Slipstream - March 2002

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America


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Volume 40, March 2002, Issue 3


Zone 5 Presidents ..........................................................1

List of Officers/Board Chairs .......................................4

Prez Says..........................................................................5

Because I Said So (Editor’s)..........................................6

Maverick Minutes..........................................................6

New Wheels..................................................................27



Advertiser Index...........................................................28

Upcoming Events

Calendar of Events..........................................................1

Happy Hour at Sea Grill................................................2

Club Race 2002 ...............................................................2

Board Meeting ................................................................2

Porsche Lunches .............................................................2

Exotic Feline Tour...........................................................3

Mineral Wells Driving School.......................................7

Hill Country Tour ..........................................................9

Time Trial #1 and Autocross #1..................................15

Past Event Recaps

Rally School...................................................................10

Rally 101 - First Success for 2002 ...............................11

Happy Hour at Carraba’s ............................................13

New Member Party - Rub-a-Dub-Tub”....................14

Park Place Tech Session ...............................................19

Boxster Boulevard ........................................................21

Swap Meet at Zim’s ......................................................23


Trivia Quiz.......................................................................3

Letter to the Editor.......................................................17

Market Launch for 2003..............................................18

Safety Sense: Safety in Passing ....................................20

2001 Balance Sheet.......................................................25

Day March - Events

2-3 Lone Star DE at TWS

6 Board Meeting (p. 2)

16-17 Driving School (TT & AX) (p. 7)

19 Plano Lunch (p. 2)

21 Happy Hour (p. 2)

23-24 Lone Star Club Race at TWS

26 Addison Lunch (p. 2)

30 Exotic Feline Tour (p. 3)

Day April - Events

5-7 Spring Tour (p. 9)

10 Board Meeting

12-14 Mardi Gras Club Race

(No Problem Raceway)

13-14 Time Trial #1 & Autocross #1(p. 15)

16 Plano Lunch

18 Happy Hour

19-21 Early S Registry Meeting

20 Piney Woods Tour

20 Pinewood Derby

27-28 Lone Star DE at TWS

30 Addison Lunch


Dennis Chamberlain, Mark Gluck,

Charlie Davis, Robert Van Buskirk,

& Wendy Shoffit

Cover Photo

Carey & Mimi Spreen’s Orange 914-6


Kay Leibel’s name was spelled wrong (p. 15) as

well as Caroline Ellis. Sorry, ladies!

Day May - Events

4-5 Time Trial #2 & Autocross #2

8 Board Meeting

11 May at Mayo’s Dinner Social

16 Happy Hour

18-19 Hill Country DE @ MSR

21 Plano Lunch

25-27 Club Race and DE at TMS

28 Addison Lunch

Day June - Events

5 Board Meeting

8-9 Lone Star DE @ TWS

15 Concours 101

16 Father’s Day Picnic

18 Plano Lunch

20 Happy Hour

22-23 DE @ MotorSport Ranch

25 Addison Lunch

29-30 Time Trial #3 & Autocross #3

is finally here.


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2002 Porsche Club Zone 5 Presidents


Bob Kelley (Shirley)

h- 318-635-2617



Peter Kendig (Cindy)




Stan Wenger (Janelle)

h- 713-467-0453



Brad Bradford (Sandra)

h- 504-835-7874



Bud Thurman (Phyllis)

h- 501-666-7486



Steele Ford (Genie)

h- 405-954-5203



Jan Mayo (Ed)

h- 817-595-4651



John McDermott (Erin)

h- 918-747-6840



Dan Germain

h- 512-426-8695



Bob Towsley (Joyce)

h- 210-494-5467



James Shoffit (Wendy)




Leslie Morse (Margee)

h- 501-530-1537



James Broussard (Melinda)

h- 225-216-9556




March 21

Sea Grill

17617 Dallas Pkwy, NW corner of

Dallas North Tollway and Trinity Mills.



2002 Maverick Region - Board, Officers & Chairs

Maverick Region President

James Shoffit

W - (972) 506-7449

H - (972) 506-7449


1112 Santa Fe Trail

Irving, TX 75063

A member since 1997, James has also been

co-editor of Slipstream and the Timing &

Scoring chair of AX. 2001 PCA Family of

the Year. He owns a ‘90 911 C4 Cab and a ‘78

911 SC.


Eric Erz

H - (972) 396-2900


122 Estelle Lane

Lucas, TX 75002

Eric has been a member since 1997. He is

active in many types of events. He currently

owns a '72 911E targa, and a '87 Turbo Look



Andy Mears

W - (214) 360-9221

H - (940) 321-8683


1512 Shadow Crest Dr.

Corinth, TX 76210

Andy has been heavily involved with the

mailing and distribution of Slipstream for

several years. He now hopes to attend more

driving events since he has completed his

911 Coupe project.


Bob Knight

W - (214) 461-1426

H - (214) 349-1108


9047 Oakpath

Dallas, TX 75243

A member since 1986, Bob has previously

held the offices of President and Vice

President, edited Slipstream, and has won

the Selcer Memorial award. He owns a 2000

Boxster S.

Driving Events - Chair

Keith Olcha

W - (817) 706-7678

H - (817) 251-6865


711 Manchester Court

Southlake, TX 76092

Keith has been a regular at all driving events

and has recently been heavily involved in our

Driver’s Education program.

Logistics & Support - Chair

Joe McGlohen

W - (817) 366-1678

H - (817) 861-2792


704 Bowen Court

Arlington, TX 76012

Joe has been involved in virtually every type of

event that the Maverick Region holds.

Joe was the 2001 Selcer Memorial award winner.

He owns a 912 and a 914 2.0 liter.

Communication - Chair

Wendy Shoffit

H - (972) 506-7449


1112 Santa Fe Trail

Irving, TX 75063

A member since 1997, Wendy is the editor

of Slipstream and has won the Selcer

Memorial Award. 2001 Porsche Club Family

of the Year. She owns a ‘90 911 C4 Cab and

a ‘78 911 SC.

Activities - Chair

Teri Davis

H - (940) 682-4719


P.O. Box 213

Weatherford, TX 76086

Teri is a past Slipstream Editor and the

current Rally Chair. She has also been a

major force behind Round Up and the

recent Rally Schools.


Cody Sears

W - (214) 357-7000.

H - (817) 540-1076



Joe McGlohen

W - (817) 366-1678

H - (817) 861-2792


Managing Newsletter Editor

Wendy Shoffit

H - (972) 506-7449


Goodie Store

Dee & John Lersch

W - (214) 697-3291


Time Trials

Bill Dugan

H - (817) 265-0704 (

Prez Says

by James Shoffit, Maverick Region President

First of all, I would like to thank the many

people who volunteered to help get the

Slipstreams out to the dealerships. As soon as we

get the fancy information boards from PCA

National, we can start putting our own inserts and

applications and brochures there as well. We

ordered them some time ago, but there must have

been some confusion, as we still don’t seem to have

them. But thanks to all of those willing to help us spread the word!

Our Autocross season started with a bang on February 16th and

17th. Cody Sears and Kevin Hardison did a MAGNIFICENT job of

putting together a first-class autocross school. The attendees seemed

to enjoy it, and so did the instructors and organizers. The Autocross

101 school (Intro to Autocross) was on Saturday, and Sunday was the

Ladies-Only Autocross School. We had record turnout for both, and

everyone seemed to be pleased with the largest change we made from

prior years – more lap time! It was amazing to see how good this

year’s batch of students were. Everyone seemed to really get the hang

of it quickly! Pennington field seems to be a good local venue for our

autocrosses – look for more events there this year.

Coming up REAL soon (March 16-17) is the next Autocross

School, the traditional Mineral Wells 2-day Autocross School.

This is a logical next step for anyone who did AX101 or Ladies

AX, but the prior courses are NOT a prerequisite. Please feel free

to attend the March event, as there will be even more track time,

and larger courses. Mineral Wells may be a longer drive than

Pennington, but it is one of the few places you can get that kind

of space for a driving event.

We have a budding Concours program that should be taking

shape very soon. And in that vein, in late April, we have an opportunity

to visit a Boy Scouts of America Pinewood Derby. They

have invited us to bring some cars, and even make our own

Pinewood Derby cars and race them ourselves! If you aren’t familiar

with it, a Pinewood Derby is a race among cars, built by the

Scouts themselves, which are carved out of wood provided in a kit.

They cannot exceed certain limitations in height, width, length, or

weight, and must ride on stock wheels – no springs or bearings

involved. The cars are about 7 inches long and weigh 5 ounces and

are driven solely by gravity down a sloping track. No curves to

watch out for! And having some of us there with our car-toys

should double the fun for everyone. They can vote on which

Porsches the like the best (in several categories) and we might even

persuade a lucky owner to take a lucky scout on a short drive

around the parking lot. Sounds like a lot of fun to me!

The Tour season will also be getting underway soon, with an

April trip to see the wildflowers. And you don’t want to miss any of

our Happy Hours or Lunches, either. We have something for just

about everyone – so come on out, and join the fun!

Email: mayos@imagin.net or

FAX at (817) 267-4939










What would you do with

1000 hours of your time?

We trained our technicians.


AOL Keyword: Park Place

©2002 Park Place Porsche


Autocross 102 and

Time Trial 103

The MineralRing in Mineral Wells, Texas • March 16th & 17th, 2002

This year’s Maverick Region 2-day Driving School will continue where the “Intro to Autocross School” left off. The Intro School is not a prerequisite

for this driving weekend. Any and all drivers are welcome to attend regardless of their previous driving experience. You do not have to drive a Porsche

or be a Maverick Region member to attend. The first 24 students to RSVP to ax@mavpca.org will get in. A limited number of 1-Day Students will be accepted.

Additional spaces for more students will be made available as additional instructors and workers agree to help out at this event. The additional spaces

will be given to Maverick members, Porsche owners, or attendees of the Intro to Autocross School first. A standby list will be kept. Volunteer workers

may get a “No Show” spot if they have attended the Drivers’ Meeting and can be assigned to an instructor at the track that morning.

You must pre-register and pre-tech for this event. Exemptions for pre-tech must be given by the event staff by Wednesday the 28th. Your car tires

should have plenty of tread depth remaining. Your brake pads should have at least 50% wear left. If you have not changed your brake fluid recently,

please consider doing so before this event. Students will be given extra “solo” runs at each station as time permits. The Saturday School (AX 102) will

have four separate exercise stations including: skid pads, slaloms, a chicane/cornering exercise and a braking/cornering exercise. Lunch, a course walk

and an afternoon autocross will complete the day. The Sunday School (TT 103) will feature segments of a Mineral Wells time trial course. Lunch,

several parade lap sessions, and an afternoon time trial will finish the weekend.



* Cost is $75 For PCA Members. $85 for Non-Members ($40 for 1 Day)

* Pre-registration is required and closes Wed. March 13th.

* Required Pre-Tech Inspection is from 6:00-8:00 PM at Mayo

Performance, (817) 540-4939, on Wed. March 13th.

* Tech Inspection for out-of-towners is from 7:30-8:00 AM on

Saturday morning, March 16th at the MineralRing.

* Drivers’ meeting is at 8:00 AM both mornings.

* All students must be licensed drivers 18 yrs. and over. (16 & 17 w/Parent)

* All vehicles must pass tech inspection. (No SUVs except Cayennes!)

* All students must wear a helmet rated Snell 95 or newer.

* All students must wear closed-toe shoes while driving.

* All students must wear cotton long pants and

long-sleeved cotton shirts.

* All students, workers and instructors must have fun!

Workers and Instructors will get an event T-shirt and free lunches. Weather permitting . . . all Instructors and Workers

will get an hour of Timed Fun Runs at the end of each day. Please Pre-Tech your cars at Mayo’s if you plan to Fun Run.

To attend, work or instruct at this event - register online at http://www.mavpca.org/autocross/schools/

Please read the FAQ section on the website. If you still have questions . . . please email ax@mavpca.org

or call Cody Sears at 817-540-1076 before 9pm.

Maverick Region AX 102 and Time Trial 103 Registration Form

Name _____________________________________ TXDL# ________________________ DOB ________________

Address ____________________________________ City, ST _________________________________ Zip __________

Day Phone __________________________________ Eve. Phone ______________________________________________

E-mail Address ________________________________ Emergency Contact ______________________________________

Vehicle Make__________________________________ Model __________________ Year _________ Color ______________

Are you a PCA Member? (not necessary to attend) Yes No Member #_________________________________________

Have you attended a MR Driving School before? Yes No Which one(s)? _____________________________________

How many TT/AX’s have you entered before? ________________ T-shirt Size S M L XL XXL (Please circle one)

Would you like to order the lunch that will be delivered to the track? Yes No

Are you coming to dinner Saturday night? Yes No How many? ________________________________________

Do you have an instructor Preference? None Male Female Name _______________________________________

Do you need to borrow a helmet? Yes No Size _____ (Limited # of loaners. Headsock purchase required)

Do you consider yourself to be a: Novice, Intermediate or an Advanced student? (Please circle one)

Register online at http://www.mavpca.org/autocross/schools/. Send questions to ax@mavpca.org or call Cody Sears at 817-540-1076 before 9pm.

Please make checks payable to “Maverick Region-PCA” and mail to 3605 White Birch Way, Euless, Tx 76040. Late entries pay at Pre-Tech at Mayo Performance.

Get ready for the 2002 Driving Season!

Time Trial #1 – Saturday, April 13th • Autocross #1 – Sunday, April 14th

Mineralring, Mineral Wells, Texas

See Page 15 of this Slipstream for more details!


Because I Said So

by Wendy Shoffit, Editor

Iwould like to echo James‚ thanks to the volunteers

who stepped forward last month! I

sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm and

your willingness to help the club. I hope that

many more will follow. If you don’t know how

or where you can help, see the “Letter to the

Editor” article on page 17. Let’s keep this ball


I am also so pleased with the amount of articles people are

volunteering to write. Several of these were even unsolicited, my

favorite kind! What this means is that I don’t have to hunt someone

down and beg him or her to cover an event that they are

attending. Further, the ever-increasing use of digital cameras is

helping, too. We are able to save a bit of time each month not

needing to scan in photos. Don’t get me wrong though, picture

prints still have some of the best quality available, particularly for

cover shots.

Basically, I appreciate it all. Willing authors, photographers,

and volunteers thrill me! Yeah, I guess you could say I’m easy to

please. You there...in the back...stop that snickering. *big smile*

Now that I’m handing out the thank you’s, let me say a huge

one to Park Place Porsche, who has agreed to sponsor not only

our Drivers’ Education (DE) at MotorSport Ranch (MSR) in

June, but also Hill Country’s DE at MSR in May. Thanks for your

continued support, not only for your sponsorship, but also for

the monhly tech sessions that our members really love!

Maverick Minutes

by Andy Mears, Maverick Region Secretary

James Shoffit opened the February meeting

at 7:00 PM in Irving Texas at the Shoffit’s

home. First item on the agenda is that the

club is looking for nominations for family of

the year as well as enthusiast of the year to compete

for a national award at 2002 Porsche

Parade this summer. So, if you have a family or

person in mind, please mention it to any one of

the board members.

James also updated everyone on the status of the web site for

managing the autocross schools. This was a great idea for communicating

to all the students, instructors and volunteers. Future

events will use this medium so that everyone can be kept updated

as things happen.

A suggestion was made to start contacting members that

don’t renew and query them as to why they did not renew. Dee

Lersch volunteered to help the membership committee to start

gathering information.

Motion was passed to move forward on making necessary

reservation for 2002 Founders Day Banquet. As details are finalized

updates will be published in both Slipstream and on the web


We have gotten this year started with a bang. With so many

different kinds of events coming up, I can’t imagine that anyone

will feel left out. Keep checking the Maverick Region website

(www.pca.org/mav), it’s always changing!

The last thing I have for you all this month, is a recipe passed

on to me by Melissa Gatlin. I haven’t tried it yet, but she tells me

it’s a huge hit wherever she bring it. Enjoy!

Noodle Salad

1/4 cup butter

1 bunch green onions

1/2 cup veggie oil

1/2 cup sugar

1/4 cup white vinegar

2 T soy sauce

2 pkg RAMEN


1 jar sesame seeds

1 pkg sliced almonds

1 head Chinese


1. Crush RAMEN noodles into small pieces (dispose of the

seasoning packet).

2. Sauté butter, noodles, almonds and sesame seeds until brown

(SLIGHTLY brown). Bring to room temperature.

3. Mix veggie oil, white vinegar, soy sauce, and sugar in a medium

sauce pan, bring just to a boil and remove from heat. let cool.

4. Cut up Chinese cabbage and green onion.

5. When all cooked ingredients are at room temperature, mix

together and enjoy. (Make sure that you mix just before serving

so that noodle mixture does not get soggy)

Teri Davis reported that the Rally School did well and plans

are in the works for additional schools and more rallies in 2002.

If you missed the rally school and want to participate in the next

one contact Teri Davis. Also, Teri updated everyone on the planning

for Round-Up 2002. If you would like to help or have suggestions

for locations please contact Teri.

Jan Mayo reported on the status of the second annual “One

Lap of DFW” and indicated that the scope will be a bit different

this year. Anyone interested in helping with the planning please

contact Jan.

Meeting was brought to a close at 8:45. The next board meeting

will be Wednesday March 6 at 7:00 PM. All members and

guest are welcome. Remember to always check the web site for

the most current information about the happenings in your

Porsche Club.

Maverick Region PCA Board

Meetings are held once a month.

The meetings are open to all PCA members and

your suggestions and opinions are welcome.

And there’s free food!


From the Tourmeister

by Ted Glover

Porsche touring season is rapidly approaching, so all the club

members who would like to enjoy some of the great Texas

roads need to look at the tour dates and mark your calendars.

Since many of the club members are not native Texans and are new

to this state, they might not realize how inviting some of the rods

are. Texas is not just a flat desert, though many non-Texans think

this. In east Texas we have the piney woods and lakes with great

roads between and around them. In the hill counry we have the hills

with great roads between, around, and over them. As testament to

this, the Texas 1000, the premier driving event in Texas, spends an

entire week driving the roads of the hill country.

April 5-7 - This will be the first tour of the season and the

longest in Texas. The drive will be through the hill country with

bluebonnets in full bloom. the club will be staying in Comfort at the

Haven River Inn. See all the pertinent information in the ad to the


April 20 - This will be a one-day tour to see the piney woods

and wild flowers of east Texas. There are a lot of great roads in east

Texas ad this tour will prepare everyone for what is to come during

the rest of the year.

May 18-19 - This will be a two-day tour deeper into the piney

woods of east Texas with an excursion into Louisiana to enoy some

of the scenic roads in the Kissatchee National Forest. We will stay

overnight in east Texas at a site still to be determined.

October 25-27 - This will be a three-day tour to Arkansas. No

details at this time. Different routes are being considered.

November 23 - This will be a one-day tour to enjoy the

Winnsboro Fall Foliage Tours set up by the Winnsboro chamber of

Commerce. They do all the maps and we do all the driving.

All these tour dates were selected after the dates were finalized

for the other events for 2002, so I tried to pick the free weekends so

there would be no conflicts with any of the other events. Porsche has

a new slogan out which states, “Any Curve, Anytime, Anywhere!”

Well, come on these tours and you will see where they are!

Please call me any time if you have any suggestions or questions.

Ted Glover (972) 248-7751.

Charity Corner

by Lanean Hughes

The first day of Spring is March 20th and you know what that

means! It’s time to start your spring cleaning. So, when you

decide to clean out your closets, think of the Hope Shelter

for unwanted clothing. When you clean out your kitchen, get rid of

those extra dishes, pots and pans, or whatever else it is you’ve been

wanting to toss. When you clean out your kids’ rooms, think of the

children at the Pythian Home who have little to play with.

Our charities can use most of what is donated. What they can’t

use, they pass on to other charities who can. Nothing is wasted.

Thank you for your generosity! It is appreciated.


Rally School

By Chris Hart

The great thing about the Maverick Region is there are always a

wide range of events available for the members. Rally 101 was

an event that gave club members a chance to learn the basics of

the sport of road rally. The workshop was conducted and presented by

the club’s own Teri Davis and Juanita Miller. In their own relaxed way,

with the emphasis on having fun we covered Types Of Rallies, Rules &

Terms, Time Speed Distance, Finding The Route, and Rally Exercises.

The agenda provided for breakfast, class instruction, breaks,

lunch, two opportunities to practice what you learned in the field and

behind the wheel before the end of the day rally. Those of us who were

beginners and came alone were paired up with a partner and had just

as much fun as the advanced drivers. The end of the day event was the

Lake Worth Shoreline Rally.

. . . in their own way, with the

emphasis on having fun . . .

In my book it doesn’t get any better than learning how to become

a better driver on a pretty day surrounded by the beauty that can be

found in Texas behind the wheel of a Porsche. Thank you Teri, Juanita,

a very patient partner Mark Gluck and the club for a great event.

With the wide range of driving opportunities and the great members

that are so willing to give of their time, it is no wonder the

Maverick Region is such a successful club.

Photo by Charlie Davis

Photo by Charlie Davis

The facilities inside were superb.

The TCCC campus provided a nice backdrop for this classroom setting.


Rally 101 - First Success for 2002

By Juanita Miller

Photo by Charlie Davis

Now that the months of planning, countless emails and telephone

calls are behind us, I firmly believe that Rally 101 goes

into the success column for 2002. To pull off this school on

basic principals of the rally game, I teamed up with Teri Davis of the

Porsche Club (PCA). We met once to plan the basic flow of the school

and one other time to determine the field exercises at Tarrant County

College, NW Campus. To lay out the route, I asked Carrye Lethgo to be

our guinea pig and ride along as navigator. We found several things to

emphasize and thoroughly explain to the class by answering her questions.

Carrye had fun learning some basic rally concepts with two

tutors in the car. My real problem was that I had Carrye in the front

seat and Teri in back and kept getting their names confused.

Otherwise, since Teri lives in Weatherford and I live in Sachse, thank

our lucky stars for email and telephone. We wrote the textbook and

sample route instructions by remote means. Thanks also go to Ed Tix

(PCA, DSCC) for final checkout of the routes. This cooperation shows

how people working together can get things accomplished.

The day started early with our trusty volunteers, John & Phyllis

Camp (SCCA, PCA and DSCC), showing up early to set out signs and

layout equipment for the first field exercise which was an odometer

calibration. Special thanks go to Nancy Dugan (PCA) for helping out

with registration while Teri and I were getting awake and organized.

Teri arranged for a nice size classroom at TCC which overlooks a picturesque

lake. It was quite comfortable for the 37 students and 10 volunteers

counting myself and Teri.

2nd Place Winners - Taxi and Don Breithaupt

Our course material did not flow as smoothly as we had planned.

I think the fact that Teri got 2 hours sleep the night before and I got 4

had a bit to do with our disorganized delivery. We went through basic

route following ideas, TSD theory and some do’s & don’ts regarding

general instructions for a given event. Lowell Allen (DSCC), long time

rally worker, brought along his video recorder and taped the classroom

session. The first field exercise was the Odometer Calibration and extra

thanks for Charlie Davis for reassuring the campus police that our students

would only be going the wrong way once in the parking lot, in

front of the “Criminal Justice Training Center”. We missed this detail a

couple of weeks prior when we reviewed that drill. Then it was time for

lunch so we broke out the box lunches. The plan was to show some

fancy rally equipment, which I brought along in a tote, but everyone

was having a nice visit, so we skipped that part of the show.

After lunch the class moved on to Timing Loop Drill. The class

was divided in halves, with one working the first round and second

running. The workers were assigned to one of two check points. Our

Photo by Charlie Davis

Photo by Charlie Davis

1st Place Winners - Bill and Nancy Dugan

experienced workers started off performing all the functions and

speaking about each to the group. Then some of the students got to be

checkpoint workers, running the clock, whistle at the timing line, writing

in the log, making out timing slips and delivering them to the competing

cars. This proved to be very informative to most since they don’t

get to see the action from the other side too often. Then we switched

groups and repeated the process. This took a bit longer that we planned

so we hurried through an explanation of results.

. . . hopefully we’ll see respectable

fields at some road rally events . . .

Finally, the students were ready for the big event, the “Lake Shore

TSD Rally”. This was about 25 miles of beautiful winding road along

Lake Worth. Teri established 4 checkpoints which our trusty volunteers,

those previously mentioned plus David & Peg Dennis (SCCA),

Bob Benson (PCA, DSCC), Ken Johnstone (SCCA, DSCC, Z Car plus

our crew chief for performance rallying) staffed the checkpoints. The

first was a reassurance checkpoint at the end of the odometer run to

allow students to ask questions. Two others were arranged so that one

crew could get to both of them. I got to help staff the last one and the

theory was that I would beat the students back to campus. Well, that

was a nice plan but thanks go to Lowell for taking the lead on helping

students figure out their times before Teri or I got back to campus.

Awards were hats which said “rally” for 1st & 2nd place which went to

Bill & Nancy Dugan (1st) and Don & Taxi Breithaupt (2nd).

I fielded several questions about upcoming events and found the

group very enthusiastic. So hopefully we will see some respectable

fields at some road rally events this year. Teri and I plan more cooperative

efforts by PCA & SCCA to keep this momentum going.

As always, a woman’s work is never done! This poor guy is worn out.





AUTOSCOPE, Now in it’s 19th year in Dallas, has satisfied thousands of

European automobile owners looking for exceptional service.

As a Bosch Authorized Service Center, we offer the latest in technology

and equipment to accurately diagnose sophisticated vehicles like yours. All

our work is backed by factory trained and certified A.S.E.technicians. We

carry only the highest quality parts and products with the service to match.

We want you to see what our customers are talking about, so please accept

our invitation to come in and let us introduce to you our staff and facility.

Our VIP service includes:

• Pick-up and delivery of your driveable car from home or office.

• Hand wash and vacuum your car after every service.

• Prompt, courteous customer service you demand.

Call Us Today 972.867.7467


601 Coit Road

Plano,Texas 75093


Happy Hour At Carraba’s

By Jay Easley

Happy Hour Crew: Dennis Chamberlain,

Dee Lersch, and Mark Gluck

This month’s happy hour at

Nuevo Leon marked a “changing

of the guard”, so to speak as

Tinker Edwards handed the reins of

Mentor-hood to Dennis Chamberlain

and his assistant, Rueben, er… Romeo,

I mean, Mark Gluck. While I look forward

to Dennis’ stewardship, I’ll also

miss the role that Tinker has played.

We all owe her a debt of gratitude for coming up with the idea of

Maverick Region Happy Hours and nurturing them along to the

highly successful events they have become (53 attendees for Nuevo

Leon). I know that I would still be a “lurker” if it weren’t for her insisting

that we come out. Thank you, Tink. For all you do, this margarita’s

for you.

...ifI start wearing grown up clothes

and quit bringing crayons . . .

That said, January’s happy hour at Nuevo Leon was more tame

than the last few because no strangers insulted my 944 (Mondo’s) nor

was I evicted (Speedzone). In fact, I was quite content to lurk in the

corner for most of the time. This was one of the largest turnouts we’ve

had in Dallas with many new faces. After attending two straight years

of happy hours, I am still surprised at the number of new people who

keep appearing from the woodwork. If you’re still not sure about this

whole “PCA thing”, please come out to a happy hour and learn what

it is all about. Oh, and Romeo wanted me to be sure to mention that

this goes doubly for you if you’re single and female (just kidding, I

think). This was our fourth time at Nuevo Leon and like always, they

rolled out the red carpet for us. They greeted us with prime parking

spots in a very crowded lot and our own section of the restaurant in

which to congregate. The food is top-notch Mexican, very tasty without

all the onions and other “filler” that you find at most restaurants,

and the presentation is very nice for a place that is so reasonably

priced. I especially recommend the enchiladas. Of course, I am still

not allowed to eat with the adults but Dennis has promised that if I

start wearing grown up clothes and quit bringing crayons to happy

hour, I can eat at the “…Big People’s table…someday”, whatever that

means. That’s okay, there’s more room at a table for four anyway.

The February 21 happy hour is at Champps in Addison. When

we convened there last June, Dennis brought his Cher impersonator,

who got up and did the Karaoke thing. If you like people watching,

you’ll be entertained at Champps. See you there.

Photo by Mark Gluck

Photo by Mark Gluck

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Calvin and Amy Gissendaner

Lydia & Clarence Wyatt

Jacklin Voetketter and Yvette Galbreath

Karol Kendra & Jim Meyer


New Member Party - “Rub-a-Dub Tub”

By Mark Gluck

In spite of the cloudy day and impending Superbowl, the

New Member Party was very well attended! Kids, dogs,

adults and those pretending to be all had a great time with

some incredibly hot chili and more desserts than Wendy could

guard all at once.

Photo by Mark Gluck

Photo by Mark Gluck

Dennis Mokaren, Jack Griffin, and Jim Usher

representing the “Tub Club.”

John and Yvonne Welte

. . . the finest machinery on the

planet was represented . . .

New members had the opportunity to meet with Mavericks

and talk about everything from autocrossing and tires to second

opinions on proposed major engine work. There was interesting

conversation going on throughout the house and spilling

onto the back and front lawns. Some of the finest machinery on

the planet was represented, including the 356 "Tub Club" with

their wonderful classics.

Bob and Chris Morris’ house is always a very friendly place,

the perfect atmosphere for new members to mix and feel welcome.

Thanks, Bob and Chris and welcome new members!

Photo by Mark Gluck

George Edwards and his son Kyle

Photo by Mark Gluck

Photo by Mark Gluck

Vicious guard dog, Charlie, kept Beth Wright, Brian Scudder,

Troy Matz, and Dianne Arnett from getting too close to the 356.

Janice Albritton and Bill LeMasters


Photo by Wendy Shoffit

This table was particularly “kid friendly.”

Just a few of the special 356 Tub Club cars

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

Tinker Edwards sampling the delicious chili along with

Tom and Annette Snodgrass

Thanks to Dee and John Lersch, Goodie Store stuff was flying off the table.


Specializing in


repair, Maintenance,

4-wheel alignment,

and complete

German automobile

body repair.

A.S.E. certified



Glasurit certified

1118 S. Airport Circle, #120

Euless, Texas 76040

Metro (817) 540-0712

Member Automobile Service Association


Letter to the Editor

By Robert Van Buskirk

Dear Wendy:

This morning I had the pleasure of reading Slipstream and

was truly grateful for everyone’s effort to write, produce, and

deliver it to me. I also know much of that responsibility falls on

your shoulders. THANK YOU!

In reading your article I frankly felt bad. You and your family

are the ultimate Porsche family and we are grateful, but I know

it takes a toll. As you know I have recently volunteered to do some

things that I hope help our club. But your article caused me to

wonder how and why I have not gotten more involved. Herein are

some positive suggestions that might be meaningful to all of us.

1. We look at the amazing list of volunteers and think everything

is covered.

2. We don’t know what help would be meaningful.

3. Sometimes we take up a mission only to find out someone

is doing it already or has a very definite opinion about how

something should be done and that scares us away.

. . . we don’t know what help would

be meaningful. . .

Positive recommendation: This week I noticed how quickly

you got a response to your plea for help to distribute Slipstream.

There may be a lesson here.

1. Please help us understand how we can help you and others

by listing in Slipstream or our web page short-term needs

of the club. Our membership resources must be overwhelming

so let’s bring them to bear.

2. Allow us to sign up and “own” certain activities that we can

do each month and feel good about doing it.

3. Conversely, if a member has an issue let them take the

responsibility to “own” the problem, research the matter, and

make recommendations to our Board not just complain.

4. Example: During the past few days there was intense e-

mail concerning where Tech Inspections could be conducted.

However, no one stopped to consider the full

dimensions of the matter and how, for example, John

Sandusky will get to all of those places over multiple days

to insure our standards are upheld.

Wendy you and James are critical members of our club that we

all value! Please do not get frustrated! We just need to understand

where we can help and fit in. This could be the subject of your

monthly article in Slipstream and we would all be better for it.

You guys are the best and you are very much appreciated by all!

Dear Robert,

Thank you so very much for your well thought out response

and suggestions. You are absolutely right! We, as a board, will try to

do better about that in the future. As for right now, here are a few

jobs that need filling. These are not extremely difficult jobs to do,

most or all only require a few hours a month and I’m certain we

can ALL find a little time in our schedule to give something back.

1. Worker Coordinator (AX/TT) Assistant - I'm willing to continue

doing it, but would love to have someone to back me

up and hopefully take over sometime soon.

2. Advertising Chairman - someone who can send out ad rates,

contracts, invoices, etc. Graham Lane has done a marvelous

job the last 2 years and would like a break.

3. Slipstream Distribution - someone to print labels and do the

bulk mail paperwork once per month. It takes only a few

hours a month, and a smart person with numbers. Andy

Mears is working to streamline the process to make it easier

for the next person to do.

4. Equipment Coordinator - Someone to manage a list of

equipment belonging to the club, including where it is, serial

numbers, etc. Charlie Davis has agreed to be the interim

coordinator until someone else steps forward.

5. Assistant for Round Up - Someone to help Teri Davis put on

this fabulous event. She has done this job by herself for the

past several years and could use a little help.

That’s all I know of for the time being. If you think that you

would be suited for one of these positions, let me or any one of the

people mentioned in the job descriptions know. You will have help

getting started. We are great at on-the-job training! Thanks!

Start the New Year with new numbers!

2001 Photo Archives are being prepared!!!

The scans and prints from every Porsche Club driving event are

being sorted and grouped by driver and will be ready soon.

If you are interested in seeing your car in action . . .

call us at 214-957-8193 or email us at:





Kevin Hardison

Charity Autocross

High resolution 8” x 10” digital photos start at $15.00.

Poster print sizes up to 36” x 48”!!!

Custom magnetic car numbers start at $75.00.

If you have already paid for pictures from the TMS Event and haven’t received them

yet, please recontact me and I will get them to you immediately.

I apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused. Thank You.

Layout • Design • Hats • Shirts

Banners • Posters • Calendars

Track Photography • Car Numbers

Digital Photo Editing

Kevin Hardison

Irving, Texas • (214) 957-8193


Market Launch for 2003

By PCNA Press Release - Jan, 8, 2002

Porsche Executive Board reaches decision to build the

Carrera GT Stuttgart/Detroit. Following detailed studies the

executive board of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG. has now given the

"green light": The Carrera GT will be built. The Stuttgart sports

car manufacturer wants to produce 1,000 units of this high performance

sports car, the market launch of which is currently

planned for the second half of the year 2003. This announcement

was made today by the Chairman of the Board, Dr. Wendelin

Wiedeking, in a press conference held at the Detroit Motor Show.

Porsche first presented a study based on this high performance

sports car series at the Paris Automobile Salon on 28

September 2000. Public reaction to this completely new Porsche

was positive throughout the world. Wiedeking: "With the Carrera

GT we want to do more than just demonstrate our technical

competence in the sports car segment. This vehicle also mirrors

the strength, the dynamic and the self-confidence of the company

and the Porsche brand".

The construction of the Carrera GT is based on pure racing

car engineering. This applies to the chassis and the understructure

as well to the new V10 engine and the six gear gearbox. With

5.5 litres cubic capacity, a torque of 600 Newton meters and 558

H.P. the Carrera GT guarantees top speeds of over 330 kilometres

per hour.

© 2002 Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG.





FAX 972-721-1847


Park Place Tech Session

By Robert Van Buskirk

Photo by Robert Van Buskirk

On January 19, Park Place Porsche hosted their first in a

series of monthly “Tech Sessions.” These sessions were

put together to satisfy the need of Maverick Region

membership to learn more about their Porsche’s in a “hands

on” setting.

Tracy Moore, Sales Manager and Dan Franklin, Service

Manager got our attention at the very beginning with the offer of

special pricing during the day for Service, Parts, and Porsches.

Rumor has it one of our very own had a demo and bought a

remarkable yellow 2002 996 with all of the options at special pricing.

With his proven racing ability we are in big trouble.

We were all surprised to hear Park Place Porsche ranks third

for Porsche sales in America!

Photo by Robert Van Buskirk

The audience was very attentive.

We learned among other things the computers in the newer

Porsche’s actually log “over rev” experiences! Their Shop

Foreman, Jimmy Hays was extremely helpful in describing all that

we saw and answering a seemingly endless series of performance

enhancing questions.

. . . learn more about their Porsches

in a “hands on” setting. . .

Insert your own joke here...it’s too easy!

Next we were offered breakfast, an explanation of the morning

events, and their desire to become more involved with our

Maverick Region. This includes having these events on a monthly

basis throughout the year, providing Tech inspections prior to

our events, and offering special pricing to the Maverick Region

Porsche Club membership. Additionally, they intend to get more

involved with racing and to have service vehicles at our racing

events during the year.

This first session covered brake systems to include the

upgrade of a Boxster, demonstration of the sophisticated computer

analysis tools Park Place uses, and endless questions our

membership asked about all models of Porsche’s and situations.

Photo by Robert Van Buskirk

On the Boxster we were shown a total change over to a competitive

brake system. We watched the complete removal and

installation, which included learning many little nuances that are

important in doing the job correct, the first time. Also, we learned

Just one of the fabulous mechanics strutting his stuff.

Photo by Robert Van Buskirk

A job well done.

how to do a one person brake flush which is important knowledge

for all of us.

Additionally, they had Boxsters and 996’s on hand we could

inspect and ask detailed questions about. At the end of the event

many members took advantage of the special parts pricing which

was better then the sale pricing Performance Products was offering

in their catalogue.

We appreciate everyone’s effort and look forward to the

February session, which will be on multiple 996’s.


Safety Sense: Safety in Passing

By Tom Comeau, San Diego Region

Our club seems to be moving steadily towards more events of

the DE (Driver Education) and TT (Time Trial) variety

where higher speeds and passing are involved. This is readying

many of the membership for the next level of competition, Club

Racing. We need a heightened sense of safety to go with this extra

speed and passing. I'd like to address what appears to be a blind spot

in the driving routine of some of us when we get cooking and

charged up on adrenalin –- passing and getting passed.

. . . park your ego and accept he’s a

better driver or has a faster car . . .

A good pass must start with watching your mirrors and this

must take place BEFORE you enter the straight or passing zone. If

someone is on your tail through the corners, prior to the straight,

you must assume that this person wants to pass you. Park your ego

and accept that he's a better driver (it's possible) or has a faster car

(it happens) or whatever you do to rationalize. The safest way to

allow a pass is to move as quickly as possible to the right and get off


Why is this a safety concern? Glad you asked. The safety aspect

is in the rapidly diminishing space the overtaker has if you just barely

(or don't) lift off the gas. It's very easy to neglect coming off the

gas COMPLETELY, to allow a clean pass when you're in "competition"

mode. It's some-thing that should be practiced by everyone so

that all passes are clean and safe. The alternative is two cars screaming

down the straight and one or the other or both getting in a bind,

overbraking and losing the line through the upcoming turn, which

can be hairy at the higher speeds. We've all seen this situation at

TT's. It's something that can and should be avoided.

Running with the "big guys" requires this heightened sense of

alertness to your mirrors and to the fact that you have other people

out there with you. What you do has a definite effect on others.

You may not be remembered or thanked for allowing clean passes,

but I can almost guarantee that you will be remembered (and not

fondly) if you don't.

The course at the start of a DE session can be a bit crowded!


Boxster Boulevard

By Bob Bianconi

So Boxster owners, what were you doing Feb 9th? If you were

one of the lucky Boxster owners, you were cruising happily

through the rolling country roads west of Ft. Worth. On

Saturday the 9th, Maverick, and soon-to-be Maverick members,

assembled at Zim’s swap meet in Bedford. Boxsters from Irving,

Southlake, Dallas, Duncanville, Colleyville, Keller, and Grapevine

joined to share a day of driving, camaraderie and all things Boxster.

The long distance award goes to PCA member Mike Rentner from

Austin who drove up that morning to join us for the tour. It was

also nice to see some Boxster owners show up as a result of the

recent Slipstream advertisement. In fact, several folks said that this

was their first PCA event.

Photo by Bob Bianconi

The group at the Chalk Mountain Overlook.

Photo by Bob Bianconi

Photo by Bob Bianconi

Boxster Boulevard at Zim’s.

What’s unique about this group is its make-up? Many of the

Boxster owners are frequent guests of Pete’s Boxster Board*; they

are the folks who chat and discuss their cars, day in and day out.

While some folks knew each other, most had never met in person

until this tour. All agreed that is was great to finally meet the person

behind the bulletin board name.

. . . the only time I used the word

“ranch” was in conjunction with

the word “dressing” . . .

The gang at Chalk Mountain.

Photo by Bob Bianconi

So there we were, a baker’s dozen; Boxsters of all colors and configurations

lined up along “Boxster Boulevard” - thanks Vaughan,

great name! The obligatory driver’s meeting was held and then we

were off for a 4-hour tour. The weather cooperated and temperatures

approached 60 degrees, so most of us caravanned top-down.

The most tedious part of the tour was getting to our starting

point; it took about an hour to drive through Weatherford, Mineral

Wells and then to Palo Pinto where we turned onto the roads that

had “Porsche” written all over them. We started off fairly high up

(for north Texas). The first road actually had a “Trucks use low

gear” sign as we descended through Palo Pinto. I think that’s the

first one of those I’ve seen in a while.

We used lots of little-used back roads through Lipan, Santo -

best chicken fried steak in Texas, I’m told - and Bluff Dale. Our

Caboose told us over the radio that it was quite a sight seeing all the

Boxsters cresting one hill and then the next. This was definitely

ranch country with lots of open space. (Note: I’m from Maryland,

Lunch in Granbury

prior to my move here to Texas. The only time I used the word

“ranch” was in conjunction with the word “dressing”). We found

lots of twisties intermixed with rolling hills and stretches of long

straight-aways. All-in-all, great roads for Porsches of any kind.

Near Glen Rose, we all stopped to stretch our legs at the Chalk

Mountain overlook and to take the opportunity for a group photo

shoot. From there it was off to Granbury where we all grabbed

lunch. Granbury was our last stop and everyone went their separate

ways; some stayed to shop, others wanted to stop by

Motorsport Ranch since it was nearby and the rest of us finished

out the backroad journey heading back to points east.

Yes, we Boxster owners love our cars too.

*Pete’s Boxster Board: www.986board.com/board/986board.htm




PLANO, TX 75093

German Engineering With Southern Hospitality.

Personal Service.

At Nine-Eleven, we’ve built a reputation for understanding our customers’ needs —

quality service, convenient location, state-of-the-art diagnostics, and personalized service

that is unmatched in the Metroplex. When you trust your car to us, you will have the

peace of mind that it will be serviced correctly the first time. Every time.


We strongly believe in access to those who will actually work on your car. Our

technicians are available in person, by phone, and even by pager if you have questions

or need timely information about your car.


Our clean shop, well-stocked parts department, and comfortable waiting room ensure

that you and your car will get the kind of service you deserve. Maintained tools and

equipment. Clean cars. We are meticulous about details.


Our parts department is also second to none. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in

finding that necessary part or after-market option you require. We are an authorized dealer

for high-performance Recaro seating, Yokohama Tires, Bilstein Shocks, Bosch, and many

others. This ensures that whether you are a casual driver or an enthusiast who needs race

prep assistance, Nine-Eleven has the experience and knowledge to keep your car running

at peak performance.


Crown Rd.

Cindy Lane


Royal Lane

Joe Field Rd.



Nine-Eleven Enterprises, Inc.

Service, Accessories & Parts for BMW,

Mercedes & Porsche

2120 Cindy Lane, Dallas, Texas 75229

972-241-2002 www.nine-eleven.com


We are conveniently located near the intersection of Stemmons and LBJ Freeways

in Dallas. We offer emergency towing service 24 hours a day and have arranged

for special rental car rates with area rental agencies. Come by for a visit between

7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday, or call for a service appointment.


Swap Meet Again at Zim’s

By Wendy Shoffit

On February 9th, a large crowd descended upon the parking

lot at Zim’s Autotechnik for the first swap meet of 2002. The

event was originally supposed to be held at GTI, but

because of a problem with the owner of the building, it had to be

moved to another location. Fortunately for us, Zim’s was more than

happy to help us out. Not only did they give us a location, but they

also extended attendees a special 10% discount on parts.

Now, I haven’t been to a swap meet in a few years, but to the

best of my knowledge, this was the largest one in awhile! It was certainly

bigger than the last one I was at! I was amazed to see so many

tires, wheels, and bizarre parts offered up. I guess everyone at one

point or another needs something “oddball part” that they can’t

seem to find anywhere else.

Quite a few people I spoke to went home pretty happy.

Unfortunately for us, the wheels we brought with us came back

home with us again. Oh yeah, and I still have some of those Speed

Racer videos if anyone is interested. I know of one young boy who

was thrilled to find his favorite episode. All in all, it was a great day.

Thanks again to Zim’s for being so accomodating!

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

Wheels and tires were everywhere for sale.

. . . one young boy who was thrilled

to find his favorite episode . . .

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

Jasmine and Geneva helping sell tires.

Who could risist those faces?

Everyone had their own particular “style” that day.

I wonder if he ever found a horn?

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

I guess Bailey decided to take

VP Eric Erz for an extended walk.

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

These three are what you would call “fixer uppers” desperately needing some TLC!


214-965-6102 or 1-800-527-5746

100 Crescent Court, Suite 600, Dallas, TX 75201.


Balance Sheet

By Bob Knight, Treasurer

Yearly Totals

Income Expenses Net

NATIONAL SUBSIDY $14,063.00 $14,063.00


Registrations 18,982.24

Track rental and expenses (17,535.62)

Total Autocross 1,446.62


Registrs. & sponsorships 62,455.70

Track rental and expenses (58,745.51)

Total Club Race 3,710.19


Registrs. & sponsorships 53,855.00

Track rental and expenses (40,739.36)

Total Driver Education Courses 13,115.64


Registration 723.52

Rallye school expenses (702.18)

Total Rallye 21.34


Registration & monies rec’d 9,146.78

Donations (9,442.90)

Total Charity (296.12)


Registration 2,566.50

National Subsidy 300.00

Meals and supplies (2,521.87)

Total Round-Up 344.63


Sales 5,747.09

Inventory Purchases (3,941.33)

Total Goodie Store 1,805.76


Advertising income 5,217.00

Printing and postage (22,504.55)

Total Slipstream (17,287.55)


Bank charges (483.76)

Checking interest 81.12

C.D. interest 664.96

Membership postage and supplies (201.87)

Administrative (287.69)

Internet (158.35)

Board meetings (527.45)

Total Administrative (913.04)


Radios (2,216.31)

Scales (1,956.30)

Total Equipment (4,172.61)



Checking account 13,913.03

Certificates of deposit 20,150.49


Checking account 33,849.30

Certificates of deposit $10,167.60


Dinner mtg registrations 5,978.44

Cost of food and supplies (6,922.14)

New members' party 520.00 (1,460.78)

Total Meetings (1,884.48)



3151 Skylane, Suite104 • Carrollton (Dallas), Texas • 972.733.4807


Complete Collision Repair

Featuring the latest Shark & Hunter Equipment.

We work closely with your insurance company on all repairs.

• Track Alignments and Suspension Setups

• Your convenient Drivers Education

inspection location for

North Dallas


Steve Watkins in the Streetwerks 944 S2 at Motorsport Ranch.

5401 I-35 • Corinth, Texas 76205 • 940-270-8000 • Fax 940-270-8001 • www.streetwerks.com

New Wheels

If you have any changes that you would like to make to the

MRPCA membership guide, call Joel Nannis at (972) 722-2735

by Joel Nannis, Membership Chair

Ron Bailey

3549 Suffolk Dr

Fort Worth, TX 76109

1975 914

Mike & Mary Bellinghausen

17025 Windward Lane

Addison, TX 75001

1987 930

Richard L Bennett

930 Summer Trail

Flower Mound, TX 75028

1985 911

Robert H Clark (Ben)

7715 Turtle Creek Blvd

Dallas, TX 75225

1989 911

Lee Coleman

2300 Miller Ct

Carrollton, TX 75005

1978 911 SC

John M Crates

5800 Eastman Dr

Plano, TX 75093

2001 911

Kenneth M Davis

900 Westminster Way

Southlake, TX 76092

2001 996

Monda P Degan

6404 Willowcreek Dr

Plano, TX 75093

1999 Boxster

Jeff Dole (Cindy)

6910 Hillpark Dr

Dallas, TX 75230

1988 930

John J Flynn (Allison)

918 Independence Pkwy

Southlake, TX 76092

2002 911

Steven M Frost (Linda)

11240 Leachman Circle

Dallas, TX 75229

2001 Boxster


5 Years

Terry Angevine .............Flower Mound, TX

Britain J Smith............................Austin, TX

Craig Hamilton

6533 Castle Pines Road

Fort Worth, TX 76132

2002 Boxster

Kristina K Holman

5830 Clendein Ave

Dallas, TX 75228

2000 Boxster

Rick Jackson

5859 Burgundy

Dallas, TX 75230

2000 Boxster

Bruce W Jaster

Po Box 12667

Dallas, TX 75225

2002 Carrera

Sandra L Long

1949 Realistic Drive

Bedford, TX 76021

1984 911

Mary Longoria (Al)

1401 Wildwood Circle

Garland, TX 75042

1984 911

Douglas Malone (Jean)

360 Highland Oaks Cir

Southlake, TX 76092

1996 Carrera

J Russell Mc Clellan (Scott)

3010 Thomas Ave Unit D

Dallas, TX 75204

2002 Carrera

Tony Mitchell

5521 Dunn Hill Dr

Fort Worth, TX 76137

2001 Boxster

Rick Nemeroff

5354 Vickery Blvd

Dallas, TX 75206

2002 Carrera

Phillip D Parker

639 Cowboys Pkwy #3042

Irving , TX 75063

2000 Boxster

Frank E Parli (Lee)

4589 Old Pond Dr

Plano, TX 75024

1996 993

Jeff Parnell

4232 Mckinney Ave #109

Dallas, TX 75205

1989 928 S4

Aaron M Persons (Cheryl)

849 Pimernel Lane

Plano, TX 75075

1986 944 Turbo

Spence Peters (Ann)

11635 Harbor East Drive

Fort Worth, TX 76179

2002 911

Joseph M Ray (Megan)

632 Lakewood Dr

Allen, TX 75002

1985 911

Ron Russek Ii

1208 Brook Ln

Cleburne, TX 76033

1984 911

Mike Spence (Helen)

4405 Pomona

Dallas, TX 75209

1980 911

Charles H Tardivat

3225 Turtle Creek 1804

Dallas, TX 75219

2002 911

Brent M Yager

15575 Spectrum Dr #4707

Addison, TX 75001

2000 986


Transfers In From Other Regions

Terry J Blechar (Shelley Merner)

4118 Hawthorne Ave

Dallas, TX 75219

1987 911


New Members!


Happy y Anniversar




Unclassifieds are available free to Maverick Region Members and are $5 to all others (Payment to MR-PCA must accompany ad). Please limit size to no more than 6 lines.Ads

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1984 Carrera Turbo Look, Zennmetallic/Blue leather interior

w/Sport Seats. 43,000 miles, 2nd owner since 1989. New F/R brakes

& Yoko AVS's. Excellent. Original tool kit, air pump, owner manuals

and window sticker. $29,000 Firm. Steve @ Nine-Eleven Enterprises

972-241-2002 X104 or e-mail steve@nine-eleven.com (1)

1979 911 Turbo (930) 158K Miles -- U.S. Car (Not Euro Grey

Market) This is a meticulously maintained near perfect example of

Porsche’s mighty Turbo. All service records from 1979 - I am the

second owner. This car looks and drives like new. The following

items have been either replaced or rebuilt: Engine, Trans, Clutch,

Shocks, Struts, Front Suspension (including rack and pinion steering)

Wheels, Brakes and much more. Additional Equipment:

Alpine CD changer with ADS speakers and amplifiers. Upgraded

Air-Conditioning compressor with multiple condensers and fans.

Engine was upgraded to 3.4 liters when rebuilt. Momo steering

wheel. Built-in Valentine 1 Laser/Radar Detector. This is an emissions

legal 300 HP plus car. Price $29,000.00. Paul Labute

plabute@airmail.net (1)

1985 911 Carrera Cab Black, tan interior, all records, maintained

by Nine Eleven, garaged, Alpine CD stereo, amplifier, Boston

Acoustic speakers, A/C, power windows, mirrors, locks, cruise,

115,000 miles, $17,900, M.C. Meador, 972-395-1452,

mcmeador@attbi.com (1)

1995 Chevrolet Suburban LT 5.7L V-8, Auto., Front & rear A/C,

Towing package, Power steering, brakes, windows, locks, seat,

Leather, Cruise, Tilt, Privacy glass, Running boards, Alarm, Alloy

wheels, Luggage rack, Third seat, Premium AM/FM/Cassette.

Excellent condition; great tow vehicle. 96k miles; $12,500 OBO.

Contact Bill Dawson 972.291.8817 (H) or 214.350.0350 (W) (1)

1986 944 Turbo. Red w/Black interior. 88K Miles.

WPOAA0952GN154948. All original. Garage kept w/car cover.

Dealer/Autobahn FW serviced. 90k belt service done. Showroom

condition! Wake the neighbors. New Sony X-Plode CD, Xtant amp

with Infinity speakers. Every high school kids dream & parents

nightmare. Perfect toy for yourself, the wife, & possibly the race

track. $12,800.00. Contact Jerry. 817-431-5078. (2)

1995 911/933 Coupe. 6 speed , red with black leather, original, like

NEW, needs nothing, 37,000 miles, litronic headlamps, sunroof,

tinted glass, 17"cup wheels, cruise, cd changer, extended warranty..$43,000

OBO Bill (H) 214-691-1461 (O)214-748-1828 x307,

bill@mcgs.com. (2)

Parting out 1975 2.7 liter, CIS, Carerra tensioners, Sachs

street/track clutch. Nitrous Express for 2.7/3.0 CIS $1100, adds 50-

75 H.P. w/ bottle heater and purge. 993 Brembo Big Black brakes

like new drilled/molded disks, fresh pads, sensors, set of 4 reduced

to $2800. Factory Alumn rear deck lid $650. 1987 Black leather

Interior less seats. 11 blade fan pulley $175. Fan housing $150,

both powder coated. A/C parts, Rear Sway bar, oil lines, '76 915 5

speed trans needs ring & pinyon w/clutch cable. Other misc. parts

Wade Kolody (972) 304-1159 wsc16@attbi.com Buyer pays shipping.


1987 944 Turbo. Alpine white/tan leather. 121K mi. Never

chipped, Mobil 1, Koni's, MSDS cone air filter(original airfilter

box available), Khumo Victoracers mounted (worn Michelin

allseasons available), timing belt tensioning tool & 7 vol. factory

workshop manual, spare Sachs "sport" clutch, pilot & throw out

bearings but current clutch seems fine. All maintenance records &

receipts. Very solid, well maintained & cared for. Selling to buy

Formula Vee. $8,000 firm. (580) 252-0036 (eve.). rltodd@texhoma.net


'99 Dodge Dakota Sport Club Cab, 44k mi, white, 3.9 V6, 5-sp, ltd

slip diff, A/C, lockable camper shell, towing pkg (up to 4000 lb),

spray-in bed liner, factory wheel & handling pkg, new 275/60-15

tires, transferrable 5yr/60k mi warranty, asking $12,000. Carey

Spreen, 972-420-9953 (2)

1988 928 S4, classic combo of guards red and tan leather with 66K.

A nine inside, outside and under the hood. Up to date service and

maintenance at Louden Motorcars. Owned by two long time

porsche owners/enthusiasts. This is your chance to set yourself

apart from the normal Porsche pack, going 180 mph the whole

way. A steal @ $19k Contact Toner @ 972-965-1780. Only serious

inquiries please. (2)

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