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Does the Holiday Season Mean

Overindulgence to You?

Homeopathy to the Rescue!

By Virangini Cindy Bounsaville, C. Hom.

Even the most disciplined of us can overindulge during the holiday season. Whether

you do too much, spend too much, socialize too much or just eat and drink too

much – you can find that you over did it.. Nobody likes that overindulged feeling,

especially when it relates to digestive upsets. If your social gatherings with

coworkers, family, or friends leave you feeling that you’ve overindulged, don’t suffer.

Taking a homeopathic remedy can have you feeling better in next to no time. Whether

your ailment is gas and bloating, heartburn and indigestion, or nausea a homeopathic

remedy can be taken to relieve your systems and restore you back to normal again.

Below are several scenarios identifying homeopathic remedies that you may want to have

on hand to help you get through the holiday season and beyond.

Lycopodium is the homeopathic remedy to use if your overindulgence has resulted in gas

and bloating, accompanied with gurgling in the lower abdomen. These symptoms come

from eating foods that do not agree with you (dairy, wheat, etc.) or from overeating. Take 1-3 pellets of Lycopodium 30c and repeat

every 15 minutes, until your gas and bloating start to diminish. Most people will only need a couple of doses to get results and feel


If your ailment is heartburn and indigestion – There are several homeopathic remedies that can be taken; selecting the best remedy

for you all depends on the time you start to experience your symptoms. If the heartburn and indigestion begins one half hour after a

meal, select the homeopathic remedy Carbo Vegetabilis.

The homeopathic remedy Nux Vomica would be

selected if you are having heartburn and indigestion

several hours after eating. And, if you wake up during

the middle of the night with heartburn and indigestion,

select the homeopathic remedy Arsenicum Album.

Whichever remedy you choose for your symptoms, use

a 30c potency. Take 1-3 pellets on the tongue every

15-30 minutes until you start to see improvement, then

back off the selected homeopathic remedy and repeat

the remedy if the symptoms start to return again.

In many cases, I have found my clients experience

burping along with their heartburn. Lycopodium is the

homeopathic remedy to use if you have a combination

of these symptoms.

When we feel nauseated from eating greasy, and

or rich foods think of Pulsatilla. The homeopathic

remedy Pulsatilla will help if the stomach feels queasy

and you feel better with moving open air. Pulsatilla

30c every 15 minutes until nausea starts to improve.

Homeopathic remedies are easily found in most health

food stores, Whole Food Markets, Trader Joes and some


I wish you the best of the holidays this year, by

enjoying love and laughter with your family and


Happy Holidays.

Virangini Cindy Rounsaville, C.Hom., founder of

North Eastern Health Institute, is a homeopathic

health consultant and educator who has served those

interested in homeopathy since 1983. Virangini Cindy

can be contacted at

Thank You Nursing Home Volunteers:

“Seniors Should Never Be Forgotten”

By Debra Hallisey

If you sit down to talk with “Adopt A

Senior” founder Annye Cohen, you had

better buckle your seatbelt. You are in

for fast, joyous ride, as her enthusiasm

for this work spills out in stories of

residents she has met, the organizations

beginnings and her dreams for the future.

Add Bill Cowen, Treasurer and Meagan

Conway, Communications Director, to the

discussion and the passion this group has

in the belief “Seniors Should Never Be

Forgotten” is striking.

In 2014, Annye co-founded with Bill,

“Adopt A Senior” as a nonprofit in the

hopes of taking it nationwide. In addition

to Annye, Bill and Meagan, the Board

includes: Sharyn Cohen Vice President;

Bob Tretter Vice President; and Jill

O’Toole, Secretary/ Director.

The roots of this 503 © (3) non-profit goes

back 15 years. Cohen was volunteering at

the Riverside Premier Rehabilitation and

Healing Center in Manhattan, when she

realized there were residents who had no

family or visitors during the holidays. She

began with a floor of 40 seniors, inviting

friends and family to “adopt” a resident.

From that humble beginning the annual

Holiday Gift Giving program was born.

In early 2015, AAS started volunteering at

Bartley Healthcare in Jackson NJ and in

August, they brought the program to The

Grand in Whitestone, Queens.

January 2015 kicked off a monthly

“Birthday Party Patrol” at Riverside

Premier. In April 2015, they brought the

program to Bartley Healthcare. I had

the privilege of joining them at Bartley.

The Birthday Party Patrol is a parade of

volunteers with balloons, hats and kazoos

walking through the facility greeting

residents. An individually wrapped gift

and card is hand delivered to each senior

celebrating a birthday that month. At

each stop, the card is read aloud, help

is given in opening the gift and as a

final touch, a rousing rendition of Happy

Birthday on kazoos.

You must be part of this parade to

understand the impact it has on not

only the birthday person, but the entire

facility. Tears, smiles, and thank you

come from the birthday boy or girl and

from whom ever was near to our birthday

circle. Person after person would tear up

at their birthday gift or our gift of music.

More than once, someone asked “Will you

be back? Or said, “My birthday is in …”.

Happy Birthday on kazoos is a big hit, and

many residents sing along. One resident

even tacked on a bawdy little ditty to

her rendition of Happy Birthday! Bill

asked one birthday boy “What happens

when the birthday cake comes out?”

His response, “The girl jumps out of the

cake?” Sadly, we had to tell him, not

this time, but he would get our version

of Happy Birthday. I am particularly

struck by our time in the dementia wing.

Residents were participating in therapy,

sleeping, or ignoring our presence.

As soon as we started to play Happy

Birthday, many clapped and moved

their heads, engaged in that moment.

The gentle touch, the soft hug, the

connection with the residents as human

beings is what makes this group so


If you don’t live in the New York, New

Jersey or Tri-State area, you can still be

involved. For a donation of $50.00, the

organization will select a Senior on your

behalf, and ensure the individual receives

a birthday gift, two seasonal gifts and a

holiday gift. You can donate items from

the Wish List or designate Adopt a Senior

on For more details

on how you can help visit their website:, click on Donate,

or call: 347-365-0633

Debra Hallisey is an advocate for seniors.

Visit her website for more important

information on assisting seniors at www. (605)

Top Secret Marketing Tools for

Busy Professionals

Five years ago, when business

executive Judy Weintraub

explored how to get her workshop

material into books for sales

prospects, she stumbled upon the

top secret marketing tool that every

professional needs to know in order to

build their brand, establish credibility,

and grow their business .

After conducting extensive research

into publishing companies, she realized

that no marketing platform such as this

existed yet. So this enterprising woman,

with two flourishing legal practices,

leveraged 20 years of legal expertise

and business acumen to create one that

took her whole life in a new direction.

She knew that writing a 250-page book

would be very time consuming. “It is

not as simple as taking the content and

slapping it together against two covers,”

explained Weintraub. “I really wasn’t

interested in spending a lot of time and

effort to write a book.”

But she also realized that business

executives like to have short lecture

presentations. “They just want

something quick and dirty that they can

take with them, noted Weintraub, “and

feel like they have learned a new trick

or tip and then get on with their day.”

So by September 2011, when 25 of her

business associates loved this idea so

much that they wanted to produce their

own books but didn’t know how, she

didn’t become overwhelmed. Instead,

this go-getter simply embraced the


Building the business

In the next seven months, she became

an expert in the self-publishing industry,

so that she could create a platform

geared specifically for her business


Initially, because Weintraub knew

little about publishing, she decided

that helping other authors to get their

books published would help her figure

out the best way to do things. That

meant taking courses, including video

tutorials-- even reaching out to other

publishing firms.

Weintraub launched Skill Bites, LLC in

February 2012. This full service selfpublishing

company assists clients every

step of the process from topic development

to the book launch, providing multiple book

layout and design options. Also, they

can select a strategic marketing

plan that meets their needs and most

importantly budget.

Streamlining the process

“As I learned about different

mistakes that were happening, I

learned ways to correct them,”

said Weintraub. “So when I would

present someone with a book layout,

and they would give me a whole

list of things that they wanted done

differently, I thought: ‘Aha, I need to

have questions for people to answer

in advance so that the book layout

meets their needs.’

She was able to develop and

implement systems to do things

more efficiently that shortened

the publishing process for clients.

“Business people don’t have a lot

of time,” explained Weintraub, who

completely understands her client’s

needs and challenges. “So coming up

with a process that was going to be

quick and easy and convenient for

them is what I was aiming to do.”

Weintraub noted that most of her

authors do the writing themselves.

“They have the expertise,” she

explained, “and it is a matter of

getting it from their head to paper.”

Therefore, she has put systems

into place to guide the writing

process, one where clients decide

what amount of support they will

need with the writing, editing, and


Weintraub’s passion to help others

has driven her to constantly find

better ways to do things. She

believes that every author who

has gotten her book published is

a great success. It’s so rewarding

when clients call me all excited

that they got their books delivered,

and they look terrific. That’s such a

wonderful feeling!”

Lynda Dell is a professional writer

who can tell your business story.

Visit her blog at

By Lynda Dell

The Professional Organization Management

Company that can take your business to

the next level.

Services including:

• Marketing/Sales Materials

• Content Development

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• Lead Generation

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• Event Management

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This Holiday Season - Find Love in

a Forever Friend

By Phyllis Smith

For anyone who calls me on the

phone, they usually have the

distinct pleasure of hearing my

lovely girl Sugar singing (I meant

barking) in the background. My boy Max

is nearby and never makes a sound – I

don’t think he can outdo Sugar’s loud

voice. But despite their shortcomings,

Sugar and Max have been instituted

into our family for several years. I don’t

know what I would do if I didn’t have

them wake me up every morning with

their wet kisses or sit with me in the

evening with their large heads on my

lap.When I’m sick they lay by my bed

letting me know that somebody cares.

If I need exercise, they’re both very

happy to pull me down the street to

their favorite park or drop a ball in my

lap for a game of catch. No matter

how many challenges I deal with during

the day, my good friends Sugar and Max

are by my side in the evening making

me feel wanted and loved. Sugar and

Max also act as surrogate parents for

baby pups that we foster from timeto-time.

Although both of them are

over 80 pounds –they find a way to play

with little puppies when we bring them

home. It’s almost like it’s part of their

job to show them the way of the world.

But it wasn’t always easy for my furry

friends. They both came from kill shelters in

Mississippi and North Carolina. My husband

and I rescued Max when he was nine weeks

old and he was missing part of his hair.

Sugar was a one-and-a-half-year-old puppy

that we fostered because no one wanted

a Pitty mix who just had babies. But Sugar

became attached to my husband or maybe

he became attached to her. Needless to

say, he wasn’t going to let anyone else

adopt her and she became part of the

family after a few months in our foster


Whether you’re a dog or cat lover, these

helpless, innocent friends need homes.

Some of them live outside in the cold

searching for food and shelter. Others

get run over by cars, and many never get

a chance to live with a loving family or

person because they are euthanized due to

overcrowded shelters. Even if you can’t

take care of one of these deserving pets for

a long period – consider fostering a dog or a

cat until a forever home is found.

If you want a friend that wants nothing

more than a little love each day with some

food and water – consider adoption. But

don’t get a dog or cat if you don’t have

the time to take care of them. They really

don’t ask for very much – just love,

attention and exercise. If you can’t

do that and want a pet – buy a fish.

Professional Women’s Business Network,

the Producer and Talk Show Host of The

Scoop and The Executive View Radio

Shows on WWDB-AM 860 –

There are fantastic shelters all over

the country run by the SPCA, the

Women’s Humane Society and others.

My husband and I personally volunteer

with WAGS Rescue in Horsham, PA

( and they

adopt out hundreds of dogs and

puppies every year. You can also go to – Home of

301,765 adoptable pets from 13, 318

adoption groups around the country.

So with love and kisses sent from

Sugar and Max –think about rescuing

a forever furry friend this holiday


Phyllis Smith is the Founder of the

Passion Sells

By Cynthia Stott

Bringing more of what you love into

your life and business, will not only

make you happier, it will probably

make you wealthier!

Passion is the spice of life and people can

feel it when you have it – or when you

don’t. There’s nothing more enrolling

than someone that is passionate about


I believe that no matter what you’re

passionate about, it is a message from

your Heart and Soul. Your “inner

yearnings” can give a peek into your inner

life like nothing else can. When you

follow the thread of your passions, you

can find a treasure trove of your deepest


When I coach entrepreneurs and experts,

I always ask them about what they are

most passionate about and why. I believe

that you can make business out of your

passions, or at least “fold” them into a

business that you are already passionate


One client challenged me by asking, “I’m

passionate about building sandcastles.

Can you make a business out of that?” I

came up with at least 8 different ways

get paid to build sandcastles in Bali,

Australia or where ever she would like to

build them!

It’s no accident that this woman was in a

business that she could easily “fold” her

sandcastle building passion into. What

I’ve seen time and time again is that

passions lie together. Each passion is like

a thread in a “Passion Quilt” that lies

below the surface of our ordinary busy


A few years ago, I took The Passion Test

and put together some statements about

how I would like my ideal life to be.

Two things I was passionate about, but

thought would be impossible to bring into

my life on a regular basis, were to be in

nature and around water –ocean, ponds,

waterfalls, etc. - every day and “bound

down stairs” like I did as a kid. You see,

I could only go down stairs backwards as I

injured my knees in 2007.

I found the index cards where I wrote

these “impossible dreams” about

a year after I made them. I was

shocked that they had actually

come true!

I started walking in San Francisco’s

Golden Gate Park just before I took

the test. I loved walking there,

but found it to be challenging for

my knees. I slowly built up my

endurance, walking up a steep

hill and then I tried the first level

of some stairs that surrounded

a waterfall. Then I decided to

change my diet and added a

healthy shake. The first time I

drank my “green” shake, I passed

up a tourist on the steepest part

of the waterfall steps, I was

AMAZED! This milestone gave me

the courage and determination to

continue walking and drinking my


I’ve lost 40 pounds on these hikes

and can now “bound” down steps!

I hike up and down between 36 and 96

FLIGHTS of stairs almost every day. My

next “dream” is to hike the Empire State


Maybe you’re thinking, “Great! Cynthia

brought her passions into her life, lost 40

pounds and can now bound down stairs

like she couldn’t for nearly 10 years, but

I still don’t see what that has to do with

selling or becoming wealthy.”

Here’s the best part, I’ve sold over

$40,000 while talking on the phone

during my hikes! In addition to my

waterfall steps, I hike up a mountain

with a view of the ocean and these

beautiful mosaic steps.

Bottom line, Passion Sells! Bring more of

your passions into you life and business

and watch your happiness, fulfillment

and wealth skyrocket!

Cynthia Stott is a Global Visibility

Expert and Mentor. You can connect

with her at


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Do You Want to be More

Organized for the Holidays?

By Bobbie Burkhard

If you want to feel more relaxed and

joyful throughout the holiday season

and not feel stressed by all that you

need to do, focus on the five P’s: plan,

pace yourself, prioritize, partialize and


Plan your budget and approximately what

it needs to cover: gifts, decorations,

food, wine, and incidentals such as paper

products and candles for entertaining.

Get out your calendar and schedule

when you plan to accomplish major tasks

like shopping, wrapping, decorating and

baking. The plan may need to be revised

numerous times but you will feel more in

control if you have a plan.

Pace yourself by trying not to put too

many activities or tasks all in one week.

Prioritize and re-prioritize on an on-going

basis. Be flexible but don’t procrastinate

or you will have too many last minute

preparations and you will be totally

stressed out.

Partialize major tasks. Shopping can be

broken into shopping for friends and

shopping for family. Decorating can be

broken down into inside and outside;

upstairs and downstairs. Enjoy yourself

and decorate one room each day instead

of trying to do it all in one day and being

exhausted the next.

Give yourself permission to discontinue

any holiday preparations you do out

of obligation but don’t really enjoy. If

you don’t enjoy baking, don’t do it this

year! Pick something up at the bakery

on the way to the party or decline to

participate in the cookie exchange. If

exchanging gifts with everyone on your

list is becoming too expensive or your

lifestyle has become much busier, talk

to the people on your gift list. They

may be relieved to discontinue the gift


If you practice the five P’s: plan, pace

yourself, prioritize, partialize, and give

yourself permission to do what gives

you joy throughout the holiday season I

guarantee this will be your best holiday


Bobbie Burkhart is a Home Organizer

and the owner of The Closet

Magician – visit her website at www.

Following My Heart: From Car

Sales to Reiki!

By Kerry O’Keefe

Eight months ago this minute, I was

sitting in a car dealership on Long

Island. We were still shoveling snow

off cars, business was sluggish, and

we were as exhausted as car salespeople

are by the time March rolls around.

The icing on the cake? I was starting

to get sick. And, on top of it all, every

time I turned around, I was hearing an

interview, or a tiny snatch of a song, or

reading a meme somewhere about the

importance, the joy, the necessity of

doing meaningful work. What was that


Truth told, I love cars, and when selling

cars in Springfield, MA, Hartford, CT and

Nassau County, NY, I tended to love my

customers. On the other hand, anyone

who knows the car business knows that

management is not always on their best

manners (a wild understatement), and

the pressure is brutal.

One thing I have learned is that when

sickness comes, there is always a hidden

opportunity. ALWAYS! So that when a

simple ENT infection deepened into

something more, causing me to be out

of work for numerous weeks, I knew

something larger was perking. That I was

being flat out given time to recede from

the toxicity of my workplace enough to

do some deep thinking, and that perhaps

the time had come to walk away.

The backstory here is that not so long ago

I had started to receive Reiki treatments

from a marvelous Reiki Master who was

achieving magnificent results with a

family member who had suffered longterm

repercussions from numerous

childhood concussions. In the course of

my healing sessions it became clear to

both my practitioner and me that after

a lifetime of deep personal work and

spiritual seeking, Reiki was the perfect

modality for me to use all I had already

learned. She looked across at me one day

and said, “You know a lot. Now we just

need to pull it together.” That was the


For many months, I traveled to New

Jersey to apprentice with my teacher

and furthered my studies of Reiki, the

human aura, Reikiatsu, clairvoyance,

evidential and healing mediumship, EFT,

Bach Flower Remedies, Feng Shui, and

abundance and metaphysical philosophy,

while, needless to say, wondering how

long this these two worlds could coexist.

And then I got sick.

The quick version? I did the thing that

everyone tells you NEVER to do. I quit

one job without having another. Having a

little bit of money socked away from the

sale of a piece of property, I stepped right

out into the ethers with the intention

of becoming a

full-time Reiki

healer. Let the

chips fall where

they may! And

don’tcha know I’m

getting everything

I need to build my

practice, not in

one location but


By volunteering

once a week, I

have access to

practice rooms

at the beautiful

Edgar Cayce

Center on W. 27th

St., New York. I

then found a

sweet studio space

in Lambertville

that I rent another

couple of days

per week. I have

been shown how

to price my Reiki

and spiritual

healing services

to start ($30-35/

hr in Lambertville,

$50-55, NYC).

Everyone can

use healing and

frankly, I would

rather charge less

and heal more!


Ryans Commercial Maintenance

Lamp Replacement

Painting &

Wall Repair

Ceiling Tile Work

Exterior Sealing


Hinges & Locks

Drafts & Noise

Light Welding

We work weekends and after

your business hours

Free Estimates

Now, a certified Reiki Master Teacher,

I am blessed with the perfect teachers

and loving guides who help me keep

expanding. My faith in this path

continues to grow, as does my gratitude

that I was willing to LISTEN and TRUST

the messages sent from my soul and The

Divine. What is your soul telling you? If

you are having trouble healing, perhaps

the services I described can help.

Kerry O’Keefe is the owner of Reiki and

More -

or call 515-300-2970.

We take the stress out of your

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4 Tips for Great Holiday Photos

By Brenda Jankowski of

Bren Photography

The holidays make for fantastic

photo opportunities. Everyone is

tempted to reach for a camera

to make an annual group photo.

Use these tips to make great photos this

holiday season. This year you will come

away with the absolute best photographs

you have ever created. (And these

work with your cell phone or your “big”


Compose creatively and move in close.

Off center your main subject instead of

placing it in the dead center. Balancing it

with something on the other side makes

a photo that shows the beauty in an

artistic way. Moving in close is one thing

that will make the biggest difference in a

successful photo. Filling the entire frame

with your subject will inevitable result

in a photo that has true impact for your


For better family and group photos you

absolutely MUST take a lot of photos.

There is always someone blinking or

looking off to the side so taking a large

number of photos will give you the best

chances of catching everyone looking

their best.

Shoot first, ask questions later. Especially

if a child is opening a gift, you know, the

moment can go away in a second. So be

prepared and don’t attract attention if

you want to capture that “magic spark”.

To flash or not to flash. Turn off your

flash whenever you can possibly get away

with it. Try to use the lights in the room,

from the trees, candles or window as

illumination. The light will be beautifully

soft and you will be able to see the tree


There you have it 4 best photo tips for

your holiday photos.

Take a look at last year’s photos and

send me your questions about what you

see and what you want to fix. I am happy

to help you make this year’s photos the


Article written by photographer Brenda

Jankowski, Owner of Bren Photography.


for more information.

First Rate Insurance, LLC

Tom Scary

Providing Personal Service for


Call for a Free Quote (215) 725-6700

Elba Adorno, SFR


The Lee Group

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~ Hablamos Espanol ~

How to Get Through the Holiday


Most of us have experienced “the

Blues” at one time or another.

However, it seems the holiday

season can bring on a special

“edition” of the blues for various reasons.

Perhaps, you miss a loved one who has

passed away or maybe they live far away.

Maybe you’ve lost your favorite pet.

Money woes can also be exasperated at

the holidays, especially if you can’t buy

gifts you would like for your loved ones.

Or maybe you don’t have loved ones left

or you’ve moved away from family and/

or friends.

All of these things seem to affect us more

around the holidays. So what to do?

One contributing factor to the “Holiday

Blues” may be Seasonal Affected Disorder

(SAD) caused by the decrease in sunlight

during the approaching winter months.

To remedy, you can purchase special

lights that simulate sunlight. Some of

them even combine ion therapy, which

clinical studies have shown to provide an

antidepressant effect.

Self-care can chase away the “Holiday

Blues” and lift your spirits.

Do what you love and enjoy! It could be

as simple as taking a walk in nature. Or

a luxurious bubble bath with candles all

around you. Maybe you like bubbles, or

salts. Have you ever tried a milk bath?

You could feel like Cleopatra! The recipe

is 2 gallons of organic whole milk poured

into a tub of hot water to your preferred

temperature. You could even add your

favorite essential oil, such as rose,

lavender or gardenia.

Maybe buy yourself a holiday gift! A

bouquet of flowers could give your mood

a boost. Or maybe a gym membership

to get out of the house and around

other people. Perhaps you could book a

massage at a local spa. YOU ARE WORTH


Volunteering is a great way to lift your

spirits. You could visit a local hospital or

soup kitchen. This can be a huge gift, not

only to the people you serve, but also to


I think Mahatma Gandhi said it best,

“Service which is rendered without joy

helps neither the servant nor the served.

But all other pleasures and possessions

pale into nothingness before service

which is rendered in a spirit of joy.”

The Key to beating the “Holiday Blues” is

MINDSET. Shift your mood by shifting your

mindset. Determine to love yourself no

matter what!

When you’re in the throes of the blues, it

may hard to remember what might make

you feel better. You can make a list of

things you enjoy that you can refer to

when the blues hit. You could also make

a gift for yourself, decorating a beautiful

box in which you could place slips of

paper – or love notes - with the things

that make you feel good.

If it’s more than the “Holiday Blues” you

should seek professional support. You

know you need it



Sadness, with or

without Tears

•Not Sleeping


•Lack of


•Thoughts of

Harming Yourself

or Others


Lethargy or Low


If you have

these symptoms,

especially if they

are prolonged

and/or intense,

then you should

seek professional


I have developed

a brain


technique that

is particularly

effective for


anxiety and even

Post Traumatic

Stress Disorder


By Dr. Michiyo Ambrosius

One of my clients, Billy, a 15-year-old boy,

was sent to me after his grades had fallen.

He used to be an honor student, full of life

and possibility. This changed when his dog

was hit and killed - right in front of him. He

had been suffering from a sense of guilt and

responsibility for two years!

After only three sessions, he regained his

confidence and his grades improved. Now he’s

looking forward to a bright future.

To beat the “Holiday Blues” remember to

gift yourself with things that will make you

feel happier and loved. Seek professional

guidance if the blues persist.

Dr. Michiyo Ambrosius is a psychologist, author

and personal coach at Ambrosius Center for

Essential Health – Contact her at http://www.

Cyber Liability

By Carissa Clements

Who among us hasn’t received

a letter in the mail that our

personal information has been

compromised due to some sort

of data breach against an establishment

in which we previously shopped, a blog

we signed up for or a vendor we utilize.

We are offered credit monitoring and

fraud expense reimbursement from the

company at fault, but what if you were on

the other side of the table? What if your

business was the cause of a data breach?

How would you explain to your client

that his or her personal or professional

information was obtained by a hacker or

a dishonest or irresponsible employee?

What effect would the breach have on

your customers now? Would they choose

to continue to conduct business with you?

More importantly, would you financially

be able to withstand such an event?

How does a business owner, of any size,

protect itself from data breaches?

Just so we are clear, data breaches do

not only occur from electronic hacking,

but instead can also can also result from

human error like the loss of a paper file.

Case in point: Olivia is in sales and is “on

the road” the majority of the day. She

stops at her local coffee shop to plan

her day and decides to use the restroom

before she leaves. When she returns to

her “work station” and her portfolio is

nowhere to be found. She realizes that

her portfolio held confidential employee

information of one of her clients. Just like

that, a simple human error could equal a

potential large claim for her employer.

and protect your reputation.

•Forensic discovery to

uncover how the breach

occurred and how many

records are at risk.

•Money paid for threats

made to your operating


•Loss of income as a result

of an attack to your system

and disruption of services.

From a third party

standpoint, just a few of

the coverages afforded are

notification to breached

parties as required by

law, claims arising from media liability

(copyright infringement or libel slander

in electronic content) and regulatory

defense expenses.

As of November 4, 2016 the Identity

and Theft Resource Center, there were

845 breaches with 29,765,131 exposed

contacts. These companies range from

government agencies, to Fortune 500

companies to small businesses.

Not all policies are created equal and it

requires an open conversation with your

insurance agent to understand the risks

you face and the liabilities of your business.

As an insurance professional I can tell you

that many carriers offer enhancements or

endorsements to your policy to, at the very

least, afford you some sort of coverage.

You’ve spent a lifetime working hard to get

where you are today. There are few among us

who go without life, health or auto insurance,

because we understand the risks. Cyber

security is no longer a threat, it’s a reality.

Don’t let it ruin your holiday season.

Carissa Clements-Moock is a licensed

insurance professional with True & Associates.

Contact her at

So how does one protect its business from

a data breach or simple human error?

It’s called Cyber Liability. Cyber Liability

is business liability insurance for a data

breach of business’ customers’ personal

information, such as Social Security

numbers, credit card numbers, or other

sensitive personal information, disclosed

or stolen by a hacker or other criminal

who has gained access to the firm’s

electronic network.

Cyber Liability responds on a first party

and third party basis. Under the first

party insuring agreements this type policy


•Crisis management expense, such as

hiring a PR firm to help clear your name

Seasonal Recipes:

Pineapple Stuffing

Shared by Mary Brown


1 stick of margarine or butter

1 cup sugar

6 slices white bread, cubed with crust

4 eggs, slightly beaten

1 15-oz can crushed pineapple


1)Set oven at 350.

2)Melt the margarine/butter in casserole

dish of your choice – round, oblong or a

medium aluminum pan (not too big)

3)While that’s melting, cube the bread.

4)Add the cubed bread to the melted

butter until well coated, then fold in the

eggs and sugar. Lastly, add the crushed


5)I mix in a little cinnamon sugar, then

sprinkle some on top.

6)Bake for about 45 minutes. (Should be

slightly brown when done.)

Jewish Apple



5 large Rome Beauty apples, core, peel & chop

3/4 cup white sugar

3 cups all-purpose flour

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1 tablespoon baking powder

1 teaspoon salt

4 eggs

1 cup vegetable oil

2 cups white sugar

1/4 cup orange juice

1 tablespoon vanilla extract

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Shop Local for the Holidays

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Timeless Styles &

Handmade by Locals

•Women’s Apparel: XS to 3X

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Directions (for Jewish Apple Cake):

Preheat an oven to 350 degrees F (175

degrees C). Grease and flour a 10-inch

tube pan.

Mix cinnamon, 3/4 cup of sugar, and

apples in a bowl; set aside. Combine

flour, salt, and baking powder in a bowl.

Beat the eggs and 2 cups of sugar with

an electric mixer until fluffy. Pour in

the flour mixture alternately with the

oil. Beat in the orange juice and vanilla

until smooth and thoroughly mixed. Pour

half of the batter into the prepared pan.

Layer half of the apples on top. Pour the

remaining batter over, then finish by

topping with the rest of the apples.

Bake in the preheated oven until a

toothpick inserted into the center comes

out clean, about 1 hour and 30 minutes

to 1 hour and 45 minutes. Cool in the

pans for 10 minutes before removing to

cool completely on a wire rack.

109 Walnut St, Lansdale, PA

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday

11AM to 5PM

Thursdays: 12 Noon to 7PM



Note: If you want the cake a little

moister, decrease flour by 1/4 cup.

Buy Online At:

Wishing you and your

family a joyous holiday

season and a happy,

prosperous New Year.


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