Trends you need to know about velvet sofas


velvet sofas


Velvet sofas can be the highlight of

your interior design project. This ebook

pretends to show you the latest trends

about the best velvet sofas. Take a look

and discover great tips and get inspired

with the best decor ideas.

Natural Elegance

Contemporary sofa design that was

inspired by this natural elegance, with

all the refinement of velvet in a unique

upholstery piece.

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Mid Century Energy

Mid century design with a mystical soul

that will fulfill your living room set with

nature’s energy with a velvet sofa

like this one.

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Dark Green

Create daring and unexpected living room

color palettes that embrace bright colors

and unique combinations.

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Luxurious Design

Marvellous and stylish modern sofa with a

trending color for your living room.

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Trending Colors

The right velvet sofa will enhance your

modern home decor, livening up your own

home rituals of living.

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Spring Sofa

The newest trends to colorfully

celebrate spring.

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Structural Living Room

Modern interior design with a velvet sofa

that emphasizes strong lines.

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Flirty and unpredictable like a modern woman, the Caprichosa’s

voluptuous sofa design mimics a woman’s most desirable curves.

Fitted like a little black dress in lux black velvet upholstery fabric and

resting on dainty brass feet.


Mansfield is a midcentury masterpiece that combines the retro touch

of it’s materials and combines it with sleek lines from the 60’s.

This velvelt sofa with a wide armrest aims to be an iconic piece

deslocated right from the high end mad men era.

Elegant Decor

Your living room furniture should reflect

your style and meet your needs.

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Inspired Rooms

This trendy living room decor could be the

highlight of your interior design project.

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Vibrant Style

Strong and bold colors brings the

opportunity to give a new dramatic

look to your living room.

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Hermes, from Greek Mythology, God of boundaries, travel and

communication was the inspiration of Hermes sofa. This modern

contemporary furniture piece is the result of a message that travelled

through time and space, gaining shape. Send your own message

through Hermes, a cozy modern contemporary furniture piece tha

combi- nes harmoniously the softness of the velvet with the strength

of the legs in polished brass.

Exclusive Furniture

If you want to bring an exclusive look to

your living room, choose a modern sofa

with organic shapes.

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Reinvent Cassic Design

Classic style with a modern touch is the key

to your next project.

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Mineral Grey

Among all rooms in your home, a luxury

living room acquires greater exposure.

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Smooth Colors

There is nothing like coming into a room

and being greeted by the luxuriousness of

a chandelier and a huge velvet sofa

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Black and Gold

Elegant, feminine and powerful velvet sofa

for luxurious home decor.

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Exclusive Design

Designed in quintessential style, and

influenced by natural elements this is the

right velvet sofa for modern houses.

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Some of the most impressive monuments of the Middle Ages, the

medieval castles, can be found in Wales, often called the “Land of

Castles”. These private fortified residences were both offensive and

defensive structures which provided control of the area immediately

surrounding them. Wales sofa was designed to provide the same

feeling of protection in a living room set a burgundy velvet sofa, with

curvy back and arms, base in vintage brass and polished golden nails

hat will enhance both modern and classic living room sets.

Perfect Sofa

This living room project has the perfect

luxury interior design with

the velvet sofa.

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Classical Decor

Inspired by fall decorating trends, this living

room has compiled some different sofa

design styles, each hiding a distinct

history in its visual features.

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A contemporary take on a classic

silhouette, minimalist design

exudes understated elegance.

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The creativity and rich decoration of the Versailles Palace

contributed to the inspiration of the creation of this exuberant sofa.

The only sofa from Boca do Lobo opens the way to freedom and the

need of bringing extravagant creations to life.

Urban Style

Your living room should reflect an intense

way of living, bringing fierceness, strength

and power into an urban lifestyle.

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Chic Sofa

Furnish your home in style and totally

reinvent the standard living room decor

with this ultra-modern designed set.

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Grey Velvet

Your living room is one of the most lived-in

rooms in your home, you need to choose

the right colors and textures.

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Nuka is a glacier in Alaska, known for its sublime beauty. Nuka Seat

Sofa was inspired by this magnificent natural monument fitting

perfectly any sober yet distinctive home décor.

Contemporary Sofa

Navy blue velvet sofa it is the latest modern

trend for contemporary living rooms.

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