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AsianNews 1 Nov 2016;; New Zealand's first Asian newspaper launched in 1991. email:

AsianNews 1 Nov

Celebrating our 25th year of publication. • Vol 2 No 55, November 2016 websites:; email: THE VOICE OF MIGRANTS Immigration News. Education. Job Search. Employment Ads. Settling in NZ. Social Media. Print. Web. Tablet. Mobile. FREE COPY FB: AsianMigrantNewsNZ M: 027 495 8477. Reaching the broader ASIAN community. Incorporating ‘Migrant News’. Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi Parmjeet Parmar Jian Yang Roshan Nauhria Melissa Lee Priyanca Radhakrishnan Mahesh Bindra Bid to give migrants a ‘real voice’ in Parliament By MEL FERNANDEZ AUCKLAND - The 2013 census revealed dramatic changes in the demographics of New Zealand. The number of Asians living in every region in New Zealand has been increasing, with the biggest growth occurring in the Auckland region, where 1 in 4 people identified with one or more Asian groups. The post-census period there has seen a record numbers of new migrants arriving in the country. According to the Auckland chamber of commerce 800 new residents are settling in Auckland every week. Professor Paul Spoonley, Shawn Tan Lawyer a Massey University demographer, described these numbers as “staggering”. The changing face of the country's population, coupled with the rapid growth of the Asian population that began in the 1990s, raises the following question: are migrants now adequately represented in politics in New Zealand? After the 2011 Election the Asian and Indian communities were represented in Parliament by five List MPs - two from the Labour Party and three from National. In the 2014 Election these communities are still represented by five MPs - Mahesh Bindra from NZ First and the National Party's Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi, Dr Parmjeet Parmar, Dr Jian Yang and Melissa Lee. In AMN's Election report in 2013 our Asian commentators were concerned about the underrepresentation of migrants in Parliament - just five Asian MPs for some time. Then there is the perception that the current MPs, who are Winston Peters NZ First members of the larger political parties, are merely seat warmers who garner migrant votes and donation dollars for their parties, but have no real voice in parliament. According to Auckland lawyer Shawn Tan “The view that migrant MPs are ineffective or even invisible highlights a problem with race relations in this country. continues on page 02

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