Ten Common Reasons For Extreme Fatigue And Exhaustion


Ten Common Reasons For Extreme Fatigue And Exhaustion,Why am I tired all the time? Why do I always feel like I want to sleep? Why it is so hard to be fully awake during the day? If you ask yourself these question often then you are in the right place, this article is brought to you to answer your question and help you find a solution for your continues exhaustion and fatigue. It is not normal to feel tired all the time, this problem can stand in the way of your success. But fortunately there are factors if you avoid you will be able to beat your sleepiness. So read on.

For your body to function properly it needs fuel to burn, fats act as the fuel, your brain needs on daily bases fats in order to

function properly, however you need to be cautious about the type of fat you are giving your body, unsaturated fats the present

in nuts, fish, avocados and seeds is the best type of fat for your overall health and energy levels.

7- Nutrients Deficiency.

When your body is not getting enough nutrients it goes in a state of low energy, most of the foods that we buy and specifically

processed and fast foods only contain a little bit of nutrients that don’t suffice our bodies and that is why we often get hungry

soon after getting stuffed up fast or processed foods. You can get the right amount of vitamins and minerals that are needed

for your body to function properly by eating a various and balanced diet.

6- Too Much Caffeine.

Those who get more than two cups of caffeine per day are more likely to experience extreme fatigue a few days after adapting

that habit and that is simply because your body can not fuel on caffeine, over stimulating your senses and body systems and

forcing your body to work even when it is tired will just increase the tiredness and make your body demand its rest later on.

5- Lake Of Physical Activities.

Exercising helps improving the blood circulation in our body which allow more oxygen and blood to flow to the brain and the

rest of the body parts making your energy levels increase. You should notice after even a few days of exercise that you need

less sleep than usual.

4- Refined Sugar.

When you consume foods that are rich with sugar or carbohydrates your blood sugar keep on spiking and then dropping very

fast, which directly affect your energy levels as well, you should opt to consume foods that keep the blood sugar stabilized for

longer time.

3- Constipation.

Eliminating the waste in our bodies has a strong link with our emotions, energy levels and overall health. A regular healthy

person should be releasing stool one or twice a day, any less than that is considered constipation, foods that are rich with

fibers and water content can provide a great help for those suffering from constipation as well as drinking adequate amounts of


2- Iron Deficiency.

This is another very common reason for chronic tiredness and fatigue for vegetarians and anemic people, iron present in

considerably good levels in black beans, kidney beans, spinach and meats.

1- Vitamin B12 And Folic Acid Deficiency.

People who go gluten free often experience extreme fatigue due to the drop in supplying vitamin B12 and folic acid which is

found in flour, in that case opt to increase your intake of foods that are rich with vitamin B12 and folic acid or take daily dietary

supplements of vitamin B complex.

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