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Maverick Region

Porsche Club of America

To us, a checkered flag doesn’t mean stop.

After each race, the question is always: where do we go next to compete? Sebring? Watkins Glen? Mid-Ohio?

Texas World Speedway? Eagles? When the race is set, we are always ready to go. Lap records are usually

set in class. Wins come with hard work and everyone contributing. Even when a win doesn’t come or if we

go metal to metal during the race, when the track goes cold, we are still a family. That is what it is all about.

Proven performance in the workshop or at the track,

at Boardwalk Porsche, it is our passion.


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Volume 51, Issue 1, January 2013

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On the Cover:

A 911 crosses a 1910-vintage

one-lane bridge over the Red

River during the November

Sunday Drive.

Photo by Randy Luckenbill

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January 1

Drifting: New Year’s Restitutions

By John Hamilton, Region President

Yes: that was



very loosely

translated means

“to make whole”

or “to give back”

for having taken. That’s part of

what volunteering is all about. For

many of us in the Porsche Club,

we’ve “taken” the fun at socials,

Happy Hours, driving events, car

shows and tours (not to mention

the enjoyment of reading Slipstream).

Eventually, some decide

to make “restitution” by becoming

a volunteer in the organization.

Three of our premier volunteers

were recognized at our Founders’

Day event for their work by receiving

the Selcer Memorial Award:

Linda Bambina, Lisa Steele and

Christy Payne. Not too surprisingly,

each of these outstanding volunteers

had previously been awarded

the Selcer in previous years. So

the volunteers keep on

volunteering; the workers

keep on working; the

winners keep on winning.

One of those three winners,

Lisa Steele, has been

promoted. As you may

know, Lisa has been our

Membership Chair for the

past two years and our D/

FW Maverick Region has

grown to over 2,200 members

during that period.

Lisa has been called

to become the Membership

Chair for

the National Porsche

Club of America,

and has accepted

that position. Congratulations,


Taking Lisa’s place

are Tom and Susan

Froehlich, who

have served on the

Membership Committee.

Thank you,

Tom and Susan,

for stepping up.

Maverick of

the Month

Our Maverick of the Month is once

again Lisa Steele. In one of Lisa’s

other roles as Hospitality Chair, she

has been responsible for coordinating

refreshments, lunches, and

many other necessities for our

Drivers’ Education program. She

has done a fantastic job throughout

the years, so as she moves on to

other responsibilities, we

recognize Lisa for her contributions

to the D.E. program.

Congratulations, Lisa, and

enjoy your Gift Card to the

Silver Fox restaurant!

Editor’s Note: It was recentlybrought

to my attention that

John Hamilton is the only

three-term-in-a-row President

that Maverick Region has ever

had. Thank you, John, for

your dedication!


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Thanks to you, we’ve outgrown our old facility, and have moved to

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Come visit us at the corner of Midway Road and Skylane Drive,

right across the street from Addison Airport.

3236 Skylane Drive, Dallas, Texas 75006

214-269-1570 •

© 2011 RAC Performance, Glenn Zanotti Art Director/Photographer.

January 3


John Hamilton


John enjoys DEs, Happy Hours, the

Porsche Parade, and other social events.

He and wife Chris have owned Porsches

since 1996 and joined the Club in 2002.

John’s Grandfather in New Jersey owned

a 1960 356B Coupe and later a 1965

356SC Cab which is how it got into his



AX Chair Travis Howard

TT Chair Travis Howard

AX/TT Registrar Robyn Howard

AX/TT Rules Charlie Davis

AX/TT Safety

AX/TT Schools Robyn Howard

AX/TT Tech Insp Jeff Herrmann

AX/TT Workers Robyn Howard

Charity Chair Chris Hamilton

Club Race Co-Chair Joel Nannis

Club Race Co-Chair Pat Heptig

Club Race Ads/PR Jim Buckley

Club Race Registrar Wendy Shoffit

Concours Jack Griffin

Frank Briggs

DE Chair Lori Mauthe

DE Chf Drvng Instr. John Sandusky

DE Equip. Mgr. Luke Edson

DE Registrar Joel Nannis

DE Safety Bob Benson

Email List Moderator Bob Benson

Goodie Store Pat Friend

Happy Hours Mike Farrar

Histographer, Tenured Charlie Davis

Mentors Monda Hanna

Membership Susan and Tom


Past President Mike Brodigan

Public Relations Linda Bambina


Advertising Pat Friend

Editor Carey Spreen

Event Ad Design Christy Payne

Mailing & Tech. Andy Mears

Printing Fran Ussery


Linda Bambina

Wendy Shoffit


To Be Announced

Sponsorship Keith Olcha

Sunday Drives John Harvey,

Brendan Eagan

Swap Meets Robyn Howard

Tech Sessions Ed Mullenix

Trivia Chair Jerry DeFeo


Denny Payne


Vice President

Gareth Maurice


Gareth still remembers the cover of

the car magazine that drew him into a

lifetime of loving cars. He spent many

afternoons riding his bike as a young

kid to the local newsstand to buy and

read everything he could. He now

owns a Midnight Blue 911S and enjoys

driving it in wonderful Texas!

Linda Bambina


Bob Benson


Frank Briggs

Mike Brodigan


Jim Buckley

Charlie Davis

Jerry DeFeo


Mike Farrar

Pat Friend


Jack Griffin


Chris Hamilton


Renee Farinella


Renee works in healthcare, and

enjoys fundraising for the military’s Her passion for cars

manifests in how to integrate the highperformance

driving experience into

relationship building. She says, “Can a

Porsche BE too loud on a Sunday drive?

The hills are aliiive with the sound of

music!” Renee owns a 2008 Boxster.

Monda Hanna


John Harvey


Jeff Herrmann


Robyn Howard


Travis Howard


Pat Heptig

Mike Lockas


Lori Mauthe

Chuck McCoy


Andy Mears


Ed Mullenix


Please help us to keep growing!


Jim Falgout



Jim joined Maverick Region in August,

2008. He drives a 1992 968 cabriolet,

which is the second Porsche he

has owned. Jim enjoys attending

Maverick Region social and driving


Joel Nannis

Lisa Steele


Keith Olcha



Christy Payne


Denny Payne

John Sandusky


Wendy Shoffit

H- 972-506-7449

C- 972-977-9821

James Shoffit


Your Name Here!

Carey Spreen


Fran Ussery



Carey On...

By Carey Spreen, Managing Editor

Happy New


We trust

that you, your

family, and your

Porsche survived

the Mayan Apocalypse,


we have another event-filled

year in store for you, your family,

and your Porsche in 2013.

For those of you who can’t wait

to hit the back roads, our Sunday

Drive crew is planning a half dozen

or so tours designed especially to

put a grin on your face and a howl

in your Porsche’s exhaust note.

For those in a more competitive

frame of mind, we have lots to

choose from. Travis and Robyn

Howard have scheduled six

Autocross events, some at a new

venue in Crandall, southeast of

Dallas, as an alternative location

for those of you in the eastern

half of the Metroplex who have

been reluctant to make the trek

to Mineral Wells. And if you have

been wondering what Autocrossing

is all about, we are hosting

another one of our very popular

Autocross schools in Crandall as

well. This is the year to give it a try!

We also have six Time Trials lined

up for you, including one at Motor-

Sport Ranch, as well as three different

course layouts at the Mineral

Wells airport - something different

every time! If you have been looking

for a competitive driving event

in which you have to use fourth

gear, try a Time Trial on for size.

If you want to learn how to safely

and effectively drive your Porsche

at speed on a racetrack without

having to worry about actual

wheel-to-wheel racing, we have five

Drivers’ Education events planned

this year. A trained and qualified

instructor will help you get the

most out of your Porsche in a safe

and friendly environment on our

two local racetracks, Eagles Canyon

Raceway and MotorSport Ranch.

For those of you who prefer

to socialize outside of your cars,

our monthly Happy Hours are

a great way to get involved. First

social event this year: the All

Member Party on January 26.

Finally, for a behind-the-scenes

glimpse at how the 50 Years of

Porsches event was staged at

Texas Motor Speedway back in

April, go to and click

on the “click here to download

the time-lapse video” link.

Read on!

Helping business owners make profitable decisions

and giving people peace of mind about their taxes.

Main Office: 2929 N. Central Expressway, Suite 235, Richardson, TX 75080

McKinney Office: 114 1/2 East Louisiana St., Suite 203,McKinney, TX 75069

Main Phone (972) 669-2370 ̶ Fax (972) 669-9202

1992 968 Cabriolet

January 5

Maverick Minutes: Time for Me to Fly!

By Madhu Rao, Region Secretary December 5, 2012

Our meeting


at 7pm with a

welcome from

President John

Hamilton. In

attendance were

Renee Farinella,

our 2013 secretary, as well as

Gareth Maurice, our 2013 vicepresident.

Congratulations to these

two new Maverick Region Executive

Council members. They join Jim

Falgout and John Hamilton, who

continue in their roles as Treasurer

and President respectively.

John Hamilton welcomed us with

some great attendance figures.

Total regional membership now

stands at 2227. For a region that

just celebrated its 50th Anniversary,

that is outstanding news.

Our first agenda item relates

to participation in a Club Race/

Drivers’ Education event at the

new Circuit of the Americas

(COTA) racetrack near Austin.

I know a few Maverick Region

members who were able to attend

the F1 race in mid-November

there. They really enjoyed the

racing, the track, and I am sure,

the drive there from Dallas.

Our discussion focused on the

viability of holding a combined

Club Race and Drivers’ Education

event at COTA. Leading the

discussion was Bryan Henderson,

who is the National Club Racing

Chair for PCA. Bryan shared an

overview of the race and the financial

contribution to our region.

He indicated that this event would

be co-sponsored with the Hill

Country and Lone Star Regions.

Lastly, he described how other

sports car clubs are hosting events

at that specific venue. Those in

attendance listened attentively and

then passionately discussed the

opportunity. In the end, a motion

was passed authorizing funds for

the Maverick Region to participate

in a tri-regional PCA event.

Secretary-Elect Renee Farinella

brought up the necessity to create

the club’s program plans, goals

and objectives, and timelines

related to COTA event, and for

various committee project execution.

Renee will work with Lori

Mauthe over the holidays on this.

Next up, PR Chair Linda Bambina

discussed planning some weekend

getaway drives for the Maverick

Region. Linda, that sounds great

to me! There are great drives in

all directions from Dallas. Stay

tuned for more information on

those events later in 2013.

Outgoing VP Tom Minella noted

that he and Gareth Maurice have

begun the transition process

for the vice-president role.

John Harvey reported there were

26 cars on the recent Tryptophan

Trail Tour on November 18, and

that everyone “gobbled up” a great

time! (Full disclosure, those are my

words. However, with the theme of

that drive, they seem appropriate).

Brendan Eagan followed with an

update about a GPS app from Sygic

for both iPhones and Android

smartphones. It is an inexpensive

$30 download that provides a

great GPS and offers lifetime free

downloadable state maps. For

those on the PCA Sunday Drives,

they will be able to download the

route right to their smartphone.

I welcomed the new Executive

Council and thanked the Nomination

Committee for their support.

Since I had to leave to catch a

flight, Renee Farinella graciously

took the following meeting minutes.

Nothing like on-the-job

training! Thanks again, Renee.

Wendy Shoffit, reported that

the 50th Anniversary Founders’

Day event at Texas Motor Speedway,

where the Speed Channel’s

David Hobbs had much to share

as presenter, was a great success,

with about 160 in attendance.

The All Member party is planned

for Saturday, January 26.

Pat Heptig, Club Race Co-Chair,

mentioned kudos to all involved

in last Club Race’s good turn out.

COTA will be great in 2013, as well

as the fall October 26-27 Club Race,

which is expected to be solid.

Slipstream editor Carey Spreen

said we will be printing about 150

more copies per issue, as membership

numbers are growing by

an average of 8 per month, and

adjustments needed to be made.

Discussion was given to going to

36 pages from 32, but determined

that 32 is sufficient for now.

Time Trial Chair Travis Howard

completed the 2013 AX/TT schedule

(available in this issue), including

a school, but a charity event is

TBA. Crandall, TX now has an autocross

venue available, in addition

to Mineral Wells and TMS. There

were about 65 drivers at the Hope

charity AX at TMS on Sunday,

December 2. Several participants

donated beyond the entry fee.

Thank you! The final Time Trial

and Autocross for 2012 is Dec 8-9.

Drivers’ Ed Chair Lori Mauthe

was proud to announce that

three new instructors were graduated,

and that the need for more

remains strong. She expects to

hold a DE meeting for feedback.


John Hamilton announced the Mav of the Month as

. . . well, you’ll have to read his column to find out!

For those reading these minutes, please note that

the article title for this month is fitting in two respects.

First, I am flying over West Texas as I write

this now. Even though it is pitch black down there, I

always marvel at the mystical nature and vast beauty

of our state. I am sure many of you share my fondness

for the Hill Country and West Texas roads.

Secondly, this marks my last secretarial report to the

Maverick Region. I have enjoyed the past two years

and am proud of the growth and awards received

by our region. I expect more of the same with the

returning board members and new Executive Council.

And of course let’s not forgot those great cars

from Zuffenhausen - they really do fly, don’t they?

So in homage to the band known as REO Speedwagon,

perhaps I should rename my 911 as the

“RAO Speedwagen”? Sounds better than “RAO

Schnellwagen,” right? What do you think?

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.


It’s Easy to Play:

Play here for fun and education

and find the answers below


Play for prizes on the web at, with the

answers and winners to be posted here

after each month’s contest has closed.

Thanks to Jerry DeFeo for putting this

and the Web Trivia together.

Congratulations to our November Web Winner,

Cyril Reif,

who got 4 out of 5 correct.

Cyril will receive a $25 gift certificate to

1. Supposedly only one Porsche has ever been allowed to have a Porsche

Crest on the front of the car that varied from the official Red-Orange color

scheme. What was that car?

a. 1970 914-8 for Dr Piech b. 1986 959 c. 1994 Dauer 962 LeMans

d. 2010 Glickenhaus P4/5

Source: Porsche Panorama, Oct 2012, p 36

2. What color was the non-standard crest instead of the Red-Orange?

a. Black b. White c. Yellow d. Blue

Source: Porsche Panorama, Oct 2012, p 36

3. The early 356s could be ordered with Chrome Wire Wheels on Rudge

Splined Axles. What was the last year these wheels were available?

a. 1955 b. 1959 c. 1962 d. 1965

Source: Porsche Panorama, Oct 2012, p 36

4. All modern Porsches have 4-wheel disc brakes. Some cars have leading

calipers, being in front of the axle, and some have them trailing behind the

axle. Which of the following is correct for the 2013 Boxster? (NO peeking


a. Front-Leading, Rear-Leading b. Front-Leading, Rear-Trailing,

c. Front-Trailing, Rear-Leading d. Front-Trailing, Rear-Trailing

Source: Any full side-view photo of a 2013 Boxster

5. Porsche seemed to love to use a 66.0-mm stroke in many of their engines.

Which ONE of the following Porsche engines did NOT have a 66.0-mm


a. 1965-69 911 b. 1966-67 906 c. 1966-68 908 d. 1967 910/6

e. 1967 910/8 f. 1969-70 917 4.5L g. 1981-85 956

Source: “Porsche - A Tradition of Greatness” by Richard Langworth, p 256

Answers: 1) c 2) c 3) c 4) c 5) c

January 7

Maverick Region Drivers’ Education: 2013 Preview

By Lori Mauthe

On behalf

of the


Region Drivers’


Committee, I am

proud to present

our schedule of

events for 2013. We will feature the

continuation of new aspects we added

in 2012, and new enhancements

for your driving skill and pleasure.

First a look back at 2012. Maverick

Region hosted five Drivers’ Education

events, as well as DE groups

during the Maverick PCA Club

Race. We introduced the Driver

Coach Certification program this

year, and have added several new

coaches/instructors to our already

experienced teams. The Advanced

Instructors were in the student cars

more than ever thanks to the successful

sign-up book on grid. Corner

workers, grid master, black flag

The view from the official Club Race Pace Car

station, and track safety are critical

to our success to have a smoothly

run executed event on schedule.

Each event featured catered lunch

available for pre-registration or payat-the-track

for all participants and

guests. Each lunch hour was full of

bench racing and sharing of tips

and tricks for improving everyone’s

track performance. Our Charity

Parade laps supported three very


worthy causes: Hope

House, Komen for

the Cure, and Big

Brothers Big Sisters.

Participation and

contributions were

greatly appreciated.

Maverick Region continues

to give back

to our community.

We introduced the

“track walk” after

hours on Saturday,

led by our advanced

instructors, to give

our participants the

chance to evaluate

the track up close and personal.

All of this and more will be incorporated

in the 2013 Drivers’ Education

Series – Maverick Style. The

calendar is set as shown below. We

will feature two events that will be

one day only, by popular request.

You will have the chance to drive

every track configuration

at Motorsport

Ranch Cresson, and

plenty of opportunity

to qualify for solo status

to run on the Club

Race (CR) weekend.

Our committee is

working during the

off-season to improve

the instruction component

of our events

beyond the on-track

time with your

instructors. The classroom

sessions for each run group

will feature new video and

graphics. Back by popular

demand, track walks will be

offered at some events on

Saturday, based on run group,

so that you will receive the

description and tips appropriate

for your driving level.

Your friendly Drivers’ Ed grid crew

Keep watching Slipstream, email

notifications, and

for more details about

each event. Mark your calendars

now – registration will open approximately

six weeks in advance.

Many of our events sold out

last year, so don’t miss out!



Mar 9-10 ECR

Apr 20-21 MSR 3.1 CCW

Jun 1 (Sat) ECR (1 day)

Sep 21-22 MSR 1.7 CCW

Oct 26-27 ECR solo only w/ CR

Nov 9 (Sat) MSR 1.7 CW (1 day)

ECR - Eagles Canyon Raceway, Slidell

MSR - MotorSport Ranch, Cresson

Boardwalk Porsche lineup

at MotorSport Ranch


• Track Set-up

• Exhaust Upgrades

• Performance Alignments

• Suspension Modifications

• Performance Maintenance

Maintenance & Repair

• 6 In House Technicians

• 100+ Years of Technician Experience

• 11,000 sq Feet of the Top Technology

• Comfortable Waiting Area with WIFI

• Fully Air Conditioned Shop

• Green Building, Eco Friendly


• Trade your old Porsche

in for a newer model!

• Consignment Sales

• Accessories

• And More

Specializing in Porsche

We service all models


1975 Archer Way • Lewisville TX, 75077 • 972-317-4005

1 mile West of I-35 behind Sonic!

January 9

Sunday Drive: Tryptophan Trail Tour

By Mark and Susan Winkelman



Nov 18,

the club went on

another twisting

curving drive

though the back

roads of north

Texas. About 28 cars were present

for this afternoon of driving. Much

of the day turned out to be overcast

and cool; however, the rain stayed

away and the cool temperatures

were, no doubt, a benefit to the

engines revving down the highway

in a typical spirited drive. The

journey started in Frisco, where we

met at an interesting place called

Rudy’s, part barbecue joint, part

gas station. It was a fresh clean

atmosphere so a person didn’t

have to worry about the food being

rustic to match the surroundings.

Christina Cooper with her Cayman

We traveled north on the Dallas

North Tollway and soon found

ourselves passing through little

boroughs, with names which I’d

never heard, except for the occasional

familiar towns such as

Celina, Tom Bean, and Anna. By

the way, why does Texas misspell

Celina? Shouldn’t it be Salina?

That’s how we spell it in Kansas.


The landmark highlight of

the trip was Carpenter’s Bluff

Bridge. This one-lane bridge was

originally built in 1910 as a railway

crossing over the Red River, connecting

Texas and Oklahoma. It

was rather high in the air and we

just hoped that the 100+ year-old

structure held our little Porsches.

Which, thankfully, it did.

At that point, my navigator wife,

Susan, began to get lost with the

directions, but not to worry, because

we were tucked in between

two more Porsches with others

ahead and behind. However, at

some point, our group did miss a

turn and found ourselves turning

around in one of the aforementioned

hamlets. I have a strong

feeling the reason we missed the

obscure left hand turn in the first

place was due to the new Camaro

SS our lead cars were tailing up the

road. That Chevy driver definitely

saw the German arsenal nibbling

at his chrome exhaust tips and

thought he could out maneuver us

through the curvy roads. Well, we

all knew that wouldn’t happen. I

kept rooting for the second car in

Bob Lian (who had been a

member all of three weeks at the

time - note the paper tags) and

his 2009 Carrera 4S Cabriolet

our group, a 911 Turbo, to get a

long open straight to put the final

touch on the Camaro, but alas,

Photos by Linda Bambina and Brendan Eagan

The Bambinas on the one-lane

Carpenter’s Bluff Bridge

over the Red River

the Camaro turned off and gave

up before that could happen.

Our final destination of the day

was The Point Bar & Grill at Grandpappy

Point Resort, overlooking

beautiful Lake Texoma, for burgers

and beer. They are normally

closed this late in the year, but

they were kind enough to open

especially for our group on this day.

There was only one menu item -

cheeseburger and fries. Fortunately

it was very good, so the typical

other choices were not missed. We

left at 4:30, following our friend

Frank out of the Lake Texoma

catacombs, leading us back to the

familiar US 75 and back to Dallas.

Susan and I are newbies to the

Porsche family. We bought our

2008 911 Targa 4S in February of

this year. It’s painted the unique

color of Nordic Gold. I’m not sure

what is Nordic or Gold about it

because I would simply call it plain

ol’ copper. But at least it’s different

and we really like it. I love the huge

glass roof. Though we’re new to

Porsches, I’ve been a lifelong car

enthusiast. I’ve actively collected

vintage American performance cars

for over 30 years, though I don’t

own any at the moment. While the

vintage cars hold a tremendous

amount of nostalgia and memories

for me, the new Porsche is a car I

can drive on a daily basis as well as

participate in club driving events.

Earlier this year when I heard a new

retro style of Targa would likely be

released in the 991 model, I bought

Frank Briggs and grandson

Nathan enjoying the only

item on the menu that day

the 2008 Targa to see if I’d like the

whole 911 concept. Would it be too

Barbara Geiger, a Maverick

since 1987, with her 911

small? Too finicky? No. None of

that. I thoroughly enjoy it and so

does Susan. It is very important to

The Winkelmans on one of the

roads for which Porsches were made

have her on board with this hobby

too; it’s an activity we both can

enjoy together. We’ve found all of

the people we’ve met this year in

the Maverick Region (and at the

Porsche Escape in the Ozarks) to

be very friendly, down-to-earth

folks. People who are easy to relate

to and visit with. If we’d known

Porsche ownership and clubbing

was this much fun, we would have

done it years earlier.

January 11

Five-Speed Chatter: It’s Not Just the Cars, It’s the People

By Ash Seidl-Staley

Editor’s Note: Ash

Seidl-Staley, who

recently joined Maverick

Region, has

offered to contribute

a regular column to

Slipstream. This is

his first installment.

Being a Maverick, I hear our

motto over and over again.

We use it to wrangle in

prospective members, and to reinforce

how great our community of

German auto enthusiasts really is.

I am a new-“ish” member myself,

and I recently witnessed the truth

of our motto. As some might

know, my 1987 944 has been a

handful since the day I bought

it. Anything and everything

that can go wrong has - people

think I am crazy but I love it!

My latest story starts as all my

others have: “I was driving home

from work.” On this particular

day I was heading north on Independence

Parkway when some of

Plano’s accursed roads drew first

blood against my 944. Changing

lanes I ran over the reflector/

dividers and immediately heard

and felt an extremely loud thump.

Almost instantly I threw the car

in neutral and flipped on my

hazards while allowing the car to

slow. As I coasted into a residential

side street, the thumping slowed

and eventually stopped as I did.

My first thought was that the

clutch plate blew, or that something

else within the transmission

was toast. Gathering up courage,

I bent down and saw that my

driver’s side rear axle had come

off at the transmission. PHEW!

All of the star bit bolts where

there, thank God, but they had

somehow unthreaded themselves.

I began to put the axle back into

place when I came upon another

problem: I did not have a socket

wrench with a star bit readily available

in my car. I figured that putting

the bolts in finger tight would

have to suffice; after all I was only

three Texas blocks from home.

While under the car I heard

another car pull into the street.

I snuck a quick glance to make

sure I wasn’t in the way, and to my

surprise the car was another 944!

The gentleman parked in front of

my car and got out to see what the

trouble was. Baffled at the chances,

continued on page 30





For years, you’ve known Park Place as the Experts in Excellence. But now, we are taking things to the next level.

We’re honored to announce the professional Park Place Motorsports Porsche-racing team. The team is made up

of drivers Patrick Long, Spencer Pumpelly, Patrick Lindsey and Jason Hart, lead engineer John Horton and director

Alex Whitman. They will be taking Park Place to the track, starting at the Rolex 24 race at Daytona January 24-27.

From race prep and performance upgrades to at-track support and full-service car management, our Porsche-Certifi ed

technicians have the expertise and equipment to get your vehicle race-ready. So whether you’re a racing enthusiast,

or just looking to bring the excitement of the track to your daily drive, race back in to Park Place Motorsports today.

PPM Pro Race Team | Race Prep | Performance Upgrades | At-Track Support | Full-Service Car Management

6219 Peeler Street | Dallas, Texas 75235

877.606.4123 |

January 13

Tech Corner: A Smokin’ Deal

by Ed Mullenix

We know


too well

how expensive

Porsche repairs

and parts can be.

There are several

aftermarket parts

and accessory providers that sell

parts for Porsches. At my shop,

the majority of parts that I use on

customer cars are genuine Porsche.

Sometimes I will use an aftermarket

part if it comes from a reputable

vendor like Bosch, Sachs, etc.

One supplier that has been

around for decades, which I will

refer to as Performance Pieces to

avoid litigation, was bought out

several years ago by a supplier that

specializes in muscle car parts.

After the buy-out, the quality of

their offerings seemed to suffer.

They sell some of the same parts

that would come from a Porsche

vendor, but the problem is the

quality of some of those parts.

When a vendor/manufacturer

produces a batch of parts, they

will quality test a percentage of

the parts in that batch. If they

have too high a rejection rate in

a particular batch, they won’t sell

it to Porsche. However, they do

not destroy the batch of parts;

rather these get sold to folks like

Performance Pieces and ultimately

wind up on customers’ cars.

The battle of wills and wits begins

when you have one of their little

beauties installed on your car and

it fails. If you installed it yourself,

the first response is that you “must

have installed incorrectly.” If it

was installed by a repair shop, the

shop has to convince you that it

was the part, not their repair that

was at fault. Whatever the cause,

the result is an unhappy customer.

As a rule, I prefer that customers

do not bring me parts to install

on their cars. My analogy is: Don’t

go to Three Forks with the steak

that you bought from Tom Thumb

and ask them to prepare it for

you. I got caught in that trap twice

this year with clutch discs that the

customers had purchased from P.P.

It was not a genuine Sachs disc but

P.P.’s own “house brand.” It physically

looked similar and fit on the

flywheel and tranny splines OK.

The problem arose when trying to

engage the clutch on any kind of

upward incline - the clutch would

develop an oscillation that would

continued on page 30


Parts or Service, We Deliver Excellence.

Over 300,000 parts in stock.

Expert service and repair.

Parts and Service for: Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Mini, and Smart Car.


Visit us online at:


1804 Reliance Pkwy. Bedford, TX 76021 M-F 8am to 5:30pm

Zims Autotechnik is not affiliated with Porsche AG or PCNA Registered Trademark of Dr. Ing h.c.F. Porsche A.G.

Your Porsche deserves a new home!

Let me help you find one… .




Serving North Dallas Suburbs

Phone: 214-223-7488



January 15

Founders’ Day 2012: Maverick Region’s 50th Birthday Celebration

By Jan Michel



years of

Maverick Region’s

Founder’s Day


Well, actually

there have only

been 49 of ‘em because the

first one was the beginning.

I’ve been to over 30 of these

celebrations at country clubs, hotel

banquet rooms, The Infomart,

and now Texas Motor Speedway.

And for a 50-year commemorative

event, what could be better than to

Having Mark Shevitz as

guest Emcee made it feel like

we were at a Porsche Parade

have the backdrop of a beautiful

race track with the accompanying

sounds of heavy acceleration

going down the front straight.

Keynote speaker David Hobbs

entertained us with stories from

his long and distinguished

career, from world-class racer

to broadcast announcer

Over 150 folks all gussied up in

their finest were there to get their

picture made, enjoy a beautiful

steak/chicken dinner and be

entertained by our favorite Parade

emcee Mark Shevitz and guest

speaker David Hobbs. David had

some great racing stories, and

Photos by Charlie Davis

standings, as well as some stories

of his own (Bugs? Really?).

Maverick’s coveted Selcer Award

has been presented in the past

to individuals and couples that

Wendy Shoffit trying (but failing)

to contain her excitement

as she learns that she won the

trip for two to Germany

have demonstrated the “Maverick

attitude” of overachieving and

overworking, while having the best

time playing and having great fun.

This year it was presented to the

50th Anniversary team of Christy

Lisa Huffaker of the Huffaker-

Hughes Hope House accepts

a donation of $5000 from

President John Hamilton and

Charity Chair Chris Hamilton

Erika Nannis gave the

invocation, a Maverick

tradition that goes

back many years

Mark kept the evening moving

with door prizes, “Where were

you in ‘62?” stories of fellow Mavericks,

end-of-season Club Race

Jim Buckley was one of the

many National Club Race winners

from Maverick Region


The 2012 recipients of the Richard F. Selcer

Award for Superior Performance and Dedication:

Linda Bambina, Christy Payne, and Lisa Steele

Payne, Lisa Steele, and Linda Bambina.

Their work for this evening,

as well as for events all year, was

recognized with a standing ovation

and of course tears and hugs.

Then there was the drawing for

a free trip to Germany. The raffle

that has been

going on all year

long was at its

finale, and the

winner, whose

raffle ticket was

drawn by Lisa

Huffaker of the


Hope House, was

Wendy Shoffit.

The subtle murmur

of the nonwinners’


was dwarfed by

Wendy’s cries

of “Are you

kidding me?!”

The evening

ended with Lisa Steele’s

amazing and poignant video

of Mavericks expressing their

passion and love of Porsches,

PCA and of course, Maverick



Spreen and

Jasmine Shoffit

assisted in

handing out

door prizes

Does Maverick Region know how to

put on an anniversary party? One

picture says a thousand words . . .

January 17

Advertiser of the Month: Jack Junkies DIY Auto Repair Garage

By Linda Bambina

photos by Alyce and William Callahan

After months of research,

soul searching, and serious

planning, William Callahan

and his wife Alyce took a deep dive

in September and opened Jack

Junkies DIY Auto Repair Garage

in Plano. Jack Junkies is a 15,900

square foot, state-of-the-art, 18-bay,

do-it-yourself auto repair facility

with an extensive selection of

tools and equipment available to

rent for DIY repairs and vehicle

modifications. It is, in essence,

the dream garage for folks who

like tinkering with their cars and

aren’t afraid to get their hands

greasy to save money or have fun.

“We expect most of our customers

to be men between the ages of 18-

45 who are looking for alternative

ways to save money on repairs, and

have the interest in learning how

to do it themselves or have already

done so in the past, but don’t have

the adequate space or tools to do

the work,” said Alyce. They also

expect to see lots of car enthusiasts

and autocross hobbyists that need

a place to modify their automobiles

in a safe, clean, and convenient

location before race day. “People

are keeping their cars much longer

these days - on average 11 years,”

said William. “If they have access

to lifts, tools, and professional

help, they are a lot more open to

trying to do their own repairs.”

Jack Junkies hired a former

dealership tech, Zaza De La

Soujeole, to assist customers in

the garage, answer questions, and

provide guidance. Those who

need hands-on assistance while

doing repairs can hire Zaza to

work alongside them for $39 an

hour. Automobile owners perceive

that cars are far more complex

than they were 20 years ago, “but

most repairs are still pretty basic,”

according to De La Soujeole.

The Callahans expect that it

will take six months to a year to

figure out if their assumptions are

correct. So far, every customer

leaves pleasantly surprised at how

easy it was (and fun) to save

hundreds of dollars on repairs.

Paul McBride is pretty confident it

will succeed. He uses Jack Junkies

to save $200 on his 2004 Porsche oil

changes. “They even had the

torque wrench I needed”, said




We Buy, Sell & Trade the World’s Finest



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6821 Preston Road

Dallas, Texas 75205

January 19

Cliff’s Ramblings: Trying to Keep Up with Porsche

By Cliff Blackshear


just returned

from Atlanta,

where I was at

the Porsche Academy

for a week attending

a training

course called P95.

P95 is advanced

electrical training.

The class must be retaken every

four years to maintain certification.

Anyway, we spent a lot of time

looking at the Controller Area

Network (CAN) systems - low

speed CAN as well as high speed

CAN. Four wires used to carry

signals back and forth from one

control unit to another. Twentyplus

microprocessors on the cars is

the norm these days, but just four

wires are used to carry communication

needs between them all.

When you enter into a corner and

start to negotiate it, the amount

of information flying around on

the CAN system is amazing. The

car has a living electrical organism

telling mechanical systems what to

do, with you as the input source,

putting these systems to work.

The driver control inputs such

as throttle pedal, brake pedal,

and steering wheel position are

the editors for everything going

on. Even how fast you push the

throttle down is recorded. Driver

goes from full throttle to brake

and makes steering changes, or

goes to brake then makes steering

input changes. Multiple systems are

busy digesting this while managing

their interests. PASM (Porsche

Active Suspension Management)

is managing ABS, shock settings,

sway bar settings. DME has shut off

injectors, thus influencing torque

drag, while actively adapting to

what you do. PDK is shifting down,

while choosing yet the next lower

gear at the same time. Inputs from

speed sensors at every wheel is

collected, lateral and longitudinal

g-force data is gathered and sent,

and temperatures have been

measured in multiple places. This

information is mostly used on

high speed CAN. Low speed CAN

is called “Comfort Systems”. Now

there is another system unto itself

that is also always super busy.

Again, all of this information is

being exchanged between microprocessors

on 4 wires. In our class

we graphed the electrical exchange

of information on scopes and

meters. They made sure we knew

German Engineering With Southern Hospitality

Personal Service.

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quality service, convenient location, state-of-the-art diagnostics, and personalized service

that is unmatched in the Metroplex. When you trust your car to us, you will have

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We strongly believe in access to those who will actually work on your car. Our

technicians are available in person, by phone, and even by pager if you have questions

or need timely information about your car.


Our clean shop, well-stocked parts department, and comfortable waiting room ensure

that you and your car will get the kind of service you deserve. Maintained tools and

equipment. Clean cars. We are meticulous about details.


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for special rental car rates with area rental agencies. Come by for a visit between

7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday, or call for a service appointment.


Things have changed since my

book got this stamp . . .

how to confirm this information

highway was not corrupt.

Dominant segments of information

were indentified on

screens in values that should

never deviate in any way. We

were also reminded of how to

record vehicle software interaction

in our system testers,

as well as recording system

tester information exchange

with the cars, including what

the software is doing, and

finally sending all of this to

engineering in case something

is not working correctly.

Think about this…. All that

has to happen flawlessly day

after day, in 25 degree weather

or 100 degree weather,

while every microprocessor is

being bounced around over

bumps and potholes. Systems

have to be able to weather

vibrations that vary in frequency

with road surface changes,

tire pressures changes, and tire

compound hardness variations.

Thousands of bits of information

are exchanged in microseconds.

Input bits are absorbed and output

bits are sent out even when the car

is shut down and locked. Managed

systems are sending back information

as to their current settings

and current readiness never ends.

And here I am. Started with

carburetor cars. Used to pull

up the handbrake and a cable

secured the park brake shoes back

in ‘72 when I started. Now push

the handbrake switch (EPB or

electronic park brake) on a 991

and 12 wires on the back of that

switch are involved in that setting.

Two electric motors on the rear

brakes apply the parking shoes. It

is actually more efficient this way

in terms of weight. Interesting eh?

Trying not to early apex!

Experience Your Porsche in a New Way!

By driving on a real North Texas racetrack

Eagles Canyon Raceway is the beautiful culmination of years worth of

research, planning & design into the rolling hills of North Texas near DFW.

Eagles Canyon Raceway features 2.55 miles, 4 straights over 1,300 feet long, 11

turns, and 340 feet of overall elevation change. Eagles Canyon is a true driver's

track, and is planned to host all classes of events from the top level racing series

to club racing and private HPDE days.

We are proud to receive PCA events including Club Racing and look forward to

each and every event!

With an EC Membership you can enjoy driving on a track that is quickly

becoming history in the making. We offer all that you need including a

challenging track, high octane fuel & a grill for lunch. Join us by signing up at or call for information at 940-466-9775.


January 21

Germany in June: A Great Place to Visit

By Ron Meyer

As relatively

new PCA


(we joined in

late 2011 in

preparation for

the delivery of

our 2012 Cayenne

S last January), and longtime

BMW-CCA member (2008 135i and

2007 Mini Cooper S), I often feel

the tug to attend driving events

as most of you probably do. For

any number of reasons many of us

can’t carve out the time because

we are too busy. Due to extended

hours at our day jobs, family responsibilities,

etc., we don’t have

enough time to play with our cars

more than a few days per year.

When we get stuck in traffic we

inevitably wish we were on the Autobahn

instead! Well, my wife and I

were part of a tour group from our

church that spent just under two

weeks in northern Germany this

summer, so we actually did spend

some time on the Autobahn! This

time around we spent most of it in

a really nice tour bus instead of a

Porsche or BMW. Nonetheless the

tour was really a lot of fun despite

the fact that it rained quite a bit.

We visited the major cities of

Hamburg, Lubeck, Bremen,

Bremerhaven, Wittenburg, and

Berlin, as well as some smaller

tourist destinations like Travermunde

on the Baltic. The fact that

we toured by bus means we got

to pay attention to a lot of sights

instead of trying to watch the

GPS. And we learned that most

Germans in major cities do not

fare much better than we do when

it comes to traffic and parking!

Generally in cities, traffic is heavy,

and parking close to stores and offices

is really difficult. Basically the

bulk of the parking spaces are in

the numerous commercial garages,

just like in Dallas. The situation is

not as bad as it might sound, however,

because there are signs along

the major thoroughfares that list

the number of free parking spaces

in the various parking garages. This

is really a nice aid, a much better

scheme than we have at DFW,

where we only get to see that the

express parking lot is open or full.

We now also know why the

Mercedes Smart is so popular

in Germany. It may not only be

a function of miles per gallon

(although that is a consideration

given the high fuel prices); we saw

many Smarts “end on” in parking

spaces so they could fit two or

even three into one normal parallel

parking spot! This allows the

owners to park close instead of the

parking garages - quite an inducement

to owning a Smart I guess.

Once we started looking closely

at the Porsches and BMWs on

the road we began to notice that

not all of them have the factory

model designations on the trunk

or tailgate. We learned that this was

because many folks who cannot

afford the larger-engined models

do not want to let others know they

have the small-engined model!

This practice seems widespread,

as we noticed it in all the cities we

visited. And while we saw many

of the more popular Porsche and

BMW models, we saw very few

Cayennes or Panameras, and very

few 6- or 7-series BMWs. They are

apparently very pricey in Germany

as compared to the US, especially

the Cayenne, and with fuel prices

approaching $10 per gallon, we can

see why not many are on the road.

When we did spot gas stations, we

noticed that

they had a “racing


grade of some

sort that we

would have

liked to try out

on our Cayenne.

Gas may

be high priced

over there, but

they do get to

try out some

premium racing

gas that is unavailable in DFW!

One of the interesting side trips

of our tour was in Hamburg. While

visiting a distant cousin who lives

in Hamburg, we learned she drove

a mid-80s 911 on the weekends, so

we of course compared Porsche

notes. She was kind enough to

take us to one of the two Porsche

“factory stores” in Hamburg for a

quick visit on a Sunday evening.

It turned out to be Porsche Hamburg

North West, the dealer they

frequent for parts and service.

If you want to know the difference

between a regular Porsche dealer

like those in the DFW area and

a “factory dealer,” it can at least

be measured by size! As you can

see from the picture, they have

LOTS OF CARS! Wow! I think

we counted more than 20 inside

the showroom, including a new

911 Cabriolet under a car cover.


In addition to the quantity of cars

in the showrooms, it seems that

just prior to announcing a new

model, the factory stores will have a

sample on the showroom floor - but

under a car cover to build interest.

When the unveiling day arrives the

car has already caused a bit of a

stir as folks try to determine what

is under the cover. You can’t tell

much from the picture other than

that the car under the cover is a

911 of sorts, but our host was sure

it was to be announced shortly.

Given that our Porsche is a Cayenne

S we of course looked for a

Cayenne in the showroom, but of

all the cars available only one was

a Cayenne, a Turbo. They even

had one or two of the Porsche

bicycles, but only one Cayenne.

The price must be really high for

even the factory store to only have

one Cayenne on the showroom

floor. This was also reflected in the

number of these cars we saw during

our entire tour. I recall seeing two

Cayennes in Berlin, one perhaps

in Hamburg and one in Lubeck.

When we looked into purchasing

our Cayenne S as a European delivery,

we learned that instead of a savings,

there would be an upcharge.

While the experience might have

been worth the effort and extra

expense, we decided that we could

not afford TWO trips to Germany

in one year, so we capitulated and

ordered our car from a US dealer.

It seems that Porsche changed their

European delivery options shortly

after our car was delivered, so maybe

they could hear our grumbling!

We are now hoping that next time

we go to Germany we can actually

drive on the Autobahn, but even

then, depending on the exact

location, that does not guarantee

a fast ride! The Autobahn portions

we traveled were well maintained,

smooth, and well-marked. Of

course to keep it that way, there

was plenty of construction and

restricted lanes to slow traffic down.

However, the largest impediment

to high speed on the Autobahn

is the sheer number of cars present,

and of course in many places

there really is a speed limit.

So, next time you are stuck on any

of the DFW area freeways wishing

you were on the Autobahn instead,

know that folks get stuck in traffic

on the Autobahn too! Over here at

least we have track days, and our

gas prices are still low enough that

we can afford to “take a drive” now

and then to the next PCA event.

Specializing in all years and models of

Porsche exclusively for more than 30 years

Complete and Meticulous Maintenance and Repair

Tuning and Diagnostics (Carbs, MFI, CIS, OBD I & II)

Custom Engine and Transmission Rebuilds

Competition Car Preparation (Track or Autocross)

1521 Baccarac Ct Euless, TX 76040

817 540 4939


January 23

November Happy Hour: JR’s Grill

By Rick Schwausch

Photos by Rick Schwausch

At the November


Hour, we had a

private room all to

ourselves at JR’s

Grill in Colleyville.

The turnout was

not huge (about 25 attendees),

but I think fun was had by all. We

had regulars and newbies both in

attendance. As my wife Katie and I

have hosted several of these events,

the one thing that always impresses

me are the people and their stories.

I hope that we can share of few of

those with you through this article.

Linda Bambina introduced us

to Fran Ussery who, along with

her husband Carl, owns and runs

Ussery Printing. We can thank

them for the printing of our beloved

Maverick Region Slipstream.

Ussery Printing has been printing

our magazine since its inception.

You may recall, Linda shared with

me at an earlier Happy Hour

the manual process that initially

produced the magazine (described

in the September issue).

Fran continued with the story

and also recalled how manual the

Linda Bambina and Fran Ussery

process was before technology

advanced things considerably. Fran

is also a huge fan of autocrossing

and she even got her kids involved

along the way. We discussed the

fact that it teaches kids car control

that will benefit them all of their

driving lives. I know we would love

to get our kids involved in order

to make them better drivers. The

passion these ladies share for the

club and the cars is admirable.

Linda was also busy selling the rest

of the raffle tickets for a trip to Germany

and a visit to the Porsche factory.

John Harvey was caught buying

his ticket; however, he was not

wearing his lucky socks at the time.

Several months ago, John attended

a tech session at Ruf Auto

Centre and was the lucky winner

of a new Clear Bra for his Boxster.


To better serve our customers,

we are moving to a larger facility.

The new shop is at 2530 Tarpley Road

Suite 700 in Carrollton. Our new

phone number is (972) 417-0997.


Since 1971

Providing outstanding service

on all current and vintage

Porsche automobiles.

Complete Servicing and Repairs


• Factory-Trained Master Technicians

• OEM Parts and Accessories

• Hunter Alignment and Wheel Balancing

• State of the Art Diagnostic Equipment

• Electrical and Air Conditioning

• Transaxle and Automatic Transmission

• Fuel Injection and Carburetor

610 S. Sherman Street, Richardson, Texas 75081

(972) 231-5356 • FAX (972) 231-3393

Not only did he win the Clear

Bra, but they used his car in a live

demonstration of how to apply

it. He was wearing his lucky socks

that day and he vowed he would

be wearing his lucky socks during

the drawing for the Germany trip

that was scheduled to take place

during the annual Founders’

Day event. I wonder if his lucky

socks came through again?

Raffle tickets for the trip

for two to Germany

Not only did we have some of the

regulars attend the Happy Hour,

but we also had some newbies as

well. We spent

some time

visiting with Rob

Stephens, who

was attending

his first Happy

Hour. He has

been reading

Slipstream for

a while and

recognized some

of the faces in

attendance from

their appearances

in Slipstream articles. Rob has owned

a number of vintage British cars

over the years and had recently

sold his Porsche. It was definitely

an interesting discussion talking

about the reliability, or lack thereof,

of British cars versus Porsches. He

let it be known that he was in the

market for a 911 Carrera 4S with

the hopes of being able to take it

out to the track for a Drivers’ Ed

event. I hope he comes back again

Gordie Cohen with John and BJ Harvey

so we can find out if he has had

any luck finding his next Porsche.

A hot topic of discussion this

evening was also the inaugural

Formula 1 race at the Circuit of

the Americas, or COTA for short,

scheduled for November 18. A

number of people were thrilled

to have Formula 1 back in the US

after a five-year hiatus, and the idea

of having a purpose-built track was

doubly exciting. We did not take a

continued on page 30

January 25




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Pro-Tect Mobile

Mobile Paint Protection Film Installations

Mobile Installation:

We travel to you

to minimize your




Paint Protection Film protects

your vehicle from:

l Rock Chips

l Scratches

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Thom Pettigrew | (903) 241-4132 | |

January 27

Charity Autocross: Texas Motor Speedway Bus Lot

Results compiled by Dean! Yamada

Class Name Driving Car# Fastest

4 Mark Schnoerr 1974 Porsche 914/2.0 (Lime Green) 14 51.876

4 Adam Ussery 1973 Porsche 914 (Silver) 910 52.034

4 Sigrid Schnoerr 1974 Porsche 914 (Lime Green) 914 53.788

4 Clay Perrine 1973 Porsche 914 (Red) 24 57.490

4 Ramon Lopez 1991 Porsche Carrera 2 (White) 76 58.103

Class Name Driving Car# Fastest

5 Robyn Howard 2003 Porsche Boxster (Blue) 65 56.925

5 Wendy Shoffit 2000 Porsche Boxster (Arena Red) 89 59.848

Class Name Driving Car# Fastest

6 Fran Ussery 2000 Porsche Boxster S (Yellow) 16 55.413

Class Name Driving Car# Fastest

7 Bryan Bell 1999 Porsche 996 (Hail Damaged) 204 55.372

7 Robert Rollins 2006 Porsche Cayman S (Silver) 29 56.678

7 Travis Howard 2003 Porsche 911 (Blue) 9 57.196

7 Arthur Salmon 2006 Porsche Cayman S (Atlas Grey Metallic) 8 57.685

7 Mike Oshaughnessy 1999 Porsche 911 (Silver) 711 57.850

7 Norman Mccollough 2008 Porsche 911S (Ruby Red) 475 57.949

7 Greg Jeffries 2001 Porsche 911 (Grey) 622 59.288

7 John Hamilton 2009 Porsche 911 (Meteor Gray) 19 59.655

7 Steve Lindsey 2009 Porsche 911 (Ruby) 805 59.959

7 Larry Connors Porsche 911S (Silver) 214 62.515

7 Dominick Farinella 2007 Porsche 911 S (Red) 119 63.655

Class Name Driving Car# Fastest

8 Al Silva 2012 Porsche Cayman R (Peridot green) 713 55.606

8 Christina Cooper 2007 Porsche Cayman (White) 11 63.770

Class Name Driving Car# Fastest

10 John Leto Porsche 914 (Green) 151 54.763

10 Gary Leto Porsche 914 (Green) 15 57.877

Class Name Driving Car# Fastest

1X Ashley Leonard 1996 Mazda Miata (Blue mica) 160 51.913

1X Jerrett Jan 1993 Mazda Miata (Dirty Undie White) 72 52.358

1X Doug Covington 1994 Mazda Miata (Blue) 67 53.348

1X John Clark Mazda Miata (BluGrn) 171 53.422

1X Lorin Stolz 1996 Mazda Miata (Blue) 2 54.499

1X Grant Watkins Honda Civic (Grey) 91 54.596

1X Leilanie Jan 1993 Mazda Miata (Clean White) 172 55.107

1X Jim Harris 2013 Scion FR-­‐S (Silver) 62 55.114

1X Bobby Nordin 1990 Mazda Miata (Red) 135 56.074

1X Jason Mcconnell 1997 Nissan Sentra (White) 1 57.881

1X James Flowers 2013 Ford Focus ST (Blue) 110 58.876

1X Russ Rosenberg Mazda Miata (Grey) 37 61.116

1X Shaun Runels 1995 Mazda Miata (Dark blue/green) 64 61.905

1X Morley Huskinson 2012 Fiat 500 Abarth (White) 66 63.681

1X Betty Perrine 1955 Chevrolet Bel-­‐Air Convertible (Red White) 55 73.384

Class Name Driving Car# Fastest

1R Kenneth Baker 2007 Mazda MX-­‐5 (Red) 22 50.133

Class Name Driving Car# Fastest

2X Mike Mcshane 2006 Mazda MX-­‐5 (Brilliant Black) 33 50.317

2X Robert Jones 2000 Honda S2000 (Blue) 3 51.133

2X David Barkley 0000 Car 187 51.408

2X Armstrong Vongsavath 2004 Honda S2000 (Sebring Silver) 177 51.486

2X Joseph Kan 2004 Honda S2000 (Sebring Silver) 178b 51.831

2X Thomas Jensen 2008 Honda S2000 (Chicane Silver) 129 52.031

2X Chris Fithian 2004 Nissan 350Z (Super Black) 88 52.297

2X Andrew Jensen 2007 BMW 335i (Montego Blue) 17 52.985

2X Stuart Leiby Honda S2000 (Silver) 87 53.026

2X Gabby Garner 1995 Mazda Miata (Merlot Mica) 74 53.989

2X Mike Lockas 2012 Audi S4 (Grey) 31 55.950

2X Tom Monheim 2005 Honda S2000 (Silver) 4 56.458

2X Paul Mai 2004 Subaru Impreza STi (Black) 555 57.820

2X Dean! Yamada 2000 BMW Sport Wagon (OrientBlue) 18 60.064

2X Erick Van Houten 2009 Volkswagen Rabbit (Silver) 188 62.946

2X Jim Usher 2012 VW R (White) 930 999.000

Class Name Driving Car# Fastest

2R Ken Orgeron 2003 BMW M3 (Silver) 111 48.708

Class Name Driving Car# Fastest

3X Joseph Kan 2010 Nissan GT-­‐R (Black) 178 52.150

3X Jeff Rackley 2006 Lotus Elise (Silver) 27 52.638

3X Blanton Payne Honda Civic (Grey) 61 52.733

3X Paul Burpo 2006 Lotus Exige (Chrome Orange) 777 54.824

3X Jacob Chun 1993 Mazda RX7 (Blue) 77 57.672

3X Joe Khuat 2008 Lexus ISF (Blue) 808 58.465

3X Galen Pritchard 2000 Chevrolet Corvette FRC (Blk) 5 58.980

3X Ben White 2005 Pontiac GTO (Black) 60 59.048

3X Avery Murphy 2005 Cadillac CTS-­‐V (Red) 36 59.570

Class Name Driving Car# Fastest

3R James Hollinsworth 2012 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (Silver) 71 49.734

3R Dean! Yamada 2002 Chevy Corvette Z06 (Red) 18b 51.573

3R Kurt Bruce 2004 Chevrolet Corvette (Red) 117 52.134


photos by Linda Bambina

2013 Time Trial and Autocross Schedule

Date Event Venue

Feb 24 AX 1 Dallas Raceway

Mar 24 AX school Dallas Raceway

Apr 14 AX 2 Dallas Raceway

Apr 27 TT 1 MineralRing

Apr 28 AX 3 MineralRing

Jun 16 AX 4 Dallas Raceway

Sep 28 TT 2 MineralRing

Sep 29 AX 5 MineralRing

Oct 6 TT 3 MotorSport Ranch

Nov 16 TT 4 MineralRing

Nov 17 AX 5 MineralRing

Dec 7 TT 5 MineralRing

Dec 8 TT 6 MineralRing

TT - Time Trial

AX - Autocross

Dallas Raceway, Crandall, TX

MineralRing, Mineral Wells Mun. Airport, Mineral Wells, TX

MotorSport Ranch, Cresson, TX

Joel Nannis with

John Garcia’s

Formula Mazda.

At the Maverick

Charity Autocross

you are liable to see

anything from a

serious race car . . .

. . . to a not-so-serious race car! Betty

Perrine with back-seat passenger Cathy

Howard in Betty’s ‘55 Chevy convertible

January 29

Five-Speed Chatter

continued from page 12

I explained my situation, and with

another stroke of luck he said

that he had the tool in his garage,

which was only two houses down.

Once my car was fixed and roadworthy,

I spoke with my savior. It

turns out he had the same issue

with his 1988 944 Turbo, only his

happened while on the freeway and

did a lot more damage. He noticed

my PCA sticker and asked if I was

active. He was a member in Florida

but hasn’t had the time to get back

into PCA activities, though it is a

future possibility. We ended up

talking for close to half an hour

oddly not once exchanging names;

we just told stories about our

similar cars, and traded helpful tips

each of us has acquired over time.

After thanking him again and

parting ways I got in my car and

began to drive off; I looked in the

rear view mirror as he drove away

and I couldn’t help but remember

our motto, and how true it really is!

Tech Corner

continued from page 14

shake the car violently. The cause

was the springs used in the disc.

Porsche and Sachs engineers have

years of experience providing the

correct spring rate for the various

applications. I had the pleasure of

getting to pull the engine back out

of a 930 Turbo on which I had just

installed the customer’s P.P house

brand disc. I wasn’t happy, nor was

the customer. Several phone calls

to P.P. finally resulted in a refund to

the customer for the part, but as a

result of the unpleasant experience,

I choose not purchase from P.P.

A second round of musical

clutch disc was on an ’88 Carrera.

That clutch lasted for over

a year before it exhibited the

oscillation. The warranty period

had expired on that one so the

customer purchased a genuine

Porsche disc and I “ate” the labor.

If whatever component you are

replacing is relatively easy or

inexpensive to access and you’re

willing to take a chance to save a

buck, go for it. If it is something

that is terribly time consuming or

prohibitively expensive to access,

ponder whether it is really a

“smokin’ deal.”

November Happy Hour

continued from page 24

poll to determine how many of the

Happy Hour attendees were planning

to go to the upcoming race,

but I know for a fact that our family

of five had tickets and were counting

down the hours until the race.

We had recently taken our family

to the Petit Le Mans race at Road

Atlanta and our kids were duly

impressed with seeing the cars live.

Now, the idea of seeing cars that

Dee Luxbacher and Chris Hamilton

weigh 1,500 pounds including fuel

and driver, with a 2.4-liter V8 motor


850hp and


to 18,000




just about


Maybe one day Porsche will

re-enter Formula 1 again.

Be sure to join us on Thursday,

January 17 for our next Happy

Hour at the Wildwood Grill in


Rick Schwausch, Ramon Lopez, and Rob Stephens


New Wheels

Lisa Steele, Membership Chair

If you have any changes that

you would like to make to the

MRPCA membership guide,

call Lisa Steele 214-709-6418.

Boley, Steve

Larue, TX

2012 Boxster

Bridge, Russell (Jamie)

Frisco, TX

1988 944 Turbo

Dashner, Geoffrey


Coppell, TX

2001 911

Doak, Pat

Mc Kinney, TX

2003 996 TT

Fischler, Mike

Frisco, TX

2010 Carrera

Fleenor, Dave


Fort Worth, TX

2001 911

Harris, Bart (Joann)

Arlington, TX

2013 Cayenne

Holt, Erik (Carolynn)

Colleyville, TX

1996 Carrera

Houk, Darren (Tanya)

Fort Worth, TX

1992 968

Husman, Justin

Plano, TX

1986 944

Keller, Tom

Granbury, TX

1983 911SC

Kleinfall, Brian


Plano, TX

1986 944

Marsh, Ray (DeAnna)

Flower Mound, TX

2002 Carrera

Patton, R. K.

(Judy Gaines)

Garland, TX

2006 Boxster S

Provence, Jason


Grapevine, TX

1987 Porsche

Maverick Membership Totals

Members ~ 1,340

Affiliate Members ~ 887

Total Membership ~ 2,227

Save the flash!

Flashing your high beams at

fellow Porsche drivers is a

time-honored tradition . . .

keep the flash alive!


45 Years

Hughes, Bill L. (Hertha)


20 Years

Fladmark, Michael J. (Jean Bothe)

Reese, Darryl C.

15 Years

10 Years

Frick, David E. (Jean)

Lambert, Gary

Lewis, Robert S. (Clara)

McBride, Bill (Paula)

Smyth, Paul G. (Patricia)

Stafford, Mike (Maria)



Fort Worth





Flower Mound

5 Years

Cohen, Gordon M. (Sylva)

Friend, Pat

Gachman, Iric J. (Arnold)

Hansen, Richard (Nancy)

Harvey, John P. (B.J.)

Moore, Zane A. (William)

Nordin, Bobby L. (Christopher)

Olson, Francis O. (Lois)

O’Neill, Michael J. (Brandon)

Resnik, Neil H. (Eileen)



Fort Worth




Fort Worth

Fort Worth



January 31


Unclassifieds are available free to Maverick Region members and are $5 to all others (contact editor for payment details). Please limit size to no more than 6 lines. Ads will run for 3 issues, then

removed unless you request that it be run for an additional 3 issues. E-mail your ad to by the 10th to have your ad run in the following month’s Slipstream. Be sure to

include car year, make and model, its mileage and asking price, as well as a contact name, phone number and /or e-mail address. All parts will be advertised on our website. Check your ad for

accuracy the first time it runs. Contact the editor to have your ad pulled sooner. Due to space constraints, photos may or may not be included.

For Sale: 1976 912E, White/Red, 109k miles.

Rebuilt from ground up. Looks and runs like a new

all-original car. Won Best in Class and earned overall

Best in Show honors in a recent car show, $24.5k.

Greg Metzger, 817-879-1144 or


For Sale: 1987 928S4, Very clean, 41,500 miles.

Auto trans, sunroof, heated seats, A/C, Bilstein

shocks, alarm. Original (X wheels). $19,500. Contact

Ed at 469-576-6090 or (01)

For Sale: 2011 Panamera 4S, 4800 PCA Member

miles, Basalt Black Metallic/Black Leather. V8, All

Wheel Drive, All 4S Equipment plus PDK/Servtronic,

Sport Chrono Package, Adaptive Air Suspension,

Front Seat Ventilation, ParkAssist F/R, Rear Camera,

XM Satellite Radio, 6-CD Changer, Bose Surround

Sound System, Moonroof. Also has $6k 20-Inch

Panamera Black Sport Wheels and Tires. Was tuned

by RAC, including upgrading to a $6k German

Exhaust and Chrome Tips and K&N Air. This head

turner is perfect, no smoke, $95,000. Call 214-450-

7298 or email at (12)

Wanted: 1967-1973 911T, E, or S. Long time

PCA member looking for a great car. Contact Frank at

970-708-0383 or (12)

For Sale: 1983 911SC, white w/white wheels,

brown interior. One owner since 1985. 115k miles

on car; less than 10k mi on a meticulously rebuilt

engine by one of the industry’s finest 911 mechanics.

Very tight. It has always been garaged, never raced or

wrecked. Original white paint, tinted windows, and

gorgeous cocoa brown leather. All records. Beautiful

driver. Lovingly maintained. $21,500 OBO. Contact

Pat at 214-630-5881 or (11)

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