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The 2011 GT3 RSR



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January 1


John Hamilton, President

Hello, fellow Mavericks! It’s my

first article as the new president

of our club, so I’d like to cover

thank-you’s, history, focus, and future.

First of all the thank-you’s ~ A huge

thanks (from all of us) goes to Mike

Brodigan who, as president for the past

two years, has helped our club grow in

membership, participation and charity. I can’t remember

a time in our club when we’ve had more activities (Our

Slipstream newsletter, Round-up, Founder’s Day, Concours,

Club Race, Sunday Drives, Time Trials, Autocross, Drivers

Education, Happy Hours, Swap Meets, Tech Sessions,

caravans to Porsche Parade, etc.) going on. And each of

them so well attended! PLUS the contributions, both

financial and volunteer, to improvement of our charity, the

Hope Shelter. Yes there are a lot of committees to thank,

and there is one leader who kept all the plates spinning.

So thank you, Mike Brodigan, for spinning all those plates

during the past two years.

History ~ Did you know that the history of our Maverick

Region is well-documented (but well-hidden) on our

website? If you go to our site, then click on “about us”, then

click on “MRPCA History”, then click on “go here” at the

bottom of that page, it documents the history and leadership

of our region since it was founded in 1962. That’s almost

50 years ago [to be addressed later in this article]! And

our club keeps growing with over 1700 members in the

Dallas - Fort Worth area. So we’ll have to keep growing our

activities and even add some to continue the enhancement

of the enjoyment of owning a Porsche.

Focus ~ So, me thinks, our focus should be on how we

can make our activities even more enjoyable and inclusive.

Speaking of inclusive, I am very encouraged by the

participation by new people coming to our monthly board

meeting. This month, Mike Farrar, and Rick Schwausch,

joined us at our board meeting and offered to help wherever

they can. Mike said: “I’ve been participating in events

for years, and felt it was time to give back.” I think if you

went around the table, that’s how almost all of us started

volunteering to help the club. We came to a meeting and

figured out how and where we could help.

Focus (continued): So to achieve our goals of “enjoyable

and inclusive,” our focus needs to be on examining each

of our activities and see how we can make them more fun

and entertaining to more people. AND, we need to look for

additional activities that we could add to ours that would be

inviting to members who may not have yet participated. You

know: it’s usually getting someone to come the first time

that’s the hardest.

Future ~ Two things:

First of all, I’m all about having fun! Isn’t that what our

activities are about? Adding fun and satisfaction to our

leisure time as a by-product of owning a Porsche.

Secondly: our BIG focus on the FIFTIETH

ANNIVERSARY of the Maverick Region Porsche Club in

2012. A big celebration requires a lot of research, planning,

time AND PARTICIPATION to do it right, so we’ve got to

get started early this year to plan our celebration for next


So there’s a lot on our plate, as there always should be in

an active, growing club. But with the support of the many

generous volunteers that we have now and who will be

joining us along the way, we’ll continue to make our club

activities more “enjoyable and inclusive.” I welcome your


UPCOMING EVENT: Speaking of inclusive, please be

sure to mark your calendar for our ALL MEMBER PARTY

on Saturday, January 29th from 2 to 4:30 p.m. (please see

the ad in this Slipstream). We’ve had a tremendous turn-out

the past several years, and the focus is to get new members

familiar with more of our activities. So please join us there.

Mav of the Month

One of the best examples of jumping in with both feet to

volunteer has been by Pat Friend. It seems to me that it

was only about a year ago that I met Pat at one of our board

meetings, and he found many ways that he could contribute

to the club. He has taken over the management of our Goodie

Store to keep it up and running despite vendor challenges


and he’s also our ad director for Slipstream magazine.

For being the Maverick of the Month, The Silver Fox in

Grapevine is giving Pat dinner for two at their award

winning steak house.

So THANK YOU, Pat, for all you do!



Richard Bradley, Managing Editor


new year brings new beginnings,

new hopes and dreams for all of

us, but especially for those of

us that are plugged into our enthusiastic

and friendly PCA Maverick Region! Last

year was a blast with all kinds of events

and excitement, but this year promises to

be even better. Every year brings score

sheets and lap times back to their base lines, whether it’s

at a driving event, a Concours, or any other venue. Make a

commitment to attend the Awards Banquet and claim your

award. It’s within reach of all of us. Maybe you can push

yourself to make it to one more Social Event than last year,

or a Charity Event to help our friends in need of a little

hope, and find something you already have. It all starts with

a dream, so dream big.

January is the beginning of the New Year and you’re in the

driver’s seat. So put on your seat belt, come out and make

new friends, and make a difference. Life is good and life

with a Porsche is nothing less than spectacular. It doesn’t

matter if it’s a brand new 2011, or the first Porsche that

arrived in the great USA sixty years ago. What does matter

is getting involved. Here’s to new beginnings!

January 3


John Hamilton


John enjoys DE’s, Happy Hours, Porsche

Parade and other social events. He and

wife Chris have owned Porsches since

1996 and joined the Club in 2002. John’s

Grandfather in New Jersey owned a 1960

356B Coupe and later a 1965 356SC Cab

so that’s how it got in his blood.


AX Chair Tannia Dobbins

Lewisville Milton, James

TT Chair Travis Howard

AX/TT Lewisville Registrar Michael


AX/TT Rules Charlie Davis

AX/TT Safety Chuck McCoy

AX/TT Schools Bryan Bell

& Lisa Steele

AX/TT Tech Insp Jeff Herrmann

AX/TT Timing Darron Shaffer

AX/TT Workers Mike Lockas

Club Race Co-Chair Joel Nannis

Club Race Co-Chair Bill Miller

Club Race Ads/PR Lori Mauthe

Club Race Registrar Wendy Shoffit

Concours Jack Griffin

DE Chair Mike Brodigan

DE Chief Dvg Instr. John Sandusky

DE Registrar Joel Nannis

DE Safety Bob Benson

Email List Modr. Bob Benson

Goodie Store Pat Friend

Happy Hours Chris

& Mentors Christensen

Monda Hanna

& Mike Lockas

Membership Joel Nannis

Past President James Shoffit

Public Relations Andrea Bell


Carey Spreen


Advertising Pat Friend

Editor Richard


Event Ad Design Christy Payne

Mailing & Tech. Andy Mears

Printing Fran Ussery

Staff Wendy Shoffit, Matt Platts,

Andy Mears, Jan Mayo

Tannia Dobbins



Sunday Drives

Swap Meets

Tech Sessions

Trivia Chair

Web Site

Zone 5 Rep.


Christy Payne

Keith Olcha

John Harvey

Robyn Howard

Ed Mullenix

Jerry DeFeo

Denny Payne

James Shoffit

Vice President

Chris Christensen


Chris has been a Maverick for over ten

years and owned a 2000 Boxster S. He

recently sold it with tears in his eyes…

Welcome, dream car; a 2010 Carrera

Cab. Now that the tears have dried up,

he’s having a blast! Here’s to sharing

the fun in our events with many Mav’s

throughout 2011.

Andrea Bell


Bryan Bell


Bob Benson


John Harvey


Richard Bradley


Frank Briggs

Chris Christensen


Jerry DeFeo


Tannia Dobbins


Mark Gluck


Jack Griffin


Madhu Rao


Madhu has been a member of the

Maverick Region since 2009. He and

his wife, Roshni, really enjoy meeting

members of the club at various social

and driving events. “It’s not the

cars... it’s the people” that make this

club great. He is currently driving

a red 2008 Carrera S and loves it!

Mike Brodigan


Monda Hanna


Jeff Herrmann


Robyn Howard


Travis Howard


Mike Lockas


Pat Friend


Chuck McCoy


Andy Mears


Bill Miller


Ed Mullenix


Please help us to keep growing!


Jim Falgout



Jim just joined Maverick Region in

August, 2008. He drives a 1992 968

cab and has recently enjoyed several

social events. Jim is looking forward to

participating in all the driving events.

Joel Nannis


Keith Olcha



Christy Payne


Denny Payne

Matt Platts



John Sandusky


Darron Shaffer



Wendy Shoffit

H- 972-506-7449

C- 972-977-9821

James Shoffit


Carey Spreen


Fran Ussery



January 5

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November Trivia

It’s Easy to Play:

Play here for Fun and Education and find the

Answers below


Play for Prizes on the Web at

with the

Answers and Winners to be posted at the end of

the Month

Thanks to Jerry DeFeo for putting this and the

Web Trivia together!

Congratulations to our November Web Winner

Mark Hanna

Mark will receive a $25 Gift Certificate to

Zims Autotechnik

1. Porsche has a 16 Volume Repair Manual Set for Sale, Part # WKD.484.221

for the 2003-05 Cayenne. What is the List Price for the Set? a. $987.55

b. $1,412.38 c. $2,145.80 d. $2,780.13 Pano August, 2010, pg 105 ADV

2. Some of the 3.2 Carreras had faulty Cylinder Head Temp Sensors that

would cause problems sending you in all kinds of directions trying to

diagnose what was wrong. This was fixed by a redesigned Sensor that

came out around 1987. Which of the following did a faulty Sensor NOT

cause? a. Poor Idle b. Intermittent No-start c. Buck at Cruising Speeds

d. Shut-down at Cruising Speeds Pano August, 2010, pg 80,

Chris Powell info

3. Should you get Overspray on your Vinyl interior, John Paterek, Tech

Advisor, says you should use _________ to get it off; after you put a bit on

a test spot. a. Lacquer Thinner b. Citrus Solvent Degreaser c. Goof-off

d. Enamel Thinner

Pano August, 2010, pg 80, John Paterek info

4. Porsche has just announced a new model for the Paris Auto Show, the

911 Speedster. It is a normally aspirated 3.8L Boxer 6 cylinder that is a

convertible with 23 more HP than a Carrera S, special colors, etc; but still

only two-wheel rear drive. It is a ‘bit’ more expensive than the $101,500

Carrera S Convertible. What will it cost? a. $126,600 b. $176,000 c.

$202,950 d. $265,000, Sept 21, 2010

5. And just how many of these special Porsche 911 Speedsters are they going

to build? a. 356 b. 911 c. 930 d. 998, Sept 21, 2010

Answers: 1) d 2) a 3) b 4) d 5) a

January 7

Maverick Minutes

Lisa Steele, Secretary

The last Board Meeting of 2010

began with some holiday music

in the background with beautiful

decorations along the table and cheery

faces in the room. Mr. Pres began the

meeting at 7:05 with a very BIG “THANK

YOU” to Clint Blackman for all of his

hard work and service with the Sunday

Drives. A big round of applause was given to Clint and the

clapping continued for John Harvey who will be stepping in

and continuing Clint’s hard work and dedication.

Clint Blackman announced that the Holiday Light Drive

would be on Sunday, December 12th. The meeting place is

Starbucks in Highland Park Village. Clint assured the group

that he will be around but taking a little break for a while (a

well deserved break, Clint).

Jim Falgout reported that during the last two years

Maverick Region has sent $1,623.85 more to Hope House

than collected in donations. There was a motion by John

Hamilton to donate the difference to Hope House. Christy

seconded the motion. Motion passed to donate the difference

to Hope House. Jim also announced his usual happy phrase,

“We have money.”

Ed Mullenix reported that the Tech Session on November

27th was good and well attended with 7 folks. This was

a good number considering it was a holiday weekend.

The session lasted about 2 hrs. and everyone had a good

time. The next Tech Session is on the calendar for January

15th at Autobahn. The topic of discussion will be brake

maintenance…maybe this Secretary should attend this one.

Ed is also throwing around the idea of setting up a service

clinic prior to DE/TT events to do tech inspection. There is

no venue yet but this is still a work in progress.

Pat Friend announced that he got in a new batch of badges.

He also brought along lots of Silent Auction items for

Founder’s Day from Park Place and Dallas Euro Cars.

Travis Howard reported that the AX/TT Awards Banquet

was quite a success. Everyone loved the beer mugs and

shot glasses for their awards. He said that it was A LOT

of FUN!! Travis also announced that he has scheduled a

Time Trial at MSR on Oct.23rd and it will be the 1.3 course

(should be exciting to do this as a time trial). Apparently

Pennington Field is no longer wanting to have Autocrosses

in their parking lot so Travis is looking for another space.

Robyn Howard said “I had what he had” referring to all

of her husband Travis’ report. Robyn did tell the group that

she is currently talking with a few people about sponsoring

some Autocrosses and Time Trials to help fund the more

expensive locations.

Christy Payne is looking forward to a great Founder’s

Day Event. She reported that the Silent Auction/Raffle was

looking good with some great items. Christy reminded the

group that the New Member Party will be on January 29th.

Christy also had information from Richard Bradley to share

with the group. Apparently Richard received a few reports

of some damaged Slipstreams, so if you had a Slipstream

that was damaged please contact Richard because he has

extras. Richard is also kicking around the idea of having an

“Advertisers Spotlight” each month for advertisers to give a

little spiel about their business.

Madhu Rao was present and assured the group that he

would be happy to help in any way he could at Founder’s

Day. What a wonderful attitude!!

BJ and John Harvey reported that the Turkey Chase Sunday

Drive was great. They had about 25 cars. Don Brown laid

out a very nice course.

Carey Spreen reported that he might have a great place

to do a Rally. He received an email from Mike Mayberry

who has a Bed and Breakfast and horseback riding (not in

the same room of course) near Whitesboro. There are some

great roads for a Rally all around that area, so Carey is going

to check it out.


Wendy brought up the recent passing of one of our DE

Instructors, Azam Zaidi. As an honor to his memory, the

board voted to send a donation to an organization aimed

at helping the victims of the flooding this year in Pakistan.

Wendy also brought some very colorful name tag holders

that would be perfect for DE’s. Everyone agreed they

would be perfect! She also discussed that Jerry DeFeo was

concerned that not a lot people look at and read the Trivia.

The Board all agreed that the Trivia is wonderful and would

hate to see it go.

A new face at the Board Meeting was Mike Farrar. He feels

like he has taken advantage of the club for the last 10-12

years and he is ready to help out in any way that he can. I can

personally say that Mike has always been a wonderful help

at the DE’s with anything the Hospitality Chicks needed. I

know we will find the perfect “job” for Mike.

Another new face sitting at the table was Rick Schwausch.

He, too, would like to give back to the club and contribute

some of his time. John Hamilton chimed in and suggested

that they could possibly help be a backup for the equipment


Chris Christensen announced that our next Happy Hour

will be at Bavarian Grill in Plano on December 16th. Forty

people attended the HH at Bavarian Grill the last time so it

should be a good turn out.

Judy Brodigan (aka Hot Body according to her sweet

husband Mike) was present but had nothing to report.

Mike Brodigan (aka Mr. President) was busy in the

Bahamas last month but if you read Slipstream you noticed

that James Shoffit was announced Mav of the Month. Mike

also announced that Jack Griffin is considering having a

Social event in his fabulous garage. I will definitely attend

this social event to see his awesome collection of cars. Mike

told the group that the last 2 years has been a privilege to

work with such wonderful people…been FUN he says!!

Lots of claps around the room!! Thank You Mike for all that

you have done and continuing doing for the club!!

Mike announced that the Mav of the Month for January is

Pat Friend.

John Hamilton (aka up and coming new Maverick

President) announced that dates are finalized for the 2011

DE schedule. The Club Race has been moved to October

29-30 at ECR. This will be a much cooler time of year for

the race cars. Memorial Day weekend will be a regular DE

and Nov. 19th/20th will be at MSR for the 1.7 track.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15

A personal note from the secretary…I have enjoyed every

crazy moment at all of the Board Meetings for the past 2

years. Thank you to everyone who is a part of the wonderful

Maverick Region!

January 9

Turkey Chase Report – from the eyes of a newbie

By Sylva Cohen

On November 21 my husband Gordon and I joined

the Maverick Region Sunday Drive crowd for

our first Porsche Club ‘event’. As

everyone casually collected in the Wal-Mart

parking lot in Mesquite it did create quite a

sight. It was reassuring as we introduced

ourselves to other members to find out we

weren’t the only first timers. It seemed as if

a large number of us were finally coming to

enjoy the camaraderie for the very first time,

even though some of us had technically

been members for a while (pay the dues,

never show up.) As a new member and a

first time Porsche owner I learned more about the cars than

I ever thought possible standing in the parking lot as the

group gathered. There was more technical information

bantered about than I can ever imagine understanding, but

the real joy for me was in looking at all the different years

and models than one can hope to see in one place. All the

dream cars of my youth there for my enjoyment to look at!

I had been around sports car clubs for a portion of my

life. My older brother has been a member of a couple of

clubs over the years in the Detroit area. While still living

in that area I had gone to watch them race their Corvettes,

Photos by Patti Bitzel and Larry Pettit

of greeting from other drivers as they ogled a line of 22

Porsches driving down the road. While we were on 80

all was still fine in my world.

At Wills Point we traded that

nice straight wide road for the

FM roads of North Texas.

In my little back yard world

of horses, there is a saying

between riders. When you

are invited to go riding with

other people it is common to

ask how they ride. It is often

a warning when someone tells

you that they ‘ride like they drive’. It was on this drive that

I learned that my quiet, retired, ex-airline captain husband

must drive his retirement vehicle like he flew his 747. I

thoroughly enjoyed the drive, but I must admit I held on

tight a few times, leaned over to check the speedometer

more than a few times, and waved happily at the County

Sheriff as we calmly and respectfully passed his parked


It was a great drive through curving country roads, at what

was probably the ‘color peak’ for leaves in North Texas.

The weather was perfect, skies clear, air warm, all with a

Saabs and other vehicles and eventually their Vipers

around tracks and listen to stories of their Road Rallies,

and gone to Concours events. But this was my first event

as a car owner, or as the wife of a car owner at least. I have

moved up in the world to actually getting a seat in the car

instead of just washing it. Still, my own car choices and

driving styles tend to the much slower and steadier pace of

driving a pick-up truck with a horse trailer behind. This is

a new world for me.

We departed Mesquite and headed out to East Texas. For

me it is just fine to sit in a convertible while my husband

drives and I get to watch the world and other cars go by. It

was a real kick to see all the looks and occasional honks


ig group of friendly people. We made our final destination

before I, as an older woman, had to make the bathroom.

(It was a great laugh to see all the men get out of their cars

and run for the bathroom at the potty stop.) Perhaps that is

indicative of just how tightly I might have been holding myself

whipping through those scenic county roads.

We all enjoyed a wonderful lunch at the Edom Bakery, which

in addition to great sandwiches also had great chocolate chip

cookies as promised by Mr. Blackman. Then we enjoyed a

little window shopping with new friends at some of the artist’s

shops across the street. All in all, a perfect day.

January 11





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January 13


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By Porsche Motorsport N.A.

Stuttgart - December 12 - The Porsche 911 GT3

RSR takes off into the new motorsport season

with significant

modifications. The 2011

version of the world’s

most successful GT

race car celebrated its

international premiere

at the “Night of

Champions” party held

at the R&D Center in

Weissach to mark the end

of the 2010 motorsport

season. Priority in the

further development of

the GT3 RSR was given

to the newly designed

aerodynamics at the front

and rear, changes to the

suspension kinematics

and to the engine.

The 4.0-litre, sixcylinder

boxer engine

now delivers 455 hp

(355 kW) at 7,800 revs, five horsepower more than

its predecessor. The power increase results from an

engine management system which adapts even better

to different fuel grades, as well as a redesigned exhaust

system and a modified air intake housing. Moreover,

the drivability of the famously efficient engine has

undergone further improvements. Maximum revs remain

unchanged at 9,400 rpm.

Clearly visible are the modifications to the front. A new

front lip provides higher downforce at the front axle. The

front wheels are now wider with the rims growing from

11 to 12 inches giving additional grip and less understeer.

The position of the rear wing and the shape of the wing

mounting also underwent optimization and were adapted

to the new rear fairing with additional air outlet louvers.

The rear lid was also redesigned for optimized air

ducting. Like the 911 GT3 Cup and the GT3 R, the RSR

has now been equipped with the LED rear lights taken

from the latest 911 road-legal cars.

The 911 GT3 RSR joins the 911 GT3 R and the 911

GT3 Cup as the top model of Porsche Motorsport’s

product range. The successful long distance racer from

Weissach can be ordered now at a price of 410,000 Euro

plus country-specific value added tax. All 2011

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Photos by Porsche Motorsport N.A.



Owned and operated by Jay Walker, II,

maverick region member since 1997.



1021 W. Prairie at UNT |

January 17




From the moment

you turn in from

Denton Drive, youÕ ll

start to notice the

special details that


a car-friendly heaven.

ItÕ s quite simply, the most incredible

independent repair facility in the


It even has its own Race-Track

Simulator and Side-By-Side, All-

Wheel Dynos!

Dallas-Park Cities 214-350-3050 . Plano 972-867-7467 . Dallas N/E 214-320-8280


Cliff’s Ramblings: Sebring 2011

By Cliff Blackshear


couldn’t think of a thing to write for

the January issue and then it hit me,

Sebring 2011.

John and I decided last year, after Sebring

2010 and taking four of the top five places

in SP Box class, that we Mavs have to

go back and defend our place in 2011. I

brought this up at the Hallett Club Race

recently with the drivers there that had attended Sebring last

year. They all started salivating and expressed great interest

in returning.

Once again, John and

I had to make sure our

dealer group wanted

to spend the money to

support the trip and we got

that done. When you’re

dealing with a proposal

that ends up in corporate

accountant’s hands, it had

better have some strong

backing along the chain

of command. Thankfully,

up and down our group,

we have track rats, gear

heads, Porschephiles,

ex-racers and a lot of

cheerleaders. Yet I wonder

how many of you reading

this, understand what is involved.

First, we have to find a transport, hummm, I wonder if the

Ferrari Challenge trailer we own is available. If not, I wonder

how much the ticket will be for an enclosed transport that

is outsourced? How much is it going to cost per car to get

them there and back? Will we need a second 18 wheeler for

additional entrants for the class? Can we have more tools

and equipment available than last year? This was an area

where we really struggled last year, but fortunately other

racers that were there lent a hand when we were in need, and

we absolutely needed that help.

Once the financial commitment is made and racers agree

with what their expenditures are going to be, an amazing

amount of things have to be done. 1. Set dates of departure

and return for vehicles. 2. Figure out how much room the

transport has for tools and equipment while making sure all

the small needs are met.

The decision has been made that only Spec Box cars are

in our effort. I really wanted to include more, but it was just

not in the cards this year. John has done all of the crucial

legwork up to now in contacting the drivers/owners. He

found out who can make the date so far and checked on

the availability of the needed transport. We want only an

enclosed transporter and of course that raises the price, but

it is well worth it. So far we have six committed drivers and

possibly a seventh Spec Box driver/owner willing to make

the journey.

I so look forward to this event, Sebring is a fast, brutal,

unforgiving, historic track. Last year the tee shirts for the

event read “48 hours of Sebring, You do not win at Sebring,

You Survive,” it couldn’t

be more true. The night

race is spectacular. It’s

very dark at night at

Sebring since there are no

track lights whatsoever.

Watching the cars come

off turn 16 (The Le Mans

Curve) down the long

back straight (Ulmann

Straight) and flying into

the infamous turn 17

(Sunset bend) is awesome.

Turn 17 is such an

interesting corner; it will

make men out of boys. You

must exit with the car so

completely on edge near

the concrete wall that you

have no place to go with a mistake. The wall will be inches

from the drivers left when the corner is taken correctly.

Last year I remember Glen Smith making a comment when

everyone was learning the line. It went something like “As

I came around each time into 17 and carried more speed,

I could hear my wife saying, you crashed at what speed?”

Funny stuff…..

There will be well over 200 entrants making it the

largest Club Race of the year; every class was huge and so

competitive. TRG (The Racers Group) had five 18 wheelers

there to transport and support the Cup Cars last year. Porsche

Motorsports was there with support.

I plan to show up and help as needed. Last year was brutal

with 12 hour days and little sleep. It was all I could do to

keep the cars that could be repaired on track. Yet, I wouldn’t

trade the experience for anything. Of course, I was just a

cog in the machine that made the Mavs successful. So many

people made that trip a success. It’s gonna be fun!

Ramblin’ along and trying to not early apex in life!


January 19

We were a little surprised and at the same time

pleased to see almost 40 Maverick’s come out

on a brisk fall evening to share in conversation

and good food at Mac’s. Needless to say that Mac’s is a

favorite restaurant for many, but can be slow going getting

there with all the road construction going on with 121 and

114 that narrows down to one or two lanes in spots. We

thought there might be a road closure during the day and

were Specializing somewhat concerned, in all years but believe and it models was reserved of for

the Porsche less traveled exclusively evening hours. for Anyway, more thanks 30 to everyone years

for joining in the Maverick camaraderie!

Complete and Meticulous Maintenance and Repair

Well, Tuning with and another Diagnostics year coming (Carbs, to MFI, a CIS, close, OBD we I can & II) hope

that Custom this holiday Engine season and Transmission going to Rebuilds prove to our friendly

economists Competition that Car the Preparation gray skies will (Track clear or Autocross) and 2011 will be

1521 Baccarac Ct Euless, TX 76040

on track for new growth 817 and 540 prosperity. 4939 We like to call

our prognosticator

2011 the “Porsche sales indicator

to economic growth.” email:

If Porsche sales are down…well

2700 B West Pioneer PkWy

(125 feet s. of Pioneer, on the W. side of Corzine st.)

Arlington, texAs 76013



The Art of Paint Protection

After Installation

A virtually invisible urethane film

professionally applied to high-impact areas

of your vehicle to protect your paint job from

stone chips, sand, road debris and bug acids.

During Installation

Norm Schilling

Owner and Installer

16 Years Experience

Highest Quality Guaranteed

2530 Tarpley Road, Suite 100

Carrollton, TX 75006

Parts or Service, We Deliver Excellence.

Over 300,000 parts in stock.

Expert service and repair.

Parts and Service for: Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Mini, and Smart Car.


Visit us online at:


1804 Reliance Pkwy. Bedford, TX 76021 M-F 8am to 5:30pm

Zims Autotechnik is not affiliated with Porsche AG or PCNA Registered Trademark of Dr. Ing h.c.F. Porsche A.G.

January 21

Experience Your Porsche in a New Way!

By driving on a real North Texas racetrack

Eagles Canyon Raceway is the beautiful culmination of years worth of

research, planning & design into the rolling hills of North Texas near DFW.

Eagles Canyon Raceway features 2.55 miles, 4 straights over 1,300 feet long, 11

turns, and 340 feet of overall elevation change. Eagles Canyon is a true driver's

track, and is planned to host all classes of events from the top level racing series

to club racing and private HPDE days.

We are proud to receive PCA events including Club Racing and look forward to

each and every event!

With an EC Membership you can enjoy driving on a track that is quickly

becoming history in the making. We offer all that you need including a

challenging track, high octane fuel & a grill for lunch. Join us by signing up at or call for information at 940-466-9775.



Member Spotlight: The Klemmer Family

Andrea Bell, Public Relations Chair

This month our new member

spotlight is on the Klemmer family.

Margaret and Nikolaus recently

moved to Texas from North Carolina.

While they are not new to PCA, they

are new to our

region. They are

both passionate

about PCA and their two Porsches.

The Klemmers have two children

- Hannah is 11 and Thomas is

9. Thomas loves PCA and has

actually made two appearances in

Panorama. Hannah, according to

Margaret, “Well, she goes along

with it.” They each drive a 911.

Margaret has a 1985 Targa and

Nikolaus drives a 2006 C4.

They bought their first Porsche in

January 2006. It was a 2003 Boxster for Nikolaus’ 40th

birthday. They joined the Hurricane Region PCA (in NC)

shortly thereafter. That summer they attended a PCA event

at a race shop. Margaret got to sit in a 911 track car while

Your Porsche deserves a new home!

Let me help you find one… .




Serving North Dallas Suburbs

Phone: 214-223-7488



they were setting it up on the Dyno and she was hooked!

She wanted a 911. Later in 2006, her husband bought her

the Targa to celebrate their 10 year wedding anniversary.

She (the Targa) is known affectionately as Mausi. In April

2009, they replaced the Boxster with the 997 C4.

In 2008, Parade was held in

Charlotte, so the family piled in

and took everything needed for

four days away in their little Mausi.

During the gimmick rally, the

news had come to cover the event.

The Klemmers actually made it on

the news clip, demonstrating how

you can even fit a family of four

in a 911! Also

in 2008, they

took Mausi

to drive the

famous Tail of

the Dragon at

Deals Gap.

In addition,

they have

driven DE’s.

As you might

have guessed,

they bring

their two

kids to most events. Margaret said, this makes them a

true “Porsche Family”. She added, “We believe the PCA

motto to be completely true. It’s not about the cars, it’s the

people!” When I asked Margaret about any other hobbies or

interests, she responded, “What other hobbies are there? We

love cars, we love to drive and we love to travel.” She shared

that on their most recent trip to Germany to visit Nikolaus’

parents, they toured the Porsche Factory in Stuttgart and

spent an entire day at the new Porsche Museum! They also

visited the original RUF location in Pfaffenhausen with a

private tour and got to meet Herr Ruf himself.

Please join me in extending a warm welcome to Nikolaus,

Margaret, Hannah and Thomas to Texas and our own

Maverick Region family. If you are a new member and

would like to be considered for our monthly “SPOTLIGHT”

feature, please contact me at

January 23

Happy Hour - November HH @ Mac’s Steaks & Seafood

Chris Christensen, Happy Hour Chair

We were a little surprised and at

the same time pleased to see

almost 40


come out

on a brisk

fall evening

to share in conversation and

good food at Mac’s. Needless

to say that Mac’s is a favorite

restaurant for many, but can be

slow going getting there with all

the road construction going on

with 121 and 114 that narrows

down to one or two lanes in

spots. We thought there might

be a road closure during the day

and were somewhat concerned, but believe it was reserved

for the less traveled evening hours. Anyway, thanks to

everyone for joining in the Maverick camaraderie!

Well, with another year coming to a close, we can hope that

this holiday season is going to prove to our friendly economists

that the gray skies will clear and 2011 will be on track for

new growth and prosperity. We like to call our prognosticator

for 2011 the “Porsche sales indicator to economic growth.”

If Porsche

sales are


we know

where we’re

headed, and

if they are

up, we are

cheering. It

would seem

that our three


Rick Burnham and Suzanne Lynch dealerships

in the


are doing pretty well. So, there you go, put away your Wall

Street Journal and just check the sales figures at your friendly

Porsche dealer, and pass the results on to your financial

advisor. Of course this is a little tongue in cheek economic

humor, but just maybe it is a pretty good indicator, since

sales of higher end cars is a market driven phenomenon.

So we are not going to pretend to be economists or try and

re-invent Keynesian or supply side economic theory, but

what we are going to do is to enjoy our Porsches and maybe


...the girls having fun... Come out and join us!

Photos by Chris Christensen

add to or replace them in 2011. Unfortunately the “add-to”

theory requires additional stable space, but the application

of the “scatter theory” works

well too; i.e. find a friend

with extra garage space and

negotiate a deal. That could be

the best holiday present of all!

For those of you who requested

name tags, we should have had

them ready at our next Happy

Hour in December. There

were a number of Mavericks

that ordered tags at earlier

Happy Hours and I hope you

stopped by the Bavarian Grill in

December and picked them up.

Make plans to come out in

2011 and visit with some new friends at our Happy Hour in

January. You will find a large gathering of fellow Mavericks

at Love & War in Texas located at 601 E. Plano Pkwy, Plano,

TX. The telephone number is 972.422.6201. See you all


Happy Hour - December HH @ The Bavarian Grill

Chris Christensen, Happy Hour Chair

What a great Porsche Club we have, and we got to

share it at Happy Hour with a record number of

our friends. We counted approximately 50 Mav’s

gathered to enjoy

some tasty German

food and beer at the

“Grill.” It is true –

“It’s not just the cars,

it’s the people.” And

you know, it has to

be a great club when

some folks have

been members for 40

years - and they were

there (thanks to Jerry

and Myra for coming

out). It conveys

to us that this is a

Club that makes

a Porsche owner

even happier…”and

we didn’t think it

possible.” If you

have not joined us

at Happy Hour in a

while, please do, and enjoy in the fun and camaraderie.

Welcome to Randy Johnston, a new member, whom we

met at HH. Randy drives a 1998 993 Targa. We hope to see

you at future Happy Hours or the many other events the club

sponsors. By the way, it was really a treat to see Lisa Steele

Christy Payne, Kim Zeh and Lisa Steele...

Raising a glass to fellow Maverick’s!

Photos by Chris Christensen

Lisa, now that you are no longer Club Secretary, you must

continue coming to Board Meetings…we would miss your

wonderful smile.

Thanks to Rich

Keesecker and his

wife for entertaining

us with many

popular songs such

as Edelweiss; and to

Ed Mullenix for his

contribution adding

to the rhythm on the

spoons. Who knew

we had such talent in

the club!

We are keeping it

short this month so

we can fit two

months worth of HH

columns in so we

will be caught upfor

2011. For January

we are going to have

our HH at Love and

War in Texas. We have a semi- private area reserved in the

back of the restaurant. This restaurant is located across

from Uncle Buck’s in the Grapevine Mills Mall. It is easy

Madhu Rao, our new Secretary and his wife getting to know new

friends at HH!

There’s nothing like the food at The Bravarian Grill.

and Christy Payne at HH for a few hours of fun. These

two ladies make it happen at many social events. And yes

to find and there is plenty of parking available. Their address

and telephone number are as follows; 2505 E Grapevine

Mills Circle, Grapevine, TX 76099 – Tel. (972) 724-5557.

See you all there and have a very Happy New Year.

January 25

Founders’ Day 2010 - GT at the GT (Good Times at the Gaylord Texan)

By Carey Spreen

Traditionally, Maverick Region

has held its annual Founders’ Day

banquet in honor of the 15 founding

members that started the Region back in

November of 1962. This banquet, at which

the club officers and chairs present season

trophies, awards, and other recognition to

our members, and at which the next year’s

officers are elected and announced, usually takes place on

the second Saturday of November, and is typically followed

by the club’s annual Christmas/Holiday Party in early


However, this year, Social Chair, Christy Payne decided to

try something different. In years past, we spent a significant

amount of time during Founders’ Day giving out Autocross

and Time Trial awards, which was of course interesting to

those who competed in the series, but not necessarily to

others who did not participate.

To that end, we held a separate Autocross/Time

Trial awards banquet in November, which freed

up more time at the Founders’ Day banquet for

other activities and general socializing. And since

Founders’ Day was later in the year than usual, it

was combined with the Christmas/Holiday Party,

as the weekends leading

up to the holidays tend

to fill up quickly on

many folks’ calendars.

Something else new

was this year’s venue -

the Gaylord Texan. This

was one of the better

locations in recent

memory. We had a large

banquet room, with a

huge variety of buffetstyle

hors d’oeuvres,

main courses, and

desserts. A nice touch

was that each couple

got two free drink

tickets, good at the cash

bar. This was quite a

bonus, since a glass of

wine was $12!

Also presented to each banquet-goer was a raffle ticket,

of which more could be purchased (and some of us took

great advantage of that loophole, by the way!) to better the

chances of winning something from the large assortment

of door prizes donated by the club’s sponsors. Sponsors,


Photos by Mark Steele

who, by the way, significantly support the operations of the

club, and allow us to put on events that would otherwise be

prohibitively expensive. As it says in Slipstream, “Support

Our Sponsors,”

because they

support us!

The Silent

Auction, always

a mainstay of

Founders’ Day,

was also wellrepresented,


the proceeds of

over $3,800.00

going to the

Maverick Region’s official charity, the Huffaker-Hughes

Hope House. Lisa Huffaker and family were our guests

at Founders’ Day,

and showed their

appreciation of our

continued support of

their efforts to protect

and house victims

of domestic abuse.

And in recognition of

their ongoing work

on behalf of the Hope

House, special awards

• Michael and Heather Pelletier

must have been thinking, “Now

this is what they call a Butt


• Gaylord Texan Atrium

Linda Bambina accepting her award.

were presented to

Clara Lewis and Linda


Something else unique

and fun was the presence

of a Butt Sketch artist (no, I am not being rude - that is

what they call it), who did free-hand charcoal drawings

of couples and groups, but from a rear view; faces not

included! Each drawing took only about 3 minutes, and

all were quite flattering, despite what you might imagine

from the name. Our artist, Pjae, was scheduled to draw

for us from 6pm to 9 pm, but the demand was so high

that she agreed to stay until 10 pm. And the best part

is that there was no charge to the subjects! Or were we

“objects?” Either way, a lot of folks took advantage of

it. I now have a Butt Sketch of my daughter Geneva and

myself hanging proudly on the wall of our staircase. The

“Butt Sketch” concept has apparently been around for

years, but being behind the times, this was the first I had

heard of it. If you are interested you can find out more at

Another attraction was the annual “ICE” show that the

Founders’ Day 2010 - GT at the GT (Good Times at the Gaylord Texan)

Gaylord hosts, displaying huge yet intricate ice sculptures

in a ballroom chilled to about 9 degrees F (parkas are

provided!) Christy got discounts for those of us who preordered

tickets, and this year’s theme was “A Charlie Brown

Christmas.” I hope you got a chance to see it. A word of

caution, though: don’t lick the ice - it tastes awful! Or so I

am told . . .

As mentioned above, Board elections are an important part

of Founders’ Day, and your new Club Officers for 2011 are

listed below. This is an enthusiastic group of folks, and I

boldly predict a fun year ahead.

President -

John Hamilton

Vice President -

Chris Christensen

Secretary - Madhu Rao

Treasurer - Jim Falgout

And speaking of

enthusiastic, the winner of

the coveted Richard Selcer

Memorial Trophy, which

the Maverick Region has

awarded almost every year

since 1976 to the Region

member who has made an

outstanding contribution

to the club, was current Zone 5 Rep James Shoffit. I for one

could not think of a more deserving recipient.

And last, but not least, with the departure this year of

our perennial Drivers Education Grid Queen, Jan Mayo,

a volunteer has stood up and taken the reins from her.

However, since Travis Howard is of the male persuasion,

the appellation “Grid Queen”

was not the most appropriate

for him, so Travis was awarded

with a unique “Grid Master

T” shirt and tasteful matching

medallion, to wear proudly

as he keeps those DE grids

moving in 2011.

In all, it was a great time, with

good food, fun prizes, and a

chance to meet some new folks

as well as catch up with some

“old” ones.

We hope to see you at Founders’ Day 2011! .

• The new Grid Master “T,” Travis


• James Shoffit excepting the

Selcer Award.

• Denny & Christy Payne with

Lisa Steele & Mark Steele.

• Cheers from Tracey and Ed


• Erika Nannis and Myra Sutton

enjoying the wonderful hors


January 27

Tech Corner

Ed Mullenix, Tech Chair

was eliminated.

November’s tech session was a lot

of fun. Even though it was the

Saturday after Thanksgiving, a

bunch of folks showed up. We discussed

the various tools and equipment that would

be employed and then we performed the

diagnostic tests on a vehicle electrical

system. Hopefully some of the mystery

On February 19th, we will have a tech session at Boardwalk

Porsche. The topic will be the club’s tech sheet that has to

be filled out prior to our driving events. We will perform a

pre-driving event inspection and have some training aids to

demonstrate what constitutes a “pass or fail” on some of the

components. For those members that would feel comfortable

doing their own inspection, we will pass out wallet cards

that certify the member to sign “their own” tech sheet (alas,

no you won’t be able to sign your buddy’s.)

The tech sheet pretty much fills up an entire page and looks

somewhat intimidating. Most items on the list are common

sense things. Something that routinely gets overlooked

is brake fluid. Automotive brake fluid absorbs moisture

from the air. For those of you that have ever bothered to

look, there is a tiny little hole in the cap on the brake fluid

reservoir. Its purpose is to vent the reservoir. As the brake

pads wear, the pistons in the calipers are displaced further

out and more fluid goes into the caliper. The fluid level in

the reservoir goes down accordingly. Some manufacturers

employ a rubber membrane in the reservoir cap to act as a

barrier to moisture. Porsche does not, so moisture from the

air does enter the brake fluid through that tiny little hole.

When the fluid absorbs moisture, it lowers the temperature

at which the brake fluid will boil. For a car driven on roads

here in the “flatlands,” old brake fluid is not much of an

issue. If you track your car or drive in mountainous areas,

you absolutely do not want the fluid to boil. The club insists

that if you are participating in a driving event, you have

brake fluid that has been changed within the preceding six

months. Nothing will cause you to “suck up that seat” like

pressing on the middle pedal when nothing happens!

Also during the session, we will demonstrate how to

uncowl a Boxster motor and pull the air filter assembly off

of a “conventional Porsche” so you can see the accessory

belt and such. Look forward to seeing y’all there. RSVP

so I’ll know how many donuts to bring.



January 29

German Engineering With Southern Hospitality

Personal Service.

At Nine-Eleven, we’ve built a reputation for understanding our customers’ needs —

quality service, convenient location, state-of-the-art diagnostics, and personalized service

that is unmatched in the Metroplex. When you trust your car to us, you will have

the peace of mind that it will be serviced correctly the first time. Every time.


We strongly believe in access to those who will actually work on your car. Our

technicians are available in person, by phone, and even by pager if you have questions

or need timely information about your car.


Our clean shop, well-stocked parts department, and comfortable waiting room ensure

that you and your car will get the kind of service you deserve. Maintained tools and

equipment. Clean cars. We are meticulous about details.


Our parts department is also second to none. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you

in finding that necessary part or after-market option you require. We are an authorized

dealer for high-performance Recaro seating, Yokohama Tires, Bilstein Shocks, Bosch,

and many others. This ensures that whether you are a casual driver or an enthusiast who

needs race prep assistance, Nine-Eleven has the experience and knowledge to keep your

car running at peak performance.


Crown Rd.

Cindy Lane Lane


Royal Lane

Joe Field Field Rd. Rd.



Nine-Eleven Enterprises, Inc.

Service, Accessories & Parts for BMW,

Mercedes & Porsche

2120 Cindy Lane, Dallas, Texas 75229



We are conveniently located near the intersection of Stemmons and LBJ Freeways

in Dallas. We offer emergency towing service 24 hours a day and have arranged

for special rental car rates with area rental agencies. Come by for a visit between

7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday, or call for a service appointment.


New Wheels

Joel Nannis, Membership Chair

Andrews, Chris

Fort Worth, TX 76132

2008 Cayman S

Jasin, Paul

Rockwall, TX 75032

2006 Cayenne S

Speer, Stephany

Grapevine, TX 76051

2002 911

If you have any changes that

you would like to make to the

MRPCA membership guide, call

Joel Nannis at 817-329-1600.

Barney, John (Janice)

Plano, TX 75074

2005 986

Malloy, Ben

Dallas, TX 75242

2008 Carrera S

Stotzer, Ralph

Lucas, TX 75002

2006 911

Clipp, Brennan

Plano, TX 75093

2006 Carrera S

Morgan, Larry (Gretchen)

Colleyville, TX

1970 911 T

Terrill, Clark (Bob)

Frisco, TX 75034

2009 911 Turbo

Cole, David

Dallas, TX 75229

2003 911 Carerra

Schlenker, Melissa

Grapevine, TX 76051

2007 Boxster

Thakker, Anooj

Dallas, TX 75229

1965 356C

Gillin, Andrew (Corby


Dallas, TX 75252

2010 Carrera S

Schrader, Rick (Jonathan


Grand Prairie, TX 75050

2002 911

Wallace, Tim (Sherry)

Dallas, TX 75204

2002 Carrera

Glover, Larry

Arlington, TX 76012

2001 Boxster

Hudkins, Dr. H.

Wichita Falls, TX 76309

2009 Carrera S

Hudkins, Philip

Wichita Falls, TX 76309

2009 Carrera S

Shiels, Bob

Allen, TX 75002

2006 911 S

Smith, Craig

Tyler, TX 75703

2006 911

parade ad half color 11/6/10 5:22 PM Page 1

Save the flash!

Owning a Porsche is

a unique experience.

Do your part to preserve

the experience...

keep the flash alive!


Piott, Danny

McGannon, Bill

O’Hearn, Brian

Shaffer, Darron

Usher, James

15 Years

10 Years



Fort Worth


Fort Worth

Dierlam, Anne

DiFiore, Bernie

Gonzales, Doug

Pestell, Andrew

Rapoport, Loren

5 Years



Cedar Hill

Fort Worth


January 31


Unclassifieds are available free to Maverick Region members and are $5 to all others (contact editor for payment details). Please limit size to no more than 6 lines. Ads will run for 3 issues, then

removed unless you request that it be run for an additional 3 issues. E-mail your ad to by the 10th to have your ad run in the following month’s Slipstream. Be sure to

include car year, make and model, its mileage and asking price, as well as a contact name, phone number and /or e-mail address. All parts will be advertised on our website. Check your ad for

accuracy the first time it runs. Contact the editor to have your ad pulled sooner. Due to space constraints, photos may or may not be included.

For Sale: 1987 Porsche 944, Vin# WPOAB0946HN477034 Second owner

very clean 944 reliable and runs very well. Just painting in the original charcoal

gray and burgundy interior is in very good shape. 278k + miles, A/C is great

– very cold. Tires are in good shape, Clutch was replaced 10k miles ago and

hydraulic slave and master cylinder replaced at that time. Engine tuned up 5k ago,

timing belt replaced 15k ago, and Transmission shifts smooth and solid. AM/FM

CD player. $3500.00 Kevin Ft. Worth, Tx. - e-mail: (1)

For Sale: 2005 Boxster, 41,000 miles. Red/ Black leather interior. Everything

works. New tires. Manuals. No mods, all stock. Garaged. asking $22,900. contact

njchow@tx.rr.c (1)

For Sale: 1998 Boxster, Very good pale yellow body with tan interior in goodnot

“great” condition; i.e. no tears but some wear. 100k miles on chassis. Engine

mileage unknown, but has new LN Engineering intermediate shaft bearing and

good compression across all cylinders. New brake pads. Just serviced. Upgraded

radio. Great streetcar or perfect for Spec Boxster conversion. Asking $10k. Carl

Amond (817) 481-8371 or (1)

For Sale: 1988 Porsche 928 S4, Immaculate condition. Rare color, Everything

works perfectly and have service history 93K miles asking $15,999 Contact Travis

214-642-8278, or (2)

For Sale: 2005 Porsche Cayenne S, Very well equipped and maintained.

Excellent condition. 69,950 miles. White exterior with saddle leather interior and

rosewood trim. Navigation, XM radio, CD, heated seats, heated steering wheel,

Bi-xenon headlights, automatic transmission, electric sunroof, automatic climate

control with rear vents. Integrated 3 button garage door opener. $28,500 or

possible trade for 993 C4. Contact Jim Buckley at 817-239-7969 (2)

For Sale: 1996 Porsche 993 Twin Turbo, Black/Black/greyseats, 28K miles

garaged/no track use, beautiful gloss paint with gemballa side skirts, Champion

wheels/ new Michelin tires 225 front 315 rears, 100 Hp upgrade from dealer /155k

purchase price, carbon fiber interior/new battery/zenon headlights, full power

heated adj seats/A/C cold, all instruments work/new front brakes. This car was

owned by former Ranger Pudge Rodriguez as he had it shipped to spring training.

Beautiful example of one of the last air cooled classics. Also on www.autotrader.

com. $89,000. Contact Doug at 214-533-5844 or (2)

For Sale: 1985 later model Porsche 944, Garnet Red in Duncanville Texas,

just outside of Dallas. $6500.00 Equipped with sun roof and considered a daily

driver, with 77,250 miles. Have repaird and performed routine maintenance on

the car since buying it last fall. Includes new rear tires, new brakes and master,

rebuilt wiper motor, new radiator, paint repairs, dash pad, floor mats and sheepskin

seat covers. The car is great shape, everything works and comes with the original

radio,a newer Blaupunkt model has been installed with new front speakers.

Manuals, receipts, misc. parts and extras are included. email at tedcarrington@ or call 817-538-2316 or 817-509-3357. (2)

For Sale: BOXSTER RS 60 SPYDER, Limited production model # 1159,

of 1,960 built world wide, and one of 800 imported into the USA. GT Silver

metallic, with Carrera Red leather interior and matching red top. Excellent

mechanical and cosmetic condition, only 8,000 miles by original owner and PCA

Maverick member; annual low mileage service by Autobahn Porsche, certificate of

authenticity, commemorative book, and service records available. Special features

standard on this model include 303 HP engine, aero front end, sport exhaust, PSM,

PASM, sport seats; 19” sport design wheels, sport steering wheel, rear wheel

spacers, and numerous special cosmetic details. Factory options include 6 speed

manual with sport shifter, Bose hi end sound system, Bi-Xenon lights, painted

wheel crests, and self dimming mirror and rain sensor. Car is all original, and has

Weather Tech floor mats, Porsche cargo mats front and rear, and Covercraft soft

cover. PRICE: $55,000 Contact: Milton C. Barley, 817-731-8256 home; 817-733-

2233 mobile; or e-mail to: (2)

For Sale: 1996 Carrera Coupe, Midnight Blue Metallic , grey leather interior,

Tiptronic, cruise control, LoJack security,K-40 integrated radar detector,5 spoke

Porsche wheels, tinted windows, Porsche FM radio and CD player, maintained by

RUF of Dallas, immaculate car,47,000 miles. $37,000. contact Dave Corl at 817-

706-7222 or (2)

For Sale: 1980 Porsche 928 , $4000 OBO Car runs... Replaced the cooling

system, timing belt, seats, overhauled motor. I have done lots of mechanical work

however it does need some minor body and interior work. Has been stored in the

garage. Contact: 817-262-2003 or (2)

For Sale: PCA “E” class 911 SC Euro, Very nicely prepared 1983 911

Euro SC for PCA E-class club racing or DE. Buckley Racing preparation with a

winning formula for success and fun! More info and pics at http://buckley-racing.

com/for-sale.html Or email me at Or call at : 817-239-7969

Jim Buckley (2)

For Sale: 2003 Porsche Boxster, 54k mi, EXCELLENT CONDITION!!

VERY CLEAN!! This is a beautiful car that drives great. No problems. Selling

to make room for family car. Red with Black Leather Convertible top works

perfectly. Xenon Lights Must see!! Please contact me if interested. Serious buyers

only. Miguel @ 817-946-9449 e-mail me for more info & pics if interested. (3)

For Sale: 2003 Porsche Boxster S, Just under 46,000 mi. Huge list of options

and in great condition with several upgrades including front and rear strut braces,

K&N Filter charger and a short shifter. Has Bose stereo with 6 disc CD changer

and much more. Original sticker price $66,000, now asking just $23,500. Call Tom

Froehlich at 214 729-9155(cell) or 214 368-8122 (home). (3)

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