Slipstream - September 2006


The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

The Inside Track

by Rocky Johnson, the Maverick Region President

In a bit of a twist, this month's topic is not

about Porsches or even the Maverick Region,

but rather about that good old American

icon, the Corvette.

As it happened, our normal summer

sojourn to Breckenridge, Colorado coincided

with a huge gathering of Corvettes that lasted

several days. Apparently the cutoff for registration

was 500 cars, but another 100 showed up as non-official participants.

This could sound familiar to some Parade goers.

As I talked with folks around town and at their various venues,

I was struck with the notion that a car guy is a car guy, no matter

what the marque. To be fair (and politically correct), there were

a substantial number of car gals and car kids in attendance as well.

As an impartial observer, it was interesting to note the spirited

debates regarding the merits of old vs. new, hardtop vs. convertible,

stock, OEM restorations vs. improved or upgraded parts. If

you could have inserted air cooled vs. water cooled, rear engine vs.

mid or front engine, etc. it could just as easily been a Maverick

happy hour.

The grand finale had all the cars lined up on Main Street. I

must admit, even for a Porsche guy, it was quite a sight to behold.

There was everything from a '53 that looked like it had just rolled

off the assembly line, to later models that had been transformed

into fire breathing machines with glow in the dark flame jobs.

Unfortunately, on the day of the big event, July 29th, the temperature

broke the record and set an all time high for the day of 84

degrees! On the positive side, there were enough cold beverages to

sustain everyone.

As the event ended and the Vettes were leaving town, a poster

caught my eye that there was going to be a gathering of Mini

Coopers the next weekend. Although I haven't met any of them

yet, I'll bet they prove to be just as spirited in their discussions of

old vs. new, etc. In fact it's rumored they are having screenings of

both the original and the newer versions of " The Italian Job" to

keep both schools happy.

I guess the bottom line is, no matter what the marque, gatherings

such as these always produce a great deal of "Car"maraderie.


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