February Live Magazine

Sex in Video Games? We take a look at what we're playing with the lights off...

Sex in Video Games? We take a look at what we're playing with the lights off...


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SEX<br />

FEBRUARY July 2013 2014<br />

in video games..<br />




14<br />

Sex<br />

30<br />

Exclusive<br />

40<br />

Previews<br />

INSIDE<br />

in Video Games<br />

Interview<br />

with Al Lowe<br />

& Reviews<br />


february<br />

It’s Hot!<br />

No not the magazine, although some would judge by the cover of our<br />

<strong>February</strong> issue, that it might be full of certain types of photos and artwork that<br />

would be described by some as “hot”.<br />

64<br />

Retro<br />

82<br />

Massive Cosplay Special<br />


Publisher: Rob Jenkins<br />

(Gametraders Operations Centre)<br />

Art Director: Giselle Capozza<br />

(Gametraders Operations Centre)<br />

Game Review & Preview Editors:<br />

Nick Getley & Kylie Tuttle<br />

(Sticky Trigger)<br />

Retro Writer: Paul Monopoli<br />

Retro Writer: David Kudrev<br />

UK Writer: Elliott Buddo<br />

US Writer: Serwa Aboagye<br />

Sticky Trigger Writers:<br />

Kylie Tuttle<br />

Nick Getley<br />

Alex Holmes<br />

Sam Babu<br />

Nick Pearce<br />

Aaron Milligan<br />

Ben Rachow<br />

Elliott Buddo<br />

It’s the weather here in sunny Australia that is hot, and part of us here at<br />

<strong>Live</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> are very envious of our northern hemisphere friends chilling<br />

(literally) out in winter weather. As we put this issue to bed we’ve just began<br />

another run of 40 degree C days. Our second run this summer. Today we’re<br />

expecting 42C… that’s 107.6F and tomorrow a pleasant 45c (113F). No<br />

matter what you measure it in, that’s damn hot. But as for hot content well<br />

that’s really what we’re tackling in this issue. We’re asking the question to<br />

our industry experts what they think about sex in games. Is sex and nudity<br />

in games a natural progression of gaming becoming more adult? After all<br />

movies and other forms of entertainment feature sex so why not games? Or is<br />

it just simply unnecessary and often tacked on just like nudity seemed to be in<br />

all those teen horror movies of the 70s and 80s…?<br />

We also look back on the retro days of gaming and how sex began to show<br />

up in what was back then, a new entertainment medium. Sure the graphics<br />

were primitive and the dialogue was corny but like all medium, games have<br />

matured to the point were being a gamer is like being a movie fan. But unlike<br />

movies games haven’t quite made the transition into including adult themes<br />

in a way that doesn’t seem awkward or tacked on (although the argument<br />

could be made that often movies tack on sex scenes unnecessarily). We’d<br />

love to hear your thoughts on sex in games so we’re inviting you to give us<br />

comments, questions and feedback via email - news@gametraders.com.au<br />

Also we’ve got our Cosplay Super Special this month. A ton of pages featuring<br />

some of the best cosplayers around the world. If you’d like to be interviewed<br />

by <strong>Live</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> please send us an email at cosplay@gametraders.com.au.<br />

Enjoy the issue and keep cool or keep warm our northern friends.<br />

Rob and Giselle<br />

<strong>Live</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>

WHAT’S N<br />


Microsoft have said they will officially<br />

no longer support Windows XP. So any<br />

problems users get after that date won’t be<br />

supported, patched or fixed by the software<br />

company. Interestingly though, a high<br />

number of people using PCs still use XP -<br />

around 30% according to some estimates.<br />

Users should upgrade as XP won’t have<br />

patches for security anymore leaving them<br />

open to potential hacking…<br />


Billed as the “World’s First Curved,<br />

Flexible Smartphone” the LG G Flex is<br />

a 6 inch curved OLED that promises<br />

a more immersive and panoramic<br />

viewing experience according to their<br />

website. It offers their Real RGB HD<br />

display that is bright and sharp and<br />

using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800<br />

2.26 Quad-Core processor they promise<br />

fast and smooth operation. Throw in a<br />

13 megapixel camera and you’ve got<br />

a pretty cool device for those wanting<br />

something a little different.<br />

THE CREW<br />

Cool games coming soon include The Crew.<br />

An open world racer where you get to race<br />

around the USA in a massive 5,000 square km<br />

environment. The official website bills The Crew<br />

as the “Next-Gen of Driving Games” and it’s not<br />

hard to see why. The graphics look amazing and<br />

if you take a look at the trailer you’ll see what<br />

we mean. I know just about every car game<br />

boasts great visuals, but you seriously need to<br />

check this out!

EW<br />

Here’s what’s hot at the moment and<br />

what’s likely to be popular with gamers<br />

and tech lovers!<br />


Titanfall is hotly anticipated and is due out on March 13. It’s a fast paced combat game that sees you<br />

piloting a Titan - a large robot armed to the teeth. The gameplay is fast and frantic and set in a futuristic<br />

environment where you get to pilot one of the different classes of Titans. At times you can disengage from<br />

your Titan and the game plays as a regular style FPS. Check it out here…<br />


With new systems from Microsoft<br />

and Sony, there’s an abundance<br />

of great gaming heading our way<br />

in 2014 and one to watch out for is<br />

Dying Light, a first-person action<br />

survival horror game. The opening<br />

voice over in the trailers sounds a<br />

bit like Apple’s Jonny Ive? Apart<br />

from that, this looks a ton of fun<br />

and you have to avoid those<br />

affected by an infected population<br />

that are out to get you... just like in<br />

every other zombie style game.<br />

MAC PRO<br />

I’m not sure many gamers will fork out the big bucks for a Mac<br />

Pro but the discussion out there is that this is a serious piece of<br />

hardware. It’s fast - very fast and in fact according to Futurelooks<br />

editor Stephen Fung it would cost you more to build a similar<br />

spec’d up Windows machine. Hard to believe but true. The Mac<br />

Pro is a beautiful piece of equipment that has tech journos like<br />

Leo LaPorte totally in love with his (check his post on<br />

www.techguylabs.com) and check Futurelooks article here!

from the UK<br />


THE UK<br />

The war between Microsoft’s Xbox<br />

One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 is well<br />

and truly heating up in 2014!<br />

With a steady flow of both consoles<br />

now streaming into the stores, users<br />

are faced with a tough decision<br />

- ‘do I go Xbox One or PlayStation<br />

4?’ This really is a personal decision<br />

and there’s no right of wrong answer<br />

here.<br />

However, as a gamer, the question<br />

has to be asked - why aren’t either<br />

in the future with regards to the total<br />

units sold per company. Could it<br />

be a neck to neck race? That’s anyone’s<br />

call at this stage.<br />

Namco Bandai have been pushing<br />

The Witcher 3 hard of late. Recently<br />

releasing more game play screeners<br />

its looking to be an awesome game<br />

and I have a feeling that it will be<br />

HUGE!! For those not familiar with<br />

The Witcher franchise, it follows the<br />

story of one of the remaining ‘witchers’<br />

- a monster hunter gifted with<br />

The dream becomes reality on 14<br />

April 2014.<br />

Battlefield 4 has been causing a bit<br />

of a stir.... again!! EA and DICE recently<br />

announced that for the month<br />

of <strong>February</strong>, they would be having<br />

‘Player Appreciation Month’. Why<br />

has this been causing a stir? Well,<br />

your pretty much getting something<br />

for free! Everyday when you log on,<br />

you will be rewarded with a bronze or<br />

silver battlepack (a suitcase packed<br />

full of goodies like XP boosts, camos,<br />

weapon attachments) something<br />

that would only be obtainable<br />

by levelling up. EA have advised<br />

that if a player logs in ever day over<br />

the month it will save a whopping 30<br />

hours of game play! A lot of people<br />

don’t think this is fair as they have<br />

been working hard to level up to attain<br />

the battlepacks and enjoy the<br />

thrill of the chase so to speak. But<br />

is this enough to bring the fans back<br />

to Battlefield 4? Many are saying<br />

that DICE rushed to get the game<br />

released on all consoles and that<br />

it wasn’t finished. It has been met<br />

with many issues - server issues,<br />



company doing anything to entice the<br />

buyers to pick one console over the<br />

other? I think that both Sony and Microsoft<br />

could have done something<br />

for the buyers - a free 3 month subscription<br />

to Xbox <strong>Live</strong> or a 3 months<br />

subscription to PlayStation plus. I<br />

mean, you just forked out a few hundred<br />

quid, the least they could do<br />

is give you a little something to say<br />

thankyou! Ok, so it’s not the be all<br />

and end all, but a gesture of some<br />

sort would have been a great marketing<br />

ploy to draw people in more.<br />

With that being said, the consoles<br />

are still flying out the door and it will<br />

be very interesting to see some stats<br />

unnatural powers. RPG based, you<br />

need to make ‘moral choices’ to<br />

change the direction to the game.<br />

Also causing a lot of chatter over<br />

here at the moment is Bethesda’s Elder<br />

Scrolls Online. With a little over<br />

2 months to go until its release, this<br />

will be the first MMO from the developer<br />

and the talk around town is that<br />

fans can’t wait! The jury is still out on<br />

the subscription based online play,<br />

however, dedicated fans really won’t<br />

be phased in paying a few pounds a<br />

month to have access to a game that<br />

they only dreamt would be an MMO.<br />

game freezes, lack of updates - all<br />

of which have left a sour taste in<br />

many players mouths. I truly believe<br />

that Battlefield can come back from<br />

the negativity as the franchise is brilliant,<br />

there are just some teething issues<br />

that EA and DICE really need<br />

to address to keep the fans happy.<br />

Well that’s it from the UK gaming<br />

scene for this month! Keep your<br />

eyes peeled for a review on Dark<br />

Souls II to be carried out by yours<br />

truly very soon!<br />

Written by Elliott Buddo<br />


from the US<br />


THE US<br />

me wonder about the future of such<br />

games and their future effect on the<br />

industry.<br />

classics a great way to make older<br />

games more accessible, or should<br />

it be, like colorizing black-and-white<br />

movies, widely considered a bastardization<br />

of the original art?<br />

It can be argued that the best way to<br />

appreciate a classic game is to see<br />

and play it the way it was originally<br />

intended. An older style of gameplay<br />

may come off as disappointing when<br />

melded with modern graphics, making<br />

these games less satisfying than<br />

they could be. Often times, there is<br />

a certain awkwardness to these remastered<br />

games. Some of them certainly<br />

don’t look like they were built<br />

to be viewed at 1080p resolution,<br />

and even with the enhanced original<br />

graphics, there are plenty of things<br />

that remain outdated about them,<br />

from control schemes to level design<br />

to animation. However, it’s easy<br />

to make the counter-argument. Ico<br />

and Shadow of the Colossus in particular<br />

look great on the PS3, don’t<br />

get me started on how many hours<br />

I’ve logged into Kingdom Hearts HD<br />

1.5 Remix (oh god), and as I said<br />



Are you willing to pay $60 for a game<br />

you have already played? That’s the<br />

question more and more gamers,<br />

both American and abroad, are beginning<br />

to ask themselves. When<br />

Square Enix revealed Tomb Raider:<br />

Definitive Edition at VGX, I was baffled.<br />

For a game that was released<br />

not too long ago (March 2013) it<br />

seemed rather early for a re-release<br />

of any kind. Were the differences between<br />

the original version and this<br />

“definitive edition” so radically different,<br />

that a $60 price tag was justified?<br />

It didn’t take long for Square<br />

Enix to convince me of the answer to<br />

that question – Yes. The difference<br />

in graphics alone is remarkable;<br />

Lara Croft’s character model has<br />

been completely refreshed with impressive<br />

attention to detail. Additionally,<br />

there are many new flourishes<br />

added to the Yamatai island environment,<br />

such as dynamic weather<br />

and polished shadow effects. In fact,<br />

every aspect of the game’s graphic<br />

integrity has been newly brought to<br />

life thanks to the core capabilities of<br />

next-gen consoles. With Tomb Raider:<br />

Definitive Edition being such an<br />

obviously laborious project, it made<br />

So far, the industry has produced<br />

many remastered games, including:<br />

Kingdom Hearts, Shadow of the<br />

Colossus, Resident Evil, Metal Gear<br />

Solid, Ocarina of Time, and God of<br />

War. Looking into the future, gamers<br />

have even more remastered installments<br />

to look forward to, including:<br />

Final Fantasy X/X-2 and the original<br />

FarCry. Re-rendering the old graphics<br />

and putting a vintage game on<br />

a current or next-gen (or making it<br />

available as DLC) certainly succeeds<br />

in making classic games more accessible<br />

to modern audiences. But,<br />

is that a good thing? It’s the same<br />

argument made years ago over colorizing<br />

black-and-white films, a trend<br />

for a while in the 1980s and ‘90s<br />

championed by, among others, Ted<br />

Turner (whose Turner Classic Movies<br />

cable channel itself later shunned<br />

colorized movies completely). Film<br />

critics Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel<br />

famously called it “Hollywood’s<br />

new vandalism.” But are remastered<br />

versions of our favorite video game<br />

earlier, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition<br />

is a remarkably enhanced version<br />

of its predecessor. So my question<br />

is: do the benefits of rerendering<br />

and remastering older games outweigh<br />

the risk of an experience not<br />

transferring well? Would you rather<br />

play the original version of a classic<br />

game than a remastered one?<br />

Personally I love the idea of remasters.<br />

I think they have an important<br />

role to play in the continuance of<br />

the industry’s success. The same<br />

way classic literature garners republished<br />

anniversary editions, which<br />

may include author’s notes or newly

annotated text; remastered versions<br />

of video game titles are a great way<br />

to make sure new players understand<br />

the classics which continue<br />

to influence the future. However, I’ll<br />

make the argument that a remaster<br />

should only be attempted if intended<br />

to be done “right”. That is, a complete<br />

rebuild – simply rerendering<br />

the graphics is just a lazy way to<br />

avoid innovation and creation of new<br />

content. Much like Tomb Raider: Definitive<br />

Edition, a remaster needs to<br />

be a tedious labor of love and built<br />

with the same passion as the original;<br />

a passion which bleeds through<br />

a project and inspires a new wave of<br />

players to invest in the IP. So am I<br />

willing to pay $60 for a game I’ve already<br />

played? Absolutely, if the love<br />

is there.<br />

Written by Serwa Aboagye<br />


S4 GAMES<br />

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag<br />

Angry Birds Star Wars<br />

Battlefield 4<br />

Call of Duty: Ghosts<br />

The Crew<br />

Cyberpunk 2077<br />

Daylight<br />

Destiny<br />

Diablo III<br />

Dragon Age: Inquisition<br />

DriveClub<br />

Dying Light<br />

EA Sports UFC<br />

The Elder Scrolls Online<br />

The Evil Within<br />

FIFA 14<br />

Final Fantasy XV<br />

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn<br />

Galak-Z<br />

Infamous: Second Son<br />

Injustice Gods Among Us: Ultimate<br />

Edition<br />

Just Dance 2014<br />

Killzone: Shadow Fall<br />

Kingdom Hearts III<br />

Knack<br />

LEGO The Hobbit<br />

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes<br />

The LEGO Movie Videogame<br />

Mad Max<br />

Madden NFL 25<br />

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain<br />

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor<br />

Mirror’s Edge 2<br />

NBA 2K14<br />

NBA <strong>Live</strong> 14<br />

Need for Speed Rivals<br />

The Order: 1886<br />

Putty Squad<br />

The Pinball Arcade<br />

Rayman Legends<br />

Skylanders SWAP Force<br />

EA Sports UFC<br />

Sniper Elite V3<br />

Star Wars Battlefront<br />

Thief<br />

Tom Clancy’s The Division<br />

Uncharted<br />

Watch Dogs<br />

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt<br />

Wolfenstein: The New Order<br />

Get ‘em at

XBOX ONE<br />

GAMES<br />

Angry Birds Star Wars<br />

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag<br />

Battlefield 4<br />

Call of Duty: Ghosts<br />

The Crew<br />

Cyberpunk 2077<br />

D4<br />

Dead Rising 3<br />

Destiny<br />

Dragon Age: Inquisition<br />

Dying Light<br />

EA Sports UFC<br />

The Elder Scrolls Online<br />

The Evil Within<br />

Fable Legends<br />

FIFA 14<br />

Fighter Within<br />

Final Fantasy XV<br />

Forza Motorsport 5<br />

Halo for Xbox One<br />

Just Dance 2014<br />

Kinect Sports Rivals<br />

Kingdom Hearts III<br />

LEGO The Hobbit<br />

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes<br />

The LEGO Movie Videogame<br />

Mad Max<br />

Madden NFL 25<br />

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain<br />

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor<br />

Mirror’s Edge<br />

NBA 2K14<br />

NBA <strong>Live</strong> 14<br />

Need for Speed Rivals<br />

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare<br />

Quantum Break<br />

Rayman Legends<br />

Ryse: Son of Rome<br />

Skylanders SWAP Force<br />

Sniper Elite V3<br />

Star Wars Battlefront<br />

Sunset Overdrive<br />

Thief<br />

Titanfall<br />

Tom Clancy’s The Division<br />

EA Sports UFC<br />

Watch Dogs<br />

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt<br />

Wolfenstein: The New Order<br />

Zoo Tycoon<br />

Get ‘em at


13 TH 20 TH<br />

22 ND 1 ST<br />

CTC<br />

27 TH


27 TH<br />

27 TH 27 TH 1 ST

SEX IN<br />

VIDEO<br />

GAMES<br />

As the editor, I wrestled with this topic<br />

for a while. Sure we could have ignored<br />

it and focused on the latest game that<br />

is due out and avoided any potential<br />

controversy, trolls, and maybe complaints.<br />

Over the past 12 months we’ve<br />

seen a few games get an R18+ rating<br />

and some get refused classification<br />

only to be resubmitted with changes,<br />

then passed. So we decided to look at<br />

the issue of sex in games.<br />

Why does the word sex conjure up<br />

different reactions in different people.<br />

Why are some groups so opposed to<br />

sex in video games that the mere mention<br />

causes them to protest en mass,<br />

often before they’ve even played the<br />

game they’re trying to get it banned.<br />

So what’s the controversy? After all we<br />

have violence in games and movies,<br />

why not sex? Well I think it’s a personal<br />

choice, like religion and political<br />

beliefs, each of us has an opinion.<br />

Each of us has a moral line in the sand<br />

we feel shouldn’t be crossed. Our culture,<br />

our upbringing and our personal<br />

beliefs dictate where that line is. For<br />

some, sex in games has been unfairly<br />

discriminated against by censors while<br />

for others sex in games is just unnecessary.<br />

But wait, I hear some people say, “we<br />

have so much violence in games so<br />

why not sex?” …good point. I guess<br />

it depends on how we see games. Do<br />

we see them in the same way as movies<br />

in that they can be representations<br />

of real life? Entertainment meant to be<br />

consumed on a variety of levels, some<br />

as purely fun, some as educational<br />

and sometimes games and movies are<br />

created to make us think.<br />

In Australia, we have a rating system<br />

that now offers game producers an

R18+ rating. The Office of Classifications<br />

states that an R18+ rating...<br />

“May contain classifiable elements<br />

such as sex scenes and drug use that<br />

are high in impact.” It goes on to say<br />

“Some material classified R18+ may<br />

be offensive to sections of the adult<br />

community.”<br />

Interestingly no mention of violence<br />

there. Sure gratuitous violence has<br />

seen games like Mortal Kombat be<br />

banned in the past but in many cases<br />

the game’s producers have resubmitted<br />

the game after changes and received<br />

a rating ensuring sale in Australia.<br />

The ratings system we have is designed<br />

to protect children from materials<br />

deemed unsuitable and most<br />

people will agree that’s a good thing.<br />

We’ve seen some instances where<br />

parents unknowingly, will go into a<br />

game shop and pick up a game for<br />

their young teen not knowing or understanding<br />

that it has elements that<br />

are not suitable for children. I know<br />

some Gametraders store owners<br />

have had to explain to parents why<br />

to make a decision, and really that’s<br />

why we have a ratings system so that<br />

each game or movie is clearly marked<br />

informing the viewer or player of what<br />

to expect. Games and movies depicting<br />

sexual violence against women<br />

or men should result in the appropriate<br />

classification or ban. What I mean<br />

here is sometimes a documentary or<br />

movie may seek to expose the horrors<br />

of violence perpetrate on people, and<br />

whilst shocking to see, if it results in<br />

changes or justice then that producer<br />

or director has done a great service.<br />

But I guess when a game is made in a<br />

way to get school boys giggles at nudity<br />

or sex, you’ve got to question: is this<br />

important to the structure of the game?<br />

Is it an element that works within the<br />

story of the game or is it there to simply<br />

show skin?<br />

Ultimately, it’s the thinking behind the<br />

inclusion of any sex in a game that I<br />

wonder about. Is that female game<br />

character shown in such a way that<br />

is demeaning to women? Is it simply<br />

there to include nudity for effect in the<br />

wrong way? If I run throughout the<br />

streets of a FPS title shooting everything<br />

that moves, with blood spraying<br />






a game is rated R18+ or MA15+ and<br />

parents have been thankful. After all,<br />

not all parents are up with the latest<br />

games and the ratings placed on<br />

those titles.<br />

But what about adults? Surely we’re<br />

grown up enough to make our own<br />

choices? I hear the voice of those proclaiming<br />

that as long as no one get’s<br />

hurt it should be up to the individual<br />

out of the victims, is that ok versus a<br />

couple making love in a scene that<br />

is crucial to the developing story and<br />

shown in a respectful way?<br />

This will no doubt cause a debate<br />

among gamers and non-gamers. So<br />

we thought let’s ask some experts<br />

their thoughts and we got a mix of<br />

comments over the next few pages...<br />

The content is high in impact.<br />

R 18+ material is restricted<br />

to adults. Such material may<br />

contain classifiable elements<br />

such as sex scenes and<br />

drug use that are high in<br />

impact. Some material<br />

classified R18+ may be<br />

offensive to sections of the<br />

adult community. A person<br />

may be asked for proof of<br />

their age before purchasing,<br />

hiring or viewing R18+ films<br />

and computer games at a<br />

retail store or cinema.

EX IN VIDE<br />

GAMES<br />

Sex in video games. A topic that has<br />

caused many a debate between<br />

gamers, non-gamers, parents and<br />

politicians alike. But what is it about<br />

the presence of sex in a video game<br />

that causes such a stir? While there<br />

have been numerous occasions<br />

where a game developer has used<br />

sex in a video game in a completely<br />

tactful way, when has a developer<br />

crossed the line? And what is it about<br />

sex in video games that causes such<br />

a stir?<br />

Almost every single civilization, both<br />

ancient and modern, has depicted<br />

acts of sexuality in their respective<br />

works of art. From dramatic performances,<br />

to pottery, paintings and<br />

even songs, sex has been a widely<br />

The first depiction of sex in a mainstream<br />

Hollywood movie was in<br />

Humphrey Bogart’s The Big Sleep,<br />

although the sex in question was<br />

inferred, instead of actually shown.<br />

While this paved the way for more<br />

raunchy depictions of sex in later<br />

films, sex has been approached<br />

in earlier (but lesser known) films<br />

such as Flesh and the Devil (1926)<br />

and Hell’s Angels (1930), and pornographic<br />

films have in fact, been<br />

around since 1897. If film has been<br />

depicting sex since before video<br />

games, then why have so few video<br />

game developers approached the<br />

subject of sex, and why have so few<br />

been able to pull it off?<br />

lenge for any developer, seasoned or<br />

inexperienced. For one thing, hardware<br />

limitations (and in particular,<br />

graphics) made sex almost impossible<br />

on older consoles and PCs.<br />

In fact, there was really only one<br />

video game series that successfully<br />

depicted sex in a DOS-era adventure<br />

game in 1987, the Leisure Suit<br />

Larry games from Al Lowe and Sierra<br />

Games. A clever mix of comedy,<br />

puzzles and racy adult content, Leisure<br />

Suit Larry is one of adventure<br />

gamings beloved classics.<br />

Graphics have come a long way<br />

since 1987, and while a more realistic<br />

and adult depiction of sex<br />

has been possible, it hasn’t always<br />

been accepted from a number of<br />

different people. There is a stigma<br />

that haunts gaming to this day that<br />

began in the early arcade-era of<br />

videogames. Due to the popularity<br />



accepted topic in many creative<br />

works for thousands of years.<br />

There are a number of things that<br />

make sex in a video game a chal-<br />

of Japanese video games such as<br />

Pac-Man and Donkey Kong, many<br />

non-gamers and mainstream media<br />

outlets concocted and supported

O<br />

the notion that “video games are for<br />

children”, due to the often cute and<br />

manga-inspired characters found in<br />

Japanese games.<br />

Despite the popularity of more adultoriented<br />

games such as Mortal Kombat<br />

and Doom in the 1990s (and the<br />

popularity of adult games today), the<br />

notion that video games are strictly<br />

for children has been asserted all<br />

through the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s<br />

and even today, despite the average<br />

age of a gamer always increasing.<br />

It’s understandable then, that a developer<br />

may have avoided sex in<br />

their video games (even if it would<br />

have been perfectly acceptable)<br />

due to the almost-constant negative<br />

treatment the video game industry<br />

has received in the past.<br />

“But we have an R18+ rating in<br />

Australia now! Shouldn’t EVERY-<br />

THING be allowed?”<br />

The short answer is no. Quite often,<br />

people think that because we have<br />

an R18+ rating (finally!) in Australia,<br />

that every single game will see a<br />

local release. What it does mean,<br />

is that a game with adult content is<br />

more likely to see a release, so long<br />

as it falls within Australian Classification<br />

Board’s guidelines. While some<br />

games like Manhunt and Grand Theft<br />

Auto V seem to be approved without<br />

much of a hassle, the Australian<br />

Classification Board will refuse a<br />

game a local release on the grounds<br />

that the sex present is a reward for illegal<br />

and anti-social behaviour. This<br />

was one of the reasons that Grand<br />

Theft Auto: San Andreas had to be<br />

modified before it was approved,<br />

as the protagonist, CJ, could take<br />

women out on dates, participate in<br />

drive-by shootings, and then partake<br />

in some “hot coffee” with those<br />

women.<br />

Let’s take a look at some other<br />

examples of sex in video games.<br />

Some you may have heard about,<br />

some you might not have. Some<br />

have been completely tasteful, and<br />

some may have crossed the line, or<br />

dealt with the subject of sex poorly...


(Core Design, Eidos) (1996)<br />

Look back to the reaction’s to Eidos’ Tomb Raider video<br />

games when they were released. Anyone would have<br />

thought that the game revolved around elaborate underground<br />

strip routines what with the amount of lengthy<br />

discussions that took place about her chest proportions.<br />

According to Core Design (a subsidiary of Eidos, who<br />

published Tomb Raider), Lara Croft’s breasts were made<br />

gigantic by accident. An accidental mouse click meant that<br />

instead of increasing her bust size by 50%, the character<br />

designer increased them by 150%. After a collective immature<br />

giggle from the development team, Core Design<br />

decided to keep Lara’s famous look, which while gaining<br />

them a ton of notoriety, also seemed to have worked<br />

in their favour, as the controversy that followed probably<br />

helped the game sell. Thankfully, there was no poorly-executed<br />

sex scenes in Tomb Raider (there wasn’t any sex<br />

at all) and it truly was a groundbreaking 3D platformer,<br />

and had more to offer than just a busty protagonist.<br />


(Quantic Dream) (2005)<br />

Fahrenheit is a fantastic game from Heavy Rain<br />

creator David Cage. A cinematic interactive drama,<br />

Fahrenheit rejected many of the norms of<br />

modern game design and instead offered it’s own<br />

unique gameplay, which many described as an interactive<br />

movie, or simply as an “experience”.<br />

Fahrenheit featured numerous sex scenes, although<br />

some were edited or deleted entirely from<br />

different versions of the game. This was not because<br />

Quantic Dream felt they had crossed the<br />

line of good taste, but rather, a suggestion from<br />

both Microsoft and Sony, as the did not allow<br />

adults-only rated games on their systems. During<br />

the sex scenes, players actively controlled<br />

the protagonist’s pelvic thrusts by maneuvering<br />

the controller’s analogue sticks, which might have<br />

seemed like a good idea in respect to the game’s<br />

direction, but felt goofy in its execution. It’s probably<br />

a good thing that Fahrenheit was made before<br />

Kinect and motion controls existed!


(Visceral Games, EA Games) (2010)<br />

There are doors shaped like female and male<br />

body parts which results in a terrifying environment<br />

that truly reflects the sin that created it.<br />

Oh, and there are also women who crawl around<br />

like crabs, leaving very little to the imagination.<br />

When they approach the player, they briefly engage<br />

in sexual activity. It is horrifying, but I do<br />

not feel it crosses any lines, particularly when<br />

you play the entire game. It goes without saying<br />

that children should absolutely not be allowed<br />

anywhere near this game, but also, people with<br />

strong moral values may also find the game disturbing.<br />

THE SIMS<br />

(Maxis, EA Games) (2000)<br />

Looking back at The Sims, it’s hard to believe that one of<br />

the world’s most popular family-friendly games created a<br />

stir for its sexual content, but it did. Despite the tasteful<br />

representation of sexual content and nudity (all of which<br />

was censored with pixilated boxes), some people still<br />

seemed to freak out at the fact that the light-hearted lifesim<br />

offered the opportunity to “woohoo” with other sims.<br />

The Sims went on to be an instant classic, and thanks<br />

to openly-gay game designer Patrick J. Barrett III, The<br />

Sims would even offer gaymers (gay gamers) the opportunity<br />

to have a relationship and “woohoo” with sims of<br />

the same sex. A first for video games.


(Eutechnyx, Deep Silver) (2013)<br />

Good lord, what an awful game. Trying to horn in on the popularity of the TV series Sons of Anarchy, Ride to Hell offered<br />

a broken and completely boring game with absolutely no redeeming qualities. The icing on the cake however,<br />

was a fairly hardcore (yet fully-clothed) sex scene early in the game between the game’s protagonist and some<br />

random woman he helps out of an abusive relationship. Because that’s what women want, right? To be saved from<br />

one violent pervert by another, and then violated through denim jeans?<br />

There are other sex scenes in the game, and absolutely none of them make sense. It feels like the developer gave<br />

up on creating a decent game and just added the sex scenes in to make up for an absolutely garbage product. I<br />

would say that the sex in the game crosses the line, but Ride to Hell gets nothing right at all, even its tacked-on sex<br />

scenes.<br />


(Bioware, EA Games) (2007 - 2012)<br />

Bioware’s Mass Effect series has some of the best dialogue<br />

and relationships found in any AAA games. The<br />

sex presented in the game is mature, but it still managed<br />

to cause a stir based on the presence of homosexual relationships.<br />

Damned if they did and damned if they didn’t,<br />

the fact that to women could have a sexual relationship<br />

but two men couldn’t infuriated many gamers and caused<br />

debates on both sides of the argument. The reasons behind<br />

the lack of a male to male relationship are still up in<br />

debate. Some say the male Commander Shepard voice<br />

actor refused to record homosexual dialogue, while others<br />

say EA games pressured Bioware to remove it out of<br />

the game for fear of hindered sales.<br />

The sex scenes in question were tasteful, and only occurred<br />

at the culmination of a well-developed relationship<br />

between two characters. I actually think that if more people<br />

viewed sex and sexuality in the same light as Bioware,<br />

the subject of sex in gaming would be more widelyaccepted.

GOD OF WAR<br />

(SCE Santa Monica, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe) (2005 - 2013)<br />

The God of War games have always presented a unique experience, and offers original gameplay and art<br />

direction loosely based on Greek mythology. It’s inevitable then, that sex would make an appearance at some<br />

point. Whether it’s some brief nudity or the immature oral sex mini-game, God of War’s sex scenes are actually<br />

pretty silly, though I guess within context when you look at the rest of the game. I mean, when you’re<br />

ripping apart people with bladed chains and punching, it’s highly unlikely you’re going to woo Aphrodite over<br />

a candle-lit dinner after a night at the theatre.<br />

SEX IN<br />

VIDEO<br />

GAMES<br />

While video games have certainly progressed with some<br />

topics (such as homosexual relationships and characters),<br />

it feels as though sex will take a lot longer than<br />

other topics to be accepted. Due to the early Japanese<br />

arcade games and the “mascot era” of the 1990s, video<br />

games still have to put up with the stigma that they are<br />

for children. Not only that, when you take the sex in a<br />

game out of a perfectly reasonable context (as people<br />

who don’t understand video games often do), they can<br />

create a mountain out of any molehill. At least we’re progressing,<br />

as mature sex in gaming has increased gradually,<br />

thanks to the efforts of brave game developers.<br />

Written by Nick Getley<br />




OMMENT<br />

Picture it: Gaming night.<br />


You’ve found the gold. Levelled up. Collected the enormous<br />

guns and thrown around some heavy objects. Your pockets<br />

are probably stuffed full of cigarettes and candy bars and<br />

all sorts of “nutritious” items. You’re about to unlock a super<br />

secret area that will allow you access to brilliant things like<br />

more gold and munchies, or the destruction of an entire alien<br />

race that may or may not actually deserve it. But what’s this?<br />

Over there, in the corner – No, blocking the only door to the<br />

super secret area – Now sashaying slowly and sensually in<br />

front of the camera –<br />

to tell you that simulated violence is a catalyst for real-world<br />

disturbances.<br />

But when the blessed R rating is granted, and we don our bigboy<br />

trousers, and suddenly every over-18 game has at least<br />

one extremely busty female desperate to fall on her back for<br />

the brooding, intensely masculine protagonist, are we really<br />

mature? When the camera panning slowly over a curvaceous<br />

rear is the only solid (and I use that word lightly) example of a<br />

woman in an expansive, detailed virtual world, are the developers<br />

really trying to tell a story?<br />

They are not.<br />

Ah.<br />

That’s it.<br />

This game has an R rating, and the naked ladies have arrived.<br />

They’re here for you, of course; you and your tall, dark,<br />

emotionally conflicted yet duty-bound (and extremely muscle-bound)<br />

leading character. They’re the only women in<br />

the world, apart from your purely platonic colleague – if you<br />

have one. And hey, she probably fancies you too. Why not?<br />

We have the permission to display more than just rusty machinery<br />

and pixellated blood spatters, so now the heads will<br />

roll, and so will the passionate, sweaty bodies.<br />

Video games have always been violent. Okay, maybe I never<br />

gutted any rogue marines in “Barbie: Race and Ride”, but<br />

I’ve burned mythical creatures to a crisp as a little purple<br />

dragon; decapitated pirates as a warrior princess; I’ve even<br />

shot down gasping, gore-splattered, spore-ridden zombies<br />

(before handing the controller over to a friend). I’m not going<br />

And the reason for that is, simply: Sex sells.<br />

Of course, there are plenty of people who will play a game for<br />

its graphics; its views on moral conflict; its strategy and complex<br />

puzzles. But the seductresses, the prostitutes, the plunging<br />

necklines that expose everything except a well-rounded<br />

character – these all exist for a purpose. They remind us that<br />

despite women making up fifty percent of today’s gamers, they<br />

are not welcome in the gaming world. They are shunned, ridiculed,<br />

and sexually harassed. Art imitates life, and developers<br />

would like video games to reflect this, with the demand for<br />

gender equality tucked safely out of the way. They want their<br />

game to be more popular; they want players bragging about it<br />

to their friends and gagging for more; they want the easy sale.<br />

Developers are crossing a line with sex in video games, and<br />

it is leagues away from the not-so-secret entrance to maturity.<br />


There are two conversations that need to be had, one with<br />

video game developers and the other with the Australian<br />

Classification Board. The former involves discussing the<br />

use of sex in video games, how it impacts the story and the<br />

impact it has on not only the characters in-game, but the<br />

audience at large. With last year’s release of GTA V, we saw<br />

a game that was racist, featured hyper-sexualized women<br />

in submissive roles and casually utilized sex throughout<br />

the story under a failed attempt at “satire”. It was demeaning,<br />

alienating and insulting. Yet it sold like wildfire and was<br />

praised for its gameplay while people turned a blind eye<br />

to its blatant slut-shaming sexism as well as its poorly researched<br />

African-American characters.<br />

Bad writing aside, I know that the main marketing aspect<br />

for games like GTA V, Dragon’s Crown and many others is<br />

the fact that sex sells. I accept that, whether it’s a game<br />

or a movie; once all the explosions and action has been<br />

dangled before the audience, it can help to have that extra<br />

appeal in order to appear “edgy”. Be it a soap opera,<br />

a prime-time television show (Hint: Starts with “Game” and<br />

ends in “Thrones”), a feature film or a video game – sex appeal<br />

has it’s place. However, sex in video games should be<br />

more than dominant men and submissive busty women, and<br />

there are plenty of games that have successfully displayed<br />

this without alienating the potential audience at large. Sex<br />

should only be in video games if it needs to be there, if it<br />

helps to develop the story, develop the characters and if all<br />

genders involved give as good as they get. Both the Mass<br />

Effect games and Saints Row IV are perfect examples of<br />

this, for both serious storytelling and satire respectively…<br />

Also Game of Thrones.<br />

The discussion that needs to be had with the Australian<br />

Classification Board involves their use of the new “R” rating.<br />

Thus far, the Classification Board has failed to utilize<br />

the “R” rating as it was hoped to be used by the public at<br />

large. Gamers hoped that the “R” rating would provide an<br />

environment to permit more freedom for game developers in<br />

terms of what content they can now provide to the Australian<br />

public. However, the fact is that the classification board<br />

is stuck in a mindset that video games should be treated<br />

more strictly than their film counterparts due to their interactive<br />

element. This reasoning however makes the fallacious<br />

presumption that films and television programs are incapable<br />

of influencing the viewer. That somehow the ideas and<br />

messages within a film narrative or somehow ineffective<br />

when compared to video games. The fact is the classification<br />

board has to learn to grant the same level of creative expression<br />

between screen media and video games or restrict<br />

them in the same manner.<br />

Are we grown up now that we have an “R” rating? Not yet,<br />

however neither are a lot of video game developers or the<br />

Australian Classification Board, but we’ll get there.<br />













Now that Australia has an R rating that means that developers<br />

should totally include sex in video games, right? I mean<br />

they include sex in movies, heck they even have movies<br />

based around sex.<br />

Sam Rockwell in Choke and the more recent Don Jon starring<br />

Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Everyone goes out and watches<br />

the movies, comes home and discuss what they did or didn’t<br />

like about them.<br />

You include sex in video games however and the whole world<br />

seems to crumble. How kids are prone to these games with<br />

virtual butt cheeks on their screen or even the occasional<br />

side boob that makes an appearance.<br />

I believe the reason for this, is how they’ve been included<br />

in the game to begin with. I have no problem with sex in<br />

video games, so long as its tasteful. There’s nothing worse<br />

than developers including sexual content in their titles for the<br />

sake of being controversial. There’s no need to include any<br />

sexual content in a video game so that the developer can<br />

turn around and say “Hey, we’re being edgy and our title is<br />

pushing the limits of video games. We’ve got violence, gore<br />

and also naked women.”<br />

If they wish to include naked characters in a game because<br />

they can and it has no relevance to the story or character,<br />

then I believe they’re doing so in an extremely un-tasteful<br />

manner.<br />

If, however, due to the story or events that unfold prior to<br />

any sexual content, result in a little skin being shown then I<br />

don’t mind.<br />

GTA is a perfect example. The Lost & the Damned which<br />

was the first of two DLC released, and in GTA IV it included<br />

a character who had just finished up a lovely back massage<br />

and fortunately enough was butt naked.<br />

This in relation to the story is understandable because the<br />

character and setting attributed to the lovely scene that we<br />

were prone to next, virtual male genitalia. In a more tame<br />

showcase, Trevor in GTA V stripped down to his undies until<br />

he finally took them off during one cutscene to showcase the<br />

size of his manhood.<br />

Whilst it wasn’t as graphic as GTA IV, it was still male nudity<br />

relevant to the character and the conversation that took<br />

place. What I enjoyed was that, both times they weren’t<br />

dragged out to the point where it just became a joke.<br />

I won’t talk about “Hot Coffee” from San Andreas because<br />

I think we can all agree that was just a silly thing to include<br />

and whilst funny, it just wasn’t worth anyone’s time or attention.<br />

GTA and Rockstar have evolved from that though, and<br />

in such a character and story driven game which includes a<br />

myriad of other sexual content, I completely understand that<br />

the game will either feature sexual content that is relevant or<br />

not relevant to the story. As it is such a large diverse living<br />

world, It’s understandable and can be forgiven.<br />

But in a shooter that’s 5-7 hours to include any form or sex<br />

or naked skin because we can, shouldn’t be an option. Sex<br />

is a natural thing in life and it happens everyday, I’ve got no<br />

problem with that.<br />

My favourite inclusion of any type of sexual action in a game<br />

however is in The Witcher 2. This is an extremely mature<br />

game and when the opening cutscene has Geralt of Rivia<br />

has him engaging in sexual intercourse with a women< I<br />

wasn’t thrown back but couldn’t help but think “This is how<br />

you do it”<br />

You present to me intelligent dialogue, a great plot, driven<br />

characters with back-story, and I’ll enjoy any other mature<br />

themes you may throw at me during my experience.<br />

As games become more story driven and realistic, I wish for<br />

developers to not waste time on characters doing it for the<br />

reason that “We can do that now”. It is lazy and will impact<br />

my overall experience on the game.<br />



SEX IS THE<br />




ADDRESS IT..”<br />

Whenever this question floats around the first thing that<br />

comes to mind is why do we find sex worse than violence?<br />

Even staunch R18 supporters who want to tear the spines<br />

out of their victims in full HD with all realistic blood spatter<br />

can get a little squirmy when sex is proposed and this seems<br />

even more perplexing when you consider how sexualised<br />

video games tend to be. With boobs and butt at nearly every<br />

turn, it’s as though sex is the elephant in the room but no one<br />

is willing to address it, as though we are all too refined and<br />

are averting our eyes.<br />

I personally like sex in video games, I find it adds depth, can<br />

make characters more believable, and when done well can<br />

even teach us something. As long as sex is represented<br />

in a realistic and mature manner, with their influence videogames<br />

can help to reinforce healthy sexual attitudes, and at<br />

the core of this they must show that there should always be<br />

choice. This is for the player as well, if someone should prefer<br />

to play a video game with no sexual context or interaction<br />

then these options should be well within their reach. Both<br />

video games and sex often undeservedly cop a bad wrap<br />

for being obscene or unhealthy, so perhaps it is in their best<br />

interests to work together in changing such perceptions.<br />


To me, the question is not whether video games, a<br />

relatively new form of media, have gone too far in their<br />

portrayals of sex, but whether sex is being included in<br />

games in a way that will allow the industry to grow into<br />

a more complex form of storytelling, just as in books,<br />

movies and television. Often, when I have encountered<br />

graphic sex scenes in games - one in Red Dead<br />

Redemption, one of my favourite games, springs first to<br />

mind - they seem utterly unnecessary, a tacked on bit<br />

of scandal to shock and amuse. All too often they add<br />

nothing of value to the narrative, and I think that this,<br />

rather than the portrayal of sex in games, is the most<br />

prominent issue. The more recent, and very similar,<br />

scene found in GTA V suffers in the same way; it is a<br />

crass display included to add to the shock value of the<br />

game. While this portrayal has its place, it is tiresome in<br />

its repeated use of sex in gaming to show the bestial side<br />

of human nature - why not use it to show gamers how<br />

good a character is, instead of how vile?<br />

As video games become more accepted as a mainstream<br />

form of entertainment for all ages, sex will become a<br />

larger part of gaming for adults, just as it is in TV or<br />

movies. As a part of adult life and a prominent feature<br />

in general media, it seems inevitable that sex will appear<br />

more and more often in games. What is important to<br />

ask is not whether or not this should be allowed, but<br />

whether or not it is handled in a way that will enhance the<br />

rich culture of gaming, or restrict it to base comedy and<br />

adolescent yearnings.<br />


“..SEX WILL<br />






Sex in video games. Some people say that like it’s<br />

something that should be considered unusual. And I<br />

suppose, on a purely statistical viewpoint, it is unusual –<br />

only because it’s not very common. But really, sex is just<br />

sex. Sex is something every single person will encounter<br />

in their lives. Sex is something we do for fun. Sex is a part<br />

of life – hell, sex is life; it is literally the primary factor of the<br />

continued existence of our species. The question of “Has<br />

it gone too far?” I find to be ridiculous. Why? Because it is<br />

so normal that it should not be considered unusual to be<br />

featured in any artistic medium, especially one as popular<br />

as video games. I find the very question to be on par of if<br />

someone were to ask, “Humans in video games. Have the<br />

gone too far?” – it simply should not need to be asked, and<br />

just shows how restricted and sheltered our community and<br />

society is.<br />

Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely games that have<br />

no need to feature sex in any capacity. Most of them,<br />

actually. But if the developers who are creating these<br />

games – these stories, and these characters – feel that<br />

sex should be present in their particular game, there is no<br />





good reason why they should have to think twice about<br />

it. It’s their game, it’s their choice. And if we don’t like<br />

it, we don’t have to play it. Not to mention that we have<br />

an established classification board between the players<br />

and the developers to detail things like sexual activity. At<br />

the end of the day, sex is a normal part of life, whether<br />

you like it or not. And a big one at that. In fact, right now,<br />

someone somewhere is having sex. Let that sink in. Now<br />

why is something that is so normal, enjoyable, important<br />

and happening right now too sacred to have a place in<br />

the most popular entertainment industry in the world?<br />

The real question isn’t about sex in video games. It’s<br />

about how some people view sex in real life.<br />



al<br />

When you look at games throughout<br />

history that depict sex, few have<br />

managed to do it successfully. One<br />

of the earliest (and greatest) game<br />

series depicting sex was the hilarious<br />

Leisure Suit Larry (released<br />

1987) from Al Lowe and Sierra. Nick<br />

from Sticky Trigger caught up with<br />

Al in a recent interview and the two<br />

chatted about sex in gaming,<br />

What compelled you to create Leisure<br />

Suit Larry?<br />

I thought that it was time for a game<br />

that was funny and maybe for a<br />

game that treated current day topics<br />

and subject matter and the way that<br />

I did that was updating an old game<br />

that had been around for years<br />

called Soft Porn Adventure. When I<br />

looked at it, it was really out of date<br />

and I made a joke that the plot was<br />

so old it should be wearing a leisure<br />

suit and I got a laugh. And I thought<br />

‘hey, leisure suits must be funny’<br />

and I said ‘you know, the only way<br />

I could remake this game is if you<br />

let me make fun of it... as a parody,<br />

as opposed to really doing it’. And<br />

everybody thought that was a good<br />

idea so I took my first stab at comedy<br />

writing.<br />

Was soft porn adventure more of<br />

a ‘serious’ game?<br />

Yeah it was, it had an odd tone to<br />

it. It had no protagonist, there was<br />

no central character what so ever,<br />

the game talked to you, the player in<br />

phrases like ‘I am your puppet master.<br />

Command me and I will do as<br />

you wish’ and stuff like that. It was<br />

basically a ‘serious’ game about a<br />

guy trying to get laid! It just seemed<br />

too whacky to be serious, so using<br />

that same premise I thought well I<br />

should make fun of it! The first thing<br />

I did was come up with the character<br />

that a person could relate to on<br />

screen. Someone that you could<br />

play as and think the real breakthrough<br />

for me came when I realised<br />

that its difficult to have comedy with<br />

just one voice; that its much easier to<br />

work with a side kick and that’s when<br />

I realised that the narrator could be<br />

the comedian and that Larry could<br />

be the brunt of the jokes . Suddenly<br />

that made it a lot simpler to write the<br />

comedy.<br />

It definitely worked well, particularly<br />

in the recent remake - he’s<br />

actually got quite a voice on him<br />

too - the narrator, which worked<br />

brilliantly.<br />

We love that guy! Brad Venable did a<br />

great job in that role!<br />

So what’s the most important aspect<br />

with your development time<br />

with Leisure Suit Larry? Was it<br />

the jokes? The puzzles? Or was<br />

it offering adults a different kind<br />

of video game to play? From my<br />

mind, Leisure Suit Larry was the<br />

first ever to be a realistic world.<br />

Everything Else was fantasy like<br />

Mario or Zelda.<br />

Yeah, back then games, well... I’m<br />

not sure why I started this sentence<br />

with back then (laughs) because its<br />

the same way today. It’s either stories<br />

and spaceships in the galaxy<br />

right? There’s a hole. We’ve dug a<br />

deep rut and seem unable to get out<br />

of it. There are a few exceptions to<br />

the rules, but by far there’s way too<br />

many games that fall back on those<br />

two dimensions.<br />

Even the ‘realistic’ soldier games<br />

are a fantasy of war.<br />

Exactly! But, back to your original<br />

question. Because I used the<br />

puzzles and the structure that was<br />

in the original sort porn game, my<br />

challenge was to make the character<br />

interesting . First of all, to create<br />

a character and give him some<br />

sort of personality and then the<br />

tough part was to make the character<br />

loveable in spite of the fact<br />

that he is kinda smarmy and sleazy!<br />

(Laughs). It was a fine line to walk<br />

because I wanted him to be the butt<br />

of the jokes, I wanted him to be not<br />

to bright and to be kinda this, terrible<br />

excuse of a ladies man. On the


lowe<br />

other hand, you can’t really relate to<br />

a character that’s too far down that<br />

trail; he had to be an anti hero, so<br />

that was the tough part.<br />

The jokes themselves, I didn’t really<br />

know how to be funny in a video<br />

game. So I just, kind of... anytime<br />

I thought something was amusing,<br />

I threw it in! And that was the biggest<br />

surprise to me of all, that after<br />

come up with some crazy idea and<br />

I would say to my wife ‘well, you<br />

know...what do you think of this?’<br />

and she would go ‘ewwww’ and I<br />

would go ‘oh, that’s alright I can put<br />

that in’. And if she’d say ‘NO!’ then<br />

I would say ‘oh, I guess that’s probably<br />

gone too far’. She was my best<br />

judge on where my line was on this<br />

thing.<br />



the game came out, people actually<br />

thought it was funny because I actually<br />

had no idea what I was doing!<br />

I think if something is funny, its<br />

funny! It’s as simple as that. I<br />

imagine you might have thought<br />

‘what do gamers think is funny?’<br />

at one point, but I guess it was<br />

largely ‘what everyone else does’.<br />

I kind of went for what I thought my<br />

buddies would laugh at. You know,<br />

the people around Sierra that wrote<br />

adventure games also played adventure<br />

games and because we<br />

were so isolated away from everyone<br />

else, we didn’t really associate<br />

with any body. We admired Lucas<br />

Games, we played them, but we<br />

never knew anybody from there, we<br />

never had the interaction. There<br />

were no game-cons’ of any of that<br />

stuff back then. We were just kind<br />

of these guys laden up in the mountains<br />

and because of that, I tried to<br />

make a game that would make Scott<br />

Murphy laugh; that would make Ken<br />

Williams laugh; that would make Jim<br />

Walls laugh and so that was really<br />

my target market. The fact that millions<br />

of other people actually bought<br />

the game and spent hours doing it<br />

always came as a surprise.<br />

And when you made ‘Leisure Suit<br />

Larry in the Land of the Lounge<br />

Lizards’, did you ever feel you<br />

crossed the line with any of its<br />

racy content in the game?<br />

You know, I had a pretty good censor.<br />

It wasn’t Ken Williams, because<br />

all through our development, Ken<br />

said ‘oh yeah, just go ahead and<br />

make it as adult as you want to!’ until<br />

we got close to the end and then<br />

when he actually saw the game he<br />

was like ‘oh, I don’t know we can sell<br />

the game with this or not’ (laughs).<br />

But my censor was my wife. I would<br />

But you know, I never viewed the<br />

goal of the game as pornography.<br />

I never thought that the sex was<br />

what the game was about. I always<br />

thought that the game was about<br />

making fun of people who see sex as<br />

you know, an end all... so important.<br />

Absolutely! I think that actually<br />

comes across fairly early on in the<br />

game as well as Larry having this<br />

kind of affirmation that he wants<br />

more than just technically getting<br />

laid.<br />

Yeah, yeah.... but he will settle for<br />

getting laid! (laughs).<br />

How did audiences and critics react<br />

to Leisure Suit Larry’s adult

al<br />

IBM 16 Junior or on a computer that<br />

had an EGA graphics card and at that<br />

time when the game originally came<br />

out, EGA graphics cards cost $600!<br />

writers or say artists, home makers,<br />

hobbyists, there was none of that.<br />

It was pretty much an engineering<br />

machine.<br />

Remember it was DOS based so, if<br />

you had trouble altering your config.sys<br />

file or rewriting your autoexec.bat<br />

file or any of those sorts<br />

of things, you had to be a puzzle<br />

solver to get the damn machines to<br />

work and so therefore, adventure<br />

games were the perfect medium for<br />

that period. Consequently, we got<br />

very few complaints from people<br />

about the games. There were a few<br />

later on that said ‘oh, police questions<br />

drinking prostitute and then<br />

have sex’ but the complaints were<br />




content when it was released?<br />

Well you know, it was a different<br />

time. There weren’t many home<br />

computers and the ones that existed<br />

couldn’t play the game. It was<br />

the rare machine that had enough<br />

graphics power and by machine, I<br />

mean PC. The rare IBM PC had the<br />

ability to play the game and later on<br />

I realised after talking with people,<br />

that most people played the game<br />

in black and white as that’s all they<br />

had. They had a green screen monitor<br />

- you know, green and black pixels<br />

which was horrible , I’m not sure<br />

how they watched that (laughs). The<br />

only place that 16 colours was on an<br />

Just the card itself with like 16kb of<br />

memory or something, there weren’t<br />

many of those around. So it wasn’t<br />

a big deal. Now as the games went<br />

along as the years passed, more<br />

and more computers, more and<br />

more PC’s got the ability to render<br />

the games and therefore more people<br />

saw them. But yeah, when it first<br />

came out, there wasn’t much. The<br />

people that did see it were mostly<br />

the people that had home PC’s and<br />

were engineers, scientists. Very few<br />

so few. And remember, there was<br />

no internet or email. People actually<br />

had to get out a pen and paper<br />

and a stamp, an envelope and<br />

walk to the mail box and stuff and it<br />

was a hell of a lot of trouble to do.<br />

It wasn’t the same as ‘hey, I’ll just<br />

leave a comment here’ and click<br />

and type and show your stupidity.<br />

Yeah, that’s one unfortunate side<br />

effect of the worlds connectivity<br />


lowe<br />


Well, I do my best not to read comments<br />

now a days!<br />

Have you kept up with any modern<br />

video games?<br />

You know, I tend to play some casual<br />

games. I try to play all the funny<br />

games that come out.... That was a<br />

joke! (laughs)<br />

I was going to say! I was trying to<br />

think of some!<br />

No, not that much at all.<br />

I don’t mind that people aren’t trying<br />

to make a new funny game<br />

because we are left with so many<br />

classics like Larry and I frequently<br />

play Monkey Island and other<br />

games like that.<br />

I love those games.<br />

If you haven’t kept up with any<br />

modern games, has anyone ever<br />

said to you ‘have you heard about<br />

this game?’ or anything that’s<br />

sort of crossed the line?<br />

Oh of course. People still keep me<br />

informed. I mean, I have a daily joke<br />

list that I call the cyberjoke3000 that<br />

goes out to thousands of people<br />

every day. I’ve done it for, gosh...<br />

more than 15 years now, so people<br />

still relay things to be. I still stay in<br />

touch with people. I’m on Facebook<br />

and Twitter. I try to stay current, but<br />

for the most part, I think my gaming<br />

is 98% casual games today.<br />

Now, while you didn’t work on<br />

it, did you see much of the more<br />

sexual driven Leisure Suit Larry<br />

Magna Cum Laude that came out<br />

on Xbox and PC?<br />

I actually went to the store and paid<br />

full retail list price for the product,<br />

sadly. Yeah, I played it and yeah... I<br />

guess in one sense, I was... it kinda<br />

made me feel good. It proved that<br />

what I did wasn’t that easy if you<br />

know what I mean (laughs).<br />

Oh absolutely! The spirit had<br />

completely changed.<br />

Yeah, they had a tough time. The<br />

kind of thought that the games were<br />

about tits and ass and I always<br />

thought the games were about comedy.<br />

There were some scenes actually<br />

in Magna Cum Laude that were<br />

funny and that were original, creative<br />

and I would have been proud<br />

to of written, but they were separated<br />

by so much dead air. So much<br />

horribly misguided game play that<br />

you couldn’t enjoy the scenes that<br />

were there. Unfortunately Box Office<br />

Bust, didn’t even have those. It<br />

was just a disaster. One of the worst<br />

games ever.<br />

Yeah it was unfortunate because<br />

in one of the original Larry’s, you<br />

got to a certain point that if you did<br />

the wrong thing your penis would<br />

blow up and you had to reload.<br />

And then in the later games, there<br />

were no consequences; there<br />

were these little moral lessons<br />

that you could learn from Larry 1<br />

with a joke and in the later games,<br />

I think Larry must have had sex<br />

about five or six times in an hour<br />

of game play and it wasn’t, and<br />

not that original games rewarded<br />

it, but it wasn’t even any sort of reward<br />

for hard work. It wasn’t even<br />

clever. There was one bit that was<br />

just like a hard core porno. It was<br />

a bit full on. So I guess, you kind<br />

of have to have you context if you<br />

are going to put sexual content in<br />

a game. You have to do more than<br />

just throw in the sex itself.<br />

I think the fact that particularly a few,<br />

and this was true was a few years<br />

back, that the graphics resolution<br />

and the realism of the characters<br />

and so forth wasn’t high enough that<br />

it made for a good pornography experience<br />

anyway. Why would you<br />

want to pay that kind of money for<br />

games when you could get much<br />

better porn at the video store for a<br />

buck or two? (laughs) It seems a<br />

waste of money.<br />

Today, I’m sure there are somewhere,<br />

there must be really high<br />

class graphics or pornography. I<br />

haven’t seen it, so I’m not fair judge.<br />

Sticky Trigger likes to look at<br />

things differently to other websites<br />

and we have had a lot of<br />

people come to us and say ‘hey,<br />

we’ve been getting raw reviews

on this’ and one game was actually<br />

called ‘Seduce me’. It was half<br />

card game, half fantasy novel, but<br />

it was written by women, for women<br />

and it actually has a lot of high<br />

resolution art work. It was classy<br />

all the way and unfortunately they<br />

get hounded constantly by religious<br />

groups, anti gay lobby’s<br />

constantly hounding them. So<br />

there are definitely people that<br />

try to do a sexual game, but in a<br />

classy way.<br />

That’s good, I’m all for that. It just<br />

hasn’t been done very well in the<br />

past.<br />

So what is in your mind about sex<br />

in video games that makes some<br />

people freak out?<br />

I think its because video games were<br />

originally seen as children’s toys. I<br />

think it all grows from that 30 years<br />

ago. Kids play with Atari 2600’s and<br />

then Nintendo’s and you know, but<br />

all those kids are now 35 years old.<br />

They’ve all grown up into mature<br />

adults and in my mind, they should<br />

be able to play whatever it is they<br />

want to see. There shouldn’t be<br />

any censorship at all. But, parents<br />

censoring what their children, I think<br />

that’s just parenting. When you’ve<br />

come of age and your old enough<br />

to see what you want to see and do<br />

what you want do, so I’m all for it.<br />

This article actually stems from<br />

the fact that we only just recently<br />

got an adult rating approved for<br />

video games in Australia. We<br />

never had one before.<br />

Oh good! Finally!<br />

We finally got one! I do believe<br />

that censorship begins in the<br />

home, but we have a lot of people<br />

contacting us and asking us<br />

our thoughts because they want<br />

to play absolutely everything. If<br />

you don’t want to see something<br />

or play something, it should be as<br />

simple as you don’t buy it.<br />

Yep! Amen. That’s exactly the way<br />

it should be. It was always odd to<br />

me that the stores that sell essentially<br />

soft core pornography in the<br />

novel sections and maybe even<br />

Sports Illustrated Swim Suit issues<br />

and all the other sexual overload<br />

that modern consumers are faced<br />

with, then suddenly to be become<br />

very prudish to video games just<br />

makes no sense what so ever. If<br />

you can watch an R rated movie, if<br />

you can buy a novel and read the<br />

novel about explicit sex, then why<br />

cant you interact with it in a game?<br />

I think that the interactive nature<br />

as well as the fact that video<br />

games were seen for children<br />

can tend to freak out children.<br />

I think mainly mothers. When I<br />

was growing up, I would have<br />

been around 6 or so, but I got<br />

Mortal Combat and was sneaking<br />

around to my cousins place and<br />

playing LSL on the ol’ DOS. My<br />

dad was of the opinion that ‘it’s<br />

just a video game. Your kids are<br />

smart enough to know what they<br />

do and don’t do.’ But it was the<br />

interactive nature of things that<br />

tended to freak out my mother a<br />

bit more.<br />

What bothers me is the people that

protest the fact that they don’t want<br />

me or you to see what they don’t like.<br />

It makes no sense. It’s like ‘if you<br />

don’t want to see it, fine! Don’t buy<br />

it! If you don’t want your kids to see<br />

it, Fine! Parent your children!’. On<br />

the other hand, don’t tell me what to<br />

do!<br />

I think that’s with everything, not<br />

just video games.<br />

Based on your experiences and<br />

where you see video games today,<br />

are you able to give me a<br />

rough idea on where you think<br />

sexual content will be in the coming<br />

years? Will it finally be universally<br />

accepted? Do you think<br />

adult content will increase gradually?<br />

I would hope so and I would hope<br />

that we would be able to deal with<br />

themes in a more mature way. I<br />

mean, Larry was anything but mature,<br />

you know... it was immature!<br />

But it was trying to parody the whole<br />

problem. Video games have a terrible<br />

record of treating serious subjects<br />

seriously and I love would to<br />

see that change in the future. I think<br />

it will. I think it’s got to.<br />

I remember at the very first awards<br />

ever given out for games - I think<br />

it was 1987. Ken Williams was the<br />

president of the Software Publishers<br />

Association and in his key note<br />

speech at the awards ceremony he<br />

said ‘I think that some day we will<br />

view the academy awards as the<br />

‘non interactive medium of story telling’<br />

and that the real awards will be<br />

given and the interactive gaming<br />

awards shows.’ I always thought<br />

man, that’s a long way from that,<br />

but still that was 25 years ago and I<br />

think we are getting closer to it, but<br />

we got to have some serious games<br />

that are the equal to a serious novel.<br />

We’ve got to have sexual content<br />

that’s equal to a serious film. You<br />

know, I think that’s coming. God, I<br />

just think that there’s more to gaming<br />

than just a slightly better frame rate<br />

and more pixels.<br />

I find that video games back in the<br />

80’s and the 90’s they were driven<br />

and the new technology kind of<br />

helped people reach their imagination<br />

quicker, but now before a<br />

game even gets approved people<br />

are asking how many sequels can<br />

we get out of it and you have to offer<br />

a familiarity about it. I guess a<br />

games pitch now would be ‘Well,<br />

it’s like Call of Duty’ or ‘It’s like<br />

Mario’ but instead you do this and<br />

it’s basically this much old game<br />

and then that much new. I see<br />

that as a problem.<br />

I couldn’t agree more. I went through<br />

the exact problem about 8 years ago<br />

now. I developed a game, designed<br />

a game called ‘Sam Suede: Undercover<br />

Exposure’ and it was going<br />

to be an action comedy. Not an adventure<br />

game, but an action comedy<br />

and it featured kind of a young guy<br />

who was a wanna be detective who<br />

ended up getting thrown in a situation<br />

where he had to solve a crime.<br />

We took it to every major publisher,<br />

this was in 2006. Every publisher

l lowe<br />

said they loved it, the writing, they<br />

thought it was funny, they liked my<br />

games and I had a good track record.<br />

I got all these stories and when<br />

we finished the pitch, a lot of them<br />

said things like ‘well this is the first<br />

game I’ve seen in years that I would<br />

actually play myself’ which is kind of<br />

a scary for a guy who is running a<br />

game company. And yet, everyone<br />

of them would say ‘what are your<br />

comparables?’ and because there<br />

what they could find in the realm of<br />

action comedy and all they could find<br />

was ‘Psychonauts’, the Tim Schafer<br />

game. I mean it was a good game,<br />

but it had very off putting graphics<br />

and it didn’t really... it looked like a<br />

child’s game and yet it was anything<br />

but and so, they checked the sales<br />

figures and said ‘that only sold so<br />

many thousand copies, so that’s all<br />

we could fund your game for. You<br />

can’t do it for that price. We can’t<br />

been done? Where could we push the<br />

wall?’ and the attitude is totally different<br />

now.<br />

Finally, what advice would you give<br />

to any developer who is contemplating<br />

putting sexual content into<br />

a game?<br />

Be prepared for the consequences.<br />

I think that is the best advice I would<br />

give. I wouldn’t say don’t do it, but you<br />

should be ready to not only justify it,<br />




were no action comedies at that time,<br />

we would say ‘there really isn’t any<br />

comparables available - it’s unique<br />

property’ and that just shut the door<br />

right there. It was just the same as<br />

saying ‘please don’t give us your<br />

money’, because what they would<br />

do inevitably is go back and look at<br />

fund you’. In other words, you cant<br />

make money, because it won’t sell<br />

any differently than this other game.<br />

You just can’t fight that.<br />

In the 80’s, Sierra’s attitude, and I<br />

think most of publishers was, ‘What<br />

isn’t on the market? What hasn’t<br />

but also to put up with a lot of hassle<br />

from a lot of people who don’t want<br />

you to express yourself or are willing to<br />

make your life miserable because of it.<br />

I’m hoping that will one day go away,<br />

but I don’t see it being much less today<br />

than it was 25 years ago.


The content is very mild in impact. The G classification is suitable<br />

for everyone. G products may contain classifiable elements such as<br />

language and themes that are very mild in impact. However, some<br />

G-classified films or computer games may contain content that is not<br />

of interest to children.<br />

The content is mild in impact. The impact of PG (Parental Guidance)<br />

classified films and computer games should be no higher than mild,<br />

but they may contain content that children find confusing or upsetting<br />

and may require the guidance or parents and guardians. They may, for<br />

example, contain classifiable elements such as language and themes<br />

that are mild in impact. It is not recommended for viewing or playing by<br />

persons under 15 without guidance from parents or guardians.<br />

The content is moderate in impact. Films and computer games<br />

classified M (Mature) contain content of a moderate impact and are<br />

recommended for teenagers aged 15 years and over. Children under<br />

15 may legally access this material because it is an advisory category.<br />

However, M classified films and computer games may include<br />

classifiable elements such as violence and nudity of moderate impact<br />

that are not recommended for children under 15 years.<br />

The content is strong in impact. MA 15+ classified material contains<br />

strong content and is legally restricted to persons 15 years and over.<br />

It may contain classifiable elements such as sex scenes and drug use<br />

that are strong in impact. A person may be asked to show proof of their<br />

age before hiring or purchasing an MA 15+ film or computer game.<br />

Cinema staff may also request that the person show proof of their<br />

age before allowing them to watch an MA 15+ film. Children under<br />

the age of 15 may not legally watch, buy or hire MA 15+ classified<br />

material unless they are in the company of a parent or adult guardian.<br />

Children under 15 who go to the cinema to see an MA 15+ film must<br />

be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian for the duration of the<br />

film. The parent or adult guardian must also purchase the movie ticket<br />

for the child. The guardian must be an adult exercising parental control<br />

over the person under 15 years of age. The guardian needs to be 18<br />

years or older.<br />

The content is high in impact. R 18+ material is restricted to adults.<br />

Such material may contain classifiable elements such as sex scenes<br />

and drug use that are high in impact. Some material classified R18+<br />

may be offensive to sections of the adult community. A person may be<br />

asked for proof of their age before purchasing, hiring or viewing R18+<br />

films and computer games at a retail store or cinema.


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• Foil Cards in approximately 1:4<br />

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• Ultra Rare Foil Cards in approximately<br />

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to the other foils)<br />

Two different pre-constructed<br />

Theme Decks:<br />

• 59 Collectable Cards<br />

- 1 Exclusive Foil in each<br />

- 1 Non-Foil Mane Character<br />

Card (Mane Character Cards<br />

are required for gameplay, these<br />

are only available in Theme<br />

Decks)<br />

• Action Tokens<br />

• Rules<br />

• Play Mat<br />

This deck provides everything a single<br />

player needs to begin playing this<br />

fun and strategic 2-player game that<br />

brings the magic of friendship home<br />

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Card Game!<br />

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THEME<br />

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SMALL<br />






First person shooters and RPG’s<br />

seem to dominating the gaming<br />

world at the moment and gamers<br />

are wanting more. Making a come<br />

back is the genre gamers have been<br />

missing - survival horror.<br />

Daylight (available on PS4 and PC)<br />

will be one of the most enthralling,<br />

suspense thrilling games to hit the<br />

market in 2014.<br />

Imagine waking up alone in an empty,<br />

cold and dark environment. You<br />

have no idea where you are. No<br />

memory as to how you got there.<br />

Using the only light source available<br />

Daylight looks to be a ‘edge of your<br />

seat’ game when it’s released.<br />

Played from a first person prospective,<br />

you will play a women who has<br />

gained consciousness. Disoriented,<br />

you will start to explore the empty<br />

hospital with the use of a mobile<br />

phone as your only guiding light.<br />

This game proves to be incredibly<br />

interesting as you have no access to<br />

weapons and you must explore the<br />

hospital and attempt to escape its<br />

criminal past.<br />

story that has been pumped into the<br />

game, and whether you make it to<br />

the end or not, something will draw<br />

you back to it to play it over and<br />

delve deeper in to the every changing<br />

story alternates.<br />

Your mobile phone will be your saviour.<br />

It’s not only used as a source<br />

of light, it is also used as your map<br />

as well as your compass to assist<br />

with guiding your through the many,<br />

many cold, dark rooms in an attempt<br />

to find your way to freedom.<br />




- your mobile phone, you soon realise<br />

you are in an abandoned hospital.<br />

But are you really alone?<br />

What is most compelling about Daylight<br />

is that every experience will be<br />

different. Every room will be different.<br />

If you start a new game, don’t<br />

expect to play the same levels over<br />

- nothing stays the same. There is a<br />

substantial amount of game play and<br />

Daylight has a very reminiscent<br />

feeling of the 2009 title, Slenderman<br />

with regards to the limitations<br />

of light and abandonment, the fear<br />

of the unknown and being watched.<br />

Visually, the environment is what

you would imagine an abandoned<br />

hospital to be like - cold, damp, dark,<br />

littered with old medical equipment<br />

and spine tinglingly eerie. A play on<br />

light and shadows will have you feeling<br />

a little on edge most of the time,<br />

but this is part of the suspense and<br />

thrill that will compel you to keep<br />

playing.<br />

The survival horror genre is making<br />

a big impact this year and Daylight<br />

will be one you need to definitely<br />

keep your eyes on. Riveting game<br />

play, competed with a brilliant non<br />

recurring story line will ensure fans<br />

of survival horror and new comers<br />

alike with be well entertained and<br />

engaged.<br />

... just don’t look behind you.<br />

Written by Kylie Tuttle<br />

(stickytriggerentertainment.com)<br />



THIEF<br />

When it comes to a reboot, developer<br />

Eidos Montreal and publisher<br />

Square Enix know more than a thing<br />

or two about this and how to make<br />

a reboot successful. Coming off<br />

the high of Tomb Raider and Deus<br />

Ex: Human Revolution, Eidos and<br />

Square Enix bring back one off the<br />

best stealth titles of all time - Thief.<br />

Bringing a ‘modern’ twist on a ‘Robin<br />

Hood’ style game, Thief looks to be<br />

another success.<br />

After being announced in 2009,<br />

Thief was officially announced to be<br />

coming to all platforms in early 2013.<br />

This instalment of Thief is not the sequel<br />

to the previous game, instead<br />

its a reboot of the original Thief title.<br />

Set in the Victorian age with steam<br />

punk aesthetics, you will control Garrett,<br />

a master thief as he steals from<br />

the rich to give to the poor. Garrett<br />

has been away from his home town<br />

for sometime, however on his return<br />

to ‘The City’, he discovers that a dictator<br />

has overruled his home town.<br />

Infested by a plague, The City’s rich<br />

become richer and Garrett plans to<br />

take advantage of this situation.<br />

Pulling similarities from the previous<br />

games in the series, armed with a<br />

cross bow and a swift pair of hands,<br />

players must use the ability of stealth<br />

in order to complete challenges and<br />

resorting to violence if all else fails.<br />

a big part of your success in the<br />

game. As you progress though the<br />

levels, guards and other non playable<br />

characters will attempt to thwart<br />

you in your tracks, try to expose you<br />

and even worse, kill you.<br />

Slinking into the darkness and ducking<br />

through the dark alleys of the<br />

City, Garrett has a myriad of silent<br />

‘killers’ should the need arise - the<br />

blackjack move will be one that you<br />

will use quite often and has very<br />

much, the desired effect.<br />




Game play will require the player to<br />

make choices. Given a number of<br />

paths, your approach to each level<br />

will determine the outcome of Garrett.<br />

Use of the environment will play<br />

An interesting mode in Thief is ‘Focus’.<br />

Use of the focus mode will<br />

provide several advantages. One<br />

example is Garrett’s sense of sight<br />

will be enlightened. This ability will<br />

allow the player to see objects which

THIEF<br />

can be used for climbing or light for<br />

guiding your way. Focus can also be<br />

used to slow down time. This effect<br />

helps Garrett steal more effectively<br />

whilst pick pocketing. The Focus<br />

ability can also be used to take out<br />

enemies in a moment of attack.<br />

Thief visually has a very uncanny<br />

resemblance to that of the 2012<br />

Bethesda Softworks game, Dishonoured.<br />

Presenting an often dark,<br />

smog ridden environment, Square<br />

Enix have encapsulated the visual<br />

effects of a Victorian age. Slick visuals<br />

such as light refraction through<br />

window panes, the play on shadows<br />

in the night and minute details in the<br />

Victorian era buildings and furniture<br />

confirms that a great amount of time<br />

and effort has been taken to ensure<br />

that the game play is a treasuretrove<br />

for the eyes.<br />

2014 is heating up to be a massive<br />

year for gaming and Thief is one title<br />

that we are very excited about.<br />

We will have a full review for you on<br />

this title once it’s released!<br />

Written by Kylie Tuttle<br />

(stickytriggerentertainment.com)<br />

FORMAT: PC | XBOX 360 | PS3 | XBOX ONE | PS4 OUT: 27 FEB 2014 RATING: MA15+



If Mass Effect and Halo had a baby<br />

and that baby was raised on nothing<br />

but red bull and rainbows, then<br />

it might start to resemble the amazing<br />

creation that is Destiny. Bungie<br />

the legendary developer of the Halo<br />

games has teamed up with Activision<br />

to create what they like to describe<br />

as a “shared world shooter”.<br />

Set on a desolate version of Earth<br />

where the last surviving city of some<br />

calamity called “the collapse” sits<br />

beneath a giant orb known only as<br />

the Traveller. All that is known is that<br />

when the traveller arrived, it began a<br />

golden age on earth until something<br />

one of three different races. There<br />

are the Humans who are tough and<br />

reliable, the ethereal Awoken both<br />

mysterious and deadly, and the Exo,<br />

undead killing machines. Each race<br />

you will also be able to choose one of<br />

three distinct classes each with their<br />

own looks and abilities. These are<br />

Hunters the roguish bounty hunter<br />

type, a heavily armed and armoured<br />

soldier class called Titans, and the<br />

Warlocks who wield the Traveller’s<br />

arcane energies. There are also a<br />

ton of weapons to be found as well<br />

as different Armours all of which<br />

will be customisable, adding even<br />

from Mars. This is all put together<br />

in painstakingly detailed world that<br />

features some truly breathtaking<br />

landscapes with co-operative and<br />

competitive multiplayer featuring<br />

an advanced matchmaking system.<br />

There is also talk that space travel<br />

is apparently going to be a big part<br />

of the game with a hangar known<br />

as the tower where players will be<br />

able to purchase and upgrade ships<br />

for interstellar travel. By the looks of<br />

things it looks like Bungie is set to<br />

repeat their success all over again<br />

making huge waves with their brand<br />

new take on the fps genre. Destiny<br />




hit earth and tried to destroy all of humanity.<br />

The survivors are protected<br />

by the Guardians who draw powers<br />

and abilities from the Traveller. Players<br />

take control of the Guardians as<br />

more individuality to your character.<br />

They’ll be used to fight the vicious<br />

wasteland pirates known as<br />

the Fallen and the Cabal a gigantic<br />

hulk like race who seem to originate<br />

comes out on Xbox 360, Xbox One,<br />

PS3, and PS4 on September 9th<br />

2014.<br />

Written by Sam Babu<br />

(stickytriggerentertainment.com)<br />


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XY Boosters<br />

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Welcome to the Awesomepocalypse.<br />

It is the near future. Your city has<br />

been blown to smithereens. Its population<br />

has been killed, or turned into<br />

hideous mutants. You have an overpowered<br />

arsenal at your disposal,<br />

and one mission in mind:<br />

Deal with it.<br />

Clank, you shouldn’t be surprised.<br />

Your unnamed hero must traverse<br />

the wrecked city, avoiding nasty mutants<br />

and fiery death as you try to<br />

figure out how to send these demon<br />

spawn back to where they came<br />

from.<br />

Thankfully you have an arsenal of<br />

whacky and conventional weapons<br />

at your disposal to combat these<br />

nasty intruders, with power ups scattered<br />

throughout the game helping<br />

you make them ridiculously overpowered<br />

and capable of killing everything<br />

nearby (cause let’s face it,<br />

weaponry; from a record shooting<br />

crossbow to cans of fizzy drink that<br />

seemingly cause your shotgun to<br />

produce mini nukes. One can only<br />

assume that the rest of your arsenal<br />

will be just as capable of upgrading<br />

to overpowered munitions; my<br />

guess is the BFG will launch mix<br />

tapes of Kesha and Pit Bull.<br />

Exploration of the city focuses a<br />

lot on the agility of your character;<br />

wall running, acrobatic leaps and<br />

bounds, ziplines, and much more.<br />

Don’t get too cocky leaping from<br />

wall to wall though, there isn’t any<br />




No, this isn’t Detroit. This is the<br />

newest title from Insomniac games,<br />

Sunset Overdrive. Despite the title<br />

sounding like a 1980’s arcade racer,<br />

Sunset Overdrive is far from it. Set<br />

in the unnamed city that your character<br />

lives in, it looks to be the most<br />

light hearted end of the world title<br />

we’ve seen in a while. Then again,<br />

considering this is the company that<br />

brought us Spyro and Ratchet and<br />

who wants a fair fight?) it also appears<br />

you aren’t alone in your escapades,<br />

as the trailer reveals a few<br />

friends helping you along the way<br />

with some rather unconventional<br />

bales of hay to break your fall in<br />

this one. Just streets of angry, mutated…er,<br />

mutants. A big city like<br />

this, despite its broken and decaying<br />

state, is bound to hold hours of

adventures and exploring. And fighting,<br />

of course. Considering that the<br />

developers also made the acclaimed<br />

Resistance series you can expect<br />

the combat to be pretty solid. Add<br />

in some leaps and bounds, ala Assassins<br />

Creed, and a huge dose of<br />

Ratchet and Clank style WTF insanity,<br />

and you’re looking at an action<br />

packed, but seemingly more comical<br />

way, to welcome the end of society.<br />

Prove your parents wrong. Show<br />

them that you’re more cut out for<br />

this than flipping burgers and serving<br />

food.<br />

Sunset Overdrive will be leaping,<br />

bounding and blasting its way onto<br />

the Xbox One as an exclusive 2014<br />

release.<br />

Written by Ben Rachow<br />

(stickytriggerentertainment.com)<br />




Anyone for Tennis?<br />

Stick Tennis is highly addictive…<br />

you’ve been warned. It’s one of those<br />

games you want to keep playing so<br />

that eventually you win your way<br />

through all the game play modes.<br />

Made by Stick Sports Ltd, Stick Tennis<br />

is just one of the “stick” series of<br />

games they offer. There is also Stick<br />

Cricket, Stick Footy and Stick Racing.<br />

It’s a free game but does offer in-app<br />

purchases such as better rackets<br />

you get the drift of it. You can also<br />

put on back spin by swiping back<br />

toward you, but I’ve found the other<br />

player (the AI) will often rush the net<br />

and generally results in you getting<br />

a shot blasting by you. Sometimes,<br />

however, this strategy does work<br />

and you get to play a passing shot<br />

whilst they are at the net.<br />

Serving is fun, you tap once to throw<br />

the ball up then you swipe where you<br />

want the ball to go. I’ve found that<br />

if serving from right to left, you can<br />

swipe toward the middle line and<br />

soon and it’ll result in an out. Swing<br />

too late and it can end up in the net.<br />

In game menus allow you to visit<br />

the “store” where you can upgrade<br />

your racket giving you greater<br />

power or accuracy. Also you can<br />

buy more balls that can be needed<br />

to take on certain players in some<br />

matches. There is a practice mode<br />

where you can improve your game,<br />

a World Domination mode where<br />

you get to take on the greats of tennis,<br />

a Friends Challenge via Facebook,<br />

but from what I can work out<br />




and extra balls that allow you to buy<br />

into other tournaments. You play by<br />

swiping the screen, for example, if<br />

you swipe to your left your player hits<br />

to the left and if to the right… well<br />

with the right timing, serve an ace.<br />

Same with timing your swing just<br />

right and aiming wide of the player<br />

you can sometimes grab an ace that<br />

way too. To win consistently you do<br />

need to work on your timing. Hit too<br />

as I haven’t played it is you need to<br />

get a Facebook friend to have the<br />

game installed to play online. There<br />

is also a daily challenge that allows<br />

you to complete a challenge every<br />

24 hours. There’s also The Slams

where you can play in various tournaments<br />

in different countries on different<br />

surfaces such as grass, clay<br />

and indoor courts. According to the<br />

description in iTunes there are 10 realistic<br />

court surfaces to unlock, more<br />

then 70 players to play against and<br />

of course you can earn trophies and<br />

bonus balls.<br />

This is a great mobile game but I<br />

prefer it on my iPad over my iPhone.<br />

Bigger graphics help with the game<br />

play. The in-game sound is terrific<br />

and highly atmospheric with umpire<br />

calls and the crowd cheering points.<br />

It’s been given great reviews and is<br />

one of those games that has long<br />

term playability.<br />

Highly recommended!<br />

8/10<br />

Written by Rob Jenkins<br />

The Editor

REVIEW<br />


You would expect me to say that Polyphony’s<br />

newest racing title, Gran<br />

Turismo 6, was a big step up from<br />

its predecessor. That you will be in<br />

awe of its graphics, it’s garage in excess<br />

of 1,000 cars, it’s wide range<br />

of tracks, it’s dynamic day and night<br />

cycle, and it’s larger career mode…<br />

vious Gran Turismo 5 return, with<br />

the addition of a couple of hundred<br />

new ones. The car customization is<br />

one aspect that has definitely improved;<br />

aero kits and paint jobs are<br />

now more varied (although still lacking<br />

with some cars), and when you<br />

unlock paint items you are now able<br />

to use them as many times as you<br />

like, as opposed to the one time use<br />

they offered in GT5. The cars are the<br />

stars of the game, with graphics so<br />

good that at times you just want to<br />

stop and look around.<br />

If the cars are the stars, then the<br />

tracks certainly play a strong supporting<br />

role. GT6 features a healthy<br />

variety of new and old tracks, some<br />

original designs and many of the<br />

real world tracks that the GT fans<br />

it is the night cycle where you really<br />

start to the see the work Polyphony<br />

put into this. Mount Panorama, the<br />

legendary Bathurst track, this a fine<br />

example. At night, your high beam<br />

lights bounce of the concrete walls<br />

just waiting to end your day. And<br />

when you come down the mountain,<br />

through Forests Elbow onto<br />

the back straight, you can see all<br />

the lights of the distant towns and<br />

cities, all spread out before you. It<br />

gives you a real sense of adventure,<br />

and certainly sends a shiver<br />

down my spine everytime.<br />




…And you would be correct. Gran<br />

Turismo 6 has learned from it past<br />

and built on it, and straight out of the<br />

box it has proven to be a worthy addition<br />

to the 15 year dynasty of GT.<br />

Almost all the vehicles from the pre-<br />

have come to love and learn. From<br />

the roof of the world in Switzerland<br />

to the humble stadium go cart track,<br />

the world is your automotive playground.<br />

Many of these tracks feature<br />

a dynamic day and night cycle, and<br />

Career mode has been expanded,<br />

with more events and the return of<br />

the license tests to progress (GT5<br />

featured license but there was<br />

no need to pass them to proceed<br />

through the story.) Driving mis-

sions and one make races, as seen<br />

in GT4, also make a return. Many<br />

of the career mode races featured<br />

a performance limit, but there’s normally<br />

plenty of leeway to tinker with<br />

your beloved autos. GT6 also has a<br />

constantly updated online section,<br />

with seasonal races, time trials and<br />

special events, with healthy rewards<br />

to keep you keen long after you’ve<br />

won Le Mans. Several free vehicles<br />

have also been released since the<br />

games launch, with several more<br />

promised to be on the way.<br />

Whilst other new racing titles may<br />

have believed in quality over quantity,<br />

GT6 has embraced the ‘race all<br />

the cars on all the tracks’ attitude.<br />

It’s a theory they’ve worked on for 15<br />

years, and it still makes their titles a<br />

hit today.<br />

If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.<br />

Written by Ben Rachow<br />

(stickytriggerentertainment.com)<br />

PROS<br />

• More cars than you’d ever<br />

need.<br />

• Stunning tracks, with a photo<br />

realistic day/night cycle.<br />

• Constantly updated seasonal<br />

events means you’ll never not<br />

have a race to win.<br />

CONS<br />

• Engine noises still aren’t up to<br />

scratch.<br />

• Car customization can still be<br />

a bit limited at times.<br />

• The AI can still be occasionally<br />

prone to doing dumb things<br />

(which I guess is just human<br />

nature).<br />


REVIEW<br />


Super Mario 3D World is everything<br />

Nintendo stands for in gaming, it<br />

is the whole reason anyone plays<br />

videos games, to have fun. Having<br />

played Super Mario 3D Land and<br />

enjoyed it, I wasn’t expecting 3D<br />

world to be much different, well I was<br />

wrong and then some. The amount<br />

of colour and charm and variety of<br />

gameplay is outstanding and the Cat<br />

suit is one of the best additions to<br />

any Mario game ever! It adds speed<br />

and the ability to attack enemies instead<br />

of the traditional head stomp.<br />

It opens up great new ways of gameplay<br />

and a slightly easier way for<br />

younger kids to play. Super Mario<br />

3D Land is a tech demo for Super<br />

Peach and Toad stumbling across a<br />

strange clear pipe and for once actually<br />

using some tools and plumbing<br />

skills to fix it. Then suddenly a<br />

Sprixie (fairy like creature) appears<br />

only to have Bowser come along and<br />

kidnap the Sprixie right in front of the<br />

group! Down the new warp pipe he<br />

goes to Sprixie Kingdom and our heroes<br />

follow to rescue the Sprixie and<br />

defeat Bowser in twelve new worlds!<br />

The four player adventure is absolutely<br />

gorgeous in HD with so many<br />

colours (unlike most games today<br />

that are over using blacks and greys<br />

with dark worlds). The animations<br />

are amazing, especially as the cat<br />

so cute “meeoow” when you finish<br />

a level. Playing multiplayer will<br />

help with some of the harder levels<br />

late in the game (Champion Road<br />

is evil!).<br />

Mario is the all-rounder - nice speed<br />

with a decent jump and easy to control.<br />

Luigi has the highest jump and<br />

runs slightly faster but is harder to<br />

control. Peach is slow but has a<br />

floating jump which helps for a lot of<br />

the harder levels and Toad is superfast<br />

which helps for the levels that<br />

have a time limit. This really adds<br />

to the gameplay. Every single level<br />

can be finished with every character<br />

(which is actually a checklist and<br />



Mario 3D World; it truly is the reason<br />

to own a Wii U!<br />

The story starts off with Mario, Luigi,<br />

when you prance around on all fours<br />

and climb a wall only to slide down<br />

with your claws leaving scratch<br />

marks on the surface and the ever<br />

something you need to do to finish<br />

the game 100%), but some levels<br />

are easier if you use a specific<br />

character and even have buttons

you need to stomp that are character<br />

specific to collect items.<br />

The game has eight worlds and four<br />

secret ones to unlock. Every level<br />

has three green stars to collect and<br />

a stamp (which can be used with<br />

Miiverse posts). The infamous flag<br />

pole is also an objective for every<br />

level; reach the top for 10,000 points<br />

and you get a nice golden flag on the<br />

level select screen. Grab the three<br />

stars and you will get a spinning Star<br />

above the flag. Finish with all characters<br />

and the star turns gold! Do<br />

this to every level in the world and<br />

you get a paw print on your checklist!<br />

The powerups provided are new and<br />

some old. Of course the brand new<br />

Super Bell I mentioned already, but<br />

there is an alternate Lucky Bell that<br />

gives you the same power as the<br />

Super Bell but allows you to stomp<br />

er Nintendo game, you have music<br />

from previous entries and other franchises.<br />

Everything is perfectly balanced<br />

for the level you are in and the<br />

music changes speed and tone accordingly.<br />

I have seen a few reviewers<br />

saying the game is a bit too easy<br />

well unlock the secret worlds and<br />

then the Crown World and say the<br />

game is easy.<br />


down as an invincible gold statue!<br />

There is also the Tanooki suit, a portable<br />

cannon box, a portable Beam<br />

box (light to kill ghosts), Propeller<br />

box, your traditional Super Mushroom<br />

to go from small to big, the<br />

Boomerang, Super Star, Fire Flower,<br />

Kuribo’s Skate, Mega Mushroom,<br />

Goomba Suit and the Double Cherry<br />

which multiplies your character even<br />

if you have a power up! Phew!<br />

I was in control of six Mario’s at once<br />

and it was really fun and hard at the<br />

same time but made the boss battle<br />

much easier! Also included is<br />

the White Flower Tanooki suit that<br />

makes you invincible. If you die five<br />

times in a level it appears. By using<br />

this you can collect stars and stamps<br />

and the golden flag pole but it won’t<br />

actually account for you finishing the<br />

level with that character. It is good<br />

to use if you are getting stuck and<br />

just want to breeze through and start<br />

a new level and come back later on.<br />

The audio is of course like any oth-<br />

I believe it has a great balance and<br />

you can always try complete the levels<br />

without power ups which makes<br />

it a lot harder! With twelve worlds, a<br />

secret playable character, hundreds<br />

of secret stars and loads of secret<br />

stamps to collect along with gold flag<br />

poles the game runs in at well over<br />

eight hours, to collect everything<br />

100% alone I’d wager around thirty<br />

hours with a couple friends sixteen<br />

to twenty hours. This game is a must<br />

buy for any gamer wanting a challenge,<br />

for any gamer wanting multi<br />

player on the same screen back in<br />

his/her lounge room.<br />

Summary: Anyone can play this<br />

game and enjoy it, it combines all the<br />

best of Mario into one great package<br />

and never disappoints, if you do not<br />

own a Wii U and are on the fence,<br />

please do yourself a favor with Zelda<br />

Wind Waker HD, Wonderful 101,<br />

New Super Mario Bros. and now Super<br />

Mario 3D World. Owning a Wii<br />

U is a no brainer! These games are<br />

great and soon the Wii U library will<br />

expand with Donkey Kong Tropical<br />

Freeze, Mario Kart 8, Super Smash<br />

Brothers, Bayonetta 2, X, Hyrule<br />

Warriors and Shin Megami Tensei vs<br />

Fire Emblem. It’s a good time to be<br />

a gamer! Go buy this masterpiece of<br />

entertainment and fun right now this<br />

is something only Nintendo is capable<br />

of providing us with don’t skip it!<br />

Written by Nick Pearce<br />

(stickytriggerentertainment.com)<br />

10/10<br />


PROS<br />

• Four player co-op.<br />

• Lots of levels all with variety.<br />

• Gameplay is incredible and<br />

changes a lot.<br />

• Captain Toad levels.<br />

• Cat Bell Powerup!<br />

• The happy joyful worlds and<br />

fun they provide.<br />

CONS<br />

• Sometimes frustrating (Crown<br />

World).<br />

• It eventually comes to an end.

$14 .95<br />


OUT<br />

27 FEB!<br />



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RETRO<br />


THE PAST!<br />

Earlier on in this issue we’ve taken<br />

a look at sex in video games. We’ve<br />

asked our industry experts their<br />

thoughts, we’ve even interviewed Al<br />

Lowe who created the original Leisure<br />

Suit Larry game, but what about<br />

other older formats and games… did<br />

they ever cross the line from mild innuendo<br />

and flashes of skin to something<br />

a bit naughtier? Well yes they<br />

did and so here’s a look back at the<br />

good old days of gaming featuring<br />

the oldest of human pastimes.<br />

ThrasosVarnavaThvg.deviantart.comThrasvarnava@gmail.com<br />

Back in the early 80s a text based<br />

adventure game called Softporn Adventure<br />

was produced for the Apple<br />

II computer. Created by Charles<br />

no amazing sound effects, nope this<br />

was purely type and read. The game<br />

was later ported to the PC by Gary<br />

Thompson in the early 90s and was<br />

featured on the collectors edition of<br />

Leisure Suit Larry called Leisure Suit<br />

Larry’s Greatest Hits and Misses.<br />

Staying in the early 80s a Japanese<br />

couple released Night Life, which<br />

was the first Japanese erotic game<br />

and was marketed as an educational<br />

piece of software aimed at helping<br />

couples enjoy their sex life…<br />

hmmm. It wasn’t until the CD-ROM<br />

came along that adult video games<br />

featured clips that showed a bit more<br />

then cartoon style graphics. While<br />

game play by making adventure<br />

style games like the Leisure Suit<br />

Larry games or poker based games<br />

that were based on the classic poker<br />

rules and featured a variety of attractive<br />

opponents. One such game<br />

on the Amiga, Teenage Queen, did<br />

not feature photo style graphics but<br />

instead went for a highly artistic<br />

drawn by artist Jocelyn Valais and<br />

featured a look that was very different<br />

to the rest of the poker games<br />

available at the time. The game was<br />

released on the Amiga, Amstrad<br />

and a DOS port too,<br />

The 90s also saw the Gals Panic<br />

series which featured a puzzle style<br />



Benton, the game had you typing<br />

your way through an adventure that<br />

featured adult situations described<br />

on the screen in text. No graphics,<br />

many of these “games” were nothing<br />

more then opportunities to show<br />

nakedness and more, we also saw<br />

some games that tried to include<br />

of game play and resulted in nine<br />

sequels. In 1992 and interactive<br />

romance by the name of Dokyusei<br />

was released and was more of a

story that you played and read your<br />

way through. Other games under the<br />

genre of “visual novel” were released<br />

by Japanese publishers that ranged<br />

from stories with very dark themes to<br />

romantic and fun.<br />

So it would seem sex in games<br />

has been around almost as long as<br />

graphics in gaming. As hardware improves<br />

so does the graphics shown<br />

in the game and of course this results<br />

in more controversy. It seems<br />

the more realistic the look and feel of<br />

the game, the more likely it will have<br />

the censors debating the rating of if<br />

indeed the game is given classification.<br />

With more powerful hardware we<br />

see greater potential for gaming to<br />

be more immersive and one wonders<br />

how long before we see games<br />

that really do emulate real life … anyone<br />

for the Matrix?<br />

The Amiga 500 featured an interesting<br />

mix of “strip poker games”.<br />

Image from Wikipedia.

RETRO<br />

This list is my own personal top 5, so take it with an extreme amount of bias.<br />

Now with that out of the way, let’s get stuck in!<br />



ThrasosVarnavaThvg.deviantart.comThrasvarnava@gmail.com<br />

Let’s start this list off by thinking big!<br />

When I say big, I mean the largest<br />

overworld map of any Mario game<br />

at the time. Subtitled “Super Mario<br />

Bros. 4” in Japan, this Super Nintendo<br />

launch title is, to this day, the<br />

pinnacle of the series. Following on<br />

from the events of Super Mario Bros.<br />

3, Mario and Luigi are now joined by<br />

the many coloured dinosaur Yoshi.<br />

The controls feel more fluid than the<br />

previous three games which makes<br />

it a joy to play, and the difficulty is<br />

pitched at just the right level. With<br />

many hidden surprises and secret<br />

levels, it really is no wonder that Super<br />

Mario World is the first game that<br />

comes to mind when someone starts<br />

talking about the “greatest games<br />

ever”.<br />


OF ALL TIME!<br />





During 1999 and the early 2000s rivals<br />

SNK and Capcom teamed up<br />

to deliver a series of games featuring<br />

characters from their respective<br />

rosters. A majority of the games released<br />

were beat em ups, though<br />

there were 4 SNK vs Capcom card<br />

clash games, the most recent of<br />

which is available on the DS should<br />

you be able to track down a copy.<br />

Match of the Millennium was the<br />

first title in the series and it made full<br />

use of the Neo Geo Pocket’s control<br />

stick, which was perfect for fighting<br />

games. For the first time you could<br />

pit Ryu and Iori Yagami against each<br />

other, or team up Ken Masters and<br />

Terry Bogard. There were hidden<br />

characters, mini games, and the


This game actually goes by a number of titles depending on the system you play it on.<br />

On the Sega Master System is goes by the above title. On the PC Engine it’s called<br />

“Adventure Island”, however on its US counterpart the Turbografx16 the game is called<br />

“The Dragon’s Curse”. If you are able to, I recommend playing it on one of those two<br />

machines as opposed to the Master System version, as the graphics are far superior.<br />

Regardless of which system you choose however the gameplay is exactly the same,<br />

and it is fantastic. Another platformer, the controls are a little more rigid than Super<br />

Mario World, but the ability to select different animal forms which have their own special<br />

abilities that allow you to explore different areas of the game keeps you hooked.<br />


I won’t go into too much detail about Ufouria as the game is quite similar to Wonderboy 3. An expensive<br />

game unless you’re a lucky shopper, Ufouria is another platforming title that features a world<br />

that has areas that are locked until you gain other characters who can explore them. With fluid gameplay,<br />

this is one of Sunsoft’s finest titles and it’s well worth tracking down a copy.<br />







Arcade or any of the decent home ports that are available. With the largest roster<br />

of characters of any Street Fighter game at the time, Alpha 3 was superb. It featured<br />

the very same gameplay mechanics as the first 2 games in the Alpha series,<br />

then bumped them up a notch with the ability to select your fighting style. With silky<br />

smooth controls, gameplay that doesn’t feel cheap, and a wide variety of characters<br />

to choose from, Street Fighter Alpha 3 is the pinnacle of one on one beat em<br />

ups. This game alone is the very reason I started to collect arcade machines.<br />

ability to link consoles for some multiplayer<br />

beat em up mayhem. The<br />

Neo Geo Pocket is not a well known<br />

console on our shores, but if you can<br />

track down one and a copy of this<br />

game, well, you’ll thank me later!<br />

So that is my personal top 5 greatest games of all time. During the month while<br />

you wait for the next issue of Gametraders <strong>Live</strong> why not take the time to create<br />

your own list. Maybe you agree with some of the games I’ve selected, maybe you<br />

don’t like any of them. Either way, head to the Gametraders Facebook page and<br />

share your thoughts with the rest of the gaming world!<br />

Written by Paul Monopoli

RETRO<br />


Video games have been around for a<br />

long time now, with the first recorded<br />

electronic game being Tennis for Two<br />

created by the late William Higinbotham<br />

in 1958. Since then so many different<br />

kinds of video and computer games have<br />

embraced the market. Some that make<br />

us laugh, some that make us cry, some<br />

that educate, and some that are just<br />

mindless fun for all ages.<br />

ThrasosVarnavaThvg.deviantart.comThrasvarnava@gmail.com<br />

Although there are many games that<br />

have hit controversial levels pushing the<br />

boundaries of what some are deemed<br />

artistic, when others deem tasteless or<br />

containing unnecessary graphic content.<br />

This is not to imply that all controversial<br />

games were bad games and only questionable<br />

content used as a gimmick, but<br />

there are some that stirred enough attention<br />

and praise among gamers which<br />

unfortunately got thrown in to various<br />

categories.<br />

Here in order of release dates are 5 of<br />

many games out there that are worth<br />

mentioning that have pushed boundaries<br />

of censorship.<br />


(EXIDY ARCADE 1976)<br />

This could arguably be the first video game with graphic content. Based<br />

on the cult film starring the Sylvester Stallone and the late David Carradine.<br />

The objective of this game is to run over as many pedestrians as<br />

possible before the time runs out.<br />

Although this game predates Carmageddon, it has been a template that<br />

paved the way of violent video games even without any visible blood,<br />

there was still the imagery and implication of death by running over ‘gremlins’.


I’ll never forget laying my eyes on the game for the<br />

first time at a local Fish ’n Chip shop and how much<br />

blood there was in the game. Mortal Kombat was not<br />

the first game of its genre, but definitely one of the<br />

first to push graphic and (at the time) realistic visual<br />

content to a video game.<br />

The main factor of controversy in this game was in<br />

fact the Fatalities which were finishing moves performed<br />

at the end of the round entails mutilating the<br />

opponent in the most violent way possible.<br />

In fact this is one of the first games that pushed governments<br />

around the world to implement classification<br />

ratings systems for home video game systems.<br />

It also was one of the most infamous for censorship<br />

with home console ports.<br />

For example, the SNES version had the blood replaced<br />

with sweat, and the Mega Drive version had<br />

the blood and fatalities hidden which was unlockable<br />

with a code. That code was plastered later on TV<br />

commercials from SEGA and gaming magazines.<br />

Good ol’ A,B,A,C,A,B,B at the Kombat Kode dialog<br />

screen.. Whoops!<br />


Ahh yes, this game has been ported on<br />

so many platforms and devices like digital<br />

cameras and calculators, and also caused<br />

a large stir with the general populace. Being<br />

one of the buzz words used in mainstream<br />

media and also a title blamed for<br />

the Columbine Massacre among other<br />

shootings around that time.<br />

For those of you who don’t know, Doom is<br />

a 1st person shooter made by id Software<br />

who created Wolfenstein 3D which gets an<br />

honourable mention. You play as a marine<br />

sent to a facility on Mars where demons<br />

have broken loose and are causing major<br />

havoc on the planet.<br />


One of the more ‘well known unknowns’ in video game history was the<br />

Full-Motion Adventure (or FMV) game Night Trap which was released as a<br />

launch title for the SEGA Mega CD add-on for the Mega Drive.<br />

Night Trap is about a group of friends having a sleep over in a huge house<br />

which is covered with surveillance cameras which you, an agent of the<br />

SEGA Control Attack Team must survey and lay traps down. The content in<br />

the game was deemed controversial due to the violent imagery rather than<br />

visible violence or sexual scenes filmed. Thankfully the controversies only<br />

lasted a year, then forgotten and later ported to 3DO, Mac, and DOS.<br />

As mentioned above, this game has been<br />

ported on just about every gaming platform<br />

you can think of so finding a copy will not<br />

be hard.


Let me take a moment to mention more about this game rather than the controversial content. It is an open-world<br />

racing game where you have many choices on how and where you can win the race. Either smash all the opponents<br />

with the various manic power-ups spread out in the stage or race traditionally through the various checkpoints.<br />

Of course if you haven’t figured it out already or played the game, the graphic content in the game is primarily focused<br />

on running over pedestrians for points with trails of blood left from tyre tracks. Surprisingly the game didn’t get<br />

banned or censored in Australia but rather got slapped with an MA15+ sticker with bolder font.<br />

This is a game definitely worth playing due to how much fun it is (ignoring the pedestrian factors) and a remake of<br />

the game is currently in development by the same company who made the original, which will be released on nextgen<br />

consoles.<br />


There are so many games worth mentioning, here are just some more known for controversies:<br />

Grand Theft Auto (Language, violence, criminal activity)<br />

Custer’s Revenge (Racial profiling and sexual content)<br />

Voyeur (Adult themes)<br />

Phantasmagoria (Graphic death scenes and alleged rape scene)<br />

Punch Out (Racial profiling)<br />

Wolfenstein 3D (Nazi imagery and violence)<br />

Duke Nukem 3D (Violence, language and Nudity)<br />

Postal (Anti-law and violence)<br />

Written by David Kudrev<br />


MASKS<br />

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Jason Style Mask<br />

$59<br />

Jason Style Mask<br />

$59<br />

Terminator Style Fiberglass Helmet<br />

Mask $119



Hot Toys 1/6th scale DX13 T800 Terminator (Battle Damaged Version)<br />

When Terminator 2: Judgement Day<br />

was released in 1991, the movie<br />

blew me away with its incredible action<br />

and state-of-the-art special effects<br />

(for it’s time). Even now, more<br />

than 20 years later, the movie still<br />

packs a punch in the action department,<br />

and I think still represents both<br />

Arnie and James Cameron at their<br />

very best.<br />

In late 2012, Hot Toys released a<br />

new Terminator figure in their DX<br />

line, which was the standard classic<br />

look of the character near the start<br />

of the movie. This left fans wanting<br />

more, and luckily Hot Toys then announced<br />

the DX13 Terminator (Battle<br />

Damaged Version), which pretty<br />

much had all the things the collectors<br />

had wanted with the DX10 figure!<br />

DX13 was released internationally<br />

in late 2013, and will be finally arriving<br />

in Australian stores in early 2014<br />

and it is definitely worth the wait! The<br />

DX13 Terminator ranks right up there<br />

with the very best from Hot Toys, and<br />

as an overall DX package, the DX13<br />

comes packed to the rim with awesome<br />

accessories. Read on to find<br />


BY HOT TOYS.”<br />

out all about this incredible collectible<br />

figure! :)


As with all DX packages, the DX13<br />

box and contents are beautifully<br />

designed and arranged. The box<br />

matches the faux-leather look and<br />

feel of the DX10, this time obviously<br />

with the battle damage befitting the<br />

figure. The bullet holes and subtle<br />

bleeding effect is very nicely done.<br />

Again, as with all DX figures, the<br />

contents are first covered by a thick<br />

piece of cardboard with their signature<br />

dark foam backing. Each card<br />

always has some sort of accessory<br />

or artwork, with the DX13 having a<br />

cutout piece of the Terminator’s battle<br />

damaged jacket. A nice touch if<br />

nothing else.<br />

Once that cardboard insert is removed,<br />

the contents are revealed<br />

in all their glory! And what a sight to<br />

behold the DX13 figure is! The figure<br />

and accessories are seen, with the<br />

T1000 statue nicely wrapped in grey<br />

soft material to prevent damage.<br />


All DX figures should come loaded<br />

with accessories, and thankfully<br />

DX13 is one that comes pretty well<br />

jammed packed! The Terminator’s<br />

alternate fully battle damaged head<br />

definitely steals the show! Note that<br />

the alternate head sculpt for the<br />

T-1000 shown here is not available<br />

in Australia.<br />

The detailing on the head sculpt is<br />

incredible, with the paint app really<br />

highlighting the subtle details in the<br />

flesh, skin tone, exposed endoskeleton,<br />

and the impressive light up eye.<br />

The left eye retains the ability to be<br />

moved via the rolling eyeball system,<br />

whereas the right exposed eye has a<br />

great LED to show the red eye that<br />

is so iconic.<br />

The various battle damaged hands<br />

are incredibly detailed, with all sorts<br />

of blood, torn flesh and leather,<br />

and metallic endoskeleton showing<br />

through. It’s great that Hot Toys included<br />

the iconic thumbs-up gesture<br />

to recreate that final scene.<br />

with this accessory. The swap out is<br />

a little tricky, with the joint being tight,<br />

but just go slow and nothing should<br />

snap off. I’d also recommend doing<br />

it after you’ve removed the jacket.<br />

The paint application on the torn arm<br />

is pretty good, with some nice blood<br />

detailing on the chrome exposed<br />

endoskeleton.<br />

Of course with the torn arm accessory,<br />

the jacket needed to suit that look,<br />

and so Hot Toys have also included<br />

a second jacket with the figure to go<br />

specifically with that look. This fully<br />

battle damaged jacket is nicely tailored,<br />

riddled with bullet holes and<br />

weathering effects, and the tears are<br />

cut just right. It’s great that little details<br />

like the bullet holes are also accompanied<br />

with slight blood seeping<br />

out. It just totally adds to the realism<br />

that is designed into this piece.<br />

Of course being the battle damaged<br />

version, one of the key accessories<br />

is the broken arm that happens after<br />

his fight with the T-1000. This is attached<br />

by removing the regular left<br />

forearm of the figure and swapping<br />

With both the semi-battle damaged<br />

and fully battle damaged head<br />

sculpts, DX13 also comes packed<br />

with the accessories to accompany<br />

both looks depending on the time<br />

in the movie. So it includes the grenade<br />

launcher with grenades and<br />

bandolier, machine gun, pistol, and

that awesome steel rod that the<br />

T-1000 drives through him in their<br />

epic battle. Depending on which part<br />

of the movie you want the figure to<br />

represent on your display, it’ll have<br />

the accessories to go with it!<br />

Last but not least, the other key accessory<br />

is the T-1000 statue itself.<br />

It comes standard with the “silver<br />

surfer” type head, and the overall<br />

chrome paint app is fantastic. They<br />

even include a small lint free cloth<br />

for you to buff it up and remove any<br />

finger prints! I would’ve preferred a<br />

more static pose, as the one they<br />

have chosen is a very specific battle<br />

scene from the movie where the<br />

T-1000 holds and twists the T-800’s<br />

arm. That is the intent, where the<br />

arm of the DX13 figure is inserted<br />

through the hole, and the fist attached<br />

on the other end, giving the<br />

illusion of the hold/twist. It’s a nice<br />

touch, but I’m not sure a lot of collectors<br />

will use it.<br />

FIGURE<br />

Onto the figure itself, and this new<br />

body is amazing to say the least.<br />

The gaping wound in the chest is<br />

beautifully painted, with all the requisite<br />

gore surrounding the exposed<br />

endoskeleton. It’s incredible that the<br />

t-shirt is cut to perfectly fit, and has<br />

blood seepage and bullet holes to<br />

add that incredible realism.<br />

The articulation is also top-notch,<br />

with barely anything that is missing<br />

from figures of this sort. The arms<br />

have double jointed elbows so that<br />

it can achieve those weapon holding<br />

poses in a natural manner, and the<br />

biceps and wrists all articulate nicely.<br />

The exposed left knee is also beautifully<br />

done, and articulates via a single<br />

knee joint that is very strong and<br />

stable. Again the paint app with the<br />

exposed flesh and skeleton, and the<br />

torn leather pants is also incredibly<br />

done. The lower leg can also swivel<br />

to point the feet, and overall the legs<br />

articulate as they would with any other<br />

1/6th scale figure. The only real<br />

limitation in the legs is the tightness<br />

of the pants, which restrict the extent<br />

to which the legs can be moved forward<br />

or to the sides. But that’s a minor<br />

problem in the scheme of things.<br />

As an initial comparison against the<br />

previous DX10 clean version, both<br />

straight out of the box look pretty<br />

amazing. But the DX13 is just a huge<br />

improvement in the likeness to Arnold<br />

Schwarzenegger. The DX10 still just<br />

has that younger, less wrinkled, less<br />

defined look to it. That could perhaps<br />

be a fault of the somewhat soft and<br />

less-detailed paint app on the head,<br />

where the skin tone is very flat. But<br />

with the DX13, even the smallest<br />

details are present in the facial paint<br />

app and sculpting, with wrinkles,<br />

skin texture, and overall sculpt improvements<br />

all showcasing how far<br />

Hot Toys can improve within a short<br />

space of time.<br />

Pick any iconic scene, pose, or gesture<br />

from the movie, and DX13 can<br />

pretty much replicate it without too<br />

much of an issue. I have to say that<br />

I haven’t had this much fun playing<br />

around posing a figure since perhaps<br />

the DX07 Luke Skywalker or<br />

DX11 Joker figures.

As mentioned above, the LED light<br />

up feature on the eye is nicely done,<br />

and is quite bright in all light conditions.<br />

Swapping out the heads on<br />

the body was relatively easy, and the<br />

light up feature is easily accessed by<br />

removing the back of the head as<br />

with other DX figures.<br />

Having both DX10 and DX13 together<br />

is just a beautiful way to display<br />

this iconic character in your cabinet.<br />

The only issue I have is that the<br />

DX13 body is slightly larger/taller<br />

than DX13, which is then made even<br />

more pronounced with the higher<br />

stand that comes with DX13. But<br />

with some creative posing, that slight<br />

increase in size can be masked if<br />

you still want both figures displayed<br />

together.<br />

The full battle damaged look of<br />

DX13 is where this figure absolutely<br />

shines. It just POPS when<br />

fully decked out with accessories on<br />

display! The posing options, the exposed<br />

flesh and endoskeleton, the<br />

light up eye, all just give this piece<br />

some serious presence.<br />


The detail in everything that comes with the DX13 Battle Damaged Terminator<br />

package just makes it one of the best figures ever released by Hot Toys. The<br />

head sculpt likeness in both semi and fully damaged versions is incredible. The<br />

accessories are numerous, and complement the figure perfectly - the inclusion<br />

of the T-1000 statue is definitely nice to have. And the figure itself is just phenomenal.<br />

The new unique body I think warrants the different version release to<br />

DX10, and I for one am glad that I can have both side by side.<br />

If you’re still on the fence about this figure, don’t be!! Jump off and RUN to get it<br />

instore as soon as it comes in!! It is an absolute classic figure of one of cinemas<br />

iconic characters. I promise you will not regret the purchase. :)<br />

Note: I did a video review on the Kool Kollectibles youtube channel, so hope you can check it out,<br />

subscribe, like, and comment with your own thoughts on the figure! :)<br />

Written by Khai at Kool Kollectibles . www.koolkollectibles.net .<br />

www.facebook.com/KoolKollectibles . www.youtube.com/user/ckly76




My fingers flex around the cheap<br />

metal spyglass currently in my grasp,<br />

as I watch the soldiers assigned to<br />

the plantation below. They tread the<br />

same path over and over, never faltering,<br />

never tiring. I keep an eye out<br />

for the holder of the key but after a<br />

few moments with no luck, it appears<br />

I will have to find him on land. It shall<br />

be easy enough to sneak onto the<br />

plantation; my only concern is the<br />

men atop the wooden towers. They<br />

are like jaguars stalking an invisible<br />

prey; their eyes looking over every<br />

from the crow’s nest to the deck.<br />

About half a foot from the deck I release<br />

my hold on the rusted metal<br />

ladder and land with a soft thud on<br />

the wood. I move towards the railings<br />

and crouch atop them, the splintered<br />

wood creaking under my weight. My<br />

eyes seek out my quartermaster and<br />

after a silent tilt of the head; I leap<br />

from the railings into the icy depths.<br />

Moving swiftly I make my way towards<br />

the shore, diving below the<br />

depths as much as possible to avoid<br />



detail, trained to find an intruder like<br />

me. I place my spyglass back onto<br />

it’s holster and make my way down<br />

detection. The small red crabs scurry<br />

out of the way as I step onto the<br />

shore. Water drips from my clothes<br />

and the sand clings to my boots like<br />

small Mollusca’s. I take a moment to<br />

assess the position of the guards as<br />

I creep forward; they are still treading<br />

their paths and show no signs of<br />

having seen me. I hear the sound<br />

of feet coming my way and like a<br />

flash of lighting striking the sand; I<br />

have leapt into the crops before me,<br />

dodging the fence as I go. Barely a<br />

second later the man has reached<br />

the gate, he stands for a moment.<br />

Looking for movement his eyes<br />

searching where I stood a mere moment<br />

before. I hold my breath even<br />

though I know he could not possibly<br />

have seen me and wait.

His weariness is glaringly obvious,<br />

his stance is slouched, his clothes<br />

crinkled from a long day. He steps<br />

with heavy feet, the sun beating<br />

down against his back. I can almost<br />

see the dread and frustration washing<br />

over him as he turns around to<br />

walk back to where he was. I count<br />

to twenty slowly under my breath<br />

before I begin creeping through the<br />

crops towards the center of the plantation.<br />

I see a bell tower just to my<br />

right and another straight ahead in<br />

the distance. If I have any hope of<br />

getting away with this without alerting<br />

the guards these will have to be<br />

dealt with swiftly and silently.<br />

I see the warehouse up ahead by the<br />

second bell tower, the two wooden<br />

towers from before are placed in<br />

prime positions to detect thieves. In<br />

order to proceed I will need to disable<br />

the closest bell and the guards<br />

around it. I sneak closer towards the<br />

edge of the crops, the bell tower is<br />

close to me. Close enough to reach<br />

out and touch but the guards must<br />

be dealt with first.<br />

The bell is in front of what appears to<br />

be a shed, insignificant if not for the<br />

cover it provides. There is a bale of<br />

hay just off to the right of the bell and<br />

shed with some more crops far to the<br />

right of that. A guard is standing at<br />

the right entrance to the plantation;<br />

another is patrolling between something<br />

behind the barn and the bale of<br />

hay. The third and last guard patrolling<br />

this area is now standing close<br />

in-between the bell tower and me.<br />

Looking around and seeing no one<br />

else in hearing distance I let out a<br />

short whistle to draw his attention my<br />

way. He looks around indicating he<br />

has heard me and after a few more<br />

whistles he has rather foolishly come<br />

my way. I wait until he is at the edge<br />

of the crops before reaching out<br />

and pulling him backwards into the<br />

darkness. Before in my earlier years<br />

I would not have thought twice of<br />

plunging my blade through his neck.<br />

However, now I see that there are<br />

ways to stay quiet without taking the<br />

life of an innocent man. So instead of<br />

a blade, a fist to the temple is what<br />

greets the guard.<br />

Once I am sure that the man is hidden<br />

from site, I look around to check<br />

if there are any more guards in the<br />

vicinity. The guard that was patrolling<br />

by the hay has gone and in my<br />

youth I would have gone straight for<br />

the bell. However I have learnt caution<br />

with the passing of time and instead<br />

I make a dash for the bale of<br />

hay. As I reach the hay I dive in just<br />

as the guard turns and makes his<br />

way towards it.<br />

He too looks weary, however his<br />

steps are not as heavy and he is<br />

more alert. As he reaches the hay<br />

I keep quiet, waiting for him to turn<br />

his back to it and hoping he doesn’t<br />

send his sword through me. As he<br />

reaches the hay and turns around I<br />

reach out and pull him back disposing<br />

of him, in much the same way I<br />

had with the other. I take a moment<br />

to catch my breath and then race<br />

towards the bell quickly cutting the<br />

rope. Simply by chance I glance upwards<br />

at the guard atop the closest<br />

wooden tower. He is starring down<br />

straight at me and I quickly pull out<br />

my blow pipe with a sleeping dart<br />

inside and hit him in the shoulder.<br />

He goes down swiftly but I now only<br />

have a minute or two to get up there<br />

before he awakens and alerts everyone.<br />

I look around quickly there is the<br />

first guard I saw still patrolling and a<br />

couple littered around. My best bet<br />

is to use the crops to get to the ladder<br />

so before anyone else can see<br />

me I move towards them. The crops<br />

thankfully are thick enough to hide<br />

me and go all the way to the tower.<br />

I race towards the ladder pulling myself<br />

up swiftly however half way up I<br />

hear the voice of a guard below me.<br />

I take a gamble and keep climbing<br />

hoping the man will follow me apposed<br />

to calling for help. As I reach<br />

the top I quickly move towards the<br />

guard on the ground and knock him<br />

out. I hear the sound of the man from<br />

before making his way up the ladder.<br />

I have two choices, stay where

I am and hope he comes up before<br />

calling for help or climb up to the<br />

roof and hope he doesn’t see me.<br />

I choose the later and scramble to<br />

get up there. As I expected, he goes<br />

straight to his fallen comrade when<br />

he does not see me. Allowing me to<br />

slip down and knock him out from<br />

behind. As I go to do just that, the<br />

man has already gotten up sword in<br />

hand I have no choice but to draw<br />

my own.<br />

I bring my sword down before he has<br />

a chance to call out. Even though the<br />

man has brute force on his side I still<br />

bring him down quickly countering<br />

against his own strikes. The man<br />

falls dead to the ground and I slip<br />

down the ladder as silently as I had<br />

come. The sun is starting to come<br />

down and I use the cover of the rapidly<br />

diminishing light to make my way<br />



to the second bell. So far I had been<br />

able to avoid the guards for the most<br />

part. However, there are too many<br />

guards surrounding the bell to remain<br />

undetected. So I decide to confront<br />

all three at the same time.<br />

As I reach into my pouch I come to<br />

the startling realization that I am out<br />

of smoke bombs and therefor out of<br />

options. I scourge around in my pack<br />

hoping to find a stray one but alas<br />

there is only blowpipes left. With a<br />

blowpipe clutched in my hand I realize<br />

that I could use a berserk dart.<br />

Turn the guards against each other.<br />

Of course this means that blood will<br />

have to be shed but there is no other<br />

way. So berserk dart in hand I creep<br />

forward and hit the toughest looking<br />

guard with my dart.<br />

Within seconds there is chaos as the<br />

guards fight one another. I watch as<br />

he swings his axe around him catching<br />

one of the guards square in the<br />

stomach. He kills another with the<br />

use of a small bomb. However, before<br />

the guard can bring down the<br />

other two he himself is bought down.<br />

By this time I have reached the warehouse<br />

and am crouched on the roof.<br />

The two remaining guards are on<br />

high alert, however, before they can<br />

find me I leap from the roof top double<br />

assassinating them before they<br />

can blink. With no remaining guards<br />

in the area and the darkness blanketing<br />

the area I easily approach<br />

the bell and disable it.<br />

Now, completely alone in the area,<br />

but aware of the guards patrolling<br />

the other side of the plantation I<br />

swiftly approach the warehouse.<br />

Letting out a call to my crew we take<br />

the booty and they row it back to<br />

the Jackdaw. With one last glance<br />

backwards I turn and disappear<br />

into the darkness leaving the empty<br />

warehouse behind.<br />

Written by E.J Tales<br />




$39<br />

EACH<br />

$22<br />

EACH<br />

Ask staff for details.


Welcome to our <strong>February</strong> Cosplay Extravaganza! We’ve got over 30 pages of interviews<br />

and photos, from some of the most amazing Cosplayers around the world!<br />

If you’re a Cosplayer and would like to be interviewed by LIVE magazine, we need quality<br />

photographs (similar to those seen in this article) with photographers approval as well as their<br />

contact details, and a link to your facebook page, website or any other gallery.<br />

Please email us at: cosplay@gametraders.com.au<br />

While we can’t promise we will interview everyone, we will do our best to get back to you ASAP.<br />

John Pryke | www.facebook.com/JohnPrykePhoto<br />



Adam Patrick Murray | www.adampatrickmurray.com<br />

Lorenzo So Photography | www.facebook.com/LorenzoSoPhotography<br />

on Chang Photography | www.eastonchang.com<br />

Green House Photography | www.facebook.com/GHPFans<br />

Adam Patrick Murray | www.adampatrickmurray.com




This month we speak to Cosplayer<br />

Victoria from USA who’s been in the<br />

Cosplay world for over 7 years now!<br />

Hi Victoria and welcome to <strong>Live</strong><br />

<strong>Magazine</strong>. Can you tell us a bit<br />

about yourself and where you are<br />

from?<br />

I’m originally from Philadelphia but<br />

I no longer live in the city. I run my<br />

own birthday party business, model<br />

professionally and am an occasional<br />

Nanny. I love Ancient Egyptian History,<br />

Doctor Who, the DC Universe,<br />

Cosplay, Reading, Writing, Comics,<br />

Doll Collecting and Elizabeth Taylor.<br />

And when did you get into Cosplay?<br />

About 7 and a half years ago.<br />

What are your favourite characters<br />

and do you make your own<br />

costumes?<br />

I’m partial to characters from the DC<br />

Universe and Disney Princesses. I<br />

make my own costumes, alter preexisting<br />

costumes and I also commission<br />

others to make costumes<br />

for me.<br />

Tell us a bit about the many “cons”<br />

you visit and what a typical day is<br />

like at them?<br />

At the moment, I’ve been attending<br />

conventions around the country<br />

for 11 years, long before I was<br />

a cosplayer. I’ve been to shows as<br />

a simple con goer, a member of the<br />

press, a cosplayer and working as<br />

a booth babe. Days as a cosplayer<br />

are hectic. You’re trying to get your<br />

costume done in time for the show,<br />

there’s tons of packing to do and<br />

you literally can’t walk 2 feet without<br />

stopping because someone wants<br />

to take a photo of you. Sometimes<br />

there’s group photo shoots to attend<br />

which are always fun or I organize<br />

my own. Days as a cosplayer at a<br />

con are busy, busy, busy.<br />






Have you had any funny moments<br />

at a Con you can share with our<br />

readers?<br />

I attended the Pennsylvania Ren<br />

Faire this year dressed as Esmeralda<br />

from Disney’s Hunchback of<br />

Notre Dame. One of the Faire’s actresses<br />

chased me down screaming<br />

“Esmeralda!” and gave me a ring.<br />

She named me Queen of the Gypsies<br />

for the day and showed me the<br />

secret Gypsy power fist pound that<br />

was very reminiscent of the Wonder<br />

Twins.<br />

How do you see cosplay today -<br />

it’s certainly grown in popularity,<br />

we’d love to hear your thoughts<br />

on the industry at the moment?<br />

It’s definitely changed from when<br />

I started roughly 7 years ago. It’s<br />

become mainstream and everyone<br />

seems to be doing it. It’s not just for<br />

comic fans or crafty people anymore<br />

and it’s not weird. It’s the cool thing<br />

to do.<br />

Do you see cosplay evolving into<br />

a career for some artists such as<br />

yourself or photographers? What<br />

I mean is can it or is it already able<br />

to be a full time role?<br />

I’m going to be brutally honest; it’s<br />

rare for someone to do this full time<br />

and still be able to afford to live. Everyone<br />

needs a day job. Everyone has<br />

bills to pay. I know there are some<br />

women who do this full time but they<br />

also have a boyfriend or husband at<br />

home to support them. It’s not realistic<br />

to think you can get into cosplay<br />

assuming you will make the equivalent<br />

of a 40 hour per week paycheck<br />

and have health insurance. Very few<br />

people are able to turn themselves<br />

into a brand and cosplay “full time”<br />

independently. For me personally, I<br />

don’t see cosplay as a full time career.<br />

I just don’t think that’s realistic.<br />

It’s a hobby that leads to amazing<br />

opportunities. I get to travel, be<br />

a guest at shows and sometimes it<br />

puts money in my pocket. But it’s not<br />

my full time job.<br />

Tell us why you are involved in<br />

cosplay - what do you get out of<br />

your craft?<br />

The core is my love for comics book<br />

and Disney characters. I didn’t get<br />

into cosplay because I was a fan of<br />

crafting per say. Aside from making<br />

jewelry and dresses for my Barbie<br />

dolls, I wasn’t a crafty person. I’ve<br />

been into geek culture for as long as<br />

I can remember. I grew up watching<br />

the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman<br />

series, The Superfriends, the Christopher<br />

Reeves Superman movies<br />

and the Tim Burton Batman films. I<br />

read my first comic book when I was<br />

in the 4th grade. I’ve been into geek<br />

culture literally most of my life. I use<br />

to write fan fiction and sketch a lot.<br />

Cosplay seemed liked the natural<br />

next step in expressing my fandom.<br />

I enjoy bringing a character that I<br />

love to life through costuming and<br />

photography because it’s rooted to<br />

my childhood and I’ve had a life long<br />

love affair with that world.<br />

Do you have advice for people<br />

wanting to get involved?<br />

Google lots of tutorials online. Cosplay<br />

who you love. Practice makes<br />

perfect and have patience. You are<br />

going to go through a lot of trial and<br />

error. Most importantly, have fun!<br />

Finally, where can people find out<br />

more about you?<br />

www.facebook.com/VictoriaCosplay<br />

www.twitter.com/VictoriaCosplay<br />

www.victoriacosplay.blogspot.com<br />

http://instagram.com/victoriacosplay<br />

All photos by Green House Photography:<br />

www.facebook.com/GHPFans<br />

Wonder Woman costume made by:<br />











All photos by Green House Photography: www.facebook.com/GHPFans

8” figures! collect ‘em all!<br />

out<br />

now!<br />

coming<br />

soon!<br />

pre- or der<br />





We interviewed an Aussie cosplayer<br />

this month, Chloe, based in Sydney<br />

NSW. She’s only 18 and makes all<br />

her Cosplay costumes! Take a look...<br />

Hi Chloe, tell us abit about yourself..<br />

My name is Chloe as you know, I’m<br />

a Christmas baby, 18 years young &<br />

I’m living it up in Sydney, NSW!<br />

How and when did you get into<br />

Cosplay?<br />

I first got into cosplay in 2012 at<br />

Sydney Supanova. A couple of my<br />

friends were going & it sounded like<br />

a lot of fun so I figured that I may as<br />

well give it a go & jump straight in,<br />

little did I know that I’d quickly fall in<br />

love with it.<br />

What do you think of the Cosplay<br />

scene in Australia?<br />

The cosplay scene in Australia is<br />

amazing! It’s grown so much in the<br />

past few years & I can’t wait to see<br />

how much it will continue to grow!<br />

Do you attend many Cosplay<br />

events?<br />

I attend almost all of the conventions<br />

in NSW such as Supanova &<br />

Smash. This year I’m hoping to start<br />

adventuring a bit more & go to some<br />

conventions in other states!<br />

Who’s your favourite character to<br />

cosplay and why?<br />

Harley Quinn, without a doubt. I just<br />

feel such a strong connection to her!<br />

Shes such a fun & goofy character<br />

to cosplay with some amazing costumes.<br />

Plus it give me a legitimate<br />

reason to play amazing grace on kazoo!<br />

Do you make your own costumes<br />

& do your own make up?<br />

Yes I make all of my own costumes<br />

as well as most of the props that go<br />

with them. It’s very time consuming<br />

but so very worth it in the end!<br />

I do all my own makeup too, I try to<br />

make it as accurate as possible from<br />

the lipstick colour right down to the<br />

eyebrow style.<br />

How long does it usually take to<br />

get ready for a Cosplay event or<br />

photoshoot?<br />

How long I take normally depends<br />

on what character I’m cosplaying.<br />

Most characters like Catherine or<br />

Daenerys only take me an hour to<br />

get ready but any of my Harley costumes,<br />

her original one specifically,<br />

take me around two due to the fact<br />

that I have to do full face paint, put<br />

my mask on, style my hair & finally<br />

put my costume on!<br />

Finally where can people go to<br />

find out more about you?<br />

All of my cosplays can be found on<br />

my Facebook page!<br />

www.facebook.com/<br />

KhloeeKeroseneeCosplay<br />

Photograph above: Lorenzo So Photography<br />


Corduroy Photography | www.facebook.com/Corduroy.Photography.Aus<br />









THE END!”<br />

Photographs above & below: Lorenzo So Photography | www.facebook.com/LorenzoSoPhotography<br />



Photographer: Fox Williamson<br />

www.facebook.com/cosplaycloseup<br />



We interviewed the lovely Sara<br />

Moni, a well-known Cosplayer from<br />

the USA! Not only is she a Cosplayer,<br />

but a Nintendo & PC gamer too!<br />

Check it out..<br />

Hi Sara, tell us abit about yourself..<br />

Hi there! My name is Sara Moni And<br />

I am born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona,<br />

USA. I am an only child and<br />

I grew up in a creative household.<br />

My mom used to model, and my dad<br />

used to be a DJ- And now he restores<br />

classic cars. So I have a passion<br />

for fashion, and attractive engines!<br />

They also both enjoy science-fiction<br />

and fantasy so I grew up loving it too.<br />

Not celebrating Halloween, I seized<br />

every opportunity I could to dress up.<br />

How and when did you get into<br />

Cosplay?<br />

I have been making costumes since<br />

about 2007. But I did not get really<br />

into it until 2010. I have a great group<br />

of friends who are also costumers<br />

and I love the work they did! In 2012<br />

I joined the Arizona Avengers, a<br />

Marvel costuming group for charity,<br />

and met so many supportive people.<br />

Then I got a really good deal on a<br />

new sewing machine, and the rest is<br />

history! Ha!<br />

What do you love about Cosplay?<br />

Being able to step aside from reality<br />

and be someone or something<br />

bigger than myself or anything I<br />

know. I love crafting things and making<br />

things with my hands to cancel<br />

out how much I use the computer,<br />

phone, or any technology.<br />

There is something very satisfying<br />

and natural about it. I can’t put a<br />

price on the feeling I get when I am<br />

becoming the characters that I love.<br />

Not to mention being immersed in a<br />

world and community of like-minded<br />

people.<br />

I have yet to have a bad or negative<br />

experience and I think there is a lot<br />

to be said about that.<br />

Who’s your favourite character<br />

to cosplay and why?<br />

So far, either Wasp or Miss America<br />

Chavez. The version of Wasp that<br />

I cosplay is her ultimate version,<br />

And it is a version that I have never<br />

seen done before. She is one of my<br />

favorite characters and this version<br />

of her looks a lot like me! Also she<br />

has the big wings which are always<br />

fun to wear, and I get to have short<br />

hair! My natural hair is about to my<br />

mid back, so wearing a pixie cut<br />

wig is totally out of the norm. Miss<br />

America Chavez is one of my favorite<br />

characters from one of my<br />

favorite series: Young Avengers.<br />

She embodies all of the awesome<br />

butt kicking heroine traits that I can’t<br />

get enough of! I am also so happy<br />

to have another heroine of color in<br />

the Marvel universe. When I posted<br />

that cosplay on tumblr, I was actually<br />

recognized by Kieron Gillen and<br />

Jamie McKelvie for my work! That<br />

was such an awesome feeling to<br />

get their approval! So I am officially<br />

a ringer for Miss Chavez!

Ryan Leasure Photography | www.ryanleasure.com

Ryan Leasure Photography | www.ryanleasure.com<br />

Is it difficult to get into character<br />

at times? And how long does it<br />

take you to get ready for an event/<br />

photoshoot?<br />

No, I am always ready to have fun<br />

and enjoy myself when I get dressed<br />

up. I remember when I was at Alamo<br />

City Comic Con (San Antonio, Texas,<br />

USA), I was very sick the whole<br />

con, but the minute I stepped out on<br />

the con floor and made people smile,<br />

I felt like a million bucks! I love meeting<br />

new people and taking pictures<br />

and chatting with other Marvel fans.<br />

Usually it takes me about an hour to<br />

get ready, sometimes less. For the<br />

Thor premiere, I made a Frost Giant<br />

cosplay and that involved body<br />

paint, nearly 3 hours worth the first<br />

time! I was working with my friend,<br />

who is also an extremely talented<br />

airbrush artist, and after the second<br />

trial run, we were able to get me blue<br />

in an hour!<br />

©Allan S. Adler | www.adlerphotographic.com<br />

Do you attend many Cosplay<br />

events?<br />

I make all of the major events in my<br />

home state. I would love to travel in<br />

the US, but especially outside of the<br />

states! I have been invited to a few in<br />

other states, but I am only able to attend<br />

what I am invited to. (Show me<br />

some love, Australia! I want to visit<br />

you! Haha!)<br />

Have you had any funny cosplay<br />

experiences perhaps at a con or a<br />

photo session you can share?<br />

I have had a few funny moments here<br />

and there, but my favorite was when<br />

I met Danny Trejo. I was taking some<br />

pictures with some Psylocke fans,<br />

and I happened to see him walk by<br />

with his bodyguards. I just said his<br />

name quietly, and he turned around<br />

and jumped in the picture with me!<br />

We took two pictures and he was<br />

such a sweetheart! After his panel<br />

was over, I was still in the same spot,<br />

and he came by again with compliments<br />

and awesome things to say!<br />

Right when people started to notice,<br />

he made his exit, but not before I<br />

gave him one of my contact cards!<br />

Ha! In the moment, I just thought to<br />

myself, why not?!<br />

Are you a gamer? If so, what’s<br />

your all time favourite game?<br />

I am a classic Nintendo fan and PC<br />

gamer. I also love fighting games<br />

and turn-based RPG’s. My all time<br />

favorite, wow, I think it would be the<br />

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.<br />

The Zelda series is my absolute favorite,<br />

and right behind would be<br />

Donkey Kong country. I actually just<br />

decided on my first Zelda cosplay!<br />

I love to keep surprising everyone,<br />

So I will just give a few hints as to<br />

who it will be: It will be based off of<br />

the character design from Skyward<br />

Sword, but this character has been<br />

in the Zelda series from the beginning!<br />

Lastly, who are your favourite<br />

Cosplayers & why?<br />

Fahrlight, because she is one of my<br />

absolute favorite Loki cosplayers<br />

and she is so humble and gracious.<br />

It is such a wonderful thing to see<br />

cosplayers having fun and she absolutely<br />

does! (And she even gave<br />

me a shout out on my birthday!) I<br />

think it is immensely refreshing to<br />

see successful cosplayers that are<br />

unique, so anyone who fits that description<br />

is my favorite!<br />

©Allan S. Adler | www.adlerphotographic.com<br />


©Allan S. Adler | www.adlerphotographic.com

Fox Williamson | www.facebook.com/cosplaycloseup

Fox Williamson | www.facebook.com/cosplaycloseup<br />



JwaiDesign Photography | www.facebook.com/JwaiDesignPhotography<br />



We interviewed Amie Lynn, a very<br />

well known Cosplayer in the Cosplay<br />

world! She’s current living in Arizona,<br />

USA, and is a massive Playstation<br />

fan! Here’s what she had to say..<br />

Hi Amie, tell us abit about yourself..<br />

Hello I’m Amie! I’ve moved around<br />

a lot my whole life, but I’m currently<br />

living in Arizona where I’m working<br />

hard for my degree! I’ve always been<br />

into video games and anime, and<br />

have a love of trying new things all<br />

the time!<br />

How and when did you get into<br />

Cosplay?<br />

I got into cosplay when my friends<br />

asked me to be a part of their group<br />

for Code Geass. It was at Anime<br />

Expo 2009 when I wore my first cosplays,<br />

C.C. and Fuu!<br />

What do you love about Cosplay?<br />

The thing I love most about cosplay<br />

isn’t actually wearing the costume.<br />

It’s getting to be creative and make<br />

something with my own hands! I also<br />

love cosplay because it’s how I met<br />

most of my best friends.<br />

Who’s your favourite character to<br />

cosplay and why?<br />

My favorite character to cosplay right<br />

now is my Silver Scythe costume because<br />

it’s actually a character I got<br />

to help design with the super talented<br />

Jeff Matsuda! The costume will<br />

be featured in the upcoming video<br />

game, Comic Conquest.<br />

Tell us about the process of getting<br />

ready for a Cosplay event.<br />

The day I’m going to wear a costume<br />

it normally takes around 2 hours.<br />

One hour for make-up and prep, one<br />

hour for wig styling and piecing the<br />

costume together! It’s quite an ordeal,<br />

and some of my costumes actually<br />

require a second person to be<br />

around to help me put everything on,<br />

like my Lightning!!<br />

You have over 307 THOUSAND<br />

fans on Facebook! That’s amazing!<br />

How did you become so well<br />

known in the Cosplay world?<br />

I ask myself that literally everyday.<br />

I truly believe that as long as you<br />

are passionate about making costumes,<br />

and you love meeting new<br />

people and sharing your work, the<br />

right opportunities will come your<br />

way! And a lot of luck always helps!!<br />

You also have a YouTube channel<br />

- tell us about that. What do you<br />

use that for?<br />

I created a youtube channel only so<br />

that I would be able to post blogs for<br />

my fans on facebook! That’s really<br />

the only reason it’s there, just another<br />

way I get to interact with those<br />

who love cosplay!<br />

Do you attend many Cospaly<br />

events?<br />

I do, normally I will do 1-2 conventions<br />

a month. My favorite events<br />

are ones that have a lot to do with

OVER<br />

307,000<br />


Adam Patrick Murray | www.adampatrickmurray.com<br />

video games! But my favorite events<br />

to cosplay at are anime conventions.<br />

Are you a gamer? If so, what’s<br />

your all time favourite game?<br />

Yes! I love everything Playstation<br />

haha! I am a shameless Sony fangirl.<br />

My favorite video game series<br />

is Metal Gear Solid! The third one is<br />

my favorite.<br />

And finally, where can people go<br />

to find out more about you?<br />

www.twitter.com/misshabit<br />

www.facebook.com/amiehabit<br />

www.youtube.com/amielynnofficial<br />

Adam Patrick Murray | www.adampatrickmurray.com<br />







Adam Patrick Murray | www.adampatrickmurray.com

Mike Rollerson Photography | www.facebook.com/MikeRollersonPhotography<br />

Adam Patrick Murray | www.adampatrickmurray.com




We interviewed Evey Dantès, a 22<br />

year old Cosplayer from Sydney,<br />

who’s favourite character to cosplay<br />

is Harley Quinn.. Read all about her<br />

here!<br />

Hi Evey, tell us abit about yourself..<br />

So I’m Evey Dantès, I’m a 22 year<br />

old cosplayer from South of Sydney.<br />

I spend my spare time watching series/movies,<br />

sewing or mindlessly<br />

scrolling the internet.<br />

How and when did you get into<br />

Cosplay?<br />

My sister got me into cosplay about<br />

3 years ago when she took me to my<br />

first convention. She had dragged<br />

me along to it after months of begging<br />

me to join her and I loved it.<br />

I couldn’t get over how confident<br />

these people seemed dressed up<br />

as their favorite characters and how<br />

much effort they had put into their<br />

costumes. I’ve always been a costume<br />

person. I think every birthday<br />

party I’ve ever had has been dress<br />

up. Growing up I was Batdog (My<br />

own dog version of Batman) more<br />

than I was ever myself.<br />

What do you love about Cosplay?<br />

My favorite thing about cosplay is<br />

the way I feel when I’ve done my<br />

best to capture a character, I feel like<br />

I become them. Seeing the faces of<br />

people and especially children when<br />

they recognize my character is a<br />

pretty amazing feeling, I feel so honored<br />

when people want photos with<br />

me or such!<br />

Who’s your favourite character to<br />

cosplay and why?<br />

My favorite character to cosplay will<br />

always be Harley Quinn. I feel that<br />

of all the characters I love she is the<br />

one I see myself the most in. When I<br />

dress up as Harley, I am Harley.<br />

Do you attend many Cosplay<br />

events?<br />

I do attend a lot of conventions but<br />

nothing beats sitting at home watching<br />

my favorite shows dressed up<br />

in the characters from it. The best<br />

part about conventions is seeing my<br />

friends and all these people in their<br />

amazing costumes that they put a<br />

lot of hard work into.<br />

Are you a gamer? Any favourite<br />

games?<br />

I get asked all the time if I’m a gamer<br />

girl and the truth is no. I wouldn’t<br />

call myself a gamer. I do enjoy<br />

quite a few games such as; the<br />

Bioshock series, Alice Madness returns,<br />

Grand Theft Auto (especially<br />

5), Borderlands, any of the Batman<br />

games and the Sims, way too keen<br />

for Sims 4. I also still play Age of<br />

Empires and Roller-coaster Tycoon<br />

every now and then!<br />

Who are your favourite Cosplayers<br />

& why?<br />

My favorite cosplayer would definitely<br />

be Katyuska Moonfox (www.<br />


Easton Chang Photography | www.eastonchang.com<br />

She is probably the most amazing<br />

person I know and has always supported<br />

me and made time for me.<br />

I’ve found so many amazing friends<br />

through cosplay, it would take me<br />

forever to list them all but I think it’s<br />

really important for cosplayers to<br />

support each other and I’m glad the<br />

majority of cosplayers already do<br />

this!<br />





Easton Chang Photography | www.eastonchang.com




DRESS UP.”<br />


Andy Wana Photography | www.facebook.com/AndyWanaPhotography<br />

WhatABigCamera Photography | www.whatabigcamera.com<br />

Easton Chang Photography | www.eastonchang.com


John Pryke | www.facebook.com/JohnPrykePhoto<br />



After speaking to Evey Dantes, we<br />

tracked down cosplayer Katyuska<br />

Moonfox who Evey spoke so foundly<br />

of! Here’s what she had to say..<br />

Hi and welcome to <strong>Live</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>.<br />

Tell us abit about yourself..<br />

Hi there! I’m Katyuska and I’m a cosplayer<br />

from Brisbane, Australia!<br />

How and when did you get into<br />

Cosplay?<br />

I first got into cosplay back in 2007,<br />

conventions were something I hadn’t<br />

really heard of or experienced before<br />

and a couple of friends from<br />

school thought it would be a fun idea<br />

to go! Of course I didn’t understand<br />

the extent of cosplay back then and<br />

just how accurate peoples costumes<br />

were, I threw something which resembled<br />

one of my favorite final fantasy<br />

characters and rocked up. Was<br />

a little embarrassing to be honest but<br />

too much fun not to go again! What<br />

I love about cosplay was the fact I<br />

could be anyone I wanted to, I got to<br />

wear clothes I thought were cool in<br />

a way that represented my fandoms!<br />

Now I still feel that but also get to<br />

share my costumes and fandoms<br />

with a lot of people and it’s an awesome<br />

feeling.<br />

Who’s your favourite character to<br />

cosplay and why?<br />

Hmmmm my favourite characters<br />

are always changing but as a cosplayer<br />

I feel my favourite character<br />

to cosplay is always the most comfortable<br />

to wear. Most costumes<br />

can be really out there and cool but<br />

uncomfortable as all hell! Kasumi is<br />

probably the most comfortable for<br />

me! Bayonetta was crazy fun but because<br />

my guns were screwed to my<br />

shoes I kept wobbling and not stepping<br />

far ahead enough.<br />

Do you attend many Cosplay<br />

events?<br />

I’d love to travel and visit more conventions<br />

and I do go to Brisbane and<br />

occasionally Sydney ones. All depends<br />

on if I can afford it, costume<br />

making sucks a lot of money!<br />

How long does it usually take to<br />

get ready for a Cosplay event?<br />

Getting ready for a cosplay event<br />

takes a couple of hours. If I’m not<br />

rushing to fix things up, makeup will<br />

take a good hour plus wig styling<br />

and costumes with fiddly bits can<br />

take ages to put on. I’m usually late<br />

to a convention and rock up around<br />

midday. I need to work on that I<br />

think.<br />

You have over 600 thousand fans<br />

on Facebook! How did you become<br />

so well known in the Cosplay<br />

world?<br />

Cosplay has become increasingly<br />

popular outside of those who actually<br />

cosplay themselves and it’s become<br />

a lot more socially acceptable.<br />

Gaming, anime and pop culture<br />

in general are taking over the world.<br />

I think I just got lucky to be honest.

Andy Wana Photography | www.facebook.com/AndyWanaPhotography<br />

How do you keep all your fans<br />

interested in your work? Do you<br />

interact with them through social<br />

media, post regularly?<br />

I like to post more about the things<br />

I love and provoke discussions with<br />

people on my page about games I<br />

like and other things. Share other<br />

great cosplayers’ work. I like to think<br />

I’m offering a culture to people and<br />

not just myself.<br />

Are you a gamer? If so, what’s<br />

your all time favourite game?<br />

My all time favorite game is Final<br />

Fantasy 8. It was my first Final Fantasy<br />

game I played and stuck with<br />

me the most. I felt a lot of the plot<br />

wasn’t spoon-fed to you and you really<br />

had to read between the lines to<br />

understand it. I have a lot of personal<br />

theories on it. Overall it’s a big part<br />

of my life.<br />

I do love gaming in general but prefer<br />

story over gameplay. RPG’s are<br />

my thing.<br />

Do you look up to/inspired by any<br />

particular Cosplayers?<br />

To be completely honest I’m inspired<br />

by all cosplayers. It’s not about recognition,<br />

I look to quality and dedication.<br />

I have a lot to learn and I’m<br />

still very much a mediocre costumer<br />

and am always looking learn things<br />

from people. When I first went to a<br />

convention I felt at home, everyone<br />

was so lovely. I see every cosplayer<br />

and convention goer as a potential<br />

friend. We’re all joined together by<br />

something we love.<br />

And finally, where can people find<br />

out more about you..<br />

You can find more about me on my<br />

Facebook page or DeviantART:<br />

OVER<br />

600,000<br />





John Pryke | www.facebook.com/JohnPrykePhoto

John Pryke | www.facebook.com/JohnPrykePhoto






We discovered this amazing photographer<br />

after talking to Sara Moni,<br />

who has photographs taken of her<br />

by Ryan Leasure. Born & raised in<br />

Phoenix, Arizona, he creates unreal<br />

photographs, and explains how it’s<br />

all done right here at <strong>Live</strong> magazine!<br />

Welcome to <strong>Live</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> Ryan -<br />

could you tell us abit about yourself?<br />

Where do you live & what<br />

you do?<br />

Well, first off, I just want to thank you<br />

so much for asking me to do this interview.<br />

I was born in Phoenix, Arizona<br />

and have lived here my entire life.<br />

Yes, it really does get to 115 in the<br />

summer! For the past seven years,<br />

I have been working for a photography<br />

studio as a retouch artist/graphic<br />

designer. About eight months ago,<br />

I decided that I wanted to do more<br />

than just retouch people’s skin all<br />

day. So I picked up a camera and<br />

started to shoot friends, co-workers,<br />

and whoever who would let me take<br />

their picture, honestly. I completely<br />

fell in love with the whole process<br />

and have been hooked ever since.<br />

We’ve seen some awesome superhero/Cosplay<br />

photography.<br />

How did you get into this genre?<br />

It’s quite funny actually because I had<br />

no idea what Cosplay was originally.<br />

One of my coworkers said he had<br />

a friend who did Cosplay and that I<br />

should take her pictures because my<br />

style would fit in great. My response<br />

was, “what the heck is Cosplay?” He<br />

then explained the whole Cosplay<br />

concept to me, and because I was<br />

already a huge nerd for super heroes,<br />

I became really engaged with<br />

photographing cosplay models.<br />

Do you have a favourite Super<br />

Hero?<br />

It’s so hard to choose because each<br />

one has really cool abilities, but at<br />

the moment, it would probably be<br />

Flash. Being able to have super<br />

speed would be amazing!<br />

Can you tell us abit about the process<br />

of making these images? Is<br />

there alot of editing/adding effects<br />

after the photos are taken?<br />

Mostly all of my work that you see<br />

is composited. This means that I<br />

shoot my background and models<br />

separately and use Photoshop<br />

to combine them into one image. I<br />

photograph the models inside a studio<br />

on a white background and then<br />

cut them out and place them in the<br />

background. I have a couple of techniques<br />

that I use to get my unique<br />

style but mostly it is just dodging<br />

and burning. I am a huge fun of<br />

adding special effects like fog, gunfire,<br />

rocks flying, explosions, etc.<br />

Anything that helps bring the image<br />

together. There is a good amount<br />

of time involved into my images. It<br />

usually takes around 2-3 hours of<br />

Photoshop work for each image.<br />

For some of my big composites, like<br />

the Justice League Fight Scene, it<br />

can take up to 20-25 hours.






Left & above model: KatyBear | www.facebook.com/katybear1031<br />

Song Ja Park | www.facebook.com/LoveSongJaPark<br />

Elizabeth Wither | www.facebook.com/ElizabethWitherCosplay<br />

How do you choose locations for<br />

these shoots? Do you discuss<br />

with the model/Cosplayer beforehand<br />

or is that all up to you?<br />

My photo shoots are completely<br />

planned and thought out. I never go<br />

into a photo shoot and just “wing it”.<br />

I try to plan my shoots a couple of<br />

weeks in advance so me and the<br />

cosplayer can come up with a game<br />

plan. The first thing obviously is to<br />

figure out what character the model<br />

wants to do. Then we start brainstorming<br />

on what a good location<br />

would be for that character. Afterwards,<br />

I go and shoot that location<br />

by myself to get a good background<br />

that would match perfectly with that<br />

character. For example, in my Lady<br />

Punisher composite, I knew that<br />

I wanted the scene to be dark and<br />

grungy. I went and explored and<br />

found these random old grungy pillars<br />

in a rock field, and went from<br />

there. I love exploring new scenes<br />

and finding unique places that really<br />

catch my eye.<br />

What gear do you use for a shoot?<br />

I use a cannon 5d, Canon 24-85mm<br />

f/3.5-4.5 Lens, Alien Bee Lights, and<br />

Westcott umbrellas. But I can’t stress<br />

this enough! IT IS NOT ABOUT<br />


HAVE! Just use what you have, buy<br />

what you can afford, and then do the<br />

best possible job you can with what<br />

you have. Don’t let the gear stop you<br />

from creating beautiful work.<br />

Where do you find these Cosplayers<br />

to photograph, at Cosplay<br />

events, through social media,<br />

friends?<br />

When I first started out I would just<br />

message Cosplayers through Facebook<br />

telling them “hey, I would love<br />

to work with you, here is a link to<br />

my portfolio, let me know what you<br />

think.” Phoenix is actually a hot spot<br />

for Cosplayers so I feel really fortunate<br />

to be living here with so many<br />

great opportunities. I actually have<br />

never been to a Cosplay event but I<br />

am going to my first one at Amazing<br />

Arizona Comic Con in Phoenix on<br />

January 24th!<br />

Do you have any new projects<br />

coming up?<br />

Yes I do! In 2014, I plan on creating<br />

another epic fight scene like I did<br />

with the Justice League. I also plan<br />

on doing some free online photography/Photoshop<br />

tutorials to help other<br />

photographers learn and improve<br />

their skills.<br />

And finally, where can we go to<br />

see more of your work?<br />

People can find my work at:<br />

www.ryanleasure.com<br />

or my Facebook page:<br />

www.facebook.com/<br />


Justice League of Arizona | www.facebook.com/JusticeLeagueArizona<br />


Justice League of Arizona | www.facebook.com/JusticeLeagueArizona<br />






SA<br />

VIC<br />



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Yu-Gi-Oh - Wednesday 4pm<br />

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Photographer: Fox Williamson Cosplayer: Sara Moni<br />


South Australia<br />

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