Caribbean Times 39th Issue - Friday 18th November 2016


Caribbean Times 39th Issue - Friday 18th November 2016

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Friday 18th November 2016 A n t i g u a a n d B a r b u d a

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He was very pleased with

the work that has been done

with the dredging of the harbour.

Two of Preston’s colleagues

also port captains


By Renio Abbott

Yesterday, one of the port

Captains of the Royal Caribbean

Cruise Lines, Preston

Conahan visited the Heritage

Quay Pier to do a site inspection

of the harbour, currently

being dredged to accommodate

quantum and oasis class

ships to ensure that the Anthem

of the Seas will be able

to dock at the lengthened pier

once dredging is complete.

from the Royal Caribbean

cruise Lines visited the pier

previously and were equally


Mr. Conahan has signed

off, giving his approval on

behalf of Royal Caribbean for

the readiness of the pier.

Three groups of contractors

are responsible for the

work on the pier, BEA Concont’d

on pg 2

2 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 18th November 2016



Part of the mandate of the

Antigua and Barbuda National

Accreditation Board

(ABNAB) is to inform and

educate the general public

on matters relating to higher

education. ABNAB visits

secondary schools nationwide

and provides information to

students on the benefits of

obtaining a tertiary education.

During these visits ABNAB

Editor’s Note

Caribbean Times is printed

and published at Woods

Estate/Friars Hill Road.

The Editor is Justin Peters.

Contact: Caribbean Times,

P.O. Box W2099,

Woods Estate/Friars Hill


St. John’s,


Tel: (268) 562-8688,

Fax: (268) 562-8685.

Visit us online at our website:


We ask you to send:

Pertinent news items to

Advertisement inquiries to

Letters to the editor to

also offers to students 7 tips

on choosing the right college

or university by using an

acrostic C- O- L- L- E- G- E.

Kerwan Vigilante, is a

Dream Chaser. At 25-yearsold,

his eyes remain fixed on

greatness, as he pursues his

career in Advertising. This

open-minded individual constantly

seeks to improve his

mind as well as his personal

skills in the path he has chosen.

The words, “Be Legendary

and Leave a Legacy” resonates

with Mr. Vigilante as

he works towards leaving his

own mark in the hearts and

minds of those that share his

cont’d from pg 1

tractors from the United States, represented

by Adrian Pryce and Bovado Ramos, a Tug

and Barge contractor from Tortola in the BVI,

represented by Percy Rehidden and Richard

Tarkine, and the Local contractor Devcon (formerly

Antigua Masonry Products).

All the workmen on the project are locals

C – Cost- What sort of costs

are involved? Consider some

of these costs




Internal and external travel

O – Opportunities – What opportunities

does a particular

College offer?



Academic and professional

training on the same track?

After graduation placement?

L –Location – Where would

you prefer to be? (This can affect

costs too)

At home? (Local institutions,

or online)

Somewhere close to home?

(Regional institutions?)

Someplace close to family?

(eg in USA or UK)

Someplace far from home?

(Exotic location)

L –Legitimacy – Know what

the status of the institution is.

Know which to avoid. It could

be a

Diploma Mill

Unaccredited institution with

low credibility

Unaccredited institution with

high credibility

Accredited institution

E – Environment – What type

of college environment would

you be comfortable in?

Toastmasters profile



Cross Cultural

Big/Small Campus

G – Generate a list of Colleges

(based on your research

done so far)

College A

College B

College C

College D

E – Experience – Check out

the experiences of others at

the colleges identified

Friends and family



Rating from the academic


Now you can go ahead

and make an informed choice.

space. Toastmasters International

has provided Kerwan

with another opportunity to

develop his interpersonal,

communication and leadership

skills; further enabling

him to unveil qualities that

seemed non-existent or laid

dormant. Mr. Vigilante would

recommend Toastmasters to

any and everyone earnestly

seeking to overcome their

fears by stepping out of their

comfort zones. If you are on

your journey of self-improvement

and eager to become the

best version of yourself, then

Toastmasters International

is a valuable investment.

“Live Your Dreams don’t,

Leave Your Dreams!” – Kerwan


and they are all pleased to be a part of this venture

Nathan Dundas, President of the Antigua

and Barbuda Cruise Association stated “We

have no set backs at the moment because we

have pass the hurricane season and everything

is in perfect order. December 2 2016 will be a

day of celebration.”

Friday 18th November 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 3

Antigua and Barbuda welcomes

sixth MSC vessel

By Renio Abbott

Yesterday the Ministry of

Tourism welcomed the MSC

Armonia to our beautiful

paradise at the Nevis Street


MSC Armonia was built

in 2001 initially as a European

Vision under a different

company. It is the 6th ship

of the MSC line to visit Antigua

and Barbuda.

The vessel is currently

on a 20-day repositioning

cruise originated in Europe,

and will culminate in Havana,

Cuba. It is also the

fourth largest cruise ship in

the world and is the second

largest cruise company in

the Mediterranean, South

Toastmasters profile

Meet Ivorlyn L Hood. Ivorlyn works in

financial services and is an active youth

leader in her church.

Why toastmasters?

As a professional and a youth leader,

I recognize in order to climb the corporate

ladder and grow communication is the number

one assets. I wanted to develop those

skills to become a confident communicator

and learn the art to speak in public. After

I visited the club on 21st July 2016, I discovered

that Toastmasters had much more

to offer. It also has a Leadership program to

help build leaders. I was very eager, not only

my communication skills but my leadership

skills will be developed. ‘Double Major’!

On August 11th 2016, I was inducted to the

toastmasters’ fraternity. Thus far, I have seen

major improvement in both my leadership

and communication skills. I have also enhanced

my time management, organizational

and planning skills and found a new art

of listen. I have manager to engage in four

speeches and gain a position on the executive

team. What I love about my Toastmasters

family is the supportive and welcoming

environment. Here is where people with diverse

skills and backgrounds come together

to practice their skills and exchange valuable

feedback. If you want to become a competent

communicator or a next leader join the

Antigua Toastmasters.

American and European

cruise arena.

Mrs. Paula Fredrick

Hunte, Permanent Secretary

in the Ministry of Tourism,

Economic Development,

Investment and Energy delivered

welcome remarks

on behalf of the Honourable

Asot Michael, Minister of

Tourism, Economic Development,

Investment and Energy

and stated that the MSC

Armonia’s call brings the

total number of passengers

visiting Antigua and Barbuda

to 662,848 for the last

year; 343 calls have been

made for the last year for the

and a total of 12 Inaugural


Three new Cruise ships

have visited so far for the

season, between November

and December a total of 7

new ships will be visiting

our twin Island Sate.

4 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 18th November 2016

PM calls for immediate intervention on climate

change with US President-Elect Donald Trump

MARAKECH, Kingdom of Morocco

– Prime Minister of Antigua and

Barbuda, the Hon. Gaston Browne

speaking at a High-Level meeting of

the 22 nd Session of the Conference of

Parties (COP22) here, has called on

all government and special groupings

in the United Nations to commence

discussions with the incoming Donald

Trump Administration of the United

States on Climate Change.

“If the United States waivers in its

current leadership on climate change,

or if it withdraws from its commitments,

a chain reaction will be triggered,

that will leave the Agreement

in tatters, and the world in peril,” PM

Browne told the gathering.

Prime Minister Browne was making

reference to the uncertainty of President-Elect

of the United States Donald

Trump’s position on Climate Change

which were highly discussed during the

lead-up to the November 8 elections.

“We (the Caribbean) know that

Prime Minister Browne and President of the

General Assembly Peter Thompson engaging

in conversations on the vulnerability of

SIDS. PM Browne encouraged the PGA to

ensure that climate change continues to be

top on his agenda during his presidency.

global warming; sea-level rise, extreme

drought and stronger cyclones, are daggers

at the heart of our existence. For

us, “1.5 to stay alive” is not a frivolous

slogan; it is a constant reminder that, if

temperatures continue to rise, our countries

will suffer insurmountable losses.

In fact, many small island states will

disappear beneath the sea. That is the

stark reality facing small island states,”

Prime Minister Browne outlined.

We are pleased to present the full

text of the Prime Minister’s presentation:

Statement by the Honourable Gaston

Browne, Prime Minister Of Antigua

And Barbuda

At the High-Level Segment of the

22nd Session of the Conference of Parties

(COP22), the 12th Session of the

Conference of the Parties serving as

the meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto

Protocol (CMP12) and the 1st Session

of the Conference of the Parties serving

Prime Minister Browne and the Prime

Minister of Morocco Abdelilah Benkirane

speaking on the importance of COP22 and

continued bilateral relations between both


PM Browne speaks at the conference.

as the meeting of the Parties to the Paris

Agreement (CMA 1) in Marrakech,


Mr. President,

I wish to thank you and the government

of Morocco for hosting this historic

“COP of Action” in this beautiful

city of Marrakech.

I have three minutes, and thus, I

hasten to the thrust of my presentation.

We all know that the Paris Agreement

on Climate Change was no easy feat.

Neither was the process of ratification

that brought it into effect. But, let us

not mistake the journey for the destination.

There is much urgent work to be

done to save the planet for the benefit

of all. The most immediate threat is to

small island states, such as mine. But

no country is immune. In this context,

we know that despite irrefutable and

overwhelming scientific evidence,

there continue to be skeptics about Climate


The discussions on loss and damage

become ever more relevant. While my

government offers congratulations to

the US President-elect, Donald Trump,

and pledges our resolve to work co-operatively

with his administration, we

are however aware that he remains unconvinced

of Climate Change. Those

cont’d on pg 5

Friday 18th November 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 5

PM Browne addresses Cove Head issue

By Everton Barnes

Prime Minister, Gaston Browne, is

clearing the air regarding land transfer

arrangements between Cove Head, a

company that owned lands at Dredge

Bay, and the government.

This is in response to allegations

by the United Progressive Party political

leader, Harold Lovell, accusing

Browne of wrongdoing in the arrangement

between the company and the


According to the prime minister, he

is neither a director nor a shareholder

in the company that has been in existence

for more than 15 years and

which owned lands and two buildings

at Dredge Bay. Those lands and buildings

were acquired by the government

from Cove Head and turned over to the

National Urban Renewal and Housing

Development Company.

He disclosed that in exchange, Cove

Head was sold lands at Friar’s Hill for

housing development at $5 per square

foot; a price above the $3 per square

foot the government had decided it

would sell lands for development.

The prime minister further disclosed

that the Cove Head lands were

the only lands available for a housing

development specifically for the people

of The Point and Villa Area.

He added that the two buildings

have since been converted to offices for


“It should be noted that the Cove

Head land, was the first parcel of land

that was made available on credit, for

the commencement of the Dredge Bay

housing project. National Housing started

with three members of staff in one of

Cove Head buildings, since it had no

premises or any funds budgeted for its

operations. Today, National Housing is

a major success with over 150Million

in assets and over 300 homes under

construction,” he revealed.

PM Browne said those who assert

wrongdoing on his part have failed to

provide any evidence to that effect and

he accused them of being motivated by

spite and envy.

Prime Minister Browne and President of Chile - Michelle Bachelet

speaking on a regional approach to address climate change.

cont’d from pg 4

of us from small states live

with a different reality.

We know that global

warming; sea-level rise, extreme

drought and stronger

cyclones, are daggers at

the heart of our existence.

For us, “1.5 to stay alive”

is not a frivolous slogan; it

is a constant reminder that,

if temperatures continue to

rise, our countries will suffer

insurmountable losses.

In fact, many small island

states will disappear beneath

the sea. That is the stark reality

facing small island states.

We hope it is also a warning

to the world’s most developed

nations, that the tides

of the world’s climate will

also be battering their most

secure bastions.

In this connection, I call

on all governments to begin

early conversations with

appointees to Mr. Trump’s

administration. If the United

States waivers in its current

leadership on climate

change, or if it withdraws

from its commitments, a

chain reaction will be triggered,

that will leave the

Agreement in tatters, and

the world in peril. It is a

real danger that must be addressed

with urgency.

Therefore, I call on special

groupings within the

United Nations such as AO-

SIS, to mount urgently a

collaborative effort, to lay

out the dangers that confront

us, to the new US administration.

On a wider point, I

emphasize, that to fulfill the

commitments of the universal

Climate Change Agreement,

the resources of the

Global Environmental Fund

and the Green Climate Fund

must be replenished. Adaptation

financing must be significantly

increased to balance

global priorities in line

with the Agreement.

Average global temperatures

have already increased

1 degree Celsius above

pre-industrial levels; we

must collectively act now

to protect our planet. If the

global community does not

act decisively to curb emissions,

it is likely that every

ecosystem across the Planet

will fundamentally change

in our lifetimes.

Therefore, the problem

has all the urgency of now.

The bell may be tolling loudly

for small islands that are

innocent victims of the profligacy

of others, but it is also

tolling for all nations.

Let us recommit ourselves

to immediate collective

action, in saving our


Thank you.

6 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 18th November 2016

PM Browne discusses challenges to

Climate Financing


of Morocco -Prime

Minister the Honourable

Gaston Browne who is in the

Kingdom of Morocco for the

COP22 Meeting, met with the

Adaptation Fund’s Interim

Manager, Mikko Ollikainen

in Marrakech.

As the only island state in

the sub-region of the Organization

of Eastern Caribbean

States (OECS) to be accredited

to the Adaptation Fund,

Antigua and Barbuda’s delegates,

which include Ambassador

Walton Aubrey Webson,

communicated the challenges

that its sister isles face when

trying to access resources for

adaptation. “Concrete adaptation

projects require significant

upfront investment

of time and resources before

projects can be implemented,

and these are the barriers that

By Joanna Paris

Member of Parliament for the St. Georges

Constituency, the Hon. Dean Jonas, has expressed

that he is “very pleased” with the work

being done and the results coming from the

Potters Primary School.

While speaking during a tour of the academic

institution on Wednesday, MP Jonas

commended the staff and students at the school

for their hard work, dedication and commitment.

“I am very, very proud to see what is going

on here. There are a lot of persons who are

rushing to get their children into this school because

of the results that they are getting.

“So the team here must be congratulated

need to be addressed to scaleup

action through direct access,”

Prime Minister Browne


Antigua & Barbuda

pledged its commitment to

support the Adaptation Fund –

the pioneering fund for direct

access – through the post-Paris

turbulence, and to carving

out a role for the Adaptation

Fund in helping countries to

adapt to climate change. Since

the collapse of the carbon

market, which was the Fund’s

source of stable funding for

adaptation, the Fund has had

to rely on voluntary donor


The Prime Minister of

Antigua and Barbuda, Hon.

Gaston Browne, subsequently

visited the Green Climate

Fund’s (GCF) dome-shaped

meeting room at COP22 to

meet with Interim GCF Executive

Director, Javier Manzanares.

The Prime Minister

and Ambassador Webson

discussed with the Executive

Director “scaling up” in the

context of small island states,

where scale must not be compared

to large countries, but

rather scale on an island-wide

and region-wide transformational

impact. In islands, climate

finance can protect the

most vulnerable populations.

Kudos for the Potters Primary School

PM Browne and Ambassador Webson with Executive Director of

Green Climate Fund Executive Director and Adaptation Fund General

Manager on the margins of COP22 meeting in the Kingdom

of Morocco.

and commended for their work”, he said happily.

He added that he is also impressed with

the expansion work that is taking place at the

school, since he has received complaints in the

past regarding overcrowding.

MP Jonas assured concerned persons that

the situation is still being addressed with urgency.

“We are working to resolve that issue so

that all residents of Potters will have an opportunity

to send their children to this school. So

I am just asking everyone to be patient. We

have already started to expand the school plant

and we will continue to make changes here that

will meet the needs of the community”.

Prime Minister Browne

outlined that Antigua and

Barbuda’s leadership is committed

to developing a National

Adaptation Plan (NAP)

through the GCF’s new

funding window, in which

countries can through direct

channels access up to USD

3 million in grant to develop

and implement its NAP. The

Prime Minister also expressed

his commitment to assisting

the OECS sub-region to benefit

from the direct access to

climate financing channels of

the GCF.

As one of the countries

to have developed a Country

Programme that will guide its

engagement with the CGF,

Antigua and Barbuda’s Prime

Minister discussed with Mr.

Manzanares the next steps to

take the Country Programme

to implementation. “Transforming

national priorities

into a country-driven programme

of projects will enable

Antigua and Barbuda to

expeditiously meet its climate

targets,” PM Browne stated.

Friday 18th November 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 7

National consultation on regional model

guidelines for sexual offences cases

By Joanna Paris

Antigua and Barbuda is

the host of a critical two day

national consultation on establishing

Regional Model

Guidelines for Sexual Offence


The event is taking place

at the Jolly Beach Resort and

Spa and has attracted the participation

of a number of persons

to include: magistrates,

representatives from the Office

of the Director of Public

Prosecutor (DPP) and police


The consultation falls under

the Judicial Reform and

Institutional Strengthening

(Jurist) Project, a collaborative

effort between the Eastern

Caribbean Supreme Court

and the Caribbean Court of


The project is a five year

regional Caribbean judicial

reform initiative funded under

an arrangement with the

Government of Canada. It is

being implemented in at least

six countries to include Antigua

and Barbuda, St. Kitts

and Nevis, Dominica and St.

Lucia and will be expanded to

other territories in the region.

During the brief opening

ceremony, Consultant Diane

Shaw welcomed all of the

Update on School Meals

Programme for Barbuda

By Joanna Paris

Plans progressing at a steady pace for the construction of a

building to facilitate the National School Meals Programme in

Barbuda. This will be a first for the sister isle.

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, the Hon.

Michael Browne has indicated that there is a private company,

which has expressed interest in financing the construction of

the building at the primary school. He added that the operations

of the facility will fall under the Ministry but admitted that the

Ministry has no resources to construct the edifice.

“I know that Mr. Solomon from the National School Meals

Programme, the Barbuda Council along with MP Arthur Nibbs,

are in discussions to get resources to build the school meals

facility”, he said in an interview with state media.

He assured that once an arrangement is agreed upon, the

work on the facility will commence with immediacy.

Minister Browne assured the residents of Barbuda, that the

students and teachers at the Holy Trinity Primary School will be

beneficiaries of the nutritious, hot lunches available through the

National School Meals Programme initiative.

He made that commitment while on a tour of the school

plants in Barbuda in September.

participants to the forum and

urged them to be interactive as

they develop solutions to the

issues that will be presented.

The keynote address was delivered

by Justice Clare Henry,

Resident High Court Judge

in Antigua and Barbuda.

She indicated that the

guidelines for handling cases

with Sexual Offences are long

overdue. She added that there

must be a comprehensive approach

to dealing with sex

crimes and protecting victims

of these offences particularly

young children.

Justice Henry mentioned

that children are being exploited

at a younger age than

in previous times.

“Most reported cases of

rape are not prosecuted and

the victims do not receive

comprehensive medical care

and many victims do not

have access to quality mental

health services. There

is indeed much to be done.

Guidelines are needed to set

out a systematic approach that

prosecutors should take when

dealing with sexual abuse cases”,

she said.

The consultation concludes


8 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 18th November 2016

National Youth Awards deadline extended

By Joanna Paris

In order to allow members of the

public to nominate deserving and upstanding

youth for four categories, the

Department of Youth Affairs have extended

the deadline for nominations

for National Youth Awards in these


Representative of the Department

of Youth Affairs, Daryl George, while

speaking on Good Morning Antigua

A new job opportunity is

available at the Ministry of

Works and Housing (MWH)

under the road rehabilitation

project facilitated by the

Government of Antigua and

Barbuda and grant financing

provided by the United

Kingdom Caribbean Infrastructure

Partnership Fund.

Communication Specialist

within the Ministry,

Shawn Thomas said:

“The Ministry is now

requesting expressions of

interest for the position of

and Barbuda on state media on Thursday,

mentioned that the department

is yet to receive suggestions for the

Entrepreneurship, Literary Arts, Community

Service and Corporate Awards


The deadline is now extended until

Friday 25th November and George is

urging members of the public to assist

in the process.

He said that the feedback in the

Community Liaison Officer


Given nature of the project,

it would be very important

for the Ministry to

maintain interaction with

the various stakeholders in a

strategic way during the implementation


As a result, a CLO will

be appointed to work along

with the management team

for the period of time that

the road rehabilitation project

would take to be implemented.

Intergovernmental Agreement to

Facilitate Compliance with FATCA

This seeks to ensure that

certain best practices are

maintained in an effort to

provide opportunities where

by the public can be part of

the decision making process

and respond to issues that

have the potential to affect

the progress of the project

and its implementation.”

Thomas concluded.

The deadline for application

is December 16 th

2016. Specific guidelines

on how to apply for the positon

of CLO are available on the Ministry of Works

and Housing Website: www.

The Governments of Antigua and Barbuda

and the United States of America have

signed the Model 1B Inter Governmental

Agreement (IGA) which pave the way for

the enactment of the enabling legislation.

The enabling legislation, being the

“Foreign Account Tax Compliance (United

States) Implementation and Enforcement

(Intergovernmental Agreement) Bill” 2016

will be tabled in parliament shortly.

This will then create the legal environment

for financial institutions in Antigua

and Barbuda to submit their information to

the Competent Authority (the Commissioner

of the IRD) for onward submission to the


Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act

(FATCA) requires foreign financial institutions

to report to the IRS, information about

financial accounts held by U.S. taxpayers,

or by foreign entities in which U.S. taxpayers

hold a substantial ownership interest.

other areas have been “really good”.

“It is very important for us that the

public uses its opportunity to participate

and to nominate persons and fill

these sections of outstanding youth in

Antigua and Barbuda, because I know

we do have them”, George indicated.

The ceremony for National Youth

Awards is expected to take place on

January 28th at a venue which will be

announced shortly.

Ministry of Works and Housing to

contract a Community Liaison Officer

Communication Specialist within

the Ministry of Works, Shawn

Thomas or contact the

Ministry’s Communications

Unit at Telephone number:

(268) 462-7782.

The contracted CLO will

be a member of the project’s

management team.

The overall responsibility

of the CLO is to formulate

and implement the project’s

Stakeholder Participation

Plan inclusive of clearly defined

Communication Strategies.

Friday 18th November 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 9

ATM heist: Robbers in Nevis get

away with an entire teller machine


– Thieves on the island of

Nevis have confounded police

after stealing an entire

ATM at the Vance Amory

Airport and making a similar

attempt at another location.

St Kitts/Nevis National

Bank officials reported early

yesterday afternoon that

the ATM, which was located

just outside the arrivals hall

of the airport, was stolen.

According to police, the

robbers left behind only the

wires that had been attached

to the machine.

And even as investigations

continue into the

bizarre incident, police

confirmed they were also

probing reports that another

attempt was made to rob another

St Kitts/Nevis ATM at

another location.

Police confirm that bandits

attempted to rob the

machine on Tuesday night

but were unsuccessful.

However, the machine was


It is unclear whether the

two incidents were related.

No arrests have been

made. (Caribbean360)

10 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 18th November 2016

Agricultural Extravaganza underscores

sustainable growth in Agriculture

By Renio Abbott

Yesterday, the first Agro

Tech and Science Extravaganza

was declared open at

the Multipurpose Cultural

Centre. The event, the first of

its kind in Antigua and Barbuda

was created to encourage

the acknowledgement

and growth of youth in the

field of Agriculture. It was

acknowledged that most individuals

are of the opinion

that agriculture only entailed

farming. The need for more

attention in educating the

youth about agriculture and

the great possibilities outside

of farming was stressed

by the head table.

As made clear by the student

presentations that were

made at the opening there

are many facets to the agricultural

industry and one

which was stressed by some

students and will be a profile

to keep an eye on in the Caribbean

is that of the “Agriculture


The Honourable Samantha

Marshall, Junior Minister

of Agriculture, expressed

that “the Ministry of Agriculture

Lands and Fisheries

acknowledges that Agriculture

is no longer just the hoe

and the fork. Agriculture has

evolved into what we call

“Climate Smart Practices,

Green Houses, Hydropnics,

and Aquaponics...” She admitted

that Agriculture plays

a pivotal role in the country’s

sustainability and that

the opportunity was present

for further development and

diversification using technology

to enhance the interaction

with Agriculture. She

used greenhouses controlled

by smartphones as an example.

She indicated that a lot

of work has to be done to not

only secure the current farmers,

but future farmers and

provide the level of support

that is necessary to guarantee

food sustainability and

food sovereignty.

Mr. Craig Cole, Education

Officer with responsibility

for Agriculture within the

Ministry of Education made

compelling remarks about

the need for a paradigm shift

where the current national

perception of Agriculture

is concerned. He expressed

his pride in the progress that

was made after a long hard

battle to improve the agriculture

programs in Antigua

and Barbuda. Cole indicated

that it is expected that 1 million

dollars will be invested

to further improvements to

the school’s Agricultural

Science programs across the

nation. He spoke from the

heart specifically because

his passion demanded that

he did not write a structured

speech, but instead that he

dig deep and speak from the

love of Agriculture and the

true understanding the shortcomings

that we experience

in Antigua and Barbuda.

He remarked that after

Mr. Craig Cole, Education Officer with responsibility for Agriculture

within the Ministry of Education

travelling to China recently

for the Forum on Food Security

along with 22 countries

and 75 participants

and presenting on the education

program in Antigua

and Barbuda and the initiatives,

because of how well

received the presentation

was received, Antigua and

Barbuda was asked to take a

leadership role and to make

the final presentation at the

end of the forum.

Speaking to Caribbean

Times, Cole expressed his

gratitude to the Minister of

Education, the Honourable

Michael Browne, who has

been actively involved in

and is one of the largest supporters

of Agricultural Science

within the schools and

the improvement thereof in

Antigua and Barbuda.

Honourable Arthur

Nibbs, Minister of Agriculture

gave brief remarks

supporting previous remarks

that Agriculture has not been

giving the attention that it

deserves. He expressed hope

that 2017 will give rise to

greater support for Agriculture


Sir Rodney Williams,

Governor General of Antigua

and Barbuda declared

the Extravaganza open and

congratulated the organizers

of the event and the schools

that made presentations.

Friday 18th November 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 11

12 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 18th November 2016

Friday 18th November 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 13

14 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 18th November 2016

Thursday’s Sudoku Solution




1. Chew on

5. Passed effortlessly

9. Leading

14. Unescorted

15. Zoo enclosure

16. ____ Gras

17. ____ span

19. Stage whisper

20. Lose hope

21. Vouch for

22. Penniless

24. Average mark

25. Sailor

29. Hawaiian island

31. Children’s game

34. Saga

35. Not positive

37. Nimble

39. Hurried

40. Mexican sauce

41. Four-sided figure

43. Young male horse

44. Poet’s “before”

45. Took to court

46. Certain steaks (hyph.)

48. Auction offer

49. Agitate

51. Like Swiss mountains

54. Lecturers

59. Slack

60. Zoo

62. Performs alone

63. Had debts

64. Facts

65. Uncovers

66. “Wish You ____ Here”

67. Wood strip


1. Cheerful

2. Jot down

3. Picnic intruders

4. Cry

5. Director’s cry

6. Nile city

7. Freudian term

8. TV room

9. Nonprofessionals

10. Undue speed

11. Buffalo’s lake

12. Totals

13. Weight loss plan

18. ____ Valley (vineyard site)

21. Hurt

23. Reagan and McDonald

25. Gape

26. Enthusiastic

27. Rocker ____ Cooper

28. Thaw

30. Complexion woe

31. Hawk’s weapon

32. Church walkway

33. Tiny insects

35. Impel

36. Mexican dish

38. Lack of difficulty

42. Unclothed

46. Outburst

47. Talk big

48. Buffalo

50. Photocopier liquid

51. As well

52. Pilot’s stunt

53. ____ vault

55. Koppel and Kennedy

56. By mouth

57. Glamorous ____ Hayworth

58. ____ belt

60. Cut grass

61. Mama sheep

Friday 18th November 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 15

Today’s weather forecast

Antigua and Barbuda

Sunshine and clouds mixed.

High - 84ºF

Low - 76ºF

Wind: East South East 9 mph

Sunrise 6.13 am; Sunset 5.31 pm

Thursday’s Crossword Solution


SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21).

That person who is blustering

around and putting on a

good show is hiding something.

He’s not hiding something

big, but he’s hiding an

emptiness he’d rather you not

know about.


Dec. 21). The best thing for

your mood will be to let off

steam a little bit at a time.

This way you won’t build up

in a blast and burn someone.

Be the teakettle. Move yourself

off the burner once you

hear the whistle.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.

19). What was fun and cute

once is no longer. You have

real needs that are not being

met, and these distractions

aren’t helping you get them

met. You’ll get serious and

truthful on the matter today.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.

18). Go on and state your

terms. Negotiations are a

dance, but you need to get

onto the same dance floor as

the other person in order to

realize that you’re actually

dancing together.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20).

You’ll be asking for things

you and the people you represent

really need and want.

Learn your customer first.

You’ll be successful when

you let their habits dictate

your timing.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21).

This will be a day of constant

re-investment. You’ll

keep putting your riches into

things and getting your riches

plus more in return. The more

you invest, the more prosperous

you’ll be.

CANCER (June 22-July 22).

The amount of freedom you

exercise in your life will be

equal to the amount of freedom

you exercise in your

head. It will really help to

think your way through the

restrictions today.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). If

you want to know what’s

really hurting you, it’s the

fence. Get off the fence!

Make a commitment. Either

side will do, really; it doesn’t

matter. Either one will be better

than sitting in the middle.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March

20). The less you worry, the

better. One way is not to

think about it. Another way

is to think better of it. A third

way is to go on a long walk.

And if that doesn’t work,

there are at least a dozen other

ways that will.

ARIES (March 21-April 19).

When people offer things to

you in passing to seem generous,

but then don’t give you

the specifics about how you

would take them up on their

offer, call the bluff. Get into


VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).

Your understanding will

broaden. As this happens,

suddenly you may question

certain things you took for

granted — like your freedom.

How free are you really?

Could you be freer?

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23).

It’s said that god helps those

who help themselves. Maybe

that’s a bleak view of things.

Shouldn’t the help go to

those who need it? If not, at

least the unlucky have you

— more compassionate than

deities are rumored to be.

16 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 18th November 2016

The St. John’s cathedral parish presents its Annual Family

Christmas bazaar on Saturday, 3 rd December, 2016 from 2:00pm

– 9:00pm at Deanery Grounds St. John’s Street. Lots of food and

drinks will be on sale.Attraction for ALL ages. Santa Claus will

be rolling through with his elves. Come on out with the family

and have a wonderful time. Proceeds in aid of Restoration of our

beloved Cathedral Church. NO outside vendors will be allowed.

Under the Distinguished Patronage of Dame Louise Lake

Tack The Short Term Fund-raising Committee of the St.

John’s Cathedral present The Annual Black Tie Dinner &

Dance. Friday 25th November, 2016, 7:30 p.m. until. Grand

Royal Antiguan Resort. Price $175.00 Entertainment by the

Specialist Band, Chiki Hi-fi, door prizes, lots of surprises,

including the Master of Ceremonies who is a Priest. Continue

to support our efforts as all funds raised will assist the

ongoing restoration work at our beloved Cathedral.


The Antigua & Barbuda Social Security Board (ABSSB)

wishes to advise Social Security pensioners’ whose pensions

go to Antigua Commercial Bank and the Royal Bank

of Canada that funds for these two banks have been released.

The ABSSB further advises its pensioners whose pension

payments are sent to the CIBC/First Caribbean International

Bank that funds for this bank will be released next week.

The ABSSB apologizes to its pensioners for any inconvenience

caused and deeply regrets any undue stress this situation

has created.

The Liberta Wesleyan Holiness Church invites you to its

Harvest Fun Fair on Saturday November 26th, 2016, from

12:00pm – 7:00pm on the church grounds in Liberta. There

will be lots of attractions for the children including bounce

castle, face painting, donkey ride. Other attractions include

hat show competition, live music and entertainment. Come

and enjoy an afternoon of food, fun, fellowship and the

bountiful blessings from the Lord. An entry fee of $2:00 will

be charged per person. All proceeds from the fair will go

towards the building of the new sanctuary.

The Antigua and Barbuda Coalition of Service Industries

is putting on another important workshop targeting small

business owners and service providers. Sign up now for our

Digital and Social Media workshop geared to help you get

an understanding of how to use the internet and social media

to enhance your business and increase your visibility. November

21st to 23rd, Heritage Hotel 6.00 to 8.00 p.m. For

more information and to register email: or or call: 464-9349 or 721-

6251.Seats are Limited. Regsiter Now!

On the 19th November 2016 the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism

Cadets Corps will be hosting a Lunch and Fun Fair at

the House Culture Parliament Drive. As the Tourism Cadets

Corps is nearing the end of the 2016 Program, a cadet’s ability

to effectively manage a project is an integral part of the student’s

success in the program. The Tourism Cadets invite you

to come and experience tomorrow’s Tourism leaders through

song, dance, music and service on November 19th 2016, Old

Parliament Building. All funds raised will go towards the

graduation which is slated for December 16th 2016.

The St. John’s Branch of the Mothers’ Union invites one and

all to their Goat Water and Souse evening at the Dean William

Lake Car Park St. John’s Street. Friday 18th November

2016 3-6p.m. Tickets only $15ec. And can be bought from

any member of the organization or at the Deanery Office. All

proceeds in aid of their community outreach programs.

The Antigua State College invites the public to participate in

CARD 2017 – Conference for Academic Research and Development.

A community outreach programme of the college,

CARD’s mission is to present research on issues of national

and regional significance with the aim of promoting societal

change. CARD 2017 is slated for March 2017. The location

will be announced at a later date. The organizers are working

to prepare an attractive open environment for the sharing of

knowledge and experience in an array of subject areas. Papers

may be theoretical, archival or experimental in nature. We are

asking those who are interested in presenting at the conference

to submit an abstract of their research paper along with a resume

or one page bio of themselves to the following e-mail, The contact person is Dr. Patricia

Benn. The organizers invite the submission of papers by

January 30th. For more information, contact: Antigua State

College: 462-1434. Email:

The Hon. E.P. Chet Greene Parliamentary representative for

St. Paul's invites all constituents to a Town Hall meeting on

Thursday 24th November at 7:30 p.m. at the Cobbs Cross

School. Do come out and be enlightened about the plans for

the community for the Christmas season and plans into the

new year going forward.

The ABLP St. Paul's Branch will hold a Tasty fund-raiser

breakfast on Saturday 3rd December 2016 at the Cobbs

Cross Corner from 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. On the menu will

be Fungi and shad, Link fish, Red herring, Sausage, chop up,

johnny cakes, and more. with a free cup of Bush Tea. Cost

of Breakfast: $15.00. Local Drinks will also be on sale. Do

support this worthy cause. Proceeds in aid of Community


Friday 18th November 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 17

ABIIT trumps Aces, APUA Inet upsets

Alorica in business volleyball league

By Marver Woodley

Head Coach of the Flow

Old Road FC, Vincent Samuel

has described his club’s

start in the Premier league

as modest thus far.

Samuel who is one of the

participants at the Antigua

and Barbuda Football Association

C licensing training

By Marver Woodley

The International Women’s

Club of Antigua and

Barbuda are set to host the

2016 Golf for Education

Tournament this weekend.

18 teams to date have

already registered for the

9th installment of the oneday

event which kicks off

at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday


This weekend’s competition

is set to show off

some of the biggest names

in Antiguan golf as this

take on 18 holes at the

Cedar Valley Golf course.

By Carlena Knight

ABIIT Millblades trumped Aces in

straight sets on Wednesday night at the

YMCA Sports complex in the Antigua

Barbuda Amateur Volleyball Association

Business Volleyball League.

Millblades did not have an easy

walk over of Aces who fought valiantly

in both sets but we’re just edged

out, 25-22 and 25-21.

In the feature match, APUA Inet

upset the ever vibrant Alorica team,


Alorica came out guns blazing

winning the first set but became too

complacent in the second set giving

program at the ARG, said

that after a slow start the

team is beginning to work

better together.

The former player noted

that nonetheless he has his

eyes on the coveted prize,

expressing that his team

will stay in close range of

the Division’s leaders.

Golfers such as national

champion Omari James,

Otis Tomas, Stewart Gordon

and Jonathan Piggott

will all be making an appearance

along with 81 additional


The competition which

is staged by the IWC every

year is aimed at raising

funds to assist in offsetting

educational expenses and

contribute to University


The registration fee is

$250 per person which will

include a lunch and drinks

for both days with 4 category

of prizes up for grabs.

He however said that the

team will continue to work

hard especially on defense.

The team who has been

on a three week winning

streak has loss five points

thus far according to the

coach due their slow start

in the earlier played games

but has rebounded in swift


Old Road will take on

Harney Motors Tryum on

Saturday at 5pm. In other

encounters slated for that

APUA some much needed momentum

to win the second set, 25-9 and to push

to a final third set.

It was the APUA show in the final

set leaving both the Alorica players

and cheerleaders frustrated.

APUA walked away with the victory,


Old Road FC prepare for weekend’s encounter

Golf for Education

competition Saturday

day Glanville’s will take on

Cool and Smooth Empires

while on Sunday Piggott’s

Bullets will take on the Liberta

Blackhawks ho are still

in search of their first win

for the season since advancing

to the Premier Division.

SAP will then challenge

Asots Arcade Parham followed

by Coola and Smooth

AC Delco and Glens Pet

Paradise Green Bay Hoppers

encounter with Sandals


Informative, reliable, enriching!

Think you have a good news story; did you witness

anything that is news-worthy; did you take that

valuable picture; things happening in your community

but there is no outlet or voice for you? You can

earn just by telling your story.

Call Caribbean Times at (268) 562 8688



Reach us now with that breaking news!

18 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 18th November 2016

Bryson’s Future Stars, ECAB

win big in Softball competition



Don’t Dream it.

Drive it


By Marver Woodley

Bryson’s Future Stars and ECAB

were victors in the Dave “Fat Man”

Knowles Softball competition held on

Wednesday evening.

Powered by Michael Dover’s powerful

strikes Stars crushed ACB Warriors

by 40 runs in Powell’s. Dover’s 50

not out lifted his side to 89 for 3 from

10 overs, Warriors then crawled to 49

for 6 in which Cassio Allen picked up 2

for 11 on his two overs allotment.

ECAB on the other hand trounced

Auntie Sues Herbert’s United by 9

wickets. Herbert’s 52 for 6 wickets was

thanks to Peter Belafonte 27, Dashawn

Thomas 2 for 12, while ECAB made 55

for 1.

The competition will resume this

evening where Bryson Bullets will face

off against ECAB.

Green Bay Hoppers await approval to

host Scotia Bank Champions League

By Carlena Knight

Defending Premier

League Football Champions,

Green Bay Hoppers, are

awaiting approval to host

the first round matches of

the Scotia Bank Champions

League in February 2017.

Hoppers who automatically

qualified to participate

as the defending champs,

registered to not only compete

in the event but also to

host a number of matches

at the Antigua Recreation


Upon receiving the request,


two representatives to assess

the quality of the field last

For Sale

weekend to ensure that the

grounds are suitable to host

the event.

If approved, hosting

the event is expected to

cost Hoppers an estimated


The group draw will

however take place the first

week in December.

PRE-BLACK FRIDAY DEALS on Assortment of Plastic

Ware containers, bowls etc. in a variety of shapes • sizes •

styles • colours happening Thursday 17th – Saturday 19th

from 9am – 2pm. Next to FRITO LAY Office • Sir George

Walter Highway. 734.2447 GREAT for all homes.


Gallery!!! Daily Specials on Furniture, Appliances, Beds,


Starting November 14th to November 26th.






1 (268) 462-1062



BLOW OUT SALE on LED Indoor / Outdoor bulbs,

tubes & fixtures 110V, 220V and Dual Voltage @ LED

SOURCE happening Thursday 17th – Saturday 19th from

9am – 2pm. LED Source 736-(LEDS)5337• Sir George

Walter Highway. DON’T MISS OUT!

Friday 18th November 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 19

Under 20 youth named in CFU All Stars

By Carlena Knight

Vashami Allen, an under 20 Bennaboys

silver medalist was named as

a 2016 CFU U20 All Star player earlier

this month in the center back position.

As announced by CONCACAF

on their website, Allen along with 10

other players were named as All Stars

for their outstanding performances

in the just concluded CFU under 20

Tournament in which Haiti defeated

Antigua Barbuda, 4-1 in the finals.

Allen is the only Antiguan to make

the list as the 10 other players came

from Haiti.

They are:

Goalkeeper- Jhon Paris

Right back- Denso Ulysses

Center back- Odilion Jerome

Left back- Francy Pierre

Right midfielder- Jonel Desire

VIJAYAWADA, India – West Indies

Women will turn their attention

to a friendlier format when they take

on India Women in the first of three

Twenty20 Internationals starting here


The tour has been a bleak one so

far for the visitors, having suffered a

3-0 whitewash in the preceding One-

Day International series but they will

be banking on their strength in the

game’s shortest format, in order to

make amends.

Head coach Vasbert Drakes said

his charges understood the importance

of the series especially coming on the

heels of their drubbing in the ODIs.

“We’re up for the challenge. We

know we are behind the eight-ball and

the best possible way to prove to us

and to prove to everyone that we are

hungry and we want to get better, is to

Vashami Allen was named as a 2016 CFU U20 All Star.

Forward- Ronaldo Damus.

Center midfielder- Brian Chevreuil

Center midfielder- Wendy St. Felix

Left midfielder- Kenley Dede

Forward- Roberto Louima

We at Caribbean Times congratulate

Mr. Allen for his achievement.

Windies hoping to turn page on ODIs

get back on … the park and play the

cricket that we want to be playing and

that starts tomorrow,” Drakes said.

West Indies Women are the reigning

T20 World Cup champions after

defeating Australia Women in the final

of that tournament in India last


And with the likes of power-hitters

like Deandra Dottin, Hayley Matthews

and Stafanie Taylor, the Caribbean

girls will be expected to put on a

show, much better than the one in the

ODI series.

Drakes acknowledged the expectation

which surrounded the side in the


“We know we have created a situation

where people are expecting us

to do well and we would have won

the last international T20 competition

which was the World Cup so the expectation

is there,” the former West

Indies cricketer pointed out.

“And certainly as a group we believe

we have what it takes to continue

to get better in terms of performing


West Indies Women went down by

15 runs in the last ODI here Wednesday

so have had precious little time to

regroup from the series loss.

However, Drakes said there was a

confidence in the camp that positive

results could be had.

“We would have done our preparation,

we would have tried to tick all

the necessary boxes that would allow

us to win the game … we we are really

looking forward to the competition,”

he said.

The game bowls off at 10 am (Friday,

12:30 am Eastern Caribbean

time). (CMC)

20 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 18th November 2016

Estwick praises trio after clinical win

HARARE, Zimbabwe –

West Indies bowling coach

Roddy Estwick has hailed

the contributions of the three

debutants, which helped

propel the Caribbean side

to a convincing victory over

Sri Lanka in their opening

game of the Tri-Nations Series

here Wednesday.

Wicketkeeper Shai Hope

stroked 47 and all-rounder

Rovman Powell smashed

44 as West Indies were dismissed

for 227 after being

sent in at the Harare Sports


Off-spinner Ashley

Nurse then also starred on

debut with three for 46 as Sri

Lanka were bundled out for

165, to go down by 62 runs.

“[Nurse] had a good debut

but there’s still room for

improvement. I always believe

you can improve and

there were still one or two

bad balls and he would know

that, but he will be happy

that on debut he can go and

take three wickets and take

two good catches,” Estwick


“And he also looked

good even though he didn’t

get that many [runs] so

we’ve got to be happy with

the debutants. It shows that

we’ve got talent but discipline

and hard work has to

go with the talent as well.”

The trio, along with lefthander

Jonathan Carter who

top-scored with 54 on his

29th birthday, helped pull

West Indies out of trouble

after they slipped to 27 for

two early on.

Carter and Hope put on

53 for the fourth wicket before

Carter and Powell added

a further 43 for the fifth

as West Indies controlled the

middle overs.

Powell then blasted two

fours and three sixes in a 29-

ball cameo which allowed

the Windies to close well.

“It shows that once you

plan right, once you stick

to your game plans, you’ve

obviously got a chance and

once the spirit in the camp

is good as well, that also

makes life a little bit easier,”

Estwick pointed out.

“We did those two things

very well today. We never

panicked at any stage at all

even though we were [batting]

a lot slower than we

would like. We were looking

for 250, having looked at the

pitch and having been asked

to bat first but we stuck with


“Young Shai Hope

played well, Jonathan Carter

played well and Rovman

Powell was exceptional. I

thought he gave the innings

major impetus and those

are the things you are looking

for – for young players

to hold their hands up and

come to the party.”

West Indies followed up

with a clinical bowling performance

with captain and

seamer Jason Holder getting

two wickets up front in a

classy eight-over spell and

speedster Shannon Gabriel

bowling with aggression to

claim three.

Estwick said the players

were now beginning to display

the ability and execution

which was necessary in

order to succeed at international


“It shows the boys are

putting in the work. Jason

has made one or two technical

changes and it’s beginning

to work and you come

out of your last Test match

with five wickets and now

you come here and you bowl

well – you get bounce, you

look aggressive,” Estwick


“Once we keep working

hard and once we keep planning

and stay disciplined,

keep that team spirit up and

that camaraderie [we will do

well].” (CMC)

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