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Rick Randall

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Bryan Bell

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Bob Kuykendall

Bob Gregory Kuykendall


Thomas Smith

Upcoming Thomas Events


Gregory Vint

• Swap Holiday Meet


• Tour New Gregory Member to East Texas



• Wine Time Trial Tasting #6 at & Autocross Tony’s


Rick Randall

Bryan Bell

Richard Diller

Mike Redenbaugh

Bob Kuykendall

Thomas Smith

Gregory Vint

Past Events

• Tour • Gimmick to Arkansas


• DE • at Texas MotorSport Rangers Ranch


• Charity • Murder Autocross Mystery Dinner

at TMS

September December 2005 2006 - Published by the Maverick Region

Porsche Club of America


Zone 5 Presidents ..........................................................1

List of Officers/Board Chairs ........................................4

The Inside Track (President’s Column) ......................5

Maverick Minutes ........................................................13

From the Driver’s Seat (Editor’s Column)................10

New Wheels ..................................................................27

Anniversaries ................................................................27


Advertiser Index............................................................28

Upcoming Events

Calendar of Events..........................................................1

Time Trial #6 & Autocross #6 ......................................2

Fall Swap Meet ................................................................2

Maverick Lunches ..........................................................3

Happy Hour at Cantina Laredo ..................................3

East Texas Tour ..............................................................3

Board Meeting ................................................................5

Founders Day..................................................................5

Porschedillo ....................................................................8

Charity Autocross at TMS ..........................................10

Arkansas Tour ..............................................................13

Breckenridge Ski Trip ..................................................18

Past Event Recaps

Exploring the West ......................................................13

Time Trial & AX - What’s it Really About? ..............14

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater................................16

Texas Rangers Game ....................................................22

Happy Hour at Razzoo’s..............................................24


Trivia Contest................................................................12

The Eagle is Landing....................................................23

Volume 69 September 2006, Issue 9

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Day September

2-3 Drivers’ Education at MSR

6 Board Meeting (Yes! Wednesday)

9 Time Trial #6

10 Autocross #6

10 East Texas Tour

19 Bedford & Plano Lunches

21 Happy Hour

26 Addison Lunch

30-10/1 Drivers’ Education at TWS (LSR)

Day November

7 Board Meeting

11 Founders’ Day

18 Mardi Gras Region Club Race

(No Problem Raceway)

21 Bedford & Plano Lunches

28 Addison Lunch

DE - Drivers’ Education event

HCR - Hill Country Region (Austin-centered)

LSR - Lone Star Region (Houston-centered)

MW - Mineral Wells Airport, Mineral Wells, Texas

MSR - Motor Sport Ranch, Cresson, Texas

TWS - Texas World Speedway, College Station, Texas

TMS - Texas Motor Speedway, Fort Worth, Texas

Penn - Pennington Field Stadium, Bedford, Texas

Day October

3 Board Meeting

7-8 Porchedillo (HCR)

8 Charity Autocross at TMS

17 Bedford & Plano Lunches

19 Happy Hour

21 Swap Meet at Zims

13-15 Tour to Arkansas

28-29 Drivers’ Education at MSR

31 Addison Lunch

Day December

5 Board Meeting

9 Holiday Party

19 Bedford & Plano Lunches

21 Happy Hour

26 Addison Lunch


Bob Lewis, Clara Lewis,

Richard Miller, Wendy Shoffit,

Dennis Chamberlain, Kevin Hardison.

Cover Photos by Kevin Hardison

The recent Mineral Wells event could have almost

been called - Bring your 911 to “work” day!

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Kenneth A. Chandler

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Curtis Robinson

Cell (918) 814-9925


Jak Schaefer


Caren Cooper

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2006 Porsche Club Zone 5 Presidents


Burnell Curtis

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Michael Sorbera

(210) 863-4492


Scott Foremaster

(504) 734-5726


Rocky Johnson

C: 972-816-1769


Rick Daes

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Ken Johnson

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Ron J. Gaubert

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Bryan Henderson




2006 Maverick Region - Board, Officers & Chairs


Rocky Johnson

H: 903-356-6531

C: 972-816-1769

3502 Sandy Lake Circle

Quinlan, TX 75474

Rocky is active in Club Racing, Drivers

Education, Autocross, and Time Trial. He also

instructs at Drivers Education and Autocross,

and Time Trial events. His daily driver is a

Boxster S and his track car is an F class 968.


Mark Gluck

C: 817-706-9061

Mark drivers a Boxster S and has been a

Maverick member since 1999. He is active

with Drivers Education, Tours, and Social

events, as well as with many Hope Shelter

charity projects.


Jan Mayo

H: 817-595-4651

C: 817-313-9406

Jan joined Maverick Region in 1980 with a

1974 914, which she still has. She has been

region secretary, treasurer and editor, Zone 5

Representative plus Parade Treasurer, Parade

Worker Chair & 2004 Parade Chair. Currently

she's an active driver & instructor in AXes and

TTs and enjoys tours and rallies.


Jeff Atkins

W: 972-419-5417

H: 972-939-0893

1904 Diamond Ridge Ct

Carrollton, TX 75010

Jeff has been a Maverick member since 2003.

He is active in Drivers Education events as well

as Autocross and Time Trial. He drives a 1988

911 Targa and is a CPA.

DE Chair

Bill Dawson

H - (972) 291-8817 (

The Inside Track

by Rocky Johnson, the Maverick Region President

In a bit of a twist, this month's topic is not

about Porsches or even the Maverick Region,

but rather about that good old American

icon, the Corvette.

As it happened, our normal summer

sojourn to Breckenridge, Colorado coincided

with a huge gathering of Corvettes that lasted

several days. Apparently the cutoff for registration

was 500 cars, but another 100 showed up as non-official participants.

This could sound familiar to some Parade goers.

As I talked with folks around town and at their various venues,

I was struck with the notion that a car guy is a car guy, no matter

what the marque. To be fair (and politically correct), there were

a substantial number of car gals and car kids in attendance as well.

As an impartial observer, it was interesting to note the spirited

debates regarding the merits of old vs. new, hardtop vs. convertible,

stock, OEM restorations vs. improved or upgraded parts. If

you could have inserted air cooled vs. water cooled, rear engine vs.

mid or front engine, etc. it could just as easily been a Maverick

happy hour.

The grand finale had all the cars lined up on Main Street. I

must admit, even for a Porsche guy, it was quite a sight to behold.

There was everything from a '53 that looked like it had just rolled

off the assembly line, to later models that had been transformed

into fire breathing machines with glow in the dark flame jobs.

Unfortunately, on the day of the big event, July 29th, the temperature

broke the record and set an all time high for the day of 84

degrees! On the positive side, there were enough cold beverages to

sustain everyone.

As the event ended and the Vettes were leaving town, a poster

caught my eye that there was going to be a gathering of Mini

Coopers the next weekend. Although I haven't met any of them

yet, I'll bet they prove to be just as spirited in their discussions of

old vs. new, etc. In fact it's rumored they are having screenings of

both the original and the newer versions of " The Italian Job" to

keep both schools happy.

I guess the bottom line is, no matter what the marque, gatherings

such as these always produce a great deal of "Car"maraderie.


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From The Driver’s Seat

by Wendy Shoffit, Slipstream Managing Editor

As I write this article, a dear friend of mine

(and many of yours), Lanean Hughes, is

dealing with the news that she’s developed

lung cancer. It seems so trivial now to get the issue

out, but I know that wouldn’t be what she would

want. She has invested so much of her life giving

to this club that anything short of fabulous just

wouldn’t do. So, here we are. Please send your positive thoughts and

prayers her way as she battles this insidious disease. If anyone in the

world has enough spunk and tenacity to beat it, you’d better believe

it’s Lanean! Hug your loved ones and tell them how much you love

them. Godspeed, Lanean. We love you!

On a bit of a lighter note, we have a winner from last month’s

Napoleon Dynamite look alike contest. Taking first place is none

other than Tom Snodgrass (#11), closely followed by my hubby,

James Shoffit (#3), who swears he was JUST like Napoleon in

high school. The winning prize is a Jumbo Sized tater tots. If you

didn’t just snicker (even a little), seriously... watch the movie.

Anyway, I don’t know how much YOU read on the internet,

but I don’t explore it as much as I’d like. I could spend 24 hours

a day for the next 7 years and never read even all the *interesting*

stuff. Fortunately for me, James reads way more than I do. Some

links he’s given by friends and co-workers, others he finds all

on his own. He recently sent me a link to an entertaining,

insightful, cleverly-written article about why people often behave

the way they do. The author is David Wong and the title of

the article is “Inside the Monkeysphere.” (The direct link is for

those of you who have some free time and want to read the whole

thing.) Basically, it’s all about the simple fact that you care the

most about those who are closest to you in your life (aka “inside

your monkeysphere”).

It’s so much easier to yell at someone from the safety of your

car to “Learn how to drive, moron!” than yell at a friend who

pushed the wrong button on an elevator. Both people made

mistakes, but you care more about your friend than you do the

anonymous person on the freeway. This friend is inside the

monkeysphere. It’s not a bad thing... it just is the way it is. We

know all about the goings on in our own monkeysphere and

don’t care AS much about things that are outside. The article is

way more clever than I am and explains it far better. You can read

it to get a laugh, insight, or just to spend time doing something

other than the things you REALLY need to get done. I laughed a

lot reading it and felt like I understood a little more about society

than I did before. Using simple terms to understand people out

there makes sense to me and helps to keep things in perspective.

At least for today, I’m looking out from the driver’s seat in a

little different way. Read it, don’t read it... it’s your choice. Either

way I hope that you will join us at an event soon and maybe we

can become part of each other’s monkeysphere.





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Trivia Contest


It’s Easy To Play:

Enter online at or email

answers to:

Rules: 1 Point per each correct answer. 1 entry per

member. Drawing to tie break. Deadline 9/30/06.

Congratulations to our July winner,

Jeff Gann!

Honorable Mentions (with 100% correct) go to:

Cyril Reif, Travis Howard, Mark Hanna,

and Scott Wolthius

July Answers: 1) D 2) C 3) D 4) B 5) A

August prize:

$25 gift certificate to:

Zim’s Autotechnik

1. This year, final membership comments to the Parade

Competition Rules (PCR's) are due no later than:

a) The final day of Parade; b) Labor Day; c) October 1st

d) December 31

2. These aftermarket parts are added to some Porsches in order

to: a) Increase brake cooling; b) Provide a dead pedal;

c) Support a seat back; d) Hold an RS wing in place

3. Which of these Porsche racing models was considered street

legal? a) 904; b) 908; c) 911R; d) 917

4. Which famous celebrity had his 930 Turbo stolen by using a

crane to pick it up from his driveway and over the fence?

a) Jerry Seinfeld; b) Jay Leno; c) Elton John; d) Rod Stewart

5. The new 2007 GT3 due this fall will include which of the

following features: a) Porsche Active Stability Management;

b) Twin turbo; c) Paddle shifter; d) 20-inch tires





FAX 972-721-1847


Exploring the West

by Teri Davis

Agroup of Porsches and Mini Coopers gathered on July 9th

to explore some of the territory west of the Metroplex.

They saw some strange, interesting, and beautiful sights.

They tell me it was a tough rally. There were, indeed, a few

instances of having to understand the route rules to find the way.

But it must not have been too tough for almost everyone figured

it out and found the route. I know they did because the answers

to the questions could only be found on the route.

I'm pleased to report that I heard several comments about the

wonderful country roads and saw a lot of smiling faces at the


Driver Navigator Score/Tie Club


Aaron Granger Colleen McGushin 15/5 (Perfect)Metroplex Mini

Daniel Evilsizor Kevan Davis 15/4 Maverick PCA

Lisa Powell Bobbi Rutter 14/4 Metroplex Mini

Dave Frick Jean Frick 13/4 Maverick PCA

Clay Perrine Betty Perrine 13/3 Maverick PCA

Bill Jenkins Wylie Gerrard 12/5 Metroplex Mini

Ed Gross Tracey Gross 12/4 Maverick PCA

Joe Lumbley Jayne Lumbley 11/3 Metroplex Mini

Jason Quillin Ryan 5/2 Metroplex Mini

Maverick Minutes

by Jan Mayo

Upcoming Events

• Holiday Party

• New Member Party

• Wine Tasting at Tony’s

Since there was no board meeting held in

August, there are no board notes for this

month. The next meeting will be held on

Wednesday, September 6th to accommodate for

the Hackberry Country Club’s Labor Day operating


December 2005 - Published by t

Porsche Club of Am


Time Trial and Autocross - What’s it Really About?

by Ray Nannis

As the heat vapors rise off the track at the end of the day, I asked

myself what were the August 5-6, 2006, Maverick Region

Porsche Time Trial #5 and Autocross #5 about? Well, mostly it

was about 104 degrees. I arrived on Saturday an hour and a half early

as the course was just being completed. It is always exciting driving to

these high speed events, which is something new to me this year. This

was an intimate event compared to the other events I have attended.

On Saturday we only had 20 drivers which made things go by fast

(some drivers were faster then others and most faster than me). The

high speed course was the longest I had ever seen. Now, I have only

seen three so that may not be impressive, but even experienced

members, like my father, Joel Nannis, had to be shown the course. For

those of you who know him for some reason he seems to be the butt

of many jokes so I had to take advantage of the fact he did not know

the course and asked for a new instructor. (He jokily replied that

would also mean I would need to get a new car to drive since I was

using his.)

Because of the low attendance each corner worker had to be by

himself or herself, but the working times seemed very short. Most

drivers stayed on course and few cones were hit. As a driver I really

enjoyed the event because of the amount of “seat time.” Each driver

received two sets of five laps on the early run and three laps in the

second series. This was great for an inexperienced driver. Somehow the

corner work stations went by quickly and I felt like I was in the car for

a long time. We completed the entire event by 1:00pm.

After the Time Trial most of us took a trip to Braum's for lunch.

After lunch, it was back to the track to set up for the Autocross. Kevin

Hardison had already picked up all the cones from the speed event so

the set up actually went very quickly. Bryan Bell designed the AX

course and led the set up team. He almost dumped most of us out of

the back of the pickup each time he took off from a stop. He must have

still thought it was his 911. We were done by just a little after 3:00pm

and then it was to the hotel and the pool. Wow, that felt good! My dad

and I stayed at the Executive Inn and the pool felt great. Dinner at the

Italian Restaurant was fifteen of us reviewing the day and enjoying

each others’ company.

Sunday came and we got a bit of a reprieve from the heat. It was

still hot but, only in the upper 90's with an occasional nice breeze.

Only about 26 drivers showed as we were competing with a BMW

event and Porsche Parade, not to mention the heat that may

have run off a few less brave members. The title of the course was

“15 anniversary” and the “Toilet Bowl.” We were informed that it was

Bryan and Andrea Bell's 15th anniversary that week. This obviously

lead to more than a few comments about the title but we found there

was no relationship between the shape of the track and the quality of

the marriage. This was a fast track with an optional straight run with

a 90 degree turn or a long wide run with a wide turn one, I found that

corner one could not be as fast as I originally thought as I made a full

360 spin wiping out about 5 cones. I really enjoyed this course because

again we had the ability for a lot of seat time, five timed runs and

three fun runs for anyone who wished. We only had to work corners

one time but this time most of us did get a partner. I got to work

with Denny Payne, and I find it interesting just to get to know

another club member.

So the question again is, “what was this event really about?”

It wasn't really the heat, it wasn't about the time each of us made (ok

maybe it was about the time for some), and it really wasn't even about

the cars. It was about a great group of people having fun and enjoying

each others’ company and one of the friendliest competitions I have

ever been around. It was joking and laughing at ourselves and each

other. It was about families spending some time together. Darron

Shaffer's father, Ted, was there. He worked and appeared to be having

a great time. Bryan and Andrea's son, Conner, was there with his

basketball, which made it about trying to wear that kid out. Finally,

for me, it was about finding a way to enjoy spending time with my

father. When I was in grade school I remember many times coming

out to events, but then college got in the way, chiropractic school,

starting a business, marriage and the list goes on and on. For some reason

I never got involved with many of the club events other than the

Fathers’ Day picnic. The reality is over the last few years I would say I

have not really been involved with my father’s life more than an

occasional family dinner. What this event and this season of high

speed events represents is the first time my father and I have had a

father and son weekend since the 1987 Parade. It has offered a

bonding experience as an adult with someone very important to me.

As someone who doesn't own Porsche yet, what I recognize is that the

events are really about relationships. Each time I get to meet someone

new, and get to know a little about them. I find friends, get closer to

some and meet new friends. Most important I found a great way to

build the important relationship between father and son.

Photo by Gray Cat Graphics

Bryan Bell explaining the flags - Joel Nannis tipping his hat to acknowledge his

car number being used to describe how to call in the use of a certain color flag.

Photo by Gray Cat Graphics

Ray Nannis “borrowing” his father’s car for the day . . . at least for now!


Time Trial #5 - Saturday, 8/5/2006 - MineralRing, Mineral Wells, TX






Chuck McCoy


White 944



Place Points

1 9

4 111 Kevin Hardison Blue 914 86.459 1 9

31 Mike Lockas White 944 87.227 2 7

5 64 James Shoffit Black 911 SC 83.323 1 9

11 Wendy Shoffit Black 911 SC 85.464 2 7

691 Denny Payne Blue 964 91.892 3 5

169 Christy Dominick Blue 964 92.049 4 4

57 Joel Nannis Yellow 911S 92.085 5 3

157 Ray Nannis Yellow 911S 98.03 6 2

6 161 Rick Randall Black 911 Carerra 84.021 1 9

911 Bob Kuykendall Black 911 84.321 2 7

7 204 Bryan Bell Silver 996 81.665 1 9

242 Darron Shaffer W-Green Boxster S 89.417 2 7

224 Ted Shaffer W-Green Boxster S 94.052 3 5

134 Mike Redenbaugh White/Black 911 94.329 4 4

10 550 Richard Diller Red 911S 83.114 1 9

L 20 Andrea Bell Red Boxster 98.271 1 9

OJ 112 Jonathan Lin Grey Evo MR 86.367 1

12 Terence Low Grey Evo MR 86.909 2

186 Mitch Williams Red Miata 87.687 3

Top Time Of Day Men : Bryan Bell, Class 7, Time 81.665

Top Time Of Day Ladies : Wendy Shoffit, Class 5, Time 85.464

Bryan Bell 81.665

Richard Diller 83.114

James Shoffit 83.323

Rick Randall 84.021

Bob Kuykendall 84.321

James Shoffit 53.711

Rick Randall 54.475

Chuck Machala 54.907

Bryan Bell 55.062

Keith Olcha 55.19

Top 10 Porsche Times

Top 10 Porsche Times

Wendy Shoffit 85.464

Kevin Hardison 86.459

Mike Lockas 87.227

Chuck McCoy 89.316

Darron Shaffer 89.417

Autocross #5 - Sunday, 8/6/2006 - MineralRing, Mineral Wells, TX

Class Number Name Car Time Place Points

2 95 Travis Howard Yellow 914 62.257 1 9

914 Betty Perrine Orange 914 62.398 2 7

3 44 Chuck McCoy White 944 57.217 1 9

4 111 Kevin Hardison Blue 914 55.837 1 9

31 Mike Lockas White 944 56.786 2 7

5 64 James Shoffit Black 911 SC 53.711 1 9

11 Wendy Shoffit Black 911 SC 55.767 2 7

169 Christy Dominick Blue 964 59.726 3 5

691 Denny Payne Blue 964 60.169 4 4

57 Joel Nannis Yellow 911S 60.771 5 3

24 Clay Perrine Red 914 60.871 6 2

157 Ray Nannis Yellow 911S 63.174 7 1

6 161 Rick Randall Black 911 Carerra 54.475 1 9

1 Chuck Machala Silver Boxster 54.907 2 7

204 Bryan Bell Silver 996 55.062 3 5

7 27 Keith Olcha Grey Boxster S 55.19 1 9

242 Darron Shaffer W-Green Boxster S 58.944 2 7

7 Thomas Smith Silver 911 C4S 59.158 3 5

63 Gregory Vint Silver 996 C4S 59.195 4 4

224 Ted Shaffer W-Green Boxster S 64.463 5 3

9 21 Rick Gonzales Yellow 914-6 56.019 1 9

10 550 Richard Diller Red 911S 57.997 1 9

L 20 Andrea Bell Red Boxster 64.164 1 9

OA 8 Dean Yamada White Corvette 54.288 1

46 James Ducato Red Mustang 65.057 2

OG 944 Martin Lumpkin Black 325is 64.055 1

OJ 3 Michael Vasey Silver STI 53.092 1

72 Jerrett Jan White Miata 58.624 2

216 Lorin Stolz Blue Miata 59.833 3

Top Time Of Day Men : Michael Vasey, Class OJ, Time 53.092

Top Time Of Day Ladies : Wendy Shoffit, Class 5, Time 55.767

Wendy Shoffit 55.767

Kevin Hardison 55.837

Rick Gonzales 56.019

Mike Lockas 56.786

Chuck McCoy 57.217

Photo by Gray Cat Graphics

Photo by Gray Cat Graphics

Photo by Gray Cat Graphics

Photo by Gray Cat Graphics

Andrea and Bryan Bell getting to spend some “quality” time with each other.

Ted and Darron Shaffer working on their line through the “hairpin” together.

Gregory Vint putting together some very competitive lap times in Class 7.

Richard Diller had such a fantastic launch out of the previous corner he had to

use his specially designed “cone catcher” to fend off this suicidal cone!


Photo by Wendy Shoffit

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

by Grant Imsande

Thirty-five Maverick Region Members and guests turned out

on July 15th for " Write Between the Eyes" a presentation by

Labniappe Productions' Lone Star Murder Mysteries.

The cast in the production: Marshall Jim Courtright,

Catastrophe Kate, Buffalo Joe, Homicidal Hank, and Miss Sissy

May Prissbottom put on lively performances involving lots of

laughs and audience participation.

Audience members with the following attributes: ringing cell

phones, fruity drinks, spaghetti strap tops, slightly balding pates,

Hawaiian shirts, and/or seats on the front row managed to

"participate" the most. Bob Lewis managed to attract a major

portion of cast attention (participate a bunch) by having three of

the six attributes.

by Pat Benson

Where do you meet gun-slingers, a mule skinner that

can't shoot his way out of a paper bag, a pint-size

Catastrophe out to avenge her dead husband, a 'closet'

dime novel author by the (pen)name of 'Dirk' who looks nothing

like her name, a railroad tycoon with questionable 'ethics', and a

sheriff caught in the middle of these nere-do-wells? The Maverick

Mystery dinner - of course!

I've been a mystery fan for years - just never seem to find the

time to sign up. So I was delighted to see the Mystery Dinner on

the calendar. Such Fun!!!

Meeting new people and catching-up with others, are two of

my favorite things about Maverick social events - and this was no

exception. I joined Betsy and Grant Imsande, and their friend

Jean, to be the 'fourth' in the “Garage Sale” team. How our group

got that name is still a mystery to me, but we hit it off instantly

and had to remind ourselves to read up on the plot before the

play started. I was delighted to see half a dozen people I haven't

seen in months.

The theatre group that put on the play was brilliant!

Performed in a small area, it was like being in the play - more for

some than others. There was shootin' and hollerin' and carrying

on, and eventually - oh my! - murder - with lots of laughter,

general hurrah and 'audience' participation (I decided that, even

The winning “Garage Sale” team of Grant and Betsy Imsande,

Pat Benson, and Grant & Betsy’s friend, Jean

During the presentation, six teams of Maverick Region super

sleuth detectives (Water Cooled, 3 Teenagers and a Wasser

Pumper, Po Po Bustlers, Microft, Garage Sale and Mavericks) set

out to solve the baffling case concerning the murder of a

railroad tycoon, Horace Grimsley. The teams utilized incredibly

insightful questions such as: “Was Buffalo Joe any relation to

Buffalo Bob Smith?” to crack the case.

Has anyone mentioned before that Tracey and Ed Gross do

a tremendous job with social events? If so then this outing was

not exception. Everyone had a great time. Thanks again to

Tracey and Ed!

Photo by Clara Lewis

Photo by Bob Lewis

Catastrophe Kate giving a nervously “friendly” wave to Homicidal Hank,

with Marshal Jim Courtright behind her for protection.


Bob Lewis trying on Buffalo Joe’s hat. Where’d his head go?

though she was the one that went off to jail, Catastrophe Kate

(aptly named) was my favorite character.)

When the play was done, we had only 10 minutes to ask each

character just one question - and it couldn't be “did you do it” or

“did____ do it”. I'm not sure what the other teams asked - but we

asked the Sheriff what size the bullet was - which turned out to be

a good question to ask.

Only two teams solved the mystery, but I think it's fair to say

- we all had a grand time!

Many thanks to Tracey and Ed for another fabulous party!

(When's the next one?) Also thanks to Wendy and the other

participants that took pictures amidst the laughter and mayhem!

Photo by Bob Lewis

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

Mark Steele getting a little more of the “action” than he bargained for from

Catastrophe Kate. She needed comforting after the murder of her husband.

The “Po Po Bustlers” (don’t ask) Challee Henderson,

Denny Payne, Christy Doiminick, and friend Neva.

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

Robyn Howard, Betty & Clay Perrine, and Travis Howard having a ball.

Lanean Hughes with Trisha and Bryan Henderson of the Mavericks team.

German Engineering With Southern Hospitality.

Personal Service.

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Nine-Eleven Enterprises, Inc.

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1033 N. Henderson St.

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Authorized installer/tuner for REVO Performance Software,

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Fort Worth, Texas 76107

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Owner Rick Jordan: 28 Years Experience Porsche Trained



Texas Rangers Game

by Wendy Shoffit

Take me out to the ball game... Take me out with my friends. Buy

me some ice cream and Budweiser. I want yellow to win the dot

race. Let me root root root for the Rangers. I really hate the

Yankees. Cause it’s five, ten, fifteen Mavericks out at the old Ball Game.

Okay, so creating new lyrics to replace Jack Norworth and Albert

Von Tilzer’s “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” isn’t my strong suit.

Don’t worry, I won’t quit my day job. *grin* I just couldn’t start out

the article with, “It was a hot day in Texas...” We all KNOW how hot

it’s been. Surprisingly, though, it was pretty nice that evening. Tracey

Gross arranged for some great seats for us, not facing the sun, in a nice

shady spot on the Lexus Club Terrace Level (aka NOT the nosebleed

seats!). Ice cream in one hand, cotton candy in the other, lemonade

on the way... Hanging out with some cool friends. It was nice.

The game itself was a nail biter. The Yankees scored 2, then we

tied, then we were up by 2 and they came back to move ahead by 2.

Then we scored 3 more runs to regain the lead by 1. Then, in the 9th

inning, they came back with 2 more runs to which we couldn’t

answer. In a heart breaker, the final score was Yankees 8, Rangers 7.

I’m convinced that rooting for the Yankees is easy. It’s rooting for

everyone else that takes dedication!

That didn’t stop us, though, from having a fun time together. It’s

a shame more Mavericks couldn’t make it to the game. Hopefully that

won’t deter Ed and Tracey from coming up with new, clever, fun ideas

for us all. Thanks for the fun!

AX School Photos!

Photo provided by Bob Lewis

Photo provided by Bob Lewis

Two rows were reserved for us. James, Wendy, and Tracey

were the only ones paying attention to the photographer.

The Rangers were up to bat.

Michael Fricke

2006 Time Trial 103 School

Mineral Wells, Texas

Photo provided by Bob Lewis

Yeah! We were ahead...

8x10 framed Photos from the Autocross Schools!

Individual Magnetic Car Numbers as low as $8 each!

These are heavy duty individual 10” tall magnetic numbers and are

available in white, black, red, yellow, orange, blue or green.

Custom work is also available in any color . . . including metallics!

Hats • Shirts • Banners • Posters

Calendars • Track Photography

Car Numbers • Digital Photo Editing

Kevin Hardison

Irving, Texas • (972) 849-8512

Photo provided by Bob Lewis

Jasmine hamming it up for the camera with good friend Suraya.


The Eagle is Landing

Photo by Richard Miller

by Richard Miller

There I was, tearing down a 2000 foot straight shifting into 6th,

hitting the rev limiter, then heavy braking into a left over crest

and a diving right, leading to hard left…. Well not quite as I was

in David and Linda Cook's 4WD pickup bumping along the rough

graded track at 5 MPH. Eagle Canyon Motorsports Park is well under

way and looks to become a great race track. And here's a shot of what

the down stream side of that left over crest into the diving right looks

like now:

Eagle Canyon Motorsports Park

Lots of dirt being moved (500,000 tons so far) and as you hopefully

can tell, lots of elevation change.

I just heard of this new race track being built up in Wise County,

just west of Sanger off of I35 a few weeks ago. Of course, if I had been

paying attention, I would have seen the interview in the Fort Worth

Star Telegram last March with Rob Lay and the Cooks. So I had to go

visit. After all, according to David Cook, the track is using only about

200 acres of the over 400 acres they own. The rest of the area may

become off road trails for motorcycles and other off road vehicles.

Maybe I could fit a performance rally course in there. Or at least a

RallyCross course.

Well, what I found was a couple of dedicated race people and

their team working very hard in the Texas heat to bring a new track to

the area. Of course, we have all had the experience of new tracks being

planned and even having the rough grading done only to have the

track fade away. But this one feels different. David and Linda Cook are

dedicated to bringing a high quality FIA approved track to the area.

The lime treatment of the dirt is now finished and the base course is

about to start. (In fact by the time this makes into print, the base

course may be complete.) And then PAVE, PAVE, PAVE! The track

should be ready this fall. The only caveat seems to be how much time

the Cooks will have to be away from the track to get Linda's Corvette

Z06, named Shania, ready for the next 24 Hours of Daytona. I did

mention they were racers did I not? Actually, car preparation should

not take much time as Shania is actually being prepped by Nick Cole,

son of Edward Cole, previous CEO of General Motors. Nick is one of

the co-drivers when the Eagles Canyon Race Car heads for Daytona!!!

According to David, the location of the track was chosen because

of the elevation changes. As most of us know, Texas tends to be on the

flat side. But Eagles Canyon Motorsports Park is sited on actual hills

and canyons. The course has been laid out to take advantage of this.

Those racers used to the banking of Texas Motor Speedway being

considered an elevation change may be surprised while those who

have raced at Hallett will be pleased. I take that back, every one will be


To keep up with the pace of construction, check out

Photo by Richard Miller

David and Linda Cook


Happy Hour at Razzoo’s

by Dennis Chamberlain

New faces seem to appear whenever we have our happy

hour at Razzoo's in Irving. This time, one of them (or a

group, I should say) belonged to Pam, Carl, and Taylor

Perpich, who had recently purchased Mike and Maria Stafford's

Porsche 911. All five of them came to the happy hour together,

and there's nothing happier than new Porsche owners.

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Tinker Edwards with photographer Dennis Chamberlain

Monda Degan and Pat Chambers

Then there were Rocky and Judy Johnson - well, they're

not new faces, but you should have seen their faces after

they downed a jumbo mountain of Razzoo's ice cream and

whipped cream. I am here to attest that they had no help -

despite several unselfish offers to lend them a hand (or a

spoon). And they still manage to stay thin. So much for Atkins.

It was good to see Wayne and Pat Chambers, the Scudder

family, Bob and Sarah Jandrucko, Steven and April Dodd, Dan

and Nan Nowak, and many others who don't regularly attend.

For our September 21st happy hour, we're heading back to

Cantina Laredo - hope to see you there!

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Mike and Maria Stafford with the Perpich family.



Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Where in the heck did that HUGE ice cream go?




New Wheels

by Joel Nannis

If you have any changes that

you would like to make to the

MRPCA membership guide, call

Joel Nannis at 817-329-1600

Hamid Ansri (Amir)

6101 W Plano Pkwy #250

Plano, TX 75093

2005 Carrera GT

Glenn Douglass (Susan)

3444 Golfing Green

Dallas, TX 75234

1965 356 C

Sean Ratts (Angela)

1321 San Marino Lane

Denton, TX 76210

1988 928 S4

Mike Bailey

801 Legacy Dr #1712

Plano, TX 75023

2001 986 Boxster

Warren Becker (Carrie)

205 Jupiter Street

Sheppard Afb, TX 76311

2004 986 Boxster

Scott Duerr (Greg)

411 Fox Trail

Allen, TX 75002

2002 996 C2

Rick Santoyo (Jennifer)

813 Royal Birkdale

Garland, TX 75044

2002 996 T

Steven Gurley

P.O. Box 1414

Ada, OK 74821

1993 911

Glen Burgess (Pier)

3104 Chippenham Drive

Plano, TX 75093

2006 997 Carrera S

George Hargrave (Janet)

500 Loma Vista

Heath, TX 75032

1960 356 B

Richard Segui

381 West Fork 33630

Irving, TX 75039

2006 997

Alarick Yung

21 Thacher St

Yarmouth Port, MA 02675

1987 930

Charles Cage (Audra Heaslip)

12438 Grayhawk Blvd

Frisco, TX 75034

1989 944 S2

Rene Larrave

4316 Fairfax Avenue

Dallas, TX 75205

2004 996 C4S

Matt Selner

2705 Deering Court

Plano, TX 75093

1972 911 T

Dennis Carpenter

1340 S Main #301

Grapevine, TX 76051

2002 996 C4S

James Merritt

4505 Bordeaux

Dallas, TX 75205

2006 997 S

Judd Taylor (Jennifer)

4321 N. MacArthur Blvd #3607

Irving, TX 75038

1999 911

Randy Colen

5704 Bent Creek Trail

Dallas, TX 75252

2005 996

Edward Peek

507 Mustang Court

Colleyville, TX 76034

2003 996 C4S

Hemant Vankawala (Ketaki)

2609 Queen Magaret

Lewisville, TX 75056

2006 987 Boxster S


5 Years

M.E. Martin (Beverly)

Fort Worth

Michael Aceves


Myron Krupp (Rhonda)

Fort Worth

Clint Austin (Jeanette)


Brian Mundhenk (Vickie)

North Richland Hills

10 Years

Steve Patti (Lisa)


Chuck Blum (Jamie)

Grand Prairie

Happy Anniversary!

Welcome, New Members!

You have just joined one of the best and most active PCA

Regions in the country! Some clubs focus solely on social

events, while others focus on just show and shine concours

events. Maverick Region is a club that focuses on providing

our members with the tools necessary to have the ultimate in

driving experiences.

You will notice that our region has many Time Trials,

Autocrosses, and Drivers’ Education (DE) events (in addition

to a yearly Club Race). This has been the spirit of the region

for quite some time. We have some of the finest instructors in

the country. Make sure you take full advantage of the driving

experiences we have to offer.

Racing is not ALL we focus on, though. If racing doesn’t

suit you, we have monthly happy hours, three monthly lunch

gatherings, regular dinner socials, frequent driving tours on

some fabulous roads in and around Texas, driving rallies (fun

for the whole family), and regular opportunities to support

our perpetual charity, the Hope Shelter.

If we don’t have what you’re looking for, just ask us... we

might just add something extra to the calendar.

Please also feel free to share article ideas (and submissions)

to We’d love to hear from you!



Unclassifieds are available free to Maverick Region Members and are $5 to all others (contact editor for payment details). Please limit size to no more than 6 lines. Ads will run for 3 issues, then removed unless you

request that it be run for an additional 3 issues. Email your ad to by the 10th to have your ad run in the following month’s Slipstream. Be sure to include a contact name and phone number.

If you are selling a car, include mileage and price. Check your ad for accuracy the first time it runs. Contact the editor to have your ad pulled sooner. Due to space constraints, photos can not be included.

Set of D90 16" wheels with center caps. Very nice but not perfect.

Mufflers from 90 C2 with approximately 40,000 miles. No rust.

928S4 NOS front bra, in the original box. Need the space, make an

offer. Steve Cole 214-348-0928 or (1)

2004 911 Carrera C4S 14,200 miles, custom cobalt blue exterior

with center console to match, premium gray leather interior, sports

exhaust, xenon lights, manual transimission, premium sound

package. Flawless condition. $72,500. Contact Rene Larrave at

214-505-7497. (1)

1983 944 Coupe One owner, 35k miles, with all records. White with

gray-beige Berber interior, 5-speed, sunroof, factory alarm, bra,

working AC. New tires, radiator, water pump, and timing belt. Never

tracked, and has been autocrossed infrequently, carefully, and slowly.

This car is in excellent original condition (very rare for an early 944),

and has definite concours potential. An article on its purchase

was published in Slipstream, June 1983. $9900. Doug Johnson,

940-387-7688 or (1)

1996 911 Carrera 4S Coupe: 38K miles; Midnight blue/midnight

blue, OEM Aerokit 1, OEM Euro springs, B&B exhaust, MB Quart

audio; meticulous maintenance, all books and records, 2nd owner,

38K miles; a stunning air-cooled wide-body - see similar on cover of

Oct '05 Panorama. $55,900. Jim Contardi. Ft. Worth, TX.

972.740.9759. (1)

Wheels/Tires: Hollow spoke 8 & 11 x 18 Turbo Twist with Michelin

Pilot Sport Cup; for 996 C4S or Turbo, 993 C4S or TT - very light,

9/10 condition; R-DOT tires have 60-70% tread depth. Perfect

for DE. Jim Contardi. Ft. Worth, TX. $2,350. 972.740.9759. (1)

1973 1.8 914 Roadster Race Car built by Dave Klym of Fabcar in

1988. Has complete SCCA Log Books with current annual. Car

has 17 National wins and is very competitive today. Car has spare

Transmission, 2 sets of wheels w/Slicks & Rain tires, Body panels,

suspension parts, spare Koni Front shocks. Must Sell $ Make

Offer $ Ray Anderson 817-247-1870 (2)

1987 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe Grand Prix White, Navy Blue

Leather, Custom Sheep Skins, Sunroof, Power Driver Seat,

Updated R134 AC, Factory Radio w/CD Changer. Bought new in

Ft. Worth, TX. Original paint, no rust. All Books & Records since

new, 2 sets of wheels the original 16” Fuchs & 17” 92 Cup wheels,

Car has been lowered and has Brey Krause Harness Brace with

Sparco Belts for DE. 198K miles current, motor rebuilt at 187K

runs great, needs nothing. Must Sell $ Make Offer $ Ray

Anderson 817-247-1870 (2)

1974 911 Carrera Race Car FANTASTIC FUN RACE CAR.


Carrera, 1 of 528 made now with a UK Rebuilt 2.7RS Engine, new

red respray, 9/11 RSR flares, light weight hood, full roll cage,3pc

BBS wheels, upgrade ATE brakes, Koni Adjustable suspension,

fuel cell, Momo seat, Schroth harness, plumbed in Fire System,

light weight glass, etc ... 2250lbs. Go for it have some fun! Safe,

reliable, fast what more do you need?

cell 214-680-7560. home 713-864-1178 (3)

1982 911 SC Targa. $16,500. 85,000 miles. Excellent condition in

and out. No leaks. Eight way power seats.Power windows. Cruise

control. Targa top. excellent. Polished Fuchs. Dunlop SP9000 tires

with plenty of tread. Pop off valve update. Chain tensioner

update. Momo steering wheel. Black interior.Black exterior. VIN

WP0EA0915CS161628 Contact Mike Stafford at 972-849-2157

or e-mail at (3)

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Louden Motorcar Services has been

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Dallas since 1977. From the moment you drive

in, it is apparent that quality is our

number one priority. From the comfortable

waiting room to the well-kept workshop,

Louden Motorcars exhibits professionalism.

We’ve been winning awards for the

quality of our service for years. Louden

has been rated “Best in Dallas” twice by

D Magazine, “Best in Texas,” “Top Ten in

the U.S.” and “Best in the West” by the

Robert Bosch Corporation (worldwide

leader in fuel injection and electronics).

And we’d like the opportunity to show

you why.

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