Slipstream - August 2006


The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

The Inside Track

by Rocky Johnson, the Maverick Region President

Judy and I, and some other friends, recently

attended the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal

and the whole experience was an absolute

blast. Thanks to advice from folks like Ben

Hartsell and Graham Lane, we were able to get

great seats, overlooking turns one and two. This

made for exciting viewing at the start of the races.

Coming out of the short pit straight, the F-1 cars

were reaching about 185 MPH in 5th gear before braking hard for an

83 MPH left hander in 2nd, followed immediately by a 44 MPH, 1st

gear right hand turn. Hearing the cars negotiate this sequence was

as neat as seeing them do it. There was a giant screen across from

us, so we also had a feel for what was happening on other parts of the

track. On the main straight of the 2.75 mile track, many of the cars

were topping 200 MPH. According to one source, they pulled 2.5 g

braking from 200 MPH to negotiate the final corners before start

finish. Fernando Alonzo, in a Renault led the whole race, but there

was plenty of action behind him.

It was a given that the F-1 cars would be exciting, but we hadn't

counted on the other great racing we would see. There were two

other classes of open wheel cars. The Formula BMW cars were

powered by BMW motorcycle engines with about 140 HP. The

youngest driver for this feeder series was only 15! Don't we all wish

we could have started this way? A new track record of 1:44:987 was

set during their race. By comparison, Alonzo qualified first with a


Star Mazdas had 240 HP rotary engines with six-speed sequential,

no lift shift transaxles. Weighing in at 1090 lbs., they were in

the 1:37's. Unfortunately a bad wreck, on the first lap, took out 15

of the 42 cars entered and shortened the scheduled 26 lap race to

only 11 laps.

Substantially slower, but no less hotly contested were the spec

Honda Civics. It was a hoot to see them rounding the corners on 3

wheels. Talk about close racing, almost everyone's side view mirrors

were dangling by the end of the race.

Last, but not least were the Ferrari Challenge cars. Admittedly,

it's hard to be objective here, but it appeared that financial resources

took precedence over driving skills. Even then, some of the drivers

couldn't buy an apex! No doubt the top drivers were very good, but

the skill level did seem to drop dramatically. It would have been fun

to compare the top Civic time with the worst Ferrari, but I couldn't

locate either group's times.

Knowing my complete lack of language skill, some people had

suggested we might have communication issues. Nothing could

have been further from the truth -- we found everyone spoke fluent

MasterCard. If a formula one race is on your "to do" list, we can

heartily recommend the Canadian Grand Prix.

Hope Shelter is a Reality

by Lanean Hughes

Is Hope a Reality? YES IT IS! … Because of You…The shelter

has finally taken on the “finished look!” It has been a “Work

In Progress” for sometime, and I'm sure many of you (including

me) wondered, “will it ever get finished?” I'm happy to say,

through the efforts of Maverick Region Members, the Hope

Board, Administrator Lisa Huffaker, and others who donated

materials and time, the sheet rock is completed, they are blowing

in the insulation, working on sidewalks, driveway, and the sprinkler

system all during mid-July through most of August.

Mark your calendar, Sunday, August 27th, as we will be doing

clean up, perhaps even some painting, moving, etc. We will again

be going to the shelter one weekend in September. We are also

planning the Open House in October/November time frame.

This has been a labor of love. Many thanks to our sponsors,

PCA members and their families for their constant support and

dedication to this wonderful project.

Please contact me regarding volunteering at either or 972-484-3040. If you have friends

who want to help, bring 'em on!! If you have items to donate, the

shelter is open for you to bring your donations and receive a tax

write off!!

Thanks and look forward to seeing you on August 27th.


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