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Volume 53, Issue 11, November 2015

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On the Cover: A large

number of Maverick members

enjoyed great drives during

Boxstoberfest in October.

Photo by Tom Gomer

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Kirk Bristol


Bryan Kerrick

2015 PCA Zone 5 Presidents and Zone Representative


Michael Globe


Rick Payton


John Bullen


Henry Carter


Randy Kaplin


Robert Price


Jack Merrell


Jim Falgout


Grady Buckhalter



Leonard Zechiedrich



Lynn Friedman


Shifting Gears: End of the Driving Event Season is Nearing!

By Jim Falgout, Region President

November is an exciting month

in the life of the Maverick

Region member. We have our

Founders’ Day Celebration, again at

the Bent Tree Country Club. Founders’

Day includes the conclusion of

our Photo Contest, a Silent Auction

to raise money for our charitable endeavors,

and election of officers for the following year.

There will be some brief speeches and presentations.

Hope you attend and enjoy.

For our driving pleasure, we also have an autocross,

Club Race and Solo DE at MotorSport Ranch, and a

Driving Tour. November is the last month of the year

for driving events and most social events, so I hope you

enjoy some or all of them.

November is

the last month

of the year for

driving events

and most social

events, so I hope

you enjoy some

or all of them.

I really want to encourage

anyone who

wants to learn how to

drive their Porsche

better, even in regular

driving, to try at least

one Drivers’ Education

Event. I know that after

my first DE I had a

better appreciation of

what my Porsche could

do, and I am a better

driver on a daily basis.

I don’t mean that I drive my car fast on the streets -- I

mean that I am more alert to traffic situations, and I

respond quicker. For example, I had gotten lazy and was

driving with only one hand on the wheel. After participating

in a DE, I always have two hands on the wheel

(except briefly when shifting through the gears of my

six-speed). So try at least one DE, and you will be glad

you did. DEs will begin again in February, 2016.

All our events are possible because of several members

who contribute their time. On October 11, I visited MotorSport

Ranch during a Drivers’ Education program. I

noticed that Amber was filling in for Mary Coney, who

is ill. Not only was she filling in, she was training someone

to eventually take her place. Chris Tabor, who is the

Drivers’ Education Committee Chair, is also training a

replacement for himself. Joe McGlohen, who has taken

over as Safety Chair, will find someone to train as his


We need people to step up and volunteer to help assure

that all of our programs can continue seamlessly.

2 November

SAUL FRAIRE, Chef-Proprietor

1235 William D. Tate Ave

Grapevine, TX 76051


Just like Bill Orr did at the October Board Meeting,

and Mark Zimmerman did by e-mail. It’s your club

and only you can make sure that it continues to provide

the experiences that members can enjoy.


You will be glad you did.

Mav of the Month

As I mentioned previously, Chris Tabor is the Chair of

the Drivers’ Education Committee. This program is a

major program of

our club. Chris took

it over a couple of

years ago and it has

blossomed under

his direction. There

have been some

glitches along the

way, but Chris has

adjusted and met

the challenges every

time. For all these

reasons, Chris Tabor

is Mav of the

Month. Chris, keep

up the good work.

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Jim Falgout

Jim joined Maverick Region in August,

2008. He drives a 2003 996, which is

the third Porsche he has owned. Jim

enjoys attending Maverick Region

social and driving events.


AX Chair Wesley Lincoln

TT Chair Travis Howard

TT Registrar Robyn Howard

AX/TT Rules Travis Howard

AX/TT Schools Robyn Howard

Charity Chair Chris Hamilton

Club Race Co-Chairs Jim Buckley

Pat Heptig

Joel Nannis

Club Race Registrar Wendy Shoffit

Concours Chair Andy Kay

DE Chair Chris Tabor

DE Chief Drvng Instr. John Sandusky

DE Equip. Mgr. Hunter Allen

DE Registrar Wendy Shoffit

DE Safety Joe McGlohen

DE Sponsorship Daren Kirbo

Email List Moderator

Goodie Store Pat Friend

Histographer, Tenured Charlie Davis

Membership Susan and Tom


Monthly Socials Stephanie Ho

Member Welcome Chair Stephanie Ho

On-line Calendar Brendan Eagan

Past President John Hamilton

Public Relations Linda Bambina

Rally Co-Chairs Don Sebert

George Luxbacher


Advertising Pat Friend

Editors Carey Spreen

Jim Hirsch

Event Ad Design Jasmine Shoffit

Mailing & Tech. Andy Mears

Printing Fran Ussery

Content Wrangler Linda Bambina

Mentor Wendy Shoffit

Social Chair Tracy Robertson

Sunday Drives Tom Martin

Neill Flood

Swap Meets Robyn Howard

Tech Sessions Ed Mullenix

Trivia Chair Jerry DeFeo


Denny Payne

4 November

Vice President

Gareth Maurice

C 817-821-2940

Gareth still remembers the cover of

the car magazine that drew him into a

lifetime of loving cars. He spent many

afternoons riding his bike as a young

kid to the local newsstand to buy and

read everything he could. He now

owns a Midnight Blue 911S and enjoys

driving it in wonderful Texas!

Linda Bambina


Jim Buckley

Charlie Davis

Jerry DeFeo


Brendan Eagan

Neill Flood

Pat Friend


Susan & Tom Froehlich

Chris Hamilton

John Hamilton


Pat Heptig



Wendy Shoffit

C 972-977-9821

Wendy and husband James joined

Maverick Region in 1997, when their

daughter was only 9 months old.

Jasmine is now 18. They own 3 Porsches

including a 1978 911SC as a dedicated

racecar, which she enjoys autocrossing.

Her daily driver is a 2016 Cayman GT4.

She also serves as the PCA National

Newsletter Chair.

Jim Hirsch


Stephanie Ho

Robyn Howard


Travis Howard


Andy Kay


Daren Kirbo


Wesley Lincoln


George Luxbacher

Tom Martin

Andy Mears


Ed Mullenix


Please help us to keep growing!


Richard Solomon

C 903-530-8281

Richard joined Maverick Region in

2012 when he fulfilled a 30+ year

dream to own his first (of many) 911,

a 2009 Silver Carrera! Although fairly

new to the club, he is excited about

being more involved and meeting more

Porsche fanatics!

Joel Nannis

Denny Payne

Your Name Here!

Tracy Robertson


John Sandusky


Don Sebert


James Shoffit


Wendy Shoffit


Carey Spreen


Chris Tabor


Fran Ussery






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Gimme a Minute: September Board Meeting

By Wendy Shoffit, Region Secretary October 7, 2015

President Jim

Falgout began

at 7 PM.

He continues to

work forming the

committee to help

field charities, including

Rich Solomon,

Linda Bambina,

and Mark Zimmerman.

Recent volunteer Bill Orr joined

the club in April and is now helping

Charlie Davis with photo contest


Co-editor Carey Spreen had a great

time attending the Lone Star Le

Mans at COTA and Rennsport Reunion

V in California. Slipstream

was on time this month. Sue Crimm

provided lighting for Founders’ Day

last year, but she won’t be able to

this year. She provided several inexpensive

alternatives. Linda Bambina

said that Charlie is in the hospital,

but still plans to do the contest.

They are working out all the details.

Concours Chair Andy Kay is preparing

his second article about the

event in Carmel and said the 928

group is holding their “Third Coast”

event in November in Marble Falls.

David Robertson reported for

social chair wife, Tracy, that she is

working on Founders’ Day.

Newly appointed Safety Chair Joe

McGlohen is making sure that all

events have proper paperwork. He

wants to form a safety committee of

volunteers for the future. He is looking

closely at the Region Procedures

Manual provided by PCA national.

Editor Jim Hirsch said that we are

printing 1700 copies of Slipstream

each month. He appreciates the

event recaps and special interest features.

He had additional copies of

guidelines he passed out last month.

He also showed a sample version of

the calendar that will be for sale

later this year. All were impressed.

Sunday Drive Chair Tom Martin

reported that the Ben Wheeler

drive was a good event. and 37 cars

6 November

enjoyed many straights and a few

sweepers. The next event ends in

Granbury. He is working to increase

the number of drive leaders to keep

the group sizes smaller, but needs

volunteers. Safety is paramount.

Monthly Social Chair Stephanie

Ho said the event at Arthur’s was a

Porsche birthday celebration and

it had over 100 people (only 50

planned). November’s Social will

again be at the Hilton Garden Inn,

but in their ballroom. No event in

December because of the holidays.

Treasurer Richard Solomon reported

that the club is in good financial

position with ~$168K in the bank.

The September DE netted $2K and

charity laps raised a total of $1673

extra to donate to Mary Coney. Joe

McGlohen suggested to increase our

club’s donation to Mary Coney, as

well. Chris Tabor made a motion to

donate an additional $2500. Don Sebert

seconded; motion passed. Rich

then made a motion to donate $300

to the Boot Campaign in honor of

Jim Falgout’s father, who recently

passed away. Chris Tabor seconded

the motion. The motion passed.

Rally Chair Don Sebert looks forward

to the October 31st rally to

Lewisville, which will include a costume

contest. After the event, registrants

have the option of touring the

distillery and having lunch in Lewisville.

About 20 have signed up so far

for the primarily fun focused event.

Calendar Boy Brendan Eagan

continues to maintain the online

calendar and needs people to send

him info to include. He is working

to have an assistant help and learn

the ropes.

Time Trial Chair Travis Howard

recently moved the Truxster from

Zims to Mayo’s. The TT event at MotorSport

Ranch had perfect weather

for the 34 drivers in attendance (full

event). Maybe lost a little money, but

it was a quality event with 14 timed

runs for entrants. Received positive

feedback and might do a TT event

in the spring in Mineral Wells. He

reported for Swap Meet chair wife,

Robyn, that the event is upcoming

Oct. 17th at Zims. They attended

Rennsport, as well, and said it was

Porsche Nirvana.

Publicity Chair Linda Bambina

introduced Brenda Dranow to

help her with Slipstream duties.

She strongly recommended that all

board members RSVP for Founders’

Day and promote it as much as possible.

We will be collecting raffle items

and wants help soliciting them.

Brenda and Greg Dranow also attended

Rennsport and thought it

was great. First time ever at such an

event and both loved it.

DE Chair Chris Tabor continues

to focus on safety at events. Amber

Stice stepped up in place of Mary

Coney. The September event was

very successful with lots of positive

comments. November’s DE will be

in conjunction with the Club Race.

He has dates scheduled for 2016 and

will share those shortly. Recognizing

2-day events can be difficult, there

is a proposal to have a “PCA Track

Night” on a weeknight targeted to

new Porsche owners. Choice of instructed

laps or lead/follow. Several

driving sessions and a catered meal.

Will work on details.

Secretary Wendy Shoffit thanked

Rich Solomon for taking the minutes

at the last meeting while she

was also at Rennsport. She and

husband, James, later attended PCA

Escape to Mount Rushmore. Stories

of their adventures will be in the December

issue. Club Race registration

is in full swing and the Solo-only DE

registration will open 10/14.

Absentee Membership Chairs Tom

and Susan Froehlich reported we

have 1608 primary and 2518 total

members for the month, an increase

of 19 primary and 21 total members

from last month.

Lastly, Jim Falgout announced the

Mav of the Month is Chris Tabor.


Meeting was adjourned.

Deadline to order: November 23


It’s Easy to Play!

Play here for fun and education

and find the answers below


Play for prizes on the web at, with

the answers and winners to be posted here after each

month’s contest has closed. Thanks to Jerry DeFeo for

putting this and the Web Trivia together.

Congratulations to this month’s winner:


getting all 5 out of 5 correct. He was selected by

random drawing over Tom Martin who also got all 5

correct. Clint, please contact Kirk at Zim’s

to claim your $25 Gift Certificate.

Thanks to all for playing!

1. Porsche has indicated there may not be a Manual transmission for

the new 911. As long as the gearbox exists, we will use it,” Brandl

said, “but it would be very difficult to justify the investment needed

to develop a new gearbox when little more than _____% of buyers

choose it.” What is the percentage?

a.10% b. 14% c. 18% d. 20%

Source:, 9/14/15,

2. The gearboxes have been engineered to work with the new twinturbo

3.0 engines which will power the next generation 911 which

should be around until at least _______. Based on this, when might

be the last year to get a Manual Transmission in your new 911?

a. 2018 b. 2020 c. 2022 d. 2025

Source:, 9/14/15,

3. The Porsche Mission E being developed to do battle with the Tesla

Model S is a hotbed of Technology. It is expected to have more than

____ HP. And how much is that?

a. 600 b. 650 c. 725 d. 800

Source: PCA Online, 9/14/15

4. It should do 0 to 100km in less than 3.5 seconds, and 0 to 200km

in less than 12, and can lap Nurburgring in less than 8 minutes. But

the impressive aspect is its range of about _____ miles; assuming

you are not lapping Nurburgring at the moment!!!

a. 280 b. 310 c. 325 d. 350

Source: PCA Online, 9/14/15

5. Also very impressive is what you can get for mileage on a short

‘recharge’ in amount of time most drivers take to fill up, use the

restroom, and get something cold to drink, which is about 15

minutes. What % of charge can they get?

a. 50% b. 60% c. 70% d. 80%

Source: PCA Online, 9/14/15

Answers: 1) a 2) d 3) a 4) b 5) d


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8 November

6821 Preston Rd., Dallas, Texas 75205 214.522.2400

Welcome Our New Mavericks

By Susan and Tom Froehlich, Membership Co-Chairs

Joshua Addington


2013 911 Carrera S

Haroon Alvi


2016 911 Carrera 4 GTS

Myrtle Bowles-Scott


2016 Cayenne GTS

Kimberly Brown


2016 Macan S

Kenin Fenster

Farmers Branch

2007 Cayman S

Lee Haspel


1990 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet

Lou Keyes


2015 Panamera GTS

Kevin Kim


2001 911 Carrera

Manish Kotecha

Fort Worth

2015 911 GT3

Sam Lin


2012 911 Carrera 4S

Joe Marshall


2015 Cayenne S

Taylor Martin

Fort Worth

2015 911 Carrera S

Matt Mayo


2014 Boxster

John McLaughlin


1989 911 Carrera 4

Carl Orton

N Richland Hills

2001 911 Carrera

Chuck Patel


2014 911 Turbo

Ken Patteson (Amber)


2007 911 Carrera

Jane Peterson


2005 Boxster

Cody Schmidt


1999 911 Carrera

Mike Schoenstein


2015 911 Carrera

Sam Sharma


2006 911 Carrera S

Andrew Swartz


2013 911 Carrera 4S

Bill Tichenor


2016 911 Turbo Cabriolet

Jeremiah Torres


1988 944 Turbo

Manuel Venegas


1994 968

Say hello to your fellow

Porsche drivers!

Flashing your high beams at fellow Porsche

drivers is a time-honored tradition . . .

Keep the flash alive!

If you have any changes that

you would like to make to the

MRPCA membership guide,

contact the Froehlichs at

Maverick Membership Totals

Members ~ 1,608

Affiliate Members ~ 910

Total Membership ~ 2,518

Carl Weeks


2002 Boxster S

Johan Westerberg


2006 911 Carrera S Cabriolet

Wil Wilson


1984 911 Carrera Targa

Charlie Wintch (Ian Page)

Fort Worth

2015 Macan S

Burt Zinser


2013 911 Carrera S Cabriolet

Transfers In

Roark Hayes

San Antonio, TX

Transfer From: Michiana

Anniversaries: November

45 Years

Cameron McMillen (Judy)

40 Years

Edward Martelle

(Lucia Vander Meer)

25 Years

Don Istook (Laurie)

John Stahl (Vicky)

15 Years

Douglas Madsen (Barbara)



River Oaks

Gilbert, AZ


10 Years

Matthew Feighner (Mark)

Kenneth Hamlett (Debra)

Alex Tayem (Cindy)

5 Years

William Gillin (Corby Layne)

Larry Glover

Philip Hudkins

Kenneth McKinsey (Jo)

Patrick McPherson

Melissa Schlenker (Rick)

Robert Shiels

Ralph Stotzer

Robert Terrill (Bob)






Wichita Falls

Farmers Branch







“. . . it’s the people”: Rocketing and Glowing Red Hot - Stephanie Ho

By Linda Bambina, Region PR Chair

This month

we are


a relatively

new member who

joined in 2012.

This “rocket” person

is Stephanie

Ho, who burst on the scene from

a quiet place on the sidelines to a

“front and center” position.

Stephanie took on responsibility

and stepped up when she saw a need

in the club, but not because it was

an elected position, or even a position

that existed on the Executive

Board at all! She chose to revamp

the club’s social activity as an unofficial

“New Member Welcome

Chair,” inviting new members to

our Monthly Socials. Her personal

invitations to newbies significantly

increased our attendance at monthly

meetings. Wearing her signature

red silk and her mega-watt smile,

she ensured that our members felt

part of the events. Stephanie was

achieving above and beyond what

anyone else had ever done for our

Socials and it got her noticed by the

Board, especially since she was doing

most if not all this work on her

own. Little wonder that she is now

OFFICIALLY a Board Member for

our Happy Hour/Monthly Socials.

Her enthusiasm has attracted others

and made these monthly events a

huge part of the club’s focus!

When Stephanie was awarded Mav

of the Month for a second time, Prez

Jim said it so well:

“We have many members who have

passion for their Porsche and the

club. No one exhibits that more

than our MAV of the MONTH. I

asked her to take on a committee

and she has gone above and beyond

in fulfilling that role. She cares especially

deeply about new members.

Even with a career that demands a

10 November

great amount of her time, she finds

time to not only do an outstanding

job with her committee, but also

helps other* committees.”

[*I found out from Stephanie that

when she is promoting the Monthly

Socials, she also puts a plug or two

in for our other upcoming events,

such as DEs, Rallies, and Sunday

Drives. She is quite a champion for

our Maverick Team!]


was born

in Hong

Kong, and





in competitions


her home,


Stephanie always overlooked

enjoys Porsche the race

social events course.

What a location

that had to have been! She

heard the word Porsche way back

then, and knew of the car and its

superior engineering. Although she

never did a test drive, she bought herself

a beautiful Guards Red Cayman

with only 1400 miles on it for her

Photos courtesy of Stephanie Ho

2010 birthday. Recently she bought

a second Guards Red Porsche for

another birthday, but this time it

was a 997.2 Turbo S! Again, no test

drive! She never doubted what an

amazing car that it was. She enjoyed

receiving Peoples’ Choice Concours

d’Elegance Awards for her Turbo S

at May at Mayo’s events two years in

a row. She has only participated in

one Autocross, but unfortunately

it was on one of our sweltering hot

days and there were some technical

issues . . . not the best introduction

to that event. She will have to go


Stephanie tackles every new challenge

with great focus, energy, and

dedication. She came to the US when

she was 18 to become an Aggie! Her

brother was attending school at UT

Austin, so there’s a great story there!

During her freshman year, she paid

a short summer visit to her brother

and fearlessly enrolled for 12 hours

of summer school. Like I said: focus

and energy! She majored in

Computer Science with a minor in

Mathematics, but originally wanted

to become a veterinarian. She loves

animals, and has a 12-year old Shih

Tzu named Teddy (Bear) who “has

an attention deficit disorder.” That

dog is nothing like its owner!

Stephanie and her two Porsche loves - always in red!

Stephanie with her brother and her 911 Turbo S

Admittedly dedicated to her work, Stephanie is the

Chief Product Owner and Core Network Architect for a

top-of-the-class North America product in a leading Information

and Communications Technology company

with over 110 thousand employees globally. Her strong

commitment and determination to excel rarely permits

her more than 4-5 hours of sleep on a weeknight. Despite

her taxing schedule, we reap benefits because she

is somehow able to give us so much of her time.

Her latest interest is photography. She has attended

both courses offered by Maverick member Charlie

Davis, and is very impressed with him as a teacher. She

took the October cover shot for Slipstream, but she

mainly wants to learn to do better people pictures for

the Socials.

Stephanie told me she is indebted to a number of club

members, especially Frank Briggs, John Hamilton, and

myself, who welcomed her to the club and encouraged

her enthusiastic participation.

In my email to Stephanie for her Lavendou Social

event, which had over 110 Mavericks attending the best

French Provençal restaurant in North Dallas, I wrote,

“You will be long-remembered for this ‘out of the box’


During the Social event at Arthur’s, which celebrated

the birthdays of Ferdinand and Ferry Porsche with over

100 Mavericks, ex-Prez John Hamilton told Stephanie,

“You have taken Socials to the highest level, and any

potential successor would have big shoes to fill!”

If you are interested in seeing more

photos featuring our club members

and some beautiful Porsche

vehicles, check out this offer.

We are introducing the

inaugural official Maverick

Club Calendar just for you!


Five Speed Chatter: Hit and Run, Part 1

By Ash Seidl-Staley





to you how livid

I am right now!

We have a saying

in our club: “It’s

not just the cars,

it’s the people,”

which, when used to describe PCA

members, is an accurate and welcoming

statement; but what about

the rest of the people in the world?

Does this credo apply to everyone?

Recently, I have learned that the answer

is no. Unfortunately for the rest

of us kind hearted souls, there will

always be negative, inconsiderate,

selfish, and irresponsible people,

many of them living in the same city

as us! This two-part article, although

mainly used as a vent to my frustrations,

will describe my current situation,

as well as give you some tips on

some quick fixes in regards to body

panel repair. Even though my emotions

are running high, I promise to

keep the language G-rated!

On one fine Friday last month, I

decided to hop in the 914 after I

got home from work. With my busy

schedule of work, graduate school,

and home life with an infant boy, it

had been a few days since I sat in the

car. I was so excited to take the time

to cruise around town; those little

cars are so agile, fast, and just an

absolute dream to drive. As I started

the car, I looked in my driver’s side

mirror and saw the most horrifying

sight a Porsche owner can see. The

driver’s side rear quarter panel was

pressed in past the wheel! I jumped

out of the car and inspected the disgusting


A hard hit on the driver’s side

quarter panel of the 914 that

obviously will not simply “buff out”

Sure enough the car had been hit,

but by what I couldn’t tell, at least

initially. Expletive after expletive

escaped from my mouth while I

stormed around the parking lot. Inside,

my gut twisted, I felt so much

anger boiling up that I thought I

was going to “stroke out” on the

pavement. The first call I made was

to my wife; my voice shuddered and

cracked as I told her the news. Her

tone was composed and supportive

but I could tell she was just as concerned

about the situation and was

trying her best to ease my frustra-

Photo courtesy of the Author

tions. All attempts to subdue my

temper failed; I wouldn’t let myself

calm down. I couldn’t believe that

this had happened to me or my car.

After calling the police and my insurance

company, the investigation

began. The officer that came out

was very sympathetic and helped me

look for evidence. One of the first

things we noticed was a few black

marks on the driver’s side of the

car. As the lines, found just behind

the door-jam, streaked towards the

wheel, the large dent increased

in concavity. This monstrous dent

pushed the metal further and further

in until the fender lip was well

within the parameters of the wheel

well and resting on the tire. The

most definitive piece of evidence we

collected was the fact that my tire

had specks of my paint on it. This

meant, as the officer explained it to

me, that someone with a larger vehicle

i.e. a truck or SUV was backing

out of the spot right next to mine,

and hit my car with their tire. As

they pulled back out of their spot,

the section of tire that had rubbed

against my car rotated and transferred

my paint from the body panel

to the rubber of my tire.

Since no one saw the act, and the

offender hadn’t left his insurance

information or even a note, my

options for achieving justice were

12 November

extremely slim. The police officer filed a report and

told me that they would keep the case open until any

new information became available. Her advice to me

was to conduct my own investigation, to go out looking

for cars in the area that might have red paint on their

passenger side front tire. My insurance company was

a little more forthcoming with their help. I was lucky

to have uninsured motorist coverage on my policy, so

a check would come in the mail in the wake of the released

police report.

For me, the real issue was not the claim payment or

the cost of fixing the car, but the indecency of the individual

who willingly failed to leave his or her information!

I mean we all know that accidents happen, and

the responsible thing to do is to own up to your mistakes.

Was I the only one raised with a sense of conviction

or honor? In the days that followed, the incident I

went out in the early morning and late evening hours

searching for any tire that would lead me to the culprit.

After a week of searching I had come up empty. I then

shifted my focus to what I was going to do about repairs.

Join me next month when I reveal how I made

the best of this horrendous situation, and how I ended

up fixing the 914. Wrench on Mavs!

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A GT4 Roadtrip: Diane, Sofia and the Trip Out West

By Greg Dranow

Late this summer, I was fortunate

enough for Brenda (my wife)

and I to enjoy our new GT4 on

the roads and canyons of Southern

California. Having grown up in the

area, this was a combination of dream

come true, homecoming as well as

checking an item off the proverbial

bucket list.

I would be remiss if credit was

not given to Bob Aines. This

dream would not have been

such a smooth reality had it

not been for Bob’s referral of

a professional transport contact.

Thanks, Bob!

Enough of the formalities...

Holy jeez was this fun!! The

car arrived in So Cal with 371

miles on the odometer and as

I now write, this same odometer

reflects 1731 miles. 436 miles

over 4 days of Mulholland Drive,

Greg’s GT4 was the

first one delivered at

Porsche of Plano

Photos courtesy of the Author

The GT4 ready to tackle Mulholland Drive

Potrero Road, Encinal Canyon with a bit of Pacific

Coast Highway thrown in. This may not sound like a lot

of driving but the proximity of these locales provided

an incredible “quality over quantity” tire tread reducing

opportunity. The only thing more consistent than the

ups and downs with twists and turns were the smiles on

our faces. We were able to attend a local PCA Breakfast

Parts or Service, We Deliver Excellence.

Over 300,000 parts in stock.

Expert service and repair.

Parts and Service for: Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Mini, and Smart Car.


Visit us online at:


1804 Reliance Pkwy. Bedford, TX 76021 M-F 8am to 5:30pm

Zims Autotechnik is not affiliated with Porsche AG or PCNA Registered Trademark of Dr. Ing h.c.F. Porsche A.G.

14 November

(shout out to the Santa Barbara Region) as well as Supercar

Sunday which is a well established weekly show

and shine type of event frequently attended by other

automobile aficionados such as Jay Leno, Jeff Dunham

and Jerry Seinfeld. Not sure if our welcome at each was

the result of our glistening personalities or the GT4

(likely the latter) but it was appreciated regardless.

Heading towards Malibu Beach

Some of you may have noticed in my odometer reference

above that 371 and 436 does not equal 1731. The

story continues...

A few days later, I was able to return to Southern California

and continue the journey. A leisurely trip up the

coast, over the San Marcos Pass and up the 101 to San

Francisco. Bittersweet as this portion of the journey was

done with an empty passenger seat but I don’t get the

feeling any complaints will be met with any sympathy

so I will refrain. From there, Brenda joined me for the

continuation of this journey to Laguna Seca to attend

Rennsport Reunion V.

Brenda joining up with Greg for the

drive to Rennsport Reunion V

What a gathering! As a newcomer, I didn’t know exactly

what to expect. As a Porsche addict, however, I was

not disappointed. James and Wendy Shoffit were kind

enough to share some intel and suggestion over dinner

on the Monterey Pier the evening prior but as first time

attendees, we were still pleasantly overwhelmed. Old

to new to everything in between. Watched some great

cars perform on a beautiful track. Brenda’s favorite was

the GT3 Cup cars with their mesmerizing exhaust notes

paired with popping fuel cut offs of the rev limiters

sounding like an angry swarm of bees. She was giddier

than I!

After Rennsport, with souvenirs and sunburns, we

headed back to Southern California along Highway 1.

While there was a fair amount of traffic, it was still a

beautiful drive in a phenomenal Porsche with plenty

of opportunities to play. One of the highlights was engaging

the Sport Exhaust entering covered areas and

tunnels, downshifting, and assertively sharing the right

foot activated music with anyone and anything within

100 meters. Brenda finally looked at me after my third

symphony and said, “Are you having fun?” My response

was simply a smile...

The GT4 performed flawlessly. Having come from the

911, this was a completely different experience. While

the 911 (2009 997.2 S, in my example) is certainly no

slouch, I could swear the GT4 was made with canyon

driving as its blueprint. While we certainly were not

driving at racing speeds, this seemed the perfect vehicle

for this spirited style of driving. Those who know me

know I am about analogies. Not to disappoint, here


Let’s correlate the 911 to Diane Lane. Great looking,

full of class and definitely lights up any venue. (I have

met her and she is all that and more). The GT4 is more

of a Sofia Vergara. Holy crap I’m glad my heart is healthy

as a trip to the ER could otherwise happen sooner than

planned! Again, I am in no way implying the GT4 (or Ms.

Vergara, for that matter) is without substance or that the

911 (or Ms. Lane) is any less amazing or to be inferior in

any way. The 911 is the iconic Porsche dream. They are

both impressive by

their own right and

draw stares but for

different reasons.

Sometimes we want

to bring something

home to meet mom

while other times

we want to drive

past the homestead Amazing scenery and GT4

with our hair on fire

making the dogs bark and the car alarms wail.

Sofia, oops, the GT4 is currently tucked in under a

cover in a garage in Southern California. Looking forward

to the next adventure concluding with a return to

Texas afterward. The suggestion box is open.


The East Texas Tour: Who is Ben Wheeler, and Why did Brooks

Gremmels Buy His Town?

By Tom Martin


needed a place where I could go

for a beer. So declared Brooks Gremmels

when asked why he dedicated all

his efforts and a lot of his own money to

resuscitate a tiny town in East Texas. One

could only imagine that Brooks’ tongue was

planted firmly in his cheek when he uttered

that reply.

Ben Wheeler isn’t much more than a bend in the road, 12

miles east of Canton, in a land where men are men and sheep

are nervous. The town is named after its first mailman from

the 1870s. Benjamin Wheeler delivered the mail on muleback.

If postman Wheeler were

alive to deliver mail on this

particular day, he’d see 37

sparkling Porsches and a

couple of exotic sports cars

along his route, along with a

dozen or so Model A Fords

that gathered in the parking

lot of Moore’s Store

on the main drag in town.

The Model A Club just happened

to be holding one of

their events on the same day

. . . at the same place . . . at the

same time. Go figure.

An eclectic collection of

cars in Ben Wheeler

Poor Ben Wheeler had suffered the fate that so many towns

had. Some towns came out winners, some didn’t. Ben Wheeler

did not. The place was falling down. Buildings were vacant.

Roofs were gone. Doors were missing. Weeds grew in the sidewalks.

So, Brooks went to work to see if he could recapture the

sense of community that existed before.

Last year, some Maverick Region members from Tyler

suggested holding a Saturday Drive somewhere between

Dallas and Tyler. We extended an invitation, and Kurt

Reuland came up with a pleasant 67.1-mile jaunt on the

smooth, gently winding roads of East Texas.

The town park was cleaned up, and now there is a gazebo

and a stage. Musicians showed up and started playing fiddles

and guitars. Soon there was a farmers’ market. An old wedding

chapel and a library were physically moved to the town.

The Children’s Library of Ben Wheeler got help from Half

Price Books through their book donation program, “Half-Pint

Books.” Children are encouraged to select five books to keep

upon each visit and then pass them on to five more kids when

they finish reading them. Kids now learn how to read because

of Brook’s leadership.

Photos by Tom Gomer

Shortly after 10:00

am, the first of four

drive groups headed

out, led by Kurt in

his voluptuous Ferrari

458 Italia. He

was joined by a Lamborghini


and seven Porsches.

The remaining Kurt’s Ferrari 458 Italia

groups left at five

minute intervals. The route was neat, clean and quick,

and the roads were super smooth. And as expected,

everyone’s radar detector went off while rolling into


Brooks Gremmels transformed Ben Wheeler, turning the Van

Zandt County town into a thriving arts mecca. He and his

wife Rese convinced artisans, including a hat maker, an embroidery

expert and a master knife maker, to relocate to Ben

Wheeler by offering them space, virtually rent-free. They created

art galleries and shops, as well as two restaurants that feature

live music. Gremmels created a non-profit foundation for Ben

Wheeler, and obtained a federal grant to install a sewer system.

The route was comprised solely of gentle sweepers and

straights, so the pace seemed to be more leisurely than

the typical Maverick drive of twisties that sap all of one’s

concentration and attention. In fact, I discovered that

there are these things called “cows” populating the very

countryside that we hold all our drives on! Is that cool

or what?

Portrait of

Brooks Gremmels

Brooks was as generous with

humor and fun as he was with

money. He had Ben Wheeler

declared the Feral Hog Capital

of Texas, and then he created a

huge party to celebrate what others

find a nuisance. And boy,

do they celebrate: there’s a hog

queen, a parade with hog floats,

and a pig bus. Instead of candy

or Mardi Gras beads, plastic pig

noses fly into spectators’ hands.

And so after an hour enjoying the perfect weather out

in the boonies, we landed once again at Moore’s Store

for some lunch and camaraderie. After a chicken fried

steak meal, my wife and I enjoyed the best apple cobbler

we’ve ever had. A couple more things Ben Wheeler and

nearby town Edom are known for: cobbler and pies.

16 November

In January of 2014, Brooks Gremmels passed away at the

age of 70, from pancreatic cancer. He continues to be held in

the utmost highest regard in Ben Wheeler and its surrounding


A picture of Brooks

on the wall at

Moore’s Store

Go into any Italian joint in Hoboken,

NJ, and you will see a picture of

“Old Blue Eyes,” a Hoboken native,

hanging on the wall. In Ben Wheeler,

pictures of Brooks Gremmels shine

upon those who come to visit the

town he rebuilt. And why exactly did

he do it? Because, in his own words,

he came to realize that “Building a

town from scratch was what I was

meant to do with my life.”

Many thanks to the drive group

leaders: Kurt Reuland, John

Glover, and Voy Mitchell, and to

all the Mavericks who ventured out to East Texas for the

drive. Kudos to Lindsey at Moore’s Store and her staff

for accommodating us, and special thanks to Sherri Reuland

and her Boot Campaign crew for speaking at the

drivers’ briefing to raise awareness of the plight of our

military veterans returning from the battlefields.

See you on the next Drive!

Jon Glover and Isabele Lombard, along with many

other members, enjoyed lunch at Moore’s Store

Mav members ready to drive!

The Art of Paint Protection

After Installation

A virtually invisible urethane film

professionally applied to high-impact areas

of your vehicle to protect your paint job from

stone chips, sand, road debris and bug acids.

During Installation

Owner Installed

Highest Quality Guaranteed

2530 Tarpley Road, Suite 100

Carrollton, TX 75006


Boxstoberfest 2015: A Weekend Driving Hill Country Backroads

By Nolo Contendere

Photos by Tom Gomer

Signs that signal

the end

of Summer

and the beginning

of Fall:

• The beginning

of a new

school year

• Labor Day

• Switching from white straw

to black felt cowboy hats

• The autumnal equinox

Oh yes, and then there’s Boxstoberfest,

the annual Porsche Festival

held in visitor-friendly Fredericksburg

in the Hill Country of Texas.

This year marked the 18th meeting

of the event.

Photoshoot at the Gillespie

County Airport

Since 1998, the year after the

Porsche Boxster first landed on our

shores, Boxstoberfest has been held

in Fredericksburg, where the Boxster

and Porsche faithful gather for

a weekend of camaraderie, dining,

driving, and partying. Fredericksburg

is a mecca for sports car and

motorcycle aficionados who come

to take on the Hill Country roads,

in particular the infamous “Twisted

Sisters,” three Ranch Roads where

one’s skills are challenged by a

constant succession of tight switchbacks,

sweepers, hairpins, and dips,

and often with more than moderate

elevation changes, offering a truly

18 November

kinesthetic and thrilling driving experience

for the driver.

Heading off on a drive

Early arrivals to Boxstoberfest

take advantage of the many attractions

that Fredericksburg offers:

the boutiques, restaurants, winery

tours, and health spas, as well as the

Nimitz Museum, Enchanted Rock

State Natural Area, and especially

the pre-drives offered by the organizers

of the event. Early Friday evening,

registration takes place at the

Officers Club of the Hangar Hotel,

where Porschephiles meet with old

friends to chat and imbibe a favorite

adult beverage.

For most, the highlight of the weekend

is the Saturday Drives. There

are four scheduled spirited drives,

a scenic drive, a gimmick rally, and

this year a special “extended” drive,

led by our former Tourmeister John

Harvey, was added to the program.

After the early Saturday morning

photo-op lineup of Porsches along

the tarmac of the Gillespie County

Airport, we set off with the first

group of the spirited drives, tackling

Lots of participants

the tight twisties of Old San Antonio

Road and State Highway 16 before

veering off onto Ranch Road 337,

the first of the notorious Twisted Sisters

on our route. After a very civil,

yet unwelcome, chat with Constable

Chalmers, we were back on track,

climbing into the craggy hills until

we happened upon a small group of

extremely slow motorcyclists. Boxstoberfest

rules dictate “no passing,”

so we were stuck behind this 25 mph

moving roadblock until our first

stop. Major pain.

Midway through the drive, the

group stopped at the Frio River Canyon

Motorcycle Shop for a quick rest

stop and some nourishment. On the

road again to finish up RR 337, and

then after a short break on the relatively

tame SH 55, we ventured onto

RR 335, the second of the Sisters. It

was quite a thrill to attack the twisties

here, which were punctuated by

roller coaster “yumps” that quite literally

take your breath away.

Getting to the bottom

of some “yumps”

Unfortunately, Maverick member

Paul Farley suffered a slight “off”

along the fallen rocks that line this

part of the route, and suffered a

cut sidewall on one of his front

tires. His newer model Boxster is

not equipped with a spare tire, so

he and his wife, along with our tail

gunner team, were stranded on the

hills of RR 335 until a truck arrived

to tow his ride to San Antonio to get

a new tire fitted . . . but not until Tuesday, three days

later! This really made me appreciate that fact that the

older Boxsters carry a usable donut in the frunk.

the event: The Hangar Hotel, Stallion Capital Management,

Xpel Technologies, Park Place Porsche, Griot’s

Garage, Cool Caps, the Fredericksburg Convention

Bureau, and Lone Star Region PCA. Some lucky party

even won 3-day passes to the USGP at COTA this fall,

courtesy of Stallion.

Twisty roads everywhere you look

The drive this year seemed rather long to us. It almost

had me wishing we had packed a bedroll. Five and a half

hours from the start, we rolled back into the parking lot

of the Hangar Hotel, where I fantasized that there was

a very large gin & tonic with my name scribbled in the

frosty sweat of the glass holding that sweet elixir. And

thanks to Mary at the Officer’s Club . . . there was.

Barely got back in time to change into our tropical

garb for the ending banquet, which was liberally fueled

by libation. Many prizes were handed out at the

final ceremony, courtesy of the generous sponsors of

Mav member Tom Martin was a drive leader

Many thanks to Michael Shasshere, Steve Boyd, and

Walt Doyle, who consistently dedicate their efforts every

year into orchestrating this wonderful event.

See you all next year in Fredericksburg at the “Big



©2015 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of all traffic laws at all times.

Some artists paint canvases.

Others sculpt marble.

Ours service Porsches.

At Park Place Porsche, we elevate automotive service to an art form. Our Master-Certified

technicians and advisers work exclusively on Porsche vehicles, from the Boxster to the 918,

giving them unmatched focus and passion. We offer an on-site Porsche body shop as well

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BodyWerks—providing you with comprehensive service, all in one place. And you’ll enjoy

exceptional Park Place amenities, like complimentary Porsche loaner cars and hand car

washes. It’s everything you need to keep your automotive masterpiece running flawlessly.

20 November

Park Place Porsche

6113 Lemmon Avenue

Dallas, TX 75209



My Second Porsche: The First Water Pumper

By Tom Martin

Photos courtesy of the Author

The Porsche 924 started life as

Volkswagen’s flagship sports

car. VW commissioned Porsche

to design the car, which developed a

chassis and transmission that would

work with the existing Audi 100 engine.

VW also handled the suspension,

utilizing a Golf steering rack, safety

column and MacPherson struts, and control arms from

the Scirocco. Porsche decided on a rear wheel drive

layout, and the new design sported a four-speed transaxle

moved back to drive the rear wheels. The clutch

remained up front with the motor, and a rigid tube connected

the motor and transaxle.

VW abandoned the project before it could market the

car, so Porsche jumped at the chance to introduce it

to the public as their entry level model, but not before

revising the coachwork and updating the interior.

Initially, the water cooled, front engine layout of the

924 was met with disdain by Porsche purists. Little

did they know that the stellar 928 was waiting in the

wings, poised to displace the venerable 911 as Porsche’s

flagship model. History will show that this result never

happened, but it is interesting to note that Porsche was

seriously considering a front engine, rear wheel drive

configuration as their path into the future.

The launch 924 was available in four standard colors:

Black, Rallye Yellow, Mars Red, and Signal Green. Two

metallic colors, Marina Blue and Diamond Silver, were

also offered as options. I ordered mine in Black, along

with the Touring Package, which included alloy wheels

and leather steering wheel, plus stabilizer bars.

The original sticker showing included options

Two months later, my new Porsche ported in New York.

I picked her up from the dealer one night after work

during the first week of January 1977 - in an ice storm

on secondary roads. On secondary roads, one hour

from home. It was borderline white knuckle driving, but

the superb balance of the Porsche helped my fiancée

and me get home in one piece.

She was absolutely gorgeous, resplendent in her shiny

black paint, complete with unmistakable new car smell.

The shifter was short and smooth, a stubby affair with

a rubber accordion boot; rowing through the gears

was akin to sliding a hot knife through butter. With

a near perfect 50/50 weight distribution, handling

was phenomenal, but the engine was rather anemic.

It didn’t matter though. Once you wound her up to

redline in the gears, it was all about maintaining speed

and keeping the momentum alive.

Front and rear views of the beautiful 924

Three months later, I was winding her above redline at

autocrosses. I had some good results, but soon tired of

the confined space and restricted speed. The 924 was at

her best breathing freely, flat out in top gear on winding

country roads. So I found solace there. And also several

speeding tickets. It became necessary to retain an

attorney. Some may regard this as the reckless abandon

of youth; I look upon it as the result of an absurd,

politically-mandated 55 mph speed limit in place at the

time. But then again, I’m just sayin’ . . . .

Some major life milestones occurred in that car. I

brought my new wife home in the Porsche after our

wedding. A few years later, I drove her to the hospital

where she birthed our son, and brought them back

home in the Porsche a few days later.

Because many VW and Audi parts were incorporated

into the 924, buying replacement parts became

somewhat of a game. For example, when a new oil drain

plug was needed, I got a better deal by asking for an

Audi 100LS part. I had a bad habit of leaving my gas cap

behind at gas stations when I refueled. When I went to

the dealer and asked for a replacement cap for a 1977

22 November

Porsche 924, the quoted price was

about $25.00. I quickly changed my

request and asked for a gas cap for a

1975 VW Rabbit. “But I thought you

had a Porsche?” asked the attendant.

“I was mistaken,” was my reply. The

VW cap was $7.00.

The 924 was my daily driver. In the

winter of 1978, the Great Blizzard of

’78 descended upon the Northeast.

I was at work when it struck with

alarming speed and intensity. It

became rapidly apparent that the

Porsche would have to remain in

the factory parking lot. I parked

her close to the side of the building

and affixed a neon ball to the top

of the radio aerial. Three days later,

after the snow subsided, and after

the snowplows moved the snow

away from her, I found the Porsche

completely enveloped in a huge

block of snow. I hand-shoveled the

snow away from the driver’s door

and the exhaust pipe, crawled

inside, and started her right up. She

was a great trooper, that 924, never

let me down.

After seven great years and 107,000

miles of ownership, the 924 met

an untimely demise one sunny

afternoon when a speeding Cadillac

ignored a stop sign at a two-stop,

four-way intersection and collided

violently with the Porsche. In the

ensuing crash, my head shattered

the windshield. Concussed, I was

somehow able to crawl away from

the wreckage. An ambulance was

dispatched and transported me

to a nearby hospital. Failing the

standard recognition tests, I was

kept for observation. Then the

A sad ending to Tom’s

well-owned and driven 924.

arduous procedure of removing the

glass shards from my face began . . .

without anesthesia.

Several weeks later, after obtaining

the insurance settlement, I

purchased another 1977 924.

Draped in Diamond Silver Metallic

paint, she was a fine example of the

model. She also served me well --

until the divorce. I had to sell her to

settle. After the smoke cleared, I

tried to reclaim the past and

purchased my third 924. Acting on

impulse, and without due diligence,

I ended up with a Porsche with

problems. Enough problems to have

me park her before her time. But

not before my next Porsche.

October 4 Time Trial Results

Class Car# Name Driving Fastest

4 239 Tom Leavitt Porsche 944 (1983/Tan) 76.460

5 25 Mark Schnoerr Porsche 993 (1996/Black) 70.790

5 590 Carey Spreen Porsche 911SC (1982/Guards Red) 73.580

5 5 Travis Howard Porsche Boxster (2003/Blue) 74.005

5 65 Robyn Howard Porsche Boxster (2003/Blue) 77.219

6 56 Scott Wolthuis Porsche 911S (1975/Blue) 71.450

6 156 Casey Wolthuis Porsche 911 (1975/Blue) 72.579

6 510 Mike Farrar Porsche boxster s (2002/silver) 73.830

6 245 Denny Payne Porsche Cayman (2007/Yellow) 73.919

7 981 Ed Reynolds Porsche Cayman S (2014/Silver) 70.314

9 916 Rick Gonzales Porsche 914 (1974/black) 69.282

10 4 Rick Schwausch Porsche 911 (1999/Red/White) 65.800

10 177 Chris Tabor Porsche GT3 (2015/White) 67.159

10 93 David Hedderick Porsche Boxster S M030 (2001/Silver) 67.923

10 39 Jim Hedderick Porsche Boxster S (2001/Silver) 69.781

10 81 Jeff Herrmann Porsche 912 (1966/White-­‐ish) 71.475

10 15 Gary Leto Porsche 914 (1972/Green) 81.038

1X 17 John Clark Honda Civic Si (1989/Red) 71.477

1X 99 Kim Whitener Honda CRX (1988/Blue) 72.051

1X 172 Jerrett Jan Mazda Miata (1993/Oreo White) 72.660

1X 74 Gabby Garner Mazda Miata (1995/Merlot Mica) 74.011

1X 77 Willie Manell Mazda Miata (1993/Black) 74.583

1X 42 James Schwan Mazda Miata (1990/Red) 75.581

1X 88 Mick Harrison Mazda MIata (2002/Yeller) 77.527

2X 96 Scott Steider Nissan 350z (2003/Daytona Blue) 66.812

2X 213 Chris Park Nissan 350Z (2003/Blue) 68.005

2X 91 Armstrong Vongsavath Honda S2000 (2004/Sebring Silver) 69.246

2X 199 David Whitener Honda CRX (1988/Blue) 69.492

3X 159 Gary Kelley Lexus RC-­‐F (2015/black) 70.939

3X 61 Gene Arrington Chevy Stingray (2015/Black) 75.894

3X 59 Richard Diller Lexus RC-­‐F (2015/black) 79.204

3R 111 Ken Orgeron BMW M3 (2011/White) 64.690


24 November


So Your Part is NLA!

• Rebuild, Restore or Totally Recreate

to OEM Quality

• We Manufacture Custom Pieces for

Modified or Racecars.

• We Work With Most Materials

• We Specialize in Accurate Replication of Parts









30 Years of Service

Certified Master Technician

General Maintenance

Performance Upgrades

Suspension Modifications

Alignments (Track and Street)

Track Preparation

Tech Sheet Inspections

Custom Built Spec996s and SPBs

Custom Fabrication

2520 Tarpley Rd, Suite 100

Carrollton, Texas 75006



Maverick Monthly Social: Arthur’s Restaurant

Photos by George Luxbacher and Stephanie Ho

More than 100 Mavericks attended our birthday celebration Social for Ferdinand and Ferry Porsche in the private elegant VIP

room at Arthur’s restaurant! Perfect night with an array of stunning Porsches sparkled under the starry night! Some Mavericks

stayed to dance the night away with the live band.

26 November

Thank you, George Luxbacher, for capturing

those wonderful moments for our Mavericks!

Our Social started a new tradition of singing

a special rendition of Happy Birthday to the

Porsches while cutting the Porsche cake!


For hassle free information on

any property in the DFW area,

call 972.365.7370

When all HAIL breaks loose...

Roofing Solutions

By Darren Houk

A+ Rated

(817) 692-8496

Michael Picolo


Showroom by Appointment

5500 Meandering Rd

Ft. Worth, 76114

Since 1971

Providing personalized service

on all Porsche automobiles.

• Complete servicing and repairs

on all air or water cooled models

• In-house machine shop

• M96/M97 reconditioning

• Performance and track mods

2530 Tarpley Road • Suite 700

Carrollton, Texas 75006

(972) 417-0997

28 November

Body repair experts as


as your Porsche.

Trust your Porsche to Park Place Bodywerks. It’s the only Porsche-certified dealer collision

center in the Metroplex. Where you’ll find factory-trained technicians, working in modern facilities

with state-of-the-art equipment. And the same award-winning level of service you’d expect from the

area’s premier dealership for Porsche and other exceptional vehicles. Don’t settle for anything less

than true Porsche expertise—schedule your Bodywerks appointment at

Bodywerks is certified to service:


PARK PLACE BODYWERKS FORT WORTH | 5760 Bryant Irvin Rd. | 817.263.3965

PARK PLACE BODYWERKS DALLAS | 3316 Atwell St. | 214.443.8250

PARK PLACE BODYWERKS GRAPEVINE | 1300 Texan Trail | 817.310.7685


919 Hybrids at COTA: Lone Star Le Mans 2015

By Carey Spreen

The only appearance


the Porsche

919 Hybrids in

North America

this year took place

September 17-19

at the Circuit of

the Americas Formula One track

near Austin. The fifth round of the

FIA World Endurance Championship,

along with the eleventh race

in the IMSA Tudor United Sports

Car Championship series, brought

a total of eight national and international

racing classes to Texas,

including production-based GT cars

and purpose-built prototypes.

You can read all about the race

results elsewhere (spoiler alert: a

Porsche 919 Hybrid took the overall

win in the 6-hour endurance race),

so I’m going to talk about the experience

from the PCA members’

point of view.

This year, as in 2014, Porsche Cars

North America hosted a Porscheplatz

hospitality tent next to the

Turn 1 grandstands at the top of the

hill. But it was much more than just

a place to sit down and get out of the

sun – PCNA had arranged for special

guests to drop in between track


Porsche Team drivers Patrick Pilet,

Nick Tandy, Brendon Hartley, Neel

Jani, and – wait for it – Mark Webber

put in an appearance on Friday.

30 November

The Porscheplatz tent

Apparently Mr. Webber was at first

a bit fan-shy, perhaps from his experience

with European F1 fans,

but after a while he began to warm

up to the group of knowledgeable

Porsche Club members. Although

he didn’t make another appearance

on Saturday, the hope is that he will

make more of an effort to meet with

his PCA fans in the future. Unfortunately,

though, the PCA ladies were

disappointed when Patrick Dempsey

failed to make an appearance in the

Porscheplatz tent this year . . .

Porsche LMP1 and GTE-Pro drivers

Saturday was race day, with the Tudor

United SportsCar Championship

race running from 11:30 am to

2:15 pm, and a 6-hour World Endurance

Championship race beginning

at 5 pm. This meant all of the drivers

were busy focusing on their jobs, but

they still found time to drop in again

for a question-and-answer session.

This time we saw and heard Brendan

Hartley, Marc Lieb, Romain

Dumas, and Timo Bernhard talk

briefly about how much they liked

COTA as a race facility, and racing

in the US in general. Also in the

lineup were Paul Gregor, PCNA’s

Manager of Porsche Clubs in North

America; Alex Hitzinger, Director of

Engineering of the LMP1 project for

Porsche Motorsport; and Andreas

Seidl, Team Principal of the LMP1

works team at Porsche Motorsport.

After they spoke, the floor was

opened for questions from the

audience. One fan asked which

track the drivers liked the most to

Photos by the Author

drive the 919 Hybrid on. Before

anyone could hand him a microphone,

Timo Bernhard shouted out

“Nordschleife!”referring of course

to the infamous north loop of the

Nürburgring. This brought out

laughter all around from the crowd,

although ultimately the other drivers

agreed, acknowledging the historic

14-mile racetrack as their true


Other PCNA and Porsche Motorsport

North America dignitaries

made a brief appearance, including

Owen Hayes (PMNA Director of

Operations), Jens Walther (PNMA

President and CEO), Andre Oosthuizen

(PCNA VP of Marketing),

and even Detlev von Platen (PCNA

President and CEO).

And of course PCA President

Caren Cooper was there, as well as

Zone 5 Representative Lynn Friedman,

and Regional Presidents Tracy

Gross (Hill Country) and Jack Merrill

(Longhorn) worked all weekend

to keep things on schedule. Other

PCA folks in attendance were past

National President Manny Alban,

National Treasurer Aaron Ambrosino,

and Porschplatz/Car Corral

Coordinator Tuffy von Briesen.

On-track Porsche action

If you haven’t been to a Porscheplatz

yet (and there are several

around the country each year, not

just at COTA), make it a point to get

to one next year. It will be a memorable


Specializing in all years and models

of Porsche exclusively for more than

30 years.

The only certified installer for the "IMS Solution"

in Texas and surrounding states!

Complete and Meticulous Maintenance and Repair

Tuning and Diagnostics (Carbs, MFI, CIS, OBD I & II)

Custom Engine and Transmission Rebuilds

Competition Car Preparation (Track or Autocross)

1521 Baccarac Ct, Euless, TX 76040

817 540 4939



Boot Campaign: Giving Back with Heart and Sole

Provided by the Boot Campaign

Americans have been expressing

their love for

this country for generations,

and showing gratitude to

those who defend her is part

of that history. When we raise

a flag or tie a yellow ribbon

around a tree, we declare our

support for those who defend our freedom. For Boot

Campaign, patriotism means lacing up a pair of combat

boots and striking up a conversation. It’s a tangible way

to say “thanks” to service members and veterans. And

that’s not all; the national 501(c)(3) charitable organization

has been walking the walk and talking the talk

since 2009, but they’re also putting their money where

their mouths are, providing more than $2M in financial

support to military families of all generations.

So, why boots? Combat boots are standard in the armed

forces community; they’re a recognized marker of military

service around the world. Pair them with a suit or

a skirt or a cocktail dress, and the contrast in fashion

is an instant attention-getter. And that’s the point. As

civilians, many of us assume the government takes care

of everything for military families, but that’s just not the

case. By sharing both the challenges faced in the military

community and their inspiring stories of triumph,

civilians begin to see why it’s important to give back to

the men and women who sacrifice so much for all of us.

At Boot Campaign, it’s called “awakening the patriot,”

and it’s happening every day across the country.

With an unconventional approach to showing patriotism,

it’s not surprising that Boot Campaign taps into a

variety of markets when it comes to raising money. Proceeds

from retail sales and events, donations and corporate

sponsorships fund assistance programs that help

military families when they need it most. What’s more,

the group pays close attention to the bottom line, maximizing

efficiency and productivity to keep operational

expenses low. More than 80% of funds raised support

their mission of patriotism, awareness and assistance –

that’s the gold standard in the nonprofit world, and it’s

not easy in our “it takes money to make money” society.

Another innovative way Boot Campaign helps veterans

is through relationships with other like-minded nonprofits.

It’s impossible for one organization to meet all

the diverse and complex needs facing military families,

so in addition to helping with short term expenses, career

and education grants and housing support, Boot

Campaign connects clients with resources prepared to

deal with other areas of need. Building a collaborative

network means military families get the help they need

when they need it.

What began as a simple idea to put on a pair of combat

boots has since turned into a multi-million dollar nonprofit

with a global reach, but in many respects, not

much has changed. Boot Campaign still wants to see

Americans in boots – 1.4 million, in fact, to represent

the number of active duty troops around the world.

They still want to give a great big “thank you” to veterans,

service members and their families, and they still

want to give back to the ones who defend our freedoms

so we don’t have to. Are you ready to get your boots on?

To learn more, please visit

32 November



Unclassifieds are available free to Maverick Region members and are $5 for all others (contact editor@mavpca for payment details). Please limit size to no more than 6 lines. Ads will run for 3

issues, after which they will be removed unless you request that they be run for an additional 3 issues. E-mail your ad to by the 10th of the month to have your ad run in the

following month’s Slipstream. Be sure to include year, make, model, color, mileage, and asking price, as well as a contact name, phone number and/or email address. All parts will be advertised

on our website. Check your ad for accuracy the first time it runs. Contact the editor to have your ad pulled sooner. Due to space constraints, photos may or may not be included. No dealers please!

For Sale: 2011 Porsche 911, Black exterior with back

interior. Original owner, still under original warranty,

PDK, 12 way power heated/vented seats, BBS 19”

wheels, Texas car, clear bra, bi xeon headlights, sport

crono, Bose stereo, active suspension mgmt, Dynamic

cornering lights, Navigation, 3 spoke steering wheel,

always covered and garaged, looks, drives, and

smells like new. annual oil changes since new at

dealer. Mileage:6,700 miles, asking $56,000. Contact

Richard Lester, 817-307-4815 or Lesters1984@ (11)

For Sale: 1995 993 Porsche 911 Convertible, Red

with tan interior. 49,100 original miles. Air Cooled 6

cyl engine, Tiptronic transmission. New tires. Bone

stock original car. Maintained by Park Place Porsche

for the last 6 years. Car is in excellent condition,

everything works. Asking $38,000. Contact Bud

Carmichael, 214-957-7707 or budcar3773@gmail.

com. (11)

For Sale: 2000 Porsche Boxster, 5sp. Rare Arena

red, black top, grey leather interior, windstop, crest

wheel centers, 17 in turbo wheels, great Michelins,

radio upgrade w/CDR 220, sport touring package,

L&N IMS upgrade by Moorespeed, rms, pilot

bearing, throwout bearing, Sachs HD clutch, new

motor mount, coolant reservoir, horn contactor ring,

top safety switch, new battery. New spark plug tubes,

seals & water pump @ 44k. Body, interior, & top

excellent. 52k Always garaged, no DE’s, senior owner.

Asking $14,900. Contact Harry Filbey, 972-768-6839

or (10)

For Sale: 1972 Porsche 914, with a zero mile 1.8

freshly overhauled engine. Older repaint in Ivory white

is holding up well. Just tuned by Zims Auto Technik.

Upgraded side shifter transmission, shift linkages

nearly new. Pedal cluster overhauled. Battery tray

nearly new. Original fuel injection working perfectly

and reliably. New sail and roll bar trim, new bottom

seat covers, original AM radio. Fuchs wheels painted

and polished with Porsche center caps. Chrome

bumpers front & rear, leather steering wheel ,center

seat pad, center console, driving lights in bumper with

chrome grilles. Engine professionally overhauled by

GEX air cooled engine specialists. View full details

at EstateSales.NET: http://www.EstateSales.NET/

TX/North-Richland-Hills/76182/979311. Contact

Brad Bailey, 817-371-2255 or BradandJeannette@ (10)

For Sale: 1986 911 Carrera Targa, 138k miles new

paint runs great. $28k. Contact Jacob Horn and email

me for photos, (10)

For Sale: 1981 euro sc Race Car, Black; recent major

tune/transmission overhaul; buckley headers; 2 sets

buckley wheels. Weight 2450 with extra lead weights

if needed. Holds track records at Eagles Canyon and

Hallett when a D car; now an E car with rare euro sc

engine with approx 200 hp. Never wrecked; stored at

MSR. Selling car as I am getting too old. $24,500.

Contact Myron Krupp at GT3KRUPP@ATT.NET or

682 -888-3804. (10)

If you see an

item in the

PCA store

online that

is not in our

Mav store, we

can request

it. Send an

email with the

specifics to

the address

shown here.

Slipstream Advertiser Index

For Sale: 2004 Boxster S, Beautiful Lapis Blue

Metallic with Graphite Gray Convertible Top &

Leather Interior, 22k, Tiptronic Auto, PS, PB, Bose

Sound Package with CD, Bi-Xenon headlights, 18”

Turbo II Wheels, Porsche Stability Management

Package, L&N IMS Upgrade, 4 new Michelin Super

Sports, Battery & Alignment. Superb Condition!

Looks, drives & smells like a brand new car. Have 2

keys, Owners Manual, Window Sticker. Never Raced.

Clean CarFax. No Wrecks. Needs Nothing. $23,975.

Call for photos. Contact James Ford, 214-886-6141 or (09)

Wanted: 964 Carrera 2 Coupe, Manual trans.

Seeking a car with


2700 B West Pioneer PkWy

(125 feet s. of Pioneer, on the W. side of Corzine st.)

Arlington, texAs 76013



Around the Bend...

By Jim Hirsch, Managing Editor

What’s in a name?

“What’s in a name? that which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet.”

― - William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

You probably remember studying Shakespeare and that

particular line in high school a year or two ago. If not,

you need to take a refresher course on the classics, and

no, I’m not offering that here!

“Porschephile” is a name often given to members of the Maverick Region,

and rightfully so. The Urban Dictionary provides this definition: One who

is addicted to Porsches to the point of owning one or many; studying the history of

them so as to be knowledgeable of everything Porsche.

In case you’re still wondering if that name fits you or not, do you exhibit

any of these behaviors?

• The pattern on your front lawn says PORSCHE and you have a Porsche

crest on your driveway.

• If you think 944 is followed by 951 and not 945.

• Your house is Guards Red. The front door is Speed Yellow and the trim

is Silver GT. Or any combination of the above. You think it looks great!

• And finally, is your motto “You Can’t Buy Happiness But You Can Drive

A Porsche And That’s Pretty Much The Same Thing”?

Yes, I guess Porschephile is a name we can all identify

with, so get out this month and enjoy your Porsche!

On a sad note, we lost a long time Maverick Region

member, Les Moncus to cancer in early October. Les and

wife Trish have a home in Spicewood Texas.

36 November

SLIPSTREAM Advertiser Since 1978



• Award winning service for 35+ years

• Rated “Best in Dallas” a record 3 times

• Rated “Best in Texas”

• Rated “Top 10 Shops in U.S.”

• Rated “Best in the West” by the Robert Bosch Corporation

• A Better Business Bureau accredited business for 3 decades with an A+ rating

• The first ASE “Blue Seal of Excellence” business in Dallas

• Racing background at Daytona, Sebring, and Riverside

• Master Certified Technicians

• Bosch Authorized Service Center

• Air conditioned shop for technician efficiency and comfort

• We do not sell cars, thus we must survive on our 35+ year service reputation

See what our customers are saying about us at:

11454 Reeder Road

Dallas, Texas 75229

(972) 241-6326

Hiram Saunders, Slipstream

155 Jellico

Southlake, TX 76092

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