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Phygure® No.13 Issue 07

What is Phygure®? Phygure® is a community driven digital magazine that focuses on toy & figure photography. About This Issue: We once again get to see some amazing work from the figure photography community in this month’s issue! Featuring an all new roster (and a few returning ones) of talented toy and figure photographers around the world! Phygure® No.13 Issue 07 also marks Phygure®’s first year since it originally went live in November of 2015. • Featuring 12 talented figure photographers from across the globe. • Introduction to Kantai Collection. • Review of the anime classic, Osomatsu-San. • Check out some of the must buy figures for the month of November.

Phygure® No.13 Issue

NO 13 07 ISSUE ISS 07 ANIME: OSOMATSU-SAN | INTRO TO KANCOLLE | PHYGURE® PHOTO SHOWCASE | CASED 2016 NOVEMBER PHYGURE® PHOTO SHOWCASE Featuring 12 talented toy and figure photographers from all over the world. ANIME EYECATCH OSOMATSU-SAN What’s that show that people thought was a typical revival of a really old anime? INTRODUCTION TO KANTAI COLLECTION Learn about “KanColle”, a popular F2P browser game in Japan. CASED 2016 NOVEMBER Upcoming figures worth checking out this month. PHYGURE