24 November 2016



24 th November 2016



Dear Parents

Today‟s newsletter gives you a final countdown to Christmas at Hadrian Academy

(please look at diary dates). Celebrations start this evening in school as we host the

Trefold Guild Christmas Carol Concert.

You may be aware that today and tomorrow interviews for our new Principal, starting

September 2017, are taking place. The Governors will inform you of the outcome


Sharon Ingham

It is great to see so many children scooting and biking to school.

















Our Prefects for Autumn Term 2 have made a promising start to their responsibilities. Prefects

are a valued part of the school system at Hadrian Academy.

Christmas Panto Aladdin at the Grove Theatre,

Thursday 15 th December. Tickets have been on

sale now since 17 th October and we still have a

number available to purchase for children.

As we need to know how many children will not be attending this event please make sure you

purchase your ticket/s by 1 st December 2016. After this date we will assume that your child

will not be taking part in this event. If less than 30 pupils remain behind, school will be

closed. After school children will be walked back to school and can be collected as normal.

Please let the office know if you cannot meet the deadline of 1 st December so that

arrangements can be made.

Christmas Productions





Christingle Concert






Sound of Christmas












Tinsel and Tea Towels






Little Star






Busy, Busy Bethlehem





The Nativity



We are really pleased to announce our first two

students to become members of the exclusive

Accelerated Readers Millionaires Club.

Congratulations to Twisha and Emma who have read

over a million words each since returning to school

in September. Keep reading and checking your word

count after each book and you too could join the

Millionaires Club! Enjoy your reading.

‘Cycle, Scoot or Walk to Santa’ December Challenge! From Monday

28th November to Friday 9th December

Children from schools across Dunstable and Houghton Regis are

taking part in a Christmas challenge to cycle, scoot or walk to

Lapland to see Father Christmas.

„Cycle to Santa‟ is a competition, organised

by Central Bedfordshire‟s Travel Choices,

in which children and their families

collect miles towards a virtual 2,050 mile

trip from Dunstable to Lapland. An

amazing 1,963 children and their parents have already signed up for the


Every child will receive a special „Cycle to Santa‟ card which is stamped each time they travel

to school by bicycle, scooter or on foot. With each stamp equalling two miles - double that if

their parents or other family members join them - the children will soon be on their way to

Santa in Lapland.

Travel Choices‟ Bike-It Officer, Derek Smulders, will be holding special Bike-It Breakfast

on 2 nd December at Hadrian with Dr Bike to ensure everyone‟s bike or scooter is up to the

long journey to Santa.

Children who walk, cycle or scoot to school every day are also being given the chance to win a

fantastic bike along with other local schools.

Derek Smulders said:

"Last year‟s „Cycle to Santa‟ challenge went really well with children from a number of local

schools taking part. They have clearly been telling their friends what fun the challenge was

as the response this year is stunning. It‟s going to be an exciting competition, especially with

the added attraction of the chance to win a new bike.”

Our display is ready…

11.11.2015 at 11am The whole school observed a two minute silence.

Armistice Day on 11 November marks the end of the First World War and is a day

to remember and honour those who have paid the price for our freedom.

All the children in EYFS had the opportunity to make their very own poppy and

made a beautiful display.

We were lucky enough to get a limited number

of free tickets to go and see the Jungle Book in

3D. The children (and adults) thoroughly

enjoyed the film and had a great experience.

Children in Need

Thank you for your donations

towards Children in Need. The

children enjoyed wearing their

spotty clothes to school and

joining in with Mrs Webber for a

touch of street dance.

We raised over £330 towards a

very worthy cause.

In maths, Year 2 have been learning all about money and how to add totals. On Wednesday,

Miss Horner‟s maths group became party planners! They were asked to plan a Christmas party

for Mrs Ingham and all the teachers! The children carefully worked out how much the party

food and drink would cost using what they had learnt about money in maths. Ivet, our

mathematician of the week said “I loved maths on Wednesday because it was really fun and it

made maths come to life!”

In Miss Auker‟s maths group the children visited the beach and they

could choose which items they wanted to buy from the beach shop.

They had to carefully add the totals together to make sure they had

enough money. Isabella, Alfie and Hebba said “maths was great fun,

we love using the coins to help us count.”

Both Year 5 classes performed poems in assembly. Lancashire Class did a poem about waves and

cleverly arranged themselves to move like waves. They used their voices to great effect too so that

they sounded like the sea.

Cornwall class learnt The Witches Spell from Macbeth. There were challenging words in the verses

but both groups of witches did very well, reciting the spell as they circled an imaginary cauldron. The

rest of the class too, spoke the famous, „Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble…‟ lines effectively, starting

in a menacing whisper and building up to a fierce volume!

Well done both classes!

Four children from Year 5 & 6 Ola,

Liberty, Sam and Zain went with Miss

Weber to take part in an Able Writers

course at Chantry Academy. They met a

special author called Neal Zetter who had

an action packed day all about poems

planned for the children. They each

wrote their own poem and picked one

verse from each to share with you in the

newsletter. Well done, great writing!

A World of Stories

When you‟re feeling down or when the world seems a bit boring,

just pick up a book and read a good story.

Whether it‟s comedy, poetry or drama,

it‟s sure to put a smile upon your face.

But when the book is finished and you‟re left with no other,

you can‟t help but feel sad that your characters are leaving.

Fictional friends who have been with you throughout the story

Must take their leave and entertain more people.

Books are like our family

Books are like our minds

Just as creative, with no limit.

Books are like our minds,

where ideas fly all around.

Whatever the author,

Wherever the story,

Books are like our family

Ola Ciejka

Sam Lindsay

My books have run away

They can be all different -

shapes and sizes, paperback or

hardback, soft, smooth, rough and tough.

They ask you questions in your amazing head

so don‟t forget to answer them!

Liberty Seedhouse

Explosive Books

I‟ve watched the film and I‟ve read the blurb

but when I read - it explodes in my face.

Such magical words make a book.

It might look boring but when you read it

anything is possible

It just explodes in your face!

Zain Janjuha


Father Christmas is Visiting Hadrian

Tomorrow 25 th November

AHA Christmas Market from 2pm to

3.15pm. Parents are to collect children

from their classrooms and join in the

fun activities.

I have just been informed by the North

Pole‟s Elf post that Father Christmas will be

popping by on Tuesday 6th December. If

anyone would like to visit him and receive a

gift please send forms and monies back by

Friday 25th November. To ensure we don‟t

misplace any money please take your envelope

to the office. NO MONEY WILL BE TAKEN


AHA Christmas Shop on 8 th & 9 th December.

All children‟s orders must be in by Friday

2 nd December. Forms are available from

the school office.

AHA Adult Shopping Evening Thursday 2 nd

December. 7pm to 9pm £2.50 entry including

a complimentary drink. Handmade Jewellery

& Crafts Gift Baskets, Raffle Handmade

Pictures Homemade Cakes & Biscuits Books &

Beauty Products Refreshments, Cards Sweet

Gifts and much more.

On Tuesday 14 th December children can wear a Christmas Jumper or T-shirt to school to

feel that festive spirit. This is the same day that we will be having our Christmas dinner

when we will be having a traditional Christmas dinner with a vegetarian option. The cost is

£2.20 per child from year 3 upwards but will be free for Year R 1 and 2 under the Universal

Free School Meal initiative. Payments to be made through Parentmail.

In science Year 1 have been

investigating materials in our

environment and learning about their

properties. We did our very own

experiment to test the strength of

different materials by building a

bridge that could hold 3 toy cars. We

had lots of fun finding out that tissue

paper would not be a very good

material for a bridge! The material

that we found made the best bridge

was a plank of wood on top of our two

Lego towers!


This week Year 4 have been busy using their enterprise and measuring skills

by making delicious gingerbread biscuits ready to sell at the Christmas

Market. It‟s thumbs up from Zuzanna, who had a quick taste! All the

gingerbread will be decorated with an array of different colour icing and


Year 4 will be selling their gingerbread Christmas shapes for 70p bag. Get

to their stall quickly if you want to snap up a bargain.

Year 6 will be selling Snowman Soup (hot chocolate with marshmallows) at the Christmas

Bazaar tomorrow for £1. There will also be some Halal ones available too! We look forward

to seeing there.

The children were inspired to write some Snowman Soup poems:-

Orienteering Club just keeps on getting better at Hadrian.

On Saturday 12 th November 2016 children from Hadrian orienteering club took part in a

junior youth orienteering event held by Hertfordshire orienteering club at Stanborough

Lakes. Despite a wet start the weather got better and all the children completed their

orienteering course developing their map reading skills and endurance running. Good results

team. If you are interested in having a go at orienteering open the following linkhttp://www.happyherts.org.uk.

Or come and have a chat with Mrs Hanson.

1.2km 5m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time

1st Jack Rogers HAA M8 11:38

1.2km 5m

Pos Name

Club Age Class Time

3rd= Amy Harvey HAA W8 9:03

3rd= Mia Collier HAA W8 9:03

5th Sienna Collier HAA W7 9:31

7th Stephanie Fuller HAA W8 11:00

13th Zuzanna Romanek HAA W8 12:55

14th Ruby Harold HAA W8 13:11


In The Event of Severe Weather

Hadrian Academy will aim to stay open throughout the Winter, if at

all possible, during severe weather such as deep/drifting snow or icy

conditions. We understand that you have commitments

too. However, should we experience such severe conditions that

force us to close, we shall make the decision as early as possible and

will communicate with you in the following ways:-

• A Parentmail PMX text will be sent to your mobile phone notifying you of the school

closure. It is therefore important that you make sure the school office has your

most up to date details on file. This is our quickest and best way of getting

messages to you, so please look out for them during severe weather and make

these your first port of call for information.

• You can register on the Central Bedfordshire 'State of Schools' portal. Please

follow this link. It is worth checking this page today so that you are familiar.


• Listen to Heart Radio, three Counties 96 -107 fm or use their website.

Full details are on the school website. http://www.hadrianacademy.co.uk/letters-


Diary Date for 2016 / 2017

Autumn Term 2016

25.11.16 AHA- CHRISTMAS MARKET 2.00pm

28.11 to


Cycle to Santa Challenge- Cycle and

scoot to school for two weeks. National


Everyone encouraged to join in,

even parents

01.12.16 AHA Shopping Evening Details to follow

02.12.16 Bikers Breakfast – Hot dogs & porridge 8.20-8.50am –all welcome

06.1216 AHA - Father Christmas visits Hadrian


08 &


AHA – Children shopping in the


A chance to tell Father

Christmas how good they have

been and receive a small gift.

Full details to follow.

Children can buy a present for

their parents/grandparents,

wrap it up and write a label.

£2.50 a present. More details

nearer the time.

11.12.16 Choir Caritas Sunday – arrangements to be


12.12.16 Choir at Chaplaincy Event at Luton 1-3pm


13.12.16 Prefects Reward - MacDonalds 11.30am

14.12.16 Christmas Jumper Day All are invited to wear a

Christmas jumper to school


14.12.16 Christmas Dinner Payment via Parentmail

15.12.2016 Aladdin - Grove Theatre

Pupils collected from the theatre.



Party snacks – individual plate

Last Day of term

Whole School Event

Tickets £12

12noon finish

No school dinner

No after school club

03.01.17 No school - Training Day

Spring Term 2017

5,6,7/02/17 Linslade Water Recycling – Years 5 & 6 Full details to follow

10.03.17 St Albans Cathedral – Years 3 & 4 Full details to follow

Half Term 13 th – 17 th Feb

4.4.17 Tuesday – Last Day of term

18.04.17 No school- Training Day

Summer Term 2017

Half Term 29 th – May – 2 nd June

5.06.17 No school - Training Day

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