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STRATEGY - QUANT REPORT MIDF AMANAH INVESTMENT BANK BERHAD QUANT VIEW MIDF EQUITY STRATEGY | 23 NOV 2016 GARP INVESTING: Growth at Reasonable Price (GARP) investing combines both Growth and Value criteria for stock selection. It seeks to acquire stocks that have solid growth prospects, but are available at reasonable/discounted prices; a crossover of sorts. Proponents of the GARP philosophy believe in finding stocks that have a high expected growth but yet have comparatively lower valuation multiples, and are thus ‘cheaper’. OUR TOP 3 PICKS Airasia (BUY; TP: RM3.34) Tenaga Nasional (BUY; RM16.80) Kuala Lumpur Kepong (BUY; RM29.05) NOV 2016 1

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