Impregnable Fortresses . !!



General Department of Anti Narcotic in Dubai Police launches

the Initiative of ( Happy Residential Areas ) Oud Al Muteena Area

Awareness and Cultural Magazine Quarterly- ( 25 Issue ) October 2016, Published by The General Department of Anti-Narcotics - Dubai Police

Impregnable Fortresses .. !!

Impregnable Fortresses .. !!

We call on God to protect the UAE and its people from harm and ill ..

General Department of Anti Narcotic in Dubai Police launches

the Initiative of ( Happy Residential Areas ) Oud Al Muteena Area

In two separate operations

Dubai police seized 8 kg and 864 grams of heroin

heroin concealed inside plastic bags and cartons in the

form of rolls hidden in different secret places in his place.

The suspect was referred to the authority concerned

to proceed with the necessary legal actions after being

criminally charged with smuggling, possession and

promotion of drugs.

In a similar operation, the General Department of Anti

Narcotic referred two Asian men of same nationality to

the authorities to take the necessary measures against

them on charges of possession and promotion of narcotic

substances against the first person and on charges of

criminal participation and resisting policemen against

the second person.

The concerned department received accurate

information about the activities of the two Asian men

including the promotion and selling of drugs to young

citizens and residents against big cash amounts.

Colonel Eid Mohammed Thani Hareb, the Director General

of General Department of Anti Narcotic in Dubai Police,

called the public to cooperate with the Department in

order to protect young people from bad friends who push

them to fall into the trap of drug addiction, and the UAE

will lose its workforce of young people.

He confirmed through the Initiative of Happy Residential

Areas that the Department is happy to meet with the

people of Oud Al Muteena and their interaction with the

initiative, which exceeded expectations.

Also, Colonel Hareb praised the participation of everyone,

whether in the exhibition or in lectures, and thanked them

for their efforts to ensure the success of the Initiative, which

is the first of a variety of initiatives to be organized in the

future in different areas in the Emirate of Dubai.

The opening ceremony of the Initiative was attended

by Colonel Mohammed Saeed Al Fushti, Director of

Administrative Affairs Department at the Criminal

Investigations Department, and Colonel Khaled Ismail,

Director of Security Guards Dept. at the Criminal

Investigations Department; and Lt. Col. Khalid Ali Bin Moiza,

Deputy Director of General Department of Anti Narcotic;

and Lieutenant Colonel Khawla Bu Samra, the Team Leader

of the Initiative, and the residents of Oud Al Muteena Area.

The ceremony began by cutting the ribbon and then the

touring in the wings of the different competent authorities

participating in the exhibition including Criminal

Investigations Department, General Department of Anti

Narcotic, Traffic Department, Ownak Social Rehabilitation

Center of Community Development Authority as well as

juvenile organizations.

Colonel Hareb Colonel mentioned in his opening speech

that General Department of Anti Narcotic has allocated the

toll-free telephone number 800400400 to communicate

with the public in order to receive the calls from parents and

provide them with assistance and social and psychological

counseling for their children if they need treatment from

addiction and to refer them to the rehabilitation centers to

receive the necessary treatment.

He also said that the General Department of Anti Narcotic

decided to carry out field visits in order to listen directly

to the people's problems and try to solve some of the

problems directly, stressing the desire of the Department

to protect the young people from the influence of bad


The Initiative’s program included a variety of lectures

presented by Dr. Saif Al Jabri, Chairman of the Committee

for Research and Studies in Juvenile Association,

and Major/ Juma Bilal Al Suwaidi – Head of Awareness &

Prevention in General Department of Anti Narcotic, and

Lieutenant Omar Abdullah of Traffic Department, and First

Lieutenant Obaid Daen Obaid of Criminal Investigations

Department, as well as a lecture to Mrs. Alia Al Jasmi, social

worker and family specialist in Ownak Social Rehabilitation

Center. On the other hand, the ceremony included different

entertainment parts and raffle prizes.

An Asian man who was allegedly caught red-handed

delivering a sample of heroin to one of Dubai Police

mystery shoppers was arrested by the authorities in the

General Directorate of Anti Narcotic.

Major General Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant

Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police for Criminal

Investigation, said that Dubai Police had received

reports from trusted sources on the criminal activity

of the suspect, N.K.M., and his complicity in smuggling

and promoting drugs. To make sure of his involvement,

Dubai Police set a trap for the accused to catch him redhanded

through arranging a fake transaction between

him and a member of the police force.

After investigating the suspect, it turned out to be

a member of a gang in his home country and he was

in continuous communication for the purpose of

smuggling drugs to the UAE in various quantities and

different periods of time using a professional method to

conceal them.

After searching the place of his residence in Sharjah in

coordination with the security authorities in the Emirate

of Sharjah; the authorities found 4 kg and 64 grams of

Colonel Eid Mohammad Thani Hareb, director of General

Department of Anti Narcotic, said that a 28-year-old

building worker was arrested at his room in a labor camp

at a Dubai industrial area.

The first suspect tried to escape when we raided his

residence but he failed.

The second suspect, a salesman, 36 years old, was

arrested after one day from the arresting of the first

suspect near a mall in Abu Dhabi with the help of the

Abu Dhabi police. The second suspect resisted the

policemen who succeeded to arrest him and referred

him to the General Department of Anti Narcotic.

The police seized 572 capsules of heroin, weighing

approximately 4.8kg, which were hidden in a backpack

in plastic bags.

The first suspect admitted to receiving the drugs from

the second suspect with the aim of selling the drugs to

young citizens and residents against cash amounts.

Colonel Hareb urged the public to cooperate with the

authorities if they suspect anyone of being involved in

drug crimes, and to stop the drug dealers from spreading

poison among the members of community without the

slightest sense of guilt or regret.

4 5

The subject of the Cover

Impregnable Fortresses .. !!

Dr. Omar Abdul Kafi

A long time ago there was a rooster who used to crow

every dawn, but one day the owner came to the rooster

and said to him, “Never crow again or I will pluck out

your feathers”. The rooster was afraid and said to

himself: "Neces

sity knows no law and I have the right to stop crowing

to save my life, especially when there are a lot of other

roosters that crow every day.” So, the rooster stopped


The owner came back after one week he said to the

rooster, “If you will not cackle like chicken, I will pluck

out your feathers.”

Again, the rooster agreed on the terms of his owner and

began to “cackle like chicken” in order to save his life.

A month later, the owner came again and said “I want

you to lay eggs like other chicken, or I will slaughter you


The rooster began to cry and said, I wish I had died

while I was crowing”

appoint efficient teachers and professors who possess

a high moral standing. All teachers should be subject

to in-depth psychological analysis in order to avoid the

appointment of teachers who are suffering from mental

illness, which may reflect negatively on children.

Also, we must not forget the importance of religious

education in schools and universities, and we must teach

children the history of our righteous ancestors to be

models for children and future generations.

The importance of the Positive Role of the Media

The media is the third and most important institution

because of the television and other printed, visual and

audio media. All officials in the media should spread high

moral values, such as patriotism.

The media should rely on smart ways to spread the values

in order to strengthen good ethics in young generations,

and allocate the appropriate information materials for each

age or stage, and the consolidation of ancestral values in

the hearts of the young generations.

Drug abuse is a very serious and complicated issue facing

the whole world, and United Arab Emirates is doing its

utmost in order to protect society from this dangerous

scourge. Everyone must work hard in order to combat

drugs, which destroy our communities and our children.

The governments should apply tougher penalties on drug

dealers who are bringing these toxins into our country;

we must fight against drugs on scientific basis and

methodology to achieve the best results.

The officers of General Department of Anti Narcotics and

policemen and other relevant government departments

are impregnable fortresses against drug traffickers. We

pray to God to protect those honorable men who are

protecting our children and our country.

Our Prophet Mohammad (Peace and Blessings be upon

him) says:

"Two eyes will never be touched by the fire of

Hell; an eye which weeps out of Fear of Allah

and an eye which spends the night in guarding

in the Cause of Allah."

We call on God to protect the UAE and

its people from harm and ill.

The Original Tradition against Blind Imitation

The significance of this allegory is to encourage young

people in the Arab and Islamic World to refrain from blind

imitation of everything they hear or see, especially in our

time where the world has become a small village.

One official authority will not be able to fight against drugs

alone, and our Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings

be upon him) orders us to work collectively as one team:

“The likeness of the man who observes the limits prescribed

by Allah and that of the man who transgresses them is like

the people who get on board of a ship after casting lots.

Some of them are in its lower deck and some of them in

its upper deck. Those who are in its lower deck, when they

require water, go to the occupants of the upper deck of

the ship and say to them: if we make a hole in the bottom

of the ship, we shall not harm you. If they (the occupants

of the upper deck) leave them to carry out their design

they all will be drowned. But if they do not let them go

ahead (with their plan), all of them will remain safe.”

Dialogue between parents and children plays a very

important role in laying the confidence and awareness:

Everyone has to play the role assigned to him or her in the

community. The family is considered the main institution in

the community and an impregnable fortress for children. All

of us should think about and set the appropriate priorities

in our homes. Fathers and mothers should allocate more

time to sit with their children, for even half an hour a day,

to discuss different issues with their children, provided

that all TV sets and mobile phones be switched off, and

everyone enter into serious and meaningful discussion

in order to strengthen the family values within the entire

family. This will create a strong and stable generation that

is able to think properly and make the right decisions.

Promoting the Culture of Dialogue

Fathers should refrain from yelling in the face of their

wives and children, and men must not insult their wives or

prefer one of his children more than the others. Ali bin Abi

Talib (may Allah be pleased with him) says: "Do not raise

your children the way [your] parents raised you, they were

born for a different time".

We all have to do adopt the culture of dialogue and listen to

the problems of our children, and to teach them the good

manners in order to create strong and healthy generation.

Moreover, parents should teach their children to be aware

that the devil is their only enemy who will mislead them

to do harmful things like drugs, which will lead them

into destruction. Parents should be careful about how to

spend money on their children in a way that will serve their


Efficient Teacher Encourages Children to do Good Deeds

Here comes the role of the second institution, which is the

schools and universities. Educational institution should

6 7

You can now download the APK

of National Rehabilitation Center on your smartphones

The APK of NRC provides specialized services for the treatment and

rehabilitation of patients with addiction to drugs and psychotropic

substances in the UAE.

The APK will help you to:

know what therapeutic services and programs are provided by the center.

schedule a visit with a specialist.

obtain electronic consulting services.

find the directions to the center.

You can download the APK either through the QR barcode or by searching for :

National Rehabilitation Center

organizes workshop to build the capacities of workers in the sectors of the development

of preventive services and management of abuse of psychotropic substances

and resulting disorders with cooperation with the World Health Organization



Our Vision

A world-class and leading center providing prevention, treatment

and rehabilitation services for addictions

Toll-free number : 8002252

National Rehabilitation Center, in collaboration with the World Health

Organization's office in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, organizes

a regional workshop in Abu Dhabi for building the capacities of the

managers of first and second classes who are working in the field of

abuse of psychotropic substances. The workshop is an integral part of

previous workshops organized by the World Health Organization and

National Rehabilitation Centre in Abu Dhabi in 2013.

The said workshops focused on policies and the development of

preventive and curative programs. A comprehensive training program

was created based on this experience aiming at developing the skills of

the managers of first and second classes who can play roles in making

the desired difference and develop the services provided in this sector.

35 persons from 20 countries participated in the workshop, and they

are working in the field of planning and implementation of treatment

and rehabilitation programs for patients with drugs addiction in the

Middle East.

H.E. Dr. Hamad Abdullah Al Ghafri, Director General of National

Rehabilitation Center, stated that based on the directives of His

Highness the President of United Arab Emirates and the follow-up of

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince

of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed

Forces, and the continuous follow-up of His Highness Sheikh Mansour

bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Presidential

Affairs; the NRC participates and supports the organization of

specialized workshops to benefit from the global expertise and

share the knowledge with various academic and health institutions

specialized in the field of addiction treatment, through the workshops

to build competent and trained national capacities scientifically and

practically for activate the contribution of the NRC to the policies,

strategies and programs of preventive and curative programs which

help in reducing the prevalence of abuse of psychotropic substances.

Dr. Ghafri added that the NRC has multiple local and international

initiatives, and the NRC has organized this training course within the

strategic plan of the NRC in the development of cadres working in this

field at the local level in particular and the region in general.

He also stressed the leading role played by the NRC in this field in the

light of the continuing contribution to the development of plans and

programs for the rehabilitation of workers in the field of addiction

treatment in cooperation with the Regional Office of the World Health

Organization for the Eastern Mediterranean, paving the way to the

NRC center to obtain the title of "WHO Collaborating Centre."

It is worth mentioning that the program of the workshop seeks to

enhance participants' skills in the development of legislation, policies

and plans for the development of treatment programs. Moreover, the

workshop aims to prepare new services by using the latest scientific

evidences used in the prevention and treatment. Also, the workshop

aims to develop the participants’ skills to evaluate the performance of

the programs of behavioral disorders resulting from drugs abuse.

The training program is supervised by international and local instructors

and assistants, including Dr. Vladimir Poznyak, the coordinator of the

World Health Organization Management of Substance Abuse program,

and Dr. Khalil Saeed, regional adviser, Mental Health and Substance

Unit, the Department of non-communicable diseases and mental

health of the Office of the World Health Organization in the Eastern

Mediterranean Region.

8 9

Drugs and their effects on the heart

By: Dr. Tariq Ahmad Abdul Aziz

Cardiovascular surgeons - Dubai Hospital

In order to protect our homeland

By: Khawla Abdul Rahman Al Mulla

Executive Director of the Family Development Centers in Sharjah

Drugs in all its forms are one of the most dangerous

lesion that threaten our youth these days with the help

of the human demons.

We can divide lesions into two kinds: one is the lesion

of lust which deludes the drugs abuser about ecstasy,

power, and control and makes him a slave chained

to these false promises. The drug user believes that

drugs are merely herb created by God or medications

invented by man to relieve people from pain or to treat

other illnesses, so there is no harm to having drugs.

Know your enemy:

To protect yourself from drugs, you need to know your

enemy and should know the different types of drugs.

We will talk in this article about the types of drugs

according to the method of production:

-Drugs made from natural herbs directly like (Cannabis

and qatt, opium Banjo)

- Drugs made artificially from natural drug through

chemical processing to transform the drugs to another

from (morphine, heroin, and cocaine)

- Compound drugs that are formed by chemical

compounds and have the same effect (the rest of the

drugs, pain relief, sleeping pills, and hallucination).

It is difficult to talk about the dangers of drugs on

heart and the circulatory system because we cannot

categories the risk of the drugs on the human body

separately, because drugs are like a bomb in our body

and they affect all the organs and their functions.

Drugs are the fastest way to kill the circulatory system

and the heart:

We will just talk here about the direct damages resulted

from drug abuse on the heart and the circulatory


Using some kinds of drugs such as cocaine and

heroin causes a shrink on the general arteries of

the body, causing high blood pressure that leads to

malfunctioning and imbalance of the heartbeat. The

most dangerous part is that the drugs can causes

shrinkage in the coronary arteries, which causes an

infarction in the heart muscles (heart stroke) and

this is noticed on the young abusers under age of

35 years. The symptoms will be severe pain in the

chest accompanied with heavy sweating, nausea, and

imbalance heart beating.

This stroke can lead to death most of the times because

the young hearts are not ready for such trauma.

Drugs Causes Endocarditis and Cardiac


Drugs addiction such as heroin will cause endocarditis

such as three-valve battlements(with reflux of

the valve and then the Cardiac Hypertrophy. The

symptoms start with a fever, breath shortness, loss of

appetite and swelling in the feet and then complete

cardiac hypertrophy accompanied with decreasing

blood pressure and then congestive heart failure.

If the case was not treated at the hospital by the strong

antibiotics and doing high risk cardiac surgery (open

heart surgery) to replace the damaged valve of the

heart, the patient will die.

Taking drugs by injection may cause severe arterial

damage in the body and sometimes in fatally because

the addict may make a mistake in directing the injection

and inject the veins instead, which lead to amputation

of some parts.

Death is the end of drugs abuse:

The addiction to some kinds of drugs such as pain

killers like tramadol (especially in overdose) affect the

heart and the blood vessels immediately, which causes

shortness of breath, lethargy, relaxation of skeletal

muscle, coma, convulsions, decreasing of heartbeats

and then the stopping of the heart (death).

We pray to God to protect us from all this lesions and

protect our young men from drugs because they are

the hope of the future of our country.

Drug addiction is one of the most serious problems

in the world so much so that the drugs have become

the scourge that damages all societies. The spread of

drugs is increasing with the growing modern means of

communication, and the high risk lays in the destruction

of the young people who are the basis of the future and

hope of the nation. This problem spreads like poison in

communities and threatens the existence of humanity.

Young men are the pride of the nation

We live on the land of the United Arab Emirates, the

country of peace, prosperity and dignity for all, so every

family must raise its children on patriotism and selfmonitoring

and the development of the feeling of being

responsible for the protection of this country and its

achievements, and by making them aware that drugs use

is considered as betrayal of the nation and its people.

First immunity to contain children

We must first provide immunity by addressing the

psychosocial needs of our children in addition to meet

their material needs. One of the main causes of drug

addiction is the lack of or poor communication with

the family, especially from the side of parents who

form the personality of the child.

If parents are keen to open the channels of dialogue

and discussion with their children; the children become

more conscious and aware of the dangers of drugs.

Every family must be careful to build the personalities

of their children based on respect for others and control

of behavior, and to note any changes that may occur,

with the intervention rationally on the basis of love and

away from violence. A lot of children become addicts

of drugs due to parental violence and pressures of life,

in addition to the imitation of the others.

The most dangerous and negative effects of drugs are

embodied when the father becomes addicted on drugs,

because this will lead to the collapse of the family. We

read a lot of stories about domestic violence in the

files of police, and here comes the most important

question: How can we protect the community and the

family of the danger of drugs? Drugs have become the

real enemy for many communities because drugs aim

at destroying of young people, men and women.

Diversity of awareness programs enhances the

culture of the community

The community institutions play a very important role

after the family through the programs of awareness and

prevention campaigns against drugs. The programs

should be various so that they take into account all

segments of society.

The formation of a supreme council for the prevention

of drug is considered as good proposal to address this

important issue so that this board includes security,

community and educational institutions in addition

to the participation of a group of young students in


The Necessity of Society Organizations Cooperation

This problem is aggravating so we have to cooperate in

order to confront this crime, then comes the role of the

school, club and mosque. These institutions supports

the official organizations and the family in raising and

bringing up the youth, and spreading the culture of

drug abuse consequences and its huge destructive

effects on the society, besides the bad effects facing

the addicts such as disturbed life, anxiety, neglecting

the family, wasting money, damaging health, etc.

Increasing the Penalty has a Decisive Influence

Here comes the necessity of enhancing the laws

related to confronting and combating drug traders.

These traders deserves nothing but being sentenced

to death because they kill innocent people and spread

corruption. We, as individuals and citizen of this

country shall only support any initiative launched by

our precious country to get rid of the phenomenon of

drug abuse and trading through immunizing ourselves

and family and, consequently, the whole society.

To show our patriotism and loyalty to the United Arab

Emirates, we must get this patriotism and loyalty

translated into deeds by fighting this affliction, because

our homeland is in need of the power of the youth and

building strong men who will be loyal and faithful to

the United Arab Emirates.

10 11

Drugs and Young People

Dr. Adel Karani - Consultant Psychiatrist

and the Deputy Executive Director

of the American Center for Psychiatry and Neurology

The warmth of the family protects children from drugs

By the lawyer: Fatima Al Mansouri

Psychotropic substances have been used by humans for

a long time, since the creation of humanity according to

some specialists in human sciences.

The use of psychotropic substances by individuals or

community causes many problems, and we currently

face two dangerous and serious issues; the increasing of

number of addicts or the use of psychotropic substances

and reducing restrictions on the use or movement of

these substances by making them legal substances.

Psychotropic Substances are a kind of drug.

It is possible that psychotropic substances are more

dangerous than drugs, and the use of psychotropic

substances spreads quickly around the world.

Some countries use psychotropic substances as medicinal

remedy that people can buy from pharmacies, and

here lies the importance of the competent authorities,

particularly in the United Arab Emirates in controlling

of psychotropic substances and to highlight the role of

experts in the field of addiction, particularly researchers

and doctors, to enact laws for protecting individuals

and societies against psychotropic substances.

It is known that the use of psychotropic substances

begins with smoking, which is the most dangerous way

for teenagers to enter into the world of drugs. Teenagers

start with smoking and then become victims to drug

dealers, who seduce them first to smoke cannabis and

then to have heroin or opium, after which the damage

will be very huge. It is necessary to combat smoking in

order to close all the roads that lead to drug addiction

and to preserve the lives of children and adolescents.

From the scientific point of view, drugs stimulate the

cells of brain, and when people stop taking drugs, the

withdrawal symptoms begin to appear including flu or

body aches, vomiting and diarrhea, and each material

has different withdrawal symptoms.

A person becomes addicted to the abuse of

psychotropic substances in order to avoid problems

and fatigue of these withdrawal symptoms, and begin

to take psychotropic substances every day.

The necessity to educate young generations for

protection against drugs

Education is one of the most important programs

that protect young people or to protect society from

falling victim to addiction of psychotropic substances.

Educational materials play an important role in

protecting children and adolescents from the risk of

becoming victim of psychotropic substances.

Government programs and media as well as social

networking sites play a very constructive role in the

fight against psychotropic substances.

Drug addiction is a disease, so treatment plays an

important role after prevention, especially because

psychotropic substances affect brain cells.

Rehabilitation of addicts to become useful

members of society:

We all have to treat addicts with distinction between

the addict and the drug dealers, because the addict

is a victim of the drug dealers and he is ready to seek

treatment, but the drug dealer is criminal who is willing

to do anything to get money for selling drugs.

If we focused on the prevention and treatment of

addiction, the drug dealers will not find customers to

buy their goods. We should avoid putting teenagers

who used psychotropic drugs in prison with those who

have committed crimes such as murder, rape or major


Putting addicted teenagers in prison will lead to feelings

of frustration and they will return to the psychotropic

drugs because they did not receive the correct

treatment, and they may get involved in the world of

crime in order to get the money to buy psychotropic


Therefore, we should focus on the dangers of drugs

and work to educate others from falling victim to the

psychotropic substances and drugs. Our message

should be clear to all families and teachers in the

schools in order to protect our children through science,

understanding and awareness, and this task requires

continuous work rather than temporary campaigns of

awareness and by exploitation of every opportunity to

raise awareness and knowledge among the people.

We should always remember that there are

new ways, practices and methods that may be

considered as addiction, so we have to protect

children from falling into such practices that could

damage their physical and mental health.

First, and before mentioning the applicable laws in the

United Arab Emirates concerning drug abuse, I believe

that the reason behind the vast spreading of the drugs

lesion is the family who raised the addict.

Familial love is a source to spread positive awareness:

When God created people, He created them to live

in a family formed by father, mother, brothers, sisters,

grandfather, grandmother, uncles and aunts, to live

among them in a warm lovely atmosphere. Surrounded

with care, ethics and morals, the child, young man or

woman feels safe and secure.

The father and mother are especially responsible

for raising the children, teaching them what is good

and what is bad. To show them how to live healthy

and happy, and guide them towards how to protect

themselves from this vicious monster.

With all of this, the children will be strong physically and

psychologically and will be able to fight away all the bad

influences. And they will be able and willing to respect

the role models.

In the United Arab Emirates, we have a lot of these

families and children.

The misjudgment from the fathers causes stress,

violence, and carelessness.

However, parents neglect their duty, for example if the

father was hesitant with his emotion and did not show

it to his children, but showed it to the strangers, as is

the case with many fathers these days. In addition, the

father and mother keep on shouting on their children

without obvious reason, which creates insecure children

seeking drugs to find some kind of false consultation in

the drugs.

Taking care of your children is more important than

food and clothes

Some parents may take care of one child while

neglecting the other. All these are factors that push the

children towards drug abuse. Neglecting your child is

one of the most frequent causes for drug abuse.

Finally, I would like to mention that if the time returned

back for the drug user, or drug dealer, and if there were

raised in a loving family they will never use or deal with


We should apply the law on the children by teaching

the parents how to raise their children to build a strong


12 13

Protection of our young men

from the enemies !!

For the first time in my life I am writing an

article, and I am doing this upon request from

the editors of the magazine of Nation without

Drugs which is issued by Dubai Police H.Q. I am

really honored to be chosen to participate in

spreading the awareness of the lesion of drugs.

I liked to write this article because United

Arab Emirates is the pride of the Gulf and

the entire Arab World and it is the oasis of

security. Due to my loyalty and the feeling

of commitment, I found that it is my duty to

use at least my words to fight drugs, which

threaten our society and young men. It is my

duty as an actress to do my best to help in

illuminating the way for the young men.

There is no doubt that the Gulf Cooperation Council

(GCC) has gathered all the power to stand against

the face of drugs and their effect on the young men

and society. I shouldspeak to the young men of my

homeland who needs the awareness to enhance their

loyalty and their sense of belonging in understanding

the dangers of the drugs and not to become victims

of addiction.

Young men are the cornerstone of the future and

on their shoulders lay the responsibility of building

the homeland, to protect its progression and

development, and to keep our country safe against

the enemies’ attacks. Our young men believe in God

and in our homeland, they are eager to be loyal for it

and for its leaders who established this great country.

As an actress I believe that our role is to find solutions

for the cases of young men in our present time,

and we should try to provide the solutions that are

suitable for their environment, in order to lead the

young men to the safe shores.

By the actress: Haifaa Hussin

Our works should contribute in building the future

of the coming generations. Based on this fact, I call

all the writers and the novelists to write their stories

and novels based on our reality to reflect the truth in

how the government is able to fight the drugs. They

should also provide means to protect the young men

for becoming the victims of drugs.

These works should offer the right solutions to

problems that our young men suffer from. The works

of art should contribute deeply in the awareness of

the entire family and direct it to face these challenges.

I am willing through this article to work with the

creative writers to contribute in spreading the

awareness of the lesion of drugs.

Art is the soft means to spread the awareness:

We should not forget the role of art in directing

and leading the societies to progression and

development, because art is the soft means to spread

awareness and on which the developed countries rely.

Art leads the societies to science, progression,

prosperity, civilization, and awareness and this is the

most important role for art. Art represents the best

mean for delivering the intended message to the

society in the quickest and easiest way. Art is the

greatest mean to spread awareness because people

will never get bored from it and will enjoy it.

The young men are the power of our society:

I wish that I could play an important role while I am

writing this article, because I believe that the young

men are the forcing power of our society, and they

are the astonishing energy to help our government to

achieve the desired goals of the UAE.

Our religion protects our young men from

their enemies:

I will speak to the young men in this article and tell

them not to deplete their energy and time on what is

said on social networks without thinking. They should

think carefully not to be affected and to keep their

Arabic authentic beliefs intact.

We should never abandon these principles, because

they are protecting us from our enemies.

Young men should be and try to protect themselves

and never compromise and take these principles for


Social media should be used wisely:

Social media should be used in correct way to serve

the community for spreading the awareness among

the young men.

Our government and our wise leadership seek to

spread the knowledge and science and to lead the

development forward to take the entire society to

better future. So our young men should only focus on

the important things and should be encouraged by

the government, who should provide them with the

required help to develop their society and country.

These networks can be used to help the young men

in reaching their goals, with the help and advice of all

who have the same concerns, these networks enable

them to exchange the information easily and help

them in building the future.

Do not leave your son alone:

All our young men should know the danger of bad

friends and they should avoid them. All parents should

take care of the young men to keep them safe from

drugs and to analyze their strength and weakness


The parents should be aware about the bad friends

and their negative influence on their children, and do

your best to save your children from these bad friends.

Emptiness and boredom can lead to the

curiosity of trying the drugs:

Parents play a great role in protecting their children,

but time can lead to boredom which may affect their

lives. So we should make our children busy in doing

the things they love. It is our responsibility to lead

them and show them the safe ways to continue in their


There is no doubt that our government and the wise

leadership do their best to protect our country from


Finally, I would like to take the opportunity to thank

the Dubai Police for the great efforts in spreading the

awareness against the drugs abuse through many

media channels including this magazine, and to thank

Dubai Police for giving me this chance to be a part of

this campaign against drugs.

14 15

Do not be a victim of predatory wolves .. !!

By: Dawood Ali; the former footballer in the National Team and the star of the Al Shabab Club

Drugs are considered a very serious phenomenon that

hasspread in Arab countries and caused damage to the

youth, so it is necessary to address the threat of the

drugs because they are demolishing our communities

and destroying the younger generations.

Family problems and their role in youth


There must be reasons behind the rush of young

people to drug abuse, and perhaps the most

important of these causes is family problems and

lack of oversight from the parents. In addition to this,

the bad psychological state of the addict who may

try fake solutions to forget his problems, and become

prey to drugs and paying a heavy price because of his

family problems

Bad friends are nothing by predatory wolves

Bad friends through sweet words and appearance

of simple and easy ideas try to attract their friends

to have drugs, and when the young men become

drug addicts, their bad friends will leave them alone

suffering from weakness and loss of will.

We all should guide our children and be a good

example for them to protect them from falling prey to

the trap of drugs.

The addict in the eyes of society

If we took drugs no matter what their kinds are, we

will face disastrous results because the drugs will

take our will and we will lose our jobs and our social

conditions will worsen and people will lose confidence

in us. Because of the drug the addicts become poor

and will be neglected from the society.

Religion and good values are the shields

protecting our children

One of the most essential pillars is to adhere to the

religious values that gives us the confidence and

the will, and protect us from enemies of society and

humanity. From here comes the important role of the

family through giving love and attention to the children

and instilling good morals in their souls, protecting

them from the negative and destructive influence of

the bad friends.

Family plays a very important role as the observer on

the children watching their behavior and practices

within the home and school, because if the parents

neglected this duty, they will lose their children.

The active role of the media in educating the


Media plays very important role in raising awareness

in the community to protect children from the risk of

the drugs. Media has the strongest presence in our life

because of the diversity of sources. Also, media helps

the government security department in their efforts

to combat this deadly scourge.

On the other hand, advertising plays an important role

in the fight against drugs because the ads are spread

everywhere. I ask advertising agencies and concerned

government departments to increase the number

of advertisements that warn of the danger of drugs,

because prevention is better than cure.

Use of leisure time

As young man I passed different experiments which

I learned from my teachers at school, and perhaps

the most important of these experiments is how to

exploit the spare time through planting enthusiasm

in the hearts of young people through ideas, plans,

awards, and physical competitions to take advantage

of leisure time.

The lack of use of leisure time will lead to the loss and

trying harmful things such as drugs, because boredom

may lead one to do anything. So everybody should

exploit the spare time and this will reflect positively

on all aspects of life at the present time and the future.

Thanks and appreciation

I would like to thank Dubai Police and the officers of

General Department of Anti Narcotic; who are fighting

this phenomenon in silence and patience - they are

anonymous soldiers who are doing their best to

protect young people in the United Arab Emirates. We

call on God to protect the people of the UAE and its

wise leadership.

The Drugs Addict

and Malnutrition

Khadija Al Mansouri - Nutrition Specialist

Health Education Department of the Supreme

Council for Family Affairs in Sharjah

The health status of an addict is completely different

from the health status of normal people, because

addicts are in conflict between the state of addiction

and the nutritional balance and appetite. Addicts eat

greedily and may overeat with some meals, and most

of time they eat unhealthy food.

Addicts suffer from the weakness of the sense of

hunger and satiety

Drug addict consume large amounts of candy, potato

chips, pastries and buns as a result of poor nutrition

for a long time, because they lose the sense of hunger

and satiety.

The addict does not have proper food ingredients

Feed conversion operations may increase or decrease

and the addict may suffer from the increase or

decrease in weight or flatulence. Also, the addict

may feel depressed, stressed or irritability / anxiety.

It may be difficult for the body to heal because it

does not have the elements of healthy food and food

sufficiency, those that meet the basic requirements of

the body.

Drug effects on the health of the addict

If we want to help the addict to return to a natural

state again, we have to give him the essential nutrients

that he needs in order to repair the affected tissues,

organs and glands.

Health problems caused by the drug addict as a

result of malnutrition

Constipation, slow work of the digestive system,

lack of mineral elements, loss of important vitamins,

diseases of the joints due to lack of foods which

contain calcium, tooth decay as a result of changing

the concentration of enzymes in saliva, dark circles

around the eyes, pale skin as a result of the influence

of drugs on the absorption of vitamin (A), heart

disease due to non-arrival of oxygen to the blood

leading to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, diabetes

disease, immunodeficiency due to the loss of essential

nutrients in the body and malnutrition, obesity as a

result of eating starchy materials and increasing of

weight in the long term.

16 17

Bad friends and their

negative impact on us

Saeed was an exemplary student for everyone inside

and outside the school and was loved by all his

family members. He was very smart and confident

of himself and his abilities. Saeed was helping all

his friends in the school to dissolve their duties in

the event of absence from school or if they did not

understand the subjects. Saeed was loved by all

teachers in the school, was among the top students

in his class, and his name was written in the panel

of honor in the educational district, and had won

numerous awards.

In the 12th grade, a new student came to the school

and his name was Mansour, and it seemed that he

was athletic from his appearance and his clothes.

Mansour has chosen to sit next to Saeed in the class.

The value of man is his essence not in his appearance

Saeed was a reticent person and did not disclose

any of his secrets to anyone, not even his family

members, who did not notice any changes in his

behavior. Anyway, the teachers at the school were

surprised by his frequent absence from the school

and sleeping in class.

The first semester exams were close, but Saeed

was not excited about the exams, while his friend

Mansour was very enthusiastic.

The results of the exams of Saeed were very

disappointing, but his friend Mansour helped him

to get out of this simple problem through a forged

marks certificate with forged stamps, and Saeed

was able to come out of this problem thanks to his

friend Mansour.

Student: Mohammed Adel Mohammed Al Ali

Class: Grade Ten - Dubai Model School for Secondary Education

teacher tried to wake up Saeed, but he smelled an

unpleasant odor coming from Saeed.

“ What have you had for breakfast today Saeed?”

“Nothing.. nothing..” Saeed replied and he fell

asleep on the chair again.

“What is wrong with you Saeed?” But Saeed did

not respond, he was asleep.

“Wake up and go home.”, said the teacher.

“No.. no I will stay in school”, replied Saeed.

The good friend is the best friend

After the class, the teacher asked Manee to watch

Saeed and tell him what is happening at the end of


The teacher was very worried about Saeed and his

behavior, so he summoned Saeed to his room and

asked him:

The teacher claimed that he believed him to make

him feel peaceful; then he watched Saeed and saw

him going straight to Mansour, the teacher decided

to investigate about Mansour with the help of

Manee, a good friend of Saeed.

The teacher knew that Mansour is athletic and used

to have bad friends to spend times with them in

travel and entertainment, but Mansour is not good

student and the only thing he was good at was sport.

Mansour tried to deceive Saeed and cemented his

friendship with him, because Saeed has plenty of

money and luxury cars, and Mansour needs money

to spend time with his friends.

The school year ended, and Saeed failed in his

school but Mansour succeeded after he exploited

Saeed, who did not know anything about the plots

of his friend Mansour.

Saeed left the family home after his father discovered

his problems, and Saeed was feeling afraid and

shame of what he did and decided to leave home

and school and just disappeared, but his teacher

was sad for losing his industrious student.

Date with Destiny:

A year later, while he was returning from one of

the Emirates, the teacher stopped his car near the

highway to pray in the mosque, when he saw a

person sitting on a sewer manhole cover, and that

person was wearing dirty clothes and was absentminded.

The teacher was stunned when he discovered that

this person is his student Saeed, and he went quickly

to him and grabbed his hand and saw the sadness

and regret in his eyes.

Saeed tried to walk but he was very weak and unable

to walk, so the teacher helped him and asked him

if he intends to pray with him, to which Saeed just

gestured his head. The teacher was happy to meet

Saeed, despite his fatigue and dirty clothes, but

there is still the flame of faith in his heart.

Saeed felt doubt whether Mansour is the one who

sent the teacher to his place, but the teacher said to

him “Thank God that I have stopped to pray in this

mosque to find you and help you, because you are

a good person, intelligent and talented and you're

like my son Mustafa. I do not want to blame you for

what you did in the past, the fure is more important,

and I know that you were a victim of your friend


Saeed told him that Mansour made him a victim of

the drugs with the help of his bad friends because

he wanted to get money from him; but thank God

that Saeed stopped taking drugs a month ago, and

he decided to rescue people from this evil called


The inattentive prey is an easy hunt, so you

have to be aware and be careful all the time.

The influence of the attentive teacher on his students

Saeed continued relying on his friend Mansour to

save him from the problems, and he was careless

towards his reckless actions. One day Saeed entered

the class and he threw himself on the chair and fell

into a deep sleep. This action drew the attention

of his teacher Abdul Karim, his Arabic language

teacher, who was a friend to all students because

he was an attentive and effective character. The

“Where is your marks certificate?” asked the


“Right here…” He took the certificate quickly out

of his pocket without thinking.

“This is not your certificate, and these marks

are not yours!” Saeed forgot and gave the fake

certificate to his teacher.

“I swear to God that this is my certificate.” Said


18 19

Abu Rashid Advice for Parents

Dear Parent …

Give your children the full attention no matter what their ages are,

and give them the space to express themselves in order to express

what they like or dislike. Make a quiet and meaningful dialogue, to

keep your children lawful to you and not become prey to the bad


Give love to your children and feel them when they are in pain and

wipe their tears and be always with them under all circumstances,

no matter how difficult, because if the children did not find the

fatherly affection they will look for it in another place and they

may become victim of bad friends when it is too late.

Awareness Messages

Love yourself, love your family, love your friends, and love all the

people around you. Make your goals and dream about tomorrow.

Create a new life for yourself.

Rashid Advice for the Young People

Dear young people …

Sport plays a very important role in laying the self-confidence,

as it strengthens the body and fills spare time and help to build

good relationship with others. Also, sport saves young people

from behavioral deviations.

Sport of different kinds protects young people from drugs and

plays a crucial role in taking young people away from drugs,

which is one of the most egregious sins.

The events and activities organized by sports clubs spread

awareness among youth through lectures, workshops and

encourage young people to strengthen their bodies and their

fitness and get away from the danger of drugs.

Give your children a part of your time and beware of neglecting

your children because they need you and your guidance and

advice. Do not let your children feel like they are orphans while

you are still alive.

Encourage your sons to do good work and praise them in front

of their peers and their friends and give them gifts, because it

will bring happiness to them and will strengthen the bonds of

friendship between you and your children. You have to be always

proud of what your children are doing, and you should show it all

the time.

Never succumb to the cursed

scourge of drugs.

Drugs are nothing but escape from

reality into the virtual world.

Do not believe that the drugs will

make you forget the grief because

drugs are the grief themselves.

The pain is to see your dreams

becoming lost because of drugs.

We all have to say no to drugs and to reject to take drugs from

anyone who tries to convince us taking it, because drugs make

the body loses calcium and phosphorus and cause breathing


Drugs, cigarettes, alcohol and lack of necessary food and lack

of exercise lead to blood pressure and osteoporosis. The science

has shown irrefutable evidence that drug use causes long-term

changes in the brain.

Student: Mohammed Al Ghandour Mohammed

Class: Grade Ten / Dubai Model School for Secondary Education

20 21



To protect your children

from falling into the

abyss of drugs

First Lieutenant

Adel Mohammed Al Ali


This competition aims to interact with

the Magazine readers.

Dear Readers..

Kindly find the emblem of the Higher

Committee on Drug Control that is hidden

in two pages inside the magazine

Kindly mention the number of the two

pages and be one of the winners.

Lack of role models

Children easily make mistakes when they lack the role

models and when they lose their religious values.

Kindly send your answer to the following address:

What shall we expect from someone whose father was

addicted to drugs, or what shall we expect from the son of

a drug dealer?

The Family

Family is the component of the society and the first line of

defense against drug addiction. If the parents live away from

their children and think selfishly, it would be easy for the

children to become addicted to drugs, because the family

that live in disagreements and quarrels and lack the love

and affection plays significant role in pushing the children to

become addicted to drugs.

It is easy for the rest of the family to become drug addicts in

case the father or elder brother is a drug addict.

Children between cruelty and coquetry

The son, who is subjected to cruel treatment or physical

punishment from his father of who does not believe in

culture of dialogue, will lose the sense of security, protection,

stability, and will leave the house and may hate his father

and mother. He may become easy prey to bad friends who

will lead him to addiction.

On the other hand, the spoiled son, especially if he is the

only child in the family, will find that his parents will fulfill all

his requests, and when he becomes a young man he would

be unable to cope with society and become easy prey to

bad friends. When he tries drugs for the first time, he will

see drugs as funny things especially if he has the money to

buy more drugs.


Fax: +9714 217 15 99

Awards :

First Winner: AED 600

Second Winner: AED 500

Third Winner: AED 400

Note : All participants should give their full name and

valid phone numbers :

Deadline for this contest is on: 15/12/2016

Winners of the last competition

The First Winner: Khalil Alaa Saleh.

The Second Winner: Mohamed Saber Attiah.

The Third Winner : Ahmed Mohamed Ali.

Congratulations for the winners and hard luck for other


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