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Volume 51, Issue 7, July 2013

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Jose Carreras

2013 PCA Zone 5 Presidents and Zone Representative


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Leonard Zechiedrich


Lynn Friedman


Drifting: Enjoy!

By John Hamilton, Region President

Enjoy! That’s

how we

often end

sentences or

comments, but

that’s how we

should begin all of

our spare time.

A time-management course asks

you to ask yourself: “What is the

best use of my time right now?”

And sometimes we should put

more time aside for doing things

that help us and our friends and

family enjoy life as it passes us by.

Our Porsche Club is all about

that: getting more enjoyment out

of our lives via the commonality of

our Porsches, through the events

and the friends that we meet as a

result. Our Porsches can help us

escape from the day-to-day stress

and anxiety that we may place on

ourselves. For whether we admit

it or not, stress is self-inflicted,

and our ability to overcome

stress is equally self-managed.

So what have you done for yourself

lately? Hopefully, going for a ride in

your Porsche is part of the answer!

Speaking of enjoyment, a group of

our monthly Happy Hour attendees

have formed a new committee:

the New Member Happy Hour

Welcoming Committee. Consisting

of Stephanie Ho, Randy Csanadi,

Paul Ramos, and Veronica Ramos,

they will reach out to new members

and personally invite them to meet

at our monthly Happy Hours.

Do you remember your first

Porsche Club Happy Hour? We

remember ours: we didn’t know

anyone and were

afraid we would see

a bunch of snobs

(how wrong could we

be!?!). So now, new

members will receive

a personal invite and

have someone there

to meet them when

they come to their

first Happy Hour

(often their first

Porsche Club event).

Kudos to that team

for taking the lead

on reaching out to

our newest members,

and helping them

enjoy this popular

leisure-time event.

Mav of the Month

It’s amazing to me to see the commitment

of so many of the members

of our club at regular and at

special events (or at both). Such is

the case this month. Wendy Shoffit

volunteered to be the registrar for

the first-ever Club Race/Drivers’

Education at COTA last May. This

event, put on by a combined three


1235 William D. Tate Ave

Grapevine, TX 76051

regions, included approximately

350 drivers coming from around

the country. As you may have

heard, the event was sold out in a

matter of minutes. Getting communication

to and from those who had

signed up, and then getting them

greeted and registered at the event

fell under Wendy’s responsibility,

and she did a fantastic job of organizing

it and executing it through

a team of people. Wendy did much

more than that throughout the

event, to help attendees know what

to do when, and where to go.

So thank you, Wendy, for always

taking a leadership role not only in

the Maverick Region, but in the

Porsche Club as a whole. Congratulations

and enjoy your gift card to

the Silver Fox Steakhouse in Grapevine!

2 July

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3236 Skylane Drive, Dallas, Texas 75006

214-269-1570 •

© 2011 RAC Performance, Glenn Zanotti Art Director/Photographer.



John Hamilton


John enjoys DEs, Happy Hours, the

Porsche Parade, and other social events.

He and wife Chris have owned Porsches

since 1996 and joined the Club in 2002.

John’s Grandfather in New Jersey owned

a 1960 356B Coupe and later a 1965

356SC Cab which is how it got into his



AX Chair Travis Howard

TT Chair Travis Howard

AX/TT Registrar Robyn Howard

AX/TT Rules Charlie Davis

AX/TT Schools Robyn Howard

AX/TT Tech Insp Jeff Herrmann

AX/TT Workers Robyn Howard

Charity Chair Chris Hamilton

Club Race Co-Chair Joel Nannis

Club Race Co-Chair Pat Heptig

Club Race Ads/PR Jim Buckley

Club Race Registrar Wendy Shoffit

Concours Jack Griffin,

Frank Briggs

DE Chair Lori Mauthe

DE Chief Drvng Instr. John Sandusky

DE Equip. Mgr. Luke Edson

DE Registrar Joel Nannis

DE Safety Bob Benson

Email List Moderator Bob Benson

Goodie Store Pat Friend

Happy Hours Mike Farrar

Histographer, Tenured Charlie Davis

Mentors Monda Hanna

Membership Susan and Tom


On-line Calendar Brendan Eagan

Past President Mike Brodigan

Public Relations Linda Bambina


Advertising Pat Friend

Editor Carey Spreen

Event Ad Design Christy Payne

Mailing & Tech. Andy Mears

Printing Fran Ussery

Content Wrangler Linda Bambina

Mentor Wendy Shoffit

Social Chair Tracy Robertson

Sponsorship Keith Olcha

Sunday Drives John Harvey,

Brendan Eagan

Swap Meets Robyn Howard

Tech Sessions Ed Mullenix

Trivia Chair Jerry DeFeo


Denny Payne

4 July

Vice President

Gareth Maurice


Gareth still remembers the cover of

the car magazine that drew him into a

lifetime of loving cars. He spent many

afternoons riding his bike as a young

kid to the local newsstand to buy and

read everything he could. He now

owns a Midnight Blue 911S and enjoys

driving it in wonderful Texas!

Linda Bambina


Bob Benson


Frank Briggs

Mike Brodigan


Jim Buckley

Charlie Davis

Jerry DeFeo


Luke Edson


Mike Farrar

Pat Friend


Jack Griffin



Renee Farinella


Renee works in healthcare, and

enjoys fundraising for the military’s Her passion for cars

manifests in how to integrate the highperformance

driving experience into

relationship building. She says, “Can a

Porsche BE too loud on a Sunday drive?

The hills are aliiive with the sound of

music!” Renee owns a 2008 Boxster.

Chris Hamilton

Monda Hanna


John Harvey


Jeff Herrmann


Robyn Howard


Travis Howard


Pat Heptig

Susan & Tom Froehlich

Lori Mauthe

Chuck McCoy


Andy Mears


Please help us to keep growing!


Jim Falgout



Jim joined Maverick Region in August,

2008. He drives a 1992 968 cabriolet,

which is the second Porsche he

has owned. Jim enjoys attending

Maverick Region social and driving


Ed Mullenix


Joel Nannis

Brendan Eagan

Keith Olcha

W - 817-706-7678

H - 817-251-6865

Denny Payne

Tracy Robertson


John Sandusky


James Shoffit


Wendy Shoffit

H- 972-506-7449

C- 972-977-9821

Carey Spreen


Fran Ussery



Carey On...

By Carey Spreen, Managing Editor

Ah, summer

is in

full swing.

Which, of course,

means that

Maverick Region

events, at least

those that involve

being outside in the heat, go on

hiatus until cooler weather arrives.

The Porsche Parade will be over

by the time you have this issue

in your hands, and we hope to

have full coverage of it in the

August issue. But in the meantime,

check out what’s in this issue.

First is Ash Seidl-Staley’s continuing

saga of restoring his Grandfather’s

911, which unfortunately

has an unhappy ending. There

are also a couple of articles about

the one-day Drivers’ Ed event in

June. Hint: there is a job opening

in the DE group, so if you would

like to step up your involvment in

Drivers’ Education, take note!

There is also an informative

article written by Maverick Region

member Hunter Biederman

about what can happen if you get

stopped for DWI. Now of course,

the vast majority of us are responsible

drinkers, but circumstances

can sometimes arise in which we

are unexpected and undeserved

participants. Hunter’s article may

help prepare you or someone

you know for that situation.

Also in this issue are our regular

features: Cliff’s Ramblings, Advertiser

of the Month, Happy

Hour coverage, and the minutes

of our monthly Board Meeting,

for those of you who like to

keep up with club business.

But it seems like something else

happened recently . . . what was

it . . . oh, right, the COTA Club

Race and DE! We have a four-page

spread waiting for you at the center

of this issue, from Maverick Region

contributors such as Luke Edson,

Betty Perrine, Matt Platts, Charlie

Davis, Linda Bambina, and especially

our Chief Driving Instructor John

Sandusky, whose stunning photos

make this article a real standout

piece, even if I do say so myself . . .

The Carrera of the Americas

Club Race and Drivers’ Ed event

was put on by Hill Country, Lone

Star, and Maverick Regions,

and was an unqualified success

for all three regions. We hope

to be able to put one on again

next year. But if you didn’t

make it to this year’s event . . .

Read on!

Here are a couple of John

Sandusky’s COTA photos

to whet your appetite.


Maverick Minutes: June Board Meeting

By Renee Farinella, Region Secretary June 5, 2013

Club President



began our June

board meeting at

7:07pm by mentioning

that May

was an excellent

month filled with events that continue

to move the club forward (i.e.

Carrera of the Americas at COTA),

and are increasingly well-attended.

Slipstream editor Carey Spreen

submitted that he would like to

bump the magazine distribution

up from 1550 to 1600; approved.

Also approved was a request to

purchase an external backup hard

drive for the Slipstream Macintosh.

Also, he reminded everyone that,

though we will be taking a summer

break from most events, and

not having a July board meeting,

we have already started preparation

for the August issue.

Social Chair Tracy Robertson

mentioned that the May at Mayo’s

event had more than 110 folks

attending. The little extra money

from that event will be used to

cover the costs for all members who

participate in the Fathers’ Day Rally

and Picnic at Cedar Hill State Park,

to eat for free. John asked Tracy

to send a reminder email to him

for broadcast email to members

to sign up. One of Slipstream’s

patron advertisers, Jack Junkies, has

offered up use of their facility for

pre-DE prep, as a result of Tracy’s

“Maverick Region Wants You” ad.

Ed Mullenix asked Tracy to speak

with him off line regarding some

relevant specifics. Also, Linda and

Lee Wilkins have offered their

home for a holiday party; Dec. 14

looks like a good available date.

Treasurer Jim Falgout said that he

is in the process of getting with Pat

Friend to craft a commitment letter

to provide for our advertisers’ use.

Advertising Chair Pat Friend reported

that he now has grill badges;

$38, including postage. It’s been

difficult, at times, to receive payment

from advertisers. A suggestion

was made that perhaps a request

for half up-front might be helpful.

Concours Co-Chair Jack Griffin

introduced Andy Kay as our

new Concours chair; Andy has

put on and won many events in

Houston, but now the Maverick

Region gets to benefit from his

experience, new energy, and the

ideas he brings for events. The

Autos in the Park show had great

weather. Several board members

participated and volunteered.

New Concours Chair Andy Kay

said the award medals for Autos in

the Park came out beautifully, after

much work to get them approved

by Porsche, since they contain the

Porsche crest. A motion was made

by John Hamilton to reimburse

Andy for the costs he fronted for

medals; approved. He suggested an

additional style award be given for

future Best In Show, instead of just

two of the same medals. Jack uses

a trophy supplier in Richardson.

We will plan for this in the future.

Don Sebert encouraged everyone

to come out to the Rally and Picnic

on Saturday, June 8, especially the

board members. He assured us

that this would be a time of fun

engagement with your navigator.

Brendan Eagan, co-TourMeister

for Sunday Drives, mentioned

that Sunday Drive Chair John

Harvey and wife BJ are on vacation.

Great drives are being

planned for the Fall. He said that

the winery destinations are really

successful, and that they are

open to anyone’s suggestions.

Drivers’ Education Chair Lori

Mauthe said that, though the

one-day DE on June 1 was one of

the best days ever for students,

there were lots of challenges for

her. We had people come out

that normally don’t because of

the event being a one-day. Having

one-day offerings in June and

November seems to be doing

well; more local attendees, with

fewer trailers and out-of-towners.

Weather could have been a threat,

but the patronage hung in there.

After the first week of registration,

the Green group was full at 25. As

a result (necessity is the mother

of invention), two Green run

groups were created, White and

Yellow were combined, and extra

breaks were added. Instructors

really worked hard. There was

a total of 95 participants! Logistics

was a challenge; much was

learned, but feedback indicated

that our customers had a blast.

Charity laps always do really well.

iPads were already in use, and

thanks to Chief Driving Instructor

John Sandusky and Advanced

Instructor/Club Race PR guy Jim

Buckley, the on-board data collection

track experience should debut

in September. John Hamilton and

Lori both mentioned that PCNA

and PCA are offering a first-time

regionalized advanced instructor

training June 13 at Texas Motor

Speedway. John Sandusky and PCA

National VP Caren Cooper requested

that Maverick Region pitch in

6 July

dollars to help fund eight instructors

for this training; approved.

Participation in the Carrera of

the Americas Club Race and Drivers’

Ed in May was a great success;

we hope to get to do that again

sometime. Lori is relocating out

of the region, so we are on the

hunt for a new DE Chair. The next

DE is September 21-22, for which

registration opens six weeks prior.

Part of the reason that this registration

opening date was chosen was

to accommodate another Park

Place-hosted DE orientation in

early August. The October Club

Race at Eagles Canyon Raceway

includes a solo-only DE.

Club Race Registrar Wendy Shoffit

began her report by mentioning

that the feedback she received

regarding May’s three-day, threeregion

COTA event was all positive,

with the exception of some to-beexpected

first-time adjustments

that needed to be made (e.g. DE

track time was limited due to a

crash). Event Chair David Gross

(Hill Country Region) created a

very detailed document explaining

all the run session shortages. We

are grateful that our Autocross/

Time Trial chair Travis Howard did

such a great job running the grid!

Wendy noted that some Chairs’

phone numbers need to be updated

in Slipstream. Club Directories

are now available on

The nationally standardized

non-disclosure agreement is in

draft and will be approved soon.

Public Relations Chair Linda

Bambina displayed some of her

recent clothing and accessory

purchases from the Goodie Store.

Also, she is working with club VP

Gareth Maurice on getting publicity

in the national club magazine

Porsche Panorama for our always-fun

Sunday Drives, as well as an article

for, and help with, coordinating a

vintage car presence at the COTA

event in the future. Finally, she

is working with other chairs on

aligning and bringing current the

appropriate number of Slipstream

issues distributed to our advertisers.

Autocross/Time Trial chair Travis

Howard started his report by thanking

Maverick Region members for

helping with grid at COTA. Also,

he said that the June 16 Autocross

was moved from Dallas Raceway

in Crandall to Pennington Field

in Bedford, due to a change in

management at Dallas Raceway.

Thirty-five drivers had signed up

as of June 5, with 65 being the

cap. The June event was the last

opportunity to “tweak” before

the Parade. Bring home some

trophies from Parade, Mavericks!


It’s Easy to Play!

Play here for fun and education

and find the answers below


Play for prizes on the web at, with the

answers and winners to be posted here

after each month’s contest has closed.

Thanks to Jerry DeFeo for putting this

and the Web Trivia together.

Congratulations to our May winner,

Chris Christensen,

who got all 5 correct.

Chris will receive a $25 gift certificate to

1. Porsche is always coming out with some Limited Edition

Cars. One of their newest is the 2013 991 Club Coupe; very

limited!!! How many will be made?

a. 13 b. 112 c. 911 d. 991

Source: Porsche Panorama, March 2013, p 41

2. While the Club Coupe is still a 3.8L as in the 400 hp Carrera

S, it has slightly more horsepower -- how much more?

a. 10 b. 20 c. 25 d. 30

Source: Porsche Panorama, March 2013, p 41

3. We all know about the 914/4 and the 914/6; but how about the

914/8? How many were built?

a. 1 b. 2 c. 8 d. 11

Source:, Production Numbers

4. And how many 914/6s were built in total production?

a. 2222 b. 2827 c. 3114 d. 3333

Source:, Production Numbers

5. And then there was the very rare 916. How many were built?

a. 1 b. 2 c. 11 d. 13

Source:, Production Numbers

Answers: 1) a 2) d 3) b 4) d 5) c


Vice President Gareth Maurice has been working

with Robyn Howard on getting our insurance for

Pennington Field, due to the last-minute change

in venues. Also, he is working with John Hamilton

on obtaining Corel software so that he can take

over the creation of the region event ads and flyers

that you see every month in Slipstream.

And in our monthly tradition, John Hamilton announced

the Mav of the Month: Wendy Shoffit,

for her tireless work on the COTA Club Race and

DE. Thank you and congratulations, Wendy!

Meeting adjourned at 8:22.

8 July


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1 mile West of I-35 behind Sonic!


Destination Restoration: Scrapping Mel

By Ash Seidl-Staley

It pains me to

write this, but I

will be throwing

in the towel

on the current

911 chassis I have.

As mentioned

in a previous

Destination Restoration article,

having rust on or near the longitudinal

wheelhouse area can be

a car killer, and man, is it ever!

Before my final decision was

made, I gave one last attempt to

inspect whether or not the car

was salvageable and if the price

associated with fixing it was worth

it. I learned from my walkthrough

that the floor pans were basically

Swiss cheese, and the driver’s side

rocker panels consisted more of

rusty holes than sheet metal.

Using a website called Restoration-, I priced out all the

parts I needed, which came to a

total of $1200. Rather than buy

all the pieces at once and having

unused sheet metal lying around,

I opted to buy the longitudinal

wheel house panel first, as that

area is the most critical to repair. I

received the sheet metal a couple

of weeks later and laid out a plan

to begin working on the area. I

sanded down everything to the

bare metal all around the panel,

while keeping an eye out for the

original seams to the welds.

After it was all clear, I enlisted

the help of a friend, who is an

Replacement sheet metal

experienced welder, and we began

cutting down near the spring

plate and torsion bar area.

The first step was to take the outer

part of the panel off to inspect

inside, as the back part which

connects into the rear seats and

floor pans is not visible from the

outside. When the sparks cleared

and we pried off the metal, my

heart sank to a new low. Rust had

spread to the entire inside area. My

heat exchanger pipe, which runs

up to the dash through the rocker

panels, was nonexistent. All that

remained of this sturdy pipe was a

few reddish flakes of rusty dust.

What was left of the Targa bar

Photos by the Author

The final blow

Looking deeper into the carnage,

I saw that the area where the floor

pan meets the bottom of the seats

(almost in a crevasse) was also

gone. Unfortunately, as far as I can

tell, they don’t make this piece at, or even at

the Stoddard sheet metal facility.

Other than spending thousands

on a structural frame restoration

at a shop, or fabricating the pieces

myself, I have determined that

the best choice is to get another

roller. I have accepted that rust

has and will always be an issue

with this particular 911, and it

is time to wash my hands of it.

I made this decision in early

March, and I have become more

complacent with my decision with

each passing day; even more so after

I read one of the articles in the

May issue of Porsche Panorama. The

article shed light on the difficulties

that were associated with the creation

of the early 1980s 911 Speedsters.

Specifically, it focused on the

issues and problems that Porsche

had in regards to the structural

integrity of early 911s, and how important

each piece of metal really

is to the entire chassis as a whole.

From it I learned that my rust issues

on the longitudinal wheel house

panel and near the targa bar can’t

just be welded back together. The

basic geometry of the car has been

altered, and in order for the car

to not crunch like a pop can on a

hard turn, everything needs to be

lined up with near perfect precision

-- a skill this home mechanic

does not have in his arsenal.

Though my decision to scrap

seemed inevitable to most, I would

like to thank the people who actually

came to see it: Mark Hanna,

Mr. Burges, Uncle Peter, and Du.

And though it was difficult, it gave

me hope that something could be

done. In closing, all I have to say is

this: guess who is in the market for

a post-76 911 tub/roller? This guy!

Would you like to have your restoration

project featured in an upcoming issue of

Slipstream? If so, contact me at so that we

can put together an article about it.

10 July



Drivers’ Ed Event 3: Still Driving After All These Years

By Wendy Shoffit, Club Race Registrar

Four years.

That’s how

long it’s been

since I’ve driven

at Eagles Canyon

Raceway. It’s been

two years since

I’ve driven at any

track event. Sure, I’ve had a few

more autocrosses and time trials

than that, but it’s been a long

time for track driving . . . too long.

Life complications can be blamed

(Girl Scouts, PTO, kid stuff, etc.),

along with car issues, and simply

other volunteer responsibilities (my

husband, James, was the Zone Rep

for 4 years . . . hmmm . . . matches

up the time frame). Regardless, it

was time to stop making excuses. I

had to get back. So, I signed up for

the single day DE at Eagles Canyon

on June 1 with great anticipation.

It was an earlier morning than

usual, as I’d told Joel Nannis I

would help during driver check in

at 6:30. All went pretty smoothly

and the drivers’ meeting was a good

refresher for flags and procedures.

It was great seeing all the new

faces in the Green run group, but

then again . . . MOST of the faces

were pretty new within the last

few years! Where were all my old

driving buddies? Oh, right, they’re

in the Red Instructor group!

I had been in Yellow before, so

that’s where I was put again. I knew

I didn’t need a TON of instruction

on the basics, but figured I

should get someone to ride with

me to refresh my memory. I was

grateful to my Advanced Instructor,

Brian Amond, for riding

with me during the first set. I was

somehow afraid that I’d forgotten

where the corner worker stations

were and didn’t want to be out

there flailing about. He was very

patient with me as I tried to find

12 July

“the line” AND get used to all the

car modifications that James had

made. I chose to be in the back of

the pack as I re-learned the track,

knowing full well I would be passed.

I just hoped that EVERYONE

wouldn’t pass me (*wink*). Despite

an outwardly calm appearance

in the beginning, I had been a

wreck inside. I was nervous that I

would embarrass myself by doing

something stupid on track that

I should have known not to do.

So, I adjusted my expectations

for the day to two simple things:

DON’T hurt the car and have fun.

An electrical gremlin caused

my session to end early, but I

felt refreshed and relieved having

just gone out and DONE

it. I was filled with confidence

that I actually did know what I

was doing, I wasn’t a danger to

others, and it was still a blast!

Technical guru and driver extraordinaire,

Jim Buckley, helped us

chase that gremlin all day long, but

that didn’t deter me from getting

out there. The second set, we’d

started out with Jim driving me

around. The plan was for him to

not only try to diagnose the electrical

problem, but to also instruct

me on how well our car would/

could hook up in the corners so I

could go faster than before. Unfortunately,

rain brought us back in

early, as we did NOT have rain tires

on, and even new Hoosiers don’t

have enough tread to keep us from

sliding around all over the place.

I did have a great final two sessions

of the day, though. Jim told me

what to do if I had the electrical

problem again, and I was confident

I could manage it. My lap times

eventually ended up being respectable

for my time away AND I was

able to even pass a few cars (never

mind that they were pitting). Yes,

I was still 10 seconds off of Jim’s

times, but I know many areas

where I can (and will) improve

next time. Oh, and there WILL be

a next time. It’s just too much fun

to take another four years off!

I was really impressed by the

amount of changes that have been

made to the instructing and DE

program overall during my hiatus.

They are now utilizing technology

to better keep up with students’

progress. I could see driving

coaches all day on the iPads typing

away. That can only help for the

next time students come out, as the

next instructors can see the notes

on what progress each person has

made, and what they need to work

on each time. I also know that the

quality of instruction is getting even

better than it was before. Advanced

instructors are there all day with

a signup sheet so you can get

exactly what you need from them.

There are future plans to use even

more technology for some in-car

video and data analysis. Talk about

really stepping up their game; this

DE committee truly is committed

to giving you great events.

So, I would encourage all of you

out there who might have been

on a hiatus like me to have no

fear. Sign up again and come

out to enjoy something you once

enjoyed before! Come see and take

advantages of the changes they’ve

made. Lori Mauthe and company

are really doing a great job.

I look forward to my next opportunity

in September! James can have

his Club Races for the time being

and I’ll work on building my skills

and confidence again. Who knows

what the future will hold? Now, if

we can just find that pesky little

gremlin . . .

©2013 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of all traffic laws at all times.

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Bodywerks—giving you comprehensive service, all in one place. And you can enjoy Park

Place’s exceptional service and amenities—like complimentary Porsche loaner cars and

hand car washes—for less than you’d think.

Park Place Porsche

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Dallas, TX 75209



Drivers’ Ed Event 3, continued: Wrapping Up the Spring Series

By Lori Mauthe, DE Chair

Our one-day

event at

Eagles Canyon

Raceway started

out with a questionable

weather forecast.

We watched the big

black clouds circle

and swirl above us to the north. We

learned the meaning of “isolated

showers,” as we could see the rain

off in the distance, yet we only had

a quick shower to wet the track,

and then Mother Nature moved

on to the east. Yeah – the day was

moderately cool and partly cloudy –

perfect for a great day at the track.

We tried a different schedule for

this event. With the high demand

of first time novice students, we

created two Green groups, and

combined the Yellow and White

groups. This allowed us to have

40 new students participate. Our

instructors teams stepped up

Cyndee Ebeling (foreground)

with instructor Lisa Steele

photo by Mark Ebeling

and everyone learned a lot and

progressed. The team leads and

instructors now can log student

Gareth Maurice with

daughter Abbey

photo by Brendan Eagan

progress on iPads, and show students

track videos prepared by our

experts to help them understand

the nuances of high performance

driving. Thanks to Chief Driving

Instructor John Sandusky, we

continue to bring improvements

to the Maverick DE program!

A picture says it all – How much

fun can you have at a one-day

Driver Education event? A ton!

Just ask first timer Cyndee Ebeling,

on grid for her Green run

group session. Lisa Steele, her

instructor, showed her the way to

really enjoy her beautiful black

911. I just love seeing more women

coming out to our events, and

progressing to the point that they

are joining our instructor team.

Photo credits as noted

We had another wonderful young

lady join us for the day -- Abbey

Maurice, daughter of Region VP

Gareth Maurice, who also leads

many of our Sunday Drive events.

Today they led the Parade Laps at

lunch to raise money for the Susan

G. Komen for a Cure Foundation.

Abbey also assisted on grid, checking

for driver and car safety with

Travis Howard, our Grid Master

Extraordinaire. Special thanks to

Bob Benson and his team of corner

workers for keeping us safe all day.

What can happen when you carry

a bit too much speed into Turn 11

photo by Abbey Maurice

Early in the day, drivers coming

around turn 11 may go a bit wide

and kick up some dust, but by

the end of the day they were getting

to the apex of the turn and

faster down the straightaway.

With the close of our Spring

season, we take a Summer break

and will return to MotorSport

Ranch in Cresson, the weekend of

September 21-22, and registration

will open six weeks in advance. We

look forward to seeing you there!

Wanted: Drivers’ Education

Series Chair for 2014 Season!

For business reasons, Peter and Lori Mauthe are relocating to another PCA region, so Lori will be passing on

the DE Chair baton to someone new. Are you interested? Please contact her at to learn more about this rewarding position. Ideally, we would like to get

someone in place for the Fall season to transition and mentor during the last three events of the year.

14 July

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Expert service and repair.

Parts and Service for: Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Mini, and Smart Car.


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Zims Autotechnik is not affiliated with Porsche AG or PCNA Registered Trademark of Dr. Ing h.c.F. Porsche A.G.


Inaugural COTA Club Race: Carrera of the Americas in words

By Luke Edson, Betty Perrine, and Matt Platts


event was a

roller coaster

of emotions

to say the least!

First, after being

sure I was going to

be on the track for

the DE event, I go in to registration

only to be told I’m not on the list,

and since I know the waiting list is a

mile long, was pretty discouraged!

Got my mind off of it somewhat

by helping out with bringing

water and food to the corner- and

office-workers (I at least was going

to see the track if nothing else!)

but after extensive help from John

Sandusky and Wendy Shoffit, I was

back on the list and able to run

Saturday and Sunday! Wohoo!!

Saturday arrived, and after the

brand new slicks were put on, I almost

lost the car in the S-turns, due

to the tires not being warmed up

sufficiently! Round two around the

track; after hitting 140 just before

turn 12, the right headlight goes

flying out! (Miraculously it was recovered

intact after landing on the

pillow-soft grass!) I dutifully make

the turn, only to have the car shut

down and die on turn 15! Ugh!!!

Determined to not spend the

weekend on the sidelines, I

traced the electrics for the fuel,

pop out the fuel pump relay,

pop it back in, and what do you

know? It fires right up! YES!!

Left-eye Luke

M. Stahlschmidt/Sideline Sports

All in all, I went from getting really

good at my point-bys (got a lot of

kudos from fellow DEers for the

quick point-bys) on the first day,

to learning the track somewhat

by following a 914 I pointed by

on Sunday morning, and finally

ending the day on Sunday at the

head of the pack with the new GT3s

after passing some of them up!

Now to get to the bottom of that

fuel relay issue . . .

-- Luke Edson

My car is




for short). He’s

a 1974 914 1.8

and he’s been a

member of our

family for 28 years now. Current

mileage is over 354,000 miles and

he’s still going strong. I use him as

a daily driver (he really is my way to

work every day) and we autocross

him and his garage-mate Igor.

I was very honored to be asked

to display him in the Vintage Car

Display at the Inaugural Carrera

of the Americas at COTA. It was

actually his second time to the

track; the first time was for the

Grand Am race where we got to

drive on track during parade laps.

I have reason to believe he is the

very first 914 to have ever put

wheels on the surface of COTA!

Where he was parked, along with

all of the other beautiful cars on

display for the Carrera of the Americas,

he could listen to race cars go

by and watch me and my husband

Clay working on Grid for three

whole days (my feet are STILL

tired). Grid is non-stop entertainment,

especially when we’re all

trying to get race cars lined up in

Photo credits as noted

the correct order as a result of their

performance during qualifying.

Grid workers always aim to put

cars out on track in safe condition!

Window nets up, gloves on,

windows down, helmets and driving

suits fastened, mirrors adjusted,

anything the driver needs help

with, and real importantly -- doors

and front trunks latched securely.

Every time we work Grid we find

that we catch things that busy

drivers and crew members missed.

We’re there to make it safe for

ALL drivers and make sure everybody

has fun at the same time!

Throughout the weekend all

of us working Grid had drivers

coming up and thanking us for

checking their cars. As far as

comments about my 914 in the

display -- almost unanimously

it was “I used to have a 914 and

I regret ever getting rid of it.”

They’re such fun cars, and we’ve

met the absolutely nicest people

as a result of our involvement in

PCA. Like everybody says -- “It’s

not just the cars, it’s the people!”

Froderick on display amongst

the other vintage Porsches

photo by Linda Bambina

I must say thanks to Linda Bambina

and all of the other worker

bees who were making sure things

went smoothly all weekend. I know

I really appreciated having lunch

and water ready for us when we

could take a break from working!

-- Betty Perrine

16 July

This was my fourth trip to

COTA for a track event,

and by far the most fun.

Having full access to the COTA

property was very different from

the F1 or MotoGP events, and

while Grand Am allowed main

and support paddock access ON

FOOT, it was very cool to be able to ride my bicycle

between work assignments and event venues, and

to my camper, which was parked inside the track.

Working tech inspection for my first half-day shift

was interesting, and I got to see a very cool tubeframe

mid-engine 3.4-liter 911 (built by Fabcar in

the mid ‘90s and driven at the time by Hurley Haywood)

close-up, and hear a little about its history.

It was one of two built for IMSA racing, and, from

what I was told, is the only surviving example.

photos by Charlie Davis

A couple of hard-working Mavericks: Flag Chief

Bob Benson and “GridMaster T,” Travis Howard

photo by John Sandusky

photo by Charlie Davis

The Fabcar mid-engined 911

Working grid for the remainder of the weekend was

fun as well. There was almost constant action between

the three Club Race run groups (Red, White, and

Blue) and two Drivers’ Ed run groups (Yellow and

Green, although all were solo-qualified drivers), and

being able to get close-up looks at all of the race cars

and wide variety of DE cars kept things interesting.

As with most other volunteer workers, I wasn’t

able to watch much racing, but I had a great time

anyway, and will definitely be back in the future

as a volunteer worker again or to drive in a DE.

The Three Scrutineers: Ken Mack (Golden Gate

Region), Lori Mauthe (Scrutineer-in-Training) and

Maverick Region’s own Scrutineer, Joel Nannis

-- Matt Platts National Chief of Timing and Scoring Michael

Wingfield (center), flanked by Timing and Scoring

trainee Shelly Robinson and Timing and Scoring

Turn the page for more COTA photos . . . staffer Franklin Kalk, both of Hill Country Region,

was Maverick Region’s presence in Race Control.

photo by Charlie Davis


Inaugural COTA Club Race: Carrera of the Americas in pictures

Photos by John Sandusky except as noted

Michael Stahlschmidt/Sideline Sports Photography

Michael Stahlschmidt/Sideline Sports Photography

Never a dull moment in the Esses

Cresting a rise in front of the observation tower

Braking from the longest straight into Turn 12 . . . . . . and setting up for Turn 13

Another view of the

Esses, where you don’t want to

get behind in your steering

photo by Linda Bambina

Jim Buckley showing

‘em how it’s done

Former Maverick Club Race Co-Chair Bill Miller, DE Chair

Lori Mauthe, and National Club Race Chair Bryan Henderson

18 July

Crossing start/finish . . . . . . and powering up the hill to Turn 1

Front-engined Porsches are race cars too!

Three wide through the twisty bits

Michael Stahlschmidt/Sideline Sports Photography

The view from Turn 20 looking down the front straight

Control Room monitor wall

photo sequence by Jed Wilson

photo by Wendy Shoffit

Maverick Club Racer David Burkett (blue car number 04) makes his way through the pack past Turn 2.


Advertiser of the Month: Pro-Tect Mobile

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20 July


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Cliff’s Ramblings: That’s Not Possible!

By Cliff Blackshear

Editor’s Note: Cliff

is already back at

work after his scare

at the COTA Club

Race in May (see

last month’s Ramblings

for details).

However, he was not

quite ready to put out another article,

so here is a classic from January 2010.

Every now and then something

shows up in the shop

that we need Porsche to

help us get to a correct resolution.

There are times that only they

can find an answer. It does not

happen often, but it can happen.

I was involved in one case that

could only be solved by them in

a reasonably timely manner.

It was a check engine light issue

on an ‘04 Boxster. The owner

said that the check engine light

was intermittently flashing while

driving. It didn’t do it every day

but it happened pretty often.

So we checked the DME (fuel/

ignition microprocessor) for

fault codes. No faults recorded.

I drove the car and after a while

I experienced it. Duplicated the

symptom. Brought the car into

the shop, and kept it running to

preserve everything possible in

system software and interrogated

with system tester. No faults.

This is not ever supposed to happen,

per EPA-mandated OBD-II

(on-board diagnostics version 2)

requirements. The OBD system is

there to help keep cars running

cleanly. The combustion process

has to be very complete under all

circumstances. The monitoring

software is designed to be very

sensitive to any minor abnormality.

A flashing light is supposed to

be the highest-priority warning.

It means that a problem has occurred

that can damage catalytic

converters and totally compromise

not only emission output, but

performance level could be greatly

reduced. With a flashing light

there is a high probability that one

or more cylinders are misfiring.

This ‘04 Boxster ran like a

scalded cat. It never exhibited

any uneven running problems for

me. I got John Gladwill involved

and discussed this with him. His

ability to think out of the box is

unrivaled in my world, and I look

to his thoughts often. (We help

each other -- it is kinda fun.) He

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22 July

drove the car a few times and

looked at data as I had and also

came up blank. He did however,

establish a way to drive the car

and reproduce the event more

consistently. Which happened to

be “drive it like ya stole it.” Now

there is a surprise (and if ya know

John yer chuckling about now)!

In our shop we take a lot of

pride in getting things done

without any help. It is important

to us that we get it done correctly

and then report to Porsche

what we found. We are one of 20

monitoring dealers and reports

flow from us all the time.

Yet this car had us stumped. So I

filed a request for technical assistance.

The reply was “That cannot

happen. The design of the software

will not let that happen. Ever! Are

you positive it is the check engine

light that is flashing?” After a few

phone conversations we were

told that someone was coming

out to see this and lend a hand.

The gentleman that came out

(and I will not ever name factory

people here) was amazing. He told

me about writing the software for

the ‘02 vario-cam plus application,

the system that not only varies

cam timing but also valve lift. He

indicated that the variable valve lift

was the hardest thing he ever dealt

with. Trying to get smooth engine

operation when a system goes from

4mm to 9mm valve lift was quite

an undertaking. Now I ramble.

So anyway, he brought his own

laptop to plug into the car, and

John took him for a drive. He

found the root of the check

engine light in just minutes.

In Germany at that time (I dunno

about now), they had an emission

inspection process that was way

different from ours. In the trunk of

a Boxster is a relay board on the left

side behind the trim panel. Not all

of the relay positions are occupied

by relays. Some are open positions.

When a vehicle is due an emission/

safety inspection across the pond,

the technician accesses that board.

They apply a two-pronged jumper

wire in one of the open relay

positions. This puts the system into

diagnosis mode to ensure all systems

are on line and functioning in

the fuel/ignition world. When the

pins are jumped the check engine

light flashes to indicate the DME is

running a self diagnostic routine.

So guess what? Inside the wire

harness that exited that board

and went straight to the DME was

an intermittent short between

these two circuits. We did not

find any place on the harness

that showed any signs of pinching,

incorrect routing, nothing.

When nothing was found with

the harness, the DME became

suspect. So we eliminated these

two circuits to the DME and test

Experience Your Porsche in a New Way!

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Eagles Canyon Raceway is the beautiful culmination of years worth of

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Eagles Canyon Raceway features 2.55 miles, 4 straights over 1,300 feet long, 11

turns, and 340 feet of overall elevation change. Eagles Canyon is a true driver's

track, and is planned to host all classes of events from the top level racing series

to club racing and private HPDE days.

We are proud to receive PCA events including Club Racing and look forward to

each and every event!

With an EC Membership you can enjoy driving on a track that is quickly

becoming history in the making. We offer all that you need including a

challenging track, high octane fuel & a grill for lunch. Join us by signing up at or call for information at 940-466-9775.



drove it again. Over and over and over and over.

The problem was eliminated. We monitored every

input to the DME while driving and found everything

to be absolutely spot on. The car was declared

right and has not had a single problem since . . .

I cannot say definitively that only a factory engineer

could have found that. But the information

about those circuits and their purpose has not ever

surfaced on this side of the Atlantic. In our wiring

diagrams at that time, the wires and their connections

were inscrutable to us. They had no meaning

and no explanation. I have not looked lately to see

if maybe the connections have at least been given

a name, like “ROW Emissions” or something.

I love what I do!


24 July

May Happy Hour: Blue Mesa

By Frank Briggs, Concours Co-Chair and Happy Hour Aficionado

While the weather earlier

in the week seemed less

than friendly for Porsche

driving, the clouds parted, and

the evening of May 16 was perfect

for a gathering at the Blue Mesa

Restaurant and Bar on Northwest

Highway at Central Expressway.

Thirty-one Mavericks gathered for an evening of great

fellowship. Several attendees were relatively new members

attending one of their first

Maverick Region events. It is so

nice to see growth in our club

with so many active members.

Concours Co-Chair

Jack Griffin with

Bob Molyneux

Rick and Becky Robinson

along with Randy Csanadi

were the first on the scene,

and had already found the

adult beverages by the time

Bobbie and I arrived at

6:15. With the Robinsons

Photos by the Author

Ben and Sue Connell, President John Hamilton,

Paula and Norman McCollough, and Young Slack

living far north of the metroplex, it is great

to see them at most every Happy Hour.

Shortly after arriving, I met Young and Lyn Slack,

who had recently traded their 996 in on a new 991. It

was fun just seeing the excitement in their eyes as they

talked about future drives in that wonderful machine.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Ben and Sue Connell

along with Norman and Paula McCollough. The

Specializing in all years and models of

Porsche exclusively for more than 30 years

Complete and Meticulous Maintenance and Repair

Tuning and Diagnostics (Carbs, MFI, CIS, OBD I & II)

Custom Engine and Transmission Rebuilds

Competition Car Preparation (Track or Autocross)

1521 Baccarac Ct Euless, TX 76040

817 540 4939



Greg Sebert, Jeff Sebert,

Membership Co-Chair Tom

Froehlich, and Don Sebert

Cheryl Koeppen, Myra Sutton,

Clara Lewis, and Bobbie Briggs

two couples live in Colleyville,

and after visiting with them for a

while, I suspect they will be regulars

at Maverick Region events.

Ben and Sue had purchased

their 2009 911 just six days

prior to our May Happy Hour.

While we had a variety of

relatively new members, we also

were fortunate to be able to visit

with many long term members,

including Jerry and Myra Sutton,

Tom and Susan Froehlich, Bob

and Clara Lewis, and Jack Griffin.

Also attending were several

of our regulars including Paul

and Veronica Ramos, Don

Sebert and our hard-working

President John Hamilton.

Please join me at the Fox &

Hound for our next Happy

Hour on Thursday, July 18.

Until then --

Happy Motoring!!!!!

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Roofing Solutions

By Darren Houk


Composition, Tile, & Metal

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When all hail breaks loose...

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26 July

Roofing Solutions

By Darren Houk

DWI in Texas: The Myths and Realities

By Hunter Biederman

Editor’s Note:

Hunter Biederman

is a DWI attorney

in Collin, Denton,

and Dallas counties,

and can be

reached at 469-

333-3333. Hunter

is a Maverick Region member and

weekend 2001 986S driver.

Nobody wants to think

about the possibility of

being charged with Driving

While Intoxicated (DWI).

But the odds are that you or

someone you love may find

themselves in just that situation.

Millions are spent annually on

DWI enforcement. DWI laws

are good, and they’re there for

a reason. It’s not hard to find

someone you know that’s been

personally affected by drunk driver.

But unfortunately, the net to arrest

DWI offenders is cast so widely that

lawful drivers are also arrested.

The law allows adults to drink

alcohol and operate a motor

vehicle as long as they are not

intoxicated. However, if you are

pulled over at night and the officer

smells alcohol, it doesn’t matter

how well you stand on one leg;

odds are you are going to jail. Most

people don’t realize that breath/

blood tests aren’t even offered until

AFTER the arrest is made. That is

why the best advice is not to consume

any alcohol before driving.

The good news is that all Porsches

come with free designated drivers.

To activate the free service,

simply say, “Hey friend, I’m bringing

the Porsche to Happy Hour

tonight -- want to be my designated

driver?” Works every time.

Below are answers to the top

questions I am asked when

someone is charged with a

DWI first offense in Texas:

Am I going to lose my license?

License suspension is not

automatic. However, you only

get 15 days from your arrest to

request a hearing on your license

suspension. This is one of the

many reasons it is important

to hire an attorney quickly.

Even if you don’t get a hearing,

you may file for an Occupational

Drivers’ License. This allows you

to drive to and from work,

school, religious worship, and

household duties. So even if your

license is suspended, a good attorney

can keep you driving.

Am I going back to jail?

On a DWI first offense, once

you get out, you are probably

not going back to jail. This assumes

a standard case (no bad

accident, no prior DWIs, etc.).

Standard punishment is probation,

fines, classes, and community

service. If there is a breath or blood

score above 0.15, an ignition

interlock device is required. This is

hooked up to your car and must be

blown into before starting your engine.

A good attorney can negotiate

for the lowest possible punishment.

If stopped, am I required to take the tests?

You are not required to take ANY

tests. That includes the roadside

tests, breath tests, and blood tests.

DWI attorneys recommend that

you politely decline all tests if

you have had anything to drink.

The new “no refusal” initiatives

are judges signing search warrants

for blood tests. If a warrant

is signed, you are required to

submit, but even in that situation,

you have put yourself in a much

better position to fight your case.

Refusing tests won’t keep you from

being arrested, but it will increase

your chance of winning at trial.

Will this be a permanent conviction?

If you are found guilty of a

DWI, the conviction is on your

criminal record for life. There

is no way to ever get it off.

Should I plead guilty?

In general, there is no advantage

to pleading guilty in a DWI case. By

pleading guilty, you have a 100%

chance of conviction. Pleading

“not guilty” gives you a chance to

be found not guilty. Additionally,

even if convicted at trial, punishment

is almost identical. You

are still looking at probation.

Is it possible to keep this off my record?

Absolutely! It is possible to be

found not guilty in a DWI case,

even if an officer says you “failed”

the field sobriety tests. Or even if a

breath test machine or blood test

printout reads over 0.08. A skilled

DWI attorney knows the ins and

outs of all of the state’s evidence

and knows how to properly explain

the errors to a jury.





A Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor can talk to you about

the Loan Management Account® (LMA® account),

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J.D. Sandfort, CFA®, CFP®

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Merrill Lynch

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Investment products:

28 July

Are Not FDIC Insured Are Not Bank Guaranteed May Lose Value

© 2012 Bank of America Corporation. All rights reserved.

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For hassle free information on

any property in the DFW area,

call 972.365.7370

Michael Picolo






To better serve our customers,

we are moving to a larger facility.

The new shop is at 2530 Tarpley Road

Suite 700 in Carrollton. Our new

phone number is (972) 417-0997.


Since 1971

Providing outstanding service

on all current and vintage

Porsche automobiles.

Complete Servicing and Repairs


• Factory-Trained Master Technicians

• OEM Parts and Accessories

• Hunter Alignment and Wheel Balancing

• State of the Art Diagnostic Equipment

• Electrical and Air Conditioning

• Transaxle and Automatic Transmission

• Fuel Injection and Carburetor

610 S. Sherman Street, Richardson, Texas 75081

(972) 231-5356 • FAX (972) 231-3393

porsche of plano

30 July

New Wheels

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Unclassifieds are available free to Maverick Region members and are $5 to all others (contact editor for payment details). Please limit size to no more than 6 lines. Ads will run for 3 issues, then

removed unless you request that it be run for an additional 3 issues. E-mail your ad to by the 10th to have your ad run in the following month’s Slipstream. Be sure to

include car year, make and model, its mileage and asking price, as well as a contact name, phone number and /or e-mail address. All parts will be advertised on our website. Check your ad for

accuracy the first time it runs. Contact the editor to have your ad pulled sooner. Due to space constraints, photos may or may not be included.

For Sale: 2008 GT3, rare Cobalt Blue, 14,600

mi. This GT3 is heavily optioned, European delivery,

meticulously maintained, always garaged, new tires,

brakes, rotors. Perfect blend of daily driver and track

car. Price $85,500. Contact Barry for details: 214-

621-6225 or (07)

For Sale: 2003 911 C2 (996) Cabriolet, Basalt

Black with grey interior, 60K miles. Bose sound

system, power & heated seats. Excellent condition,

never tracked. Purchased and dealer-maintained

locally since new. Just completed 60K service, brand

new rear tires. Runs great, absolutely solid car.

$32,9000. Please contact Anne at flynchg@gmail.

com. (05)

For Sale: 1984 Beck Spyder, Red, Beck s/n

003. This 550 Spyder replica is one of the earliest

known models produced in the US by Chuck Beck

Development. S/N #003 has undergone a complete

restoration with careful attention to detail and

quality. Engine / Transmission Specs (New) Porsche

/ VW Gorilla Block 1776cc Large Valve Engine by

Automotive Machine Shop; Aluminum Heads, Roller

Rockers, Twin 44mm Weber Carbs, Ceramic Coated

4-into-1 Exhaust, High Flow Fan Kit, Carbon Fiber

Hydrographics, Fan Shroud, Remote Oil Cooler /

6 Qt. Capacity, 4 Speed Transmission. 558 miles

on vehicle as of 3/19/2013. Fresh restoration with

everything new. Titled as a 1984 Porsche 2-Door in the

State of Texas. Classified as an Antique Vehicle with

a new 5-Year Plate Registration. Vehicle located in

Fort Worth, TX; $35,000.00. Contact Mark Euckert, or 817-614-7569. (05)

For Sale: 1992 911 Carrera 2 Cabriolet, Slate

Grey Metallic with black top; light grey/classic grey,

black interior. Driven daily and in good working

condition, 131K miles. Exterior is in fair to good

condition. 5-speed, A/C, power seats, cruise, CD

player, new tires. Single owner with maintenance

details for the past 10 years. Slight oil leak at the main

seal. $11,000. For more info and pictures, contact the

owner, Guy, at (214) 755-4610, or gfrankenfield@ (05)

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