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historic hampden happenings • December 2016

historic hampden happenings • December 2016 3




president’s letter

Zoning & Land Use Committee Updates

By Martin Burian

HCC Officers

President: Shannon Dawkins Wrenn

Vice President: Matt Stegman

Secretary: Mary Rose Cook

Treasurer: David Stysley

Board Members

Diego Barsotti

Will Bauer

Daniel Ewald

Katharine Fernstrom

Jack Krabbe

Eli Lopatin

Kris Pettie

Nicholas Rizzutti

Adam Feuerstein


Shannon Dawkins Wrenn, President

HCC, PO Box 19957

Hampden, Maryland 21211




There is no December meeting.

The next HCC meeting is next

year on January 30, 2017.

Plan to join us at 7:00 pm at the Roosevelt

Park Recreation Center on West 36th Street.

The agenda will include committee updates

and discussions of the most important

issues of the day for business owners and

residents of Hampden.

7:00-7:05 pm: Welcome

7:05-7:30 pm: Committee updates

7:30-8:00 pm: New business

Historic Hampden Happenings is distributed

to residents, organizations and businesses

throughout Greater Hampden.

Circulation: 2,200, Readers: 10,000+

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The HCC is a 501 (c) (3)

nonprofit organization.

www.hampdenhappenings.org • Since 1972

Announcements and Upcoming Events

By Shannon Dawkins Wrenn / Photo by Matthew Mahlsedt

While I am still working on my leftovers

from Thanksgiving, I want to thank

everyone that came out for the HCC Holiday

Happy Hour on 11/29. We really appreciated

being hosted at the Five and Dime as

there is so much neighborhood history to

that building. It is always great when we

can come together as a community and

remember we have more in common then

what may divide us. It has been an intense

fall at the local level and beyond, but I am

thankful for the committed community we

have here in Hampden.

We have a few exciting announcements

regarding art projects in the neighborhood.

Be sure to read the articles on Neighborhood

Lights and the Hampden Library.

TransForm has moved on to its final steps

of passage and with that the new zoning

as changed by Councilman Mosby to

I-MU for the Pepsi plant. Again, while we

had hoped to have further input before

any zoning changes we had been warned

that this process may move quickly as

the overarching bill was on a deadline.

Councilman Mosby was given a deadline

by the Baltimore City Law Department and

reacted in response to the request from

Woodberry and others to move forward

with a zoning change to I-MU. I understand

this will be disappointing to many, but

given the situation we think there is still

room for community input if we proceed

with an MOU and look to negotiate a

Planned Unit Development (PUD). The

hope is that with an MOU and PUD process

there will be more transparency and room

for community input as public hearing are

required as part of the PUD process. There

will be more updates on this matter in the

coming months.

Please be aware the 7th District (the

west side of Hampden) will have new

representation, starting December 8th

Councilman-elect Leon Pinkett III will be

joining the City Council. I hope to have him

join us soon and introduce himself to the

community if you have not had the chance to

meet him already. Mr. Pinkett has worked

as an assistant deputy mayor, and will

succeed Councilman Mosby. We appreciate

the service of Councilman Mosby and wish

him the best in his future plans.

As you walk over to 34th Street to enjoy the

lights, you may notice a few new additions.

Thanks to the great work of organizational

efforts of Ray Iturralde and Blue Water

Baltimore there are a few new oaks and a

couple of cherry trees planted along 3300

Chestnut. It would not have been possible

without all the lovely volunteers that showed

up to help with the planting last month.

And lest we forget about the annual Mayor’s

Parade. Tom Kerr has been working

tirelessly to organize a charming parade for

December 4th. The action starts at 1 p.m.

along the Avenue and we hope to see you out

enjoying the festivities!

3641 Falls Rd

(Enoch Pratt Free Library – Hampden


Last April, the HCC general membership

heard preliminary plans for the renovation

of the Hampden Library. As promised,

representatives from the City, the Library

and the architects returned to last month’s

general membership meeting to provide

updated plans based on the feedback

received from the community. The

concept is to activate the basement with

a community meeting room and improve

the rear green space, both for added use by

members of the community.

The revised plans include a wheelchairaccessible

ramp on the 37th Street side of

the building to the basement level; a ramp

on the other side of the building to the main

first floor; and a small elevator to move

people in wheelchairs or library materials

between the basement and the first floor. In

addition to the community meeting room,

the renovation will include staff workspace

and new public bathrooms.

The renovation will incorporate a public art

element. The City published a “request for

qualifications” from interested artists, and

the outcome of the selection process will

be available soon. Managers of the project

expect to put the construction out to bid in

spring of 2017 and begin construction in

the summer.

1115 W 36th St

(The Arthouse)

A representative of The Arthouse pizza

and bar presented plans to the HCC ZLUC

for the establishment to acquire a Class

“B” liquor license to expand its offerings

from beer and wine only to beer, wine and

liquor. The new license would also allow

serving alcohol until 2 am, rather than the

current 1 am. The proposal is to transfer the

license from the former Dave’s 1st and Ten

sports bar, which was a new license for that

establishment. A date for a hearing before

the Baltimore Board of Liquor License

Commissioners (BLLC) has not been set.

The Arthouse proprietors do not yet have a

buyer for the current beer and wine license.

The ZLUC plans to support the request for

the license transfer.

727 W 40th St

(CinéBistro – at the Rotunda)

Managers of CinéBistro, the dinner and

a movie concept coming to the Rotunda,

presented to the ZLUC. The establishment

will feature fine dining-esque food and

first-run movies with digital projection.

There will be seven theaters, ranging from

68 to 100 seats. The setting will be upscale,

with chef-driven food, fine wine and

cocktails. The establishment is pursuing a

liquor license, but a hearing date has not

been set with the BLLC. The terms of liquor

licenses at the Rotunda were previously

negotiated with the developers. CinéBistro

representatives are scheduled to present to

the November HCC general membership


3801 Falls Rd

Joseph Rabinowitz of Guerilla Architects

approached the ZLUC in regard to building

on the property on the northwest corner of

Falls Road and W 38th Street. The site is a

disused garage on the site of a former gas

station. The building concept would be a

mixed-use development incorporating a

café restaurant on the ground floor with

market rate apartments above, and interior

parking. Mr. Rabinowitz is scheduled to

share his concept at the November HCC

general membership meeting.

3000 Falls Rd

(Mill No. 1)

Pedestrian access to Mill No. 1 has been

hindered by the lack of a crosswalk at the

intersection of Falls Road and Chestnut

Avenue. In order for the City to install

crosswalk markings, the adjacent sidewalk

needed to be made wheelchair accessible.

David Tufaro of Terra Nova Ventures,

the developer of Mill No. 1, arranged to

install the needed curb cut, or a ramp in

the sidewalk to the curb. We are pleased to

report that Falls Road now has a crosswalk

at Chestnut Avenue to facilitate pedestrian

traffic between Mill No. 1, the Mill Centre

(3000 Chestnut Ave) and the rest of


3734 Falls Rd

The owner of this property, David Markland,

requested permission from the BMZA to

build an extension to the rear of this owneroccupied

row house. The addition consists

of basement level, first floor level and a

deck from the existing second level to on

top of the extension. It requires variances

of the maximum percentage of lot coverage

and of the substandard width of the new

construction (due to the narrow lot).

The ZLUC supported the requested

variances because the proposed extension

is below the height of the existing house

and does not extend farther to the rear than

the neighboring house and because the

immediate neighbors expressed support

for the plans. The BMZA held a hearing on

November 1 and granted the variances.

801 W 36th St

(The Charmery)

The owners of this ice cream parlor are

requesting approval to add permission for

off-premises catering for various special

events. The ZLUC was in support of the

request since it will have minimal impact

on neighbors and the community. The

BMZA held a hearing on October 18 and

granted the request.


historic hampden happenings • December 2016

historic hampden happenings • December 2016 5

News from the Hampden Family Center

By Lisa Ghinger

Hampden Library Art Selection

By Daniel Ewald

Taste of Hampden a Huge Success!

Hampden Family Center would like to extend

a huge thank you for a wonderfully successful

Taste of Hampden 2016. Special thanks to all

of the many restaurants that participated

this year. Taste was a tremendous success

due in no small measure to the big hearts

of the local establishments that joined us

at The Ideal Arts Space for an evening of

exceptional food and lots of fun. It was a

success because of all of you!

Thank you to our participants: The Art

House, Asian Taste, Birroteca, Blue Pit

BBQ & Whiskey Bar, Café Cito, Café Hon,

The Charmery, Common Ground, Corner

Charcuterie Bar, Cosima, Dangerously

Delicious Pies, Daniela’s Pasta Bar, Five

& Dime Ale House, The Food Market,

Frazier’s on the Avenue, Harmony Bakery,

Holy Frijoles, La Cuchara, Ma Petite Shoe

Café, Play Café, Rocket to Venus, Union

Craft Brewery, The Sweet Side Café, Wicked

Sisters, The Wine Source and Woodberry


Special thanks to Paula Bogert for the design

of a great invitation and Deb Falkenhan who

served as the quarterback for this event.

Just a reminder – all Family Center

programs and services will continue to

operate from St. Luke’s Church at 800 West

36th Street until construction is completed.

Special Programs This Month

Annual Hampden Family Christmas Party on

December 10th from 11:00am - 1:00pm.

Enjoy holiday carols, craft activities and

yummy treats while visiting with Santa!

Families must pre-register their children 12

and under to receive a small wrapped gift. If

you are planning to attend please call 410-

467-8710 to register and receive your ticket.

Space is limited so please don’t wait!

Senior Luncheon on Friday, December 16th

from 11:00 am - 1:00pm. Get into the holiday

spirit and join us for lunch. In addition to

sharing a hot meal with friends you can play

a few rounds of Bingo. Senior Lunches are

free, but advance registration is required as

seating is limited.

Programs and Services

Study Buddy This program offers one-onone

tutoring for students in grades K-12.

Students are matched with volunteers for

one-on-one tutoring. This program is free.

Call Doug, Program Manager 410-467-8710

to discuss your child’s needs .

Schedule: Tuesday 6:00pm -7:00pm

After School Enrichment Program This program

provides homework help and positive youth

development activities for children in

grades 1-5. Your child can do better in school

through individual tutoring and homework

help working with a staff and volunteers on

their reading, writing and math skills. In

addition, your child will enjoy Taekwondo,

music, skateboarding, art and gardening

just to name a few. Children are picked up

from Hampden Elementary/Middle School

and St. Thomas Aquinas School.

Schedule: Monday - Friday, 2:30pm - 5:30 pm

Cost: $25 per child, per month

Registration: $50 (includes $25 registration

fee and first month’s payment)

WIC If you have children 5 years and younger

and/or pregnant or 6 months postpartum,

please visit our new location and speak with

Rhonda from WIC. By appointment only –

please call 410-614-4848. WIC is on site the

second Thursday of the each month.

Date: December 8th

Schedule: Thursday 9:00am – 5:00pm

Benefit Assistance If you need a little help

with your gas or electric bill, stop by and

speak with Walter Jackson who can help you

apply for energy assistance. Walter is on

site Wednesday 9-1. Please call to make an

appointment. 410-467-8710

Schedule: Wednesday 9:00am -1:00pm

Fuel Fund of Maryland A representative is

on site to assist those in need of additional

resources for utility bills. Please call to

make an appointment as there are required

documents to be furnished. 410-467-8710

Schedule: Wednesday 9:30am -5:00pm

Seedco Earn Benefits Need assistance in

attaining benefits such as food stamps,

healthcare, housing and utilities support

and tax credits? To make an appointment

with Ashley call 410-467-8710.

Schedule: Monday - Friday 9:00am -5:00pm

Exercise 50+ Get into shape for the holidays

with an exercise class for those 50 and older!

Led by a trained professional from MedStar

Union Memorial Hospital, classes are held

once a week.

Schedule: Tuesday 11:00am - 12:00pm

Annual Christmas Party Needs Toy Donations

If you would like to donate toys for children

12 and under to be distributed at our annual

Christmas party please feel free to do so.

We would wholeheartedly welcome your

donation and you will put a smile on the face

of a child!

Calling All Christmas Angels

Be an angel this holiday season and adopt a

Hampden child for Christmas. The Family

Center sponsors the Christmas Angel

Program for children in need ages 0-12.

Call 410-467-8710 or stop by the church for

more information.

The Family Center would like to wish

everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy

Holiday. We thank you for your support over

this past year and wish you a very Happy New

Year! May 2017 bring you only the very best.

1104 West 36th Street

Baltimore, MD 2121



Board members Mary Rose Cook and Daniel

Ewald, along with ten other people from the

Baltimore community, selected six finalists

for the art installation for the renovated

Hampden Library from an initial pool of 82

candidates. While a wide variety of art styles

and mediums were evaluated, most people

on the selection committee wanted to select

an artist who could convey the personality

and history of the Hampden community.

The artist who is ultimately selected will be

awarded $20,000 to create artwork for, and

ideally inspired by, the community. In no

particular order the finalists include:

Zoe Friedman An upcoming local artist,

Ms. Friedman has a MFA from the Mount

Royal School of Art at MICA in 2012. Her

work drew praise for fine detail work on

paper craft and mobile design. However,

concern was raised about the mediums

durability and potential upkeep of some of

her projects.

The Hampden Collective This team is

composed of “residents interested in

telling and preserving the stories of the

neighborhood.” They know the area well,

having created the “Explore Greater

Hampden” brochure, and they may take

a similar approach in their artwork of

informing and illustrations of the past.

Dominique Hellgeth This local artist

came to Baltimore in 2006 to attend MICA,

where studied painting and graduated with

her BFA in Ceramics in 2010. Ms. Hellgeth

also likes to enlist the local community,

especially kids, in developing her mosaic

works of art from the exterior façade of the

Harris-Marcus Center in West Baltimore to

fountains. Her tiles of row home mosaics

have become her calling card.

Virginia Kistler Ms. Kistler is an

interdisciplinary artist working primarily

in sculpture and photography while using

Express Yourself!

at Keswick’s New Creative Arts Studio



a variety of media from laser cut rubber

to 3D printed plastic. She’s was recently

commissioned to produce a piece for the

Dayton Metro Library in Dayton, Ohio. Her

mobile and interactive mushroom lights

were well received by the committee.

Paul Santoleri With over 20 years of

experience, Mr. Santoleri’s paintings and

glassworks are on display around the world.

He also has pieces in two Philadelphia

libraries, where he is based. The selection

committee liked the range of paintings he

could do from near abstract to storytelling.

Brent Crothers A lifelong Marylander,

Mr. Crothers specializes in sculptures,

often from wood and natural materials.

His smaller pieces were of interest to the

librarians of the Hampden branch, as they

suggested items can be placed on the new

lower shelves and possibly something for

patrons to interact with.

Designed for Baltimore’s Older Adults

All skill levels welcome! Just bring your imagination and

be ready to engage your creative brain. Projects will utilize

various media, textiles and fabrics.

10 Week Creative Art Workshop

Fridays, October 7 — December 9, 2016

10:00 am - 12:30 pm

Workshop facilitated by (MICA) Maryland Institute

College of Art Graduate Fellow and Artist

For more information and to register, contact: 410-662-4363 or



historic hampden happenings • December 2016

historic hampden happenings • December 2016 7

News from the Hampden Library

By Devon Ellis / Photo by Whitney Cecil

(continued from previous page)

Medicare D Open Enrollment

By Sandra Simmons

Mother Goose Baby Steps

Wednesday mornings at 10:30 am, birth to 36

months, with their caregivers

Bring Baby to the Library to enjoy our

interactive nursery rhyme lap program,

with music, rhythm, songs, fingerplays,

rhymes, a story, and movement.

Preschool Leaps

Thursday evenings at 6:30 pm, for ages 3-5,

with their caregivers

Preschoolers enjoy stories, songs,

fingerplays, a craft, games, poetry, and fun.

Celebrate Kwanzaa

Friday, December 9 at 1:30pm

Charles Dugger presents the principles of

Kwanzaa. For all ages

Underdogs’ Day To Have Their Way

Friday, December 16 at 3:30pm to 4:00pm

In celebration of Underdog Day, root for

the underdogs to be the top dogs through

(continued on next page)

underdog “tails,” then sing the Underdog

cartoon theme song. Kids, ages 5-12

Discoveries...America: Geographical

Virtual Roadtrip USA

Saturday, 3 December, 2 – 3 p.m.

This DVD series is presented in order of

states’ admission to the Union. Featured

essays discuss the people, geography,

cultures, ecology, scenery, and literary

highlights of each state. Screenings will

be held Sat, Dec. 3, Colorado (38th). Last

stop on the Roadtrip in 2016!

Adult Book Conversation

Thursday, January 19, 2017 at 6:00pm to


Read and discuss Major Pettigrew’s Last

Stand by Helen Simonson. This novel was

published in 2010, and has 358 pages.

Synopsis: In the small English village

of Edgecombe St Mary, Major Ernest

Pettigrew is a retired war hero enjoying the

quiet life. However, he sparks a friendship

with Mrs Jasmina Ali, the village’s only

Pakistani shopkeeper, and finds himself

falling in love. Small town bigotry puts

a strain on the relationship, and Major

Pettigrew is left to decide if happiness is

worth a ruined reputation.

The Staff of the Hampden Library wishes

everyone a Cool Yule, Hon!

The Library’s hours:

Sun & Mon: closed

Tues: 12 – 8

Wed: 10 – 5:30

Thurs: 12 – 8

Fri: 12 – 5

Sat: 10 – 5

3641 Falls Road

Baltimore, MD 21211

(410) 396-6043



Medicare D plans change every year!

• Are all your Rx going to be covered in 2017?

• Are your premiums changing next year?

• What is your deductible for 2017 and has

it changed?

• Is your current Medicare D the cheapest

plan that serves your needs for 2017?

• Are you eligible to receive extra help to pay

for your prescription drug coverage?

It is wise to review your 2017 Medicare

Plan now. Medicare D Open Enrollment

ends December 7th, 2016. Let us help you

review your plan. Call for an appointment.

Please bring:

• ID / Medicare Card / Insurance Cards

• Proof of Income / List of Current


3900 Roland Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21211



St. Mary’s Roland View Towers


3838 and 3939 Roland Avenue offers efficiency,

1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments.

Reasonable Prices: from $451 to $759, including utilities

Convenient to Giant, RiteAid and area shops.


Call 410-889-8255 for information.



c: 443.838.8204

o: 410.235.4100




Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

Roland Park | Village of Cross Keys

Ladies of Hampden Calendar Signing at

Atomic Books

Last year the Boys of Hampden started a phenomenon with

their Pin Up Calendar. We love what the Boys did last year,

and when the Ladies of Hampden got together this year we

decided to take it to the next level. As strong independent

women who represent our businesses, we worked to

showcase our talents rather than solely our physical

attributes to empower ourselves and the women around us.

Our Circus and Sideshow themed calendars are for sale

in the neighborhood at Trohv, Atomic Books, K&S Auto

and Falkenhan’s. You can buy your calendar now, or

come see us at Atomic Books on Thursday, December 8

from 7-9. Justin Tsucalas, the photographer, and Nikki

Verdecchia, the organizer will be showing a slide show with

commentary and we’ll have many of the Ladies on hand to

sign your calendars. All proceeds from the calendar benefit

the Hampden Family Center, and you’d better believe that

the Ladies are working to raise more money than the Boys

did last year! With help from the Boys, of course.

Office: 410-410-583-5700

of Long and Foster Real Estate, Inc

MON-FRI 8 am-6 pm • SAT 8 am-5 pm


historic hampden happenings • December 2016

historic hampden happenings • December 2016 9

BGE Systems Ready to Provide Safe and Reliable Service this Winter

By Justin Mulcahy, BGE

(continued from previous page)

As temperatures begin to drop, BGE has been

hard at work to complete projects necessary

to ensuring the company’s natural gas and

electric systems are ready to meet the energy

needs of customers this winter. BGE asks

customers also to prepare their homes and

businesses for cold weather that can cause

heating systems to work harder and use

more energy to maintain comfort. While last

winter brought a record setting snowstorm,

it also saw unusually mild temperatures. The

forecast for this winter calls for a return to

more normal and colder temperatures.

“Reliably meeting the energy needs of our

customers is always important, particularly

during the cold, winter months,” said

Stephen Woerner, president and chief

operating officer of BGE. Our dedicated

employees work safely year round to ensure

that our systems are ready when customers

need them, no matter the weather. We

appreciate the steps our customers take to

be ready as well, including exploring ways to

use energy more efficiently to reduce energy

costs that can rise when temperatures drop.”

In 2016, BGE has invested approximately

$260 million in the natural gas system

to provide safe and reliable service for

customers. This work includes equipment

inspections, repairs and replacements,

and preventive maintenance. The company

regularly installs new gas pipelines to meet

customer demand, such as the recently

completed, four-mile Route 32 gas main

installation in Anne Arundel County and

the one-mile stretch of new gas main along

Old Montgomery Road in Howard County.

Major gas system reinforcements were also

installed in Anne Arundel County, Baltimore

City, Harford and Baltimore counties in the

past few years.

In addition to adding new pipelines, BGE is

replacing existing gas mains with durable

new pipes that will deliver gas safely and

reliably to communities well into the future.

So far this year, approximately 36 miles of

aging gas mains have been removed from

service as part of BGE’s ongoing upgrades

to its gas system. This includes replacement

of cast iron and unprotected steel mains at

an accelerated rate under BGE’s STRIDE gas

system modernization plan. In addition to

modernizing equipment, the company has

also secured natural gas contracts and filled

its storage facilities to help ensure it has the

gas supply necessary this heating season for

those customers who purchase natural gas

from BGE.

Electric system upgrades and maintenance

have also been underway in preparation

for winter weather. This seasonal readiness

work is a part of the approximately $590

million BGE is investing in the company’s

electric system in 2016. BGE is inspecting

nearly 6,000 circuit miles of overhead

power lines and more than 38,000 utility

poles this year. The company also takes steps

to minimize the threat to power lines by

(continued on next page)

trees weakened by heavy snows and winter

storms by spending $27 million trimming

vegetation near overhead lines this year.

As BGE prepares for winter, customers are

reminded to prepare as well by following

these tips:

• Test your heating system and have it

inspected by a qualified technician.

Regular service will ensure the heating

system operates safely and efficiently for

the season ahead.

• Schedule a free BGE Quick Home Energy

Check-up, where an energy efficiency

professional will walk with you through

your home to provide valuable tips for

increased efficiency.

• Save an average of two percent on your

energy bill for every degree you lower your


• Lower the temperature on your water heater

and conserve hot water when you can.

• Seal holes and seams in your ductwork and

gaps around doors, windows, and outlets.

• Ensure you have 12 to 15 inches of attic

insulation, or an R-38 level.

• Open curtains and drapes during the day,

to let the sun warm your home. Close them

at night for insulation.

• Know where your natural gas appliances

vent to the exterior and ensure the

vents are clear. Some high efficiency gas

appliances, such as water heaters and

furnaces, vent along the foundation of

buildings. If these vents become blocked

by snow or ice, exhaust may back up

resulting in carbon monoxide build-up or

a release of natural gas.

Customers should also explore the BGE

Smart Energy Savers Program® to identify

new ways to save energy, money and the

environment. During colder weather,

heating systems work longer to keep

homes warm. Help in paying winter bills is

available to income-qualified customers.

Call (800) 352-1446 or visit dhr.state.

md.us and click on “Services.”

BGE, founded in 1816 as the nation’s first

gas utility, is Maryland’s largest natural

gas and electric utility. Headquartered in

Baltimore, BGE delivers power to more than

1.25 million electric customers and more than

650,000 natural gas customers in central

Maryland. The company’s approximately

3,200 employees are committed to the safe and

reliable delivery of natural gas and electricity,

as well as enhanced energy management,

conservation, environmental stewardship and

community assistance. BGE is a subsidiary of

Exelon Corporation (NYSE: EXC), the nation’s

leading competitive energy provider. Like us on

Facebook and follow us on Twitter, YouTube

and Flickr.


Certified Rubber Roofing

Shingle & Wood Replacement

Exceptional Roofing Quality


Serving Greater Baltimore Since 1979

Owner, Joe LaRicci | MHIC 26826



Owner Operated Excellence from Start to Finish



Get in Touch With the HCC

President’s Email


Zoning Committee


Fundraising Committee


Newsletter Submissions and Advertising


Clean and Green







historic hampden happenings • December 2016

historic hampden happenings • December 2016 11

Robert Poole Construction Update

By Eli Lopatin / Image courtesy of JRS Architects

Stone Hill in Baltimore: Stories From a Cotton Mill Village

by Guy Hollyday

Demolition continues on the Robert Poole

school building, and is in its final phases

on the majority of the site. Asbestos has

been removed, windows are being replaced,

and concrete is being broken and crushed

in order to reuse the material onsite. The

crushing process is noisy, and is expected

to be completed in December. Site grading

has begun for new buildings, and the

construction crew is hoping to have all

footings in before Christmas. Work will

move indoors over the winter.

A representative from Baltimore City Public

Schools was in attendance to share responses

to some Berry Street residents who expressed

concerns about the school at the previous

meeting. She expressed that BCPS would be

working to bring together a forum to discuss

the culture and climate between ACCE,

Let Me Make Your

Real Estate Wishes

Come True

Genie Schwind

Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.

1131 W. 36th Street

Baltimore, MD 21211

410-889-9800 Office

410-615-5855 Cell

Independence, and the community with

community members, school administration,

students and parents, well in advance of the

school’s scheduled opening in 2018. We will

keep everyone updated when a meeting date

is determined.

The next Construction Update will be on

December 8 at 5:30 p.m. at the Roosevelt

Recreation Center.

Visit BallmoreLoo.com

to receive our holiday specials!

3401-R Chestnut Avenue (Behind Falkenhan’s)

410.889.7107 BallmoreLoo.com

Many not be used with any other specials or gii cerrficates.

236 pages,

92 photographs,

3 maps, a page from

the 1910 U.S. census,

and an index

At Cafe Hon; Ivy and

MICA bookstores;

Red Emma’s; Maryland

Historical Society;

Uptown Press,


See the video at


When the houses of Stone Hill were constructed

between what is now Keswick Road and Chestnut

Avenue by the Mt. Vernon Mill for its workers in

the 1800s, they were almost the only buildings in

the area. The stories in the book were recorded in

the 1980s and refer to life around the time of

World War I, prohibition, the depression and

World War II. Here are some to the stories from

Chapter I, as told by Betty McKinney Neighoff,

who once lived at 721 Field Street.

A lot of them on the Hill got help from

the Welfare, including my aunt Pearl.

And a lot of them lived well from the

Welfare. They got great big bags of flour,

because I saw it. They gave them

clothes—nice coats and nice dresses.

They did well. My Aunt Carrie McCauley

and my Aunt Amy and my mother,

they didn’t ask ever for any help. They

took and sold a lot of their insurance

policies when they needed a ton of coal.

Mrs. Way had a regular grocery store.

Every day you went to the store and got

fresh bread and all, and then at the end

of the week, on Saturday, she would

total it up and you’d pay what you owed.

The Church of the Guardian Angel—I

don’t know how much [The Reverend]

Mr. Kromer gave to the Hill, but Mr.

Kromer was a wonderful man. He

would go to Mrs. Way’s, because Mrs.

Way—they belonged to that church—and

every week he would have Mrs. Way make

up so many baskets, and he would give

them out to people in his church.

Grandmother took care of all us

kids—twenty-one grandchildren. She

had ten children—well, two died young.

The aunts and uncles all lived not too

far around, and most all the women

worked. So, Grandmother took care of

all of the children in 721 yard. She

washed on a washboard there. And she

saw that when we got old enough, we

went to school, and the mothers could

never have worked if it hadn’t been for

her. Hard work does not kill you.

And I’ll tell you another thing. We had

no heat. We had kitchen stoves.

Grandmother at 721 had one of them

great big, huge black stoves. They

always had a pot of coffee on that stove.

And in the morning they’d make a big

pot of soup—about ten gallons of

vegetable soup.

Grandmother told me, when she lived

down on Puritan Street, they had a

pump somewhere, and all the women

met at that pump every day getting

their buckets of water.



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