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Slipstream - September 2010

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Maverick Minutes by Lisa

Maverick Minutes by Lisa Steele After taking a month off from having a Board Meeting, we certainly had a FULL HOUSE for our August meeting. The 25 people present included Bryan Bell, Richard Bradley, Frank and Bobbie Briggs, Mike Brodigan, Chris and Ann Christensen, Jim Falgout, Pat Friend, Tom and Sue Froehlich, John and BJ Harvey, Travis and Robyn Howard, Tom and Barbara Minnella, Ed Mullenix, Joel Nannis, Christy Payne, Madhu Rao, James and Wendy Shoffit, Carey Spreen, and Lisa Steele. It was nice to see such a large group even though it did feel like “bring your spouse to the board meeting” night! The One and Only Mike Brodigan began the meeting promptly at 7:00 with the announcement that he has a BIG ROCK that needs to go to the Hope Shelter. Hopefully, he can find enough “man power” to get that rock where it belongs. Next item on Mike’s agenda was that the post office receipts have been going to Jan Mayo’s address. With Jan moving on to Colorado, the receipts will now go to our treasurer Jim Falgout. Sue Froehlich passed out the schedule of events for Round-Up 2010 and asked if there were any questions. She gave a BIG “Thank You” to Barbara & Tom Minnella and John & BJ Harvey for ALL of their work they have done for Round Up. Barbara Minnella showed the group some of the wonderful door prizes. She had gift certificates, cool hats, and some awesome shirts…lots of GREAT stuff! Carey Spreen, announced that John Harvey came up with a nice Tour for Round Up and according the schedule of events the tour will end at RAC Performance with a tech talk from Hans. Joel Nannis reported that we currently have 1,117 members and 724 affiliated members for a total of 1,891 members of MAVPCA. He also announced that the September DE at Motorsport Ranch in now on Jim Falgout says “we have money.” Chris Christensen reported that the last Happy Hour at Uncle Bucks had 23 in attendance. The August HH will be at the Trinity Hall Pub & September’s will be at BJ’s in Plano. Frank Briggs has been working on details for the Show and Shine at Round Up. He will have ballots for people to fill out including people in the community. With the Show and Shine being set up on Main Street in Grapevine, the Porsches are sure to draw a crowd. Travis Howard reported that the last two Time Trials were not too bad. The May 23rd TT at MSR had 45 drivers and the July TT had 35 drivers. Travis is thinking that he would like to move the second Time Trial due to the heat in July. The next Time Trial/Autocross is on September 11th – 12th. Travis also announced that he will be the new “Grid Queen” at the DE’s… Should we still keep the “queen” part???? Christy Payne had several things to report on…being Social Chair is a big job! Christy reported that the Father’s Day event at Speed Zone was well attended with 47 people. It was a great place to have an event… an air conditioned room for people to hang out and talk, lots of good food, and everyone loved driving on the tracks. Christy also reported on the Porsches and Ponies event at Lone Star Park that had 14 people attendance. The group had an air conditioned room that was trackside with lots of great food. The big winner of the day was Trish Christensen winning $219. Way to Go Trish!!! The next item on Christy’s agenda was Founder’s Day/Holiday Party. It will be held at The Gaylord Texan on December 11th. She would like help with gathering items for the silent auction. Christy also announced that our very own John Hamilton will be the DJ as well as our Master of 8

Ceremonies at Founder’s Day. Founder’s Day/Holiday Party will be one big party this year especially since the Autocross/ Time Trial end of season celebration will be separate from Founder’s Day this year. This celebration is scheduled for November 16th at Dave and Buster’s in Dallas. The cost will be $30 per person and everyone receives a game card to go play all of the fun games. Robyn Howard had only one thing to say…she beat her husband (Travis) at the last Time Trial at Motorsport Ranch! Bryan Bell only came to the meeting to eat the cookies. James Shoffit announced that the Nominating Committee members are Carey Spreen, Robyn Howard, and James Shoffit. If anyone is interested in any of the Board positions, please contact one of these three people. Wendy Shoffit had all kinds of cool stuff in front of her that are now for sale on the National website. She had some cool Porsche flags and other neat stuff so go check out the website. Wendy also had some beautiful trophies in front of her from Parade (of course the trophies belonged to the Shoffit family because they always drive fast). Congratulations Wendy for bringing home the Fastest Lady Award for the 2nd time in a row!! Slipstream also won 2nd Place in Class. Wendy also reminded the group that Maverick Region will be turning 50 in November 2012. Does this mean we should plan a BIG celebration?? As well as enjoying his second place accomplishments for Slipstream, Richard Bradley had $1,000 that was raised through the efforts of RUF Auto Centre/RAC Performance and their Swap Meet benefiting the Hope Shelter. Pat Friend reported that all of the Black and White ads in Slipstream will stay at the same price, but the Color ad rate for the front and back cover are ridiculously low and have been increased. Pat also had some examples of some really nice name tags to show everyone. These name tags will be for all members who attend events. The first name tag will be FREE. Christy will make a form for members to complete with information they would like on their name tag. After making our way around the table, Mike Brodigan had one last thing to announce…Mav of the Month is Bob Benson! The meeting adjourned promptly at 7:45 which was really good considering the number of people at the meeting. September 9

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