4 Popular Outdoor Business Signs you need to Know


Outdoor business signs are a huge contributor to promoting brand recognition and profits for businesses. Here are such 4 popular outdoor business signs explained in the presentation. Visit http://www.acmesigninc.com/


4 Popular Types of

Outdoor Business Signs

Signage has been an integral

part of businesses since the

beginning of trade. Outdoor

business signs create a first

impression for customers, staff

and visitors alike. Here are 4

popular outdoor signs your

business shall rely upon.


Monument Signs

Monument signs can be made

from various materials such as

wood, brick and concrete.

These signs are usually placed

in the parking lot entrance or

the main entrance to your



Wall Signs

Wall signs convey who you are

and where you are located.

They can either be in the form

of individual letters or plain

simple flat signs. Illuminate

them to make it more



Blade Signs

Blade signs are mounted

perpendicular to the wall of a

building. These are projecting

signs that help pedestrians to

find the entrance to your

place of business. They can

also be illuminated, if



Window Graphics

Window graphics are a great

way to not just represent your

business but also to advertise

your product and service as

well. They are very effective in

grabbing the attention of



Exterior business signs help people identify the

service they’re looking for and let you earn profits at

the same time. It’s a total win-win situation.

If you’re thinking of installing outdoor signs for your

business, contact the leading full service sign

company, Acme Sign Inc.

Visit www.acmesigninc.com or call 1-816-842-8980.


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