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Slipstream - October 2013

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Drifting: To Plate or

Drifting: To Plate or Not to Plate -- That is the Question! By John Hamilton, Region President The changes in Texas law effective September 1 reinstated a fine for not having a front license plate. One of our long-term members, Milton Barley, did some extensive research on the subject and sent around his findings: “1) Over a year ago, HB2357 was passed, which was an attempt to streamline and clarify a number of points in the motor vehicle registration and licensing laws, and it “inadvertently” omitted the provision for a fine for not having license plate(s) on a vehicle. The net result was that there was a law with no penalty, and almost all jurisdictions stopped trying to write tickets on it. Technically, no front plate was still a ‘probable cause’ for a traffic stop, and that was your greatest risk. “2) Last year, HB 657 was introduced, to change the law to require only one plate in the rear, and that bill died in committee, due mainly to opposition by law enforcement. Their latest opposition is partially based on new camera/software technology which allows them to randomly scan plates, looking for outstanding wants and warrants. “3) Last year, HB 625 was introduced and passed, which adds back the provision for a fine of up to $200 for driving a vehicle without current license plate(s). This bill became effective September 1, 2013. “In summary, it appears that we go back to the way it was in 2012 and earlier, and it will be up to the local jurisdictions to determine what level of enforcement takes place. We are, in my opinion, left to the tender mercies and attitude of the officer who stops you, and then, how you present yourself (courteous and friendly goes a long way, I think). I also believe that if you are driving a Porsche, it is probably best to not use some story about not being able to find a bracket or ‘the dealer said I didn’t need one.’ Most of them have heard that line and don’t like to hear it again.” Thank you, Milton, for your research, insight, and recommendations. By the way, it should also be noted that there has been a Texas court case that ruled that having your license plate in the front windshield does not meet the intent of the law, and that your plate must be attached to the front of the vehicle. ALEXIS A. V. CAMPBELL, Proprietor 1235 William D. Tate Ave Grapevine, TX 76051 So the final decision is left up to you, the Porsche owner. Were you stopped before September, 2012 when the fine was still in place? Do you think having the fine back will increase the likelihood of being stopped now? There is no perfect answer, but it’s up to you! Mav of the Month As some of you may have heard, our Drivers’ Education Chair, Lori Mauthe, has relocated to a different part of the country due to employment. Thus, we started running an ad in Slipstream for a new DE Chair. Well, one day this summer, in walks Maverick member Chris Tabor and says he’s interested. After an in-depth investigation of the job and its responsibilities, Chris accepted the position. So a huge thank-you to Chris and all the great Maverick volunteers who step-up when help is needed. And to Chris, as a token of our appreciation, enjoy your Gift Certificate to the Silver Fox Steakhouse in Grapevine! 2 October

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