Slipstream - December 2005


The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Upcoming Events

• Holiday Party

• New Member Party

• Wine Tasting at Tony’s

Past Events

• Tour to Arkansas

• DE at MotorSport Ranch

• Charity Autocross at TMS

December 2005 - Published by the Maverick Region

Porsche Club of America


Zone 5 Presidents ..........................................................1

List of Officers/Board Chairs .......................................4

The Inside Track (President’s Column)......................5

Maverick Minutes..........................................................8

From the Driver’s Seat (Editor’s Column)...............10

New Wheels..................................................................27



Advertiser Index...........................................................28

Upcoming Events

Calendar of Events..........................................................1

New Member Party ........................................................2

Happy Hour at Champp’s .............................................2

Board Meeting ................................................................2

Holiday Party ..................................................................3

Maverick Lunches...........................................................9

Wine Tasting at Tony’s .................................................10

DE at MotorSport Ranch - Super Sized!...................20

Past Event Recaps

Happy Hour at Joe T. Garcia’s......................................9

Burping a Boxster... (Tour to Arkansas)...................14

Charity Autocross at TMS..........................................18

DE at MotorSport Ranch ...........................................22

Time Trial #6 & Autocross #6 ....................................24


Scrapbook Coordinator Needed ..................................3

Trivia Contest................................................................10

Hope Shelter in Need...................................................21

Volume 62, December 2005, Issue 12

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Day December

6 Board Meeting

10 Holiday Party

11 Hope Shelter Gift Delivery

15 Happy Hour

20 Bedford & Plano Lunches

27 Addison Lunch

Day January

2 Board Meeting

14 New Member Party

14-15 LSR DE (TWS)

17 Bedford & Plano Lunches

19 Happy Hour

22 Rally School

31 Addison Lunch

Day February

2 Wine Tasting

7 Board Meeting

11-12 LSR DE (TWS)

16 Happy Hour

18 LadiesAutocross School (Penn)

19 Autocross 101 School (Penn)

DE - Drivers’ Education event

HCR - Hill Country Region (Austin-centered)

LSR - Lone Star Region (Houston-centered)

MW - Mineral Wells Airport, Mineral Wells, Texas

MSR - Motor Sport Ranch, Cresson, Texas

TWS - Texas World Speedway, College Station, Texas

TMS - Texas Motor Speedway, Fort Worth, Texas

Penn - Pennington Field Stadium, Bedford, Texas

Day February - Continued

21 Bedford & Plano Lunches

25-26 DE at MSR

28 Addison Lunch

Day March

4 Time Trial School (MW)

5 Autocross 102 School (MW)

7 Board Meeting

12 Whitesboro Tour

16 Happy Hour

18-19 LSR/HCR Club Race (TWS)

21 Bedford & Plano Lunches

23 Happy Hour

25 Rally

26 Autocross #1 (TMS)

28 Addison Lunch

Day April

8-9 Drivers Education (MSR)

8-9 Hill Country Tour

18 Bedford & Plano Lunches

20 Happy Hour

22 Time Trial #1 (MW)

23 Autocross #2 (MW)


Kevin Hardison, Dennis

Chamberlain, Carl Moore,

Bob Trader, and Charlie Davis.

Cover Photo by Charlie Davis

Hood crest. What could be more perfect?

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Kenneth A. Chandler



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Tinker Floyd



Weston Dillard


2005 Porsche Club Zone 5 Presidents


Stan Wenger



Ruth Parks



Brad Bradford



Rocky Johnson

C: 972-816-1769


Ron Mott



Mike Lindsey



Ray Quick



Brooke Van Horn




2005 Maverick Region - Board, Officers & Chairs


Rocky Johnson

H: 972-462-8227

C: 972-816-1769

334 Hearthstone Ln

Coppell, TX 75019

Rocky is active in Club Racing, Drivers

Education, Autocross, and Time Trial. He also

instructs at Drivers Education and Autocross,

and Time Trial events. His daily driver is a

Boxster S and his track car is an F class 968.


Mark Gluck

W: 972-239-2473 x12

C: 817-706-9061

Mark drivers a Boxster S and has been a

Maverick member since 1999. He is active

with Drivers Education, Tours, and Social

events, as well as with many Hope Shelter

charity projects.


Michael Wingfield

W: 972-478-3278

H: 972-491-2766

Michael has been a PCA member since 1982

He has been President, VP, editor, and membership

chair in two other regions. He is on

the DE staff and a member of the PCA

National Club Racing staff. He owns a race

prepared ‘86 944 Turbo.


Jeff Atkins

W: 972-419-5417

H: 972-939-0893

1904 Diamond Ridge Ct

Carrollton, TX 75010

Jeff has been a Maverick member since 2003.

He is active in Drivers Education events as well

as Autocross and Time Trial. He drives a 1988

911 Targa and is a CPA.

DE Chair

Bill Dawson

H - (972) 291-8817 (

The Inside Track

by Rocky Johnson, the Maverick Region President

If you missed the Founder's Day Celebration, you

missed quite a party! The guest speaker was

excellent, the food outstanding, awards plentiful,

and raffle prizes seemingly endless. Tracey and Ed

Gross, Jan Mayo and Wendy Shoffit did a fantastic

job of planning and executing the event.

Linda Bambina and Charlie Davis teamed

up to provide great photographs for everyone as they entered the

ballroom area. Gone are the days of a quick Polaroid snapshot. They

were set up with first class digital equipment. Charlie even provided a

Maverick logo background for the shots. If only I could have talked

them into the Vaseline on the lens trick for my half of the picture.

The evening opened with a well organized casino. Blackjack,

craps, roulette, slots, Texas Hold ‘em, we had it all. Never in the real

world have I had a stack of chips last so long. As an added bonus, the

proceeds went to help the building fund at Hope Shelter.

In a tradition that's becoming as well established as Founder's Day

itself, Erika Nannis gave a heartwarming invocation. She always

seems to come up with something that helps you realize what's truly

important in life.

Lori Mauthe and Keith Olcha introduced our guest speaker.

Keith provided a Porsche fact-filled capsule of the 80's and Lori shared

insights of her father as only a daughter can.

Our speaker, Peter Schutz, was the CEO of Porsche A. G. from

1981 to 1987. His talk combined interesting Porsche related facts with

sound management focused issues. Needless to say, the motorheads in

the audience ate it up. Even the people who don't know a 914 from

a GT3, seemed to enjoy his engaging manner. Peter had his book,

The Driving Force, available for purchase, with a personalized

signature. As icing on the cake, he then generously donated the

proceeds to Hope Shelter.

The awards kicked off with Wendy Shoffit being honored as the

deserving recipient of the Richard F. Selcer award. In addition to the

usual AX/TT award, there were awards for the Club Racers, Rally

and Tour participants as well. Not to be forgotten, a lucky DE

participant and a DE instructor were given a complementary entry

to a 2006 DE and a gift certificate.

The raffle was a huge success, with the great prizes primarily

donated by our generous sponsors, many whom were in attendance.

Lanean Hughes outdid herself with the prizes. In fact, Leslie Black,

Tracy Gross, Jan Mayo, Wendy Shoffit and Annette Snodgrass had an

assembly line set up for the drawing of tickets and delivery of prizes.

The election of officers was a combination of something old

and something new. I'm still President, Mark, Vice President, Jeff,

Treasurer and Jan Mayo is the new Secretary. The decision was

made to postpone the voting on the proposed Bylaws Amendments.

Everyone I talked with seemed to have had a great time, but we

missed you, if you weren't there. Not being a group to rest on our

laurels, we look forward to seeing you at the holiday party at the Lewis',

on December 10th. Hope to see you there!


What inspired the design of our new dealership?


Like the vehicles we sell, our new dealership was designed around one thing. You.

Endless amenities are just waiting to be explored. Come in for a test-drive today.


6113 Lemmon Ave. (Between Mockingbird and Inwood) . Dallas, TX 75209 . 214 . 525 . 5400


Email: or

FAX at (817) 267-4939










Maverick Minutes

by Michael Wingfield

The November 2005 Maverick Region Board

meeting was held at Hackberry Creek

Country Club on November 1, 2005.

The meeting had the following 17 members in

attendance: Executive Council: Rocky Johnson,

Mark Gluck, Jeff Atkins, Michael Wingfield; Board

Members: Bill Miller, Wendy Shoffit, Lanean

Hughes, Ed Gross, Bill Dawson, Joe McGlohen, Charlie Davis, Teri

Davis, Joel Nannis, Dennis Chamberlain, Chuck Machala; Other

Members: Jan Mayo and Marie Wingfield.

Rocky called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM, and began the

‘round table discussion.

Bill Miller: Founder’s Day awards ordered. Sold the FRS


Wendy Shoffit: Presented the 2006 events calendar prepared

by Bill Miller. Board members added and moved events to fill out

the calendar. The completed/revised calendar will to go to Steve

Boyd (webmaster) for posting on the web site. Slipstream ready

today (11/1). Founder’s Day set and sponsors happy with their

invitations. Sample program presented showing the schedule of

events. Voting for club Officers and Bylaws revisions will be open

until dinner.

Wendy Shoffit (as Mike Brodigan): Seven advertiser bills

remain outstanding. Seven Internet advertisers signed up. Steve

Boyd will build a sponsor page on the web site.

Lanean Hughes: Presented photos of Mike & Marie Stafford’s

adventure participating in the final presentation of the 50th

Anniversary 2006 911 Club Coupe at Road Atlanta. Hope Shelter

Gift Delivery Holiday Party will be December 11, the day after the

regional Holiday Party.

Ed Gross: Over 70 RSVP’s for Founder’s Day to date. Joe

McGlohen will provide food for the Holiday Party. Parking for

Holiday Party will be at the nearby Tom Thumb, with permission

granted by Tom Thumb. Wine Tasting scheduled for 2/2/06, see ad

in December Slipstream. No progress this month on getting the

Goodie Store online.

Jeff Atkins: We have money. Distributed copies of the

financial report through three quarters of 2005. We have

approximately $90K in the bank, showing a $15K- $17K increase

in surplus funds for this year over last year. Will present a baseline

budget balance sheet in December to Committee Chairs to aid

Chairs in preparing a 2006 budget.

Bill Dawson: DE program has netted approximately $11K

through September. Anticipates adding a fourth DE event in April

2006. Maverick Region will be the first club to hold an event on the

new MSR 3.1 mile full course in 2006.

Michael Wingfield: The October DE event generated

approximately $19,500 in entrant fees, while falling just short of a

sell out. Registration of 2006 DE events will be via an online

application called that will accept credit

cards and PayPal. We will no longer use paper registration forms.

Joe McGlohen: Menu for Holiday Party to include brisket,

ribs, chicken breast, and possibly venison. Will get plates and

plastic eating utensils, garbage cans and bags, along with beverages

(beer & wine) for the party.

Charlie Davis: Working on new AX/TT classes for 2006.

Currently we have too many classes, and too many one-car classes

at events. Plans to reduce the total number of classes (which will

differ from the Parade classes) by making regular classes open to

both male and female drivers. Planning a single female class that

will be indexed for the different type cars. Criteria for Top Driver

Award will also change.

Teri Davis: Added rally dates to the event calendar, and would

like to make the rally program a “series” with a year-end award.

Most rallies planned for 2006 are Gimmick type events, but may

have a TSD (time speed distance) rally before Parade.

Joel Nannis: We have members. He is the only region member

who receives the membership list, which used to be available

online to other region members. He can provide a member list in

Excel format if necessary. Would like to offer a “no hard copy of

Slipstream” option to the membership to save on publication

costs. The option would allow members to opt out of receiving the

magazine, which is available (in color) in electronic format on the

web site.

Dennis Chamberlain: Uses the membership list to send

invitations to Happy Hour (HH) events to new members. New

members receive a special notice invitation while members who

joined within the last 10 months receive a notice of the HH. HH at

Joe T’s had ~40 in attendance. November HH scheduled for 11/17

at Razzoo’s in Irving. December HH scheduled for 12/15 at

Champps in Addison.

Chuck Machala: Questions whether to schedule a Lady’s AX

school in 2006 since the 2005 school had only five participants,

and had difficulty in obtaining instructors. Possibly it should roll

into one of the other events. Bill Miller proposes that all “First

Timer” entrants into a school (AX/TT/Rally) get a free entry to

increase interest and promote participation. This could possibly be

extended to include regular AX/TT and Rally events as well. The

AX/TT and Rally Chairs will discuss in committee.

Mark Gluck: November events are insured.

Rocky Johnson: Makes a motion to spend $900 for Founder’s

Day awards. Mark Gluck seconds. Motion passes. Shares an email

of thanks from a War Bonnet member who attended the October

DE and had mechanical car troubles. Thanks to the efforts of

several Maverick members, his car was repaired for the long drive

home. Appointing a committee to investigate the use of online

meetings as special meeting for conducting business. Proposal to

have the Slipstream Editor receive free entry into region events will

be discussed inside each event committee.

Hackberry Creek Country Club will host the remaining 2005

Board Meetings. Attendees must RSVP for the meetings in order

for the region to obtain the proper size room for the meeting. The

next meeting will be Tuesday, 12/6.

The November meeting adjourned at 9:24 PM.



From The Driver’s Seat

by Wendy Shoffit, Slipstream Managing Editor

Another year is winding down. I hope you’ve

had a great one filled with love, laughter, and

tons of fun. If you’ve been active with the

region, I’m sure you’ve had plenty of awesome

events to choose from. I know I have! The funny

thing to me is that, no matter how many events I

attend, I still wish I could do more. For example, I

went to all the autocrosses and time trials, but missed out on

several of the DE’s and have yet to make it to a single tour! I know

I’m missing out... I’ve been to a few lunches and a few happy hours,

but I’ve sadly missed more than I’ve attended. I have regrets about

not meeting our wonderful new members at these missed

opportunities. But, I realize I am only human, trying to manage a

household and raise a fantastic daughter. I also then realize that I

HAVE been to a lot of events and have met someone new each and

every time. I wouldn’t trade that for the world!

I have hope that you new (and not so new) members out there

won’t stop coming to the many different kinds of events we have to

offer. Do you have to make every event? Well, of course not. BUT,

what are you missing when you don’t try each kind (rally, autocross,

time trial, DE, Club Race, tour, swap meet, tech session, concours,

and socials)? The next thing you try might turn out to be your

favorite. The next person you meet could become your next best

friend. I know some of my best friends have come from the club...

Get in the driver’s seat and see what you’ve been missing!

Trivia Contest


It’s Easy To Play:

Enter online at or email

answers to:

Rules: 1 Point per each correct answer. 1 entry per

member. Drawing to tie break. Deadline 11/31/05.

Congratulations to our October winner,

Jay Walker

Honorable mention goes to Ed Hughes

October Answers: 1) A-Pontiac, 2) B-Panoz,

3) A-Touring, 4) B-Zora Arkus Duntov

Everyone else missed the last question.- Side note- Duntov

is also responsible for much of the Corvette’s heritage.

This month’s prize:

$25 gift certificate to:

1) The new Porsche LMP 2 weighs in at A) 1750 lbs

B) 2575 lbs C) 900 kg D) 750kg.

2) The German magazine “Men’s Car” found that on average

BMW drivers engaged in this particular activity 2.2 times

per week while Porsche Drivers only engaged in the same

activity an average of 1.4 times per week. What is this activity?

A) Barbequing B) Fueling C) Driving the car to the

office D) Sex E) Cleaning the car.

3) If a water pump on a 928 fails, the repair normally includes

removal of A) Exhaust manifold B) Timing Cover

C) Carburetor D) Radiator E) B and E

4) Dismissed Juror 7 Number from what famous California

trial drove home in a white Porsche? A) Scott Peterson

B) OJ Simpson C) Rodney King D) Robert Blake

5) This famous Pre A 356, pictured at Laguna Seca (Monterrey

Historic) makes in permanent home in what Kingdom?

A) United B) Saudi C) St Marten D) Monaco F) Sweeden.

Zim’s Autotechnik





972-867-7467 (972-TOP-SHOP)

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1033 N. Henderson St.

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Burping a Boxster? Yep, we did it!

Photo by Carl Moore

By Carl Moore

Last fall we discovered Arkansas’s Little Snake and Big Snake roads.

On this trip, we drove “THE MOTHER OF ALL SNAKES”!

Thanks to the Maverick Region Tourmeister Andy Miller, the Big

Cedar Lodge Tour was a great success!

This was one of our longer trips (1,550 Miles). Seventeen cars left

the DFW area on Thursday evening heading for Hope, Arkansas (Yep,

home of Bill, but he wasn’t there) in order to leave early Friday

morning to enjoy the great back roads and scenery of Arkansas’s Ozark


The Snakes

Friday morning at 8:00 AM, we are off and running.

Oh yes, we did have a few delays along the way….

Thirty minutes out of the shoot, Ted Glover was looking for a


Fifteen minutes later, …“Why is the oil level gauge in the red?”

Pete - you may need a topping off and we will check it at the first rest

stop. As everyone headed out to experience the next couple of hours of

great curves on Arkansas’s back roads, we topped up the oil and then

played catch up.

And did we keep going as planned? Well not exactly. Ten minutes

later …

“Why is all my coolant gone?” Hill & Lorie, your Boxster is only 3

inches off the road and that last little bump took off your bottom hose

clamp and hose. Your coolant is all over Joey’s car.

This became an education on “burping” a coolant system and

“limping” into Big Cedar Lodge. ‘Thanks, Joey for the spare hose

clamp!’ Now, how do you bleed air out of a coolant system? You BURP

it! Sure! Where is the Burping valve? Must be under the front right

wheel. OK, the wheel comes off, the trunk lid is up, the engine

compartment is open and six people are looking for the “burping”

valve. “Hey, let’s call Boardwalk.” Sure enough, there it was all the time

just under the coolant reservoir!

Most of us met at the Cliff House for lunch, except for Hill, Lorie

and their crew of coolant burping assistants who limped on to Big

Cedar Lodge, hoping to be there in time for dinner.

Friday afternoon showed exquisite, great roads with everyone

Photo by Carl Moore

keeping pace. How these Porsches can perform!

Driving into Big Cedar Lodge is an experience everyone should

have an opportunity to enjoy. It had a beautiful setting in the Ozarks,

with two creeks you drive through just to arrive at the registration desk.

Dinner at the Devil’s Pool restaurant was great. Good food, good

friends, a birthday celebration for Robert and Joey and an overall great


Saturday bright and early we left for an exciting day of driving!

Highlighted by a stunning trip on not only The Little and Big

Snake roads, but also THE MOTHER OF ALL SNAKE roads, HWY 9

in Arkansas. There were only … “I can’t believe it’s” … when we

gathered at the end of the Mother! I can’t recall a better day of driving,

with all drivers doing what they were comfortable with. Arkansas sure

has great roads.

Stopping at Allen’s groceteria we had a car with a battery warning

light blinking. This is the third battery … then it must be the alternator.

Buddy & Renee spent the afternoon trading in their car for a bright red

Chevy rental. Their car will be trucked back to Dallas for repair.

Sunday, early … a quick breakfast then a gathering in the upper

parking lot. The tires on the red Chevy looked soft, so Andy got out his

trusty Porsche tire pump and did his thing along with Buddy. Carol &

Renee ended up driving as caboose and were sure burning up the road

in their hot red Chevy. Reminded us of the movie Thelma & Louise,

but with a happier ending.

Early Saturday morning at Big Cedar Lodge

We stopped at Queen Wilhelmina Lodge for lunch, which is

always great. Then for the home stretch with Andy leading the pack!

Over the hill and … blink, blink, blink.

We realize a lot of work goes into preparing a trip like our Big

Cedar Lodge Tour and we are grateful to Andy & Cindy Miller and their

assistants, Ted and Bonnie Glover, for their efforts. It’s like a wedding;

months of preparation, then it’s over - just like that! However, the

memories will last forever.

And oh-by-the way, aren’t the Porsche’s absolutely great? Only on

trips like this can you realize the overall performance and capabilities

of your prestigious car. What an awesome machine! What a great trip!

Be sure to sign up for next year’s tour. It’s always a fabulous time.


Photo by Carl Moore





On the Road Again...

Photo by Carl Moore

Looking for Burping Valve

German and British Car Service

and Maintenance by appointment.

Specializing in:

• All Porsche 914’s

• Early 911’s through 1989 model year

• Race Track Support

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2620 West Pioneer (Hwy 303)

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Arlington, Texas


Photo Name Badges

Bryan Bell


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These are the same size and shape as the 2004 Parade badges and

feature the same magnetic attachments. Now you can wear a name

badge with your favorite Porsche shirt without having to poke holes it!

Our photography or yours . . . just $7.50 each.

Driver’s Education Car Numbers as low as $8 each!

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Fort Worth, Texas 76107

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Owner Rick Jordan: 28 Years Experience Porsche Trained


Charity Autocross

Photo by Bob Trader

by Bob Trader

Sunday, October 9th was the date of this really fun event in the

name of charity at the Texas Motor Speedway Bus Lot. The

“Run What You Brung” Charity Autocross benefited the Hope

Shelter, Maverick Region's perpetual charity. MRPCA is assisting in

building a new 5,000 sq.ft. shelter. Money collected at this event

went to help MRPCA accomplish this goal. They anticipate a

finished shelter by December 2005!

It was a beautiful day for both giving and racing. Thanks to

the MRPCA, a whole bunch of us got to see what it was like to be

gone in 60 seconds. The course was set up so that a good driver

with the right car could finish a lap in about that amount of time.

Most of us took a little longer. We all got to complete 4 laps back

to back in the first session and then another 4 laps in the second

session, yes that is a total of 8 laps to show everyone what our

individual car could do. It was my first time to run one of

Maverick’s events and, hopefully, not my last. By writing this little

tidbit, I get a no-work event next time ........ yaaaaa baby.

I had to run this event in my non-Porsche auto .... a beautiful

1990 Nissan 300ZX twin turbo. Only problem was I had to race

every other Japanese car out there and that was a lot. There were

350Zs, Honda S2000's, Mazda RX8s just to name a few. Yes there

was a lot of those other cars out there ...... but since I only have a

Cayenne which my wife won't let me race, and not a 911 or

Boxster, I really didn't concern myself with what the "Porsches"

were doing .........Haaaaaaaaa!!!!!

The weather was so nice, anyone who didn't come and support

this event should be ashamed of themselves. The course was

set up to have fun and not be as challenging as I'm sure other

autocrosses might be. I know that I, for one, felt like I was flying,

even if my times didn't show it. The members of the club who did

all the work in bringing this event to us deserve a big round of

cheer and a large pat on the back. Also to be thanked was the local

Porsche dealer, Autobahn, who sponsored the event and provided

enough cold water and t-shirts to satisfy a much larger turn out.

Thankfully, the Texas heat left us alone this day and not much

water was needed.

Since pictures tell the story better then I can ...... just feast

your eyes on these..


Charity Autocross - Saturday, October 9th, 2005 - Texas Motor Speedway

Class Name Car Time Place

2 Bailey, Ron Blue 914 76.569 1

2L Ussery, Fran Silver 914 67.936 1

Mayo, Jan Silver 914 70.911 2

S2L Pajares, Alexandra White 914 89.549 1

3 Lockas, Mike White 944 68.175 1

McCoy, Chuck White 944 68.912 2

McCoy, Chris White 944 73.572 3

Fortier, Kevin Blue 924 73.808 4

S3L Howard, Robyn Red 944 77.217 1

4 Mayo, Ed Green 911T 72.221 1

S4 Miller, Bill Brown 911T 72.099 1

5 Machala, Chuck Silver 911S 65.501 1

6 Steele, Mark Red 944S2 66.371 1

Nannis, Joel Blue Boxster 73.209 2

6L Burbank, Shelly Plum 911 68.003 1

Steele, Lisa Red 944S2 69.158 2

S6 Gross, Ed Red Boxster 69.599 1

Ray, Joseph Red 911 Carrera 73.161 2

S6L Gross, Tracey Red Boxster 73.515 1

7 Schorn, Eric Red 944 Turbo S 68.711 1

Petri, Brian Black Boxster S 69.975 2

Shaffer, Darron Green Boxster S 72.872 3

Hoyt, Jim Green 911 C2 80.784 4

Hoyt, Angela Green 911 C2 82.089 5

7L Kavanaugh, Susanna Black Boxster S 72.462 1

Hughes, Lanean Black Boxster S 74.694 2

S9 Wilson, Robert Yellow 911 C2 74.441 1

10 Hardison, Kevin Blue 914 66.899 1

12 Johnson, Rocky White 968 67.975 1

16 Randall, Rick Black 911 Carerra 66.369 1

OA Walker, Mark Black Camaro 70.111 1

Littlejohn, Duke Black Camaro 70.271 2

Evans, Rich Red Mustang 77.433 3

Isip, Rene Blue Corvette 80.825 4

Stolz, Lorin Pewter Sierra 86.290 5

OE Taff, Tom Yellow Bugeye 72.829 1

OG Bell, Bryan Green Jetta 72.117 1

Spreen, Carey Gray Jetta 72.675 2

Ghisays, Andres Black 330i 76.644 3

Orr, Brennan Red GTI 78.001 4

OJ Craig, Jeff Black Miata 67.290 1

Loi, David White S2000 68.734 2

Mito, Mark Black 350Z 69.074 3

Isip, Ryan Black 350Z 71.762 4

Sidhu, Harry Blue RX8 74.074 5

Vo, Henry Miata 74.263 6

Craig, Latasha Black Miata 75.875 7

Hundley, Colin Gray 240SX 76.087 8

Shoffit, James Gray Civic 77.230 9

Jandrucko, Robert White 300ZX TT 77.556 10

Blaze, Billy Silver Miata 79.722 11

Nguyen, Long Green Civic 84.232 12

OJL Shoffit, Wendy Gray Civic 77.048 1

DD Tooley, Michelle Plum 911 75.905

Bell, Andrea Red Boxster 81.741

Gutierrez, Jesus Red Mustang Cobra 75.246

Sheu, Sunny Blue Celica GTS 70.166

Villasenor, Erasmo Grey Eclipse 73.857


Photo by Charlie Davis

Ed Mayo in “Slime”

Photo by Charlie Davis

Smiles abound from Michelle Tooley and Shelly Burbank


Maverick Region PCA Driver Education Program


2006 New Yearʼs Resolutions



1. Super Size fries Yes No


2. King Size burger Yes No


3. Jumbo Size shrimp Yes No


4. DRIVE THE Mega-Size MSR YES!! No


It had to happen. In the world

of downsizing, and smaller,

and tinier, and ultra compact

everything else, you finally

get MORE, much more…


Kickoff the 2006 MRPCA Driver Education program

Join the Maverick Region and Ruf Auto Centre for the GRAND RE-OPENING of MotorSport

Ranch. Now over 3 miles long, itʼs the longest dedicated road course facility in Texas. Be

the first on your block to drive it.

GRAND RE-OPENING SPECIAL Whatʼs a re-opening without a special? For the February DE

only, the entry fee is being reduced to $199. The big track can now hold many more cars.

Let's all be there; tell your friends. See the new layout:


Itʼs easy. It makes julienne fries. Use PayPal, Credit Card, or pay by check. BONUS SPECIAL

– registration for PCA members opens way early on December 15 th . Go online anytime and

create your own driver profile.

So put aside your Atkins Diet or your Zone Diet. Try the 2006 Maverick Region DE Diet.

One weekend, and youʼll be smiling all the way home! Just imagine if you try them all.


2006 Maverick Region DE Schedule

-- February 25-26 DE sponsored by Ruf Auto Centre

(Online registration for February opens December 15th)

-- April 8-9 NEW IN 2006! sponsor - Autobahn Motorcars

-- May 27-29 sponsor - Boardwalk Porsche

-- September 16-17 sponsor - Boardwalk Porsche

-- October 28-29 sponsor - Park Place Porsche

Find DE details all year at


New to Driver Education? We have the program for you – high performance driver education. Itʼs a

program designed specifically for all skill levels. We provide the education youʼre seeking. You are on

track in limited group sizes with others with similar levels of skill. Plus, additional safety rules are in

place to keep cars separated. You receive one-on-one instruction from PCA approved instructors the

entire weekend. You get eight 25-minute driving sessions a weekend. You can hang out in the 2 story

clubhouse between sessions and watch others in air-conditioned comfort. Every current Porsche is

eligible without modification. All of this at a modern facility located right here in the DFW metro area.



DE at MotorSport Ranch

by Phil Hallenbeck

“It’s a whole new track out there!”

The most-heard words at the MotorSport Ranch on

October 22 and 23 had nothing to do with the Ranch’s ongoing

construction of a new extension of the existing course, but with

the fact that the Mavericks ran the course clockwise, making for

a truly all-new experience for many. While many things remained

the same—the great support of sponsor Park Place Porsche, the

warm smile of Lanean Hughes, the superbly smooth track

surface—the new direction made it all seem different.

October 22 dawned bright and sunny, with only an

early-morning chill to keep tires cold and speeds down—and

that only for the first run or two. Every driver seemed to feel

that “this is the perfect day at the track.” As temperatures

warmed into the 70s by the afternoon, both speeds and spirits

warmed wonderfully. College football, whose presence was

announced by the Longhorns and Red Raiders on the

clubhouse TV, seemed but a distant distraction compared to

what was really important—the fellowship of speed, which is

never better than when in the company of fellow Mavericks

and their machines.

Attendees at “Chaplain” Michael Wingfield’s 7:15 a.m

prayer meeting found day two to be quite a different story,

chilly and windy in the morning, chillier and windier later on.

“It’s in the 60s, but it feels like the 40s” was an oft-heard

comment. Sunday truly made the drivers work for their speed,

taking extra care to warm up the tires before pushing the speed.

The special note for Sunday, though, is surely one of thanks to

Joe McGlohen and the corner workers for enduring chilly

winds hour after hour, but with always a friendly wave for a

drivers and a laser-beam focus on safety. The Mavericks are

proud to record yet another accident-free high-speed event,

counting over 25 years without an injury—in many ways due

to the untiring attention of these truest of volunteers.

The weekend’s best video was not Saving Private Ryan, not

the NFL games on TV, but CarCam footage of David Baker and

his GT3 Cup at a Virginia International Raceway club race.

David, great soul that he is, politely asked the dozen or so

gearheads present in the MSR clubhouse if he could interrupt

the NFL game to show his footage. Not a single word was raised

in protest, so the previously raucous crowd watched silently in

rapt attention to several laps of great racing in the rain,

culminating in an unfortunate but truly spectacular spin which

David fortunately endured without serious injury.

Thanks to Park Place Porsche for their sponsorship of a

truly wonderful weekend, to Bill Dawson and the DE team for

organization and hospitality, and to the Ranch for hosting us!

German Engineering With Southern Hospitality.

Personal Service.

At Nine-Eleven, we’ve built a reputation for understanding our customers’ needs —

quality service, convenient location, state-of-the-art diagnostics, and personalized service

that is unmatched in the Metroplex. When you trust your car to us, you will have the

peace of mind that it will be serviced correctly the first time. Every time.


We strongly believe in access to those who will actually work on your car. Our

technicians are available in person, by phone, and even by pager if you have questions

or need timely information about your car.


Our clean shop, well-stocked parts department, and comfortable waiting room ensure

that you and your car will get the kind of service you deserve. Maintained tools and

equipment. Clean cars. We are meticulous about details.


Our parts department is also second to none. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in

finding that necessary part or after-market option you require. We are an authorized dealer

for high-performance Recaro seating, Yokohama Tires, Bilstein Shocks, Bosch, and many

others. This ensures that whether you are a casual driver or an enthusiast who needs race

prep assistance, Nine-Eleven has the experience and knowledge to keep your car running

at peak performance.


Crown Rd.

Cindy Lane


Royal Lane

Joe Field Rd.



Nine-Eleven Enterprises, Inc.

Service, Accessories & Parts for BMW,

Mercedes & Porsche

2120 Cindy Lane, Dallas, Texas 75229



We are conveniently located near the intersection of Stemmons and LBJ Freeways

in Dallas. We offer emergency towing service 24 hours a day and have arranged

for special rental car rates with area rental agencies. Come by for a visit between

7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday, or call for a service appointment.



for your sponsorship and another great event!

Photos provided by Blair Hartsfeld and Hart Photography

Additional Thanks to

for providing these pictures.


Photo by Charlie Davis

TT #6 and AX #6

by Chuck Machala

The last autocross of the year was held at Mineral Wells on

October 16. Since it was the last one in which I would be

chairman, I wanted the course to be special. After bouncing a

few ideas off Charlie Davis, I decided to go with a stack of optionals,

one after another, so that the option you took on the first would feed

in to the second, and so on. As usual, I wanted the course to be big

and fast as well. In the end, the final design was a co-conspiracy of

Charlie and myself.

Sunday morning was perfect: 60 degrees with not a cloud in

the sky. The course walk took at least 45 minute for most people

and along the optionals near the start, groups of people debated as

to which was the quickest line. Before the start and throughout the

morning sessions, many different possibilities were tried by various

cars and various drivers and discussed at lunch time. This is one of

my favorite things about the autocross. Given about 16 possible

combinations and only 8 runs, you need to come up with a

strategy to find the best line for you and your car and then execute

your best run quickly. My car likes it when it’s cold and I knew that

in the afternoon it would warm up. I wanted to try and get a good

run done in the morning.

Everyone who completes a run is a good source of information

and I always try and talk to as many people as possible to get

their inputs. Everybody was forthcoming on what they thought the

best combination was through the optionals, where they could

improve their time, and so on. After talking with Ed Mayo and

several others after their runs, I had a pretty good idea how I

wanted to use the morning runs.

Andrea Bell making her way through the gate.

My first run I use to learn the course and I never worry about

my time. I usually go 110% to determine how fast each element can

be done. This time was no exception and I think I ended up with

three hit cones and a 118 second run. Not bad considering the top

time so far was in the 112 range. The second run was very good, but

I ended up hitting a cone in the very tight section near the end.

That was a 112.68 including a two second penalty for the cone. A

110 was definitely doable! My strategy for the third run is if I don’t

have the class leading time or close to it I back off a little and just

get a good time on the books. I ended up with a 111.23 which was

good enough for top time so far. The last run I used for exploration

and ran the optionals in a different manner. While I drove well, the

line was not faster and I logged a 114 and change.

Photo by Charlie Davis

Chuck Machala and Mark Steele going virtually head to head!

The afternoon runs were critical and first place in class 6 was

on the line. Mark Steele in his 944S2 was just a half second behind.

I focused my afternoon runs on trying to get in the low 110’s by

doing the pivot cone better. There’s was gravel that made a wide

exit in the pivot cone a bad idea. In the first three runs I was not

able to improve on the morning time but Mark cut my lead to only

one one-hundreth of a second in the third run and then broke into

the 110’s on his last lap. With only one remaining I gave it

everything I had but couldn’t improve again. Mark ended up with

top time and a tie for first place in class 6.

The women were also battling it out for top time and first

place in class 6. Shelly Burbank ended up with ladies’ top time and

grabbed a share of first place class 6 (with Lisa Steele) for the

season with an excellent time of 114.

I’d like to thank all the people who helped make my time as

chairman a fun and rewarding experience. They are too many to be

named. It’s a great group of people and I urge anyone who hasn’t

tried it to come out next year. You’ll have fun. The schools will be in

February and March and if you haven’t tried it and are a Maverick

member, your first autocross, time trial, or school will be free.


Photo by Charlie Davis

Time Trial # 6 - Saturday, October 15th, 2005- Mineral Wells, TX

Class Num Name Car Time Place Points

Class 3

31 Lockas, Mike White 944 85.616 1 9

44 McCoy, Chuck White 944 87.142 2 7

Class 5

57 Nannis, Joel Yellow 911S 87.037 1 9

Class 5L

11 Shoffit, Wendy Black 911 SC 83.480 1 9

Class 6

205 Steele, Mark Red 944S2 80.555 1 9

244 Hedderick, Jim Silver Boxster 83.746 3 5

Class S6

501 Snodgrass, Tom Yellow Boxster 84.147 1 9

234 Gross, Ed Red Boxster 86.870 2 7

Class 6L

206 Steele, Lisa Red 944S2 83.377 1 9

15 Burbank, Shelly Plum 911 83.458 2 7

Class S6L

284 Gross, Tracey Carmon Red Boxster90.891 1 9

Class 7

242 Shaffer, Darron Green Boxster S 87.497 1 9

Class 9

204 Bell, Bryan Silver 996 83.560 1 9

Class 10

111 Hardison, Kevin Blue 914 86.491 1 9

Class 12

188 Carlson, Bryan Silver 930 87.881 1 9

Class 16

550 Diller, Richard Red 911S 79.360 1 9

161 Randall, Rick Black 911 Carerra 85.739 2 7

81 Herrmann, Jeff Black 912 87.391 3 5

Top Time Of Day Men : Diller, Richard Class 16 Time 79.360

Top Time Of Day Ladies : Steele, Lisa Class 6L Time 83.377

Joel Nannis taking one of the options.

Autocross # 6 - Sunday, October 16th, 2005- Mineral Wells, TX

Class Num Name Car Time Place Points

Class 2

5 Mayo, Ed Silver 914 115.150 1 9

37 Davis, Charlie Green 914 119.185 2 7

137 Davis, Kevan Green 914 120.892 3 5

Class 2L

4 Mayo, Jan Silver 914 122.896 1 9

16 Ussery, Fran Silver 914 123.482 2 7

Class 3

31 Lockas, Mike White 944 115.729 1 9

44 McCoy, Chuck White 944 119.378 2 7

Class S3

25 Lumpkin, Martin Silver 944S 126.467 1 9

Class S4

76 Miller, Bill Brown 911T 121.299 1 9

Class 5

64 Shoffit, James Black 911 SC 112.227 1 9

57 Nannis, Joel Yellow 911S 118.571 2 7

Class 5L

11 Shoffit, Wendy Black 911 SC 115.279 1 9

Class 6

205 Steele, Mark Red 944S2 110.822 1 9

1 Machala, Chuck Silver Boxster 111.230 2 7

244 Hedderick, Jim Silver Boxster 111.894 3 5

83 Atkins, Jeff Red 911 112.886 4 4

234 Gross, Ed Red Boxster 118.383 5 3

Class S6

501 Snodgrass, Tom Yellow Boxster 115.788 1 9

Class 6L

15 Burbank, Shelly Plum 911 114.154 1 9

206 Steele, Lisa Red 944S2 116.022 2 7

284 Gross, Tracey Red Boxster 124.340 3 5

Class 7

27 Olcha, Keith Grey Boxster S 113.449 1 9

242 Shaffer, Darron Green Boxster S 118.151 2 7

Class 7L

720 Kavanaugh, Susanna Black Boxster S 118.602 1 9

Class 9

204 Bell, Bryan Silver 996 116.811 1 9

Class 10

111 Hardison, Kevin Blue 914 114.727 1 9

549 Petri, Brian White 914 117.821 2 7

Class 16

550 Diller, Richard Red 911S 113.539 1 9

81 Herrmann, Jeff Black 912 117.105 2 7

161 Randall, Rick Black 911 121.333 3 5

Top Time Of Day Men : Steele, Mark Class 6 Time 110.822

Top Time Of Day Ladies : Burbank, Shelly Class 5L Time 114.154

1 Diller, Richard 79.360

2 Steele, Mark 80.555

3 Steele, Lisa 83.377

4 Burbank, Shelly 83.458

5 Shoffit, Wendy 83.480

Top Ten Time Trial

6 Bell, Bryan 83.560

7 Hedderick, Jim 83.746

8 Snodgrass, Tom 84.147

9 Lockas, Mike 85.616

10 Randall, Rick 85.739

Photo by Charlie Davis

Mike Lockas always ready with a smile!

1 Steele, Mark 110.822

2 Machala, Chuck111.230

3 Hedderick, Jim 111.894

4 Shoffit, James 112.227

5 Atkins, Jeff 112.886

Top Ten Autocross

6 Olcha, Keith 113.449

7 Diller, Richard 113.539

8 Burbank, Shelly 114.154

9 Hardison, Kevin114.727

10 Mayo, Ed 115.150



New Wheels

by Joel Nannis

Joseph Abboud

3324 McKinney Ave #701

Dallas, TX 75204

2005 997

Robert Bailes

6628 Chalk River Dr

Fort Worth, TX 76179

2004 997

Michael Brown

5800 Creekside Ct

McKinney, TX 75071

1974 914

Richard Cashman

6605 Muirfield Cir

Plano, TX 75093

1984 911

Tony Ford

454 E. Aledo Creeks Rd

Fort Worth, TX 76126

2003 986

Jeff Gann

6432 Skyline Dr

The Colony, TX 75056

2001 986

Muditha Karunatileka

7102 Lakewood Blvd

Dallas, TX 75214

2005 986 S

Jerry Talley

P.O. Box 1661

Grapevine, TX 76099

1981 911 SC

If you have any changes that

you would like to make to the

MRPCA membership guide, call

Joel Nannis at 817-329-1600

Jerry Teal

4712 Abbott Ave #208

Dallas, TX 75205

2003 986

Jimmie Brown

1106 Hidden Ridge #2030

Irving, TX 75038

1988 944

Welcome, New Members!

You have just joined one of the best and most active PCA Regions in the country! Some clubs focus solely on

social events, while others focus on just show and shine concours events. Maverick Region is a club that focuses on

providing our members with the tools necessary to have the ultimate in driving experiences. You will notice that our

region has many Time Trials, Autocrosses, and Drivers’ Education (DE) events (in addition to a yearly Club Race).

This has been the spirit of the region for quite some time. We have some of the finest instructors in the country. Make

sure you take full advantage of the driving experiences we have to offer.

Racing is not ALL we focus on, though. If racing doesn’t suit you, we have monthly happy hours, three monthly

lunch gatherings, regular dinner socials, frequent driving tours on some fabulous roads in and around Texas, driving

rallies (fun for the whole family), and regular opportunities to support our perpetual charity, the Hope Shelter. If we

don’t have what you’re looking for, just ask us... we might just add something extra to the calendar.

Please also feel free to share article ideas (and submissions) to We’d love to hear from you!


35 Years

Cameron McMillen (Judy)

20 Years

John Evans (Rachel)

Richard A. Johnson (Diane)

Andrew Tymkiw (Christi Smith)

David Meyers (Patty)






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If you would like to stop receiving a paper

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If you are selling a car, include mileage and price. Check your ad for accuracy the first time it runs. Contact the editor to have your ad pulled sooner. Due to space constraints, photos can not be included.

Combination SFI-rated window net and steel frame assembly for 911/964/993

cars with steel window frames. Paid $225 and used in two Club Race seasons,

now racing a 996 and can't use this item. Make offer. Steve Patti 214 693 3276; (1)

2000 911 Convertible 36,000 miles. Florida car, garage kept, non-smoker. New

roof. Tires have 2000 miles. Silver/black. Second owner. Clean car! $46,000.

469-323-4636 (1)

2002 Porsche 911 C4S Silver, black leather interior, 6 speed manual,

excellent condition with 26,500 miles. $58,500 David (M) 214-728-1842 or (1)

2000 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe 2D (996) - Silver/Black. 38,750 miles, sunroof,

factory installed aero kit, leather, CD, 5000 miles on new clutch and tires

(Michelin Pilot Sport), non-smoker, invisible bra, 36000 mile service completed.

$46,900. Contact Lindsey at 972-205-7545 or at (1)

2001 Carrera Black w/grey leather interior. 6 speed, 20,000 miles, new tires,

very clean and in excellent condition. Priced at $44,500. Richard 214-649-9159

Barbara 817-605-6890 or (1)

1990 Porsche 911 C4 Cabriolet, White with black top, tan interior. All wheel drive

convertible. New clutch, major service, new cab top, 140k of mostly highway

miles. Asking $17,000. James Shoffit 682-465-6657 (2)

944 Parts 1985-86. Sunroof lifting motor assembly with microswitches $70.

Ignition relay $20. Outer rubber trim for OEM windshield (new) $30.

Call Taylor (817) 688-7161 or (2)

Wanted: Looking for a good "period" AM/FM pushbutton radio

(prefer Blaupunkt) for 1974 911. Richard Cross 817-472-4260 or


2002 Porsche 911 C4S. Silver, black leather interior, tiptronic, spoiler., sports

exhaust. Clean and in excellent condition with 13,000 miles. Priced at $67,500.

Tom 214-721-1301 or cell 727-424-5008. (2)

1996 Porsche 993 Factory Twin Turbo, Professionally built for Ivan “Pudge”

Rodriguez by Fred Baker Porsche True Black Exterior w/Full Black Leather

Interior w/Light Grey Inserts: Dash, Door Panels, Seats Full Carbon Fiber

Package: Dash, Door Insets, Shifter & Brake Lever, Aluminum Instrument Face

Panels Dual Multidirectional Power Heated Seats, Litronic Head Lights

w/Washers, Automatic Climate Control, Power Windows, Locks, Mirrors &

Sunroof, Nokia Digital Sound w/6 disc CD Changer & Cassette, Brushed

Aluminum Door Sill Plates, Tinted windows. Over $157,000 Invested Call or

email for complete list of upgrades & photos. 22,205 Original Miles. $79,750

obo Kevin Mixon 972-679-9244. (2)

1974 911 Sportomatic, aka "Herbert". 82K miles, Dallas car (you know it, you've

seen it, you'll love it). Screaming yellow, just completed full inspection/necessary

work (including Carrera oil cooler). Window sticker, etc., only things left: charge

AC, $900 of paint work. Remember: never have more pedals than headlights !!!

$8175 Richard 817-472-4260 or KKP1742@DCCCD.EDU (2)

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Bobby Archer’s Motorsports (817) 877-1772 Page 12

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Gray Cat Graphics (972) 849-8512 Page 15

Istook’s Motorsport Svcs (817) 332-6547 Page 17

Jerry DeFeo Designs (972) 240-5800 Page 9


Perfect Porsche Tow Vehicle - 2000 GMC Extended Cab Three Door Very Clean,

original owner, all records, leather seats, AM/FM/CD/Cass, SERIOUS grill guard,

cruise, 28 oil changes, 97,000 mi., 5.3 L V8 (327 cu. in.), overdrive automatic,

power windows, mirrors, class 3 trailer hitch, very well maintained, aluminum

wheels, $9,500 Alan Bambina, 972-241-7556 (2)

1996 Carrera Cabriolet Red, camel interior, black top. Low (41k) miles.

$37,900. Always garaged, except nice week-ends. Top down weather is here.

Gary Thompson 972-234-2923 (2)

2001 Ford Sport Trac Silver, Charcoal Cloth interior w/ Berber mats, 51K miles,

extended warranty, new Michelin tires, tonneau top, bed extender, running

boards, always garaged and cared for like I care for my Porsche, $12,500, email or 214-435-8981 (3)

1976 911 Turbo Carrera (930) Can you believe that the original Porsche 930

Turbo is almost 30 years old? Here is a great opportunity to own a piece of

automotive history. This 930 is in fantastic condition with only 54K original

miles. Grand Prix white with black leather interior and H4 headlights. Recent

work includes: rebuilt brake calipers, new rotors, stainless steel lines and pads,

new AC lines, with new dryer, new clutch, pressure plate and throwout bearing,

rebuilt transmission with new 1st and 2nd syncros with slider, valve adjustment,

recent turbo tie rods, and increased capacity C4 Turbo oil cooler. The list goes on

and on... There are many photos available, just email me

Asking price: $31,000.00. (3)

2001 Turbo Carrera White w/ full leather lobster interior. Tiptronic, 12,800 miles,

nav system, new tires, loaded, all records, excellent condition, beautiful car. Bill @

972.742.6006 (3)

1988 944 Turbo S coupe, Maraschino red/tan, very nice condition throughout,

mech. Excellent, all services records from 3 PCA owners, good original paint/interior,

orig. window sticker, maint. By Porsche specialists, new Avon Tech M 500s,

no winter, non-smoker, garaged, stage 1 chip, $16,000 C.C. Ling, 1890 Deborah

Drive, #8, Punta Gorda, FL 33950. 941-639-6394, (3)

Parade T shirts & parade worker shirts, Porsche apparel. Clean, well cared for:

wear, give for gifts, use for artistic projects. Saved by long time PCA members.

Send a SASE for complete list and prices to M.J. Ling. 1890 Deborah Drive, #8,

Punta Gorda, FL 33950. (3)

Michelin Pilot Sport 235 40ZR18 (x2) and 265 40ZR18 (x2). These original

equipment tires came of a set of factory "take-off" Carrera lightweight 5 Spoke

wheels and are essentially unused. One of the 265s had a nail in the tread which

was removed and repaired at Park Place Porsche. I will accept any reasonable

offer as I cannot use these tires on my lowered 993. Brent Spinks, 903.581.5678

or (3)

For advertising rates and information contact

Mike Brodigan at (817) 488-8520

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Louden Motorcar Svcs (214) 241-6326 I.B.C.

Mayo Performance (817) 540-4939 Page 7

Mean Green Travel (940) 565-8111 B.C.

Metro Volkswagen (972) 659-9999 Page 12

Mustard Racing (817) 366-1678 Page 15

911 Enterprises (972) 241-2002 Page 22

Park Place Porsche (800) 553-3196 Page 6

PartsHeaven (800) 767-7250 Page 19

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Louden Motorcar Services has been

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Louden Motorcars exhibits professionalism.

We’ve been winning awards for the

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D Magazine, “Best in Texas,” “Top Ten in

the U.S.” and “Best in the West” by the

Robert Bosch Corporation (worldwide

leader in fuel injection and electronics).

And we’d like the opportunity to show

you why.

11454 Reeder Road

Dallas, Texas 75229

(972) 241-6326





F O R M O S T I N V E S T O R S .

Data based on $10,000 hypothetical investment 4/16/82 with

reinvestment of dividend and capital gain distributions.

Legg Mason Value Trust

Glen Gatlin

First Vice President – Investments

Legg Mason Wood Walker, Inc

(214) 647-3507 • (866) 388-6627

Dallas, Texas

Average annual

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1 Year 14.25%

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may be worth more or less than the original cost. Calculations assume reinvestment

of dividends and capital gain distributions. Performance would have been lower if fees

had not been waived in various periods.

Mutual fund investing involves market risk, including possible loss of prinicpal.

You should consider a fund’s investment objectives, risks,

charges, and expenses carefully before investing. For a

prospectus, which contains this and other information on any

Legg Mason or Royce fund (Consultant Class only), call your

Legg Mason Financial Advisor call (866) 388-6627, or visit Please read the prospectus carefully

before investing.

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