Slipstream - October 2004


The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Richard Diller

Bob Kuykendall Cody Sears Chuck Machala

Mike Lockas Derek Morgan Rick Gonzales

Susanna Kavanaugh Kevin Hardison Bryan B

Richard Diller Richard DillerRichard Diller

Bob Kuykendall

Bob Kuykendall Cody Sears Bob Kuykendall Cody Chuck Sears Machala Chuck Cody Sears Machala Chuck Machala

Mike Lockas Mike Derek Lockas Morgan Mike Derek Lockas Rick Morgan Gonzales Derek Rick Morgan Gonzales Rick Gonzales

Susanna Kavanaugh Susanna Kavanaugh Kevin Susanna Hardison Kevin Kavanaugh Hardison Bryan Bell Kevin Bryan Hardison Bell Bryan Bell

Richard Diller Richard Diller Richard Diller

Bob Kuykendall Bob Cody Kuykendall Sears Bob Chuck Cody Kuykendall Sears MachalaChuck Cody Sears MachalaChuck Machala

Mike Lockas

Mike Derek Lockas Morgan Mike Derek Rick Lockas Morgan

Gonzales Derek Rick Morgan Gonzales

Rick Gonzales

Susanna Kavanaugh Susanna Kevin Kavanaugh Hardison Susanna Kevin Kavanaugh Bryan Hardison Bell Kevin Bryan Hardison Bell Bryan Bell

Richard Richard Diller DillerRichard Diller

Bob Kuykendall Bob Kuykendall Cody Bob Sears Kuykendall Cody Sears Chuck Machala Cody Chuck Sears Machala Chuck Machala

Mike Lockas Mike Lockas Derek Mike Morgan Derek Lockas Morgan Rick Derek Gonzales Rick Morgan GonzalesRick Gonzales

Susanna Susanna Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh Susanna Kevin Hardison Kavanaugh Kevin Hardison

Bryan Kevin Bell Bryan Hardison Bell

Bryan Bell

October 2004 - Published by Maverick Region

Porsche Club of America



Porsche Perfect Service Award

No.1 in the nation for customer

satisfaction for our second consecutive year

Audi Magna Society

Honoring the top 30 Audi dealerships

Volkswagen Wolfsburg Crest Club

Honoring the top seven Volkswagen

dealerships in six regions

At Boardwalk Auto Group, the brands we offer would

mean very little if our customers didn’t prefer the

brand of customer service they receive from us. This

year, we’re proud to have earned all three of our

manufacturers’ highest awards for delivering the finest

possible customer satisfaction to our customers. Which

proves the measure of a fine dealership isn’t which

brands it represents but how it represents them. We

chose the brands, and we continually thank our customers

for choosing us.

5930 W. Plano Parkway


5930 W. Plano Parkway


601 S. Central Expwy.


Volume 59, October 2004, Issue 9


Zone 5 Presidents ..........................................................1

List of Officers/Board Chairs .......................................4

Road Ramblings (President’s Column)......................5

Curves Ahead (Editor’s Column)...............................8

Maverick Minutes..........................................................8

New Wheels..................................................................27



Advertiser Index...........................................................28

Upcoming Events

Calendar of Events..........................................................1

Happy Hour at Speed Zone ..........................................2

Maverick Lunches...........................................................2

Halloween Charity Autocross .......................................2

Founders Day Celebration ............................................3

Board Meeting ................................................................5

Arkansas/Big Cedar Lodge Tour.................................24

Past Event Recaps

Happy Hour at Champps Americana .........................9

Post Parade Social at Big Tom’s BBQ.........................10

Time Trial #5 at Mineral Wells .............................14-15

Autocross #5 at Mineral Wells ..............................16-17

Post Parade Weekend at Possum Kingdom ........22-23


Wanted: Managing Editor .............................................8

Cold Elvis ......................................................................18

2005 Voting Ballot ........................................................19

Post Office Notice.........................................................19

Early 911 Restoration: No. 2 .......................................20

Day October - Events

1-3 Hallett Club Race

5 Board Meeting at Keith Olcha’s

9-10 Time Trial #6/Autocross #6 (MW)

14 Happy Hour

16 Zims Swap Meet

19 Plano & Bedford Lunches

22-24 Arkansas/Big Cedar Lodge Tour

23-24 Drivers Education (MSR)

26 Addison Lunch

31 Charity Autocross (TMS)


Kevin Hardison,

Wendy Shoffit, Charlie Davis,

Charles Freeman, DennisChamberlain,

Bob Benson

Cover Photo Montage

Time Trial #5 & Autocross #5

at Mineral Wells, Texas.

Pictures taken by Kevin Hardison

of Gray Cat Graphics.

Autocross Drivers Pictured

Richard Diller

Bob Kuykendall • Cody Sears • Chuck Machala

Mike Lockas • Derek Morgan • Rick Gonzales

Susanna Kavanaugh • Kevin Hardison • Bryan Bell

Day November - Events

9 Board Meeting at Bobby Archer’s

12 Founder’s Day

16 Bedford & Plano Lunches

18 Happy Hour

21 East Texas Tour

30 Addison Lunch

Day December - Events

4-5 Drivers Education (TWS)

6 Board Meeting at Keith Olcha’s

11 Maverick Holiday Party

16 Happy Hour

21 Plano & Bedford Lunches

28 Addison Lunch

Photo by Bob Benson

Porsche & BMW’s “mix it up” at the first ever joint

Club Race at MotorSport Ranch on August 7th & 8th

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Kenneth A. Chandler



Dick Dobson



Tinker Floyd



Weston Dillard


2004 Porsche Club Zone 5 Presidents


Stan Wenger



Ruth Parks



Brad Bradford



Keith Olcha



Ron Mott



Mike Lindsey



Ray Quick



Brooke Van Horne


11:30-1:00 Tuesday, October 19th

New Location!!!

TGI Friday’s

901 N. Central Expy

(Southbound Service Road)

Collin Creek Mall between

Plano Parkway & 15th Street

11:30-1:00 Tuesday, Oct 19th


TGI Friday’s

5100 Beltline Rd

SE Corner of Beltline & N.Tollway

11:30-1:00, Tuesday, Oct 26th



2004 Maverick Region - Board, Officers & Chairs

Maverick Region President

Keith Olcha

W - (817) 706-7678

H - (817) 251-6865

711 Manchester Court

Southlake, TX 76092

Keith has been a regular at all of our driving

events and has recently been heavily involved

in the planning of our Driver’s Education

program. Keith has also started driving his 911

RS in PCA Club Races.


Noby Takahashi

W - 972-761-4311

H - 214-327-8911

9201 Garland Road, #115A

Dallas, TX 75218

Noby has been a member since 2000. He is an

active participant in many Maverick driving

events and has helped out with the Autocross

schools. He drives a 2001 Boxster S.


Mimi Spreen

H - 972-420-9953

709 Reno Street

Lewisville, TX 75077

Mimi has been a PCA member since 1989,

including being actively involved in 2 other

regions. She served with husband, Carey,

as Vice President for 2 years. She drives a

1970 914-6.


Bob Knight

W - (214) 461-1426

H - (214) 349-1108

9047 Oakpath

Dallas, TX 75243

A member since 1986, Bob has previously

held the offices of President and Vice

President, edited Slipstream, and has won

the Selcer Memorial award. He owns a 2000

Boxster S.

Drivers Education

John Sandusky

W - (817) 777-0421

John has been a member since 1986. He has

become increasingly involved in Drivers'

Education events over the past few years. He

drives a track prepared 1990 C2.

Logistics & Support

Joe McGlohen

H - (817) 861-2792

704 Bowen Court

Arlington, TX 76012

Joe has been involved in virtually every type of

event that the Maverick Region holds.

Joe was the 2001 Selcer Memorial award winner.

He owns a 912 and a 914 2.0 liter.


Wendy Shoffit

H - (972) 506-7449

1112 Santa Fe Trail

Irving, TX 75063

A member since 1997, Wendy is a past

Slipstream Editor and has won the Selcer

Memorial Award. 2001 PCA Family of the

Year. She owns a ‘90 C4 Cab and a ‘78 SC.

Rallies & Event Ad Design

Teri Davis

H - (940) 682-4719

P.O. Box 213

Weatherford, TX 76086

Teri is a past Slipstream Editor and the

current Rally Chair. She has also been a

major force behind Round Up and the

recent Rally Schools.

DE Chief Instructor

Club Race Co-Chair

Bryan Henderson

W - (817) 858-7526

H - (817) 354-6045

AX Chair, TT Chief Instructor

Chuck Machala

W - (940) 381-9070

C - (940) 206-4338


Joel Nannis

W - (817) 329-1600

H - (972) 722-2735

Managing Newsletter Editor

Matt Platts

H - (817) 919-1253

DE Asst Chief Instructor

Keith Olcha

W - (817) 706-7678

H - (817) 251-6865

TT Chair, AX Chief Instructor

Bill Miller

Goodie Store

Robyn Howard

Cell - (972) 679-0112

Slipstream Advertising

Mike Brodigan

H - (817) 488-8520

C - (817) 233-0068

Driving Education - Tech

Ray Leudecke

(972) 342-7412

Driving Rules

Bill Dugan

H - (817) 265-0704 (

Road Ramblings

by Keith Olcha, Maverick Region President

Automobile Magazine, in their

October issue, has a feature

called “The 100 Coolest Cars.” I

guess they chose to call them cool cars

as opposed to best selling, fastest,

most-popular, or greatest because they

wanted to show that the list was

subjective and based on an opinion

poll of their editors and writers. They

appear to describe cool as that rare combination of

looks, performance, and style that affect our

emotional side and leave those lasting impressions

from our youth or other experiences with these cars.

These were road cars by the way, not racing cars, in

case you are wondering.

To give you a flavor of this list right off the bat,

the #1 car is the 1963-1967 Corvette Sting Ray.

Number 35 is the Ferrari 275 GTB (which was the

predecessor to the Daytona). Number 100 is the

VW Microbus. Anyone can deliver any of those

three to my garage and they can stay. There are

many cool cars in between that make up the 100,

and personally, except for the “Duke’s of Hazard”

General Lee at number 58 (and a few others), I like

the list.

editor Jean Jennings formerly Jean Lindamood, and

sister of Paul Liniert). But that’s my problem not


So is there a Porsche that is not cool? Tony

Soprano called the Boxster a “Porsche that wears

panties.” I’m guessing that was a reference to it’s

perceived inferiority to the 911 or to higher horsepower

cars. This comment; from a fat guy who

drives a Suburban through New Jersey and kills

people for a living? 914s weren’t that cool when

they were new, and now they are a cult car. Same

with 928s. What about the first 924s? Now there

is a topic for debate. They may not have been cool

before and I’m not so sure they are now. RS

Americas were nothing until about 5 years ago, and

now they are cool. Everyone wants a 1978-1989 911

Carrera or SC, even non-Porschephiles.

So what do I think the coolest Porsche is? None

of the above. I think the coolest Baddest Porsche is

the 1983-1989 911 (930) Turbo. Wide hips, fender

flares, Fuchs wheels, awesome rear spoiler. Killer

flat-six sound. Make mine a 1989 US version with

the 5-speed, Guards Red, blasting Sammy Hagar’s

“I can’t drive 55.” I love it.

... blasting Sammy Hagar’s

“I can’t drive 55” ...

So how did the Porsches fare? Quite well, about

as well as Ferrari did. The first Porsche to appear is

ranked number 53, and it is the iconic 356. The

next at number 48 was the 959. Number 43 is the

550 Spyder made famous by James Dean. James

(never Jimmy- he’s the sausage guy) drove his 550

into oblivion in 1955. Can you imagine what it

must have been like to be James Dean? Four movies

and you’re as big as Elvis? I’d take either of their

hair. Number 40 was the Carrera GT. The last

Porsche made it all the way down to number 2

behind the Corvette. It is just called “The Porsche

911.” They chose the generic 911 name because

they said the car line was homogeneous and it’s too

hard to pick the best vintage 911, as there were so

many years of great ones. Then they stole a line

from Bruce Anderson and said the newest 911

(Type 997) is probably the best, since each new

model series is better than the last.

So there you have it, one magazine’s view of

how Porsches stack up against the coolest cars of all

time. Personally, I’m not a big fan of Automobile

Magazine. I get it because my kids have magazine

fund-raisers and I can get it cheap and the

company donates a percentage back to the school. I

don’t like David E. Davis Jr. (and now his flunky



Email: or

FAX at (817) 267-4939










Curves Ahead

by Matt Platts, Slipstream Editor

Wow, what a month this has been for me!

In the last 30 days, I’ve moved into a

new house, saw the Grand Canyon for

the first time, broke up with my girlfriend, and

spent four days in the hospital with an intestinal

infection that was originally diagnosed as

appendicitis. The week that was spent mostly in

the hospital was the week that I had set aside to

work on this issue of Slipstream. Needless to say, that didn’t

happen, that’s the key reason that you are receiving this issue quite

a bit later than we had intended.

I hope you enjoyed last month’s issue, the variety of articles

was very diverse and I think made good reading. This month

contains some good reading as well, but it’s a little more focused

on our typical region activities. Wendy Shoffit wrote two articles

about two different post-Parade events that many Maverick

Region members were able to participate in. Then, we have articles

about the September Autocross and Time Trial weekend at

Mineral Wells. Kevin Hardison took some great pictures (as usual),

so be sure to check them out. You will also find the 2nd article in a

series about restoring an early 911T by Charles Freeman. Charles

really gets his hands dirty this time!

Teri Davis has decided to hand over the reigns as Event

Maverick Minutes

by Mimi Spreen

The September board meeting was held on

Tuesday, September 7, at Boardwalk Porsche.

In attendance were Bob Knight, Wendy and

Jasmine Shoffit, Noby Takahashi, Joe McGlohen,

Mike Brodigan, Bill Miller, Lanean Hughes,

Mimi Spreen, and Dennis Chamberlain. The

meeting was called to order at 6:49pm.

Mike Brodigan - Advertising invoices went

out with Wendy's help. One person dropped, 2 ads reduced in size

and 3 new ads were added.

Dennis Chamberlain- Happy Hour at Champps had sort of a

low turnout, possible because of weather. September’s Happy

Hour is at Bahama Breeze, Thursday, the 9th at 6:30PM. October’s

Happy Hour will be at Speed Zone on the 14th at 6:30PM.

Bill Miller - Time Trial had 27 people and went well,

Autocross had 45 people. Working on getting trophies ordered.

Motion made to give $2000.00 for Autocross and Time Trial

awards for year end. Motion seconded and passed. Two more

Autocrosses and 1 more Time Trial are left for this year. Timing

and scoring chair for 2005 needs to be filled.

Joe McGlohen - Nominating committee has four

candidates in mind for the four Board members who will be

leaving their positions at the end of this year.

Bob Knight - We still have money

Advertising Editor of Slipstream. Teri has been a valuable member

of the Slipstream team for quite some time now, but she has

accepted a role on the National Parade Staff and wants to focus

more on that. Thanks for all your hard work Teri! Replacing Teri

will be Dennis Chamberlain of Happy Hour fame. Along with his

other Happy Hour responsibilities, Dennis has also been making

the Happy Hour ad that you see in Slipstream for several months.

You’ll see more of his artistic abilities as he takes over the design of

our region’s event ads, beginning with the Founders Day ad on

page 3.

Speaking of Founders Day, the date is quickly approaching.

This year’s celebration will be on Friday, November 12th. The

location chosen for this year’s party is the centrally located

Hackberry Country Club in Irving and will feature live musical

entertainment as well as the always-popular silent auction. Check

the ad on page 3 and make sure to get your RSVP in to Mimi

Spreen by the deadline, which is November 8th.

Finally, make sure to check out the Maverick Region 2005 club

officer’s ballot on page 19. You can mail your ballot to our club

secretary, Mimi Spreen, or you can vote in-person at the Founders

Day Banquet. As they have been saying quite a bit on TV lately,

make sure to get out and vote!

Wendy Shoffit - The Parade picture CD and DVD are still

available for sale $15.00 for CD and $20.00 for DVD. We have

raised about $1000.00 for Hope.

Wendy as Teri Davis - Teri has accepted a National Parade

position and feels she'll be too busy in that position to hold any

position in Maverick. She suggested taking a year off from any

Rallyies, since they weren't very well attended anyway. Will discuss

Rally situation with next year's president. Copy machine bought

from Parade will be at Wendy's. She will either keep for Maverick

Region or buy from Club and use personally.

Wendy as Matt Platts - Needs regular columns from people

and photos for various events.

Lanean Hughes - Hope update: Looking at lot and doing soil

analysis. Will go to architect to do drawing and have available for

people to look at during Founder's Day social.

Mimi Spreen - Founder's Day is FRIDAY, November 12 at

Hackberry Country Club, 1801 Royal Lane, Irving.

Noby Takahashi - Insurance is being taken care of for 2 DE's

and 2 Tours.

Noby as Keith Olcha - Need a list of chair positions needing

to be filled.

Motion made to adjourn meeting at 7:54 pm. Motion

seconded and passed.


Happy Hour at Champps Americana

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

by Dennis Chamberlain

Happy Hour Crew: Jay Easley,

Tinker Edwards and Dennis Chamberlain

We returned to

Champps, an

A d d i s o n

sports bar/restaurant,

on Thursday, August

19. It’s a perfect place

to be during the

Olympics, and purely

by chance, we have

ended up at Champps

during both the winter

and the summer

Olympics. During that last winter Olympics, we

watched the big screens as Michelle Kwan stumbled

in the final ice-skating competition. This time, we got

to watch Carly

Patterson winning

Bob Lewis and Alan Lage

the gymnastics

competition while

we discussed the


balance of our

Porsche cars.

Perhaps the

best thing about

Champps is the

fact that its menu

is as diverse as

our membership. There is something for everybody. I

think the same could be said for our Maverick

Region, wouldn’t you?

We had some new members, including John

Strakele (98 C4S) and James Weber (02 911 Turbo).

And everyone was also delighted to see Alan Lage,

who was in town for a visit. Franck Parachini also

(1991 911) paid us a visit.

On October 14, we’ll be eating hamburgers and

driving the little cars at Speed Zone, at Walnut Hill

and I35. Hope to see you there.

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Mark crouches with Shelli Linders, Tina Wright, and Monda Degan

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Clarence & Lydia Wyatt

Bob, Wendy, Elmer, & John

Frank Parachini & Tinker


Post Parade Social at Big Tom’s BBQ

by Wendy Shoffit

“How are you enjoying all your free time now

that Parade is over?”

After the laughter subsides, I reply, “Are you kidding?”

I’ve had this conversation countless times since July

11th. Since that day, I’ve been helping finalize the Parade

accounting, mailing goodie bags, shirts, and name badges,

compiling the Parade photos for CD and DVD project I

decided to do for charity, recording them, printing them,

and mailing them…personally being involved with the

school’s PTO, being Jasmine’s Girl Scout leader and her

room mom… shuttling her to gymnastics and horseback

riding lessons and so on… WHAT free time?

... a “Big Tom” with a New York Accent ...

Alas, there have been some moments of bliss since the

big event. One such time was the dinner we had at Big

Tom’s BBQ. Yeah, I know it was way back at the end of July,

but it was great and needs to be heralded! It’s not surprising

that I’d never been there before…Watauga and 377

aren’t exactly on my way home.

Owner, Frank Labriola, had contacted Keith Olcha

back in April, offering up his restaurant for a Maverick

Region event. He and his wife, Kim, are transplanted PCA

members straight from Long Island. I’d never heard a “Big

Tom” with a New York accent, but Frank assured me that

the original Tom was a southerner who had a good thing

going. And boy was he right!

A handful of us (about 20) were there to enjoy the outstanding

barbeque and more side dishes than you can

imagine. Frank opened up especially for us, since the

restaurant isn’t normally open on Saturday nights. He

treated us like royalty. He had loads of beef, chicken,

sausage, and ribs ready for us. While french fries weren’t

originally in the plan, Frank quickly fired up the fryer and

started some for the kids…even some of the grown up

ones. To finish things off, he had homemade peach cobbler

for dessert.

Although the sunshine through the big pane window

made it a little toasty inside, the warm welcome and sunny

hospitality helped us keep our cool. We talked Parade,

shared stories, oogled the trophies, and had a generally

grand time.

I think I’ll change my route home…

Photo by Wendy Shofitt

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

Look out for flying ketchup at the kids table!

Jerry & Myra Sutton enjoying some ribs



1033 N. Henderson St.

Fort Worth, TX

(817) 877–1772

Forgeline • Brembo • Eibach • Sparco • Borla • Hoosier • MOMO • Red Line • OMP • Teamtech • Fuel Safe



Time Trial #5 at Mineral Wells

Photo by Kevin Hardison

By Jim Hedderick

My son David and I enjoyed the 350 mile drive to

Mineral Wells from Houston on Friday. We made

it to the new Best Western, easily the nicest place

we have ever stayed in Mineral Wells, just before 10 PM.

We didn’t actually see the dawn Saturday because of

the heavy cloud cover and rain, but were happy to meet

up with some Maverick Region members in the lobby

around 7 AM. We checked the weather RADAR on the

computer in the lobby and saw that the rain was going to

be with us for most of the morning. We headed out to

Walmart for plastic bags and a new rain suit for #1 son,

having forgotten his, and then to the site where we

scoped out a nice spot that wasn’t flooding and dropped

the trailer.

Soon, we were being invited to breakfast by our

Maverick Region hosts to a place down the road in Cool,

Texas. Off we went in a parade of Porsches and tow vehicles

to wait out the rain. The first spot was closed, but

someone knew of another out of the way place a few

miles further, so away we went. Breakfast never tasted so

good and the conversation was interesting. Impromptu

social events are often more fun than planned ones. After

a few hours relaxing, we headed back out to the track.

Once back on site, the competitors were offered the

option of a full event ending late or a shortened event

ending at the normal time. Most of us were ready to hang

out all day, so it was decided to do a full event with 2 sets

of 1+3 laps split by a working session followed by a final

set of 1+4 laps. By the time the course was set up and the

drivers meeting finished, most of the rain had stopped.

We figured the one set of 4 laps later in the day would be

faster than the ones we were about to do in the full wet.

Around noon the first car headed out on track and

sloshed through the course. As expected, the times for the

first two sets of runs were not that spectacular with some

of the usual suspects leading the time charts – Chuck

Machala, James Shoffit, and David Hedderick among

them. A dry line never came in for the first group and the

track was soon turned over to the second group.

This second group also had some fast drivers who

immediately put some distance between themselves and

Joel Nannis running a very soggy grid for the morning Time Trial laps.

the whole first run group in the ever-improving conditions,

Cody Sears, Mark Steele, and Rick Randall among

the fastest. A fully dry line developed part way through

the second set of 3 runs and Richard Diller ventured out

for the first time in his nicely prepared 911S. He immediately

went to the head of the class as he threatened to

break into the 80-second mark while the rest were just

looking for the lower 80’s.

After the second set of 3 runs, a fully dry line had

developed. A decision was made to leave the second

group out for their set of 4 laps before doing the worker

change, thus saving about 20 minutes. Those of us in the

first run group hoped the rain would hold off until we

also had a chance to run in the dry, which it did.

... the first car headed out on the track and

sloshed through the course ...

In these dry (on line, anyway) conditions, Richard

Diller solidified his overall and class 16M lead as he broke

into the 79 second bracket. Mark Steele in a 993 put up

the second best time for the moment with a very fast

83.19 to take the win in 13M. Those of us working on

course were becoming a little worried as our best times in

most cases were in the high 80’s. Everybody in this run

group looked fast as even the street tire classes, led by

Tom Snodgrass, broke into the 87 second bracket. This

was faster than most of the first group competitors and

Tom handily won S6M in his Yellow Boxster.

After the worker change, the first group got their only

shot at a dry track and had to get it done. Some fast times

were immediately laid down as Cody Sears put up an 85

second run, fastest of all 914’s, to take 2M. Chuck

Machala in a Boxster ran a low 83 second run to take the

6M class lead and nip 13M winner Mark Steele by 7/100

of a second. James Shoffit in his 911 SC and David

Hedderick in a Boxster were among the last cars out in

the heat and both also laid down 83 second runs. James

took 5M with an 83.6 and David had a low 83.1 to nip

Chuck in 6M by just 7/1000 of a second.

In other classes, Mike Lockas took 3M in a 944,

Wendy Shoffit had the top ladies time of the day and won

5L in a 911 SC, with Shelly Burbank taking S6L in a 911.

Darron Shaffer won 7M in a Boxster S and Bryan Bell

won 9M in a 996. Rounding out the 914 classes, Kevin

Hardison won 10M and Joel Nannis 11M. The final two

social events of the day were setting up the next day’s AX

course followed by dinner at Mineral Wells’ finest Italian


We had a great time and really enjoyed the Maverick

Region hospitality. We look forward to coming back

again next year and would like to invite everyone to come

on down to the next Lone Star Region October 10th AX

at Gulf Greyhound Park. You can find more information

at and pre-register on-line at


Photo by Kevin Hardison

Photo by Kevin Hardison

Photo by Kevin Hardison

Wendy Shoffit splashing her way through the course.

Tom Snodgrass slides his way to first place in Class S6M.

Time Trial #5 Results

Class Car # Name Car Time Plc Pts.

Class 2M

66 Sears, Cody Red 914 85.963 1 9

95 Howard, Travis Yellow 914 95.749 2 7

Class 3M

31 Lockas, Mike White 944 87.951 1 9

Class 5M

64 Shoffit, James Black 911 SC 83.608 1 9

Class 5L

11 Shoffit, Wendy Black 911 SC 87.314 1 9

Class 6M

139 Hedderick, David Silver Boxster 83.114 1 9

1 Machala, Chuck Silver Boxster 83.122 2 7

76 Miller, Bill Black 911 Coupe 85.291 3 5

39 Hedderick, Jim Silver Boxster 86.783 4 4

83 Atkins, Jeff Red 911 90.981 5 3

Class S6M

501 Snodgrass, Tom Yellow Boxster 87.350 1 9

911 Kuykendall, Bob Black 911 89.048 2 7

Class S6L

15 Burbank, Shelly Red 911 90.088 1 9

Class 7M

242 Shaffer, Darron W-Green Boxster S 87.106 1 9

224 Shaffer, Ted W-Green Boxster S 91.566 2 7

Class 9M

204 Bell, Bryan Silver 996 88.952 1 9

Class 9L

61 Degan, Monda Blue 996 99.970 1 9

Class 10M

78 Hardison, Kevin Blue 914 88.321 1 9

19 Petri, Brian White 914 95.563 2 7

Class 11M

3 Nannis, Joel Yellow 914 99.221 1 9

Class 13M

99 Steele, Mark Red 993 83.190 1 9

161 Randall, Rick Black 911 Carerra 85.241 2 7

Class 16M

550 Diller, Richard Red 911S 79.389 1 9

Chuck Machala missed another first place win by just .009 of a second!

Photo by Kevin Hardison

Fastest Porsches of the Day

Car# Name Car Time

550 Diller, Richard Red 911S 79.389

139 Hedderick, David Silver Boxster 83.114

1 Machala, Chuck Silver Boxster 83.122

99 Steele, Mark Red 993 83.190

64 Shoffit, James Black 911 SC 83.608

161 Randall, Rick Black 911 Carerra 85.241

76 Miller, Bill Black 911 Coupe 85.291

66 Sears, Cody Red 914 85.963

39 Hedderick, Jim Silver Boxster 86.783

242 Shaffer, Darron W-Green Boxster S 87.106

Jeff Atkins got more comfortable with the wet conditions each lap.


Autocross #5 at Mineral Wells

By Robyn Howard

Well known to anyone who has attended a drivers

meeting at a Maverick Region autocross, some

lucky person will get to write an article for

Slipstream. I was that lucky person at the Aug. 29th autocross

at Mineral Wells. This was going to be my first autocross.

What makes your first autocross special is the range of emotions

experienced. In the morning I felt anxious as I walked

Chuck Machala’s interpretation of the European rally “The

Spa”. This course was huge.

... By the end of the day, I wished I could

have four more runs ...

My run group was assigned to work first. This gave me

plenty of time to crank up the tension. Soon my group’s

turn to drive arrived. As I waited for my instructor Mike

Lockas to finish his runs, the butterflies in my stomach were

doing loops. The two main fears I had were that I would get

lost on this huge course, and my time would be embarrassingly


After the first set of runs my emotion went to exhilaration.

This is something I’m going to like a lot. Yes, my first

run was slow, but by the last run I had taken 30 seconds off

my time. I did miss a gate resulting in a DNF and a cone

penalty. Did I push the car as hard as I could? Not even

close. Did I feel I needed to drive beyond my skill? No. I felt

I had found a reason to have fun with a bunch a great people.

I have to give Mike credit, he hung in with me and

helped whittle down my run times. I can still hear him, turn

right, turn left, go faster, go faster.

By the end of the day, I wished I could have four more

runs. If you have not been to an autocross, you need to go

and see how much fun they are. I know I have a lot to learn

about my car and I plan to attend the autocross schools

next year. But just from this one autocross I have a new

respect for my 944’s capabilities. I have to give Mike Lockas

my gratitude for his excellent instruction and patience. Also

thanks to the many people who offered to help me. I’m

looking forward to the next autocross and see many more

in my future.

To change the subject a bit, you may have heard that I

am now the Maverick Region “Goodie Store” person. If you

would like to order something from the Goodie Store, just

send me an email at I’ll be

happy to let you know what types of goodies we have, and

a list of which events I will be attending to show off (and

sell!) our very cool Maverick Region paraphernalia.

Photo by Kevin Hardison

Photo by Kevin Hardison

Photo by Kevin Hardison

Photo by Kevin Hardison

Kevin Hardison’s 914 was just one of the 21 mid-engine cars at the event.

David Hedderick and his dad drove all the way from Houston to attend.

Fran Ussery beat all other Class 2 914’s except TTOD winner Cody Sears.

Erin Ussery enjoying her mom’s other car at the autocross.


Photo by Kevin Hardison

Photo by Kevin Hardison

Photo by Kevin Hardison

Bob Kuykendall sets up for the tricky high speed “esses”.

Susanna Kavanaugh driving throught the tightest section of the course.

Cody Sears helped Travis Howard find the best line for the slalom.

Autocross #5 Results

Class Car # Name Car Time Plc Pts.

Class 2M

66 Sears, Cody Red 914 79.345 1 9

137 Davis, Kevan Green 914 85.652 2 7

37 Davis, Charlie Green 914 86.911 3 5

26 Bailey, Ron Blue 914 87.006 4 4

95 Howard, Travis Yellow 914 88.906 5 3

Class S2M

1111 Booth, Doug Yellow 914 86.914 1 9

Class 2L

16 Ussery, Fran Silver 914 85.063 1 9

Class 3M

31 Lockas, Mike White 944 84.717 1 9

Class 5M

64 Shoffit, James Black 911 SC 81.494 1 9

592 Morgan, Derek Blue 911SC 84.792 2 7

Class 5L

11 Shoffit, Wendy Black 911 SC 83.078 1 9

Class 6M

1 Machala, Chuck Silver Boxster 79.907 1 9

139 Hedderick, David Silver Boxster 80.519 2 7

76 Miller, Bill Black 911 Coupe 81.397 3 5

83 Atkins, Jeff Red 911 82.784 4 4

39 Hedderick, Jim Silver Boxster 82.808 5 3

911 Kuykendall, Bob Black 911 86.576 6 2

Class S6M

501 Snodgrass, Tom Yellow Boxster 84.395 1 9

36 Ormberget, Jack Black Boxster 84.986 2 7

Class S6L

15 Burbank, Shelly Red 911 88.038 1 9

Class 7M

242 Shaffer, Darron W-Green Boxster S 87.581 1 9

224 Shaffer, Ted W-Green Boxster S 92.708 2 7

Class S7L

720 Kavanaugh, Susanna Black Boxster S 88.931 1 9

6 Ussery, Erin Yellow Boxster S 90.786 2 7

Class 9M

204 Bell, Bryan Silver 996 88.307 1 9

Class 9L

61 Degan, Monda Blue 996 89.201 1 9

Class 10M

111 Hardison, Kevin Blue 914 82.666 1 9

19 Petri, Brian White 914 88.126 2 7

Class 11M

3 Nannis, Joel Yellow 914 89.494 1 9

Class 13M

99 Steele, Mark Red 993 80.504 1 9

161 Randall, Rick Black 911 Carerra 81.669 2 7

Class 16M

21 Gonzales, Rick Yellow 914-6 82.894 1 9

Photo by Kevin Hardison

Fastest Porsches of the Day

Car# Name Car Time

66 Sears, Cody Red 914 79.345

1 Machala, Chuck Silver Boxster 79.907

99 Steele, Mark Red 993 80.504

139 Hedderick, David Silver Boxster 80.519

76 Miller, Bill Black 911 Coupe 81.397

64 Shoffit, James Black 911 SC 81.494

161 Randall, Rick Black 911 Carerra 81.669

111 Hardison, Kevin Blue 914 82.666

83 Atkins, Jeff Red 911 82.784

39 Hedderick, Jim Silver Boxster 82.808

Ron Bailey leaning his way through the fast corners.


Cold Elvis

by Hugh Kelly

Most of you don't know me, but I teach a night class at the local

college. Four more than 3 years now, twice a week I take the same

route at the same time. Part of this route is a farm/market road to

a state highway.At the intersection of the two, I stop, look left and right, then

turn left onto the highway. This is in the town of Cold, Texas

(the name has been changed to preserve anonymity). Cold doesn't have a

grocery, stoplight, or library. But, Cold does have a police officer, whom I'd

never had the pleasure of meeting. We'll call him Officer Cold. I get to see

Officer Cold regularly, sitting with radar behind an old gas station sign. The

posted speed on the highway is 70 mph but, reduces to 40 mph in Cold. I

haven't done my investigation yet, but Cold is probably about 3/4 mile in


Well, Wednesday evening I stop, I look, wait for a west bound car, see

Officer Cold across the street, turn left (east) and head down the highway.

About a mile out of town, here comes Officer Cold. I slow my 944 Turbo to

about 55 and pull onto the shoulder to let Officer Cold pass, but he pulls in

behind me. Surprise on my face! This must be some kind of mistake. Then

I think... “No way he spotted my inspection being out, what could this be

for? I bet he sees my inspection now, damn!”

I shut the car down, and watch in the left mirror as Officer Cold

approaches. What's this? It's not Officer Cold at all, IT’S ELVIS PRESLEY!

The chubby Elvis, but Elvis, none the less. The police uniform is too tight.

Fortunately, no sequins. Coming from under some sort of multi-color ball

cap is an enormous amount of pitch black hair. Obviously, the pomp

doesn't stay up under that hat. Then I realize it's not only head hair as I spot

the biggest,bushy black chops I've ever seen.They're almost to his chin! And

just to top things off, Elvis sunglasses! Yes, it is true, I've been pulled over by

Elvis Presley!

Naturally, as he approaches I have several thoughts... candid camera?

Some new TV gag show? But why Cold? Should I acknowledge him as

Officer Presley,Officer Cold,or just officer? I suspect he's going to ask for my

autograph... me having just been quoted in the Dallas paper a couple of

weeks ago, maybe that's it... I should probably ask for his, understand,so

he doesn't feel bad.But,what if Elvis doesn't want to be recognized!

We all know Elvis has been on the lam for many years, he might like this

continued anonymity in Cold. If this is the case and I acknowledge him as

Elvis, he might write me up for more violations. What to do????

I decide to pretend I don't notice.He does in fact ask for my autograph,

he even has a special autograph book for me to sign. He took down

everything about me and my Porsche... I guess so he doesn't forget. Turns

out he must be a Porsche fan, he took pictures of my Porsche with his Elvis

radar gun from the time I stopped until I got out of range, outside town. He

was very impressed... he said my Porsche accelerates very fast. In fact, Elvis

said it accelerates too fast. He said it accelerated to 64 mph before I got out

of town. Elvis also wrote I should carry an insurance card, that had not

already expired.

Later,I arrive at my class and speak to one of my students.This student

is a 16-year veteran of the local police department. I told him I got a ticket

from Elvis Presley... he laughed and said, "so you drive to school through

Cold." Turns out Elvis is famous in Police circles throughout parts of Texas.

By day, Officer Cold is famous for his ticket writing talents and by night, he

tours the local clubs as Elvis Presley!

This is one ticket we will be fighting! Surely, a judge will believe a

middle-aged, over-weight, Professional Engineer, part-time college

instructor over a small town police officer that thinks he's Elvis. Don't we

have pills for that now?


Official 2004 Maverick Region PCA Election Ballot

I am a ______ Member _______ Associate Member




Rocky Johnson


Jeff Atkins





Vice President

________ Mark Gluck

________ ______________________




Michael Wingfield


Print Name ______________________________________

Signature __________________________________

Mail your ballot to: Secretary Mimi Spreen

709 Reno Street, Lewisville TX, 75077

E-mails cannot be accepted.

Ballots must be signed and received prior to the Founder’s Day Banquet

on November 12th. Winners will be announced during the banquet.

Post Office Notice


Early 911 Restoration: No. 2

by Charles Freeman

Welcome back. Here I am again to tell you how my

’73.5 911 T Targa restoration is going. I am deep

into what I will find out is the easy part. I removed

all of the carpet and interior padding. I am not sure if the

carpet was ever replaced but it sure smelled bad. It had

somewhat of a cross between mildew and wet dog. Since I

wasn’t using the carpet again I just ripped it out, then

removed the retaining trim later. I was now in for a rude

awakening. All of the little trim screws on the doorsill had

some surface rust. Should be easy to remove, right? Most of

the screws either snapped off or stripped out when I tried to

unscrew them. Here is the first purchase of tools, a lot of drill

bits. I had to drill each of them out. Under the carpet was a

sort of padding I think made out of horsehair impregnated

with an asphalt-like substance. What a mess! Some of the

underpadding was in good condition so I put it into the attic.

Turns out to be a great home for field mice.

... I then broke 3 sets of E-Z out

screw removers ...

E-Z out screw removers trying to extract the remaining

threads. More tools to the rescue.

Since the inside was pretty much done I wanted to

tackle the exterior. As I looked at the cracked black paint on

the hood and fenders I just couldn’t resist finding out what

was underneath. I investigated several techniques to remove

the paint. Chemical dipping the entire car would require

removal of every attached component from the car (I mean

everything)! Then I would have to get a trailer to haul it to

the facility (I don’t even have a truck). The next option is

sandblasting. This requires somewhat less amount of

teardown but I would still have to tow it to the facility. The

final option was chemical stripping in my garage and hand

sanding. I opted for this route as the price was right.

I then worked on removing the seats. Time and rust

had taken their toll on the seats and all of the bolts. In my

initial inspection of the car I found a rust hole in the

floorpan under the drivers seat. It turns out there was a

matching hole going through the seat vinyl and frame right

above the hole in the floorpan. I am guessing that the Targa

top was leaking in this location which led to these holes.

The frame of the driver’s seat was pretty rusted, so I just

tore the seat apart. Literally, I had to break the seat into

pieces as I couldn’t get to the bolts holding it in place. I had

to cut the seat frame with a jig saw then grab with a

vise-grip and jerk the seat apart. The passenger side was just

as bad. This took me at least 10 hours worth of work, just

to remove two seats. I threw both of them in the trash. Now

I wish I had saved the headrests as I might have been able

to sell them, oh well. Trying to remove the tracks for the

seats was another problem. The bolts were rusted and the

allen wrench stripped the heads out. I was using a cheap set

of allen wrenches from a wholesale company. Most every

time I use them they just round over. I have since purchased

a good set of Craftsman and they have held fine, but cost

twice as much. Anyway, I drilled out each of the bolts and

tried to extract them with an E-Z out. I then broke 3 sets of

Photo by Charles Freeman

I purchased a gallon of aircraft stripper from a

local paint company for $30. I proceeded to apply the toxic

goo to the hood (while wearing a respirator and heavy rubber

gloves). After a few minutes I could see the paint bubbling

up on the surface. It was a fairly simple matter of

scraping the paint off with a spatula. This left large blobs of

paint and stripper on the floor of my garage. The process

works very well but the 911 does not have flat panels so

using a flat spatula left paint on the curved sections. Thus I

had to follow this up with a lot of sanding. More tools and

materials to the rescue (sandpaper and abrasive disks).

Next time; more teardown fun!

Photo by charles Freeman

Removing paint is a time-intensive process...

Photo by charles Freeman







Authorized installer/tuner for REVO Performance Software, FIKSE

Wheels, and STOPTECH Performance Brake Systems

Watch for the ISTOOK/AINES Motorsports

AUDI S4 Twin Turbos on Speed Channel

2733 West 7th Street (repair shop)

3333 Suffolk Drive #104 (race shop)

Fort Worth, Texas 76107

(817) 332-6547 (repair shop)

(817) 924-2100 (race shop)


Post Parade Weekend at Possom Kingdom Lake

by Wendy Shoffit

Have you ever been to Possum Kingdom Lake? If you

haven’t, you need to add it to your list of vacation

destinations. It’s about 75 miles west of Fort Worth, but

well worth the drive. To quote the Possum Kingdom Chamber

of Commerce website (,

“If you're looking for a haven from the hurry and stress of

life, come enjoy the beautiful outdoors at Possum Kingdom

Lake. With more than 65 miles of crystal clear blue water,

and a variety of activities and fishing, Possum Kingdom has

developed the reputation of being one of the best get away

spots in all of the Southwest. Wake up to spectacular sunrises

from one of our many lodges, stay in a cozy cabin or a

luxury condo, or just pitch a tent at one of our campsites.”

Bambina and Jan Mayo were victorious and were treated to

a really interesting calculator/alarm clock thingy with a

“robotic” opening mechanism. After a few minutes of

sabotaging Jan’s prize to have the alarm ring at 4 AM, I felt

vindicated. How did you sleep that night, Jan? *wink* *wink*

Shortly after our quiz, we all drove down to the boat

dock where Teri had set up a party boat rental. Although

Bill and Nancy Dugan couldn’t spend the whole weekend

with us, they came out with their son, Eric, so that Bill

could be our boat captain. The plan was for us to get on the

boat and drive it out to this little lunch spot on the lake.

Well, a slight miscommunication, an unexpected rain

storm, and a tardy previous rental group changed our plans

... If you’re looking for a haven from the

hurry and stress of life ...

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

A small group of us chose this special location to spend

a weekend in early August (7th – 8th). Several years ago,

Teri Davis had chosen the Cliffs Resort at Possum Kingdom

for a fun summer Maverick Region “Round Up” weekend.

We had so much fun that we decided it would be the

perfect getaway after Parade. We were lucky that Teri was

willing to put in some overtime to help arrange this for us.

Rather than organize loads of activities like she did last

time (including a concours and a rally), Teri chose a much

more relaxing schedule this time. Starting Friday night, we

had a very casual meet and greet at the Resort pool. Once

the sun went down, Teri broke out the glow-in-the-dark

neon bracelets and necklaces. Who would have thought

that we could have so much fun with a little light stick?

Maybe some of us needed this break more than we thought!

As part of our weekend package, we were treated on

Saturday morning to a delightful breakfast buffet to get

us going for the day. Soon after breakfast, Charlie Davis,

counterpart to Teri, challenged us with a group tech quiz,

covering PCA and Maverick Region history trivia. Thank

goodness it was a group format, because otherwise I would

have *really* stunk! As it was, the team of Alan and Linda

Charlie Davis trying out a new hairdo

Photo by Charlie Davis

Wendy & Jasmine Shoffit rest on the pier with Myra Sutton

somewhat. Instead of boating to lunch, we drove around

the lake to get there. The burgers there were great, but I

wouldn’t recommend ordering the enchiladas, as they took

a full 15 minutes more to be served. If you want to order

fried pickles, make sure you call ahead of time to make sure

they’re not out (*sniffle*). The company was grand,

though, and helped make the rest of the waiting go by

quicker. A short drive back to the boat dock and we were

ready to go.

Captain Bill took 2 groups across and around the lake

to Hell’s Gate, where we enjoyed swimming off the boat in

incredibly clear water. I think most of Bill’s enjoyment

came from crossing other boats’ wakes, splashing enough

lake water on his passengers to keep us cool. That WAS the

intention, wasn’t it, Bill? Those of us who weren’t on the

boat had plenty of other options. James and Jasmine

decided to rent a kayak for awhile and saw the lake at a

little slower speed. Dave & Jean Frick’s grandson, Wayne,

had a blast swimming in the area near the beach. Eric also

had fun renting a jet ski. Perhaps the most fun for me was

the watermelon seed spitting contest. Yeah, I know I’m a

little twisted…

After our water fun, it was back to the resort for their

seafood buffet. Alan Bambina seemed to be in heaven with

the Lobster, shrimp, and various choices of fish. Although I

don’t care for seafood in general, I still found plenty to fill

me up, including some tasty prime rib. Oh yeah… and the

catfish I tried wasn’t too bad!


Sunday morning came with everyone feeling more

relaxed. We had plenty of time to pack up, check out, and

enjoy the vistas one more time. James, Jasmine, and I

drove around the area a little while and saw some of the

spectacular homes nestled in the trees. Later that morning,

Charlie led us on an interesting (and spirited) drive from

the resort to a little café in Strawn where we enjoyed our

final meal together as a group.

Thanks so much to Teri and Charlie for their hard work

putting this weekend together. Also thanks to Bill and

Nancy for making the drive in their car to drive the boat for

us. After the weekend, we were relaxed and ready to take on

the next challenge.

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

Jan Mayo and the Bambina’s look more relaxed than they did during Parade


Parade Posters

We have a limited number of these posters left

featuring Bill Dugan’s famous Panorama cover photo!

Available sizes in stock are 8x10, 11x14, 20x26 and 24x36

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These are heavy duty individual 10” tall magnetic numbers and are

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Kevin Hardison

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prep assistance, Nine-Eleven has the experience and knowledge to keep your car running

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New Wheels

by Joel Nannis, Membership Chair

Kuypers, Arnie (Patrick)

7717 Watson Drive

Plano, TX 75025

2001 996 Cab

Rutledge, Grant

10216 Noel Drive

Frisco, TX 75035

1987 911 T

Labarba, James

9619 Hilldale

Dallas, TX 75231

2002 996

Byrd, Robert (Donna)

1120 Williamsburg Lane

Keller, TX 76248

2001 996

Cantwell, Paul

4245 Goodnight Circle

Fort Worth, TX 76137

1991 911

Crawford, Michael (Michele)

1105 Waterall Drive

McKinney, TX 75070

1980 911 SC

Frederick, Kirk

Po Box 190855

Dallas, TX 75219

2004 911 C4S

Freeman, Charles (Terri)

8809 Ravenswood Road

Granbury, TX 76049

1973 911 T

Hahn, Gregory

7314 Malabar Lane

Dallas, TX 75230

1983 911 SC

If you have any changes that you would like to make to the

MRPCA membership guide, call Joel Nannis at 817-329-1600

Hammond, Debi

312 Transhaven Court

Granbury, TX 76048

Hammond, James

1158 Wake Forest Drive

Lewisville, TX 75077

1994 928

Hammond, Matt

312 Transhaven Court

Granbury, TX 76048

2000 911

Holloway, Michael (Lisa)

2105 Amherst Drive

Lewisville, TX 75067

1997 911

Johnson, Weldon (Mary)

7405 Eden Road

North Richland Hills, TX 76180

1989 944 S2

Joshi, Arpit

3901 Cornwall Street

Plano, TX 75093

2002 996 T

Klouda, Michael (Katharina)

700 Olympic Plaza Circle

Tyler, TX 75701

1997 993

Kremer, Jeff

6726 Kenwood

Dallas, TX 75214

2003 986 Boxster

Lumkes, Jeff

911 Pavillion Street

Dallas, TX 75204

1985 911

Pryor, Stefan

14902 Preston Road #404-343

Dallas, TX 75254

1989 911

Sharp, Ken (Andrew)

655 Oakbend Drive

Coppell, TX 75019

1967 912

Smith, Kennith

6008 Hackberry Court

Frisco Tx

2000 996

Spigel, Tom

9011 Carpenter Freeway #106

Dallas, TX 75247

2001 996

Tate, Robert (Sally)

2033 Lazy Lane

Roanoke, TX 76262

1991 911

Wood, Scott (Alicia)

3318 Dartmouth

Dallas, TX 75205

2004 996

Wright, Richard (Kathy)

19393 Oakbrook Road

Tyler, TX 75703

1990 928

Yance, Arturo (Margaret)

1061 Sunset Court

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1989 928


20 Years

Philip Guthrie (Trent)


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Robert J. Neumeier


15 Years

Shawn Sabanayagam (Ken Barrett)

Leo Hudson (Marlen)

Christopher Hart




5 Years

Chuck Machala (Charles Jr)

Thomas Rajan (Betty)

Toby Pennycuff (Mary Kay)


Fort Worth




Unclassifieds are available free to Maverick Region Members and are $5 to all others (contact Matt Platts for payment details). Please limit size to no more than 6 lines. Ads will run for 3 issues, then removed unless

you request that it be run for an additional 3 issues. Email your ad to by the 10th to have your ad run in the following month’s Slipstream. Be sure to include a contact name and phone

number. If you are selling a car, include mileage and price. Check your ad for accuracy the first time it runs. Contact the editor to have your ad pulled sooner. Due to space constraints, photos can not be included.

1988 Turbo Cabriolet very few made (2002?) for four years only. Venetian blue with grey

interior and blue top. RUF wheels. Maintained at Istook's. $38,900. Contact Costa at

817-457-6057 (1)

1998 911 Targa Grand Prix White / Cashmere and Black interior 30K miles, Serviced by

Boardwalk, 30K service done, Factory Hi-F: Stereo, Bird custom armrest, Glass top is truly

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1974 911 2.7 Engine, 5 Speed, Silver Metallic, Completely Original, 2nd Owner. Great

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2001 996 Cabriolet Black, Black Top, Black Leather, 6 speed. Under 1,400 miles.

Immaculate condition. Garaged and covered. Never driven in rain. Upgraded stereo and

18” sport wheels. One owner. Serviced at Park Place. $65K only serious should call.

Contact Scott at (214) 750-2790 (1)

1996 Carerra Cabriolet Guards Red with tan leather interior and black top. 17" chrome

wheels with center caps and new Potenza tires. Rarely driven, garage kept, dealer

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cooled series. 41,000 miles. $39,500. Contact Gary at 972-234-2923 (1)

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Wanted- Damaged 72 to 89 911 Oil Cooler Lines (thermostat to front oil cooler brass lines).

Contact Scott Wolthuis at 817 594-4995 or (1)

1987 Carrera 3.2 Under 24,000 miles on complete top-end, Stainless exh w/ Sports Muffler,

Chrome FUCHS 7 & 8 X 16's, new YOKOs, detailed engine (absolutely NO leaks),

fresh brakes, door locks, alarm, leather, cold a/c, flawless silver paint, $13,000 in receipts

documenting top-end / maintenance for the past 4 years, can not be faulted, NO damage

history, unmolested. Pre-buys welcome. 124k mi. $23,000 OBO. Chuck, 337-322-7599 or (2)

2000 Carerra Cabriolet Barritz White, Black Top, Grey Leather, 6 speed only 6k miles. Car

is absolutely perfect. Never in rain. One owner serviced by Boardwalk. $10K options. $60K

firm. Contact Wallace at 972-690-0748 (2)

1979 SC / IROC RGTRUPPE Lightweight RSR Rear Bumpers and Front Air Dam,

Lightweight Tail,Balanced 3.0 w/Webers,Forged Pistons,Port/Polished Heads & Manifolds,

GE40,ARP Racing Studs, Bursch Headers, 930 Brakes w/Drilled Rotors, Turbo Tie Rods,

Bilsteins, DAS Roll Bar, 7&8X16’s FUSCH w/YOHAMAHA, RS Door Panels and Carpets,

RECARO’s w/Harness, Strut Bar, OPTIMA Battery, $25,500. Historical records/receipts

$40K+, 120,000 miles/5 DE’s. Chuck, 337-322-7599 or (2)

1987 RUF Slantnose Turbo/Cabriolet 3.4L engine. 0-to-60 in 4.5 sec. RUF 5speed, red, a.c.,

carb legal, have RUF 4 pipe. Noncat muffler, variable boost, recaro high dollar seats with

center console, 9/10x17” wheels. Feature car 3/87 Road and Track as fastest production

Porsche in the world. Orig $ 148,000 asking 57,000. 817-284-8271,

817-442-1975 (2)

1986 911 CarreraVery well cared for, excellent condition inside and out, servo lock synchro

five speed, 193 CI 200 HP, low miles 86 K, interior leather in great condition, black on

black, strong AC, Kenwood CD with remote. $19,888 OBO. Charley 972-242-5999 or (2)

1993 RS America (VIN# WPOAB2962PS418219) in special order midnight metallic blue.

One of 240 cars built prior 964 Cup chassis. All options: radio, limited slip, sunroof, A/C.

Eibach springs (1" lower), RUF airbag steering wheel (plus original), RUF shock tower

brace, RUF cup muffler bypass pipe. DE's only, never raced, non-smoker, serviced by Park

Place Porsche. $39,500 obo. Gary Sanders (972) 523-2886 or (2)

1993 968 (3.0 L, 236 BHP) 2+2 coupe-daily driver (127K mi), or, could be made a club racer.

Fast and torquey. 6-speed manual, 17-inch 5-spoke alloys (new P-Zero fronts), leather sport

seats, sport chassis and limited slip differential. Well cared for grand prix white exterior and

the black interior. Cold A/C. Well-balanced car handles and drives exceptionally well.

$12,500 obo. Arnie, H972-527-3272, W972-527-9450, (2)

Light weight CCW track wheels Polished aluminum rims, black anodized centers. (2)

9X17" 71/4" backspacing, (2) 10X17" 8" backspacing Very good shape. New style, even

lighter than the originals, $1,400. Rocky Johnson 972.816.1769, (2)

Brey Krause harness guide bar (model 1010) Excellent condition. Fits a wide range of 911's

from '74 to '98. Purchased new in 2002 direct from Brey Krause for $259, will sell for $175.

Contact Gary Sanders, (972) 523 2886, (2)

1986 944 Turbo Guards red/black int. 5 spd. trans 67kmiles and recent 60k service. The car

is in great condition inside and out and has been garaged most of it's life. The car has all

original equipment and currently has Z rated Dunlop tires in factory sizes with approx

75 % tread left on them. The car is being offered for sale @ $16,000.00 which includes a

freshly painted front bumper and mirrors by GTI. Please contact Kyle @ 817 683 0102 or (3)

1988 Carrera Cabriolet Commemorative Edition 911 in special Diamond Blue Metallic

with Silver Blue interior. Has all it's original parts, has been lovingly cared for. Owner was ill

during the last couple of years of his life, has been driven infrequently. 74k miles, $27,000.

Contact Tonja Terrazas at 972-888-6092 or (3)

Four 15" Spoked Alloy Wheels (sometimes referred to as a Spider Web design) fitted as

standard equipment on the 924 Turbo. With center caps. Wheels can also be used on 944's.

Wheels are straight but will need to be refinished. $200. John Dolan. 972-822-0175 (cell) or

972-235-4622 (home), (3)

1984 911 Targa Metallic Burgundy, pristine condition, 79k miles only. Whale-tail and

front-chin spoilers, Blaupunkt CD stereo, power windows, covered parking always --no

rain/snow. No road rash, new tires and breaks, engine and transmission rebuilt, runs strong

and rides smooth, clean. $16,900.00 obo. Includes extra set of wheels and 2-piece bra.

E-mail for lots of pics. Contact Gabriel at 972/233-9468 or (3)

1984 Porsche 944 very good condition. Blue metallic, recently resprayed. Black leather

interior, no cracks or fading. Runs great. Complete maintenance records. 170K+ miles

(broken odometer). Cold A/C (converted to R-132). $2000. Email or

call 972-284-3536 for details. (3)

1964 Chris Craft Classic 17' Mahogany Delux Runabout. Chevy 283 inboard V8, new

seats front and back, fresh varnish and bottom paint, custom trailer, lake ready. Same

owner last 26 years, 2nd overall, 680 total hours. Excellent condition. Contact Steven Snay

@ 940-464-3289 (3)

1985/1 944 Black/tan, 5 speed, engine professionally rebuilt/installed 2K miles ago by

AutoScope in April 2003; many new parts, including engine mounts, brakes, shifter,

hatchback seal and gasket, etc.; no A/C (needs compressor); interior needs work; car

runs/drives well, looks sharp from ten feet or more; front valence underneath has cracks.

$3,000. John Dolan. 972-822-0175 (cell) or 972-235-4622 (home), (3)

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