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January 2003 - Published by Maverick Region

Porsche Club of America


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Volume 41, January 2003, Issue 1


Zone 5 Presidents ..........................................................1

List of Officers/Board Chairs .......................................4

Road Ramblings ............................................................5

Curves Ahead (Editor’s) ..............................................8

Maverick Minutes..........................................................8

New Wheels..................................................................27



Advertiser Index...........................................................28

Upcoming Events

Calendar of Events..........................................................1

Happy Hour at Railhead Smokehouse........................2

Porsche Lunches .............................................................2

Rally School & Short Rally ............................................2

New Member Party ........................................................3

Parade for Dummies......................................................3

Board Meeting ................................................................5

Zims Swap Meet ...........................................................13

Cimarron Tech 2003 ....................................................17

Autocross School ..........................................................21

DE at MSR Application ...............................................23

Past Event Recaps

Happy Hour at TBC Racing .........................................9

Charity Autocross.........................................................11

Founders Day................................................................14

Swap Meet .....................................................................18

Winnsboro Tour ...........................................................19

Eureka Springs Tour.....................................................24


Trivia Contest..................................................................7

DE Registration Tips....................................................22

Day January - Events

7 Board Meeting

9 MSR DE Registration Open

12 Parade for Dummies

16 Happy Hour

18 New Member Party

21 Plano & Bedford Lunches

25 Rally

28 Addison Lunch

Day February - Events

1 Time Trial 104

11 Board Meeting

7-9 Lone Star DE @ TWS

15 Ladies Only AX School (Penn.)

16 AX 101 School (Penn.)

18 Plano & Bedford Lunches

20 Happy Hour

22-23 DE at Motorsport Ranch

25 Addison Lunch


Kevin Hardison,

Bill Dugan, Wendy Shoffit,

Dennis Chamberlain, Lanean Hughes,

Mark Gluck, Dennis Rothermich,

Tinker Edwards

Cover Photo

Alan & Debbie Lage’s C4S, Debbie and

Lanean Hughes pose on the hood, photo

taken by Wendy Shoffit

Day March - Events

1 Dinner Social

8-9 Autocross 102 & Time Trial 103 (MW)

11 Board Meeting

16 Dogwood Trail (Palestine) Tour

18 Plano & Bedford Lunches

20 Happy Hour

21-23 Lone Star Club Race @ TWS

25 Plano Lunch

29-30 Time Trial #1 & Autocross #1 (MW)

Day April - Events

5 Rally

11-13 Hill Country Tour

13 Autocross #2 (TMS)

15 Plano & Bedford Lunches

17 Happy Hour

26 Time Trial #2 (MW)

26-27 LSR Drivers Education (TWS)

29 Addison Lunch

*Dates subject to change*





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2002 Porsche Club Zone 5 Presidents


Bob Kelley (Shirley)

h- 318-635-2617


Peter Kendig (Cindy)



Stan Wenger (Janelle)

h- 713-467-0453


Brad Bradford (Sandra)

h- 504-835-7874


Bud Thurman (Phyllis)

h- 501-666-7486


Mike Lindsey


B rooke Van Horne


Dick Dobson


Weston Dillard (Caren C)



Ron McAtee (Phyllis)

h- 210-654-6639


Keith Olcha

h- 817-251-6865


Leslie Morse (Margee)

h- 501-530-1537


Ray Quick


January 16

Railhead Smokehouse

5220 Highway 121, Colleyville 76034


Tuesday, January 21 @ 11:30AM

Good Eats at Collin Creek Mall in Plano

Tuesday, January 21 @ 11:30AM

Good Eats at Hwy 183 & Bedford Road in Bedford

Tuesday, January 28 @ 11:30AM

TGI Fridays on Midway Road in Addison



2003 Maverick Region - Board, Officers & Chairs

Maverick Region President

Keith Olcha

W - (817) 706-7678

H - (817) 251-6865

711 Manchester Court

Southlake, TX 76092

Keith has been a regular at all of our driving

events and has recently been heavily involved

in the planning of our Driver’s Education

program. Keith has also started driving his 911

in PCA Club Races.


Noby Takahashi

W - 972-761-4311

H - 214-327-8911

9201 Garland Road, #115A

Dallas, TX 75218

Noby has been a member since 2000. He is an

active participant in many Maverick driving

events and has helped out with the Autocross

schools. He drives a 2001 Boxster S.


Mimi Spreen

H - 972-420-9953

709 Reno Street

Lewisville, TX 75077

Mimi has been a PCA member since 1989,

including being actively involved in 2 other

regions. She served with husband, Carey,

as Vice President for 2 years. She drives a

1970 914-6.


Bob Knight

W - (214) 461-1426

H - (214) 349-1108

9047 Oakpath

Dallas, TX 75243

A member since 1986, Bob has previously

held the offices of President and Vice

President, edited Slipstream, and has won

the Selcer Memorial award. He owns a 2000

Boxster S.

Driving Events - Chair

John Sandusky

W - (817) 777-0421

John Sandusky has been a member since 1986.

He has become increasingly involved in

Drivers' Education events over the past few

years. He drives a track prepared 1990 964 C2.

Logistics & Support - Chair

Joe McGlohen

W - (817) 366-1678

H - (817) 861-2792

704 Bowen Court

Arlington, TX 76012

Joe has been involved in virtually every type of

event that the Maverick Region holds.

Joe was the 2001 Selcer Memorial award winner.

He owns a 912 and a 914 2.0 liter.

Communication - Chair

Wendy Shoffit

H - (972) 506-7449

1112 Santa Fe Trail

Irving, TX 75063

A member since 1997, Wendy is the editor

of Slipstream and has won the Selcer

Memorial Award. 2001 Porsche Club Family

of the Year. She owns a ‘90 911 C4 Cab and

a ‘78 911 SC.

Activities - Chair

Teri Davis

H - (940) 682-4719

P.O. Box 213

Weatherford, TX 76086

Teri is a past Slipstream Editor and the

current Rally Chair. She has also been a

major force behind Round Up and the

recent Rally Schools.


Cody Sears

W - (214) 357-7000.

H - (817) 540-1076


Joe McGlohen

W - (817) 366-1678

H - (817) 861-2792

Managing Newsletter Editor

Matt Platts

H - (817) 919-1253


Joel Nannis

W - (817) 319-1600

H - (972) 722-2735

Time Trials

Mark Steele

Tech Inspection

Ed Mayo

W - (817) 540-4939

H - (817) 595-4651

Mentor Program

Dennis Chamberlain

W - (972) 788-0871

Goodie Store

Dee & John Lersch

W - (214) 697-3291

Driving Education - Tech

Ray Leudecke


Lisa Steele

Newsletter Printing

Fran Ussery

W - (972) 438-8344

H - (817) 481-8342


Lanean Hughes

H - (972) 484-3040

DE Chief Instructor

Bryan Henderson

W - (817) 858-7526

H - (817) 354-6045

Timing & Scoring

James Shoffit

(972) 506-7449 wk

(972) 506-7449 hm

Newsletter Mailing

Andy Mears

H - (940) 321-8683

W - (214) 360-9221


Ted Glover

H - (972) 248-7751

DE Asst Chief Instructor

Keith Olcha

W - (817) 706-7678

H - (817) 251-6865

AX Chief Driving Instructor

Mark Steele

Technology Chair

Andy Mears

H - (940) 321-8683

W - (214) 360-9221


Teri Davis

H - (940) 682-4719

DE Registration

Bill Dawson

H - (972) 291-8817 (

Road Ramblings

by Keith Olcha, Maverick Region President

Well 2003 is here (well not really, since you

have to publish Slipstream in December for a

January delivery). I hope the holidays were good

in all ways for each of you. I thought about

naming this column “I’m KO, you’re OK…”,

then I thought of “You’re OK, I’m an idiot…”

so I settled on “Road Ramblings…” It’s a

shameless rip-off of Road & Track Magazine’s

“Miscellaneous Ramblings…” Seriously, I am

very grateful to the Maverick committee for nominating me, and the

region for voting me to be President this year. My greatest fear is that

I won’t come close to contributing the time and effort Wendy and

James Shoffit put into the position these past two years. Wendy was

...We’re also going to try to rotate the

board meetings around the Metroplex...

also our Slipstream editor, a position now filled by Matt Platts. They

did a great job and I must tell you a secret- the pay stinks! Please take

note of the new and returning chair positions for the various areas

of our club. These tireless contributors help make all these events

happen and are far more important in total than anything the

executive team could accomplish by itself. Thanks in advance to

each of you for a great year ahead - your expertise is appreciated.

For those of you who don’t know my background with the club,

I’ve been a PCA member for twelve years, a Porsche owner for

fourteen and over those years a member of three regions- Metro

New York, Chicago, and Maverick (5 years this June). I’ve been lucky

to be a part of large regions with vast reserves of volunteers and

varying interests. When people talk about what, if anything, they

miss about a place they’ve lived - and the subject of food comes up,

they might say they miss the pizza, for example. Relative to PCA,

I’d say my small wish list only includes just a few more regularly

scheduled Concours and Rally events- not quality, just quantity. In

all these areas - Tours, Socials, Autocross, Time Trials, Drivers

Education, and Club Race- Maverick’s programs are as good or

better than any I’ve been a part of. Can we add more Concours or

Rallies- we’ll see? Our calendar is fairly full as it is.

I’m hoping Mimi Spreen, our new Secretary this year, has taken

delivery of her Boxster by now, as is required by the new region

bylaws. Noby Takahashi, our new Vice President, Bob Knight, our

returning Treasurer, and I all drive Boxster S’s. We’ve cut Mimi

(a former Maverick Vice President) some slack and told her she can

get either a Boxster S, or a standard Boxster to fulfill the requirement

for office. On a serious note though, have you noticed that twothirds

of the new members listed here each month are registering

Boxsters as their Porsche? No surprise. My Boxster is the first

Porsche I’ve owned with air conditioning you can actually use, and a

radio that you can play FM stations instead of just AM talk radio.

2003 will be quite a year. In addition to the year’s regularly

scheduled events including such major undertakings as our

Memorial Day Club Race weekend, we’ll be finishing most of the

preparation for our hosting of PCA Parade 2004, taking place in

early July of that year. The Maverick Region last hosted the Porsche

Parade in 1987. This will be a very ambitious undertaking with a

Drivers Education and Club Race scheduled in concert with the

traditional Parade activities. Downtown Fort Worth, and the Texas

Motor Speedway will be the nuclei for the 2004 Porsche Parade.

You’ll see and read more about Parade 2004 as momentum gathers

this year, and we report the results. We’ll need your help as volunteers

and you’ll read more about that too. Consider attending the 2003

Parade in Tampa this year in June. There will even be a Drivers

Education event at the famous Sebring International Raceway.

Speaking a little closer to home, schedule wise - there are a few

January events I’d like to point out that are happening this month:

First, we’ve got our first Happy Hour social on Thursday Jan 16th.

We’ve got our New Member party on January 18th, at Texas Motor

Speedway and our rally school with a short rally at TMS on Jan 25th.

I’ve been to both of these in past years, and they are great. Do you

get the feeling I love TMS? If every Porsche is a racecar, then how can

you dislike a racetrack? Seriously, the venue (believe it or not) is cost

effective and worthwhile for these two events. We finish up January

with three lunches on Jan 21st and Jan 28th. Also don’t forget to file

your application for the Driver’s Education at Motor Sport Ranch

happening in February by the January 9th postmark date. This first

race track event of the year fills up quickly.

Once again, welcome to another year of the Maverick Region

PCA, and besides this monthly publication, be sure to follow

the region’s happenings on our MRPCA chat board on Yahoo

groups (; MRPCA) and our web page We’re also going to try to rotate the board

meetings this year around the Metroplex (east, middle, and west) to

make it possible for more people to attend. Till next month then. It’s

not the cars, it’s the people, and remember; drive those garage

queens, so then you can wash them!


What would you do with

1000 hours of your time?

We trained our technicians.

AOL Keyword: Park Place

©2002 Park Place Porsche


Email: or

FAX at (817) 267-4939










Curves Ahead

by Matt Platts, Editor

The time has finally arrived me to put

together my first issue of Slipstream. I must

say that the work required to put this

publication together can be a little overwhelming,

but I think the results will be worth it. I would like

to take a moment to recognize Wendy Shoffit for

doing a great job as Slipstream Editor before me.

Wendy has also been a huge help while I learn the

Editor’s job, she has taught me how to put everything together on

the computer, as well as gathering information and articles from

various Maverick members to help fill this issue with content.

Wendy has been a wonderful asset to the Maverick Region in many

ways and I know that will continue as she is involved in several

aspects of the club.

I would also like to send out a big thanks to Teri Davis. Many

of you may not know it, but Teri builds most (sometimes all) of

the event advertisements that you see in Slipstream every month.

Teri cranked out several ads with relatively short notice for this

issue. Teri’s willingness and abilities have been and will continue

to be greatly appreciated!

Since I’m in the thanking business, I would like to recognize

all of the club members who contributed articles, columns,

photographs, and other information for this issue. Slipstream

relies on all of you to help at one time or another, some of you

*very* often. If it wasn’t for everyone contributing on a regular

basis, we would have a very boring newsletter. I hope that you keep

those articles coming in. I’m quickly learning that some months

have too much content while others don’t have enough, but it

usually comes out in the wash. I won’t recognize everyone that fits

in this category by name, but you will see their names on their

articles and pictures as you read through the issue. Please make

sure to thank those individuals as you see them at events and

outings, we want to keep that information flowing!

You may be one of those individuals are who has never

written an article and would like to get in on the action, please

don’t be shy! The next time you are at a Maverick event, have a

*great* time, and would like to let the rest of the club know what

they missed, just let me know. I would love to hear from more of

you so you can tell everyone how much fun our driving and social

events are. We’ve had great turnout at many recent events and I

think that a lot of that can be contributed to seeing advertisements

and reading about past events in Slipstream.

Lastly, I would like to thank all of you for making me feel

welcome as the new editor. I can’t tell you how many people have

personally thanked me for stepping up to the plate and taking on

this project, it really makes me feel good. I look forward to putting

together a quality publication each month for you. You can also

look for some changes to happen to Slipstream this year, my

article title “Curves Ahead” was meant to give a hint of what may

be coming. I will be working on a fresher, more updated look, so

keep your eyes out for those changes as they come along. I will do

my best to keep the changes “on-track”, since we all know that even

brief “off-track” excursions can be troublesome.

Maverick Minutes

by Andy Mears, Secretary

The last Maverick Region Board Meeting

for the year 2002 was held on December

11 at the home of James and Wendy


Announcement of new officers: Keith Olcha,

President, Noby Takahashi, Vice President, Mimi

Spreen, Secretary, Bob Knight, Treasurer.

A motion was made and passed for Dee

Lersch to purchase cloisonne’s for the name badges for the Goodie

Store, and to find some glue that will keep the crest in place.

Teri Davis gave an update on the Rally School in January and

requested money for the classroom deposit. Look for the ad in

Slipstream. Lanean updated everyone on the Christmas activities

for Hope Shelter, including stocking stuffing and delivering gifts, if

you have any donations for Hope Shelter please contact Lanean or

any of the board members.

Mimi Spreen requested money for the deposit for the new

members’ party January 18 to be held at TMS. This party is an

opportunity for new members to meet with other new and existing


Photo by Wendy Shoffit

A motion was made and passed for the region to rent a secure

storage facility in town for the purpose of storing region driving

event equipment and other region materials. If you happen to be

storing any region equipment that you would like to move out of

your dining room, please contact any of the board members.

The Board Meeting was called to close at 8 PM. As always,

check the web site for the most current schedule of events. I look

forward to seeing everyone at next year’s events.

2003 Maverick Board Members

Noby Takahashi, Keith Olcha, Mimi Spreen, Bob Knight


Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Happy Hour at TBC Indoor Racing

by Dennis Chamberlain

At about 11:15 p.m., when

Mark Lang finally beat out

everyone else for first place

and mounted the winner’s stand,

the last few bleary-eyed, die-hard

Mavericks congratulated him and

Happy Hour Crew: Dennis Chamberlain,

Dee Lersch, and Mark Gluck

shuffled out to the highway. The

Team Building Concepts employees

were exhausted. We were exhausted.

The karts were exhausted. It had been a long, unusual, yet enjoyable

evening at TBC.

Mark Lang (c) takes first, Jay Walker (l) second, Steve Watkins (r) third

TBC, an indoor, electric kart racing facility at Stemmons and

Regal Row in Dallas, had been recommended as a happy hour

destination by several Mavericks, including John Hrad and Steven

and April Dodd. After touring the facility earlier in the month

with Greg Garrett, the TBC general manager, I could understand

their attraction. So we scheduled the event for November 21.

On the evening of the

happy hour, fifteen more

Mavericks showed up than

the thirty that had confirmed.

While I did my best to greet

new and old members, Mark

Gluck, who had labeled the

event the “2002 Zap Classic”,

administered the racing

portion of the evening.

A Sonny Bryan’s barbecue

spot is nestled inside TBC, and

after finishing my generous

helping of beef and pork I

concluded that it was second

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

The Gomez Family

only to the barbecue of Joe McGlohen. And while the combination

of a full bar and kart racing made me a bit apprehensive, it

appeared that the kart drivers were under the influence of nothing

other than their natural, competitive instincts.

...the combination of a full bar and cart

racing made me a bit apprehensive ...

There were more racing participants than we had expected,

contributing to the late ending. Congratulations again to Mark

Lang for winning first prize (a free detailing by Park Place). And

if after Sonny Bryan’s in November and Joe McGlohen’s in

December (at the Maverick Christmas Party) you still haven’t

satisfied your appetite for barbecue, then be sure to join us for a

repeat visit to the Railhead Smokehouse in Colleyville for our

January 16 happy hour.

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

A gentle nudge... or maybe a “suggestion” to move out of the way



Charity Autocross

by Cody Sears

Once again the loyal Maverick Region members, as well as

many other car enthusiasts, showed up in force to support

our annual “Run Whatcha Brung” Charity Autocross. The

Pennington Field parking lot in Bedford has proven to be an

excellent location for our local events this year, and this time

was no exception. The weather was awesome, and for the first

time this year, I don’t think I had a single complaint about my

course design (maybe I’m just blocking that stuff out now).

who had the fastest time of the day and bragging rights until

next year (or until we do it again!).

With the larger than expected showing of over sixty drivers

(all of whom donated anywhere from $20 to much more) and

other funds collected, we raised over $1,500 for the Hope

Shelter! A very special thanks to everyone who made this event

happen, and I hope to see you all there next year

Photo by Kevin Hardison

Dan Gage navigates a hard left corner

Speaking of course design, Eric Erz also had a great course

laid out at this event too, but it wasn’t for the big cars. He set

up a course for the remote-control cars. Eric did a great job

setting up and running this portion of the event, and everyone

(including me) had lots of fun playing with the RC cars. Who

knows, this may become a more regular side event!

...for the first time this year, I don’t think I

had a single complaint about course design...

As for the big cars, we had a good variety of makes and

models competing. The biggest standout was Clay and Betty

Perrine’s early model Ford. And the highlight of the day for me

was participating in the “friendly” competition among drivers.

In an effort to even the playing field and take away all excuses, a

small group of us drove the same car to see who actually is the

best driver. Thanks to Boardwalk Porsche for loaning us a nice

Boxster to settle the debate, and congratulations to Bill Miller

Photo by Kevin Hardison

The “loaner” Boxster from Boardwalk Porsche in action!

• Increased Horsepower

• Lower Temperatures

• Superior Protection

• Longer Oil Life

• API Certified

Photo by Dennis Rothermich,

Clay & Betty Perrine’s Antique Ford

the performance oil that outperforms

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Purple Motor Oil will give them a performance

advantage-and now you can enjoy the same benefits!

Royal Purple allows your engine to run with less

friction, producing more horsepower and offering

superior protection. Royal Purple is the choice of

champions; try it today and Feel the Performance!

Military Distribution:

North Texas Lubricants



Specializing in


repair, Maintenance,

4-wheel alignment,

and complete

German automobile

body repair.

A.S.E. certified



Glasurit certified

1118 S. Airport Circle, #120

Euless, Texas 76040

Metro (817) 540-0712

Member Automobile Service Association


View Your Pictures Online!

Jay Walker

Mean Green Travel


Motorsport Ranch

Maverick Region Driver’s Education

Go to

High resolution 8” x 10” digital photos start at $15.00.

Email for more info.




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Banners • Posters • Calendars

Track Photography • Car Numbers

Digital Photo Editing

Kevin Hardison

Irving, Texas • (214) 957-8193




FAX 972-721-1847


Founders Day 2002

by Lisa Steele

This year’s event took place at Southfork Ranch on

November 9th. It was simply a Spectacular evening! Eric

and Karen Erz made arrangements for everyone to tour the

famous Southfork Mansion. Although the “mansion” was beautiful,

my little girls dreams of this place were shattered when I saw the

actual size and when I was told that most of the taping was done

in studios…that’s Hollywood I guess.

...Thank you James and Wendy Shoffit -

you’re a great team!

We had a wonderfully unique invocation this year given

by Erika Nannis. I’m sure it is very difficult to come up

with something new each year and she always seems to manage

it beautifully. The entertainment of the evening was quite a

surprise. We were treated with several dance numbers from the

girls of the Dance Xpress Jazz Company…I wish my body could

move like that.

I would like to take a moment to recognize what a truly

awesome job James has done as the Maverick Region President

for the past 2 years. And I know that Wendy shared a lot (if not

all) of the presidential duties. BOTH of them gave countless

hours of their time and I believe that their contributions to the

club have made some much needed changes and have continued

to make it a wonderful club to be a part of. Thank you James

and Wendy Shoffit – you’re a great team!

As part of the Founder’s Day tradition, the driving awards

and trophies are a fun part of the evening. These were

presented by time trials chair Bill Dugan and autocross chair

Cody Sears. The awards are always very creative but I must

say that Kevin Hardison out did himself this year with the

outstanding montage posters he created with pictures he took

throughout the season.

The most memorable part of the night for me was receiving

the Gregg Murrell Driving Enthusiast Award. It was a total

shock! The best part was getting the opportunity to talk with

Gregg’s parents, Ron and Jan. They shared a lovely photo album

with me that had pictures of Gregg that helped me see what a

great person he was. I feel so proud to have this award in honor

of his name.

This is one of my favorite events of the season because you

get to see everyone in their best duds and the food is always

fabulous…not to mention that you get to be in the company of

some pretty GREAT people!

Photo by Teri Davis

Photo by Bill Dugan

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

Photo by Bill Dugan

Photo by Bill Dugan

Photo by Bill Dugan

Jan Mayo & James Shoffit present the 40th Anniversary banner

Thanks Jan for being our Zone Representative for 6 years!

Bill Dugan wins the Selcer Award

Lisa Steele wins the Murrell Award

Most Improved Driver - Darren Shaffer

Photo by Bill Dugan


Chuck Machala - Top Driver, Mens

Photo by Bill Dugan

Wendy Shoffit - Top

Driver, Ladies

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

Joel Nannis - Cone


Photo by Bill Dugan

Ed and Jan Mayo

Photo by Bill Dugan

Teri and Charlie


Annual Founders Day Banquet 2002

Driving Awards

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

Eric Erz - 2nd Place, AX, 3rd Place TT Class 4

Photo by Teri Davis

Grant Miller - 2nd Place, TT Class S6

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

Kevin Hardison - 1st Place, AX & TT Class 10

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

Mike Lockas - 1st Place, AX & TT Class 3

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

Mark Steele - 1st Place, AX & TT Class 8

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

Rick Randall - 2nd Place, AX & TT Class 6

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

Jerry Sutton - 2nd Place, TT Class 4

James Shoffit - 1st Place, AX & TT Class 5 Noby Takahashi - 1st Place, AX & TT Class 7

Great teams working together!

Photo by Bill Dugan

Grant & Bill Miller had great father and son duels all year long.

Wendy & James Shoffit putting the final touches on a great year.


1033 N. Henderson St.

Fort Worth, TX

(817) 877–1772

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Our parts department is also second to none. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in

finding that necessary part or after-market option you require. We are an authorized dealer

for high-performance Recaro seating, Yokohama Tires, Bilstein Shocks, Bosch, and many

others. This ensures that whether you are a casual driver or an enthusiast who needs race

prep assistance, Nine-Eleven has the experience and knowledge to keep your car running

at peak performance.


Crown Rd.

Cindy Lane


Royal Lane

Joe Field Rd.



Nine-Eleven Enterprises, Inc.

Service, Accessories & Parts for BMW,

Mercedes & Porsche

2120 Cindy Lane, Dallas, Texas 75229



We are conveniently located near the intersection of Stemmons and LBJ Freeways

in Dallas. We offer emergency towing service 24 hours a day and have arranged

for special rental car rates with area rental agencies. Come by for a visit between

7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday, or call for a service appointment.



Photo by Lanean Hughes

Zims Swap Meet

by Lanean Hughes

Parts, parts, and more parts! There was something for

everyone... if you couldn’t find it, you weren’t looking. Over

100 Porsche fanatics showed up early at Zims Autotechnic

for an opportunity to buy, sell, and trade their treasures. Special

thanks to the Zims staff for assisting all day long, and to Vaughan

Garrett for organizing the event.

The weather couldn’t have been better!

This was Bryan Henderson’s first time to set up “shop”, after

a few minutes he stated “I would have done this a long time ago,

that was the easiest $300 I’ve ever made”. Making deals and

bartering is the name of the game, you can sell that thing that

has been taking up

space in your garage,

then turn around

and buy something

to fill the vacated

hole! Zims was offering

special in-store

discounts for all who

attended, so if second-hand


wasn’t your

thing, you could buy

it new!

Just in case you

missed this event,

mark you calendar

so you can be sure to

get out to the next

swap meet at Zims

on March 1st. Fun

will be had by all -

who knows, Bill may

even find another

“racing” seat to try

on for size!

Photo by Lanean Hughes

Photo by Lanean Hughes

The Goodie Store was a popular spot!

Too much excitement for Bill...


Photo by Mark Gluck

Giant Slinky Spotted Near Winnsboro

by Bob Bianconi

News Report: Unnamed sources reported a giant accordionlike

creature slithering through the environs of Winnsboro

and neighboring communities. The creature - some estimated

to be more than 2 miles long - had not been seen in these parts

before, befuddled observers noted. Accordion-ologists identified

the ever expanding and contracting-thing as a distant relative of the

slinky, that ubiquitous children’s toy. Mostly grey and silver, the

creature also seemed to have spots of black, blue, gold and a tail

very similar to the color of guard’s red. The unnamed sources also

reported that the slinky seemed capable of high speed travel and at

other times, seemed to be moving at a snail’s pace. Some Winnsboro

residents even noted that it looked as if the brightly colored slinky

was basking in the sun in the middle of the road.

Long shadows at the morning departure point

of fame for drawing so much business. In any event, Ted and

Bonnie had, as usual, everything planned. Trip instructions were

given and we even had to break into three groups: The Chickenfried

Steak group, the Chicken group and the Snitzel Group.

...Do we have to wait until spring for the

next tour?

So who was there? Well, with so many folks present, I can’t

begin to name them all. But, I can tell you there were several

928’s, a 914-6, a 944, lots of 911’s and the obligatory Boxster

bunch (Ted: need you plan for the Cayenne next season? - maybe

a river crossing??). It was great seeing such a huge mix of cars;

in fact, for many folks, this was their first tour. Once the

preliminaries were over, it was time to hit the road. Managing a

group this size proved to be a daunting task for our tour-meister

duo. As alluded to earlier, the tour consisted of 35 cars which

required the use of three FRS radio relays to convey messages

back to the caboose in a guards red Boxster (the aforementioned

slinky’s tail…) Even with these ‘state-of-the art-communicators

(not!), we managed to dice up the slinky a few times

Of course, the Slinky we’re talking about was the giant

fall foliage tour headed up by our great tour-meister (and tourmistress?)

Ted and Bonnie Glover. To say this trip was a success

would be a huge understatement. Thirty-five(!) Porsches made

the daylong jaunt through the countryside near the Community

of Winnsboro. And a slinky it was; a giant caravan snaking it’s

way through the twists and curves of ranch and farm land.

Someone estimated that the caravan stretched out for 2 miles at

one point.

The day started off with the obligatory driver’s meeting at

“THE” Walmart at I-80 and Beltline Road. This location has been

the start of many fine Glover tours. In fact, I believe I heard that

Walmart was placing a Ted and Bonnie star on their sidewalk hall

Photo by Mark Gluck

An eager group read to enjoy the roads of East Texas

Photo by Mark Gluck

“Our Place” Restaurant

Nonetheless, the roads were simply beautiful, especially

several of the most narrow 1-lane country roads. How Ted and

Bonnie find these places is beyond me. Anyway, after several

hours behind the wheel, we pulled into Pittsburgh, home of the

Steelers, er, I mean “Our Place” restaurant. If you get a chance to

visit Pittsburgh, this restaurant should be on your short-list of

things to do. Chicken, steak, snitzels, and strudel, they’ve got it all.

As an added treat, Pittsburgh resident and Boxster-owner Bob

Jones stopped by while we ate and recounted tales about the

latest Boxstoberfest.

After lunch it was back on the road for the trip back to DFW.

With less turns on the way home, our photographers were able to

snap some shots of the procession. It was quite a site. Thanks Ted

and Bonnie for another great tour!

ps…Do we have to wait until spring for the next tour?????


Complete Collision Repair

Featuring the latest Shark & Hunter Equipment.

We work closely with your insurance company on all repairs.

• Track Alignments and Suspension Setups

• Your convenient Drivers Education

inspection location for

North Dallas


Steve Watkins in the Streetwerks 944 S2 at Motorsport Ranch.

5401 I-35 • Corinth, Texas 76205 • 940-270-8000 • Fax 940-270-8001 •

Maverick Driving Schools - Class of 2003

By Kevin Hardison

Time to get ready for school! The Maverick Region is sponsoring five driving

school days this year to help get you ready for the upcoming driving

season. We have something for everyone this year, from “Newbies” to

Club Racers looking for an opportunity to do a little testing and tuning.

Everyone is encouraged to participate regardless of their experience.

This year all of the school days will occur before the start of the official

Time Trial and Autocross seasons. We encourage everyone interested in driving,

instructing or helping out this year to email now

to get on the email list for updates and more info.

Advanced Time Trial 104 - TT104

Mineralring - Mineral Wells, Texas - Saturday, February 1st

This is the “Advanced” school you may have heard rumors about. All

three of our standard time trial courses will be setup on the same day. It has a

very limited number of openings, so be sure to email us early. Club Racers,

Drivers Education junkies and AX/TT instructors are especially encouraged to

apply. Students should have some driving experience and must bring their own

helmets.Make sure you have plenty oftread on your tires’ll need it!

The day will start early with the maximum track time planned possible.

Drivers will be paired up and you will be either driving, riding or working

corners together for the entire day! Instructor’s cars must have a second seat

for their students to ride with them. A few exceptions will be allowed.

Parade laps will be immediately followed by timed runs. Courses #1,

#2 and #3 will be setup in quick succession. No long classroom discussions

here - this is a hands on the wheel class. Because this is a school, no official

times will be published, but at end of the day a TTOD Time Trial

Shoot Out is planned. Proceeds from this session will benefit the Hope

Shelter in Mineral Wells.

Ladies Only Autocross 105 - LA105

Pennington Field - Euless, Texas - Saturday, February 15th

Our traditional ladies school taught by some of our best lady drivers,

many of them class winners at Parade! Guys are there just to setup the course,

work corners and pick up cones. The top speeds are lower and all of the exercises

are designed to help you learn to work with your car. Extra time is allowed

to make sure you can gradually increase your speeds as your confidence grows.

Threshold braking, slaloms and skid pads will be featured in the morning.

An actual autocross will be setup and held in the afternoon. This is a fully

instructed event and you will always have someone to help you throughout the

day. Timed Fun Runs for workers and instructors at the end of the day.

Intro to Autocrossing 101 - IA101

Pennington Field - Euless, Texas - Sunday, February 16th

This school shares the same format as the Ladies School from the previous

day. Ladies can take both days if they wish to. This is the perfect introduction to how

to attend an autocross. Students and Instructors will work the corners during the

autocross to gain valuable insights. Timed Fun Runs for workers and instructors.

Autocross 102 - AX102

Mineralring - Mineral Wells, Texas - Saturday, March 8th

Part 1 of our 2-day school featuring more exercises and a longer AX course.

The Mineralring is perfect for exploring the limits of your car. Students will get the

chance to learn what your ABS and Stability Control Systems will and will not do!

Time Trial 104 - TT103

Mineralring - Mineral Wells, Texas - Sunday, March 9th

Part 2 of our 2-day school featuring multiple laps and higher speeds. High

speed handling and transitions will be explored in the morning. An actual Time

Trial will take place in the afternoon to help prepare you for the season ahead.

Register to help out or attend online NOW at

Maverick Region 2003 Driving Schools Registration Form

TT104 - Attend / Work Ladies - Attend / Work AX101 - Attend / Work AX102 - Attend / Work TT103 - Attend / Work

(Please circle each event and if you plan on attending or helping with the event)

Name _____________________________________ TXDL# ________________________ DOB ________________

Address ____________________________________ City, ST _________________________________ Zip __________

Day Phone __________________________________ Eve. Phone ______________________________________________

E-mail Address ________________________________ Emergency Contact ______________________________________

Vehicle Make__________________________________ Model __________________ Year _________ Color ______________

Are you a PCA Member? (not necessary to attend) Yes No Member #_________________________________________

Have you attended a MR Driving School before? Yes No Which one(s)? _____________________________________

How many TT/AX’s have you entered before? ________________ T-shirt Size S M L XL XXL (Please circle one)

Would you like to order the lunch that will be delivered to the track? Yes No

Planning on dinner Saturday night, March 8th in Mineral Wells? Yes No How many? _______________________

Do you have an instructor Preference? None Male Female Name _______________________________________

Do you need to borrow a helmet? Yes No Size _____ (Limited # of loaners. Headsock purchase required)

Do you consider yourself to be a: Novice, Intermediate or an Advanced student? (Please circle one)

Register online at Send questions to or call Wendy Shoffit at 972-506-7449 before 9pm.

Please make checks payable to “MRPCA” and mail to 1112 Santa FeTrail, Irving, Tx 75063. Late entries pay at Pre-Tech at Mayo Performance.

Get ready for the 2003 Driving Season!

Time Trial #1 – Saturday, March 29th • Autocross #1 – Sunday, March 30th

Mineralring, Mineral Wells, Texas


Photo by Kevin Hardison

DE Registration Tips

by Bill Dawson, Registrar

Our registration process is very similar to that used by PCA

for the Parade. Many people, especially those members

new to Drivers’ Education Events, have asked why there is

so much emphasis on the postmark date for an application. In a word,


give all members who apply on the opening postmark date an

equal opportunity to get accepted into the event. If there are more

applications for a certain run group, all postmarked on the opening

day, a lottery is held. If not, the process is repeated for the second day

postmarks, etc. Early postmarks get bumped to the second day

which means chances of acceptance are slim versus none in the

oversubscribed run groups. Postage meters are not accepted because

they can be (perish the thought) manipulated.

In order to receive your Maverick Region priority, we must have

your PCA membership number. In fact, we are not just being nosy;

we have a reason for asking for all of the information on the

application form. So please, fill it out completely. For more

Registration tips, go the DE section of the Maverick Region website I hope to see you at the next DE.

Bill Dawson at speed in the Red run group.

Maverick Region is financially responsible for these high budget

events. Therefore, it is only fair that Maverick Region members

receive priority in the registration. Virtually every DE has had more

applicants for the Beginner and Novice run groups (Green and Blue)

than we can safely accommodate. And, there are a number of

Maverick Region members who live outside the DFW Metroplex

whose application might take longer to arrive than an application

mailed in the DFW area. The Registrar uses the postmark date to

Photo by Kevin Hardison

DE’s are big crowded events and a lot of fun! Register carefully to get in!


Driver Education At MotorSport Ranch

February 22-23, 2003

Sponsored by:

Postmark Date: January 9, 2003

Maverick Region invites you to our PCA Driver

Education event at MotorSport Ranch,

( located in

Cresson, Texas on Highway 377, 16 miles southwest of

Fort Worth. Novices are encouraged and will be provided

comprehensive instruction. All cars must be

inspected for track worthiness (tech) prior to the event.

Tech locations, dates, and forms, along with further

information will be sent with your acceptance package

but also look for DE information on the Maverick

Region web site (

Acceptance priority will be: Maverick Region

members and all instructors, other PCA members,

other Porsche drivers, and other cars, in that order, all

based upon postmark date within assigned run group.

Expect to have a response (In/Out/Waiting List)

approximately three weeks before the event date. Event

Cost: $195 per driver

registration will open with Jan 9th postmark dates.No

postage meters, please. The cost is $195 each driver,

payable to Maverick Region PCA. Applications without

payment cannot be processed. Sorry, due to limited

availability we are unable to issue refunds once you are

accepted. Please use a separate application/check per

individual entrant, even if sharing a car! Fill out the

form completely – missing data means you are placed

at the bottom of the priority list.

** Saturday Evening – McGlohen’s Barbeque - Join

us for a cookout Saturday evening back at the track

after the event at 7:00pm. If the weather’s agreeable,

we’ll be outside; otherwise, we will be inside the upstairs

clubhouse. There will be beer and soft drinks included

as well. Please let us know below if you’ll join us

Saturday, and the additional $10.00 per person covers


Mail Application with check to:

Bill Dawson, Registrar

1041 Nottingham Drive

Cedar Hill, TX. 75104

972-291-8817 before 9:30 pm

General Information:

John Sandusky


Instructor Information:

Bryan Henderson

2416 BedfordCircle

Bedford, TX 76022


Tech Information:

Ray Luedecke



Sharing Car With:

Address: City: St: Zip:

Phone: Day ( ) Eve. ( ) e-mail:

Do You Prefer Contact By: US MAIL / E-MAIL Driver's Lic #: State:

PCA Region: PCA # Helmet type: M95 / SA95 / M00 / SA00

Year Make Model Color Cabriolet Yes No

If pre-996/986 cab must meet

new reqmts - see web site)

List last DE event - each category


Track Run Group at end of last event Car #

--Maverick Region (list date) MSR / TMS Green / Blue / Blue-solo / Yellow / White


--Other (list club and date)

If NONE, explain any driving experience and rate yourself below: (use BACK of sheet as necessary)

Total Beginner / Novice / Intermediate / Advanced /Team Williams F1 Test-Driver /Licensed NYC Taxi Driver

Instructor Assigned to Team # ( ) If over booked, do you want on the waiting list? YES NO

Car#( ) Second Choice( ) Third ( )** Signed:

** Attend Saturday evening Barbeque? No Yes

If Yes, please add $10.00 per person including entrant.


Eureka Springs Tour

by Dee Lersch

Photo by Tinker Edwards

Ted and Bonnie Glover lead us on another wonderful tour of the

beautiful fall foliage of northwest Arkansas. More than 50

people and 30 cars - everything from Carreras to a cute Mini-

Cooper - started out Friday morning, November 1st from the Einstein

Bagel’s in Plano; it was our largest tour group yet. Fortunately, tourveterans

Judith and Carl Moore, Mark Gluck, Chris and Craig Smith

and The Terrific Trio, Mimi/Charlotte/Douglas Grant were along to

help first time tourists 'tuck in'. After an especially humorous shakedown

period, ("Oh dear, they're following a civilian Porsche, a wrong

Porsche. Oh dear, they're heading towards Colorado!"), we traveled

east on 380 and 30 then into the back country ridges and valleys of the

Ouachita Mountains and the Ozark National forests. We stopped at

the Skyline Restaurant in Mesa for lunch and then onto Eureka

Springs and its most haunting hotel, The Crescent.

With its Victorian architecture, beautiful vistas, and perfect

location on both the trolley & horse-drawn carriage stops, The

Crescent is a popular setting for wedding receptions and we shared

the hotel with five different wedding parties during our stay. Local

lore says we shared the hotel with even more parties, ghostly, or

The Crescent Hotel

should I write, apparitions. Of course, I don't believe in ghosts,

but, according to the guest book, several locations in the hotel,

especially rooms 218, 419 and 230, have, uh, repeatedly, uh, had

'manifestations'. Of course, adventurous MR-PCAers had already

requested rooms 218, 419 and 230 so John and I were safely (?)

tucked into a room near 419.

We had dinner Friday evening in the hotel's Crystal Dining

Room, followed by a visit to Dr. Bakers Lounge (a bar). Dr. Baker,

by the way, is one of the ghosts said to room/roam at The Crescent.

In fact, his nurse is said to meander the cellar halls, pushing a

gurney through Dr. Baker's old morgue area (don't ask).

Fortunately for those who took a massage, body wrap or facial

therapy at The Crescent's New Moon Spa, the good doctor does not

seem, however, to ever haunt his old cancer treatment center

(aka the New Moon Spa).

Saturday was overcast but breakfast at the Mud Street Café

with its walls of bright quilt hangings and other artwork was a

perfect introduction to the dozens of craft, antique and gift stores

of Eureka Springs. Bonnie Glover had even wrangled a Porsche

Club discount at Vintage Cargo a furniture/vintage home shop for

Photo by Tinker Edwards

us Mavericks. The shops (should I write shoppes?) of Eureka Springs

are so very charming that several of the second-seat tour teammates

decided to stay in town and get a start on holiday gifting.

Every Road is a Good Road, but some are Better than Others!!

- Saturday's roads and foliage were the best of the weekend for John

and me. (But then we missed most of Sunday more on that later.)

The maples (orange), sumac (red), and some hickories (golden)

blended into scenes evocative of New England. One particularly

glorious valley had a hickory backed by a grove of pine that had the

club's radios crackling with Joyce Kilmer's "Only God Can Make a


...I’ll spare you the details of 3 dozen

Mavericks coat-hangering my Boxster...

We had breathtaking roller coaster runs, slither corners and

exhilarating sprints of ten miles and more. Even the road 'names'

were a joy: letters of the alphabetic, no less. My personal favorite

was road "F" (for fun road, I think) which ran through a beautiful

valley into a small community whose citizens waved as we passed.

Another run on US 62 took us past Pea Ridge Battle Park scene of

one of the skirmishes of the "War of Northern Aggression", as

Tinker Grant phrased it

Saturday's luncheon was at the magnificent Big Cedar Lodge,

near the Canyon Nature Park that sprawls across the Missouri-

Arkansas border, just south of Branson, MO. Once the summer

haven for two fabulously wealthy families, Big Cedar Lodge is now

a center for corporate retreats, and a select and favored few (like us

now!) who enjoy the lake, its palatial cabins and wealth of activities

- everything from mountain trail rides to trophy bass and trout

fishing. The group had optional returns to Eureka Springs, several

teams chose to inspect Branson, a few stayed in the area, others

joined the touring group for a closer look at Pea Ridge Battle Park

and more of those beautiful trees.

Wet & Windy Road

As always, the Glovers got us back in town between 4:30 and

5:00, plenty of time for the tour-then-shop-inclined to visit Vintage

Cargo and other clever places. Dinner was at the Bavarian Inn

that offered traditional German and regional Bavarian cuisine, a

perfectly sized event room, and dozens of interesting beers.


Photo by Tinker Edwards

Not to my surprise, not one of my dinner companions had

experienced one glimpse/whiff /dream of a ghost.

The Ghost Struck Sunday Morning - Sunday started well

enough: the clouds were clearing, John and I both slept well and

breakfast was wonderful. Two families of ring bearers and flower

girls were milling about, all cuter than cute. John went out to pack

the car while I checked out. I thought.

I couldn't get the room door open. I pushed and jiggled the

lock and laughed when the bellboy I finally called on the phone

came to open the door for me but I couldn't get the room door

open. It took the bellboy ten minutes and three tries with every

room key he had to finally get the room door open. We were still

laughing about it when I went down the stairs because the elevator

(which had hitherto worked just fine, thank you) wasn't working.

Downstairs I met John who was reentering the hotel trailed by half

a dozen MR-PCAers.

"I locked the keys in the trunk," he said with this look of

incredible amazement. "I locked the keys in the car."

Photo by Tinker Edwards

the airport to get the keys, I decided to go shopping. I couldn't get

the door open, again. After 5 minutes of rattling and jiggling the key

again, I called the front desk again to get me out, again. Funny


I understand the trip back for everyone else was (mostly)

uneventful... A couple of folks left the main group to attempt to

really race back to Texas and got "rangered" big time. Otherwise,

'twas another great weekend. Lunch was at the Circle J restaurant in

Talihina, OK and the remaining teams split up in Greenville.

Lining up in preparation for departure from the Crescent

I wish you could have been there. (And I wish John and I could

have had lunch in Talihina instead of dinner at a McD's!!)

Some of the tour group at the Big Cedar Lodge

I have been married to this man for more than a quarter of a

century. He NEVER locks his keys in a car. I have driven that car for

nearly two years. I don't know even HOW to lock the keys in that

car. "I'm not sure what happened," John tried to explain. "For some

reason I opened the trunk, put the keys in my jacket, then for I put

the jacket in the trunk and closed the trunk. Eight steps away from

the truck I heard the car lock. The car locked. The car keys are in the

trunk. The keys are locked in the truck."

I'll spare you the details of 3 dozen Mavericks coat-hangering

my Boxster. Shall we just say it was not a pretty sight? It was

uproariously funny, though, especially the surrender ceremony: all

the drivers with electronic key clickers gathered in a circle around

D BXTER and simultaneously pressing UNLOCK on their keys. It

looked like a coven of (very nice) warlocks right out of the Lord of

the Rings. I almost enjoyed it. We finally managed to shoo them on

their way back to the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area and went back

into the hotel to call our daughter back in Dallas.

Neither John nor my cell phones would work. None of the

(three) public phones in the hotel were working. "Funny," said the

hotel store clerk, "the payphones were working an hour ago when I

came on duty. I called home on one of them and one of the guests

was talking on another."

I went back to our room, called our daughter on the room

phone and asked her to take the spare set of keys to DFW airport

and fly the keys, air parcel, to NW Arkansas. After John left to go to


214-965-6102 or 1-800-527-5746

100 Crescent Court, Suite 600, Dallas, TX 75201.


New Wheels

If you have any changes that you would like to make to the

MRPCA membership guide, call Joel Nannis at (972) 722-2735

by Joel Nannis, Membership Chair

Michael & Amy Austin

3605 Flagstone Drive

Tyler, TX 75707

1996 993 Cab

Don Carter

2228 Flat Creek

Richardson, TX 75080

1980 911 T

Robert Cecil

5905 Castlebear Lane

Plano, TX 75093

1984 911 Carrera

Scott& Trish Convery

1735 Sleepy Hollow

Southlake, TX 76092

2003 986

Jay & Nancu Espaillat

5315 Morningside

Dallas, TX 75206

1990 944 S

Jason & Dana Fox

3325-A Rosedale Avenue

Dallas, TX 75205

2003 986

William & Barbara Gross

7025 Helsem Way

Dallas, TX 75230

2002 986

Jerry Hackworth

2964 Briar Trail

Mckinnry, TX 75069

2003 996


Bob Hassel & Janet Martinez

3901 Davis Circle

Plano, TX 75023

2003 986

Paul Hawkins

3502 Smith Barry Road

Arlington, TX 76013

2003 986

Mark Haynes

4216 Snow Mass Drive

Arlington, TX 76016

1973 914

Seth Higgins

213 Bricknell Lane

Coppell, TX 75019

2000 911 C2

Jesse Hill

3719 High Drive

Grapevine, TX 76051

1997 986

Donald Kent

6115 Warm Mist Lane

Dallas, TX 75248

1976 912 E

John & Marlo Pullman

6302 Bryan Parkway

Dallas, TX 75214

2002 996 Carrera

James Sidler

4701 Preston Park Blvd #924

Plano, TX 75093

1998 996 Cab

Gregory & Sherry Smith

6908 Tumbling Trail

Fort Worth, TX 76116

2003 996

Gary & Liz Thompson

325 High Brook Drive

Richardson, TX 75080

1978 911 SC

Jason Thompson

1037 Metalmark Court

Lantana, TX 76226

1985 944

Bud & Kathy Wright

4207 Colonial Drive

Nacogdoches, TX

2003 996 Cab

Stanley & Marjorie Youngblood

6013 Crimsom Drive

Mckinney, TX 75070

2003 986 S

Robert & Karen Cohen

2308 Harrisburg Lane

Plano, TX 75025

2001 986 S

Transferred From Central PA

Enver Kaba

6201 Tiffany Oaks Lane

Arlington, TX 76016

1999 986

Transferred From CT Valley

5 Years

Gregory & Peggy Harrison ...............................Ennis

10 Years

Jay & Ellen Di Nucci .........................................Plano

Paul Johnson...............................................Arlington

Seth & Monique Werner ..................................Dallas

Patrick & Eleizabeth Greene ............................Dallas

Hill & Lisa Bullock’s New Twin Turbo



Unclassifieds are available free to Maverick Region Members and are $5 to all others (Payment to MR-PCA must accompany ad). Please limit size to no more than 6 lines.Ads

will run for 3 issues. Call Matt Platts at 817-919-1253 or e-mail ad to by the 10th to have your ad run the following month. Be certain to include a contact

name and phone number. Check your ad for accuracy the first time it runs. Contact the editor to have your ad pulled sooner. Photo inclusion based on space constraints.

1986 911 Carrera Cabriolet Iris blue metallic/navy blue interior/new top, 5 speed,

82k miles, full leather interior, factory short throw and sport shocks, 16" bright

fuchs, crests, K40, JVC CD, full power options (except top), dual power seats,

complete books and records, Dallas car. This car is nearly perfect and in original

condition including paint. $23,950, Kevin Mixon 972-424-2706 Plano Texas. (1)

Seats from 91 C2 Carrera Black/leather/power, like new/5000mi. Will fit 74-98.

$1200. Camber Truss, will fit 69-89 911. $75. Rick Burleigh at 817-237-2766 or (1)

1972 911T Targa 2.4l with Weber carbs, factory Behr a/c with rotary pump

upgrade, new front pan half and front fenders, new paint on front hood, valance

and fenders. Runs good. Member of the family since 1976. Needs interior work

and new loving home. $7,500. Contact Richard Vorwerk at 512-352-9334 or (1)

1990 Mercedes 300CE Pampered non-smoker with records. 104K Miles. A fantastic

road car! 17" AMG Wheels & 217hp to move you smoothly down the road and a

$3,000 Becker sound system to heighten your driving experience. Power driver &

passenger seats(with memory),power steering, power windows w/ 1 touch down

function & telescoping steering. Paint and interior in excellent condition. Always

hand washed and waxed often. Car has been hard wired for a Valentine 1 radar

locator, however it does not include the unit itself. With proper care, this one will

take you well past 200K miles! $12,900. Email me at for pictures

or call me at (214) 850-4555. (1)

1990 944S2 Cabriolet Triple black, pampered and sweet! 122K Miles. Always

garaged & a non-smoker. Service performed by Porsche and all Porsche parts. New

17" Boxster wheels, 2 yr. old top in great condition, and a $3,500 sound system

(Boston pro speakers, Becker unit and 6 disc changer with sub-woofer). Car also

hard wired for a Valentine 1 radar locator, however it does not include the unit

itself. Full set of records and pictures to e-mail you. Why spend $45K on a Boxster

when you can enjoy this and save thousands! $15,500. Write me at for pictures or call me at (214)850-4555 for more information.


1995 Suburban 1500 LT, 5.7L V-8, Light Autumn/tan, Automatic, Leather, Front &

rear A/C, Power Steering, Windows, and Locks, Tilt, Cruise, Premium AM/FM

Cassette, Third Seat, Roof Rack, Privacy Glass, Running Boards Alloy Wheels,

Towing package including oil and transmission cooler, four new BFG tires,

Excellent Condition, Great Tow vehicle for DE, 103,000 miles. $9,990. Bill Dawson

972-291-8817 (1)

1986 911 Carrera Coupe White/Black leather, whale tail, power windows, power

locks, power sport seats, power mirrors, cruise control, air conditioning, sun roof,

Alpine 3-CD in-dash stereo, 2 piece bra, cover, Dunlop Sport 8000 tires, white

spoke/polished rim wheels, short throw shift; less than 7000 miles on new clutch

and synchros; new battery; as of 7/02 - new AC blower motor, new alternator;

garaged, 91,700 miles, Reduced to $19,000. Bruce Roberts (972) 527-6910, (972)

205-7515, or (2)

1995 GMC Suburban SLT, Teal with Grey leather, Power Locks, Power Steering,

Power Windows, Power Driver seat, Driver air bag, Remote Keyless Entry System,

front and rear A/C, AM/FM/Cassette/CD, fully seats 8, front bucket seats, tinted

glass, roof luggage rack, invisible bra professionally installed on front and full lower

sides when new, 4 wheel drive, 5.7L engine, towing package, new alternator and

front end alignment, extra clean, 78,000 miles. Great vehicle, orig. owner. Asking

$12,500. Call Bruce Roberts at 972-527-6910 or email at (2)

911 Wheels Nice set of ABS wheels (two 16x7 and two 16x8), recently finished and

verified true and straight, and full set of lug nuts. Look real sharp with gold centers

and deep offsets. Off my 911 Targa. Price $799.00 Contact: Gabriel at 972/233-9468

or (2)

1984 944 Light blue, black leather interior, 5 speed, sunroof, runs great, cold A/C,

Koni shocks, stainless steel brake lines, Michelin Pilot tires, approximately 180K

miles (broken odometer), complete maintenance records. Garaged in Plano. See for pictures. Asking $5000. Mark

Johnson, 972-284-3536 or email (2)

1990 C-2 Cab, guards red, tan, tip, 30.5Kmiles perfect, new blk top, $28.5K, Robert

Hill @972-618-3139 (hm) 972-455-1653 (wk) or (2)

WANTED 1974 914 o.e. jack in good condition, dash with no cracks, and fog lamp

in good condition. Please contact either Luis or Rowdy Pajares at


1988 Carrera 911 Coupe. Pristine condition inside and out! Silver with Silver/Grey

and Black interior (same silver a 89 Speedster color). Leather, Power seats, Sunroof,

Front and Rear Spoilers, Borbet C2 17" rims w/ Porsche centers and Bridgestone

S-02 Pole Position tires, Cover, Bra. Always garaged and covered with only 58,000

miles a steal at $22,000. Bob at 469-223-9376. (2)

1982 911 SC sunroof coupe. White with brown leather, 104K miles(11K since 1993),

16's, new clutch, Carrera chain tensioners, A/C, new Blaupunkt am/fm/cd, pop off

valve, H4's, very good condition with most records, 3rd owner. $11,000 or best offer.

Contact John, 972-938-0491 or Also available: Blaupunkt

Reno-$50.00, driver side airbag for 95 993--$250.00, fan for A/C condenser (993)--

$70.00 (2)

1978 911SC. White, new paint, body excellent, original interior with sport seats;

excellent condition, sunroof, recent top end rebuilt, new clutch and cable, new

radio/cd. Overall good daily driver. $17,500. (2)

1995 993 C2, black w/tan leather, stick shift, 18" Speedlines, second owner, books

kept up, good condition, 81k miles, $37,000 obo. Brant 817-498-8609 nights and

weekends. (3)

The Cockroach. Semi infamous autocross 914. Competitive PCR class M3 car. Won

class twice at Parade and several [ed. twice] ladies Parade top time. 2.5L, 4 cylinder,

bored/stroked, long Carrillo rods, counter weighted crank. 11-1/4 to 1 compression

ratio. Big valve professionally ported heads, lightened rockers. Case is shuffle

pinned with 1/2" thru bolts. Gearbox has shorter 3rd, 4th and 5th gears with

Quaiffe Limited Slip Diff. Rear suspension ears reinforced into roll cage. 8 gal

fuel cell. Two sets 7" wheels. 1600 lbs. $10,000 Ed Mayo, W 817-540-4939,

h 817-595-4651 (3)

1991 45' Silver Eagle Motor Coach. Fully loaded. Has more gadgets and

amentities than your own home! New everything! Satellite, DVD, TV's, leather,

tapestries, 10" roof raise, 8 new tires and chrome wheels, custom power awning, bbq

pit, queen bed, security safe, art work, carpeted, plenty of storage, fullsize tub/shower,

fullsize frig, stone and slate tile in bathroom, custom armoire/desk, leather recliners,

a/c, generator, camera wireless system, cruise, Bose speakers & more! For more

information about this beautiful one-of-a-kind bus, visit:

$399,500 obo. Any questions concerning the bus, call Donald Bond at

800-709-0963. (3)

2002 Mercedes Benz 230 SLK Kompressor: White ext, tan leather int., wood

accents, loaded, 8,500 miles. original owner. Needing something bigger. Perfect

condition, garaged. $42,500. MB located in Rockwall, Texas. Also have '97 Cadillac

Deville, white ext, taupe int, fully loaded, leather, cd changer, Northstar, 97,xxx

miles. Michelins, excellent condition. Always serviced by David Taylor Cadillac in

Houston. $11,500. Caddy located in Liberty, Texas outside Houston. Also '90 Chevy

Surburban, blue/blue, high miles, $4,500. '70 Cutlass SX Convertible, 455-V8,

blue/white, rare, needs finishing $10K, 1969 Porsche 911E Coupe, black/black,

beautiful, not stock, email for more info: $20K. Call Donald Bond at 800-709-0963

or email (3)

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