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The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Upcoming Events

• Big Cedar Lodge Tour

• Happy Hour at Joe Ts

• Run What You Brung Charity Autocross

Past Events

• Palo Pinto Tour

• Post Parade Party

• Grapevine Photo Rally

October 2005 - Published by the Maverick Region

Porsche Club of America


Zone 5 Presidents ..........................................................1

List of Officers/Board Chairs .......................................4

The Inside Track (President’s Column)......................5

Maverick Minutes..........................................................8

From the Driver’s Seat (Editor’s Column)...............10

New Wheels..................................................................27



Advertiser Index...........................................................28

Upcoming Events

Calendar of Events..........................................................1

“Run What You Brung” Charity Autocross ................2

Happy Hour at Joe T. Garcia’s.......................................2

Maverick Lunches...........................................................2

Big Cedar Lodge Tour....................................................3

Board Meeting ................................................................5

Founder’s Day ...............................................................18

East Texas Autumn Foliage Tour................................19

TT#6 and AX#6 in Mineral Wells ..............................24

October 22 & 23 DE Form..........................................25

Past Event Recaps

Happy Hour at Go Fish................................................9

Palo Pinto Perseverance..............................................14

Photo Rallying Family Fun ........................................22

Post Parade Party at Willhoite’s .................................23


Trivia Contest................................................................10

Idle Corner ....................................................................19

2006 Officers Election Ballot.......................................20

Post Office Notice.........................................................24

Volume 62, October 2005, Issue 10

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Day October - Events

1 Porschedillo (Hill Country Region)

3 Board Meeting

9 Charity AX (TMS)

15-16 Time Trial #6 & Autocross #6

18 Bedford & Plano Lunch

20 Happy Hour at Joe T. Garcia’s

21-23 Big Cedar Lodge Tour

22-23 Drivers Ed (MSR)

25 Addison Lunch

29-30 Drivers Ed (Lone Star Region)

Day November - Events

1 Board Meeting

12 Founder’s Day


13 East Texas Tour

15 Plano & Bedford Lunches

17 Happy Hour

29 Addison Lunch

Day December - Events

6 Board Meeting

10 Holiday Party

15 Happy Hour

20 Bedford & Plano Lunches

27 Addison Lunch

MW - Mineral Wells Airport, Mineral Wells, Texas

MSR - Motor Sport Ranch, Cresson, Texas

TWS - Texas World Speedway, College Station, Texas

TMS - Texas Motor Speedway, Fort Worth, Texas

Penn - Pennington Field Stadium, Bedford, Texas


Kevin Hardison,

Dennis Chamberlain,

Mark Gluck, Andy Miller,

Wendy Shoffit, and Charlie Davis.

Cover Photo by Drew Campbell

911 at Motorsport Ranch.

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Kenneth A. Chandler



Dick Dobson



Tinker Floyd



Weston Dillard


2005 Porsche Club Zone 5 Presidents


Stan Wenger



Ruth Parks



Brad Bradford



Rocky Johnson

C: 972-816-1769


Ron Mott



Mike Lindsey



Ray Quick



Brooke Van Horn




2005 Maverick Region - Board, Officers & Chairs


Rocky Johnson

H: 972-462-8227

C: 972-816-1769

334 Hearthstone Ln

Coppell, TX 75019

Rocky is active in Club Racing, Drivers

Education, Autocross, and Time Trial. He also

instructs at Drivers Education and Autocross,

and Time Trial events. His daily driver is a

Boxster S and his track car is an F class 968.


Mark Gluck

W: 972-239-2473 x12

C: 817-706-9061

Mark drivers a Boxster S and has been a

Maverick member since 1999. He is active

with Drivers Education, Tours, and Social

events, as well as with many Hope Shelter

charity projects.


Michael Wingfield

W: 972-478-3278

H: 972-491-2766

Michael has been a PCA member since 1982

He has been President, VP, editor, and membership

chair in two other regions. He is on

the DE staff and a member of the PCA

National Club Racing staff. He owns a race

prepared ‘86 944 Turbo.


Jeff Atkins

W: 972-419-5417

H: 972-939-0893

1904 Diamond Ridge Ct

Carrollton, TX 75010

Jeff has been a Maverick member since 2003.

He is active in Drivers Education events as well

as Autocross and Time Trial. He drives a 1988

911 Targa and is a CPA.

DE Chair

Bill Dawson

H - (972) 291-8817 (

The Inside Track

by Rocky Johnson, the Maverick Region President

As you read this, Founders Day on

November 12th is only a month away; so it's

really not too early to start drumming up

support for the event. We have some plans for

this year that will expand significantly on the

awards and recognition that have been a

traditional part of Founders Day. Autocross

and time trails will continue to be important.

However, we also hope to initiate some new, fun awards and

recognition for club racing, DEs, rally, and tour participants.

If you have been active in any of these events in the past year,

you need to plan to be at Founders Day.

Additionally, we would like to have a big turnout to ensure

that we put our best face forward for our sponsors. We plan to

personally invite, and encourage the attendance of our

sponsors. We want to be able to thank them formally and face

to face for their continued support of the club. As always,

spending your hard earned bucks with our advertisers and

sponsors is typically the most effective way to say thanks.

However, a personal "thank you" goes a long way as well. It's

something a lot of us, including me, forget to say sometimes.

We also have a couple of more tricks up our sleeves to

encourage a substantial turnout. The board agreed it would be

a nice treat for the members if the club underwrote a portion

of the cost for the event. This will help keep the ticket cost

reasonable at a time when everything else seems to be going up.

For those of you with sporting blood (and who among us

doesn't have that?) in your veins, we are also planning a Casino

Night with the program. Proceeds will be donated to further

support the Hope shelter building project and your winnings

can be used in the fabulous raffle after dinner.

We are also delighted to have a guest speaker, Peter Schutz,

that evening. Peter was President and CEO of Porsche AG. [ed.

More about Peter can be found in the minutes.]

In a slightly more serious (but not too much) vein, the

board plans to offer up some modest revisions to the bylaws for

a vote along with the election of officers for 2006. Barring a

major write-in campaign, and there is plenty of time for that,

this election promises to be just as closely contested as last

year’s. All in all, it promises to be a big evening. Mark your

calendars now for November 12th. Hope to see you there!





German and British Car Service

and Maintenance by appointment.

Specializing in:

• All Porsche 914’s

• Early 911’s through 1989 model year

• Race Track Support

• Competition Car Maintenance

• Race Ergonomics & Instrumentation

2620 West Pioneer (Hwy 303)

Suite B

Arlington, Texas



What inspired the design of our new dealership?


Like the vehicles we sell, our new dealership was designed around one thing. You.

Endless amenities are just waiting to be explored. Come in for a test-drive today.


6113 Lemmon Ave. (Between Mockingbird and Inwood) . Dallas, TX 75209 . 214 . 525 . 5400


Email: or

FAX at (817) 267-4939










Maverick Minutes

by Michael Wingfield

Michael Brodigan hosted the September board

meeting on September 6, 2005. The meeting

had the following 14 members in attendance:

Executive Council–Rocky Johnson, Mark Gluck, Jeff

Atkins, Michael Wingfield; Board Members–Andy

Miller, Joe McGlohen, Lanean Hughes, Mike Brodigan,

Charlie Davis, Teri Davis. Bill Miller, Ed Gross, Tracey

Gross, and Wendy Shoffit

Rocky called the meeting to order at 7:04 PM, and began the ‘round

table discussion.

Andy Miller: 17 people signed up for the next tour. Schedule of ’06

proposed tour dates sent to Rocky. Rocky mention that he was

approached by some members interested in a “Sunday Drive” tour, that

will focus on a leisurely drive to a destination/attraction. Andy offers to

help coordinate with anyone who would like to develop the “Sunday

Drive” format tour.

Joe McGlohen: Supports regional compliance with the National

Tour guidelines, especially since Tours do not require a technical

inspection of participant’s vehicles before taking to the road.

Lanean Hughes: Hope Shelter has framed walls. Will print ads

soliciting people to “adopt” individual rooms to decorate and furnish

each room. Acme bricks and paint were donated by a local hardware

store. However, labor is not donated and wants $3,500 to pay masons.

Mark Gluck suggests the general membership have a voice on additional

contribution to Hope Shelter since the region has already given in excess

of $10,000 to the shelter this year. Michael Brodigan suggests that surplus

funds from events be used for the membership to support future events

and that specific events be set up and advertised as functions to collect

monies for Hope Shelter. Charlie Davis suggests the region institute a

“matching funds” program for Hope Shelter donations, up to some

defined limit. Michael Wingfield asks what happened to the $85,000

building fund bank account reported at the August meeting. Lanean says

$75,000 of that fund was used as framing labor expenses. Teri Davis states

that Kroger committed to donate the framing labor. But Lanean says that

Kroger was not able to provide the labor due to scheduling conflicts.

Mark Gluck points out that Hope Shelter has been approved for $150,000

in loans to complete the building, but Lanean indicates that the Shelter

would rather not take out a loan (that would need to be paid back) if they

don’t have to. Wendy Shoffit makes a motion to give Hope Shelter $3,500

to help their immediate need. Joe McGlohen seconds. Motion passes by

a narrow margin.

Lanean (as Bill Dawson): Proposed dates for ’06 DE events

submitted for consolidation on the regional events calendar.

Mike Brodigan: Received 9 payments of the 25 invoices sent for

Slipstream advertising renewals. Advertisers have “pushed back” at the

proposed web link advertising fee, but three of the nine respondents opted

to add web advertising to their Slipstream advertising. Rocky

suggests providing free Founder’s Day tickets to advertisers and sponsors,

as appreciation for their contributions to the club. It would also allow more

advertisers and sponsors to meet face-to-face with more of the membership.

Mike and Lanean will compile a list of advertisers and the proposed

number of free tickets based on club advertising and sponsorship.

Michael Wingfield: September DE has 96 entrants, but still has

room for 12 more advanced entrants. October DE registration is open

and 31 entrants have applied in the 2 days of open registration. Proposes

that the Goodie store donate some of the surplus and obsolete clothing

to the hurricane refugees relocated to the metroplex. Ed & Tracey have

~70 shirts (40 polo and 30 T-shirts) that were destined for the Hope

Shelter, but will reroute and deliver to the hurricane refugees. Reminds

the Nominations Committee that we need the list of ’06 candidate

officers. List appears elsewhere in this issue of Slipstream.

Teri Davis: Has begun preliminary planning for ’06 rally events.

Will possibly conduct a rally school in January or February, schedule


Bill Miller: Has calendar of proposed ’06 AX/TT dates. Will incorporate

events in other regions on the ’06 calendar. For ’06, Brian Petri has

offered to Chair AX events and Bryan Bell has offered to Chair TT events.

Chuck Machala plans to buy two Icom radios to test at an upcoming

event, and can get a refund after testing should the region decided not

to pursue the Icom radios. The existing radios will go on sale to the

membership for $45 a pair per motion from April ’05 Board meeting.

Jeff Atkins: We have money.

Charlie Davis: The insurance is due on the “Truckster” and will

transfer information to Rocky. Truckster has passed state inspection,

but still needs an exhaust manifold. Repair costs exceeded the $1,000

allocated at the July ’05 Board meeting, by $42. Has replaced the

rear-view mirrors on the Truckster and will try to rebuild the carburetors

over the winter.

Tracey Gross: Goodie Store has fleece jackets, polo shirts with

embroidery car numbers, and 12 helmet bags on order. Has spent $150

on ordered items, well below the $1,000 allocated by the Board in April

’05. Founder’s Day scheduled for Nov. 12, and the Holiday Party is

scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 10 at the home of Bob and Clara Lewis.

Proposed a Wine Tasting event for October at Tung’s Wine Warehouse.

Ed Gross: Making Goodie Store available on the Maverick web site

is still a work in progress. Some outside web program is needed to bring

the online store to fruition.

Mark Gluck: We have insurance and will add Friday Oct. 21 to the

covered days for the October DE, to accommodate the instructor clinic.

Wendy Shoffit: Approximately 30 people attended the Grapevine

Photo Rally. Instructions and results will appear on the web site soon.

Will take over as Slipstream Editor for the remainder of the year. The

September Slipstream was delivered to Ussery Printing. Hilton DFW

Lakes in Grapevine will host Founder’s Day Saturday Nov. 12. Peter

Schutz will appear as guest speaker and autograph his book. {Secretary

Addendum - Peter Shutz was President & CEO of Porsche AG from

1981-1988. He engineered the biggest positive financial turn around in

Porsche sales history. He also authored the book, The Driving Force:

Extraordinary Results with Ordinary People. (Published: 2003 by

Entrepreneur Press, Inc. ISBN: 1932156119)}. Proposes Founder’s Day

also include a “Casino Night” to benefit Hope Shelter.

Rocky Johnson: Received the National nominations Committee

list, should Maverick Region wish to nominate someone for a National

office. Spoke with the Club attorney concerning loaning regional

equipment and staff in exchange for a donation to Hope Shelter. The

attorney voiced discomfort over this arrangement, suggesting we revise

our policy and develop a rental contract. Mark Gluck has penned a “Gift”

policy and will distribute to the Board for review. John Sandusky

will server as Club Race ’06 Chair, assisted by Tom Snodgrass (’07 Chair

in training).

Rocky (as Dennis Chamberlain): Happy Hour at Go Fish had ~50

in attendance.

Hackberry Creek Country Club will host the remaining 2005 Board

Meetings. Attendees must RSVP for the meetings at that location in order

for the region to obtain the proper sized room for the meeting.

The meeting adjourned (appropriately) at 9:11 PM.


Happy Hour at Go Fish

by Dennis Chamberlain

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Happy Hour Crew: Dennis Chamberlain, Monda

Degan and Mike Lockas

As you can see from the pictures,

we had a lot of happy

members at Go Fish in

Addison. About 50, in fact. Maybe it

was the food that made them happy,

or maybe the atmosphere. Maybe it

was the company. Or maybe they’re

just happy campers to begin with.

New member David McBee bought a 1973 911 just so he

could join PCA and

the Maverick Region. Recent

member Ryan Hatfield (2000

996) was also in attendance, as

was Landis Griffith (2005


Go Fish turned out to be a

fabulous location for a happy

hour. We plan to return there

soon. For our October 20 Happy

Hour we’ll be heading to Joe T

Garcia’s in Fort Worth. Hope to

see you there!

David McBee

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Clara Lewis, Bobbie Briggs, and Maria Stafford

Dennis Black & Laura Sumner

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Bryan Bell and Chuck Machala

Ben and Michelle Hartsell


From The Driver’s Seat

by Wendy Shoffit, Slipstream Managing Editor

You may have noticed that your editor is

looking a bit more feminine and a lot more

like me. Well, the truth is… it is me. Mike

Holloway has stepped down and I have assumed

the position of managing editor for Slipstream

once again. With Mike’s increasing work travel

schedule, it became more difficult each month to

produce this newsletter on time at the quality we have all come

to expect. Mike has done a great job over the past nine months

to provide us all with our communication center. He has also

done his best to ensure that the transition has been a smooth

one. Hopefully now he will be able to enjoy his family and club

events more. When you see him, show your appreciation.

I am fortunate to still have a great set of people working on

Slipstream. Matt Platts will be taking on a larger role (closer to

a co-editor than ever before). Dennis Chamberlain will still

be doing our fabulous event advertisements. Jan Mayo is

continuing her work proof reading (hopefully with the

assistance of Tinker Edwards). Kevin Hardison at Ussery

Printing will still be the final step before the newsletter goes to

press. Finally, Joel Nannis and Andy Mears will continue

working together to provide the mail house with prompt and

accurate data to ensure that your issue gets to your mailbox. I’ll

bet you didn’t realize it takes a village to put on each issue, did

you? Without these people, we would be sunk.

I would be remiss if I let this issue go by without expressing

my deepest sympathies for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Not a day goes by where we’re not all barraged with pictures,

video, and stories of horror. We have all been affected by this

tragedy, some more so than others. It seems as though there

are evacuees everywhere you turn, desperate to get the help

they need. My thoughts also go to our very own Porsche Club

Mardi Gras, Magnolia, and Sonnenschein Regions and hope

that our fellow members have found their way past the

immediate danger and are on their way to rebuilding their lives

and their towns.

As I write this, Hurricane Rita is battering Texas and

Louisiana. Houston and Galveston are ghost towns, with many

of those evacuees fleeing towards our area, taking as much as 24

hours to make the trip. New Orleans is flooding again and our

country is in great need. In the short run, it appears as though

Katrina taught us good lessons, but we still have much to learn.

I’m grateful that my family left Houston safely and hope yours

is safe, as well. Our prayers are with you all. If we all pull

together, we’ll make it through.

Avoid being a passenger in life . . .

...Enjoy the view from the driver’s seat.

Trivia Contest


It’s Easy To Play:

Enter online at or email

answers to:

Rules: 1 Point per each correct answer. 1 entry per

member. Drawing to tie break. Deadline 10/31/05.

Congratulations to our August winner,

Ed Gross!

Honorable mention goes to Cyril Reif, who also

scored 100% (Ed won by a coin toss) and

Don Lykins (with 4 correct)

August Answers: 1) A 2) C 3) A 4) D 5) A

This month’s prize:

$25 gift certificate to:

1) This famous Le Mans winning face now helps campaign what

other brand of “P” car. A) Pontiac B) Panoz C) Peugeot

D) Pantera

2) Keeping with the “P” car question line, a national racing magazine

claimed this “P” brand might soon be Competition for

our beloved Porsches in GT2.A) Pontiac B) Panoz C) Peugeot

D) Pantera

3) When Porsche added the 911T in 1968 to its model lineup,

the “T” symbolized what? A) Touring B) Tiptronic C) Turbo

D) Targa

4) During a race famous for the largest crash in motor racing

history this future GM legend took first in the Sports 1100

class in a 550. A) John DeLorean B) Zora Arkus Duntov

C) Lee Iococa D) Roger Smith E) Michael Moore

Zim’s Autotechnik





972-867-7467 (972-TOP-SHOP)

Official Texas Distributor/Install house for

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Palo Pinto Perseverance

By Andy Miller

What do a can, a donut, and a paper clip have in common?

Read on and you will find out! We had another strong

turnout of 21 cars and 35 people for our one day trip to

Palo Pinto. We had quite a number of first time tour participants,

which is always good to see. With the exception of the Porsche 550, I

think we had just about all Porsche models represented. The weather

forecast called for partly cloudy, low 90’s for the high, and a 20%

chance of isolated showers. It must be great to be a meteorologist….

no matter what happens you are covered!

After a relatively short drive past Weatherford on I-20, we got on

1189 and started to enjoy the wonderful isolated twisty roads south of

Palo Pinto. Our first rest stop was in Bluff Dale. Just before the gas

station, James St. Peter in his 993 Cab pulled off to the side of the

road. Ted Glover stopped to assist him. James had been having

ongoing problems with the oil warning light in his car going on and

thought the problem had been fixed. After putting a quart (can) of oil

in the car, the warning light went off but James decided to pack it in

for the day and not take any chances. As we left the rest stop, the

weather appeared to be clearing and most Cab owners had put their

tops down.

By late morning, everyone was getting a little hungry so we

headed for lunch. As we were driving on 281 North to lunch, Mark

Vaughan had a tire blow out (The tire had all of 300 miles on it). Ted

Glover again came to offer assistance and they put the spare (donut) on

Photo by Andy Miller

Andy Miller and Ted Glover investigating the broken 914 in the rain.

the car. With the car pulled over safely and Ted helping, the group

continued on to lunch. As we were then traveling west on 1188, we

could see a huge rainstorm in the distance. What we did not realize is

how quickly we would be in it. It was a true torrential downpour! With

only about five minutes to go before lunch, I received a radio message

that Jim Meyer’s 914 engine just literally stopped as we were driving

along. The Chadwicks led the tour to the restaurant and I went back to

assist Jim. He had called his mechanic in Plano and diagnosed the

problem as a faulty ignition switch. Jim asked if we had a paper clip

and, fortunately, we did. I have no idea what he did with that paper clip

but he got the car running and then headed back to his home in Plano.

Photo by Andy Miller

Photo by Andy Miller

Photo by Mark Gluck

Phil Childrey & Bryan Corbell

Lunch at the Smokestack.

Photo by Andy Miller

Jim Chadwick and Joe Rybarski

A happy bunch, regardless of the adversities of the day.


Finally we were all in Thurber, Texas at the Smokestack

Restaurant. Thurber is about 40 miles west of Weatherford on I-20. If

you have never been there, you might want to check it out. It has an

interesting past having once been a company-owned coal town with

a population of over 20,000 in 1910. However, within 20 years, all of

the people had left, all of the company-owned buildings were sold and

moved, and Thurber became a ghost town. There is a museum about

Thurber across from the restaurant that is very well done.

After lunch, we took a shortened tour back home because of

the bad weather. We crossed our fingers that some other calamity

not befall us! Despite the car issues, we had a great morning drive

and hope you can join us on the next tour. Hey, the odds of no car

problems have to be in our favor! Now you know what a can, donut,

and a paper clip have in common….they are .all solutions to our car


Photo by Mark Gluck

Photo by Andy Miller

A scenic place to stop for a photo op.

Another good stopping point.

Photo Name Badges

Bryan Bell


A great idea for all Maverick Region events!

These are the same size and shape as the 2004 Parade badges and

feature the same magnetic attachments. Now you can wear a name

badge with your favorite Porsche shirt without having to poke holes it!

Our photography or yours . . . just $7.50 each.

Driver’s Education Car Numbers as low as $8 each!

These are heavy duty individual 10” tall magnetic numbers and are

available in white, black, red, yellow, orange, blue or green.

Custom work is also available in any color . . . including metallics!

Coming soon!

Hats • Shirts • Banners • Posters

Calendars • Track Photography

Car Numbers • Digital Photo Editing

Kevin Hardison

Irving, Texas • (972) 849-8512




FAX 972-721-1847








Authorized installer/tuner for REVO Performance Software,

FIKSE Wheels, and STOPTECH Performance Brake Systems

Watch for the ISTOOK/AINES Motorsports

AUDI S4 Twin Turbos on Speed Channel

2733 West 7th Street (repair shop)

3333 Suffolk Drive #104 (race shop)

Fort Worth, Texas 76107

(817) 332-6547 (repair shop)

(817) 924-2100 (race shop)

Owner Rick Jordan: 28 Years Experience Porsche Trained



Idle Corner

by James Shoffit

Vaughan Garrett used to write an article for Slipstream

that just had some random thoughts or ideas in it. It has

been a while since we have seen one, so I asked him if I

could take over for a while. I seem to have plenty of random

things to say!

My daily driver for the past 7 years has been a 1990 911 C4

Cabriolet. But a few months ago, my radio went out. At first I

was very frustrated about it, and missed the daily chatter and

music that I enjoyed on my 26 mile (each way) commute to

and from work. But then I started appreciating the music coming

from behind me from that wonderful flat six. So next time

you drive your Porsche, turn off the radio, turn off the air conditioning,

roll down the windows, and enjoy! Accelerate

through a few corners and fall in love all over again!

East Texas Autumn Foliage Tour

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Time / Meeting Place: Meet @7:30 am @ Wal-Mart

parking lot SW corner of Hwy 80 & Belt Line

1 mile east of 635. Drivers’ meeting @8:00 am.

Return to Dallas ~ 5:00 p.m.

Venue: Winnsboro Autumn Auto Trail

Lunch: TBD

Bring: FRS radio (2-way “walkie talkie”), extra key

“just in case”, gas tank full

RSVP: Andy or Cindy Miller 817 545-2584 or


2006 Maverick Region Officers Ballot

I am a ______ Member

_______ Associate Member


________ Rocky Johnson

________ ______________________

Vice President

________ Mark Gluck

________ ______________________


________ Jeff Atkins

________ ______________________


________ Michael Wingfield

________ ______________________

Print Name ____________________________

Signature _______________________________

Mail your ballot to: Secretary Michael Wingfield

3805 Clearwater Court, Plano TX, 75025

E-mails cannot be accepted.

Ballots must be signed and received prior to the Founder’s Day Banquet

on November 12th. Winners will be announced during the banquet.


German Engineering With Southern Hospitality.

Personal Service.

At Nine-Eleven, we’ve built a reputation for understanding our customers’ needs —

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finding that necessary part or after-market option you require. We are an authorized dealer

for high-performance Recaro seating, Yokohama Tires, Bilstein Shocks, Bosch, and many

others. This ensures that whether you are a casual driver or an enthusiast who needs race

prep assistance, Nine-Eleven has the experience and knowledge to keep your car running

at peak performance.


Crown Rd.

Cindy Lane


Royal Lane

Joe Field Rd.



Nine-Eleven Enterprises, Inc.

Service, Accessories & Parts for BMW,

Mercedes & Porsche

2120 Cindy Lane, Dallas, Texas 75229



We are conveniently located near the intersection of Stemmons and LBJ Freeways

in Dallas. We offer emergency towing service 24 hours a day and have arranged

for special rental car rates with area rental agencies. Come by for a visit between

7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday, or call for a service appointment.


Photo Rallying Family Fun

by Werner Foltz

The last time Jackie and I participated in a rally was several

years ago. We competed a few times each year in the novice

class of Time Speed Distance (TSD) rallies. Then in 2001

we had a 9 pound life changing experience named Jillian who put

a stop to our rallying days. The inside of a rally car is no place for

small children - or for that matter, people who want to stay

married - but we always managed to keep the fun in it. And so

when we saw the ad for a "Photo Rally", our interest was piqued,

and after a phone call verifying that 4 year olds were not

forbidden by the rules, we were set to go.

Photo by Charlie Davis

parked on the other side of it boxing it in making it impossible

to be seen, and pondered just leaving the car there, but Jackie

forced me to be fair and pointed out that we already had a

secret weapon - Jillian. She was the first in the car to spot about

25% of the items, and she had a blast doing it. We finished after

1 hour, and gave our entry to Wendy and waited for the results

to be announced. We were pretty sure we had a 100% score, but

there were others who had finished early also. Finally the

announcement came that there were 2 teams with perfect

scores, ours and none other than former Zone 5 Rep., Jan

Mayo, and her teammate, Linda Bambina, (both generally

acknowledged as fierce competitors). So it came down to a

sudden death runoff, comprised of more detailed questions

about the items: How many wine tasting rooms are there in

Grapevine? What type of butterfly was on a particular statue,

etc. We guessed 1 answer better than Jan and Linda and the victory

was ours, Jillian’s first Porsche Club event victory.

Jillian, Jackie, and Werner Foltz enjoying their sweet victory.

We arrived in downtown Grapevine, paid our fee ($5.00)

and received our packet of instructions - a stack of papers each

with 3 or 4 photographs, and a question under each photo. The

task was to find the items in the photo, and thereby find the

answers to the questions. All of the items were within a 10 or so

block area that is roughly downtown Grapevine, and there was

a time limit of 2 hours after which everyone would meet back

at Willhoite’s restaurant on Main Street.

Grapevine was thus transformed into a rat race of

Porsches, zigzagging around town, following and being

followed. Most of the items were related to the interesting

history of Grapevine. Some were easy to find - a water tower -

the statue on top of city hall - but some were much harder, not

even visible from the road. All of them required that you

get out of the car to read something to be able to answer the

question. One of the clues was a hand operated water pump,

and a non-participant car had parked directly beside it. I

Photo by Charlie Davis

James Shoffit and Ronnie Arnold

Photo by Charlie Davis

Linda Bambina and Jan Mayo still happy with their 2nd place finish.

Rally Results

Participant Names


Werner, Jackie & Jillian Foltz 45 (+ 2 tie)

Jan Mayo & Linda Bambina 45 (+ 1 tie)

Derek Johnston 45

Allen Tollefson 44 1/2

Steve & Jonathan Perrin 44 1/2

Ed & Tracey Gross 42

Rocky & Judy Johnson 42

Ronnie Arnold 42

Rick & Sherri Landerholm 42

Dee & John Lersch 40

Curtis & Becky Frisbie 36

Dave & Jean Frick 34

James & Jasmine Shoffit 34

Karl & Freida Landerholm 32 1/2

Mike Ernest 32


Post Parade Party at Willoite’s

By Dee Lersch

Most of us recognize the BIG Maverick events: Club Race,

Founders' Day Dinner, the Holiday Party, the New Member

Party, any Happy Hour, and, of course, each month when

the Slipstream comes out! There are other equally colorful, if smaller,

gatherings: the fall Round Up, the Swap Meet, and the first dinner

social after Parade. This year's Post Parade dinner social was held at

Willhoite's in Grapevine, a colorful Texas eatery that once was a

garage (how appropriate.) More than three dozen Mavericks and

visitors attended and we enjoyed a delightful mix of post-Parade,

post-Photo Rally, what-we-did-this-summer chatter against a Parade

slide show backdrop.

Wendy Shoffit had organized an all-you-can-eat Texas Country

Buffet, complete with steak and shrimp, accompanied by bowls of

Hershey chocolate. The center piece at our table was the HUGE

trophy that Wendy was honored with at Parade as the Porsche Club of

America 2004 Enthusiast of the Year. Dave and Jean Frick brought

(and gave away) more of those beautiful German and Bavarian

Oktoberfest banners they had at May at Mayo's.

Good food, good friends, GRAND memories. I hope you

were there.

Photo by Charlie Davis

Photo by Charlie Davis

Ed and Tracey Gross

Rocky and Judy Johnson.

Photo by Charlie Davis

Ed Mayo and Joe McGlohen can’t pull themselves away.

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

Susanna Kavanaugh and Mike Lockas enjoying their dinner.







New Wheels

by Joel Nannis

If you have any changes that

you would like to make to the

MRPCA membership guide, call

Joel Nannis at 817-329-1600

Paige & Eddie Baldwin

3209 Ridge Drive

Garland, TX 75041

1984 911

Donald & Linda Brown

2503 Sherbrooke Lane

McKinney, TX 75070

2006 997

Gerald Campbell

7100 Monticello Parkway

Colleyville, TX 76034

2005 Cayenne

Scott & Wendy Davis

5204 N. Meadow Ridge Circle

Mckinney, TX 75070

1994 911

Chad Halbach

2505 Stone Hollow Drive

Bedford, TX 76021

1985 928

William Holman

383 Las Colinas Blvd #4024

Irving, TX 75039

1988 911

Joseph & Kathleen Lasich

2702 Spartacus Drive

Grand Prairie, TX 75025

2005 986

Anthony Le

4595 Spring Creek #4772

Plano, TX 75024

1992 911

Robert Lebovit & Joyce Sanders

11704 Forest Lane

Dallas, TX 75230

1996 911

Ken & Blanca Lobato

P.O. Box 93865

Southlake, TX 76092

2005 996

David Love III

7414 Westwood Drive

Dallas, TX 75225

2004 996

Gisselle Miranda

200 Briarcliff Ct

Colleyville, TX 76034

1997 911

Jason Rogers

3800 Horizon Drive

Bedford, TX 76021

1995 993

Avelino & Judith Segura

6810 Harvest Glen Drive

Dallas, TX 75248

2003 996

Michael & Lisa Thompson

3308 Teakwood Lane

Plano, TX 75075

2001 996

Carter Townsend &

Christian Wilson

5615 Twinbrooks Drive

Dallas, TX 75252

2005 996

Michael Wein

2610 Allen Street #3604

Dallas, TX 75204

2006 997

Barry Weinman

5024 Silver Lake Drive

Plano, TX 75093

2006 997 S

Raegen & Dennis Williams

3432 Dillion Court

Hurst, TX 76054

1999 911

Eric & Sohhyum Yoon

562 Homewood Drive

Coppell, TX 75019

2006 997 S


5 Years

Bhattacharya, Amor (Mala)

Daugherty, Craig (Barbara)

Doffing, Robert (Michael)

Hartsell, Michelle (Benjamin)

Navarro, Michael (Misha)

Sampson, Martin (Trish Smith)

Sampson, Roger

Sears, Cody (Christy)

Takahashi, Nobuyuki

Wynn, Fred (Alice)

Ormberget, Jack (Janet)

Scott, W

Sutton, Aubrey

Morris, Randy

Coers, Carl (Marsha)

Pang, David (Katherine)

Bernick, Bill (Rhena)

Rode, Joe

Tisserand, Daniel (Kim)

Castro, John (Kim)

Grunnah, Robert (Robert)

Bolander, Craig (Cynthia)















Fort Worth


Highland Village





Fort Worth

10 Years

Dugan, Bill (Nancy)

Davis, Norman (Brian)

20 Years

Clarke, Harold (Marianne Stewart)

25 Years

Lendzion, Dennis (Sara)

King, Lane C. (Cheryl)

30 Years

40 Years

Zim, Aldwin H. (Christine)

45 Years

Akimoto, Ralph (Margitta)







Mineral Wells

Happy Anniversary!



Unclassifieds are available free to Maverick Region Members and are $5 to all others (contact Matt Platts for payment details). Please limit size to no more than 6 lines. Ads will run for 3 issues, then removed unless

you request that it be run for an additional 3 issues. Email your ad to by the 10th to have your ad run in the following month’s Slipstream. Be sure to include a contact name and phone

number. If you are selling a car, include mileage and price. Check your ad for accuracy the first time it runs. Contact the editor to have your ad pulled sooner. Due to space constraints, photos can not be included.

2000 911 Carrera Very low miles (just over 18,500 September 30,

2005), 6-speed, one owner, always garaged with tender loving care,

Guards Red, full black leather interior (seats, doors, headliner and

dash), 18" turbo alloy wheels, CD player, factory stereo sound system,

Sirius Satellite Radio capability, Porsche stability management

and tuned suspension. Never driven in ice or snow. Contact nonsmoking

owner Richard Voreis of Dallas, TX @ 214-361-1919 or (1)

2001 Ford Sport Trac Silver, Charcoal Cloth interior w/ Berber

mats, 51K miles, extended warranty, new Michelin tires, tonneau

top, bed extender, running boards, always garaged and cared for like

I care for my Porsche, $12,500, email or

214-435-8981 (1)

2001 Turbo Carrera White w/ full leather lobster interior. Tiptronic,

12,800 miles, nav system, new tires, loaded, all records, excellent condition,

beautiful car. Bill @ 972.742.6006 (1)

1988 944 Turbo S coupe, Maraschino red/tan, very nice condition

throughout, mech. Excellent, all services records from 3 PCA owners,

good original paint/interior, orig. window sticker, maint. By Porsche

specialists, new Avon Tech M 500s, no winter, non-smoker, garaged,

stage 1 chip, $16,000 C.C. Ling, 1890 Deborah Drive, #8, Punta

Gorda, FL 33950. 941-639-6394, (1)

Parade T shirts & parade worker shirts, Porsche apparel. Clean, well

cared for: wear, give for gifts, use for artistic projects. Saved by long

time PCA members. Send a SASE for complete list and prices to

M.J. Ling. 1890 Deborah Drive, #8, Punta Gorda, FL 33950. (1)

Michelin Pilot Sport 235 40ZR18 (x2) and 265 40ZR18 (x2). These

original equipment tires came of a set of factory "take-off " Carrera

lightweight 5 Spoke wheels and are essentially unused. One of the

265s had a nail in the tread which was removed and repaired at Park

Place Porsche. I will accept any reasonable offer as I cannot use

these tires on my lowered 993. Brent Spinks, 903.581.5678 or (1)

1987 Targa Champagne color, Excellent condition, Garage kept and

covered with 68,500 well maintained miles. $23,000 obo. Please call.

Cell # 214 534 7995 (2)

Porsche GT 3 Seats One pair. black leather, Porsche crest in the seat

back. Good condition--driver's side has some minor wear on the top

of left bolster from sliding in and out of the car (which you would

not really notice without specifically looking for it). Passenger side

is nearly unused. Seats include factory sliders that are a direct fit for

all 996 and Boxsters without any modification. Great for DE's and

comfortable enough for the street. Have the submarine strap bar

installed, a Porsche factory part you normally have to buy separately,

at a cost of more than $40 per seat. $2200 for the pair. I live in

Carrollton & would like to sell locally. Call Paul Seiler,

214.457.1217; (2)

1987 Carrera Targa Guards Red, Black Leather, 58,000 miles all original,

window sticker, owners manuals, touch up paint, plastic gloves,

air comp., tool kit very nice car $24,000, call 972-345-9677 (3)

2002 Boxster Basalt Black exterior, Black leather interior(partial),

Black top, 50k mis, 1 owner-meticulously maintained w/all records,

window sticker. Lots of upgrades/options, sport pkg, tint, CD

chngr, upgraded speaker package, new drilled rotors, new brakes,

clutch replaced, new MAF, recent tires, Lojack. $28k. Jack Ormberget

214-343-9915 or (3)

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Louden Motorcar Services has been

servicing fine European motorcars in

Dallas since 1977. From the moment you drive

in, it is apparent that quality is our

number one priority. From the comfortable

waiting room to the well-kept workshop,

Louden Motorcars exhibits professionalism.

We’ve been winning awards for the

quality of our service for years. Louden

has been rated “Best in Dallas” twice by

D Magazine, “Best in Texas,” “Top Ten in

the U.S.” and “Best in the West” by the

Robert Bosch Corporation (worldwide

leader in fuel injection and electronics).

And we’d like the opportunity to show

you why.

11454 Reeder Road

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(972) 241-6326





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Legg Mason Value Trust

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Glen Gatlin

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