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Volume 48 June 2010, Issue 6

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Upcoming Events

Calendar of Events.......................................1

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Father’s Day Outing @ Speed Zone.............5

RAC Performance Benefit for Hope............7

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Maverick Round Up in Grapevine...............7

Board Meeting..............................................8

Sunday Drive - Blueberry Hill.....................9

Cars, Planes & Kids: 2010 Parade.............10

2010 Porsche Parade..................................23

Happy Hour at Uncle Buck’s................. 24

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Porsches & Ponies......................................28

Past Event Recaps

Bluebonnet Sunday Drive..........................16

Happy Hour at Bavarian Grill....................24

April Showers Brings Dirty Cars to MSR..26


Goin’ for HOPE Raffle.................................3

Trivia Contest...............................................9

A Novice View: 1971 Sun Valley Parade...20

Day June

2 Board Meeting

6 Autocross #4 Penn

8 Lewisville Lunch

13 Sunday Drive

17 Happy Hour

19 Father’s Day Outing

24 Southlake Lunch

27 Autocross #5 Penn

Day August

4 Board Meeting

6-8 Round Up

10 Lewisville Lunch

19 Happy Hour

26 Southlake Lunch

EC - Eagle’s Canyon, Slidell

MW- Mineral Wells Airport, Mineral Wells

MSR- Motor Sport Ranch, Cresson

RS - Ranger Stadium, Arlington

TMS- Texas Motor Speedway, Fort Worth

Penn- Pennington Field Stadium, Bedford

Day July

3-9 Parade - St. Charles IL.

13 Lewisville Lunch

15 Happy Hour

17 Porsches & Ponies

22 Southlake Lunch

24 RAC Benefit for Hope

25 Time Trial #4 MSR

Day September

8 Board Meeting

11 Time Trial #5 MW

12 Autocross # 6 MW

14 Lewisville Lunch

16 Happy Hour

18-19 Driver Education MSR

26 Southlake Lunch

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By Clyde Coman




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June 1


Mike Brodigan, President


held off for eighteen

months, but I just can’t

take it anymore. Not

once since I have been Prez,

have I used this column to brag

about my grandkids, but I just

have to do it just this once. I

just got back from spending a

week with my daughter Kelly and her family. She, Joel and

the kids live in Denver so we can’t be everyday Grandma

and Grandpa, but when we do get our hands on them, boy

do they get spoiled! Michael Brodigan Walter is my four

year old grandson. He calls Judy “Funny Grandma,” and I

am “Race-car Grandpa.” We like those names. Every time

Michael comes to our house, he gets in the race-car to see

if he is big enough yet. It will come all too fast. Grace

Evelyn Walter is our two year old granddaughter. Just like

her mom. Payback is hell, but she is so darn cute! She

gets away with just about anything. Beautiful aren’t they?

We have some special social

events planned for this summer. Our

“Round Up” celebration will be held

in Grapevine August 6th, 7th, and

8th. All sorts of fun activities are

planned: A little wine tasting, a car

show, an Elvis review, and a Sunday

drive, just to name a few. Check the

ad in this month’s Slipstream and

save the dates. We are also planning

a day at the horse track in July. We will all get together

for “Porsches and Ponies” July 17th at the beautiful Lone

Star Park in Grand Prairie. We might even place a bet

or two. In June, we are throwing a Father’s Day party at

Speed Zone, and don’t forget all the neat stuff we do every

month. Check our website for all the scoop.

We still need some helping hands and some extra cash

to keep our Huffaker Hughes Hope House project rolling.

To all of you who have contributed your time or treasure:

Thank You! There is still time to give a little extra to make

the lives of the Women and Children at the HHHH a little

more comfortable.

that kind of person and he is the June “Mav of the month.”

He is the DE chairperson, and with his leadership the

program continues to grow and improve. I can’t tell you

the number of members who have made a point to let me

know just how great a job John is doing. John, thanks for

all you do! See y’all soon,

For being the Maverick of the Month, The Silver

Fox in Grapevine is giving John dinner for two at

their award winning steak house.

John, thanks for all you do! Mike

Mav of the Month

Our “Mav of the Month” is John Hamilton. Our DE

program is the largest single activity Maverick region

does. To make it work, it takes a leader who is competent,

enthusiastic, and a problem solver. John Hamilton is just


June 3


Mike Brodigan



Mike enjoys the Maverick social events,

is a Drivers Education instructor and

does a little Club Racing as well. His first

Porsche is a 1999 Boxster that he intends

to own forever. He also has a track

prepared 1989 944 Turbo S (Chouncey).


Milton, James

AX Chair Tannia

Dobbins Lewisville Milton, James

TT Lewisville Chair Travis Howard

AX/TT Registrar Michael


AX/TT Rules Charlie Davis

AX/TT Safety Chuck McCoy

AX/TT Schools Bryan Bell

& Lisa Steele

AX/TT Tech Insp Jeff Herrmann

AX/TT Timing Darron Shaffer

AX/TT Workers Mike Lockas

Club Race Co-Chair Joel Nannis

Club Race Co-Chair Bill Miller

Club Race Ads/PR Lori Mauthe

Club Race Registrar Wendy Shoffit

Concours Jack Griffin

DE Chair John Hamilton

DE Chief Dvg Instr. John Sandusky

DE Registrar Joel Nannis

DE Safety Bob Benson

Email List Modr. Bob Benson

Goodie Store Christy Payne

Happy Hours Chris

& Mentors Christensen

Monda Hanna

& Mike Lockas

Membership Joel Nannis

Past President James Shoffit

Public Relations Andrea Bell


Carey Spreen


Advertising Jan Mayo

Editor Richard


Event Ad Design Mark Gluck

Mailing & Tech. Andy Mears

Printing Fran Ussery

Staff Wendy Shoffit, Matt Platts,

Andy Mears, Jan Mayo

Tannia Dobbins



Sunday Drives

Swap Meets

Tech Sessions

Trivia Chair

Web Site

Zone 5 Rep.


Christey Payne

Keith Olcha

Clint Blackman

Robyn Howard

Ed Mullenix

Jerry DeFeo

Denny Payne

James Shoffit

Vice President

Bryan Bell


Bryan bought a 1999 996 and joined

PCA in 2003 after longing for a 911 his

whole life. Then fell in love with driving

one! He is active in Drivers Education,

Autocross and Time Trial. Bryan

works at Digital Print, Inc. located at

Motorsport Ranch in Cresson.

Andrea Bell


Bryan Bell


Bob Benson


Clint Blackman


Richard Bradley


Frank Briggs

Chris Christensen


Jerry DeFeo


Tannia Dobbins


Mark Gluck


Jack Griffin


Lisa Steele


Lisa has been a member of Maverick

Region since 1995 and has had several

Porsches currently driving a 1999 red

911. She is active in Drivers Education,

Autocross and Time Trial. For the past

year Lisa’s 911 wore number 11 identifying

her as the Ladies Top Driver of 2007.

John Hamilton


Monda Hanna


Jeff Herrmann


Robyn Howard


Travis Howard


Mike Lockas


Jan Mayo


Chuck McCoy


Andy Mears


Bill Miller


Ed Mullenix


Please help us to keep growing!


Jim Falgout



Jim just joined Maverick Region in

August, 2008. He drives a 1992 968

cab and has recently enjoyed several

social events. Jim is looking forward to

participating in all the driving events.

Joel Nannis


Keith Olcha



Christy Payne


Denny Payne

Matt Platts



John Sandusky


Darron Shaffer



Wendy Shoffit

H- 972-506-7449

C- 972-977-9821

James Shoffit


Carey Spreen


Fran Ussery




Richard Bradley, Managing Editor

This has certainly been a month

worth remembering. And for

those in the inner circle, you

know my reasoning. Make sure to enjoy

every minute while driving your Porsche,

one never knows when it will be your last.

By the time you read this, I am hoping that

I’ll be driving a new Boxster, but as we all

know, we aren’t guaranteed our desires.

We had plenty of events this month that seemed to have

been phenomenal, as well as more to come next month

including our National Parade. Parade is where you will

make friends that will last a lifetime and truly believe that it’s

not just the cars, it’s the people! Along with seeing old friends

and making new ones, there’s always plenty of eye candy to

take in. I trust there will be plenty of stories and images I’ll

be sharing on upcoming Slipstream pages.

I’ve been making more changes to Slipstream that I hope

you like along with help from several talented individuals.

We are always looking for new ideas and hands to help in the

fun, so if you are willing, I’ll be more then happy to bring you

on and let you share in the fun.

Hope to see you soon, Enjoy

June 5

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© 2010 RAC Performance, Glenn Zanotti Art Director/Photographer.


5 th Annual

Autos in the Park Car Show

June 6, 2010 - Noon to 4:00 PM

Cooper Aerobics Center

12200 Preston Road, Dallas, Texas

Benefiting The Cooper Institute & Texas Scottish Rite Hospital

Register at

Show car registration fee: $20 in advance, $25 day of show.

Mail registration fee to Tom Stumpf, TFS Consultancy,

15763 Seabolt Place, Addison, TX 75001

For Show Car & Sponsor Booth information:

Jack Griffin – - 214.739.2600

Tom Stumpf – - 972.661.0921

Produced by

Griffin ~ Stumpf Auto Events

June 7

Maverick Minutes

Lisa Steele, Secretary

Hola, ¿Cómo estás esta noche?

Ooops! I am still in Cinco

de Mayo mode. Okay, back

to the real minutes from our May 5th

meeting. We had a large group join us

this month with a few new faces. We

welcome Winston Barrant, Tom and

Susan Froehlich, and Michael Pelletier to

their first Board Meeting.

Steve Boyd, who is not new to MAVPCA (he was

our former webmaster), but this may have been his first

Board Meeting, started our roundtable discussion with

Boxstoberfest. Steve is seeking insurance from our Region

for a one day tour that is a part of Boxstoberfest in the Hill

Country. After some discussion about drivers on this tour

driving at posted speeds, Clint Blackman made a motion

to give insurance to Boxstoberfest with the condition that

Steve will have the event organizers and the tour drive

leaders sign a written statement that they will maintain

the posted speed limits on the drives and that all drivers

will sign the agreement as well. Jan Mayo 2nd the motion.

Motion approved.

Mike Brodigan and Linda Bambina presented the next

item up for discussion. After the playground equipment

has been installed at the Huffaker Hughes Hope House,

there is currently $1,878 remaining from monies collected

from fundraising efforts. This amount is clearly not enough

money to finish all landscaping plans for the backyard. The

playground equipment is not safe to play on until specific

materials are placed under and around the equipment.

There were some concerns voiced regarding the amount

of latitude the board has in voting for cash donations

without giving the at large members an opportunity for

input. Therefore, Mike motioned that at the June Board

Meeting we will vote on a contribution of $5,000 for

the Hope House. Prior to this meeting Mike will send an

email blast to ask for comments from the other members.

At the June meeting we will also Amend the budget to

always include a line item for the Hope House. Jan 2nd

the motion…approved. The $1,878 will go to making the

playground safe for the kids to play on.

Monda Hanna was present to announce Bob Lewis’

departure from the Happy Hour Committee. The

committee will include Monda, Mike Lockas, and Chris

Christensen. Monda did mention that they would love to

have a photographer join their group to help takes pictures

for articles. The next HH will be at Abuelo’s in Lewisville.

Jan Mayo reported that we have a new advertiser on

p.28 of this issue…

Bob Lewis was present, but had nothing to say. Lots of

claps around the room for Bob’s wonderful work finding

fabulous Happy Hour locations each month.

Jim Falgout was happy to report that “we have money.”

Ed Mullenix reported that there are currently 16

people signed up for his Saturday Tech Session at his shop.

Tom and Susan Froehlich were present to announce

that they are co-chairing with Tom and Barbara Minnella

to bring us Round-Up 2010. The tentative date is set for

August 6th –August 8th. Susan passed out a very detailed

schedule of events. This looks like an event you do not

want to miss. All activities will be in the Grapevine area.

Carey Spreen announced that he is working on ideas

for the next Rally.

Jack Griffin reported that The Concours event on June

6th at the Cooper Aerobic Center, will have a “Porsches in

the Park” within the Autos in the Park event. There will

be a special area for all Porsches to park and be judged for

our own Concours event.

Robyn Howard announced that she will be working

with Christy Payne to change the Autocross/Time Trial

ads in slipstream. The next AX is scheduled for May 16th

and the next TT is on May 23rd at MSR.

Travis Howard reported that the last Autocross/Time

Trial weekend was cancelled due to heavy rain. There

were not enough people present to safely run the event

and the rain caused puddles, puddles, and more puddles.

Travis announced that there will be a cap of 48 people

for the MSR event. He also noticed that the ad in the


April issue of Slipstream had wrong information, but the

website is correct.

Michael Pelletier took in the whole experience of the

Board Meeting and said “hello.”

Clint Blackman said that he is going to go chase

dinosaurs on his next Sunday Drive. The drive will be

driving through Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose.

Pat Friend reported that the Goodie Store website is

going great and he will be helping Jack with the “Porsches

in the Park.”

Wendy Shoffitt reported that she is working on Club

Race. There are currently 30 racers signed up. She also

announced that there will probably be a Pre-Parade get

together dinner before everyone leaves for St. Charles, IL.

Wendy also made the recommendation that Carey Spreen

be nominated for our enthusiast at this year’s Parade. What

a wonderful choice…Go Carey, go Carey!! Wendy also

gave us the next location for the 2011 Parade. It will be in

Savannah Georgia.

And on that note…the meeting was almost adjourned.

Mike had to announce our Mav of the Month. It is none

other than our very own DE Chair…John Hamilton. VERY

well deserved!!!

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:30pm.

May Trivia

It’s Easy to Play:

Play here for Fun and Education and find the

Answers below


Play for Prizes on the Web at

with the

Answers and Winners to be posted at the end of

the Month

Thanks to Jerry DeFeo for putting this and the

Web Trivia together!

Congratulations to our April Web Winner

Cyril Reif

for getting two of the five correct and

who will receive a $25 Gift Certificate to

Zims Autotechnik

1. The Porsche internal number ‘951’ was later to be know to the Porsche

Public as a _________?

a. 959 b. 924 Turbo c. 944 Turbo d. 968 Cabriolet

Apr 2010 Excellence, p 100

2. The 12.9 mile Nordschleife of the Nurburgring is actually a toll road and

the public can drive on it. About how much does it cost to make each


a. $15 b. $25 c. $35 d. $45

Mar 2010 Car & Driver, p31

3. The Nurburgring is known for its many twists and turns, and its changes

in elevation. Approximately how much change is there in elevation

from the lowest to the highest points?

a. 115’ b. 400’ c. 775’ d. 1000’

Mar 2010 Car & Driver, p31

4. An article reviewing different Cars said that a Porsche had the shortest

stopping distance on dry pavement at 112 feet. Which Porsche was it?

a. 911 b. Boxster c. Cayman d. 911 Turbo

Apr 2010 Consumers Reports, p1

5. An article reviewing different Cars said that a Porsche had the fastest

maximum Emergency Handling Speed at 59.5 mph. Which Porsche

was it?

a. 911 b. Boxster c. Cayman d. 911 Turbo

Apr 2010 Consumers Reports, p13

Answers: 1) c 2) c 3) d 4) b 5) a

June 9

Cars, Planes & Kids at the 2010 Porsche Parade!

by Cole Scrogham

OK, it’s not Planes, Trains and Automobiles,

but it’s pretty close! You might be thinking

from the title that the Parade staff is planning

something special and you would be right!

Are you ready for a “new” kind of Welcome Party at

the Parade this year? What about combining our annual

get together with a fundraiser

benefiting Advocate Hope

Children’s Hospital in Oak Lawn,

Illinois; which will feature a

grand prize drawing for a brand

new 2011 Cayenne S! This is the

first Parade fundraiser of its kind-

- one benefitting a major non-profit hospital dedicated to

saving children’s’ lives.

That’s right, this family themed event will award one

lucky winner with a 2011 Cayenne S… do we have your

attention yet?

The Pirelli Welcome Party at the 2010 Porsche Parade

will come in a brand new format. PCA members will be

joined by Hope Children’s Hospital donors and leadership

and both Porsche AG and Porsche Cars North America

will be showcasing their products alongside Pirelli. We

are making a big investment to ensure everyone will be

impressed throughout the evening—and we’re certain it will

pay off!

The Pirelli Welcome Party will be held in an airplane

hangar at DuPage County Airport’s brand new Flight Center

adjacent to the headquarters hotel. Be sure to sign up to

attend this banquet

so that after you

get settled in at the

hotel, you can come

over and join us.

On display at the

airport will be old

warbirds, vintage

Porsche cars and new Porsche products. Live and silent

auctions benefiting Hope Children’s Hospital will add to the

ambiance of this unprecedented event.

The menu for the evening will feature local specialties

that are rich in Chicago tradition, including deep dish

“Chicago Style” pizza, hot dogs (with all the traditional

“Chicago” trimmings), Italian beef sandwiches, barbecued

ribs and cheesecake. Local wineries and microbreweries

will provide seasonal beverages. If you skipped the

Welcome Party on your meals list, you might want to go

ahead and add this one back in. This will be one of the best

Welcome Party meals ever!

Now—more about that exciting raffle! Tickets cost

$150 each and all proceeds will benefit Hope Children’s

Hospital. Hope is a specialty hospital staffed by over 175

pediatricians representing 30 specialties and subspecialties.

Since opening in 1996, Hope has been committed to

providing not only highly skilled medical expertise, but

also quality care that is private, child-friendly, familyfocused

and compassionate. The drawing will be held

at approximately 9 p.m. at the Pirelli Welcome Party.

To deepen our partnership, Hope Children’s

Hospital will host a Chicago Region Show and

Shine event prior to the Parade on June 13 and will

participate in PCNA’s Porsche Sport Drive Event the

day before the Parade begins. For more details on these

events, or Hope Children’s Hospital, please visit www.

There is still time to register for the Parade at http://, this event is just one more excuse to

help you find the time to explore the Porsche Club of

America’s premiere event of the year. This will be a family

themed event, including your family —and the Porsche

family, too!


June 11


GeorGe edwards,

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PushinG the



I bought my 1990 Porsche C2 because it was previously owned by a Park Place

client who had his service done at Park Place Porsche. Since then, the cosmetic and

performance upgrades have been performed there as well – from Big Red Brake

Calipers/Rotors, RSChip and Suspension to racing pedals and the RS America Wing.

It’s both street-worthy and track-worthy and, even though it has more than

180,000 miles on it, runs great. Unlike other brands, a Porsche is built strong, so

as a high-mileage car, it’s still strong and robust enough to track at high speed.

And I love that you can drive it in a high-performance fashion and still drive it

on the street the next day. It doesn’t have to be a garage queen; you can drive,

and drive hard, and the next day it actually starts.

As someone who does his research to properly maintain his vehicle for the track,

while keeping it street legal, I most value the quality service and detailed advice

I get at Park Place Porsche. I feel good knowing that I’m using genuine Porsche

parts, and that both Park Place and Porsche stand behind them with warranties

on the parts and labor. It’s so important – I can’t emphasize this enough – to

have the confidence and peace of mind that the work has been done correctly,

and that Park Place stands behind it.

your source for higher performance

6113 lemmon avenue | dallas, tX 75209

214.525.5400 |

service hours m - f 7:00am - 7:00Pm, sa 9:00am - 5:00Pm

June 13



Owned and operated by Jay Walker, II,

maverick region member since 1997.



1021 W. Prairie at UNT |


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Public Relations

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Complete Porsche Service

Jim Buckley

Bryan Henderson

3029 Caddo Trail

Lake Worth, TX 76135



New! BHP Stainless 911 Headers

Expert Suspension Set-ups

Custom Roll Cages

Parts, Service, Restoration

June 15

Bluebonnet Sunday Drive

By Paul Valdez

It has been said that we can thank God, Lady

Bird Johnson, and the Texas Department of

Transportation for the wonderful Bluebonnets.

But to that list, we must thank Dr. Porsche for providing the

perfect car from which to view the scenery. Thirty eight

bright and shiny

Porsches, including

two vintage 356’s,

Boxsters, 911’s, a

couple of 928’s,

and our first ever

Panamera made this

annual event the

best ever. We even

had one Chevrolet

Suburban with

two PCA members

from Santa Barbara

California. They heard of the legendary Maverick region

Bluebonnet tour, and wanted along for the ride as they

were in town, sans their Porsche.

As usual, the weather was perfect for our annual drive.

Drive Meister Clint Blackman had prepared a tour through

the hills of Ennis,

which was really

a crowd pleaser.

road, you inevitably will get the admiring stares and

friendly waves of bystanders. It takes quite a bit to draw

attention away from the natural beauty of the Texas

landscape, but a fleet of German beauty and technology

will do it every time.

The weather

was perfect for

top down, sunroof

open, or windows

down driving. Two

planned stops were

made, with plenty

of time to take

pictures, catch up

with old friends, and

to make new ones as

What a great group of friends to spend the day with!

well. Pat Silva, our

newest club member with her new Porsche racing green

911 Carrera S, was already planning to make the next

Sunday drive to Dinosaur Valley State Park located just

northwest of Glen Rose.

Of course the

only way to really

end a great drive

is with Bar-B-

Que. Bubba’s

An abundance of

Bar-B-Que on

Bluebonnets and

I-45 was the

one Daisy (the King

destination, after

Charles Cavalier

our fantastic

Spaniel) were on

Bluebonnet tour.

display. What began Food and beverage flowed, as we all toasted another

many years ago successful Sunday drive with a great time had by all. To

simply as a drive

those who have not had

from one bluebonnet

the thrill of joining our

field to another,

Sunday drives, I

has blossomed into

suggest you check the

one of Texas’ major

drive schedule on the

events, drawing bus

Maverick website, and

tours, photographers

put it on your calendar.

and people of all

We would love for you

ages admiring the

to join us on the next

state flower. But of


course, whenever

you get this many

beautiful Porsches

z o o m i n g

down the


Sunday Drives, what a great way to spend the afternoon

June 17




From the moment

you turn in from

Denton Drive, you’ll

start to notice the

special details that


a car-friendly heaven.

It’s quite simply, the most incredible

independent repair facility in the


It even has its own Race-Track

Simulator and Side-By-Side, All-

Wheel Dynos!

Dallas-Park Cities 214-350-3050 . Plano 972-867-7467 . Dallas N/E 214-320-8280


Cliff’s Ramblings

by Cliff Blackshear

By the time you read this, the

May Memorial Weekend Club

Race will have concluded.

It’s mid May and we Mav’s are hosting a

Club Race on Memorial day weekend. I

absolutely love this event. I’ve worked in

tech inspection for many events in a row

and just love the experience. It’s fun to be

an observer. Plus, it is at Eagles Canyon where David and

Linda Cook are the track owners and just a delight to be

around. We are so lucky to have them in the area. If ya ever

get the chance to have a libation with them and discuss all

things automotive, you will be highly entertained as they are

an amazing couple.

I already envision how things will

unfold for the race. Friday, in tech, we

will weigh a huge number of cars and

the PCA Scrutineer will be there to

check logbooks as well as help new,

first time racers get their logbooks in

order. This will go into the evening till

maybe 7:00 PM. First time race cars

will be looked over very carefully. Are

the belts properly wrapped and pinned? Is the battery tied

down correctly? Is the cage correct and safe as well as legal?

Does the shut off system work correctly? Many, many things

to consider. For me, I want the driver to be safe. I leave it to

the scrutineer to decide if it is correct for the class entered in.

It’s so fun to meet the drivers, see their cool cars and just

send them on their way ready for friendly (most of the time),


Workers for grid, hot pits, flag stations will meet each

morning around 7 AM. Then be on station around 7:50 AM.

Checking in on radios to control just before 8:00 am. “Cars

on course” at 8:00 sharp. 99.99% of this will be orchestrated

by volunteers from our club.

I marvel at every ones ability to tie everything together.

Multiple people always stand out in my “Club Race World.”

I’ll name some here quickly and know I’m leaving many out

(please forgive me). Bob Benson, always seems to be in hot

pits and on top of everything. His wealth of experience is

amazing in this realm. Jan Mayo, will be working grid. She

seems to dance among the cars lining them up with perfect

precision, and that always present smile. Lisa Steele, will

appear to be in about 20 places at one time. If you need

something she can make it happen. Christy Payne, can find

anyone you need to talk to and always knows who is assigned

to what task. Christy is always available for anything needed.

Plus the ever present Wendy Shoffit, who also seems to be in

about 20 places at once as well.

PCA Race Weekend

Well guys it is the women and a few token guys that make

this gig go. Joel Nannis, Michael Wingfield, Keith Olcha, etc.

are crucial in this endeavour and there’s too many more to

mention. I know I sit and marvel at everyone’s hard work and

prowess at this event every year. Yet it is the girls that run this

gig..... How funny is that?

Once test and tune is done on Friday, business gets serious

on Saturday. DE (solo only) is perfectly intermixed with all

the race activity and that is so cool. Practice sessions will

begin, then sprints. Practice starts are always entertaining to

watch, will take place.

So many classes of cars will be on course. For me too

many classes and rules to spend time figuring out. I’ll just

strive to make sure they are safe if they

come into tech inspection. But, it’s the

cars, drivers and all those workers that

make the whole event so fun to simply

watch from the technician perspective.

Cup cars, Boxster’s, 993’s, 964’s,

Carrera’s, SC’s, mechanical injected

and those with carburetors, early

lightweight 911’s, 968’s, 944’s, 914’s

some of the cars turbocharged. This is fun stuff.

Sunday will roll around and we will see how things sort

out. By then we will have had a great party Saturday night,

much will have been discussed about track conditions, who is

quick and who might be sandbagging. Who broke and where

that situation is.

Another cool thing is that everyone helps everyone. If

one participant needs a part or a special tool and someone

else has it? No problem. People jump right in and help each

other make grid. Not only help with a part or tool, but jump

in and lend a hand in any way needed. That is so awesome.

I want to dedicate some time here to the flag and safety

people. The folks in our region that work the individual

corners, grid, hot-pits etc. at all the different race tracks are

amazing to me. I’ve worked as a corner worker for CVAR on

a couple occasions as a novice workers, trying not to make

a mistake. That experience has given me a chance to realize

just how good these people are. A huge number of them have

worked thousands of events. Events ranging from Formula 1,

ALMS, NASCAR, SCCA, 2 wheeled events etc.

When on station at a corner, it is best to have someone

looking upstream and someone looking downstream. Plus

someone for communication with race control. That is what

I understand to be a minimum number needed for each

corner station. Each person has to be so observant. They have

a racers life in their hands in so many ways. If an incident

continued on pg 21

June 19

A Novice View: 1971 Sun Valley Porsche Parade

by Andrew S. Chisholm

As a young rookie Porsche owner, I discovered

the benefits of PCA membership after joining

in 1969. What really got my attention was

this wonderful Panorama magazine that appeared in my

mailbox each month. In the days when there were no

electronic means of communication (as we practice today),

and Porsche ownership was somewhat rare, this magical

Porsche-only publication was a real treat to receive.

Panorama’s pages included

lovingly written articles about

Porsche cars and the people who

drove them. It featured advertising

of Porsche stuff to buy, upcoming

events to attend, Porsche factory

news and stories of Porsche racing

from all over the world. One event

that caught my eye was the annual

PCA convention, referred to as

the Porsche Parade. In 1971, Sun

Valley, Idaho would be the location.

I just had to attend.

I must admit being somewhat intimidated at attending

such an extravaganza. Some of those famous people

mentioned in the “Pano” would be there. No one from my

region was going to attend. How would I do competing

against all of those experienced and accomplished Porsche

drivers? Maybe I should sit this one out. Or just attend

and take pictures. I decided to enter the autocross and the

hill climb competition. At least I had some local autocross


After a wonderful trip in my 1969 912, I drove into the

parking lot of the Sun Valley Lodge. It was a beautiful place,

but my first fear had come true. There I was in the midst

of hundreds of Porsches and I knew no one. However, no

sooner than I had switched off the ignition, I was approached

by an official-looking guy in a Castrol Oil hat. Uh oh, I

must be parked in the wrong place. He had spotted my

Virginia license plates and came over to introduce himself.

Turns out he was Dan Rowzie of the Potomac region. Dan

and I had met at a couple of PCA events back east, and he

was one of those famous people with his name in the Pano,

as he served as the National Public Relations guy for PCA.

Dan introduced me to the members of his group and invited

me to park with them in the concours prep parking lot. So

much for not knowing anyone 2000 miles from home!

Tuesday was concours day with over 100 Porsche cars

displayed for judging. It is hard to explain the impression

that spectacular scene had on me. I used all of the film for my

camera that I had brought with me and wished I had more. I

went from Porsche to Porsche, taking notes and pictures and

talking to most anyone who would listen. What a wonderful

day! The owners of the Porsches displayed all seemed to

have a special story about their cars and were anxious to tell

the story. Back at the Lodge late that afternoon, I thought

that this sort of gathering was not just about the cars, but

the very special people who drive them. Maybe there is a

slogan brewing there.

I was real nervous about the

autocross. If there is any event

where I can display my skills, the

autocross is it. On Wednesday

morning, I showed up early to make

sure that I was prepared. First, the

912. Just take all movable items

from the interior and trunk, take

off the hubcaps (yes, hubcaps)

and adjust the tire pressures. For

a “stock” class Porsche, that is

about it and not much has changed

over the years. As for driver prep,

walk the course and make sure you

know exactly where you want to go. One main thing about

the autocross game is not to hesitate while you wonder

where the course goes.

The Sun Valley autocross was held on public streets,

some of which were roads in front of houses and condos

not yet built. This made for kind of a “road cross”, fun

to drive and safe for the drivers. The 912 class was well

represented, with 23 cars entered as four cylinder Porsches

were pretty common. As the 912 group lined up for the

start, I thought I should have a pretty good chance to do

well. Lots of different colors and years of 912s were staged,

but all seemed somewhat the same, making it close to a

“spec” class.

The flagman waived the green and I was off on my first

Porsche Parade autocross. This was big time for me and I

wanted to make a good showing. I did OK following the

course, made a couple of mistakes in the “turn around” area

where I thought I should shift to first gear and ultimately

finished 7th in class. I was kind of disappointed with my

performance, but only 2.34 seconds from the first place

time of 1:51.69. At the autocross banquet, I was awarded

a trophy for my efforts and received applause from those in

attendance. Wow, I was one notch down from the Indy 500!

Upon arriving home, I had all of my pictures developed

and thought that I sure would like to have one of my 912

in action during the autocross. A great idea would to be

to put a request in the Mart section of Pano, so I sent in


an advertisement to the Wanted section. After all, lots of

people were there and maybe someone would have a picture

that they would share. I never got a response from my ad,

but the Pano editor took note of my request and published

a picture of my 912 and me in action at the Sun Valley


There, in the September, 1971 issue of the Porsche

Panorama, for all the world to see forever, is a picture of

me autocrossing with the windshield wipers on full blast. It

was not raining. Be careful of what you wish for.

In the minds and memories of all who attended the Sun

Valley Parade, it has always been known as one of the best

ever, especially for it’s time. I was fortunate to have been

there. I have that 7th place trophy around here somewhere,

but the memories of the folks who were there remain

today. People such as Dan Rowzie, Walt Woodhead and

Bob Harper and their friends and family of the Potomoc

Region made my first Porsche Parade a neat experience.

My attendance at 28 Porsche Parades since has added many

more lifetime Porsche friends as the years have gone by.

Check out the next Parade, where ever it may be held, for

lifetime memories of your own.

Oh, one more thing. I have been practicing at this

autocross thing and want you six guys who beat me in Sun

Valley to know that I want a re-match!

Continued Ramblings

occurs in their area of responsibility, much has to be done

instantly. Warn oncoming cars of a situation, digest the

event and record car number/color, communicate with race

control, be prepared to rush to a car with serious problems

such as fire, driver impact trauma, etc. Know how to put out

a fire, extract a driver from a car, it is very serious when any

incident occurs.

When lunchtime occurs and everyone gathers, you will

see this group come in and sit together for some quick food

before going right back on station. Go say hello. Good people.

I know for a fact that almost all the drivers on course will

give each corner station a wave on their cool down lap as a

show of recognition and respect. I’ve also seen some come by

after the track goes cold and just say hello and be sure these

workers know they are appreciated.

After the first time I worked an event on a corner I made

sure that when this Club Race event comes around my shop

has something just for them. It isn’t a big deal, but I want them

to be a little more appreciated at the event my shop sponsors.

A tee shirt or cap, something to show our appreciation.

This, to me is the best time of year. Good weather, many

events, everyone is coming out of the winter cave......

Just Ramblin Along!, Cliff

June 21

Experience Your Porsche in a New Way!

By driving on a real North Texas racetrack

Eagles Canyon Raceway is the beautiful culmination of years worth of

research, planning & design into the rolling hills of North Texas near DFW.

Eagles Canyon Raceway features 2.55 miles, 4 straights over 1,300 feet long, 11

turns, and 340 feet of overall elevation change. Eagles Canyon is a true driver's

track, and is planned to host all classes of events from the top level racing series

to club racing and private HPDE days.

We are proud to receive PCA events including Club Racing and look forward to

each and every event!

With an EC Membership you can enjoy driving on a track that is quickly

becoming history in the making. We offer all that you need including a

challenging track, high octane fuel & a grill for lunch. Join us by signing up at or call for information at 940-466-9775.



Member Spotlight: Wade Andres

by Andrea Bell


am pleased to introduce to you

another new Maverick member

this month, Wade Andres. Wade

comes to us with quite a history of Porsches

in his family. One of those cars is a 1991

964 C4 that he bought new with a trade

in of a Guards Red 1986 Coupe. He says

he drove off regretting leaving the clutch,

steering and long throw shifter for an easy chair car. He said

you can tell when my

son Zach is driving

the 964, because he

puts the tail up! It

has 42,000 miles and

has been lowered

with big torsion bars.

Until last Sunday’s

autocross, he thought

those were going to be

decent modifications.

Instead, he learned

that he should have kept his first Porsche, a 1973 914, green

2.0. In ‘83 he wanted to turn it into a track car, but got busy

Start Packing!

The 2010



St. Charles, Illinois

July 3-9, 2010

PCA’s National

Convention offers:

Autocross · Concours · Rally

Driving Tours · Tech Sessions

Social Events · and more!

Explore the beautiful Fox River Valley

and nearby Chicago-area attractions.

Learn more and register at

Registration opens

March 9, 2010

so start planning now!

with graduate school, earning a living, etc. It turned out

to be a great weekend car for hauling bikes to White Rock

Lake and was eventually it was replaced by a 1983 Carrera.

That ‘83 turned into an ‘86, and a first marriage. The

‘91 was purchased with an $8,000 discount from Porsche

after the best deal you could make on the car. At the time,

the performance numbers appealed to a big block teenager

so it was done, with early regrets. However, Wade’s sons,

Travis, now 19, and Zach, now 17, grew up in the ‘91 so it

is hard to lose. Wade

added, “Also there

is something about

an air cooled car,

the way they sound,

handle, smell - it is a

lost era.” He’s hoping

he can make it into a

fun car that the boys

and he can both enjoy.

In 2006, he

wanted a new car and found the ‘06 S - a wonderful, beautiful

car. He added, it is big, fast and comfortable, but not as

engaging as the air cooled. Two years ago, he purchased an

‘05 Turbo S RUF 550. He said, “It is a car that is a status

symbol - you are not worthy! It will push your eye balls

back in their sockets crazy, but like I said, a status symbol.”

Wade has also raced in the American Power Boat

Association and then later on sport bikes but said he realized

the safety percentages were no longer in his favor.

Wade added that he has already been really impressed

with the friendliness that he has encountered in every PCA

event that he has

been involved

in and added the

Maverick website

is great. He said

he really looks

forward to making

some great friends

and enjoying a

sport that he can

really enjoy and share with his kids. He added at the end,

“Hey Autocross guys - I will not look at my times, nor squeal

my tires! But watch out because I might be a sleeper! I may

be too old to ever get into their league – but I want to try!”

We are pleased to have Wade and his family, join our

Maverick family. If you are a new member and would like to

be considered for our monthly “SPOTLIGHT’ feature,

please contact me at

June 23

Happy Hour at Bavarian Grill

by Chris Christensen

Sprechen sie Deutsch? It would

be fun even if we did remember

just a little of our High School

or College German for that matter. We

all know the story today regarding our

European friends, most speak at least

two languages fluently. So if you want

to practice your German while downing

a few Pilsner brews it is entirely possible to do so at the

Bavarian Grill. Look at this way…if you visit often enough

you may even become fluent or at least well indoctrinated in

German biers and wines…or both. Andrea (the owner) will

happily accommodate and reciprocate in perfect English if

need be.

What a cool place to have a Porsche Happy Hour and

we might add immensely popular with Mavericks. About

40 Porschephilles showed up with an array of their Porsche’s

parked in a more than ample parking lot. Parking is much

appreciated when we have to park our beautiful cars, so it

is especially nice to park next to another Porsche – then we

know they will not be dinged – right? We are also sure the

executives at Zuffenhausen would approve of the Bavarian

Grill and what also is amazing; so many Mavericks came

out on tax day…wow! Those returns must have generated

some extra cash! What is also interesting is the number of

Porsche’s in the Metroplex, and the size of the Maverick

membership – about a thousand folks in all. And that

represents just a small segment of local Porsche owners. If

all those non-members knew they were entitled to a PCA

discount at the local Porsche dealers maybe more would

join – spread the word!

Since Happy Hours seem to focus around Mexican

food, mainly because it is very prevalent in the Dallas

area and also because of its moderate pricing, it is a nice

change of pace to partake of German food. The Bavarian

Grill advertises the largest Schnitzels in Texas! Well what

exactly is a Wiener schnitzel anyway you might ask? Really

it is just a thin cut of meat coated in bread crumbs and then

fried. (Hey we never promised healthy-just good). It is

a very popular part of the Viennese and Austrian cuisine.

Traditionally it is served with a side of lingonberry jam or

cranbury sauce. The traditional Wiener is made of veal and

sometimes pork.

One of the highlights of the Grill is the service. We

had a pretty big crowd and the service staff was very

professional…hats off to them, they work hard. So milling

around we discovered some new faces in the crowd…and

please if we missed anyone we are very sorry. Maybe we

need to have a sign-in table for all those new Mavericks.

Joining us at HH for the first time was Brad and Jen Nesbitt,

who recently joined PCA and drive a 1999 Boxster,

welcome to you both and we might add a good choice for

your first Porsche. Also Charlie Capers who just joined as

well, Charlie drives a 2008 Cayman S. Again, our apologies

if we missed including anyone.

We are sure everyone enjoyed listening to Rich Keesecker

and his expert renditions of Bavarian folk music, we were

well entertained. Rich is a member of the Bavarian Music,

Culture, and Folk Dance Preservation Society of Dallas.

And then there was a surprise with Ed Mullinex keeping the

beat on the spoons, and singing along in key. Who knew?

We have lots of talent in our group! Happy Birthday was

played on cow bells by the staff – Happy Birthday again to

Mike Lockas! We won’t ask how old Mike…

The next Happy Hour will be back to the Wild Wood

Grill in Southlake. Located at 2700 E. Southlake Blvd.

See you all there!


June 25

April Showers bring what? Dirty cars to MSR!!

By Carrie Carrera

Our second Driver Education event of the 2010

season had a very wet start. Most of the

Dallas metro-plex was under very heavy rain

showers from the wee hours of the morning that

continued during our collective pilgrimage to

Motorsport Ranch in Cresson, TX on Saturday

morning, April 24th. So for those of us who

had street tires, that is rain tolerant tires, on our

track cars were able to make the trip in our –

what were – clean cars. Those on trailers also

probably started out clean. However, by the

time we arrived, most of us were covered with

rain spray. Oh darn. And of course, as we are

heading to the club house, the rain stops!!

After our driver’s meetings were completed,

the track had started to dry in the rising sun

and clearing clouds. The instructors had their

first session, and thank you – they pretty much

dried out the track. The rain stayed away the

rest of the weekend, and heck, the cars didn’t

look so dirty coming out of big bend headed for

rattlesnake turn.

Thank you to Park

Place Porsche for

their generous

sponsorship and

attendance at

the event. All


entrants received

a very nice duffle

bag with the

event insignia

– probably the

nicest event

give-away I’ve

seen in 25 years

of PCA!! Park

Place had their

Bob Benson, ready for anything

banners in place

despite the wind,

and a great corner in the paddock full of customer and

dealership cars.

On Saturday our lunch break featured 2 Parade

Lap events – our usual charity for the Hope Shelter

on the 1.3 track, and a special ‘spirited’ parade lap for

the guests of Park Place on the 1.7 track. Dollars were

raised to support the new children’s play area.

We had great participation in the DE itself – and a full


Photos by Charlie Davis

compliment of instructors. And what horsepower – wow,

team 3 green group featured a Cayman S, Carrera, 2 911

turbos, and 2 911 GT2s. And all did very well. Across all

All smiles for the session

of our teams we saw many promotions from green to blue,

blue to blue solo, and yellow to white. This makes room

for more green students for the future events. Congrats to

our students for running

a nice clean event.

Our events always

run smoothly thanks to

our Safety Chairman

Bob Benson and his

team of happy corner

workers. We try to make

their day as boring as

possible – and we were

successful this time.

Black Flag was partially

managed by Sophie

the Wonder Track Dog

with owner Team 1 lead

instructor Bill Miller.

She didn’t mind having

to ride in the 914 to the


New to our event

thanks to DE Chief

Driving Instructor, John

Sandusky, is that we now have Blue Group log books. So

now we have a great way to track and quantify the progress

of our intermediate students on their way to yellow and

Sophie and Bill Miller ready their flags

eyond. The books were very well received and this

generated not only enthusiasm -also a great sense of pride

as students got checkmarks in the boxes.

The most smiles for the miles – that’s what we say

about our DE events. You can even see the smile behind

the helmet.

Happy Student and

Instructor ready for their

next session.

Instructor Team 3 lead Lori

Mauthe with student

Our next event is the

PCA Club Race over

Memorial Day weekend

for our students who

have reached SOLO

status and our club race

participants at Eagles

Canyon Raceway over

Memorial Day, and we

look forward to seeing

everyone back at Motorsport Ranch for events in September

and October, and season wrap-up at Eagles Canyon in

November. Check out the website for more information.

2700 B West Pioneer PkWy

(125 feet s. of Pioneer, on the W. side of Corzine st.)

Arlington, texAs 76013


June 27

Tech Corner

by Ed Mullenix

The Tops and Dogs tech session

was a huge success. We had

25 cars show up, 22 of which

had convertible tops. This was an interactive

tech session. I started things off by

demonstrating how to apply painters tape

to the edges of the plastic rear window and

then apply a paper barrier. Plastic sheeting

was draped on the front, rear, and windows. After proper

masking, the top preservative spray was applied according to

Porsche recommendations.

After watching how to do it, everyone pitched in and we

tag-teamed the masking, draping, and spraying. The first car

required about 25 minutes or so to complete. By the time we

got to the last round of cars (we were treating four at a time), we

had it down to less than ten minutes per car. The top treatment

is one of those tasks that you know needs to be done, but like

cleaning the garage, you try to put off as long as possible.

We all had a great time doing something that otherwise

would not have been all that entertaining. There was much

conversing, admiring each other’s cars, and camaraderie. There

were several spouses in attendance enjoying their time together

as they coalesced together and engaged in conversation. Not

Tops & Dogs

sure if they were praising our efforts or criticizing our obsession

with our cars.

While we were busy treating tops, my bride Donna

was busy tending the grill. She is from Wisconsin, where

apparently they don’t care for, own, or tolerate gas grills. I

dragged our Weber and necessary supplies down to the shop.

We had food that started with “B” (brats, burgers, beans, and

beer) and surprisingly there were no leftovers! The timing of

the top treatment is arbitrary.

It probably should be done prior to the summer, when the

UV index is greatest the top spray not only protects against

rain, it also acts like “sunscreen.” Not sure how many of you

are art aficionados, but next year, we might try to have the tech

session on the same weekend as the Cottonwood Art Festival.

We could spray our tops in the morning, and check out the

offerings at Cottonwood in the afternoon. Just a thought, let

me know what you think. Several members were excited about

the inter-active tech session. They wanted to know if the club

was planning any more tech sessions like this one. I invite your

ideas on what we could do on a future DIY tech session.

We all had a wonderful time. It’s not our fantastic cars, it’s

the people that make our club so enjoyable!



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June 29

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Personal Service.

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dealer for high-performance Recaro seating, Yokohama Tires, Bilstein Shocks, Bosch,

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New Wheels

by Joel Nannis

Andres, Wade

Dallas, TX 75225

2005 Turbo S

D’Ingianni, Vincente (Silvia


Richardson, TX 75082

1974 914-6

Farinella, Dominick

Colleyville, TX 76034

2003 911

Feighner, Matthew

Colleyville, TX 76034

1987 911

Hambery, Steve

Southlake, TX 76092

2009 911

Hart, Jason

Flower Mound, TX 75028

1978 928

Hickman, Chris (Cindy)

Colleyville, TX 76034

2007 Cayman S

Jernigan, Gregg

Allen, TX 75002

2004 911 Turbo

Leaton, Roger

Decatur, TX 76234

2007 GT3

Lewellen, Kevin (Diane


Arlington, TX 76018

1995 911


Mathis, Manson

50 Years

40 Years

Sutton, Jerry & Myra

35 Years

Kauffman, Ralph

McGlohen, Joe

Isbell, Gerald

25 Years

15 Years

Miller, Lem (Nell)

Coppell, TX 75019

2009 911 S

Mitchell, Matt

Carrollton, TX 75007

2002 911

Nestora, Gregory

Dallas, TX 75204

2006 Cayman S

Noble, Josh (Andrea Gimple)

Fort Worth, TX 76132

2006 Cayman S

Rosenberg, Russ (Lisa)

Denton, TX 76208

1999 Boxster

Silva, Pat (Alfredo)

Dallas, TX 74205

2009 Carrera S

Stark, John (Kim)

Celina, TX 75009

1996 993

Stubbs, Scott

Arlington, TX 76002

2002 Boxster S

Tran, Phong

Dallas, TX 75204

2007 997 Turbo

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Do your part to preserve

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keep the flash alive!






Start Packing!

The 2010



St. Charles, Illinois

July 3-9, 2010

PCA’s National

Convention offers:

Autocross · Concours · Rally

Driving Tours · Tech Sessions

Social Events · and more!

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For Sale: 1987 Porsche 944, White with Martini vinyl stripes (no-hassle

removal possible), beige leather interior. Very clean interior and exterior. Manual

5 speeds. Runs great, maintenance records, with all parts from name brand

manufacturers (sachs boge, weltmeister, zimmerman). 155,552 miles, strong

engine. Non-smoker, power everything, new brakes, suspensions, spark plugs, fuel

filter, air filter, oil filter, all fluids changed 2000 miles ago, and new plugs on the

transmission. Clutch has half of its life (24mm for 18 new and 36 worn). No rust

even under the jacking points! Engine has protective plate unlike many others.

SONY radio is brand new and reads CD, MP3 and USB keys. CARFAX is clean.

Title is clean. Check Autotraders for pictures. $7499 OR BEST OFFER. Call 214-

517-4328 or (3)



Cedar Hill






June 31


Unclassifieds are available free to Maverick Region members and are $5 to all others (contact editor for payment details). Please limit size to no more than 6 lines. Ads will run for 3 issues, then

removed unless you request that it be run for an additional 3 issues. E-mail your ad to by the 10th to have your ad run in the following month’s Slipstream. Be sure to

include car year, make and model, its mileage and asking price, as well as a contact name, phone number and /or e-mail address. All parts will be advertised on our website. Check your ad for

accuracy the first time it runs. Contact the editor to have your ad pulled sooner. Due to space constraints, photos may or may not be included.

For Sale: 1988 Porsche 924S, 944 engine, single owner, garaged with a

Porsche cover, always in DFW area. 7,800 original miles. All original paint, fire

engine red, & interior, tan leather upholstery, with automatic transmission, power

windows & original security system. New battery. No scratches or dents. Mint

Condition. Really beautiful. $12,000 OBO. E-mail George at

for more information. (1)

For Sale: 1988 Porsche 911 Targa, Popular features of G50 trans. and whale

tail! Excellent condition with recent top-end & clutch rebuild and targa top liner

replaced. Updated suspension ready for the track or street; extra set of Fuchs

included (4 7x16, 2 8x16). Updated Alpine CD stereo with Infinity speakers. Also

included are tool kit, air compressor, original stereo and steering wheel - plus I’ll

throw in whatever books I have. 138,700 miles - asking $21,500. Contact Info:

Jeff at 972-939-0893 or (1)

For Sale: 1978 Euro 911 SC Club Race “E” Car, Complete, fully sorted,

nothing spared proven winner. PCA Club Racer “E” Class. Professionally prepared

car includes full cage with NASCAR doors, new Cobra Evolution HALO seats,

data acquisition, 8 & 9” Fuchs, complete state of the art suspension, LSD and all

the other expected goodies and modifications throughout the car. Low time on very

strong Euro Hi-Comp engine and trans. Straight clean white with Martini livery.

All new expendables, way too much to list, needs absolutely nothing. Forced to

sell quickly at significant loss. $36k offers encouraged. Contact David Keens at

817-228-2948 or (1)

For Sale: 1998 Spec Boxster, Highly developed race built by Speed Gallery

to the limit of the rules; 4 hours on rebuilt motor, Sachs clutch, S oil cooler, GT3

front and rear lower control arms, Bilstein PSS9 coilovers with upgraded spring

package, Terrat front drop link and rear toe links. New Pagid pads, zero hour

battery, New Sparco Hans race seat, removalbe steering wheel, Schroth belts,

Nascar cage, Alcantara dash, Motorola radio, cool suit, 996 front bumper. Way

too much to list. The trickest, quickest, sharpest and funest race car available for

this exciting spec Boxster class. Beautiful new Speed yellow paint and custom

graphics and custom painted wheels. Over $45,000 invested $38,250 OBO

Paul Fairchild 602-363-8449. (1)

For Sale: 1977 Porsche 911S Targa, $14,000 & 79000 miles, Red with Tan

interior. Low miles on Motor Meister engine rebuild. Service records back to

original owner and many reference/repair manuals included. Contact Cal Byson at for additional pictures and details. (1)

For Sale: 1979 911 SC, Black $17,000.00 Fauk rims and tail new stereo

system and speakers with a new driving Momo wheel with approximately 116,000

miles as I have not used the car for 3 years, but is under a roof and with its own

protective cover. contact (1)

For Sale: 1989 911, Original Texas car and has always in the Ft. Worth/Dallas

area. 94,450 miles. Original paint & interior in excellent condition. Rare and

beautiful Azure Blue, Dark blue top, tan interior, cold AC, BBS Wheels, Alpine

AM/FM/CD Stereo, built-in Radar Detector. We love this car, but have a white 89

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cab also (the wife won’t let go of hers) along with a 1961 356 and too many other

toys ... so something has to go. $20,550 OBO Call or email Troy at 817-343-7556, for more information. (2)

For Sale: 1987 porsche 924S, 90,000 original mile. 5 speed manual. Nonturbo.

New timing belts, new 4 tires from Michelin, and new battery. I have to

move out Texas pretty soon, so I need to sell this car. I am the 4th owner. Never

had an accident. Runs in really good condition, no dents, perfect painting. Asking

$3800 firm. 682-522-3159 or (2)

For Sale: 1973 911T Targa, This car is stripped down to the shell with no

engine. All original glass. Pan has been completly replaced. Would make a good

race car project. Have lots of parts and pcs and can send pics to anyone interested.

Was bought as a restoration project but have not been able to find the time to do

the work. Can send pics to anyone interested. $3,000 OBO. Contact Jerry @ cell

#214-587-7796 6am-5pm. (2)

For Sale:1978 Euro 911 SC Club Race Car, Complete, fully sorted,

nothing spared proven winner. Professionally prepared car includes full cage with

NASCAR doors, new Cobra Evolution HALO seats, data acquisition, 8 & 9”

Fuchs, complete state of the art suspension, LSD and all other expected goodies

and modifications throughout. Low time on very strong engine and trans. Straight

clean white with Martini livery. All new expendables, way too much to list, needs

absolutely nothing. Forced to sell quickly at significant loss. $36k obo. Contact

David Keens for complete details. 817-228-2948. (2)

For Sale: 2004 Porsche 996 Turbo Cabriolet, Excellent condition, 25k

miles with many additions, to what is already a phenomenal car. Includes power

mods like, KKK K24 Turbos with diverter valves, with silicone boost hoses.

Milltek exhaust and GIAC flashloader programming. Bilstein’s PSS9 coil overs

were installed to improve handling. Other mods include, Tech Art rear wing,

Factory GT2 front bumper, 19” Porsche wheels, and short shifter, Porsche’s PCM/

Navigation package and 100% carbon fiber trim package. Asking $59,900.00.

Visit or call Chris or Bill at (972) 317-4005. (3)

For Sale: 1997 Porsche 911 Carrera 2 Coupe, Glacier White with Classic

Gray interior. Final production year of the air cooled 3.6 liter, 282 HP engine.

Speed activated rear spoiler. Sirius satellite radio. Sunroof. Michelin Pilot Sport

tires on 17” wheels with Cup Design rims and Porsche crest rim caps. $9,700 top

end rebuild at 63k miles. A/C rebuild at 82k miles. 90,000 miles. $32,000. Contact

Paul at 214-930-4697 or (3)

For Sale: 1986 911 Carrera Targa, Guards Red with Champagne leather

interior. $9,655 top end engine rebuild at 91,000 miles. New Porsche leather

front seat covers at 97,000 miles. Performance Yokohama tires on custom wheels.

Competition momo steering wheel. 120,000 miles. $18,000. Contact Paul at

214-930-4697 or (3)

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Jan Mayo at

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