Slipstream - June 2006


The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Upcoming Events

• Father’s Holiday Day Party


• Murder New Member Mystery Party


• Wine Time Trial Tasting #4 at & Autocross Tony’s

#3 & 4

Past Events

• Tour • Autocross Arkansas


• DE • at Time MotorSport Trial #1 & Ranch

2 & 3

• Charity • Heartland Autocross Club at TMS


December June 2006 2005 - Published - by by the the Maverick Region

Porsche Club of America


Zone 5 Presidents ..........................................................1

List of Officers/Board Chairs ........................................4

The Inside Track (President’s Column) ......................5

Maverick Minutes ..........................................................8

From the Driver’s Seat (Editor’s Column)................10

New Wheels ..................................................................27

Anniversaries ................................................................27


Advertiser Index............................................................28

Upcoming Events

Maverick Lunches ..........................................................2

Happy Hour at Go Fish................................................2

Time Trial #4 & AX #3 ..................................................2

Autocross #4....................................................................2

Father’s Day Picnic ........................................................3

Board Meeting ................................................................5

Murder Mystery Theater ............................................13

Texas Ranger’s Baseball Game ....................................13

July Gimmick Rally ......................................................23

Past Event Recaps

Porsches in the Heartland ..........................................12

Denny and Christy go to Time Trial..........................14

Smoother is Better........................................................16

A History Lesson ..........................................................19

Happy Hour at Bavarian Grill ....................................24


Trivia Contest..................................................................5

Calling All Volunteers ..................................................13

Hope Shelter in Need ..................................................23

Day June

3 Time Trial #4 (MW)

4 Autocross #3 (MW)

6 Board Meeting

10-11 Drivers’ Education (LSR)

11 Autocross #4 (Pennington)

15 Happy Hour

18 Fathers’ Day Picnic

20 Bedford & Plano Lunches

24-25 Drivers’ Education (HCR)

27 Addison Lunch

Volume 66, June 2006, Issue 6

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Day August

1 Board Meeting

5? Time Trial #5 (MW)

6? Autocross #5 (MW)

6-11 51st PCA Parade in Portland, OR

15 Bedford & Plano Lunches

17 Happy Hour

26 Rally

26 Post Parade Party

29 Addison Lunch

DE - Drivers’ Education event

HCR - Hill Country Region (Austin-centered)

LSR - Lone Star Region (Houston-centered)

MW - Mineral Wells Airport, Mineral Wells, Texas

MSR - Motor Sport Ranch, Cresson, Texas

TWS - Texas World Speedway, College Station, Texas

TMS - Texas Motor Speedway, Fort Worth, Texas

Penn - Pennington Field Stadium, Bedford, Texas

Day July

9 Rally

11 Board Meeting

18 Bedford & Plano Lunches

20 Happy Hour

25 Addison Lunch

Day September

5 Board Meeting

9 Time Trial #6 (MW)

10 Autocross #6 (MW)

10 East Texas Tour

16-17 Drivers’ Education (MSR)

19 Bedford & Lunches

21 Happy Hour

26 Addison Lunch

30 Drivers’ Education at TWS (LSR)


Dennis Chamberlain,

Charlie Davis, Pat Benson, and

Kevin Hardison.

Cover Photo by Charlie Davis

The Mineral Wells Police Department trying to

pick up some pointers from the Porsches.

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Kenneth A. Chandler

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Cell (918) 814-9925


Jak Schaefer


Caren Cooper

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2006 Porsche Club Zone 5 Presidents


Burnell Curtis

(281) 337-1937


Michael Sorbera

(210) 863-4492


Scott Foremaster

(504) 734-5726


Rocky Johnson

C: 972-816-1769


Rick Daes

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Ken Johnson

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Ron J. Gaubert

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Bryan Henderson




2006 Maverick Region - Board, Officers & Chairs


Rocky Johnson

H: 903-356-6531

C: 972-816-1769

3502 Sandy Lake Circle

Quinlan, TX 75474

Rocky is active in Club Racing, Drivers

Education, Autocross, and Time Trial. He also

instructs at Drivers Education and Autocross,

and Time Trial events. His daily driver is a

Boxster S and his track car is an F class 968.


Mark Gluck

W: 972-239-2473 x12

C: 817-706-9061

Mark drivers a Boxster S and has been a

Maverick member since 1999. He is active

with Drivers Education, Tours, and Social

events, as well as with many Hope Shelter

charity projects.


Jan Mayo

H: 817-595-4651

C: 817-313-9406

Jan joined Maverick Region in 1980 with a

1974 914, which she still has. She has been

region secretary, treasurer and editor, Zone 5

Representative plus Parade Treasurer, Parade

Worker Chair & 2004 Parade Chair. Currently

she's an active driver & instructor in AXes and

TTs and enjoys tours and rallies.


Jeff Atkins

W: 972-419-5417

H: 972-939-0893

1904 Diamond Ridge Ct

Carrollton, TX 75010

Jeff has been a Maverick member since 2003.

He is active in Drivers Education events as well

as Autocross and Time Trial. He drives a 1988

911 Targa and is a CPA.

DE Chair

Bill Dawson

H - (972) 291-8817 (

The Inside Track

by Rocky Johnson, the Maverick Region President

It would be too much to call it an embarrassment

of riches, but there is no doubt that the

track situation continues to improve in the area.

By now, most of us have had the opportunity to

drive the new expanded track at MotorSport Ranch

and the consensus has been "Wow, this is great!" Of

course, the new MSR Houston facility has added

another new option within a reasonable drive time.

The track in Slidell, north of Denton is moving dirt

and is targeting an opening early next year. Jay Walker has posted

information about the facility on the MRPCA chat board.

To add to the possibilities, it looks like Racers Ranch, east of

Terrell is coming to fruition, as well. This 1566 acre shared ranch

concept is being spearheaded by two of or own Maverick members,

Dan Gage and Bill Georgas. The plans call for a 3.25 mile road

racing course that is currently being designed by the noted race

course architect, Alan Wilson of Wilson Motor Sports. The track

will be fashioned similar to Wilson's other designs in North

America like the Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham,

Alabama. I have driven the property with Bill and Dan and I can

tell you that it is a fantastic piece of land. Certainly the potential is

there for an outstanding facility. A temporary sales office is already

under construction and should be ready soon. I'm confident Bill

and Dan would be happy to provide more details when you see


When it comes to race tracks, it's just like love, money, and

dessert-it's hard to have too much of a good thing.

Trivia Contest


It’s Easy To Play:

Enter online at or email

answers to:

Rules: 1 Point per each correct answer. 1 entry per

member. Drawing to tie break. Deadline 6/30/06.

Congratulations to our March winner,

Carey Spreen!

The 100% club also includes Jeff Gann and Jack Ormberget.

Honorable mentions go to Mike Kuhn, Jay Walker, Eric Erz,

and Cyril Reif.

April Answers: 1) A 2) E 3) A 4) A

June prize:

$25 gift certificate to:

1. At the Maverick Region Autocross #2, the most common R-

compound tire of choice was: a) Yokohoma AO-48 R; b)

Michelin Pilot Sport Cup; c) Kuhmo Victoracer; d) Toyo


2. The 1993 RS America was the first RennSport model offered

in the U.S. How much more horsepower did it offer over

the 247-hp 911 C2 of that same year? a) None; b) 10 hp;

c) 24 hp; d) 57 hp

3. Peter Porsche attended the 49th Porsche Parade held in the

summer of ’04 in Fort Worth. He: a) Is a resident of Ft

Worth; b) Managed a sunglass company; c) Drives a Ferrari;

d) Is not related to the founder of Porsche motorcars

4. The photo depicts which of the following: a) 997 Turbo;

b) A highly modified ’06 Cayman S; c) New GT3; d) Not a

real Porsche

5. Which of the following Porsche 911 engine designations was

closest to its actual cc displacement: a) 2.0; b) 2.7; c) 3.2; d) 3.6

Zim’s Autotechnik


What inspired the design of our new dealership?


Like the vehicles we sell, our new dealership was designed around one thing. You.

Endless amenities are just waiting to be explored. Come in for a test-drive today.


6113 Lemmon Ave. (Between Mockingbird and Inwood) . Dallas, TX 75209 . 214 . 525 . 5400


Email: or

FAX at (817) 267-4939










Maverick Minutes

by Jan MayoRocky

patiently waited for me to finish eating

before calling the meeting to order on Tuesday,

May 2 at Hackberry Creek. Wendy said it was 5

after 7. He starts by saying Brian Petri has resigned

from his Autocross chair position. Bryan Bell will take

up the slack for the time being. Bryan continued with

his report that the autocross/time trial weekend last

week had a good turnout and great weather. There were some issues

with inexperienced workers not knowing what to do on their corners

and inexperienced drivers not being able to find their way around the

course. The Autocross rules committee had a meeting last week and has

evolved into the autocross/time trial event committee with some

additional members; Shelly Burbank & Mike Lockas for workers,

Darron Shaffer as timing and Wendy Shoffit as registrar. They will

create guidelines for safe and effective corner working and have it posted

on the Maverick website as well as have some standard instruction each

event. They will also look into a way for every new-to-Maverick driver

to have an instructor ride at the beginning of every event. Bill Dawson

commented that at the BMWDE/Club Race last weekend he heard

several positive comments about our autocross program.

Lanean Hughes (acting for Treasurer Jeff Atkins) picked up

receipts for anyone that needed checks. We all pitched in. She has 33

registered for the Club Race on Memorial Day weekend and most of

them are out of region. She expects that when the local guys get their

registrations in that everything will be great. The Hope Shelter is

going great. Sheet rock should be finished this week and then she'll be

calling for help to paint. Stay tuned.

Lanean is also involved with the Grand Prix of Houston and

has 8 Mavericks who have volunteered to help. She's also heard from

PCA-ers from Lone Star Region and Mardi Gras Region. She's

looking forward to the event knowing it will be great.

Teri Davis has had a request from the Red River Triumph Club

to rent our rally clocks. We have 4 clocks but one is shot. Bob Benson

will coordinate delivery of the clocks and instruction on running

them properly. Since she's not planning a TSD rally this summer

there will be no problem with letting them be rented out.

Charlie Davis continued the autocross discussion that Bryan Bell

started. He explained his intention for the afternoon run sets to be

"less serious" and there would be hats and patches as awards. He's

calling it the AX PPF Challenge but I have no idea what PPF stands

for. He has a plan for lumping everyone together and indexing the

results. Remember Charlie is a retired engineer and needs some

complicated mathematical challenge to occupy his mind. Charlie had

taken a group picture at the last event and will make a nice 8X10 for

Nancy to hang in the lobby of Barris Italian Restaurant in Mineral

Wells. Members of our group are her favorite customers and she

wants to display our smiling faces. Charlie will take another picture

this weekend and pick the best looking crowd.

Dennis Chamberlain said the last Happy Hour was disappointingly

small. Normally the Bavarian Grill is a big draw but the evening

had very threatening weather. He also commented that there were no

new members and the prior month only had 1. They will readdress

getting the message out to the new folks. May Happy Hour will be

at Hunan Dynasty in Irving and June is at Go Fish. Both are entertaining

& popular places. Dennis apologized for a couple errors on

some of the Slipstream event ads and used the flimsy excuse of tax

season having him a little busy. Seems he had the same excuse last

year. He forgot to run the ads by Tracey before handing them over to


Michael Wingfield has been seeing a trend towards slow

registrations for the DE's since last fall. He's not sure if it's saturation

or gas prices or something else. The May Club Race weekend has a

very low registration but he is expecting a spike at the last minute.

Bill Dawson was really excited about the April DE. He expects a

small profit even with the drop in numbers from the February event.

He's very pleased with the added reliability and effectiveness of the

radio transmitter that Joe McGlohen and the guys from the track

installed in the tower prior to this event. Communication with the

new areas had been spotty and the new system worked well.

Wendy Shoffit repeated that the last Autocross was great.

Jumping to Slipstream... Timely distribution continues to be a

problem with many board members getting their April issue after the

20th. May issue is already on it's way to Tri-Win so she will get the

distribution of the June issue moved to the Fort Worth mail center.

She's thrilled with the directory and gives all the credit to Kevin

Hardison. She has a box of directories for Joel Nannis to give to new

members. The front cover information will be great for them to see a

brief description of our activities. She has sent two 2005 issues in for

the national newsletter competition. If Slipstream wins an award this

year she asked me to pick up the trophy as she will unfortunately not

be able to be there. As always she is asking for articles and ad

information for upcoming events. She will be looking for some Tech

articles, too, so if you're techy and have something to say, write it

down & send it in. You get your own by-line! She also will be looking

for someone to write about the Club Race weekend and always

loves photos.

Jan Mayo has the new loaner helmets purchased from advertiser

Bobby Archer and will get them to the track for this weekend's time

trial. Discussion went on to the bylaws voting held at the April DE.

Concern at there being a quorum present resulted in figuring out how

many Mavericks were in attendance over the weekend. Results of this

and the vote counts will be forthcoming.

Tracey Gross (as Ed) said that he has talked with the Club Race

scrutineer and will be handling tech inspection. He also continues to

work with Steve Boyd on getting the Goodie Store put on the website.

Tracey has things all lined up for May at Mayo's and the Father's

Day picnic. The Father's Day picnic unfortunately is one of the ads

that has an error stating it's on Saturday, but it's really Sunday. Please

don't show up at Dan and Linda's too early! Joel Nannis will be doing

the concours and Mike/Michele DeJong will be playing all the kids

games (with the kids of course). Other than the picnic which has no

entry fee Tracey will use PayPal for all registrations for future events.

The Goodie Store has bought a gross of koozies with the Maverick

logo and will have them for sale at drivng events, Happy Hours, and

other future events. Stock up, they're cheap & it supports the region!

It's finally Rocky's turn for the floor but first Wendy wants to say

that James did buy the new timing laptop and it's just great. Then

Charlie jumped in with another comment that one of the two bar

code readers is kaput and the other one is questionable. He and Rocky

then had a discussion about getting a remote speaker system at

Mineral Wells so the corner workers can hear the lap times which

prompted Wendy to wonder whether the speaker system will be there

at all and how was the posting person going to hear the times, much

less the corner workers.

At this point everyone started wandering off and I was out of paper

so the official meeting is officially over. Wonder if Rocky had anything

he wanted to say??






German and British Car Service

and Maintenance by appointment.

Specializing in:

• All Porsche 914’s

• Early 911’s through 1989 model year

• Race Track Support

• Competition Car Maintenance

• Race Ergonomics & Instrumentation

2620 West Pioneer (Hwy 303)

Suite B

Arlington, Texas



From The Driver’s Seat

by Wendy Shoffit, Slipstream Managing Editor

Here’s a riddle for you... What do you get

when you mix a vacation to Disney World

with a crashed hard drive? The answer? A

late issue of Slipstream! With a restored hard

drive (all nice and clean now) in hand and

Minnie Mouse ears in place, here it is.

We’re about to come into a time of the year

where the driving and outdoor activities are lessened. The

Texas heat gets us every summer. Look, though, in this issue for

some other fun opportunities. Personally, I’m looking forward

to the Murder Mystery Dinner Theater and Texas Rangers

game in July. What fun those will be!

Before the July events come about, one of my favorites is

THIS month! James and I are both really looking forward to

the Father’s Day Picnic. If you haven’t already put this one on

your to do list, do it now. For you gearheads, just LOOKING at

Dan Ruehs’ garage is an amazing experience. Ahhhh, but if you

don’t come, you won’t know what I’m talking about, will you?

Bring your dad... Bring your kids... Bring your grandkids. The

pool is cool and the barbeque is hot. Fun and games for all.

You’ll see why this one is one of my faves!

Before all that, come drive with us on June 3-4 in Mineral

Wells or June 11th at Pennington Field. The view from my

drivers’ seat is spectacular!

Thank you to

for sponsoring the

April DE. We

couldn’t have

done it

without you!

1033 N. Henderson St.

Fort Worth, TX

(817) 877–1772

Forgeline • Brembo • Eibach • Sparco • Borla • Hoosier • MOMO • Red Line • OMP • Teamtech • Fuel Safe





972-867-7467 (972-TOP-SHOP)

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and back to Stock settings.

“European Car” magazine (March issue) tested a GT2 with GIACʼs 91-octane software,

stock engine, free flowing air filter, free flowing exhaust and a diverter valve

which obtained a Whopping 600 bhp and a Thundering 630 bhp on the 100-octane

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No other independent facility in Plano can match our combined expertise and training.




Porsches in the Heartland

by Steve Coomes

The Maverick Region had a good showing in Topeka, KS with

about 20 members making the journey. Friday morning

greeted us with a good deal of rain. This led to the decision to

set the car up for wet conditions. We started by removing the

end links from one side of both the front and rear sway bars.

My car also has Moton Club Sport shocks so we dialed the

compression and rebound to full soft. I had a set of Toyo

Proxes RA-1 that came with the car when I bought it. These

were my “rain” tires.

Well, the track was very wet and had significant standing

water in several places. The most treacherous being the front

straight where I counted seven rivers crossing. One of the

rivers (really a lake) was at the end of the straight and

transition into alpha-zero. This is the “turn” that Heartland

Park is famous for. Talk about pucker. After a hydroplaning

skate down the straight and then hit this and try to keep the

car aiming the right direction was a challenge.

After my second practice session I decided I needed a better

tire. The Hoosier Tire Midwest dealer was at the track and

I made sure I had dibs on the appropriate size radial wet. I

dropped off my wheels and waited as they unloaded the

trailer and got around to mounting my tires.

What a difference! These tires made it seem like the track was

dry. No more hydroplaning and I could wait longer to brake. I

broke into a rain dance hoping for wet track the rest of the

weekend. I was having a blast.

Saturday again greeted us with more rain. I was the happiest

driver at the track. I ran in the top 3 in all the practice sessions.

I won the fun race, qualified second (not counting the GTC3

exhibition car) for the sprint race and won the first sprint race

in the afternoon. We then enjoyed a nice prime rib dinner with

plenty of keg beverage in the new tech building at the track.

The Kansas City Region sure put on a good banquet.

Sunday morning we got a break in the weather. I went out in

the sprint warm-up with a wet set-up since there was still

standing water on the track. I decide I would go hard on the

out lap and the first green lap and if I ran a 2:13 or better come

in. This played into my hands as the black flag was thrown as

I came across the start finish. I went back to my pit to begin

contemplating the change over to a dry set-up.

I talked with the TOPP Racing drivers when they came in

from their warm up run. After some second-guessing I decided

to go to a dry set-up. We really waited too late to decide as we

only got the front sway bar hooked up and the dry tires on

before being called to grid. So I was on an unknown chassis for

the second sprint. Luckily I started third so I did not have to

deal with traffic. My car was very unstable and I was glad when

the race was over. I finished fourth overall and third in class.

Back to the pit for the completion of the dry change over.

The rear sway bar was reconnected and the shocks were set to

a beginning setting less than full firm. The enduro warm-up

was a combined group and it is always hairy when the GT cars

are out at the same time as us slow guys. I made a good pass

into turn one and knew there was a GTC3 coming fast. We

came into the carousel and I let him by. He got loose and I had

to brake to make sure I missed him but I had my wheel turned

and we all know what happens then. I ended up a few feet off

on the left side of the track. It took a few minutes to be towed

out, as the border off the asphalt was very soft. Luckily I was

able to drive back to the pit and get most of the mud off the

tires without fouling the track. We rinsed the car off, added

fuel, dialed in some more stiffness to the shocks and waited for

the call to grid.

The enduro started normally but we soon had a full course

caution. I decided that if we were under the double yellow

when we got to the fifteen-minute mark (pits open) I would

come in as it was taking about four minutes to make the

course under these conditions. This really played in to my

hands. I was third at the time and pitted with the second place

car. Four minutes of the mandatory five minutes went by

under caution. I resumed the race and continued on to finish

third overall and third in class.

Rain or shine the 944S2 was a contender in Kansas. I am

looking forward to our home race at Motor Sport Ranch over

Memorial Day weekend. Hope to see all there.

Steve Coomes is a pharmacist/owner of Community

Pharmacy in Aubrey, TX. He just finished his fifth Club Race

weekend at Heartland Park in Topeka, KS.

Photo by Pat Benson

Photo by Pat Benson

The drivers made their way cautiously around the track.

Ready at grid.


Calling All

V olunteers!

Photo by Pat Benson

Photo by Pat Benson

Three minutes till showtime.

Colin Graidage, Brooke Van Horne, Keith Olcha, Bill Miller, and Chuck

Machala discussing the course, the rain, or the color of their outfits?

The new Hope Shelter facility is

nearing completion! We will need

lots of volunteers to go to Mineral

Wells towards the end of June

to help paint the walls. So, get

your grubby old work clothes

ready and contact Lanean


or call her directly at

(972) 484-3040 for

more information and

to sign up.

We need YOU!


Denny and Christy Go To Time Trial

by Denny Payne and Christy Dominick

Photo by Gray Cat Graphics

Having spent the night in a Mineral Wells hotel, Denny and Christy

drive to the Mineral Ring for a typical Time Trial day.

Saturday April 22, 2006

8:00 am

Christy: Good morning! Who’s tech-ing cars today?

Denny: I’m sure Rick is here somewhere. I’ll find him

while you empty the car. Don’t forget the spare tire!

Christy: Yeah, really. As much as our car weighs, we need to

lighten our load as much as possible.

8:30 am

Christy: Are we checked in yet?

Denny: Yeah, I checked in with Wendy, but you still need to

sign the insurance waiver.

Christy: Okay. I talked to Bryan and we’re running the course

clockwise today.

8:45 am

Denny: The numbers are on the car and we’re ready to go!

Christy: So, you’re ready for me to beat you today, huh?

Denny: Yeah, whatever.

9:00 am

Christy: They just called the Driver’s meeting!

Denny and Christy attend the Driver’s meeting and get all the specifics

about today’s Time Trial from Bryan Bell – items such as: where and how

to grid up, the fact that smacked cones add 2 seconds to your time, there is

no passing, etc. While Bryan explains the corner worker responsibilities,

Wendy provides a proper flag waving demonstration for everyone.

Mike Lockas and Shelly Burbank announce the corner worker assignments

for each group. Christy and Denny go to their stations, since they are

in the group working first.

9:30 am

Denny: I’m glad we get to work first.

Christy: Me, too. I like to see how other drivers are handling

the course before I drive it.

Denny: Yeah, that way I can see what to do and what not to do

in each corner.

Christy: Whoa! Spectacular spin! A perfect example of what

not to do.

Denny: But they’re fun to watch.

Wendy Shoffit giving Christy some of her “Go Fast” secrets!

Photo by Gray Cat Graphics

Denny pushing hard after the tricky Start/Finish trying to stay ahead.

11:00 am



Looks like everyone had some good runs! Now it’s our

turn to drive!

I’ll let you go first so I have a target to aim for.

Christy heads onto the track while Denny takes pictures and video

from the top of the Truckster. After watching Christy’s first three runs,

Denny runs over to the grid where she is lining up for her next series.

11:30 am

Denny: Hey! You’re totally missing the gate before start/finish!

Christy: What?! Where?!

Denny: The gate right before you cross the finish line.You have

to jog to the left a little. You’re missing it completely!

Christy: Man! So, those runs won’t even count! Argh!

Christy finds the gate in her next series and goes on to post a pretty

good time. Now it’s Denny’s turn….

11:45 am

Denny: Okay, I know what time I need to beat! See you at the

finish line.

Christy: Good luck!

Denny dons his helmet and heads out for his first runs. The car is

running well and he manages to outrun Christy’s time for the morning.

12:00 noon




That felt pretty good. But I’m having a problem in

turn #3, I can’t seem to figure out the best line to take

on that one.

Maybe you should get Mike or one of the other

instructors to ride with you this afternoon and see if

they can help you out.

Maybe that will get me a couple of extra seconds.

After the last runs are complete, it’s lunchtime for everyone. Denny

and Christy join several of the other drivers at a restaurant in town and

chat about the course, turns and strategies. Then it’s time to do it again.

The afternoon sessions provide another opportunity for Denny and

Christy to observe other drivers as corner workers before getting behind the

wheel again. This time, Denny goes first and, as is typical in the afternoon

heat, can’t manage to beat his best time from the morning.


2:00 pm

Christy: Alright, I’m gonna getcha!

Denny: We’ll see! Good luck.

Christy starts her runs. Charlie and some others notice Denny

pacing impatiently, awaiting Christy’s results as she crosses the finish line of

each lap. And then…

2:30 pm

Christy: Did I get it? Did I get it?

Denny: Wooo Hoooo! I still got you by .03 of a second!

Christy: $#!@%

At the end of the day, everyone packs up their cars and gear. A large

group then meets at Baris Italian Restaurant in Mineral Wells, where the

owners welcome the club members with open arms, especially Mike Lockas

who is celebrating his birthday.

(Happy Mike Birthday!)

These results are not final.

Please see our website

( -> Events -> AX/TT)

for the latest updates.

Due to space constraints, “Other” classes are listed only online.

Time Trial# 1 - Saturday 4/22/2006 - Mineral Wells

Class Number Name Car Time Place Points

3 549 Petri, Brian White 914 74.106 1 9

4 111 Hardison, Kevin Blue 914 71.866 1 9

4 31 Lockas, Mike White 944 72.295 2 7

4 44 McCoy, Chuck White 944 73.054 3 5

4 105 Burke, Mark Silver 914 73.785 4 4

4 15 Leto, Gary Red 914 81.509 5 3

5 35 Burbank, Shelly Blue 911SC 69.488 1 9

5 83 Atkins, Jeff Red 911 69.586 2 7

5 11 Shoffit, Wendy Black 911 SC 70.225 3 5

5 234 Gross, Ed Carmon Red Boxster 72.045 4 4

5 57 Nannis, Joel Yellow 911S 75.954 5 3

5 691 Payne, Denny Blue 964 76.114 6 2

5 169 Dominick, Christy Blue 964 76.142 7 1

5 332 Leto, John Red 914 78.837 8 1

5 951 Kuypers, Arnie White 968 79.925 9 1

5 7 Nannis, Ray Yellow 911S 80.140 10 1

5 195 Kuypers, Patrick White 968 80.854 11 1

6 1 Machala, Chuck Silver Boxster 67.432 1 9

6 619 Johnson, Rocky White 968 67.630 2 7

6 205 Steele, Mark Red 944S2 68.694 3 5

6 161 Randall, Rick Black 911 Carerra 68.922 4 4

6 911 Kuykendall, Bob Black 911 69.039 5 3

6 206 Steele, Lisa Red 944S2 71.249 6 2

6 12 Stahler, J P Grey Boxster S 75.209 7 1

6 747 Rogers, Jason Slate Grey 993 76.734 8 1

6 34 Frick, David Seal Gray Boxster 79.308 9 1

7 204 Bell, Bryan Silver 996 66.586 1 9

7 242 Shaffer, Darron W-Green Boxster S 72.603 2 7

10 550 Diller, Richard Red 911S 65.879 1 9

10 181 Amond, Carl White 914 72.946 2 7

L 284 Gross, Tracey Carmon Red Boxster 75.118 1 9

L 151 Tooley, Michelle Silver 944T 82.666 2 7

Top Time Of Day Men : Richard Diller, Class 10, Time 65.879

Top Time Of Day Ladies : Shelley Burbank Class 5, Time 69.488

Diller, Richard 65.879

Bell, Bryan 66.586

Machala, Chuck 67.432

Johnson, Rocky 67.630

Steele, Mark 68.694

Top 10 Porsche Times

Randall, Rick 68.922

Kuykendall, Bob 69.039

Burbank, Shelly 69.488

Atkins, Jeff 69.586

Shoffit, Wendy 70.225

Everyone heads back to their hotels for much needed rest and

preparation for the Autocross the following day.

Sunday April 23, 2006

Christy goes on to avenge her loss in the Time Trial by beating Denny’s

best Autocross time by 2 whole seconds!

3:30 pm



Great driving, hon. You got me on this one.

There’s always next time. I’m glad we can have this

“friendly competition” with each other.

Everyone has a great time at these events. Conversations like these are

repeated throughout the day among all the club members that attend.

Denny and Christy enjoy the camaraderie and professionalism of the

group. No matter who “wins” everyone enjoys razzing and supporting each

other, talking about the courses, learning from each other and having a

blast all weekend!

We welcome more people to join us for the excitement!

Autocross #2 - Sunday 4/23/2006 - Mineral Wells

Class Number Name Car Time Place Points

914 2 Perrine, Betty Orange 914 98.961 1 9

539 2 Howard, Travis Yellow 914 110.377 2 7

65 2 Howard, Robyn Red 944 111.550 3 5

549 3 Petri, Brian White 914 94.062 1 9

37 3 Davis, Charlie Green 914 94.313 2 7

137 3 Davis, Kevan Green 914 97.874 3 5

111 4 Hardison, Kevin Blue 914 88.840 1 9

31 4 Lockas, Mike White 944 91.330 2 7

44 4 McCoy, Chuck White 944 93.371 3 5

944 4 Lumpkin, Martin Silver 944S 97.918 4 4

1944 4 Amarantes, Marshall Silver 944S 106.520 5 3

15 4 Leto, Gary Red 914 999.999 6 2

64 5 Shoffit, James Black 911 SC 86.576 1 9

11 5 Shoffit, Wendy Black 911 SC 88.791 2 7

83 5 Atkins, Jeff Red 911 89.131 3 5

35 5 Burbank, Shelly Blue 911SC 91.504 4 4

234 5 Gross, Ed Carmon Red Boxster 92.690 5 3

57 5 Nannis, Joel Yellow 911S 94.444 6 2

169 5 Dominick, Christy Blue 964 95.683 7 1

691 5 Payne, Denny Blue 964 97.765 8 1

24 5 Perrine, Clay Red 914 97.926 9 1

332 5 Leto, John Red 914 98.585 10 1

205 6 Steele, Mark Red 944S2 87.566 1 9

161 6 Randall, Rick Black 911 Carerra 87.934 2 7

311 6 Machala, Chuck Silver Boxster 88.228 3 5

619 6 Johnson, Rocky White 968 88.449 4 4

206 6 Steele, Lisa Red 944S2 88.921 5 3

911 6 Kuykendall, Bob Black 911 90.426 6 2

12 6 Stahler, J P Grey Boxster S 94.675 7 1

204 7 Bell, Bryan Silver 996 87.622 1 9

242 7 Shaffer, Darron W-Green Boxster S 94.639 2 7

720 7 Kavanaugh, Susanna Black Boxster S 97.283 3 5

159 7 Menon, Sajeev Seal Grey Cayman S 100.018 4 4

63 7 Vint, Gregory Silver 996 C4S 104.323 5 3

59 7 Menon, Vijeev Seal Grey Cayman S 118.079 6 2

21 8 Gonzales, Rick Yellow 914-6 89.408 1 9

550 10 Diller, Richard Red 911S 91.411 1 9

284 L Gross, Tracey Carmon Red Boxster 97.514 1 9

20 L Bell, Andrea Red Boxster 103.517 2 7

151 L Tooley, Michelle Silver 944T 104.193 3 5

Top Time Of Day Men : James Shoffit, Class 5, Time 86.576

Top Time Of Day Ladies : Wendy Shoffit, Class 5, Time 88.791

Shoffit, James 86.576

Steele, Mark 87.566

Bell, Bryan 87.622

Randall, Rick 87.934

Machala, Chuck 88.228

Top 10 Porsche Times

Johnson, Rocky 88.449

Shoffit, Wendy 88.791

Hardison, Kevin 88.840

Steele, Lisa 88.921

Atkins, Jeff 89.131


Smoother Is Better

Photo by Charlie Davis

by Dean Yamada

Here I am again writing another article for the Maverick

Region PCA while I compete in an "Others" car since 2000

or 2001, I believe. I had a great first impression that MRPCA

is the friendliest car club in the DFW area and that still holds true.

The Texas Area Lightning Owner's Club is a close second, but

they don't hold as many race events and who would be crazy enough

to autocross a Ford Lightning truck anyway?? (The brakes in

my Lightning only caught fire once and I didn't even need a fire

extinguisher that day...)

The Daring Photographer’s award h goes to... Charlie Davis!

The weather was fantastic - there's an old saying about Mineral

Wells is that it is always 10 degrees colder or hotter, for the worse, and

10-30 mph windier than the forecast from the night before. This

particular Saturday was great - just a cool enough breeze and not hot

at all. It was slightly damp in the morning, but dried quickly and

we didn't get a single drop of rain until a few of the last cars were

finishing up their runs at the end of the day. I think this was the most

perfect weather I've ever experienced out at Mineral Wells, usually

called Miserable Wells.

Time Trial 2 was Course #2 run clockwise. It is very similar to

Course #1, but more boxy and with longer straights. I think it had

been over a year since I had run the course and I'm glad Bob

Kuykendall rode with me for some orientation laps in the morning. I

would surely have cut the course short had I not had a refresher -

actually the entire thing looked brand new to me. ;)

We started the event with a new idea for gridding, where you

have cars parked in parallel like a parking lot row, before the starting

gate. This idea was to prevent the "train" of cars that sometimes

causes a backup of cars that extends near the finish gate. Sometimes

people also leave their cars or need to check tire pressures, then you

have car gaps and the train momentum is derailed at that point. I

think the parallel gridding worked well since the starter could point

to cars that were actually ready to pull up to the line.

I worked Heat #1 and Heat #3 in Corner Two. From my perspective

(for those heats only) I think the car with the most

momentum/speed in Corner 2 prior to the long back straight award

goes to James Shoffit. When I work a corner, I like to see people's

various approaches and listen to when and how soon they are on the

brakes and then back on the accelerator. People who visibly appear

slower might be early apexing and are unable to even get on the

throttle until much later than some places where you can late apex

and get on the throttle much sooner. Usually the times reflect that

Photo by Gray Cat Graphics

observation. There was probably 80 feet of distance that some

people were on the accelerator sooner than others.

To help pass the time while you are working a corner, buy a good

stopwatch and time from a cone in one section to another section that

you can visibly see, then see who's approach is actually fastest. This

also helps determine which way you might take a slalom, for example.

When it was time for my runs, I tried my best to maintain the

"Smoother is Faster" approach and I could see a full two seconds of

time difference from "Dean-usual fish tail Style" and "Dean-trying to

drive smoothly." I had always been told that smoother is faster, but I

think I've always had a car that was just finicky (solid rear axle)

enough that sometimes you needed to get the rear end out to rotate

the car - some people refer to it as a constantly controlled spin. By

smooth, I tried to squeeze onto the brakes and throttle, as opposed to

mashing down the pedal. In the right hand constant sweeper towards

the finish, I could tell that if I abruptly lifted the throttle near the apex

of the sweeper, the car would get upset and the rear end would step

out. I solved a lot of these issues by simply braking earlier - something

that's always been told to me but I'm only just now learning.

I think the person with the driving style that most closely resembles

mine award would go to Kevin Hardison in his blue 914 - but not

sure that's always a good award. :P I think the cleanest appearing

original car award goes to car number 95, a yellow 914 from what I

could see. Best spin was a black 911 after the finish near corner 5,

I think it was a 420 degree spin. Most daring photographer award

goes to Charlie Davis for some very close-up shots of cars on course.

Overall, I was very happy with the car even with the original and

all stock suspension and 70k miles - I think I've found a keeper!! ;)

Also I was pleased with my four Nitto drag radials - which in my

experience/opinion, I believe they are just a cheaper form of Toyo

Proxes RA-1's in more sizes, since I do believe Toyo owns Nitto and

they wear, grip, and transition very similarly.

This was also my fourth event to test out my tire pressure

bleeders. These are valves that install in your rim and you set your

desired hot pressure. As you go over your desired hot pressure, these

spring pressure valves bleed off air - so that you maintain your

perfect hot air pressures and don't have to jump out of the car to

check them. (Toyos get very greasy when the tire gets too hot.) I first

read about them in one of Carroll Shelby's books and I know a

Yet another different car . . . same driving style ...Hey! ...that’s not right!

Who’s that driving Dean’s car?


couple of hard core roadracers that swear by them. They are very

popular in both dirt and circle track racing leagues. They are only $70

for a set of 4 and you don't really need all the extra "kit" stuff that

Longacre sells. If you do want to try them out, make sure you mount

them axially (per Carroll Shelby) as opposed to radially - since

radially, the centrifugal force of the wheel spinning could put pressure

on the spring. Axially would be a like a lug nut or valve stem, it turns

on the same plane that your lug nuts spin. Radially is a like a tape weight

on the inside of your rim (or nail in the tire), it turns around the axle.

I think I coned my fastest run which *might* have taken the fast

time of day, but nonetheless, Gabby in his white Subaru WRX STi took

the final fastest clean time. A great time trial indeed and I look forward

to more events with the Maverick Region PCA.

Photo by Gray Cat Graphics

Carl Amond brought the Phoenix out Saturday to keep

Richard Diller company in Class 10.

Photo by Gray Cat Graphics

Photo by Gray Cat Graphics

Travis Howard getting a little wheel lift in Turn Four.

Bob Kuykendall getting a good lap in while chasing Chuck Machala.

Time Trial# 3 - Saturday 5/6/2006 - Mineral Wells

Class Number Name Car Time Place Points

2 95 Howard, Travis Yellow 914 95.499 1 9

2 65 Howard, Robyn Red 944 99.940 2 7

3 44 McCoy, Chuck White 944 88.365 1 9

4 111 Hardison, Kevin Blue 914 87.260 1 9

4 31 Lockas, Mike White 944 87.878 2 7

5 64 Shoffit, James Black 911 SC 83.329 1 9

5 11 Shoffit, Wendy Black 911 SC 84.227 2 7

5 169 Dominick, Christy Blue 964 90.528 3 5

5 747 Rogers, Jason Slate Grey 993 93.087 4 4

6 1 Machala, Chuck Silver Boxster 83.411 1 9

6 161 Randall, Rick Black 911 Carerra 83.722 2 7

6 205 Steele, Mark Red 944S2 84.002 3 5

6 911 Kuykendall, Bob Black 911 84.434 4 4

6 206 Steele, Lisa Red 944S2 85.209 5 3

6 619 Johnson, Rocky White 968 85.930 6 2

6 234 Gross, Ed Carmon Red Boxster 88.187 7 1

6 34 Frick, Dave Seal Gray Boxster 98.442 8 1

7 242 Shaffer, Darron W-Green Boxster S 85.207 1 9

7 24 Bell, Bryan W-Green Boxster S 85.869 2 7

7 134 Redenbaugh, Mike White/Black 911 93.436 3 5

10 550 Diller, Richard Red 911S 82.655 1 9

10 181 Amond, Carl White 914 89.730 2 7

L 284 Gross, Tracey Carmon Red Boxster 90.741 1 9

L 20 Bell, Andrea Red Boxster 119.493 2 7

OA 98 Hansen, Jon Silver Mustang 87.575 1

OJ 74 Garner, Gabby White WRX STI 81.863 1

OJ 8 Yamada, Dean WhiteCorvette 82.077 2

Top Time Of Day Men : Gabby Garner, Class OJ Time 81.863

Top Time Of Day Ladies : Wendy Shoffit, Class 5, Time 84.227

Diller, Richard 82.655

Shoffit, James 83.329

Machala, Chuck 83.411

Randall, Rick 83.722

Steele, Mark 84.002

Top 10 Porsche Times

Shoffit, Wendy 84.227

Kuykendall, Bob 84.434

Shaffer, Darron 85.207

Steele, Lisa 85.209

Bell, Bryan 85.869

Time Trial# 4 - Sunday 5/7/2006 - Mineral Wells

Class Number Name Car Time Place Points

2 95 Howard, Travis Yellow 914 90.749 1 9

2 65 Howard, Robyn Red 944 91.678 2 7

3 44 McCoy, Chuck White 944 84.200 1 9

4 31 Lockas, Mike White 944 81.640 1 9

4 111 Hardison, Kevin Blue 914 82.012 2 7

4 944 Lumpkin, Martin Silver 944S 85.577 3 5

5 64 Shoffit, James Black 911 SC 78.000 1 9

5 11 Shoffit, Wendy Black 911 SC 80.344 2 7

5 83 Atkins, Jeff Red 911 80.854 3 5

5 169 Dominick, Christy Blue 964 84.501 4 4

5 691 Kozak, Gary Champagne 944 92.847 5 3

6 1 Machala, Chuck Silver Boxster 78.782 1 9

6 911 Kuykendall, Bob Black 911 80.824 2 7

6 619 Johnson, Rocky White 968 80.918 3 5

6 234 Gross, Ed Carmon Red Boxster 82.705 4 4

7 24 Bell, Bryan W-Green Boxster S 80.324 1 9

7 242 Shaffer, Darron W-Green Boxster S 81.371 2 7

8 21 Gonzales, Rick Yellow 914-6 77.889 1 9

10 550 Diller, Richard Red 911S 77.107 1 9

L 284 Gross, Tracey Carmon Red Boxster 85.590 1 9

L 20 Bell, Andrea Red Boxster 91.890 2 7

OA 98 Hansen, Jon Silver Mustang 82.416 1

OJ 74 Garner, Gabby White WRX STI 77.483 1

OJ 186 Williams, Mitch Red Miata 82.577 2

OJ 129 Sambandam, Bala Silver G35 Coupe 84.477 3

OJ 51 Murugen, Claude Silver S2000 88.818 4

Top Time Of Day Men : Richard Diller, Class 10, Time 77.107

Top Time Of Day Ladies : Wendy Shoffit, Class 5, Time 80.344

Diller, Richard 77.107

Gonzales, Rick 77.889

Shoffit, James 78.000

Machala, Chuck 78.782

Bell, Bryan 80.324

Top 10 Porsche Times

Shoffit, Wendy 80.344

Kuykendall, Bob 80.824

Atkins, Jeff 80.854

Johnson, Rocky 80.918

Shaffer, Darron 81.371



A History Lesson and a Thank You

by Richard Diller

This is an article with some history, a thank you, and compliments

to all. It is a follow on to Time Trial #3, put on by Bryan Bell and

the Staff on 6 May ‘06.

As a youngster in Japan right after WWII, I got a drivers license

at 14—for you parents, you know that’s probably tempting fate to say

the least. Anyway, I tricked out my Mom’s ’41 torpedo back Olds so

that only the brake lights came on if I threw the switch. We would

load up on a weekend night and proceed from Tokyo to Yokohama

and taunt the MP’s into a race. Needless to say they would chase and

even tricked out one of their jeeps to run almost as fast as an

American sedan; but, that is another story—when I almost got

caught. The point here is that I always wanted to race.

Fast forward to 1987 when we took our Porsches to Dan Butts at

German Technology—OJ and Red 1—to be painted and improve the

interior in Red 1. Dan asked if we were members of Maverick Region

and the answer was no. So, we were introduced to the Club, joined,

and he told us about how the Club conducted races at Mineral Wells

and at other venues like Green Valley. Remember, I had spent much

of WW II, while my Dad was overseas in the Pacific, with my

Grandparents—a bike and a flexi-flyer was as close as I ever came to

racing. Hence, the pent up desire expressed above in racing the MP’s

and getting the false sense that I was already a “hot shoe”.

Carole, my charming bride of many years, and Suzanne, my

daughter, took the 2 Porsches in the late ‘80’s to MW and had a blast.

When they returned home and told me how much fun it was, I was

hooked before I ever drove there. Off I go to later events with Red 1, a

’67 911 Targa with a ’65 engine and find out that there is more to this

racing than I ever imagined. After lots of work and several seasons, I

said to Ed Mayo,“Let’s stiffen this baby up so I can go faster.”Answer—

bad idea—this will lead to wrenching the body in two.“Targa’s are not

for stiffening,” said Ed, but, he added, “I’ll find you a hard top.” In an

off handed way, I said sure, not thinking this would happen any time

soon. Mistake on my part. Ed found what is now Red 2, originally with

a 2.4 and mechanical injection. So I was obliged to buy it and then we

got serious. The engine was upgraded to a 2.7, limited slip was needed

to stop wheel spin, weight came off and fiberglass went on until we got

it down to 1950 lbs. with 1/2 load of fuel.

Now to Time Trail #3 on 7 May ’06. I go to crank and it won’t

start. It just ran on Saturday and did fairly well. Battery had gone

kaput and Charlie Davis was going to AutoZone and brings back a

new battery for me. Still no start—panicsville—test for voltage in the

engine compartment and measure 2 volts where there should be 12.

No fuel pump and no cold start for the fuel injection. Charlie comes

over with his voltmeter and starts trouble shooting. Directly he

finalizes his initial verdict—bad ground problem. I know this car

pretty well and start reviewing the various grounds in a 911; but, for

a while I forgot about the post that sits on the left side and forward of

the fuel filter and hence out of sight. Charlie says that he hasn’t

worked on a 911 in a while but asks if there isn’t a post that grounds

the electronics. Bingo, my dim bulb lights up and I feel back for the

post and find the nut has come off and so has the main ground wire.

We fix that problem and she starts up like a dream. Am I ready to take

Charlie and his charming bride out to dinner? You bet. The point here

is that Mav Region has been for the almost 20 years and 3 generations

of racers, a very warm and friendly atmosphere to go along with the

Photo by Gray Cat Graphics

highly competitive racing spirit. Without Charlie I was ready to put

the car on the trailer. Thanks to him and his expertise I was able to

race and have a great time. We did 3 M---M for modified and off

camber quick turns are definitely modifications—and a test of one’s

driving skills to get it right.

Let me add that besides Charlie there were others that offered

to help with when I would run, if the car started, etc. Anyone and

everyone will help another driver get ready to race. Now, out on the

track, is another matter. Those same people will kick everyone’s tail

feathers if they can and smile doing it. But that really is to be

expected in such a competitively charged atmosphere.

Now to the compliments. Back in the early ‘90’s Ed Mayo was

President and said to several of us—it would be nice if we could do

some schooling out at MW. And thus was born the schooling system

that has progressed to a work of art now. There was no Club Racing,

no Internet, no online registration. The compliments go to all that

have taken the Club to a new high in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

The Driver’s Ed at MotorSports Ranch is an experience one has

to participate in, to realize how much fun fast driving can be and yet

how safe it can be. An aside, for those of us who live in the “country”

way south of Dallas/Ft. Worth, driving the expressways there can be a

harrowing experience. One or two DE’s makes one ready for Dallas/Ft.

Worth, Houston or any place where less experienced drivers think they

are at the Indy 500 and that they have to prove that fact.

The point here is that many people have taken the club into the

21st Century. Slipstream continues to be an award winning club

magazine. Online registration is as easy as falling off a log. (I taught

Computer Science subjects for 20 years and know something of the

effort it takes to achieve this product.) Maintenance support by many

people in Texas can make a car purr like the proverbial kitten. All in

all, we have a great club with many wonderful folks and an activity to

suit anyone’s taste. My compliments to all who have been in charge

over the many years and to those who will take the reins in the future.

Mav Region is the product of many years of many jobs very well done

and although I am no youngster, I look forward to that 3 hour drive

with my equipment to get to wherever the Time Trials and

Autocrosses are to enjoy the comraderie and hopefully, give the

youngsters a run for their money.

By the way, a second childhood is a wonderful experience, as

long as one’s bride will continue to buy those new race tires. Good

luck to all and thanks for the “ride” of a lifetime.

The sound of Richard Diller’s ride has to be heard to be believed.

It drives and sounds just as fast as it looks.







Authorized installer/tuner for REVO Performance Software,

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Happy Hour at Bavarian Grill

by Dennis Chamberlain

Presumably due to the weather, we had a small (but jubilant)

group at the Bavarian Grill in Plano for our April 20

happy hour. Can you imagine people wanting to keep

their cars in their garages just because of the threat of hail?

One member that I haven’t seen for over two years did brave

the predicted storms (as did 19 others) - Leon Frenkel. Speaking

of bravery, Randy Csanadi (2005 Boxster and 1987 944 Turbo)

drove around forever looking for the Bavarian Grill and, luckily

for us, never gave up.

For those of us who

did make it, the food and

atmosphere were as festive

as always. And here’s a tip

for the next happy hour

that we have at the

Bavarian Grill – the portions

are huge, so share an


The June 15 happy

hour will be at “Go Fish” in

Addison, which had our

largest crowd of 2005.

Don’t miss it!

Leon taking in the ambiance.

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Smiles were plentiful.

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Snappy dresser, eh?

AX School Photos!

Michael Fricke

2006 Time Trial 103 School

Mineral Wells, Texas

8x10 framed Photos from the Autocross Schools!

Individual Magnetic Car Numbers as low as $8 each!

These are heavy duty individual 10” tall magnetic numbers and are

available in white, black, red, yellow, orange, blue or green.

Custom work is also available in any color . . . including metallics!

Hats • Shirts • Banners • Posters

Calendars • Track Photography

Car Numbers • Digital Photo Editing

Kevin Hardison

Irving, Texas • (972) 849-8512




New Wheels

by Joel Nannis

If you have any changes that

you would like to make to the

MRPCA membership guide, call

Joel Nannis at 817-329-1600

Amro Alawady

4310 Greenwood Lane

Grapevine, TX 76051

2006 Cayman S

Randy Aust & Linda Liewer

3401 Bellaire Park Ct

Fort Worth, TX 76109

1983 911 SC

Diane & Paul Bergander

1303 Village Green Dr

Southlake, TX 76092

2002 986

Ken Berry

P. O. Box 2018

Keller, TX 76244

2003 986 S

Michael & Elise Bowler

3 Buchanan Place

Allen, TX 75002

2000 986

Joe Cleaver

5217 Blackhawk Drive

Plano, TX 75093

2007 997

Jeffrey Frazier

10515 Highland Ridge Road

Fort Worth, TX 76108

1987 911

Bryan Hinton

13330 Noel Road #431

Dallas, TX 75240

2006 997 S

James & Jan Johnson

4212 Lake Breeze Drive

Fort Worth, TX 76132

1974 911

Keith Kelly

107 Blackjack Lane

Burleson, TX 76028

1971 914

Jonathan & Flora Lin

2022 Londonderry Drive

Allen, TX 75013

2006 Cayman

Kyle & Nicole Metcalf

1610 Branch Creek Drive

Allen, TX 75002

2002 986

Amin Mithani

1417 Sutton Drive

Carrollton, TX 75006

1999 911

David & Talon Morris

1828 Glenbrook Court

Bedford, TX 76021

1984 911

Jack Ogden

6307 Aberdeen Avenue

Dallas, TX 75230

2002 996

Pedro Pirela

1005 Huneysuckle

Grapevine, TX 76051

2000 996

Lynn & Cindy Rea

7618 Tanglecrest Drive

Dallas, TX 75254

2006 Cayman S

Paul Wang

613 Newlin Lane

Granbury, TX 76048

2001 986 S

Chris Wilks

4533 Cresterwood Drive

Plano, TX 75093

1990 9111

David & Debbie Zappe

300 Haddington Lane

McKinney, TX 75071


25 Years

Roland Wright (Deborah)

10 Years

Nelson Hodges (Sandy)

George R. Holman (Cynthia Giles)

Samuel F. Moultrie, Jr. (Robin)

Gary L. Sanders (Paula)

Jim Collier (Diane)







5 Years

Ron Knight (Kathy)

Marc Thaler (Bonnie Powell)

John Camp (Phyllis)

Craig Edwards (Carol)

Flower Mound






Unclassifieds are available free to Maverick Region Members and are $5 to all others (contact editor for payment details). Please limit size to no more than 6 lines. Ads will run for 3 issues, then removed unless you

request that it be run for an additional 3 issues. Email your ad to by the 10th to have your ad run in the following month’s Slipstream. Be sure to include a contact name and phone number.

If you are selling a car, include mileage and price. Check your ad for accuracy the first time it runs. Contact the editor to have your ad pulled sooner. Due to space constraints, photos can not be included.

1970 914-6 s/n 9140430423. 180,000+ miles on orig 2.0 six, Carrera

tens. Tangerine, GT steel fenders, fiberglass f/r bumpers, rockers. “S”

front brakes, rear vented disks. 180-lb r springs, Bilsteins f/r, r stiffening

kit. Fuchs 16x7s/16x8s, 4 Cookie Cutters, 15x7. Asking $12,000. Carey

Spreen (MRPCA), Lewisville, TX, Contact,

214-783-5531. (1)

2000 Silver Porsche 911 Carrera coupe with rare Aero kit. 22,240 miles.

6 cylinder 3.4 liter engine. Black leather interior. Multi compact disc

player with premium sound package. Premium 3 piece wheels in near

flawless condition. New Pirelli tires have less than 1000 miles on them.

Low miles at 22,240 miles. I have put only about 2000 miles on this

car in the past 3 years. You won't find this model anywhere else in

better condition. All it does now is basically sit in the garage since I

have too many cars. It deserves to be driven more. Chris Joe 972.419.9104 office or 214.207.0873 cell(1)

1979 930 Turbo Repainted original metalic gray paint color

2002 ($5,700.00) - extensive mechanical repairs as needed (approx.

$12,000.00 since 2002). Original condition. 39,600 miles. $31,000.00.

Contact Don Scoggins 214-742-1694 (3)

1972 911T based Carrera RS replica. This car has undergone a 2 year

restoration and is fully track prepped. The car weighs 2335 lbs, and is

unbelievably quick on the race track. This car is immaculate and draws

many looks. The history and restoration of the car is well documented. I

have every receipt spent on the car back until 3-19-1975 (3", 3 ring

binder). The car is currently in Martini Racing livery, and the interior has

changed a bit (no radio & new steering wheel), Mileage unknown. 34,000

OBO. Race trailer (custom built for this car) 16' flatbed may be purchased

outside of this auction. $2500. Contact (1)

Welcome, New Members!

You have just joined one of the best and most active PCA

Regions in the country! Some clubs focus solely on social

events, while others focus on just show and shine concours

events. Maverick Region is a club that focuses on providing

our members with the tools necessary to have the ultimate in

driving experiences.

You will notice that our region has many Time Trials,

Autocrosses, and Drivers’ Education (DE) events (in addition

to a yearly Club Race). This has been the spirit of the region

for quite some time. We have some of the finest instructors in

the country. Make sure you take full advantage of the driving

experiences we have to offer.

Racing is not ALL we focus on, though. If racing doesn’t

suit you, we have monthly happy hours, three monthly lunch

gatherings, regular dinner socials, frequent driving tours on

some fabulous roads in and around Texas, driving rallies (fun

for the whole family), and regular opportunities to support

our perpetual charity, the Hope Shelter.

If we don’t have what you’re looking for, just ask us... we

might just add something extra to the calendar.

Please also feel free to share article ideas (and submissions)

to We’d love to hear from you!

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Slipstream Advertiser

for 25 years!

Louden Motorcar Services has been

servicing fine European motorcars in

Dallas since 1977. From the moment you drive

in, it is apparent that quality is our

number one priority. From the comfortable

waiting room to the well-kept workshop,

Louden Motorcars exhibits professionalism.

We’ve been winning awards for the

quality of our service for years. Louden

has been rated “Best in Dallas” twice by

D Magazine, “Best in Texas,” “Top Ten in

the U.S.” and “Best in the West” by the

Robert Bosch Corporation (worldwide

leader in fuel injection and electronics).

And we’d like the opportunity to show

you why.

11454 Reeder Road

Dallas, Texas 75229

(972) 241-6326

Bob Knight, Slipstream

9047 Oakpath Ln

Dallas, TX 75243-6353

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