Caribbean Times 34th Issue - Friday 11th November 2016


Caribbean Times 34th Issue - Friday 11th November 2016

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Friday 11th November 2016 A n t i g u a a n d B a r b u d a

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By Everton Barnes

There is growing confidence

that the expansion of

the Heritage Quay Pier to

accommodate the Quantum

Class cruise ships will be

completed in time to meet the

arrival of the first such vessel,

the Anthem of the Seas.

That vessel is scheduled to

call at Antigua on December

2nd, 2016, and there’s every

expectation that its completion

will signal an asserted

move to have Antigua and

Barbuda return to prominence

cont’d on pg 2 Anthem of the Seas, a Quantum Class cruise ship, is scheduled to arrive on December 2nd, 2016.

2 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 11th November 2016

Dundas calls on merchants and vendors to be patient

By Joanna Paris

President of the Antigua

and Barbuda Cruise Tourism

Association, Nathan Dundas,

has called on merchants and

vendors who ply their trade at

Heritage Quay to “be a little

more patient”.

His comments come as he

admits that he has received

several complaints from persons,

who are disappointed

that the work being done to

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expand the Heritage Quay

Pier is seemingly affecting

their sales, when cruise ships

are in port.

Currently, the vessels

who call to the country’s port

are now docked in the Bevis

Street Pier and Redcliffe

Quay area.

cont’d from pg 1

in the cruise industry.

Head of the Cruise Tourism Association,

Nathan Dundas, and Managing Director of

the Antigua Pier Group, Saiid Greene, have

expressed confidence that the work will be

completed on time and that everything will be

ready for the vessel and its estimated 5000 passengers

and roughly 4000 crew.

“I am very confident that we will meet

the target date and we have already advised

the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line of this. The

RCCL team that was to visit Antigua for a

site-inspection, will now arrive on the island

next week. We have also dispatched the allclear

to RCCL and I am proud to say that the

vessel will dock at the Heritage Quay pier on

December 2nd as planned,” Dundas declared.

The Antigua Pier Group official said he is

‘quite pleased’ with the current state of readiness

ahead of the vessel’s arrival. “We lost

some ground in undertaking this project, but I

am pleased to be able to report that we have

since made up for lost time. I have no doubt

Dundas said the complaints

all suggests that the

visitors venture into other

directions in opposed to previously

when the Heritage

Quay area was presented

right in front of them.

“The dock is scheduled

to be finished very shortly. It

will be finished for the 2 nd of

December so it is just a matter

of weeks before the Heritage

Quay Pier will be opened

again, so we are asking vendors

and the merchants to be

patient”, he stressed.

Dundas was a guest on

ABS’s Against the Backdrop.

Let’s go for a swim!

By Renio Abbott

When Police arrived at the scene, a

4-door Sedan R2687 was found swimming

in a pond-like ditch on Sir George Walter

Highway, opposite of Island Provisions Ltd.

The Blue Toyota Vista was facing north and

had to be removed by a wrecker for transportation

to Police Headquarters.

Both occupants of the vehicle have been

so far uncooperative with police leaving

them unable to identify the driver or the circumstances

surrounding the crash; they have

been taken into custody at Police Headquarters.

that we will be ready, however, this means that

we have to continue working around the clock

and not to become complacent at this time,”

Greene noted.

He also heaped praise on the Antigua and

Barbuda men and women who have received

sub-contracts for various aspects of the project

for what he termed ‘the fine job they are


He explained that the contract was awarded

to an international firm in consultation with

the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association, but

that several local companies also benefits from


According to Greene the just-ended summer

was the worst summer season for cruise

tourism in a long time and the expansion of

the pier will guarantee a marked turnaround in

number of calls for summer 2017.

Additionally, he noted that the new re-fuelling

services being offered by The West Indies

Oil Company in collaboration with Royal

Dutch Shell company only serves to enhance

Antigua as a major cruise port.

Friday 11th November 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 3

IICA hosts HACCP workshop

By Renio Abbott

IICA is hosting its 10th

EDF SPS Project, a two-day

HACCP Workshop for Public

Sector Stakeholders in

Antigua and Barbuda from

the 10th – 11th November

2016 at the Multipurpose

Centre. Under the theme

Support to the Caribbean

forum of ACP States in the

Implementation of Commitments

Undertaken Under

the Economics Partnership

Agreement (EPA): Sanitary

and Phytosanitary Measures


The opening ceremony

started with a registration,

followed by the welcome

remarks by Craig Thomas,

the National IICA Specialist

of Antigua and Barbuda who

stated that “the workshop is

about Hazard training with

the support of food and the

science based system which

focuses on the safety of food

we eat. He further stated that

another workshop will take

place in a next few weeks.

Sharon Peters, Permanent

Secretary of the Ministry

Agriculture, Lands, Fisheries

and Barbuda Affairs

gave brief remarks about the

workshop and her expectations.

She stated “(HACCP)

Hazard Analysis and Critical

Control Point is all about

food security, rather than just

producing more food. She

indicated that the program

was an international and

imperative one, expressing

that food must be safe and

healthy in order to reduce

the risk of persons contracting

food borne diseases. She

sindicated that the information

must become common

knowledge for the producers

and for that to happen both

private and public sector

must be knowledgeable.



Don’t Dream it.

Drive it









1 (268) 462-1062

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Friday 11th November 2016

ECCB takes up de-risking issue

By Everton Barnes

The issue of de-risking that has

occupied the attention of Caribbean

governments and banking institutions

over the past year, is a focal point at

this week’s 27 th annual conference of

the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank

(ECCB) now underway in St Kitts.

Head of the ECCB Unit in Antigua,

Albert Lockhart, as well as the

President of the Antigua and Barbuda

Bankers Association, Michael Spencer,

are in St. Kitts attending the meeting

which concludes today.

They are among managers and

other senior officers from commercial

banks and non-bank financial institutions

which operate in the Eastern Caribbean

Central Union and the wider

Caribbean attending the conference.

A release from the bank said this

year the conference is being held under

the theme: The Way Forward:

By Joanna Paris

As Antigua and Barbuda prepares

to commemorate World Diabetes

Day on Monday, the Antigua

and Barbuda Diabetes Association,

will be hosting a walk on Saturday.

Public Relations Officer of the

Association, Theolinda Charles,

has indicated that the activity is designed

to encourage persons to practice

living a healthy lifestyle, which

begins with exercising regularly and

eating well. The walk is scheduled

to begin at 5:30 am and Charles invites

everyone to attend.

The logo for World Diabetes Day

is a blue circle, the global symbol

Commercial Banks in a New Environment.

The sessions will focus on three

of the major issues which affect the

banking sector currently:

The Impact and Solution for


The Progress on Basel II and the

International Financial Reporting

Standard (IFRS9) and Credit and the


According to the release the ECCB

began hosting the annual conference

with commercial banks in 1990. The

conference serves as a forum for discussing

issues which are critical to the

development of the region’s financial

and banking sector.

Recently, Prime Minister Gaston

Browne hosted a major regional conference

on the issue of de-risking and

correspondent bank relations which

are under threat from mainly major

US Banks.

Residents encouraged to

support World Diabetes

Day Walk on Saturday

for diabetes.

World Diabetes Day was

launched in 1991 in response to the

rapid rise of diabetes around the


This year, World Diabetes Day is

being celebrated by over 230 associations

in more than 160 countries

and territories, as well as by other

organizations, companies, healthcare

professionals, politicians, celebrities,

and people living with diabetes

and their families.

Activities will include diabetes

screening programmes, radio and

television campaigns and sports





The expression ‘the world is now a

global village’ is often used by persons

who marvel at how lives, cultures and economic

and political systems of the nations

of the world have become so closely connected,

even intertwined in fact.

People in our region have embraced

the opportunity afforded by jet travel to

visit and all parts of the world. Differences

in language are now no longer considered

to be barriers. Places which some time ago

were considered ‘far flung’ or ‘on the other

side of the world’ and therefore inaccessible

to us, are now just hours away.

We in Antigua and Barbuda have nationals

attending universities in non-English

speaking countries and in unfamiliar

educational systems.

This results in graduates returning to

their home territories with qualifications

that may not be readily understood and so

they may encounter difficulties when they

seek employment or a promotion at work

or when they try to gain admission to other

educational institutions if they want to

pursue further study.

Often, the literal translation of non-English

documents does not provide the

clarity needed. It may even be that documents

from education institutions in some

English-speaking countries need to be

assessed. These qualifications have to be

evaluated and explained in terms that local

persons can relate to.

Equivalence assessment is one of the

services offered by ABNAB. We are able

to provide an interpretation of what the

foreign or unfamiliar qualifications mean

when measured against the familiar standards.

At ABNAB we also assist clients

who have successfully completed a number

of short courses and want an assessment

of their currency, as well as others

with a variety of equivalency concerns.

Friday 11th November 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 5

Safety first at the port

By Renio Abbott

According to Port Workers

who contacted Caribbean

Times, they received a rude

awakening just before 7:00

am when they arrived for

work. They stated that they

were greeted by a padlocked

gate and advised by security

that they would not be allowed

entry unless they were

wearing regulation protective

footwear and headgear.

Following up on the report,

however, Caribbean

Times reached out to Port

Manager, Darwin Telemaque,

who clarified that as a part of

the security protocol, the gates

at the port are always locked

at night and early in the morning

and must be unlocked by

security for any staff, himself

included that wishes to gain

entry. He expounded on the

matter of safety, indicating

that he has to wear the same

safety gear if he goes in to

By Joanna Paris

Lower St. John’s will be bustling with activity

today as the country welcomes the Carnival

Vista, the second cruise ship to make

its maiden voyage to the twin island state this

winter season.

The first was the luxurious Viking Star,

which first docked here on October 21st.

While appearing on ABS’s Against the

Backdrop on Thursday, the President of the

Antigua and Barbuda Cruise Tourism Association,

Nathan Dundas, said that the month

of November will be a good one for cruise

arrivals. He added that stakeholders are looking

forward to the arrival of the Carnival

work at the port facility at


He further clarified that a

group of some 5 workers had

maintained non-compliance

with regards to the regulations

which require them to wear

proper safety gear including

footwear and had been advised

on more than one occasion

of the regulated footwear

that they were mandated to

wear. They have refused to

comply with the necessary

safety precautions that are required

of all port staff, even

providing fashion alternatives

to the proper footwear, which

By Joanna Paris

Junior Minister of Agriculture and

Member of Parliament for St. Mary’s

South, the Hon. Samantha Marshall,

is eagerly looking forward to the establishment

of an aquaponics farm and

research facility at the St. Mary’s Secondary


A grant of $83,070 US from the

Japanese Government through the Embassy

of Japan in Trinidad will assist in

bringing the project to fruition.

Minister Marshall anticipates that

the facility will have tremendous benefits

not only for the students at the

school but for the development of Agriculture

in the wider community.

She has also expressed her gratitude

to the Japanese government for the


“I am sincerely grateful that you

have committed this money to the

project. It is a contribution towards the

development of our young people and

towards the development of a community”,

she expressed.

She made mention of Indies Green

and Lincoln Farm, where aquaponics is

they were subsequently advised

did not satisfy the safety


The port manager maintains

that the Antigua Port

Authority is dedicated to the

safety and wellbeing of all

employed at the port and has

gone through the necessary

steps to make sure that all

workers are secure and avoid

physical injury at all times.

Carnival Vista calls today

Vista which will bring over four thousand

passengers to the country’s shores.

“We are looking forward for the Carnival

Vista, there will be celebrations to ensure that

we give the passengers and crew the best experience

possible. We want to impress them

as much as we can, so we will be putting out

our best”, he indicated.

He said steel bands, dancers and other entertaining

presentations will form part of the

welcome experience.

The ship will be docked at the Nevis

Street Pier since work is still being carried

out at Heritage Quay to enhance its capacity

to accommodate larger vessels.

Minister Marshall looks forward to

aquaponics farm at St. Mary’s Secondary

also a feature. She added that the facility

will also play a part in securing food


“I look forward to St. Mary’s Secondary

School making maximum use

of this opportunity. I look forward to

the community of St. Mary’s South,

making maximum use of this contribution.

We have to recognize that as a

nation, we must prepare ourselves for

food sovereignty and safety. We must

ensure that we are sustainable and must

ensure that we can grow to the point

that we can export”, she emphasized.

6 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 11th November 2016

In a crowded field for Trump’s attention,

the Caribbean must get into the game

In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s

election as President of the United

States of America, there is genuine

concern about what his Presidency

will mean for the Caribbean. So far,

there have been expressions of both

optimism and pessimism emanating

from the region.

Government officials have been

guarded in their comments, recognising

that they will have to deal with the

Trump administration come January;

academics and former politicians have

been less careful, voicing considerable

fears and bemoaning the consequences

of many of the policies that

he said he would institute. The single

thread running through the Caribbean

responses is uncertainty.

Uncertainty is a game stopper. It

causes governments and businesses to

pause; to adopt a position of ‘wait and


No one takes bold steps, lest they

backfire. At the same time, no one

rocks the boat. But, this cannot be a

time for pause by the Caribbean.

Unlike any other administration in

the past, nothing is predictable about

what the Trump administration will

actually do. During the election campaign,

he clawed-back from some of

the strident positions he took, and he

insisted that he would definitely implement


However, as people in every Caribbean

country know well, statements,

pledges, promises, and threats made

in election campaigns are often abandoned

by politicians once the reality

of office and its constraints crowd-in

on them.

Talk is cheap, until the reckoning

comes when actual factors have to be

taken into account, such as costs, the

rule of law, treaty and contractual obligations

and public opinion.

There are a few certainties in the

present situation. One of them is that

while Mr Trump won the Presidency

on the basis of the number of states he

carried, he did not win the vote of the

majority of American voters.

Therefore, if he truly wants to lead

a united America at home and abroad,

he will have to listen to the voices that

shouted out visions, ambitions and aspirations

that were very different from


To try to ride rough shod over popular

opinion is possible in autocratic

states where the government holds

sway over everything, including the


The American Republic will not

stomach autocracy easily, if at all.

There are enough independent media,

think-tanks, foundations, institutes,

and associations dedicated to free

thought, free speech and open criticism

to keep any US administration

on its toes even if, as in this case, one

political party controls both the executive

and legislative branches of government.

Caribbean governments are right to

express the view that they will work

with Mr Trump’s administration.

It would be impractical, if not foolhardy,

to adopt any other position.

Donald Trump has been elected President

in accordance with the rules and

procedures of the American system.

He is the President-elect and he will

begin his 4-year period of government

in January.

What is important is for Caribbean

governments to try to influence a

Trump administration to pursue policies

in which there is, at the very least,

By Sir Ronald Sanders

mutual benefit.

That work starts with the group

of Caribbean Ambassadors in Washington

DC. They have to make contact

with the persons that Trump will

appoint to his Cabinet and their staff

members to identify the areas of mutual

interest and concern; they also have

to begin to educate them about the

many challenges that the Caribbean

faces, especially those that are caused

by US government action.

Further, Caribbean Ministers have

to seek every opportunity to connect

with US Cabinet members as part of

the early education process about the

Caribbean which, after all, lies in such

close proximity to the US mainland

and its Caribbean territories to be its

soft underbelly.

The field will be crowded. Every

Ambassador in Washington, DC;

every Head of Government and every

Minister of every country will be

seeking to do the same.

Constrained by small Embassies

and limited budgets, Caribbean councont’d

on pg 7

Friday 11th November 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 7

cont’d from pg 6

tries will find the competition

for the Trump administration’s

attention to be

daunting. But, too much is

at stake to hold back from

the critical and crucial work

that has to be done.

One of the biggest challenges

that faces the Caribbean,

and one with dire consequences,

is how to change

Mr Trump’s campaign position

on Climate Change

which he believes to be a


Caribbean countries,

subject year after year, to

frequent and intense natural

disasters know well that far

from being a myth, Climate

Change and its concomitant

sea-level rise are facts that

have already set back their

economies and are now

eroding their coastal areas

and land mass.

If in three years’ time,

the Trump administration

does withdraw the US from

the agreement of the Conference

of the Parties (COP)

on Climate Change, it will

start a chain reaction with

grave consequences for the

survival of the region.

For, if the US pulls out

of the COP agreement, two

other great polluters – China

and India – will do the

same, on the basis that if the

US is continuing to industrialise

despite pollution, why

shouldn’t they.

Other countries would

follow the pattern; the COP

agreement would unravel

and the small island states

and countries with low lying

coasts in the Caribbean

and the Pacific will be the


There are, of course, other

difficulties in the US-Caribbean

relationship that did

not start with Mr Trump.

They include ‘de-risking’

and the withdrawal by

US banks of correspondent

relations with Caribbean

banks – a situation that is

a dagger at the heart of the

region’s capacity to participate

in the global finance

and trading system.

Starting a conversation

with members of the Trump

administration is essential

to get the Caribbean’s concerns


The US has chosen its

President and its Congressional

representatives in accordance

with its Constitution

and its laws. That deal

is done.

This is not a time for

hand-wringing and lamentation;

it is a time for engagement,

persuasion and

negotiation in the region’s


Editor’s Note: The

opinions expressed in this

Op-ed are those of the author

and do not necessarily

reflect the views of Caribbean


8 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 11th November 2016

TV personality JD Scott tells upper class

students how to transform dreams into goals

SALEM, Montserrat – Transforming

Dreams into Goals was the focus

of Thursday morning’s presentation by

visiting speakers JD Scott and Annalee


Students from the fourth and fifth

forms of the Montserrat Secondary

School and some from the Community

College attended the one-hour chat given

by the guests who are on island at the invitation

of the Alliouagana Festival of the

Word. The 8 th edition of the literary festival

began today and runs until Sunday,

November 13.

JD Scott is the elder brother of the

Scott Twins, of the HGTV Property

Brothers show. He is also a TV host,

writer and popular web personality. His

girlfriend Annalee Belle, is a model and

celebrity makeup artist with over one

million fans on various social media platforms.

Cancun, MX – C&W

Business, part of C&W Communications

(C&W), one of

the largest full service communications

and entertainment

providers in the Caribbean

and Latin America

region, now owned by Liberty

Global (LiLAC Group), is excited

to announce the launch

of Hosted Collaboration

Solution (HCS) on Demand,

a managed Unified Collaboration

Service, at Cisco Live!.

Cisco Live is one of the

main IT conferences in the

Latin America region and is

expected to draw more than

5,500 customers, experts and

partners from different business

segments and levels.

Cisco Live! will be held from

TV personality JD Scott, AFW LitFest Chairperson

Gracelyn Cassell, Makeup Artist

and Model Annalee Belle, and LitFest Volunteer

Jean Handscombe.

The pair shared their experiences of

pursuing their dreams and the challenges

that they overcame. They said that it was

important for each student to write down

a plan of their goals, even if they may

need to deviate from it. Both Scott and

Belle said it was good practice to find a

mentor who is willing to invest time and

help them achieve their goals in their area

November 7-10 in Cancun,

Mexico and C&W Business

will be present at booth #506

showcasing live demos of

its next-generation platform,

HCS on Demand.

The launch of HCS on

Demand, powered by Cisco,

is a managed unified collaboration

platform that will enable

customers in 24 countries

across the Caribbean and Latin

America to leverage a full

suite of IP-enabled collaboration


HCS on Demand will be

hosted by C&W Business

at their data centers and be

delivered to customers over

the Company’s world-class,

SIP-enabled fiber IP (terrestrial

and submarine) and

fault-tolerant network. This

network encompasses over

42,000 kilometers (26,000

miles) of fiber across the Caribbean

and Latin America

and is the only MEF CE 2.0

certified network across the

region, allowing C&W Business

to deliver highly secure

and reliable data, voice and

video services efficiently to

its customers.

“C&W Business HCS on

Demand helps accelerate customers’

day-to-day business

processes, helping achieve

better and faster business outcomes

across the region. Customers

won’t have to worry

about burdening their IT staff

with the effort to deploy and

operate their own PBX or

of interest.

The need to evolve and stretch as you

mature was stressed, and the importance

of giving back. “It doesn’t have to take a

lot of your time or money but you have

to give back. Not only to those who may

have helped you but others who can’t.

Animals, nature…whatever is your passion.

Find a way to give to the less fortunate,”

Belle told the students.

Using examples of various celebrities,

the couple showed why staying humble

and true to who you are was necessary.

Following the presentation, they hung

around to answer questions and to exchange

social media handles as both are

very active online.

Technology and the Word: Contemporary

Manifestations is the theme of the

2016 Alliouagana Festival of the Word

(AFW). The main activities will take

place at the Montserrat Cultural Centre.

C&W Business launches hosted collaboration

solution (HCS) on demand at Cisco Live!

UCC platform. Customers

will only pay for what they

need, with no upfront costs,

making unified communications

more affordable and the

costs more predictable in a

fixed monthly service charge

per user,” said Daniel Peiretti,

SVP Product Development

and Management, C&W


“Our HCS on Demand

solution is secure, offers

strong SLA’s, and is supported

by a business-class infrastructure

with a certified team

that uses a simplified deployment

model. We will have

customers up and running in

no time, from anywhere, anytime

and from any device,”

cont’d on pg 9

Friday 11th November 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 9

C&W networks wins fourth consecutive

Best Caribbean Wholesale Carrier award


Networks, a division of C&W Communications

(C&W), one of the largest full

service communications and entertainment

providers in the Caribbean and Latin

America region, now part of Liberty

Global (LiLAC Group), again won the

Best Caribbean Wholesale Carrier award

on November 8 at the 12 th Global Carrier

Awards in Paris. The award recognizes

C&W Networks’ innovation in new service

technology, excellence in customer

experience and leadership in the wholesale

telecoms market across the Caribbean


The Global Carrier Awards have become

the most prestigious awards among

the wholesale telecoms industry by celebrating

innovation, excellence and vision

and setting the benchmark for performance

throughout the marketplace. The

awards were independently judged by a

panel of over 20 judges, which includes

leading analysts, industry experts and the

senior editorial team of Capacity magazine.

The judging panel was carefully selected

to cover a wide range of market

areas and regions and were aided by a

new scoring system, which was refined

for 2014 to ensure that the shortlisting

and winners decisions remained objective

and transparent. This year’s submissions

attracted a record number of over

200 entries.

“C&W Networks won the Best Caribbean

Wholesale Carrier award at

the 2016 Global Carrier Awards in our

brand new Paris location. In recognition

for increasing revenue and profitability,

network reach, scale and reliability this

provider of choice in the Pan-Caribbean

region boasts a world-class Net Promoter

Score of 50% above industry standard,”

said the Global Carrier Awards organization.

“And with its demonstrated success

in completing strategic acquisitions, ongoing

network expansion and rollout of

innovative services this carrier continues

to exceed all expectations.”

“We are elated to be recognized as

the Best Caribbean Wholesale Carrier for

the fourth time across the region. We are

very proud to receive this recognition for

our success in a challenging and rapidly

evolving marketplace. In anticipation

of growing customer demands that rely

more and more on advanced technologies,

we’ve greatly expanded our capabilities

in new services and network

security over the past year – which the

judges recognized tonight. The award

highlights the commitment of our teams

and their tireless efforts across the region

to better serve our carrier clients and their

customers and our ongoing commitment

towards striving to be the best Caribbean

telecoms carrier,” said Paul Scott, President

of C&W Networks.

In selecting C&W Networks as the

Best Caribbean Wholesale Carrier winner,

the judges recognize that the company

operates the largest subsea network

across the Pan-Caribbean region, serving

over 260 local, regional and international

carriers. Its diverse IP backbone, along

with its over 38,000 in-country fiber

backhaul and local terrestrial networks

that are continually expanding throughout

the region were also key factors that

impressed the selection committee. In

addition, the selection committee noted

the beneficial impact to the region from

C&W Networks that has enabled unmatched

scale and reach spanning some

48,000 kilometers of submarine fiber

reaching 42 countries.

“Throughout 2016, we have been laser

focused on finding the best ways to

connect, protect, manage and optimize

carrier services for our clients and their

customers. We are enabling them to capture

new revenue, protect profits, and

grow their businesses. We are proud to be

providing the tools they need to be successful

in today’s global telecoms market

and will continue to deliver greater connectivity,

flexibility and scalability across

the Caribbean region,” said Scott.

cont’d from pg 8

added Peiretti.

As a Cisco Master Managed

Service Provider, C&W

Business utilizes its highly

secure and connected fabric

of datacenters to deliver the

most comprehensive, integrated

solutions for clients.

This crucial element enables

clients to have a single point

of contact, avoiding the challenge

of managing multiple

vendors. In addition, business

applications and unified communication

applications are

hosted in the same datacenter

significantly reducing latency

and enhancing data security.

C&W Business HCS on

Demand will offer customers:

Voice and video communications,

mobility, messaging,

presence, web and video conferencing,

and contact center.

Access to cloud-based resources

in a fast and easy way

so customers can get up and

running faster than with traditional


Predictable per-user monthly

costs without having to incur

upfront capital expenditure investments.

Ability to easily ramp up or

down to address seasonal


Deployment of different license

types to individuals

across work groups or departments

as required.

Elimination of the costs and

problems of equipment maintenance

and software upgrades.

Customers most likely

to benefit from this solution

are those with a need for enhanced

remote worker integration,

mobility, cost reduction,

reduced travel cost,

simplified user experience,

accelerated decision making,

improved customer service

and better work-life balance

for its employees.

10 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 11th November 2016

Statement by the Communications

Secretary to Prince Harry

Prince Harry will undertake an official

visit to the Caribbean on behalf of Her

Majesty The Queen, between 20th November

and 4th December. His Royal Highness

will carry out 14 days of official engagements

in Her Majesty’s Realms where The

Queen is Sovereign, in addition to Guyana

– a member of the Commonwealth. The

visit will mark the occasion of the 35th

Anniversary of Independence in Antigua

and Barbuda, and the 50th Anniversary of

Independence in Barbados and Guyana.

Prince Harry will visit seven countries

including the Realms of Antigua and Barbuda,

St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St.

Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada and

Barbados, as well as visiting Guyana on

behalf of the Foreign Office. This will be

Prince Harry’s second official visit to the

Caribbean following his first tour to the

region in 2012 when His Royal Highness

represented Her Majesty during the Diamond


Prince Harry is honoured to be visiting

the Caribbean in the year of The Queen’s

90th birthday, and to continue to develop

The Royal Family’s strong bonds with the

people of these important Commonwealth

countries. While these Caribbean countries

may be relatively small in size, each has

more than their fair share of natural wonders,

inspiring individuals and unique cultures

which His Royal Highness will experience

during this two week tour.

The visit will see Prince Harry carry

out a wide variety of engagements across

the seven countries, from official anniversary

ceremonies and meeting with inspiring

conservationists and young leaders, to

engaging with well-known cultural figures

and national sporting stars, to seeing the

impressive work of a number of important

local organisations and charities. His Royal

Highness will pay special attention to issues

which are common throughout the region,

and will learn how each country and

local community is responding to these

challenges. Prince Harry will experience

first-hand the importance placed on protecting

the environment and conservation;

including vital turtle conservation projects

on the white sands of Nevis, and the replanting

of the coral reefs in the seas that

surround Grenada. His Royal Highness

will see how projects across the Caribbean

encourage and support young people to

thrive, particularly through sport, but also

through social projects and the military. In

addition to this, on Her Majesty’s behalf,

Prince Harry will unveil a number of dedications

to The Queen’s Commonwealth

Canopy (QCC), a global forestry project

which invites Commonwealth countries to

dedicate indigenous forest to be preserved

in perpetuity for future generations.

The tour will begin in Antigua on Sunday

20th November. Upon arrival at V.C.

Bird International Airport on a scheduled,

commercial flight, Prince Harry will be

met by the sights and sounds so traditionally

associated with the Caribbean, as a

local band provides the soundtrack for an

Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force military

parade, during which His Royal Highness

will formally inspect the Guard. That

evening, Prince Harry will attend a reception

hosted by the Governor General, His

Excellency Sir Rodney Williams, featuring

cultural performances introducing His

Royal Highness to Antiguan life. This will

be the very first event held at the newly renovated

Clarence House, a historic building

which overlooks the spectacular Nelson’s

Dockyard and English Harbour. Evenings

in this part of Antigua are renowned for

their stunning sunsets, as Prince Harry will

hopefully see on his first night in the Eastern


His Royal Highness’s first morning in

Antigua will kick off with a Youth Sports

Festival at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium.

Many Caribbean Islands have a fantastic

record of producing some of the

finest cricket players in the world, and Antigua

is no exception. Prince Harry will be

hosted by three of Antigua and Barbuda’s

cricketing legends: Sir Vivian Richards,

Sir Andy Roberts and Sir Curtly Ambrose.

Prince Harry

Together they will tour the grounds meeting

local children and young people showcasing

the many national sports played in

Antigua and Barbuda. The power of sport

to create positive change for young people

and communities is a key focus of Prince

Harry’s official work.

From there, His Royal Highness will

attend a Charities Showcase event in the

tropical grounds of Government House,

in Antigua’s capital St. John’s. Charities

including the Nolan Hue and the Halo

Foundation, Scouts and the Girl Guides,

will highlight the crucial work that they are

carrying out in Antigua and Barbuda. That

evening, His Royal Highness will visit

Barnacle Point to attend a reception hosted

by Prime Minister Mr. Gaston Browne, at

which a number of Antiguan and Barbudan

young cultural ambassadors will also be in


Day three of the tour will see Prince

Harry leave the shores of Antigua for a

short helicopter ride to its sister island of

Barbuda. This island remains untouched

in many areas, and with a population of

around 1800 residents, its famous pink and

white sandy beaches can often seem deserted.

The same cannot be said however

for the nearby lagoons where thousands

of Frigate birds flock to each year for their

annual mating season, making Barbuda

one of the world’s largest colonies for

this species. His Royal Highness will get

up close to these impressive birds on a

boat tour through the mangroves, learning

cont’d on pg 12

Friday 11th November 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 11

12 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 11th November 2016

cont’d from pg 10

more about their elaborate courtship rituals

and migration patterns, as well as how

they form an integral part of Barbuda’s

eco-tourism industry.

Back on shore, Prince Harry will make

the short walk to one of two schools in Barbuda,

Holy Trinity Primary School. Here

His Royal Highness will join the school

children busy preparing celebrations for

the school’s 93rd anniversary of their

Founders’ Day. His Royal Highness will

then travel the short distance up the road

to Sir McChesney George High School,

Barbuda’s secondary school with an impressive

attitude towards conservation

and promoting sustainability. Here, Prince

Harry will see how students manage and

utilise the natural resources they have access

to in Barbuda as a small island state;

whether it be practicing water harvesting,

cultivating crops, or poultry farming, and

meet the pupils who are empowered and

knowledgeable as a result.

That afternoon, back in Antigua, Prince

Harry will unveil the first of four dedications

towards The Queen’s Commonwealth

Canopy project at the Victoria Park

Botanical Gardens in St. John’s. The visit

coincides with the city’s annual Arbour

Day Fair, part of an innovative sustainable

programme which encourages the public

to return used plant bags in exchange for

a tree of their own choosing. Prince Harry

will meet those behind the scheme, including

those growing 90,000 trees to be

planted across the island, before unveiling

a commemorative plaque to mark the dedication

of the park to the QCC, next to an

enormous Rubber tree that dominates the


From Antigua, Prince Harry will depart

for the second country of the tour,

St. Kitts and Nevis. On arrival, His Royal

Highness will receive an official welcome

by way of a military parade at Port Zante,

where Prince Harry will formally inspect

the Guard, before departing with the Governor

General, His Excellency Sir Tapley

Seaton, for his first engagement, a youth

rally at Brimstone Hill Fortress. This spectacular

UNESCO World Heritage Site sits

800 feet above sea level, in the shadow of

Mount Liamugia. Here, Prince Harry will

watch traditional dances, hear Caribbean

songs and listen to local poetry recitals, all

led by inspiring the young people of this

country. It is here that His Royal Highness

will also unveil the St. Kitts and Nevis

dedication to The Queens Commonwealth

Canopy Project – all of the forest above an

elevation of 1000 feet within the Central

Forest Reserve National Park which also

forms an impressive backdrop to the performance


Prince Harry will then travel by boat

to Charlestown Pier on the neighbouring

island of Nevis. As he arrives, His Royal

Highness will be welcomed to the island

by local residents of Nevis who he will

have the opportunity to meet, before travelling

to a local turtle conservation initiative

on Lovers Beach. The Nevis Turtle

Group was formed in 2003 by Mr. Lemuel

Pemberton, and is dedicated to developing

a Sea Turtle Conservation Programme for

Nevis that, by involving the local community,

will ensure that sea turtles are protected

for years to come. Volunteers work

every night on the beaches that surround

Nevis tagging sea turtles and collecting

information about their nesting habits and

movements. Alongside Mr. Pemberton,

Prince Harry will inspect the turtle nests

along the beach, many of which can include

up to 500 turtle eggs per nest.

That evening, His Royal Highness will

return to St. Kitts where he will attend a

reception hosted by the Governor General

at Government House. Prince Harry will

meet young leaders and people from St.

Kitts and Nevis including the country’s

Chevening Scholars and Commonwealth

Youth organisations.

On the 24th November, His Royal

Highness will travel to St. Lucia arriving

in the afternoon at Pointe Seraphine where

he will receive an official welcome to the

country. That evening, Prince Harry will

attend a reception hosted by the Governor

General, Her Excellency Dame Pearlette

Louisy, in the gardens of Government

House, overlooking the historic harbour of

the capital, Castries.

The following morning will begin with

an exhibition cricket match at the Daren

Sammy Cricket Ground. The event will

see His Royal Highness try out his bowling

skills against the legend Daren Sammy

himself, before the 6-over match is left

to the professionals. After the game concludes,

Prince Harry will return to the pitch

to present both teams with medals and exchange

signed cricket bats.

His Royal Highness will then journey

on to Pigeon Island, one of the country’s

national landmarks, to attend an outdoor

exhibition highlighting various conservation

projects run by the young people of

St. Lucia. Prince Harry will also unveil the

dedication plaque designating the Castries

Water Works Reserve and surrounding

rainforest as St. Lucia’s contribution to The

Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy Project.

The Prince will then travel by boat

from the north of St. Lucia to one of the

most beautiful parts of the island, the

south-western town of Soufriere that sits

between the iconic Pitons. His Royal Highness

will arrive at the harbour to the sights

and sounds of a St. Lucian street festival,

with traditional food and drink on offer

at local markets stalls. Prince Harry will

have the opportunity to meet members of

the public, youth leaders and local school

children, with a St. Lucian band providing

the soundtrack.

Day seven will see Prince Harry visit

the picturesque island of St. Vincent,

part of the chain of islands making up the

Realm of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

His Royal Highness will be met off the

boat at Kingstown Cruise Terminal Pier by

the Governor General His Excellency Sir

Frederick Ballantyne, other government

officials and a military parade, at which he

will formally inspect the Guard.

From there, Prince Harry will travel

to Kingstown’s Botanic Gardens, the oldest

tropical gardens in the Western world,

which celebrated its 250th anniversary in

2015. Boasting a wealth of tropical plants,

flowers, trees and birds, the gardens are

also home to the beautiful St. Vincent

Parrot, the Amazona Guildingii, the country’s

national bird. Here, His Royal Highness

will tour the site, watching a number

of cultural performances and will plant a

commemorative Baobab tree to mark the

visit. Prince Harry will then visit the Vermont

Nature Trail, located in St. Vincent’s

cont’d on pg 13

Friday 11th November 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 13

cast live, will take place at the Garrison Savannah,

the very site where independence

was born at midnight on November 30th,

1966. A special ceremony featuring a variety

of performers will commemorate this

important moment in Barbados’ history,

culminating in the reveal of a monument

designed by 24 year-old art student Taisha

Carrington. The design focuses around

the Barbadian trident emblem , which

will form the final part of the monument,

and which until now has been touring the

length and breadth of Barbados, leading up

to this moment.

The next morning Prince Harry will

return to the Garrison Savannah for the

50th Anniversary of Independence Military

Parade. National Uniformed Groups

will be represented in this colourful and

impressive parade, where His Royal Highness

will inspect the Guard of Honour and

be joined by the Governor General, Prime

Minister and other senior dignitaries to

continue the celebrations. Following the

parade, Prince Harry will join guests at the

Officers’ Mess at St. Ann’s Fort, where the

Prime Minister will deliver a speech and

raise a ‘Toast to the Nation’.

This evening will see one of the most

exciting events of the tour: The Golden

Anniversary Spectacular Mega Concert.

This extravaganza will be held at the Garrison

Savannah, with an expected audience

of tens of thousands joining the party. The

last five decades of Barbadian history will

be highlighted, with live performances

featuring the best of Barbadian talent, from

singers and dancers, to orchestras, icons

and celebrated entertainers, one of whom

will be Rihanna – all set to perform. Here,

Prince Harry will take in the celebrations,

and deliver a short speech before the concert

kicks off.

Prince Harry’s final day in Barbados

coincides with World AIDS day, a topic

of great importance to His Royal Highness.

The Barbados National HIV/AIDS

programme has highlighted men as being

at significantly high risk - they are more

likely to be diagnosed late with HIV compared

to women and are also more likely

to die from AIDS-related illnesses. To raise

awareness, the National HIV/AIDS Com-

cont’d on pg 14

cont’d from pg 12

beautiful southern interior. His Royal

Highness will walk a short part of a trail

that hikers worldwide travel to the country

to enjoy, meeting local guides and those

who work on the trail’s maintenance en

route. Here, Prince Harry will unveil the final

of the four dedications to The Queen’s

Commonwealth Canopy on this tour.

That afternoon, His Royal Highness

will visit one of St. Vincent’s beaches to

learn more about the country’s initiatives

which inspire young people through education

in schools to care about and protect

the endangered population of sea turtles on

St. Vincent’s shores. Following a recent

announcement from the Prime Minister,

Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, declaring it illegal

to catch or kill sea turtles or disturb their

nests in St. Vincent , Prince Harry will

hear directly from the local school children

about the various conservation projects

they’re involved in to help preserve these

endangered species. Before departing St.

Vincent, Prince Harry will attend a reception

hosted by the Governor General and

the Prime Minister at the Cruise Ship Terminal.

Sunday 27th will be a travel day.

The fifth country Prince Harry will visit

will be Grenada on Monday 28th November.

After an official arrival and welcome

at Grenada Cruise Port, His Royal Highness

will travel to Queens Park Grounds to

attend a community sporting event. This

local sports field is home to a number of

community cricket and football teams,

who practice there year round. Prince Harry

will have the opportunity to meet and

engage with some of the young players,

and the inspiring figures who volunteer

their time to help coach them.

That afternoon, Prince Harry will visit

Grand Anse Beach, one of Grenada’s most

beautiful beaches. Here, His Royal Highness

will hear about the devastating impact

climate change has had on the Caribbean

environment, and the steps organisations

like the Environmental Division and other

institutions are taking to repair and protect

their precious eco-system. His Royal

Highness will firstly see the how coral gardeners

from the Coral Restoration Project

are rebuilding the coral reef and encouraging

plants and coral to flourish in the

Grenadian seas again. Prince Harry will

then see how Grenada is also restoring its

mangroves, an important part of the country’s

eco-system, which were destroyed by

Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

Prince Harry’s last engagements of

the day will be a meeting with the Prime

Minister, Dr. the Right Honourable Keith

Mitchell, prior to attending a reception

hosted by the Governor General Her Excellency

Dame Cecile La Grenade.

The next three days of Prince Harry’s

visit to the Caribbean will take place in

Barbados, to mark the 50th anniversary

celebrations of independence. This is an

important moment in the country’s history,

and one that thousands of Barbadians will

celebrate together.

Prince Harry will arrive at the Bridgetown

Port, which sits on the Southwestern

part of the island and is the gateway to the

capital. His Royal Highness will be greeted

by a military parade, before he makes

the short journey to Government House

for a meeting with the Governor General,

His Excellency Sir Elliott Belgrave, and

to present a number of Duke of Edinburgh

Award candidates with their Gold Award.

Prince Harry will then pay a courtesy call

on the Prime Minister Mr. Freundel Stuart

at his official residence Ilaro Court, before

returning to Government House to attend a

luncheon hosted by the Governor General.

That afternoon Prince Harry will visit

the Nightengale Children’s Home, an organisation

offering accommodation, support

and care to children from birth up until

the age of 18, including young children

with learning disabilities and health problems.

During the visit, His Royal Highness

will meet some of these children who call

Nightengale’s home, learn about the support

available from members of staff, and

officially open two of the Home’s recently

renovated buildings. Prince Harry will

also watch the children partake in a game

of road tennis – one of the country’s most

popular sports, which dates back to the


Prince Harry will conclude his first day

in Barbados by attending the reveal of the

50th Anniversary of Independence National

Monument. This evening event, broad-

14 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 11th November 2016

cont’d from pg 13

mission in Barbados is trying to remove

the stigma associated with the illness and

encourage men to get tested and talk more

openly about the disease. Over the last four

years, a successful drop-in market-stall

event has been run on World AIDS day,

featuring stalls including a barber’s shop

and even a condom corner, ultimately encouraging

men to drop in and have a relaxed

conversation about an important


A special ‘Man Aware’ event will be

held in Heroes Square in the centre of

Bridgetown this year, where Prince Harry

will take the opportunity to meet with volunteers

manning the stands, and members

of the public dropping in to visit the stalls.

His Royal Highness will then travel to

the Barbadian countryside to spend time

with the team at the Nature Fun Ranch in

St. Andrew. This special and impressive

programme is run by Mr. Corey Lane, himself

a once-troubled teen who has devoted

himself to helping young people with their

personal development, by cultivating positive


The ranch allows young people to

speak freely with one another about important

topics, including HIV/AIDS, providing

them with a positive focus to guide

their lives in the right direction, in a rural

setting while tending to horses, working

vegetable patches, or managing fish hatcheries.

Prince Harry will tour the ranch, and

meet the young people working there who

are benefiting from the programme.

That afternoon Prince Harry will make

his way to Paragon Base, the home of

the Barbados Defence Force. Here, His

Royal Highness will see how the Eastern

Caribbean countries work together at

the Regional Security System (RSS), and

learn more about the Defence Force’s response

to combatting security threats and

the drugs trade operating within the region.

Prince Harry will also have the opportunity

to informally meet a number of the Defence

Force trainee soldiers, and see some

of the Base’s facilities.

The end of Prince Harry’s visit to Barbados

will be marked the following day

with an official departure from the airport,

as His Royal Highness travels on to Guyana.

Situated on the Northern shoulder of

South America, Guyana is part of the Caribbean

region because of its strong cultural,

historical and political ties with the

wider Caribbean community. Part of the

Commonwealth, Guyana has an incredibly

diverse population, and is the only

South American nation in which English is

the official language. The fourth smallest

country in South America, Guyana is covered

by a dense forest, something wildlife

enthusiasts are taking notice of as Guyana

becomes a top eco-tourism destination.

The Prince will arrive at Eugene F.

Correia airport in Georgetown, the Capital

of Guyana. This busy bustling city, nicknamed

the ‘Garden City of the Caribbean’,

is the urban centre of Guyana with a population

of over 120,000, and a distinct Caribbean


His Royal Highness will make his way

to the centre of the capital, stopping to call

on President David Granger. He will travel

on to lay a wreath at the Independence

Monument, before arriving at Camp Ayanganna,

the Headquarters of the Guyana Defence

Force. Here His Royal Highness will

meet with groups of officer cadets, serving

officers and veterans, who will take The

Prince on a tour of the Base. Before returning

to his hotel, Prince Harry will lay

a wreath at Georgetown’s Commonwealth

War Graves, in honour of those who lost

their lives during the two World Wars and

the pre-independence period.

That evening the Prince will attend a

reception hosted by the British High Commissioner

Greg Quinn.

The penultimate day of Prince Harry’s

tour will truly be one to remember as he

takes to the skies to reach the remote wilderness

of the Hinterland. Over 80% of

Guyana’s land mass is covered by the Amazon

rainforest, and tucked away beneath

these incredible canopies are indigenous

communities surviving and thriving in the

jungle. His Royal Highness will visit one

such community; where he will be met by

village elders, who will lead Prince Harry

to the centre of this indigenous community,

which is just five-square miles in size.

Prince Harry will receive an official welcome

from the Surama villagers, around the

gathering point of the village Totem Pole.

His Royal Highness will hear more about

traditional village life, and take a short trip

to the village’s Eco Lodge to see how the

community is embracing eco-tourism.

From this friendly welcome, His Royal

Highness will fly to the Iwokrama International

Centre, which has a close link

to Prince Harry; his father The Prince of

Wales, has been the organisation’s Patron

since 2000. Prince Harry will meet with

rangers to learn about the forest, and the

steps being taken to protect this important

reserve, and the broader conservation

efforts of the Amazon. Before arriving at

the reserve, Prince Harry will briefly call

into Fairview Village and pay his respects

to the village Elders, as well as visiting the

local school.

The final stop of the day will be Kaieteur

Falls. This magnificent waterfall is

the single largest free-fall waterfall in the

world. It has a drop of 741 feet, making it

nearly five times as high as Niagara Falls

in Canada. To reach this staggering natural

wonder, Prince Harry will take one more

flight, and then a short trek through the jungle

with local guides, who will explain the

local flora and fauna of the area, before he

reaches the falls.

The last day of Prince Harry’s Caribbean

tour will finish with a visit to Joshua

House Children’s Centre, in the centre of

Georgetown. The charity, established in

1977, is currently home to more than 70

children, both girls and boys, typically

aged between 5 and 12. The mission of

the home is to rescue children who find

themselves in unfortunate circumstances

and whilst living here, have access to computers

and libraries, daily meals and can

learn skills like how to prepare those same

meals, or even grow the ingredients used to

create them. The charity manages to make

a big impact on the lives of children who

depend on vital services like those provided.

Prince Harry will hear of this first-hand

from the children living there, and the staff

and volunteers who together make it all


That afternoon, Prince Harry will return

to Eugene F. Correia airport, where

he will inspect the final guard of the tour

before departing for London.

Friday 11th November 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 15

Thursday’s Sudoku Solution




1. Fable collector

6. Facts

10. Goals

14. Golf stroke

15. Greek god of love

16. Playwright ____ Simon

17. Helpers

18. Riding whip

19. Rant and ____

20. Singer Reba ____

22. Delighted

24. Till bills

25. Not pos.

26. Grain tower

30. Singer ____ Seeger

32. Framed (2 wds.)

36. Serious injury

38. Brashness

40. Make mistakes

41. Oriental

43. Almost grown

45. That thing’s

46. Cease

48. Purple flowers

49. Advertising lights

51. Mend socks

53. River bottoms

54. Electric fish

56. Commits perjury

58. Polite word

61. Performance group

66. Pinocchio, e.g.

67. Crafts

69. Bogged down

70. Different

71. Ceremonial act

72. Cake covering

73. Colored

74. Nays

75. Shabby


1. Eve’s guy

2. Rock’s ____ Clapton

3. Aspect

4. Pizzeria appliance

5. Basil sauce

6. Edict

7. Stops

8. Excessively

9. Type of poplar

10. Infuriate

11. Tidy

12. Plunge

13. Sleigh

21. To some extent (2 wds.)

23. Inferior

26. Beer mug

27. Furious

28. Lariat

29. Not in

31. Have supper

33. Taunt

34. Prodded

35. Printing ____

37. Untidy conditions

39. Fishing nets

42. Silent assent

44. Pen point

47. Artist’s board

50. Approached

52. Removes suds

55. Acquire knowledge

57. Truckers’ vehicles

58. Begged

59. Easter flower

60. Alleviate

62. Small rodents

63. Soft cheese

64. Loan

65. Fidgety

68. River (Sp.)

16 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 11th November 2016


SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21).

As intellectually adept as you

are, you’re always operating

on a sensual level, too. The

lighting affects you, as does

the color, scent and overall

attractiveness of things. Today

you’ll find comfort in the


TAURUS (April 20-May 20).

Your mind power is quite

real. Your intentions and attitude

will cause you to move

through the world accordingly

and with an impact of body

that changes particles, matter

and thus, to some degree, the

course of history.

Today’s weather forecast

Antigua and Barbuda

Partly cloudy early followed by

increasing clouds with showers

developing later in the day.

High - 85ºF

Low - 76ºF

Wind: East 10 mph

Sunrise 6.09 am; Sunset 5.32 pm

Thursday’s Crossword Solution


21). You’re no minimalist, but

you’re willing to let something

drop in the name of simplicity.

Also, a request has been made.

So what goes? Note: Just because

a thing is enjoyable

doesn’t make it superfluous.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.

19). Though you may prefer to

be around positive role models,

if they don’t show up, fret

not! Reverse role models may

work even better. Seeing what

you don’t want will be among

the strongest motivators.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.

18). As you show appreciation

for the solid people and

felicitous circumstances of the

day, a joy ignites in your heart,

radiates through your body

and rings out through the atmosphere.

You are happiness,

ground zero.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20).

How might you get out of your

uptight, rational mind? Have

an experience that transcends

it. Lean into the mystical.

Reach into that which cannot

be easily explained or completely


ARIES (March 21-April 19).

You crave someone’s love. Do

you dare pause to ask why?

Knowing the origin of this

craving might not stop it, but

there is something valuable to

learn in the investigation.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21).

How someone longs to understand

the mystery of your inner

life. It’s not going to happen,

at least not in any kind of substantial

way, but if you offer up

a glimpse into your thoughts

and feelings you’ll make the

relationship slightly easier.

CANCER (June 22-July 22).

People will reject something

that doesn’t fit in with a number

of other things they know

to be true. To be persuasive

you may need to change, soften

or mold your idea to click in

with what is already accepted.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Contradictions

abound, and what

does this mean? Maybe saying

and believing contradictory

things isn’t a sign that you’re

getting something wrong.

Maybe it’s a sign that you’re

getting something right.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).

When you feel something’s

different about a relationship,

this is no cause to panic. Different

can be good — even

differences that don’t seem

particularly favorable at first.

Relationships that aren’t

changing aren’t growing.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). You

know that people from other

cultures and backgrounds

think differently. You’re surer

of this than you are of being

right in your own cultural


Friday 11th November 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 17

“Eyes on Diabetes”

The Medical Benefits Scheme will be hosting a free public

Diabetes screening on Monday, 14th November 2016 staring

at 9:00am to 3:00pm at the MBS Parking Lot, Nevis Street.

Screening will include Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol,

Height & Weight and BMI. All are invited. For inquiries,

contact the Prevention Unit at 481-6361/ 6266.

All members of the public,corporate citizens, schools,

churches and visitors are requested to support the 2016 annual

poppy appeal, with their voluntary donations, to help

the local national veterans and widows who are in need. This

year`s Remembrance ceremony will be held on Sunday 13

November 2016 at the Cenotaph/ War Memorial. For further

information call the Chairman on 720-0058, the PRO on

721-1970 or the Welfare Officer on 561-1062.

Under the Distinguished Patronage of Dame Louise Lake

Tack The Short Term Fund-raising Committee of the St.

John’s Cathedral present The Annual Black Tie Dinner &

Dance. Friday 25th November, 2016, 7:30 p.m. until. Grand

Royal Antiguan Resort. Price $175.00 Entertainment by the

Specialist Band, Chiki Hi-fi, door prizes, lots of surprises,

including the Master of Ceremonies who is a Priest. Continue

to support our efforts as all funds raised will assist the

ongoing restoration work at our beloved Cathedral.



Notice is hereby given for the Annual General Meeting of

Club El Dorado to be held on: Sunday 13th November 2016

Venue : Paradise Café Market Street St Antigua; Time: 4:30


The business to be discussed at the Annual General Meeting

shall be as follows:-

1. Minutes

2. Matters Arising out of the Minutes

3. Consideration of Financial Report

4. Any other Business

5. Election of New Committee of Management

6. Appointment of Trustees

The Liberta Wesleyan Holiness Church invites you to its

Harvest Fun Fair on Saturday November 26th, 2016, from

12:00pm – 7:00pm on the church grounds in Liberta. There

will be lots of attractions for the children including bounce

castle, face painting, donkey ride. Other attractions include

hat show competition, live music and entertainment. Come

and enjoy an afternoon of food, fun, fellowship and the

bountiful blessings from the Lord. An entry fee of $2:00 will

be charged per person. All proceeds from the fair will go

towards the building of the new sanctuary.

On the 19th November 2016 the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism

Cadets Corps will be hosting a Lunch and Fun Fair at

the House Culture Parliament Drive. As the Tourism Cadets

Corps is nearing the end of the 2016 Program, a cadet’s ability

to effectively manage a project is an integral part of the student’s

success in the program. The Tourism Cadets invite you

to come and experience tomorrow’s Tourism leaders through

song, dance, music and service on November 19th 2016, Old

Parliament Building. All funds raised will go towards the

graduation which is slated for December 16th 2016.

The St. John’s Branch of the Mothers’ Union invites one and

all to their Goat Water and Souse evening at the Dean William

Lake Car Park St. John’s Street. Friday 18th November

2016 3-6p.m. Tickets only $15ec. And can be bought from

any member of the organization or at the Deanery Office. All

proceeds in aid of their community outreach programs.

All executive members of the Antigua and Barbuda Ex-Servicemen

Association, are reminded of the monthly executive

meeting to be held on Tuesday 15 November at 5 pm, at the

Association`s headquarters on Prime Minister`s Drive. Please

be on time, or notify the Chairman on 720-0058, the PRO on

721-1970 or the Welfare Officer on 561-1062 of any Apologies.

The St. John’s cathedral parish presents its Annual Family

Christmas bazaar on Saturday, 3 rd December, 2016 from

2:00pm – 9:00pm at Deanery Grounds St. John’s Street. Lots

of food and drinks will be on sale.Attraction for ALL ages.

Santa Claus will be rolling through with his elves. Come on

out with the family and have a wonderful time. Proceeds

in aid of Restoration of our beloved Cathedral Church. NO

outside vendors will be allowed.

The Antigua State College invites the public to participate in

CARD 2017 – Conference for Academic Research and Development.

A community outreach programme of the college,

CARD’s mission is to present research on issues of national

and regional significance with the aim of promoting societal

change. CARD 2017 is slated for March 2017. The location

will be announced at a later date. The organizers are working

to prepare an attractive open environment for the sharing of

knowledge and experience in an array of subject areas. Papers

may be theoretical, archival or experimental in nature.

We are asking those who are interested in presenting at the

conference to submit an abstract of their research paper along

with a resume or one page bio of themselves to the following

e-mail, The contact person

is Dr. Patricia Benn. The organizers invite the submission of

papers by January 30th. For more information, contact: Antigua

State College: 462-1434. Email: asc.cardconference@

18 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 11th November 2016

Stokes ton leaves India a big task

For Sale

Ben Stokes became the third centurion

of the England innings.

RAJKOT - On the eve of

the Test the Indian government

discontinued the use of

currency notes of denomination

of INR 500 and above.

The memo was clearly not

sent to the England cricket

team, who raised the first 500

against India in India since,

well, they did it themselves

four years ago in Kolkata.

After a perfect first day of

the series, England continued

to dominate the sloppy hosts

who added two drops, a catch

missed because of the captain’s

enthusiasm, and various

instances of misfields and

lazy legs allowing extra runs.

The India openers passed the

first stage of what is going to

be a test of character by batting

out 23 overs without drama

even though the odd ball


While the batsmen made

England’s bowlers work hard,

making the most of India’s

largesse in the field was Ben

Stokes, who became the third

centurion of the innings to

go with Joe Root and Moeen

Ali, who began the day on 99.

Stokes banished the memories

of his three ducks in three

innings against India with an

all-out assault in the first session,

which brought him 65

off 95 and yielded England

139 runs for the loss of two

wickets. Once they began to

lose wickets in the second

session, England shelved the

attacking intent and began to

bat time: on these modern Indian

pitches you want to score

all your runs in the first innings,

and even if they come

slowly they make sure the opposition

bats on a pitch with

more wear and tear.

At any rate, a few balls


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Starting November 14th to November 26th.

had begun to turn sharply,

uneven bounce made more

appearances, and some of the

reverse swing was stark. At

one point, R Ashwin, bowling

from around the wicket, got

one to turn and bounce sharply

past Stokes’ bat. Stokes just

smiled. The smile of a man

who knew his side already

had 377 for 5 on the board.

They ended up with 537.

Put under such intense

pressure for the first time under

Virat Kohli, India’s fielding

went to pieces. Every

time the ball went to Gautam

Gambhir, the batsmen

fancied the extra run. Ashwin

and Amit Mishra are not

the fastest men either; at one

point Mishra conceded three

singles in three overs when

fielding pretty tight at mid-on.

Shockingly, though, Wriddhiman

Saha, reputed to be a

good technical wicketkeeper

who has also rescued India

with the bat on at least three

occasions in the last four completed

Tests, was shown up as

he dropped Stokes twice.

Keeping wicket for the

first time with a side scoring

300 in India, Saha’s feet

didn’t go to his left on both

occasions. He just dived to his

left, shelling a difficult first

one and a regulation one after

that. Both were on the cut off

the bowling of Umesh Yadav

- making that four drops out

of five off his bowling - with

Stokes on 60 and 61. Whether

it was some effect of the 14th

delivery of the day, with the

new ball, which reared from

just short of a length and wobbled

late to nearly hit him in

cont’d on pg 19

Friday 11th November 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 19

cont’d from pg 18

the face, only Saha will be

able to tell.

By the time that ball misbehaved,

Moeen had taken

the single he needed to reach

his fourth Test hundred, widely

acknowledged as his most

mature batting effort. Yadav,

unlucky as he was, also

opened the floodgates with

one on the pads from his third

ball of the morning. Moeen

was the first one to take the

attack to India, before he left

alone a straight delivery from

Mohammed Shami to be

bowled on 117.

That didn’t slow England

down. When you are

300-plus in credit, when you

have a dodgy fielding side

at your disposal, when you

want to drive home that advantage,

look no further than

Stokes. He ripped every bad

ball apart, attacked Ashwin

and Mishra, took 11 runs off

Ravindra Jadeja’s first over

of the day, which he bowled

belatedly, and sent India a session

closer to needing to dig in

for the best part of three days

to save this Test.

Questions will be asked of

India’s bowlers and Kohli’s

captaincy - Mishra, underbowled

on the first day, was

persisted for eight overs ahead

of Jadeja - but this was also

the time to enjoy the uncomplicated

aggression of Stokes

and Jonny Bairstow. The

England wicketkeeper, the

highest run-getter this year,

landed demoralising blows

on the psyche of Mishra: first,

he lofted him over mid-off,

and then, the moment Mishra

bowled the wrong’un, he sent

a message by not just picking

it but also biffing it over longon

for another six. That took

him to 24 off 32, and his side

to 393 for 5 at more than 3.5

an over.

Stokes had by now begun

to toy around with spin:

slogging Ashwin, punching

him the moment he would

Aces upsets Sandals in

Business Volleyball league

By Carlena Knight

Aces fought back from a set down to defeat Sandals, 2-1 in

the Antigua Barnuda Amateur Volleyball Association Business

Volleyball league on Wednesday night at the YMCA Sports


Sandals came out firing and took the first set 27-25 but faded

throughout the second set giving Aces the much needed momentum

to win the second set, 17-25 and push to a final set.

Both teams look determined but late in the set, Sandals began

to lose confidence as Aces dominated winning the set and

the game, 7-15.

In the first mAtch of the night, ABIIT Millblades trumped

Good Morning Jo Jo Media in straight sets. Although the match

was highly contested Media could not find the winning formula

thus resulting in them losing both sets, 28-26 and 25-18.

land short, welcoming Jadeja

with a loft over mid-off first

ball. Shami returned to get

Bairstow for 46 minutes before

lunch, and Jadeja got the

wickets of Chris Woakes and

Adil Rashid. Stokes continued

to enjoy good fortune: mishits

kept falling between fielders;

when he offered a catch that

long-on could have taken,

Kohli ruined it by charging

back from close-in and putting

the fielder off; when

Stokes was finally caught, the

fielder stepped on the boundary


Once Stokes reached his

century, though, it seemed

he and Zafar Ansari were instructed

during the mid-afternoon

drinks break to bat as

long as they could to let the

pitch wear and to let Indian

bodies grow wearier. Accordingly

they added 52 in 22.5

overs. Stokes fell minutes before

the scheduled tea, which

was delayed as Ansari and

Stuart Broad frustrated India

for another half hour.

Weary they might have

been, but M Vijay and Gambhir

displayed alert minds and

compact defence during a session

in which England could

give it their all. Five bowlers

were tried, with Stokes spending

some time off the field

with cramps, but bar a few

deliveries not much troubled

the opening pair. That they

were still 275 from saving

the follow-on was a sign of

the challenge for them. (ES-


20 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 11th November 2016

Windies Women defeated as batting flops

Veda Krishnamurthy and Mithali Raj helped India steer clear of a top order wobble.


Another batting failure saw

West Indies Women crash to

a disappointing six-wicket

defeat to India Women, in

the opening One-Day International

of the three-match

series here Thursday.

Opting to bat first, the

Caribbean side’s batting

woes continued from the recent

series against England

Women, as they slumped

to a paltry 131 all out off

42.4 overs at the Mulapadu

Cricket Ground.

Former captain Merissa

Aguilleira top-scored with

a defiant, unbeaten 42 off

77 deliveries but was one of

only three batsmen in double

figures, with teenaged

opener Hayley Matthews

getting 24 and captain Stafanie

Taylor, 19.

The damage was done

by left-arm spinners Rajeshwari

Gayakwad, who finished

with four for 21 and

Ekta Bisht, who claimed

three for 14.

West Indies Women were

63 for three in the 17th over

but collapsed to lose their

last seven wickets for 68


In reply, India were tottering

on 36 for four in

the 17th over before Veda

Krishnamurthy stroked an

unbeaten 52 and captain Mithali

Raj, 46 not out, to see

the hosts over the line in the

40th over.

The pair put on a brilliant

97 in an unbroken fifth

wicket stand as they powered

India to a precious two

ICC Women’s Championship


Fast bowler Shakera Selman

was superb on her return

to the squad, claiming

two for 11 from her nine


West Indies Women, in

contrast with India Women,

now find themselves under

pressure to win the remaining

two games in order to

make safe their automatic

qualification for next year’s

50-overs World Cup in England.

Taking first knock, the

visitors lost Shaquana Quintyne

without scoring with

just five runs on the board in

the second over but recovered

through a 37-run second

wicket partnership between

Matthews and Taylor.

Both right-handers, Matthews

stroked three fours

and a six in a brisk 27-ball

knock while the usually

prolific Taylor found the

boundary twice in her 51-

ball innings.

Matthews and Kycia

Knight (9) fell in quick succession

to leave the Windies

Women on 54 for three and

when Taylor and Deandra

Dottin (8) both perished in

successive overs with the

score on 63, the innings was

plunged into turmoil.

Aguilleira then led a recovery

of sorts, stroking six

fours and putting on 31 for

the sixth wicket with Shemaine

Campbelle (7).

However, when Campbelle

was run out in the 28th

over, West Indies Women

suffered another collapse

which saw the last five

wickets tumbled for 37 runs.

West Indies Women

looked like defending their

target when Selman removed

opener Smriti Mandhana

(7) and Mona Meshram

(2) cheaply at 28 for two in

the eighth over.

Opener Deepti Sharma

(16) and Harmanpreet Kaur

(1) also perished cheaply in

the space of 20 deliveries to

leave the Caribbean women

on top before Krishnamurthy

and Raj arrived to rescue


The right-handed Krishnamurthy

faced 70 balls and

counted four fours and two

sixes while the experienced

Raj hammered six fours in a

91-ball innings.

West Indies Women face

India Women in the second

game of the series on

Sunday at the same venue.


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