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Slipstream - September 2010

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Drifting Mike Brodigan,

Drifting Mike Brodigan, President Many of you know that I have a track prepared 1989 944 Turbo S. It is a really nice car when it is not being temperamental. It is a pretty fast car and is very good looking. It’s named “Chauncey” after my nephew. Chauncey (the nephew) is a pretty good athlete. He is currently playing American football in Vienna Austria. (I know life is rough!) I named the car after him because they have three things in common. They are both fast, black, and handsome. Chauncey is pretty cool with the whole idea of having a race car named after him. Earlier this year as we were visiting family, Chauncey’s football team, The Vienna Vikings, won their way into the Euro/American Football Championship game. They were to play Berlin Adler for all the Euro marbles. As my wife and her sister were consuming a few glasses of wine, they decided that it would be great fun to fly over and watch Chauncey play in the Euro Bowl. Next step: Call a third sister (Chauncey’s mom) and talk her in to going. That was pretty easy. By about 2:00 am, they all had tickets. They were to converge in Chicago from Minnesota, Arizona, and Texas, and fly to Austria. Berlin won the game on a last second field goal. Chauncey played great. He intercepted 2 passes and scored two touchdowns. The three Sisters had a great time, Judy logged country number 40, (Slovakia) and I am a couple thousand dollars poorer. What a life! We spent the first weekend in August with about 40 of our closest P-car friends in Grapevine for our annual Round Up celebration. What a blast! The weekend was jampacked with all sorts of fun activities. The food was great and plentiful, the Elvis show was lots of fun, and all the car activities were just right. Next year, we are having Round up at Possum Kingdom Lake. I am already looking forward to it. I would like to extend a big thank you to Susan and Tom Froehlich, Barb and Tom Minnella, and BJ and John Harvey for all the work and planning that made the weekend such a success. Mav of the Month Our Mav of the Month is Bob Benson. Bob is the safety chair for all our driving events. That is a big job. Bob is the go to guy that takes care of all the corner workers, and makes sure all our events are run safely. He must be doing well, because we have never had a serious problem at our DE’s, and our Club race was “without incident,” the best kind. Bob also is the moderator for our chat boards, aka, the computer cop. For being the Maverick of the Month, The Silver Fox in Grapevine is giving Bob dinner for two at their award winning steak house. Bob, thanks for all you do. Mike 2

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