Our Fresh Daily Specials!<br />

Let Us Cater Mexican Flavor To Your<br />

Home & Office!<br />

Open Tues-Sun at 4pm<br />

(424) 206-9456<br />

2325 Palos Verdes Drive West<br />

Palos Verdes Estates, CA<br />

<strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 75

76 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong>

<strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 77

P E N I N S U L A<br />


3<br />

4<br />

5<br />

6<br />

7<br />

8<br />

9<br />

10<br />

LOMITA<br />

Continental Gourmet Market<br />

25600 Narbonne Ave.<br />

(310) 530-3213<br />

continentalgourmetmarket.com<br />


Café Sevilla<br />

140 Pine Ave<br />

(562) 495-1111<br />

cafesevilla.com<br />


Hennessey’s<br />

313 Manhattan Beach Blvd.<br />

(310) 546-4813<br />

hennesseystavern.com<br />


Mama Terano Café<br />

36 Malaga Cove Plaza<br />

(310) 375-6767<br />

mamaterano.com<br />

PV Grill<br />

2325 PV Drive West<br />

(310) 750-6877<br />

Salsa Verdes<br />

2325 PV Drive West<br />

(424) 206-9456<br />

salsaverdes.com<br />


Admiral Risty<br />

31250 Palos Verdes Dr. West<br />

(310) 377-0050<br />

admiralristy.com<br />


Hennessey’s<br />

1712 S. Catalina Avenue<br />

(310) 540-8443<br />

hennesseystavern.com<br />

3 4<br />

5<br />

6<br />

9 10<br />

11 12<br />

7 8<br />

11<br />

HT Grill<br />

1701 S. Catalina Avenue<br />

(310) 791-4849<br />

htgrill.com<br />

13 14<br />

78 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong>

P E N I N S U L A<br />


15 16<br />

17<br />

12<br />

13<br />

Ragin’ Cajun Café<br />

525 S. PCH<br />

(310) 540-7403<br />

ragincajuncaferb.com<br />


El Pollo Inka<br />

550 Deep Valley Dr., #201<br />

(310) 377-3477<br />

elpolloinkarhe.com<br />

14<br />

15<br />

Mama Terano<br />

815 Deep Valley Dr.<br />

(310) 377-5757<br />

mamaterano.com<br />

Pho Hana Restaurant<br />

55 B <strong>Peninsula</strong> Center<br />

(310) 541-1227<br />

16<br />

17<br />

Plates - An American Bistro<br />

550 Deep Valley Dr. #145<br />

(310) 541-9500<br />

platesrgi.com<br />


Frida Mexican Cuisine at<br />

Del Amo Fashion Center<br />

21438 Hawthorne Blvd.<br />

(310) 371-0666<br />

fridadelamo.com<br />

<strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 79

P E N I N S U L A<br />


Suzy Zimmerman, Agent<br />

Insurance Lic#: OF71296<br />

4010 Palos Verdes Dr N, Suite<br />

103<br />

Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274<br />

Bus: 310-377-9531<br />

www.zimziminsurance.com<br />

310-325-6500<br />

Kriss Light, M.F.T<br />

Psychotherapy<br />

Individuals, Families<br />

& Children<br />

“Working With The Creative<br />

& Family Constellations”<br />

302 W. Grand St. Suite 9<br />

El Segundo, CA 90245<br />

(310) 880-8514<br />

MFT#78311<br />

That’s when you can count on<br />

State Farm®.<br />

I know life doesn’t come with a schedule.<br />

That’s why at State Farm you can always<br />

count on me for whatever you need –<br />

24/7, 365.<br />



Belmont Village Senior Living<br />

serves varying needs<br />

n If you have reached an age to live the life you want, but unexpected health<br />

changes have gotten in the way for you or your spouse, then Belmont Village Senior<br />

Living may offer a solution for you, as a couple. Varying needs, either health<br />

or memory loss, can be challenging for both, but especially for the spouse who<br />

becomes the caregiver. Belmont’s tiered programs allow both partners to interact<br />

with their peers socially and to maintain their own mental and physical fitness, nutrition,<br />

spirituality and creativity. Ask about Belmont Village’s award-winning cognitive<br />

care including Circle of Friends for residents with Mild Cognitive Impairment.<br />

Take a tour or call for more information.<br />

(310) 377-9977<br />

5701 Crestridge Rd, Rancho Palos Verdes<br />

The Canterbury<br />

n Whether you are looking for Independent Living, Independent Living with some<br />

services, Assisted Living with full services, or Skilled Nursing with 24 hour custodial<br />

care, you’ll find a warm, inviting and caring community at The Canterbury. As<br />

part of Episcopal Communities & Services, our not-for-profit philosophy guides our<br />

mission to service people of all faiths and backgrounds. We have been earning<br />

our fine reputation for over 30 years with our attention to care and lifestyle. The<br />

happiness of our residents is what has led us to receive numerous awards. Come<br />

and see for yourself why The Canterbury is a great place to live life to the fullest.<br />

Our A-Fitch rating, the highest rating of a CCRC in the state of California, makes<br />

us a superior choice for retirement living with comfort, care and financial security.<br />

(310) 541-2410<br />

5801 Crestridge Road, Rancho Palos Verdes<br />

Thecanterbury.org<br />

Comfort Keepers keeps life<br />

comfortable, dignified<br />

n At Comfort Keepers, nothing is more important than helping people live full, independent<br />

and dignified lives within the comfort of their own homes. Comfort<br />

Keepers is dedicated to providing in-home care that enriches people’s lives and<br />

helps them maintain the highest possible level of independent living and dignity.<br />

Comfort Keepers in-home assistance includes companionship, meal preparation,<br />

transportation to doctor appointments and other commitments. It may also include<br />

personal care such as bathing, dressing and mobility. Families choose Comfort<br />

Keepers for both extensive and short term care.<br />

(310) 325-6500<br />

25124 Narbonne Avenue, Suite 101, Lomita<br />

Kriss Light, LMFT<br />

n There is a gift in the aging process -- the desire (and time) to look within. Parts<br />

of ourselves having been pushed aside with the busyness of life can now show<br />

an emerging desire to be experienced. A deeper look within can improve relationship<br />

with ourselves and others, supporting successful transitions and a greater<br />

ability to tolerate life's ups and downs. Together we create the space for a healing<br />

conversation supporting introspection, self reflection, and a tender and compassionate<br />

curiosity for our unique, one-of-a-kind individuality.<br />

(310) 880-8514<br />

Kdlmft@aol.com. El Segundo. PEN<br />

1101198.1 State Farm, Home Office, Bloomington, IL<br />

80 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong>

Lenze Kamerrer Moss, PLC<br />

Tight-knit partnership protects the unjustly harmed<br />

Jennifer Lenze and her partners of Lenze Kamerrer Moss, PLC have<br />

created a firm over the last year that displays high-level litigation<br />

skills and zealous dedication to their clients. LKM specializes in<br />

complex pharmaceutical mass tort drug and device litigation, as well<br />

as personal injury and employment law cases, striving to defend the<br />

rights of injured individuals.<br />

With three women at the helm including Laurie Kamerrer and<br />

Jaime Moss, LKM has a passion for cases that impact women’s<br />

health, such as a current case involving Essure, a permanent birth<br />

control device inserted into the fallopian tubes of a woman. The<br />

complaints filed by LKM on behalf of their injured clients include allegations<br />

of migration of the device, which can lead to the perforation<br />

of a woman’s uterus or fallopian tubes.<br />

LKM is also involved in litigation of talcum powder, linked to ovarian<br />

cancer in women, the blood thinner Xarelto, linked to internal bleeding,<br />

the diabetes medication Invokana, linked to ketoacidosis, and<br />

Bair Hugger, a warming blanket used during surgery, linked to surgical<br />

site infections.<br />

LKM aims to hold manufacturers accountable for the harms they<br />

cause and at best, help bring about changes in labeling to provide<br />

sufficient warning of associated risks. These cases can go on for years<br />

and involve hundreds or even thousands of clients across the country.<br />

Lenze said dedication, persistence, and a high level of organization<br />

are important in<br />

mass tort litigation.<br />

The partners<br />

at LKM have<br />

learned first-hand<br />

over the last two<br />

years about persistence,<br />

having<br />

come together<br />

through tragedy.<br />

In 2014 Lenze’s<br />

significant other, Paul Sizemore, was killed in a rafting accident on<br />

their trip to Aspen, Colorado. Shortly thereafter she became practice<br />

administrator of his firm, the Sizemore Law Firm, and with the help of<br />

Paul’s lawyers, Laurie and Jaime, held the firm together and transitioned<br />

to their new venture to continue the work Paul was so passionate<br />

about.<br />

LKM’S personal injury practice includes slip and falls, car accident<br />

and product liability cases. Employment cases include wage and<br />

hour violations, harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination.<br />

“We are definitely a team,” Lenze said. “That is really important to<br />

us. We’ve all been through a lot together and it has created a firm of<br />

people committed to each other and to the work we do for our<br />

clients.”<br />


Lenze Kamerrer Moss, PLC | 1300 Highland Ave. Suite 207 Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 | (310) 322-8800 | lkmlawfirm.com<br />

<strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 81

T<br />

he prestigious International Academy of Trial<br />

Lawyers limits itself to only 500 active members<br />

worldwide. AgnewBrusavich, a South<br />

Bay law firm widely acknowledged for excellence<br />

in catastrophic injury and wrongful death<br />

cases, now boasts two of those 500.<br />

Candidates are nominated for the Academy<br />

without their knowledge, by existing members,<br />

and subjected to a year-long vetting process<br />

with judges and attorneys, including those they<br />

have been against in court. The process is focused<br />

on ethics, civility and excellence in jury trials.<br />

A candidate is admitted only on a vote of the<br />

full active membership, which is limited to 500.<br />

Members reaching age 70 become emeritus<br />

fellows.<br />

AgnewBrusavich partner Bruce Brusavich was<br />

recently admitted into the Academy, joining his<br />

partner Gerry Agnew, who was admitted several<br />

years ago.<br />

"Bruce and I are extremely proud - as members<br />

of the same small firm - to be fellows in this<br />

prestigious organization,” said Agnew.<br />

The partners’ list of honors – by peers, prestigious<br />

publications and rating services – are too<br />

extensive to list in this space. But that’s not<br />

enough for Agnew and Brusavich, who continue<br />

to vigorously pursue justice for injured victims,<br />

and to force businesses and government agencies<br />

to make changes that protect public safety.<br />

AgnewBrusavich<br />

Small firm adds to its worldwide prestige<br />

At the time of this interview, Brusavich was reviewing<br />

a traffic engineer's report in a case that<br />

will force officials to redesign a major highspeed<br />

intersection in Newport Beach, where bicyclist<br />

Debra Deem died in a traffic accident.<br />

Brusavich said the poorly designed intersection<br />

forced Deem, who was riding northbound<br />

on PCH, to cross what amounts to a freeway onramp<br />

to continue onto Newport Coast Drive.<br />

“Debra was an accomplished bicycle rider,<br />

who had recently retired early as a successful litigator<br />

with a large Orange County law firm to<br />

take a job as executive director of a battered<br />

women's shelter,” Brusavich said.<br />

He negotiated a large monetary settlement<br />

and, in a result important to Deem’s husband<br />

Paul, a commitment by officials to work with<br />

traffic engineers to make the intersection safer<br />

for cyclists.<br />

Advocacy for victims and families who have<br />

been injured in bicycle accidents has become<br />

a noted niche for the firm and its platform, Cal-<br />

BikeLaw.com. Agnew is a competitive velodrome<br />

cyclist and has won a number of state<br />

and national championships. Several successfully<br />

concluded cases for cyclists have also<br />

ended with much needed repairs and safety<br />

improvements on public roads.<br />

“We are very proud of those accomplishments,”<br />

Agnew said.<br />

The firm also represents victims of injury and<br />

wrongful death in all other types of vehicular accidents,<br />

medical malpractice, elder abuse and<br />

defective products.<br />

Agnew recently concluded a serious injury<br />

case for a cyclist injured in Palos Verdes, and is<br />

preparing for trial on a wrongful death elder<br />

abuse case.<br />

The attorneys were waiting to conclude settlement<br />

proceedings in the case of a teenage<br />

girl who they said was badly injured when she<br />

stepped into an unguarded elevator shaft and<br />

fell three stories at a defunct construction site.<br />

Brusavich said the site had become an attractive<br />

nuisance that drew visitors into danger.<br />

The attorneys also represent several patients<br />

of a now-closed Long Beach hospital that was<br />

caught in a large billing fraud scheme involving<br />

unnecessary spinal surgeries.<br />

New additions to the firm are two talented<br />

women attorneys, Puneet K. Toor and veteran<br />

litigator Terry Schneier.<br />

AgnewBrusavich’s extensive community involvement<br />

includes a 23-year old scholarship<br />

program that has helped more than 540 students<br />

with college expenses. Recent recipients<br />

included members of cycling clubs sponsored<br />

by AgnewBrusavich.<br />


AGNEWBRUSAVICH | 20355 Hawthorne Boulevard, Torrance, CA 90503 | (310) 793-1400 | ab@agnewbrusavich.com<br />

82 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong>

B<br />



eti Tsai Bergman started <strong>Peninsula</strong> Law with the idea of creating a law<br />

firm that does one thing and one thing well, and that is probate law.<br />

Bergman believes that you can’t be good at any one thing if you try to<br />

do a little of everything. With that vision and her laser focus on probate law,<br />

Bergman built <strong>Peninsula</strong> Law into a probate powerhouse. <strong>Peninsula</strong> Law represents<br />

fiduciaries, beneficiaries, and families who need help planning, administering<br />

and settling estates. <strong>Peninsula</strong> Law embraces resolution of conflict<br />

and embraces trial when necessary. <strong>Peninsula</strong> then wins because it firmly believes<br />

in bringing out the truth. There are no smoke and mirrors. <strong>Peninsula</strong> Law<br />

does not ignore or hide the facts. <strong>Peninsula</strong> Law builds winning cases based<br />

on excellent legal analysis, strategic thinking, and masterful persuasion. Families<br />

come first and <strong>Peninsula</strong> Law vigorously pursues the wishes left by testators<br />

or trustors.<br />

<strong>Peninsula</strong> Law also minimizes long and protracted litigation or administration<br />

of an estate because it follows the same motto as Nike: “Just Do It.” The<br />

drive and goal on each case is to reach a quick resolution. Of course there is<br />

no controlling the court’s calendar, but anything that is within the control of<br />

<strong>Peninsula</strong> Law is addressed and handled with speed. Putting a task on the<br />

back burner is considered blasphemy within the firm.<br />

Another key element that has factored into the success of <strong>Peninsula</strong> Law is<br />

listening to clients and hearing what they have to say. Families are often perplexed<br />

after the death of a loved one and do not know what should be done<br />

or what needs to be done. If you add a contentious family member who<br />

comes forward to contest a will or trust, or who distrusts the person in charge,<br />

then you have an emotional struggle added to the confusion. Often the dissension<br />

can be quelled by educating the family members<br />

about how an estate<br />

needs to be administered<br />

after a death.<br />

Clients have consistently<br />

been satisfied<br />

by <strong>Peninsula</strong> Law’s<br />

approach to its<br />

clients. The testimonials<br />

posted on <strong>Peninsula</strong><br />

Law’s website<br />

attest to this.<br />

With such ethics,<br />

<strong>Peninsula</strong> Law has<br />

earned a reputation of<br />

being one of the top-notch probate law firms in the South Bay.<br />

Legal secretary Thomas Allard, attorney Joshua Watts,<br />

attorney Beti Tsai Bergman, paralegal Hanbee Oh.<br />

Beti Tsai Bergman is certified in estate planning, trust, and probate law by<br />

the California Board of Legal Specialization and has earned an advocate<br />

designation from the National Institute of Trial Advocacy. Before earning her<br />

J.D. at UC Davis School of Law, Bergman earned a B.S. in applied mathematics<br />

from UCLA and an M.S. in applied mathematics with concentrations in<br />

partial differential equations and probability and statistics from CSULB.<br />

Bergman sustains active involvement in the community. She is a Probate Co-<br />

Chair of the Trust & Estates Section of the South Bay Bar Association, a past<br />

president of the Southern California Chinese Lawyers’ Association, and is longstanding<br />

board member and officer of the Asian Pacific American Women<br />

Lawyers’ Alliance. You can contact <strong>Peninsula</strong> Law for a consultation by calling<br />

424-247-1196.<br />

<strong>Peninsula</strong> Law | 3655 Torrance Blvd., 3rd Flr., Torrance, CA 90503 | 424-247-1196 | www.peninsulalaw.org<br />


Moore, Bryan, Schroff & Inoue<br />

Combining accomplishment with sensitivity to clients<br />

T<br />

he founding partners of Chris Moore, Sharon Bryan and Becky Schroff<br />

routinely earn recognition by their peers and by high-profile rating services<br />

and publications. But they practice their specialties of family law<br />

and estate planning as a people business, with sensitivity to the uniqueness<br />

of each client’s case.<br />

Moore, Bryan, Schroff & Inoue has been named one of the Best Law Firms<br />

by U.S. News & World Report and by Best Lawyers continuously since 2010,<br />

and received a Metropolitan Tier 1 ranking in Family Law by U.S. News &<br />

World Report.<br />

Bryan and Schroff have been selected by their peers to The Best Lawyers<br />

in America since 2015, and Moore since 2008. In 2015 Moore’s peers<br />

dubbed him the Los Angeles Family Law Lawyer of the Year. “I’m humbled<br />

by the honor,” he said.<br />

Bryan uses her expertise and sensitivity to her clients’ advantage, beginning<br />

with their initial meeting, listening carefully to what they really want regarding<br />

property, custody, the family home and the legal process.<br />

“Because so many clients ask about the process, I prepared a process<br />

map, really a flowchart, showing the various required and possible steps in<br />

the divorce process from filing the petition to the final judgment,” she said.<br />

“<strong>People</strong> facing divorce are typically scared,” she said. “I tell them the<br />

waters are going to be choppy at first...but the waters will calm down, and<br />

we will address issues in a reasonable manner.”<br />

Bryan said she is able to reach a settlement for her clients, avoiding a<br />

trial, in 95 to 99 percent of her cases.<br />

“I am an experienced litigator, but I am also a good negotiator,” she said.<br />

“My colleagues know that I am going to be reasonable, but also be tenacious<br />

in defending my client’s rights and positions.”<br />

* Certified Family Law Specialist by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization;<br />

** Certified Trusts & Estates Specialist by the State Bar of California Board of<br />

Legal Specialization; + Chosen to <strong>2016</strong> Super Lawyers; ++ Chosen to 2015, <strong>2016</strong> and<br />

2017 editions of Best Lawyers of America ©<br />

Moore credits Bryan with “great instincts” that allow her to handle especially<br />

difficult and emotional custody cases.<br />

Schroff, who specializes in trusts and estates, uses her legal expertise to<br />

assist individuals and families make a plan, so they are comfortable “that<br />

things will be taken care of after they are gone”. In addition to estate planning,<br />

she handles trust administration, probate, conservatorships, guardianships<br />

and trust litigation.<br />

A lawyer must understand her client’s needs and wishes, and understand<br />

the law to craft a good estate plan. Clients who have lost a loved one are<br />

often overwhelmed by the responsibilities of being a trustee or an executor,<br />

“We can guide them through the process, take care of the legal requirements,<br />

and give them some relief as they go through a very difficult time,”<br />

Schroff said.<br />


MOORE BRYAN SCHROFF & INOUE LLP | 21515 Hawthorne Boulevard, Suite 490, Torrance | (310) 540-8855 | mbsllp.com<br />

<strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 83

B<br />

Baker, Burton & Lundy, P.C.<br />

Hermosa’s giant-killing law firm had its roots in friendship and the European mumps<br />

Kent Burton, Clint Wilson, Christine Daniels, Evan Koch, Teresa Klinkner, Brad Baker, Albro Lundy<br />

aker, Burton & Lundy, the small law firm with a big reputation and<br />

billions of dollars won for its clients, is celebrating its 40th birthday<br />

by expanding its storefront along Hermosa’s iconic Pier Avenue,<br />

where they are the oldest owner-occupied business.<br />

“We are so blessed with this location and this business,” partner Albro<br />

Lundy said. “There’s some magic going on, how it has all worked out.”<br />

The decorated law firm is preparing for its third expansion along the<br />

avenue, adding offices and a roof deck with a “lifeguard tower-esque”<br />

design. And the attorneys are continuing to vigorously protect their<br />

clients’ assets and security, and to fight for people unjustly harmed.<br />

A Partnership Begins<br />

The whole operation had its beginnings in a law school friendship and<br />

a truly evil case of the European mumps.<br />

The law school friends were Brad Baker and Kent Burton, who saw<br />

more of each other on the UCLA sports fields than in its law library. They<br />

each passed the bar, and Baker took off traveling to celebrate, while<br />

Burton started looking for a job.<br />

“While Brad was in Europe he got a really bad case of the mumps,<br />

and he thought he might die. He made a deal with some higher force<br />

that if he lived” he would be sure to work at a virtuous job, Burton said.<br />

“An elderly European woman nursed him back to health, and he<br />

came back and volunteered for Venice Legal Aid,” Burton said.<br />

Burton went to work for a large firm in Century City, where he was immediately<br />

sent to work major cases in the looming courthouses of downtown<br />

L.A.<br />

“I was getting my ass kicked. I didn’t know where to park. I didn’t<br />

know how to address the judge,” he said.<br />

“There’s this no man’s land between the attorneys’ table and the<br />

bench, and I didn’t know that,” Burton said. “I had some papers I<br />

wanted the judge to see and I started to just walk up to him, and the<br />

bailiff jumped up with his hand on his weapon. I was like a deer in the<br />

headlights.”<br />

Back from Europe, Baker decided to open his own office, so Burton<br />

eagerly signed on as a partner, and the two hung their shingle in a modest<br />

office in Venice in 1976.<br />

Hearing they could buy a building in Hermosa Beach cheaper than<br />

renting in Venice, they moved into the 515 Pier Avenue storefront previously<br />

occupied by Ray’s TV in 1980. Later in 1994, Lundy left a Beverly<br />

Hills law firm to join BB&L and became the third partner.<br />

Legal Victories<br />

Among its highlights, BB&L won $4 billion for California consumers by<br />

leading a high-powered legal assault on energy companies accused<br />

of illegal actions, which artificially raised the price of natural gas, contributing<br />

to the energy crisis of 2000 and 2001.<br />

In addition to high-profile victories, the attorneys have at times spent<br />

hundreds of thousands of dollars to battle cases that promised no profit,<br />

prompted by compassion for harmed victims and the desire to see justice<br />

done.<br />

Growing as a Firm<br />

Meanwhile, the old Ray’s TV storefront has been gussied up, and the<br />

BB&L offices continue to expand along Pier Avenue as more attorneys<br />

join the firm, which has become a Hermosa Beach institution. Burton devotes<br />

himself to real estate and business transaction law with attorneys<br />

Clint Wilson and Teresa Klinkner.<br />

Baker, along with bilingual attorney Christine Daniels, focuses on estate<br />

planning, probate and trust litigation, and has argued twice before<br />

the U.S. Supreme Court. Lundy is an expert personal injury attorney who<br />

has won an affirmative verdict from the state Supreme Court and works<br />

with Evan Koch, recognized as a Rising Star attorney by Superlawyers.<br />

“Sometimes it seems like all of Hermosa is our client,” Lundy said. “We<br />

are here. We’ve always been here. We always will be here.”<br />

BAKER, BURTON & LUNDY | 515 Pier Avenue, Hermosa Beach | (310) 376-9893 | www.bakerburtonlundy.com<br />


84 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong>

Classifieds Your Local Expert Community 424-269-2830<br />



Concrete & Masonry<br />

Residential & Commercial<br />

310-534-9970<br />

Lic. #935981 C8 C29<br />


Call us to Discuss the<br />


Extreme<br />

Hillside Specialist<br />

Foundation Repair Experts<br />

Grading & Drainage<br />

Retaining Walls,<br />

Fences & Decks<br />

310-212-1234<br />

www.LambConBuilds.com<br />

Lic. #906371<br />

classifieds<br />

424-269-2830<br />

G<br />

D<br />

Remodeling<br />

Design<br />

Kitchens<br />

Bathrooms<br />

Room Additions<br />

New Construction<br />

LYNCH<br />

ELECTRIC &<br />

Licensed & Insured<br />


General<br />

Building<br />

Contractors<br />

• Residential<br />

Troubleshooting<br />

• Remodel Specialist<br />

Scott K. Lynch<br />

P.V. Native<br />

Cell<br />

310-930-9421<br />

Office & Fax<br />

310-325-1292<br />

www.LynchElectric.us<br />

Lic 701001<br />

classifieds<br />

424-269-2830<br />


Reserve<br />

Charles Clarke<br />

Local Owner/General Contractor<br />

Ph: (310) 791-4150<br />

Cell: (310) 293-9796<br />

Fax (310) 791-0452<br />

“Since 1990” Lic. No. 810499<br />

your space in<br />

the next<br />

Call direct 424-269-2830<br />

Pub Date: <strong>Nov</strong>ember 19<br />

Deadline: <strong>Nov</strong>ember 4<br />

s<br />


magazine<br />







Handyman<br />

Services…<br />

Fix It Right the<br />

First Time<br />

We like small jobs<br />

/ Free estimates<br />

What we do…<br />

Plumbing,<br />

Electrical, Drywall,<br />

Painting & more.<br />

Valente Marin<br />

310-748-8249<br />


Vocal Technician<br />

Piano Teacher<br />

Vocalist<br />

Jeannine McDaniel<br />

Rancho Palos Verdes<br />

20 year experience<br />

All Ages<br />

310-544-0879<br />

310-292-6341<br />

Jeannine_mcdaniel2001@yahoo.com<br />



ON CALL<br />

24 HOURS<br />

7 DAYS<br />


310.543.2001<br />


Lic. #770059<br />

C-36 C-20 A<br />

Unlic.<br />


100 sf Executive/Creative<br />

Suite Space in<br />

Palos Verdes Estates<br />

available for lease for<br />

$500/mo. Length of<br />

term negotiable. All<br />

utilities paid for. Comes<br />

fur- nished with free<br />

high speed internet<br />

(150 mbps download<br />

and 20 mbps upload<br />

speed), kitchenette<br />

and bathrooms. For<br />

more information call<br />

Neil Chha- bria at 310-<br />

902-7227 or visit<br />

www.malagacoveoffices.com.<br />

2013<br />

Patch Master<br />

Plastering<br />

Patch Plastering<br />

Interior • Exterior<br />

• Venetian Plastering<br />

• Ceiling Removal<br />

• Drywall Work<br />

• Acoustic<br />

Ceiling Removal<br />

• Water & Fire Restoration<br />

310-370-5589<br />

Lic. # 687076 • C35-B1<br />


Thank You South Bay for<br />

50 Years of Patronage!<br />

Residential • Commercial • Industrial<br />

Plumbing 24/7 • Heating<br />

Air Conditioning<br />

pfplumbing.net<br />

800-354-2705 • 310-831-0737<br />


Tile Reroof and<br />

repair specialist<br />

310-847-7663<br />

Family owned<br />

business since 1978<br />

Lic 831351<br />

TILE<br />

POOLS • SPAS<br />


New Construction<br />

& Remodeling<br />

Excellent References<br />

Horusicky Construction<br />

310-544-9384<br />

www.Horusicky.com<br />

Credit cards accepted<br />

Lic #309844, Bonded, Insured<br />



Math Tutoring<br />

SAT/ACT Specialist<br />

20 Years Experience<br />

Math Degree from UCLA<br />

Certified College<br />

Counselor<br />

Mensa Member<br />

1000+ Successful<br />

Students<br />

(949) 564-0224<br />

mensatutor@gmail.com<br />

classifieds<br />

424-269-2830<br />

Simply Tiles Design Center<br />

Fine Ceramics, Natural Stone, Hardwoods, Cabinetry, Faucetry.<br />

Kitchen & Bathrooms Specialist.<br />

3968 Pacific Coast Hwy., Torrance • (310) 373-7781 • www.simplytiles.com<br />

License #904876<br />

<strong>Nov</strong>ember <strong>2016</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 85

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