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For one Financials solution,

Powerful Financials in one solution


Why Safe Financials?

Safe Financials help our clients

transform their operational

efficiency through insightful

financial management.

We get inside the mind of your

business, to help us identify

potential improvements to your

business processes and to help us

configure our solutions to

your needs.

We will help streamline your

financial systems, enabling you

to deploy your resources more

efficiently. We will structure and

configure your application and

assist with staff training

on request.

Working hand in hand with our

highly experienced professionals,

we will help you transform your

business, realising tangible

business benefits in a

timely manner.

We treat our customers as

individuals and understand that

each organisation is different;

giving customers the confidence

that we can deliver financial

software that helps them to run

a successful business.

Understanding your partners

We believe that building strong

financial relationships is vital and

that’s why one of our strengths is

that we understand the financial

relationship chain between client

and supplier.

Our solution goes beyond the

core team and can join the whole

stakeholder chain together,

enabling you to track the

movement of finances at every

stage. It’s important for cashflow,

but also for those relationships

that help your business thrive.

One solution – One sight – One

version of the truth

With business models transforming

and new regulations emerging,

Safe Financials help you handle

complex challenges with certainty,

without having to consider any


It is designed with you in mind, a

team that wants the reassurance

that their solution is going to adapt

and evolve to the ever changing

world of finance.

Whether it is fully implemented

or working alongside your other

business applications, you need to

rely on a solution that will become

the backbone to your business

strategy. Not only will you get this

from Safe Financials as a product

but also from Safe Financials as a

team, a service and a partner.


Self-service portal

Sales and purchase ledger enquires

Credit control workflow

Query management


Nominal ledger reporting


Published documents

Internal Stakeholders


Office based

Field based

All you need in one system

Keep it afe

Core Financials

Finance Team

Who uses Safe Financials?

Safe Financials is used by finance

professionals looking for a partner,

not just a system. Professionals

like you.

With a wealth of expertise we are

selected by organisations across

different vertical sectors who want

a combination of trusted software

but also reliable after care

and support.

Head Office Users

Sales, purchase and nominal ledgers

Cash manager

Credit control and Query management

Fixed assets


Stock/inventory control

Sales order processing

Job costing

Management Team

Self Service Portal

Self Service Portal

Empowering your business

Finance is central to success

Focusing on business essentials

The web portal extends the reach

of the Safe Financials and Credit

Control solution to a wider audience,

both internally within your business

but equally to your customers

and suppliers.

Colleagues may take an

active role in pivotal business

processes and contribute

to key strategic business


With freedom to configure

accessibility and business rules,

more timely and accurate outcomes

may be achieved, leading to

world class efficiency and cost


Your customers and

suppliers have an open line

of communication to your

business with a range of

self-service options, boosting

partner satisfaction as well as

long-term retention—both

of which translate into

greater profits.

A comprehensive solution; Safe

Financials can grow as you grow,

it is less restrictive, and adapts to

your organisational goals.

Robust and flexible reporting

functionality enables your Finance

team to track all facets of your

business performance. This enables

the team to make accurate, timely

and informed business decisions

based on strategic management


Our solutions will help you to:

Reduce debtor days

Cut the cost of cash collection

Improve cash flow

Mitigate risk

Eliminate manual processes

Streamline query resolution

Enhance customer satisfaction

Manage expenditure

Control Procurement

Strengthen decision making

Safe Financials focuses on

functionality to address the three

key pillars of your business,

generation of cash, controlled

management of expenditure and

the ability to deliver business

performance outcomes at the point

of need.

By proactively managing

your accounts receivable

process, your cash is where

it should be, in your bank

account, providing the

platform to grow your

business, whilst creating a

customer service orientated

approach to debt


Multi-tiered authorisation of all

aspects of procurement ensures

compliance and audit of all

purchases. Devolving responsibility

and accountability across the

business avoids reliance of head

office and makes full use of your

most valuable assets,

your colleagues.

Safe understood and improved my whole stakeholder chain; not just

internal users but suppliers and customers too.”

Trust is earned

We pride ourselves in the longevity of our

customer relationships and believe that a

dedicated finance team deserves to be treated

sincerely throughout the whole process.

To ensure that relationships are built and trust

is earnt, our team will be on hand from day

one to take you from the pre-sales scoping

exercise, through to implementation and

on-going support.

Financial Director - Logistics Company

in being able to recognise the demands of

your business to ensure that the whole project

runs smoothly.

In an ever increasing virtual world the

difference with Safe is that you will work with

real people who have real experience and we

will be on call at all stages of the procurement


We aim to make sure any potential challenges

are identified upfront and we take great pride

We want to give you the confidence that you

and your organisation have chosen the right

solution from the right supplier. 0844 583 2134

For over 40 years Safe Computing has been providing technology platforms to support

the ongoing success of your business. Solutions include Financials, Credit Control &

Query Management, Commercials and all facets of Human Capital Management.

Get in touch today to discover how we can help you streamline your business

operations and maximise your budget.

0844 583 2134

For further information on pre-employment screening or HR/Payroll, then please visit

Registered Office: 20 Freeschool Lane, Leicester, LE1 4FY

Registered in England and Wales No. 1202124


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