The smart way to own your

dream holiday home now...

...without ongoing maintenance worries!


OysterOwnership is a sister company of The Fractional

Ownership Consultancy Ltd, a business that for almost

two decades has pioneered, and redefined fractional

ownership for more than 14,000 owners worldwide.

Our bespoke unique Fractional Ownership product

is enjoyed by owners in Portugal, Spain, Barbados,

Italy, Florida, Greece, Lithuania, Cape Verde, France and

now the UK. That's 20 years of Experience & Trust.

OysterOwnership TM Fractions are Assets, not costs

and, just like any other property, they can appreciate in

value. You can sell or bequeath your fraction at anytime

and we even offer a 'Guaranteed Buy-Back' option!

Luxury Accommodation and Service assured

Combinations of luxury furnishings, services, amenities

and great locations, and some of our home resorts

even offer Free Golf, Private Jacuzzis & All-Inclusive.

The smart way to own your holiday home...now!

Own an asset interest in the 'Bricks & Mortar' of your

property, paying only for the time you use, and without

any of those niggling ongoing maintenance worries.

OysterOwnership TM is a direct and far more

equitable alternative to whole ownership or timeshare.

A 60 month Personal Loan with No Deposit, at only

£197 per month, can give you Free Holidays Forever!

In conjunction with Wyndham Worldwide, the worlds

largest hotel and resort group, we also give all our

owners Free Membership to an exchange programme

giving access to over 4,000 Luxury Resorts globally.

This incredible worldwide exchange programme

enables OysterOwnership TM clients to stay in luxury

accomodation, at stunning resorts, in dream locations,

ensuring that the world can truly become your Oyster.

OysterOwnership TM gives you total flexibility

Holiday at your home resort or stay at one of 4000

resorts worldwide. You can even book from a variety

of unit types & change the date you travel each year.

Every 'Fraction' is given a points value, for the benefit of

the Wyndham Worldwide exchange programme. This

gives you the option to use some of your points for

other things like rental cars and even luxury cruises.

OysterOwnership's unique Referral Programme

makes it possible for our owners to be rewarded

with extra Free Holidays, Cash Rewards, Free

Maintenance & Free Exchange Membership for life!

OysterOwnership TM Fractions are typically £9,950

and include 10 yrs Free Maintenance, 10 yrs Free

Exchange Membership, 'Guaranteed Buy-Back' & with

referral rewards, you can holiday free for generations.

Hever Hotel, set in the grounds of Hever Castle

is one of our UK home resorts, offering an Executive

Suite, Free Golf, with priority tee times and Free Castle

Access. 60 month no deposit payment plan only £197.

5 Star Melia Dunas Beach Resort & Spa, Cape Verde

Ownership here provides 'All-Inclusive' enjoyed in

4 Restaurants and 14 Bars or by one of the gorgeous

7 Swimming Pools. Only £9,950 or £197 for 60 months.

Property ownership that's going places...

...over 4000 resorts worldwide, actually!


PO Box 5, Willow House, Oldfield Road, Heswall, Wirral, CH60 0FW

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