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Slipstream - October 2013

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Maverick Minutes:

Maverick Minutes: September Board Meeting By Renee Farinella, Region Secretary September 4, 2013 Region President John Hamilton began the meeting at 7:03pm by welcoming new and visiting Maverick Members Jim and Linda Curzan, as well as our incoming DE chair Chris Tabor, praising the club for how well we function in general as an organization. Former Social Chair Christy Payne sat in on the meeting as well, as she is assisting current Social Chair Tracy Robertson with several upcoming events. Also, because Vice President Gareth Maurice was unable to attend, John gave Gareth’s report, requesting up to $400 for a graphics package to be used to create Slipstream event promotional ads. After some discussion regarding version and necessity, this was approved. Flowers were purchased and a $100 donation request was made for Hope Shelter, on behalf of longtime contributor Maverick Ed Mayo at the passing of his mother. Approved. The 2014 Nomination Committee announcement was supposed have been ready for publication earlier this year; however, all elected board members are re-running for 2014. John is sending an email to the Region membership to serve as notice that the Executive Council offices are open for nomination. Thank you to John Harvey, Travis Howard, and Carey Spreen, who volunteered to serve as the nominating committee. More specific information is available on page 14. Tracy Robertson said the social calendar is all lined up through January 2014. Cars and Cattle is scheduled for Saturday, October 5, 6 October for which Tourmeister John Harvey kindly mapped a great route. The event includes a poker run, prizes, and Concours. Should be a fun photo op. Christy Payne is helping with our annual Founders’ Day event, which will be held Saturday, November 2 at the NYLO hotel in Las Colinas. She asked board members to help get donations lined up for a really great auction! Think holiday! She will send a reminder to everyone to be reaching out for donations. Chris Tabor volunteered to donate a fancy car wash from one of his “Shine” facilities over near Fort Worth. Thank you, Chris! Our charity, the Huffaker Hughes Hope House is the beneficiary of the Silent Auction, and their annual holiday party is planned for Saturday, December 21 from noon to 2pm. As a reminder, the raffle tickets for the one-year lease on a Porsche Macan are available for purchase from board members at various events for $50 each, as well as through a link on the mavpca. org home page. Anyone can purchase these tickets; sales are not limited to PCA members only. Next up was Slipstream Editor Carey Spreen, who highlighted an opportunity for folks to participate in an SCCA “Rally Master” school, on September 21. He also expressed support on behalf of several folks who would like for Don Sebert to bring his many years of experience to chair the Maverick Rally program. Region Treasurer Jim Falgout gave his report next by saying we are in good fiscal health; the DE tracks are paid for, and we are due about $8,500 from our advertisers. New Driver Education Chair Chris Tabor appreciated the warm welcome, and that he was looking forward to participating with the Mavericks in this way. He said his group is ready to go for the September 21-22 DE at Motor- Sport Ranch; had some general operational questions for discussion; will meet with Lori Mauthe for additional transitional info; and made a suggestion to consider breaking up the Blue and Green run groups into faster and slower sub-groups for increased efficiency. Membership Co-Chairs Tom and Susan Froehlich began their report by mentioning that our Region continues to grow, now at an all-time high of 2,270 members, including affiliates. They said that we (as chairs and other board members and volunteers) are working to address the non-renewal issues; further discussion ensued at this point, and good ideas were exchanged regarding a solution. Concours Chair Andy Kay chimed in and made a great suggestion: Have we asked our members why they join? I believe our collective interest here is to maintain a highobjective standard of continuing to grow the value provisioning of the club, and facilitate the best interests of the membership. Sunday Drive Chair John Harvey was excited to say that there were 31 couples that made the drive from the Metroplex to Boxstoberfest in Fredericksburg, which was held September 6-8, with over 200 cars total participating. The San Martiño Ranch drive and wine tasting event is ready to go for Sunday, October 13! Additionally, a Sunday Drive on November 17 to Fort Richardson is in the works, and an event that he is calling the Frick’n Toy Run (in honor of Jean and Dave Frick, whose idea it was for the event) will be on Sunday,

December 8. Please check the Maverick Region website calendar regularly for all event details and updates. Calendar Boy and Sunday Drive Deputy Brendan Eagan said that their event route mapping predrives are available for others to join, if interested. PR chair Linda Bambina asked that someone write an article to cover the Club Race in October, since she and husband Alan will be at the PCA Escape in California that weekend. We look forward to hearing all about it and seeing some great pictures as well! Tech Session Chair Ed Mullenix is planning one of his always-informative Tech Sessions for the January time frame; topics tbd. Autocross and Time Trial Chair Travis Howard reported that all is on track with his events. Please check the Maverick Region website for details, and don’t forget to register for the Time Trial at Motorsport Ranch on Sunday, October 6, but note that only entrants with track experience will be accepted. Linda Bambina noted that Bill McBride, our long-time Slipstream back cover advertiser for State Farm, is retiring; Autobahn Porsche has taken over as the full back cover advertiser. Club Race continued on page 8 AUGUST TRIVIA It’s Easy to Play! Play here for fun and education and find the answers below OR Play for prizes on the web at, with the answers and winners to be posted here after each month’s contest has closed. Thanks to Jerry DeFeo for putting this and the Web Trivia together. Congratulations to our July winner, Jack Griffin, who got all five correct. Honorable Mention, also with all five correct, goes to Richard von Honschoten. The winner was chosen by random drawing. Jack will receive a $25 gift certificate to 1. The Porsche 912 was produced as an economy version of the 911 body style. Other than the 1976 model, which used a VW Engine, what years was it produced? a. ‘65 to ‘69 b. ‘65 to ‘70 c. ‘65 to ‘71 d. ‘65 to ‘72 Source: 2. What size engine did the 912 have before 1976? a. 1.6 L b. 1.7 L c. 1.8 L d. 2.0 L Source: 3. What size engine did the 1976 model 912E have? a. 1.6 L b. 1.7 L c. 1.8 L d. 2.0 L Source: 4. What was the approximate curb weight of the 912? a. 1998 lb b. 2055 lb c. 2130 d. 2235 lb Source: 5. There were some 32,000 912s produced, and only about 2100 912Es for the 1976 model year. What was the internal factory designation number for the 912E? a. 912-B b. 923 c. 925 d. 942 Source: Answers: 1) a 2) a 3) d 4) c 5) b 7

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