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SUNDAY, NOVEMBER <strong>13</strong>, <strong>2016</strong> | Kartik 29, 1423, Safar 12, 1438 | Regd No DA 6238, Vol 4, No 196 | www.dhakatribune.com | 32 pages | Price: Tk10<br />

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Bangladesh<br />

to the world<br />

PM: Protect minorities<br />

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<strong>2016</strong><br />


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Use of illegal firearms on rise<br />

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Gas supply from Rupganj stuck at<br />

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DSCC takes mega project<br />

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Bangladesh Bank gets back<br />

$15.25m of stolen money<br />

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2<br />

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER <strong>13</strong>, <strong>2016</strong><br />

DT<br />

PM: Protect minority<br />

communities<br />

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina holds a meeting with citizens of Rajshahi division<br />

via video conference from her residence yesterday<br />


• Tribune Desk<br />

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday<br />

urged the countrymen to put in their<br />

best efforts to maintain communal harmony<br />

and ensure safety and security of<br />

the people of minority communities.<br />

She made the urge during a video<br />

conference with people’s representatives,<br />

professional leaders and<br />

officials of Rajshahi division from her<br />

Gonobhaban official residence, reports<br />

BSS.<br />

“As a Muslim majority country<br />

it is the responsibility of all of us to<br />

take care of the minorities,” she told<br />

the conference which focused on<br />

nationwide development activities and<br />

anti-terror campaigns.<br />

“You have to remain careful so that<br />

no such incident, which are taking<br />

place sporadically in different parts of<br />

the country, take place anywhere in the<br />

country,” said Hasina.<br />

She urged the countrymen to resist<br />

all evil designs against development<br />

saying peace is the foremost prerequisite<br />

for the country to continue the<br />

ongoing development.<br />

“So the countrymen have to remain<br />

careful about their conspiracy . . . everybody<br />

has to join hands against their<br />

anarchy, arson attacks and vandalism,”<br />

she said.<br />

Hasina cautioned everyone against<br />

a possible fresh spate of violence in the<br />

country as “BNP leaders have already<br />

given the hints and threatened to go<br />

for tough movement from <strong>November</strong>”.<br />

The prime minister accused BNP-Jamaat<br />

clique of driving the country to<br />

the “path of destruction” and said “they<br />

are also responsible for destroying the<br />

morality of the youths”.<br />

“They (BNP-Jamaat) will not change<br />

their nature,” she said.<br />

She exchanged views with deputy<br />

commissioners, other senior officials<br />

and local representatives in five district<br />

of the division while the conference<br />

was projected at 2981 villages, upazilas<br />

of eight districts of the division. •<br />

News<br />

BNP seeks<br />

judicial probe<br />

into attacks<br />

• UNB<br />

BNP has demanded a judicial probe into<br />

the attacks on Santal community members<br />

in Gaibandha that killed four people<br />

of the ethnic minority group, and ensure<br />

proper punishment of the perpetrators.<br />

In a statement, BNP Secretary<br />

General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir<br />

also alleged that the attacks were made<br />

on the community at the behest of<br />

the ruling party’s local MP and Upazila<br />

chairman.<br />

“It is appalling to imagine such<br />

barbaric attacks and killing of four Santal<br />

people in Gaibandha in mass beating<br />

and firing by police and Awami cadres in<br />

an independent country like Bangladesh,”<br />

he said.<br />

The BNP leader observed that the<br />

barbaric incidents remind the nation the<br />

mass killings that had happened during<br />

the rule of Pakistani occupation forces.<br />

He further alleged that it is unthinkable<br />

that the government of an<br />

independent country can make people<br />

homeless by killing them in police firing<br />

and resorting to attacks and torching.<br />

Mentioning that minority people<br />

always come under attacks during<br />

Awami League rule, Fakhrul said it is only<br />

possible for the ruling party to assault<br />

members of different religious communities<br />

though it talks about secularism.<br />

He said the ruling party-backed miscreants<br />

are constantly attacking Hindus,<br />

Buddhists and Christians and damaging<br />

their houses and places of worship.<br />

Strongly denouncing the attacks on<br />

the Santal community, the BNP leader<br />

demanded the government provide the<br />

affected people of the ethnic group the<br />

due compensation. •<br />

‘Three Santals still missing’<br />

• Nure Alam Durjoy<br />

The Santal community in Gaibandha’s<br />

Gobindaganj is concerned about three<br />

men reportedly missing since the day<br />

of the attack that uprooted them from<br />

their village. One of them they say<br />

was an elderly man who was beaten<br />

mercilessly.<br />

Philimon Baske, a leader of the community,<br />

told journalists that they were<br />

worried about three missing men, but<br />

he could not name them immediately<br />

Rafael Hazda told the Dhaka Tribune<br />

that one was Madhi Hembron, age 60.<br />

“That day he was beaten by a gang<br />

of attackers. Then he was taken to the<br />

Gobindaganj Health Complex. But he<br />

went missing from there,” he said.<br />

After the violent attack last week in<br />

which an entire village was attacked,<br />

looted and burned down, leaving three<br />

men dead so far, the Santals have taken<br />

shelter in the neighbouring villages.<br />

Community members say they are<br />

still living in fear and cannot keep their<br />

trust on the local administration.<br />

Victims of the attack said they had<br />

been deceived many times before by<br />

people in power, which ultimately led<br />

to their present crisis.<br />

Gaibandha DC and Gobindaganj<br />

UNO had visited the Madarpur village<br />

to give assurance that community people<br />

can go outside the village and their<br />

children can go to the schools.<br />

“The DC, the UNO and the SP<br />

came here. But we cannot trust their<br />

word, especially since some of us were<br />

attacked when they went out,” said<br />

Bhupen Mardy to the Dhaka Tribune.<br />

He said the community had received<br />

some donations of rice and lentils.<br />

Sapmara union chairman Shakil<br />

Ahmed Bulbul and local lawmaker Abul<br />

Kalam Azad were present at the time of<br />

attack and allegedly allowed their men<br />

to loot and assault the village.<br />

Dhaka Tribune’s Gaibandha Correspondent<br />

Tajul Islam reported that the<br />

land where the houses stood is now being<br />

prepared for sugarcane cultivation.<br />

A barbed-wire fence has been put<br />

around the property by the mill. Rangpur<br />

Sugar Mill MD Abdul Awal told the<br />

Bangla Tribune that this fence should<br />

have been put up a long time ago.<br />

There is a police camp on the land.<br />

Gobindaganj police Officer-in-Charge<br />

Subrata Kumar Sarkar said they had been<br />

posted there to avoid further untoward<br />

situations. •<br />

DSCC takes mega project to<br />

clean up Buriganga<br />


• BSS<br />

Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) has<br />

undertaken a mega project worth about<br />

Tk2,000 crore for the beautification of Buriganga<br />

river and making it pollution-free.<br />

It will begin towards the end of <strong>November</strong><br />

from Babubazar Bridge to Sadarghat under a<br />

pilot project.<br />

The implementation of the total project<br />

will begin from Hazaribagh to Pagla.<br />

DSCC has taken the initiative with the financial<br />

assistance of World Bank and Bangladesh<br />

Municipal Development Fund.<br />

DSCC Mayor Sayeed Khokon said: “Buriganga<br />

is an integral part of the history of Dhaka.<br />

But the river is dying now.” He hoped that<br />

Buriganga will turn into “the second Hatirjheel<br />

of Dhaka” under this project.<br />

BSCC Chief Urban Planner Sirajul Islam<br />

said World Bank representatives have already<br />

held several meetings with Mayor Sayeed<br />

Khokon for the project and committed to give<br />

Tk1,600 crore for its implementation.<br />

The DSCC will give the rest of the money<br />

from its own fund, he added.<br />

Sirajul also said: “There will be luxurious<br />

resorts, walkways, recreation parks, floating<br />

recreation centres, boats and restaurants in<br />

and around Buriganga river.<br />

Improved bus services will also be available<br />

in the highways on both sides of the river.”<br />

DSCC officials said, at the first phase of the<br />

project seven to eight refining plants will set<br />

up to filter polluted water that comes into<br />

Buriganga river through 18 sluice gates. More<br />

such refining plants will be set up later.<br />

Measures would be taken to keep the river<br />

water clean following the methods used in<br />

Singapore, Korea, Vietnam and Japan.<br />

DSCC Executive Officer Khan Mohammad<br />

Billal Hossain said: “Buriganga will be a safe<br />

destination for nature lovers after the implementation<br />

of the mega project.” •

News 3<br />

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER <strong>13</strong>, <strong>2016</strong><br />

Use of illegal firearms on rise<br />

DT<br />

• Mohammad Jamil Khan<br />

Use of illegal firearms has increased<br />

alarmingly in the country<br />

as a group of organised smugglers<br />

are bringing them into the country<br />

taking advantage of weak border<br />

security, according to sources in<br />

law enforcement agencies.<br />

There are at least 119 points on<br />

the border which are being used<br />

to smuggle these firearms in, according<br />

to sources in intelligence<br />

agencies.<br />

Officials say the majority of the<br />

arms shipments is entering the<br />

country via the border points in<br />

Chapainawabganj, Benapole, Satkhira,<br />

Comilla and Brahmanbaria<br />

districts.<br />

The firearms which are being<br />

used in all kinds of scenarios – from<br />

trivial arguments to militant attacks,<br />

sources said.<br />

According to Border Guard<br />

Bangladesh (BGB), at least 237 pistols,<br />

26 revolvers, 152 guns, 5,159<br />

rounds of bullets, 196 magazines,<br />

60 bombs, three grenades, 47<br />

crude bombs, 36kg of explosives<br />

and 69kg of gunpowder have been<br />

seized from the border areas during<br />

smuggling attempts in the last<br />

four years.<br />

Asked about the rise in arms<br />

smuggling through the border, outgoing<br />

BGB chief Aziz Ahmed said<br />

the paramilitary force was trying to<br />

curb it despite the limitations.<br />

“We have limitations, such as<br />

lack of vehicle scanners and no<br />

fence on the border, but we are still<br />

trying our best to stop illegal arms<br />

from entering the country,” he told<br />

the Dhaka Tribune. “We have informed<br />

the ministry [Ministry of<br />

Home Affairs] about these limitations<br />

and they have assured us of<br />

providing the logistical support.”<br />

The number of cases filed over<br />

firearms smuggling has increased<br />

as well, but there have been no<br />

progress in curbing the supply into<br />

the country.<br />

“The firearms are entering the<br />

country mainly from India through<br />

the border,” Detective Branch Joint<br />

Commissioner Abdul Baten told<br />

the Dhaka Tribune. “Our officials<br />



2012 1,115<br />

20<strong>13</strong> 1,517<br />

2014 2,023<br />

2015 2,081<br />

<strong>2016</strong> (Jan-Oct) 1,901<br />

Major entry points: Chapainawabganj, Benapole, Satkhira, Comilla, Brahmanbaria<br />

Arrests in <strong>2016</strong>: 194 people arrested in Dhaka from January to September<br />


2012 289<br />

20<strong>13</strong> 1,007<br />

2014 520<br />

2015 725<br />

<strong>2016</strong> (Jan-Oct) 423<br />

Source: Bangladesh Police<br />

BB gets back $15.25m of stolen money<br />

• Tribune Desk<br />

Bangladesh Bank has received<br />

$15.25m, a portion of the heist<br />

money that hackers stole from<br />

the central bank’s Federal Reserve<br />

Bank account in February.<br />

Philippines authorities handed<br />

over $15.25 million in cash to<br />

a visiting BB team in Manila on<br />

Friday, BB Deputy Governor Raji<br />

Hasan told the Dhaka Tribune<br />

yesterday afternoon.<br />

The team will deposit the money<br />

in the Federal Reserve Bank<br />

within a day or two, he added.<br />

Earlier on October 30, the Manila<br />

court cleared an ‘execution<br />

suit’ outlining the procedures for<br />

sending back $15.25 million of<br />

Bangladesh Bank’s reserve heist<br />

money from Philippines.<br />

The execution suit order came<br />

more than one month after BB finally<br />

got a Philippines court order<br />

in its favour to get back a portion<br />

of hacked money that was forfeited<br />

and kept in the vault of the<br />

Philippine central bank.<br />

On September 19, Philippine’s<br />

regional trial court in Manila ordered<br />

Bangko Sentral Pilipinas<br />

(BSP) to return around $15.25 million,<br />

a portion of hacked $81 million<br />

to the Bangladesh Bank.<br />

Earlier, some $68,000 left with<br />

the RCBC bank had been sent back<br />

to the Federal Reserve Bank of<br />

New York.<br />

According to sources, $70 million<br />

of the heist money was found<br />

to have been smuggled to the<br />

Philippines, of which $15.25 million<br />

has been recovered.<br />

The rest of the $70 million will<br />

be recovered from Solaire casino,<br />

money exchange house Philrem,<br />

and other organisations involved<br />

with transferring the money.<br />

Assets of these organisations<br />

have already been frozen by the<br />

Philippine authorities and the Philippines’<br />

Department of Justice is<br />

working to get the assets forfeited<br />

in order to pay Bangladesh back.<br />

The money that could not be<br />

traced will be recovered from<br />

Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation<br />

(RCBC) of the Philippines<br />

as the money was transferred<br />

through the bank. •<br />

are working to trace the source of<br />

these firearms and will be arrested<br />

as soon as they are found.”<br />

However, a high police official<br />

said legal firearms traders are involved<br />

with the smuggling racket.<br />

“Bringing the arms in, they remove<br />

the serial numbers so they<br />

cannot be traced,” he told the Dhaka<br />

Tribune, requesting not to be<br />

named.”<br />

The allegation was refuted by<br />

Nasir Ahmed, secretary of Bangladesh<br />

Arms Dealers Association,<br />

who said arms dealers have never<br />

had any connection with such illegal<br />

practice.<br />

“If the law enforcers find any<br />

specific proof of illegal arms trading<br />

against any of us, they can take<br />

take legal action,” he said.<br />

On June 18 this year, police recovered<br />

a large cache of small arms<br />

and ammunition from a canal in<br />

Dhaka’s Uttara area; 97 pistols, 494<br />

magazines, 10 bayonets and thousands<br />

of rounds of bullets were<br />

found.<br />

Investigation on this recovery is<br />

still in progress, but no significant<br />

clue has been found yet that could<br />

lead to the source of the firearms,<br />

said Sanowar Hossain, additional<br />

deputy commissioner of the Counter-Terrorism<br />

and Transnational<br />

Crimes (CTTC) unit.<br />

A large number of these smuggled<br />

firearms is going to the militants<br />

in the country, officials said.<br />

“The firearms recovered from<br />

militants have the seal of a Indian<br />

factory,” said CTTC chief Monirul<br />

Islam. “But chances are that they<br />

were modified in India. We are<br />

working to find out the original<br />

sources of these guns.”<br />

Dhaka streets flooded with illegal<br />

firearms<br />

Dhaka has seen a disturbing rise<br />

in the use of illegal firearms in recent<br />

times, particularly by political<br />

leaders.<br />

In one of recent incidents, two<br />

leaders of Bangladesh Chhatra<br />

League leaders were found to be using<br />

illegally acquired firearms during<br />

an eviction drive of Dhaka South<br />

City Corporation in Gulistan area.<br />

In the period of January-September<br />

this year, at least 194 individuals<br />

have been arrested in<br />

Dhaka in connection with illegal<br />

firearms, but none of them have<br />

been tried at court yet as charges<br />

against them have not been submitted.<br />

“It is not correct that none of the<br />

cases have gone to trial. A number<br />

of accused have been sentenced to<br />

prison. But in a greater number of<br />

cases, there are no witnesses. We<br />

are working to resolve these cases<br />

with the help of the investigation<br />

officers,” said Abdullah Abu, public<br />

prosecutor at Dhaka Metropolitan<br />

Magistrate’s Court, when the Dhaka<br />

Tribune contacted him. •<br />

Police still in<br />

dark about<br />

airport killer<br />

• Arifur Rahman Rabbi<br />

After a week, police has yet to ascertain<br />

the claims made by Shihab,<br />

who attacked airport securities and<br />

killed one Ansar member on <strong>November</strong><br />

6.<br />

Shihab was handed over to the<br />

Counter Terrorism and Transnational<br />

Crime (CTTC) unit of Police<br />

yesterday noon for interrogation.<br />

Police said he has been taken to<br />

a Detective Branch (DB) office.<br />

One Ansar member was killed<br />

and three other security personnel<br />

at the Hazrat Shahjalal International<br />

Airport were injured when a person<br />

in a cleaner’s uniform attacked<br />

them with a knife on <strong>November</strong> 6.<br />

Police arrested the perpetrator<br />

identified as Shihab.<br />

Airport police Inspector (investigation)<br />

Azaz Shafique said Shihab was<br />

admitted to DMCH. The DMCH authority<br />

discharged Shihab yesterday.<br />

A CTTC unit took him in for interrogation<br />

soon after.<br />

CTTC has also taken over the investigation<br />

regarding this matter. •

4<br />

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER <strong>13</strong>, <strong>2016</strong><br />

DT<br />

News<br />

ABT man held for<br />

Dipan, Niloy murders<br />

• Arifur Rahman Rabbi<br />

The Detective Branch (DB) of<br />

police has arrested a member<br />

of Ansarullah Bangla Team<br />

(ABT) who was involved in the<br />

killings of Jagriti Prakashani<br />

publisher Faisal Arefin Dipan<br />

and secular activist Niladri<br />

Chatterjee Niloy.<br />

Khairul Islam, who worked<br />

as an IT specialist in the outlawed<br />

Islamist militant outfit,<br />

was arrested at Kamalapur<br />

Railway Station area in Dhaka<br />

early yesterday, Deputy Commissioner<br />

Masudur Rahman<br />

told the Dhaka Tribune.<br />

Later at a press conference<br />

at Dhaka Metropolitan Police<br />

Media Centre yesterday afternoon,<br />

Joint Commissioner<br />

Abdul Baten said Khairul, alias<br />

Jamil alias Rifat alias Fahim<br />

alias Jishan, was also a part of<br />

ABT’s intelligence unit.<br />

“He confessed to being<br />

directly involved in both the<br />

murders during primary interrogation,”<br />

Baten said.<br />

During the interrogation,<br />

Khairul also named four other<br />

ABT members who were involved<br />

in the murder of blogger<br />

and secular writer Avijit<br />

Roy.<br />

“He was shown CCTV footages<br />

of the murder gathered<br />

by police and identified the<br />

murderers,” Baten said at the<br />

press conference.<br />

Khairul also confessed to<br />

meeting former army officer<br />

and ABT top leader Major<br />

Syed Ziaul Haque on the outskirts<br />

of Dhaka, he added.<br />

If his claim is true, then Zia,<br />

who has a Tk20 lakh bounty<br />

on his head, was close to the<br />

capital very recently.<br />

Baten said the detectives<br />

were currently verifying the<br />

information given by Khairul.<br />

Khairul was placed on a<br />

five-day remand by a Dhaka<br />

court yesterday, sources said.<br />

Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate<br />

Delwar Hossain issued<br />

the order after DB Inspector<br />

Baha Uddin Faruqui produced<br />

Khairul before the court seeking<br />

a 10-day remand in a case<br />

filed with the Anti-Terrorism<br />

Act.<br />

At the press conference,<br />

Joint Commissioner Baten<br />

said Khairul joined the ABT in<br />

20<strong>13</strong>.<br />

Around a year after joining<br />

the organisation, he met “big<br />

brother” Zia, a former major<br />

who was sacked from the<br />

army for his involvement in a<br />

failed coup in December 2011.<br />

Khairul started working as<br />

an IT specialist for the ABT<br />

in 2014 and was in charge of<br />

monitoring different online<br />

platforms to identify people<br />

who wrote blogs supporting<br />

secularism and criticising radical<br />

Islam.<br />

Identifying the “targets,”<br />

he informed Zia and, upon his<br />

instruction, spent months collecting<br />

more information on<br />

them – i.e. where they lived,<br />

where they worked, the places<br />

they frequently visited.<br />

Khairul was assigned to<br />

collected information on Dipan<br />

and Niloy, which he did<br />

from January to August last<br />

year, Baten said.<br />

Based on Khairul’s intel, Zia<br />

finalised the plans to murder<br />

Dipan and Niloy and ordered<br />

his operation wing to execute<br />

the plans, Bated added. •<br />

Annisul: Monem Khan’s house to be<br />

turned into hospital for FFs<br />

• Abu Hayat Mahmud<br />

Dhaka North City Corporation<br />

(DNCC) Mayor Annisul Huq<br />

has announced to established<br />

a specialised hospital for the<br />

freedom fighters which was occupied<br />

by Abdul Monem Khan,<br />

an ex-Pakistani governor.<br />

The mayor made the announcement<br />

at a human chain<br />

in Banani, Dhaka yesterday.<br />

It was jointly organised<br />

by Eakattorer Ghatak Dalal<br />

Nirmul Committee, Muktijuddher<br />

Sriti Sangrakkhan<br />

Kendro, Sectors Commanders’<br />

Forum, Amra Muktijoddhar<br />

Sontan along with others.<br />

According to Rajdhani Unnayan<br />

Kartripakkha, the 0.338<br />

hector (10 Katha) plot is located<br />

in city’s Banani area kept<br />

forcefully under Monem’s<br />

name for last 50 years.<br />

Annisul Huq said agreeing<br />

to cancel the allocation of<br />

a war criminal’s land for the<br />

welfare of the freedom fighters<br />

will be a righteous decision.<br />

Mosharraf Hossain, Housing<br />

and Public Works Minister<br />

declared that allocation of the<br />

Monem’s Banani plot will be<br />

canceled immediately.<br />

Annisul Huq said that a lot<br />

of public land around the city<br />

area is still under the capture<br />

of country’s influential men.<br />

Shahriar Kabir said that the<br />

properties belonging to the war<br />

criminals and other land grabbers<br />

should be immediately<br />

seized for the welfare of freedom<br />

fighters and the nation. •<br />

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Dhaka Tribune

Australia ratifies<br />

Paris agreement<br />

amid Trump fears<br />

• AFP<br />

Australia ratified the Paris climate<br />

agreement on Thursday, amid fears<br />

US president-elect Donald Trump<br />

could follow through on his pledge<br />

to “cancel” the landmark pact<br />

aimed at tackling global warming.<br />

More than 100 nations representing<br />

70 percent of greenhouse<br />

gas emissions have inked the historic<br />

Paris Agreement, the world’s<br />

first universal climate pact, which<br />

came into force in early <strong>November</strong>.<br />

Australia’s approval of the binding<br />

deal was delayed by national<br />

elections in July and its announcement<br />

Thursday came ahead of the<br />

departure of the country’s foreign<br />

and environment ministers for UN<br />

climate talks in Marrakesh.<br />

“Ratification of the agreement<br />

confirms Australia’s ambitious and<br />

responsible target to reduce emissions<br />

by 26 to 28 percent below<br />

2005 levels by 2030,” Prime Minister<br />

Malcolm Turnbull said in a joint<br />

statement with the two ministers.<br />

“We are on track to meet and<br />

indeed beat our 2020 targets... and<br />

are committed to meeting our 2030<br />

targets under the agreement.”<br />

With its heavy use of coalfired<br />

power and relatively small<br />

population of 24 million, Australia<br />

is considered one of the world’s<br />

worst per capita greenhouse gas<br />

polluters.<br />

When asked if Canberra would<br />

follow the United States if it exited<br />

the treaty, the prime minister<br />

stressed Australia’s commitment to<br />

the “watershed” agreement.<br />

“We have ratified the agreement.<br />

It will -- it takes four years to<br />

withdraw -- if a country sought to<br />

withdraw from the agreement it<br />

takes four years,” he told reporters.<br />

“Secondly, this is a global agreement.<br />

When Australia makes a<br />

commitment to a global agreement,<br />

we follow through and that<br />

is exactly what we are doing.”<br />

Environmental groups welcomed<br />

the ratification but said<br />

Australia needed to do more.<br />

“There’s no way Australia can<br />

continue to approve new fossil<br />

fuel projects and keep the commitments<br />

it has just made,” Greenpeace<br />

Australia’s Pacific climate<br />

and energy campaigner Shani Tager<br />

said in a statement. •<br />

News 5<br />

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER <strong>13</strong>, <strong>2016</strong><br />


COP22<br />

Morocco’s Environment Minister Hakima El Haite (L) speaks next to Solar Impulse Chairman Bertrand Piccard during the UN Climate Change Conference <strong>2016</strong> (COP22) in<br />

Marrakech, Morocco, on <strong>November</strong> 11, <strong>2016</strong><br />


Wary climate diplomats ‘wait and see’<br />

• AFP<br />

The world expects the United States<br />

to uphold commitments under the<br />

landmark Paris climate treaty despite<br />

Donald Trump’s vow to pull out, the<br />

incoming head of its UN implementing<br />

body told AFP Friday.<br />

“The Paris Agreement is here,”<br />

Moroccan foreign minister Salaheddine<br />

Mezouar, who took over stewardship<br />

of the 196-nation UN climate<br />

forum from France earlier this week,<br />

said in an interview.<br />

“It’s entry into force means that governments<br />

must face up to their responsibilities.”<br />

“It would be, I think, extremely<br />

difficult to retreat -- there’s no turning<br />

back,” he added.<br />

At UN headquarters in New York,<br />

meanwhile, Secretary-General Ban<br />

Ki-moon expressed confidence that<br />

US president-elect Trump will come<br />

to understand the “seriousness and<br />

urgency” of the deal.<br />

The news that an avowed climate<br />

change denier had captured the US<br />

White House stunned participants<br />

arriving Wednesday at the 12-day<br />

talks in Marrakesh, which run from<br />

<strong>November</strong> 7 to 18.<br />

“There are two types of reaction:<br />

worry and determination to forge<br />

ahead,” said Segolene Royal, France’s<br />

foreign minister.<br />

Delegates from several countries<br />

have taken a “wait-and-see” attitude<br />

after the victory by the New York real<br />

estate developer, who has said that<br />

climate change was a hoax perpetrated<br />

by the Chinese.<br />

“We need to assess the situation<br />

when the new government comes<br />

into office,” in January 2017, said<br />

We need to assess the situation when the new<br />

government comes into office<br />

Chen Zhihua, a delegate from China’s<br />

National Development and Reform<br />

Commission. “There are too<br />

many uncertainties ahead.”<br />

‘Wait and see’<br />

Shigeru Ushio, a negotiator from Japan’s<br />

foreign ministry, also said his<br />

country would “wait and see” whether<br />

Trump’s climate policies will differ<br />

from his campaign rhetoric.<br />

But if the United States reneges<br />

on a committment to give poor countries<br />

2.5 billion dollars (2.3 billion<br />

euros) to help them cope with climate<br />

impacts, he added, “that would<br />

cause difficulties.”<br />

Under the Paris pact, rich countries<br />

have pledged at least 100 billion<br />

dollars a year starting in 2020.<br />

In annex to the treaty, nations<br />

have also submitted voluntary pledges<br />

to cut the greenhouse gas emissions<br />

that cause dangerous global<br />

warming.<br />

The agreement commits nations<br />

to collectively capping Earth’s average<br />

temperature increase at under<br />

two degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees<br />

Fahrenheit).<br />

With 1.0C (1.8F) of warming to<br />

date, the world has already seen an<br />

uptick in deadly storms, droughts,<br />

heatwaves and flooding.<br />

Mezouar has not yet reached out<br />

to Trump or his team, he told AFP.<br />

“As the president of COP22” -- the<br />

acronym for the 22nd meeting of the<br />

Conference of the Parties -- “I am<br />

waiting with impatience to encounter<br />

the new American administration,”<br />

he told AFP.<br />

“I have absolutely no doubt ...<br />

that the United States will pursue its<br />

commitments alongside the rest of<br />

the international community.”<br />

- More ambitious pledges -<br />

A report Thursday by three research<br />

groups, however, said the US<br />

was likely to miss its emissions reduction<br />

targets without new climate<br />

policies -- which Trump has promised<br />

he would not put in place.<br />

DT<br />

Experts and diplomats here insist<br />

that the global market-based transition<br />

from a fossil fuels to clean energy<br />

is too far advanced to peel back. But<br />

Trump’s ascension has shaken hardwon<br />

political unity at the UN forum.<br />

This uncertainty makes Mezouar’s<br />

role even more crucial, said Liz Gallagher,<br />

an analyst at London-based<br />

thinktank E3G.<br />

“The Moroccans need to be more<br />

proactive in driving the process, using<br />

all the diplomatic tools at their<br />

disposal, to make sure we get a clear<br />

outcome,” she told AFP.<br />

On Friday, ministers from a dozen<br />

nations and negotiating blocs -- including<br />

France, Germany, Mexico,<br />

Bangladesh, the European Union,<br />

and the group of Least Developed<br />

Countries -- issued a joint statement<br />

affirming their resolve.<br />

“Our commitment to be climate<br />

leaders remains steadfast, as is our<br />

commitment to work with the whole<br />

international community, including<br />

the United States,” they said.<br />

National carbon-cutting plans<br />

submitted under the Paris Agreement<br />

go into effect in 2020.<br />

Some ministers arriving next<br />

week for a high-level session will<br />

announce more ambitious pledges,<br />

which still fall far short of what is<br />

needed to stave off devastating climate<br />

impacts. •<br />



LIKELY<br />

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER <strong>13</strong><br />

Dhaka 31 19 Chittagong 29 23 Rajshahi 31 18 Rangpur 30 19 Khulna 31 18 Barisal 30 20 Sylhet 30 18<br />

DHAKA<br />

TODAY<br />


SUN SETS 5:<strong>13</strong>PM<br />

SUN RISES 6:<strong>13</strong>AM<br />


32.2ºC<br />

16.7ºC<br />

Syedpur<br />

Srimangal<br />

Source: Accuweather/UNB<br />

PRAYER<br />

TIMES<br />

Cox’s Bazar 30 22<br />

Fajr: 5:35am | Zohr: 1:15pm<br />

Asr: 4:00pm | Magrib: 5:25pm<br />

Esha: 7:30pm<br />

Source: Islamic Foundation

6<br />

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER <strong>13</strong>, <strong>2016</strong><br />

DT<br />

Government market<br />

grabbed<br />

• Nazmul Huda Nasim, Bogra<br />

A member at Bohail union council<br />

and his family members grabbed<br />

government land at Poyalagachha<br />

Bazar under Shajahanpur upazila<br />

in Bogra district.<br />

Locals said No 9 word member<br />

Razob Ali Sarkar and his brother<br />

Babu Sarkar grabbed five decimal<br />

land of the market and trying to<br />

rest four decimal claiming their ancestral<br />

property.<br />

According local information<br />

several years ago weavers of the<br />

area bought the land from one<br />

Zamir Pramanik in the area and set<br />

up an office of Poyalagachha Weavers<br />

Cooperative Society Limited.<br />

Later, the organization annihilated<br />

as people left weaving profession.<br />

Later, government declared the<br />

land as government land as none<br />

claimed its ownership.<br />

Now this place is known as Poyalagachha<br />

Bazar and locals from<br />

the upazila used the bazar to sell<br />

their products on <strong>Sunday</strong>, Monday<br />

and Thursday in week but now<br />

UP member Razob and his family<br />

members trying to grab the land<br />

by preventing locals from sitting in<br />

the bazar.<br />

Locals have requested the<br />

upazila nirbahi officer to take immediate<br />

actions to protect the land<br />

from the grabbers.<br />

However, Razob denied the allegation<br />

and said: “This land is our<br />

family property and we are just<br />

trying to recover our land from the<br />

grabbers.”<br />

When contacted, UNO Shafiul<br />

Islam of Shajahanpur upazila, said:<br />

“Locals have requested us to protect<br />

the evening bazar from land<br />

grabbers and we have formed a<br />

probe committee in this regard. We<br />

will take further actions after getting<br />

the probe report.” •<br />

News<br />

Irregularities in ration card distribution<br />

• Manoj Saha, Gopalganj<br />

Khokon Biswas, owner of 20-bigha<br />

land, has been priviledged of buying<br />

rice at Tk10 per keliogram,<br />

while around 100 ultra poor people<br />

of ward no 4 under Bethuri union<br />

in Kashiani upazila of Gopalganj<br />

are deprived of the facility.<br />

Landless Amal Biswas of Barunapol<br />

village alleged that beside the<br />

land property, Khokon also cultivates<br />

fish in 20 ponds and earns a lot.<br />

Though the government took<br />

the initiative to allow ultra poor<br />

families to buy 30kg rice at Tk10 per<br />

kg a month during dry season under<br />

its fair price card programme,<br />

many solvent and well-off families<br />

have become the beneficiaries in<br />

four villages of the ward.<br />

Allegations of various irregularities<br />

have arisen against a union<br />

parishad member of the ward<br />

named Dipak Roy, who was in the<br />

charge of preparing the list of people<br />

who got the cards.<br />

Kamona Roy, wife of Dipak’s<br />

elder brother, Bobita Roy, wife of<br />

Dipak’s younger brother, and Dipak’s<br />

youngest brother Kumaresh<br />

Roy, who is a bachelor, have got the<br />

cards.<br />

Ultra poor Gopal Biswas, Nepal<br />

Biswas and Ranjan Biswas at Norail<br />

village of the ward have alleged<br />

that many other ultra poor people<br />

like them have not got the cards,<br />

while people like Atosh Ali, who<br />

has 10-bigha land and sells 300<br />

maunds rice a year, are enjoying<br />

the priviledge.<br />

Even, Babar Ali, Nazmul and<br />

Jatan Biswas of another ward were<br />

allotted the cards, by which Dipak<br />

purchased rice, alleged people.<br />

Wife of a Kuwati expatriate Jharna<br />

Begum at Narail village, whose<br />

son serves in Bangladesh Army, also<br />

got the card, claimed Shyamal Kanti,<br />

an ultr poor man of the village.<br />

Joytun Begum of Jotkura village<br />

said Baby Begum and Mery Begum<br />

of the village were also allotted the<br />

fair price food cards though they<br />

already had Vulnerable Group Development<br />

(VGD) cards.<br />

Landless Billal Hossain of Ramdia<br />

village said: “I went door to<br />

door for a food ration card but<br />

could not avail any.”<br />

When our correspondent talked<br />

to Dipak about the allegations,<br />

admitting the facts he said it was<br />

a mistake to allot the cards to his<br />

family members.<br />

He also said mistakenly the<br />

cards were given to solvent people,<br />

VGD card holders, people of another<br />

ward and several members of<br />

same family.<br />

He also put the blame of including<br />

the names of another ward’s<br />

people in the list on Nasir Mia, a<br />

dealer of the union.<br />

Nasir, however, refuted the allegation<br />

and said preparing the list<br />

was Dipak’s duty.<br />

He was responsible for the irregularities,<br />

said Nasir.<br />

Md Kamrul Hasan, assistant<br />

commissioner (land) of the upazila<br />

and also the upazila nirbahi officer<br />

(acting), said: “We are receiving<br />

such types of allegations from different<br />

areas and taking steps after<br />

checking the lists.” •<br />

2 die after being trapped<br />

in electric wire<br />

• Tajul Islam Reza,<br />

Gaibandha<br />

Two people including a woman<br />

were electrocuted by live wire<br />

allegedly laid down by rivals in a<br />

disputed paddy field at Jinia village<br />

under Sundarganj upazila of<br />

the district yesterday morning.<br />

The deceased were identified<br />

as Taslim Uddin, 72, and<br />

his cousin Marjina Begum, 27,<br />

residents of the village.<br />

Atiar Rahman, officer-incharge<br />

of Sundarganj police<br />

station, said Taslim had a long<br />

standing dispute with one Hazrat<br />

Ali of the village over a piece<br />

of land at the village.<br />

On information that Taslim<br />

would go to the field to crop the<br />

paddy, Hazrat laid live electric<br />

wire at the field on Friday night.<br />

When Taslim along with his<br />

supporters went to the field on<br />

Saturday morning, ten people<br />

including Taslim and Marjina<br />

came in contact with the<br />

charged wire, leaving the duo<br />

dead on the spot.<br />

The injured were taken to<br />

Sundarganj Upazila Health<br />

Complex. On information, police<br />

recovered the bodies from<br />

the spot.<br />

Police also arrested eight people<br />

including Hazrat from the<br />

village in this connection. •<br />

Locals block Dhaka-<br />

Aricha Highway<br />

• Nadim Hossain, Savar<br />

Local people in Amin Bazar area<br />

of Savar blocked the Dhaka-Aricha<br />

Highway yesterday demanding<br />

immediate arrest of the miscreants<br />

who had chopped wrist<br />

joint off hands of a man over<br />

land-related disputes.<br />

Locals said Akash, resident<br />

of the area had a long standing<br />

dispute with one Hafizul of the<br />

same village over a piece of land.<br />

On <strong>November</strong> 3, Akash went to<br />

the land and tried to build fence<br />

but Hafizul protested him.<br />

One Stage of argument, Hafizul,<br />

Saku and others picked up<br />

Akash from the spot and took<br />

him to Hafizul’s house. They<br />

cut down Akash’s wrists with<br />

sharp weapons.<br />

Later, locals rescued him<br />

and sent to Dhaka Pongu Hospital<br />

(National Institute of<br />

Traumatology and Orthopaedic<br />

Rehabilitation).<br />

Demanding immediate arrest<br />

of the imposters, locals formed<br />

a human chain and blocked the<br />

road yesterday for 15 minutes.<br />

OC of Savar Model police<br />

station SM Kamruzzaman said:<br />

“A case was filed in the connection<br />

and we are trying to arrest<br />

the imposters.” •

News 7<br />

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER <strong>13</strong>, <strong>2016</strong><br />

DT<br />

Quader warns party rogues<br />

• Anwar Hussain, Chittagong.<br />

Awami League General Secretary<br />

Obaidul Quader has warned party-men<br />

not to breach party discipline.<br />

Quader, also Road Transport<br />

and Bridges Minister came up with<br />

the warning while addressing at a<br />

reception ceremony yesterday at<br />

Laldighi Maidan Chittagong city.<br />

Addressing as the chief guest, he<br />

said: “There is no necessity to remain<br />

in the party if you cannot follow<br />

party rules and discipline. We<br />

do not need fair weather friends<br />

and migratory birds in the party as<br />

they are not found during the hour<br />

of need.”<br />

Pointing to BNP Secretary General<br />

Mirza Fakrul Islam’s remarks<br />

on AL, Quader claimed that he was<br />

elected as AL GS through party<br />

council session whereas Fakrul was<br />

chosen by Khaleda Zia as secretary<br />

general only through her signature.<br />

“Sheikh Hasina does not impose<br />

leadership, rather she nurtures<br />

leader from grassroots level and include<br />

them into the party through<br />

integrating young and veteran party<br />

men, which is a proof of her political<br />

sagacity,” he said.<br />

Chittagong city, north and south<br />

district units of Awami League (AL)<br />

accorded the reception to the newly<br />

elected central AL leaders.<br />

Addressing the reception as the<br />

chief guest, Quader said BNP as<br />

part of its strategy to cling to power<br />

waited prolonged for foreign supports,<br />

which also depressed them.<br />

He said there might be differences<br />

of opinions inside the party<br />

but the party chief Sheikh Hasina<br />

will not tolerate disunity.<br />

He urged the party-men to be<br />

united under the leadership of<br />

Bangabandhu daughter and Prime<br />

Minister Sheikh Hasina for country’s<br />

development.<br />

Listing out the development<br />

work of the present government,<br />

Quader said Chittagong will be<br />

turned into one city two towns<br />

with the construction of the tunnel<br />

under the river Karnaphuli.<br />

Among others, President of city<br />

AL and former city mayor ABM<br />

Mohiuddin Chowdhury presided<br />

over the function addressed the<br />

function. •<br />

Adivasi Chhatra Parishad forms a human chain in Rajshahi city yesterday protesting the recent attack on Santal community in<br />

Gaibandha’s Gobindaganj upazila<br />


Sundarbans still haven for pirates<br />

• Asaduzzaman, Satkhira<br />

Law enforcement agencies of Bangladesh<br />

have taken all out actions to<br />

curb pirates and forest robbers from<br />

Sundarbans. In the wave of anti-pirates<br />

actions, several gangs have<br />

surrendered but the forest land is still a<br />

haven for them.<br />

Around 1.5 million people, mainly<br />

fishermen, honey collectors and<br />

wood-collectors and Bawalis, depend<br />

on the resources of world’s largest<br />

mangrove forest Sundarbans for their<br />

livelihood are in great danger as at<br />

least 12 pirate gangs are still active in<br />

the area and controlling the Sundarbans.<br />

Local fishermen and others alleged<br />

that they are suffering as after surrendering<br />

of Master Bahini and Mojnu<br />

Bahini, other pirate gangs become<br />

more ferocious and reckless.<br />

Cloudy sky, wary wives<br />

A gloomy sky pregnant with rain<br />

clouds hung heavy over the Mushiganj<br />

area in Shyamnagar upazila of Satkhira<br />

district, mirroring the mood of the<br />

local people in the area.<br />

Abdul Aziz and his sibling Abdul<br />

Kalam depend on Sundarbans for<br />

their living. Their father also worked<br />

in Sundarbans. From their childhood<br />

they were attached with the largest<br />

mangrove forest. They have worked in<br />

forest to survive but they have lost all<br />

of their earnings to pirates. Pirate gang<br />

kidnapped them few days ago and<br />

they got released after paying a very<br />

handsome ransom.<br />

Before starting their journey in the<br />

seas, their wary wives said them bye,<br />

giving the customary farewell before<br />

they embark on a week-long trip to the<br />

“sea of uncertainties”.<br />

Citing their horrible experience the<br />

brothers said we need to pay several<br />

pirate gangs in way to fishing in the<br />

rivers. If anyone fails to pay them, pirates<br />

abduct them and tortured them<br />

indiscriminately.<br />

Pirates tortured abductees in such<br />

a way that they would never forget<br />

them and every time before going to<br />

forest and river they have to remember<br />

them and pay them.<br />

Pay first<br />

Locals alleged that pirates took kids,<br />

men, trawlers, all to be returned for<br />

a ransom. Pirates have a fixed rate of<br />

ransom. They took Tk20,000 to a lakh<br />

for a human; Tk5,000 to Tk10,000<br />

for a trawler. After paying the money<br />

fishermen get a ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’<br />

card – a pass that meant pirates won’t<br />

bother you again.<br />

Besides this, sometimes fishermen<br />

and locals pay first before outing. In<br />

this case, pirates give them an entry<br />

card which means pirates will not<br />

bother them during fishing or other<br />

works. Local fish traders and other<br />

influential sometimes collaborate with<br />

the pirates.<br />

Without paying pirates, no one can<br />

collect their living from Sundarbans.<br />

Pirates are the controller of Sundarbans<br />

and they rule there, alleged the<br />

brothers.<br />

Kidnap drives victim deeper into<br />

debt<br />

Abductees’ families have to pay big<br />

ransoms to pirates in exchange getting<br />

their love ones back. Reality is that<br />

kidnaps happen; that fishermen pay<br />

big ransoms for their boats, their nets,<br />

their loved ones; that this drives them<br />

deeper into debt.<br />

Aziz and Kalam said sometimes<br />

families have to take money from<br />

usurious persons, which drives them<br />

deeper into great debt. Poor fishermen<br />

earn very little and could not pay<br />

the debt.<br />

Tk200 corers’ business<br />

Every year 12 pirate gangs earned at<br />

least Tk200 corers from abduction<br />

business. Locals said pirate gangs<br />

collect money from nearly 1lakh<br />

fishermen and honey collectors.<br />

Fishermen and honey collectors<br />

have to pay on basis of days, weeks<br />

or months and pirates used to take<br />

Tk5,000 to Tk20,000 from them.<br />

GM Ali Azam Titu, chairman of<br />

Gabura unin in the upazila, said:<br />

“Pirates earn nearly Tk200 corer every<br />

year from abduction and looting.”<br />

These gangs abduct at least 1000<br />

people who do not pay them first.<br />

Locals said though several<br />

pirate gangs have surrendered<br />

to law enforcers, Sundarbans<br />

still a very save zone for pirates.<br />

Amid continuous operations and<br />

crackdowns of law enforcement<br />

agencies pirates gangs have change<br />

their business style.<br />

In past few months, ring leaders<br />

of several pirate gangs were killed in<br />

gunfight with law enforcers. After ringleader’s<br />

death second man of the gang<br />

take charge of the gang and continue<br />

their misdeeds.<br />

Kamal Uddin Ahmed, general<br />

secretary of Dublar Fishermen<br />

Group, said: “Though 45 pirates,<br />

including seven ringleaders, were<br />

killed, pirates are still active in the<br />

Sundarbans.”<br />

When contacted, Munshiganj UP<br />

Chairman Abul Kashem alleged that<br />

at least 12 pirate gangs named Ayub<br />

Bahini, Reza bahini, Shahinur Bahini,<br />

Hazrat Bahini, Noa Mia Bahini and<br />

others are committing all kinds of<br />

misdeeds in the forest. Fishermen and<br />

other people depend on Sundarban<br />

could not enter into Sundarban<br />

without paying them.<br />

He said: “As law enforcers failed to<br />

curb the pirates’ now local people used<br />

to manage the gangs by paying them<br />

first. Locals sometimes offered money<br />

to the pirates with their own accord<br />

to ensure their save journeys into the<br />

Sundarbans and rivers.”<br />

Locals said these gangs abducted<br />

several fishermen and their trawlers<br />

on August. Later, fishermen were<br />

released as their family paid the<br />

ransoms.<br />

Forest department suffering<br />

from manpower<br />

It is learnt from the forest department<br />

that there are modern and speedy<br />

water vessels, arms and ammunitions<br />

and sufficient manpower are under<br />

the disposal of the powerful gangs of<br />

jungle pirates. But on the other hand,<br />

forest departments possess old and<br />

out dated water vessels, arms and ammunitions<br />

and shortage of manpower.<br />

Locals alleged forest department<br />

patrolled on side of Sundarbans where<br />

pirates lived other side of the forest.<br />

Jewel Chowdhury, range assistant<br />

of Western Sundarbans, Satkhira, said:<br />

“We have heard about Ayub Bahini,<br />

Alim Bahini and others. But they never<br />

come in front of us.”<br />

On the other hand, rumour has it<br />

that some pirates come from India<br />

with the collaboration of Bangladeshi<br />

pirates used several chars to hold their<br />

prisoners. But these gangs never attack<br />

to tourists because that turns the<br />

heat up. Fishermen are easy targets.<br />

The people who depend on the forest<br />

resources opine that until and unless<br />

the God fathers and patrons of jungle<br />

pirates are not identified crimes in Sundarban<br />

forest cannot be stopped.<br />

Local representatives, fishermen,<br />

Bawalis, honey collectors and<br />

other have demanded an immediate<br />

crackdown on the pirates, and asked<br />

for permission to equip the fishermen<br />

to protect them against such attacks.<br />

But they alleged that government has<br />

ignored their proposal for years. •

DT<br />

8<br />

World<br />

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER <strong>13</strong>, <strong>2016</strong><br />


Bomb kills 25 at<br />

Balochistan shrine<br />

At least 25 people died and 30<br />

others were injured when a bomb<br />

exploded at a Sufi shrine in southern<br />

Pakistan’s Balochistan province Saturday.<br />

Sarfaraz Bugti, home minister<br />

for Baluchistan province, confirmed<br />

that the blast occurred with hundreds<br />

in attendance at the shrine of<br />

Sufi saint Shah Bilal Noorani. He said<br />

rescue efforts were ongoing. REUTERS<br />

INDIA<br />

Journalist shot dead in<br />

Bihar<br />

A journalist working for a Hindi<br />

daily newspaper was shot dead by<br />

three persons on Saturday morning<br />

in Sasaram, headquarter of<br />

Rohtas district in Bihar. Dharmendra<br />

Singh has been writing stories<br />

in his paper on the regular police<br />

raids on illegal stone crushers in<br />

the area which might not have<br />

gone down well to those powerful<br />

mafias involved in the trade. HT<br />

CHINA<br />

China ships sail near<br />

disputed islands<br />

Chinese coast guard vessels sailed<br />

into territorial waters around<br />

disputed islands in the East China<br />

Sea on Saturday, Japan’s coast guard<br />

said. The four ships entered the<br />

waters surrounding the island chain,<br />

controlled by Japan and known as<br />

Senkaku in Japanese and Diaoyu in<br />

China and left within two hours. AFP<br />


Vietnam destroys huge<br />

ivory, rhino horn cache<br />

Vietnam destroyed a huge<br />

stockpile of ivory and rhino horn<br />

Saturday, urging the public to<br />

stop consuming illegal wildlife<br />

products driving several species<br />

towards extinction. The ivory<br />

and rhino horn trade is officially<br />

banned in Vietnam, but its use<br />

in traditional medicine and for<br />

decoration remains widespread,<br />

especially among the communist<br />

country’s growing elite. AFP<br />


Turkish airstrikes kill 18 IS<br />

militants in Syria<br />

Turkey’s military killed 18 IS<br />

militants in northern Syria over<br />

the last 24 hours, the army said<br />

on Saturday, intensifying strikes<br />

against the militant group. Four<br />

buildings and one vehicle used<br />

by the Islamic State fighters were<br />

destroyed in the strikes. Turkey<br />

is backing a group of Syrian Arabs<br />

and Turkmen in northern Syria<br />

in its Euphrates Shield operation,<br />

which has swept Islamic State<br />

from its southern border. REUTERS<br />

Trump picking transition team as<br />

protests continue<br />

• Tribune International Desk<br />

President-elect Donald Trump<br />

began laying the groundwork on<br />

Friday to take office on January<br />

20, 2017, gathering the most loyal<br />

advisers from his insurgent campaign<br />

and three of his children<br />

to plot his transition strategy as<br />

Protesters across the US are gearing<br />

up for weekend demonstrations<br />

over the election of Donald<br />

Trump.<br />

The announcement was one of<br />

several surprises, as Trump shook<br />

up his transition team by putting<br />

running mate Mike Pence in charge<br />

and named a cohort of Washington<br />

insiders – and three of his children<br />

– to help with the process of choosing<br />

a new cabinet.<br />

The reshuffle came as anti-Trump<br />

protesters spilled onto<br />

the streets for a third straight<br />

night, with the Republican facing<br />

mounting calls to reassure Americans<br />

who fear a xenophobic crackdown<br />

under his authority.<br />

Throngs of people – among<br />

them families and children – rallied<br />

late Friday in New York’s<br />

Washington Square carrying banners<br />

reading “Peace and Love” and<br />

“Your wall can’t stand in our way.”<br />

Local media estimated a turnout of<br />

some 4,000 protesters.<br />

Early Saturday, Portland police<br />

said on Twitter that they were investigating<br />

a report of a shooting<br />

and a possible injury on a Willamette<br />

River bridge that protesters<br />

were heading toward. They<br />

asked the public to leave the area.<br />

It wasn’t immediately clear if the<br />

report had anything to do with the<br />

protests.<br />

In Portland, Oregon, a demonstrator<br />

was shot and sustained<br />

non-life-threatening injuries after<br />

what police believe was a confrontation.<br />

The suspect then fled the area.<br />

And more than 1,000 people<br />

gathered in Miami, with weekend<br />

protests planned in a number of<br />

other cities.<br />

The 70-year-old incoming<br />

president has a mammoth task of<br />

fleshing out his cabinet, as well as<br />

steering the complex transition of<br />

power, and announced on Friday he<br />

was elevating Vice President-elect<br />

Pence to lead the process.<br />

Trump included three of his<br />

children and his son-in-law Jared<br />

Kushner on the transition team –<br />

a move likely to raise eyebrows,<br />

since the tycoon earlier announced<br />

that should he win he would place<br />

his vast business interests into a<br />

blind trust operated by Donald<br />

Trump Jr, Eric Trump and Ivanka<br />

Trump.<br />

Economic, foreign policy<br />

Trump appears to be leaning toward<br />

seasoned Republicans for<br />

many economic positions. David<br />

Malpass, a former Treasury and<br />

State Department official, and Paul<br />

Atkins, a former Securities and<br />

Exchange Commission official,<br />

are guiding the transition team on<br />

economic issues.<br />

“This is one area where the most<br />

Republican orthodoxy will come<br />

out,” said Brandon Barford, a former<br />

Republican congressional staffer.<br />

The Trump transition website,<br />

www.greatagain.gov, picked up<br />

on the tone of legislation aimed at<br />

weakening Dodd-Frank financial<br />

regulations that was released this<br />

summer by Republican chair of the<br />

House Financial Services Committee,<br />

Jeb Hensarling. •<br />

IS attacks Iraqi forces amid intense fighting in Mosul<br />

• Tribune International Desk<br />

A suicide car bomber from the Islamic<br />

State group attacked Iraqi<br />

special forces in Mosul on Saturday,<br />

setting off heavy fighting in<br />

the northern city.<br />

The early morning attack in the<br />

Qadisiya neighbourhood, which<br />

the troops entered a day earlier,<br />

was followed by a barrage of<br />

gunfire, mortar rounds and rocket-propelled<br />

grenades, Iraqi officers<br />

said.<br />

Fighting was also underway in<br />

the adjoining Arbajiya neighbourhood,<br />

the officers added, speaking<br />

on condition of anonymity<br />

because they aren’t authorised to<br />

brief reporters.<br />

The urban landscape inside<br />

Mosul proper makes defence easier<br />

for the militants, eager to hold<br />

on to the last major Iraqi stronghold<br />

of their self-styled caliphate.<br />

Defeat in Mosul would be a major<br />

blow to their project, and they<br />

have said they are ready to fight to<br />

the death.<br />

The International Organisation<br />

To Syria<br />

To Dahuk<br />

To Baghdad<br />


Protesters took to the streets from New York to Los Angeles<br />

Principal protests<br />

Approx<br />

1,000 students<br />

march through<br />

financial district<br />

Projectiles thrown at police,<br />

businesses vandalized, cars<br />

and their occupants attacked<br />

Portland<br />


Western districts<br />

Great Mosque<br />

of Al Nuri<br />

Hotel Nineveh<br />

An IS group HQ<br />

Tammuz district<br />

Historical Jihadist stronghold<br />

University hospital<br />

Main city hospital<br />

Source: AFP, maps4news.com/©HERE<br />

Old town<br />

Stadium<br />

Station<br />

Al Salam hospital<br />

Sa’a church<br />

Former military base<br />

Hills to the south of the city<br />

Hadba<br />

district<br />

Highest point<br />

in the city<br />

Oakland Denver<br />

San Francisco<br />

Los Angeles<br />

Student march<br />

at the University<br />

of California<br />

Offensive<br />

by Iraqi special<br />

forces<br />

University<br />

of Mosul<br />

Arabajiyah<br />

Nineveh<br />

ruins<br />

Grand<br />

Gogjali<br />

Mosque<br />

Industrial zone<br />

Provincial government<br />

To Arbil<br />

Eastern districts Controlled<br />

by the Iraqi<br />

army<br />

Tigris<br />

Qadisiyah<br />

al-Thaniyah<br />

1 km<br />

SY.<br />

S. ARABIA<br />

Mosul<br />


IRAQ<br />

IRAN<br />

for Migration says nearly 48,000<br />

people have been displaced by the<br />

fighting, still a relatively low figure<br />

compared to a United Nations<br />

warning before the campaign of a<br />

possible exodus of up to 800,000.<br />

Dallas<br />

Chicago<br />

300 to 400 protesters<br />

gathered in city<br />

Thursday<br />

2,000 on streets<br />

Wednesday<br />

New York<br />

Baltimore<br />


Killings and chemical weapons<br />

Islamic State’s two-year reign of<br />

fear in northern and western Iraq<br />

threatened the country with disintegration,<br />

and Prime Minister<br />

Haider al-Abadi says it has cost<br />

Iraq $35bn in economic damage.<br />

On Friday, Grand Ayatollah<br />

Ali al-Sistani praised the forces<br />

battling Islamic State, including<br />

thousands of Shia fighters in the<br />

Popular Mobilisation paramilitary<br />

forces, for their sacrifices.<br />

Without “the blood of these<br />

dear ones and their continuous<br />

steadfastness, only God would<br />

know what fate would await Iraq<br />

and others”, said Seyyid Ahmed<br />

al-Safi, who delivered the Friday<br />

sermon in the holy city of Kerbala.<br />

Inside Mosul, a city which is<br />

still home to up to 1.5m people,<br />

residents said this week that the<br />

militants had killed at least 20<br />

people and displayed their bodies<br />

- five of them crucified - as a warning<br />

against acting as informants for<br />

Iraqi forces. •<br />

Sources: AP, REUTERS

World<br />

Anger grows in India as banks<br />

struggle to swap banned notes<br />

• Reuters, New Delhi<br />

Anger intensified in India on Saturday<br />

as banks struggled to dispense<br />

cash following the government’s<br />

decision to withdraw large<br />

denomination notes in an attempt<br />

to uncover billions of dollars in<br />

undeclared wealth.<br />

Tempers frayed as hundreds of<br />

thousands of people queued for<br />

hours outside banks for a third<br />

day to swap 500 and 1,000 rupee<br />

bank notes after the notes were<br />

abolished earlier in the week.<br />

The banned bills made up more<br />

than 80% of the currency in circulation,<br />

leaving millions of people<br />

without cash and threatening<br />

to bring much of the cash-driven<br />

economy to a halt.<br />

Customers argued and banged<br />

the glass doors at a Standard Chartered<br />

branch in southern Delhi<br />

after security guards blocked the<br />

entrance, saying there were too<br />

many people inside already.<br />

Others turned on Modi, criticising<br />

his ongoing visit to Japan while<br />

ordinary people suffered at home.<br />

Modi said he would pursue the<br />

Thousands rally in Seoul to demand Park’s ouster<br />

• AFP, Seoul<br />

Pressure on South Korea’s scandal-hit<br />

president to resign escalated<br />

sharply Saturday, with organisers<br />

claiming a million-strong<br />

turnout at one of the largest – and<br />

loudest – anti-government protests<br />

the country has ever witnessed.<br />

Chanting “Step down Park<br />

Geun-Hye!” enormous crowds,<br />

including high school students,<br />

Catholic nuns, labourers, farmers,<br />

retirees and young couples with<br />

babies, massed in the streets of<br />

central Seoul in a powerful display<br />

of popular anger and dissent.<br />

While police put the turnout<br />

at 260,000, organisers said one<br />

million people took part in what<br />

was the third in a series of weekly<br />

protests over a corruption scandal<br />

that has left Park fighting for her<br />

political survival.<br />

On the back of official appeals<br />

for calm, police deployed around<br />

25,000 officers, many of them in<br />

full riot gear, while police buses<br />

and trucks blocked every access<br />

road – major or minor – around the<br />

presidential Blue House.<br />

As night fell, Seoul’s main ceremonial<br />

boulevard Gwanghwamun<br />

became a moving river of flickering<br />

candles held by the banner-waving,<br />

slogan-chanting demonstrators<br />

calling on Park to quit.<br />

fight against corruption and tax<br />

dodgers even if it meant scanning<br />

decades-old records.<br />

People waiting to deposit and exchange discontinued currency notes outside a<br />

bank in New Delhi on Saturday<br />

AP<br />

Traders struggle as cash crunch<br />

bites<br />

Nearly half of India’s 202,000<br />

ATMs were shut on Friday and<br />

those that operated quickly ran<br />

out of the new notes as scores of<br />

people descended upon them.<br />

Finance minister Arun Jaitley<br />

said ATMs had not been adjusted<br />

to handle new currency notes prior<br />

to the announcement in order<br />

to keep it under wraps. “Recalibration<br />

of ATMs will be completed<br />

within two weeks,” he added.<br />

Referring to inconvenience<br />

caused to public, Jaitley said there<br />

could be some, short-term disruptive<br />

cost to the economy due to the<br />

demonetisation drive but this would<br />

prove positive in the longer term.<br />

People in Mumbai said grocers<br />

were charging 10 times the price<br />

of salt in return for accepting the<br />

old cash notes.<br />

The government has asked<br />

people to exchange the old 500<br />

and 1,000 rupees notes by December<br />

30. The central bank said<br />

there was enough cash available<br />

with banks and that it had made<br />

arrangements to deliver the new<br />

bank notes across the country.<br />

India has unearthed Rs1.25tn<br />

($18.51bn) of undeclared “black”<br />

money, including Rs670bn in the<br />

recent income disclosure scheme,<br />

since his government came to<br />

power in 2014, Modi said.<br />

Much of India’s rural economy<br />

is powered by cash, with few<br />

Fraud and scandal<br />

The scandal engulfing Park for the<br />

past three weeks has focused on<br />

her close friend, Choi Soon-Sil, who<br />

is currently under arrest on charges<br />

of fraud and abuse of power.<br />

Prosecutors are investigating<br />

allegations that Choi, 60, leveraged<br />

their friendship to coerce<br />

donations from large companies<br />

like Samsung to non-profit foundations<br />

which she set up and used<br />

for personal gain.<br />

She is also accused of interfering<br />

in government affairs, despite<br />

holding no official position.<br />

Lurid reports of the unhealthy<br />

influence Choi wielded over Park<br />

have seen the president’s approval<br />

ratings plunge to five percent<br />

– a record low for a serving<br />

president.<br />

people regularly using a bank account.<br />

In Dudko, about 75km from<br />

Delhi, villagers said they were<br />

finding it difficult to pay for food<br />

and fuel four days into the cash<br />

crunch.<br />

“Bank officials are saying they<br />

will give the money on Monday.<br />

How will we make purchases?”<br />

said Sunita, a woman who was<br />

preparing for her daughter’s wedding<br />

later this month. •<br />

South Koreans shout slogans as they carry placards reading ‘Park Geun-hye Out’, during a protest against South Korean<br />

President Park Geun-Hye on a main street in Seoul, South Korea on Saturday<br />


And Saturday’s rally was a focal<br />

point for a litany of other complaints,<br />

from plunging rice prices<br />

to the government’s handling of<br />

the 2014 Sewol ferry disaster.<br />

The family-friendly protest was<br />

peaceful but sometimes reached<br />

deafening volumes as performers<br />

and activists whipped the crowds<br />

into a raucous frenzy from a giant<br />

stage. •<br />

9<br />

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER <strong>13</strong>, <strong>2016</strong><br />

USA<br />

Four Americans killed in<br />

Afghanistan blast<br />

DT<br />

Four Americans were killed Saturday<br />

in a huge explosion inside<br />

the largest US military base in<br />

Afghanistan, Secretary of Defence<br />

Ash Carter said. The Americans<br />

were killed at Bagram Airfield by<br />

an apparent suicide bomber, Carter<br />

said in a statement, adding that<br />

the explosion wounded 16 other<br />

US service members and a Polish<br />

soldier participating in US-led Nato<br />

military operations. REUTERS<br />


Peru: TPP can be replaced<br />

with new trade deal<br />

Peru President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski<br />

told that Pacific-rim countries<br />

can forge a new trade deal that<br />

includes China to replace the US-led<br />

TPP that US President-elect Donald<br />

Trump has vowed to scrap. Russia<br />

should also be part of any new bid<br />

to hammer out a tariff-slashing<br />

agreement for the Asia-Pacific<br />

region, he added. REUTERS<br />

UK<br />

Murdered MP Jo Cox<br />

awarded joint peace prize<br />

The murdered MP Jo Cox is to<br />

receive a posthumous peace prize<br />

jointly with the Syrian civil volunteer<br />

group known as the White<br />

Helmets, which she supported in<br />

the last years of her life. The recognition<br />

comes as the trial begins of<br />

Thomas Mair, the man accused of<br />

shooting Cox near her constituency<br />

office in Birstall, West Yorkshire,<br />

on 16 June. THE GUARDIAN<br />

EUROPE<br />

Turkey arrests board<br />

cahirman of opposition<br />

newspaper<br />

Turkey on Friday detained the<br />

board chairman of opposition<br />

daily Cumhuriyet, the target of an<br />

intensifying crackdown since July’s<br />

failed coup which has further<br />

fuelled tensions between Ankara<br />

and Europe. Akin Atalay was taken<br />

into custody at Istanbul’s main<br />

international airport after arriving<br />

from Germany, said Cumhuriyet,<br />

which also saw nine of its staff<br />

arrested last week. REUTERS<br />

AFRICA<br />

Ethiopia makes 11,000<br />

state of emergency arrests<br />

Authorities have arrested more than<br />

11,000 people since Ethiopia declared<br />

a state of emergency in early<br />

October amid violent protests, state<br />

TV said on Saturday. The six-month<br />

state of emergency was declared on<br />

October 9, an unprecedented move<br />

by the current government, which<br />

has been in power for 25 years.<br />

Ethiopia has been in political crisis<br />

for around a year with frequent<br />

outbreaks of violence. AFP

10<br />

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER <strong>13</strong>, <strong>2016</strong><br />

DT<br />

World<br />

With Trump major US shift in middle east<br />

• Tribune International Desk<br />

President-elect Donald Trump’s<br />

positions on Middle East issues, if<br />

carried out, could bring yet more<br />

volatility to the world’s most combustible<br />

region, reports The Associated<br />

Press.<br />

Besides vowing to rip up the international<br />

nuclear deal with Iran,<br />

Trump says he will ramp up the war<br />

on Islamic State militants; he could<br />

make the Palestinians more desperate<br />

by siding with Israel’s hard-line<br />

right wing. He also seems set to end<br />

the Obama administration’s cold<br />

shoulder toward authoritarians like<br />

Egypt’s Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi.<br />

Trump has most often been<br />

vague and sometimes outright contradictory<br />

about plans in the Mideast.<br />

And his stances could change.<br />

His call for a ban on Muslims entering<br />

the US worried many in the<br />

region, but he has since watered<br />

down that stance, and many opinion-makers<br />

in the Gulf at least call it<br />

simply campaign rhetoric.<br />

Overall, Trump has shown a focus<br />

on fighting Islamic militants<br />

and favouring strongmen who do<br />

so. He’s shown less concern with<br />

human rights or the complicated<br />


Staffing up: Trump chooses<br />

White House staff, cabinet,<br />

and around 4,000 political<br />

appointments, with top<br />

50 positions traditionally<br />

selected before Thanksgiving<br />

Ensuring security:<br />

Trump now receives<br />

same daily intelligence<br />

briefing as President<br />

Obama, including information on<br />

covert US operations and other<br />

data gathered by America’s 17<br />

intelligence agencies<br />

Nuclear codes: On Inauguration Day,<br />

America’s “nuclear briefcase” changes<br />

hands and President Trump receives<br />

“biscuit” – card with codes used to<br />

authenticate order to<br />

launch nuclear attack<br />

Nov 10<br />

President-elect<br />

Donald Trump and<br />

President Obama meet<br />

at White House, starting<br />

transition process<br />

unfolding over 10 weeks<br />

until Trump is sworn<br />

into office<br />

Nov-Dec<br />

Jan 20<br />

Trump’s swearing-in<br />

ceremony takes place<br />

on steps of US Capitol,<br />

when President Obama’s<br />

term officially expires<br />

Source: Center for Presidential Transition, wire agencies<br />

Pictures: Associated Press, Getty Images, Smithsonian Institute Magazine<br />

minutiae of the Mideast’s many factions<br />

and interests.<br />

That is a simpler, black-andwhite<br />

stance in the eyes of some,<br />

but it can also bring a backlash.<br />

IS, Iraq and Syria<br />

Trump pledged repeatedly to intensify<br />

the war against the Islamic State<br />

group in Iraq and Syria, saying crushing<br />

the group is his main priority.<br />

What is less clear is how — and<br />

what impact it would have on the<br />

conflicts in both countries and the<br />

complex alliances that the Obama<br />

administration has tried to balance.<br />

Trump has given little policy or vision<br />

on the wars beyond the vows<br />

to defeat IS.<br />

In Syria, the rebels may be the<br />

biggest losers.<br />

In contrast to the Obama administration’s<br />

support for the opposition<br />

— equivocal as it may have<br />

been — Trump said the rebels may<br />

be “worse” than President Bashar<br />

Assad and that defeating the Islamic<br />

State group is more important than<br />

removing the Syrian leader. That<br />

suggests he could drop any backing.<br />

Moreover, he says he wants more<br />

and better cooperation against IS<br />

with Russia, Assad’s main ally.<br />

Transition team:<br />

Assembles cabinet and<br />

lays out blueprint for<br />

Trump’s first 100 days<br />

Trump’s top advisers, New Jersey<br />

Gov. Chris Christie and Alabama<br />

US Sen. Jeff Sessions, guiding<br />

transition to power<br />

Moving in: In frantic five-hour<br />

moving period, White House staff<br />

remove last belongings of Obama’s<br />

family and prepare <strong>13</strong>2-room<br />

residence for Trump’s family<br />

Once he is sworn in as president,<br />

Trump has freedom to redecorate<br />

Oval Office as he likes<br />

Trump gains access to official presidential Twitter account<br />

@POTUS and White House website is relaunched at midnight<br />



Campaign pledges made by Donald Trump<br />

Asia<br />

Pull out<br />

of TPP*.<br />

Impose tariffs<br />

Russia<br />

Relax economic<br />

sanctions<br />

North Korea<br />

End efforts<br />

to denuclearise<br />

Pyongyang<br />

South Korea,<br />

Japan, Taiwan<br />

Withdraw US troops<br />

shielding S. Korea<br />

and Japan from<br />

N. Korea, and<br />

Taiwan from China<br />

*TPP: 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership<br />

NAFTA: 3-nation North American Free Trade Agreement<br />

TTIP: 29-nation Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership<br />

Trump says he will step up airstrikes,<br />

vowing to “bomb the hell”<br />

out of the militants.<br />

More intensified bombing, however,<br />

risks a backlash if it brings<br />

more civilian casualties. Iraqi Prime<br />

Minister Haider al-Abadi has already<br />

come under fire from political<br />

rivals over the presence of a few<br />

thousand US troops in Iraq.<br />

IS may already be broken in<br />

Iraq and cornered in Syria before<br />

Trump takes office in January. Over<br />

the past year, the Obama administration’s<br />

campaign of airstrikes,<br />

along with training on the ground,<br />

has succeeded in helping Iraqi and<br />

Kurdish forces take back most territory<br />

IS captured in 2014. They are<br />

currently assaulting the group’s last<br />

main Iraqi stronghold, Mosul.<br />

In Syria, if Trump allies with<br />

Russia against IS, it could also bring<br />

a major shift away from US support<br />

of the rebels.<br />

The Obama administration’s<br />

attempts to work closer with Russia<br />

fell apart because of Moscow’s<br />

bombardment of rebels; Trump<br />

appears likely to drop any US complaints<br />

over the Russian campaign.<br />

Trump will also face the same<br />

struggle Obama has: Balancing between<br />

Turkey and its bitter rival,<br />

the Syrian Kurds, who have been<br />

the main US-backed ground force<br />

fighting IS. Turkish and Kurdish<br />

forces battled earlier this year in<br />

northern Syria — a flare-up that was<br />

put down by US mediation.<br />

Israel and Palestinians<br />

Trump appears much more sympathetic<br />

to Israeli Prime Minister<br />

Benjamin Netanyahu than to the<br />

Palestinians. That bodes poorly for<br />

the Palestinian dream of gaining independence<br />

after 50 years of Israeli<br />

occupation, and has led to some<br />

warnings that they might grow so<br />

desperate as to turn to a full-fledged<br />

violent uprising.<br />

While Netanyahu spent the past<br />

eight years clashing with Obama<br />

World Trade<br />

Organisation<br />

Unilateral<br />

trade measures,<br />

eg tariffs<br />

on Chinese steel<br />

Free trade deals Military pacts Climate Foreign policy Human rights, immigration<br />

Canada<br />

Overturn Obama veto<br />

of Keystone XL shale<br />

oil pipeline<br />

Mexico, Canada<br />

Scrap NAFTA*.<br />

Impose tariffs<br />

Mexico, Latin America<br />

Deport illegal immigrants.<br />

Build US-Mexico<br />

border wall.<br />

Freeze remittances<br />

immigrants send home<br />

UN<br />

Withdraw from<br />

Paris climate change<br />

agreement.<br />

Cancel funding for<br />

UN climate projects.<br />

Lift limits on fossil<br />

fuel production<br />

Cuba<br />

Reinstate<br />

restrictions<br />

on trade, finance<br />

and tourism<br />

over Israeli settlement construction<br />

and the deadlock in peace efforts,<br />

Trump has expressed great affinity<br />

for Netanyahu and called Obama a<br />

“disaster” for the Jewish state.<br />

He has vowed not to impose any<br />

solutions on Israel and promised to<br />

move the US Embassy to Jerusalem,<br />

a step that would undercut the Palestinian<br />

claims to the eastern part<br />

of the city. His opposition to the<br />

nuclear deal with Iran and promises<br />

to veto anti-Israel resolutions at the<br />

UN also resonate in Jerusalem.<br />

In addition, he has surrounded<br />

himself with advisers close to Israel’s<br />

hard-line right wing. Among<br />

them are Newt Gingrich; former<br />

New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani;<br />

the former US ambassador to the<br />

UN, John Bolton; and conservative<br />

billionaire Sheldon Adelson, a close<br />

friend of Netanyahu’s.<br />

Gingrich has called the Palestinians<br />

an “invented” people. Giuliani<br />

recently recommended that Trump<br />

abandon the US goal of establishing<br />

a Palestinian state as part of a peace<br />

accord. The Republican platform<br />

makes no mention of Palestinian<br />

statehood, an idea even Netanyahu<br />

has endorsed.<br />

The pro-settler politicians who<br />

dominate Netanyahu’s Cabinet<br />

have warmly welcomed Trump’s<br />

win. Israeli Education Minister Naftali<br />

Bennett called it an opportunity<br />

to drop the idea of Palestinian statehood.<br />

Still, the unpredictable Trump<br />

also raised some concerns in Israel<br />

during the campaign by suggesting<br />

he would stay “neutral” on the conflict<br />

and that Israel should repay the<br />

billions of dollars of military aid it<br />

receives from the US.<br />

The Palestinians are taking a<br />

wait-and-see attitude.<br />

Officials had been hoping that<br />

if Clinton had won, Obama would<br />

have used his final months in office<br />

to deliver a policy statement<br />

or promote a UN resolution setting<br />

the stage for his successor to press<br />

Nato<br />

Reject Nato’s collective security guarantee<br />

unless other members pay more<br />

Islamic State group<br />

European Union<br />

Stall talks on TTIP*<br />

Bomb IS<br />

into oblivion.<br />

Torture terrorism<br />

suspects<br />

Source: AFP, Fortune<br />

Middle East, inc. Syria<br />

Ban Muslim immigrants.<br />

Vet immigrants from<br />

terrorism-plagued states<br />

Iran<br />

Scrap international<br />

nuclear deal.<br />

Impose sanctions<br />

Israel<br />

Back Jerusalem<br />

as the capital<br />

ahead with peace efforts. With<br />

Trump’s victory, the chances seem<br />

remote.<br />

Foreign Minister Riad Malki said<br />

the Palestinians “still don’t know<br />

the policies of President-elect<br />

Trump” but hoped “he will push to<br />

realize the two-state solution.”<br />

Egypt<br />

Trump and Egypt’s el-Sissi have<br />

already shown a bond. Trump said<br />

there was “good chemistry” when<br />

they met on the sidelines of the<br />

UN General Assembly in September.<br />

El-Sissi said Trump “without a<br />

doubt” would make a strong leader.<br />

It’s clear where the common<br />

ground is. El-Sissi has painted himself<br />

as a leader in the fight against<br />

Islamic militancy, a stance that echoes<br />

Trump’s priorities.<br />

The result could be closer ties<br />

after the chill between el-Sissi and<br />

Obama.<br />

As commander of the military,<br />

el-Sissi led the 20<strong>13</strong> ouster of Egypt’s<br />

first freely elected president, Islamist<br />

Mohammed Morsi, amid<br />

widespread protests against him<br />

and his Muslim Brotherhood. The<br />

Obama administration voiced some<br />

criticism of the ouster and briefly<br />

suspended some aid. It has kept its<br />

distance ever since, especially as<br />

el-Sissi’s government has cracked<br />

down heavily on its opponents.<br />

Trump is less likely to take Egypt<br />

to task over human rights. Instead,<br />

he could throw el-Sissi political<br />

support as the Egyptian leader battles<br />

IS-linked militants in Sinai and<br />

Libya.<br />

Egypt’s pro-government media<br />

have often railed against Obama,<br />

accusing the US of supporting the<br />

Brotherhood and activist groups.<br />

They now were cheering Trump’s<br />

victory.<br />

“There will be a big shift in the<br />

Egyptian-American relations under<br />

this man’s era. You will see,” said<br />

one pro-el-Sissi TV host, Ahmed<br />

Moussa. •

Advertisement<br />

11<br />

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER <strong>13</strong>, <strong>2016</strong><br />


DT<br />

12<br />

Business<br />

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER <strong>13</strong>, <strong>2016</strong><br />


Call for smooth<br />

gas supply to meet<br />

$50bn export target<br />

RMG manufacturers urged the<br />

government to ensure uninterrupted<br />

gas supply to their industry<br />

for smooth production to meet the<br />

$50 billion export target by 2021.<br />

PAGE <strong>13</strong><br />

German economy<br />

likely grew in Q3<br />

despite Brexit<br />

The German economy likely<br />

expanded moderately in the third<br />

quarter despite the sense of uncertainty<br />

created by Britain’s vote to<br />

leave the European Union - a sense<br />

now added to by Donald Trump’s<br />

victory in the US presidential election,<br />

the Economy Ministry said<br />

on Friday. PAGE 14<br />

Trump adviser:<br />

US should have<br />

joined China-led<br />

infrastructure bank<br />

A top adviser of US President-elect<br />

Donald Trump lashed out at the<br />

Obama administration for failing<br />

to embrace the China-led Asian<br />

Infrastructure Investment Bank<br />

(AIIB), suggesting a possible policy<br />

shift when Trump takes office in<br />

January. PAGE 15<br />

Capital market snapshot:<br />

Past Week<br />

DSE<br />

Broad Index 4,677.1 0.1% ▲<br />

Index 1,122.5 0.4% ▲<br />

30 Index 1,758.2 0.0% ▲<br />

Turnover in Mn Tk 29,472.2 35.0% ▲<br />

Turnover in Mn Vol 727.4 8.5% ▲<br />

CSE<br />

All Share Index 14,387.6 0.3% ▲<br />

30 Index 12,978.8 0.8% ▲<br />

Selected Index 8,753.0 0.3% ▲<br />

Turnover in Mn Tk 1,731.4 15.9% ▲<br />

Turnover in Mn Vol 51.1 -5.6% ▼<br />

BD-Myanmar economic ties stressed<br />

• Tribune Business Desk<br />

Bangladesh and neighbouring Myanmar<br />

should continue to explore<br />

a wide range of opportunities for<br />

economic collaboration, said officials<br />

of both countries.<br />

“Bangladesh and Myanmar<br />

do not suffer from any burden<br />

of asymmetrical economic relations,”<br />

said Syed Mahmudul Huq,<br />

chairman of Bangladesh-Myanmar<br />

Business Promotion Council (BMB-<br />

PC).<br />

“On the contrary, both of our<br />

countries have almost identical<br />

economic challenges and a long<br />

history of collaboration on myriads<br />

of economic issues.”<br />

Huq was speaking at a reception<br />

ceremony of the BMBPC on Thursday<br />

in Dhaka in honour of the visiting<br />

Myanmar delegation.<br />

The delegation was led by Toe<br />

Aung Myint, permanent secretary<br />

of the Myanmar Ministry of Commerce.<br />

The delegation visited Dhaka<br />

from <strong>November</strong> 9-10 to attend the<br />

two-day 8th Bangladesh Myanmar<br />

Joint Trade Commission meeting.<br />

Huq said: “Our two countries<br />

are not only close neighbours, but<br />

also countries with so many shared<br />

interests and stakes,”<br />

“We have also a good potential<br />

of enriching contents of our cooperation<br />

and widening scopes of<br />

SME guideline to be<br />

placed in cabinet by<br />

one month<br />

• Tribune Business Report<br />

A draft guideline for Small and<br />

Medium Enterprises will be<br />

placed in Cabinet for approval in<br />

a month ,said Mosharraf Hossain<br />

Bhuiyan, senior industries secretary.<br />

“We have already drafted SME<br />

guideline and will place in Cabinet<br />

for final approval,” he said yesterday<br />

while addressing a workshop<br />

on the role of media in promoting<br />

SMEs in Bangladesh in Dhaka.<br />

European Union funded the<br />

project, Bangladesh INSPIRED<br />

Programme in partnership with<br />

Ministry of Industries and SME<br />

Foundation organised the workshop<br />

for journalists.<br />

Secretary said government will<br />

introduce SME law in a year or<br />

two and as a part of this process,<br />

SME guideline will be issued.<br />

He said more large firms than<br />

High officials and business leaders of Bangladesh and Myanmar pose for photograph at a reception for visiting Myanmar<br />

delegation at a Dhaka hotel Thursday, organised by Bangladesh Myanmar Business Promotion Council<br />

SME borrowers are responsible<br />

for default loans.<br />

Ali Sabet, team leader, and<br />

Anne Raine, senior expert of<br />

Bangladesh INSPIRED Programme,<br />

Momtaz Uddin Ahmed<br />

from Dhaka University and Farzana<br />

Khan, deputy general manager<br />

of SME Foundation, were also<br />

present at the workshop.<br />

Momtaz Uddin Ahmed claimed<br />

that the definition of SMEs is<br />

inappropriate as the size of<br />

medium enterprises is huge in<br />

Bangladesh.<br />

A garment factory which has<br />

employees of over 1,200 is considered<br />

a medium enterprise.<br />

As a result, the real small enterprises<br />

are being deprived of facilities,<br />

he said.<br />

Some 34 journalists from different<br />

newspapers and television<br />

stations participated in the worksop.<br />

•<br />

collective initiatives to elevate our<br />

relations to new heights.”<br />

He identified that there was an<br />

enormous scope of cooperation<br />

between Bangladesh and Myanmar<br />

in agriculture, energy and service<br />

sectors including in the banking<br />

sector.<br />

In response, Toe Aung Myint assured<br />

Bangladesh of extending all<br />

out support for the enhancement<br />

of economic ties between the two<br />

countries.<br />

Meanwhile, BMBPC proposed<br />

to set up special economic zones<br />

in Cox’s Bazar and Bandarban districts<br />

dedicated to joint ventures<br />

between Bangladesh and Myanmar,<br />

especially in the field of agrobased<br />

industries with inputs or raw<br />

materials from Myanmar for their<br />

re-export to third countries.<br />

Bangladesh Shrimp and Fish<br />

Foundation and Myanmar Shrimp<br />

Association signed a MoU in June<br />

this year to work together to develop<br />

and adapt the hatchery technology<br />

in shrimp and prawn sectors of<br />

both the countries.<br />

The reception was attended,<br />

among others, by Senior Secretary<br />

of the Ministry of Industries,<br />

Stocks stay flat<br />

• Tribune Business Desk<br />

Stock markets witnessed a flat week<br />

that ended Thursday as investors<br />

booked modest profit on some large<br />

cap issues.<br />

The market held up strongly<br />

ending the last trading session of<br />

the week in green despite US President-elect<br />

Donald Trump’s victory<br />

sparked panic on the global markets<br />

earlier.<br />

During the week the benchmark<br />

index of Dhaka Stock Exchange<br />

DSEX gained 4 points to 4,636, chipping<br />

way gains of about 70 points<br />

recorded in previous three sessions.<br />

Mosharraf Hossain Bhuyan, Commerce<br />

Secretary Hedayetullah Al<br />

Mamoon, Chairman of National<br />

Board of Revenue Nojibur Rahman,<br />

Planning Commission Member<br />

Khorshed Alam Chowdhury, Myanmar<br />

Ambassador Myo Myint Than,<br />

Singapore Consul Darryl Lau, President<br />

of International Chamber of<br />

Commerce-Bangladesh Mahbubur<br />

Rahman, President of Bangladesh<br />

Employer’s Federation Salauddin<br />

Kasem Khan and President of<br />

Cox’s Bazar Chamber of Chamber<br />

of Commerce and Industries Abu<br />

Murshed Chowdhury. •<br />

The blue-chip index DS30 saw a<br />

fractional gain of 0.4 points to 1,751.<br />

The DS30 index, comprising blue<br />

chips, edged 4 points higher to 1,122.<br />

The Chittagong Stock Exchange<br />

Selective Category Index CSCX rose<br />

28 points or 0.4% to 8,752.<br />

The week’s average daily turnover<br />

stood at Tk590 crore, up more<br />

than 35% over previous week.<br />

The list of top gainers was dominated<br />

by small cap stocks. So, top<br />

losers were from large cap issues.<br />

Top gaining sectors were service &<br />

real estate and tannery while top<br />

losing sectors were NBFI, bank and<br />

cement. •

Call for smooth gas supply to<br />

meet $50bn export target<br />

BGMEA holds a fellowship award-giving ceremony at its complex yesterday. Six journalists from print media, TV, online and<br />

radio were picked up for BGMEA-BUFT Journalism Fellowship 2015<br />

• Tribune Business Desk<br />

RMG manufacturers urged the government<br />

to ensure uninterrupted<br />

gas supply to their factories for<br />

smooth production to meet the $50<br />

billion export target by 2021.<br />

However, they also called for<br />

steps to stop unnecessary harassment<br />

by several service providing<br />

government agencies as it would<br />

hinder investment.<br />

BGMEA president Md Siddiqur<br />

Rahman came up with the call at<br />

an award-giving ceremony titled –<br />

BGMEA-BUFT Journalism Fellowship<br />

2015 – offered for the working<br />

journalists from print, online and<br />

electronic media.<br />

Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed<br />

handed over awards and cheques to<br />

the fellows at the programme held<br />

at Noorul Quader auditorium at BG-<br />

MEA Complex yesterday.<br />

The authorities concerned suddenly<br />

stopped gas supply which<br />

hurts production at the factory<br />

that contributed to losses, Siddiqur<br />

Rahman said.<br />

“We are facing problems in<br />

every step of getting the service. If<br />

this continues how we will be able<br />

to reach $50 billion export target<br />

from the RMG sector by 2021.”<br />

In response to the sector people,<br />

Tofail Ahmed said if the manufacturers<br />

are not supplied gas regularly,<br />

they will not be able to reach the<br />

export target by 2021.<br />

“Primarily, I was irritated with<br />

the Accord and Alliance inspection<br />

initiatives, but it was better<br />

for the country’s RMG sector as the<br />

inspection found less than 2% factory<br />

risky to safety, which has already<br />

been closed while the global<br />

safety risk rate is about 4%.”<br />

Six journalists from print media,<br />

TV, online and radio were awarded<br />

BGMEA-BUFT Journalism Fellowship<br />

2015.<br />

Ibrahim Hossain Ovi of the Dhaka<br />

Tribune has been awarded with<br />

the BGMEA-BUFT Journalism Fellowship<br />

2015 Award in the best national<br />

English daily category.<br />

The other fellows are Nasrin<br />

Huda Bithi, reporter of Voice of<br />

America, Md Mizanur Rahman<br />

Chowdhury, senior staff reporter<br />

of the Daily Jugantor, Reyad Hossain,<br />

staff reporter of the Daily Ittefaq,<br />

Mehedy Hasan Albakar, staff<br />

reporter of ETV and Md Sharful<br />

Alam, reporter of ATN Bangla.<br />

Dhaka University Vice Chancellor<br />

AAMS Arefin Siddique and BUFT<br />

Trustee Board Chairman Mozaffar<br />

Uddin Siddique attended the programme<br />

as special guests while BG-<br />

MEA senior Vice-Presidents Faruque<br />

Hassan, SM Mannan (Kochi), Mohammed<br />

Nasir, Mahmud Hasan<br />

Khan Babu and former presidents<br />

and vice-presidents were present. •<br />

BD-Japan joint venture in petroleum sector introduced<br />

• Tribune Business Desk<br />

A joint venture company between<br />

Bangladesh and Japan was officially<br />

inaugurated yesterday to meet the<br />

increased LPG demand for residential<br />

industrial and automotive sectors.<br />

Omera Gas One Limited, a joint<br />

venture company between Omera<br />

Petroleum Ltd Bangladesh and Saisan<br />

Co. Ltd. Japan, was inaugurated<br />

officially by Energy and Mineral<br />

Resources Division Secretary Nazim<br />

Uddin Chowdhury at a city hotel.<br />

Ambassador to Japan Masato<br />

Watanabe and President & CEO of<br />

Saisan Co Ltd Takehiko Kawamoto<br />

also attended the programme as<br />

special guests and guest of honor<br />

respectively, a press release said.<br />

The new company will provide<br />

a large scale LPG Engineering Solutions<br />

through which it will supply<br />

bulk LPG to the above sectors. It<br />

will also focus on the construction,<br />

operation and management of LPG<br />

Auto Gas stations for the sale of<br />

LPG, the press release added.<br />

“The demand for LPG in household<br />

complexes, industrial and automotive<br />

sectors are soaring. Omera<br />

Gas One will meet the demand<br />

through Engineering, Construction<br />

of LPG reticulated infrastructure and<br />

Auto Gas Stations. We will also Supply<br />

Bulk LPG to these users through<br />

adopting the best of Japanese quality<br />

& safety standards,” said Toshiyuki<br />

Shimbori, CEO of Omera Gas<br />

One Ltd, at the ceremony.<br />

Each Coast Group Chairman<br />

Azam J Chowdhury, and CEO of<br />

Omera Gas One Ltd Toshiyuki Shimbori<br />

and Omera Gas One Ltd Director<br />

Tanjil Chowdhury, amon others<br />

also attended the ceremony. •<br />

Officials of Omera Gas One Limited<br />

and Saisan Co Ltd. Japan pose for a<br />

photograph after the inauguration<br />

of Bangladesh and Japan joint<br />

venture initiative in petroleum<br />

sector at a city hotel yesterday.<br />

Business <strong>13</strong><br />

DT<br />

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER <strong>13</strong>, <strong>2016</strong><br />

14% ADP spent in<br />

four months<br />

• Tribune Business Desk<br />

The government expenditure on<br />

improving the living condition of<br />

people increased in the first four<br />

months of current fiscal year.<br />

From July through October in<br />

Fiscal year <strong>2016</strong>-17, 14% or Tk16,700<br />

crore of the allocation for the Annual<br />

Development Programme (ADP)<br />

was used, according to the data of<br />

Implementation Monitoring and<br />

Evaluation Division (IMED).<br />

This figure was 3% higher than<br />

11% or Tk11,595 crore in the same<br />

period a year ago.<br />

After the Ecnec meeting on<br />

Thursday, Planning Minister AHM<br />

Mustafa Kamal said: “The ADP execution<br />

continued to improve this<br />

fiscal year.”<br />

“So, the trend speaks of full implementation<br />

of the ADP in this<br />

year.”<br />

Of the total spending, Tk10,124<br />

crore was spent from the public fund,<br />

Tk4,861 crore from foreign assistance<br />

and Tk1,788 crore from project related<br />

public agencies’ own coffer.<br />

In the same period of the last fiscal<br />

year, Tk7,461 crore was used from<br />

the public fund and rest from foreign<br />

assistance and project related stateowned<br />

organisations’ fund in the<br />

same period of the last fiscal year.<br />

The government allocated<br />

Tk1,23,345 crore in this fiscal year for<br />

implementing some 1,365 projects. •<br />

IMF team to discuss NPL<br />

in state banks<br />

• Asif Showkat Kallol<br />

The visiting International Monetary<br />

Fund team and the government will<br />

today discuss the reasons behind<br />

the increase of Non-Performing<br />

Loan (NPL) in the country’s stateown<br />

banks, official sources said.<br />

The discussions will be held at a<br />

meeting at Bank and Financial Institutions<br />

Division office in Dhaka.<br />

The IMF team, led by IMF consultation<br />

head Brian Aitken, will<br />

also discuss other issues such as<br />

the government’s recapitalisation<br />

plan, loan recovery, medium-term<br />

reform plan on NPL and overall situation<br />

of the state-owned banks.<br />

Bank Division Secretary Md Eunusur<br />

Rahman, among other high<br />

officials, will attend the meeting.<br />

According to latest NPL data, the<br />

recovery of NPL of the state-owned<br />

banks are “not good.” The default loans<br />

of the country’ banking sector stand at<br />

Tk63,335 crore until the end of June.<br />

Of the default loans of eight<br />

state-owned banks, two specialised<br />

banks have Tk35,893 crore, which is<br />

56.65% of total default loans.<br />

The IMF team will discuss<br />

achievement of the state banks in<br />

reaching some performance targets<br />

as per the contract signed between<br />

Bank Division and state banks’ authorities.<br />

14<br />

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER <strong>13</strong>, <strong>2016</strong><br />

DT<br />

Business<br />

Trump adviser: US should have joined<br />

China-led infrastructure bank<br />

• Reuters<br />

A top adviser of US President-elect<br />

Donald Trump lashed out at the<br />

Obama administration for failing to<br />

embrace the China-led Asian Infrastructure<br />

Investment Bank (AIIB), suggesting<br />

a possible policy shift when<br />

Trump takes office in January.<br />

Hong Kong’s South China Morning<br />

Post said that Trump’s national security<br />

adviser, James Woolsey, called the<br />

Obama’s administration’s opposition to<br />

the formation of the AIIB “a strategic<br />

mistake” in a letter to the newspaper.<br />

Woolsey wrote that he hoped the Trump<br />

response to the “One Road, One Belt” initiative<br />

would be “much warmer”. •<br />

A TV screen showing U.S. President-elect Donald Trump and Hillary<br />

Clinton is pictured at the stock exchange in Frankfurt<br />


German economy<br />

likely grew in Q3<br />

despite Brexit<br />

• Reuters<br />

The German economy likely<br />

expanded moderately in the<br />

third quarter despite the sense<br />

of uncertainty created by Britain’s<br />

vote to leave the European<br />

Union - a sense now added<br />

to by Donald Trump’s victory<br />

in the US presidential election,<br />

the Economy Ministry said on<br />

Friday.<br />

“Overall economic output<br />

is expected to have increased<br />

slightly in the third quarter,”<br />

the ministry said in its monthly<br />

report.<br />

Industrial output steadied<br />

in the three months to September,<br />

the labour market<br />

remains robust and private<br />

consumption continues to<br />

support growth in Europe’s<br />

largest economy, which should<br />

help to cushion against external<br />

shocks, it said.<br />

Brexit and the unexpected<br />

victory of protectionist<br />

Trump have jolted politicians,<br />

business leaders and markets<br />

in Germany and elsewhere<br />

around the world.<br />

The United States is Germany’s<br />

most important export<br />

market, accounting for roughly<br />

10% of its sales abroad. In<br />

2015, German companies sold<br />

goods worth 114bn euros to the<br />

US - mainly vehicles, machines<br />

and chemical products.<br />

Germany’s Ifo institute estimates<br />

that more than 1 million<br />

jobs in Germany are linked<br />

to those exports that could<br />

shrink if Trump acts on his<br />

protectionist words.<br />

“The global economic environment<br />

remains characterised<br />

by uncertainty following<br />

the Brexit decision and the US<br />

election,” the Economy Ministry<br />

said.<br />

“However, no negative impact<br />

is expected in the short<br />

term,” it said.<br />

Recent economic data has<br />

painted a mixed picture of the<br />

German economy.<br />

While factory orders<br />

dropped unexpectedly and industrial<br />

output fell more than<br />

forecast in September, sentiment<br />

surveys have shown a<br />

more rosy outlook.<br />

Suggesting initial concerns<br />

about the impact of the Brexit<br />

vote may have been overdone,<br />

morale among company executives<br />

hit its highest level in<br />

2-1/2 years in October, according<br />

to the latest Ifo business<br />

climate index. Last week’s<br />

purchasing managers survey<br />

showed the private sector expanded<br />

at its second-fastest<br />

monthly rate this year in October.<br />

Germany’s economy grew<br />

0.7% in the first quarter and<br />

0.4% in the second, helped by<br />

higher household spending<br />

and increased state expenditure<br />

on migrants and infrastructure.<br />

For the third quarter, economists<br />

expect a quarterly<br />

growth rate of 0.3%. The Federal<br />

Statistics Office will publish<br />

its preliminary Q3 GDP<br />

data next Tuesday.<br />

Germany’s economic upturn<br />

is also pushing up inflation.<br />

In October, consumer<br />

prices harmonised to compare<br />

with other European countries<br />

rose by 0.7% on the year, the<br />

highest annual inflation rate<br />

in two years, the Federal Statistics<br />

Office confirmed on Friday.<br />

Business 15<br />

DT<br />

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER <strong>13</strong>, <strong>2016</strong><br />


Meghna Bank has recently held a training programme on international<br />

trade finance, policies and guidelines for trade operation, said a press<br />

release. The bank’s MD and CEO, Mohammed Nurul Amin inaugurated<br />

the programme as chief guest<br />

Prime Bank Foundation has recently distributed stipends among<br />

financially challenged but meritorious students, said a press release.<br />

The bank’s chairperson, Azam J Chowdhury was present on the occasion<br />

NCC Bank Ltd has recently signed a term sheet with IDLC Finance Ltd for<br />

issuance of a coupon-bearing subordinated bond worth Tk 400 cr, said<br />

a press release. The bank’s MD and CEO, Golam Hafiz Ahmed and Arif<br />

Khan, MD and CEO of IDLC have signed the term sheet<br />

National Bank Limited has recently held its business review meeting<br />

for the year <strong>2016</strong>, said a press release. The bank’s AMD, Choudhury<br />

Mostaque Ahmed presided over the meeting

16<br />

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER <strong>13</strong>, <strong>2016</strong><br />

DT<br />

Career<br />

Go offline<br />

Cut out online distractions for higher<br />

productivity<br />

• Hammad Ali<br />

Imagine meeting a friend for<br />

coffee, maybe some fifteen<br />

years ago. Imagine you have<br />

both taken time out of your<br />

schedule, taken the trouble to<br />

commute to a meeting place of<br />

mutual convenience, ordered<br />

your favourite drinks and found a<br />

nice cosy spot. Both of you then<br />

proceed to ignore each other and<br />

start calling random people to ask<br />

how their day was.<br />

Social distractions<br />

Of course, no one would do such<br />

a thing. The notion is just plain<br />

absurd. But then how different is it<br />

when you and your friend sit down<br />

with coffee and then proceed<br />

to check your social network of<br />

choice? Not very, if you come<br />

down to the bare bones.<br />

Now, this is not yet another<br />

anti-social network rant. As<br />

many people will immediately<br />

point out in the face of criticism,<br />

social networks are a tool, and<br />

it is all about how you use it.<br />

While that notion feels correct, it<br />

might be instructive to draw an<br />

analogy with the other tools in<br />

our lives. How often do we feel<br />

the compulsive need to use a tool,<br />

whether or not the situation merits<br />

it? How often do we wake up first<br />

thing in the morning and feel the<br />

urge to iron our clothes, or balance<br />

our chequebook?<br />

If social media is just a tool, it<br />

is a highly addictive one that eats<br />

up huge chunks of our day unless<br />

we take care to not let it. If you<br />

find this claim hard to believe, go<br />

ahead and log the amount of time<br />

you spend on social media in a<br />

day. Alternatively, stay away from<br />

Facebook for a day. When you see<br />

just the number of notifications<br />

the next day, you will now have<br />

a much better idea of how much<br />

time and mental focus goes into<br />

responding to these notifications<br />

in real time.<br />

Something evil this way<br />

comes<br />

The solution to this is not the<br />

oft-heard urge to quit Facebook or<br />

demonising it. The real answer is<br />

to treat our time like the precious<br />

asset it is. As someone once said,<br />

we can always make more money,<br />

but we can never gain back the<br />

time we lost.<br />

Probably the area most effected<br />

by the omnipresent nature of<br />

smart-phones, tablets and push<br />

notifications, is our quality<br />

of work. Imagine reading an<br />

important paper, or writing an<br />

in-depth article, or creating the<br />

design for a new building, while<br />

being constantly bombarded by<br />

messages from friends, family, and<br />

extended family.<br />

What is even more concerning<br />

is again the compulsive need to<br />

stay “updated”. None of us would<br />

think of reading the newspaper,<br />

watching TV, or gossiping with a<br />

friend while also trying to do some<br />

mentally intense work. Yet nearly<br />

all of us are entirely happy to have<br />

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram open<br />

on a tab while rushing to meet an<br />

imminent deadline. While it may<br />

seem like one quick look won’t<br />

hurt, these websites are designed<br />

to turn seconds into minutes and<br />

hours. They aim to make you stay,<br />

and more often than not they are<br />

succeeding.<br />

Do not disturb?<br />

With all that in mind, here is<br />

the first and biggest tip towards<br />

surviving and thriving in this age –<br />

go offline. At least when you need<br />

to get some work done, disable<br />

notifications, close all your social<br />

media tabs, and get down to work.<br />

It will not be easy, of course. You<br />

might want to start with small<br />

time chunks, maybe as little as<br />

thirty minutes, and gradually<br />

increase duration. Do not beat<br />

yourself up if you fail, just reduce<br />

the time commitment and try<br />

again.<br />

Half an hour may feel like<br />

nothing, but it might still be<br />

enough of a challenge depending<br />

on where you are on the “being<br />

able to deeply focus” vs “need<br />

to check Facebook constantly”<br />

spectrum. When that starts feeling<br />

easy, increase by another ten to<br />

fifteen minutes. Be patient with<br />

yourself. You are not “just built<br />

this way”. You can train yourself to<br />

enjoy deep focus and productivity.<br />

You can train yourself to overcome<br />

the compulsion of checking your<br />

phone. It will not be easy, but it is<br />

worth it.<br />

Focus!<br />

It does not seem too much of a<br />

stretch to claim that sports and<br />

the training regime of athletes<br />

represents one of the finest<br />

examples of how humans can<br />

push their limits and do amazing<br />

things. So let us draw a sports<br />

analogy here.<br />

When he was around 11 years<br />

of old, Sachin Tendulkar was<br />

admitted to the cricket school<br />

run by Ramakant Achrekar. For<br />

the next several years, Tendulkar<br />

was playing nearly 6 to 8 hours of<br />

cricket every day. As he mentions<br />

in his autobiography, his day used<br />

to end with one extra batting<br />

session where he could lose his<br />

wicket even if he was caught<br />

beyond the boundary lines. This<br />

forced him to control all his shots<br />

across the ground. Sounds easy<br />

until we recall that this was after<br />

he had played nearly six practice<br />

matches and was mentally and<br />

physically exhausted. In fact the<br />

entire point behind Achrekar sir<br />

doing this was to train Sachin<br />

to bat on in the face of physical<br />

pain and distractions, as he so<br />

often had to in his career. A<br />

hundred centuries and worldwide<br />

recognition as a sporting legend is<br />

probably enough evidence that his<br />

methods worked.<br />

How is Sachin Tendulkar’s<br />

cricket training relevant in this<br />

context? Consider this: If this were<br />

in <strong>2016</strong>, would Sachin Tendulkar<br />

check his phone between overs?<br />

Would he feel the urge to check<br />

the latest tweet from his favourite<br />

athlete right before facing<br />

the toughest bowler from the<br />

opposition?<br />

It is easy to dismiss the<br />

questions above as speculative,<br />

but we probably know the answers<br />

anyway. High quality work, work<br />

that stretches one to the limit and<br />

genuinely makes a difference,<br />

cannot be done with divided<br />

attention. Unless we are mindful<br />

of every hour, the hours go by and<br />

soon we have lost days, weeks,<br />

maybe even months.<br />

Less is more<br />

In this era where everyone is<br />

all about being more and doing<br />

more, many feel the real answer<br />

is counter-intuitive. Do less. Do<br />

fewer things at a time. Go offline.<br />

Stop checking your phone.<br />

Give your work your undivided<br />

attention, for as much time as you<br />

can manage at a stretch. Take a<br />

break, walk around a little, drink<br />

some water and try again. No<br />

masterpiece was written by an<br />

author who kept checking his mail.<br />

No scientific breakthrough was<br />

made by someone who just has<br />

to read the news every hour. Go<br />

offline and get things done! •<br />

The writer is an academic and<br />

freelance coloumnist

Feature<br />

17<br />

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER <strong>13</strong>, <strong>2016</strong><br />

DT<br />

Make your travels perfect with Ghuri<br />

This startup takes care of all your planning<br />

• Nahid Farzana<br />

A few years back Hazzaz Imtiaz<br />

and his wife went to Darjeeling.<br />

As it was right next door, they<br />

did not think of planning ahead.<br />

The hassles they experienced<br />

made them regret it. It is then that<br />

Hazzaz realised the need for a trip<br />

planner and decided to start his<br />

own startup. Soon he came up<br />

with Ghuri which is now taking<br />

part in GP Accelerator and selected<br />

as one of the top 5 teams.<br />

Ghuri is a marketplace for<br />

travelers who want to travel<br />

within or out of Bangladesh. It<br />

helps customers to make a perfect<br />

travel plan, based on the available<br />

deals on hotel rooms, air tickets,<br />

tour packages, transports, and<br />

attractions. The founding team is<br />

based in Europe which gives them<br />

the advantage to offer organised<br />

European tours and market local<br />

tours to a large, prosperous NRB<br />

audience. At the moment there<br />

is no one else in Bangladesh who<br />

is doing similar things as Ghuri.<br />

There are a few aggregators but<br />

they are mostly doing a subset of<br />

what Ghuri is doing.<br />

The original idea was to let<br />

travelers describe in a natural<br />

language his requirements or<br />

the experiences he is seeking,<br />

and a chatbot in the site or in the<br />

app will be able to bring the best<br />

possible packages for him. But as<br />

a startup, they currently want to<br />

create a customer base and thus<br />

focusing more on the sales and<br />

marketing while they develop<br />

the technology platform. They<br />

are signing up travel agent/tour<br />

operators/resorts or hotels in the<br />

system and customising packages<br />

based on requirements. Once they<br />

have a customer base, they will<br />

soon get the chatbot ready.<br />

The startup is currently focused<br />

on improving their app and site<br />

which will give them the best<br />

chance to reach the audience.<br />

Through the app and site, they are<br />

allowing the customers an easier<br />

visa processing experience.<br />

Besides local and foreign<br />

trip management, Ghuri is now<br />

offering exciting packages for 1<br />

or 2 day trips around Dhaka. The<br />

startup will handle these events<br />

personally allowing customers<br />

maximum customisation.<br />

Ghuri gets several hundred<br />

unique visitors to the site daily<br />

with 26% repeat visitors. They<br />

are signing up 2 or more partner<br />

businesses every day and there<br />

are more than 50 foreign travel<br />

packages at the moment along<br />

with several local travel events.<br />

Currently, they are reaching their<br />

customers through social media,<br />

paid and organic SEO, advertising<br />

to other portals, ad words, email<br />

campaigns etc.<br />

The team got into the GP<br />

Accelerator program with an<br />

objective to get funding and<br />

mentorship. While asked about<br />

the experience from the program,<br />

Hazzaz said, “We have gained<br />

a lot from the program. We<br />

learned a lot about team building,<br />

management, marketing and sales.<br />

What works in Bangladesh is often<br />

unique from other countries in the<br />

world. This is a learning process as<br />

we are transforming ourselves to<br />

become a world-class company.”<br />

As a travel tech company,<br />

they are facing constraints<br />

in Bangladesh to reach the<br />

customers. Syed Raju Hossain,<br />

who is in charge of business<br />

development of Ghuri said,<br />

“Technical innovation often<br />

doesn’t draw the customers in<br />

Bangladesh. A lot of marketing has<br />

to be done to get the attraction of<br />

the customers which is quite hard<br />

for a startup as<br />

its requires to<br />

burn through<br />

cash rather<br />

quickly.<br />

We are glad<br />

to take part<br />

in the GP<br />

Accelerator<br />

program. It is not only<br />

helping us with the funding<br />

and mentorship but also with the<br />

networking which is amazing.”<br />

Asking about the plan for future<br />

they said, “In<br />

6 months’<br />

time,Ghuri<br />

hopes<br />

to have a<br />

significant<br />

share in travel &<br />

tourism industry<br />

in Bangladesh. We<br />

will have a couple of<br />

products which can<br />

be marketed and sold<br />

around the world.” •<br />

Article reprinted under special<br />

arrangement with SDAsia.com

18<br />

SUNDAY,NOVEMBER <strong>13</strong>, <strong>2016</strong><br />

DT<br />

Feature<br />

| book review |<br />

In love and war<br />

• Sabrina Fatma Ahmad<br />

It is 1937 in Florence, Italy. The<br />

world, barely recovered from<br />

the last great war, is bracing for<br />

another. 20 year old Esmond<br />

Lowndes has been plucked out<br />

of his Cambridge college and<br />

packed off to Italy in disgrace<br />

after being caught in bed with<br />

another man. His father, a senior<br />

Florence, making friends, in<br />

love with love, and with the<br />

arts and cultures of the city, the<br />

intellectually inclined (if not<br />

entirely original) Esmond, who<br />

has obediently observed his<br />

father’s politics, but not perhaps<br />

his convictions, finds his own<br />

beliefs tested. While life for the<br />

expats up to that time is still<br />

sheltered and privileged, clashes<br />

with the Blackshirts (members of<br />

the fascist “voluntary police”),<br />

with flashes of brutality, coupled<br />

with rising tensions, make the<br />

younger Lowndes begin to<br />

question his loyaties.<br />

Alex Preston’s third novel is a<br />

character study, set against the<br />

backdrop of war, which follows<br />

Esmond’s journey from a young<br />

dreamer into a seasoned resistant<br />

fighter. The author employs<br />

several different devices to tell<br />

the story: a third person narrator<br />

that sticks close to Esmond’s<br />

member of the British Union of<br />

Fascists, has found him a job<br />

establishing a fascist radio station<br />

in Italy intended to repair Anglo-<br />

Italian relations by broadcasting<br />

fascist propaganda alongside<br />

culturally improving discussions<br />

to the English community. If the<br />

idea is to keep Esmond’s mind<br />

off “questionable behaviour”, it<br />

doesn’t work. It takes almost no<br />

time for Esmond to tumble into<br />

bed with his maid’s daughter and<br />

her sometime boyfriend, Gerald.<br />

As he traipses through<br />

point of view, a collection of<br />

letters, telegrams and cards from<br />

friends and family, to move the<br />

story along and bring the war<br />

into the picture, and a collection<br />

of recordings made by Esmond<br />

himself, which act as a sort of<br />

audio diary. Preston also uses the<br />

novel-within-a-novel framework,<br />

where Esmond himself is writing<br />

a novel called In Love and War,<br />

which is rejected by Faber and<br />

Faber (Preston’s publishers).<br />

While whether these many<br />

devices work to the novel’s credit,<br />

or detract from it is debatable,<br />

what we do get is a moving<br />

portrait of lost innocence, and a<br />

flawed, but ultimately likeable<br />

protagonist. The horrors of<br />

the war, while viewed from a<br />

distance, through the lens of the<br />

character’s experiences, strike<br />

home on an emotional level.<br />

While Esmond Lowndes may<br />

not have had much luck with his<br />

novel, Alex Preston’s In Love and<br />

War is definitely worth a read.•<br />

Alex Preston is an award-winning novelist and journalist who<br />

appears regularly on BBC television and radio. He writes for GQ,<br />

Harper’s Bazaar and Town & Country Magazine as well as for<br />

the Observer’s New Review. He teaches Creative Writing at the<br />

University of Kent. His next book, about birds in literature, will<br />

be published by Little, Brown in May 2017. Visit the Dhaka Lit Fest<br />

between <strong>November</strong> 17-19 for a chance to meet the man in action.

Biz Info<br />

19<br />

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER <strong>13</strong>, <strong>2016</strong><br />

DT<br />

| recognition |<br />

Best researcher, best teacher, best staff awards given at BRAC University<br />

Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, KCMG, Chairperson of Board of Trustees of BRAC University and, Founder and Chairperson of BRAC, and<br />

Vice Chancellor of BRAC University Professor Syed Andaleeb Andaleeb, Ph.D. with the three recipients of “BRAC University<br />

Faculty and Staff Awards” – Assistant Professor Dr Hasibun Naher of the Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences,<br />

Librarian Hasina Afroz, Senior Lecturer Zara Sheikh of the Department of Pharmacy at BRAC Centre Inn, Gulshan, Dhaka today<br />

The “BRAC University Faculty<br />

and Staff Awards” was held at<br />

BRAC Centre, Gulshan, Dhaka on<br />

<strong>November</strong> 10, <strong>2016</strong>. The recipients<br />

of the 2015 awards in three<br />

different catagories are Assistant<br />

Professor Dr Hasibun Naher of the<br />

Department of Mathematics and<br />

Natural Sciences (best researcher),<br />

Senior Lecturer Zara Sheikh of the<br />

Department of Pharmacy (best<br />

teacher) and Librarian Hasina<br />

Afroz (best staff).<br />

Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, KCMG,<br />

Chairperson of Board of Trustees<br />

of BRAC University and, Founder<br />

and Chairperson of BRAC, was<br />

present as the chief guest. Vice<br />

Chancellor of BRAC University<br />

Professor Syed Saad Andaleeb,<br />

Ph.D. and other key personnel<br />

from the Board of Trustees,<br />

Syndicate and Academic Council<br />

were present.<br />

Sir Abed praised the BRAC<br />

University initiative for the<br />

professional development of<br />

teachers, its liberal education<br />

program which builds additional<br />

abilities like analytical ability,<br />

critical thinking, communications<br />

skill, digital awareness, broader<br />

understanding of society and<br />

abilities to operate in society.<br />

He praised BRAC University<br />

for revitalising in all areas<br />

of education, research and<br />

extracurricular activities to<br />

produce best quality graduates.<br />

He stated that the hallmark of an<br />

educated person is that he can<br />

write and speak well and praised<br />

the writing center of the university,<br />

which is working to develop these<br />

qualities among the students.<br />

Sir Abed also pointed out<br />

that the new campus of BRAC<br />

University in Badda, Dhaka<br />

scheduled to open in early 2019<br />

would be second only to Sangsad<br />

Bhaban (Bangladesh National<br />

Parliament) in terms of area and<br />

would contain unique facilities.<br />

Professor Andaleeb said BRAC<br />

University comprises high quality<br />

teachers, researches and nonacademic<br />

staff who are competing<br />

to become the best and the award<br />

program was a reflection of that.<br />

Pointing out that the power of<br />

“WE” is “wisdom” and “energy”,<br />

he urged all to inspire excellence,<br />

as the BRAC University tagline says,<br />

so that every faculty members and<br />

staff can be all that they can be.<br />

Professor Andaleeb believes that<br />

great institutions require elements<br />

such as first-class teachers, an<br />

experienced administration,<br />

superior students, innovative<br />

programs and sufficient resources,<br />

a vibrant curriculum, paedological<br />

sophistication, top-notch research<br />

and service to society.<br />

Professor Andaleeb also pointed<br />

out 5 points which Sir Abed asks<br />

all to remember for effect and<br />

impact. These include the fact that<br />

national development requires<br />

strong educational institutions and<br />

that universities should produce<br />

relevant talents and leadership<br />

so that society can have people<br />

who are ethical, entrepreneurial,<br />

empathetic and effective, he<br />

said. He said universities can<br />

have a measureable impact<br />

working with the civil society<br />

and the government for concrete<br />

achievements in health, wealth and<br />

well being.•<br />

| achievement | | offers |<br />

Styline joins Malaysian Accelerator<br />

MaGIC<br />

Styline Collection - the largest<br />

online modest lifestyle platform<br />

in Bangladesh - has become<br />

the first Bangladeshi start-up<br />

to be a part of the Malaysian<br />

Global Innovation and Creativity<br />

(MaGIC) Programme Accelerator<br />

MaGIC Accelerator is a<br />

Malaysian government initiative<br />

promoting entrepreneurship<br />

throughout South-East Asia and<br />

was officially opened in April<br />

2014, by the Malaysian Prime<br />

Minister Najib Tun Razak, and<br />

US President Barack Obama.<br />

All successful applicants<br />

to MaGIC receive<br />

mentoring from prominent<br />

professionals, a monthly<br />

stipend, accommodation,<br />

work space and other<br />

benefits worth a total of<br />

$400,000. The programme<br />

aims to accelerate startups<br />

to be investment ready in<br />

four months and does not<br />

require any equity from the<br />

participants.<br />

When he started out,<br />

Khobaib Chowdhury, CEO &<br />

Founder of Styline noticed<br />

that the hijabi fashion<br />

population in Bangladesh did<br />

not have a convenient onestop<br />

store-front where they<br />

can navigate and purchase<br />

hijab related products. Even<br />

though there are several brand<br />

outlets and Facebook stores,<br />

people still face challenges in<br />

terms of pricing, quality and<br />

exclusiveness.<br />

Styline Collection became<br />

the solution in April 2015 with<br />

being the first e-commerce with<br />

a Muslim fashion niche and<br />

since then it has seen a strong<br />

month-over-month growth and<br />

increasing numbers of both new<br />

and returning customers.<br />

Because of the above, Styline<br />

was selected together with 49<br />

other startups to be a part of<br />

MaGIC’s 3rd cohort that started<br />

August 23rd and will end mid<br />

December later this year.<br />

“I’ve developed myself as a<br />

leader and entrepreneur a lot<br />

since joining MaGIC. MaGIC<br />

is really focusing on building<br />

successful entrepreneurs,<br />

networking with relevant<br />

stakeholders and providing<br />

mentors that gives insightful<br />

advice. The mentors are people<br />

that have already faced similar<br />

challenges that I am facing right<br />

now, and they also know how<br />

to tackle the situation. Thanks<br />

to the advices received so far,<br />

Styline became one of the top<br />

10 finalists in Seedstar KL <strong>2016</strong><br />

which is a great achievement so<br />

far.” said Khobaib<br />

Khobaib Chowdhury, CEO &<br />

Founder of Styline Collection at<br />

MaGIC Accelerator Program •<br />

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and many more by contacting our<br />

MICE expert team.<br />

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DT<br />

20<br />

Editorial<br />

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER <strong>13</strong>, <strong>2016</strong><br />

TODAY<br />

Secularism is<br />

just a facade<br />

I won’t talk about why and how the<br />

minorities feel marginalised in this<br />

country: The fire in Brahmanbaria<br />

hasn’t died yet<br />

PAGE 21<br />

Economic growth<br />

and the removal of<br />

poverty<br />

In Bangladesh, those earning less than<br />

Tk1,300 per month are considered to be<br />

extreme poor<br />

PAGE 22<br />


Stay on track<br />

Never change,<br />

Donald<br />

A successful business builds a good<br />

reputation by over-delivering on<br />

promises to customers. By contrast,<br />

most politicians earn their reputation by<br />

not delivering on their promises<br />

PAGE 23<br />

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official view of Dhaka Tribune<br />

or its publisher.<br />

High speed rail connections are the future of Bangladesh.<br />

We need better trains, and more comprehensive railway<br />

lines. This would not only facilitate communication and<br />

trade with other regions, but also encourage decentralisation<br />

and the development of alternative places.<br />

It is good to see two new passenger trains being inaugurated for the<br />

Dhaka-Kolkata route.<br />

There is no doubt that better connectivity with India is crucial to<br />

Bangladesh’s growth, and more of these comfortable, convenient<br />

trains would be a welcome initiative to alleviate many of the travel<br />

woes we face today.<br />

Better and faster trains for travel within Bangladesh would revitalise<br />

the economy. Easier movement between Dhaka and Chittagong in a<br />

way that is environmentally and economically sustainable would do<br />

wonders for both cities.<br />

Trains from Dhaka to other major urban areas would relieve a bit of<br />

the enormous pressure that the capital city is currently under.<br />

It is of utmost importance to improve rail travel in order to enable<br />

business and investment to spread around the country.<br />

Encouraging more people to take the train would also reduce the<br />

untenable traffic congestion on our highways, cutting down travel<br />

time, reducing emissions, and improving the overall standard of living.<br />

Domestic and international tourism would also get a much-needed<br />

boost.<br />

There is much to be learnt from the European Union, where<br />

economic growth and a high quality of life have been achieved largely<br />

through affordable, safe, and efficient rail travel.<br />

Bangladesh would do well to aspire to such possibilities, and invest<br />

wisely.<br />

It is of utmost importance<br />

to improve rail travel in<br />

order to enable business<br />

and investment to spread<br />

around the country

Opinion 21<br />

Secularism is just a facade<br />

A revaluation of our institutions is in order<br />

DT<br />

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER <strong>13</strong>, <strong>2016</strong><br />

• Fardin Hasin<br />

Let’s give it to the urban<br />

elite: We have yet<br />

again survived another<br />

crisis without having<br />

to resort to a much needed<br />

debate on democratic norms and<br />

institutions.<br />

Some houses and temples have<br />

again been burned. People have<br />

again been victimised. It’s not a<br />

very surprising routine, really;<br />

these things happen once in a<br />

while in our country.<br />

I could blame it all on the usual<br />

suspects, but I won’t. I could<br />

play the pity card and pretend<br />

that I know the suffering of the<br />

Bangladeshi minorities inside and<br />

out, but I won’t do that either.<br />

For one, I have never been a<br />

minority. I have never been treated<br />

as such.<br />

So frankly, I don’t understand<br />

the “calling yourself a malaun”<br />

trend among some urban secular<br />

Bengali Muslims (yeah, the labels<br />

are intentional).<br />

We’ve enjoyed the perks of<br />

being an ethnic and religious<br />

majority for so long, and now<br />

when one political leader uses the<br />

Bengali nationalism as had been<br />

formulated in the 60s and 70s is<br />

at odds with its self-professed<br />

secular outlook.<br />

This is because our ethnic<br />

identity is very intricately tied<br />

to our religious one, and so, our<br />

vision of secular nationalism is<br />

an assimilative process where<br />

for Hindu, Buddhist, or Christian<br />

lives to have value, they have to<br />

be assimilated into the Bengali<br />

Muslim identity.<br />

This is visible in the slogan<br />

“Banglar Hindu, Banglar Bouddho,<br />

Banglar Christian, Banglar<br />

Musolman, amra shobai Bangalee.”<br />

With all its graces, this slogan<br />

inevitably implies that Hindu,<br />

Buddhist, and Christian lives<br />

are worth something because<br />

they are equal to Muslim lives.<br />

That for everyone’s lives to carry<br />

value, they had to be forged into a<br />

national identity.<br />

All cultural differences that are<br />

present due to spiritual differences<br />

will have to be put aside, or at<br />

least, downplayed.<br />

The hypocrisy behind this<br />

slogan is that, despite its calls for<br />

a national identity, it lets us know<br />

that we belong to certain groups.<br />

I won’t talk about why and how the minorities<br />

feel marginalised in this country: The fire in<br />

Brahmanbaria hasn’t died yet<br />

When will we learn?<br />


M word, all of a sudden we try to<br />

own it?<br />

But as Bengali Muslims, we<br />

can’t own it. Our houses and<br />

temples weren’t burned.<br />

We really can’t equate<br />

ourselves with the minorities<br />

here, when the treatment is so<br />

unabashedly unequal. The duty<br />

for all Bangladeshis now is to<br />

acknowledge these crises.<br />

Instead, this sudden embrace of<br />

a label that’s not even imposed on<br />

us is a terrible patronisation.<br />

It’s a sad attempt at diverting<br />

guilt by pretending to be helpless.<br />

This solution lies, as I’ve<br />

said before, in a much needed<br />

debate on democratic norms and<br />

institutions.<br />

How is this debate related to<br />

solving communalism?<br />

The answer to that is complex,<br />

one which I haven’t figured out<br />

completely.<br />

What I have realised is that<br />

the assimilative nature of<br />

In fact, it never lets us forget it.<br />

And whenever a crisis arises, we<br />

see for ourselves that, despite our<br />

glorified national identity, the<br />

different sects of the population<br />

get treated differently based on<br />

their ethnic and religious identity.<br />

This fuels a vicious brand<br />

of ethno-centrism among all<br />

segments of the population. From<br />

there, communalism is only a<br />

short distance away; though only<br />

the majority has the resources to<br />

walk that path.<br />

As for Bangladeshi secularism,<br />

my feelings towards it are similar<br />

to that of Ashis Nandy on Indian<br />

secularism.<br />

And on the question of national<br />

ideology, I somewhat agree<br />

with Pervez Hoodbhoy; it’s not<br />

mandatory for a nation-state to<br />

have one.<br />

There are countries out there<br />

that don’t promote a national<br />

identity and are getting along just<br />

fine.<br />

Why should Bangladesh<br />

make the same mistake India<br />

and Pakistan ended up making,<br />

by trying to amalgamate all its<br />

citizens into a monolithic image?<br />

In ardent contrast to the onenation<br />

and two-nation theory,<br />

Bangladesh could have promoted<br />

a much healthier alternative of<br />

multi-culturalism.<br />

It still can.<br />

But before that, we have to<br />

examine why a considerable<br />

portion of the majority in this<br />

country feels marginalised.<br />

In recent times, there have<br />

been a few reports of authority<br />

targeting people who appear to<br />

be conservative Muslims. I care<br />

for my own life enough to speak<br />

only about a hypothetical scenario<br />

where a few law enforcement<br />

officials “may” have been running<br />

extortion racketeers by arresting<br />

innocent people and threatening<br />

to frame them. While it’s not near<br />

the scale of how minorities get<br />

targeted, it’s still notable.<br />

This is, however, a limited<br />

answer.<br />

The greater picture is that, to<br />

a considerable portion of Bengali<br />

Muslims, the assimilative nature<br />

of Bengali nationalism expresses<br />

itself in a different way: They<br />

end up feeling that their religious<br />

identity has to be discarded,<br />

or at least downplayed, for<br />

the sake of a national identity,<br />

and consequently, they feel<br />

marginalised.<br />

Those in the political right are<br />

quick to make advantage of this,<br />

and the left-leaning intelligentsia<br />

often makes it worse by labelling<br />

each and every conservative as a<br />

Razakar/jongi (face it, how many of<br />

our TV and movie villains happen<br />

to wear a tupi and sport a beard?).<br />

While I can’t in good faith deny<br />

the existence of a self-righteous<br />

puritanical religious right in this<br />

country, this sort of demeaning<br />

characterisation makes it easier for<br />

that right to prove that secularism<br />

is merely a façade for antireligious<br />

agenda.<br />

I won’t talk about why and how<br />

the minorities feel marginalised<br />

in this country: The fire in<br />

Brahmanbaria hasn’t died yet. The<br />

one in Ramu is only four years old.<br />

And I won’t cry either, or say that<br />

my sympathies go out for those<br />

people.<br />

Neither of these things happens<br />

to be affirmative action. If the<br />

Bangladeshi political culture<br />

continues on its un-democratic<br />

path, nobody will really be safe in<br />

this country, though some will be<br />

at a lesser risk than others.<br />

It is only democratic<br />

institutions that can subdue<br />

communalism. A revaluation<br />

of the principles underlying<br />

our constitution and the entire<br />

political process has become<br />

almost mandatory. •<br />

Fardin Hasin is a freelance contributor.

22<br />

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER <strong>13</strong>, <strong>2016</strong><br />

DT<br />

Opinion<br />

Economic growth and the removal of poverty<br />

It needs to be understood that poverty is a multi-faceted concept<br />

P O S T<br />


• Muhammad Zamir<br />

Recent revelations<br />

related to our surge in<br />

economic growth have<br />

underlined its interactive<br />

engagement with poverty<br />

reduction. We have emerged out<br />

of the darkness that prevailed<br />

post-1972, when nearly 80% of our<br />

population lived below the poverty<br />

line. We can stand today with our<br />

heads held high, having made<br />

significant progress in all areas<br />

-- social, economic, education,<br />

health, and culture, as reflected in<br />

The lack of food and shelter are indicators of absolute poverty<br />


In Bangladesh, those<br />

earning less than<br />

Tk1,300 per month<br />

are considered to be<br />

extreme poor<br />

the fulfillment of our MDG goals.<br />

On October 25, the Bangladesh<br />

Bureau of Statistics (BBS)<br />

announced that our GDP in fiscal<br />

2015-16, had grown by 7.11%. This<br />

was a significant step forward<br />

when compared with FY-14 when<br />

it was 6.06% and in FY-15 when it<br />

was 6.55%. It may be recalled that<br />

the last time GDP growth crossed<br />

the 7% mark was in fiscal 2006-07<br />

when 7.06% growth was logged in.<br />

Economists at that time however<br />

had credited the growth figure to<br />

the change in base year.<br />

It has also been disclosed that<br />

our per capita income at the end<br />

of this financial year 2015-16 stood<br />

at $1,465 -- which was $1 less than<br />

the provisional data. This lower<br />

figure has been attributed to the<br />

difference in exchange rate. In<br />

fiscal 2014-15, Bangladesh’s per<br />

capita income was $1,316.<br />

The Bureau also revealed<br />

several other interesting statistics<br />

about last fiscal based on constant<br />

prices. The agricultural sector has<br />

registered 2.79% growth last fiscal,<br />

the industrial sector growth was<br />

11.09%, the growth in the services<br />

sector was 6.25%, the growth in<br />

the fisheries sector was 6.11%, the<br />

growth in the mining and quarry<br />

sector was 12.84%; and in the<br />

electricity, gas, and water supply it<br />

was <strong>13</strong>.33%.<br />

A financial analyst has pointed<br />

out that this increase has been<br />

possible because of certain factors:<br />

(a) Increase in growth in wages<br />

in the service sector, especially in<br />

public administration, education,<br />

and health.<br />

(b) Growth in large scale<br />

manufacturing, construction,<br />

and transport. It may be recalled<br />

that industrial activity had earlier<br />

suffered due to supply disruptions<br />

which weakened consumer<br />

confidence in 2014-15.<br />

The BBS disclosures also<br />

indicated another significant<br />

aspect. During 2015-16, overall<br />

imports for the industrial sector<br />

grew about 6.5% in dollar terms,<br />

mainly due to import of capital<br />

machinery required for Power<br />

plants, the construction of the<br />

Padma Bridge, flyovers, and<br />

expansion of industrial units,<br />

especially in the garment and<br />

textile sector.<br />

Economists have also opined<br />

that relative political stability and<br />

a decline in the prices of different<br />

types of capital machinery in<br />

international markets appear to<br />

have encouraged entrepreneurs<br />

to involve themselves in new<br />

ventures and in expanding<br />

the paradigm of their existing<br />

businesses.<br />

A World Bank report has also<br />

pointed out that in fiscal 2015-16,<br />

real estate, renting, and associated<br />

business activities have played<br />

instrumental roles in this context.<br />

Property price corrections and<br />

lower interest rates on home loans<br />

have contributed positively in this<br />

exercise.<br />

Bangladesh today, despite<br />

isolated scepticism from some<br />

economists, on the basis of<br />

purchasing power parity (PPP) and<br />

these statistics, now stands at the<br />

33rd position among the world<br />

economies.<br />

There were also two other<br />

revealing reports that were<br />

disclosed in the third week of<br />

October. The first related to the<br />

Global Hunger Index (GHI) which<br />

stated that despite improvement<br />

in other human development<br />

indicators, the International Food<br />

Policy Research Institute (IFPRI),<br />

in its latest report had ranked<br />

Bangladesh 90th among 118<br />

countries.<br />

In 2008, Bangladesh’s score<br />

was 32.4 but now it had marginally<br />

improved to 27.1. According to<br />

this Report Bangladesh is ranked<br />

behind Nepal (72), Myanmar<br />

(75), and Sri Lanka (84). We are<br />

however ahead of India (97),<br />

Pakistan (107), and Afghanistan<br />

(111).<br />

It may be pointed out here<br />

that the GHI score is based on<br />

measures of undernourishment,<br />

the prevalence of stunting among<br />

children and the prevailing child<br />

mortality rate. It is clear that we<br />

have started to ascend the ladder<br />

but our efforts need to be not<br />

only more coordinated but more<br />

inter-active at the grass roots level,<br />

particularly within our Rangpur<br />

Division.<br />

The other report issued by the<br />

General Economic Division (GED)<br />

in Dhaka on October 16 mentioned<br />

that despite some improvement,<br />

37.6 million people, almost<br />

23.5% of the total population still<br />

live under the poverty line in<br />

Bangladesh. Out of them, nearly<br />

19.4 million are extremely poor.<br />

This meant that that the rate of<br />

poverty has reduced by 1.3% in the<br />

last year.<br />

It needs to be understood that<br />

poverty is a multi-faceted concept,<br />

which includes social, economic,<br />

and political elements. Poverty<br />

may also be defined as either<br />

absolute or relative.<br />

While absolute poverty or<br />

destitution refers to the lack of<br />

means necessary to meet basic<br />

needs such as food, clothing, and<br />

shelter -- relative poverty takes<br />

into consideration individual<br />

social and economic status<br />

compared to the rest of society.<br />

In Bangladesh, those earning<br />

less than Tk1,300 per month are<br />

considered to be extreme poor.<br />

This is almost similar to the World<br />

Bank’s figure of Tk1,297. It may<br />

be added that those who earn less<br />

than Tk1,600 are considered to be<br />

moderately poor. In 2009, there<br />

were about 50 million below the<br />

poverty line and that included<br />

about 28 million extremely poor<br />

people.<br />

Bangladesh has undertaken<br />

several initiatives to reduce the<br />

manifestation of poverty within<br />

the country. In this context, it<br />

has also addressed the issue from<br />

the point of the rural and urban<br />

divide.<br />

The World Bank President JY<br />

Kim, during his recent visit to<br />

Dhaka, spoke about this matter on<br />

October 17. He praised Bangladesh<br />

regarding measures undertaken<br />

to bring forth accountability and<br />

reduction of poverty and then<br />

observed that if Bangladesh is<br />

to reach the goal of becoming a<br />

middle-income country by 2021<br />

and be free of extreme poverty by<br />

2030, it has to sustain its economic<br />

growth and also focus on<br />

developing energy and transport<br />

infrastructure, improve the quality<br />

of health care, education and<br />

governance, and also strengthen<br />

anti-corruption measures.<br />

According to him, this would<br />

improve the investment climate.<br />

He also reiterated that investment<br />

in people was as significant as<br />

investment in infrastructure.<br />

He then also referred to the fact<br />

that Bangladesh was vulnerable<br />

to natural disasters and was also<br />

having to overcome the challenges<br />

of climate variability through<br />

adaptation and mitigation. These<br />

factors needed to be addressed to<br />

overcome the poverty trap. His<br />

advice was obviously pertinent<br />

for us.<br />

It is clear that we are moving<br />

forward -- our upgraded OECD<br />

ranking, our record remittance<br />

earnings, our soaring foreign<br />

exchange reserves, our keeping<br />

inflation relatively under control,<br />

our surge in export earnings,<br />

our decline in dependence<br />

ratio, our successes in human<br />

development, our augmenting<br />

of social protection -- through<br />

better education facilities, gender<br />

empowerment, and health care<br />

opportunities.<br />

However, we also must focus<br />

on food security and lifting the<br />

quality of life of the poorest of<br />

the poor from the many upazillas<br />

in our rural areas -- in Kurigram,<br />

Barisal, Chandpur, and the<br />

Jamalpur Districts and help create<br />

a greater balance by removing<br />

growing income inequality in our<br />

urban areas.<br />

If we can do that, we will<br />

definitely be able to meet our 2030<br />

goal of eradicating poverty from<br />

Bangladesh. •<br />

Muhammad Zamir, a former<br />

Ambassador and Chief Information<br />

Commissioner, is an analyst specialised<br />

in foreign affairs, right to information,<br />

and good governance.

Never change, Donald<br />

What’s the worst that could happen?<br />

Opinion 23<br />

DT<br />

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER <strong>13</strong>, <strong>2016</strong><br />

Trump might even do Obama proud<br />


loveable rogue.”<br />

Some of this would happen<br />

anyway, every fresh election<br />

winner gets a media honeymoon.<br />

Only the bar of expectations has<br />

fallen so low, some people are<br />

pathetically grateful that Trump<br />

didn’t simply turn up for tea with<br />

Obama wearing a white sheet and<br />

carrying a flaming cross.<br />

A successful business builds a<br />

good reputation by over-delivering<br />

on promises to customers. By<br />

contrast, most politicians earn<br />

their reputation by not delivering<br />

on their promises -- and, as often<br />

as not, betraying the real interests<br />

of the groups who like and/or rely<br />

on their promises the most.<br />

Which way “Donald Trump the<br />

outsider” flows in office is being<br />

determined in the weeks ahead.<br />

The odds are against the more<br />

moderate and mainstream of his<br />

voters. They may really be wanting<br />

him to fulfill his promise to drain<br />

the swamp of vested interests and<br />

cash that is DC. But it’s far more<br />

likely the swamp will live up to<br />

its name and bog Trump down<br />

enough to persuade him to “go<br />

native.”<br />

Right now, swarms of show of<br />

political leftovers, opportunists,<br />

has-beens, never-weres, and<br />

definitely should-never-bes are<br />

television show. It had a strong,<br />

if dated, format, but Trump’s ego<br />

quickly degrades it into a gaudy<br />

celebrity-only freak show,<br />

The only intrigue left is finding<br />

out on whose terms Trump will<br />

disappoint those who need him<br />

to deliver the most. The way of<br />

elected Republicans (historically<br />

proven to disappoint, as one<br />

would expect from a talent pool<br />

so shallow it made Sarah Palin and<br />

Gary Johnson actual governors of<br />

two of those United States)?<br />

Or the Trump way (just how is it<br />

even possible for casino owners to<br />

lose money again?)?<br />

Given such a choice, (which<br />

I never asked for) I’ll pick the<br />

outsider.<br />

Trump being Trump still<br />

leaves room for fantasies about<br />

bipartisanship. Why, he could<br />

even seek to prove his promise<br />

to be president for all the people,<br />

by doing the dirty on his party<br />

and backing Obama’s pick for the<br />

Supreme Court.<br />

Impossible I know … except<br />

strange things have been<br />

happening recently, have they not?<br />

Stop! Exactly what was in that<br />

red pill again? •<br />

Asif Baul is an occasional compere and<br />

stand-up comedian.<br />

• Asif Baul<br />

“Go on, what’s the<br />

worst that can<br />

happen?”<br />

Do the dare.<br />

Try this apple. Miss that deadline.<br />

Take the red pill. Vote for Trump<br />

… oops!<br />

A button marked “do not<br />

press” can be so hard to resist<br />

sometimes, especially on an<br />

airplane.<br />

This is the only excuse I am<br />

able to understand, if not to<br />

excuse. Grown-up voters cannot<br />

say they were not warned. The<br />

rollercoaster is moving now, there<br />

is no stopping Mr Trump going to<br />

Washington.<br />

Well all I can say is, please don’t<br />

ever change POTUS-elect, sir.<br />

Sidebar: I have to call Donald<br />

Trump that. When Robert “I can’t<br />

do that now, he’s the President” De<br />

Niro speaks about the presidency,<br />

I listen, Travis Bickle is tight with<br />

the Secret Service.<br />

Just think on it a moment:<br />

“Does the US and the world really<br />

need Donald Trump morphing into<br />

just another Republican politician?<br />

To magically transform from<br />

‘dangerous maverick outsider’ to<br />

a glossy tame figurehead for the<br />

same bunch of wreckers tied to the<br />

same reactionary interests who did<br />

so much to stifle some of President<br />

Obama’s better promises?”<br />

Does a party which trampled<br />

over the American constitution<br />

to stop a routine Supreme Court<br />

nomination really deserve to latch<br />

on to Trump’s coattails and grab<br />

even more power?<br />

I suggest not, I’ve seen the<br />

Newt Gingrich show before, the<br />

Old World odour stank enough the<br />

first time, thank you very much.<br />

Let the Donald be Donald (and I’m<br />

not just saying this for the jokes).<br />

If, as headlines promise, a<br />

Trump presidency is going to<br />

wreck the global economy, speed<br />

up climate chaos, and boost all the<br />

world’s demagogues, fascists, and<br />

xenophobes, at least it can have<br />

the decency to begin by destroying<br />

the Republican Party (either by<br />

himself adopting their policies or<br />

by him making them adopt his, I<br />

don’t mind whichever gets the job<br />

done).<br />

As a self-proclaimed business<br />

genius, the President-Elect knows<br />

the playbook for undertaking any<br />

large project (like, say, destroying<br />

life as we know it), and suggests<br />

such goals become easier if you<br />

break them down into manageable<br />

bite-sized steps.<br />

“What better way to start than<br />

A successful business builds a good reputation by over-delivering<br />

on promises to customers. By contrast, most politicians earn their<br />

reputation by not delivering on their promises<br />

for some of the famed Donald<br />

Trump magic, the reverse Midas<br />

touch which saw casinos go<br />

bankrupt, (how?!) to rub off on to<br />

the good ole Republican party?”<br />

No small group of people<br />

has done more to deserve<br />

some self-destruction than the<br />

Republican caucuses in Congress.<br />

Well, apart from the Democratic<br />

establishment obviously. But<br />

now is not the time to intrude on<br />

private grief -- Michael Moore and<br />

Bernie Sanders were right, the<br />

Clintons mistaken, that is all.<br />

Yet, I’m afraid the way things<br />

are going, as the world’s media<br />

tries to process the Trump<br />

Ascendancy, it will simply<br />

build him up more and more<br />

-- “look, Donald has managed<br />

to get through lunch without<br />

opening a concentration camp or<br />

launching a nuclear strike, isn’t<br />

he statesmanlike? Perhaps the<br />

wall was just a metaphor, what a<br />

gathering around Donald Trump’s<br />

team like flies to manure. Deals are<br />

being done. It probably doesn’t<br />

really matter who gets to drink<br />

whose Kool Aid. Little good is<br />

likely to come of it all.<br />

Now, Trump could conceivably<br />

end up popular enough to be<br />

elected for a second term, just<br />

like Ronald Reagan. In fact, the<br />

way the world is now, with Putin<br />

and Erdogan wildly popular<br />

with their electorates no matter<br />

what capricious authoritarian<br />

tendencies they display, and the<br />

far right at loose in Europe, I fear<br />

he is just following the trend.<br />

Or, more likely perhaps, Trump<br />

will crash and burn in ways as<br />

yet unforeseen. Either way, it’s<br />

unlikely to be good news for the<br />

rest of us.<br />

Make no mistake, not taking<br />

your eyes off “Trump the slowmotion<br />

disaster” is the right<br />

instinct. I know, I’ve seen his

DT<br />

24<br />

Sport<br />

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER <strong>13</strong>, <strong>2016</strong><br />


How long will he be<br />

Khulna’s saviour?<br />

Khulna have produced the only<br />

two exciting matches so far in the<br />

fourth edition of the BPL T20 and<br />

once again, it was their skipper<br />

Mahmudullah who led from the<br />

front and snatched victory on both<br />

the occasions. PAGE 25<br />

SA lead by 86 after<br />

Australia collapse<br />

South Africa routed Australia for<br />

85 and then weathered a batting<br />

crisis of their own before pushing<br />

to a lead of 86 runs after a bowlerdominated<br />

opening day of the<br />

second Test at Bellerive Oval in<br />

Hobart yesterday. PAGE 26<br />

Petersen charged<br />

with match fixing<br />

Cricket South Africa said they have<br />

charged batsman Alviro Petersen<br />

with match fixing following a<br />

lengthy investigation. Petersen,<br />

35, has been charged with multiple<br />

breaches of CSA’s anti-corruption<br />

code. PAGE 27<br />

England sweep Scots,<br />

France hit back<br />

England shrugged aside the<br />

potential ramifications of<br />

sanctions over poppy emblems<br />

Friday with a 3-0 win at Wembley<br />

Stadium in London over Scotland<br />

to bring a Russia 2018 Fifa<br />

Football World Cup berth a step<br />

closer. PAGE 28<br />

Khulna Titans captain Mahmudullah bowls during their Bangladesh Premier League Twenty20 <strong>2016</strong>-17 season match<br />

against Chittagong Vikings in Mirpur yesterday<br />


Mahmudullah magic<br />

seals Khulna win<br />

• Ali Shahriyar Bappa<br />

Khulna Titans skipper Mahmudullah<br />

took three wickets in the<br />

last over and defended six runs to<br />

help his side clinch another thrilling<br />

win, this time by four runs<br />

against Chittagong Vikings in<br />

their Bangladesh Premier League<br />

Twenty20 <strong>2016</strong>-17 season tie in<br />

Mirpur’s Sher-e-Bangla National<br />

Cricket Stadium yesterday.<br />

Chittagong made a horrible<br />

start chasing 128 as the Khulna<br />

bowlers, especially Kevon Cooper,<br />

who took two key wickets of<br />

captain Tamim Iqbal and Dwayne<br />

Smith within the first six overs.<br />

Chittagong continued to struugle<br />

as they only managed to score 30<br />

in the first eight overs.<br />

Later, Mohammad Nabi played<br />

a quickfire 39-run innings from<br />

just 23 balls. Chittaging were favourites<br />

to win going into the final<br />

over as they needed only six<br />

runs with four wickets remaining.<br />

The Khulna skipper once again<br />

did the job for his team as he<br />

picked up three wickets - Chaturanga<br />

de Silva, Abdur Razzak and<br />

Nabi - to restrict Chittagong to<br />

123/9. In the last two balls of the<br />

game, five runs were required and<br />

Nabi was on strike. But Mahmudullah<br />

bowled brilliantly and did<br />

not concede any run, besides accounting<br />

for the wicket of Nabi in<br />

the final delivery to seal yet another<br />

exciting victory for Khulna.<br />

Paceman Shafiul Islam was<br />

the star performer with the ball<br />

as he took four wickets conceding<br />

28 runs. Earlier, Chittagong<br />

captain Tamim won the toss and<br />

elected to field first. Khulna made<br />

two changes from their previous<br />

match against Rangpur Riders.<br />

Opening batsman Abdul Mazid<br />

was replaced by Hasanuzzaman<br />

while West Indies all-rounder<br />

Kevon Cooper came in for Pakistan<br />

spinner Mohammad Asghar.<br />

Khulna’s new opening pair,<br />

Riki Wessels and Hasanuzzaman<br />

made a brisk start. Khulna posted<br />

34 runs in the first three overs.<br />

Then debutant Hasanuzzaman<br />

got out for eight trying to slog<br />

sweep Nabi.<br />

Khulna lost wickets at regular<br />

intervals and eventually registered<br />

a moderate total of 127.<br />

Nicholas Pooran scored 29 off<br />

30 balls while opener Wessels<br />

scored 28 off just 17 balls with<br />

four boundaries.<br />

Afghan spinner Nabi took<br />

three wickets for 22 runs while<br />

fast bowler Taskin Ahmed also<br />

bagged two wickets conceding 17<br />

runs in three overs.<br />

Mahmudullah was adjudged<br />

player of the match for his last<br />

over heroics. •<br />



Wessels b Razzak 28 17<br />

Hasanuzzaman c Jahurul b Nabi 8 6<br />

Shuvagata c Subashish b Nabi 3 4<br />

Mahmudullah c Tamim b Taskin 6 10<br />

Kapali c Taskin b Mohammad Nabi 23 35<br />

Pooran run out (Malik) 29 30<br />

Ariful not out 25 16<br />

Cooper c & b Taskin 0 1<br />

Mosharraf not out 1 1<br />

Extras (b 1, lb 2, w 1) 4<br />

Total (7 wickets; 20 overs) 127<br />

Fall Of Wickets<br />

1-34 (Hasanuzzaman), 2-38 (Shuvagata),<br />

3-42 (Wessels), 4-52 (Mahmudullah), 5-77<br />

(Kapali), 6-125 (Pooran), 7-125 (Cooper)<br />

Bowling<br />

Razzak 4-1-23-1, Subashish 3-0-27-0, Nabi<br />

4-0-22-3, Taskin 3-0-17-2, Malik 4-0-23-0,<br />

De Silva 2-0-12-0<br />


Tamim c Shafiul b Cooper 3 12<br />

Smith c Junaid b Cooper 3 10<br />

Anamul lbw b Shafiul 14 21<br />

Malik lbw b Shafiul 4 8<br />

Zakir c Wessels b Shafiul 8 12<br />

Jahurul c Junaid b Shafiul 25 18<br />

Nabi c Kapali b Mahmudullah 39 23<br />

De Silva c Pooran b Mahmudullah 19 14<br />

Razzak c Shuvagata b Mahmudullah 0 2<br />

Taskin not out 0 0<br />

Extras (lb 6, w 2) 8<br />

Total (9 wickets; 20 overs) 123<br />

Fall Of Wickets<br />

1-9 (Tamim), 2-20 (Smith), 3-30 (Malik),<br />

4-33 (Anamul), 5-54 (Zakir), 6-78 (Jahurul),<br />

7-123 (De Silva), 8-123 (Razzak),<br />

9-123 (Nabi)<br />

Bowling<br />

Shuvagata 1-0-2-0, Junaid 4-0-27-0,<br />

Cooper 4-0-17-2, Mosharraf 4-0-19-0,<br />

Shafiul 4-0-28-4, Mahmudullah 3-0-24-3<br />

The Titans won by four runs<br />

MoM: Mahmudullah (KT)<br />

Khulna captain Mahmudullah<br />

I was a bit nervous at the beginning.<br />

Fortunately we won the game because<br />

they had two set batsmen out there.<br />

But Chaturanga’s [de Silva] wicket<br />

was key. We tried not to give strike to<br />

[Mohammad] Nabi. I just tried to bowl in<br />

good channel. I believe we should work<br />

on our fielding as well. We are still working<br />

with our batting combination. [Kevon]<br />

Cooper bowled really well. He was injured<br />

in the first two matches. Now he is back.<br />

He is a key player in the team. Shafiul’s<br />

[Islam] spell was fantastic as well.<br />

Chittagong skipper Tamim Iqbal<br />

We will keep losing if we play this sort of<br />

cricket. Maybe the batsmen don’t have<br />

problem with skill but there’s definitely<br />

something wrong in the head if one<br />

doesn’t understand something after<br />

receiving 20 messages. We don’t deserve<br />

to play here if we have to do spoon<br />

feeding at this level. I don’t want to say<br />

the names, but I am talking about the<br />

batsmen. I think [Mahmudullah] Riyad<br />

bhai played exceptionally well to defend<br />

the target. But we had two set batsmen.<br />

So it was our fault that we lost the game.<br />

We have no complaints about the wicket.<br />

Yes, 160/170 is a good score for T20. But<br />

I think this year’s wicket is Ok. Last year’s<br />

wickets were more tricky. •



Maruf c Afridi b Gazi 10 4<br />

Sangakkara c Soumya b Gazi 29 27<br />

Nasir c Rubel b Afridi 38 33<br />

Bopara lbw b Afridi 0 2<br />

Shakib c Rubel b Dawson 10 11<br />

Mosaddek not out 48 28<br />

Bravo b Sunny <strong>13</strong> 10<br />

Prasanna not out <strong>13</strong> 5<br />

Extras (lb 5, w 4) 9<br />

Total (6 wickets; 20 overs) 170<br />

Fall Of Wickets<br />

1-10, 2-79, 3-79, 4-81, 5-120, 6-153<br />

Bowling<br />

Gazi 4-0-31-2, Rubel 3-0-31-0, Gleeson 1.1-<br />

0-9-0, Sunny 2.5-0-31-1, Dawson 3-0-18-1,<br />

Afridi 4-1-22-2, Naeem 1-0-7-0, Muktar<br />

1-0-16-0<br />


Shahzad c Nasir b Sanjamul 11 15<br />

Soumya b Nasir 2 6<br />

Mithun b Shakib 0 2<br />

Dawson lbw b Prasanna 16 23<br />

Naeem c Sangakkara b Shahid 26 29<br />

Afridi c Bopara b Shakib 6 9<br />

Gazi c Sanjamul b Babu 8 10<br />

Muktar c Bopara b Bravo 10 7<br />

Sunny c Sangakkara b Bravo 2 8<br />

Rubel not out 2 7<br />

Gleeson absent hurt -<br />

Extras (b 1, lb 3, w 5) 9<br />

Total (all out; 19.2 overs) 92<br />

Fall Of Wickets<br />

1-12, 2-<strong>13</strong>, 3-23, 4-50, 5-65, 6-67, 7-80,<br />

8-85, 9-92<br />

Bowling<br />

Bravo 3-0-21-2, Nasir 1-0-2-1, Shakib 4-0-<br />

17-2, Sanjamul 4-0-18-1, Prasanna 4-0-17-1,<br />

Shahid 2-0-8-1, Bopara 1-0-3-0, Babu<br />

0.2-0-2-1<br />

The Dynamites won by 78 runs<br />

MoM: Mosaddek Hossain (DD)<br />

Dhaka return to<br />

winning ways after<br />

thumping Rangpur<br />

• Mazhar Uddin<br />

Rangpur Riders faced their first<br />

defeat in the fourth edition of the<br />

Bangladesh Premier League Twenty20<br />

when Dhaka Dynamites registered<br />

a comfortable 78-run win to<br />

return to winning ways in Mirpur’s<br />

Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium<br />

yesterday.<br />

Chasing the highest target of the<br />

ongoing money-spinning tournament,<br />

Rangpur were bundled out<br />

for 92 in pursuit of Dhaka’s 170/6.<br />

Nasir Hossain displayed an allround<br />

effort to lead his side to victory.<br />

After scoring 38 runs with the bat,<br />

he picked up a wicket, that of opening<br />

batsman Soumya Sarkar (two),<br />

and also took a brilliant to dismiss<br />

the dangerous Mohammad Shahzad.<br />

Skipper Naeem Islam’s 26 was<br />

the highest score as none of the<br />

Rangpur batsmen were able to<br />

score significantly. They eventually<br />

tasted their first defeat in three<br />

games.<br />

Earlier, Dhaka posted the highest<br />

total of the BPL 4 so far after<br />

Rangpur captain Naeem won the<br />

toss and decided to field first.<br />

Sport 25<br />

Youngster Mosaddek Hossain<br />

continued his brilliant form,<br />

top-scoring with an unbeaten on<br />

48 off 28 balls with seven fours and<br />

two sixes. Nasir, who was promoted<br />

to No 3, was also instrumental<br />

behind the victory, added 38 off 33<br />

deliveries with the help of half a<br />

dozen boundaries.<br />

Dhaka’s Lankan legend Kumar<br />

Sangakkara scored 29 while his fellow<br />

countryman Seekkuge Prasanna<br />

remained not out on <strong>13</strong> off just<br />

five balls, featuring two sixes, at<br />

the end.<br />

Skipper Shakib al Hasan missed<br />

out after scoring 10, along with opener<br />

Mehedi Maruf, who also scored<br />

the same number of runs. Ravi<br />

Bopara, meanwhile, was dismissed<br />

without troubling the scorers.•<br />

DT<br />

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER <strong>13</strong>, <strong>2016</strong><br />

How long will Mahmudullah be Khulna’s saviour?<br />

• Mazhar Uddin<br />

Khulna Titans have produced the<br />

only two exciting matches played<br />

so far in the ongoing fourth edition<br />

of the Bangladesh Premier League<br />

Twenty20 and once again, it was<br />

their skipper Mahmudullah who<br />

led from the front and snatched<br />

victory on both the occasions, that<br />

too in the very last over.<br />

With two wins in three games,<br />

Khulna have started pretty well<br />

in the tournament and one must<br />

give credit to Mahmudullah, who<br />

emerged as the saviour for the Titans<br />

in their pursuit of defending<br />

the low total of 127 against Chittagong<br />

Vikings yesterday.<br />

Much like the first game, their<br />

match against Chittagong went<br />

down to the wire as Mahmudullah<br />

came on to defend six runs in the<br />

final over of the innings.<br />

With two set batsmen in the<br />

form of Afghanistan’s Mohammad<br />

Nabi and Sri Lanka’s Chaturanga de<br />

Silva at the crease, it was a humongous<br />

task for Mahmudullah. But he<br />

took up the challenge and, like the<br />

first game, the 30-year old picked<br />

up three wickets and gave away<br />

only one run. As a result, Khulna<br />

won by four runs.<br />

Paceman Shafiul Islam also<br />

bowled brilliantly and ended<br />

up with the figures of 4/28 from<br />

his four overs while West Indies<br />

all-rounder Kevon Cooper, playing<br />

his first game for Khulna coming<br />

from injury, took two wickets. Besides<br />

Mahmudullah, the bowling<br />

duo was also instrumental behind<br />

the win.<br />


Barisal Bulls v Rajshahi Kings, 2pm<br />

Comilla Victorians v Khulna Titans, 7pm<br />

Both games will be held at SBNS, Mirpur<br />

Earlier in the competition, Khulna<br />

were in a pretty similar situation<br />

in their opening match against Rajshahi<br />

Kings, defending a small total<br />

of <strong>13</strong>3. Rajshahi required seven<br />

runs in their last over.<br />

Mahmudullah, formerly the<br />

vice-captain of Bangladesh, first<br />

scored the highest 32 runs and<br />

then came on to bowl the last over.<br />

There too, he took three wickets<br />

and went on to register a scintillating<br />

three-run win.<br />

However, despite the two<br />

thrilling wins which were mostly<br />

achieved through the heroics of<br />

their captain, Khulna need to improve<br />

significantly, especially the<br />

batting and fielding departments.<br />

Their horrible batting display in the<br />

second game against Rangpur Riders<br />

was definitely a wake-up call<br />

for them as they were bundled out<br />

for the lowest ever total in BPL history.<br />

A lack of fire-power and sensible<br />

batting were clearly evident.<br />

The local players in the shape of<br />

Shuvagata Hom, Alok Kapali, Mosharraf<br />

Hossain and Ariful Haque<br />

need to contribute more, along<br />

with the overseas cricketers. Opening<br />

batsman Riki Wessels needs to<br />

stay longer at the crease alongside<br />

Nicholas Pooran, who is yet to impress<br />

with the bat.<br />

Mahmudullah may have<br />

snatched two vital wins out of nowhere<br />

but Khulna must not rely on<br />

their captain everyday and look to<br />

contribute more as a unit. It is also<br />

high time for them to form the best<br />

possible team combination before<br />

the tournament reaches its business<br />

end. •<br />


Tamim’s screamer of a catch<br />

Mahmudullah is a key batsman in<br />

the Khulna Titans middle-order. The<br />

skipper more often than not has to<br />

score significantly to give his team<br />

a good total. He started confidently,<br />

taking ones and twos easily. But<br />

Chittagong Vikings sent him back<br />

to the pavilion quite early, thanks<br />

to Tamim Iqbal’s brilliant catch. It<br />

was a screamer from Tamim. Taskin<br />

Ahmed bowled a shortish ball in<br />

the line of off stump to Mahmudullah<br />

and the right-hander looked<br />

to play an extravagant pull shot. It<br />

seemed like he was hurried into the<br />

shot as he miscued it completely<br />

to the on-side. Tamim, stationed<br />

at the mid-wicket region, ran back,<br />

stretched out his hand out and took<br />

a really good catch.<br />

Magnificent Cooper<br />

Kevon Cooper had not played in the<br />

first two matches for Khulna and<br />

many thought it was a surprise decision<br />

not to select him. The West<br />

Indies all-rounder though was<br />

picked for yesterday’s match and<br />

showed his worth straight away.<br />

The right-arm seamer took the<br />

crucial wickets of both the Chittaging<br />

opening batsmen Tamim and<br />

Dwayne Smith with his variation<br />

and conceded just two runs is his<br />

two-over first-spell. First, the inform<br />

Tamim tried to clear mid-on<br />

but awful timing saw him gift an<br />

easy catch to Shafiul Islam. Then,<br />

Cooper dismissed the dangerous<br />

Smith in the sixth over to give<br />

Khulna a brilliant start.<br />

Afridi double strike in an over<br />

Former Pakistan captain and Rangpur<br />

Riders spinner Shahid Afridi<br />

continued his superb bowling form<br />

against Dhaka Dynamites. In the<br />

previous game against Khulna, Afridi<br />

ran havoc, bagging four wickets<br />

conceding only 12 runs. And<br />

yesterday too, he weaved his magic<br />

yet again. Dhaka were cruising<br />

at one stage, scoring quite easily.<br />

But Afridi came to the attack in the<br />

ninth over and checked the runrate.<br />

Afridi then took two wickets<br />

in an over and brought Rangpur<br />

right back into the game.<br />

Nasir chips in with contributions<br />

Dhaka all-rounder Nasir Hossain<br />

made an all-round contribution<br />

against Rangpur yesterday, once<br />

again proving his value to the capital<br />

city outfit. First, Nasir, coming<br />

in at No 3, scored a valuable 33-ball<br />

38 to give Dhaka the platform for a<br />

competitive total. Then, he picked<br />

up the important wicket of Rangpur<br />

opener Soumya Sarkar (two) to<br />

provide Dhaka a good start while<br />

defending 170. Nasir’s contributions<br />

do not stop there as he is also<br />

an excellent fielder. He grabbed the<br />

catch of the dangerous Mohammad<br />

Shahzad (11) off Sanjamul Islam.<br />


DT<br />

26<br />

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER <strong>13</strong>, <strong>2016</strong><br />


537 (B. Stokes 128, J. Root 124,<br />

M. Ali 117; R. Jadeja 3-86)<br />


(overnight 319-4; M. Vijay 126, C. Pujara<br />

124)<br />

V. Kohli hit wicket b Rashid 40 95<br />

A. Rahane b Ansari <strong>13</strong> 41<br />

R. Ashwin c Ansari b Ali 70 <strong>13</strong>9<br />

W. Saha c Bairstow b Ali 35 82<br />

R. Jadeja c Hameed b Rashid 12 26<br />

U. Yadav c Stokes b Rashid 5 12<br />

M. Shami not out 8 7<br />

Extras (b23, lb2, w1) 26<br />

Total (all out; 162 overs) 488<br />

Fall of wickets<br />

1-68 (Gambhir), 2-277 (Pujara), 3-318 (Vijay),<br />

4-319 (Mishra), 5-349 (Rahane), 6-361<br />

(Kohli), 7-425 (Saha), 8-449 (Jadeja),<br />

9-459 (Yadav), 10-488 (Ashwin)<br />

Bowling<br />

Broad 29-9-78-1, Woakes 31-6-57-0 (1w),<br />

Ali 31-7-85-2, Ansari 23-1-77-2, Rashid 31-1-<br />

114-4, Stokes 17-2-52-1<br />


A. Cook not out 46 107<br />

H. Hameed not out 62 116<br />

Extras (b4, lb1, nb1) 6<br />

Total (for no loss; 37 overs) 114<br />

Sport<br />

South Africa lead by 86 after Australia collapse<br />

• Reuters, Hobart<br />

South Africa routed Australia for 85<br />

and then weathered a batting crisis<br />

of their own before pushing to a<br />

lead of 86 runs after a bowler-dominated<br />

opening day of the second<br />

Test in Hobart yesterday.<br />

Temba Bavuma, unbeaten on<br />

38, and wicketkeeper Quinton de<br />

Kock (28 not out) guided South Africa<br />

to 171-5 at stumps at Bellerive<br />

Oval, after paceman Mitchell Starc<br />

threatened to drag the hosts back<br />

into the game with a fiery spell after<br />

tea.<br />

On a gloomy, overcast morning,<br />

Proteas captain Faf du Plessis won<br />

the toss and sent Australia in to<br />

bat on a green-tinged wicket moistened<br />

by drizzle.<br />

The call was a masterstroke<br />

as his fired-up pacemen, led by a<br />

five-wicket haul from Vernon Philander,<br />

bowled Australia out in 32.5<br />

overs, for their lowest total at home<br />

since a 76 against West Indies in<br />

Perth in 1984.<br />

It was also the lowest total of<br />

any team at Bellerive Oval and well<br />

short of Australia’s previous nadir<br />

against the Proteas, a 111 at the Sydney<br />

Cricket Ground in 1994.<br />

Captain Steve Smith was the<br />

only Australian batsman to show<br />

defiance with an unbeaten 48,<br />

while debutant paceman Joe Mennie<br />

(10) was his only team mate to<br />

reach double figures.<br />

In response, South Africa<br />

cruised to 43 without loss at tea<br />

before wobbling after the break, as<br />

1ST TEST, DAY 4<br />

Bowling<br />

Shami 6-1-12-0, Jadeja 10-1-33-0, Ashwin<br />

10-2-32-0, Yadav 5-1-<strong>13</strong>-0, Mishra 6-0-19-<br />

0 (nb1)<br />

left-armer Starc dismissed openers<br />

Stephen Cook (23) and Dean Elgar<br />

(17), and JP Duminy (one) for three<br />

runs in a devastating spell on a day<br />

when 15 wickets tumbled.<br />

Hazlewood trapped Du Plessis<br />

lbw for seven to leave the Proteas<br />

vulnerable at 76-4 but Amla (47)<br />

and Bavuma steadied the innings<br />

with a vital 56-run stand.<br />

Amla was Hazlewood’s second<br />

victim, nicking behind to wicketkeeper<br />

Peter Nevill, but his partner<br />

De Kock batted superbly in the final<br />

overs to frustrate the home side.<br />

The day belonged to Philander,<br />

who took 5-21, having returned to<br />

the field after lunch following a<br />

heavy clash with Smith as the captain<br />

ran through for a single.<br />

Australia were reduced to eight<br />

for four in the ninth over in a disastrous<br />

start, when Philander dismissed<br />

Adam Voges for a first-ball<br />

duck, his third wicket putting him<br />

on a hat-trick. Debutant batsman<br />

Callum Ferguson, who replaced<br />

the dropped all-rounder Mitchell<br />

Marsh, saw off Philander’s hat-trick<br />

ball before the bowler crashed in to<br />

England’s Haseeb Hameed plays a shot against India during their first Test at<br />

Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Rajkot, India yesterday<br />


Smith while appealing for lbw. Philander<br />

exited the field and South<br />

Africa lost a review for the lbw appeal<br />

but moments later, Ferguson<br />

was run out by a direct hit from<br />

substitute fielder Dane Vilas at deep<br />

backward point. Australia were<br />

reeling at 17-5 but Smith spared<br />

Australia the indignity of a record<br />

lowest Test score. Fast bowler Kyle<br />

Abbott, who replaced injured paceman<br />

Dale Steyn, took 3-41, and<br />

trapped recalled opener Joe Burns<br />

lbw for one in his first over before<br />

returning to clean up the tail.•<br />

South Africa’s Quinton de Kock<br />

removes a stump as he tries to run out<br />

Australia’s Nathan Lyon during their<br />

second Test yesterday REUTERS<br />

2ND TEST, DAY 1<br />


Warner c De Kock b Philander 1 4<br />

Burns lbw b Abbott 1 8<br />

Khawaja c Amla b Philander 4 25<br />

Smith not out 48 80<br />

Voges c De Kock b Philander 0 1<br />

Ferguson run out (sub Vilas) 3 12<br />

Nevill lbw b Rabada 3 25<br />

Mennie b Philander 10 22<br />

Starc c Duminy b Abbott 4 6<br />

Hazlewood c Amla b Abbott 8 7<br />

Lyon c De Kock b Philander 2 7<br />

Extras (lb 1) 1<br />

Total (all out; 32.5 overs) 85<br />

Fall Of Wickets<br />

1-2 (Warner), 2-2 (Burns), 3-8 (Khawaja),<br />

4-8 (Voges), 5-17 (Ferguson), 6-31 (Nevill),<br />

7-59 (Mennie), 8-66 (Starc), 9-76 (Hazlewood),<br />

10-85 (Lyon)<br />

Bowling<br />

Philander 10.1-5-21-5, Abbott 12.4-3-41-3,<br />

Rabada 6-0-20-1, Maharaj 4-2-2-0<br />


Cook c †Nevill b Starc 23 49<br />

Elgar lbw b Starc 17 61<br />

Amla c †Nevill b Hazlewood 47 67<br />

Duminy c Smith b Starc 1 4<br />

Du Plessis lbw b Hazlewood 7 25<br />

Bavuma not out 38 85<br />

De Kock not out 28 40<br />

Extras (b 3, lb 6, nb 1) 10<br />

Total (5 wickets; 55 overs) 171<br />

Fall Of Wickets<br />

1-43 (Elgar), 2-44 (Cook), 3-46 (Duminy),<br />

4-76 (Du Plessis), 5-<strong>13</strong>2 (Amla)<br />

Bowling<br />

Starc 15-0-49-3, Hazlewood 16-7-36-2,<br />

Mennie 14-1-47-0, Lyon 10-1-30-0<br />

South Africa lead by 86 runs<br />

Hameed hits maiden<br />

fifty, Eng lead by 163<br />

• Reuters, Rajkot<br />

Debutant Haseeb Hameed struck his<br />

maiden fifty and shared an unbroken<br />

century partnership with captain<br />

Alastair Cook to push England’s<br />

lead over India to 163 runs on day<br />

four of the first Test yesterday.<br />

The 19-year-old Hameed was<br />

unbeaten on 62 at the close with<br />

Cook on 46 as England reached 114<br />

without loss, virtually ruling out<br />

the prospect of an India win on the<br />

final day.<br />

Leg-spinner Adil Rashid earlier<br />

picked up four wickets to help the<br />

touring side dismiss India for 488<br />

and take a first- innings lead of 49<br />

runs. India’s Ravichandran Ashwin<br />

made 70 to deny England a bigger<br />

advantage.<br />

Right-hander Hameed, the<br />

youngest opener to play a Test for<br />

England, was assured in his footwork<br />

against the spinners and handled<br />

the reverse swing from the<br />

fast bowlers without much trouble.<br />

Hameed, whose parents originate<br />

from India, reached his<br />

half-century with a delicate late<br />

cut for four off leg-spinner Amit<br />

Mishra. He hit five fours and a six.<br />

England, who made 537 in their<br />

first innings, earlier picked up the<br />

wickets of India captain Virat Kohli<br />

and Ajinkya Rahane in the first<br />

session and looked on course for a<br />

sizeable lead.<br />

All-rounder Ashwin and wicketkeeper<br />

Wriddhiman Saha (35)<br />

added 64 for the seventh wicket to<br />

reduce the deficit.<br />

Resuming on 319-4, Kohli and<br />

Rahane appeared untroubled,<br />

picking up singles and twos as well<br />

as occasional boundaries.<br />

Rahane missed a straight delivery<br />

playing across the line to leftarm<br />

spinner Zafar Ansari and was<br />

bowled for <strong>13</strong>, ending their 30-run<br />

partnership. Kohli looked in fine<br />

touch and struck crisp boundaries<br />

in his 40 before the right-hander<br />

was out hit wicket, his back leg<br />

brushing the stumps as he tried to<br />

pull a Rashid delivery.•

Roy signs for<br />

Big Bash stint<br />

• AFP, Sydney<br />

England opener Jason Roy will play<br />

in Australia’s Big Bash Twenty20<br />

League next month for the Sydney<br />

Sixers, the club said yesterday.<br />

Roy, 26, has played 16 T20s and<br />

32 one-day internationals for England<br />

and has appeared in the BBL<br />

for the Sydney Thunder.<br />

Sixers head coach Greg Shipperd<br />

said Roy was an excellent appointment<br />

for the club. •<br />



Bangladesh Premier League<br />

2:00 PM<br />

Rajshahi Kings v Barisal Bulls<br />

7:00 PM<br />

Khulna Titans v Comilla Victorians<br />


10:30PM<br />

India v England<br />

1st Test, Day 5<br />


5:28 AM<br />

South Africa Tour of Australia <strong>2016</strong><br />

2nd Test, Day 2<br />




7:20 PM<br />

Indian Super League <strong>2016</strong><br />

Delhi v Kolkata<br />

TEN 1<br />

6:15 PM<br />

Sky Bet EFL <strong>2016</strong>/17<br />

Peterborough United v Bolton<br />

Wanderers<br />

8:15 PM<br />

Chesterfield v Sheffield United<br />

TEN 3<br />

12:00 PM<br />

A-League <strong>2016</strong>/17<br />

Sydney FC v Perth Glory<br />


11:00 PM<br />

FIFA World Cup Qualifiers 2018<br />

Switzerland v Faroe Islands<br />

SONY SIX<br />

11:00<br />

FIFA World Cup Qualifiers 2018<br />

Luxembourg v Netherlands<br />

1:30 AM<br />

Portugal v Latvia<br />


1:30 AM<br />

FIFA World Cup Qualifiers 2018<br />

Belgium v Estonia<br />

TENNIS<br />


8:00 PM<br />

Barclays ATP World Tour Finals <strong>2016</strong><br />

Day 1, Session 1<br />

MOTO GP<br />

TEN 2<br />

3:00 PM<br />

Moto GP <strong>2016</strong>: Race<br />

Gran Premio De La Valenciana<br />

Sport 27<br />

DT<br />

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER <strong>13</strong>, <strong>2016</strong><br />

Mexico win a balm after election ‘intolerance’<br />

• AFP, Columbus<br />

Mexico captain Rafa Marquez said<br />

his winning goal in Friday’s 2-1<br />

World Cup qualifying victory over<br />

the United States could help the<br />

Mexican people forget the “intolerance”<br />

of the US Presidential election.<br />

The 37-year-old glanced in a<br />

superb header from a corner in<br />

the 89th minute to leave the hosts<br />

stunned as their winning streak<br />

against El Tri in Columbus came to<br />

an end.<br />

Asked whether the win was particularly<br />

sweet after the tensions<br />

caused by US President-elect Donald<br />

Trump’s controversial remarks<br />

about Mexican illegal immigrants,<br />

Marquez said: “Maybe now they<br />

have a bad time, a time of intolerance<br />

and with this win maybe they<br />

can forget now a little bit what happened<br />

here in the US.<br />

“It was a long time that we haven’t<br />

had a good game (here). We are<br />

very happy and this is very important<br />

for us,” he added, referencing<br />

the run of four straight 2-0 defeats<br />

in Columbus in World Cup qualifiers<br />

going back to 2001.<br />

Former Barcelona defender<br />

Marquez played in the first of those<br />

losses and had talked before the<br />

game about the Mexicans having a<br />

great chance to end the jinx in Ohio<br />

“It was the best opportunity to<br />

change the story here and tonight<br />

was what we had hoped for in the<br />

last couple of days,” he said.<br />

Marquez made his debut for the<br />

national team in February 1997 and<br />

has captained his country in the<br />

last four World Cups. His coach<br />

Juan Carlos Osorio said the players’<br />

Wang, Chan<br />

clinch ITF<br />

Junior Tennis<br />

titles<br />

• Tribune Report<br />

Jingyi Wang of China and Chan<br />

Woo Park of Korea emerged as<br />

the champions in the Walton 30th<br />

Bangladesh International Tennis<br />

Federation Junior Championship<br />

<strong>2016</strong> in the girls and boys’ singles<br />

respectively as the tournament<br />

concluded yesterday.<br />

India’s only title came from<br />

the boys’ doubles where their pair<br />

Gunjan Jadhav and Sacchitt Sharrma<br />

came from behind to beat Korean<br />

duo Daehan Kim and Jonghun<br />

Lee 4-6, 6-4, 10-4 in the final.<br />

Katie LaFrance of USA and Ji<br />

Min Park of Korea beat Yujiao Che<br />

and Jingye Wang of China 1-6, 6-4,<br />

10-2 to win the girls’ doubles.<br />

A total of 59 boys and 34 boys<br />

from 12 different countries took<br />

part in the five-day event. •<br />

Mexico forward Javier Hernandez jumps onto teammates following their second goal against the USA at MAPFRE Stadium.<br />

Mexico won 2-1<br />


service had been rewarded with<br />

the sweet moment of his goal.<br />

“Rafael has a love for the game<br />

like no-one else. He always trains<br />

as hard as he can, considering his<br />

age, he wants to play in all the<br />

games,” said the Colombian coach.<br />

“[Friday], I think football, the<br />

game itself, rewarded him and I<br />

am very pleased for him, very, very<br />

happy for him,” he said.<br />

“It confirmed what we all<br />

thought before the game - it will be<br />

a nail-biter, it will be a very intense,<br />

hard-fought game and that is how<br />

it turned out,” said US coach Jurgen<br />

Klinsmann.<br />

The US are away to Costa Rica<br />

on Tuesday in their second of 10<br />

games in the final round of CON-<br />

CACAF qualifying and Klinsmann<br />

said he was keen for his team not<br />

to fall behind in the race for a top<br />

three spot.<br />

“The message is very simple -<br />

we have to go down there and get<br />

a result, which we will do. It is a<br />

long road over ten games. It is not a<br />

problem, but obviously it is disappointing<br />

without a doubt.<br />

Mohammedan, Feni<br />

SC share spoils<br />

• Tribune Report<br />

A struggling Feni Soccer Club<br />

earned a valuable point after six<br />

straight defeats when they held<br />

Mohammedan Sporting Club to a<br />

1-1 draw in the Bangladesh Premier<br />

League at Rafiquddin Bhuiyan Stadium<br />

yesterday.<br />

After being held to a 1-1 draw by<br />

Rahmatganj in the first phase on<br />

September 21 this year, the Feni<br />

outfit went through a poor run of<br />

six straight losses to hover around<br />

the relegation zone. Mohammedan<br />

have also been struggling as they<br />

won only two matches out of 14.<br />

The battle of the two struggling<br />

sides ended all square and it didn’t<br />

change any of the two teams’ position<br />

in the bottom half of the<br />

table. Mohammedan remained at<br />

ninth with <strong>13</strong> points while Feni are<br />

placed second from bottom with<br />

only 10 points, one ahead of bottom-placed<br />

Uttar Baridhara Club.<br />

Masuk Mia Joni put the Black<br />

and Whites ahead seven minutes<br />

into the second half. After collecting<br />

a pass from Guinean striker<br />

Ismael Bangoura, the national midfielder<br />

took a shot from the middle<br />

of the box that went past Feni goalkeeper<br />

Osman Goni.<br />

The delight didn’t last long however,<br />

as Nigerian midfielder Uche<br />

Felix cancelled out the lead four<br />

minutes later. Ghanaian striker<br />

Twum Frank chested down a cross<br />

of Mahbubul Islam Himu to Felix,<br />

who placed past Mohammedan<br />

custodian Mohammad Nehal.<br />

Meanwhile, leaders Abahani<br />

Limited will take on Team BJMC in<br />

their 14th round match today at the<br />

same venue at 3pm. The win will<br />

give the Sky Blues a four-point lead<br />

at the top of the table. •<br />

“It gives a sense of anger in us,<br />

a sense of urgency. All these qualifying<br />

games are difficult but if we<br />

play the way we played in the second<br />

half, I am not worried.”•<br />


Honduras 0-1 Panama<br />

Escobar 22<br />

T &T 0-2 Costa Rica<br />

Bolanos 65,<br />

Matarrita 90+2<br />

United States 1-2 Mexico<br />

Wood 49 Layun 20, Marquez 89<br />

Petersen<br />

charged with<br />

match fixing<br />

• AFP, Johannesburg<br />

Cricket South Africa said yesterday<br />

they have charged former batsman<br />

Alviro Petersen with match fixing<br />

following a lengthy and ongoing<br />

investigation.<br />

Petersen, 35, has been charged<br />

with multiple breaches of CSA’s anti-corruption<br />

code.<br />

The charges include “contriving<br />

to fix or otherwise improperly<br />

influence matches during the 2015<br />

Ram Slam”. The South African<br />

batsman has been provisionally<br />

suspended and has 14 days to respond<br />

to the charges.•

DT<br />

28<br />

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER <strong>13</strong>, <strong>2016</strong><br />

Sport<br />

England’s Daniel Sturridge scores their first goal against Scotland during their 2018 World Cup Qualifying European Zone Group F match at Wembley Stadium, London, England on Friday<br />

England sweep Scots away,<br />

France hit back to win<br />

• AFP, Paris<br />

England shrugged aside the potential<br />

ramifications of sanctions<br />

over poppy emblems Friday with a<br />

3-0 Wembley win over Scotland to<br />

bring a 2018 World Cup berth a step<br />

closer.<br />

A trio of headers from Liverpool<br />

pair Daniel Sturridge and Adam<br />

Lallana and Chelsea’s Gary Cahill<br />

saw interim coach Gareth Southgate’s<br />

side cruise home, the win<br />

consolidating England’s leadership<br />

of Group F as they made it 10 points<br />

from four games.<br />

For Southgate, who replaced<br />

newspaper sting victim Sam Allardyce<br />

following an opening away success<br />

in Slovakia, the three points<br />

were a welcome boost after a nervous<br />

draw in their previous outing<br />

in Slovenia, aiding his chances of<br />

taking the post full time.<br />

Slovenia stayed in touch just<br />

two points behind the leaders after<br />

edging Malta 1-0 away while Slovakia<br />

are two points further back after<br />

whipping Lithuania 4-0.<br />

The Scots meanwhile now trail<br />

England by six points, their hopes<br />

of snatching a place in the finals<br />

in Russia seemingly at an end as<br />

Poland’s Robert<br />

Lewandowski<br />

receives<br />

medical<br />

assistance after<br />

a fire cracker<br />

went off near<br />

him against<br />

Romania in<br />

National Arena<br />

Stadium,<br />

Bucharest on<br />

Friday<br />


coach Gordon Strachan hangs on to<br />

his job by his fingernails.<br />

While England and Scotland defied<br />

FIFA’s opposition to symbols<br />

which might be seen as political by<br />

wearing armbands featuring poppies<br />

to mark Armistice Day, emotions<br />

ran high in Paris as France<br />

hosted Sweden a year on from terror<br />

attacks in the French capital.<br />

A capacity crowd of 80,000 at<br />

the Stade de France held a minute’s<br />

silence to mark today’s first<br />

anniversary of the attacks which<br />

left <strong>13</strong>0 people dead prior to the<br />

hosts’ come-from-behind 2-1 win<br />

over Sweden.<br />

France’s win - courtesy of goals<br />

from Paul Pogba and Dimitri Payet<br />

after Emil Forsberg had put the<br />

Swedes ahead - lifted them atop<br />

Group A with seven points from<br />

three games as their visitors slid<br />

three points off the pace. Holland<br />

have a chance to join Sweden on<br />

seven points if they win at makeweights<br />

Luxembourg today.<br />

Reigning world champions Germany<br />

gave no quarter to Group C<br />

minnows San Marino with debutant<br />

Serge Gnabry of Werder Bremen<br />

helping himself to a hat-trick<br />

in an 8-0 rout in Serravalle.<br />

In the same group Northern<br />

Ireland swamped previously unbeaten<br />

Azerbaijan 4-0 in Belfast<br />

with Kyle Lafferty, Gareth McAuley,<br />

Conor McClaughlin and Chris<br />

Brunt on target.<br />

The win moved the hosts joint<br />

second with the Azeris but five<br />

points behind the Germans, who<br />

have yet to concede a goal. Also<br />

in the Germans’ group, the Czech<br />

Republic edged out Norway 2-1 in<br />

Prague with Jaromir Zmrhal’s winner<br />

giving his countrymen a first<br />

win.<br />

Elsewhere, the Group E match<br />

between Romania and Poland<br />

in Bucharest was briefly halted after<br />

a firecracker thrown from the<br />

stands went off near visiting forward<br />

Robert Lewandowski.<br />

In the same group, Denmark<br />

beat Kazakhstan 4-1 helped by two<br />

goals from Christian Eriksen to<br />

vault into third spot ahead of the<br />

Romanians. Also in Group E, previously<br />

pointless Armenia did Poland<br />

a favour by coming back from two<br />

goals down to edge previous leaders<br />

Montenegro 3-2. A piledriver<br />

in the final seconds from Gevorg<br />

Ghazaryan gave Armenia their first<br />

competitive win for three years.•<br />

Lewandowski hit by firecracker<br />

• AFP, Bucharest<br />

Poland’s Bayern Munich striker<br />

Robert Lewandowski was felled by<br />

a firework thrown from the crowd<br />

in a stormy World Cup clash on<br />

Friday but he had the last laugh,<br />

scoring twice in a 3-0 win over Romania.<br />

Romanian fans threw the firework<br />

at the Bayern Munich star in<br />


P W D L GD Pts<br />

GROUP A<br />

France 4 3 1 0 5 10<br />

Sweden 4 2 1 1 3 7<br />

Netherlands 3 1 1 1 2 4<br />

Bulgaria 3 1 0 2 -5 3<br />

Belarus 3 0 2 1 -3 2<br />

Luxembourg 3 0 1 2 -2 1<br />

GROUP C<br />

Germany 4 4 0 0 16 12<br />

N Ireland 4 2 1 1 6 7<br />

Azerbaijan 4 2 1 1 -2 7<br />

Czech Republic 4 1 2 1 -2 5<br />

Norway 4 1 0 3 -2 3<br />

San Marino 4 0 0 4 -16 0<br />

GROUP E<br />

Poland 4 3 1 0 5 10<br />

Montenegro 4 2 1 2 5 7<br />

Denmark 4 2 0 2 2 6<br />

Romania 4 1 2 1 2 5<br />

Armenia 4 1 0 3 -6 3<br />

Kazakhstan 4 0 2 2 -8 2<br />

GROUP F<br />

England 4 3 1 0 6 10<br />

Slovenia 4 2 2 0 2 8<br />

Slovakia 4 2 0 2 5 6<br />

Lithuania 4 1 2 1 -2 5<br />

Scotland 4 1 1 2 -2 4<br />

Malta 4 0 0 4 -9 0<br />

the 53rd minute.<br />

He needed medical treatment<br />

while referee Damir Skomina gathered<br />

the players from both sides<br />

inside the penalty area.<br />

After play was briefly delayed,<br />

Lewandowski recovered to hit two<br />

late goals after 84 minutes and a<br />

last-gasp penalty.<br />

On the terraces, fans from both<br />

countries launched flares at one<br />



GROUP A<br />

France 2-1 Sweden<br />

Pogba 57, Payet 65 Forsberg 54<br />

GROUP C<br />

Czech Republic 2-1 Norway<br />

Krmencik 11, Zmrhal 47 King 86<br />

Northern Ireland 4-0 Azerbaijan<br />

Lafferty 27, McAuley 40,<br />

McLaughlin 66, Brunt 83<br />

San Marino 0-8 Germany<br />

Khedira 7, Gnabry 9, 58, 76,<br />

Hector 32, 65, Volland 85<br />

Stefanelli 82-og<br />

GROUP E<br />

Armenia 3-2 Montenegro<br />

A. Grigoryan 50, Kojasevic 36,<br />

Haroyan 74, Jovetic 38<br />

Ghazaryan 90+4<br />

Romania 0-3 Poland<br />

Grosicki 11,<br />

Lewandowski 82, 90+1-P<br />

Denmark 4-1 Kazakhstan<br />

Cornelius 15, Suyumbayev 17<br />

Eriksen 36-P, 90+2,<br />

Ankersen 78<br />

GROUP F<br />

England 3-0 Scotland<br />

Sturridge 24,<br />

Lallana 50, Cahill 61<br />

Slovakia 4-0 Lithuania<br />

Nemec 12, Kucka 15,<br />

Skrtel 36, Hamsik 86<br />

Malta 0-1 Slovenia<br />

Verbic 47<br />

another. Some thrown by home<br />

fans landed on the pitch, causing<br />

a delay just before the half-time<br />

mark.<br />

Twelve Polish fans had already<br />

been arrested before the game after<br />

fighting in a city centre bar and<br />

clashes with police outside the stadium.<br />

Around 4,000 police were mobilised<br />

for the high-risk game. •

Downtime<br />

29<br />

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER <strong>13</strong>, <strong>2016</strong><br />

DT<br />


ACROSS<br />

1 Philatelic item (5)<br />

6 School of whales (3)<br />

7 Presentation (5)<br />

10 Beneath (5)<br />

12 Ship's company (4)<br />

<strong>13</strong> Efface (5)<br />

15 Deeply engrossed (4)<br />

16 Unwell (3)<br />

18 Distress call (3)<br />

20 Deserve (4)<br />

22 Top room (5)<br />

23 Scoff (4)<br />

25 Sends out (5)<br />

27 Of birth (5)<br />

28 Neckwear (3)<br />

29 Surrender (5)<br />

DOWN<br />

1 Rejects with disdain (6)<br />

2 Weight (3)<br />

3 Snakes (6)<br />

4 Protective bank (7)<br />

5 Do wrong (3)<br />

8 Top card (3)<br />

9 Small valley (4)<br />

11 Period of time (3)<br />

14 Majestic (7)<br />

16 Urge on (6)<br />

17 Fell into disuse (6)<br />

19 Augury (4)<br />

21 Edge (3)<br />

22 Craft (3)<br />

24 Consume (3)<br />

26 Sesame (3)<br />


How to solve: Each number in our<br />

CODE-CRACKER grid represents a<br />

different letter of the alphabet. For<br />

example, today 18 represents R so fill R<br />

every time the figure 18 appears.<br />

You have two letters in the control<br />

grid to start you off. Enter them in the<br />

appropriate squares in the main grid, then<br />

use your knowledge of words to work out<br />

which letters go in the missing squares.<br />

Some letters of the alphabet may not be<br />

used.<br />

As you get the letters, fill in the other<br />

squares with the same number in the<br />

main grid, and the control grid. Check<br />

off the list of alphabetical letters as you<br />

identify them.<br />



SUDOKU<br />

How to solve: Fill in the blank spaces with the<br />

numbers 1 – 9. Every row, column and 3 x 3 box must<br />

contain all nine digits with no number repeating.<br />







30<br />

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER <strong>13</strong>, <strong>2016</strong><br />

DT<br />

Showtime<br />

At a glance: Leonard Cohen from the tower of songs<br />

• Showtime Desk<br />

With his deep voice, his songs<br />

seemed like prayers, he spoke<br />

about his fears and sang about his<br />

sorrows. His fans and peers called<br />

him a “Renaissance man.” He was<br />

indeed, one of a kind. Earlier this<br />

week, the world lost yet another<br />

jewel - Leonard Cohen.<br />

Often referred to as one of<br />

the most important songwriters<br />

of the 1960, along with the likes<br />

of Bob Dylan and Paul Simons,<br />

Cohen was known was Canada’s<br />

golden boy when he started out as<br />

a writer. He was even featured in<br />

a documentary called Ladies and<br />

Gentlemen... Mr. Leonard Cohen,<br />

before he was signed by record<br />

labels. Born to Polish immigrants<br />

in Canada, with Jewish roots, he<br />

lost his father at a young age. But<br />

his inheritance, helped him pursue<br />

his relatively less than lucrative<br />

literary career. Within his early<br />

20s, he was an established writer.<br />

But had problems making ends<br />

meet.<br />

As Cohen entered his 30’s,<br />

he decided to pursue a career<br />

in music. He often claimed that<br />

poems are like songs. At the age<br />

of 33, he was in an odd situation<br />

as he was too old to start a serious<br />

music career. But after he signed<br />

a record deal with Columbia<br />

Records, he released his first<br />

album, Songs of Leonard Cohen, in<br />

1967. The album was well received<br />

by critics. From then on, his name<br />

became a household one, but he<br />

had hard time writing songs. He<br />

was anything but prolific and on<br />

the top of that- he suffered from<br />

depression for years. His works<br />

often depict his sorrows, in fact<br />

one of his album, his “Greatest<br />

Hits” collection was voted as<br />

the most depressing album ever,<br />

according to a survey by a British<br />

magazine.<br />

During his dry spell during<br />

the 80s and the 90s, Cohen<br />

explored different religions and<br />

mythologies. Meanwhile, his<br />

younger peers in showbiz kept<br />

covering his songs. His song<br />

Halleluja, had been covered<br />

over 300 times, according to his<br />

biographer Sylvie Simmons. He<br />

was awarded the O.C. (Officer of<br />

the Order of Canada) on April 19,<br />

1991 and the C.C. (Companion of<br />

the Order of Canada) on October<br />

10, 2002 for his services to<br />

music. And his name was kept<br />

alive by the praises sung by his<br />

contemporaries.<br />

In 2012, at the age of 80,<br />

Cohen made a huge comeback,<br />

with his critically acclaimed<br />

album, Popular Problems. And<br />

three weeks before his death, he<br />

released yet another one called,<br />

You Want It Darker, which is being<br />

universally praised.<br />

On <strong>November</strong> 7, <strong>2016</strong>, Leonard<br />

Cohen, peacefully passed away<br />

at the age of 82, in his house in<br />

L.A. His son Adam stated, “My<br />

father passed away peacefully at<br />

his home in Los Angeles with the<br />

knowledge that he had completed<br />

what he felt was one of his greatest<br />

records (You Want It Darker).<br />

He was writing up until his last<br />

moments with his unique brand of<br />

humour.” •<br />

Stalker alert<br />

• Showtime Desk<br />

Celebrities are familiar with<br />

uncomfortable episodes and run<br />

ins with obsessive stalkers. Taylor<br />

Swift is yet another name on the<br />

list, enduring some serious stalker<br />

drama right now. The popstar<br />

and her family members have<br />

been apparently hounded by<br />

the alleged stalker named Frank<br />

Andrew Hoover, 39, over the past<br />

few months but things escalated<br />

quickly when Taylor had a run in<br />

with the stalker on October 22,<br />

while performing at Formula 1<br />

race.<br />

Latest reports by TMZ suggest<br />

that Frank was taken in by the<br />

police on <strong>November</strong> 10. “Not only<br />

has her stalker been bugging her,<br />

he has been bugging her family<br />

and that is what is very scary,” a<br />

close source told HollywoodLife.<br />

com.<br />

“She trusts her security and her<br />

security protocol but to know that<br />

he still got close to her has her a<br />

bit rattled. It is not a fun thing to<br />

know that someone wants to harm<br />

you and the ones you love, it is<br />

heart-wrenching and scary,” the<br />

source added.<br />

It turns out that Taylor is having<br />

a hard time dealing with the scary<br />

encounter. “She tries to not pay<br />

attention to it but she is very aware<br />

of it and when she starts thinking<br />

about it she gets scared,” said the<br />

insider. “But she makes sure to not<br />

focus on it all the time because she<br />

doesn’t want it to consume her.”<br />

The police informed TMZ, “He’d<br />

been hounding Taylor and her<br />

family for months leading up to<br />

her October 22 concert at Formula<br />

1 race. “The night of the show, he<br />

[followed] her motorcade from the<br />

track to the airport where a private<br />

jet was waiting for Taylor and her<br />

parents.” •<br />

Source: HollywoodLife.com, TMZ

Showtime<br />

31<br />

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER <strong>13</strong>, <strong>2016</strong><br />

DT<br />

The Marshall list<br />

If Garry Marshall were still alive, today would be his 82 nd birthday<br />

• Showtime Desk<br />

Writer, producer and actor Garry<br />

Marshall unfortunately passed<br />

away this past July, but left behind<br />

one of the more influential legacies<br />

in cinema history. We take a look<br />

at a list of the must watch movies<br />

by Garry Marshall. His significant<br />

contribution to Hollywood will<br />

never go unnoticed, as regular<br />

moviegoers continue to use some<br />

very memorable movie quotes and<br />

iconic scenes.<br />

Runaway Bride (1999)<br />

Nine years later, Marshall tried to<br />

bring back the popular on-screen<br />

pair in another romantic comedy.<br />

Even though it wasn’t as good as<br />

Pretty Woman, the film remains<br />

as one of his more entertaining<br />

on-screen affairs. This film starts<br />

off simple, then leads to a more<br />

complicated situation. A reporter<br />

is assigned to write a story about<br />

a woman who has left a string of<br />

fiancés at the altar.<br />

Beaches (1988)<br />

Starring Bette Midler and<br />

Barbara Hershey, Marshall had<br />

his first popular feature film.<br />

This film revolves around a<br />

privileged rich debutante and a<br />

cynical struggling entertainer,<br />

who share a turbulent, but<br />

strong childhood friendship over<br />

the years.<br />

The Odd Couple (1971)<br />

Marshall started showing his<br />

directorial talents back in<br />

the early 70s with a popu lar<br />

American television show<br />

that he co-created with Jerry<br />

Belson. The show is about<br />

two men, a new freak and<br />

a slob separated from their<br />

wives, have to live together<br />

despite their differences.<br />

The comedy pair gave way<br />

to more brilliant work from<br />

Marshall. He went to direct<br />

episodes of other popular<br />

TV shows, like Happy Days,<br />

Mork & Mindy, Laverne &<br />

Shirley and many others.<br />

Pretty Woman (1990)<br />

Arguably his best work, with<br />

an “R” rating, Marshall made<br />

Julia Roberts “The American<br />

Darling” after her performance<br />

as a beautiful prostitute who is<br />

approached by a man who finds<br />

himself in a legal yet hurtful<br />

business, in need of an escort for<br />

social events. This may not have<br />

been a huge critical hit, but the<br />

average moviegoer might know<br />

this film of Marshall’s over any<br />

other. The film also stars the<br />

handsome and dashing Richard<br />

Gere.<br />

The Princess Diaries (2001)<br />

At the turn of the century, Marshall had a gem on his hands,<br />

launching the career of now established Anne Hathaway. With<br />

the ever-so-graceful Julie Andrews as a co-star, the film was<br />

very popular after its release, and Marshall stuck to his familiar<br />

elements in filmmaking. Mia Thermopolis (Hathaway) finds out<br />

that she is the heir apparent to the throne of Genovia. With her<br />

friends Lilly and Michael in tow, she tried to navigate through the<br />

rest of her 16 th year.<br />

Three years later, Marshall would go on to make the sequel<br />

to the Anne Hathaway starrer in The Princess Diaries 2: Royal<br />

Engagement. In 2010 and 2011, he went back to back with ensemble<br />

casts on national holidays in his films Valentine’s Day and New<br />

Year’s Eve. His final directorial project was <strong>2016</strong>’s Mother’s Day. •<br />


Spy Hard<br />

Star Movies 7:37pm<br />

Dick Steele, Agent WD-40 is<br />

assigned by his director, to stop<br />

the evil General Rancor from<br />

destroying the world. WD-40<br />

believed Rancor was dead and he<br />

teams up with the hot KGB agent<br />

Veronique Ukrinsky to find Rancor<br />

and save the world.<br />

Cast: Leslie Nielsen, Nicolletee<br />

Sheridan, Charles Durning<br />

Mission: Impossible – Rogue<br />

Nation<br />

HBO 9:45pm<br />

Ethan and team take on their<br />

most impossible mission yet,<br />

eradicating the Syndicate - an<br />

International rogue organisation<br />

as highly skilled as they are,<br />

committed to destroying the IMF.<br />

Cast: Tom Cruise, Rebecca<br />

Ferguson, Jeremy Renner<br />

Terminator Salvation<br />

WB 8:57pm<br />

In 2018, a mysterious new weapon<br />

in the war against the machines,<br />

half-human and half-machine,<br />

comes to John Connor on the eve<br />

of a resistance attack on Skynet.<br />

But whose side is he on, and can<br />

he be trusted?<br />

Cast: Christian Bale, Sam<br />

Worthington, Anton Yelchin<br />

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles<br />

Zee Studio 9:30pm<br />

When a kingpin threatens New<br />

York City, a group of mutated<br />

turtle warriors must emerge from<br />

the shadows to protect their home.<br />

Cast: Megan Fox, Will Arnett,<br />

William Fichtner<br />

Big Hero 6<br />

Movies Now 9:30pm<br />

The special bond that develops<br />

between plus-sized inflatable<br />

robot Baymax, and prodigy Hiro<br />

Hamada, who team up with a<br />

group of friends to form a band of<br />

high-tech heroes.<br />

Cast: Ryan Potter, Scott Adsit,<br />

Jamie Chung

32<br />

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER <strong>13</strong>, <strong>2016</strong><br />

DT<br />



Back Page<br />




LIST PAGE 31<br />

‘DLF bringing Bangladesh to the world’<br />

• Nure Alam Durjoy<br />

Dhaka Lit Fest (DLF) is the biggest<br />

English language literature festival<br />

in Bangladesh bringing together international<br />

and local writers for a<br />

3-day long literary festival.<br />

International events like the<br />

DLF can help elevate the image of<br />

Bangladesh in the global literary<br />

circle, said speakers at a roundtable<br />

titled “Literature for All” yesterday.<br />

It was organised by Bangla Tribune<br />

and moderated by Ekattor TV<br />

host Mithila Farzana, with writers,<br />

poets, researchers, prominent intellectuals<br />

as well as DLF organisers<br />

discussing the importance of events<br />

like these and the DLF model.<br />

DLF Director and Dhaka Tribune<br />

publisher Kazi Anis Ahmed, DLF<br />

Director Sadaf Saaz, Poet Kaiser<br />

Haq, Masuda Bhatti, writer Papri<br />

Rahman and Audity Falguni took<br />

part in the discussion.<br />

In response to a question from<br />

the moderator, asking if literature<br />

is only for the privileged few,<br />

Bangla Academy General Director<br />

Shamsuzzaman Khan said: “Early<br />

on we did not see much excitement<br />

over the Lit Fest. But the people<br />

who do come bring great passion<br />

and bring their friends and by word<br />

of mouth this is slowly becoming a<br />

global event.”<br />

He said the Fest features many<br />

aspects of our folk culture and with<br />

a good translator many Bangali<br />

writers can win the Nobel prize.<br />

Bangla Tribune holds a roundtable discussion with participants and organisers of Dhaka Lit Fest<br />

When asked if DLF is for the mainstream<br />

Bangla readers, DLF Director<br />

Sadaf Saaz said: “We are bringing the<br />

world to Bangladesh and bringing<br />

Bangladesh to the world.”<br />

“But we do not think DLF is only<br />

about western literature because<br />

we wanted to make it an international<br />

literary event. The debates<br />

during the Fest are integral to<br />

critical discussions about current<br />

issues, a platform we desperately<br />

need,” she added.<br />

In her speech, Sadaf Saaz said<br />

every year DLF is getting bigger<br />

and more successful and this year<br />

Nobel laureate VS Naipaul is coming<br />

to Bangladesh for the first time.<br />

K Anis Ahmed spoke at the discussion<br />

about the arrangement of<br />

the Lit Fest, saying: “We read and<br />

absorb global literature, so why<br />

shouldn’t we put in the effort to<br />

take our literature to a global audience.<br />

This event is building bridges<br />

and promoting exchange among<br />

literary minds throughout the<br />

world and it is gradually increasing<br />

in scope.”<br />

“We have strong writers. We lost<br />

Syed Shamsul Haq recently. His<br />

writings have not been exposed to<br />

the world. But many small countries<br />

including Somalia and Combodia,<br />

those who have little connection<br />

to English horizon, have been<br />

able to achieve global recognition.”<br />

“So why is Bangla literature not<br />

widespread globally? Because we<br />

need easy and simple translations,”<br />

he said.<br />

Papri Rahman praised the efforts<br />

of DLF for introducing Bangali<br />

writers to the world through the<br />

Lit Fest.<br />

Adity Falguni spoke of the constructive<br />

literary platform created<br />

by DLF where prominent writers<br />

from around the world participate<br />

in sharing their knowledge.<br />

Poet and translator Kaiser Huq<br />


said that when the fest initially<br />

started, it was limited in space and<br />

scope which is gradually increasing<br />

and being inclusive of everyone<br />

wanting to attend.<br />

Masuda Bhatti said many writers<br />

from the around the world are<br />

coming to Bangladesh.<br />

“This helps us understand their<br />

thoughts through their writings<br />

and I think, it is important for<br />

Bangladeshi writers to participate<br />

in the outer world’s literary festivals<br />

the same way.”<br />

DLF will hold a press conference<br />

today at 11am at Bangla Academy<br />

Dhaka Lit Fest. •<br />

Gas supply from Rupganj stuck at Roads and Highways<br />

• Aminur Rahman Rasel<br />

The refusal of the Roads and Highways<br />

Department (RHD) to permit a gas supply<br />

pipeline is depriving the national grid<br />

of 10 million cubic feet gas supply and<br />

forcing a Tk60 crore plant to sit idle.<br />

More than two and half years have<br />

passed since the discovery of Rupganj<br />

gas field in Narayanganj. A processing<br />

plant worth Tk60 crore has been built<br />

on the field to supply gas into the grid,<br />

but it is sitting idle. The cost of digging<br />

the gas field well was around Tk100<br />

crore.<br />

Sources in the Energy and Mineral<br />

Resources Division said that even<br />

though all the other works of the project<br />

had been completed without much<br />

hassle, the construction of the pipeline<br />

could not be started because of lack of<br />

permission from the RHD.<br />

The gas field was discovered by<br />

the State-owned Petrobangla’s exploration<br />

wing Bangladesh Petroleum<br />

Exploration and Production Company<br />

Ltd (Bapex). It can supply 10 million<br />

cubic feet (mmcft) of gas with which a<br />

50MW power plant could be powered<br />

or around 100 large scale industries<br />

could be operated, said an official from<br />

Titas Gas Transmission and Distribution<br />

Company Limited.<br />

Industry insiders say gas from the<br />

Rupganj gas field could have solved the<br />

existing gas crisis in Narayanganj industrial<br />

area where many of the gas driven<br />

industries are suffering from limited<br />

supply.<br />

Sources said the Power Ministry will<br />

soon hold a meeting to talk about this<br />

issue, which Principle Secretary to the<br />

Prime Minister Abul Kalam Azad will<br />

preside over.<br />

Petrobangla in June 2014 declared<br />

Rupganj the 26th new gas field in Bangladesh.<br />

The field may have a reserve of 50<br />

billion cubic feet (bcf) of gas, meaning<br />

a daily supply of 10-15 mmcft would<br />

last for around 17 years.<br />

The authorities need to set up a<br />

6km-long gas transmission line to feed<br />

it to the national grid.<br />

Titas Gas needs permission from<br />

the RHD as the gas field is located near<br />

Purbachal area. The pipeline will be<br />

A processing plant worth Tk60 crore has<br />

been built on the field to supply gas into the<br />

grid, but it is sitting idle<br />

built on RHD’s land.<br />

An official with the Energy and<br />

Mineral Resources Division, seeking<br />

anonymity, said that despite repeated<br />

attempts, Titas has failed to get the<br />

permission from RHD.<br />

Titas MD Mir Moshiur Rahman said:<br />

“The Roads and Highways Department<br />

has told us that in the future there will<br />

be projects under Public-Private Partnership<br />

(PPP) here and the presence of<br />

the pipeline will create problems.”<br />

Titas has been unable to get permission<br />

for the pipeline despite repeated<br />

attempts, Moshiur said.<br />

“We have informed the highest authority<br />

of the government about this,”<br />

he added.<br />

Bapex MD Md Atiquzzaman said:<br />

“We have already built a processing<br />

plant to supply gas to the grid.<br />

“Titas gas was supposed to buy gas<br />

from us but since the pipeline cannot<br />

be built, our plant is sitting idle.”<br />

Ebne Alam Hasan, chief engineer<br />

of RHD and MAN Siddique, secretary<br />

of the Road Transport and Highways<br />

Division could not be reached for<br />

comments. •<br />

Editor: Zafar Sobhan, Published and Printed by Kazi Anis Ahmed on behalf of 2A Media Limited at Dainik Shakaler Khabar Publications Limited, 153/7, Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208. Editorial, News & Commercial Office: FR Tower,<br />

8/C Panthapath, Shukrabad, Dhaka 1207. Phone: 9<strong>13</strong>2093-94, Advertising: 9<strong>13</strong>2155, Circulation: 9<strong>13</strong>2282, Fax: News-9<strong>13</strong>2192, e-mail: news@dhakatribune.com, info@dhakatribune.com, Website: www.dhakatribune.com

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