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Volume 48 November 2010, Issue 11

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Upcoming Events

Calendar of Events.......................................1

Celebration & Awards Dinner......................3

Lunches ........................................................5

Sunday Drive - Turkey Chase ....................... 5

Board Meeting .............................................8

Driver Education - EC ...............................11

Founders’ Day & Holiday Party .................12

Happy Hour at Mac’s Steak & Seafood 24

Tech Session - Mullenix ............................28

Celebration & Awards Dinner....................28

Past Event Recaps

Fall Season DE Arrives ..............................10

Zims Swap Meet & Concours ...................17

Happy Hour at BJ’s Restaurant ..................24

My First Porsche... Club ............................26


Trivia Contest ..............................................7

New Porsche Speedster ................................9

Membership Directory...............................31

Day November

3 Board Meeting

6 AX/TT End of Season

Celebration & Awards Dinner

9 Lewisville Lunch

13-14 Driver Education EC

18 Happy Hour - Mac’s

21 Sunday Drive - Turkey Chase


27 Tech Session @ Mullenix

Day January


5 Board Meeting

11 Lewisville Lunch

20 Happy Hour - Love & War

27 Southlake Lunch

EC - Eagle’s Canyon, Slidell

MW- Mineral Wells Airport, Mineral Wells

MSR- Motor Sport Ranch, Cresson

TMS- Texas Motor Speedway, Fort Worth

Penn- Pennington Field Stadium, Bedford

Day December

8 Board Meeting

11 Founder’s Day & Holiday Party

12 Sunday Drive-Christmas


14 Lewisville Lunch

16 Happy Hour - Bavarian Grill

23 Southlake Lunch


Day February

2 Board Meeting

8 Lewisville Lunch

17 Happy Hour - TBD

24 Southlake Lunch

Cover Photo

By Blair Hartsfield

Warming up the track!

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November 1


Mike Brodigan, President

Well another great year of

fun and fellowship with our

Maverick Porsche buddies

is coming to an end. Just think, there

are only two Sunday drives, a DE at

Eagles Canyon Raceway, three more

Porsche Lunches (well, there are four

scheduled, but I think we might blow

off the one on Thanksgiving Day), and two more really

cool Happy Hours, (one in Plano, one in Colleyville).

In addition to all this, we have the Autocross and Time

Trial award celebration at Dave and Busters, and our


CELEBRATION! What an ending! This Year Founder’s

Day is at the fabulous Gaylord Texan Resort on Lake

Grapevine. This is a can’t miss event. Christy Payne

and her gang have put together an awesome program

that is long on fun, and short on award presentations.

The price is

great, and I will

even buy you a

drink. Check the

web site, or the

ad in this issue

for more details.

While Bryan

Bell was tending

to our Region

(thanks Bryan),

Judy and I

were on a longanticipated


through Scotland

and Ireland. We

sure had a blast. Besides the beautiful scenery, there were

lots and lots of castles, churches, sheep, and pubs. Lots

of pubs. Now you have to understand that on most of our

travels Judy is in charge. She does a great job of seeking out

all the great places to visit and what to see. This trip Mike

took control. We had seven days in Ireland, with most of our

activities pre-planned by our tour group. When we had free

time, I announced that I had set a goal of visiting at least 30

different Irish pubs, and have at least one drink in each one.

Now I know that this was a very lofty objective, but I had

a lot of encouragement from our fellow travelers, and Judy

was a pretty good sport about it. I made number 30 on our

last day at 4:30 pm. Success!

Mav of the Month

This month, Andy Mears is our Mav of the Month. Andy

is in charge of the distribution side of our Slipstream team.

He has had the job for over 10 years. Andy works with the

printers, mail service agency and the Post Office to get our

Magazine out as soon as possible.

For being the Maverick of the Month, The Silver Fox

in Grapevine is giving Andy dinner for two at their award

winning steak house.

Andy, thanks for all you do.



November 3


Mike Brodigan



Mike enjoys the Maverick social events,

is a Drivers Education instructor and

does a little Club Racing as well. His first

Porsche is a 1999 Boxster that he intends

to own forever. He also has a track

prepared 1989 944 Turbo S (Chouncey).


Milton, James

AX Chair Tannia Dobbins

TT Lewisville Chair Milton, Travis James Howard

AX/TT Lewisville Registrar Michael


AX/TT Rules Charlie Davis

AX/TT Safety Chuck McCoy

AX/TT Schools Bryan Bell

& Lisa Steele

AX/TT Tech Insp Jeff Herrmann

AX/TT Timing Darron Shaffer

AX/TT Workers Mike Lockas

Club Race Co-Chair Joel Nannis

Club Race Co-Chair Bill Miller

Club Race Ads/PR Lori Mauthe

Club Race Registrar Wendy Shoffit

Concours Jack Griffin

DE Chair John Hamilton

DE Chief Dvg Instr. John Sandusky

DE Registrar Joel Nannis

DE Safety Bob Benson

Email List Modr. Bob Benson

Goodie Store Pat Friend

Happy Hours Chris

& Mentors Christensen

Monda Hanna

& Mike Lockas

Membership Joel Nannis

Past President James Shoffit

Public Relations Andrea Bell


Carey Spreen


Advertising Pat Friend

Editor Richard


Event Ad Design Christy Payne

Mailing & Tech. Andy Mears

Printing Fran Ussery

Staff Wendy Shoffit, Matt Platts,

Andy Mears, Jan Mayo

Tannia Dobbins



Sunday Drives

Swap Meets

Tech Sessions

Trivia Chair

Web Site

Zone 5 Rep.


Christy Payne

Keith Olcha

Clint Blackman

Robyn Howard

Ed Mullenix

Jerry DeFeo

Denny Payne

James Shoffit

Vice President

Bryan Bell


Bryan bought a 1999 996 and joined

PCA in 2003 after longing for a 911 his

whole life. Then fell in love with driving

one! He is active in Drivers Education,

Autocross and Time Trial. Bryan

works at Digital Print, Inc. located at

Motorsport Ranch in Cresson.

Andrea Bell


Bryan Bell


Bob Benson


Clint Blackman


Richard Bradley


Frank Briggs

Chris Christensen


Jerry DeFeo


Tannia Dobbins


Mark Gluck


Jack Griffin


Lisa Steele


Lisa has been a member of Maverick

Region since 1995 and has had several

Porsches currently driving a 1999 red

911. She is active in Drivers Education,

Autocross and Time Trial. For the past

year Lisa’s 911 wore number 11 identifying

her as the Ladies Top Driver of 2007.

John Hamilton


Monda Hanna


Jeff Herrmann


Robyn Howard


Travis Howard


Mike Lockas


Pat Friend


Chuck McCoy


Andy Mears


Bill Miller


Ed Mullenix


Please help us to keep growing!


Jim Falgout



Jim just joined Maverick Region in

August, 2008. He drives a 1992 968

cab and has recently enjoyed several

social events. Jim is looking forward to

participating in all the driving events.

Joel Nannis


Keith Olcha



Christy Payne


Denny Payne

Matt Platts



John Sandusky


Darron Shaffer



Wendy Shoffit

H- 972-506-7449

C- 972-977-9821

James Shoffit


Carey Spreen


Fran Ussery




Richard Bradley, Managing Editor

One more month, and we will be

looking at the end of another

year... Where did the time go?

Remember, it’s not too late to become

more involved with our club, there’s lots

of great people to meet and things to do.

Make the effort and you will be rewarded.

Please send in articles from any club

event you participate in. We all want to know how much

fun you had and what makes you hit your rev limiter! Just

remember I do have a deadline which you are probably

wondering about and where it went. I continue to strive and

get Slipstream out in a timely manner, but there seems to

always be something that delays its delivery, and for that I



There will be a Tech Session on Saturday, November 27th

from 9AM - 12 PM at Mullenix Motorsport Engineering,

covering basic battery maintenance and electrical system

troubleshooting plus where and how to jack up a Porsche

using a floor jack. Come and learn something about how

you can love your Porsche even more!

November 5

RAC Performance, parent company of RUF Auto Centre, is uniquely qualified to handle all of your needs, from

routine maintenance, to high performance modifications, to showcar level detailing. It’s all under one roof.

• Expert maintenance and repair services

• Performance and appearance upgrades from RUF, GMG, Champion Racing, Manthey, and FVD

• Superior customer service and free loaner cars • PCA Discounts

• Show quality detailing services • We build Spec Boxsters

RAC Performance is like a Personal Trainer for your Porsche!

3219 Commander Drive, Dallas, Texas 75006 • 214-269-1570 •

© 2010 RAC Performance, Glenn Zanotti Art Director/Photographer.


September trivia

It’s Easy to Play:

Play here for Fun and Education and find the

Answers below


Play for Prizes on the Web at

with the

Answers and Winners to be posted at the end of

the Month

Thanks to Jerry DeFeo for putting this and the

Web Trivia together!

Congratulations to our September Web Winner

Carey Spreen

for getting five out of the five correct.

Carey will receive a $25 Gift Certificate to

Zims Autotechnik

1. At the Father’s Day weekend outing at Speed Zone, which

Driver got TTOD (Top Time of the Day)?

a. James Shoffit b. Bryan Bell c. Wendy Shoffit

d. Conner Bell Aug, 2010 Slipstream, p 17

2. Which is the Virtually Invisible Film Material usually used to

make the Invisible Bra that so many people install on their

Porsches? a. Polyethylene b. Polypropylene c. Polystyrene

d. Polyurethane Aug, 2010 Slipstream, p 12

3. In what years did the Porsche 914 have the Plaid Seat Inserts

as an option?

a. 1972-73 b. 1973-74 c. 1974-75 d. 1975-76

914 Restorer’s Guide by Dr B. Johnson, p 72

4. In what year did the Adjustable Passenger Seat become

available in the 914? a. 1972 b. 1973 c. 1974 d. 1975

914 Restorer’s Guide by Dr B. Johnson, p 71

5. In 1973 an Optional Console with Gauges became available

for the 914. The early ones had a Temperature Gauge that

was different from later in the year and all subsequent years.

What was the difference?

a. had a larger Red Area b. had a smaller Red Area

c. had the Temp in degrees Fahrenheit

d. had the Temp in degrees Centigrade

914 Restorer’s Guide by Dr B. Johnson, p 62

Answers: 1) d 2) d 3) d 4) a 5) a

November 7

Maverick Minutes

Lisa Steele, Secretary

If you thought last month’s minutes

were short and to the point, just keep

reading these minutes…it won’t take

long I promise. You see, our fabulous

President Mike Brodigan, decided to

take on the challenge of running a very

quick but efficient meeting. We began the

meeting promptly at 7:00pm.

Christy Payne started our round the table discussion

with several updates on upcoming Social Events. She

passed around a list of sponsors and other generous people

who have always donated items for our Silent Auction at

Founder’s Day. Many people promised to call and collect

items for the Silent Auction. Christy also announced that

the AX/TT Awards Celebration at Dave and Busters is all

set to go. She also reported that the Club House for the New

Member Party is no longer available on Sundays, therefore

the party will be scheduled for Saturday, Jan.29th.

Robyn Howard speaking for Travis Howard reported that

the Oct. 2-3 Time Trial and Autocross was good but had low

attendance. There were just enough people to run the event

safely. Robyn also announced that there is only 1 Time Trial

and Autocross event remaining for the season.

Robyn reminded the group about the Swap Meet at Zims

on October 9th. 15% discount on parts…what a great deal!

Bryan Bell had nothin’ to say except that he is looking

forward to the Club Race at Hallett on the weekend of

Oct.16th-17th. Good Luck to ALL Maverick Club Racers!!

Jim Falgout was grinning from ear to ear because he was

happy to announce that he completed his first DE and he

only had 3 spins. Jim was also very happy to report, “We

have money!” Speaking of money, there are a few advertisers

who have still not paid so Pat Friend said he would make

a few calls to those advertisers so they won’t get their ad

pulled from Slipstream.

Pat Friend was pleased to announce that we have 3

new advertisers coming on board to Slipstream. Pat also

reported that the orders for badges had not been what he

was expecting. After some discussion, Wendy Shoffit and

Mike Brodigan said they would look at

for member information. Hopefully, an order can be placed


Ed Mullenix said that he would try to get a Tech Session

set up for the 27th of November.

Richard Bradley was very excited to announce that

he might have some more help with Slipstream. One of

our members may help take on designing some of the

announcements for our events because she has a graphic

design background. This would really help Christy who

currently designs most if not all of the Event Ads.

Lisa Steele (me) reported that we had a wonderful turn out

for our September DE. We tried a new caterer for this event

and got rave reviews from everyone. We hope to have Del

Norte serving their wonderful cuisine at all of our upcoming

DE’s and all events on the calendar for next year.

Madhu Rao was present to see the true artistry of taking

minutes at our Board Meetings…wink, wink. If you

carefully read last month’s Slipstream, you noticed Mr.

Rao’s name on the Board Officers Ballot for Secretary for


Wendy Shoffit reported that we collected over $500 during

Charity Laps at the September DE. Thank you very much

to Clint’s Sunday Drivers for coming out and donating so


Carey and beautiful daughter Geneva Spreen were present

but did not have much to report. Carey is still working on

Rallies for next year.


CEO Takes Wraps Off New Porsche Speedster

Courtesy Porsche AG

Stuttgart - September 29,

2010 - Matthias Müller, the

new Chief Executive Officer

of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG,

Stuttgart, unveiled the new Porsche

911 Speedster as well as the 911

Carrera GTS Coupé and Cabriolet

models at the Paris Motor Show on

Thursday, September 30. An event organised by the

Volkswagen Group on the evening before this

autumn’s leading motor show opened its

doors the official handover of

responsibilities on the Porsche AG

Board of Management was

seen. After a successful

tenure Michael Macht will

symbolically hand the

Porsche steering wheel to

his successor Matthias

Müller. Matthias Müller’s

assumption of office as

Photos courtesy Porsche AG

Chief Executive Officer coincides with three world

debuts. Only the fourth Speedster to have been

built in Porsche’s history is a model steeped in

purist tradition and reflects the forward-looking

nature of the brand, while the new Carrera GTS

range with wide body and rear-wheel drive

underscores all this.

Clint Blackman announced that the upcoming Sunday

Drive would be through the streets of East Texas. He will

probably using a Mad Maps Route.

Jerry Alprin was a new face at the Board Meeting this

month. He just wanted to see how efficient we truly are!

Welcome Jerry…we hope you come join us at many more


Mike Brodigan finished up the meeting with announcing

the Mav of the Month…Andy Mears deserves this title for

the month!

Meeting adjourned at 7:31pm.

Save the flash!

Owning a Porsche is

a unique experience.

Do your part to preserve

the experience...

keep the flash alive!

November 9

Fall Season DE Arrives

By Carrie Carrera

Photos by Blair Hartsfield

September 18-19th started the Maverick Region

Driver Education season. So what is wrong with

this picture?

Summer officially ends September 22nd, so that’s

why it was still so blasted hot. Afternoon temperatures

in the mid-90s yet we did have sunshine and a mild

breeze. Not quite Fall.

Then there was registration and OH NO – where was

Joel? Wendy Shoffit was managing registration instead,

and did a fine job getting everyone their stickers, wrist

bands and schedules.

Instructor session started pretty much on time, and on

grid we had - OH NO – where was Jan? Our ‘grid babe’

instead was Travis Howard, who made his debut for

Drivers’ Education events from the Auto-X and Time

Trial events. Parade laps each day over lunch raised

a healthy sum of $500+ cash for our club’s favorite

charity –The Hope Shelter. Okay, he’s not quite as cute

as Jan, however grid ran efficiently and without issues

all weekend. Great job Travis.

Yellow group on Saturday seemed to be plagued with

several cars going off course. The not-so-new mown

hay (those from Indiana will get it) caught fire easily

once 3 feet from the edge of the track. So their first few

sessions were cut short so that the safety crews could

put out the grass fires. And so we had to count on Black

Flag to marshal the cars off track and OH NO where


was Joel? James Shoffit, our Zone 5 Rep was handling

black flag this weekend, and at least he wasn’t too busy.

John Hamilton and John Sandusky ran the driver’s

meetings for entrants and instructors respectively. Our

fine hostesses, Andrea Bell and Lisa Steele were making

laps between the paddock and grid restocking water, ice,

a few advanced

promotions – great

job everyone.

So this proves

that even if we are

missing some of our

regulars, the

club has depth

and experience, and can still put on a first class event for

our students and friends. We look forward to seeing you

back again for the October and November Fall DE


snacks and making sure our students were having

fun and getting their cars ready for their run groups.

Okay, GOOD at least that was all normal!! And we

had Sophie the wonder dog at Team 1, although she

spent most of Saturday afternoon not on grid – not

only a good dog, but smart too.

The 3.1 mile course at MotorSport Ranch was

fun and challenging as ever. Several students

advanced from green to blue, blue to blue solo and

November 11




your source for higher performance

6113 Lemmon Avenue | Dallas, TX 75209

214.525.5400 |

Service hours: M - F 7:00am - 7:00pm | Sat 9:00am - 5:00pm

PP_MarchSlipstream_final.indd 1

2/22/10 12:52 PM

November 13



Complete Porsche Service

Jim Buckley

Bryan Henderson

3029 Caddo Trail

Lake Worth, TX 76135



New! BHP Stainless 911 Headers

Expert Suspension Set-ups

Custom Roll Cages

Parts, Service, Restoration

November 15


Evolve your 944 Porsche® into the 21st Century

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We specializing in tranplanting GM® engines into the

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* Complete Engine Transplant Services for GM® LS1,

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* Transplant Kits and components for the DIY’r

* Fiberglass Body Panels, accessories and other upgrades

For more information call us at either 817-657-6608 or 214-679-6346 or visit our web sites at:

and or

Zims Swap Meet & Concours

Robyn Howard, Swap Meets

This is the best time of year

to clean out the garage, and

it pays to get up early on

Saturday morning! I did, and I found

some great deals as well as some

sweet donuts and coffee to open my

eyes at our annual Zims Swap Meet.

Al Zim gave 15% off all parts at the

counter, another great bonus! All sizes of parts were to

be found, including entire cars. This year a Concours

Photos by Robyn Howard

was included where members could participate in an

informal car show. Believe it or not, Jack Griffin, one of

our Concours Chairs, won with the entry of his beautiful

356 with the matching luggage! What a great way to

spend a beautiful fall morning. See you there next year!

November 17




From the moment

you turn in from

Denton Drive, youÕ ll

start to notice the

special details that


a car-friendly heaven.

ItÕ s quite simply, the most incredible

independent repair facility in the


It even has its own Race-Track

Simulator and Side-By-Side, All-

Wheel Dynos!

Dallas-Park Cities 214-350-3050 . Plano 972-867-7467 . Dallas N/E 214-320-8280


Cliff’s Ramblings: Riding The Fine Line In A Porsche Workshop

By Cliff Blackshear

With a Porsche that is in its

warranty period, defining

the line between what is

warrantable and what is not, is an issue

that has become most interesting in the

past decade for me. So many owners

now enjoy DE’s and other pursuits with

their P-Car. I’ve been thinking about

that subject a lot lately as I have slowly realized just how

different things are now.

From a pure technician’s perspective it has been an

interesting role for me. In my environment we want to

represent the owner’s needs to the factory. Porsche adjusts

their perspective only when a workshop can properly show

a failure that should not happen when a vehicle is driven on

limit in totally stock (unmodified) form.

Imagine presenting a warranty issue to the factory from

my side. Flywheel seal leak in a GT3, early clutch failure

in a Cayman S, failed synchro in a 997 Twin gearbox,

or overheated power steering fluid issue in any Porsche

assembled since 1997 (intro of Boxster). I could go back

further in time but I’ll go to Boxster intro year for this. All

of them tracked in stock configuration.

Imagine you are looking at these failures and the car

has GT3 seats, harness bar, 5 point harnesses, etc. etc. I

face that dilemma a lot and I’m the one at our shop that

communicates with the factory on failure issues.

Yet it is not hard to deal with. Porsche does not shut the

door on failures that have nothing to do with the car being

driven on the track or modifications to make the car more

track friendly. I can readily answer, “Yes the car is tracked”

to anyone I deal with at PCNA and that has no bearing on

final warrantable decision. Sometimes I get the feeling that

if the car is tracked, they take the failure personally and do

not want it to happen again. I’m serious here.

Certain areas require much thought and understanding.

Example: Drive any Porsche with stock suspension and tires

at the track and lubrication issues rarely occur. Change the

overall grip level with sticky track tires and or suspension

set up strictly track related (hence higher lateral G’s) and

things are much different. Oiling the engine can become an

issue. In our shop, we have worked hard to educate owners

in this area. If you change the car from street design when it

comes to lateral and longitudinal G’s to a track oriented set

up, these forces have to be dealt with. A different lubrication

dynamic has to be considered. Oil separator needs work,

windage tray in oil pan needs “race style” set up. As far as

the factory is concerned that is what GT3RS and Cup Cars

are designed for.

Going to short throw shifters with stock synchros can also

be a problem. The system works well until an owner is really

running some adrenalin and trying to get better lap times,

even then really good drivers do not wear down synchros.

In the past the cars and the technology available were

pretty primitive. A stock Boxster built today has so much

potential it is amazing. Minor upgrades to suspension or

brakes are easy and results are huge. Work on these cars as

long as I have and come out of a 356 as your starter car and

you would understand.

Anyhow. Here is what I’m getting to. I’ve spent time with

factory people for decades at the repair level. Met engineers

that came out to investigate issues way back (for me, actually

first time was early 1972 911S car, late in the year 1972; I’ll

never forget that one).

They still come out today if I report anything new or

unusual on a new car. It is quite different now. There is a

team of engineers that 20 of us dealers report to monthly. I

am required to get in a minimum of 10 reports a month to

them. High res pics are a must and written documentation

of every step taken to resolve an issue is required. We 20

reporting individuals have a special site we go to, set up

just for “product reporting”. There we log on and send our

information. If a part failed we take pics of bar code on part

so they can view production date, where produced, etc. Plus

our feedback on a failure must include symptoms failure

caused, any consequential failures that result in the vehicle,

and pics of all damage etc.

The engineering team is a group of very passionate

people. I absolutely love conversing and reporting to them.

No failure of anything is considered beneath investigating

for them. Something as simple as a light bulb failure can

produce some interesting results.

The cars now have monitoring software that can show

mechanical over-rev situations. Any idea how many people

accidentally pull second gear when intending fourth gear

and at redline in third gear? We see quite a few yearly... It

happens. It is human to make a mistake. Unfortunately that

is an expensive mistake. We’ve seen GT3’s that recorded

11000 RPM over-revs. Amazingly this usually only results

in things like ring gear on flywheel shifts out of position

and often times the clutch disc explodes into pieces. If

the engine checks ok otherwise as far as leak-down tests

and compression check goes, it still leaves many unknown

possible damage that may rear its ugly head at a later time.

Like stretched rod bolts, minutely bent valves that kissed a

piston, etc. I do not ask the factory for assistance in repairs

like that. That is the owner’s responsibility.

It is a moving target for me when people track their cars

and failures occur. I want honesty on all fronts. Porsche

responds well to honest data. I enjoy every minute of being

in this position. It keeps me interested in so many ways.

Cruising along! Cliff

November 19



Owned and operated by Jay Walker, II,

maverick region member since 1997.



1021 W. Prairie at UNT |

2700 B West Pioneer PkWy

(125 feet s. of Pioneer, on the W. side of Corzine st.)

Arlington, texAs 76013



Parts or Service, We Deliver Excellence.

Over 300,000 parts in stock.

Expert service and repair.

Parts and Service for: Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Mini, and Smart Car.


Visit us online at:


1804 Reliance Pkwy. Bedford, TX 76021 M-F 8am to 5:30pm

Zims Autotechnik is not affiliated with Porsche AG or PCNA Registered Trademark of Dr. Ing h.c.F. Porsche A.G.

October 21

Experience Your Porsche in a New Way!

By driving on a real North Texas racetrack

Eagles Canyon Raceway is the beautiful culmination of years worth of

research, planning & design into the rolling hills of North Texas near DFW.

Eagles Canyon Raceway features 2.55 miles, 4 straights over 1,300 feet long, 11

turns, and 340 feet of overall elevation change. Eagles Canyon is a true driver's

track, and is planned to host all classes of events from the top level racing series

to club racing and private HPDE days.

We are proud to receive PCA events including Club Racing and look forward to

each and every event!

With an EC Membership you can enjoy driving on a track that is quickly

becoming history in the making. We offer all that you need including a

challenging track, high octane fuel & a grill for lunch. Join us by signing up at or call for information at 940-466-9775.



Member Spotlight: Paige Hamrick

Andrea Bell, Public Relations Chair

This month’s new member

spotlight is on Paige Hamrick.

Paige owns a beautiful red

2009 Cayman S. (She actually shared

with me that the car is named Sexy

Sadie.) Paige has had her car since

this past July. Her first sports car

was a 1986 red Fiero GT. She also

currently owns a 2004 BMW Z4 roadster and just sold

her 2006 Mini Cooper S. (I should have asked her if

the other cars had names as well.)

Paige has one sister in Nashville, TN and a niece and

nephew. Her niece went with Paige on a recent trip

to Italy (her graduation present.) Her nephew has not

graduated yet and has not decided where he wants to

go. She gushed that they both “are beautiful/handsome,

smart, and talented.”

Paige has been in the DFW area

for 30 years. She says she came

here from Florida as quick as

she could! Paige also

enjoys traveling, jewelry making, tracking her cars, and

taking road trips. She hinted that she might participate

in an upcoming Sunday drive. Based on what she

shared, it sounds like she’ll have a great time.

Look for Paige and Sexy Sadie at the next PCA event

you attend and extend a warm welcome into our

Maverick family. If you are a new member and would

like to be considered for our monthly “SPOTLIGHT”

feature, please contact me at

November 23

Happy Hour at BJ’s Restaurant

Chris Christensen, Happy Hour Chair

We had over 30 Mavericks join us

at the September Happy Hour.

This was our first Happy Hour

at BJ’s; it seemed that

most everyone was

enjoying some pretty

good looking pizzas

or salads. No food

complaints were apparent. However,

we will need to generate a vote of

confidence before we return…was it

thumbs up or thumbs down? Send us

an email so we will know for the future,

your vote counts!

By the time this article hits the press,

we will have had our first speaker at a

Happy Hour. Perhaps this was done

in the past, and if so we are not the

first. From time to time and certainly

not every Happy Hour we thought it

interesting to invite someone from the

club or maybe outside the club if he or she has the right

stuff, to speak for a short while towards the end of dinner.

Anyway, maybe another vote is in order as to whether this

is good addition to our venue or not.

Certainly, Jack Griffin who was our speaker at October’s

Happy Hour has the credentials. He also still owns his first

two Porsches that are now over thirty years old…and we

Photos by Chris Christensen

has met that has driven in major races such as the 24 hour of

Le Mans. That is pretty impressive by all accounts regardless

of the finish. The race has had an interesting history, and

not always the most

pleasant, but certainly

always exciting.

If anyone would like

to talk about racing or

Porsches in any way

that would keep our

Happy Hour audience

nearly spellbound, do

not hesitate and step

right up. There is no

money involved but

the bragging rights

are endless.

By the way, we

forgot to mention that

the parking was pretty

decent at BJ’s. Most everyone parked in an open area with

Porsches on both sides. And we noticed a new black 911

Doug and Cheryl Koeppen and Maria Stafford welcome

you to our next Happy Hour.

Greg and Robin Himebauch,

enjoying a night out.

thought we were collectors of stuff. (Just sold a Boxster after

10 years never thought we would own a car that long!) So,

as we write this we might ask Jack for a tour of his garage, or

should we say museum? Jack is the first person this writer


Cab in the midst…now who might own that?

For our November Happy Hour, we are back to a tried

and true favorite, Mac’s Steak and Seafood located at 5120

Highway 121, Colleyville, TX. 76034 – (Cross Streets:

Between Gateway Drive and State Highway 121;) Telephone

no. 817-318-6227. This is a week before Thanksgiving so

we shouldn’t worry too much about our waistlines.

Tom and Susan Froehlich are great fun!

See you all there.

Mike and Judy Brodigan would love to enjoy

the evening with you.

November 25

My First Porsche ... Club

By Mark Wilkinson


was invited to join my brother, James,

at a Time Trial event in Mineral Wells.

He offered to let me drive his car at the

event. This would be my first Time Trial,

and I didn’t really know what that meant. I

knew I would be driving fast around a lot

of cones. I was also told it was similar to

an Autocross, but with higher speeds and

less turns. Well this was going to be fun! I love to drive fast,

and thanks to my brother, I just had to show up.

I found out this event was organized by a Porsche Club

(PCA Maverick Region). The odd part is, I wouldn’t be

driving a Porsche. You see, this Porsche Club welcomes

people to their event. More people ease the burden of

working the course, and make it a safer driving environment.

Although I wouldn’t be directly competing in the official

Porsche Club member times, I can compare my lap times to

theirs, and see how I stack up in my brother’s Ford Mustang.

This was my first experience with a Porsche Club, and I

wasn’t sure if I would end up sucking exhaust smoke at the

end of the day, but I was willing to find out!

The course I would be driving isn’t a strip of asphalt

where the driver just keeps the car off the grass. This is a

wide open 60+ acre asphalt lot with cones spread out to

mark the track at key locations. It’s not thousands of cones,

and the cone spacing makes it difficult to see the course at

first, but once I put a few laps on the tires, the track came

into focus and became second nature to follow.

Since it was my first time at the Time Trial, I was assigned

an instructor/coach to help me visualize the course. The

stars aligned for me that day because I was assigned Bob

Kuykendall. Bob was the top driver of last year’s events,

and was a tremendous help. After a short wait in the grid,

we hit the course for my first warm up lap. Bob was quick to

point out the correct line. He kept his hand in my peripheral

view, constantly pointing to the correct line. Verbally, he

would keep me

informed of

what was coming

up next. “Left

turn. Increasing

radius.” “Right

turn. Decreasing

radius.” After the

corner he would

give me words of


“Not bad. Enter

a little tighter

next time.”

Mark Wilkinson running solo after successful

mentoring from Bob Kuykendall.

Photos by Charlie Davis

We quickly came up to my first hot lap. Bob let me know

it was time to go as fast as I could drive. I didn’t want to

disappoint, so I gathered all my courage and stepped on

the gas. I could hear the excitement in Bob’s voice as we

approached each corner. He told me when to brake, pointed

me to the apex, and told me when to hit the accelerator.

Coming out of the corner, I can still hear his encouragement,

“Step on the gas. Go!

Go! Go!” All I had to do

was have the courage to

follow his instructions.

The box exit was problematic for

several drivers, including

Travis Howard.

I was flying around

the course! My heart

was beating fast in my

chest, I just knew I was

squeezing every ounce

of power out of the car.

Bob was correcting my

mistakes, but after the

first couple of laps, he

wasn’t making major corrections anymore. I was picking

my lines, choosing when to brake or accelerate, and Bob

encouraged me the entire time! It was definitely the fastest

I could push the car around the corners, and I was sure it

couldn’t take any more.

Then on the third hot lap, Bob said something that

surprised me. “You’re doing great. Now, you just need to

go fast.” WHAT! Was Bob not watching the same brilliant

driving of my warm up lap, and my amazingly hot laps? I

wasn’t sure my heart could

take any more adrenaline.

He didn’t say go faster,

or speed it up. He said go

fast. That meant I must

have been going slow.

How could I go any faster

without killing myself and

the top driver from last

year? I was already at the

limit, or so I thought.

I’ve been with Bob for

less than 5 minutes on

...and Carey Spreen.

the course. I already trusted him to keep me from killing

everyone, so it was time to put up or shut up. If Bob trusts his

life with a guy he’s known for less than 5 driving minutes,

then I was going to have to trust him as I pushed the car

beyond where I thought the limits were.

I pushed my heart as far down from my throat as possible,

and kept my foot on the accelerator. As we approached the


My First Porsche ... Club (continued)

corner, Bob would motion with his hand to brake, but I knew

the brakes were strong, so I waited until the inevitable crash

moment. To me, this is the moment when you take action to

avoid a crash, and if your brakes don’t work, there isn’t time

to do anything else. It’s all or nothing! I think this point was

a little further than Bob wanted because after a few corners,

he was pumping his

hand to let me know it

was time to brake, but

I held it just a little

longer. The car slowed

hard to the corner.

Bob’s excitement

and encouragement

picked up. “That’s

it! Keep your speed.

Brian Petri wobbles it on his way by. Now, Go! Go! Go!”

If I wasn’t on the

brakes, I was back on the accelerator. Bob was right! The

car held the line at a much higher speed. I could feel the

rear tires slipping out on me, but they kept holding just long

enough to get me through the corner. I knew I was going

faster, but I wouldn’t know how much faster until my laps

were complete.

After 6 hot laps, I finally got to check my times. The

difference was amazing! When I thought I was giving it

all it had, I was running 85 to 86 second laps. After Bob

provided the phrase that will haunt me forever, “Now just

go fast,” my lap times were down to 71 and 72 seconds.

A 13 second difference from one set of laps to the next! I

really was driving slow, and for the record, a Porsche driver

pointed it out to me.

Not bad for my first experience with a Porsche Club.

Everyone shared information on how to set up for the

corners, encouragement of smoother motions, and the extra

special yell when I spun the

car in the corners. There are

many more stories I share

with friends as I regale my

adventure at the event. 90

degree sweeping corners at

speeds over 100 mph, lift

off over steer at 70mph in

an increasing radius turn,

applying power instead of

brakes to keep the back of

the car from sliding out

from under me when I push

the corner too hard, and

many more.

Jeff Herrmann, while instructing,

shows his student Chris

Harsdorff exactly how it should

be done.

For me, the main story that stands out in my experience

with my first Porsche club is the encouragement,

improvement, excitement, and camaraderie I felt as I spent

my weekend with a group

of people who, despite not

knowing me, wanted to

help me achieve everything

I could on the course I

wasn’t a member of their

club. I didn’t own a

Porsche, and I wasn’t a

good driver, but that’s

changing since I’ve

experienced the PCA

Robyn Howard and Tannia

Maverick Region Time

Dobbins keep logging the



Time Trial #6 Results


Tannia Dobbins 74.092 4

Robyn Howard 77.235 4

Carey Spreen 72.278 5

Michael Pelletier 68.046 6

GaryRay Kelley 68.688 6

Jeff Herrmann 71.421 7

Richard Diller 73.112 10

Autocross #7 Results


Brian Petri 88.574 3

Gary Vincent 98.235 3

Russ Rosenberg 90.827 4

Tannia Dobbins 93.488 4

Robyn Howard 93.874 4

Carey Spreen 87.242 5

Thomas Spitzer 88.340 5

Avery Murphy 90.036 5

GaryRay Kelley 85.648 6

Michael Pelletier 85.650 6

Jeff Herrmann 86.537 7

Chris Harsdorff 90.599 7

Richard Diller 91.358 10

November 27

Tech Corner

Ed Mullenix, Tech Chair

have all the electrons

gone” is not a song by


Peter, Paul, and Mary. It

is a question pondered by us when we turn

the ignition key of our beloved Porsche and

nothing happens. The electrical system

of any Porsche made after 1965 is very

robust. We generally do not experience

the wiring and component issues that other marques do.

And no, your Porsche will not catch dreaded Lucas disease

if you park it next to a Jag.

The weak link in our

electrical system is the

usually the battery. Modern

automotive storage batteries

are very reliable. They require

no maintenance and sit in their

mounting doing their thing

until one day, they decide to

quit. A battery is a service

item just like brake pads and

oil filters. We know when

we need to change the oil or

change our brakes, but a battery

does not have a recommended

replacement interval and there

is not a light on the instrument

panel telling you your battery

is about to die!

Sometimes you get a hint that

things are not well electrically.

If the engine cranks slowly

and the battery is more than

three years old, one would be

advised to have the electrical

system checked. I stated

“electrical system” and not

just battery. The humongous batteries that are fitted to a

Porsche are usually 100 amp-hour batteries.

Theoretically, one could place a one amp draw on the

battery for 100 hours. In practice, if you leave the trunk

open for more than a day, the trunk light will discharge

the battery to the point that it will not start the car. Often

overlooked when we experience battery problems is what is

called “static draw”. It is how much current is flowing out

of the battery to run the clock and computer memories when

everything else is turned off. The 996’s and 997’s have all

sorts of whistles and bells that are computer controlled. The

normal static draw on a 997 can be as much as 70 milliamps.

An older 911 will have a static draw around 10-25

Photos by Ed Mullenix,


A quick way to determine if you have something left on

or drawing more than the normal current is to place a test

light in series with the negative battery cable and the battery

post (see accompanying photo). An automotive test light

resembles an ice pick with a wire attached to the handle. It

has a small bulb in the handle that glows when current is

run through it. They are inexpensive (usually around four

bucks) and available at any auto parts store or even Wally

World in the auto section.

To perform the test, make

sure everything is turned off.

Open the trunk and either

disconnect the trunk light or

remove the bulb. Also, if

you have a car fitted with an

alarm, you need to disconnect

the switch connected to the

trunk latch (the alarm system

will draw 240 milliamps if it

detects an open door or trunk).

Disconnect the negative battery

cable from the battery (some

twisting of the cable connector

might be required to free it.)

Connect the alligator clip on

the end of the test light wire to

the negative cable. Place the

metal tip of the test light (the

ice-pick looking end) on top of

the battery post. The test light

will usually be brightly lit at

this point because you have

not reset the alarm or computer

memories. With the light still

connected, touch the side of

the battery cable connector to

the battery for a couple of seconds then move it away. If no

unusual draw exists, the light will glow very dimly with a

slight pulsing caused by the quartz clock. If the light is still

brightly lit, something is still on and needs to be addressed

or the battery will continue to be discharged.

Basic electrical troubleshooting and battery servicing

will be one of the topics presented at the next Tech Session

at Motorsport Engineering in Richardson on Saturday,

November 27th from 9:00 until 12:00. We will have the

usual donuts and coffee and an excuse not to go to the

shopping mall with our significant others. RSVP to



Dealer like services with independent prices

Owners Rick Jordan & Bill Bernick


Performance Maintenance & Repair

• Track Set-up

• Professionals

• Exhaust Upgrades • 100 years of experience

• Performance Alignments • Great Service is our business!

• Suspension Modifications

• Performance Maintenance


• Trade your old Porsche

in for a newer model!

• Consignment Sales

• Accessories

10% OFF

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selected services with a

PCA card

Specializing in: Porsche

VW BMW AUDI Porsche Mercedes

We service all makes and models

1975 Archer Way • Lewisville TX, 75077 • 972-317-4005

November 29

German Engineering With Southern Hospitality

Personal Service.

At Nine-Eleven, we’ve built a reputation for understanding our customers’ needs —

quality service, convenient location, state-of-the-art diagnostics, and personalized service

that is unmatched in the Metroplex. When you trust your car to us, you will have

the peace of mind that it will be serviced correctly the first time. Every time.


We strongly believe in access to those who will actually work on your car. Our

technicians are available in person, by phone, and even by pager if you have questions

or need timely information about your car.


Our clean shop, well-stocked parts department, and comfortable waiting room ensure

that you and your car will get the kind of service you deserve. Maintained tools and

equipment. Clean cars. We are meticulous about details.


Our parts department is also second to none. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you

in finding that necessary part or after-market option you require. We are an authorized

dealer for high-performance Recaro seating, Yokohama Tires, Bilstein Shocks, Bosch,

and many others. This ensures that whether you are a casual driver or an enthusiast who

needs race prep assistance, Nine-Eleven has the experience and knowledge to keep your

car running at peak performance.


Crown Rd.

Cindy Lane Lane


Royal Lane

Joe Field Field Rd. Rd.



Nine-Eleven Enterprises, Inc.

Service, Accessories & Parts for BMW,

Mercedes & Porsche

2120 Cindy Lane, Dallas, Texas 75229



We are conveniently located near the intersection of Stemmons and LBJ Freeways

in Dallas. We offer emergency towing service 24 hours a day and have arranged

for special rental car rates with area rental agencies. Come by for a visit between

7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday, or call for a service appointment.

911/930- 1969 to 1989


Technically Superior!


800-840-6162…For More Info.. /


New Wheels

Joel Nannis, Membership Chair

Burnham, Rick

Carrollton, TX 75010

1987 951

Klatt, Colt

Dallas, TX 75205

2007 Cayman S

Prichard, Lev (Evan)

Dallas, TX 75225

2010 Carrera S

If you have any changes that

you would like to make to the

MRPCA membership guide, call

Joel Nannis at 817-329-1600.

Carr, Chris

Dallas, TX 75218

2006 997 C2S

Clevenger, Thomas

Dallas, TX 75225

1996 911 Turbo

Crounse, David

Keller, TX 76248

1984 911

Gregory, Kenneth

Mc Kinney, TX 75071

2007 997

Heflin, Lisa

Fort Worth, TX 76107

2006 911

Hewison, Matt (Andrea)

Dallas, TX 75214

1997 911 993

Kuehnhoefer, Ralf

Longview, TX 75605

1979 911 SC

Martin, Scott (Jeff Park)

Mansfield, TX 76063

1988 911

Newton, Kyle (Meredith)

Colleyville, TX 76034

2008 911 4S

Ozer, Ozaplapl

Dallas, TX 75219

2008 Cayman S

Peterson, Leif (Cara)

Coppell, TX 75019

2004 911

Pilgrim, Linda

Desoto, TX 75123-1177

2005 Cayenne

Slocum, Billy

Dallas, TX 75214

1999 Carrera

Swinson, Ken (Gail)

Rockwall, TX 75032

2007 Cayman

Welch, Duncan (Yvonna)

Dallas, TX 75231

2006 Cayman S


Lane King

Bill & Rhena Bernick

Carl & Marsh Coers

Robert & Robert Gurber

35 Years

10 Years

5 Years

Gregory & Robin Himebauch

Robert & Sarah Jandrucko

John & Judy Perser

Jason England


Highland Village

Fort Worth





The Colony

November 31


Unclassifieds are available free to Maverick Region members and are $5 to all others (contact editor for payment details). Please limit size to no more than 6 lines. Ads will run for 3 issues, then

removed unless you request that it be run for an additional 3 issues. E-mail your ad to by the 10th to have your ad run in the following month’s Slipstream. Be sure to

include car year, make and model, its mileage and asking price, as well as a contact name, phone number and /or e-mail address. All parts will be advertised on our website. Check your ad for

accuracy the first time it runs. Contact the editor to have your ad pulled sooner. Due to space constraints, photos may or may not be included.

For Sale: 2003 Porsche Boxster, 54k mi, EXCELLENT CONDITION!!

VERY CLEAN!! This is a beautiful car that drives great. No problems. Selling

to make room for family car. Red with Black Leather Convertible top works

perfectly. Xenon Lights Must see!! Please contact me if interested. Serious buyers

only. Miguel @ 817-946-9449 e-mail me for more info & pics if interested. (1)

For Sale: 2003 Porsche Boxster S, Just under 46,000 mi. Huge list of options

and in great condition with several upgrades including front and rear strut braces,

K&N Filter charger and a short shifter. Has Bose stereo with 6 disc CD changer

and much more. Original sticker price $66,000, now asking just $23,500. Call Tom

Froehlich at 214 729-9155(cell) or 214 368-8122 (home). (1)

For Sale: 2008 911 Turbo Cabriolet, Carrera white exterior color with cocoa

brown roof and interior. Excellent care and condition with 18,400 miles. Tiptronic

sport transmission, Sport Chrono Turbo package, leather heated seats, parking

assist, adaptive sport seats, Turbo entry threshold and Michelin pilot sport tires.

Price $102,000. Please contact Joe Restivo at 561-350-1440 or

email at (2)

For Sale: 1996 Porsche 993 Twin Turbo, Black/Black/grey seats, 28K miles

garaged/no track use, beautiful gloss paint with gemballa side skirts, Champion

wheels/ new Michelin tires 225 front, 315 rears100 Hp upgrade from dealer. $155k

purchase price. Carbon fiber interior/new battery/zenon headlights, full power

heated & adjustable seats, cold A/C. All instruments work, new front brakes. This

car was owned by former Ranger Pudge Rodriguez, as he had it shipped to spring

training. A beautiful example of one of the last air-cooled classics. $89,000 also

on (click on the link from the Maverick on-line classified

section) Contact Doug Bielefeld @ 214-533-5844 or (2)

For Sale: 1987 Porsche 924S, with 944 engine. third owner, always in DFW

area. 135,000 miles. All original paint, red, & interior, black upholstery, power

windows new alpine radio, new tires and battery, air conditioning, sun roof, the

time belt broke and damage a valve. For sale as is $2,300.00 Contact Gerardo

Ramirez by e-mail or (469) 223-7277. (2)

For Sale: 2003 911 Carrera 4S - RUF Modified, Coupe, blk/blk, 71k mi,

full Leather interior with RUF accessories, 6 spd manual, 6 disc CD, new PS2

Michelins, upgraded at 58k mi. w/new engine, RUF supercharger, wheels, brakes,

suspension, exhaust, never raced. $52,900 Frank Bray, Dallas, TX.

972-386-7792,, more at (3)

For Sale: 1995 Carrera 4 Cabriolet, Triple black in excellent all original

condition with service records back to the original owner. Always well maintained

and garage kept in Southern California and Texas its entire life. Only 45,000 miles

at $35,500 Contact Jess at 214-546-6575. (3)

For Sale: 1986 Porsche 944 Turbo, 95,900 miles. Runs great. Repainted in

1996. Good interior. A/C, power steering, power windows, doors locks, and mirrors,

rear window defroster, leather seats, alloy wheels, moon-roof. Maintenance within

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last 6k miles: new timing belt, A/C overhauled, clutch overhauled, new brake pads,

transmission overhaul, new tires, new battery. Maintained by Autobahn Fort

Worth and have all maintenance records since acquired in 1996. $8500. Contact:

Steve Christensen at 817-988-0292 or (3)

FREE! 97 - 99 Boxster parts , grey interior trim and parts (including fair

condition seats). Converting a Spec Boxster and hate to see this go to the dumpster,

but it will go soon if no one can use it. Can’t beat the price!!! Call Carl Amond at

817-481-8371 with your wants/needs. You must pick up, I will not ship.

For advertising rates and information contact

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