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May 2004 - Published by Maverick Region

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Porsche Perfect Service Award

No.1 in the nation for customer

satisfaction for our second consecutive year

Audi Magna Society

Honoring the top 30 Audi dealerships

Volkswagen Wolfsburg Crest Club

Honoring the top seven Volkswagen

dealerships in six regions

At Boardwalk Auto Group, the brands we offer would

mean very little if our customers didn’t prefer the

brand of customer service they receive from us. This

year, we’re proud to have earned all three of our

manufacturers’ highest awards for delivering the finest

possible customer satisfaction to our customers. Which

proves the measure of a fine dealership isn’t which

brands it represents but how it represents them. We

chose the brands, and we continually thank our customers

for choosing us.

5930 W. Plano Parkway


5930 W. Plano Parkway


601 S. Central Expwy.


Volume 55, May 2004, Issue 5


Zone 5 Presidents ..........................................................1

List of Officers/Board Chairs .......................................4

Road Ramblings (President’s Column)......................5

Curves Ahead (Editor’s Column)...............................8

Maverick Minutes..........................................................8

New Wheels..................................................................27


Advertiser Index...........................................................27


Upcoming Events

Calendar of Events..........................................................1

Golf Scramble .................................................................2

May at Mayo’s .................................................................2

Porsche Lunches .............................................................2

Board Meeting ................................................................2

Hope Shelter Benefit Poker Run...................................3

Happy Hour at Sea Grill................................................9

Nacodoches Tour..........................................................22

2004 Autocross & Time Trial Schedule......................23

Past Event Recaps

Happy Hour at Dave & Buster's ...................................9

East Texas Daffodil Tour........................................14-15

Time Trial #1 ...........................................................16-17

Autocross #1 ............................................................18-19

Hill Country Bluebonnet Tour .............................20-21


Hope “Building” Update .............................................10

Trivia Contest................................................................13

AX & TT Rules Change ...............................................22

Generous Hope Shelter Gift from DE Workers .......24

Day May - Events

2 Paris Tour

4 Board Meeting at Autoscope

8 May at Mayo’s

15-16 HCR DE (MSR)

18 Plano & Bedford Lunches

20 Happy Hour

25 Addison Lunch

Day June - Events

5-6 TT#4 & AX#3 (MW)

8 Board Meeting at

Park Place Porsche

10 Happy Hour

12-13 Nacodoches Tour

13 Autocross #4 (Penn)

15 Plano & Bedford Lunches

19-20 Drivers Education (MSR)

29 Addison Lunch


Kevin Kevin Hardison, Hardison, Dennis Dennis Chamberlain,

Tinker Tinker Edwards, Edwards, Drew Drew Campbell, Campbell,

Dee Dee Lersch, Lersch, Bob Bob Lewis Lewis

Cover Cover Photo Photo by byKevin Hardison Hardison

Tom Snodgrass (insert your focusing caption on here) carrying

more speed out of the decreasing radius at

Mineral Wells Time Trial #1.

Day July - Events

4-10 **PARADE ‘04 - Fort Worth**

15 Happy Hour

20 Plano & Bedford Lunches

27 Addison Lunch

31 Dinner Social

There will be no July Board Meeting

Day August - Events

6-8 Post Parade Weekend

7-8 BMW/Porsche Club Race (MSR)

10 Board Meeting at Autobahn

17 Plano & Bedford Lunches

19 Happy Hour

27-29 Arkansas Tour

28 Time Trial #5 (MW)

29 Autocross #5 (MW)

31 Addison Lunch

Photo by Kevin Hardison


Kevin Hardison, Dennis Chamberlain,

Tinker Edwards, Drew Campbell,

Dee Lersch, Bob Lewis

Cover Photo by Kevin Hardison

(insert your caption here)

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2004 Porsche Club Zone 5 Presidents


Kenneth A. Chandler



Tinker Floyd



Stan Wenger



Brad Bradford



Ron Mott



Mike Lindsey



Brooke Van Horne


Dick Dobson



Weston Dillard



Ruth Parks



Keith Olcha



Leslie Morse



Ray Quick



11:30-1:00, Tuesday, May 15

11:30-1:00, Tuesday, May 15

11:30-1:00, Tuesday, May 29



2004 Maverick Region - Board, Officers & Chairs

Maverick Region President

Keith Olcha

W - (817) 706-7678

H - (817) 251-6865

711 Manchester Court

Southlake, TX 76092

Keith has been a regular at all of our driving

events and has recently been heavily involved

in the planning of our Driver’s Education

program. Keith has also started driving his 911

RS in PCA Club Races.


Noby Takahashi

W - 972-761-4311

H - 214-327-8911

9201 Garland Road, #115A

Dallas, TX 75218

Noby has been a member since 2000. He is an

active participant in many Maverick driving

events and has helped out with the Autocross

schools. He drives a 2001 Boxster S.


Mimi Spreen

H - 972-420-9953

709 Reno Street

Lewisville, TX 75077

Mimi has been a PCA member since 1989,

including being actively involved in 2 other

regions. She served with husband, Carey,

as Vice President for 2 years. She drives a

1970 914-6.


Bob Knight

W - (214) 461-1426

H - (214) 349-1108

9047 Oakpath

Dallas, TX 75243

A member since 1986, Bob has previously

held the offices of President and Vice

President, edited Slipstream, and has won

the Selcer Memorial award. He owns a 2000

Boxster S.

Drivers Education

John Sandusky

W - (817) 777-0421

John has been a member since 1986. He has

become increasingly involved in Drivers'

Education events over the past few years. He

drives a track prepared 1990 C2.

Logistics & Support

Joe McGlohen

H - (817) 861-2792

704 Bowen Court

Arlington, TX 76012

Joe has been involved in virtually every type of

event that the Maverick Region holds.

Joe was the 2001 Selcer Memorial award winner.

He owns a 912 and a 914 2.0 liter.


Wendy Shoffit

H - (972) 506-7449

1112 Santa Fe Trail

Irving, TX 75063

A member since 1997, Wendy is a past

Slipstream Editor and has won the Selcer

Memorial Award. 2001 PCA Family of the

Year. She owns a ‘90 C4 Cab and a ‘78 SC.

Rallies & Event Ad Design

Teri Davis

H - (940) 682-4719

P.O. Box 213

Weatherford, TX 76086

Teri is a past Slipstream Editor and the

current Rally Chair. She has also been a

major force behind Round Up and the

recent Rally Schools.

DE Chief Instructor

Club Race Co-Chair

Bryan Henderson

W - (817) 858-7526

H - (817) 354-6045

AX Chair, TT Chief Instructor

Chuck Machala

W - (940) 381-9070

C - (940) 206-4338


Joel Nannis

W - (817) 329-1600

H - (972) 722-2735

Managing Newsletter Editor

Matt Platts

H - (817) 919-1253

DE Asst Chief Instructor

Keith Olcha

W - (817) 706-7678

H - (817) 251-6865

TT Chair, AX Chief Instructor

Bill Miller

Goodie Store

Robyn Howard

Cell - (972) 679-0112

Slipstream Advertising

Mike Brodigan

H - (817) 488-8520

C - (817) 233-0068

Driving Education - Tech

Ray Leudecke

(972) 342-7412

Driving Rules

Bill Dugan

H - (817) 265-0704 (

Road Ramblings

by Keith Olcha, Maverick Region President

May is here, along with the warmer

weather and Memorial Day. I

would like to cover a number of

topics in this month’s column starting with

some thanks to several parties. First of all,

I’d like to thank Robyn Howard for taking

over the Goodie Store from Dee and John

Lersch. Robyn has some fresh ideas and

Dee and John have been kind enough to

transition the operation smoothly over to Robyn. I want to

thank Dee and John again for over two years of support in

running the store. One idea Robyn and I have discussed is

adding the Goodie Store items for display on the new

Maverick website. Which brings me to my next thank-you.

When we began our search for a new webmaster for our

site, Wendy Shoffit suggested Steve Boyd. Wendy has been

working with him on the Parade website and that’s been

going very well. Steve had some help on the new website,

but will be the main point of contact from now on. If you

haven’t seen either website, please visit

and You’ll like the results. I guarantee it!

Thanks to Wendy for her suggestion, and Steve for his


... thanks to several parties ...

I also want to thank Joe McGlohen, our safety and

race-control chair and the many volunteers from the

Maverick Region who helped out the Lone-Star Chapter

(DFW area) BMW club in putting on their DE in March.

Many of the staff positions filled by Mavericks can be,

and oftentimes are paid worker positions. These workers

plus several other volunteers (Grid, corner station,

Black-Flag, Control, Instructors) worked for free for 16

hours over two days based on an agreement struck

between Bob Mainini the BMW DE chairman and Joe.

Maverick would help run the event; Lone-Star BMW

Chapter would donate $1200.00 to the Hope shelter on

our behalf. I received a very nice thank you letter from

Lisa Huffaker the Shelter’s administrator after we sent

her the check. This is another step in the “Rebuilding

Hope” project where Maverick is assisting the Hope

Shelter in constructing their new facility. The current

building (house) is both worn-out and too small. There

is more on the Hope Project later in this issue of


Speaking of the month of May- it must be time for

May at Mayo’s”, a Saturday night social tradition that

has been going on for several years. In years past, it was

held in partnership with Ussery Printing. Mayo

Performance cleans up, moves out the cars, and hosts a

dinner for enthusiasts by enthusiasts. Both Mayo

Performance and Ussery Printing have been contribut-

ing to the region in many ways for years. Ussery Printing

has printed Slipstream 1982, at a reduced rate, that at

times has generated a loss, all to help keep our costs

down and to serve the club. Mayo Performance has been

providing Autocross, Time-Trial, and Drivers Education

technical inspections for free to Maverick as well as non-

Maverick entrants for as long as I can remember.

By the way, let me mention that this month’s board

meeting will be held at Autoscope in Plano. I met Nerces,

Autoscope’s owner, a couple of years ago at a Drivers

Education, and I’m glad to finally get to see his shop.

I got back recently from two very enjoyable eventsone

was the annual club race at Texas World Speedway

put on by the Lone Star (Houston) Region of PCA, and

the other a weekend meeting with the Ozark Region up

in Arkansas. I’d like to congratulate a few Maverick drivers

for really outstanding racing performances at College

Station last month in the club race. The first goes to Jim

Collier, who formerly ran in my class- C stock before

recently purchasing a 2004 GT3 Super Cup race car. He

took three first-in-class (GTC-3) wins along with one

second overall, and one first-place overall in his run

group. Jim teamed with another Maverick, Jim Buckley

in the 90 minute Enduro on Sunday. Early in the race,

Jim Buckley set the lap record at the track for the GT3

Super Cup class. Jim also set the track record for his normal

race class G-stock the prior day in another car. While

both Jims were setting the track on fire during the

Enduro, Maverick Glen Gatlin came in a strong second

place overall, and second in class behind Buckley and

Collier in his 2001 Cup Car. Glen beat other drivers with

newer cars to get second place. Meanwhile Bryan

Henderson and Mike Lapp, who have both been driving

their respective F-stock cars for years, both had personal

bests lap time-wise during the weekend, and broke

through some significant lap time barriers.

Lastly, I had a wonderful weekend in early April up

in Arkansas. Ron Mott, the Ozark President asked

Charlie Davis and me to come up and join their Saturday

meeting to present an overview of the 2004 Porsche

Parade with respect to the events, schedule, and any tips

we could provide to the 18 people from the region who

plan to attend Parade this year in Fort Worth starting

July 4th. Let me mention that Arkansas does not actually

have a Porsche dealership in the state, and Ozark has

100 members. Now you understand why that group of 18

is a real team of enthusiasts. Of course no trip up there

would be complete without a good drive through the

country. After the meeting we drove from 4:30pm until

7:00pm through the twisties on a route that Ron knows

well and planned earlier. Then we had dinner back at his

house with he and his wife Joani. 815 miles driven,

including a meeting, lunch, a dinner, a brisk tour

through the countryside, and 6 hours sleep in 29 hours

elapsed time. Only in a Porsche!


2 for2

As one of only two dealerships in the country to earn the Premiere Dealer and

Perfect Service Award - and the only one in the Lone Star State - we were, shall

we say, a bit excited. Thanks to our incredible clients, our perfection-driven

staff, and Porsche, for giving us a reason to celebrate today, and every day.

4101 OAK LAWN AVENUE DALLAS, TEXAS 75219 214.525.5400


Email: or

FAX at (817) 267-4939










Curves Ahead

by Matt Platts, Editor

Once again this month, we have an issue

that is packed with great events. We were

a little tight in April issue, so the

Daffodil Tour to East Texas had to wait until this

issue. On the up side, you can enjoy an abundance

of great photos from this tour as well as

the April tour to the Texas Hill Country. By the

time you read this, you’ll have already missed

the tour to Paris, Texas, but don’t fret - you can

still make the Nacogdoches Tour in June. Spring and early summer

are definitely the tour seasons in Texas; there are so many

great sights to see and wonderful driving weather to enjoy.

April also marked the start of the official driving season.

Many Mavericks (and non-Mavericks!) attended the first Time

Trial and Autocross of the season at Mineral Wells. As is often

the case at Mineralring, weather wasn’t very cooperative, but

everyone that I’ve talked to had a great time. Chuck Machala

designed a very creative Autocross course that was enjoyed by

all. It was a long course, so seat time was at a

maximum. Take a look at the times on page 19 and you’ll see

what I mean. It isn’t very often that you get to drive a 90+

second Autocross (even high 80’s for the ‘fast’ people).

The month of May has a new event for the Maverick Region

Maverick Minutes

by Mimi Spreen, Secretary

The April Board meeting was held at the

home of Lanean Hughes on Tuesday, April

6, 2004

Attendees: Matt Platts, Keith Olcha, Mimi

Spreen, Michael Wingfield, STeve Boyd, Joel

Nannis, Mike Brodigan Noby Takahashi, Bill

Miller, Chuck Machala, Andy Mears, Wendy

Shoffit, Joe McGlohen, Dennis Chamberlain

and Bob Knight.

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 pm with Keith's

'Round the Room

Keith - the next board meeting will be held at Autoscope on

5/4. The Board decided not to hold a meeting the month of July,

because of the fact that Parade will be held from 7/4 - 10. There

is a new Goodie Store leader, Robyn Howard. She will work with

Steve Boyd, to have pictures of commonly used items up on the

web site for demo purposes only. You can look at the item, then

buy it from Robyn, not order on line. We received a letter from

Lisa at Hope Shelter regarding the $1,200 donation from the

recent BMW DE’s corner workers.

Miller - TT #1 at Mineral Wells went well. Rules and

procedure changes requested and made.

Matt - needs articles and pictures. Discussed what articles he

needs. It's the chairmen's responsibility to get Matt the articles

and pictures. He shouldn't have to chase down an article. Parade

special issue, which will be the July issue, will work extra hard to

get printed and available to hand out at Parade.

Joel - 1190 members. Completed a 6 month update of


- a golf outing! If you are a golfer, grab your clubs and head out

to the Bear Creek Golf Club on Saturday, May 8th. Bear Creek is

conveniently located on the West border of DFW airport, so it

should be an easy drive for almost everyone. Play starts early, so

you should have plenty of time for the short drive to Mayo’s

(also in Euless) for the May at Mayo’s dinner social. See page 2

for more information and send a RSVP to Lee Wilkins. We’ll

work hard to get future golf event notices to you with plenty of

time to plan.

The Hope Shelter will be benefiting from a pair of fundraising

events later in the month. Several sponsors have organized

a “Poker Run” for the weekend of May 22nd/23rd. Saturday

is for cars & trucks, while Sunday is for motorcycles. If you have

never driven a Poker Run, it can be a hoot - you should try it

out. I’m sure they have some great driving routes planned, and

with the proceeds benefiting the Hope Shelter, you can’t go

wrong. There’s even a dinner/dance on Saturday night for those

of you who would like to kick up your spurs.

Lastly, I would like to remind everyone that there are three

different groups that meet for lunch socials around the

metroplex each month. If you live or work in the North Dallas

or Mid-Cities areas, then come check us out. See the ad on page

2 for more details.

Wendy - Parade has 526 entrants. There is a meeting on 4/17

at the Worthington at 9:00 am. Ussery Printing’s cost to print

Slipstream has been rising for several years. Ussery has proposed

an increase of $300 per month to cover the increased costs, that

price includes prepress time. A motion was made to approve the

increase of $300 to a total of $1,850 per issue beginning with the

May issue. Printing costs will be evaluated again when new

advertising rates are proposed later this year.

Steve Boyd - needs pictures of events, ie: driving events and

social, to put on the new and improved website.

Noby - nada

Chuck - There is an autocross on Easter and also an

autocross at TMS on 4/18.

Mike Brodigan - will put together a proposal to give to

Slipstream advertisers increasing their costs. He feels that we will

still fill the magazine, but may lose some long time advertisers.

Michael - Mazda's Rev it up, last weekend had several

Mavericks who were in the top 5% overall, driving Mazda's


Lanean - Hope Shelter project is now looking at buying a

separate property because of land issues. Once the new property

is purchased, building will begin. The President of PCA Hawaii

Region was in town and visited with Lanean.

Bob Knight - cashed in 2 of 3 CD's and will be moving

account to JP Morgan Chase. Signature cards were signed by the

appropriate Board Members. First quarter numbers have been

submitted and will be published in Slipstream.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm.


Happy Hour at Dave & Buster's

by Dennis Chamberlain

Happy Hour Crew: Jay Easley,

Tinker Edwards and Dennis Chamberlain

Luckily, Dave & Buster’s was

prepared to handle us. Of

the fifty attendees, we had

plenty of new members and

several veteran members

who were attending their

first happy hour.

Dave & Buster's at

Walnut Hill and Central is

now managed by longtime

PCA member Mark

Gomez, who arranged,

among other things, for

game cards for the

attendees (at least the ones

who rsvp’d!).

New members included

Kim Lambert (1990 911),

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

We had fifty attendees

for the March

18 happy hour at

Dave & Buster's, of which

thirty sent rsvp’s. This was

our first happy hour incorporating

the rsvp approach,

and it caught a lot of

members by surprise.

Janet & Jack Ormberget

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

John & Kelly Hrad

whose husband Ken

couldn’t attend due to

choir practice with the

Vocal Majority, Wayne

Sankey (’97 993),

Michael Barba (’90

944), Robert & Debbie

Thompson (2000 911),

and Mike Boling

(2000 996).

Friends that we

haven’t seen for awhile

included Benjamin

Witry, John & Kelly

Hrad, Jack and Janet

Ormberget, Mike

Stafford, and Tom and

Carol Mahon.

For our May 20

Bob Lewis & Tinker Edwards

happy hour, we’re

returning to the Sea Grill on the Dallas North Tollway at the

Trinity Mills exit. Hope to see you there!

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Kim Lambert, Robert & Debbie Thompson


Hope “Building” Update

By Mark Gluck

Have you looked for a reason to become more

involved with your club, to satisfy that desire to

do more for and with the communities of which

you are a part? Maverick Region is one of the major

sponsors of the Hope Shelter, for victims of domestic

violence. Through

the club's activities

over the years we

have become a welcome

benefactor of

some very deserving

people. Our participation

has been significant

with respect

to the overall aspirations

and needs of

the shelter, and much


Members of the club

are always treated as

very special people

whenever we visit

the Shelter. We make

donations of cash and

goods throughout the

year, gleaned from our

various events. A few

months ago we got the idea to think MUCH bigger.

Our club, with participation from the community at

large, is going to see that a new 5,000 square foot facility

is created to further the efforts of the shelter for years

to come. We are committed to this possibility, and a

dedicated team is working on the foundations, so to

Yes! I want to help. Here’s how:

speak. We have found many people are excited about

the possibility of being associated with such a worthy

project, and one that is linked so closely with their club.

I encourage you to contact me to see how you might

easily contribute - not necessarily monetarily, but with

assistance, contacts

and expertise.

We have

already completed



and concepts,

initial project

plans and time

lines. We are

presently dealing

with zoning,


etc. and,

depending on

the results,

hope to move

quickly to

final plans

and construction!

That can only happen

with the broad participation of our club members and

others in the community. The key to our success is participation

by interested people such as you. Mention

our project to a few other people, give THEM the

opportunity to participate if they wish. Tell us how

you want to participate. This is a gift that will give

back to you and them many times over.

Name: ______________________________________________

Phone: ______________________________________________

Email: ______________________________________________

Please contact me about donating:

____ Construction services - type ________________________

____ Construction materials - type ______________________

____ Cash

____ My Personal Time

____ Other __________________________________________



Send your information to: Mark Gluck, 1925 Maplewood Tr, Colleyville, TX 76034

Phone: 817-706-9061 •



1033 N. Henderson St.

Fort Worth, TX

(817) 877–1772

Forgeline • Brembo • Eibach • Sparco • Borla • Hoosier • MOMO • Red Line • OMP • Teamtech • Fuel Safe


Bob Kuykendall (5)

Carey Spreen (5), James Milton (5), Brad Hescock (5),

Scott Wolthuis (5), Pierce Hooper (5), Eric Erz (4), Henry Sims (4), Tom Hagen (4),

Kevin Paris (4), Mark Hanna (4)


East Texas Daffodil Tour

by Bonnie Glover

The answer to Willow City Loop and bluebonnets is in East Texas.

Instead of fields of blue as far as the eye can see, picture hills and

valleys of yellow as far as the eye can see. Mrs. Lee's Daffodil

Garden, Daffodil Valley, and a railroad car full of daffodil bulbs planted

over 40 years ago now produce a view of daffodils not seen anywhere

except in Holland.

Locals know all this simply as Mrs. Lee's Garden.

Between February and March, visitors (including Porsche

drivers) travel the twisting and turning back roads to reach the 1,150

acre working cattle ranch near Gladewater to witness one of the

Photo by Tinker Edwards

The yellow daffodils make a great photographic backdrop

Photo by Tinker Edwards

Mineola - the Homemade Fried Pie rest stop. "You cannot drive on an

empty stomach!" I think the great driver Fireball Roberts said that.

And, being an ardant fan of Fireball Roberts, we headed down, and

up, and around to Gladewater, the "Antique Capital of East Texas"

and Stephanie's Cheesecakes and Restaurant.

Tourmeister Ted Glover pauses for a photo

spring's most wondrous sights: the flowering of almost 20 acres of

daffodils and an acre of jonquils. Like Willow City Loop, one is

astounded at the magnitude of the spring eruption of color.

... being an ardant fan of Fireball Roberts,

we headed down, and up, and around ...

Prior to arriving at this mecca of yellow, the Porsches first had to

navigate the twists and turns and ups and downs of the back roads

East Texas is known for. As usual, great back roads and visions of food

are a dominant driving force with the drivers on these tours. So, after

an hour and a half of spirited driving, we arrived at the first stop in

Photo by Tinker Edwards

Photo by Tinker Edwards

Hungry Maverick’s awaiting lunch

Photo by Tinker Edwards


Roads wind through beautiful daffodil-filled wooded areas

Mavericks proudly display a new souvenir

Photo by Tinker Edwards

Photo by Tinker Edwards

Yellow “Herbert” nestled in the yellow daffodils

(check out the online Slipstream for full-color photos!)

Yes, some of the roads were dirt - but it was worth it!

After lunch, it was time to slow the pace down, as we were

driving on about four miles of graded dirt ranch roads which wound

through the daffodils. And, not a Cayenne in sight! Our touring

Porsches did very well, thank you very much.

We drove slowly through a sea of vivid yellow blossoms bobbing

in the sunlight. In some places, the color stretches across the hills and

valleys as far as the eye can see. Of course, we had to stop and walk

amongst the daffodils and take a million pictures of daffodils and

Porsches, and not necessarily in that order.

Carolyn, who manages the estate and tours also got involved. She

had her video camera and a 35mm camera, and she had called the

Gladewater media to document this event. She mentioned something

about it becoming part of the "Lifestyles Of The... something-orother"

program. She did say she would call us and inform us when to

expect the segment to air.

After the filming ended, the now famous Porsche Tourers

resumed the spirited back road driving to DFW and our now

inadequate gardens. On the drive back it was difficult to stay

focused on the road because I just knew that every female in the

group was mentally preparing a honey-do list for us poor schmos to

turn our gardens into a Mrs. Lee's Garden. Sorry guys. This trip

sounded great when I planned it!


Time Trial #1

By David Hedderick

As an out of town racer I am never really sure of what

kind of a situation to expect. Usually I feel unfamiliar

with the club’s course layout, organization, most

of the people and what my level of enjoyment will be. We

have all experienced this. You go to an out of town event

and are let down because we did not get as many runs as

we could have due to poor organization or do not enjoy

the course because it did not suit your car. I feel that the

Maverick Region PCA Time Trial events in Mineral Wells

are an exception because I know what to expect, a well run

event, with a good course and great people who put a lot

of time and effort into making the event fun.

... a good course and great people who put a lot

of time and effort into making the event fun ...

The first time I attended the Maverick Region

time trials last year I felt welcomed by everyone, like

they were really happy that I had attended the event.

The people who welcomed me even took the time to

assist a newcomer so he could learn the ropes and

maybe even end up having a fast time as well. I went

home after this event happy and ready to come back to

Mineral Wells to race there again.

Photo by Kevin Hardison

I came back to Mineral Wells on April 10 with

the great expectations, based on my first event there.

Just as I expected the event was excellent. I received a

few instructions to refresh my memory of things that I

needed to be reminded of. The people were the same

warm, friendly group that I had met on my first trip to

the time trials.

Although it was colder than I had expected, being

from Houston where it rarely gets that cool in April,

I still had a great

time driving the

course. It was a

well run event

with a course that

was fun and quite

fast. I particularly

like the lunch

break for 30 to 45

minutes. I’m not

If you are going to hit a cone -

take it with you and try to hide the evidence!

able to take one in

Houston usually

because I’m trying

to troubleshoot

something with the event or running. It’s nice not having

to do a lot of work every so often.

Photo by Drew Campbell

Photo by Kevin Hardison

Photo by Kevin Hardison

Photo by Drew Campbell

Bob Ande returns to Texas and Mineral Wells!

Richard Diller’s very fast 911S had a small mechanical

mishap, but all turned out well

Joel Nannis makes some tire pressure adjustments

Paul Adams in the middle of the crowded and competitive Class 6.


Photo by Kevin Hardison

Photo by Kevin Hardison

Ron Bailey enjoying the first Time Trial of the season.

All in all it was still just as much fun as I remember

it. All the fun of a track day and autocross twisted into

something that shows what I do poorly at both *grin*.

Perhaps bringing my Miata on street tires was more of a

handicap than I had thought it would be. Nevertheless I’ll

try to make it to as many as I can. I enjoyed this event so

much that I plan on coming back with my dad to Time

Trial #2 in the family “racecar”, my mom’s 2001 Porsche

Boxster. Hopefully then I’ll look more like I’m running

a time trial rather than a F.I.A. rally. These events are

something I don’t get the chance to do anywhere else. So

keep up the good work, and I’ll make the 300+ mile

drive as much as I can.

Rocky Johnson takes the TTOD by just .062 seconds!

Time Trial #1 Results

Class Car # Name Car Time Plc Pts.

Class 2

66 Sears, Cody Red 914 70.544 1 9

26 Bailey, Ron Blue 914 74.467 2 7

Class 3

31 Lockas, Mike White 944 71.201 1 9

Class 5

64 Shoffit, James Black 911 SC 67.899 1 9

57 Ande, Bob Yellow 911S 89.077 2 7

Class 5L

11 Shoffit, Wendy Black 911 SC 71.322 1 9

Class 6

1 Machala, Chuck Silver Boxster 67.726 1 9

76 Miller, Bill Black 911 Coupe 68.805 2 7

79 Adams, Paul White 911 70.212 3 5

83 Atkins, Jeff Red 911 73.544 4 4

911 Kuykendall, Robert Black 911 75.197 5 3

Class S6

105 Snodgrass, Tom Yellow Boxster 71.209 1 9

1337 Campbell, Drew Red Boxster 77.475 2 7

337 Campbell, Bill Red Boxster 79.787 3 5

Class S6L

15 Burbank, Shelly Red 911 74.439 1 9

Class 7

242 Shaffer, Darron W-Green Boxster S 70.002 1 9

Class S7L

720 Kavanaugh, Susanna Black Boxster S 73.094 1 9

Class 9

204 Bell, Bryan Silver 996 72.654 1 9

Class 10

111 Hardison, Kevin Blue 914 72.437 1 9

19 Petri, Brian White 914 76.167 1 9

Class 11

3 Nannis, Joel Yellow 914 74.984 1 9

Class 12

619 Johnson, Rocky White 968 66.356 1 9

Class 13

99 Steele, Mark Red 993 67.679 1 9

161 Randall, Rick Black 911 Carerra 68.416 2 7

120 Stubbs, Fred White 911 RSA 74.366 3 5

28 Grasso, Randall Black 911 83.189 4 4

Class 16

550 Diller, Richard Red 911S 66.418 1 9

Class OA

8 Moody, Keith Red Corvette 69.097 1

Class OF

198 Gohlke, Mark Red Spec Racer 68.774 1

98 Krantz, Bob Red Spec Racer 70.470 2

Class OFL

981 Gohlke, Rose Red Spec Racer 76.036 1

Class OG

67 Garcia, John Yellow Atlantic 63.956 1

Class OJ

74 Garner, Gabby White WRX STI 68.925 1

50 Hedderick, David Blue Miata R 72.996 2

Class DD

2 Daniels, James Black SVT Cobra 74.134

16 Collins, Hal Silver Miata 75.605

4 Walker, Craig Silver 996 77.036

17 Queen, Jim Silver Camaro 80.068

77 Shepard, Mark Grey 911 81.199

41 Grasso, Robert Red Mustang 81.460

12 Hendrickson, Jacob Black S2000 83.883

Photo by Kevin Hardison

Fastest Porsches of the Day

Car# Name Car Time

619 Johnson, Rocky White 968 66.356

550 Diller, Richard Red 911S 66.418

99 Steele, Mark Red 993 67.679

1 Machala, Chuck Silver Boxster 67.726

64 Shoffit, James Black 911 SC 67.899

161 Randall, Rick Black 911 Carerra 68.416

76 Miller, Bill Black 911 Coupe 68.805

242 Shaffer, Darron W-Green Boxster S 70.002

79 Adams, Paul White 911 70.212

66 Sears, Cody Red 914 70.544

Mark Shepard steadily improving in the Developng Driver Class.


Autocross #1

By Dean Yamada

Easter Sunday was the first Eastercross of the year for the

Maverick Region PCA. It's been a long winter break and I

was quite anxious to go racing again!

I watched the weather reports for a couple of days before

and with only a 30% chance of rain in Mineral Wells, I wasn't too

worried. It turned out to be a terrific (dry) day, but whatever the

weather forecasts says for Mineral Wells, always add 10 degrees

to the worst and add about 10-20mph to the wind conditions. I

think said an average of 56 degrees Fahrenheit, but

it felt like it was 46 degrees, and of course quite windy!

... whatever the weather forecast says

for Mineral Wells ...

At the start of the event, there were several new things

being tried out for this upcoming autocross season. I noticed

a brand new digital LED timer that shows your car number,

time, and penalties, as well as a new bar code system for keeping

track of the cars as they come to the starting line. It was

mentioned that this new system was being guinea pig'd for

Maverick Region's upcoming involvement in the PCA Parade.

Also new for this season was a starting light - more so a

traffic light system that lets you know when to start your run

or not - red means stop, green means go. Hopefully all of this

new technology means improved efficiencies throughout the

Photo by Kevin Hardison

Cody Sears scanning Brian Petri into the new system.

day and for all future events, including the Parade (Fast

Forward --> We were done with all 8 runs by 1:30pm or so, so

I'd definitely say it helped! ;) )

The course started out with an egg-shaped skid pad that

had a lot of grip. The tire wear on my driver side tires was

noticeably more worn than the passenger side at the end of the

day! :) From the skid pad, it led to a couple of tight 90 degree

turns to a couple of box turns that resembled ears of a rabbit -

how appropriate for Easter Sunday. The course map labeled

this section "The Wabbit Hole." This section led to a long

7 cone, decreasing distance slalom. f your hands weren't quick

enough, it was easy to build too much momentum and spin at

the end - well maybe that was just me. After the slalom, a

couple of sweepers with a tight pivot cone in the middle led to

the tight, slow way down, finish. This was roughly a 90 second

course and had a great combination of fast sections, tight

sections so tight, I didn't think my car was wide enough for the

box turns, and some great sweepers for plenty of drift action,

well maybe that was just me again.

Working the course gave me the opportunity to watch

people's approaches to various sections of the course. From the

morning session, I believe Cody Sears in his 914 and Chuck

Machala in his "Boxter" (Chuck doesn't need the "S" in

Boxster) were battling it out for top time of day. Cody and

Chuck absolutely flew around the Easter egg skid pad and went

Photo by Kevin Hardison

Dean Yamada getting ready to “steer” with the rear wheels at the “detour.”


Photo by Kevin Hardison

practically wide open throttle through the Rabbit-boxes that I

slowed to a crawl for. From what I could tell, Cody finished all

of his braking for the tight sections in a straight line and did his

downshift with a perfect rev match all before he even turned in.

Chuck's approach didn't look fast, but I think the smooth,

graceful inputs is what nets the fastest times. So I guess what

doesn't look fast (smooth inputs) isn't always the case when it

comes to the fast raw time. My approach was nothing short of

"wild-banshee" with the rear end steering the car (not sure how

many cones I hit with the rear end of the car), but hey, I was

having fun, though it wasn't nearly as fast.

I think the flattest cornering car award goes to Bill Miller's

911. After watching dozens of cars through the course, some

with substantial body roll, I was amazed at how flat Bill's 911

stayed through the slalom and the fast sweepers. It seems to be

Cody Sears “hopping” through the decreasing slalom.

Autocross #1 Results

Class Car # Name Car Time Plc Pts.

Class 2

66 Sears, Cody Red 914 86.644 1 9

3 Nannis, Joel Red 914 89.354 2 7

26 Bailey, Ron Blue 914 92.322 3 5

137 Davis, Kevan Green 914 98.365 4 4

Class 3

31 Lockas, Mike White 944 91.124 1 9

Class 5

64 Shoffit, James Black 911 SC 87.790 1 9

Class 5L

11 Shoffit, Wendy Black 911 SC 90.403 1 9

Class 6

1 Machala, Chuck Silver Boxster 86.243 1 9

76 Miller, Bill Black 911 Coupe 87.476 2 7

83 Atkins, Jeff Red 911 94.918 3 5

Class S6

36 Ormberget, Jack Black Boxster 93.466 1 9

Class S6L

15 Burbank, Shelly Red 911 94.708 1 9

Class 7

242 Shaffer, Darron W-Green Boxster S 91.875 1 9

Class S7L

720 Kavanaugh, Susanna Black Boxster S 97.605 1 9

Class 10

111 Hardison, Kevin Blue 914 93.157 1 9

19 Petri, Brian White 914 96.260 1 9

Class 12

619 Johnson, Rocky White 968 87.648 1 9

Class 13

161 Randall, Rick Black 911 Carerra 90.073 1 9

120 Stubbs, Fred White 911 RSA 96.158 2 7

Class 16

21 Gonzales, Rick Yellow 914-6 89.784 1 9

550 Diller, Richard Red 911S 94.949 2 7

Class OA

818 Yamada, Dean Blue Camaro 90.648 1

33 Case, Cody Black Camaro 94.278 2

Class OE

23 Castillo, Ben Graphite S60R 93.792 1

Class OJ

176 Johnson, Jeremy Silver Evolution VIII 88.004 1

126 Williamson, Ron Blue Miata 90.978 2

Photo by Kevin Hardison

Fred Stubbs heading for the finish past the frozen corner workers.

Fastest Porsches of the Day

Car# Name Car Time

1 Machala, Chuck Silver Boxster 86.243

66 Sears, Cody Red 914 86.644

76 Miller, Bill Black 911 Coupe 87.476

619 Johnson, Rocky White 968 87.648

64 Shoffit, James Black 911 SC 87.790

3 Nannis, Joel Red 914 89.354

21 Gonzales, Rick Yellow 914-6 89.784

161 Randall, Rick Black 911 Carerra 90.073

11 Shoffit, Wendy Black 911 SC 90.403

31 Lockas, Mike White 944 91.124

set up very nicely and not oversprung or bouncy - it just looks

like it corners on rails. Kudos also goes to Kevin Hardison for

being the "photo guy" and snapping action photos at various

sections of the course.

In summary, the first autocross event of the year was a big

success. The mix of fast and tight sections gave all cars - from

high horsepower, heavy American domestics to lightweight,

low horsepower, grippy 914's a chance to shine in different sections

of the course. Leaving around 1:30pm was also a plus as

I got to squeeze in some good autocross racing and still make it

back for the rest of the Easter Sunday festivities.The diverse mix

of cars - old and new Porsches, 914/916, Boxsters, 911's alike as

well as a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, American Iron, Miatas, and

even a Volvo show that all types of racers feel welcome and

flock to the Maverick Region PCA events.

Autocross #1


Hill Country Bluebonnet Tour

by Clara Lewis

Day 1: We departed from the old Courthouse in Hillsboro.

After our first stop in Hamilton, the fun began. We traveled

along winding, curvy roads up and down the scenic countryside

which was filled with large patches of bluebonnets and

wildflowers. Herds of cattle, flocks of goats and sheep grazed

upon the green grasses. These roads led us to our next stop at

Longhorn Cave Park where we viewed beautiful foliage and

unusual rock formations. We even caught up on some Texas

History! Then on to lunch in Marble Falls at River City Grill

(the proprietors also own the landmark Bluebonnet Café). Next

it was on to Wimberley and the Wimberley Glass Works where we

saw incredible hand blown multi-colored glass vases, bowls,

chandeliers, covers for outdoor lights and one of a kind silver and

glass jewelry. We were treated to a demonstration of the glass

blowing process by two young and humorous artisans. We ended

the day with a relaxing catered gourmet dinner at The Haven

River Inn in Comfort, Texas.

Day 2: Heading for the hills and more great roads we

stopped to tour the museum at Lost Maples State Natural Area.

Traveling on to Brackettville, we ate lunch at Barbaras Table

where all the food is fresh and prepared daily by gourmet chefs

and owners, Barbara and Neal Simmons and their son Barkley.

The Simmons family kindly opened their restaurant for us, but

they are normally closed on Saturday. After lunch we departed

for Kerrville, home and complex of James Avery, master jeweler.

Many baubles were seen and purchased! We enjoyed dinner at

the Guadalupe River Ranch Resort and Spa. Service was a bit

slow due to a “large” wedding reception also being hosted there.

Our drive back to the hotel was an obstacle course of “deer

dodging”. However, we enjoyed seeing the variety of deer families.

Day 3: We headed out for the “bluebonnet mecca”, the

Willow City Loop. Appropriate named for its numerous vast

fields of bluebonnets. In one particular field of bluebonnets and

white poppies, standing along the roadside in an unfenced area,

were several cows, calves and one big black bull. Boldly, heading

toward the herd in her red shorts was Dee Lersch (one of our

members), with camera in hand. The expression on the calf’s

faces seemed to be saying, she’s getting ready to tangle with

“big daddy”. When next we saw Dee, she reported that just as

she had squatted down to take a picture she heard a passer by

say, “Little lady, you obviously ain’t from Texas are you”. Later in

the day we enjoyed watching the people walking and running up

the “Big Rock”, at Enchanted Rock, State Natural Area. We

stopped for lunch at the Limestone Grill in Lampasas where we

had another great meal and some fabulous desserts. After several

more miles of picturesque landscapes filled with bluebonnets,

and colorful wildflowers we turned and headed for home.

Thank you Ted and Bonnie Glover for another great tour

and a special thank you to our Texas Rangers and the Texas

Parks and Wildlife Department for their kindness and the true

love of the work they do.

Photo by Dee Lersch

Photo by Dee Lersch

Photo by Dee Lersch

Photo by Bob Lewis

Bluebonnets were in abundance

Porsches coming...

Porsches going...

Wasn’t it nice of him to pose for a photograph while tourists stared?


Photo by Bob Lewis

Photo by Bob Lewis

Photo by Bob Lewis

Photo by Bob Lewis

A master craftsman hard at work

“Barbaras Table”

A rest stop with “enchanted rock” in the background

Day two’s dinner spot - The Guadalupe River Ranch Resort and Spa






Authorized installer/tuner for REVO Performance Software, FIKSE

Wheels, and STOPTECH Performance Brake Systems

Watch for the ISTOOK/AINES Motorsports

AUDI S4 Twin Turbos on Speed Channel

2733 West 7th Street (repair shop)

3333 Suffolk Drive #104 (race shop)

Fort Worth, Texas 76107

(817) 332-6547 (repair shop)

(817) 924-2100 (race shop)


Autocross & Time Trial

Rule Changes

By Bill Miller

There are three changes that will affect Maverick Region

competitive driving events beginning this season. These

changes are relatively minor, but will help to clarify some

issues that have come up in the past. If you have any questions or

would like clarification regarding these rules, please contact the

event chairs. Event chair for the Time Trial series is Chuck

Machala, while Bill Miller is the Autocross chair. Contact information

can be found on page 4 of Slipstream.

Rule changes are as follows:

1. Top-10 Times for TT/AX events published in Slipstream

will be Porsche-only.

2. The class in which you take a first timed run at an event

becomes your Top Driver index class for that event.

3. MRPCA Class Progression Points for Tire Series will be

calculated for all vehicles based on the 2004 PCRs. A table

is added to our rules to make this easy.





FAX 972-721-1847



Generous Hope Shelter Gift From DE Workers

By Joe McGlohen

This entire thing began to develop a couple of months ago

when our stepsister German car (BMW) club’s track events

chairman called me and asked if we could help with a DE

the last weekend in March, in much the same way as we have in

the past. He wanted to rent our equipment. He wanted me to staff

and manage the course and; Oh yeah, he wanted me to do BBQ

Saturday PM.

This year he was going to do things a little different, with

Bryan Henderson as Chief Driving Instructor. That was a good

thing because I work with Bryan a lot, and I knew what he

needed and we have developed a very comfortable working

relationship. It also meant we would be more closely following

the processes and policies to which I am accustomed at our own

events. Most of the instructors would be the folks I see at PCA

DE’s hosted by MR/PCA LSR/PCA, and HCR/PCA, with a few

additional new (to me) BMW hot shoes added for flavor.

Unfortunately his **UNCHANGEABLE DATE** was on the

same weekend as a Major SCCA race in College Station. Most of

our usual heavily experienced SCCA folks would be at the race.

Fortunately, our usual control, and several experienced SCCA

workers were available. I proposed to Bob Manini that I would

recruit some of my PCA friends that I had trained and/or those

who had worked events in the past to fill in for the missing SCCA

Folks. I suggested that we would offer them the choice of

donating their pay to the Hope Shelter or being paid. Bob

Manini generously agreed, so I put out a call for help on the

MRPCA Yahoo List. I had lots of takers. A small number of us

who are not at the high point of our financial history (read as


Photo by Kevin Hardison

ME!) didn’t have any choice but to take the money and run. In

my case a good portion of it went to buy gasoline for three round

trips to the ranch, and a couple of trips to the club’s storage shed

to pickup and return the rented equipment. But most of the

PCA folk (and some of the SCCA folk as well) asked that their pay

be donated. We could not have made this event come off safely

without our SCCA friends. We really needed their in-depth

experience to enhance our own folks’ abilities to ensure a safe

event. Every one who worked the event, if they donated their pay

or not, gave a little something to Hope. The combined team of

folks made it all possible. Many thanks go out to all the Flag and

Comm team, including grid. Here is the entire list of those who

helped make this possible: Darron Shaffer, Jim Roccasano, Tom

Cannon, Dave Frick, Jean Frick, Jan Mayo, Susanna Kavanaugh,

Joel Nannis, Ray Luedecke, Terry Lancy, Pat Benson, David

Attanasio, Terry Giroux, Mary Coney, Peter Fehn, Jack Wales, Bob

Green Sr., and Terry Black.

The BMW Club regularly supports events like our TMS autocrosses.

The weekend went pretty smoothly. There was a little mist

early Saturday and a brief rain shower at the end of the lunch

break on Sunday. Other than a few instances where the BMW’s

decided to deposit large quantities of some slippery fluid I not

familiar with all over the fast line (some one told me it is some

mixture of H20 and Ethylene Glycol, but I have no idea what it is

used for . . . ). Two instances were due to failure of some that I am

told is intended to contain and transport the mystery liquid

around the car. Another instance was due to the failure of a

pump I have been told is used to encourage the movement of the

mystery liquid. We did see a Black Porsche (of a type rumored to

contain similar mysterious fluids) be brought back from the Far

end of the track on a tow strap, and it also had a hose failure, but

it seems this hose has some real function of value, transporting

compressed air from the Turbocharger to the engine induction.

The damage done to the schedule was quickly repaired by the

excellent work of Jan Mayo as Grid Empress, and Mary Coney as

Control. We were soon back on time, and the only time I recall

any group getting shorted any track time was when we had a two

radios go down at once, one of which was a hard key to transmit

that virtually shutdown the radio net and so I had to close the

track. That nasty radio is on its way to the manufacturer’s repair

depot, and we just bought a new battery for every radio in the

fleet (Batteries are the primary mode of radio failure.). It seems

that the NiMH batteries do not develop memory, but they do

have a finite number of cycles they can make.

Thanks again to all who worked the event. And my hat is off

to the Instructors as well. I saw LOTS of smiling students.

German Engineering With Southern Hospitality.

Personal Service.

At Nine-Eleven, we’ve built a reputation for understanding our customers’ needs —

quality service, convenient location, state-of-the-art diagnostics, and personalized service

that is unmatched in the Metroplex. When you trust your car to us, you will have the

peace of mind that it will be serviced correctly the first time. Every time.


We strongly believe in access to those who will actually work on your car. Our

technicians are available in person, by phone, and even by pager if you have questions

or need timely information about your car.


Our clean shop, well-stocked parts department, and comfortable waiting room ensure

that you and your car will get the kind of service you deserve. Maintained tools and

equipment. Clean cars. We are meticulous about details.


Our parts department is also second to none. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in

finding that necessary part or after-market option you require. We are an authorized dealer

for high-performance Recaro seating, Yokohama Tires, Bilstein Shocks, Bosch, and many

others. This ensures that whether you are a casual driver or an enthusiast who needs race

prep assistance, Nine-Eleven has the experience and knowledge to keep your car running

at peak performance.


Crown Rd.

Cindy Lane


Royal Lane

Joe Field Rd.



Nine-Eleven Enterprises, Inc.

Service, Accessories & Parts for BMW,

Mercedes & Porsche

2120 Cindy Lane, Dallas, Texas 75229



We are conveniently located near the intersection of Stemmons and LBJ Freeways

in Dallas. We offer emergency towing service 24 hours a day and have arranged

for special rental car rates with area rental agencies. Come by for a visit between

7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday, or call for a service appointment.



New Wheels

by Joel Nannis, Membership Chair

If you have any changes that you would like to make to the

MRPCA membership guide, call Joel Nannis at 817-329-1600

Hugh Babineau

7506 Big Tree Cove

Tyler TX 75073

2003 996

Corinne & Michael Craig

723 Bluff Ridge Drive

Cedar Hill TX 75104

2004 Cayenne

Tommy & Jan Brewer

830 S I-35

Denton TX 76205

1986 911

Jason Bussey

906 Mallard Drive

Coppell TX 75019

1994 911

Edward & Tracey Gross

3705 Mt Pleasant Lane

Plano TX 75025

2004 986

Jr. & Sheri Holland

4105 Windomere Dr

Grapevine TX 76051

1986 911

Jessie Jennifer Holt

1324 Winnipeg

Lewisville TX 75977

1976 911 S

Frederick Jackson

5859 Burgundy Road

Dallas TX 75230

2000 986 S

Vonn Oden

7832 Royal Lane

Dallas TX 75230

2000 986 S

William & Teresa Perry

3837 Azure Lane

Addison TX 75001

1974 914

Mark Stuertz & Janene Boughton

6250 Highgate Lane

Dallas TX 75214

1999 996

James Thompson

3405 Stanford Ave

Dallas TX 75225

199 996

Jerry & Barbara Wiese

4412 Maize Dr

Plano TX 75093

2003 986 S

Erik & Any Wikstrom

5511 Monticello Ave

Dallas TX 75206

2000 996

Ronald Arnold & Winny Ruzette

3208 Shadow Wood Cir

Highland Village TX 75007

1999 986

Transferred From Suncoast Florida

Robert Collins

4104 Greenbrier

Dallas TX 75225

2002 986 S

Steven Curts

940 Patrician Court

Fairview TX 75069

2004 986 S

Michele & Kevin Davis

PO Box 16164

Fort Worth TX 76161

1972 911

Shelley & Derek Linders

2044 Cologne Dr

Carrollton TX 75007

1997 986

Kristian Lyssand

3017 Whitehall Lane

Wichita Falls TX 76309

1974 911 S

Jeffrey & Sheri Moffett

5955 Winter Park Drive

North Richland Hills TX 76180

2003 996

Jack & Cyndy Twedell

109 Kortney Dr

Weatherford TX 76087

2003 996

Richard & Judith Volk

512 Queensbury Turn

Southlake TX 76092

2004 Cayenne S

Ronald & Barbara Waymire

7223 Winterwood

Dallas TX 75248

1984 944

Amit & Radhika Malhotra

4124 Herschel Ave

Dallas TX 75219

2000 986

Transferred From Hill Country

William & Ryan Massa

1141 Kempton Park Lane

Fairview TX 75069

1997 986

Transferred From Northern New Jersey


15 Years

Joe Fierros (Sylvia) ...................................................Dallas

10 Years

David Tunnell (Terri) ...........................................Garland

John C. Zouzelka (Cheryl).......................................Dallas

5 Years

Ronald Arnold (Winny Ruzette) ...........Highland Village

Richard Munson ........................................Flower Mound

Jodi Riera (Jia Mei) .........................................Richardson

Nerces Mavelian .......................................................Dallas

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1988 Carrera Cabriolet 20th Anniversary Edition, 3.2L H6 FI, Has

all its original parts and has been kept in a garage the entire time.

The owner was ill the last couple of years of his life, and it has been

driven infrequently. The color is "diamond blue" and I understand

1988 was the only year they used this color, and then only for this

20th addition model. 74K miles. $27,000. Contact Tonja Terrazas

(972) 888-6092 or (1)

1996 993 Coupe Guards red with black interior. Non-smoker and

never wrecked. 70,000 miles. Hi-fi sound system, dual paddle

power seats, 17" cup wheels, hand painted wheel caps, recently

replaced windshield, new pirelli p-zero tires and porsche brakes,

inspection, records. 37,000. Brad Nace,,

214-503-0980 or 214-459-8289 (1)

1987 911 Carerra Coupe Rare "Venetian Blue Metallic". Navy

leather. 3.2L, G-50 5-speed. A/C, cruise, power driver's seat,

mirrors, locks, windows, sunroof. Blaupunkt, Fuchs wheels. New

heavy duty battery, alternator, front and rear shocks, clutch, rear

brakes and tires. Hardwired Valentine One, fire extinguisher,

performance chip. Garaged. Non-smoker. All service records.

Professionally maintained. 167k miles. $20,000. Brian Moore

972-567-9977 or swixson@earthlink.nett (1)

911 DE Gear Sparco Evo Seat, Red incl Brey Krause brackets and

Sparco slider exc cond $550 OBO. American Racing Harness 5 pt

cam lock $150 OBO. ROH wheels Porsche offset 7s and 8s, 5 spoke

alloy black w/silver rims, w/no rash great cond w/Kumo

Victoracers (50%) $650 OBO. Brey Krause Harness Guide Bar fits

911 coupes, like new. $200 OBO. BK Camera mount, like new $100.

Call Terry at 214.303.5112 or (1)

1990 Porsche Carrera 2 Targa Guards Red, Tan Leather, Detachable

Face Stereo with 6 disc Changer, Updated Tear Drop Side View

Mirrors, 2001 10 Spoke 911 Wheels, Fully Adjustable JRZ Suspension,

Anti-Sway Bars by the Racers Group, Tinted Windows, Full Bra and

Car Cover. Daniel Davis, (2)

1989 930 Slantnose Black/Black factory slantnose all OEM. 42,000

Miles. 5-Speed. Always garaged. Non-smoker. Runs great and has

had no major mechanical issues. Car has the Porsche toolkit and

air compressor. Added to the car since I bought it in 2001: New

windshield, front air dam (with underbody spoiler guards), brakes

(in 02), Driven sparingly in 2003. Includes the Porsche car cover

(silver) and battery trickle-charger. $49,900. E-mail with questions

or for pictures. Mark L. Wilson, (2)

2003 Boxster S Arctic Silver Metallic w/Black Leather interior and

top, Xenon Headlamps, On Board Computer, Bose Digital package

w/windstop, Aluminum/Leather shifter and brake, 18” Carrera

Wheels, Heated seats, CD shelf, cruise control, Excellent condition,

only 4,300 mi. Always garaged, like new. Unexpected change on

plans forced me to sell. Original MSRP $60,035, asking $51,000. For

more info or pictures contact Mario at 214-697-3553 or (2)

B&B Stainless Dual Intake/Exhaust Oval 4 inch chrome tips. This

exhaust was used for ~4,000 miles after an engine rebuild, fitted to

B&B headers. Deep throaty sound perfect for track use. Currently

fitted onto a '85 911 Turbo look.Perfect condition, no leaks/rust,

lifetime warranty.$700. Contact Orsel McGhee (972)771-6511, (2)

Cookie Cutter 6X15 Wheels (4) Painted platinum (gold) with

Porsche center hubs. Mounted with vintage 195/60 Yokohama

008R's. These wheels/tires have been stored in separate boxes since

1989 and are in good condition. $250. John Fulton, 817/994-2114 (2)

1994 968 Coupe Adventurine Green met with Tan leather int, Six

speed, 66K miles, new Yoko tires & recent 60K mile service. Pwr

windows, sunroof, AM/FM with cassette and car cover. Car is

perfect in and out, always garaged. Only 3,000 miles on it in the

last 3 years. Needs someone with more time than me to enjoy

everything this great car has to offer. $22,500 OBO. Contact Steve

Cochran at 817-975-0283 (Day) or 972-473-4637 (Eve). Email for

pictures, (2)

2000 360 MODENA F1 S/N 118655. Titanium with navy leather

interior and headliner. Red calipers, Scuderia shields, racing

seats, Stonegard 3M film, EITHER Challenge grille OR standard

panel, new tires & brake pads, Valentine 1 wiring above rearview

mirror. Norwood maintained, amazing performance. Euro with all

conversion paperwork. 12,300 miles. Priced for quicker sale:

$119,500 obo. Call Brian: 214-277-1103 (2)(2)

1984 911 Targa Metallic Burgundy. Pristine condition. 79k miles

only. Whale-tail and front-chin spoilers. Blaupunkt CD stereo.

Power windows. Covered parking always --no rain/snow. No road

rash. New tires and brakes. Engine and transmission rebuilt. Runs

strong and rides smooth. Clean. Price $16,900.00 obo. Includes

extra set of wheels and 2-piece bra. E-mail for lots of pics. Gabriel

at 972/233-9468 or gga2porsche (3)

1972 914 Roadster 1.8 SCCA or PCA Race Car Built in 1988 by

FABCAR in Atlanta,03 SCCA SW champion car in FP,15 National

wins, Fast & Fresh from the Runoffs, extra wheels, gearbox &

spares. This car is very well sorted and ready to go WIN races, car

has current log book, For more info or photos contact Ray

Anderson @ 817-247-1870 or $25,000 OBO

Must Sell! (3)

1987 911 Carrera Coupe Grand Prix White/Navy Leather, bought

new in Ft. Worth, all books and records. Always garaged, Great

street or D.E. car, lowered and corner balanced, to many up dates to

mention, fresh top end rebuild on191K motor.$20,000 OBO Ray

Anderson @ 817-247-1870 or (3)

1980 911 Targa White paint and steel wide body conversion by GTI.

Total restoration completed including all rubber seals, new carpet,

seat covers, top, rebuilt trans, clutch, all bearings, suspension

bushings, hoses, oil lines, brake lines, CV joints, struts, turbo tie

rods, upgraded AC, 3.2 eng, turbo brakes and torsion bars, 17" 3pc

HRE/Fuchs, new tires. Meticulously maintained and upgraded with

no expense spared. No dings/scratches. $40K invested. 115K miles.

Moving must sell. $13,900. OBO 972 247-4105(3)(2)

944 Parts Years 83-87 - Used parts and one new part, all in good

working condition. Ignition relay $10, Sunroof motor assembly

with relays and microswitches $90, Turbo oil cooler pipe for

cooler housing (new) $30 lists for $90, plastic wheel well liner for

passenger side fender $15. Contact Taylor (817) 466-2295 or e-mail (3)

Car Caddy A two-wheel trailer that lifts one end of the car off

the ground. Tow your AX/TT/DE car to the event. Used only

about a dozen times. $475.00. Bill Dawson, 972-291-8817 or (3)

2000 911 Carrera Very low miles (just over 14,000 March 1, 2004),

6-speed, one owner, always garaged with tender loving care, Guards

Red, full black leather interior, 18" turbo alloy wheels, CD player,

hi-fi stereo sound system, Porsche stability management and

tuned suspension. $56,000 Richard Voreis @ 214-361-1919 or (3)(5)


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