Slipstream - August 2006


The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Upcoming Events

• Post Holiday Parade Party


• DE New at Member MotorSport Party


• Wine Time Trial Tasting #5 at & Autocross Tony’s


Past Events

• Tour • Autocross Arkansas


• DE at • Father’s MotorSport Day Ranch


• Charity • Happy Autocross Hour at Go at TMS


December August 2006 2005 - Published - by by the the Maverick Region

Porsche Club of America


Zone 5 Presidents ..........................................................1

List of Officers/Board Chairs ........................................4

The Inside Track (President’s Column) ......................5

Maverick Minutes ..........................................................8

From the Driver’s Seat (Editor’s Column)................10

New Wheels ..................................................................27

Anniversaries ................................................................27


Advertiser Index............................................................28

Upcoming Events

Calendar of Events..........................................................1

Time Trial #5 and Autocross #5....................................2

Maverick Lunches ..........................................................2

Happy Hour at Mac’s Steaks and Seafood ..................2

Hare ‘n Hound Rally ......................................................3

Post Parade Party at Christina’s ....................................3

Board Meeting ................................................................5

Drivers’ Education at MotorSport Ranch ................13

Porschedillo ..................................................................16

East Texas Tour ............................................................22

Past Event Recaps

Autocross #4..................................................................14

Father’s Day Picnic ......................................................23

Happy Hour at Go Fish ..............................................24


Hope Shelter is a Reality ................................................5

Trivia Contest................................................................12

My First Year..................................................................18

Nominating Committee..............................................22

Volume 68, August 2006, Issue 8

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Day August

1 Board Meeting (cancelled)

5 Time Trial #5 (MW)

6 Autocross #5 (MW)

6-11 51st PCA Parade in Portland, OR

15 Bedford & Plano Lunches

17 Happy Hour

26 Rally

26 Post Parade Party

29 Addison Lunch

Day October

3 Board Meeting

7-8 Porchedillo (HCR)

8 Charity Autocross at TMS

17 Bedford & Plano Lunches

19 Happy Hour

27-29 Tour to Arkansas

28-29 Drivers’ Education at MSR

31 Addison Lunch

DE - Drivers’ Education event

HCR - Hill Country Region (Austin-centered)

LSR - Lone Star Region (Houston-centered)

MW - Mineral Wells Airport, Mineral Wells, Texas

MSR - Motor Sport Ranch, Cresson, Texas

TWS - Texas World Speedway, College Station, Texas

TMS - Texas Motor Speedway, Fort Worth, Texas

Penn - Pennington Field Stadium, Bedford, Texas

Day September

*2-3* Drivers’ Education at MSR

6 Board Meeting

9 Time Trial #6

10 Autocross #6

10 East Texas Tour

Day November

7 Board Meeting

11 Founders’ Day

18 Mardi Gras Region Club Race

(No Problem Raceway)

21 Bedford & Plano Lunches

28 Addison Lunch


Michele Mayo Davis,

Dennis Chamberlain,

Kevin Hardison.

Cover Photo by Richard Cross

Separated at birth?


16-17 Drivers’ Education at MSR

19 Bedford & Plano Lunches

21 Happy Hour

26 Addison Lunch

30-10/1 Drivers’ Education at TWS (LSR)

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Kenneth A. Chandler

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Curtis Robinson

Cell (918) 814-9925


Jak Schaefer


Caren Cooper

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2006 Porsche Club Zone 5 Presidents


Burnell Curtis

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Michael Sorbera

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Scott Foremaster

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Rocky Johnson

C: 972-816-1769


Rick Daes

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Ken Johnson

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Ron J. Gaubert

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Bryan Henderson


Time Trial T

#6 and Autocross #6 Coming UP

Saturday and Sunday, , September 9 and 10

in Mineral Wells, W

sponsored by by Park Place Porsche



2006 Maverick Region - Board, Officers & Chairs


Rocky Johnson

H: 903-356-6531

C: 972-816-1769

3502 Sandy Lake Circle

Quinlan, TX 75474

Rocky is active in Club Racing, Drivers

Education, Autocross, and Time Trial. He also

instructs at Drivers Education and Autocross,

and Time Trial events. His daily driver is a

Boxster S and his track car is an F class 968.


Mark Gluck

C: 817-706-9061

Mark drivers a Boxster S and has been a

Maverick member since 1999. He is active

with Drivers Education, Tours, and Social

events, as well as with many Hope Shelter

charity projects.


Jan Mayo

H: 817-595-4651

C: 817-313-9406

Jan joined Maverick Region in 1980 with a

1974 914, which she still has. She has been

region secretary, treasurer and editor, Zone 5

Representative plus Parade Treasurer, Parade

Worker Chair & 2004 Parade Chair. Currently

she's an active driver & instructor in AXes and

TTs and enjoys tours and rallies.


Jeff Atkins

W: 972-419-5417

H: 972-939-0893

1904 Diamond Ridge Ct

Carrollton, TX 75010

Jeff has been a Maverick member since 2003.

He is active in Drivers Education events as well

as Autocross and Time Trial. He drives a 1988

911 Targa and is a CPA.

DE Chair

Bill Dawson

H - (972) 291-8817 (

The Inside Track

by Rocky Johnson, the Maverick Region President

Judy and I, and some other friends, recently

attended the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal

and the whole experience was an absolute

blast. Thanks to advice from folks like Ben

Hartsell and Graham Lane, we were able to get

great seats, overlooking turns one and two. This

made for exciting viewing at the start of the races.

Coming out of the short pit straight, the F-1 cars

were reaching about 185 MPH in 5th gear before braking hard for an

83 MPH left hander in 2nd, followed immediately by a 44 MPH, 1st

gear right hand turn. Hearing the cars negotiate this sequence was

as neat as seeing them do it. There was a giant screen across from

us, so we also had a feel for what was happening on other parts of the

track. On the main straight of the 2.75 mile track, many of the cars

were topping 200 MPH. According to one source, they pulled 2.5 g

braking from 200 MPH to negotiate the final corners before start

finish. Fernando Alonzo, in a Renault led the whole race, but there

was plenty of action behind him.

It was a given that the F-1 cars would be exciting, but we hadn't

counted on the other great racing we would see. There were two

other classes of open wheel cars. The Formula BMW cars were

powered by BMW motorcycle engines with about 140 HP. The

youngest driver for this feeder series was only 15! Don't we all wish

we could have started this way? A new track record of 1:44:987 was

set during their race. By comparison, Alonzo qualified first with a


Star Mazdas had 240 HP rotary engines with six-speed sequential,

no lift shift transaxles. Weighing in at 1090 lbs., they were in

the 1:37's. Unfortunately a bad wreck, on the first lap, took out 15

of the 42 cars entered and shortened the scheduled 26 lap race to

only 11 laps.

Substantially slower, but no less hotly contested were the spec

Honda Civics. It was a hoot to see them rounding the corners on 3

wheels. Talk about close racing, almost everyone's side view mirrors

were dangling by the end of the race.

Last, but not least were the Ferrari Challenge cars. Admittedly,

it's hard to be objective here, but it appeared that financial resources

took precedence over driving skills. Even then, some of the drivers

couldn't buy an apex! No doubt the top drivers were very good, but

the skill level did seem to drop dramatically. It would have been fun

to compare the top Civic time with the worst Ferrari, but I couldn't

locate either group's times.

Knowing my complete lack of language skill, some people had

suggested we might have communication issues. Nothing could

have been further from the truth -- we found everyone spoke fluent

MasterCard. If a formula one race is on your "to do" list, we can

heartily recommend the Canadian Grand Prix.

Hope Shelter is a Reality

by Lanean Hughes

Is Hope a Reality? YES IT IS! … Because of You…The shelter

has finally taken on the “finished look!” It has been a “Work

In Progress” for sometime, and I'm sure many of you (including

me) wondered, “will it ever get finished?” I'm happy to say,

through the efforts of Maverick Region Members, the Hope

Board, Administrator Lisa Huffaker, and others who donated

materials and time, the sheet rock is completed, they are blowing

in the insulation, working on sidewalks, driveway, and the sprinkler

system all during mid-July through most of August.

Mark your calendar, Sunday, August 27th, as we will be doing

clean up, perhaps even some painting, moving, etc. We will again

be going to the shelter one weekend in September. We are also

planning the Open House in October/November time frame.

This has been a labor of love. Many thanks to our sponsors,

PCA members and their families for their constant support and

dedication to this wonderful project.

Please contact me regarding volunteering at either or 972-484-3040. If you have friends

who want to help, bring 'em on!! If you have items to donate, the

shelter is open for you to bring your donations and receive a tax

write off!!

Thanks and look forward to seeing you on August 27th.


What inspired the design of our new dealership?


Like the vehicles we sell, our new dealership was designed around one thing. You.

Endless amenities are just waiting to be explored. Come in for a test-drive today.


6113 Lemmon Ave. (Between Mockingbird and Inwood) . Dallas, TX 75209 . 214 . 525 . 5400


Email: or

FAX at (817) 267-4939










Maverick Minutes

by Jan MayoEl

Presidente’ Rocky interrupted a conversation

between Wendy and me (I think it had something

to do with clothes or shoes) because HE

was ready to start the meeting. He started off by

asking if there was anyone interested in serving on

the Nominating Committee. If so, pass your name

to him on a slip of paper… nobody moved. The

Nominating Committee needs to be listed in the August Slipstream.

They will gather suggestions and nominations during August and

September and put their suggested slate of officers in the October

Slipstream. Voting will take place at Founder’s Day or by mail-in

ballot prior to Founder’s Day which is November 11, 2006.

Moving around the table VP Mark Gluck says all insurance

requests are up to date.

Dennis Chamberlain (withOUT camera in hand) was

thrilled with 40+ people at the Go Fish Happy Hour. He was

expecting a smaller crowd because Go Fish is a little more expensive

than some of the other places. But it’s a great place and he

plans on returning. Obviously the Happy Hour group agrees.

July 20th Happy Hour will be at Razzoo’s in Irving (MacArthur

and LBJ) and August 17th will be at Mac’s Steak and Seafood on

121 in Grapevine.

Lanean’s shelter report showed a lot of progress. The sheetrock

is complete and they expect the ceiling to be done this week. The

sidewalk, driveway and sprinklers should be complete this month

and by mid-August they will be looking for volunteers to help paint

the interior.Landscaping will also be taking place this month.

She is looking for some individuals to help coordinate submission

of next years’ Region of the Year and Public Service

awards for Maverick Region. As the national awards chairperson,

she has only received one Public Service submission from Zone 5

this year and that was from Hill Country Region in Austin. The

scrapbooks need to be brought up to date. There hasn’t been any

work done on them for a couple years. Most all of the pictures

are now digital so this job requires someone with a computer and

access to a color printer or Wal-Mart as well as the artsy talent to

make a presentable and entertaining scrapbook.

Lanean continued with the DE dates in September (16-17)

[ed. It has been moved to Sept. 2-3] and October (28-29) with the

Instructor Clinic October 27. Rocky had heard there was a conflict

in September with a National SCCA event that was depleting

our source of corner workers. [ed. Thus the need for the change.]

The last autocross at Pennington Field had 60+ drivers and

Bryan Bell was thrilled. Autocrosses continue to have a positive

cash flow and he still intends to lower the price for Porsche drivers

next year. The next autocross is Aug 5/6 which is the first

weekend of Parade. Since Charlie will be at Parade, Bryan will be

driving the Truckster.

Visitor Travis Howard said after reading the Board Notes he

wanted to come attend a board meeting to see if it was as fun as

it sounded. Robin Howard was his cheauffer.

Rocky comments that the flow of little pieces of paper with

Nomination Committee interest is underwhelming resulting in a

flurry. [ed. Once he threatened to not let us leave until he had some

more names, that is!]

Our tall treasure Jeff had a quarterly financial update for the

board. It’s available to anyone on request and a year end report

will be printed in Slipstream at the end of the year.

Wendy is so excited to have the Mac’s new software installed

and everything up and running. After last month’s melt down

this is grand news. The Dallas Post Office seems to have resolved

its problems with our mailing and the past two months have been

delivered very quickly. We’re still a little skeptical on whether this

will become the trend or if they’ll slip back. We haven’t pursued

moving the mailing location to Fort Worth because Andy and

Kelly Mears have a new baby boy and this hasn’t been right up on

the top of the list for Andy. *Congrats by the way*

The Murder Mystery dinner event will be solved by 33 people

this weekend. Tracey Gross and Ed have put a lot of effort

into this fun event. Tracey only had 10 people interested in the

Ranger game and she needed 20 to get the group price. Being the

optimistic soul that she is, she went ahead and got the 20 tickets.

Stay tuned next month to see if she was successful in roping in

another 10 people. (I’m betting on it)

Tracey has planned out the rest of the year and it sounds fabulous.

Aug 26 - Post Parade Party (after the rally) at Christina’s

Mexican in Roanoke (yummy Margaritas). Oct 21 – Wine tasting

in Plano. Nov 11 – Founder’s Day. Dec 9 – Holiday Party at Bill

and Virginia Campbell’s home in Fort Worth.

Lisa Steele is “Advertiser Person In Training” taking over for

Mike Brodigan. Mike has happily transferred his files to Lisa and

says she knows everything she needs to know. All I got out of Lisa

was a giggle and some comment about margaritas ???

Christy Dominick and Rocky finish up the Round-the-Table

with discussion on Christy taking over the Goodie Store responsibilty

from Ed and Tracey Gross. Christy comes with great background

and experience in this area and we’re lucky and happy to

have her on the board.

Rocky has two more things to say before we wind down.

He has a little pile of scraps of paper in front of him and he scientifically

plucks one out saying that the 3rd member of the

Nominating Committee, joining Keith Olcha-Head and Mike

Lockas is …. ta daah, Tracey Gross. If anyone has any interest

in running for one of the elected board positions (President,

Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer) let one of these people

know as they will be working on the slate. If you have any questions

on the duties or responsibilities you can review the By-

Laws on the Maverick home page or ask any of us (we’ll give ya

the real scoop).

Rocky’s other thought was that since he would not be able to

attend the August board meeting and a notable portion of the

board would be at Parade, he was suggesting that any discussion

that would normally take place be held via the MRPCABD list.

This will be a one time action and the rest of the board meetings

will take place as scheduled for the remainder of the year. There

was no disagreement with this so…. We’re Done.






German and British Car Service

and Maintenance by appointment.

Specializing in:

• All Porsche 914’s

• Early 911’s through 1989 model year

• Race Track Support

• Competition Car Maintenance

• Race Ergonomics & Instrumentation

2620 West Pioneer (Hwy 303)

Suite B

Arlington, Texas



From The Driver’s Seat

by Wendy Shoffit, Slipstream Managing Editor

Okay... are you finally done looking at all the

pictures below? How did I know?

Seriously... I know the pics are way more

interesting than anything I have to say. Besides, now

you want an explanation about what the heck they

are. Well, at the Club Race on Memorial Weekend,

Lisa Steele was so kind as to bring some “Napoleon

Dynamite props” from her school to provide us with a little bit of

fun. You see, we had planned a sort of “skit” during dinner, but that

fell through completely. So, instead, we had a bunch of people put

on this wig and glasses (some complete with tater tots) just for the

heck of it. Then, I thought... wouldn’t it be a hoot to publish them

all and have a photo contest? So, which Napoleon do you think is

the best (email me with your pick)? The original is in the upper left

hand corner, for those of you who wanted a refresher. For those of

you who say, “Napoleon WHO?!?” nevermind... if you haven’t seen

the movie, you won’t find it funny at all. As a matter of fact, you’ll

think that your illustrious editor has finally lost it completely. Well,

that’s just fine with me. *wink* If this inspires you to see the movie,

make sure you either a) watch it with someone who has seen it

before and finds it hilarious or b) watch it multiple times. The first

time... you’ll probably find yourself scratching your head saying,

“What the heck was that?” Enough of the free movie promotion.

On with club business.

Are you a scrapbook king/queen or is your significant other

one? If so, we could really use some help! We haven’t had a decent

regional scrapbook in a few years. For that matter, I don’t think

we’ve had one at ALL for the last 2! Our region’s history is falling

by the wayside (and we haven’t submitted for Region of the Year

in awhile). The only record of our history is in Slipstream and that

just won’t do. There are so many more interesting photos out there

that I simply don’t have room to include in the newsletter. We now

have a way to share them online (see Steve Boyd’s article in last

month’s issue), but there’s just something special about holding a

photo album in your hands and saying, “Oh man... I remember

that event! So and so was sooooooo drunk!” Oh wait... maybe that

wouldn’t be a good picture to share. Anyway, if you are mildly

interested, but say, “I don’t know all these people!” that’s okay. Jan

Mayo, Lanean Hughes, and I will be more than happy to help

identify those strange faces. Even if you’d like to do a few pages

here and there or maybe just a specific event section (for example...

just the tours or just the happy hours), let me know. This

doesn’t have to be an impossible task.

If you HAVE photos you’d like to share, please send them to

me either printed copies or on photo CDs (which I’ll have printed).

I’ll get it to the right person.

Thanks! Take some pictures from your driver’s seat while

you’re at it.

1 2 3 4

5 6

7 8 9

10 11

12 13 14

Photos provided by Melissa Gatlin





972-867-7467 (972-TOP-SHOP)

Official Texas Distributor/Install house for

G.I.A.C. Porsche Software:

Featuring GIACʼs Hammer Program. Flash-loaded Performance software installed

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chip soldering or ECU swaps. Itʼs simple plug and play with programs including 91-

octane performance or 100-octane performance, as well as Valet and Anti-Theft

and back to Stock settings.

“European Car” magazine (March issue) tested a GT2 with GIACʼs 91-octane software,

stock engine, free flowing air filter, free flowing exhaust and a diverter valve

which obtained a Whopping 600 bhp and a Thundering 630 bhp on the 100-octane

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Many of the worldʼs fastest Porsches use GIACʼs software. Letʼs flash your Porsche.

Software available for :

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For 23 years, Autoscope has been dedicated to catering European Car owners of the Dallas

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No other independent facility in Plano can match our combined expertise and training.




Trivia Contest


It’s Easy To Play:

Enter online at or email

answers to:

Rules: 1 Point per each correct answer. 1 entry per

member. Drawing to tie break. Deadline 8/30/06.

Congratulations to our June winner,

James Milton!

Honorable Mentions go to:

Cyril Reif (100%), Bryan Bell,

Travis Howard, and Seth Higgins

June Answers: 1) D 2) A 3) B 4) C 5) D

1. RS stands for “Renn Sport”, which in German means:

a) Lightened; b) Race Sport; c) Autobahn Super Car;

d) Special Edition

2. An early U.S. importer of Porsche cars instrumental in developing

the “Speedster” version of the 356 was: a) Beverly

Hills Porsche-Audi; b) James Dean; c) Max Hoffman;

d) Elvis Presley

3. In 1977, the new 924 model was known for all of the following

innovations except: a) Front wheel drive; b) Rear

mounted transaxle; c) Water cooled engine; d) Large glass


4. The pictured Porsche car is: a) A special edition 996 b) Special

color Boxster “S”; c) Ruf series twin-Turbo; d) PCA 911

Club Coupe

August prize:

$25 gift certificate to:

Zim’s Autotechnik

5. Ferdinand Porsche designed what car for the 1939 Berlin-

Rome-Berlin road race? a) 550 Spyder; b) Gmund 356;

c) VW Type 64; d) 356 Roadster





FAX 972-721-1847


See, I got your attention, didnʼt I?

I had to, because there is breaking news for the September DE.

IMPORTANT! The Date has Changed

NOW -> September 2-3, 2006

Join the Maverick Region and

Boardwalk Porsche September 2-3,

2006 at MotorSport Ranch on the 3.1

mile layout

Yes, the date has moved at the last

minute. But Maverick Region has

always been quick to adapt to

unforeseen changes. Come on out

and join the fun. It will be way more

fun than painting the house. And you canʼt do that Labor Day weekend, anyway!

Use our ONLINE REGISTRATION Itʼs quick and easy.

Use PayPal, Credit Card, or pay by check. Registration is currently open. The entry fee is

$215. Go online anytime and create your own driver profile. If you used it for a previous

event, it will be even easier this time around. That means less laboring for the Labor Day


2006 Maverick Region DE Schedule

-- February 25-26 sponsor - Ruf Auto Centre

-- April 8-9 sponsor - Autobahn Motorcars

-- May 27-28 sponsor - Boardwalk Porsche

-- September 2-3 DE sponsored by Boardwalk Porsche

-- October 28-29 sponsor - Park Place Porsche

Find DE details all year at

New to Driver Education? We have the program for you – high performance driver education. Itʼs a

program designed specifically for all skill levels. We provide the education youʼre seeking. You are on

track in limited group sizes with others with similar levels of skill. Plus, additional safety rules are in

place to keep cars separated. You receive one-on-one instruction from PCA approved instructors the

entire weekend. You get 8, 25 minute driving sessions a weekend. You can hang out in the 2 story

clubhouse between sessions and watch others in air-conditioned comfort. Every current Porsche is

eligible without modification. All of this at a modern facility located right here in the DFW metro area.


Autocross #4

by Marty Lumpkin, Car Number 944

Welcome to the middle of the autocross season! I enjoyed the

short track at Pennington Field as this was my first at that

venue. As with all of my stories there are some do's and

don'ts I have to share with the class. 1.If your autocross is on Sunday

don't drive to San Antonio and ride a motorcycle home in 103 degree

heat. That wind chill thing is a myth. 2. Sunblock is not just for kids 3.

Sunburn still hurts just as bad as when I was a kid . . . Class dismissed.

I have entered the midseason with a problem of sorts I own two

944s the S and a turbo. If the only thing I did with my Porsche was

race autocross this would be a no brainer . . . the "S" wins hands

down, however.

The other day while driving home I slipped next to Boxster S

(not Jan's "S" but another "S") at the stop light. The "S" left and so did

I. As the "S" pulled out of sight in front of me I reached red line

grabbed the next gear with authority giving it all she had only to have

the town and country mini van full of kids slip by on the right. I'd like

to tell you this was a joke, but it's not. Then a voice from my past came

back into my head, Captain James T. Kirk yelling to Scotty, "I NEED

MORE POWER!" and lo and behold in the garage there's more power,

but less control. I can only have one Porsche due to budget constraints,

so keeping both is not a option. I am sure the power issue on

the street has never affected a 914 driver. They just wish for 3.2 transplants.

So, there is no telling what I will be coming to the next

autocross with. Bryan Bell was kind enough to tell me if I keep the

turbo plan to (how did he put that?) rebuild it! The bad part is that

he is correct. Lucky for me engines do not scare me. So I'll be chewing

on this until I see all of you again.

Covering the last Autocross, let’s see . . . it reminded me of playing

pool on a small bar table vs. the standard table, it's still the same

game, but the angles are just sharper. I enjoyed it as you really had to

turn the car with the throttle a lot more than I thought. So, from a

learning standpoint very high marks, a must do for the newcomers!

My nemesis had a swaybar mount go south on him (could have been

north I'm not sure of the bar’s current location ?) so he was forced

kicking and screaming (or giggling and laughing) to drive Mark and

Lisa's 944 S2 race car, We have the best people in our club. You never

see Tony Stewart's team say, “Hey, Jeff 's cars broke. Let him use one of

ours.” I thank all of you who let other members use their cars to stay

competing. It shows what a noble bunch we are. That’s why I enjoy

every minute of our time together. Thanks for the great Autocross. See

you in August in whatever I am driving!

Photo by Gray Cat Graphics

Photo by Gray Cat Graphics

Keith Olcha’s smooth line through tricky “S” start helped him to the TTOD.

Jeff Atkins is “heads” above the rest of the crowded Class 5 drivers.

Photo by Gray Cat Graphics

Photo by Gray Cat Graphics


Marty enjoying a rare reprieve from from his traditional rival . . .

...but Mike Lockas still had fun in his “borrowed” ride for the day.

Autocross #4 - Sunday 6/11/2006 - Pennington Field, Bedford, TX

Class Number Name Car Time Place Points

2 95 Travis Howard Yellow 914 39.635 1 9

914 Betty Perrine Orange 914 39.873 2 7

3 37 Charlie Davis Green 914 37.672 1 9

549 Brian Petri White 914 37.818 2 7

137 Kevan Davis Green 914 39.004 3 5

44 Chuck McCoy White 944 39.067 4 4

121 Mike Brown Maroon 914 40.622 5 3

82 James Milton Gld Met 911 SC 41.215 6 2

22 Steve Shelley Dark Blue 944 41.378 7 1

12 John Reynolds Maroon 914 41.826 8 1

65 Robyn Howard Red 944 42.712 9 1

4 111 Kevin Hardison Blue 914 36.863 1 9

15 Gary Leto Red 914 39.594 2 7

944 Martin Lumpkin Silver 944S 40.259 3 5

26 Ron Bailey Silver Carrera 41.371 4 4

5 83 Jeff Atkins Red 911 38.001 1 9

332 John Leto Red 914 39.226 2 7

64 James Shoffit Red 914 39.556 3 5

24 Clay Perrine Red 914 39.653 4 4

11 Wendy Shoffit Yellow 911S 40.013 5 3

691 Denny Payne Blue 964 40.151 6 2

57 Joel Nannis Yellow 911S 40.313 7 1

169 Christy Dominick Blue 964 41.387 8 1

7 Ray Nannis Yellow 911S 42.150 9 1

6 161 Rick Randall Black 911 Carerra 36.231 1 9

911 Bob Kuykendall Black 911 36.510 2 7

205 Mark Steele Red 944S2 37.598 3 5

285 Mike Lockas Red 944S2 37.876 4 4

81 Jeff Herrmann Red Boxster S 38.043 5 3

234 Ed Gross Red Boxster 38.242 6 2

77 Tannia Dobbins Red Boxster S 38.582 7 1

206 Lisa Steele Red 944S2 38.740 8 1

108 Clint Blackman Silver Boxster 40.070 9 1

7 27 Keith Olcha Grey Boxster S 35.685 1 9

204 Bryan Bell Silver 996 36.303 2 7

242 Darron Shaffer W-Green Boxster S 38.471 3 5

L 284 Tracey Gross Red Boxster 38.532 1 9

20 Andrea Bell Silver 996 42.983 2 7

OA 8 Dean Yamada White Corvette 36.561 1

146 Donnie Wheat Blue Mustang 41.052 2

OG 87 Terry Thornton Black 325is 37.880 1

97 Jason Weidenbach Blue Mini Cooper S 39.633 2

79 Evan Fort Black TT 40.271 3

38 Colin Hundley Green Corrado 40.679 4

190 Carey Spreen Gray Jetta 40.932 5

187 Ashley Phan Black 325is 45.853 6

OJ 62 Jim Harris Red EVO 34.327 1

74 Gabby Garner White WRX STI 35.150 2

75 Iain Peebles Green Miata 35.580 3

0 David Loi White S2000 37.359 4

162 Lorin Stolz Blue Miata 38.153 5

63 Darron Schneider Blue Miata 38.810 6

72 Jerrett Jan White Miata 38.835 7

46 Patrick Sinex Silver S2000 38.853 8

8X Harry Sidhu Blue RX8 39.068 9

32 Joseph Kan White S2000 39.099 10

5 Jeremy Ault Velocity Red RX-8 39.108 11

73 Orlando Gonzalez Blue Neon SRT4 39.584 12

168 Alan Wong Black RX-8 39.888 13

171 Christopher Pratt Silver Miata MX-5 40.158 14

13 James Stephenson Black SER Spec-V 41.178 15

216 Brad Stolz Blue Miata 41.440 16

29 Phillip Jacob Silver Impreza 42.237 17

91 Cathy Howard Green Miata 44.516 18

Top Time Of Day Men : Jim Harris, Class OJ, Time 34.327

Top Time Of Day Ladies : Tracey Gross, Class L, Time 38.532

Keith Olcha 35.685

Rick Randall 36.231

Bryan Bell 36.303

Bob Kuykendall 36.510

Kevin Hardison 36.863

Top 10 Porsche Times

Mark Steele 37.598

Charlie Davis 37.672

Brian Petri 37.818

Mike Lockas 37.876

Jeff Atkins 38.001

Photo by Gray Cat Graphics

Photo by Gray Cat Graphics

Photo by Gray Cat Graphics

Photo by Gray Cat Graphics

Ron Bailey “almost” wishing he had his old 914 on the very tight course.

James Milton attacking the decreasing curve into the all important “loop”.

The tight “loop” had even 914 driver’s like Brian Petri are trying different tricks.

James Shoffit getting a different look at an Autocross in Clay Perrine’s 914/6.



1033 N. Henderson St.

Fort Worth, TX

(817) 877–1772

Forgeline • Brembo • Eibach • Sparco • Borla • Hoosier • MOMO • Red Line • OMP • Teamtech • Fuel Safe

German Engineering With Southern Hospitality.

Personal Service.

At Nine-Eleven, we’ve built a reputation for understanding our customers’ needs —

quality service, convenient location, state-of-the-art diagnostics, and personalized service

that is unmatched in the Metroplex. When you trust your car to us, you will have the

peace of mind that it will be serviced correctly the first time. Every time.


We strongly believe in access to those who will actually work on your car. Our

technicians are available in person, by phone, and even by pager if you have questions

or need timely information about your car.


Our clean shop, well-stocked parts department, and comfortable waiting room ensure

that you and your car will get the kind of service you deserve. Maintained tools and

equipment. Clean cars. We are meticulous about details.


Our parts department is also second to none. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in

finding that necessary part or after-market option you require. We are an authorized dealer

for high-performance Recaro seating, Yokohama Tires, Bilstein Shocks, Bosch, and many

others. This ensures that whether you are a casual driver or an enthusiast who needs race

prep assistance, Nine-Eleven has the experience and knowledge to keep your car running

at peak performance.


Crown Rd.

Cindy Lane


Royal Lane

Joe Field Rd.



Nine-Eleven Enterprises, Inc.

Service, Accessories & Parts for BMW,

Mercedes & Porsche

2120 Cindy Lane, Dallas, Texas 75229



We are conveniently located near the intersection of Stemmons and LBJ Freeways

in Dallas. We offer emergency towing service 24 hours a day and have arranged

for special rental car rates with area rental agencies. Come by for a visit between

7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday, or call for a service appointment.


Photo by Gray Cat Graphics

My First Year

by Clint C. Blackman III

This month marks my first year as a Maverick member and I

wanted to write to say, “Thanks!” to all of my new Maverick

PCA friends and encourage those of you who have never

participated in a PCA event to come out and join us! I have NEVER

had so much fun in a car club. I bought a 2005 Boxster last June.

At the very first “new member” meeting, Dennis Chamberlain and

Lanean Hughes made my wife and me feel like old friends. Having

been in other car clubs, I have to say that I was most surprised by

the organization of the Maverick club. You have so many opportunities

to do so many interesting things with your Porsche.

At that first meeting we were encouraged to come to a “DE.”

One of the reasons I bought my car was to learn to drive more

proficiently. So, I signed up for the October, 2005 Driver

Education school. I borrowed my brother's old motorcycle helmet,

my dealer loaned me some cool car numbers and I showed

up at MotorSport Ranch. I can now admit that as I drove up I

thought I made a terrible mistake! I saw hundreds of “race cars,”

everyone was in racing suits, and the air was full of racing fuel

and revving engines. I timidly parked and walked up to the registration

building. Fortunately, friendly faces greeted me and I

found out that I really had come to the right place. MotorSport

Ranch is a safe, “open road” course. As a “greenie” you receive

extensive classroom training with up to forty other “greenies”

who all look “big eyed” about the experience. The class lecture

really steadied our “butterflies” as we learned that performance

driving is all about looking ahead and understanding what cars

“do and won't do.” Suddenly, two hours were gone and we were

told to drive up to meet our instructors. In the “pits” I met Bryan

Bell, my first instructor. Bryan had a big smile and lots of confidence.

Your instructor drives your car the first four laps to get you

acquainted with the course. For me, the first lap was, “Wow,

Bryan, I didn't know my car would go that fast”….Bryan said,

“No…that was the warm up lap.” The second lap was a “Wow,

that was FAST;” the third lap was “WOW, THAT'S FAST” and the

fourth lap left me SPEECHLESS… Maybe I exaggerate a little too

much, but I was impressed with what my car could do. I learned

volumes about the skill of driving that weekend. Bryan was a

great instructor and we had a blast. I made a great friend that first

weekend. The Maverick instructors teach you about “driving

safe” versus “driving fast.” Safety is their “Job One” hallmark. My

first DE was everything I had hoped for.

Judy and I set out to try everything “Maverick” that first year.

Clint also enjoyed the “Fun Runs” held after the Pennington Field Autocross.

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Clint with his lovely wife, Judy

We really enjoyed the “Founders’ Day” celebration party. Who

says a bunch of “gear heads” don't have tuxedos! It was the best

“formal” car club party I have ever attended. Next, we enjoyed the

East Texas Autumn Trails Tour. The route was very fun to drive

and we learned what “spirited” driving means. I sure was glad I

took a DE before that tour. We had lots of fun with the radios and

meeting a whole new group of Maverick members. My second

DE was more challenging. It rained in “sheets” that Saturday and

I learned the difference in driving a “wet line” versus the “dry

line.” Sunday was sunny and my instructor, Colin Graidage really

improved my “smoothness” (in proper King's English). Colin is

from England and an experienced club racer. Rotating among

instructors you get a wonderful blend of instruction. I was promoted

from Green to Blue as I became more confident about

driving the MSR road course.

The leadership of the club is good about encouraging you to

try out other types of driving events. I drove my first Autocross

last March and it was another educational experience. Driving

around cones at Texas Motor Speedway was a totally different

type of driving experience. For those who have never tried it, an

Autocross is a short, low speed, driving course made up of orange

cones arranged in a twisting system of tight turns. Again,

Maverick instructors help you learn how to turn your car

smoothly and quickly. Autocross courses are never the same and

are sprint-like timed events. A Time Trial is similar to an

autocross, but a little different. Maverick time trials are typically

held out at Mineral Wells, on an old Army helicopter base. The

course is the same each time and it has longer straight-a-ways,

which yield higher speeds. Again, Maverick instructors give you

excellent instruction on how to safely learn how to drive this special,

timed event. My first time trial was April 22nd and I must

admit I made a good “middle of the pack” showing.

I want to say “Thanks” to all of the Maverick officers, “event

meisters” and instructors who have made my first club year so

special. The e-mail “list serve” has kindly answered my “new guy”

questions and suggested some great books. Thanks to all of

you…I'm hooked. For those of you who are still waiting to come

out and try something with the club….come on out….I sure have

had lots of fun and I think you will too. You'll find me at the next

event….I'm the guy with the grin in Boxster No: 108.








Authorized installer/tuner for REVO Performance Software,

FIKSE Wheels, and STOPTECH Performance Brake Systems

Watch for the ISTOOK/AINES Motorsports

AUDI S4 Twin Turbos on Speed Channel

2733 West 7th Street (repair shop)

3333 Suffolk Drive #104 (race shop)

Fort Worth, Texas 76107

(817) 332-6547 (repair shop)

(817) 924-2100 (race shop)

Owner Rick Jordan: 28 Years Experience Porsche Trained



Nominating Committee

Maverick Region bylaws state in Article IX, Election of Officers.

Section 1: Nominations that at the July Board Meeting, the

Board will appoint a Nominations Committee. The August

newsletter will list the names, addresses, and phone numbers of those

serving on the Committee, as well as a call for nominations for the

following year's elected officers from the membership. The committee

will then provide the Secretary with their slate of candidates. If you

would like to put your own name on the ballot, you must present the

Secretary with a petition to do so before September 1 (and have 3 voting

sponsors). The slate of candidates will be in the October newsletter,

along with a ballot.

The following are the names of the 2006 Nominating

Committee. Please contact them if you would like to be included on

the ballot for the 2007 Regional Officers.

Keith Olcha


Mike Lockas


Tracey Gross


Voting for the 2007 officers, as well as for proposed changes to be

made to the regional bylaws (changes detailed on our website will be held at the annual Founders’ Day banquet

on November 11, 2006. Keep watching Slipstream for details.

AX School Photos!

Michael Fricke

2006 Time Trial 103 School

Mineral Wells, Texas

8x10 framed Photos from the Autocross Schools!

Individual Magnetic Car Numbers as low as $8 each!

These are heavy duty individual 10” tall magnetic numbers and are

available in white, black, red, yellow, orange, blue or green.

Custom work is also available in any color . . . including metallics!

Hats • Shirts • Banners • Posters

Calendars • Track Photography

Car Numbers • Digital Photo Editing

Kevin Hardison

Irving, Texas • (972) 849-8512


Father’s Day Picnic

by Michele Mayo Davis and Ed Mayo

Wow! This year's Father's Day Picnic was hot and humid. Thank

Heavens our hosts, Dan and Linda Ruehs, were prepared. There

was plenty of shaded tables and a nice swimming pool to cool

off in.

I usually take the kids to meet Dad and Jan at the picnic, but since this

year's date was on Sunday Kevin got to tag along.We even thought we might

take that sleek brown car out of the garage and for a spin. There was a vote

and all 6 of us voted for the air conditioned Yukon XL. It worked out fine

since Dad was also leaving Slime at home and bringing a customer’s car that

he said he would help sell.

When we arrived at the Ruehs' place Dad was doing his usual - talking

Porsche. This gave us a few minutes to take the annual Father's Day picture.

Dan & Linda's front porch made a beautiful backdrop.

A few diehards drove their Porsches out for the annual concours. Ed

Cullen drove out in his 911 race car, with a fresh trophy from the hot rod

and custom show the previous night. Charlie and Teri Davis represented the

914 contingent. Dan Ruehs got the short distance award by rolling his 356

race car out of his garage and one person took it all way too seriously; John

Strakle with his factory 930 slope nose. He was actually polishing stuff.

Representing the water cooled crowd was a 928 of new members whose

names I have forgotten and for which I apologize. Joel (Mr. Sprinkles)

Nannis was directing the parking, which may explain why the 928 had the

premo spot! The People's Choice competition was won by the orange 1971

911 coupe of Mike and Michele DeJong (well, actually it's Michele's).

Dan's shop kept drawing the men like flies to honey. He has a small

collection of vintage cars including a Pontiac Firebird and Camaro race

car. His shop is what most guys (like my Kevin) dream of having in their


Thanks to Dan & Linda for opening up their home, pool, & shop for

all of us to hang around on a hot Father's Day afternoon. Between the

Ruehs' and the Casey's the Maverick Region is blessed for many more

Father's Day Picnics.

Photo provided by Michele Mayo Davis

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Michele and Ed. Who else can see the family resemblance?

Brad and Joann Webster

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Carey Spreen (Geneva’s in the pool)

Miguel Castro and his guest

Jerry Sutton sans daughter Aubrey

Cheryl Mills looks a little nervous.

Hostess and Host, Linda and Dan Ruehs. What a great couple!

1/2 of the winning team - Joel Nannis.


Happy Hour at Go Fish

by Dennis Chamberlain

Iwas concerned about what kind of turnout we would have for

the June 15 Happy Hour, because we had some competition

from the Mavericks - the Dallas Mavericks, that is. It was the

fourth game of the NBA finals. Too bad the Mavericks weren't

much competition for the Miami Heat that night. The restaurant

had an abundance of flat panel screens mounted on the walls with

the Maverick game prominently displayed. At first, this seemed

terrific. But by the middle of the second quarter…. well, had it not

been for the fabulous food, I would have lost my appetite.

The rest of our people were not deterred. It was a good, solid,

boisterous, semi-controllable, partially coherent, happy crowd of

about forty-five, and virtually everyone stayed for dinner. There

was this one table (you know who you are) that was a real bunch

of deliriously happy campers.

We had new members. We had old members. We had old

members attending their first Happy Hour. We had regulars.

Everyone comes to the Happy Hours at Go Fish. Did I mention

how outstanding the food was? It's interesting that the most

expensive place on our happy hour tour draws our largest

crowds. Once a year is not enough for this place!

For our August 18 Happy Hour, we're heading to a new place

- Mac's Steaks & Seafood on Highway 121 in Colleyville. Hope to

see you there!

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Avelino Segura, Janet Pelchat, and Jim Bowen.

Frank and Bobbie Briggs with John Perser.

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Clara Lewis with Robert and Debbie Thompson

Tracy Locke with friend, Aimee McClintok.




New Wheels

by Joel Nannis

If you have any changes that

you would like to make to the

MRPCA membership guide, call

Joel Nannis at 817-329-1600

Expartaco Borga (Dunia)

7607 Yamini Drive

Dallas, TX 75230

2006 986 Boxster

Miguel Castro (Lennart


238 Wildfire

Lewisville, TX 75067

2000 986 Boxster

Paul Clark

3324 McKinney Ave #305

Dallas, TX 75204

1985 911

Randy Evans

3612 Edgestone Drive

Plano, TX 75093

2006 997

Matt Fankhauser

4686 Gladewater Trail

Frisco, TX 75034

2000 996

Brian Harris

4909 Las Lomas Drive

Mesquite, TX 75150

1999 986 Boxster

David Hill (Steven Van)

2613 Saint Michelle Lane

McKinney, TX 75070

2002 986 Boxster S

Craig Janssen

7261 Walters Edge Drive

Lewisville, TX 75056

2005 Cayenne S

Justin Martin

7124 Timber Road

Alvarado, TX 76009

1980 928

Pam Perpich (Carl)

1717 Robin Lane

Flower Mound, TX 75028

1982 911 SC

Michael Redenbaugh (Linda)

1849 Barrington Court

Roanoke, TX 76262

1996 911

Joanna Richardson (Doug)

2807 Gainesborough Drive

Dallas, TX 75287

1999 986 Boxster

Thomas Roman (Linda)

9508 Bellechase Road

Grandury, TX 76049

1991 911

Jeff Schwenk (Belinda)

6669 Avalon Avenue

Dallas, TX 75214

2003 996

Barbara Smith

2416 Potomac Parkway

Denton, TX 76210

2002 986 Boxster

Thomas Stephens (Joanie)

1708 Glenwick Drive

Plano, TX 7522

2006 997

Robert Wyatt (Kara)

7817 Stanford Avenue

Dallas, TX 75225

2006 997

Tony Young (Jodi)

1505 Pine Hollow Drive

McKinney, TX 75070

1996 993 T

Charles Fellows

3265 Menlo Avenue

Dallas, TX 75208

2000 986 Boxster

Transfer from Central Indiana

Dan Garringer

2305 S. Custer Rd #2402

McKinney, TX 75070

1999 911

Transfer from Golden Gate

Steven Kowalke (Julie)

3012 Kimble Drive

Plano, TX 75025

1983 911

Transfer from Riesentoter

Buck Maxey

4401 Bryn Mawr Drive

Dallas, TX 75225

1988 911

Transfer from Cimarron

Lee Sabath

6701 Whitestone Drive

McKinney, TX 75070

2004 986 Boxster

Transfer from Ozark

Steve White (Loretta)

9629 Lankford Trail

Keller, TX 76248

2003 986 Boxster S

Transfer from Santa Barbara


5 Years

John Castro (Kim)

Joseph Rybarski (Carol)

Rollie Waters (Stacy)

Darren Sumrall (Karin)

Allen Swanson (Michael)

Richard Voreis (Bradley)

David Cross

David Masten (Deborah)

Richard Jung

Wayne Davis (Debbie)

John McSwain (Angie)



Farmers Branch









Brent Spinks (Kimber)

Luis Pajares (Alexandra)

Vaughan L. Garrett

Jay Walker (Lisa)

Les Moncus (Trish)

James W. Giffin (Max)

Happy Anniversary!

10 Years

20 Years

35 Years




Shady Shores





Unclassifieds are available free to Maverick Region Members and are $5 to all others (contact editor for payment details). Please limit size to no more than 6 lines. Ads will run for 3 issues, then removed unless you

request that it be run for an additional 3 issues. Email your ad to by the 10th to have your ad run in the following month’s Slipstream. Be sure to include a contact name and phone number.

If you are selling a car, include mileage and price. Check your ad for accuracy the first time it runs. Contact the editor to have your ad pulled sooner. Due to space constraints, photos can not be included.

1987 911 Carrera Coupe,VIN # WPOAB0918H5I22065. Polaris

Silver with Grey and Blue interior. 100,000 miles. 16 in. Fuchs

wheels w/Yokohama AVS tires. All service performed by 911

Enterprises of Dallas since 1995. Bone-dry engine. The car also

comes complete with books, records, jack and tool kit. $19,500.

More photos available. George Kosmak, 940-262-0412,


1973 1.8 914 Roadster Race Car built by Dave Klym of Fabcar in

1988. Has complete SCCA Log Books with current annual. Car

has 17 National wins and is very competitive today. Car has spare

Transmission, 2 sets of wheels w/Slicks & Rain tires, Body panels,

suspension parts, spare Koni Front shocks. Must Sell $ Make

Offer $ Ray Anderson 817-247-1870 (1)

1987 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe Grand Prix White, Navy Blue

Leather, Custom Sheep Skins, Sunroof, Power Driver Seat,

Updated R134 AC, Factory Radio w/CD Changer. Bought new in

Ft. Worth, TX. Original paint, no rust. All Books & Records since

new, 2 sets of wheels the original 16” Fuchs & 17” 92 Cup wheels,

Car has been lowered and has Brey Krause Harness Brace with

Sparco Belts for DE. 198K miles current, motor rebuilt at 187K

runs great, needs nothing. Must Sell $ Make Offer $ Ray

Anderson 817-247-1870 (1)

1974 911 Carrera Race Car FANTASTIC FUN RACE CAR.


Carrera, 1 of 528 made now with a UK Rebuilt 2.7RS Engine, new

red respray, 9/11 RSR flares, light weight hood, full roll cage,3pc

BBS wheels, upgrade ATE brakes, Koni Adjustable suspension,

fuel cell, Momo seat, Schroth harness, plumbed in Fire System,

light weight glass, etc ... 2250lbs. Go for it have some fun! Safe,

reliable, fast what more do you need?

cell 214-680-7560. home 713-864-1178 (2)

1982 911 SC Targa. $16,500. 85,000 miles. Excellent condition in

and out. No leaks. Eight way power seats.Power windows. Cruise

control. Targa top. excellent. Polished Fuchs. Dunlop SP9000 tires

with plenty of tread. Pop off valve update. Chain tensioner

update. Momo steering wheel. Black interior.Black exterior. VIN

Slipstream Advertiser Index

44 and More Parts (817) 907-5413 Page 7

Autobahn Motorcar Group (800) 433-5602 Page 21

Autoscope (972) 867-7467 Page 11

Boardwalk Porsche (214) 576-1911 I.F.C.

Bobby Archer’s Motorsports (817) 877-1772 Page 17

Buckley’s Precision Racing (817) 239-7969 Page 7

Community Pharmacy (940) 440-0400 B.C.

Dallas Auto Sports (214) 320-2228 Page 25

Dallas Euro Cars (972) 243-4911 Page 24

Fifth Gear Motorsports (972) 317-4005 Page 20

Gray Cat Graphics (972) 849-8512 Page 22

Impact Signs and Graphics (817) 329-3491 Page 12

Istook’s MotorSport Svcs (817) 332-6547 Page 20

Jerry DeFeo Designs (972) 240-5800 Page 9

WP0EA0915CS161628 Contact Mike Stafford at 972-849-2157

or e-mail at (2)

2000 Silver Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe with rare Aero kit.

22,240 miles. 6 cylinder 3.4 liter engine. Black leather interior.

Multi compact disc player with premium sound package. Premium 3

piece wheels in near flawless condition. New Pirelli tires have less

than 1000 miles on them. Low miles at 22,240 miles. I have put only

about 2000 miles on this car in the past 3 years. You won't find this

model anywhere else in better condition. All it does now is basically

sit in the garage since I have too many cars. It deserves to be driven

more. Chris Joe 972.419.9104 office or

214.207.0873 cell (3)

Welcome, New Members!

You have just joined one of the best and most active PCA

Regions in the country! Some clubs focus solely on social

events, while others focus on just show and shine concours

events. Maverick Region is a club that focuses on providing

our members with the tools necessary to have the ultimate in

driving experiences.

You will notice that our region has many Time Trials,

Autocrosses, and Drivers’ Education (DE) events (in addition

to a yearly Club Race). This has been the spirit of the region

for quite some time. We have some of the finest instructors in

the country. Make sure you take full advantage of the driving

experiences we have to offer.

Racing is not ALL we focus on, though. If racing doesn’t

suit you, we have monthly happy hours, three monthly lunch

gatherings, regular dinner socials, frequent driving tours on

some fabulous roads in and around Texas, driving rallies (fun

for the whole family), and regular opportunities to support

our perpetual charity, the Hope Shelter.

If we don’t have what you’re looking for, just ask us... we

might just add something extra to the calendar.

Please also feel free to share article ideas (and submissions)

to We’d love to hear from you!

For advertising rates and information contact

Mike Brodigan at (817) 488-8520

These advertisers support the Maverick Region . . . the Mavericks support these advertisers!

Louden Motorcar Svcs (214) 241-6326 I.B.C.

Mayo Performance (817) 540-4939 Page 7

Mean Green Travel (940) 565-8111 B.C.

Metro Volkswagen (972) 659-9999 Page 9

Mustard Racing (817) 366-1678 Page 9

911 Enterprises (972) 241-2002 Page 17

Park Place Porsche (800) 553-3196 Page 6

PartsHeaven (800) 767-7250 Page 21

RUF Auto Centre (214) 269-1571 Page 19

ScottSearch (214) 800-2836 Page 26

Soundwerk (817) 281-9381 Page 21

Ussery Printing (972) 438-8344 Page 12

Zims Autotechnik (817) 267-4451 Page 25


Slipstream Advertiser

for 25 years!

Louden Motorcar Services has been

servicing fine European motorcars in

Dallas since 1977. From the moment you drive

in, it is apparent that quality is our

number one priority. From the comfortable

waiting room to the well-kept workshop,

Louden Motorcars exhibits professionalism.

We’ve been winning awards for the

quality of our service for years. Louden

has been rated “Best in Dallas” twice by

D Magazine, “Best in Texas,” “Top Ten in

the U.S.” and “Best in the West” by the

Robert Bosch Corporation (worldwide

leader in fuel injection and electronics).

And we’d like the opportunity to show

you why.

11454 Reeder Road

Dallas, Texas 75229

(972) 241-6326

Bob Knight, Slipstream

9047 Oakpath Ln

Dallas, TX 75243-6353

Periodical Postage

Paid at Dallas, TX

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