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June 2008 2007 - Published by the Maverick Region

Porsche Club of America


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Volume 46 July 2008, Issue 7

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Day July

6/28-7/3 PCA Parade in Charlotte, NC

8 Lewisville Lunch

9 Board Meeting

17 Happy Hour Southlake Tavern

20 Gimmick/Fun Rally - Plano

Day September

3 Board Meeting

9 Lewisville Lunch

14 Gainesville Sunday Drive

18 Happy Hour Fort Worth

20-21 Drivers’ Education - MSR

27 Time Trial #5 - MW

28 Time Trial #6 - MW

BISD - Birdville Ind School District, NH

DE - Drivers’ Education Event

EC - Eagle’s Canyon, Slidell

MW- Mineral Wells Airport, Mineral Wells

MSR- Motor Sport Ranch, Cresson

RS - Ranger Stadium, Arlington

TMS- Texas Motor Speedway, Fort Worth

Penn- Pennington Field Stadium, Bedford

Day August

6 Board Meeting

10 Autocross Ranger Stadium

12 Lewisville Lunch

21 Happy Hour Plano/Frisco

23 Road Rally (TBD)

Day October

7 Board Meeting

11 Swap Meet at Zims

12 Road Rally

14 Lewisville Lunch

25-26 Drivers’ Education - MSR


Charlie Davis, Clint Blackman,

Travis Howard, Tom Snodgrass,

Blair Hartsfield, Bob Lewis

Wendy Shoffit & Lisa Steele

Cover Photo by James Shoffit

During his recent business trip to

Germany James stopped by Leipzig.

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Catch My Draft

by James Shoffit, Region President

As some of you know, I am an owner

of a small software company that

develops software for large companies. Well

as it happens there was a trade show that was

going on in Berlin, and we had been considering

how to move into the European marketplace

for quite some time. We investigated,

and I volunteered to go. Let’s see, I like German

cars, work on German software, have a German dog

(Schnauzer), love German food, and have a German last

name. So what if I can’t speak Deutsche?

I went to the store and bought a couple books “Just

enough German” and “Germany for Dummies” – yes there

really is one! And I proceeded to read through them both. I

was getting really excited, and then thought I should try to

see what I could find in the way of Porsche stuff.

I looked on a map and found where the major Porsche

landmarks are. We have all heard of Stuttgart, Zuffenhausen,

Weissach, and Leipzig, but I, for one, had no idea where

they were in relation to each other, nor where they were in

relation to Berlin.

It turns out Germany is about half the size of Texas in

square miles (ok, meters), but it about the same “height”

as Texas, so I can relate it like this : Berlin is about where

Dallas would be (probably farther East), and Leipzig is just

South East, about where Waco would be. Stuttgart, (and its

small suburb Zuffenhausen) are about the equivalent of San

Antonio – very far South, and slightly more West. Weissach

is only about 12 miles West of Zuffenhausen, also quite

close to Stuttgart.

Since I would be based out of Berlin, and I only had an

extra day to do Porsche adventuring, I decided my best bet

would be Leipzig, home of the Cayenne, and also home to

the Porsche Test Track.

The test track was designed by Porsche to include corners

from many of the famous racetracks around the world,

including the Corkscrew from Laguna Seca, the Sunset

Bend from Sebring, Curva Loews from Monaco, the Bus

Stop from Spa-Francorchamps (not the one from Hallett)

and many others. I have dreamed of visiting it since I heard

it was being built.

And the customer center, called The Diamond, is the

spectacular inverted cone that has been featured in numerous

pictures and calendars for years.

I looked on the website to book a tour, and since I only

had about 45 days notice for the ONLY day I could go, all

tours were in German, and they were all sold out! There

was no room in any of them.

Luckily I had a friend on the inside, which often helps.

He was able to talk to the customer relations people at the

Leipzig factory and get me a one on one, English tour!

Fast-forward to the day of the event – I was all done with

the trade show, learned all I could about selling my software

in Germany, and was ready to relax. I got to the Hauptbahnhof

(main train station) in Berlin a couple of hours early to

make sure I wasn’t late for my 11am tour. I got on the ICE

train (Inter City Express) headed directly to Leipzig and

prepared for the journey. This particular train sped along at

about 142 miles per hour, which was pretty amazing to see.

As I looked out the windows, the close scenery flew by so

fast it almost made you dizzy to watch it. The German conductor

slowly sauntered down the aisle, nearly shouting in

a big deep booming voice, “MORGEN!..... MORGEN!...”

- his way of saying good morning to all the people whose

tickets he was about to validate.

Side note, for all people who at least know Porsche is a

two-syllable word: The correct pronunciation is LIPE-tsik

(or even LIBE-tsik). It took me a lot of practice to stop calling

it LEEP-zig!

Arriving in Leipzig station quite early, I had time to

stroll around the mall there. It was one of the neatest malls I

had been to – possibly just because everything was so new,

so foreign, and so fascinating to me. I then went to the taxi

area to hail a cab. I asked the cabbies “English? English?”

and they all shook their heads Nein. So I then reverted to

Cont’d pg 5

My Thoughts

by Jan Mayo, Managing Editor

Today being my birthday I look

around at my friends kids and

wonder how come they are

getting older while my friends and I are not.

Another sign of the movement of time is the

passing of 89 year old Faye Whittenberg.

Fran Usserey’s mother and my “Texas

mom.” Faye was a beautiful silver haired,

blue eyed dynamo that had the sharpest wit. She was fun

to be with and will be missed very much.

Since James bombed out on me last month and he did

double duty this month, I had one of those thoughts. You

know, the reason for the title of my little corner of the book.

So my thought is.... Let Him Have It.

No not the proverbial punch. Just the space. I’m busy

with stuff, Parade stuff, friend stuff, life stuff. Continue

to read on friends, James has a lot to say this time.




James Shoffit

H- 972-506-7449


James joined PCA in 97 and is active in

Club Racing, Drivers Education, Autocross

and Time Trial. He instructs at DE,

AX, & TT.The track car is a 78 911SC.

James is a co-owner of a software development

company in Lewisville.

Position Chairperson

AX Chair Clay Perrine

TT Chair Travis Howard

AX/TT Registrar Andrea Bell

AX/TT Rules Charlie Davis

AX/TT Schools Bryan Bell

& Lisa Steele

AX/TT Tech Insp Travis Howard

AX/TT Timing Darron Shaffer

AX/TT Workers Mike Lockas

Club Race Chair Joel Nannis

Club Race Registrar Wendy Shoffit

Concours Jack Griffin

DE Chair Colin Graidage

DE Chief Dvg Instr. John Sandusky

& Keith Olcha

DE Registrar Joel Nannis

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Ed & Tracey


Keith Olcha

Clint Blackman

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Jerry DeFeo

Denny Payne

Caren Cooper

Vice President

Mark Gluck


Mark drives a Boxster S and has been

a Maverick member since 1999. He

is active with Drivers Education and

Social events, as well as with many

Hope Shelter charity projects.

Andrea Bell


Bryan Bell


Bob Benson


Clint Blackman


Caren Cooper


Charlie Davis


Teri Davis


Jerry DeFeo


Christy Dominick


Mark Gluck



Charlie Davis


Charlie joined PCA & MR in 1970,

having a 1969 911S. He’s been Pres.VP,

Zone Rep & PCR Chair. He’s currently

the 914 Advocate and drives the Truxster

to AX/TT events. He has a 1972

911S and a 1973 914 2.0.

Jack Griffin &

Frank Briggs


Ed & Tracey Gross


Monda Hanna


Travis Howard


Rocky Johnson



Bob Lewis


Mike Lockas


Jan Mayo



Andy Mears


Bill Miller


Colin Graidage


Please help us to keep growing!


Bob Kuykendall

15801 Ranchita

Dallas, TX 75248



Bob has been a member of PCA since

2004 and is active in Autocrosses and

Time Trials. He is also an instructor for

Drivers Education events and drives a

1988 911 Carrera.

Joel Nannis


Keith Olcha



Denny Payne

Clay Perrine

Matt Platts



John Sandusky


Darron Shaffer



Wendy Shoffit

H- 972-506-7449

C- 972-977-9821

Lisa Steele


Fran Ussery



Catch My Draft, Cont.

one of the two memorized phrases “Porschestrasse Eine”

which is the street address of the Leipzig factory. The first

cabbie nodded Ja and so I got in the car and enjoyed a nearly

silent ride there – him speaking NO English, and me only

knowing two phrases in German – the other being “Kurfuerstenstrasse

achtundsiebzig” which was the address of my

hotel in Berlin!

The cabbie dropped me off at the Factory security gates,

which looked like Fort Knox. Nobody would get through

there! And the person working the desk spoke no English,

but another guard did and had me sit until 15 minutes before

my tour. I was a bit nervous at this point, but I was so close

to the holy grail, the excitement washed away any trepidations

still lingering.

At the appointed time, they told me to proceed to the

customer center – the diamond. I didn’t know if I would

get an escort or not, but I was on my own. So I walked the

quarter mile path towards my own version of Heaven that

day. I took my time, took lots of pictures, and absorbed it

all, trying to remember every bit of it.

I had no hope of getting on the test track, as the Transsyberia

Cayennes were all on the track testing everything

they could before their upcoming rally starting in Mongolia

on July 25 th . So there were quite a few Cayennes there, all

orange and black, in various states of muddiness, figuring

out what needed to be tweaked and adjusted to do their best

in the upcoming race.

I could see portions of the track from the walk up, but

the best part was looking ahead between the rows of perfectly

manicured trees at the customer center. It is called the

diamond for a reason!

I finally got inside, and was greeted by several people

(who I could hear saying “This is the President of the Porsche

Club in the U.S.” – I doubt they would have understood me

if I had tried to correct them), and finally Astrid showed up,

to give me the tour.

The tour started in the customer center, with the showing

of a short film about the history of Leipzig and what I would

be seeing. She then took me around the building, showing

me the amazing dining room overlooking the whole factory,

test track, and customer areas, and then upstairs we went

to an impromptu historical museum of racing and street

Porsches from throughout their history.

She showed me the control room where there are about

40 cameras positioned around the test track, each one with

full 360 degree rotation and elevation and zoom capabilities.

The “corner workers” man the track from the control

room and can see every square inch of the track, often from

multiple angles. Positioned at many points around the track

are traffic signals that show yellow and red lights, should

something happen on the track that the driver needs to be

aware of. Astrid even let me play with the cameras a bit, and

I could zoom right in and see inside one of the Cayennes

which was parked for a bit.

Next was the factory tour. First was the area where engines

and transmissions appeared and got attached to the

frame. Then the frame assembly moved around on its own

robot, driving across the factory floor getting more pieces

attached to it. There were no visible wires or paint for the

robots to follow, but there were buried lines guiding them, I

think. They also had sensors to they wouldn’t clobber anyone.

The frames rolled up under the chassis, where they

lifted up and were bolted together. Humans did all the final

torque checks, though. Humans actually did a lot more there

than I thought – I was expecting more robots, but even the

wheel mounting devices, which were robot-assisted, had

humans lining things up.

I took a certain pride in knowing that the wheel crest

should have its point aimed at the valve stem, and was

pleased to see the factory workers making sure they did this

step correctly. And placing the name badges on the back

also took a lot of care, even though a big template guided

them. Everything was barcoded and arrived just when it was

needed – including entire tool chests that followed the Cayennes

along as a worker inside installed the interior pieces.

The final step inside the building was an alignment, and

then off to the test track they go. EVERY Cayenne made

takes a few quick laps to make sure things are well put together,

and if any problems are noticed, they get brought

back inside for correction.

So the tour was over, and I was wondering what was

next, when a guy came up and introduced himself. His name

was Kai Riemer, and he was a former pro race driver (not

for Porsche) who now did customer instruction on the test

track there in Leipzig. He was there to take me for a few hot

laps in a brand new Cayenne GTS!

There was a short break between the Transsyberia Cayenne

testing sessions, so we climbed in, belted up, and he

took me first on a slow lap, explaining all the turns and

curves, and then sped it up for the final two laps. This was

truly a dream come true!

Sometimes in life, the rain must fall, but when the sun

shines, we need to take advantage of it. And the sun sure

was shining on my trip to Germany.

In other news, the Lewisville lunch had 16 people – we

are really filling up that back room now! If someone wants

to start another lunch somewhere else, just let me know.

Check the calendar for upcoming events – we have fun

stuff for track cars and street cars and socialites. So come

on out and join the fun! See you soon!


©2008 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of all traffic laws at all times.

Yours. Truly.

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Sa 9:00AM - 5:00PM


Framing a House in One Day

by Lisa Steele

Lisa, that’s a shovel,

not a pogo stick!

Wow! What an incredible

day with

all of the volunteers

with the Habitat for Humanity.

I learned that our very own

Tom Snodgrass has been building

homes with this organization for

over 10 years. When he brought

the idea to the Board about having

a day for the Porsche Club to

come out and help, I jumped at

this opportunity. I have always

wanted to help with Habitat but

thought that my lack of “hammering

skills” would hinder the

building process. I was totally

wrong in this assumption, because

I found out very quickly

that there is something to do for

anyone who shows up and is willing

to help out.

We had about 15 Porsche Club members show up among

the other 50+ volunteers and we were immediately put to work

with our lead man, Tom. Our group had the most important

job of building the “pig pen” for all of the scraps of wood and

trash to be dumped. I must say that our group built a mighty

fine looking trash dump. We took great pride in our work!

photos by Lisa Steele & Bob Lewis

Once this task was complete, there was dirt to be leveled out,

holes to be dug, and of course frames to be built. The best part

The Wall

of this whole experience was meeting the wonderful lady that

will eventually live in this home. Her name is Maxine and she

has been through many life challenges in the past few years.

She lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. She is currently

employed with Sam’s Wholesale Club and is gradually picking

up the pieces of her life here in Texas. In the short time I

spoke with Maxine, I have never met someone so deserving

of having this new home to call her own. Her beautiful smile

beamed across her face with every shovel of dirt she turned

and every nail she hammered in the wood. After our lunch

break, it was time to start putting the walls up on the foundation

in their designated areas. Every single wall that went up

meant another tear fell from Maxine’s eyes.

Denny, Lisa (hiding), Maxine, Jan, Clara, Cathy & Christie

are real proud of the Maverick Dump.

Judy, Denny, Maxine, Christie & Clara

Tom hands Maxine the BIG hammer to drive the first stake

We were ALL amazed at what was accomplished in just

this one day – the entire house was framed and part of the roof

was complete. I’m not saying that you won’t be tired or that

you won’t have a few bumps and bruises at the end of the day,

but every bit of it is worth this awesome feeling of accomplishment

and I would do it all again tomorrow.


Maverick Minutes

by Charlie Davis, Secretary

Minutes of the Maverick Region

Board Meeting on June

4, 2008

In attendance: James Shoffit, Clay Perrine,

Travis Howard, Robyn Howard, Darron

Shaffer, Bill Miller, Bob Kuykendall,

Teri Davis, Charlie Davis, Denny Payne,

Lisa Steele, Tracey Gross, Wendy Shoffit, Bob Lewis,

and Jan Mayo.

James called the meeting to order at 7:03 PM.

Clay gave us an update on the plans for the August

10 th autocross at one of the Rangers stadium lots. He

reported that everything is going well with planning for

this event. The previous autocross on June 1 st had 39

entrants. Clay also reported that he was continuing to

work on the new autocross software program and even

demonstrated it to a few board members.

Travis said that the time trial on Saturday, May 31 st ,

had about 52 entrants. He reminded us that the double

time trial at Motor Sport Ranch was coming up on June

21 st . He already has 55 drivers signed up, but can only

accept 48. We discussed the procedure he will use to

select the final 48 entrants.

Robyn said that she will update the calendar and send

it out to everyone on the board list.

Bill gave us a report on the recent club race. There

were 65 racers and over 75 DE’ers. The wide and

smooth surface at Eagles Canyon venue was fabulous.

He reported a few places had asphalt coming up after

the event. We discussed whether the selected date was

good… he said it was, in spite of the event at Watkins

Glen which probably siphoned off about five racers. We

got a glowing report from the Chief Steward. There were

zero incidents and accidents.

Darron reported that we have timing equipment.

Denny, not to be outdone, reported that we have

a web site. PCA national moved to new servers over

the past weekend. They have assigned a new URL to…it is “”.

Jan said to watch our e-mailboxes… she will send a

list of ads that she needs.

Tracey gave us a quick update on May at Mayo’s

which went very well. The Father’s Day Picnic will be

at Bryan Bell’s sister’s house. They have no swimming

pool but do have a 12-car garage! She reminded us that

Founders Day on November 15 th will be formal. The

board approved spending $500 for a casino night.

Bob K reported that we have money. One of his

friends suggested that he spend some of it on new checks

with” Porsche” spelled correctly… the current batch

don’t have a “C”. After the laughter subsided, Bob said

that accounting for the club race was not complete yet,

but he bravely predicted it would be in the black.

Bob L said we have happiness. He reported on

the Happy Hour at Edelweiss, which was good, if a bit



Teri was disappointed that only one car will show up

for her TSD Rally School on Saturday. It will be a private

lesson for the Shoffits. James was also disappointed

and said he will send a reminder to the list.

Charlie reported that two of our autocross radios

have bad batteries. He listed the options for solving this

problem and the board authorized 10 new batteries for

the radios. He also reported that he had mounted the

public address amplifier permanently in the Truxster and

was looking for additional horn speakers to be mounted

on the roof. This will simplify setup.

Wendy (quietly) announced that the region has nominated

Lisa Steele for Enthusiast of the Year, but it’s a

secret. Shhhh…

Travis, who said he had never been on a train before,

went on the Texas State Railway Tour…he said it was

fun. Jan jumped in and got him to volunteer an article

for Slipstream.

Jan also reminded Bill that she had no article for the

recent Club Race.

James adjourned the meeting at 8:29 PM.


Memorial Day Weekend Club Race... Or~

Maverick Region hosted more than 60 racers at the inaugural

Eagles Canyon Raceway Club race May 24-26, sponsored

by Boardwalk Porsche. It was a weekend of intense

wheel-to-wheel competition and a lot of spirited fun and camaraderie.

Racers came from seven or more PCA regions,

including Mark Foley who towed his spec Boxster all the way

from San Diego just to dice it up with the Mavericks.

It started Saturday morning when racers got their first

chance to experience Eagles Canyon under racing conditions.

The wide turns and dramatic elevation changes of Eagles

Canyon did not disappoint. Everyone quickly discovered

that side-by-side racing and passing are possible virtually

anywhere. The day was capped

off with practice starts and a fun

race that gave racers a chance to

experiment with the best way of

getting through turns one and two,

often three wide, after the green

flag dropped. Rookie racers, Guy

Danielson and Shelly Burbank

earned their provisional racing

licenses on Saturday and were

welcomed into the Club Racing


Sunday brought intense action

from start to finish with two sprints

for each of the run groups. Spectators found great viewing

from atop the hill overlooking the main straight where they

witnessed some heart-stopping action as cars passed with

tires smoking through turns one and two. We had a sizeable

contingent of the all-new spec Boxsters and local racer Steve


By Bill Miller, Racer & Maverick Club Race Co-Chair

A Happy Lou Bouchier with

(upside down) award!

May 25 Feature Race

Class GTC3

1 11 M Harvison

2 125 C Amond

3 47 D Wright

Class GTP2

1 208 L Bouchier

Class GT2S

1 128 W Dillard

Class GT4S

1 946 W Brown

2 346 JC Castillo

Class G

1 150 J Gladwell

2 708 C Harbold

Class I

Class F

1 31 S Higgins

2 257 N Takahashi

Class E

1 449 S Coomes

2 66 B Henderson

3 711 J Buckley

Class D

1 273 Y Bebic

2 735 J Wiggin

3 134 G Krupp


1 116 S Watkins

2 299 M Foley

3 626 B Amond

1 5 R Johnson Class SP2

Class J

1 30 M Richard

1 561 R Mohan

photos by Wendy Shoffit & Blair Hartsfield

Watkins set the bar

with a blistering

2:05.3 lap. Steve

Coomes and Bryan

Henderson showed

no shortage of

whoop-ass as they

dominated the

E Class Sprints.

Right behind them

Boardwalk’s Pace Car, driven by

Pat Heptig traded Tom Snodrass, tended to

positions no less leave the race pack behind!.

than eight times in

one race before the car he was sparring with explored the

turn six runoff area and Pat went on to the podium. I’ll get

you next time Pat!

May 25 Mini Sprint Race

Class GTP2

1 208 L Bouchier

Class GTC3

Class D

1 735 J Wiggins

2 134 G Krupp

1 969 R Bowman 3 35 S Burbank

2 103 D Mayer

Class GT2

1 128 W Dillard

Class GT4S

1 946 W Brown


1 116 S Watkins

2 299 M Foley

3 525 J Walker

Class SP2

Class G

1 30 M Richard

1 150 J Gladwell

2 708 C Harbold

Class I

2 142 P Lahaye Jr

3 492 G Small

Class GT5S

1 5 R Johnson

1 25 R Tilton

Class E

Class B

1 449 S Coomes

1 60 B Jacobi

2 66 B Henderson

3 714 P Heptig

Monday began with a 60-minute combined Enduro where

the GTC3 cars of Mike Harvison and Carl Amond led the

way. The Enduro utilized

a new electronic timing

loop that eliminated the

complicated manual system

we used in the past

for timing pit stops. Michael

Wingfield handled

timing and scoring for

the event and reports that

Mark Kemp (Corpus Christi) and

Wayne Brown (Palestine)

congratulate each other on

a well done race

it worked flawlessly. The

Enduro was followed by

a combined Mini Sprint

that completed the week-

Who Could Ask for More Fun with a Driving Suit on ?

May 26 Enduro Race

Class GTC3

Class E

1 11 M Harvison 1 449 S Coomes

2 125 C Amond

2 66 B Henderson

3 360 G Danielson

Class GT2S

1 128 W Dillard

3 176 B Miller

Class D

1 735 J Wiggins

Class GT4S

2 35 S Burbank

1 946 W Brown

Class GT4R

3 134 G Krupp


1 31 S Higgins

1 116 S Watkins

Class G

1 150 J Gladwell

Class I

2 299 M Foley

3 626 B Amond

Class SP2

1 5 R Johnson

1 30 M Richard

Class F

1 257 N Takahashi

end and was won overall by rookie driver Guy Danielson.

Eagles Canyon proved to be great track layout and while

the facility is still under development, there is no doubt it will

be even better next year. Many thanks to the owners David

and Linda Cooke who worked tirelessly to make sure we had

a great event. Thanks to our corners workers who made sure

Jim Buckley (711) does a good job

of avoiding a typical mistake

made by Rookie (179)

A very Big

Thank You to Boardwalk,

the Premier Sponsor for

our fantastic Club Race

we were safe. Thanks

to the many MRPCA

volunteers who devoted

their time and effort to

staging the race. And

thanks to Boardwalk and

all of our valued sponsors

who help make our Club

Race possible.

See you at the track.

weekend, providing,

among other things, the

beautiful Cayenne Pace

Car. Cliff Blackshear,

Boardwalk’s Service Manager and Club Race Master Tech

Scrutineer, delivered cases and cases of water, and even restocked

part way through the weekend as we all guzzled.

Other major and not-so-major sponsors for the weekend are:

National Club Racing

Zims Autotechnik

Fifth Gear Motorsports

RUF Auto Centre

Autoscope Motorsports, Inc. ExxonMobil

Performance Speed Tech Mean Green Travel

Lee Wilkins, Attorney at Law Buckley Racing

BTH Sales & Marketing Hart Photography

Istook’s Motorsports Services Community Pharmacy

May 26 Mini Sprint

Class GTC3

1 360 G Danielson

Class GT2S

Class D

1 735 J Wiggins

2 737 J Fraizier

1 128 W Dillard 3 35 S Burbank

Class GT4S

1 946 W Brown

Class GT4R


1 116 SWatkins

2 299 M Foley

1 31 S Higgins Class SP2

Class G

1708 C Harbold

1 142 P Lahaye Jr.

2 492 G Small

Class E

1 76 B Miller

2 21 C Graidage

3 714 P Heptig


What To Race, The Porsche?

Some of the things on the to do list before I die:

have a child (done), go on a cruise (done), get

my degree (working on it), tour Europe. Did you

see racing a Porsche anywhere on the list? No, it was not

there; even after my husband bought his

Porsche in March of this year. He, Ray,

wanted to know more about Porsches

after his purchase and that is when he

remembered that there was a man who

owned a Porsche that lived on Ray’s

newspaper route. The only kicker was

that Ray delivered to that route about

15 years ago. I laughed at Ray when

he told me he was going to go to that

man’s house and see what he could find


At that house Ray simply said

“Porsche” and the rest is now history. He met Richard

Diller and his lovely wife Carol on Wednesday and on

Thursday our whole family was having supper with the

Diller’s. Richard told Ray about the Mavericks, he helped

Ray pull the motor out of the Porsche, and turned Ray on

to a man named Bob Jones.

Richard took Ray’s motor to

Bob all the way in San Antonio

and continued to help

Ray out through that whole

repair thing.


By Kristi Kelley

Richard Dillar back in action

sporting a new wing.

The Porsche was ready,

“Honey load up, we are going

to the races.” April 26,

2008, Mineral Wells, Texas,

was wonderful. We met

some of the nicest people and they welcomed us into the

group with open arms. Ray did a great job on the time trial

runs. In only twelve runs #59 had improved his time to

77.921 which might not have been the fastest of the day in

his class, but he did not finish last either. After the racing

was over for the day, the officiator opened the track up for

fun races and my husband told me to drive. “WHAT, ARE



me around the track

once and then he did

it, he switched sides

with me and I drove

the Porsche for the first

time ever. “That was

not so bad,” I thought

and Ray said I did ok.

Hannah Kelley came

prepared for loud cars

and lots of fun.

Ray Nannis heading out in

a cloud of smoke.

Things you see while sitting at

grid... just who is that?

Photos by Charlie Davis

Ray did ok too, he did not yell

at me (he was laughing too

hard to yell). The good news

is that he was not laughing at

me, he was laughing with me.

We had an absolute blast in the

Porsche and then the group

invited us to eat with them

at Nancy’s Italian Restaurant

(which gets an A+ rating from the Kelley’s). That night at

dinner we also learned how to pronounce the word Porsche

correctly, POR-shuh!

Time Trial #2 Results

Car # Time Name Class

41 78.817 Michael Brown 2

17 92.600 Dan Ashley 2

44 73.956 Chuck McCoy 3

991 75.051 Denny Payne 3

199 7 5.595 Christy Dominick 3

65 76.754 Robyn Howard 3

42 76.882 John Reynolds 3

95 77.307 Travis Howard 3

31 70.866 Mike Lockas 4

91 72.343 Adam Ussery 4

48 78.346 Michael Pelletier 4

83 69.342 Jeff Atkins 5

234 72.545 Ed Gross 5

35 75.401 Bobby Nordin 5

57 75.592 Joel Nannis 5

59 77.921 Ray Kelley 5

34 78.453 Dave Frick 5

7 78.986 Ray Nannis 5

242 73.989 Darron Shaffer 6

86 77.747 Ken Hurst 6

77 85.623 Sandy Hurst 6

139 69.702 Doug Willie 7

39 70.447 Jim Hedderick 7

181 73.940 Tannia Dobbins 7

23 70.815 Marilynn Moseley 8

204 67.164 Bryan Bell 9

81 67.607 Jeff Herrmann 9

550 70.469 Richard Diller 9

20 73.563 Andrea Bell L

The next day….

Are You Talking To Me? ...

Continued By Kristi Kelley

The next day, April 27, 2008, take a wild guess

who raced auto cross that day? Of course Ray

did and I did too. By the time we had gotten

there, they had already registered not just Ray, but me also

(thanks Andrea) “Well, I guess I am racing today.” We had

ten races to improve our time and that is just what we did.

Ray started with his first auto cross race coming in with a

time of 128.917 and did not

tip a single cone. His best

time of the day was his last

race of the day coming in

at 111.436. His time improved

with each of his

races, which leads me to

Proof that Kristi Kelley really did

get to race the Porsche!!

believe his time is just going

to continue to improve.

I, on the other hand, came

in with a time of 188.227 on my first time around and finished

the day with my best time of 124.734 (got a little carried

away that time and took out one cone though making

my time for that run 126.734).

All in all, I think we are now both hooked. We had a

wonderful time and all of our co-drivers were very supportive

and helpful to the newbies on the race block. We took

our child with us to the race

and Hannah had a great time.

I am so thankful for all of the

racers watching out for our five

year old. A special thanks from

the Kelley’s to Bryan, Andrea,

Christi, Denny, Travis, Robyn,

Jeff, Tannia, Darron, Ray, Mr.

Joel and the fun man with the

camera. We will be back!

Robyn Howard all smiles

and enjoying the day!

I would also like to send a special thank you to my husband.

He dreams big, but he also makes his dreams come

true. Without him I would not have a beautiful family. I

would have never thought about going on a cruise, going

skiing, racing a Porsche, or been able to finish college and

get my degree. He helps me more than I will ever know.

Thank you, Ray!

Photos by Charlie Davis

Autocross #3 Results

Car # Time Name Class

991 110.248 Denny Payne 2

41 113.272 Michael Brown 2

199 113.546 Christy Dominick 2

914 119.824 Betty Perrine 2

44 108.718 Chuck McCoy 3

42 112.202 John Reynolds 3

95 112.260 Travis Howard 3

65 114.091 Robyn Howard 3

590 102.663 Carey Spreen 4

31 105.890 Mike Lockas 4

24 114.228 Clay Perrine 4

36 110.825 Avery Murphy 5

59 111.436 Gary Kelley 5

57 123.318 Joel Nannis 5

159 126.734 Kristi Kelly 5

7 Ray Nannis 5

242 108.059 Darron Shaffer 6

762 106.108 Tannia Dobbins 7

2 99.625 Jeff Larson 8

23 100.997 Marilynn Moseley 8

81 101.492 Jeff Herrmann 9

1 102.081 Bryan Bell 9

20 112.374 Andrea Bell L

This pylon picked a bad

spot to be for this autocross. It was very popular.

A tight autocross event! Ummm, well, note the trick photography by

Charlie. But wouldn’t it really be a sight to see?


Concours at Mayo’s

By Chris Christensen

Having now been to three Concours events sponsored

by our Maverick Region, I can honestly

say that they have been a lot of fun and, of

course, hard work in preparation. May at Mayo’s is a great

event while Jan and Ed Mayo are the perfect hosts. This

year’s dinner was catered by On the Border, the food was

excellent with beer and Margarita’s to wash it all down. I

just hope everyone made it home safely; those Margaritas

went down awfully easily!

This year I had the honor of not only winning my class

with my 2000 Boxster S but also the Best of the Show!

Wow, it blew me away! There were so many great cars

at the event; I never dreamed that my lowly Boxster could

win it all. But, I will have to admit I have babied the car

since buying it new in February 2000. There are only 6600

or so miles on the car, and as Ann my wife would say, it is

our “ice cream car.” Trust me though; we don’t eat our ice

cream while seated in our precious Boxster!

If you are serious about preparing your car for an upcoming

event, I would recommend reading the “Guide to

Concours d’Elegance” dated 7 March 2004. It can be found

on the web site. The write-up is excellent; all

68 pages of it. Yes, there are really 68 pages of tips and

how-to ideas to properly prepare your Porsche for a Concours.

It may seem daunting at first, but once you get into

it you learn there are a lot of things that you would not even

think need attention let alone be judged. Included in the

Guide are suggestions regarding products that work well in

preparing your car for an event. Everyone has their favorite

product(s) and if they work continue using them, but there

are some very good cleaners and waxes suggested that may

be worth trying.

I certainly cannot significantly add to the Guide

discussed above, but there are a few products I use that are

not mentioned. On the trip from home to the Concours you

probably will have your AC on, right? Well guess what on

arrival; there is now dust where there wasn’t any when you

left home. So of course after cleaning the brake dust off

the wheels for the second time on event day you also need

to attack the errant dust that has now blown through your

otherwise clean vent louvers. Yes, the louvers need to be

dust free also. Since you don’t have your vacuum cleaner

with you a product that is commonly available quickly blows

the dust away and is available at Costco (lower priced than

Best Buy) and that is; Dust Off. A compressed gas duster, it

works wonders very quickly around the dash and vents.

There are many other products available – I especially

like Meguire’s leather cleaner/conditioner. A little bit of

that on the seats just before judging freshens the seats and

it has a pretty good aroma. There has been little said about

the products Porsche markets, I do like their hard wax they

sell under the name Tequipment. Lastly there is a Micro

Fiber Miracle Cloth you can purchase at Linen and Things

or elsewhere….it seems to work better than most cloths

scooping up dust easily.

Good luck with preparing YOUR

Porsche and hope to see you at the

next event. IF you own a Boxster or

Cayman though, don’t work too hard

at preparation, I don’t need a lot of

stress at the next competition.

The judges looked at these

and these,

Photos by Charlie Davis

and these


May at Mayo’s

By Emily de Jong (11 yrs old)

May at Mayo’s was a very pleasurable experience this

year. I’ve been to it about three or four previous times and I

have to say that this one is going on my “Top Two” list.

As usual, my friend Jasmine was present. I had brought

my scooter along but I mostly ended up talking with

Jasmine. I watched as she skillfully sketched a drawing of a

Porsche skidding to the right for an art contest. My parents

mainly chatted with friends at May at Mayo’s and inspected

the cars (much more carefully than I would have liked to, I

might add). In the end, we had a pretty great time talking

and such.

This was the first time we ate “On the Border” food at

May at Mayo’s. In the past few times, we’ve eaten “Main

Street Bar-B-Q” and “Babe’s” so this was a new experience.

There were tortillas, enchiladas, chicken, rice, beans,

gorditas, and my personal favorite---sopapillas with honey!

The drinks included the usual soft drink or water and a

cake was brought to celebrate the birthday of two of the

Porsche Club members (I was too stocked up on Mexican

tortillas and sopapillas to notice that it was chocolate). It

was delicious!

As I was examining the cars, two of them really appealed

to me. I mean, usually, I’m not that big of a car person

Photos by Travis Howard & Wendy Shoffit

but these cars really stood out! This first one was a silver

Carrera S which looked like a newer model of Porsches.

The second car was a very light silver Porsche 1600 (356).

It’s looked similar to our orange Porsche 911 but a little

more old fashioned (and silver). The thing that grabbed

me most about this car

was that the seats were

bright red! Now that’s

a combo!

To sum it all up,

May at Mayo’s was a

thrilling experience this

Emily’s favorite car . . . year. Between the food,

the friends and the fourwheelers,

I had a great time and I can’t wait until next year’s

May at Mayo’s!

. . .getting scrutinized by

judging team Ed Mayo

and Michael Griffin


Boardwalk Tech

by Staff (aka Clint Blackman)

May 10, 2008, Boardwalk Porsche and “Tech

Grand Meister” Cliff Blackshear hosted one

of the most informative reviews of Porsche

maintenance technique ever seen by club members. Robert

McDaniel demonstrated the Corghi tire and wheel balancing

equipment. We often forget that “everything” rests on our

wheels and tires. Few tire stores take the time to warm the tires

to operating speeds prior to balancing, correct for road camber

or achieve the most accurate tire balance possible. Like all

things Porsche, there is a huge difference tire and wheel balancing,

and you feel it the instant the wheels start rolling.

At another station, Mr. Abel Jimenez, demonstrated Porsche

electrical systems. Both early and late model cars were reviewed

for common electrical problems. As we learned, most

problems are driver induced and can be avoided. We learned

how to perform parasitic

drain checks

and Abel answered

the all important battery

question: When

jump starting a car,

which goes first,

positive or negative?

John Gladwell demonstrated

corner balancing.

Cliff displayed a disassembled 997 race engine and he

had a “hands on” introduction to the new vario cam and vario

lift valve system for the serious techs in the group.

Boardwalk finished the morning tech session with a “catered

in” lunch and great door prices including oil changes,

car detailing and Porsche specialty gifts. Everyone left with

answers to old and new questions with an appreciation for

Porsche and Porsche service. And for those who missed this

event… When jumping a car, the negative cable goes on first

and after starting, the negative is the last to be removed.



German Engineering With Southern Hospitality

Personal Service.

At Nine-Eleven, we’ve built a reputation for understanding our customers’ needs —

quality service, convenient location, state-of-the-art diagnostics, and personalized

service that is unmatched in the Metroplex. When you trust your car to us, you will

have the peace of mind that it will be serviced correctly the first time. Every time.


We strongly believe in access to those who will actually work on your car. Our

technicians are available in person, by phone, and even by pager if you have questions

or need timely information about your car.


Our clean shop, well-stocked parts department, and comfortable waiting room ensure

that you and your car will get the kind of service you deserve. Maintained tools and

equipment. Clean cars. We are meticulous about details.


Our parts department is also second to none. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you

in finding that necessary part or after-market option you require. We are an authorized

dealer for high-performance Recaro seating, Yokohama Tires, Bilstein Shocks, Bosch,

and many others. This ensures that whether you are a casual driver or an enthusiast who

needs race prep assistance, Nine-Eleven has the experience and knowledge to keep your

car running at peak performance.


Crown Rd.

Cindy Lane Lane


Royal Lane


Joe Field Field Rd. Rd.


Nine-Eleven Enterprises, Inc.

Service, Accessories & Parts for BMW,

Mercedes & Porsche

2120 Cindy Lane, Dallas, Texas 75229

972-241-2002 www.nine-eleven.



We are conveniently located near the intersection of Stemmons and LBJ Freeways

in Dallas. We offer emergency towing service 24 hours a day and have arranged

for special rental car rates with area rental agencies. Come by for a visit between

7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday, or call for a service appointment.


Sunday Drive: Tracks of a Different Kind

by Bill Middleton

photos by Bill Middleton

What has 10 wheels, weighs in at a sprightly 273

tons, makes 1650 horsepower – and yet can’t top

45 mph on flat and level ground? Let’s just say

those who made the Sunday drive of May 18th got introduced ‘up

close and personal’ to horsepower of a whole different nature –

iron horse style!

Our ‘early summer’ Sunday drive focused on a totally ‘un-

Porsche’ related event – driving to east central Texas to visit –

and ride – one of Texas’ great historical treasures, the Texas State

Railroad. Founded in 1881, to provide a rail connection between

the prison operated foundry and steel mill operations at Rusk, and

the main line railroads operating through Palestine to the west,

this is one of the longest operating steam railroads in the United

States. With a stable of 5 operational locomotives and numerous

other equipment, this was truly a ‘trip back in time’ when train

trips were planned well in advance, and you were lucky to cover

more than 150 to 200 miles in a full days’ travel.

We got off to an early (needed to make the train on time!) departure

from our south Dallas rendezvous point at approximately

8:15 AM with 5 cars and 10 eager (some still a bit sleepy, but

nonetheless eager) attendees, and made the trip to the departure

point in a little over 2 hours. The drive itself was most enjoyable

once off the freeway, as both 287 East and Texas 84 presented

nice 2 lane driving, some good twists and turns, little traffic, and

nice cool breezes for a pleasurable ‘top down’ morning.

At the depot, we were met by Carey and Geneva Spreen, who

arranged to join us at the station on their way back from Louisiana.

As we got our tickets and gathered up our picnic lunches, outside

we could hear

the ‘main event’

patiently waiting

outside – Baldwin

L o c o m o t i v e

Works #300 –

simmering away

like some living

All Aboard

Carey & Geneva are ready!

metal behemoth,

waiting to come to


Once the tickets

were procured

and everyone herded up, we headed outside – and not a moment

too soon, as the ‘5 minutes to departure’ whistle sounded – and

oh what a sound! Those not prepared were both startled and a bit

amazed at just how loud a steam whistle of that size can be from

a distance of less than 100 feet.

We were no more settled into our open air car just behind

the locomotive when – with two short blasts of the whistle – we

gently began to move out of the station. Within just a few minutes,

we were up to speed – all of 25 miles per hour – and rolling

through the woods and fields. Being right behind the locomotive

for this first leg of the trip, we all had the opportunity to enjoy

steam locomotion at its best – the sounds of the engine working

grades, the whistle, the rumble of the rails, and the gentle rocking

of the cars. Along with the cool morning air, the trees and scenery,

and the company of good friends, the morning passed by in a

pleasant mix of conversation, seeing the sights, and enjoying the

show put on by the real star – the train itself.

In a little over an hour and a half, we arrived in Palestine fothe

lunch break. Being Armed Forces Weekend, we had a special

and unexpected treat – several area military historical groups had

displays all over the grounds of the Palestine depot consisting of

trucks, cars, equipment, weapons, tents, memorabilia of all kinds,

and from all the conflicts beginning with the Civil War to currenday.

Several actors were present in uniforms from all eras, and

there even was a display of military vehicles loaded on flat cars

representing a military transport train. We picked a group of tables

under the trees, ate our lunch, toured the displays, and enjoyed the

quiet of the piney woods next to the Palestine depot while they

turned the train for the return trip to Rusk.

Once turned, what had been the car behind the engine – and

closest to all the noise – now was the rear of the train, complete

with a REAL open observation platform, complete with polished

brass rail, decorative awning, and the BEST view in the house! As

we awaited departure one of the displays – an operating Vietnam

era Huey helicopter took a load of passengers on a short ride, and

we had an excellent viewing location for both the takeoff and


The trip back was a mix of quiet conversation, relaxing, and

in some cases napping off lunch (and maybe having to get up so

early to make the trip?) and, thanks to being at the quieter end of

the train, a more pleasant ending to the day. Several of the military

actors had come aboard at Palestine, and we were treated to seeing

them and talking with them as they walked the length of the train

during the return trip – there even was an MP along keeping his

charges in order!

We rolled back into the Palestine depot a little after 3:30 PM,

and after all that relaxation while someone else ‘did the driving’,

now had to wake up enough to make the drive back home! As we

gathered our things and disembarked, I think we all felt a little

more relaxed and unwound – and while taking this ‘step back in

time’ is indeed a great way to both enjoy some history and unwind

at the same time, we also had acquired a much better appreciation

for more modern conveyances!

We hope to see you next time.




Finally, a Pharmacy for

your Porsche!



• Track Set-up

• Exhaust Upgrades

• Performance Alignments

• Suspension Modifications

• Performance Maintenance

Maintenance & Repair

• Professionals

• 50 years of combined experience

• Great Service is our business!


• Trade your old Porsche

in for a newer model!

• Consignment Sales

• Accessories

Your Complete Satisfaction is our Goal!

Specializing in

VW BMW AUDI Porsche Mercedes

We service all makes and models

Owners: Bill Bernick & Rick Jordan - 28 Years Experience Porsche Trained

1425 FM 407 • Suite 950 • Lewisville, TX 75067 • 972-317-4005





972-867-7467 (972-TOP-SHOP)

Official Texas Distributor/Install house for

G.I.A.C. Porsche Software:

Featuring GIACʼs Hammer Program. Flash-loaded Performance software installed

through the OBD port directly into the carʼs ECU. The Flashloader TM Software

Switcher allows switching between as many as five GIAC-Tuned programs. No more

sending out your ECU and waiting for it to return to have some fun, no more messy

chip soldering or ECU swaps. Itʼs simple plug and play with programs including 91-

octane performance or 100-octane performance, as well as Valet and Anti-Theft

and back to Stock settings.

“European Car” magazine (March issue) tested a GT2 with GIACʼs 91-octane software,

stock engine, free flowing air filter, free flowing exhaust and a diverter valve

which obtained a Whopping 600 bhp and a Thundering 630 bhp on the 100-octane

performance software. 0 to 60 in 3.3 seconds and high 10ʼs in the 1/4 mile.

Many of the worldʼs fastest Porsches use GIACʼs software. Letʼs flash your Porsche.

Software available for :

911, 911 Turbo, 959, Boxster, Cayenne and Cayenne turbo.

For 23 years, Autoscope has been dedicated to catering European Car owners of the Dallas

and Plano area with two locations.

Dallas- 9796 Ferguson Road. 214-320-8280

Plano- 601 Coit Road, 972-867-7467

Autoscope understands the meticulous care and pampering you give your Porsche, from the routine maintenance

services to perfomance add-ons, we have the latest in diagnostic tools by Porsche and Bosch to troubleshoot

and maintain it’s integrity.

No other independent facility in Plano can match our combined expertise and training.




Happy Hour at Edelweiss

by Bob Lewis

Meeting at a new restaurant for this month, in an

attempt to find an alternative German restaurant

from the one we have gone to for the last five years, we

ended up at Edelweiss of Fort Worth. Edelweiss is in the

western sector of where Maverick Region Happy Hours

have gathered. We spread our happy hour locations in an

attempt to entice in-active members to come and see what

we are about. Although we did fall down on this goal, 33 did

attend who are active in many other areas of the region.

This venue had a lot of good features for us. The place

is big with an extensive bar filled with an enormous selection

of beer (mostly imported from Germany) and wine. The

food is moderate in price, very plentiful and good tasting,

combined with

live music nightly

creating the perfect


The owners and

hosts are Bernd

and Rhonda Schnerzinger


have operated

this establishment

since 1967.

Bernd plays the

accordion, sings

songs (such as

Roll Out the Barrel), and orchestrates the “Chicken Dance”

every night they are open.

The décor is filled with multi colored lights and banners

hanging from the ceiling and walls. The walls are also covered

with framed pictures of Bernd and his famous guests.

The bar is filled with a large assortment of items to drink. In

Germany they would call this a “biergarten”, but in Texas I

call it a Honky Tonk with a German accent. Take a moment

and enjoy their web site and take in the sights we enjoyed

the night of the Happy Hour. It was great fun!

As it turned

out, my birthday

was that same

day. Take a guess

how old I am and

you win a free

drink next time,

just kidding!!

My family came

with presents and

all. The cake was,

what else, German


Steve Christianson & Shelly Burbank!

The “Chicken Dance” lead by

Monda Hanna and Mike Lockas.

Mike Gunaca showing us

what a liter of beer looks like.

Photos by Bob Lewis

chocolate. It was so good that

all had only a moderately sized

piece, leaving only crumbs. The

restaurant serves portions so

large that half the people had

carry home bags. Beer is served

in three size mugs; regular, large

and one liter. The beer drinkers

in our group seemed to enjoy

that feature.

I wasn’t the only one that

had a great time. We will have

to plan a gathering at Edelweiss

again next year and have a larger number of Mavericks with


Make plans to attend the July 17th Happy Hour at another

new establishment for us in Southlake. It is the Southlake

Tavern. I eat lunch here at least once a month. There is

a wide selection of food and it is moderately priced. I know

you will like it!

See you next month.


Custom Garage


• Designing & Consulting

• Multiple Cabinet Choices

Steel, Aluminum, Stainless, Wood etc…

• Multiple Flooring Options

• Themed Interiors

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Racks & Hoists

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• Vacuum Systems

Exhaust & Debris

• Custom Lighting

• Compressed Air

Delivery Systems & Compressors

• Access Controls

(High Security Containment & Hands Free

for Garage Doors & Gates)

• Audio-Visual Centers

• Nitrogen Tire Inflation System

• Equipment & Tool Procurement

• Underground Vehicle Storage


Commercial – Residential

By American GarageWorks

America’s Premier Garage Improvement Specialist


New Wheels

by Joel Nannis

Arnold, Marty (Jean)

Dallas, TX 75225

1978 911

Scott, Andrew

Dallas, TX 75229

1997 Boxster

If you have any changes that

you would like to make to the

MRPCA membership guide, call

Joel Nannis at 817-329-1600.

Bayliss, Christopher

Dallas, TX 75204

2002 C4S

Grant, Tim (Rhesha


Red Oak, TX 75154

2008 C2S 997

Johnson, Paul (Chantal


Dallas, TX 75252

2003 Carrera 4S

Lenamon, Larry (Julie)

Argyle, TX 76226

1986 911

Mahan, Mike (Maria)

Southlake, TX 76092

2002 996 Turbo

O’Day, Rich

Southlake, TX 76092

1970 914-6

Pace, Thomas

Keller, TX 76248

2008 Boxster

Peebles, Iain

Plano, TX 75094

2000 Boxster

Rutledge, Mark

Irving, TX 75062

1984 928S

Struckell, William

Dallas, TX 75287

1986 911

Thompson, Reginald

Fort Worth, TX 76137

2007 Cayman

Van’t Westeinde, Erick

Dallas, TX 75229

1971 911 T

Whitener, David


Fort Worth, TX 76131

1978 924


New Members!

You have just joined one of the best and most active PCA Regions in the country! Some clubs focus solely

on social events, while others focus on just show and shine concours events. Maverick Region is a club that

focuses on providing our members with the tools necessary to have the ultimate in driving experiences.

You will notice that our region has many Time Trials, Autocrosses, and Drivers’ Education (DE) events (in

addition to a yearly Club Race). This has been the spirit of the region for quite some time. We have some of the

finest instructors in the country. Make sure you take full advantage of the driving experiences we have to offer.

If this doesn’t suit you, we have monthly happy hours, and lunch gatherings, regular dinner socials,

frequent driving tours on some fabulous roads in and around Texas, driving rallies (fun for the whole

family), and regular opportunities to support our perpetual charity, The Huffaker Hughes Hope House.

If we don’t have what you’re looking for, just ask us...we might just add something extra to the

calendar. Please also feel free to share article ideas (and submissions) to

We’d love to hear from you!


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Unclassifieds are available free to Maverick Region Members and are $5 to all others (contact editor for payment details). Please limit size to no more than 6 lines. Ads will run for 3 issues,

then removed unless you request that it be run for an additional 3 issues. Email your ad to by the 10th to have your ad run in the following month’s Slipstream. Be

sure to include a contact name and phone number. If you are selling a car, include mileage and price. Check your ad for accuracy the first time it runs. Contact the editor to have your ad pulled

sooner. Due to space constraints, photos may or may not be included.

For Sale: 1986 911 Carrera, Targa Turbo-Look with 5 speed manual

transmission wide body and a 3.2L engine with 217 HP. 1 of 2 built

in 1986. Very well maintained and driven, not a garage queen! Guards

Red over black leather, 930 sport steering wheel, turbo tie rods & H1

headlights. Alpine AM/FM/CD with upgraded speakers. Cruise control,

M-491 wide body turbo look, locking differential, auto heat control,

power windows, power mirrors, power drivers seat, rear wiper, front and

rear spoiler and Porsche mats. Ruf 17”x 9” and 10” rims with Bridgestone

Potenza ZR 730 make this car look great! 126K well maintained

miles. Also has spare tire, air compressor, jack, tool kit and mirror covers.

Last of the ‘bullet proof” Porsches, and this one’s exceptionally fine.

Email for more photos or info. Contact Rob –

Price - $28,000. (1)

For Sale: 1987 944 Turbo, $12,900 & 89,220 miles. Track ready. Very

solid engine and trans. Body and interior features Sparco seats, 5 point

harness and a $4500 custom roll cage by Autofab Race Cars. One set of

factory type 90, 16” wheels, one set of Fikse 17” FM5 wheels with 10”

rears and 8.5” fronts. Racing equipment: removable steering wheel, PCA

approved transponder, external kill switch, fire extinguisher. Interior:

mostly intact except modification for roll cage. Mechanical upgrades:

Turbo S front brakes. Upgrades to Leeda Coil over Race Shocks with

extra springs of various rates. Alcon billet lower A-arms and adjustable

camber plates. 3” stainless exhaust front to back with high flow muffler.

No cat, but set up with a bypass tube. Kiss oil cooler upgrade lowers oil

temp by up to 50 deg. Auto Authority and stock chips. Multiple receipts

within the last 3k miles. Runs and drives great. Very reliable & race ready!

Contact Bill Bernick @ 972-317-4005 or (1)

For Sale: Eibach PRO-KIT, Gently used lowering springs for 987

Porsche. Less than 1 year on car. Lowers car by 1 inch in front and rear

greatly improving looks without sacrificing ride quality. PN 7218.140.

Contact John at 214-450-7053, $200. (1)

For Sale: 1983 911 SC, Burgundy/blk 128k mi. Perfect for PCA racing.

‘73/’74 IROC narrow body. Smart Racing Products suspension, revalved

Bilstein shocks, sway bars, limited slip, 2 sets of 17’ racing wheels, stainless

steel Bursch headers, MK stainless steel muffler, new Fuel Safe bladder

in custom-fit tank, racing pedals, Sparco seats, new 5 pt. harness,

racing log books (PCA & POC), fire system. Street legal (barely) can be

driven to the track! $39.5k. 214-755-8131. (2)

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Louden Motorcar Svcs (214) 241-6326 I.B.C.


For Sale: 1988 944 S, 5 speed, sunroof, pwr everything and cd player.

New brakes, rotors, reconditioned head, a/c compressor, lowered, new

tires, new vacuum lines, new clutch, master and slave, Interior is approx

an 8 with exterior a 7 to 8. Car is very well maintained and solid. Excellent

daily driver. $5,100 obo. Matt Costarakis 972-689-5748. (2)

For Sale: 1989 911 Carrera Coupe, Guards Red new paint, Blk leather

interior, power sunroof, windows, seats, locks, and alarm. Cruise control,

A/C condenser mod. for Texas heat, AM/FM/CD, New Turbo Twist

mags. I still have original Fuchs. Tight car, excellent condition, runs like

new. 120,099 miles, $22,500 obo. I just don’t drive it enough! Mike Miller

817-296-6992 or e-mail at (2)

For Sale: 911 GT3 Race Car and 24 ft Trailer, Meets all PCA specs.

orig logbook. 930 style slope nose, all fiberglass, 3.32L fresh engine, new

clutch, 915 tran. 935 suspension, 930 brake. 2 sets wheels/tires. Driver

suit, helmet & radio set. Trailer has tire rack, cabinets. Entire pkg $35K.

email for complete details. (2)

For Sale: 1980 RUF 911SC, VIN#91A 013 0124. Silver metallic, black

interior with checkerboard Recaro seats. Engine rebuilt and upgraded to

3.2L in 1985 at RUF Autohaus in Pfafenhausen, GE. Only 20,000 miles

since RUF restoration. Maintained at Mayo since 1992. $25,000. Denny

Lendzion (817)431-8634 or (3)

For Sale: 1988 911 Targa Carrera, blk/blk. Whale tail. 84.7k mi. Great

for track or every day driver. New AC, stainless SSI heat exchangers,

Birsch dual muffler, Autothority air mass meter, Boxster brake upgrade,

adjustable Konis, 17’ Fiske wheels with low-profile Toyo Advan tires,

sway bars, torsion bars, Sparco seats, Schroth belts, fiberglass rear bumper,

light roof, Targa braces, roll bar, strut tower brace, race-style pedals,

shift lights, Momo steering wheel. WP0EB0913JS160570. Asking

$23,500. Charles, 214-755-8131 or (3)

For Sale: 1996 911 Carrera C-4 Coupe, White/RED, 6 speed, 38,000

miles, new Xenon lights, new shocks & springs, lowered, 18” wheels,

new tires and MORE! Immaculate! $45,000. Glenn Douglass, Dallas,

Texas (214) 649-9105. (3)

For Sale: 2006 Cayman S, Flawless - 3,200 miles on speed yellow coupe,

stone grey interior with yellow accents on dials, console and belts; 6

speed w/ sport shifter; A/C, CD & Bose sound, preferred package, painted

crests, 18” S wheels, interior and cargo area mats, cover. $55,000. Contact

Milton Barley at (817) 731-8256 or (3)

For advertising rates and information contact

Lisa Steele at (214) 709-6418

Mayo Performance (817) 540-4939 Page 17

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Louden Motorcar Services has been

servicing fine European motorcars in

Dallas since 1977. From the moment you

drive in, it is apparent that quality is our

number one priority. From the comfortable

waiting room to the well-kept workshop,

Louden Motorcars exhibits professionalism.

We’ve been winning awards for the quality

of our service for years. Louden has been

rated “Best in Dallas” twice by D Magazine,

“Best in Texas,” “Top Ten in the U.S.” and

“Best in the West” by the Robert Bosch

Corporation (worldwide leader in fuel

injection and electronics).

And we’d like the opportunity to show

you why.

Jan Mayo, Slipstream

2973 Timber Creek Trail

Fort Worth, TX 76118

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