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22 THE A QUARTERLY NEWS PUBLICATION FROM SRI VISHNU EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY WISE, is a unique program instituted only in BVRITH. Students are exposed to various programming and scripting languages like C , R , Python ,Java, HTML, Bootstrap Javascript, CSS, Android Programming, not merely the syntaxes of the language but we dive deep into the applications of the language. Industry stalwarts guide the students. The professional environment is preserved in every walk as we use platforms like GitHub and bitbucket to submit our work and track our progress. The WISE program teaches us to be self initiated, professional and being empathetic apart from various emerging technologies like Big Data, Cloud Computing. The competitive spirits are held high throughout the training module as the quality of training is monitored and mentored by process of elimination after every module depending on students' performances and day-to-day assessment. The spirits of the class is maintained high and a healthy competition prevails among everyone to top the assessment. We also learn stress management and managing things because we have to balance the academics too. Thus it's a domain which teaches us many skills. In the present world it's really important to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical approach and this is what exactly happens in BVRITH. We learn the concepts from the academic classes and put them into action in WISE classes under the mentors. To evaluate our summer module projects various experts are called from premier organizations and these esteemed companies provide us with valuable suggestions and also give opportunity to become an intern at their place. This way we not only learn technical skills but also are sound with soft skills which many of the other students' lack. Through this platform we get opportunity to utilize our WISEskills, build exciting products and finally contribute them to the society. CHOICE By Rishikha 3 CSE Be it my college, be it my decisions, be it my friends, be it my career, be it my destiny…everything revolved around one common denominator, my WISE Choice It was exactly twenty three months ago I stepped into this unknown world of Computer Science. Very little I knew about a new college that I got admission into to pursue my dreams. While all my friends made it into their dream colleges like IITs, and some into large Universities like SRM, SP Jain, et al I joined BVRIT College of Engineering for Women, a sure shot choice compared to my dream colleges like CBIT, Vasavi and Sreenidhi after the Eamcet. If I rewind to my early childhood dreams, I always wanted to be a doctor influenced, by my brother who is a doctor and my father's constant encouragement. The fear of studying for many years and the hard work needed to become a successful medical professional made me accept my next best choice of joining for a career in engineering. Like most others in my class, Sri Chaitanya was a sure shot formula for my dreams to come true to join a professional course. My first year at BVRIT removed all my apprehensions that until then was only a hearsay from friends and family assuring me that all will be well. Little did I realize that BVRIT was creating a culture of its own, redefining how engineering is to be taught to undergrads like me. My college had a visionary Chairman and a handpicked academic team that encouraged us girls to think differently. Women in Software Engineering [WISE] was a rage in my college. All my seniors where talking about it as if a cult. Little did I know that this program would bring out the entrepreneur in me. The theme behind this program is to bring a programming mind set early on in the student. After my Eamcet I took some coding classes at NIIT near my home, just keeping myself busy. But WISE was different. It was handled by a team of dedicated professionals from the Industry who train at various corporate like eBay, ADP, Virtusa, Broadridge, you name it. Thanks to our seniors the program was well tested. Every semester, in addition to the regular syllabus, we had 30 hours of training and exposed to various programming and scripting languages like C , R , Python ,Java, HTML, Bootstrap Javascript, CSS, Android Programming, not merely the syntaxes of the language but we dive deep into the applications of the language. During the summer breaks we get 50 hours of real industry project experience that we can convert to mini and major projects for our academic program. Wow, that was heavy metal! I then started talking about WISE to my friends in IITs and other universities. While all have their experiences to share, nothing like this was offered to them early on in their program. What made them special was that there was a legacy left behind by their seniors that made them aspirational and thereby self initiated for shaping their future. BVRIT is just a baby in the cradle, but already I never felt left behind from my friends in these IVY institutions, what with WISE, IoT Makerspace and mentorship programs in large corporate like Microsoft and Amazon. WISE actually bridged the technical divide and shaped me for what I am. I was declared the Winner in “India Skills Competition – 2016” in IT Software Solutions for business skill. The competition was held at New Delhi after a rigorous three tier elimination. There were 300 students from all over India, and 20 were selected at the zonal level. At the National level it was 5 and I was the lucky “only girl” winner. Wait… have I broken the glass ceiling that coding was only the preserve of the boys! Here is Meher Rishika, the winner meeting the President of India at Rajbhavan. I received the award from the diligent minister of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Mr. Rajiv Pratap Singh Rudy, and a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh. I should be representing India at the “World Skills – 2017” at Abu Dhabi. The world is opening its doors to my dreams. I am proud to leave behind a legacy for my juniors to dream about, and my foot prints on the sands of time for my alma mater.

ISSUE 13 OCTOBER 2016 23 CAREER PATH YOUR TOMORROW STARTS HERE!! Compiled by Ms R S S Deepika Rani (4 ECE, BVRIT N) Student Lead, ERC, Club InQuizitive Rank Institution The 2015-2016 Times Higher Education World University Rankings' - Engineering and Technology table judges world class universities across all of their core missions - teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook. We use 13 carefully calibrated performance indicators to provide the most comprehensive and balanced comparisons, trusted by students, academics, university leaders, industry and even governments. The performance indicators are grouped into five areas: Teaching (the learning environment), Research (volume, income and reputation), Citations (research influence), International outlook (staff, students and research) & Industry income (knowledge transfer). Country Rank Institution Country 1 Stanford University United States 2 California Institute of Technology United States 3 Massachusetts Institute of Technology United States 4 University of Cambridge United Kingdom 5 University of California, Berkeley United States 6 University of Oxford United Kingdom 7 Princeton University United States 8 ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich Switzerland 9 Imperial College London United Kingdom 10 Carnegie Mellon University United States 11 Harvard University United States 12 Georgia Institute of Technology United States 13 National University of Singapore Singapore 14 École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Switzerland 15 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign United States 16 Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Hong Kong 17 University of Michigan United States 18 Northwestern University United States 19 Delft University of Technology Netherlands 20 Nanyang Technological University Singapore 21 Cornell University United States 22 University of California, Santa Barbara United States 23 University of Texas at Austin United States 24 Peking University China 25 University of Toronto Canada 26 Tsinghai University China 27 Technical University of Munich Germany 28 KU Leuven Belgium 29 Seoul National University South Korea 30 RWTH Aachen University Germany 31 University of Southern California United States 32 University of Tokyo Japan 33 Purdue University United States 34 University of Hong Kong Hong Kong 35 Columbia University United States 35 University of Manchester United Kingdom 38 University College London United Kingdom 39 Pennsylvania State University United States 40 Pohang University of Science and Technology South Korea 41 McGill University Canada 42 KTH Royal Institute of Technology Sweden 43 Kyoto University Japan 44 National Taiwan University Taiwan 45 University of California, San Diego United States 46 University of British Columbia Canada 47 Zhejiang University China 48 Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Germany 49 Texas A&M University United States 50 University of Wisconsin-Madison United States Perfect PH(R)ASE OF LIFE @ BVRIT N Nagasrikanth K (2007-10) TURNING POINT Saurav (2013-17) Nectar of wisdom Caroline (2014-2018) PLACE FOR innumerable OPPORTUNITIES Akhil (2013-17) The Pioneers' itinerary! Nagabhavani (2011-15) Perfect start for an incredible journey. Rohith (2011-15) METAMORPHOSIS from an ORDINARY student to an highly confident INDIVIDUAL Simpi(2013-17) A felicitous environment to study Anupriya (2013-17) Inspiring, excellent and amazing life Chitra Jadav Sawant (2005-09) Garners great minds to produce thought leaders of tomorrow Mayukha (2011-15) Driven by values Niharika (2011-2015) John Deere ”Place close to my heart and Most memorable days of my life” Rushali (2013-17) Climacteric phase of life Alekya (2013-17) Eclectic Anoop Reddy (2013-17) BVRIT is my "2nd HOME"

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