Rainbow Trug Mini-Tub® & Truglin™ Guide 2016


An introduction to Rainbow Trug Mini-Tub's® and Truglin™ Characters. Everyone needs a storage container for one reason or another and they don't come more colourful, cuter and as useful as a Rainbow Trug Mini-Tub®

Mini, but not Micro...

You can fit more in to

a 2 litre mini-tub®

than you think.



litre Mini-Tub®

Not to be dismissed as a novelty item, our 2.2 litre Mini-Tub® has a

multitude of uses around the home, garden, office and more.

Everyone needs a handy container now and again for holding or

storing something. Whether its crafters bits n’ bobs, as a paint pot,

serving snacks, bath toys or catching drips from a leaking pipe,

Mini-Tub® is an amazingly handy size.

Made in Britain

from a flexible,

food grade LDPE

material, Mini-

Tubs® are

available in 16

fabulous colours.

What! - Still

cannot think of a

use for one?

See what

customers already

use them for on

our Facebook


Rainbow Trug Mini-Tubs®

are food safe & party ready.



love food

Mini-Tubs® love party food. At Rainbow Trugs, our entire 7 size range of flexible trugs are made from a

high quality food grade material. However, our 2 litre Mini-Tubs® make amazing party food containers.

Choose from the 16 fabulous colours to suit your

party, they wont break if dropped and then discover

how easy they are to wash-up.

Brilliant Colours


Our unique Rainbow Trug characters,

The Truglins®, make everything you do fun.




The initial design of The

Truglins was aimed at

encouraging children to tidy

away their toys. However, we

have found The Truglins have

been equally popular with adults

and have been turning up

everywhere, even on TV.

Here we see Seymour Smiles

helping Alan Titchmarsh with

some painting on ITV’s Love Your

Garden. Infact, the team had

around 20 Truglins to help

them during filming of the 2016

TV series.

Children are instantly drawn to the cute and

quirky characters and tidying is never a chore

when you have help from the likes of Justin

Credible and Tubby Trouble.



seen on TV

Rainbow Trugs® manufacture 7 sizes of flexible trugs and a range of unique trug accessories. Our focus is

on creating good quality products that anyone can find a use for, whether that’s at home, work or indeed

anywhere. It’s no surprize then that Rainbow Trugs® have been popping up all over the place, including TV.

As well as supplying

trugs to ITV’s ‘Love your

Garden’ for the past 4

series, we are

increasingly seen on

other channels and

programmes. Here are

just 5 of our ‘as seen on

TV’ moments.

So keep your eyes

peeled, we’re appearing


Above: ITV—Love your garden with Alan Titchmarsh

Below: CITV—Crawly Towers

Above: BBC—The Great Pottery Throwdown

Below: Channel 4—The Autistic Gardener

Below: BBC—Gardeners World



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