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The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

September 2003 - Published by Maverick Region

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Porsche Perfect Service Award

No.1 in the nation for customer

satisfaction for our second consecutive year

Audi Magna Society

Honoring the top 30 Audi dealerships

Volkswagen Wolfsburg Crest Club

Honoring the top seven Volkswagen

dealerships in six regions

At Boardwalk Auto Group, the brands we offer would

mean very little if our customers didn’t prefer the

brand of customer service they receive from us. This

year, we’re proud to have earned all three of our

manufacturers’ highest awards for delivering the finest

possible customer satisfaction to our customers. Which

proves the measure of a fine dealership isn’t which

brands it represents but how it represents them. We

chose the brands, and we continually thank our customers

for choosing us.

5930 W. Plano Parkway


5930 W. Plano Parkway


601 S. Central Expwy.


Volume 48, September 2003, Issue 9


Zone 5 Presidents ..........................................................1

List of Officers/Board Chairs .......................................4

Road Ramblings (President’s Column)......................5

Curves Ahead (Editor’s Column)...............................8

Maverick Minutes..........................................................8

New Wheels..................................................................27


Advertiser Index...........................................................27


Upcoming Events

Calendar of Events..........................................................1

Happy Hour at Railhead Smokehouse........................2

Porsche Lunches .............................................................2

Palo Pinto Tour...............................................................2

Time Trial #5/Autocross #6 ...........................................3

Board Meeting ................................................................5


Boardwalk Porsche Tech Session................................15

Halloween Party............................................................17

Arkansas Fall Tour........................................................24

Past Event Recaps

Happy Hour at The Main Event...................................9

Art Appreciation Rally .................................................13

McKinney Library Concours......................................17

Whitesboro Tour ..........................................................18

Autocross #5 ............................................................20-21

Post-Parade Party .........................................................25


Trivia Contest..................................................................7

The Importance of an RSVP ......................................11

ALMS at Infineon Raceway...................................14-15

Nominating Committee Members ............................18

A Maverick at Watkins Glen..................................22-24

Hope Shelter Donations Needed ...............................25

Day September - Events

6 Time Trial #4 (MW)

9 Board Meeting

11 Happy Hour at Railhead

13 Palo Pinto Tour

16 Plano & Bedford Lunches

19-21 Mav Drivers Education (MSR)

27-28 Time Trial #5/Autocross #6 (MW)

27 Leadfoot Reunion (MW)

30 Addison Lunch

Day October - Events

7 Board Meeting

11-12 Hallet Club Race & DE

16 Happy Hour

18 Time Trial #6 (MW)

21 Plano & Bedford Lunches

24-26 Arkansas Tour

25 TSD Rally

25 Halloween Party


Bill Stafford, Kevin Hardison,

Dennis Chamberlain,

Wendy Shoffit, Matt Platts

Cover Photo by Wendy Shoffit

A closeup look at the rear fender vent

on Hill Bullock’s 996 Turbo at the

McKinney Library Concours

Day October (continued)

26 Parade Autocross Warmup (TMS)

28 Addison Lunch

Day November - Events

4 Board Meeting

8 Founders Day (TMS)

8-9 LSR Drivers Education

15 Fall Tour

18 Plano & Bedford Lunches

20 Happy Hour

22 Rally

25 Addison Lunch

Day December - Events

6-7 LSR Drivers Education

9 Board Meeting

13 Holiday Party

16 Plano & Bedford Lunches

18 Happy Hour

30 Addison Lunch

Photo by Kevin Hardison

Keeping cool at a blistering AX #5. (Page 20)

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2003 Porsche Club Zone 5 Presidents


Kenneth A. Chandler



Tinker Floyd



Stan Wenger



Brad Bradford



Ron Mott



Mike Lindsey



Brooke Van Horne


Dick Dobson



Weston Dillard



Ruth Parks



Keith Olcha



Leslie Morse



Ray Quick



September 11

Railhead Smokehouse

5220 Highway 121, Colleyville

(Between Hall Johnson and Glade Road)


Tuesday, September 16th

Good Eats at Collin Creek Mall in Plano

Tuesday, September 16th

Fuddruckers on Hwy 183 Between Bedford Road

and Central in Bedford

Tuesday, September 30th

Texana Grill on Midway at Beltline in Addison



2003 Maverick Region - Board, Officers & Chairs

Maverick Region President

Keith Olcha

W - (817) 706-7678

H - (817) 251-6865

711 Manchester Court

Southlake, TX 76092

Keith has been a regular at all of our driving

events and has recently been heavily involved

in the planning of our Driver’s Education

program. Keith has also started driving his 911

in PCA Club Races.


Noby Takahashi

W - 972-761-4311

H - 214-327-8911

9201 Garland Road, #115A

Dallas, TX 75218

Noby has been a member since 2000. He is an

active participant in many Maverick driving

events and has helped out with the Autocross

schools. He drives a 2001 Boxster S.


Mimi Spreen

H - 972-420-9953

709 Reno Street

Lewisville, TX 75077

Mimi has been a PCA member since 1989,

including being actively involved in 2 other

regions. She served with husband, Carey,

as Vice President for 2 years. She drives a

1970 914-6.


Bob Knight

W - (214) 461-1426

H - (214) 349-1108

9047 Oakpath

Dallas, TX 75243

A member since 1986, Bob has previously

held the offices of President and Vice

President, edited Slipstream, and has won

the Selcer Memorial award. He owns a 2000

Boxster S.

Drivers Education

John Sandusky

W - (817) 777-0421

John has been a member since 1986. He has

become increasingly involved in Drivers'

Education events over the past few years. He

drives a track prepared 1990 964 C2.

Logistics & Support

Joe McGlohen

W - (817) 366-1678

H - (817) 861-2792

704 Bowen Court

Arlington, TX 76012

Joe has been involved in virtually every type of

event that the Maverick Region holds.

Joe was the 2001 Selcer Memorial award winner.

He owns a 912 and a 914 2.0 liter.


Wendy Shoffit

H - (972) 506-7449

1112 Santa Fe Trail

Irving, TX 75063

A member since 1997, Wendy is the editor

of Slipstream and has won the Selcer

Memorial Award. 2001 Porsche Club Family

of the Year. She owns a ‘90 911 C4 Cab and

a ‘78 911 SC.

Rallies & Event Ad Design

Teri Davis

H - (940) 682-4719

P.O. Box 213

Weatherford, TX 76086

Teri is a past Slipstream Editor and the

current Rally Chair. She has also been a

major force behind Round Up and the

recent Rally Schools.

Autocross, TT Chief Instructor

Cody Sears

W - (940) 381-9070

C - (940) 206-4338

Club Race - Event Chair,

Hospitality, Charity

Lanean Hughes

H - (972) 484-3040

W - (972) 934-3416


Joel Nannis

W - (817) 329-1600

H - (972) 722-2735

Managing Newsletter Editor

Matt Platts

H - (817) 919-1253

Time Trials, AX Chief Instructor

Mark Steele

Tech Inspection

Ed Mayo

W - (817) 540-4939

H - (817) 595-4651

Goodie Store

Dee & John Lersch

W - (214) 697-3291

Slipstream Advertising

Mike Brodigan

H - (817) 488-8520

C - (817) 233-0068

DE Chief Instructor

Bryan Henderson

W - (817) 858-7526

H - (817) 354-6045


Lisa Steele


Ted Glover

H - (972) 747-8553

Club Photographer

Kevin Hardison

H - (972) 401-3955

W - (972) 438-8344 ext. 154

DE Asst Chief Instructor

Keith Olcha

W - (817) 706-7678

H - (817) 251-6865

Timing & Scoring

James Shoffit

(972) 506-7449 wk

(972) 506-7449 hm

Tech Sessions

Eric Erz

H - (972) 396-2900

Newsletter Printing

Fran Ussery

W - (972) 438-8344

H - (817) 481-8342

Driving Education - Tech

Ray Leudecke

(972) 342-7412

Mentor Program

Dennis Chamberlain

W - (972) 788-0871


Jimmy Carter

H - (214) 330-6609

W - (214) 290-4429

Newsletter Mailing, Technology

Andy Mears

H - (940) 321-8683

W - (214) 360-9221


Joe McGlohen

W - (817) 366-1678

H - (817) 861-2792

Swap Meets

David Mock

H - (817) 795-4149

Maverick Email List

Bob Benson

W - (817) 264-8357

H - (817) 457-8833

Web Site

Mike Oakes

H - (972) 780-2603

Driving Rules

Bill Dugan

H - (817) 265-0704 (

Road Ramblings

by Keith Olcha, Maverick Region President

Missed opportunities, that’s what

August was. First, one Saturday

morning Myron Krupp called me to

ask if I wanted to come over his house to see

and drive his new silver GT3. He just

received it after several months of waiting. I

was thrilled he remembered to call me as we

had discussed the car several weeks prior

chatting on the phone. But that was the first

day of long rains in the Metroplex in four weeks and I didn’t

make it because I kept waiting for the weather to clear. By

4:30pm that evening, just after the rain finally stopped I had

a 50th birthday party for my sister-in-law to go to. The next

day, Sunday August 11th, I left for a business trip at noon

and missed the “Top Speed” Maverick Omni film and dinner

outing in Fort Worth.

A week later I got a call asking if I wanted to use a

Cayenne for the weekend, if I was willing to drive it to a

photo shoot Saturday morning as part of next year’s Parade

pre-work. The good thing about not being able to take

advantage of that opportunity was I was spending that

weekend down at Texas World Speedway in College Station

at a Drivers Education track event put on by the Lone Star

Region. Couldn’t these events have been spaced out around

my personal agenda? I guess not.

While on the subject of GT3s, I knew they were shipping

even without Myron calling about his, as three advertisements

were in Autoweek that week asking for large premiums over

MSRP from private sellers looking to flip them. But I can’t

blame the speculators. There are people out there who paid

over sticker (by thousands) to be the first Hummer H2

owners! I live near Classic Hummer in Grapevine and it is

littered with a huge field of literally hundreds of colorful

H2s, just waiting for you to pay over MSRP. I will get over

to Myron’s before you’ve read this, though, and I’ll report

next month on my findings. Speaking of GT3s: On the Club

fun. September 27th is our annual leadfoot reunion time

trial and Autocross weekend at Mineral Wells. That is

where we try to lure all our old-time and new hotshoes, who

along with the rest of us come out for a major speed blast, as

there is a tendency by the end of the year to miss an event or

two if you’re not participating regularly in the series for

points. So come on out for the last weekend of the season to

Mineral Wells.

This month is also the 25th anniversary of the first race

track event I ever attended. I was in my 1971 Z/28 Camaro

set up for the track. We were at the now defunct

Bridgehampton Race Circuit in Long Island, one of the most

macho racetracks you will ever face. The Long Island Sports

Car Club and the Long Island Corvette Club put on the

event. But why am I telling you this? There was a fellow

there with a 1974 Carrera. I still remember it perfectlybrown

with the Carrera inverse script, Fuchs wheels. Once I

saw that car go on the track and went over to check it out, it

was love at first sight. This was the late-seventies, so can you

imagine the superior speed and handling of that Carrera

compared to the mid-seventies Corvettes, Camaros, and

English sports cars? I had the dubious pleasure of graduating

college and becoming a contributing citizen during the later

1970s car era of pre-computer emissions strangulation,

oil and gas embargos, and the realization by insurance

companies that they could charge almost anything they

wanted for premiums and get away with it. And I’ll bet that

Carrera still looks and goes great now! Till next month thensafety


...improved two positions in my class without

even putting a wheel on the track...

Racing front, Glen Gatlin is the fourth friend who has

purchased a GT3 Cup Car to compete in the GTC3 class.

GTC3 is becoming a very large and hotly contested field with

lots of machinery and talent. It’s starting to look like a Super

Cup grid at some racetracks. Glen and Jim Collier will no

longer be in the C Class with me. Well, I’ve improved two

positions in my class without even putting a wheel on the

track! Mavericks Glen Gatlin, Carl Amond, and Barry Moore

will all be up at Hallett in October with their GT3s. It should

be interesting.

September is the Maverick driving events month. There

is a driving event of some kind every weekend beginning

with the September 6th time trial at Mineral Wells. The last

weekend Drivers Education for the year at Motor Sports

Ranch is September 20th and 21st. We are still hoping to

hold a Wednesday or Thursday play-hooky weekday event in

October or November at the ranch. Stay tuned; it should be


2 for2

As one of only two dealerships in the country to earn the Premiere Dealer and

Perfect Service Award - and the only one in the Lone Star State - we were, shall

we say, a bit excited. Thanks to our incredible clients, our perfection-driven

staff, and Porsche, for giving us a reason to celebrate today, and every day.

4101 OAK LAWN AVENUE DALLAS, TEXAS 75219 214.525.5400


Email: or

FAX at (817) 267-4939










Curves Ahead

by Matt Platts, Editor

The end of another somewhat-hot Texas summer

is in-sight. We didn't have as many 100-

degree plus days this year as we have had in

some recent years, but I'll be happy to see it end

none-the-less. Now that the summer is almost over,

I think I may get the air-conditioner in my 924S

fixed. I don't seem to plan ahead very well, do I?

Have you made your fall Maverick Region

plans yet? If you have never attended a board meeting you should

come by and check one out. September's meeting will be at

Autobahn in Fort Worth, then October's meeting at Park Place in

Dallas. The November’s meeting will be at Boardwalk in Plano. Stop

by if you would like to see some of the latest Porsches available and

hang out for the board meeting, too. OH! Don't forget to mark your

calendar for Founders Day and the Christmas Party in November

and December respectively.

For you regular Maverick Lunch attendees, please be aware that

the Bedford lunch is changing locations beginning this month. The

Maverick Minutes

by Mimi Spreen

The August Board meeting was held at the home

of Lanean Hughes on Tuesday, August 5th.

Attendees were Lanean Hughes, Teri &

Charlie Davis, Joe McGlohen, Dennis Chamberlain,

Wendy Shoffit, Cody Sears, Mark Steele, Joel Nannis,

Noby Takahashi, Keith Olcha, Bob Knight, Mike

Brodigan, Michael Wingfield, Mimi Spreen and

Albert Sansores. The meeting was called to order at

7:05 pm with Keith's 'Round the Room.

Keith - Region Focus has an article on safe Tours. Keith is sending

the article to Ted Glover. He is also reminding Ted to get County

information to Noby in a timely manner, so Noby has plenty of time to

request the insurance paperwork. Keith also went to the OMNI to pick

up tickets for 8/10 and scoped out the Porsche only parking lot. He will

send out a message on the MRPCA email list with particulars. Lastly,

Bob Knight sent Keith financials and hard copies were passed out to

those who wanted them. Keith also mentioned that a mid week DE is

a possibility. Looking into October or November possibly on a Tues or

Wed. Waiting for cooler weather, plus sufficient time between last DE

to make people want to come out.

Charlie - Brought a demo of the timing display that the board

approved last month. There are some problems but Charlie has

been working hard to iron them out. The unit will only display 13

characters and we will need 14 for Parade purposes. He is sending it

back and replacing it with a larger unit.

Bob Knight - We’ve received the 2nd quarter rebate from National.

Joel - Sent out 50 letters to people who will be dropped and

received 1 phone call and 1 email. The letters don't seem to have the

effect Joel was hoping for. Will continue for a couple of months

sending out the letters, but will discontinue if responses don't improve.

Cody - AX/TT is over 3K profit YTD, which should be kept in

September 16th lunch is moving just a bit East to Fuddruckers.

Fuddruckers is right where Spaghetti Warehouse used to be at 1612

Airport Freeway (HWY 183) which is between Central Drive and

Bedford Road on the South side of the freeway. If you haven’t yet

attended a Maverick Lunch, come on by and join us! There is always

a great group of people to talk car talk, argue about which Porsche

is a better car, or just about anything. Even “Sheriff” Joe McGlohen

showed up at the last Bedford lunch to make sure we stayed under


One last thing about this month’s Slipstream - there are several

small club reminders and notices spread throughout the issue.

Make sure to look for little reminders about the Nominating

Committee, the Halloween Party, and Hope Shelter needs. Speaking

of the Hope Shelter, Lanean is arranging a trip on September 6th

(Time Trial day) to drop off a bunch of stuff for them. If you have

anything that would like to donate, or will be attending the Time

Trial and have some free room in your vehicle to transport some

stuff, please contact Lanean ASAP.

mind when it comes time to buy trophies. The charity AX on Oct. 26

at TMS (AX #7) will count towards annual points.

Noby - (AKA Eric Erz) Tech session scheduled at Boardwalk on

Sat, 9/13. Topic will be decided on within a week or so. There will be a

Dyno day set up due to a lot of positive responses. Specifics to come.

Wendy - $60.00 check sent to Hope from profits of AX water sales.

Wendy - (AKA Matt Platts) - Ussery did a great job printing

Slipstream. There was a 1 week turnaround. Matt also needs articles

covering various aspects and needs them by the 12th. September issue

looks thin, so please get your articles in ASAP. Technical articles have

been requested on a National level.

Dennis - showed an arial map, from James Shoffit, of member

demographics specifically for Happy Hour purposes. He wanted some

help in determining where to have the HH. August HH is on the 21st

at Cool River in Irving.

Mike - Advertising fiscal year starts on 10/1. He sent letters to

people who are up for renewal. Lost 1 advertiser and gained 1, so we're


Joe - Waiting to hear from Eric about the box he was making to

hold the radios. Joe may go to another source.

Teri - the last rally was great.

Lanean - She sent out "Thank you" cards to sponsors along with

shirts from the Club Race. There is a trip to the Hope Shelter planned,

but will need volunteers with trucks or SUV's to help haul donations.

The date has been set to be September 6th. The National Parade staff

will also be in attendance. We all need to help get new people involved

in the Club activities.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 8:31. The motion

was seconded and approved.


Happy Hour at The Main Event

by Dennis Chamberlain

So many games. So little time. The 46 attendees for

the July 17 happy hour at the Main Event found

the drive to Plano to be well worth it. Maverick

member Mark Gomez, manager of the Main Event, gave

us a special deal on fajitas and games. The 36 adults and

ten kids dove in.

The Main Event is located on Central Expressway,

at the Spring Creek exit. It’s a great place for families

Happy Hour Crew: Dennis Chamberlain, where in the summer you can entertain yourself for

Tinker Edwards, and Mark Gluck hours while escaping the Dallas heat.

We had several new members, including Doug Edney (‘99 Carrera), Chris

Byles (Arena Red 993), Darryl Reese (914 2.0), and Marc McGarry (‘86 944). At

one time there were eight of us racing together on the NASCAR video game, and

Marc McGarry won hands down. Watch out for him at the next DE or autocross.

For our September 11 happy hour it’s back to the Railhead Smokehouse in

Colleyville, for some of the most inexpensive (but good) barbecue and beer in the


Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Doug Edney and family

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Mike, Wendy, Mark, and Chuck enjoy a bit of “racing”

Mick Buchanan and Darryl Reese



The Importance of an RSVP

by Mimi Spreen

You may have noticed that crashing your car at a PCA event,

whether it is a Club Race, a Drivers Ed event, or a Time Trial,

is generally frowned upon. We’d like to add one more to that

list of events where crashing is a no-no.

According to Encarta, World English Dictionary, RSVP is

defined as “used on an invitation to request a response to it.

Abbreviation for ‘please reply’.” (French, repondez s’il vous plait.)

So, with the definition of RSVP in mind, we’d like to walk

you through the process of guaranteeing a dinner at a restaurant

for a large group of people. I know the process because I’ve been

doing this for 3 years for the Porsche club. I also work in a restaurant

and know how these things work, including the chaos that ensues

when changes are made at the last minute.

When the restaurant and the menu have been chosen,

invitations are sent out, via Slipstream, requesting a reply, always

by a specific date prior to the actual date of the dinner. When all

the RSVPs have been received, we make a phone call to the

restaurant and give them the head count. They take this number,

called the guarantee, and use it to (a) schedule the proper number

of employees, (b) order the proper quantity of food and (c) set up

the room with the correct number of tables and chairs. The

restaurant uses the “guarantee” and prepares 5% to 6% more

than the guaranteed number. This includes buffet-style meals; a

buffet doesn’t mean the supply of food is endless.

That’s the process. Pretty simple, right? Well, it is, but what

makes it a problem is when we receive phone calls or emails after

that deadline date. You might think, well, just bump up the

number given to the restaurant and that should solve that

problem. We do try to “pad” the guarantee to accommodate

those who call after the deadline, but lately, that number of late

RSVPers has grown excessively large. To make matters worse, we

get folks who just show up without RSVPing at all. Besides being

inconsiderate, this activity throws the numbers off to the extent

that, at some past events, we have run out of food early. In an

attempt to discourage this behavior, we have had to resort to

charging more for late RSVPs, or by giving out meal tickets only

to those who did RSVP on time, making those without a ticket

wait until everyone else has gotten their food. However, even

these restrictions don’t always work. We almost always get calls

the day of the event (sometimes less than an hour before it

starts!) from people wanting to RSVP, and people still “just show

up” and don’t seem to think anything about it.

Slipstream has a lot of information every month and very

often there isn’t time to read every article. Because of this reality,

we try to put only the information you will need to have a good

time at the event: what will be happening, when and where it will

be held, how much it will cost, and how to RSVP. Because the club

pays for the meal or function as a single bill, we ask that you pay

with cash or a check made out to MR-PCA (Maverick Region –

PCA). The club does not have the ability to accept credit cards.

Generally an ad or article describing an event appears in

Slipstream at least two months prior to the event, and we try to

send out emails to the MRPCA group list advising of the

upcoming RSVP deadline as it approaches. The event is also discussed

and approved at Board meetings and is noted in the minutes,

which is again published in Slipstream. There is also a list of

monthly activities on the website.

Your RSVP is not just a formality or convenience for us, but

an essential part of the planning process. Please keep that in mind

when planning to attend your next Maverick Region outing.


Specializing in


repair, Maintenance,

4-wheel alignment,

and complete

German automobile

body repair.

A.S.E. certified



Glasurit certified

1118 S. Airport Circle, #120

Euless, Texas 76040

Metro (817) 540-0712

Member Automobile Service Association


Art Appreciation Rally

by Russell Johnson

Anyone looking to advance the notion that high speeds and

high culture are mutually exclusive would have been

enlightened by attending the Porsche Club’s latest rally.

I attended the event with my father, Rocky Johnson, a man

decidedly more comfortable behind the wheel of his Boxster S than

deconstructing the works of Warhol and de Kooning. So I’ll

admit to some initial

surprise when I

heard the day would

be kicking off at the

Modern Art Museum

of Fort Worth.

The building

itself, designed by

Japanese architect

Tadao Ando, represents

a masterful

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

Rocky and Russell Johnson

artistic achievement (a sight further enhanced by the parade of

immaculately maintained, high performance automobiles lined

up neatly along the front). Upon entering, we were treated to a

private tour of the facility, which boasts a permanent collection of

...locating the “steel turtle”

almost did us in...

nearly 2,600 works, only a fraction of which they’re able to

display at any given time. We received detailed insights into the

museum’s history and construction from our knowledgeable

guides, Lee Pepper and Tom Lang. The spacious galleries housed

a diverse, eclectic array of modern paintings and sculpture, and

provided a well air-conditioned shelter from July’s triple digit

temperature. But then the tour ended, and it was time to get

down to business.

For the second half of the day, Rally designer Teri Davis had

orchestrated an art appreciation treasure hunt of sorts through

the streets of Fort Worth’s Cultural District. With imagery

compliments of rally photographer, Wendy Shoffit, Teri created a

photocopy depicting ten works of public sculpture, each with an

accompanying question to be answered. After receiving ours, Dad

moved quickly into gentlemen start your engines mode.

Apparently Rocky and his previous teammate had successfully

won the top spot at an earlier rally, and he was anxious for a repeat

performance (while I was not obligated to reference this prior

victory, it was none-the-less strongly encouraged). While the

hunt was mainly

designed for fun,

and not an official


our team motto

became “it never

hurts to be first.”

It was quite a

sight, a pack of

Porsches let loose

on the Cultural

District, zipping

through the

streets from the

Cattle Rancher’s

Museum, to the

Amon Carter,

then the National

Cowgirl Hall of

Fame, and back

again. Dad and I

were momentarily

Jasmine had no problem finding the “steel turtle”

distracted from

our quest by the lush beauty of the Botanic Gardens, but this was

no time to stop and smell the roses. And while locating the “steel

turtle” almost did us in, we finally spotted him posing in front of

the Museum School at the Museum of Science and History. Then

it was off to the finish line (the friendly, mainly designed for fun,

non-competitive finish line that is). And while there were no

trophies or fanfare on the other side of that line, there was good

company and a pretty respectable root beer float. Personally, I’ve

never been exposed to so much culture, so quickly. It was the

perfect blend of art, and acceleration.

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

Even the floor is interesting at this place!


American LeMans at Infineon Raceway

by Bill & Marilyn Stafford

Idon’t think any rational person would have expected the

outcome of this race (or qualifying for that matter), but for the

first time in modern sports car history a pair of MG-powered

machines lined up on the front row of a major international race.

Not bad for a four banger. Starting on the pole, James Weaver and

Butch Leitzinger driving the Rob Dyson Lola MG in the LeMans

Prototype (LMP) 675 kilogram class helped by 4 full course yellows

and the ability to out brake the LMP 900 machines, captured first

place overall. This was the first time for a P675 to both capture the

pole and win first overall in the ALMS. In an effort to “even the

field” this year, mandated air restrictors limited the Audi’s horsepower

(down from about a million), plus the LMP 675 class cars are

about 350-495 pounds lighter. Frank Biela and Marco Werner

driving the Joest/Infineon #1 Audi finished second overall and first

in the P900 kilogram class. Ex Formula 1 ace Johnny Herbert, in the

#38 Champion Audi, took advantage of back markers and made a

spectacular pass at the turn before the finish line to claim third

overall from Bill Auberlen, co-driving with Didier Theys, in the

Doran Judd.

Qualifying: The only exciting moment during the 20 minute

qualifying session for the GTS and GT cars occurred when the

#60 Porsche 911 GT3 RS driven by Robin Liddell lost control in

the middle of Turn 10 (130-140 mph or so) and flew off the road

into the tires. The remains had to be hauled onto a flatbed and

when the session (finally) went green again, there was just over a

minute left and none of the cars that made it back onto the track

were able to register a flying lap. That made the grid a little weird

with some of the “hot shoes” gridded back with the great

unwashed and made the race fun to watch.

The GTS results looked fairly familiar with the Corvettes

finishing one-two and the Ferraris three-four. GTS winners Ron

Fellows and Johnny O’Connell had to climb through the field

starting 28th. The Corvette race culminated with Canadian Ron

Fellows passing fellow Corvette Teammate Oliver Gavin on the

last restart. Note: Gavin was driving in place of regular driver

Andy Pilgrim who is heavily involved in helping GM celebrate the

50 years of Corvette thing.

“Twice as nearly hit each other

racing for the lead”

A similar story unfolded in the GT class, as Lucas Luhr and

Sascha Maassen (both in Job/McKenna Porsche 911 GT3 RS)

claimed victory despite having to start at the back following the

confused qualifying session. With 2 laps to go, Lucas Luhr was

chasing down team car driven by Timo Bernhard. “Twice as

nearly hit each other racing for the lead” noted Luhr (read

in German ebonics accent for full effect). Timo got caught

behind a slower car, and Luhr saw a chance to pass and took it

for the win.

Photo by Bill Stafford

James Weaver & Butch Leitzinger win overall in a LMP 675!

Infineon raceway (formerly Sears Point) certainly favors

some cars due to the number of medium to high corners and

short straight-aways. The winning Dyson car weighed about 340

pounds less than the Audi LMP 900, which at Infineon made a big

difference. There are a lot of switchbacks and the Dyson car was

able to go faster from the hairpins on the front to the hairpins at

the end to gain an advantage. The BMW’s in the SPEED World

Challenge GT dominated the race, placing lst, 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

Teammates Hans Stuck and Boris Said battled for second during

the race’s latter stages as Bill Auberlen watched from his mirrors.

Randy Pobst driving the Champion Racing Audi made a brilliant

start jumping from 5th on the grid to 2nd, but he could not keep

pace with the more nimble BMWs. It was a disappointing finish

for Randy as he cut a tire late in the race and finished 15th. It was

the first time in 14 races that he has not been on the podium. On

the podium after the Speed GT BMW runaway, Boris Said

remarked the following – “ When Bill passed me, it was a good


Photo by Bill Stafford

The 2nd place GT Porsche tries to stay in front

of a VERY fast LMP Audi

thing he was my

teammate… if it

was Pobst I’d have

run him into the

wall! But then we’ve

always known that

about Boris.

Bill Auberlen

had a very busy

weekend. He started

on the pole and

won both the


World Challenge

Touring Car and

GT races (not held

at the same time).

In addition, he set

new qualifying

records in both

classes. And finally,

to round out

Auberlen’s full

weekend driving

experience, Fredy

Leinhard became ill and was not able to participate in the ALMS

race, so Kevin Doran, team owner of the #27-P900 Dallara MG,

offered the co-driving duties to Bill. Didier Theys was satisfied

with the performance of the #27-P900 Dallara MG which was the

Doran team’s Le Mans car. As Theys commented, “this is the

slowest it’s ever had to go” referring to the Judd V10

ex-Formula 1 engine and not the MG stuff. Kevin Doran has

built a new Toyota powered car that will make its debut in the

coming weeks in the ALMS series. They also run a thumper

Chevrolet motor

in the Grand AM

Series – is everybody

getting this?

In what language

is the Owners

Manual written?

Do you still have to

use “spanners” on

the MG? Do you

celebrate a win with

Beer, Champaign or

a Gin and Tonic?

Doran is Cincinnati

based, so do you

serve Skyline 4

way chili, Fin and

Hattie, Sushi, burgers

or canapés?

…Sorry – I was

gone for a while,

but I’m back now.

Support your

local Racetrack.

Photo by Bill Stafford

The GT winning Porsche leads a pair of GTS cars

Photo by Bill Stafford

Photo by Bill Stafford

David Murry gets sideways at 140mph

A little trail-braking helps to turn the car while entering the carousel


1033 N. Henderson St.

Fort Worth, TX

(817) 877–1772

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German Engineering With Southern Hospitality.

Personal Service.

At Nine-Eleven, we’ve built a reputation for understanding our customers’ needs —

quality service, convenient location, state-of-the-art diagnostics, and personalized service

that is unmatched in the Metroplex. When you trust your car to us, you will have the

peace of mind that it will be serviced correctly the first time. Every time.


We strongly believe in access to those who will actually work on your car. Our

technicians are available in person, by phone, and even by pager if you have questions

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Our clean shop, well-stocked parts department, and comfortable waiting room ensure

that you and your car will get the kind of service you deserve. Maintained tools and

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Our parts department is also second to none. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in

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McKinney Library Concours

by Beth Scudder

Photo by Matt Platts

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

Almost everyone is familiar with Summer Reading Programs

for young children, but in an effort to attract teens this

summer, the McKinney Memorial Public Library offered

it’s second annual Young Adult Summer Reading Program.

Throughout the summer the Library arranged to host programs

with teen appeal, and what has more appeal to teens than fast cars?

On July 12th the parking lot of the Library was a Porsche

wonderland. Eighteen Porsches were officially entered in the

informal concours and they represented all models, from an

immaculate 356 Cabriolet, to a Brumos prepared racecar, to a




Cayenne. This wide

array of Porsches

on display was an

excellent way for

the club to attract

future Porsche

owners and to lure

teens to the Library.

The day began

with MRPCA

The Cayenne lends a hand to this photographer

President Keith

Olcha entertaining

the crowd with a

multimedia presentation

on the

history of Porsches.

Once the presentation

was complete,

the teens hit the

parking lot to vote

for their favorite

vehicles. Hill Bullock’s speed yellow 996TT was judged the

winner of the concours with Keith Olcha’s Boxster S a close

second. Prizes donated by Boardwalk Porsche and Park Place

Porsche were awarded to the concours winners and participating

teens. The event was a great success thanks to the generosity of

the car owners, Keith Olcha, Lanean Hughes, and to MRPCA. By

far the greatest indicator of success was that many teens were

heard to say “someday I will own a Porsche.”

Keith’s multimedia presentation was quite popular!

Photo by Matt Platts

Photo by Matt Platts

Steve Kent’s Brumos Porsche

Did they find a flaw on Keith’s Boxster?

Halloween Party!

Where: TMS Condo Clubhouse

When: Saturday, October 25th

Time: 7:30PM till . . .

Why: to celebrate All Hallows Eve

Costumes encouraged, but not necessary.

Munchies and drinks provided, $5.00 cover.

Best Costume & Voter’s Choice

wins a great prize!

Look in next month’s Slipstream

for more details...


Whitesboro Tour

By Lanean Hughes

On an early Sunday morning, with Suzanna Kavanaugh

acting as navigator, we loaded into a beautiful Cayenne S

provided by Park Place Porsche to experience our first tour.

Everyone was waiting at the Einstein’s Bagel shop in Plano for our

tourmeister, Ted Glover to give us the high sign “time to head ‘em

up and move ‘em out.” We are going to have lunch with Longhorns!

Over 20 cars were part of the tour. I certainly found out

quickly how wonderful the Cayenne is. It’s definitely a Porsche,

handling well on all those country roads, curves and such. The

weather was beautiful, we saw parts of Collin & Denton County

that we’d not seen before. When you have the opportunity you

must ask Bonnie Glover about her “navigating skills” at getting all

20+ cars to a viewing area to see the Red River. All those beautiful

clean Porsches of various shiny colors soon became all the same

color, “DUSTY”, when we ended up on a gravel road, such fun!

The Cayenne never missed a beat.

...soon became all the same color,


Lunch at the Longhorn Ranch Grill in Whitesboro was

delightful, we all enjoyed a home cooked meal and fresh cobbler.

The day passed quickly and it was soon time to head back to our

homes. If you haven’t done a tour, try one!

Many thanks to Park Place Porsche for allowing us the

experience of an incredible vehicle.

Photo by Dennis Poquiz

Couldn’t resist a group photo with the Park Place Cayenne

Photo by Dennis Poquiz

A longhorn checks out the red Speedster.

2004 Nominating


Bill Dugan - Chairman or 817-265-0704

Dennis Chamberlain or 972-788-0871

Cody Sears or 940-206-4338

The 2004 Maverick Region election of officers is

approaching, if you have a nomination, please

present it to the nomination committee. If you

would like to run for office, you must submit your

signed (by 3 voting members) petition to the club

secretary, Mimi Spreen, by September 1st.


28” x 35” Garage Posters!


As seen at the Founders Day Banquet! Starting at $50.00!

Email for more info.

Email if you wish to see PDFs of your Club Race photos.




Layout • Design • Hats • Shirts

Banners • Posters • Calendars

Track Photography • Car Numbers

Digital Photo Editing

Kevin Hardison

Irving, Texas • (972) 401-3955




FAX 972-721-1847


Photo by Kevin Hardison

Autocross #5

by Dean Yamada

On July 13th I ventured out to another Maverick Region

autocross at Pennington Field in Bedford. One expectation

of Pennington Field is that you know the course will be

tight. At 1/8 the size of Mineral Wells, Pennington Field has its

pluses and minuses. It won't be as fast (speed wise), but the surface

is cleaner, seemingly grippier, but at the same time gentler on tires.

Also, Pennington Field is much closer to the Dallas area than

Mineral Wells. Heck, Mineral Wells isn't even close to Fort Worth!

Although I'm not a PCA member, the Maverick Region

members have always been kind and courteous to everyone - no

matter what car you drive. I decided to bring out my 92 Camaro on

Toyo Proxes RA-1's with 110+ runs on them in the last 8 months.

These Toyo's are slowly becoming my favorite all-around tire over

what I used to previously run, Nitto Drag Radials! These Toyo's have

great grip compared to Victoracers, good response, very forgiving, and

obviously… they last a long time, plus you can drive to and from the

track on them. They also don't get rock hard from numerous heat

cycles unlike the 3-4 month heat cycle lifespan of Hoosiers and 6-8

month heat cycle lifespan of Victoracers. Okay enough of my tire

opinions, here's a recount of PCA Autocross #5.

The weather was mildly hot, but not overbearing, as the first

weeks of August have proven to be. With a tip from a fellow Evo

driver, a spray (spritzer) bottle chilled in your ice-cooler does

wonders for the times when you have to work the course. A quick

mist of the water makes the heat feel seemingly 20 degrees cooler.

Walking the course in the morning, it looked like a 914 driver

designed the course. Sure enough, our own Cody Sears had created

a fun and well thought out course. The starting line was so narrow

that it appeared that only motorcycles or 914's could fit through,

but surprising the Camaro fit through just fine.

Eric Erz looking far ahead at the next apex.

From the starting line you accelerated hard and then went

immediately into a figure-8. Too much speed and you pushed your

car out and made the distance you traveled much longer. Too slow

of a speed and you just always wonder, "Hmm, how much faster

could I have pushed my car?" I tried a "slow in and faster out"

approach and also a consistent speed through the figure-8 and I

think a combination of both worked best. I found that trail braking

into the figure-8, a consistent speed for the arc of each circle and

accelerating between the circles and late trail braking again for the

next circle and then a consistent speed for the arc of the remainder

of the circle and then accelerating at the end of the figure 8 worked

best for me.

Photo by Kevin Hardison

From the figure 8 there was a gentle sweeper that led to a pivot

cone turn. Tight enough that it seemed everyone went to first gear

at this corner. From the pivot corner there was another sweeper that

led to some hard braking for a very interesting slalom.

Walking the course, it seemed that entering the slalom on the

right would be less fidgety for the car. This was one of those

sections of a course where walking the course makes you think one

thing, but actually going through and seeing this section at speed

makes you change your mind.

I was fortunate to work the course first, alongside the Maverick

Region photographer Kevin Hardison. Watching the cars at speed

Dean Yamada making that heavy Chevy fly through the course.

and listening to which side of the slalom produced the less tire

noise and looked the smoothest made me change my mind on the

approach to the slalom. Left or right, the slalom and the slow and

safe finish were tight nonetheless, but going to the left was less

painful than the right.

Working the course alongside 914 driver Kevin Hardison was

quite informative. I learned that there were actually 6 cylinder

914's, hence the license plate of Robert Huffman's "914-Six". I

learned the rarity of a beautiful white 914 with orange painted

underpinnings that was restored to be historically correct.

I also enjoyed watching Chuck Machala, the current reigning

Maverick Region Driver of the Year, in his silver Boxster that shows

you don't need the "S" in a Boxster to have some fast times. I believe

Chuck had the second fastest "street car" time behind Cody's time.

Also, congratulations to Lisa Steele in her red 993 who edged out

Myra Sutton in her red 911T by exactly 1 tenth of a second for Top

Time of Day Ladies. Eric Erz in his older 911 looked very solid,

tight, and nimble throughout the course, if not better than some of

the Porsches that were 30 years newer.

I ended up in 3rd place in OA class with a 42.241, but I was

happy that my fellow OA buds, had some super fast times with a

41.847 and a 41.901 respectively, not bad for heavy weight RWD

straight-line Domestic Iron. Writing an article means you can add

your own props at will...

Yet another well run and super fun event, done by 2:30pm as I

recall. I look forward to the next Maverick Region PCA event and

also winning the lottery so I can buy a Porsche Cayenne Turbo and

autocross it!


Autocross #5 Results

Class Car # Name Car Time Plc Pts.

Class 2

66 Sears, Cody Red 914 41.330 1 9

37 Davis, Charlie Green 914 42.478 2 7

5 Mayo, Ed Silver 914 (Killer) 44.932 3 5

137 Davis, Kevan Green 914 46.196 4 4

24 Pajares, Rowdy White 914 47.777 5 3

124 Pajares, Luis White 914 48.985 6 2

Class 2L

4 Mayo, Jan Silver 914 (Killer) 46.155 1 9

Class 3

31 Lockas, Mike White 944 43.400 1 9

Class 4

102 Erz, Eric Brown 911E 42.807 1 9

54 Sutton, Jerry Red 911T 44.599 2 7

72 Norwood, Paul Orange 911E 61.789 3 5

Class 4L

45 Sutton, Myra Red 911T 43.461 1 9

Class 5

64 Shoffit, James Black 911 SC 43.165 1 9

911 Stafford, Bill Brown 911 SC 43.340 2 7

Class S5

40 Fleming, Jerry Silver 911SC 46.237 1 9

Class 5L

11 Shoffit, Wendy Black 911 SC 43.859 1 9

Class 6

1 Machala, Chuck Silver Boxster 41.529 1 9

76 Miller, Bill Black 911 Coupe 42.388 2 7

Class S6

105 Snodgrass, Tom Yellow Boxster 45.829 1 9

Class S6L

15 Burbank, Shelly Red 911 46.584 1 9

Class 7

7 Fallon, Steve Blue Boxster S 41.942 1 9

216 Fry, Terry Silver Boxster S 43.239 2 7

27 Olcha, Keith Red Boxster S 43.840 3 5

Class S7L

720 Kavanaugh, Susanna Black Boxster S 48.035 1 9

Class 8

99 Steele, Mark Red 993 42.904 1 9

Class 8L

9 Steele, Lisa Red 993 43.361 1 9

Class 9

800 Lewis, Bob Silver 911 C4S 44.760 1 9

49 Bell, Bryan Silver 996 48.170 2 7

Class 10

111 Hardison, Kevin Blue 914 42.893 1 9

Class 12

619 Johnson, Rocky White 968 43.342 1 9

Class 13

161 Randall, Rick Black 911 Carerra 42.675 1 9

23 Grasso, Randall Black 911 49.422 2 7

Class 17

96 Huffman, Robert Red 914-6 40.011 1 9

Class OA

71 Buehler, Chuck Red Trans Am 41.847 1

81 Runyon, Nicholas Orange Camaro 41.901 2

818 Yamada, Dean Blue Camaro 42.241 3

39 Moody, Keith Red Corvette 46.168 4

2 Cullen, Ed Black Mustang 49.512 5

Class OG

67 Garcia, John Yellow Atlantic 38.055 1

3 Nannis, Joel Yellow Atlantic 40.215 2

Class OGL

77 Name Withheld Silverblau 525i 52.597 1

Class OJ

14 Everitt, Larry Yellow RX-355 41.762 1

32 Conti, Joseph Green Miata 43.766 2

74 Garner, Gabby White WRX 43.911 3

126 Williamson, Ron Blue Miata 44.675 4

162 Williamson, Ryan Blue Miata 44.839 5

199 Lo, James Green Integra 46.372 6

110 Romero, Andrew Blue Impreza WRX 46.806 7

263 Benson, Bob Green Miata 47.501 8


A Maverick at Watkins Glen

by Michael Wingfield

At least once a year, Marie and I load up the car and make a long

haul to drive a new track. This June while many fellow Mavericks

headed southeast to Florida for Parade, we headed northeast to

Watkins Glen, New York, to participate in the 29th Annual 48-Hours of

Watkins Glen, a the three-day Zone 1 event.

Two weeks earlier, I got a first-hand look at the Watkins Glen

racetrack (The Glen). While working as part of the PCA National

Club Race staff performing Timing and Scoring for the “Porsche

Clash at The Glen,” the annual PCA Club Race held at The Glen, I got

to see the track up close from the right seat of a Jaguar. Before the race

day began, Henry Hoeh, PCA Zone 1 Rep, provided some brisk

reconnaissance laps in the Jaguar belonging to Botho von Bose, the

race Chairman. Seeing the track from the right seat had made me all

the more eager to drive at the 48-Hours event. I had applied to the

event months earlier and now the time had arrived for me to take to

the track behind the wheel of my 1986 951.

The event included an Instructor day on Friday before the

regular weekend Driver’s Education (DE) event. Zone 1 provided this

track day as a “thank you” to all of the Zone 1 instructors, and also

held the annual Zone 1 Instructor clinic. I entered the event as a guest

Instructor from Zone 5, eager to drive The Glen and learn how other

regions and zones organize and hold DE events. It was the Friday

Instructor day that prompted my entry into the event since it would

provide a low stress environment to talk with many veteran Zone 1

Instructors about cars and driving. The fact that it also provided gobs

of track time did not hurt either.

Friday morning registration separated the Instructors into one

of two run groups, either the Red group or the Black group. Each

group would get 30-minute run sessions on the track, alternating

throughout the day. I was placed in the Black group, a run group color

we do not use in Maverick Region. Someone later told me that Red

group drivers had ten or more years of experience at The Glen. Since

this was the 29th Annual 48-Hours of The Glen, I found it easy to

believe that the Red group drivers did indeed have ten or more years

of experience on this track. Whether true or not, I knew I would have

no trouble finding experienced Watkins Glen drivers in this crowd.

I asked the Zone 1 Chief Driving Instructor, Dave Maynard, if I

might have a mentor for the morning to help me get acclimated to the

track and event procedures. Dave paired me up with another 951

driver, Don McGilvery, in the Red group. I asked Don if I might ride

in his right seat to see the track at speed. Don gave me an E-ticket ride

in his car and pointed out some of the nuances of the line around The

Glen. At the end of Don’s 30-minute session, he got in my right seat

as I headed out onto the track for my first laps behind the wheel

around The Glen.

I had watched many races on TV held at The Glen (including the

Grand-Am Watkins Glen 6-Hours race the weekend before), but

nothing prepared me for how the track looked and felt from behind

the wheel. The elevation changes are incredible! The climb out of the

bottom of the Esses (Turn 2) to the exit of the Inner Loop (Bus Stop)

is as tall as an 11-story building. Then you descend the same 11-story

building as you travel from the Inner Loop down into the Toe of the

Boot (Turn 7). What an incredible roller coaster ride! All with

on-camber, off-camber, and changing camber corners, mixed with

blind apexes, downhill braking zones, and all surrounded on both

sides by walls of blue Armco. The Glen was simply more fun to drive

than I had imagined. The track flows easily from one corner to the

next, generating an unmistakable rhythm of motion for both hands

and feet. For me, although I had never driven this track before, I felt

like I had returned to a familiar home after being away for a long time.

Driving The Glen was so intuitive that I forgot all about those

ominous blue Armco walls lining the track.

With my first session completed and Don, my Mentor Instructor

out of the car, it was time to tackle my second on-track session solo.

It didn’t take long for me to get comfortable on the track, but I did

make some mental notes about the track. The most difficult corner at

The Glen was the right hand turn at the end of pit road at track entry.

High Armco surrounded the track entry and I felt like I was driving

through an Armco canyon. I could not see over the Armco, so it was

imperative to stay below the blend line when entering the track. Much

of the traffic on track was going 100+ MPH, so I did not want to pull

out in front of them. Likewise, Turn 6 commanded TONS of respect.

With a downhill entry to this left turn, I was looking straight at a tire

wall just a few feet from the track edge at turn-in. I knew I would

over brake for this corner all weekend. However, it was time to start

experimenting with those braking markers in the brake zones, especially

the Inner Loop. Approaching the Inner Loop, the brake zone

markers began with the number 600. The 600-marker was too early

for braking on entry to the Inner Loop, so I began to brake later -

shortening the brake zone. 500 – still braking too early to slow to the

appropriate speed before turn-in. 400 – getting closer, as it takes a

more aggressive brake foot to slow before turn in, but still too early.

300 – Whoops! Too late! I could not slow enough for turn-in so I took

the short cut past the Inner Loop. Well, THAT was exciting!

The corner worker gave me the point to re-enter the track, and

I returned a “Thank You” wave. Could he see me blushing with

embarrassment through my visor and helmet? Maybe I should have


tried braking between 400 and 300? I had plenty of time to consider

my next brake reference as I traveled from turn 5 around to Pit Road

to visit Dave Maynard, the Black Flag Steward and Zone 1 Chief

Driving Instructor (CDI). He asks me what I learned about the Inner

Loop. I say,“400 works but 300 is too late to brake for the corner,” and

I gave another embarrassed blush. While I had not received a black

flag for missing the Inner Loop, Dave tells me he appreciated me

stopping anyway.

Evaluation of the Zone 1 Instructor Candidates began after

lunch. Dave Maynard, the CDI, paired each Candidate with an

Evaluator. Dave had three goals for Zone 1 Instructor Candidates.

Each Instructor candidate had to demonstrate the skill to actually

drive safely and consistently on the track, communicate well with

students, and anticipate what may happen while instructing. I was to

be evaluated by Steve Atwell, another Zone 1 Instructor.

Initially, I drove and Steve rode in my right seat as I “showed him

the line” and introduced him to The Glen. I could feel the pressure as

I “the rookie” at The Glen, began to describe the track to this veteran

of The Glen. After a couple of touring laps at novice student speeds,

Steve said, “OK, now show me you can drive.” We took a few laps a

speed and Steve then said, “OK, time to instruct.” We pulled into the

paddock where Steve became the student driver and I became the

Instructor. Now it was time to demonstrate my instructing skills to

Steve. After a few more quick laps, Steve said, “Okay. You’re done”.

I’m done? As in I’m finished? Was I really that bad? Actually, the

hour-long exercise was over and it was open track time for the rest of

the day. Now in all honesty, I did not set out to become a Zone 1

Instructor. Rather, I participated in the Instructor exercises simply to

hone my own skills and to learn from a veteran Zone 1 Instructor, like

Steve. But it did not turn out that way in the end, but more on that


Friday ended with a track walk. Yes, we walked of the full

3.4-mile track. Zone 1 provided the track walk Friday night for any

interested DE participant, and encouraged the novice drivers to take

the walk. While I had logged over four hours of driving the racetrack,

I still opted for the track walk. A person can learn a lot about a track

by getting out there on your feet, standing on the track surface, and

looking both ahead and behind at the turns and terrain. Combine the

walk with commentary from Dave Maynard and Henry Hoeh, and

the walk become very instructional. Remember that 11-story climb I

mentioned earlier? The track walk wore me out!

Saturday presented a new set of adventures with about 250 DE

drivers in attendance. The parking lot was now full and garage space

at a premium. My run group gained many new drivers that did

not participate in the Friday Instructor day. While this meant more

traffic, it also meant more really nice cars to view both on track and

in the paddock. Saturday morning at the DE Driver’s Meeting, Dave

announced the names of the new Zone 1 Instructors, those Candidate

Instructors who had participated in the Instructor clinic Friday and

made the cut to become a Zone 1 Instructor. Imagine my surprise

when I heard my name called as a new Zone 1 Instructor! I had

driven The Glen for just one day and now had been given the vote of

confidence to teach others. What an honor to be included among

those selected as Zone 1 Instructors, instructors for the 18 regions

within Zone 1. It also did not take long for folks to ask me if I was

available to instruct at the CVR event the following Monday and

Tuesday at The Glen, or if I could help out later in the week at Pocono.

Unfortunately, I had to remind myself that “I” was on vacation and

had to get back to work next week and could not attend the other


Friday, a yellow Cabriolet had sustained some damage on the

right side when it impacted the tire wall at Turn 6. Unfortunately it

did not take long for the first incident to occur on Saturday. Turn 6

collected another car, a Silver Boxster as it spun on the entry to Turn

6 and backed hard into the tire wall. The car was drivable but will

certainly have an extended stay at a body shop. I reviewed my mental

note, “Turn 6 commanded TONS of respect.”

It also did not take long for me to see some on-track excitement.

As I apexed Turn 2 and head up the hill through the Esses behind a

green 914, the top of the Esses clouded up with thick white smoke.

Something had gone terribly wrong for someone just over the hill and

I could not tell from my position if it was tire smoke or engine smoke.

As I slowed through the Esses, the green 914 vanished into the thick

white cloud of now identifiable engine oil smoke. When I reached the

top of the Esses, I could see through the apex of the next corner to the

back straight, where I spied a red 356 billowing a large plum of engine

oil smoke as it pulled behind the Armco. The track ahead was

completely obscured by white smoke, and I anticipated a trail of

motor oil on the track. But where was the green 914 that vanished into

the white cloud? As I began to easy into the white cloud, I spotted the

green 914 emerging from the other side of the cloud onto the back

straight. Good – at least I won’t run into that car as I drive almost

blind through the smoke. Well, THAT was exciting!

Sunday morning I met my student for the day, Mary Anne

Broda. She had just been promoted to the Blue group. During our

introduction, I could not help but wonder what was going through

her mind since she had more track days at The Glen than I! While

Sunday was busy hoping between instructing in her car and driving

my car, we both had lots of fun. I enjoyed the additional time on the

track from the right seat of her car. It provided me with time to look

for new visual references and made my driving more precise by

having to describe the line to her. Mary Anne said she really enjoyed

the driving tips I provided to her. She was smart, smooth, and always

in control of her car – the type of student Instructors enjoy.


Later Sunday I caught a ride with fellow Zone 5 Instructor Bob

Hieronymus from Hill Country Region in his 911. We then swapped

and Bob rode with me in my 951. We compared notes about different

approaches and lines though corners. Bob commented that he did

not know that I could toss my 951 though the Inner Loop “like a 911”

and noticed how much I caught up on other drivers there. (Bob did

not know about my Friday brake zone exercises to maximize my

Inner Loop entry speed). As we headed into Turn 10, we both spot

“snow” – lots of “snow” suddenly rising rather than falling in the air.

However, it is not real snow but rather small pieces of Styrofoam flying

through the air and large pieces littering the short straight

between Turn 10 and Turn 11. As I gingerly picked my way through

the debris, Bob looked at the outside wall at the remains of several

smashed Styrofoam soft-wall blocks. The culprit, a white 911 RSA,

was crossing the track ahead of us limping onto Pit Road with a

rather crumpled rear end. Well, THAT was exciting!

Another white RSA would find its way into the Styrofoam blocks

at the same location on the track later in the day. I saw four cars damaged

during the weekend. While this may seem like a lot of car damage

at a DE, I have to qualify the damage by the nature of the track.

There are very few places around the Watkins Glen track where someone

can spin or drive off without getting car damage. Recall that the

Armco surrounds the track; tire barriers line the Armco at Turn 6 and

Turn 9, and Styrofoam soft-wall blocks appear in many of the corners.

At TWS and MSR, we have the luxury to “drive off” the track

when something goes wrong, and even spins pose little problems

since the tracks have ample run off areas. The Glen is different – with

Armco within two or three feet of the track in most places and right

on the edge of the asphalt in others. Small errors at The Glen can

result in significant car damage. While the track is wonderfully exciting

to drive, it can bite and bite hard.

Sunday ended with a light rain shower during the last 10 minutes

of the final 45-minute run session. Everyone told me it always

rains at The Glen, so this small shower so late into the event did not

bother me at all. I was already hot and tired, and the shower helped

to cool me off at the end of a long weekend of track driving. I logged

just under 500 miles on the track during the three days – all but 3.4

miles in the dry. We had hauled a set of mounted rain tires with us,

but never needed to put them on the car. Murphy’s Law says that if we

had not hauled those tires half way across the country, it would have

rained every day. As it was, the rain came during those last 10 minutes,

but stopped as the cars entered the paddock. We were able to

pack up and say farewell to The Glen in the dry. My car ran perfectly

all weekend, and it did not have any tire wall scares, or bite marks

from blue Armco – this had been a very successful and fun-filled


My thanks to all of the Zone 1 staff for providing a terrific event:

Henry Hoeh - Zone 1 Rep and Event Chairman, George & Connie

Beuselinck - Registrars, Dave Maynard – Chief Driving Instructor,

Bob Michaelson – Zone 1 Safety Chairman, and the rest of the Zone

1 staff including the all-volunteer corner worker crew. Also, thanks to

Don McGilvery and Steve Atwell, fellow Zone 1 Instructors for their

mentoring and helping this Maverick take his first laps around The

Glen. Lest I forget my student, Mary Anne Broda, for providing me

with the opportunity to obtain even more track time by sitting in the

right seat of her car.

Finally, a trip to Watkins Glen would not be complete without a

drive around the original Grand Prix road race circuit. With our

handy map in hand (which we picked up at the Seneca Lodge restaurant),

we took a lap around the original 1948-1952 6.6-mile road

course. While it would have been nice to make this lap in the 951, we

settled for the Ford Expedition since the course follows public streets

and the 951 is not quite street legal. However, it was a pleasant journey

through history as we read the Self-Guided Tour brochure and

drove along the historical roads.You could almost hear the roar of the

cars (maybe it was just me making motor noises) and see the crowds

(farm animals) standing along side the road cheering me on. It was a

fitting end to a weekend of driving at Watkins Glen.


Post-Parade Party

by Wendy Shoffit

The Prairie House restaurant in old downtown Carrollton has

been our Post Parade Party spot for the past few years. Their

delicious barbeque and cobbler coupled with a private room

makes it the ideal location. Nearly 40 Maverick members came out

to tell stories and listen to others’ about this year’s Porsche Parade

near Tampa, Florida.

There were trophies,

pictures, and souvenirs on

display. Some even included

electronic slideshows for the

after dinner entertainment.

Linda Bambina was kind

enough to bring a screen,

digital projector, and PA

system to help out. She was

also first up with her digital

presentation. As always, she

gave a first class performance,

both with her fun

Myra and Fran show off Parade Shirts photos and interesting

stories. If you can believe it,

she even got Peter Porsche to put on Alan’s cowboy hat AND shirt

to pose for a series of pictures. It was Simply Amazing.

James and I had

a few photos to

share, but they were

mostly of Jasmine,

and good friend,

Geneva Spreen. They

both had a great time

together in Florida.

This year had a

fantastic program

designed for the children,

including Geneva and Jasmine are short a few teeth

coconut painting

and an overnight trip to the aquarium. We were very fortunate to

bring them back whole… some of the alligators in the resort were

a bit, ummm, large-ish.

Our illustrious editor, Matt Platts, provided us with a show

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

Tom and Annette Snodgrass pose for a photo.

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

of a different sort. You see, our president, Keith Olcha, attended

Parade this year. Unfortunately, though, he had to leave early and

missed the autocross banquet where he would have received his

3rd place trophy. James was there and accepted the award on

Keith’s behalf. But, the party didn’t stop there… Keith’s trophy

went on to have a helluva good time in spite of its owner’s

...Needless to say, the trophy had almost

as much fun as the escorts..

absence. Matt, James, Mark and Lisa Steele, and I made sure that

the trophy partied a’plenty that night and photographed it all.

From singing with the hot chick band to having a drink with Jutta

Wendy and James kept the tropical theme going

Altenhoff, having a swim with a local frog, getting a massage at

the spa, and even tossing its cookies after having too much to

drink. Rumor has it that it woke up in bed with a married

woman… scandalous! Needless to say, the trophy had almost as

much fun as its escorts. True to form, KO was also missing in

action at the Post Parade Party and even missed the recap of his

trophy’s fun. What a pity - he even missed the peach cobbler.

All in all, the night was a hoot. The only thing better than

hearing about Parade is actually experiencing first hand. Just ask

Keith. So, go ahead and ask for your vacation time now, July 4

through 10 right here in Fort Worth. Y’all Come!

Hope Shelter Needs

Your Donations!

Clothing, Household, Furniture,

and Kitchen Items

Please contact Lanean Hughes for more

information, 972-484-3040 or


Gateway Racing

at Texas Motor Speedway

Dale Gates • 469-621-2591

Carrollton, Tx 75006

Gateway Racing, the exclusive Toyo Tire High-Performance

Distributor for the Southwest Region, is pleased to

announce it’s recent relocation to the North Dallas area.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to see us at the Texas

Motor Speedway Club Race. Remember to contact Gateway

Racing for all of your High Performance Toyo Tire needs.

Independent Service for

Porsche - BMW

Mercedes Benz - Volvo

Specializing in Porsche

service and restoration

See our Quality!

Visit us on the web!


11111 Ables Lane, #114

Dallas, TX 75229


New Wheels

If you have any changes that you would like to make to the

MRPCA membership guide, call Joel Nannis at 817-329-1600

by Joel Nannis, Membership Chair

Andrew Betaque

3355 Blackburn #8402

Dallas, TX 75204

1999 911

Carl & Star Boetticher

4716 Cherokee Trail

Dallas, TX 75209

2003 911

Richard & Robin Bradley

160 Fawn Hollow Drive

Argyle, TX 75226

2000 986

Thomas Currie

3437 Courtyard Circle

Dallas, TX 75234

1986 911

Stephen & Debi Dault

3905 Long Meadow Court

Plano, TX 75074

1991 911

Yvonne & Daniel Davis

800 Carroll Drive

Garland, TX 75041

1990 911

Ian Edmonds & Mimi Tan

4432 Travis Street

Dallas, TX 75205

2002 996


5 Years

Fred Cornwall (Karla)..............................................Dallas

Lee Pepper (Jennifer) ...............................................Dallas

Robert Kraft (Michael)....................................Fort Worth

Paul Tracy (Kathryn) ................................................Plano

10 Years

Kevin C. Chen (Jenny) .............................................Plano

Gerhard Lage ............................................................Dallas

Juan Tellez (Kathleen).......................................Colleyville

15 Years

Jacob E. Martin......................................................Coppell

Sal Guerrieri

3705 Cabana Lane

Plano, TX 75023

2003 996

John & Kathleen Harlow

6100 Western Place # 210

Fort Worth, TX 76107

1988 911

Jarrett Humphreys

PO Box 163588

Fort Worth, TX 76161

2003 996

Robert & Amy Knebel

2305 S Custer Road #1506

McKinney, TX 75070

2003 986 S

Timothy & Sherie Machala

2013 Liverpool Drive

Plano, TX 75025

2001 986 S

Stephen & Kris Marcus

5316 Tennington Park

Dallas, TX 75287

2001 911

Donnald & Dana Moody

205 Wellington Oaks Court

Denton, TX 76210

2002 986 S

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Lisa & Jerry Moody

3408 Edgewater Court

Arlington, TX 76016

2003 Cayenne S

Kenneth Muller & Vicki Dietz

18081 Midway Road #213

Dallas, TX 75287

1987 928

Franck Parachini

5117 Malvern Drive

Plano, TX 75093

1991 911

Brett & Mary Kay Sheldon

5431 Edgehollow

Plano, TX 75287

2003 996

Michael Williams

5665 Apapaho # 521

Dallas, TX 75248

2002 986

Peyman & Lesa Zamani

4424 Shadow Glen Drive

Dallas, TX 75287

1987 930

20 Years

Christopher Wilt (Mary Jo)..................................Coppell

25 Years

Richard D. Burleigh (Alberta E.)................................Azle

Steve Kent (Barb).............................................Fort Worth

Tom Lang (Mark) ............................................Richardson

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John Halla (Marilyn McGuire) ................................Plano

Edward Tix Jr. ..........................................Farmers Branch

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run for 3 issues. Email Matt Platts at or call 817-919-1253 (email preferred) by the 10th to have your ad run the following month. Be certain to include

a contact name and phone number. Check your ad for accuracy the first time it runs. Contact the editor to have your ad pulled sooner. Photo inclusion based on space constraints.

1990 944 S2 CoupeRed with Black leather interior.83,000 miles,excellent condition inside and out.

Stock except updated radio (in-dash CD). $10,500 OBO. Contact Jay for more information at (1)

1972 911T Nice looking, well maintained, Turbo look with fender flares and whale tail. Engine and

transmission recently redone. 150,000 miles, $8,700.00, email me or call for pics and more details:

Mike Menke 817-578-9678 or (1)

DP 935 Turbo Extremely Rare One of only two 935 Targas ever built by DP Motorsport.

Black/black, 23,548 orig. miles, excellent condition, 450+ hp, full DP carbon fiber body package,

A/C, power windows, power Recaro sport seats, racing mirrors, Kenwood deck and 10-disc

changer, alarm system. Recent $2,000 tune-up (7/10/03) at 911 Enterprises. Always garaged and

covered. Extremely rare,collector-quality vehicle.$65,000 o.b.o. Call or e-mail Brady for more info

or photos. (972) 877-1150 (1)

1988 Carrera Coupe Midnight blue, sunroof, 5 speed, air, 16” polished Fuchs, F/R spoilers. All

records, turbo tie rods, drilled and slotted rotors, stainless brake lines, lowered (euro height), Mobil

one in motor and transmission. Adult owned, non smoker, never raced or wrecked, original paint.

Asking $17,500. Contact Gorden at 713-882-2412 or (1)

2000 911 Carrera Very low miles (just over 12,000 August 1, 2003), 6-speed, one owner, always

garaged with tender loving care, Guards Red, full black leather interior, 18" turbo alloy wheels, CD

player, hi-fi stereo sound system, Porsche stability management and tuned suspension. Richard

Voreis @ 214-361-1919 or (1)(3)

1981 911SC PCA/CVAR race car. Low mileage car.Extensive modifications including roll cage,fuel

cell, fiberglass bumpers/spoilers, front oil cooler, Recaro seats, suspension mods including Charlie

bars. I am selling my complete race operation. Everything needed to race. Very clean car. $33,000.

Contact David Phillips 903-892-3384 (1)

2001 C2 Cab Polar Silver/Graphite Grey,6,000 Miles,Full Leather,18”Sport Design Wheels,6 Spd.-

Msrp 96,000,Always garaged,No Abuse,Excellent condition,$72,000,Call Jack (817) 923-3737 (1)

1984 DP 935 15,000 miles, fresh engine and transmission, adj waste gate, 400plus horsepower-

9x15,13x15 fuchs wheels, two sets tires225/45/15,345/35/15, red, this is a very rare euroversion, all

leather, air, large front cooler. $51,000. or 817-284-8271 (1)

1989 944 Turbo S Baltic Blue with burgundy interior, Excellent Condition! Includes records and

original window sticker. Website: 17" 3-pieces wheels, no dash

cracks, sport seats, factory M030, APE II chips. 82k miles, priced: $16,800 OBO. Replaced AC,

all belts and rollers, front engine completely re-sealed, new radiator and hoses. Contact or call 512-280-7775 (1)

1984 928 5 Speed Guards Red with black interior.16" phone dials,Condition is very nice.New dash

board and pod, carpet replaced and everything else aesthetic either replaced or refinished on the

interior. Electrical system works good. Fresh bilstiens, all ball joints, battery, alternator. AC Blows

Cold. Motor Perfect.Paint is 9.5 out of 10.(couple of very minor dings on front spoiler) Just passed

VA inspection and 2 year emissions test. Carfax okay...(Florida car for many years). 72,000 miles,

asking $9,800. E-Mail (1)

1998 993 TargaSpecially Optioned Car! Arctic Silver metallic,Classic Grey interior,Tiptronic trans,

Factory Aero-kit, Carbon Fiber trim on console and steering wheel, Aluminum/carbon tiptronic

and brake handle, lower dash leather, carbon inner door openers embossed w/Porsche logo, sport

seats, aluminum gauge faces, Hi-Fi sound (10 spkrs, 6cd changer), 18" Factory hollow-spoke turbo

twist wheels. Excellent Condition, always garaged & pampered, 18+K miles. MSRP was $95K,

asking $65000. Eddie Owen (903-539-7059) or (1)

1986 944 White, burgundy interior, new tires, new timing belt and rollers, valve job, excellent

service history, clean, runs great, 4900.00, call Hans @ 214-533-9847. (1)

1997 Mercedes Benz S320 Sedan Luxury at its best. Smoke Silver with light tan interior. Low

mileage 59,900 Always garaged, auto doors, windows, steering wheel, & trunk.Very clean car and

never smoked in. Rockin' Bose 6 CD changer, Moon roof. Maintained well at AutoHaus and

Loudens. Oil changes each 3k. New battery. FOUR year transferable Warranty, 4yr/104,000 miles.

Can't beat price or warranty, $25,200 plus balance of warranty.Call Monda at 972-831-0999

7:30am-4pm or 972-403-8166 evenings, (2)

DP 935 Turbo Extremely Rare One of only two 935 Targas ever built by DP Motorsport.

Black/black, 23,548 orig. miles, excellent condition, 450+ hp, full DP carbon fiber body package,

A/C, power windows, power Recaro sport seats, racing mirrors, Kenwood deck and 10-disc

changer, alarm system. Recent $2,000 tune-up (7/10/03) at 911 Enterprises. Always garaged and

covered. Extremely rare, collector-quality vehicle. $65,000 o.b.o. Call or e-mail Brady for more info

or photos. (972) 877-1150, (2)

1999 Porsche 911 C2 silver/black 17k miles "PERFECT", 18" sport design wheels with new conti

tires. 6 spd, CD, sunroof, hi- fi, bra. This car has been meticulously maintained with only Porsche

dealer service. Always garaged fair weather car. Car has been in Dallas area since new. Books and

complete records. $50,900 Brian at 972.530.4000 (2)

1985-1/2 944 Red w/black int. 5spd, 15" Phone dials, Alpine CD, new LOTS OF STUFF. Over

$7000 invested beyond original price of car and I have receipts for all. Car is approx 95%

completely restored. And yes A/C does blow cold, with over $900 spent on that last year. Feel free

to e-mail or call me for pictures and parts receipts list. $7500 obo. David @ cell 214-244-8054 or (2)

1987 Turbo Slant Nose Black/tan. Immaculate example of one of Porsche’s great cars. Excellent

condition with only 23,800 documented miles. No paint or body work. Interior in almost new

condition. SSI headers and exhaust, RUF Sport Clutch/Flywheel, 1 bar spring, short shift,

numeric temp gauge, strut tower brace, Weltmeister adjustable sway bars. All work and servicing

done locally. Original with full documentation and service records. Owners manual, service book.

$42,500 obo. George 972-409-9100 (2)

1986 Targa Carrera Black w/tan int. All original except; Fittipaldi Steering wheel, MoMo knob,

upgraded stereo. New Yokohamas on orig.Fuchs. Recent Clutch, full service, battery, alt., and

wiper/turn sig. switches.Very solid, tight, and quick. $18,000 obo. Call John @ 214-762-9495 or

email @ (2)

2000 Boxster 17" wheels with simutomo tires. Never punctured. No curb rash. 22K miles on the

tires. Roger, 817-675-3592 mobile (2)

1987 911 Carrera Coupe 3.2 G50, Grand Prix white/tan leather, polished fuchs, SO2s, sunroof,AC,

5 speed, 82,000 mi, cruise, cross drilled rotors, turbo tie rods, corner balanced, Fabspeed exhaust,

Colligan bra, car cover, service records, prior concours winner, original window sticker, just

serviced, runs and drives great, Excellent condition, $22,500. Contact Terry @ 972-687-0404 or (2)

1983 911 SC Blue w/sunroof,good paint.Excellent tan leather interior.Engine has tensioner update

and pop-off valve. K&N filter, lowered, updated headlights, sony CD player. Car runs great.

$11,900 OBO Contact Troy @ (817)613-7852 (2)

1989 Carrera Targa Guards Red exterior/Cashmere interior,105k miles,cross drilled rotors,‘89 911

turbo brake calipers, DAS roll bar w/fire extinguisher, 7” and 8” Fuchs, alpine CD player with

remote, K&N air filter, front and rear spoilers (turbo rear), power windows, power door locks,

cruise control, A/C, garage kept, excellent condition. This car runs great and looks even better.

$19,950. Contact Rob @ (972) 989-2107 or email @ (2)

1986 911 Carrera Coupe White/Black, whale tail, power windows, power locks, power sport seats,

power mirrors, cruise control, air conditioning, sun roof, Alpine 3-CD in-dash stereo, bra, cover,

Dunlop Sport 8000 tires, white spoke/polished rim wheels, short throw shift; less than 8000 miles

on new clutch and synchros; less than 1000 miles on new AC blower motor and alternator; garaged,

92,266 miles, $16,900. Bruce Roberts (972)527-6910, (972)205-7545, or (3)

Kenisis K-18's, 8.5 & 10 x 18" with Kumo ECSTA V-700's; OE 18" Turbo Twist (not hollow)

wheels, 7.5 & 9 x 18", with Kumo 712's; OE 17" Boxster S wheels, 7 & 8.5 x 17", with Kumo

Victoracers, one extra tire in each size with 17's. Call or e-mail if anything is of interest. Rocky

Johnson office 972.543.7623, home 972.462.8227, (3)

1984 Targa 46,000 miles. 3 owners - will provide Carfax history . Red with tan interior. 3.2L H6

engine well maintained. Interior/exterior excellent condition. Always garaged, fair weather car.

$19,500.00. Contact kathy at (3)

1989 911 Carrera Cab Guards Red w/black convertible top and Parchment Leather seats with sheep

skin covers, 10,900 miles, original owner with all service records, never driven in snow or rain, kept

in garage with factory cover and leather bra, BBs wheels, Air conditioning, Power windows and

locks, $40,000. You won't believe it's and '89. IT'S PERFECT!! Call 214-739-2221 or email (3)

914 Semi tube frame chassis with Sheridan widebody.Rolling chassis set up for 6 with 915 or could

use 901 box. Reinforced tub and trailing arms. Full cage adjustable front shock mounts. $3900.00

Ph 972-344-0119, (3)

2002 Boxster S Pampered and Perfect. Grey/Black Lthr.; Tip; Sport Touring/Design Pkg.;

Bose Premium Sound CD/Cass/Changer; Xenon; Upgraded Pirellis; Porsche Crest Center Caps &

Valve Stems; Titanium Steering Wheel; Remaining 4-year Warranty; Only 8K mile but has had 15K

Service; Roadside Assistance Program. Original MSRP $61,535. Rollie or Stacy @972.481.1950 or (3)

1961 356B Sunroof Coupe Good condition, runs great, located in Cifton Virginia. Comes with

some spare parts, wheels etc, and was just undercoated. Has the 1600 super engine for you

enthusiasts. We own a VSCCA race team, and have taken excellent care of the Porsche.

Asking $17,000 (OBO), (3)

Factory 993RS/SuperCup Recaro race seats featuring black nomex surface with Recaro/Porsche

logo. Rails and mounting hardware are included. Perfect for DE or Club Racing and in excellent

condition. Asking $1,800. Contact Steve at 214 693 3276, or (3)

1988 944 Midnight black,auto,tan interior.Looks and runs great.Original equipment,no add ons,

garage kept. 223,000 miles. $5,500 Terry 214-769-9810 (3)

1999 Porsche C2 Cab Guards Red/Sav Beige 38k miles. Immaculate condition in and out. Dealer

maintained, garage kept, non-smoker, leather. 6-speed, power seats with driver side memory,

3-spoke steering wheel, CDR 220 CD Player, wind deflector, Deviated floor color, (Black), new

Turbo chrome wheels with new 18” tires. Hardwired Valentine One included. Much more. Never

tracked. Over $82,250 new, for sale now only $47,900 OBO. Walt Burkett Jr (817)966-8162 or (3)

2000 Corvette Convertible 7,567 original miles. Garaged. Torch Red Exterior / Tan leather interior

/Tan top. CD, Bose, Automatic, Factory optioned chrome 18" wheels (thin spoke), original

Goodyears, new battery, $10K worth of factory options including heads-up display. Immaculate!

$42,000. A two owner car, Call Donald Bond, 713-336-0963 or (3)


Slipstream Advertiser

for 25 years!

Louden Motorcar Services has been

servicing fine European motorcars in

Dallas since 1977. From the moment you

drive in, it is apparent that quality is our

number one priority. From the comfortable

waiting room to the well-kept workshop,

Louden Motorcars exhibits professionalism.

We’ve been winning awards for the

quality of our service for years. Louden

has been rated “Best in Dallas” twice by

D Magazine, “Best in Texas,” “Top Ten in

the U.S.” and “Best in the West” by the

Robert Bosch Corporation (worldwide

leader in fuel injection and electronics).

And we’d like the opportunity to show

you why.

11454 Reeder Road

Dallas, Texas 75229

(972) 241-6326

Jan Mayo, Slipstream

2973 Timbercreek Trail

Ft. Worth, TX 76118

Periodical Postage

Paid at Ft.Worth, TX

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