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Slipstream - September 2005

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Passion and Performance

Passion and Performance by Mike Holloway, Slipstream Managing Editor Porsche owners typically have a unique outlook on life. Often, they are people who demonstrate both performance and passion, achieving high levels of excellence through their unique outlook, internal motivation, life experiences and personal philosophy. Slipstream's Passion and Performance segment highlights these people. This month's article is on a Maverick PCA member Mark Wilson, or rather Mark Wilson's foot. Mark's foot has demonstrated great levels of achievement and has gotten Mark out of (and into) plenty of jams. Mark Wilson's foot is no stranger to controversy or mayhem, but Mark knows that when it's time to put something down, his foot is always there for him. That wasn't always the case. MH: Mark, I realize your foot cannot speak for itself, but perhaps you will be able to provide us a little insight on that in-step. It has been said that the foot provides the driver with the ability to accelerate, shift and brake. How important is your foot in this regard? Photo by Mark Wilson between the two so I suppose these rather frank and in-your-face questions should be saved for the talk show circuit. Now, you were laid up recently with an operation on your right foot. Was it stress induced? Failure to yield way to another foot? A pedicure gone very bad? The 911 Waits...It’s Day Will Come Photo by Marl Wilson “Rightie” Gets Put into Place MW: Well Mike, first my feet and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest. My feet are particularly happy during shifting and acceleration. They do, however balk at braking. Seems as though they think braking is for sissies and/or people with Italian cars. Now, I don't necessarily always see eye to eye with my feet, but they may just have a point. MH: Interesting, so as far as the left one versus the right one, do you find yourself favoring one over the other? Now before you answer, I am well aware of the argument "I love all my feet the same" as would a mother say referring to her babies, but we all know we have favorites. So, tell me, which one is your favorite? MW: Actually Mike, I think I'm safe in saying my left is the favorite. See, my right has always had a poor attitude and has constantly led me places I probably shouldn't have ventured. Yes, I fight tooth and nail with that foot. On the other hand, my left foot has always been much more compliant and willing to listen to reason. Sometimes I stay up late into the night having conversations with the left foot about politics, religion, food, podiatry etc. Overall though, I'm attached to both and plan to keep them around as long as there is a good understanding. MH: Well, I can see that you don't want to create any tension MW: Yeah, well Mike, I do appreciate your discretion. I am recovering from recent surgery on the right foot/ankle. The procedure is called Subtalar Arthrodesis. In laymen's terms, this is where the foot bone is in fact connected to the leg bone - with a screw. The Doctor tells me it was caused by years of running. I suspect however that the right foot was sneaking out at night and had an accident. Rumor is that it was seeing another foot. As you can tell, I'm still pretty sensitive about the subject. MH: I can see which foot is your favorite! We will keep that between us. Has there been a time when one of those hoofs got you into trouble you couldn't walk away from? MW: Honestly yes, there was that incident in the ladies shoe department at Nordstrom's, but the statute of limitations won't run out for another 17 months. This is off the record, isn't it? Photo Provided by Mark Wilson Mark & “Leftie” Making Ready for the Mt. Ranier Run MH: Come on now Mark, this is a family show, nothing above the ol' PG-13! MW: Hey, we're all friends. MH: Needless to say, I guess a man can put his foot in his mouth! 10


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